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A Declaration Of War
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A Synopsis Of The Case Against The System

An Elaboration Of The Preferred Indictment Brought Down By Stanley D’Almeida Against The System: The System Is Guilty: Of Fundamental Crimes Against: This Earth, This Biosphere, This  Galaxy, The Human Race, God The Creator, The Collective Legacy Of Living Organisms (Oil), This Universe, And The Ultimate Crime: A-DAMA. This Is A Sign That The System Has Reached Its Last Stage Of Absolute Evil When It Attacks The Very Law And Absolute Power Of The Universe: The Dama! And Must Be Annihilated Into Nothingness. The System: Is Composed of The Aryan-Satan Controlled States of: Canada, USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Croatia, Turkey, The Indian Subcontinent, Spain and Australia; Plus The Arab Oil Sheikdoms And Must Be Destroyed! The System Is Engaged In An Evil, Sinister, Secret, Covert, Diabolic, Devil-Possessed, Demonic, Satanic Conspiracy To Commit Ever Escalating Crimes Simply For The Sake Of Evil, They Are Trapped Into Committing Worse Crimes In Order To Cling To Power In A Cyclical Spiral Into Oblivion. For Under The Law Of Dama They Can Only Rule By Forfeiting Their Souls. They Are Attacking All Temporal Leaders: The King, Lords, Warriors, Caste­-Observance, Racial-Purity; And Promoting Deviance: Homosexuality, Child Molestation, Pedophilia on Young Boys, Lesbianism, Bisexuality, Female Domination, Anti-Male Bias, Butch-Dykes, Anti-Feminine Roles For Women, And Yet Effeminate Men. They Are Attacking God Himself And All Those Who Follow God And His Plan For This Earth And Universe. They Seek To Force: Expansion, 'Development', 'Progress', Growth, Disorder, Disorganization, Randomness, Devil-­Possession, Lawlessness, Injustice, Delusion, Anarchy, And Chaos; In An Ideological Belief In The Total Destruction Of All Order, Goodness, And Law In This Universe. The System Is Guilty Of Using All Their Power And Might Obtained From The Law Of DAma To Attack The Law of Dama: The Dama Gave Them Power Their Moment In The Sun Because This Was The Age Of The Demonic Goddess Kari Or Durga-­Kali, Plus The Evil Power From The Destruction Of Their Own Souls From Their Evil Acts On Earth: To Attack God, King And The Very Natural Law Itself; And Promote The Delusion That They are More Powerful Than God Or King; That There Is No Inherent Justice Or Law In This Universe, That Evil Is More Powerful Than Good, And That Satan Is More 'Hip' Than Religious Leaders And Hinduism. They Heap Scorn Hatred, Racism, On The Birth-Race Of All Humans: The East-Indians, Aborigenes And Mermen: Our Ancestors. While Acting As If Those Blonde-Blue-Eyed Murderers Vampires Child-Molesters Whores And Aryan-Saxon Apemen Are Superior To East-Indians, Phoenicians, Latins, And Dark-Skinned Aborigenes. Stanley’s Aborigene Ancestors Used To Wrestle Crocodiles And Sharks In The Sea With Their Bare Hands! While Their Apes Were Climbing Trees. They Try To Promote Satan's Animals Onto Humans: Their Cows, Horses, Sheep, Dogs, Cats, Rats; And The Apemen's Food Of Milk And Beef. They Try To Force Us To Pay Taxes For Their Quack Satan Inspired Medicine: Which Is Destroying The Health Of Humans. Their Teachers And Schools That Are Indoctrinating our Children Into Satan Worship And Blonde-Whore Fucking. And The Demonic Promotion Of Satanic Police Who Are Engaging In An Undeclared Murderous War On The People, Who Are Too Deluded By Sex With Aryan Women And Ape Lifestyles To Offer Much Resistance. The System Is Guilty Of Forcing All Us Humans To Work For Them As Slaves And Pay For All The Above Satanic Schemes For Our Own Destruction: Medicare, Education, Police, Military And The Satanic Agenda. Genocide is Defined As The Forced Denial Of The Lifestyle and Religion Or Spiritual Expression Of The Human Race. What Happened To The Jews Was Not Genocide But Mass Murder, As Their Religion Was Never Threatened. The System Is Guilty Of GENOCIDE Of: The Family(By Forced: 'Kidnappings' &  Adoptions By Foster Parents, Children's Aids And Schools), The Individual By Denying A Personal Calling To A Grain Farming And Eating Lifestyle In Canada For Animalistic Apemen Satanic Beef And Dairy Farming, And Human Genocide By Mass Denial Of Our VEGAN Lifestyle And Hindu Religion Called Sanatana Dama: The Eternal Law Of DAma. When The System Expends All Its Power And Soul Energy From The Forfeit Of Their Souls, By Committing Ever More Heinous Crimes, To Commit Evil Simply For The Sake Of Committing Evil: They Invoke The DAMA To Take Extraordinary Action: To Destroy Them Into An Eternal Void, And Exterminate The Devil And Demon Possessed Aryan Saxon Race And CoConspirators Forever And Ever. The King Ain't Like Jesus He Don't Believe In Forgiveness, He Wants Not One Stone Left Of Their Monuments And Great Cities Of Genocide, And The Dust Scattered To The Wind; And Not A Sign Left That They Ever Existed On This Earth: Total Extermination And Annihilation.

                   "J'accuse Vous Bastards"
                 "I Accuse All You Bastards" 

     Fundamental Crimes Have An Intent By The Perpetrator To Commit Evil Simply For The Sake Of Evil In A Fanatical, Demonic, Devil-Possessed, Totally Controlled By Satan: Bent. No Individual Is Capable Of Committing A Fundamental Crime, They Can Only Be Committed By Conspiracies Of An Actual Minority Section Of Beings In The Universe (The Aryans Are Not A Majority, But The Saxon Race Is Cohesive Totally Committed To Evil And Are Congenitally Possessed By Devils, And Have The Demonic Power Of Satan.) It Would Have Been Better If Their Kids Had Died At Birth. A Fundamental Crime Exerts Extraordinary Force Beyond A Person’s Normal Capacity To Withstand: That Is Why Our Saviour, "The New Christ" Stanley, Had To Come Down To Take Out The System. A Fundamental Crime Inflicts Both Humiliation And Degradation Mass Sexual Assaults Of An Unnatural Nature(Strip­ Searches, Medical Examinations), As Well As Murderous Physical Violence And Mass Murder(By Guns, Poisoning Us With Neuroleptic Chemicals, Halogens, And Nuclear Radiation). The System Is Guilty Of Letting Its "Security Forces"(Police, Prisons, Secret Police, Psychiatric Facilities, Customs, Military) Possessed By Devils And Totally Controlled By Satan To Run Roughshod Over The People Cynically Refusing To Rein Them In And Protect The People Against Unlawful Sexual Assault Strip-Searches, False Incarceration, Being Gunned Down By Coppers, Rigging of Polls And Elections, And Poisoning By Neuroleptic Drugs. There Is A Fundamental Law In This Universe That Ensures That Even In The Most Evil Time Of Satan And A Demonic Age He Doesn't Get It All His Own Way (Unlike The King, God Or DAma) I.E.: There Shall Always Be Some Light Some Hope In The Darkest Hour: The System Is Guilty Trying To Give Satan All his Own Way And Create Total Darkness Contrary To The LAW of Dama: By Refusing To Rein In Their Security Forces: At Total War With The People. The System Is Guilty Of Being Total Instruments Of Satan Giving Him Equal Status To God, King And The Dama.
      The System Is Guilty Of Fundamental Crimes For Forcefully Indoctrinating Our Children Into A Totally Materialistic Consumer­-Oriented, Wasteful Delusional Lowest-Common-­Denominator Lifestyle Sex Aryan-Whore View Of The World And Ridiculing God And Religion--­Especially Hinduism. The System Is Guilty Of Promoting: Precocious Sex With Their Satanic Blonde Aryan Whores, Premarital Sex, Child Molestation, Raping Of Boys, Inter­-Racial Sex, Perversion Of Gender Roles, Gays And Lesbians As Natural Acceptable Lifestyles; While Macho Males Are Non-Existent. The System Is Guilty Of Promoting A Neanderthal Apeman's Physique As The Ideal While An East-Indian's & Human’s Slimmer But More Godly Yogic Bodies Are Ridiculed And Mocked; This Cramps Our Sex Lives; As A Man Needs To Feel Dominant To Have Good Love Making. A Strutting Chest Pounding Apeman Cannot Make Love To Satisfy A Human Female! The Apeman Must Know His Place As Inferior To Humans Or We Will Have To Exterminate Them [Stanley Wants To Put A Permanent End To The Problem Of The Aryans] Or Mass Deport Them All To Greenland, Outer Hebrides, Turkey, Or Denmark (Where If They Don't Improve, They Will Be Kept In Total Quarantine, Racially Separate Until They Can Be Exterminated Or Permanently Destroyed, Perchance They Will All Catch A Disease And Die) Stanley Is Not Advocating The Killing Of Aryans; The Aryans Are Reincarnations Of The Neanderthal Apes, Who Already Were Exterminated By Humans Once Before; But Since Their Souls Were Not Destroyed They Have Come Back To Haunt Us. Humans Must First Destroy Or Absorb Their Souls By Allowing Them To Inflict Force, Violence, Pain And Suffering On Us --Called Satyagraha; [See “A Declaration of War”] This Will Permanently Resolve The Problem Of The Aryans & Neanderthals. Thus It Is Very Important To Use Non-Violent Means Like: Civil Disobedience, Fasting, Work Strikes, Squatters’ Rights, Confronting Police Unarmed, And Never Harming Living Beings; (This Takes More Discipline And Toughness Than Anything And What Stanley Has Been Single-handedly Doing For 28 Years) Until The System Is Virtually Destroyed. We Humans Must Have The Right To Our Own LivingSpace Liebensraum, To A Fully Privatized Education System And To Hindu Schools [And To No Forced Schooling] Racially Pure, (Interracial Sex With Inferior Races Can Quickly Cause Degeneration And Loss Of All That We Fought For --Some Exceptions) With Yoga Medicine, Vegan Lifestyles And Diets, Males Being Dominant, And Military Training Being Taught.
    The System Is Guilty Of Forcing Us To Pay Through Taxes For Their Satanic “Modern Medicine” Which Is 100% Quackery, Butchery, And Murder; And Denying A Fully Privatized Medicare System And For Yoga Medicine Based on: Fasting, Internal Body Cleansing, Veganism, Seaweed, Seasalt, Yoga Exercises And Salt-Water. Fucking That Blonde Aryan Whore And Her Satanic Lifestyle Is The Cause Of All Disease In This World: Drinking Milk Causes Diabetes (Americans & Indians Are All Dying Because Of This Unnatural diet), Eating Beef & Sheep (Red-Meat) Causes Heart-Attacks, Alzeimer’s And Strokes, Fucking Aryan Devil Possessed Women Causes Prostrate Cancer, And Above All She: The Mother Of All Harlots Causes VD And AIDS. The System Is Guilty Of Destroying The Health Of Mankind And The Doctors Only Make Our Health Murderously Worse By Unnecessary Butcher Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Sexually Debauched Examinations. The System Is Guilty Of Killing Vast Numbers Of Humans By Lung Cancer Encouraging Tobacco Use And Stubbornly Refusing To Make It A Restricted Or Prescription Drug; So Too Alcohol Is Promoted As Socially Acceptable And ‘Good For You’: Leading To An Epidemic Of Cirrhoses of The Liver, Hepatitis, Family Suffering, Violence, Murder By Deliberate Car Homicides! On Our Roads And Highways. The System Laxly Enforces The Phony "War On drugs": Note Aryan Military Controlled Afghanistan Is The World's Leading Source Of Heroin, And CIA Controlled Colombia Ditto Cocaine! The Biggest Drug Pushers Are Doctors! With Lax Controls, Causing Overdose After Overdose; Our Prisons Are Places Inmates Come To Use Drugs They Are So Prevalent! The System Promotes The 'Pill', Condoms & Abortion As Birth Control Which Causes Delusional Sick Sex, Unwanted Pregnancies, Massive Deaths Among Women From Breast Cancer And Ovarian Cancer: From Lack Of Breast Feeding, Proper "Human" Child­-Rearing, And Adopting Satanic Lifestyles. The System Uses Our Taxes To Finance The Satanic Agenda: Causing Massive Deaths Due To Airplane/Car Crashes Etc. As Satan's Plan Can Only Bring Death And Human Suffering. These Government Enforced Monopolies Are All Satanic, We Need Full Privatization Of Everything No Satanic Government, Zero Taxes No Dividends Zero Interest, Zero Inflation No Monopolies, No Unions, No Corporations. Yes To: Single Male Owner Proprietorships, To Strict Antitrust Legistlation, Competition, Laissez Faire Economy.
    The System Is Guilty Of Fornicating With All The Natural Kings Of The Earth, And Then Murdering These Natural Kings Of The Earth And Ruling By Continuous Regicide, Perpetual High Treason! And 32+ Years of Attempting To Murder, Torture To Death, And Crucify The True King Of Canada: Stanley! Which Is A Fundamental Crime Against This Universe. The Dama Installs Natural Kings On Earth To Enforce The Law, Govern And Lead The People; Murdering These Kings So Satan Can Rule Or To Have Anarchy Is The Greatest Crime On This Earth!, For Which The System Must Pay. The Aryans Have Murdered All Our Human Kings Installed Puppet Aryan & Arab Satanic Puppet Kings In Their Stead And Created A Satanic State To Totally Enslave, Delude And Destroy The People. For Five Thousand Years Only King Pandu From India Has Ever Defeated This Satanic-Aryan Conspiracy: And Knowing Stanley You Can Figure Out Why: Stanley Panduranga The XVI Does Not Fornicate, He Is Celibate With An Ability To Totally Control His Sex Drive By Yoga: You Can't Out-Manipulate The Greatest Of Manipulators: Stanley Uses Sex To Make Women Jump Through Hoops And Beg! Exerting Total Control Over Them, Before He Would Even Deign To Look At Them: The Aryan Ape-Whore Simply Doesn't Even Know How To Play The Game. Stanley Has Nothing But Contempt For Any Man Who Fucks Aryans: He Finds Them Totally Unattractive, Ugly Hags, Sirens, Black Widows, Sorceresses, Butch, And Witches: It's Like Making Love To A Lioness Or Praying Mantis: Always Afraid She Will Turn around And Bite Your Head Off: What Utter Delusion! She Is Incapable Of Loving A Man, Aryans Are Invariably Lesbians, Female Dominated, She Will Take Your Children Getting Sole Custody From Satanic Courts, Take All Your Money, Rear Your Children In Deluded Aryan Cow Lifestyles; And Murder You As Well. They Have No King But Satan And Their Wombs Shall Remain Barren.
        The Aryans Are Just Dumb As They Come Neanderthal Apes, How Could They Possibly Have Defeated Mankind? Because They Have An Unfair Advantage They Are Possessed By Devils Who Tell Them What To Do, They Are Extremely Violent, They Will Sacrifice Their Entire Souls To Win (They Place No Value On Their Souls: "What Profiteth A Man If He Gained The Whole World But Lost His Immortal Soul?"), Satan Gives Them Their Power, And All Conspiratorially Obey Satan In An Unparalleled Devotional Commitment To Evil Never Before Seen In History. And They Are Physically Bigger Than Us, It Was Also Their Time To Shine In The Universe The Age Of Kari-- But Only Physically Killing Them Is Not The Solution; Their Souls Have To Be Destroyed First By Our Sacrifice And Suffering --Satyagraha. The Institutions Of The System Are All Devil Possessed And Act Simply To Implement Satan's Agenda, They Have No Restraint Or Conscience In Their Blind Obedience To Satan And His Devils; Their Institutions: The Secret Police Who Rig Elections And Polls & Poison Large Segments Of Society On Devil's Instructions, Police(False Arrest, And Shooting Down People In The Streets), Medical(100% Quackery), Educational(Sex-Delusion, False History & Indoctrination), Bureaucrats (Satan's Agenda), Media (Satanic Propaganda), Lawyers(Monopoly On Court Access), Prisons(Strip-Searches), Psychiatric (Forcefully Poisoning people), Military(Fighting For Satan), Judiciary(Unjust Satanic Rulings), And The False Prophet Politicians(Jobs, Jobs, Money, Money, Economic Growth To Worship Satan), Blonde-Blue-Eyed Saxon Aryans(Totally Loyal To Satan): Are Arch Instruments Of Satan And Must Be Annihilated; With The Semitic Races Who Worship The Aryans. These Institutional Functions Should Be Fully Privatized And Racially Separate, With Only The King Remaining A Uniting Force Holding It Together; Like The Dama Unites The Universe. If The Dama Is The Supreme Law And Power In The Universe How Did We Come To Believe That God Was? The Aryans And Satan Deluded Us Deliberately By Promoting A Watered Down Christianity On Us That Is Simply Judaism Lite; The Problem Is That The Jews Are An Inferior Race, Their Religion Simply Makes Humans Weak And Delusional And Easy Prey For The Aryans. The Same With The Satanic Religion Of The Arabs: Islam; This Is A Garbage Religion That The Aryans Are Promoting To East-Indians & Blacks. In The Persian Gulf The Semitic Arabs Have Also Robbed Our Oil; In Land Which Historically Was Persian And East-Indian Populated; The Arabs Are Thus Co-Conspirators With The Aryans And Must Also Be Destroyed With Their False Prophet Religions Of Islam And Judeo-Christian Sewage.
     The System Is Guilty Of Robbing Our Fossil Fuels And Then Wasting And Squandering It Simply For The Sake Of Waste, The Oil Reserves All Belong To Stanley As King Of The Earth: This Fuel Is The Accumulated Wealth From Thousands Of Years Of Hard Work And Suffering Above The Call Of Duty By Our Ancestral Evolutionary Merman And Algae Ancestors; Robbing This Human Legacy By Force Is A Fundamental Crime Against Humanity! The System Are Apes Who Have No Share In Seaweed Derived Fossil Fuels, How Dare They Use Any Of It. The Puppet Arab Oil-Sheiks Happen To Rule Arabia, Ride Camels And Fuck Sheep; (They Have No Connection To The Sea!) But The Oil Belongs To The East-Indian And Aboriginal Mermen Races: Aborigenes, Veddads, Persians, Kurds, Ethiopians, Phoenicians, Syrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Doumas, Slavs, Latins, And American Indians; The Aryans Get No Share: Not A Dropl Of This Evolutionary Wealth Of Our Ancestors. All The Waste And Inefficiency And The Destructive Satanic Agenda Wouldn't Have Been Possible Without This Stolen Fossil Fuel: Stanley Orders All The Oil-Wells Shut Down To Exercise His Right As True King Of This Earth--­He Will Take You Back To The Stone-Age To Teach You A Lesson For Robbing! The Forces Of Good With The White-Horseman Of The Apocalypse Will Meet Satan's Aryan Hordes At The Battle Of Armageddon Where They Will meet Their Doom. And The Vultures And Wild Animals Will Feast On Their Disease Riddled Bodies; And They Will Not Receive Burial. 
      The System Is Guilty Of Poisoning Our Biosphere With Halogen Toxic Molecules [Bromine, Iodine, Chlorine, Fluorine] That Are Deliberately Used By The Petrochemical Industries In All Our Consumer Goods, Trihalo­Methanes From Chlorination Of Water, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics(Vinyls), Teflon, Refrigerants HFCs, Chlorine Bleach in Pulp And Paper Industries, Incineration, CFC Fixatives In Photographic Film Developing, BFRs Brominated Fire Retardants, Pesticides, Herbicides, Agent Orange, VX Nerve Agents, Chemical Warfare And The Neuroleptic Brain Poisons For Hapless Patients And Prisoners, Etc. Stanley has Invented [Stanley's Family D' Almeidas Made The Greatest Invention In Human History: The Alphabet: He Is Thus The Alpha And The Omega: The Greatest Of All "Scientists" (The System’s 'Science' All Turns Out To Have Murderous Side­-Effects Because That Is The Nature Of Satan)] Safe Alternatives For All These Halogen Toxins Yet The System Is Deliberately Retaining The Use Of Toxic halogens In A Conspiratorial Satanic Plot To Murder All The Biological Organisms On This Earth {Look At Those Poor Cancer Ridden Beluga Whales In The Rio St. Lawrence}; Use-Up their Souls To Commit Still More Horrific Crimes; In An Cyclical, Spiraling Out Of Control Blood Lust That Seeks To Murder All Of Mankind And Biological Beings At A Level Not Seen In Recorded History.
        The System Is Guilty Of Enslaving All Of Mankind Into Soul Destroying, Environment Destroying, Fuel Wasting Satanic JOBS, Forcing All To Work Simply For To Worship Satan & Money, Burn Up Our Souls, And Follow His Satanic Plan Of Total Destruction And Annihilation Of Mankind. The System Is guilty Of Forcing All of Us To Worship Money By Thinking And Acting Simply In Terms Of Money Not God-Ordained Lifestyles; The False Prophet Politicians Have A Mandate To Force Economic Growth And Expansion At All Costs. Even though We Would Be Better Off With Our Souls Intact By Not Working So Hard And Not Paying Them A Cent Of Taxes: Which They Are Using To Fuel Their Satanic Schemes. Those Who Don't Want To Work As A Slave Are Cruelly Tortured And Persecuted On The Streets, Prisons Or Psychiatric Hospitals; Or Murdered By Poisoning. This Is A Genocidal Slave State Unparalleled In Its Oppressiveness, Racism, Murderousness, Torture And Suffering: Stanley Has Personally Engineered The Greatest World­Wide Depression In The Annals Of Human History To Throw A Monkey Wrench Into The Whole Satanic Agenda. The System Is Guilty Of Archetypal Genocide! In That Not Only Do They Deny The Humans Their Natural Vegan Lifestyles, But They Deny Uranium 235 Atoms Their Natural Rate Of Decay Causing Destructive Unleashing Of The Most Toxic Substance To Biological Organisms: Particulate Radiation & Free Radicals From Fission Byproducts; Causing DNA Mutations. The Most Evil Of The Satanic States Is Canada: Which Is Promoting (Through Its CANDU Nuclear Reactors, Acceptance Of Other Countries Spent Fuel, And Nuclear Testing) The Destructive Technology To Third World Countries (South-­Korea, Roumania, China, India.) Causing Unprecedented Proliferation Of Radiation World­Wide In Our Air, Water, And Food: Resulting In Massive Numbers Of Birth-Defects, Cancers, Sterility, Monstrous Types Of Deaths; And Creating A False Hysteria Over ‘Global Warming’ And Coal (Nuclear Is Ten Times The Cost Of Coal; The Fossil Fuel Used To Research, Develop, Build, Maintain And Dispose And Care For Spent Waste Is More Than the Energy Derived From Nuclear!) To Force Even More Nuclear ‘Power’ And Spiralling Costs On Us! The System Is Guilty Of Spreading Nuclear Radiation Simply To Destroy Mankind And Render This Earth A Wasteland. Electric Power In Canada Can Easily Be Achieved By Maximizing Hydroelectric Potential: By Building Pipelines, Canals And Dams For Piping Water Directly From Lakes Like Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, L. Simcoe, L. Scugog ETC To Toronto Turbines; Using All The Water From: The Trent-Severn, From Draining The Oak-Ridges Moraine And Niagara Falls For Hydro Alone; And Allowing Small Scale Hydro Projects Countrywide. Stanley's Invention Is To Eliminate All Rivers And Streams By Using Pipes From Upland Lakes Or Dams To Deliver Water To The Turbines In Lake Ontario (Maximizing Gradient) Miles Away: Increasing Hydro Yields Hundred Fold. Not To Worry The King Has Ordered The Immediate Shutdown Of All Nuclear Testing And Power Plants! For This And All The Above Crimes They Must Themselves Be Totally Destroyed, With Not A Stone Left Of That Blonde Aryan Whore's Genocidal Cities: Great Babylon [Greater Toronto, New-York, London, Chicago, Rome, Delhi Etc.], Urban Sprawl, Homelessness, Property-Taxes, Rent, Genocidal­-Slavery, Usury, Speculation, Skyrocketing Prices, Death And Suffering. The Mother Of All Harlots, And All The Disease, Suffering And Deaths In This World Today. The King Is A Vengeful King He Will See To It That The System And Their Co­Conspirators Shall Be So Thoroughly Annihilated That No Sign Or Trace The Aryan­-Saxons Ever Existed Shall Be Found On This Earth. It Is Not By Accident That The Dinosaurs Are Extinct It Was Stanley Again In Previous Reincarnations Who Put Them To Rest As He Will Do To The Aryans. Stanley Came Down To Earth: On A Divine Mission: To Destroy The System, Take No Prisoners, First Destroy Their Souls And Then Annihilate: Them, Their Women And Children, Their Animals: Cows, Horses Etc., Their Racial Ancestors In Britain, Denmark, Scandinavia, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, The Indian Subcontinent, Australia; Their Reptilian "Dragons" In The Black Sea And Fresh Water Lakes, The Sex Fiends Who Had Sex With Their Whores, The "Rats", Semitic Collaborators, The Satanic Co-Conspirators Possessed by Devils; And Any Creature Connected To The Satanic Saxon Aryans.

                "Je Vous Trouve Tous Coupable"
                      "I Find You All Guilty"

The Slayer Of The Demon Madu Or MADUSADANA, The White-Horseman Of The Apocalypse, The Alpha And The Omega, The God Of Death---MALADEVA, The God Of Business, The God Of War SKANDA, King Panduranga The Sixteenth, The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sins Of The World, The Salt-Water Crocodile, The Merman, The Force Of Nature: STANA, The DAMAPUT: The Son Of The DAMA: Stanley. Antonio. P. D'ALMEIDA. With The God Of Destruction SIVA, Lord Of The Dance: NATARAJ/ SIVA, God Of The Sea POSEIDON, God Almighty---ELI-SADAI, God Of The Monkeys HANUMAN,  God Of The Elephants: Ganpathi, Quetzalcoatl: The Mexican Feathered Serpent God;  God Of The Bears: Balu, The Earth Goddess UMA, AND THE ABSOLUTE POWER OF THE LAW OF DAma! 

     "Je Vous Condamne à La Mort Du Corps Et à La Mort éternelle De Votre âme"

"I Condemn You All To Death of The Body And To
               Eternal Death of The Soul".

                           ANTONIO D' ALMEIDA
                  THE KING OF: CANADA,

DATED: February 2nd, 2008.

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