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A Declaration Of War
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The DAma, The System, The King, Genocide, The Aryans, The Arabs, The Aborigenes, The Indians, The Jews, The Sanatana Dama Religion.
The Art Of Making Love, But Not Sex Like Animal Aryan Apes. Mermen, A Fundamental Crime Against Humanity. Prakriti And Purusha.

, The Devil Cows, A-DAma, The DAMAPUTRA, Protection of Apes. Zero Tolerance For: Child Molestation, Lesbianism, Homosexuality. Severe Restrictions On: Inter-Racial, Precocious & Prostitute Sex. The New Christ, The Anti-Christ, The False Prophets Are Politicians! The White Horseman Of The Apocalypse, Armageddon!
Stanley . Panduranga XVI . Antonio . D'Almeida is The True King of Canada, Sent Down To Earth On A Divine Mission: To Single-Handedly Destroy The System Which Is Aryan, Satanic And Devil-Possessed. The System is Defined As: The Ten Aryan Ruled, Human Populated States of: Canada, USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, The Subcontinent of India, And Australia; Plus The Seven Arab Oil Sheikdoms of: Saudi-Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain & Brunei. The Aryan States Are Committing True Genocide On The Human Population By Denying Them The Practice Of Hindu Style Religions And Human Vegan Lifestyles Worldwide; They Are Murdering Humans By Poison And Forcing Them To Work Under Brutal Slavery And Pay Them Higher And Higher Taxes, Interest, Dividends, Profits, Rents, Prices. The Arabs: Who Are Collaborating With The Aryans, Are Robbing Our Oil Wealth In The Persian Gulf And Virtually Giving It Away to Fuel The Satanic Economies Of The Aryan States And The World. The Original Inhabitants Of The Gulf States Were East-Indians And Persians Who Have Been Brutally Suppressed By The Arabs With Aryan Help. The Arabs Inhabited Only The Desert Regions Not The Coast. In "Revelation" The System Is Described As "The Beast" With Ten Horns And Seven Heads, As Above. We Are Living In The Last Days Before The Apocalypse And The Coming Of The New Christ: Stanley D'Almeida!
The Aryans Are Not "Whites", They Are A Distinct Blond-Blue Eyed Sub-human Race With The Physical Proportions Of An Ape, Long-Limbed, Scandinavian, Danish, Are Possessed By Devils And Who Worship Satan. They Are Uncompromisingly Evil, Demonic, Female Dominated, Invariably Lesbians, Extremely Violent And Are Willing To Sacrifice Their Whole Souls To Serve Satan And Rule The Earth. The Aryans In Canada, U.K., & The U.S.A.; Are Originally From Denmark And Are The Most Devil-Possessed, Worship A Dragon Satan & The Most Evil, (The Angles, Jutes & Saxons, Prussians) They Are Ultra-Blond & Blue-Eyed, Unlike Their Lesser-Evil German Cousins. The Key To Understanding The System Is That The Aryans And Their Co-conspirators Are Possessed By Devils Who Are Controlled By A Dragon Evil Spirit Satan; They Are In Turn Female Dominated, With Women Being The Boss. The Aryan Satanic State: Is An Absolute Orwellian Police State: The Police Are The Arch Instruments Of Satan: They Act By Devil-Possession Are Engaged In An Undeclared War On The People: And Inspire God-Like Reverence And Adulation: While Abusing You And Murdering You On The Streets; Rigging All Elections And Polls; Persecuting Political Prisoners In Jails And Psychiatric Hospitals; A Racist Genocidal Police That Wants To Genocidally Destroy All Other Races. They Are Satan's Representatives On Earth: Worship Them And You Worship Satan. All Government Institutions' Members Are Possessed By Devils, And Are Implementing An Absolutely Evil Satanic Agenda: Make The People Work As Slaves, Exhausting Hours In Stress And Death Inducing Genocidal Jobs That Were Not Ordained By God To Do (Soul Destroying), They Have Forced Humans Into Great Genocidal Cities Where Humans Work As Slaves In Lifestyles That Exhaust Their Souls; The Aryans Satanically Deliberately Set Arson Forest Fires In Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, Greece Every Year Destroying Millions Of Acres, Lives And Property, The Proof Is That Of The Thousands And Thousands Of Such Arson Fires, There Has Not Been One Conviction By The System; The System Genocidally Denies Land For Farming Except For Aryans, And Imposes Cruelly High Prices For Housing; Satanic Politicians That Force Economic Expansion And Growth At The Expense Of Our Souls And Fossil Fuel; Have Monopolistic Bigger And Bigger Government, Corporations, Unions And Banks Controlling The Whole Economy, Eliminating All Competition, Entrepreneurship And Free Enterprise; Promoting Higher And Higher Consumption Of Goods And Services We Don't Really Need; Bringing In Massive Third-World Immigrants, Migrant-Labour And Slaves That Are Genocidally Pressured Into Relinquishing Their Religion And Lifestyle At An Accelerated Genocidal Rate Not Seen In History!!; Allowing Genocidal Foreign Adoptions Of Children From Third-World Countries For Money; The Buying And Selling Of Children, Organs, Women And Their Surrogate Wombs By Monetary Exploitation; Waste The Maximum Amount Of Fossil Fuel; Make You Pay Higher And Higher Taxes, Interest, Rents, Inflation, Profits, Fees, Prices, Union Dues; Force You To Use Satanic Health Destroying Modern Quack Medicine By Fully Funding It With Taxpayers' Money And Bankrupting The Nation; Indoctrinate Your Children To Worship Satan And The Blonde Aryan Whores In Schools And Universities; Read Only Propaganda, Misinformation And Lies In The Media; Engage In Demonic Male Ejaculatory Sex Where The Woman Never Comes; Promote: Child-Molestation, Lesbianism, Homosexuality, Pedophilia On Boys, Inter-Racial, Precocious And Prostitute Sex; The System Deliberately Attacks The Human "Dominant Male" Who Is The Frontline Protector Of Women And Children In Order To Then Rape And Murder The Rest Of The Human Race; Give The Woman All The Power Over The Children And Giving Them Custody If Divorced; Spew Feminist Anti-Male Bias, Deny All Power To The Male Head Of Household, Attack The Human Male And Give Him Less Pay Than He Is Worth, While Giving Aryans And Women More; Forcefully Adopt Out Your Children To Foster Parents Who Will Sexually Molest Them (80% Rate); Satanic, Demonic, Unjust Court Rulings Against All Justice In The Land By Devil Possessed Judges; The System Murders Millions Of Humans And Biological Organisms By The Forced Use Of Very Toxic Organic-Halogen Chemicals That Cause Cancer And Horrific Deaths; (Click=> "The Case Against The System") Use Satanic Theories Of Psychiatry To Force Toxic Medication On You Till You Are Murdered From Cancer, The System Does Not Treat An Illness But Simply Murders Thousands With Poison; The System Murders By False Satanic Medical Theories And Unnecessary Operations, Toxic Drugs, Radiation And By Medical Sexual Assaults; The System Murders By Forcing Us To Use Nuclear Power Which Emits Particulate Radiation; Murders By Forcing Incineration Of Garbage And Sewage That Produce Cancer Causing Toxins; Murders Hundreds Of Drug Addicts Every Year By Secretly Lacing Their Drugs With Anti-Psychotic And Toxic Chemicals (Those Mysterious Deaths Of Stars Etc Are Murders!); Putting People In Jails Not To Rehabilitate Them But To Beat, Poison And Sexually Assault Them Through Strip-Searches; The System Murders Through Endless One-Sided Wars With Muslim Third-World Countries (Iraq, Afghanistan & N. Korea) On Flimsy Pretexts, That Cause Massive Civilian Casualties (From Mass Poisonings, Chemical Warfare And Bombings) They Use The CIA To Murder And Assassinate Muslim Leaders And Drug Dealers That Don't Accept Satan And Devil-Possession In Third-World Countries (Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan (Using Drone Bombs), Etc ); [NOTE: There Is Nothing Wrong In Punishing Muslims & Terrorists, (But Not Murdering Them) As They Have A Satanic Religion, But The System Is Trying To Replace It With An Even More Satanic "Religion" (Devil-Possession, Police State, Rigged Elections "Democracy"); Drug Dealers Should Be Punished, But The System Is Trying To Take Over The Drug Trade From Drug-Lords, Not Eradicate Drugs.] The System Murders Its Civilians By The Police Shooting Them Down Or "Tasering" Them Down Like Dogs In The Street; The System Murders Pedestrians, Cyclists, Motor-Cyclists And Motorists By Deliberate Car And Truck Homicides (Without Police Laying Charges); Canada Is The Most Evil Of The Aryan Satanic States Because It Murders Street People, Rather Than Give Them Housing; The System Has Been Trying To Torture To Death And Murder Stanley The King Of Canada By The Most Toxic Poisons Known To Man For Almost 40 Years And Counting. The System Is Already Engaged In A War Against The People It Is Time To Fight Back!!! (Click =>A Declaration of War)
The Aryans Are Descended From Neanderthal Apes, That Were Exterminated By Humans Originally; But Because The Soul Can Be Reincarnated, They Have Come Back Again As Aryans, Seeking Vengeance. This Time Their Souls As Well As Their Bodies Need To Be Destroyed, Using The Non-Violent Methods Of: Yoga, Civil-Disobedience, Fasting, Sacrifice And Suffering: Satyagraha; And No Sex With The Blonde Whore And No Eating Of Cows. (Click=>
A Declaration of War)
The Arabs Are a Semitic Race That In Turn Worship The Blonde Aryan Race, Are Willing To Murder For The Aryans, Forcefully Give Away East-Indian And Persian Oil; And Commit Genocide On East-Indian And Black Races By Spreading Their Mad Prophet Mohamed's False Religion (Islam) And "Satanic Verses" (Koran) On Them. Not All Middle-Easterners Are Arab, (The Persians, The Shiites, The Druze, The Kurds, The Christians, North Africans, Pakistanis And Afghans Are Human Races) In Fact the Majority Are Of East-Indian Descent; The Arabs Are An Inferior Race, With Curly Kinky Hair, Thick Full Beards And Bulbous Noses; They Can Be Distinguished From Human Races By Their Sheer Ugliness And Their Dead-Eye And Woolly Look Of A Sheep. If The Aryans And Arabs Are Co-Conspirators Of Satan, How Come 9/11 Which Was Alleged To Have Been Committed By Arabs? This Was A CIA Perpetrated Hoax/Conspiracy To Create A Hysteria About Terrorism To Gain Power For Security Forces To Deny Fundamental Human Freedoms To Canadians And Americans; Via FISA Courts, Security Measures, Surveillance Without Proper Warrants, Bugging, Searches, Scanners; And As A Pretext To Invade Iraq & Afghanistan; And Also To Fool People And Prevent Anti-American Sentiment In The Region To Burn Up Against The Gulf Oil Sheikdoms. These Arab Sheiks Are Satan Incarnate And Must Be Destroyed. The Americans Are Refusing To Profile Muslims For Searches And Making Us All Suffer; And Are Refusing To Tell Them That They Have An Inferior Satanic Religion --Perpetuating Their Delusion: So That They Will Remain Weak And They Can Continue To Murder And Abuse Them. Remember Stanley's Axiom: "You Can't Fight Satan With A Satanic Religion (Islam) Or Satanic Leftist Theories" (Marx, Engels & Keynes). The 9/11 Perpetrators Were All CIA Operatives Using False Passports; Mohammad Attar, The Alleged Ring-Leader, Had Told His German Girlfriend That He Was A CIA Agent!!! In Fact There Were No Terrorists: The Upshot Is They Got To Murder Millions Of Civilians And Paralyzed America With Bush's Endless Fixation On Non-Existent "Terrorism". The Reason Bush Was So Clueless Is Because He Was Snorting Cocaine, On Prozac And Drunk Out Of His Skull Every Day He Was In The White House! (As Witnessed By His "Secret Service" Detail. CLICK=>Cocaine Freak Bush) Osama Bin Laden's Original Statement Was He "Had Nothing To Do With The Attacks"; But After They Murdered Him In 2003, They Used Doctored Dubbed Video Tapes To Make It Seem He Was Guilty. Till Today After Having Captured Or Murdered All The Al Qaeda, The American Government Has Still Not Given Us Any Evidence That al Qaeda Were Involved In 9/11. What About The 'Shoe-Bomber' And 'Christmas-Bomber'? There Were CIA Recruited Mentally-ILL Stooges: They Were Given PETN, A Complex Plastic Explosive; But There Never Was Any Danger Of An Explosion. PETN Powder, Can Only Be Detonated By A Special Triggering Device, That Neither Had; (A Match Won't Do) The Detonator Would Have A Significant Amount Of Metal: Detectable By Metal Detectors; Thus There Was Never Any Need For Those Body Scanners In A Security Sense. Yet This Harmless Incident Was Used By The System To Take Away Our Right To Security Of The Person In A Virtual Strip-Search By Scanners. Now, PETN Is Also A Restricted Substance (Only The CIA Has Access) And Can Only Be Manufactured By A Very Complex Chemical & Industrial Process: Impossible For Camel Riding Yemenis. The Reason The CIA Did This Is They Want To Regenerate The Hysteria Of 9/11, And Take Away More Of Our Rights. Yemen Has A Large CIA Presence, That Is Backing The Government Against Insurgents: By Labeling Every Enemy Of America As al Qaeda, They Can Fool The Public, And Receive Funding To Exterminate All Dissent In Yemen, As They Did In Colombia, And Trying To Do In Mexico. The Scope And Logistics For 9/11 Was So Complex, Sophisticated, Requiring Vast Financial Resources, And A Vast Support Network, That Inferior Race Arabs Could Simply Not Be Capable Of Perpetrating It; They Were Deluded Insane, Persecuted Sheep-Herders Living In Tents In Afghanistan --While The "Terrorists" Supposedly Came From Saudi Arabia And Germany.
December 9th, 2015: It Turns Out The Islamic Terrorist Syed Farook, Was Mysteriously Wired $$28,500, To His Bank, At; And That He Paid His Mother Rafia Farooq $$30,000 In $$10,000 Installments, Just Two Weeks Before Committing The Mass Murders: The Large Sums Of Money Proves It Was A Planned Terrorist Act: But By Whom??? Stanley Believes That It Was Our Own CIA, That Paid These Crazy American-Born & Pakistani-Born Muslims To Murder Fellow Americans: Like In 9/11. We Now Have Further Proof That The CIA Committed 9/11: 9/11 "First-Responders" Are Now Dying By The Thousands: But Why??? 33,000 "First-Responders" Have Contracted Some 50 Different Types Of Cancers, In Their Lungs, Pancreas, Spleens, Livers, Brains, Bladders Etc. And Are Dropping Dead --15 Years Later!!! The Answer Is 100% Proof That The CIA Committed 9/11: The Tons Of Thermate-TH3 Explosives Loaded Into The CIA-Hijacked Planes, Used To Demolish The WTC Buildings!!!!! Thermate-TH3: Is Composed Of Aluminum Powder, Iron-Oxide, Magnesium-Oxide, Barium Nitrate, Sulfur & PBAN: And Burns At 3,000ºC, The Extremely High Temperatures Enable Highly Toxic Byproducts To Be Produced: Including A Metallic-Highly-Toxic Mix: That "First-Responders" Were Forced To Breathe Over Many Days: The Fact That They Are Now Dying, In Record Numbers: Proves: First, That Thermate-TH3 Explosives Were Used To Demolish The Buildings; Secondly, That The Toxic Metallic Dust Breathed-In By "First-Responders" Is What Is Killing Them; And Thirdly, That The Only People With Access To Thermate-TH3, Were The U.S. Military & The CIA --Not Al-Qaeda!!! July 30th, 2014: President Obama Has Backtracked On Rescinding The 2008 Law, That Gives Central-American Children The Right To Claim Refugee Status (Primarily From Stanley The King's Admonition!) Hillary Clinton Has Also Reversed Herself, And Now Says She Will Not Change That Law Either! The UN Has Recognized These Children As Genuine Refugees As Well!! The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are Destroying The GOP Party By Virulently Attacking Latino Children From Central America, And Identifying Their Satanic Opinions As Republican! Obama Does Not Like Latinos Any More Than The GOP; But He Is Politically Savvy: And Cunningly Pandering To Them, To Cynically Exploit Them For Votes: While The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are Sabotaging Us: So Latinos Are Being Forced (By The Blondes) To Give All Their Votes To Democrats!!! [The FACTS: America Allows One Million Legal (Over-Educated, Weak, Delusional, Lacking Street-Smarts) Immigrants Every Year From Mainly India & China. These Legal Immigrants Contribute Nothing To America. It Is The Latinos From South Of The Border That Contribute, Latinos Are Not Immigrants, But Indigenous To America: Aboriginals: And Must Be Allowed In: To The Tune Of One Million In Numbers! The Devil-Possessed FOX News Is Screaming "Blue-Murder" And Trying To Literally MURDER AND DEPORT POOR LATINO CHILDREN Numbering Just 50,000 (Who Have No Legal Access To Their Ancestral Lands In The U.S., Except As Refugees!): While FOX Is Ignoring Criticism Of The One Million Legal Immigrants Coming Every Year!!! 10,000 Years Ago When Anglo-Saxons Were Still Satanic Apes In Trees, The Latinos Were Already Living In The U.S.: This Is Their Land.]  We Must Exterminate Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Apes From The GOP Party: If We Are Ever Going To Become Popular Again --Like Under Reagan. Jeb Bush Was The Only GOP Candidate To Come Out In Support Of Full Amnesty For All Latinos!!! Rick Perry Is Finished In Politics! To Win Elections The GOP Needs To Distance Themselves From Corporations, The Stock-Market, Police, Military And "National Security" Obsessions (There Never Were Any Terrorists: It Was The CIA & Navy SEALS Who Committed 9/11 [Click=> Revolution]: That Is Why Romney-Ryan Were Satanic Democratic, Liberal, Rich-Corporation, Anti-Poor, Anti-Welfare, Anti-Latino ("Self-Deportation"), Candidates From Democratic-Majority States: That Lost A Winnable Election, Against A Weak Obama In 2012. Again It Was The Satanic Anglo-Saxon System (Who Rigged The Election For Satanic Liberals Romney-Ryan), Blonde Saxon-Aryans Like Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, And Satanic, Evil State-Propaganda FOX News; That Forced Evil Romney-Ryan On The GOP!!! The GOP Leader Must Come From A Southern Majority GOP State, With Pro-Latino Views On Amnesty, Be Working-Class & Not-Rich, Who Identifies With The Poor And Not Vilifies Them Like Romney-Ryan ("The 47%"), Be A Populist Like Rand Paul: For The GOP To Win [September 11th, 2015: On The 14th Anniversary Of 9/11: It Is Time To Get Some Revenge On The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System That Murdered 3,000 Americans! The CIA & Navy SEALS Murdered These Americans, With Thermate-TH3 Military Explosives; And Lied It Was Al-Qaeda: The Aryan-System Has Had 14 Years To Provide Evidence That It Was Al-Qaeda: But They Have Produced Nothing (The KSM Confession Was Totally False: Obtained By Grotesque "Rectal-Rape"-Torture, And Over 300 Water-Boardings On "Rectally-Raped" KSM (Khalid-Sheikh-Mohamed). Water-Boarding IS Torture: The Victim Is Unable To Breathe For One To Three Minutes, As Water Is Poured Over His Towel Covered Face: And The Victim Feels Like He Is About To Suffocate To Death! Cutting Off Oxygen To The Brain, May Not Cause Death Immediately, But It Does Cause Immense Suffering, And Brain Damage: They Did This To KSM 300 Times: While Sexually-Raping Him!!! We Now Know That The CIA Packed Tons Of Thermate-TH3 Explosives Inside The Hijacked-Aircraft To Demolish The "Twin-Towers", And Adjacent Buildings; Thermate-TH3 Burns With A Characteristic "White Smoke" (Notice The Color Of The Smoke!) While Air-Plane Fuel Burns Black Smoke; Thermate-TH3 Burns At A Temperature of 3,000ºC, Which Melted All The Supporting Steel Pillars Supporting The Buildings, Like Butter: Causing Them To Collapse To A Fine Powder. The CIA Murdered The 3,000 Americans Because They Wanted To Invade Afghanistan, Iraq & N. Korea; Murder Over 15 Million Civilians In Those Countries: And Generate Hysteria, To Take-Away The Freedoms Of All Americans, Via Airport Security Checks, NSA Surveillance, FISA Courts & Police State Restrictions On Freedom. We Now Know The CIA Murdered President Kennedy! The CIA & Navy SEALS Then Murdered Osama Bin-Laden (After Capturing Him Alive!) To Cover-Up The Fact That Al-Qaeda Had Nothing To Do With 9/11. The CIA & Saudi-Arabia, Supplied Arms To Sunni-Arabs In Syria: To Overthrow Assad: Which Has Resulted In Hundreds Of Thousands Of Civilians Dead, Christians & Kurds Murdered: And The Creating Of ISIS And The Al-Nusra Front. And Now They Want To Send More Troops To Fight ISIS That They Themselves Armed And Created!!! The CIA Supplied Arms To Libyan Opposition-Rebels To Overthrow Qaddafi, During The Benghazi Embassy Attack: Which Has Only Resulted In Anarchy In Libya! How Long Are The American People Going To Be Fooled By These Satanic Devil-Possessed Blondies? What Most Americans Don't Understand: Is That The Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Blondies (British) Secretly Won The War Of 1812 (After Losing In 1776's Revolution): They Then Took-Over The Armies & Police In The "The North", When Satanic President Madison, Disbanded The "Minutemen" Army; Then Started Rigging The Elections For 200 Years Now! For Example: Devil-Possessed Pres. Lincoln Was Rigged Into Power: And Made Us The Slaves Of Black Nigger-Chimpanzee-Apes After The Civil-War In 1865! We Must Start Fighting Back: They Are Rigging The Elections For Hillary, Donald Trump And Another Nigger, Ben Carson: None Of Them Conservatives! And Totally Disenfranchising The American People! We Need To Use The Constitution: The Right To Bear Arms: To Form Militias: Eat A Vegan Diet (Hinduism): Learn To Purge With Salt-Water And Practice Fasting For At Least A Week: And Obey Stanley Your King: To Overthrow Satan: Overthrow Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: And Be A Free People Again. Remember: Stanley Intends To EXTERMINATE The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans From The Americas!!!]
July 29th, 2014: Former Minnesota Governor, Former Pro Wrestler, And Former Navy SEAL: Jesse Ventura, Won A Huge $$$1.8 Million Jury Adjudicated Lawsuit Against A Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Anglo-Saxon "Navy SEAL Sniper" Chris Kyle's Estate, For Defamation of Character --Proving The Blonde Aryan Anglo-Saxons Are Hated By Everyone! Navy Seal Chris Kyle Had Claimed He Punched Ventura In A Bar, When Ventura Allegedly Said, Navy Seals "Should Lose A Few, For Their Behaviour In Iraq (In 2006)". The Facts Are That Navy Seals Are Cowards: Kyle Wouldn't Have The Balls To Fight A Real Man Like Jesse Ventura --The SEALS Can Only Kill Women & Children-- When The Boys Came Out To Play: The Navy SEALS Ran Away Like Homosexual Punks That They Are! The Navy Seals Have Lost Humiliating Defeats In Iraq & Afghanistan: And Are Dying With PTSD & Suicides, As Punishment For Murdering Millions Of Civilians--In Fact Chris Kyle Was Later Shot To Death, By Another Iraqi War Vet In 2013, As A Just Punishment For Being A Murderer Navy Seal --Bad Karma!!! The CIA And Special Ops (Navy Seals) Murdered 3,000 Americans In 9/11 Using "Thermate-TH3 Explosives", To Start A War They Have Now Humiliatingly Lost --They Must Be Made To Pay For Their Sins With More Death And Punishments For Their Entire Race!!! This Is Why The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas! The Navy Seals Then Murdered Osama Bin-Laden To Cover-Up Their Murders Of Americans: There Never Were Any Al-Qaeda Terrorists In New York City! Yet The Anglo-Saxon Aryans Have Murdered Millions And Millions Of People In N. Korea, Afghanistan & Iraq In A War They Have Now Lost --The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are The Biggest Terrorists Of All!!! On The 69th Anniversary Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki: We Must Accept That The U.S. Is The Only State To Use Atomic Bombs On Civilians: The U.S. Used Napalm Bombs & Agent-Orange On Vietnamese, Carpet-Bombed Cities, Fire-Bombed Dresden And Glorified These Acts As Heroic: The U.S. & NATO Victories Were Satanic In Nature: Won At The Cost Of Millions Of Civilian Deaths And Suffering: That Is Why They Must Be Destroyed --And Stanley Become King!
[Note: Obama Is Also An Arab-Black And Is Thus Of An Inferior Race: The Reason He Is Such A Hardline "Socialist" Is He Does Not Have The Intelligence To Be Right-Wing"; If You Look Into Obama's Eyes, You Can See The Same Vacant, Blank, Dead-Eye, Insane, Satanic Look Of Those Arab Terrorists. This Is Why We Must Never Again Have A President From An Inferior Race!!! The Blind Support Of This H.C. Bill By Blacks, Means We Have To Start Calling Left-Wing Blacks Niggers; For They Have Proved That There Are An Inferior Race! It Seems Hitler Was Right In This Instance.] [Note: Not All Blacks Are Niggers; The Definition Of A Nigger: Blacks Who Are: Evil Devil-Possessed Puppet Stooges Like Obama, Have Inter-Racial Sex With Aryans, Who Are Left-Wing, Uncle Toms, Feminists, "Politically Correct", "True Believers" In The System And Have Sold Their Souls To The Devil. Niggers Don't Believe In Stanley And Are Trying To Curry Favour With The Aryan System.] (To Their Credit A Lot Of "Conservative" Jews Supported Stanley In Fighting The 'Health Care' Bill) (Ironically Right-Wing Aryans Of German Descent Also Were The Staunchest Opponents Of This Bill, The Germans Are The Most Right-Wing And Godly Of The Aryan Race: If They Break Ranks With The Saxon-Aryans The System Is Doomed: German-Americans Comprise The Majority Aryans In The Military, Police And Cattle-Farmers. With Rep. John Boehner The Minority Leader, Giving An Impassioned Speech Promising To "Repeal This Bill". The Greatest Plea By Boehner Was To Have A Roll-Call Vote, So Every Member Would Have To Be Accountable For His Vote. The Reason This Was Refused, For A Secret Electronic Ballot: Was Because The System Was Intending On Rigging Even This Vote!!! This Is Why All Secret Ballot Voting Should Be Abolished Forever: As It Is Always Rigged By The System. But The Senate  Republicans May Not Keep Their Promise And May Be Lying To Us --They Are Now Suddenly Claiming They Need Sixty Seats In The Senate For Repeal, Even Though Obama Used Reconciliation (51) To Pass His Bill! The Republican Senators Promised That They would Not Cooperate With Obama On Anything Because Of The Way He Passed H.C.; But Saxon? Sen. Lindsey Graham From SC, Is Making A Deal To Pass "Cap-And-Trade" Which Will Further Destroy The Economy; They Lied To Us! The Republicans Have Not Changed And Are Again Satanically, Racistly Attacking Hispanic Americans On Amnesty! We Need To Remove Anglo-Saxon-Aryans From Control Of The Republican Party! The Bottom Line Is There Can Never Be Real Fundamental Change Until The System Is Destroyed.) [The Irony Is It Was Stanley's Own Race That Betrayed Him: The French, The Hispanics, The Italians, The Celts, The East-Indians And The Slavs; From The Docile Devil-Possessed Democratic Party, All Made Deals With The Devil And Caved; And Threw Stanley To The Wolves. But The Blame For This Lies With The System, Who Rigged The Vote To Put These Demonic Leftists In Office In The First Place; The System Are Not Allowing Right-Wing Humans Into The Democratic Or Republican Party. Stanley Wants The Right Wing Republicans To Bring Down The Hammer On These Ethnic Leftists, Like Margaret Thatcher Did In England. The Solution To The Leftists In America Is : A Crackdown On Crack Cocaine And Prescription Narcotics; All Leftists Are So, Because They Are Spaced Out On Drugs: We Must Have Drug & Alcohol Testing (Using Hair Analysis Not Urinalysis) On All Congressmen, Senators, Politicians, Presidents, TV & Media Persons & The Workplaces Of Society For Stiff Jail Terms. "Medical Marijuana", Methadone  And Prescription Narcotics Also Have To Be Banned Or More Strictly Regulated; Medicine Is Not "Magic"; We Cannot Leave This Up To Doctors --Who Are Quacks! [Actor Corey Haim Died Age 38, April 2010; With Calif. A.G. Jerry Brown Stating, Haim Employed 'Doctor Shopping' To Obtain 553 Prescription Pills & Narcotics: Medical Marijuana, Valium, Xanax, Vicodin & Oxycontin; That Killed Him. The Doctors & Hollywood Coroner, Who Are Under Attack By Stanley, Are Trying To Lie That Haim Died Of "Natural Causes" At 38! Doctors & Nurses Have Become The "High Priests" Of A "Monopoly Quack Satanic State Religion" With Exalted Powers Of Life And Death Over Us; We Have To Destroy Them! Before They Murder And Genocide All Of Us! The Medical Model Believes: In Satan, Devil Possession, There Is No God, No Spirit, No Soul, No Mind; That The Body Is A Physical Machine, With Interchangeable Body Parts; You "Fix" It With: Deliberate "Ritual" Satanic Desecration Of The Natural Human Body, Debaucherous Dehumanizing Satanic Sexual Invasion, Toxic Drugs, Organ Transplantation, Global Anesthetics, Invasive Surgery & Radiation. The Yoga Model: Believes In God, That The Body Has A Soul, A Mind, Is "Divinely Descended" From Reptiles & Mermen, And Has A Lesser Physical Component; You Heal And "Cure" It With: Fasting, Internal Body Yoga Cleansings, Purging, Lifestyle Changes, Engaging The Body's Own Defences, Brown Rice, Vegan Diets, Seaweed, Algae, Lots Of Sea Salt, Daily Exercise, Local Or No Anesthetics & Least Invasive Acupuncture Surgery.] V.P. Dan Quayle Said: "The War Against Drugs Cannot Be Won Until We Address The 'Demand' Side Of The Equation". Murdering Or Jailing Thousands Of: Drug Dealers, Traffickers (Columbia, Mexico, Afghanistan) And Users (Corey Haim Etc. By Poison) Has Been An Utter Failure: Because We Have Been Allowing "Leftists" To Run Loose And Even Rule Us (Obama, Bush, Clinton Are All Cocaine Addicts; The System Is Putting Them Into Power Because They Will Be Weak, Inferior And Incompetent, So The CIA And "Special Interest" Groups Like The Secret Police, Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, Unions & The Marxist-Jews Can Rule [Click=>Cocaine Head Presidents]  [The BP Oil Leak Proves Why We Must Never Again Allow An Inferior Race Nigger To Become President. Obama Is A Trained Puppet Of Marxist-Jews, He Is Not A Leader, He Cannot Think Outside The Box: He Should Have Taken Charge: By Declaring A State Of Emergency, & The Area A Disaster Zone Eligible For Federal Funding, By Immediately Calling In The Military To Take Charge Of Operations To Avoid An Environmental Disaster; (Millions Of Wildlife Have Been Killed By Obama's Incompetence) Empanel An Expert Panel Of Engineers To Design A Custom Fitted Blowout Preventer Cap With A Jaws Like Base (Like A Bear Trap)And Compressible-Rubber Lined, To Precision Clamp On To The Old Preventer, With A Sealable Pressure Vent On Top, Then The Jaws Ratcheted Up To A Pressure Air Tight Seal And/Or Thermite-Weld The Base Onto The Old Preventer; (All To Prevent Side Leakage) Encase The Base In Cement, Then Shut The Valves On The New Preventer, And Encase It All With Pressurized Cement To Seal The Oil Leak! An Alternative Plan Would Be To Encase The Whole Leak In A Mile Long Cheap Poly Urethane Tube, With Two Super Tankers At The Ready To Pump In All The Leaked Oil From The Tube. These Plans By Stanley Are 100% Effective, And There Are Other Solutions: The Crime By Obama Is He Did Nothing!!! The Fact That 60,000 Barrels Of Oil Are Still Leaking After 60 Days Proves That Obama Is Incompetent To Be President!!! BP Is Also Incompetent To Handle The Oil Spill On Its Own; And Needs Help. We Put A Man On The Moon, We Salvaged The Titanic, Surely We Can Cap That Oil Leak? This Is Not Rocket Science! BP Should Not Be Held Totally Responsible, Because The Government's Safety Regulations Were Inadequate, (Obama's Administration Gave This Particular BP Ocean Rig A "Safety Award" Just One Week Before The Explosion, And They Were Celebrating This "Award" When It Blew Up.) Obama Failed To Take Any Action To Cap The Leak, Making The Disaster Much Worse; Obama Received The Largest BP Donations Than Anyone Else $77 Thousand, And Thus They Were In League With Each Other --With Swedish Socialist Carl-Henric Svanberg BP Chairman Making BP Take The Fall To Save Obama From Criticism;-- Haliburton Oil Of Canada Is Equally Liable Because Its Blowout Preventer Failed To Work, S. Elizabeth Birnbaum --Another Jew-- Former Obama Director Of The Mineral Management Service Has Quietly Resigned Without Explanation, Because She Gave BP That "Award" To Repay BP For Their  Donations; Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) Who Received Heavy Donations From BP Pushed For More Drilling Permits For BP And Is Also Guilty, (This Corrupt Bitch Landrieu Also Forced Obama To Give La. $400 Million In Exchange For Her Vote On Health Care) And The Local People Too Are Liable For Clamouring For Offshore Drilling In A Greedy Quest For Jobs. Thus BP Liability Should Be Capped To The Legal Limit Of $75 Million; Unless Gross Negligence Can Be Proven In The Highest Courts (This Was An Accident, An Act Of God; Not A Crime; And Valuable Lessons Will Be Learnt From This Incident. But Since Obama Gave BP A "Safety Award" It Will Be Virtually Impossible To Prove Gross Negligence!) It Should Be The Courts That Decide The Extent Of BP Liability Not Obama. Obama Has Coerced (By Threat Of Charges, Jail And A Dumb BP) An Inferior, Naive, European Socialist, Lacking Savvy Or Street Smarts BP Into Paying All The Costs Of The Disaster, And Setting Up An Escrow Account For $20 Billion. The Reason He Did This Is To Deflect Blame From Himself For Being Incompetent To Be President, By Failing To Take Any Action To Seal The Leak And Avoid An Environmental Tsunami; And Because He Has An Ideological Marxist-Jew Hatred For Big Business And Contempt For Their Shareholders Who Will Suffer Heavy Losses Due To Obama's Incompetence!  Obama Did The Same To GM's Shareholders. A President Has To Be President Of All The People, Not Just Marxist Jews And Unions!!! Had Obama Taken Action To Cap The Leak Early On The Harm Would Have Been Much Much Less; The People Should Hate Obama For This Disaster Not BP. If A Nuclear Power Plant Had Exploded Would We Tolerate Obama Sitting On The Sidelines And Doing Nothing?? It Is Obama Who Is The Criminal; For No Amount Of Money Can Compensate Louisianans For The Loss Of A Way Of Life! Obama Has Appointed Another Leftist-Jew Money Czar Kenneth Feinberg, To Administer The Escrow Fund Politicizing The Awarding Of The Money, That He Had No Right To In The First Place. The People That Are Forgotten In All Of This Are The Mexicans: This Is Their Oil!!! The Biggest Crime By The Government And BP Is Stealing Mexican Oil Without Mexican Benefit Or Consent: Thus The Oil Rig Disaster Is A Punishment From God. P.S.: On July 15th, 2010; BP Finally Capped The Leak After 87 Days, Using A Cap Designed Largely According To Stanley's Suggestion Above; This Proves Obama's Incompetence Once And For All: For Had He Marshalled All The Resources He Had As President This Spill Would Have Been Much Much Less Of A Catastrophe. On September 8th, 2010: BPs Internal Investigation And Report Puts The Blame For The Disaster Squarely On Transocean Who Owned The Rig, And Haliburton Who's Cement Seal And Blowout Preventer Did Not Work. BP Is Listening To Stanley And Are Now Actively Fighting Liability For Gross Negligence! On This Same Day The Swedes Have Paid Heed To Stanley On The Evils Of Socialism, By Kicking Out Their Socialist Government!]. Criminal Laws Should Be Changed To Put These People Away In Jails, Until They Stop Using Drugs And Espousing Leftist Views. Stanley's Axiom2: The War On Drugs Cannot Be Won Until We Start Putting All Leftists In Jail: As This Is The Clearest Sign That They Are "Smoking Something"!!! Thus A Zero Tolerance Of Drugs Policy Must Be Instituted Into Law: Using Drug Testing, If Anyone Is Caught, They Must Receive Mandatory Lengthy Incremental (One Year+) Jail Sentences!!! So Too Possession Laws Have To Be Increased To Have An Incremental Minimum Sentence In Jail. To Win A Massive Majority: The Republicans Must Adopt This Platform:  (1) Should Make Pat Buchanan (A Reagan Republican And Of Human Race) Their Leader, (2) Vow To Bring In A Constitutional Amendment For All Gov'ts To Balance Their Budgets; (3) Give Full Amnesty To Illegal Mexican Immigrants, As This Was Their Land; And (4) Renegotiate NAFTA To Force Canada To Eliminate All Unfair Trading Practices: Protections On "Culture", "Canadian Content" Rules, Canadian 50% Ownership Rules, Massive Gov't Subsidies And Tax Deductions Given To Canadian Companies That Export To The U.S., Massive Hidden Subsidies On Canadian Soft-Wood Lumber, Protectionism, Force Privatization Of Health Care, Eliminate Marketing Boards, Allow American Banks To Compete In Canada Etc. Canada Enjoys A Massive Trade Surplus With The U.S. Due To The Satanic NAFTA Deal They Forced A Desperate U.S. To Sign; They Will Have No Choice But To Sign A New Deal Or Be Cut Off The Gravy Train. But To Ensure Real Change The People Must Fight Back And Put The Scare Of God Into The Aryan System To Keep The Elections Honest, And Prevent Rigging Again. Stanley Still Advises His People Never To Vote In These Rigged Elections, And Put Your Faith In The Overthrow Of The System Instead!!! And Do Not Put Blind Faith In The Republican Party: They Too Can Be Satanic: Bush (& McCain Who Is Not Right Wing!) Allowed Obama To Win By Being Deliberately Incompetent; Bush Was So Leftist That He Spent Taxpayer's Money  On "Entitlements", Bailouts And "Stimulus" That Is Against Conservative Principles And Actually Has Made The Economy Worse! Bush (& McCain) Created A Deliberate "Crisis" (Just Before The Election) That Made It Seem Right Wing Economics Don't Work, In Order To Hand The Election To Obama --The Anti-Christ! The Republican Party Has To Return To Its Roots, And Repudiate "Stimulus" And Bailouts Because They Don't Work And Make Things Worse, As Has Been Proven Again! The Current "Recession" We Are In Was Actually Created By Government Deficits, Stimulus, "Corruption" And Bailouts! Which Sucked So Much Available "Credit" Out Of The Private Sector, That Businesses Could Not Borrow Or Hire, Due To The "Credit Crunch". Bush & Obama Bailed Out Their Friends In Unions And On Wall Street At The People's Expense! But To His Credit: Most Of Bush's Bailout Money Has Already Been Paid Back (It Was Never Needed); Whereas The Obama Stimulus And Spending Has Burdened The Taxpayer Indefinitely! [There Never Was A Real Crisis, The Companies In Question Should Have Been Sold Off Via Bankruptcy. The Stock Market Has Winners And Losers Everyday, (They Were Never Too Big To Fail) As Long As Fraud Or Crime Is Not Involved, Then  Shareholders Must Be Allowed To Lose Money, Without Gov't Bailing Them Out; Otherwise It Is Unfair To Those Who Play By The Rules. The Hysteria, Melt-Down & Panic Was Deliberately Generated To Allow Obama To Win The Election!!! Obama The "Satanic Anti-Christ" Exploited This Phony "Crisis" For The Gov't Takeover Of GM, To Give His Union Buddies Ownership Of GM, Robbing Blind Their Creditors And Share Holders; And Do Massive Stimulus Spending Simply To Bankrupt The Taxpayer. Obama Does Not Have The Intelligence To Be This Evil, It Was his "Senior Economic Counselor" Ron Bloom (Another Marxist Jew) That Told Him To Give Ownership Of GM To The Union And Rip-Off Its Stakeholders By ~$100 Billion. The Democratic Party Is More Corrupt Than The Republicans Because They Bailed Out The Unions Who Give Them Huge Donations, Organizational Help, Volunteers And Votes; In Exchange For Leftist Policies In Gov't. Obama's Chief Political Advisor Remains David Axelrod (Another Marxist Jew) Part Of The Chicago "Daley Machine" Of: Cut-Throat, Ruthless, "Union Mafia" Absolutely Corrupt Politics In Chicago!!! Rahm Israel Emanuel: (Also From Daley's Chicago Machine) Is Obama's Chief Of Staff And His Most Radical Marxist-Jew Advisor; Health Care, (Next Cap-And-Trade?) Was Rammed Through In Rahm's Style; He Approached Gay Rep. Eric Massa While Both Were Naked In The Congressional Gym Shower, Poked Him In The Chest With His Finger And Threatened Him To Vote 'His Way' Or Else: Said Massa: "Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil’s spawn. He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam  locomotive. “He’s hated me since day one. And now he wins. So he’ll get rid of me and this Health Care bill will pass and I don’t know what we’re going to do in this country." Obama And Rahm Both Belong To A Homosexual Bathhouse In Chicago Run By Rev. Jeremiah Wright Of Obama's Trinity United Church Called The "Down-Low-Club"!!! Yet The Satanic Media Won`t Print These Stories! (Click:=GayObamaRahm) To Pass Health Care Obama Threatened Reps. That If They Voted "No": They Would Lose All Their Substantial Union, Presidential & Party Support For Re-election, That California Reps. Would Not Get Any Water For Their Drought Stricken Districts, That Hispanic Congressmen Would Not Get Passage Of Immigration Reform, That They Would Not Get Any Stimulus Money For Their Districts; He, The Secret Police And The Medical Lobby Made Very Real Death Threats Against Rep. Bart Stupak's Wife And Family To Make Him --And ~9 Other Reps.-- 'Cave' On The Abortion Issue. This Is Cut-Throat Chicago Al Capone Politics! Obama Offered A Bribe Of A Federal Job To Candidate Joe Sestak To Drop Out Of The Senate Race, To Allow Leftist-Jew Senator Arlon Spector To Win The Nomination, (Which He Eventually Lost To Sestak, After Sestak Refused) Which Is A Criminal Felony Offense, But Is Normal "Pay To Play, No Pay No Play, No Bribe No Political Favors" Chicago Style Corrupt Politics!!! Obama Is Refusing To Appoint An Independent Prosecutor To Investigate Himself! Obama Is Simply The Front Man Puppet Of This Chicago Machine That He Is Beholden To, For All His Improper, Crooked Election Victories; And They Pull His Strings. Obama & Rahm Are Also Guilty Of Offering A Bribe In The Rod Blagojevich Case; But So Far Has Not Testified: A Criminal President Is So Weak That It Has Become Impossible For Him To Govern Effectively ("WayneMadsen Report has been told that Emanuel was aware of the damaging nature of the "thousands" of FBI intercepted phone calls to him and Obama and wanted to divert Fitzgerald and the FBI away from he and the president-elect to Blagojevich and Harris. Fitzgerald, known as the man who covered up key elements of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and saw to it that the legal ground was laid for a commutation of the prison sentence of Dick Cheney’s chief of staff Scooter Libby in the Bush administration’s cover-up of the outing by the media of CIA non-official cover agent Valerie Plame Wilson, decided to seek authorization for the early morning arrest of Blagojevich to protect Obama and Emanuel, as well as Bush.    ....   Fitzgerald lived up to his part of the bargain with Emanuel by interviewing Obama, Emanuel, and Jarrett in mid-December 2008 and then green lighting Obama’s selectee as White House chief counsel, Greg Craig, to issue a report stating that there was "no inappropriate contact" between Obama, Emanuel, or Jarrett with Blagojevich. Emanuel quickly left the United States for a vacation in Africa. Fitzgerald cautioned Obama, Emanuel, Jarrett, adviser David Axelrod, Craig, and transition team spokesman Robert Gibbs to remain silent and not disclose anything to the press. The diversion of attention by the public and the media to Blagojevich and Harris was successful.") Lawrence (Samuelson) Summers Is The Jew Director Of Obama's Key WH National Economic Council, With Direct Almost Daily Contact With Obama. The Most Frequent Visitor And Lobbyist To The White House Since Obama's Inauguration, Has Been SEIU Union  President  Andy Stern (Another Marxist Jew). The Jews, Not Blacks Own The White House!!!  Obama's Chief Influences Were Marxist-Jew Professors In Harvard That Trained Him Like A Puppy Dog In Obeying All Leftist Theories As "Gospel Truth". Obama Is Now Trying To Appoint Elena Kagan, A Lesbian Marxist-Jew And His Solicitor General, To The Supreme Court! (Note: Unfortunately The Republican Senators May Cave Again, (April 21st, 2010) Allowing Obama To Pass A Draconian "Wall Street Reform" Bill Allowing The Gov't To Takeover Companies At Will, And "Bail Them Out" With A Pool Of $50 Billion In Tax-Payers Money, Like In Socialist Countries! They Have Learnt Nothing, This Was The Main Cause Of The "Recession"!) There Is A Role For Government In All This: Speculation On Housing Should Be Outlawed, And Selling Of Utility Monopolies Like Water And Power Grids (Enron) Should Also Be Banned. The Stock Market Has Become A Place Of Blood-Thirsty Profit And Greed; And The People, The Tax-Payer And Home-Owner Must Be Protected From Its Feeding Frenzy. Obama Is A Nigger, He Cares Nothing For The People, His People Live In Somalia, He Is Evil. The Reason For The Sub-Prime Meltdown, Was That Speculators Had Bought-Up So Much Housing On Little To No Down-Payments, (Driving The Prices Up For Legitimate Homeowners) That When The Housing Price Bubble Did Burst, They Defaulted en masse, And Walked Away --Hence The "Meltdown". Yet The Gov't Bailed Out The Banks That Fueled This Evil Speculation, Greed And Caused So Much Suffering. In 2006, Bush Had Suddenly Changed The Rules For Approving Mortgages: Lowering Downpayments And Credit Criteria; On Bernanke's And Paulson's Advice, To Support Unbridled Speculation, Setting The Stage For The "Meltdown". All Men Should Have The Right To Own A Reasonable Home, And Must Henceforth Be Protected From Speculators. Another Reform That Stanley Feels Is Necessary Is The End To Loans With Heavily Leveraged Assets; The "Investment" Jew Banks Are Loaning Money To Companies And Satanic Union Pension Funds To Buy "Intrinsic" Monopolies With Little To No Collateral: Because This Gives Them The Highest Interest Income At The Expense Of You The People, That Are Being Gouged By Constant Rise In Prices To Pay This Interest, Dividends & Profit! Stanley's Solution: Since All The Crises In The Stockmarket Are Related To How We Handle Monopolies And Housing: We Have To Expand The Anti-Trust Laws Dealing With Monopolies So That: All "Intrinsic" Monopolies (Utilities, Energy Grids, Phone & Cable Lines, And Housing's Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae) Should Be Held In An Arm's Length Independent Non-Profit Company Without Share Holders (A "Crown Corporation"). Fannie Mae (With Seed Money) Should Take Over Sole Control Of All Farm & Home Mortgages Shutting Out The Satanic Banks, Crooked Investors, Speculators And Bond Holders That Have Reaped $Trillions In Blood Money Over The Suffering Of The People!!! This Will Reduce The Cost Of Home Ownership By 80%!  (Which Was Roosevelt's Original Plan. America Needs A New, "New Deal"! That Will Be Permanent This Time! Roosevelt Lied To Us, He Gave People Temporary Handouts, Not Real Change.) Breaking The Government Enforced Monopoly Of Modern Medicine, Lawyers, Lawyer-Judges And Education; By Forcing Them To Compete With Yoga Medicine, Private Schools, Laymen-Judges & Para-Legals; Will Reduce Costs Of Health Care, Court Access Etc By 90%! Bush Was A Drug Addict Leftist, He Didn't Understand Free Market Economics; The Definition: There Should Be Absolutely No Interference In The Free Operation Of The Market, Except To Deal With And/Or Break-Up Monopolies, Anti-Competitive Practices And To Ensure There Is Free Entry Into Every Sector Of The Market; With Strictly Enforced Anti-Trust Law! In 2001, Bush (& A.G. John Ashcroft) Satanically Allowed Saxon-Aryan Bill Gates And Microsoft To Steal $100's Of Billions From The Consumer (Using His Illegal Monopoly On PC Operating Systems' Software, O.S. [He Was Given Money By Blonde-Anglo-Saxon IBM To Takeover All His Competition!) By Letting Him Off Anti-Trust Charges, As His First Act As President. This Was Pure Corruption, As Microsoft Donated $Millions To Republicans & The Bush Campaign, While Donating Nothing To Al Gore! The Collapse That Followed Was A Direct Result Of This Satanic Republican & Bush's Corruption; For Gates Sucked $100's Of $Billions Out Of The Computer And Internet Industry And Funneled It Into AIDS Research In Africa!!! This Is Why We Have Anti-Trust Laws Against Monopolies, Gates Caused So Much Suffering, And He Has To Be Brought To Justice And Jail! [The Scam Gates Pulled Is An Old One: It Was A Conspiracy By Devil-Possessed Anglo-Saxon-Aryans (IBM) Via Gates To Corner The Internet Market, He Bought Up All Operating System Companies; Then Jacked Up The Prices For All His Software That He Piggy-Backed Onto Windows. The Consumer Has Only So Much To Spend On Internet Companies, Which All Went To Overpriced Microsoft; Thus Gates Put Almost All The dot-coms Out Of Business, Destroying Millions Of Jobs, Research And Vitality In The Industry!!! Apple Inc. Shares A Lot Of The Blame For This, By Their Incompetence In Refusing To Compete With Gates In The PC Market & By Refusing To Compete With Microsoft: Make Their Software Lower-Priced And Competitive, And Compatible With Other Applications. Gates O.S. Was A Total Rip-Off Of Apple's O.S. And Software; But Apple Was So "Drugged Out" And Lacking Business Savvy; That They Didn't Sue Microsoft For Intellectual Property Theft. In 1980 The Hunt Bros. Tried To Corner The Silver Market; And Were Fined Heavily; In The 1990s Yusuo Hamanaka Tried To Corner The Copper Market And Was Charged And Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison For It! Anti-Competition/ Anti-Trust Laws Should Ban One Company From Taking Over All Its Competitors!!! Stanley Urges All Americans To Boycott Microsoft With These Free Alternatives: For Windows O.S.: Linux - download for free from   And For Office suite/word processor Microsoft Office Alternatives: Open Office - download for free from ] Bush Appointed Leftist Marxist Jews To The "Fed" And Treasury Who Do Not Believe In Conservative Values; And Instead Want More Gov't. Free Markets Cannot Work Justly If Government Does Not Enforce Anti-Trust  Laws. The  Concept Of "Intrinsic"  Monopolies Is New; But Bush Should Have Known That You  Don't  Let  Speculators "Corner" The Housing Market! Or Gates "Corner" The Internet Market! But Obama Is Worse Than Bush; To Show You How Evil Obama Is: Through The SEC He Charged Goldman Sachs With Civil Fraud For Failing To Disclose That Its Client (Paulson & Co) That Helped Create Its Sub-prime Mortgage Securities, Had "Bet" Against Those Securities By Taking Out Insurance On Them Becoming Worthless. Yet The SEC Did Not Charge John Paulson (A Jew) Of Paulson & Co, Who Made $Billions From The Failure Of These Sub-prime Securities, He Knew Would Fail!!! European Banks Have Lost $Billions From This Scam, Yet The SEC Is Letting The Main Perpetrators Off The Hook! Crime Pays When You Have Connections To Obama, The Marxist-Jews, The Banks, The Unions And The Democrats. Ben Bernanke (Chairman Of Federal Reserve) Is Jewish, Henry Paulson Treasury Secretary & Former CEO of Goldman Sachs Is Half-Jewish Half Saxon-Aryan (A Christian Scientist) And Both These Spearheaders Of The "Bank Bailout" In October Of 2008; Were Heavily Marxist And Socialist, Who Believed In Global Warming As True. There Was A Marxist Incestuous Relationship Between The Banks, The Marxist-Jews, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros, AIG, The Paulsons & Bernanke: That Was A Conspiracy To Destroy The Reagan Republican Brand Of Free-Market Economics; And Promote Marxism By Creating A Crisis Just As The Election Neared; So Socialist Obama And His Satanic Theories Would Prevail!!! There Is A Heavy Concentration Of Jews Who Ran All The Banks (AIG, Lehman Bros, Goldman Sachs) That Were Bailed Out By Bernanke; (Who Is Also A Jew!); To Stop This Corruption: We Have To Henceforth Never Allow A Jew Or Saxon-Aryan To Be Chair Of Federal Reserve Or Be Secretary Of Treasury! Or To Prosecute Anti-Trust Cases. It Turns Out Obama & Bush Received $100's Of Millions In Donations From The Banks And Unions To Bail Them Out Forever With Tax-Payers Dough: This Is Massive Corruption!!!] Bush Refused To See That The CIA Had Perpetrated A Hoax On 9/11 And Gave The Military & CIA carte blanch To Murder Civilians In Iraq And  Afghanistan  Endlessly; Bush Had Developed A Special Relationship With The Hispanics, Promising Them Amnesty For Mexican Immigrants; (Giving Him Two Majorities) Yet He Allowed The Republican Party To Commit Political Suicide By Their Racist Satanic Rant Against The Amnesty Bill. The Hispanic Vote Has To Be Recultivated By Giving Them More Than The Democrats Are Promising.] Obama Is Claiming Victory And Gloating For Passing Health-Care March 23, 2010; But It Has Nothing To Do With Him; He Is Simply A Puppet Of The System; An Inferior Race Nigger Stooge With The Morals Of A Chimpanzee, Like The Terrorists; The System Had The "Fix" In, From The Start, By Rigging The Election For Him To Win; Then Pressured, Bribed, Bullied, Blackmailed, Coerced And Threatened (By Secret Police Operatives Phoning Their Wives And Families With Fear-Inducing Threats) A Weak Delusional Democratic Party To Go Along. This Is Not A Victory For The Democratic Party Either, But For Satan And The Aryan System, Who Want Total Control Of Our Bodies And Our Health. The Media Wonder, Why Would Obama And The Democrats Commit Political Suicide By Ramming Through With "Reconciliation" Such An Unpopular Bill? Obama Never Cared About The People, He Won A Rigged Election Based On How Evil He Would Be In Enacting Satan's Agenda: Of Total Genocide Against Americans, By Destroying Their Health And Sexually Assaulting And Murdering Them With Genocidal Quackery. He Obeys Satan & The Secret Police Of The System, That Brung Him, Not Us. We Need To Boycott Modern Medicine And Health Insurance For Yoga Medicine!!!  The Other Delusional Misconception By The Media, Is That Obama Is Following European Style Socialism: No, No No! (European Socialism Is A Good Thing, They Genuinely, Albeit Naively, Delusionally Do Want To Help Their People) Remember The War Of 1812, The Model For His Bill Is Canada!!! Canada Won The War Of 1812 Through An Internal Coup In The Military, And Then Followed With Total Genocidal Victory In The Civil War! (See Below) Canada Is The Only State (Except For Communist Countries) That Has 100% State Control Of Health Care!!! And Of The Bodies Of Its People --This Is Where The Satanic H.C. Model Is From. Canada Is Absolutely Satanic, Their Reason For Government Run Health Care Is Not To Help People, But A Satanic Power Grab, To Take Satanic Government Control Of Our Bodies, To Genocide By Quack Theories, Poison, Rape And Murder By False Operations. It Is Unconstitutional Because The System Wants To Make Quack Modern Medicine A "State Religion" Which Is A Form Of Satan Worship; (It Is Unconstitutional For Government To Favour One Form Of Health Care Over Another! Yoga Medicine!) And Force You To Pay For It With Massive Taxation, An Individual Mandate, Private Insurer Mandate And State Mandate. Founding Father Patrick Henry Said: "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.". The Problem With The Republican Promise To "Repeal" It, Is That The System Can Rig The Elections Again; And It Was The Bush Republicans Who Started The Massive Spending And $4.5 $Trillion Deficits By Their Unfunded Health Care "Entitlement" On Prescription Drugs For Seniors! Obama Intends On Tripling That Debt To $12 Trillion With His Health Care, Spending & Stimulus In Just Four Years! And Make You Foot The Bill Through Higher Premiums And Taxes! Obama Has Also Been "Printing" Money By $3 Trillion Dollars Which Is Going To Result In Massive Inflation And Astronomical Interest Rates When And If The Economy Recovers! Obama Has Escalated The Civilian Deaths In Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico And Now Pakistan By Giving The CIA & Military Even More carte blanch To Murder Than Bush! "Those Who Don't Learn The Lessons Of History Are Condemned To Repeat Them"; We Cannot Ever Trust The Electoral Process Again; (Like The Loser Confederates) We Have To Rise Up And Overthrow This System!!! Civil Disobedience: Bring Molotov Cocktails To The Protests: Storm The Barricades: Burn Capitol Hill And The White House Down; Force Them To Arrest You; And Then Do It Again And Again. We Need A Catalyst: The French Revolution Began With The Storming Of The Bastille, The American With The Boston Tea Party: And Then It Took On A Momentum Of Its Own. Remember There Is Safety In Numbers, They Can't Arrest All Of You. It Is Important To Close Ranks: If They Arrest One Of You, Force Them To Arrest All Of You. Peaceful Protests Are A Waste Of Time And Money, We Need To Force The System's Hand Through Non-Violent, But Provocative, Destruction Of Property Resistance, Or Even Throwing Rocks & Cocktails At Police, Forcing Their Hand. Remember It Is The Police That Are The Most Evil And Devil Possessed In The System --They Are The Enemy. "Satan Can Only Win If No Good Man Will Stand Up To Him" Stanley Your King Is Calling On You To Fight, "These Are The Times That Try Men's Souls, Give Us Liberty Or Give Us Death". (CLICK:= Declaration of War)(See Below For More Analysis)]      What About The "Show-Trials" Planned For New York? These Arabs Are Mentally Ill, Tortured Into Submission; Have Made False Confessions; And Who Insanely Seek Glorification, Martyrdom And Self-Aggrandizement By Taking Blame For Something They Didn't Do; But Would Like To Have Done. (In The Equally Insane Muslim Community They Will Be Seen As Heroes. We Must Call A Spade A Spade: When Devout Muslims The World Over Are Engaging In Senseless Terrorist Acts: We Must Call Out Islam For What It Is: A Crazy, Inferior, Satanic Terrorist Religion! --That Must Be Eradicated For Terrorism To Be Eradicated! The War On Terrorism Must Be Converted To A "Holy Crusade" War On Islam, To Solve The Terrorism Problem, Once And For All!!!) The Black Boxes From The Planes Were Not Released Until Heavily Edited; But Eye-Witness Accounts From Relatives On Cell Phones: Claimed The Hijackers Were Speaking American-English In All Their Conversations --Highly Unlikely For Arab Saudis. In The Zeitgeist Video (Below) They Claim: (1)The Architect Who Designed The WTC Buildings Said They Were Strong Enough To Withstand Multiple Airplane Crashes; (2)That The Planes Were Loaded With Thermite Explosives (Or Thermate-TH3 That Are Restricted For Use To Only The Military And The CIA) These Mini Bomblets Burn At Such Extremely High Temperatures That Streams Of Molten Iron (From The Bomblet Canisters) Can Travel Considerable Distances Melting The Two Solid-Steel Pillars In Each WTC Building And Even Demolishing Adjacent Buildings; And Was What Actually Caused That Spectacular Implosion We All Watched Live On TV; (3)Further, The U.S. Air-Force Were Engaged In "War Games" At Precisely The Time And Place The Hijackers Struck, Removing The Possibility Of The Planes Being Intercepted Or Shot Down --Indicating A Massive Conspiracy And Intricate Planning. (4)The Clincher: Is That The Pilots Executed "Spiral Dives" While Targeting The Buildings, A Manoeuvre Only A Military "Top Gun" Pilot With Thousands Of Hours Of Training Could Pull-Off. (5)It Is Alleged, That Israeli Secret Police MOSSAD, Warned All The Jews To Evacuate The WTC Buildings Before The Crashes; Because They Had A CIA Double-Agent Working For Them! (6)Finally, The Fact That The Whole Sequence Of The Crashes Were So Beautifully Filmed, Indicates The Cameramen Were Tipped Off That It Would Happen, And Had Their Cameras At The Ready. But Why? The Answer Is In The Definition Of The System (The Beast) In "Revelation": The Ten (Horns) Aryan Ruled States And The Seven (Heads) Oil Sheikdoms: Iraq Had Attacked Kuwait In 1990, Striking At The Heart (One Head) Of The System: The Satanic System Wanted To Teach Saddam Such An Awe-Inspiring And Shocking Lesson (Regime Change) That No-one Else Would Try It Again! --Except For Stanley. The System Obtains 80% Of The World Economy's Imported Oil And Reserves From The Gulf: It Is Vital To Their Strategic Survival. Whoever Rules The Gulf Rules The World's Economy!!! And The World! But Why Murder 8 Million Civilians By Poisoning The Food Supplies Of Afghanistan, N. Korea, Russia And Iraq? Yes The Aryan-Americans Murdered Mostly Babies & Children By Sabotaging The Food Supply  In These Four Countries For Eight Years Before Invasion! (By Destroying Food Production And Intercepting Food Imports And Poisoning Them) They Had Planned This Years In Advance Under President Bill Clinton. The System Had Developed A New Kind Of Warfare: Poison On A Mass Scale! Thus The Soldiers They Would Face Would Be So Weak (Mentally & Physically) As To Offer No Resistance, And Reduce Casualties. N. Korea Remains A Security Threat To The System, And The Afghans Have Resisted Satanic Control For Centuries (And Had Banned The Opium Trade); Besides Fall-Guy Osama Had To Be Silenced He Knew Too Much (Like Lee Harvey Oswald). The CIA Also Assassinated JFK, Because He Wouldn't Send Unlimited Troops Into Vietnam And Said, "I Am Going To Break The Back Of The  CIA"; Kennedy Was Disgusted With The Endless Murders Of The CIA: 
JFKennedy.<=Click=>("Zeitgeist" Video). MI-6 Murdered Princess Diana With French Security Police Help, Because She Was Mocking The Monarchy, Was Going To Marry A Muslim, Would Have Too Much Influence On Her Sons And 'Heirs', And May Have Been Pregnant: Creating A  Problematic New Claim To The Throne. The System Takes The Preservation Of Their Satanic Monarchy Seriously. Likewise, To Overthrow The System The People Must Take Stanley The Good King, Deadly Seriously! And Protect Him From Repeated Attempts At Murder By The System! Note: Although The USA And The UK Have Murdered More People, It Is Canada That Is The Most Satanic And Evil Of The Aryan States Because They Commit Genocide And High Treason!: Which Is A Far Greater Crime Than Murder!
Genocide By Definition Is A Fate Far Worse Than Death: It Is The Use Of Massive Force To Suppress The Lifestyle And Religion Or Spiritual Expression Of The Human Race. Ethnic Cleansing Of A Permanent Nature Is Also A (Lesser) Form Of Genocide. What Happened To The Jews Is Mass First Degree Murder, Partial Genocide At Best, As They Were Allowed To Return, And Their Religion Was Never Under Threat. But How Can We Feel Sympathy For The Jews When They Have In Turn Also Committed Partial Genocide, By Ethnically Cleansing And Murdering 3 Million Palestinian Refugees In Israel? The Solution To The Palestinian Problem: Is "A One State Solution"; This Will Give The Palestinians A Majority In Israel, With One-Man-One-Vote (A Delusional Democratic Left-Wing Notion Espoused By The Jews) The Palestinians Would Soon Rule Israel! The Jews Are Practicing An Apartheid In Israel, Yet Their Left-Wing Beliefs Cannot Reconcile This Hypocrisy. The Jews (Einstein, Oppenheimer & Teller) Helped The Aryans Develop The Atom Bomb That Killed 300,000 Japanese Civilians From Nuclear Radiation In WWII; The Jews Are Prominent In The Entertainment Industry Producing Feminist, Male-Bashing, Homosexual, Satanic Fare; They Provided The Religion That The Aryans Used To Genocide Us; The Jews Are The Richest Next To The Aryans; They Are Disproportionately Prominent In The Satanic Medical, Investment Banking And Legal Professions; Most Leftist Or Satanic Ideology Comes From The Jews And Aryans: Karl Marx, Friedreich Engels, Leon Trotsky, Trudeau Liberals' Adviser Eddie Goldenberg, Chretien Liberal Adviser Chaviva Hosek, P. Martin's Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, Feminists B. Frieden, Etc. Are They  Collaborators Of The Aryans Like The Arabs? Or Are They Their Dupes? Likely Both. Yet They Have Been Persecuted By The Aryans Too, In WWII And Throughout History. Jews Are Like Sheep They Have Been Led Astray By Evil Wolves Among Their Leadership, (Of The Tribe Of David); But They Are Not All Evil Like The Aryans. Although The Jews Are Not Part Of The System, There Are Independently Evil, The "False Prophets" In Revelation And Worship Satan & Money, And Those Amongst Them That Spread Leftist Ideology Shall Be Destroyed (Like Moses Killed The Calf Worshipers) Along With The Aryans. The Jews Are Incapable Of Being Right-Wing, A Deep Sickness And Satanism In Their Race And Their Souls. What The Jews Cannot Comprehend Is That Genocide Is Not Death, It Is A Fate Far Worse Than Death!
The Greatest Genocide Was And Is Being Committed In India To The Hindus Of East-Indian Race And Ultimately The Whole Human Race. In 1949 The Aryan British And Aryan Brahmans Secretly Plotted The Deliberate Murder And Ethnic Cleansing Of Over 5 Million Hindus And Sikhs In Pakistan, During Partitioning. Thus The Anglo-Saxon Aryans Murdered Far More People Than The German Aryans; Although The Jews Are Allowed To Propagandize About Only Aryan Germans; [Actually It Was The Anglo-Saxon-Germans Or Prussians; Who Murdered The Jews Not Regular Germans; The Same Race As The Anglo-Saxons In Canada & U.S.A.; Thus The Jews Too, Should Join Stanley If They Want Revenge Against The Aryan System] The British Deserve WORSE CONDEMNATION! For The British Did Not Just Murder, They Committed Genocide! The Goal Was The Suppression Of Hindu Spiritual Expression North Of India And The Enslavement And Destruction Of The Human Race Worldwide! For The East-Indians And Aborigenes Are Our Ancient Ancestors, If We Allow Them To Be Genocided We Too Will Be Destroyed. That This Genocide Has Gone Unreported Until Now Is Due To The Hatred And Conspiracy Against Hindus By The Western Press Of The Aryan System. The Press Daily Spews Hatred And Racism On Hindu Beliefs, Dismissing And Mocking It; And Taking The Brahman Version Of The Religion. The Genocide Has Intensified In India Since, With The Aryan Brahmans Suppression Of Hinduism In Schools, Courts And Government Institutions; The Obsessive Push By The Brahmans For DEMONIC "Growth" And Expansion, In A Cruel Demonic Plan To Destroy The Ancient Lifestyles And Religion Of Indians; The Use Of Pesticides And Expensive Modern Technology For Farming That Excludes Farmers From Their God Ordained Lifestyle; The Adoption Of Satanic "Modern Medicine" That Destroys And Dehumanizes The Body; Instead Of Yoga Medicine Of: Fasting, Internal Body Cleansing, Vegan Diets, Seaweed, Seasalt, Yoga Techniques. The Brahmans Allow Indian Body-Organs And Surrogate-Mothers To Be Bought And Sold For A Few Dollars To Western Aryans; They Allow "Aid" Agencies To Coerce Conversions On Destitute, Poor And Already Victimized Indians. The Brahmans Have Been Joined By The Blonde Aryans And The Arab, Aryan And Turk Muslims In Relentlessly Using Their Empowered Position In Government To Convert Hindus To Satanic Religions: Protestantism And Islam. Why Should Western Humans Care? Because 'Hinduism' Proper Name: "Sanatana Dama" ("The Eternal Law Of Dama") Is The True Religion Of Mankind. The Battle Being Fought In India Is The Same Battle We Have To Fight Here In Canada: The Return Of The Human Race To Their True Religion And Lifestyles World-Wide. Yes! All Human Races Were Once Hindu, But The System Has Relentlessly Attacked India And Hinduism For 5,000 Years; To Reach This State Of Utter Bondage For Human-Beings. The System Is A World-Wide Conspiracy Of Evil; But the Primary Battleground Is Canada, Because Stanley Is The True King Of Canada. Canada Is Being Targeted By Stanley Because It Is The Most Evil Of The Aryan States; Destroy Canada And The Rest Of The Aryan States Will Fall Behind Them Like Dominoes. Indians Are More Genocided Today Under The Brahmans Than They Were Under The British. For In A Satanic Cruel Mockery Of 'Independence': The British Left Their Satanic Devil-Possessed Brahman-Aryan Police And Army In India, To Murder And Genocide Hindus In India, Worse Than Under The British; For Example: They Force Indian Farmers To Use Pesticides That Are Unnecessary In A Labour Rich Country, That Cause Thousands Of Deaths By Poisoning And Suicide Yearly, Because It Is Not A God Ordained Lifestyle; The Crops Produced Are Deliberately Milled To White Rice From Traditional Indian Brown Rice Causing Dietary Deficiencies; They Force Indian Farmers To Use Evil Genetically Modified Seeds; The Police Spread Panic During Hindu Pilgrimages Causing Stampedes, Thus Murdering Thousands; They Import Asbestos From Canada Creating Massive Disease From Cancer; They Make Laws Contemptuous Of Hinduism, Banning Thousands Of Years Old Religious Rites And Customs; They Protect Muslim Mosques, Built On Ancient Hindu Sites During The Genocidal Moghul (Turkish) Invasions; They Prevent Hindus From Settling In Kashmir Or Pakistan; They Preserve British Contempt For Hinduism And Active Racism; They Rig All Elections, So The Only Ruling Political Parties ('Congress' & 'Bharatiya Janata') Since Independence Have All Been Brahman Aryan (Who Are Less Than 20% Of The Population). The British Colonial Empire Is Not Only Still Intact, But It Is More Genocidal, Racist And Murderous Of The Colonial People Than Ever; Even We In Canada Are Still Ruled By Queen Elizabeth II; Stanley Wants The Canadian Throne Established Here In Canada And Stanley Named The King. The Tragedy Of India Shows The Limits Of Non-Violence, Gandhi's Mistake Was He Believed Non-Violence Was Not A Means To An End But An End In Itself. Gandhi Was Fooled By The Brahmans, British And Muslim-Pakistani Aryans, Thinking They Were "Essentially Good". Finally After Millions Of Deaths, When Gandhi Finally Realized He Had Been Fooled, The Brahman Police Assassinated Him. India Despite Its Great Religion Is Essentially A Third World Country, That Needs Our Help Against The Brahmans; Because Canadian-Aryans Are Giving The Brahmans Military And Intelligence Aid. Canadians Are Privileged To Have Power To Make Change The World Over, By Defeating The Aryans Here In Canada. Stanley "The Greatest" Is Using Non-Violence As A Means To Destroy The System; But He Will Do Whatever It Takes To Become King! For Power The King's Army Must Be Ready To Take Physical Control From This Satanic Police State Apparatus; And Purge All Aryans From The Police And Military. (Which The Separatists In Quebec Fail To Appreciate; Otherwise The Aryans Will Rig Elections And Continue To Rule; Quebecers Must Forget The Rigged Ballot Box And Referendums; And Join Stanley's Army!!! If They Want Independence).
The Aryans Have Been Trying To Destroy Mankind By Genocide Since 3,000 B.C. When They First Invaded India As Brahman Aryans; They Were Defeated By King Pandu Of India; Stanley Is The Reincarnation Of This Pandu --The Greatest King India Ever Had; He Laid Down The Law That Served Indians Until The 20th Century. But After Pandu Things Began To Deteriorate; The Weakening And Genocide Of Humans Began With Inter-Racial And Precocious Sex And The Satanic Cow Lifestyle. Remember, "All The Kings Of The Earth --Except For Stanley-- Fornicated With The Great Aryan Whore". With The Weakening Of India By Devil Cows And Aryan Whores, (The Kings Of The Earth Fornicated With Her) And The Same In Australia By Blacks; The Aryans Were Able To Expand Their Genocide. Satan's Plan Was To Seduce, Force Or Coerce, All Northward Immigrants From India To Eat Cows Or Have Sex With Their Whores! Thus Like A Virulent Cancer And Parasite, The Aryans Spread And Infested Humans Through Inter-Racial Sex And Forcing Us To Eat Cows And Their Milk. India And Australia Are The Source Of All New Human Immigration Worldwide; Weaken The Source Country, And The Rest Of The Human Population Will Also Be Eventually Weakened From Canada To Australia The Human Race Must Be Seen As One. Satan Was Relentless, North Of India The Rest Of The Weakened Human Race Were Attacked, Conquered, Enslaved And Genocided, With The Weak Infusion Of New Immigrants; Making Them Easy Prey For The Aryans, Until Satan And The Aryans Now Rule The Whole World. For Example The Hittite-Aryans (Forced Egyptians To Eat Cows) Later Murdered Tutankamun And Ruled Egypt (2,000 B.C.); The Trojan Aryans (Forced Greeks To Drink Satanic Wine) Eventually Ruled Greece Murdering Their Kings (1,500 B.C.); The Patrician Aryans (Forced Romans To Engage In Homosexuality) Ruled Rome Murdering The Etruscan Kings And The Caesars (300 B.C.); The Angles, Jutes And Saxon Aryans (By Spreading Lesbianism And Child Molestation) Committed Genocide On England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, India, Australia, Scotland Canada And The USA (500 A.D.); Slaughtering Their Kings; Finally The Saxons Took Australia (1700 A.D.) Making India Weakened Without New Immigrants; Lastly After 5000 Years They Took India (1873 A.D.). And Now Satan And The Aryans Rule Most Of The World. The Lesson From Satanic Aryan Expansion Is That: We Have To Protect Our Southern Source Populations From Inter-Racial Sex (India & Australia); And That A Purely Military Solution Is Not Effective Against The Aryans; Stanley Wants A Permanent Solution To The Aryans: We Must Also Use Political, Intellectual & Non-Violent Means To Absorb The Demonic Energy Of Satan And His Devils Who Possess The Aryans, And Not Give Them More Of Our Own Soul Energy. In Fact Once This Energy Is Absorbed The Aryans Will Become Docile And Compliant, And Easily Defeated. But At The Same Time Military Means Must Be Employed After The Souls Of The Aryans Are Destroyed Sufficiently And To Return Humans To Our Ancient Lifestyles.
To Destroy The System Canadians Must Take A World View, Look At Stanley's Race: Stanley Is Half Portuguese And Half East-Indian; And Is Descended Anciently From Tasmanian Aborigenes; This Makes Him "Invincible" Against The System As He Sees Things From Four Great Races: A Latin-European, Indian, Phoenician And Aborigene Point Of View. When The British First Came To Australia (1700 A.D.) They Tried To Exterminate All The Aborigenes; Today They Are Still Trying Refined Genocidal Practices, To Slow Extermination; By Inter-Racial Sex With Aryans And Blacks; And The Cow. The Lifestyle Of the Aborigene To Wrestle Crocodiles In The Sea Etc Will Be Wiped Out, By Inter-Racial Sex With Tree Climbing Apemen And Blacks; Weakening All Of Us. All Human Races From Canada To Australia Are Under Genocidal Attack And Enslaved. The Aryans Have Taught Us In School To Hate Ethnic Races And Love Only Blondes, Lesbians And Homosexuals; We Have To Reverse That, And See Things In Terms Of Race Race Race, Not Always The Color Of One's Skin. Skin Color Is Determined By Climate, Racial Evolution, Distance From Australia And Vitality; Look More Closely At Facial Features, Body Proportions, Hair Type, And Purity Of The Soul. For Above All The Human Race Is Superior To The Aryans And Arabs Because We Are Spiritual, Righteous, Lawful & Godly People And They Are Evil, Satanic & Devil-Possessed. The First Step To Destroying The System Is To Stop Having All Inter-Racial Sex Especially With Blonde Aryan Women. The French Have Been Made Slaves By The Canadian Aryans For 240 Years; To Be Strong And Free They Must Rally To Stanley's Call; So Too The Native Aboriginals Who Were Genocided Deliberately By The Extermination Of The Buffalo And Loss Of Land To The Cow, And It Still Continues To This Day By Forced Adoptions; The Chinese Were Forced To Pay A Head Tax And Denied Their Wives, Forced To Die As Bachelors; The Irish Starved To Death By The British Genocide Engineered Potato Famine; The Blacks Were Brought Here As Slaves; The Italians, Ukrainians, Japanese Were Put In Concentration Camps During WWII; The Spanish & Portuguese Were Genocided Out Of The East Coast And Need That Land Back; And The Indians And Sikhs Who Have Suffered The Worst Racism, Medical Quackery, Unnecessary Operations, Murder And Genocide By The Aryan Race In Canada. The System Are Singling Out East-Indians, Ethnics, Athletes, TV Personalities And Politicians For Deliberate Unnecessary Surgery In Order to Weaken, Make Them Appreciative Of Modern Medicine And Control Them. Canadians Must Take Control Of Their Own Health And Refuse Surgery, Drugs And Debauched Medical Perverted Examinations; And Demand Their Tax Money Back From The Government. Do Not Go For Routine Sexually Debauched Checkups; Do Not Consent To Surgery If You Feel Fine Or Can Live With It; Only In Emergencies Or Life Or Death Circumstances Is Surgery Indicated. Every Canadian Must Learn The Art Of Proper Fasting And Purging To Cure Themselves. Illness Is Caused By Your Own Acts Of Evil, Bad Karma, Wrong Diet, Lack Of: Exercise, Yoga Fasting And Internal Cleansing Routines: Causing Bad Karma! Canada Is The Most Evil Aryan State On Earth, Because It Is The Only One That Enforces A 100% Monopoly On Health Care By Satanic Devil Possessed Modern Medicine; And They Are Forcefully Using Our Tax Money To Pay For It!
          Immigrants: Accelerated Genocide!!! Canada Is The Most Evil Aryan State On Earth Because It Has The Highest Rate Of Immigration On Earth;
And It Is Massively Bringing Into This Country, Naive, Deluded, Self-Genociding, Devil-Possessed, Homosexual; Immigrants: That Only Contribute To More Waste Of Fossil Fuels, Adopting A Lifestyle That Is The Most Satanic On Earth! They Are Deliberately Selecting Immigrants That Hate Their Own Religion, Are Possessed By Devils And Will Quickly Assimilate, Accelerating The Genocide On This Earth! Stanley Has A Big Enough Problem With The French, He Does Not Need More Immigrants Eating Cows And Milk And Fucking Blonde Aryan Whores On Top Of That. Immigrants That Are Not Willing To Contribute To Fighting The System, To Maintaining Their Home Country's Race, Religion and Lifestyle: Shall Be Deported Along With The Aryans, When Stanley Becomes King. All Races That Don't Contribute To The Revolution Shall Be Turfed; You Are Either For Stanley Or Against Him, As Jesus Once Said. Canada Is The Most Evil Of The Aryan States, Because It Has The Least Number Of Private Schools: With Massive Satanic Indoctrination, Precocious Sex With Aryans And The Ape-Cow Lifestyle Being Promoted. The Greatest Delusion In The History Of The Earth Is Democracy! There Is No Such Thing, There Never Was: The Aryan "Secret Police" Rig All Elections, Polls And Media Coverage; The Politicians Are Elected Not Because The People Love Them, But Based On How Much They Are Willing To Sell Their Soul To Satan To Betray The People, God And King. Politicians Intensify The Above Satanic Agenda: Would They Keep Raising Soul Destroying Spending, Deficits, Taxes And Debt Constantly To Increase Your Suffering, If They Cared For Your Vote??? What About Greece? This Was Athens After The Trojans Had Murdered All The Greek Kings; And The 80% Majority Slave Population Didn't Have A Vote --At Least It Was More Honest Than The Duplicitous Vote Rigging We Have Now, Where 80% Still Don't Have The Vote, But They Don't Know It! Canada Is The Most Evil Of Satanic States Because It Has The Least Amount Of Executive Power. The Aryan Queen Refuses To Exert Any Power In Canada; Thus The Secret Police Simply Choose The Most Satanic Prime-Minister And Control Them By Media Hysteria, A Satanic Opposition And Polls: P.E.Trudeau Was The Most Satanic Of All! His Mother Was An Aryan, He Was Possessed By Devils; He Would Use The PM's Limousine To Cruise For Prostitutes In Downtown Ottawa; And This Sick Deviant Man Had Absolute Power To Go Berserk In Implementing Satan's Wishes, Without The Checks And Balances Inherent In The American System. Trudeau Was The "Anti-Christ" With The Mark Of The Devil On Him: "6+6+6+6= 24 Sussex (SickSuckSex= Fellatio) Drive The Prime-Minister's Residence! In Fact All The PMs Since Trudeau Were "Anti-Christs", "False Prophets" Of 'liberal', 'NDP', 'PC', Marxist, Friedrich Engelsism, Leninist, Keynesian, Islamic And "Leftist Ideology": That Is The Most Satanic Ideology Of All! The Other False Prophets Are Mohammed And His False Garbage Religion Islam; And The Jewish Prophets. Trudeau Although Satanic, Had Deceived The People So Much That He Was Adulated; By Evil, Deluded Fools, (And By Everyone Except Stanley) He Accumulated All The Current Debt ($500 Billion) That Canadians Have Today, And Still Have To Pay Over ~$50 Billion In Interest-Tax On A Yearly Basis, Indefinitely; And All This Interest Goes To The "Rich" (Who Leftists Claim To Hate) From the Poor, Who Have Little Income To Invest; He Began The Reckless Deficit Spending On Socialist Satanic Government Programs, "Keynesian Stimulus" And Satanic Schemes That Raised Our Taxes To Genocidal Levels; He Tried To Fix The Price Of Gas To Below Market Value So People Would Waste And Squander It; He Patriated A Constitution That Gave Satanic Unaccountable Courts The Evil Power To Make Laws Like The Promotion Of Homosexuality! He Legalized Homosexuality Overruling The Then Supreme Court, And Slowly Filled The Courts With Leftist Devil-Possessed, Soft On Crime Judges That We Have Today; Trudeau Brought In A Protectionist "Socialist" Regimen That Uses Taxpayers Money To Subsidize "Canadian Content Artists", Farmers, And Corporations From Healthy Competition, Forcing Poorer Canadians To Pay $Billions In Higher Prices And Costs To Prop Up Industries (Auto & Aerospace) And Rich Canadian Artists That Are Inefficient, Shoddy And Third Class. Homosexual And Drug Addicted "Artists" Should Not Be Getting Corporate Welfare On The Backs Of The Poor. His Satanic Ideology To: Spend More Of Your Money To Implement Satan's Agenda Of Total State Control Of Your Lives From Womb To Grave; (Schools, Colleges, Day-Care, Quack Satanic Health-Care) And Force You To Pay Higher And Higher Taxes And Debt-Interest. For The Sake Of Programs To Palliate The Effects Of The Exploitation, Poverty And Genocide That The System Caused, In The First Place. Leftists Want To Fool You By Taking More Of Your Tax Money And Taking Away More Of The Choice Of How You Spend What Little Money You Have! Do Not Let Them Fool You Ever Again; By Following Stanley. 'liberals' Get Elected Only Through Rigged Elections, Thus They Have No Legitimacy, And Are Weak: The System Puts Them In Power Because They Have Sold Their Souls To The Devil: And Will Do Satan's Bidding Worse Than The Aryans Would. In Other Words Both 'liberals' And 'Conservatives' Are Outbidding Each Other On How Evil They Will Be In Office: And The 'liberals' Usually Win. The Common Thread In Leftist Or Satanic Ideology Is That The System Is Essentially "Good", And That The Only Problem Is Solved If We Get More Jobs & Money! Leftists Will Worship Satan, Sell Their Souls To The Devil, Betray And Begger Their Fellow Men, Crucify Their King (Jews) By Appeasing And Collaborating With The System In Return For Money! They Want Us To All Worship  The "Image Of The Beast" And Nothing Else: The Head On Our Dollar Bill: Queen Elizabeth's Money! Materialism!, Consumerism, Genocidal Soul-Destroying Slave-Jobs, Maximum Growth And Demonic Expansion! The Reason Money Is So Important In Leftist Theories Is That They Were Invented By Jews And Aryans; The Original Worshipers Of Money. The Jews Have Betrayed The Human Race Like "Judases", Sold Their Souls To The Devil For Their Rich Privileged Status In The USA & Canada; But They In Turn --With Their Ideology--Have Been Followed By Other "Special Interest Groups": Feminist Women (Equal Pay, Support, Custody & Rights), Union-Members & Public Sector Workers (Satanic "Publican" Jobs, Higher Pay) And Blacks (Affirmative Action, Desegregation And Busing), University Licensed Professions (Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Government Enforced Monopoly --Maximum Pay) Into Selling Their Souls For Money; And All This Money And False "Equality" Is Coming From The Non-Aryan Dominant Males: White, Hispanic, Latin & Chinese-Males, Who Have Been Relegated To Abject Slavery. Why? Because The Dominant Human Male Is The Only Threat To The System: By The Leftists Taking Away All Our Rightful Power: They Are Making It Easy For The Aryan-Saxons To Rule And Genocide Us! Once They Destroy The Dominant Human Male They Will Murder The: Women, Children, Jews, Blacks, Homosexuals In Turn Like Hitler Did! We Are Your Protectors! Do Not Betray The Human Race By Taking Money From The Non-Aryan Male; Help Stanley Destroy The System And Then There Will Be Real Wealth In Abundance For All. Because All This Oppression, Slavery And Government Interference Into The Economy Is Actually Causing Perpetual Suffering, Recessions And Depression! The Leftists Claim The Problems Of The World Can Be Solved If We Aspire For More Of The White-Males' Hard Earned Money, Or If They Had More Of Our Tax-Money, Or By Giving The System More Power Over Us, That Bigger Government, More Government Control Of Our Lives And More Government Spending Is Good. They Entice You With Taxing The Rich, But The "Working Poor And Poor" Still Pay 80% Of The Taxes; And The Rich Don't Feel The Pain From Higher Taxes As The Poor Do; So It Is You The Non-Aryan-Male Who Pays For All Their Government Programs. Taxes Force Us To Work Harder And Harder; Only To Get Taxed Higher And Higher; All The While It Is The Leftists In Government That Are Taxing And Indebting The Poor More And More. The More We Rush To Earn More Money The More We Are Trapped Into The System's Genocidal Soul Destroying Exploitative Rat Race And The More Taxes We Are Forced To Pay; After A Lifetime Of Hard Work Most Men Are Left With Nothing To Pass On To Their Children. The Fallacy Of The Satanic Leftist's Argument Is That: The Aryan And Jewish Rich Did Not Get Their Money From Hard Work; But By Exerting Some Kind Of Monopoly Scam: On Licensing, Money, Housing, Patent, Production, Supply Or Land; Enforced By The Government; The Aryans Get Free Land And Resources To Get Rich But We Have To Pay Exorbitant Costs For The Primary Means Of Production; Taxing The Rich Doesn't Work Because When The "Aryan Party" Gets Back Into Power They Reverse Everything And Bring In A Regressive "GST" Sales Tax; The Aryan Rich Can Simply Transfer Their Tax Burden Onto Us Via Higher: Prices, Interest, Rents, Inflation And Lower Wages, Because They Own The The Primary Means Of Production, The Land! The Corporations, The Banks And The Money Supply; And The Real Burden Falls On The Non-Aryan Male; It Is Government That Makes The "Rich" Rich, By Enforcing Evil Monopolistic Laws For The Rich Businesses On Us, By Failing To Enforce Anti-Trust Legislation, By Government Contracts For Their Companies, By Subsidies And Bailouts To The Rich And Unions, And By Accumulating Debt With Interest Going To The Rich Aryans And Jews; And Thus It Is The Government That Is The Most Evil Of All! Ronald Reagan said: "All Government Is BAD"!!! "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests." -- Patrick Henry. Even Our Founding Fathers Knew That Gov't And Taxes Were Evil! Reagan Was The First Man To Foresee The Evil Of Unbridled Government Spending, Debt And Taxes; And He Proposed A Constitutional Amendment To Force All Levels Of Government To Balance Their Budgets: It Is Time To Realize The Reagan Revolution: "Win This One, For The Gipper". A Fundamental Law Of Economics Is That Incomes Are  Distributed In A Hierarchical Manner: Based On Land Ownership, Economic And Military Power: Redistributing Income Without Redistributing Land And Military Power Is Futile. Thus Taxing Any One Sector (The Rich) Too Heavily And Everyone's Income Will Go Down. Giving Unions More Money Only Makes The Rest Of Us Poor, Poorer; As The System Transfers The Pain To The Non-Aryan People Not Willing To Sell Their Souls For Money! Thus The Fat-Cat Unions Are Evil Traitors To The Human Race!!! Thus Marxism Is Based On A  Fundamental  Delusion! Since Income Redistribution Is Not Possible Without Revolution And Land And Military Redistribution!!! Mao Said: "All Power Comes Out Of The Barrel Of A Gun"! [Note: The Greatest Prime-Minister England Ever Had Was Margaret Thatcher: She Was More Right-Wing Than All The Weakling Men Around Her Put Together. She Understood The Fundamental Tenets Of Conservatism: That Leftists And Unions Cannot Be Allowed To Win Because They Are Satanic, Evil And Delusional. The Role Of Government Is To Produce A Better Society And Lead Them Kicking And Screaming To It. Her Poll Tax Was The Most Just Of All Taxes: Because It Was Accountable To Each Individual And Forced The Delusional Left To Feel The Sting Of Taxes; And To Realize That All Taxes Are Evil. Since The Delusional Left Seems To Think They Don't Pay Taxes, Only The Rich Do. Even Her Enemies (The USSR) Admired Her Calling Her "The Iron Lady"! She Was Brought Down Not By The Left, But By The Satanic Aryan System: Because They Believed Her Antagonizing Of The Celtic-Left Would Create Unrest, And A Slave Revolt. What They Don't Realize Is That The Left Are Too Deluded And Weak To Revolt: Revolution Will Only Come From The Non-Aryan Right: Stanley. Thatcher, By Confronting The Left With Their Delusions Was Leading Them To Freedom; While The Satanic System's Pandering To Their Delusions Perpetuated Their Slavery, And Let Them Sleep Walk Their Way To Slaughter And Genocide --Like The Jews. If There Was A Mistake Thatcher Made, It Was Not Realizing That There Was A Celtic Right-Wing: The Real Poor; The Poll Tax Should Have Exempted Them; Because These Right Can And Will Fight Back. By Staging A "Coup" Against Thatcher The System Forced Us To Endure Bad Incompetent Leftist Socialist Governments (Major, Blair & Brown) That Has Destroyed The British Economy. Leftists Are Satanic And Evil For They Appease Satan And The System By Weakening Mankind; They Are Traitors To Mankind And Have Betrayed Us: For Satan Can Only Be Destroyed If We Confront Him.] Canada Is The Most Evil Country On Earth Because It Has Been The Most "Leftist". Canada Never Had A Thatcher Or Reagan. The "Conservatives" Too Are Aryan-Satanic, Brian Mulroney A "Red Tory" Was Also An Anti-Christ: He Brought In The Most Hated Regressive Tax in Canadian History: The GST (The GST Must Be Abolished); He Tried To Rewrite The Constitution To Fool The French Via The Satanic Meech Lake And Charlottetown Accords; He Engaged Canada Into Satanic NATO Wars All Over Slavic Europe, He Appointed Aryan Satanic Judges ( CJ. Beverley McLachlin) Even Worse Than The Liberal Judges In Terms Of Security Of The Person, Right To Refuse Treatment And Police-State Powers. This Satanic Bitch McLachlin Is Absolutely Evil: She Wants The State To Have The Power To Force Medical And Psychiatric Treatment On Us; She Believes The State Has Absolute Power Over The Individual Over Satanic "Security" Measures. The Only Reason This Satanic Bitch Hasn't Been Able To Have Her Way Is Because She Has Been Out-Numbered Up To Now. Mulroney Is A Corrupt Criminal Politician That Secretly Took $500,000 In Kick-Back Money From Karlheinz Schreiber For The "Airbus Deal"; But Has Not Been Put In Jail --Yet. The Greatest Evil By Mulroney And Simon Reisman (Another Jew) Was Forcing The Naive Americans (Peter O. Murphy Was Poisoned To Death By Canada During The Trade Negotiations; Although He Had Brain Cancer Due To The Poisoning: The Naive Americans Left Him On As Chief Negotiator, To Cave-In To Every Canadian Demand) To Sign A One-Sided NAFTA Accord That Leaves All The Protectionist, Nationalist, Socialist Measures Of Trudeau Intact! NAFTA Must Be Renegotiated To Eliminate All Barriers To Total Free Trade For The Good Of Canada And The USA Who Are Drowning In Trade Deficits; And Because It Is The Right Thing To Do. Stanley Wants Canadians To Become World Class In All Areas, To Do So We Must Force Them To Compete; By Allowing Market Forces To Reign Supreme In Canada; Removing All Protectionist Measures, (On Culture, On Canadian Content, On Canadian Ownership, On Health Care, On Marketing Boards & On Unfair Trading Practices) With The Only Government Interference To Ensure No Monopolies Develop And Anti-Trust And Anti-Competitive Practices Legislation. Thus Doctors And Lawyers Should Lose Their Monopoly On Health-Care, Education And Law And Be Forced To Compete With Yoga Medicine And Para-Legals On An Equal Footing; This Will Halt The Tax Burden On The People From Rising Health Costs And Of Expensive Access To The Courts. The Satanic System's Government Enforcement Of Their Massive Tax-Funded Monopoly On Health-Care And Education Is The Fundamental Cause Of Recessions & Depressions. Human-Beings Are Dearly Suffering From Education Slavery: Where We Have To Suffer Years Of Useless Education Requirements For Jobs, Teaching & Nursing Etc That Used To Be Minimal; By Forcing Competition In All Licensed Professions, It Will Reduce The Need For Schooling, Reduce Teachers' Exorbitant Pay Rates, Reduce Student Debt And Increase Apprenticeships And On The Job Training. Patent And Copyright Protection Should Have A Sunset Clause. In Fact There Should Be No Impediment From Free Entry Into The Market In Any Sector, Free Enterprise Means Free Enterprise!! And The Role Of Government Is To Ensure This Right To Every Individual, Instead Of Protecting Monopoly "Special Interests" At The Expense Of The People. Market Forces Are The Closest Thing In The Economy We Have, To The DAma, Thus It (And Not Taxes) Is The Only Just Way Of Redistributing Wealth In The Economy; And Must Be Treated As "Sacred". The System Pressures Governments To Interfere Into The Markets, In The Evil, Satanic Failed Theories Of J.M. Keynes; Trudeau, Bob Rae, Floyd Laughren, Stephen Harper & Ernie Eaves Who Pumped $Billions Of Good Tax Dollars After Bad To Prevent A Recession Only To Deepen And Lengthen It; In Fact It Is This Government Interference Into The Free Market That Is Going To Cause A Deeper Recession Or Depression; And It Will Not End Until The System Opens Itself Up To "Free Enterprise" Or Is Destroyed. Income Taxes In The U.S. Were Introduced In 1861 (And In 1916 In Canada) As A Temporary War Measure; But Starting With The Commie Sympathizer Roosevelt They Have Expanded Taxes To Payroll, Sales, Property Etc Etc, And Satanic Government Programs Like Medicare, Social Security, Education Etc. To Take Away All The Choice Of How You Spend Your Money; And To Promote A Satanic Genocidal Lifestyle On The People; Satan Through The U.S. & Canadian Governments' Interference, Has Gotten Total Control Of Our Economy: This Is The Fundamental Cause Of The Recession And Depression. But Unlike Roosevelt, Who Had The Moral Integrity To Keep The Budget Balanced, Obama And The Current Democrats, Are Forcing Us Into Such Massive Debt, That There Is No Possibility Of Tax Freedom. Taxes Are A Sacred Trust And Must Be Kept To As Close To Zero As Possible! They Should Never Be Used To Prop Up Failing Industries And Fat-Cat Unions (By "Stimulus" & Bailouts); Without Uncompetitive Companies Being Allowed To Fail No New Blood Can Enter The Economy And It Leads To Sterility, Stagnation And A Worse Depression. The Government Has No Right To Use Even More Of Our Tax Money To Prop Up Their Failed Keynesian Economic Theories! This Whole Economy Is Based On Exploitation By Satan And The System: To Break This Cycle Of Exploitation: Stanley Has Made A Royal Decree Mandating Henceforth That All Governments Enforce ZERO: Taxes, Debt, Deficits, Govt. Interference In The Economy, "Stimulus", "Bailouts", "Pay Equity", "Affirmative Action",  Feminism, Interest-Rates, Dividends, Inflation, Profits, Rent, Speculation: On Housing And Farmland; Unions, Union Dues, Corporations, Monopolies, Modern Medicine Monopoly, Education Monopoly, Profession Monopolies Like: Teachers, Lawyers, Lawyer-Judges, Doctors And Nurses; And Socialism. Stanley Will Institute A Zero Tolerance Of Homosexuality: Because It Is The Cause Of All Crime! And A Perversion, Mockery And Cheapening Of Our Love The True Eternal Love Of A Man And A Woman; Homosexuality Should Be Reinstated As A Major Mental Illness; And Be Put In The Criminal Code As A Very Serious Crime And They Be Sentenced To A Minimum Of Ten Years In Prison In Maximum Security Segregation Under The Harshest Conditions To A Maximum Of Twenty Years; (If They Aren't Cured They Will Be Given Another Ten Years Imprisonment) Stanley Guarantees They Will Be Cured, And Become Law Abiding Heterosexual Wife Or Husband Marrying Citizens!!! And They Will Thank Stanley For Caring Enough To Punish Them To Wellness, Rather Than To Just Leave Them To Die Of AIDS And Suicide!!! Non-Feminine Women Shall Also Be Facing Jail-Time Along With The Family Members That Molested Them To Make Them Devil-Possessed And Feministic. Homosexuality And Feminism Is Caused By: Mental Illness! Childhood Sexual Molestation By Their Mothers, Sexual Abuse, Sex At Too Precocious An Age, Fellatio, Addictions To Drugs & Alcohol, Refusal Or Inability To Practice Yoga And Devil Possession; The Cure Includes Bringing Their Abuser To Justice And Instilling Sexual And Strict Discipline. On Homosexuality: All Homosexuals Are Devil-Possessed, Mentally-Ill, Child-Molesters And Murderers!!! This Is A Natural Law! The Reason Stanley Is Putting Them In Jail Is To Prevent Pedophilia To Prevent Crime To Prevent Murder! And For Life Or Death Reasons, Not Phobia. The Biggest Hoax (Along With Global Warming Caused By Green-House-Gases) In The World Today Is That Homosexuals Were "Born That Way"; No No No! Go To Prison And You Will Witness That All The Worst Criminals Are All Homosexuals And Lesbians: Laughing At How They Have Fooled Us! Homosexuals And Lesbians Have Fooled The Whole World Except For Stanley! They Have Made A Deliberate Choice, Early In Life, To Be Evil; To Embrace The Devil And Reject Their Own Souls, God And The Dama. The Reason They Want Same-Sex Marriage Is Not To Marry (Their Unions Are Short Lived, Sick, Grotesque Pretenses Of Love) It Is To Be "In Your Face", To Fool Us, Mock Real Marriages And All Morality And Decency; And Force Us And Delude Us To Accept Their Evil Choices. The War Against Homosexuality Isn't About Rights, It Is About Protecting Our Vulnerable Precious Children And Women From Them!!! The System And Aryan & 'liberal' Judges (Who Are Also Soft On Crime) Are Deliberately Forcing Homosexuality On Us; In Monstrous Disregard For Their High Child Molestation And Crime Rate: In A Satanic Evil Imitation Of The Last Days Of Sodom And Gomorrah. The System And These Judges Will Be Brought To Justice, Especially For Allowing Homosexuals To Adopt Children: With The Inevitable High Child Molestation Of These Children Resulting. (Click=>Gossip)(
Click =>Michael The Child Molester: Justice Denied) Our Justice System Is Irrevocably Broken And Cannot Be Fixed! For It Is The System That Rigs Elections For 'liberal' Politicians Who Appoint 'liberal' Judges. It Is The Aryan Police That Do Not Treat Child Molestation Seriously, And It Is The Aryan Prosecution That Allow Homosexuals And Lesbians To Get Away With Child Molestation And Murder! Rampant Homosexuality Is But An Indictive Symptom Of The Evil Of This Aryan System! Their Inability To Eradicate It Or Propose A Solution: Forces The Dama To Destroy The System: For They Are A-DAma: And Cannot Be Allowed To Exist In This Universe! The Television Industry Is Heavily Satanic, Devil Possessed, Evil, Jewish Run, Feminist, Leftist, & Homosexual; The Main TV Hosts Are All Lesbian And Feminist Who Have Been Molested As Children By Their Family Members: Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Roseanne, The View, Baba Wawa, Rosie O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Dr. Mehmet Oz And Dr. Phil & His Wife (Mr. McGraw Is Not As Bad As The Women): And Are Daily Spewing A Vile Hatred Against Men, Spreading Leftist Propaganda As Fact While Being Given "Crazed" Adulation By Saxon-Aryan Housewife Women (Privileged Saxon Aryans Are Supported To Not Work, And Watch TV All Day, By Their Male Husbands! Saxon-Aryan Women Are The Only Ones Rich Enough To Stay Home, Yet They are The Most Men-Hating And Lesbians, And Worship Oprah! ); All These TV Hosts, Their Family, Their "Bad Sex" Lovers, And The TV Producers That Put Them On Air, Shall Be Facing Severe Jail-time. The Aryan "Conservatives" Are Blindly Relinquishing Civilian Power To The Police State And To NATO Militaristic Plans Of World Control; They Try To Patronize The "Fools Of History" French Quebecers Into Remaining Slaves By Telling Them "They" Know What Is Good For Them. But The "Conservatives" Are Open About The Evil They Do, So They Are A Lesser Evil; As A Rule Of Thumb It Is Better To Vote For A Right-Wing Candidate Than A Left-Wing One; But It Is Still Better Never To Vote At All, As It Gives Legitimacy To A Satanic System Of Government That Rigs The Elections Anyway. The "Conservatives" Are Not A Right-Wing Party: They Are A Left-Wing Party Slightly To The Right Of The Liberals. The Telling Fact Is That When The Conservatives Come Into Power They Never Roll Back The Satanic Spending Schemes Of The Liberals; And Our Taxes Keep Rising And Rising No Matter Who We Elect! In The USA The Anti-Christs Are Obama, Bill Clinton And GW Bush. Clinton Squandered All The Work Of Ronald Reagan (A True American Hero, A Non-Aryan Black-Irish Right-Winger), By Clinging To "Left-Wing" Satanic Ideology, By Vetoing An Amendment To The Constitution To Balance The Budget; By Trying To Force Us To Pay Higher And Higher Taxes To Pay For Satanic Health Care. The Balanced Budget Amendment Was Reagan's Life's Work And The Bushes And Clinton Dismissed It In Utter Contempt For The Taxpayer!!! Clinton Is An Anti-Christ Because Even After He Had Fellatio With An Intern M. Lewinski, In The White house And Perjured Himself In Law; The Left-Wing Satanic Press Still Adulated Him. Clinton Said: "I Never Had Sexual Relations With That Woman" Which Was A Blatant Lie Under Oath; But A Morally Bankrupt Democratic Party, Blindly Prevented Him From Being Impeached! He Destroyed Paula Jones' Family And Life, When The Satanic Aryan Courts Threw Out Her Lawsuit, Bankrupting Her; Even Though Everyone Now Knows That Clinton Was Lying Under Oath. The Secret Police (Police, CIA & FBI) Murdered Another White House Intern Mary Mahoney And All Her Friends On July 1997, In An Execution Style "Hit" To Cover Up Clinton's Sex Life; And Have Murdered Many More (Click=>Cover-Up Murders). Why? The State Wants To Deceive The People As To The True Character Of Their Presidents: Clinton And Obama Are Depraved Fellatio-Craving, Cocaine-Snorting Anti-Christs With Many Skeletons In The Closet; Thus The CIA Murders All The Evidence; The Saxon Aryans Also Want The Potential President To Sell Out His Friends (By Allowing Them To Be Murdered) And His Soul; Before Allowing Him To Be President. (See The Obama Murders Of His Former Homosexual Lovers, Below. It Seems Obama (The Nigger) Allowed The Murder Execution Style, Of All His Former Homosexual Lovers From His 'Trinity United Church': Choir-Master Donald Young, Choir-Boys Larry Bland & Nate Spencer ~Dec. 2007; The System Rigged And Staged His Image Long Before The So Called 'Historic' Election. Click=> [] The Democrats Seem To Have A Long History Of This: On August 4, 1962; R.F. Kennedy Was Involved In Committing Marilyn Monroe To A Psychiatric Hospital To Silence Her Press Conference Exposing Her Affair With J.F.K.; She Died From The Anti-Psychotic Injection She Was Then Given. The System Who Helped Him Murder Monroe Then Turned On His Brother Just A Short Time Later. To Show You How Bad Karma Works: On April 25, 1984; RFK's Son David Was Also Forced To Take Anti-Psychotic "Medication" And Died From Its Lethal Combination With Cocaine And Demerol; As A Payback For Monroe's Murder In The Exact Same Way.). Clinton Claimed Fellatio Is Not Sex; It Is Actually Worse Than Sex, It Is An Unnatural Homosexual Type Of Sex. A Man Who You Wouldn't Trust With Your Under-Age Daughter, You Would Allow To Run Your Government? Clinton Had Sex With Prostitutes, Interns, Pages, Jennifer Flowers And Walter Mondale's Daughter Joan, With The Full Knowledge Of His Wife, Yet She Cynically Clung To Their Sham Marriage To Try And Gain The White House: She Is Worse Scum Than He Is. It Turns Out Hillary Is A Lesbian (In Bill's Own Words As Told To J. Flowers) So She Doesn't Care If He Has Deviant-Sex Elsewhere! Click ==> (Lesbian Hillary). George Bush Is The Anti-Christ On The "Right"; [The First Sign He Was An Anti-Christ Was When He Refused To Enforce Anti-Trust Legislation Against Bill Gates And Microsoft! Evil Bastard Gates Became A Billionaire Because Government And IBM, (Because All Are Aryans) Allowed Him To Illegally Gain A Monopoly On Operating Systems. This Satanic Bastard Gates Caused The .com Collapse By Siphoning All His Illegal Monopoly Obtained Money ($100's Billions) From The Computer Industry Into Charities In Africa For AIDS Research!!! Look You Bastard, Stanley Can Tell You How To Stop AIDS: Stop Having Interracial Sex With Aryans, Sex With Chimps And Homosexual Sex! And Give Your Ill-Gotten Money Back To The People In The Form Of Lower Microsoft Prices And Services! And Invest That $100 Billion Back Into The Computer Industry.] Bush Made Ronald Reagan Turnover In His grave By Deficit Spending By $4.5 $Trillion $Dollars; The Primary Cause Of Bush's Deficit Is His Unfunded Entitlement Of Prescription Drugs For Seniors; He Then Forced A Satanic War On The People That Had A False Premise, Was CIA Inspired; Both 9/11 And Al-Queda Are CIA Creations And Hoaxes. G. Bush Has Caused The Economy To Collapse By Ignoring The Fiscal And Trade Deficits: Bleeding The American Dollar And The Economy; He Is A Left-Wing Republican The Worst Of Both Worlds. The Aryans Have Taken Over The Republican Party, And Rigged The Selection Process To Exclude Irish, Latin And Hispanic Races From The Party; (Pat Buchanan A True Reagan Right-Winger Was Driven Out Of The Party By The Saxon-Aryans) George Bush (Both Father & Son) Was The Result And He Has Destroyed The Reagan Republican Party With: Massive Spending & Debt, Trade Deficits, Interference Into The Market And "Stimulus" Packages Which Are Against Right-Wing Principles, High Interest Rate Policies, Engaged Mostly Hispanic Soldiers In Satanic Devil Possessed Wars In Iraq & Afghanistan With Massive Casualties, Murdered Millions Of Iraqi Civilians, Created A Hysteria About "Security" In America Although 9/11 Was A CIA Hoax And Osama Bin Laden Is Long Since Dead (2003); Murdered, Tortured And Sexually-Abused Prisoners In Abu Ghraib And Guantanamo Bay Prisons; And Repayed The Loyal Hispanics With A Racist Devil Possessed Attack Against Immigration Amnesty For "Illegal" Mexican Americans!!! Bush Got Away With His Incompetence By Wrapping Himself In The Flag, A Propagandist Pro-Satan Pro-War Pro-Police Media, False Terrorist Hysteria And A Gullible Public. We Need Non-Aryan Right-Wingers Of Catholic Races And An End To Satanic Aryan Wars Overseas. The Republican Party Has To Accept That Everyone Hates Aryans, They Cannot Be Elected Dog-Catcher; Get Out Of The Republican Party Leadership! We Need A Non-Aryan Right-Wing Leader! And A Party Identified Too Closely With The Military's Murderous Excesses And The Police State Security Apparatus Are Hated And Unelectable. Bush's Father Was Just As Bad: He Lied About Not Raising Taxes; And Callously Rescinded The Gramm-Rudman Bill That Would Have Kept The Budget Balanced And Prevented The Evil Of His Son. The Tragedy Of The Bushes Is That They Betrayed All Those Who Voted For A Right-Wing Fiscally Tight, Morally Strong Values, Individual Rights, Free Enterprise, And The Champions Of The Poor Government; Instead We Got A Satanic Leftist Socialist Police-State Murderous Psycho Madmen. Yes It Is The Republican Party That Are The Defenders Of The Real Poor By Their Reform Of Government; For It Is The System And The Government That Cause Poverty In The First Place. Trickle Down Free Market Economics Is The Best Way To Get Money To The Really Poor: The Homeless, The Suffering, The Desperate That Conventional Government Programs Never Reach; And The Only Fair Way To Distribute Income. The Reason Bush Sold Out Our Children's Birthright By His Massive Deficits: Is That He Is: Aryan, A Drug (Cocaine) And Alcohol Addict: His Drug Fried Brain Lacks The Discipline To Make Tough Budget Cutting Decisions: [Click=>Bush-Cocaine-Head] The Lesson: From This Is That Never Again Should Americans Elect A Left-Winger: Democrat Nor Republican, An Inferior Race (Obama), An Addict Or Former-Addict To: Deviant-Sex, Fellatio, Drugs, Tobacco Or Alcohol; And Never Again Elect Someone Who Is Less Intelligent Than You Are Or Who Has Less Morals Than You Do; Bill Clinton Is An Air-head With All His Brains Sucked Out Through His Dick By All That Fellatio! Barack Obama Is Potentially Worse: A Homosexual Drug Addict Tax And Spend Inferior Race 'liberal' (See Below). The Democrats' Delusional Marxist Theories On The Economy (Which Have Been Proven False In Canada) Are Going To Destroy The Economy Horrendously! The Worst President In American History Is Actually Bill Clinton! For The Republicans At Least Accept "New Ideas" While Clinton Had Homosexual Style Fellatio And Closed His Mind To All Reform. Clinton's Whole Career Has Been An Endless Succession Of Fellatios, With Multiple Women; Even In The 2008 Hillary Campaign He Was Caught Propositioning Women For Sex; Yet This Piece Of Crap Is Adulated By The Satanic Press! Bill Clinton Is Really America's First Female President Because He Had No Balls: Sucked Dry By Fellatio! And He Had No New Ideas Nor Did He Put A Personal Stamp On The Presidency; Spewing Fixed Vacuous "liberal" Ideology, --The Gospel According To Marx-- Like A Brain Dead Zombie. Thus It Is Better Still To Not Vote For Satan's Choices (Both Candidates Are Worshipers Of Satan Who Have Been Selected By The System). The System Does Not Allow Right-Wing Democrats Or Non-Aryan Republicans (Except For Reagan) Because It Would Be Real Opposition To The System And To Satan; They Want Safe, Docile Satanic "Uncle Tom" "liberals" To Deceive The People. Leftist Democrats Are More Evil Than Rightist Republicans Because Their Marxist Theories Are Hopelessly Deluded, "They Are Trying To Deceive Us", They Force Higher Taxes On Us, Making Us Work Harder For The Same Buck, Destroying Our Souls; In The Worship Of Money, Satan And This System: This Is Not Our System It Belongs To The Aryans & Satan: Slow Down Stop Working Get Out Of The Rat-Race; The Only Route To Happiness Is Through Stanley. The Human Body Only Needs One Big Meal A Day, Shelter And Clothing: To Seek More Than This Is Delusion --Hunker Down Get Ready For Battle.
Americans Must Be Wondering, Did We Not Fight A Revolutionary War Against That Bitch Queen Elizabeth II And Her Ancestors, How Come She Is Still Ruling Us??? The Aryans Have Insidiously Usurped The American Revolution And Are Ruling The Good Old USA Via The: CIA, FBI, Police, Military, Satanic Judges, Prosecutors, Rigged Elections And Polls, Satanic Media, And Big Government. How Did This Happen? Few Americans Realize That America Lost The War Of 1812 To The Canadians And The British; And Had To Accept Humiliating Terms For Peace; The Aryans Are A Devil Possessed Cohesive Racial Group That Soon Exploited The Naivete Of Americans. The North Was Insidiously Infiltrated By Aryans; Culminating In The Civil War (1861-65) That Broke The Back Of The Real America "The South". [The Most Human Of Presidents In Our Modern Era Was Jimmy Carter: A Southerner: He Was A Conservative "Right-Wing" Democrat: He Ignored The Jingoistic Propaganda Aryan Military Interventions & Expansion World-Wide: By Giving Away The Panama Canal. He Then Forced The Israelies To Unilaterally Give Up All Of The Sinai, Just To Get Peace With Its Arab Neighbours; And Refused To Pander To Them Like The Aryans Want. Because As A Southerner His Ancestors Had Experienced "Union" Aryan Military Genocide Against Their Own People!] The Civil War Was Never About Freeing Slaves As The Blacks Delusionally Think; It Was Always About Destroying "Revolutionary" America, The Heart Of The Founding Fathers Came From "Southern" States. Washington And Jefferson Were Slavers! This Was No Civil War, This Was An Act Of Genocide To Destroy A Way Of Life, Destroy The Power Of The "Dominant Male Human" Population, And Rule The Humans As Slaves. As For The Blacks, There Are In A Worse State Of Genocidal Slavery Now --Under The Devil Possessed Aryans-- Than On The Plantations. The Aryans Then Confiscated All The Land And Property Of The "Human" Southerners And Converted The More "Vegetarian" Plantation Lifestyle Into Cattle Herding. They Then Completed The Genocide By Forcing Americans To Eat Only Beef And Milk, And By Pressuring The "Celts" Into Mass Inter-Racial Sex With Blond Aryans. Margaret Mitchell: "The Land Is Everything, By Forced Dispossession From The Land The America Of The Founding Fathers And A Whole Way Of Life, A Civilization, Virtually Overnight, Was: 'Gone With The Wind' ". The Southern Civilization Was Not Based On Black Slavery, It Was Based On Land Ownership; If The Aryans Hadn't Confiscated The Land, The Civilization Would Continue --Without Black Slaves. The Epidemic Of Obesity And The Health Crises In America Today Is Directly Caused By This Diet Of Beef And Milk And Sex With The Blond Aryan Devil Whore. This Satanic Diet Is A Deliberate Act Of Mass Murder In The First Degree! As Well As Genocide! The Most Evil Act Of Genocide Is Inter-Racial Marriage: For They Attack And Destroy Our Human Families From Within!!! The Blond Aryan Whore Seeks To Genocide Your Children And Murder You When She Has No Further Use For You! Do Not Have Sex With Her! It Is Like A Zebra Mating With A Lioness, She Will Eat You Alive. The Aryans Are Predators On Humans They Seek Only To: Make Us Suffer, Torture, Suck Our Blood, Murder And Genocide Us. ( <=Click "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" By The Band) [The Aryans Have Continued This Same Genocide Pattern Southward Against The Mexicans: They (The Federalies) Are Currently In The Process Of Murdering The Old Spanish "PRI" Leadership, Rigging Elections, Destroying The Corn Cultivation Lifestyle Of Native Mexican Indians; For Beef And Milk, And Imported Corn: Which Has Caused Mass Murders, Crime And Anarchic Drug Violence! The Mexicans Must Rise Up And Fight The Aryans!] Was All That Sacrifice And Suffering Of The American Revolution, In Vain? No, America Is A Far Far More Freer Country Than Canada Because They Once Fought The Saxon Aryans And Won: They Still Have The Right To Bear Arms (Although Obama Is Trying To Snatch This Hard Fought Right Away, With His Uncle Tom Delusional Views) Obama Wants To Circumvent The Constitution By Bringing In "Gun-Control" Piece-Meal; He Thinks That The Right To Bear Arms Is About Hunting! No! It Is About The Right To Take Up Arms And Form Well-Trained Militias: To Keep Government Honest: So That If Ever They Turn On The People Like Today: We Can March On Washington And Overthrow The Aryans. America Has A More Privatized Health System, That Prevents The Satanic Aryans From Taking Total Control Over Our Bodies With Their Quack Medicine (Again That Bastard Obama Is Trying To Take Away This Hard Fought For Right). The Basis Of The Revolution (The Boston Tea Party) Was No Taxation To The British Aryan Crown, Especially When We Don't Have A Voice In How It Is Being Spent; And The Kind Of Health-Care That Is Being Practiced. The Aryans Want To Take Total Satanic Control Of Health-Care; And Then Butcher Our Bodies With Unnecessary Surgery And Perverted Medical Examinations. For Example: The Medical Profession Pressures Young Girls And Women To Take "Pap Smears" Simply To Satanically Sexually Abuse Them: Sexually Invasive Examinations Should Be Refused!!! (Prostrate Examinations Are Actually Deliberate Satanic Sodomy To Ritually Rape Men; The Prognosis From Prostrate Surgery Is Actually Worse Than Doing Nothing. Prostrate And Pancreatic Cancer Is Caused By Having Inter-Racial Sex With Blondes: We Need To Break Off All Sexual Contact With Them.) In Canada The Aryans Treat Patients With Utter Contempt Because They Have Gotten Total Monopoly Control, Patients Cannot Go Elsewhere, With No Choice (America Has More Yoga, Holistic, Acupuncture, Naturopathic, And Other Alternative Forms Of Medicine, That Will Be Harmed If Government Promotes Only Satanic Aryan Medicine) And Staff Get Paid By The Government Not The Individual; So They Don't Have To Respect You. Canada Pays 40% More In Taxes Than Americans, Mainly Because Of Out Of Control Health-Care Spending; While Getting The Worst Rude, Disrespectful, Satanic Health-Care In The World. Canadians Get Very Low Malpractice Awards By Their Satanic Courts, Even If Medical Staff Cause Deliberate Death By Their Quackery! This Innate Devil-Possessed Satanism In Modern Medicine Causes 100% Malpractice: By Definition: It Is All Malpractice: The Only Difference Is They Got Caught!!! This Is Why The Cost Of Malpractice Is So High. (The Republicans Are Trying To Limit Malpractice Awards, So They Are Not On Our Side Either) The Reason Health-Care Spending Is Out Of Control, Is Because It Is Satanic Quackery: Its Procedures Don't Work But Do Harm: And Make Illnesses Worse: Needing More And More Expensive Health-Care. No-one In His Right Mind Would Pay For It Or Use It If Government Didn't Pay For It --By Force With Your Taxes!!!  The So Called 20 Million Americans That Are Not Insured: Is Because They Don't Want To Pay For Insurance! They Are Not Foolish Enough To Pay Good Money For Quackery; They Have Made A Choice!!! There Already Is 'Medicaid' For The Poor And No Hospital Will Refuse  Health Care In An Emergency --So There Is No Valid Argument To Force This On Us. This Is Why The Aryans Want Obama To Make It Free: By Forcing Them And Us To Pay For It Through The Tax System Or Regulation: To Coerce Us Into Using It. Why The Desperation By The System For People To Use Their Health-Care? Because It Is Satanic Saxon-Aryan Devil-Possessed Medicine: It Is A Form Of Sexual-Assault, Rape, Genocide And Murder!!! The System Has Brain-Washed The Public Into Believing That Modern Medicine Is "Scientific", It Is Pure 100% Satanic Quackery!!! As The Jews Know: It Was The Doctors In Nazi Germany That Carried Out The "Final Solution" With Cyanide Poison, Vivisection Experiments Etc, As A Precursor To What They Want To Do To Us Today. Their So Called "Treatments" Are Becoming More Satanic, Devil-Possessed, Horrific And Dehumanizing: Once The State Can Force You To Take Treatment, They Can Murder And Sexually Abuse You At Will: Mass Murder And Genocide!!! All Over Again. The Jews Did Not Offer Any Resistance When Led To Slaughter: Unlike Them, Americans Should Rise Up And Fight For The Choice Over The Treatment Of Their Own Bodies: And Not Be Led Meekly To Slaughter. For Example: Politicians, *Media Personalities, Athletes, Judges,  Mavericks  & "Dissidents"; Are Routinely "Poisoned" Then Falsely Diagnosed With Cancer, Cardio-Vascular Diseases Etc And Given Unnecessary Surgical Operations, Toxic Chemotherapy & X-Ray Radiation: To Zombieize Or Make Them Genocided, Accepting Of Modern Medicine, Docile And To Murder Them!!! State Control Of Medicine Is The Thin Edge Of The Wedge: They Are Already Murdering Psychiatric Patients With Forced Toxic "Medications"!!! Aryan-Medicine Has Become A State Religion: Where Their Tenets, Dogmas And Quackeries Cannot Be Questioned Or Debated: Your Body Is Desecrated As A Satanic Rite: A Satanic "Black Mass": And The State Makes All The Decisions Over Your Own Body! They Want To Encourage, Coerce Or Force You To Use It. This Exemplifies The Greatness Of Free Market Principles: It Exacts A Natural Discipline To Prevent This Satanic Scheme From Working! Astronomical Costs! The Only Solution To Out Of Control Spending On Health Care Is To Force Modern Medicine To Freely Compete With Yoga Medicine!!! How Did A Wacko Somali-Arab Become Our President? A Morally Bankrupt Man, A Psychopath Who Would Slit The Throat Of His Own Mother And Somali Father To Retain Power And Worship His Aryan Masters --Which He Proved By Okaying Navy Seal Snipers To Execute His Somali Pirate Brethren With A Shot To The Head. Obama Has No Understanding Of Americans And Our Values And Sense Of Freedom: And That Is Precisely Why The Aryans Rigged The Election To Make Him President: To Totally Genocide Us! Up Till Now The Aryans Respected The Freedoms Of The Americans, But Now They Want It To Become An Absolute Genocidal Slave State Like Canada. How Did All This Happen To Land Of The Free? Lack Of Racial Discrimination And Awareness; For Example The British Would Win In Battles Against The Americans By Fighting In Close-Quarters With Bayonets, Where They Used Their Superior Size To Slaughter Row Upon Row Of Americans; (To Counter This The Americans Should Have Armed Their Soldiers With Pistols, Swords And Knives, And Avoided Confined Spaces); But They Didn't Even Realize This was Happening Because Of Racial Naivety. The Americans Did Not Realize That The French And Native Indians In Canada Were Their Natural Allies By Race: And Instead Allowed The British To Ally With Them Instead, Against America (In 1812). This "Divide And Conquer" Strategy Of The British, Made Us All Fight Each Other While They Ruled Us; And Then They Genocided And Murdered Us One By One. The Main Reason America Was Infiltrated By The Aryans And Eventually Defeated, Was Lack Of Vigilance Against Evil Aryan Intentions To Retake America; They Relentlessly Attacked Covertly, Without American Response: For Example: When The New-England States Refused To Send A Single Soldier To Fight In The War Of 1812, They Were Not Punished After The War; Whereas The British Confiscated All The Land And Property Of Those Who Didn't Support Their War Effort. There Has To Be Discipline: If You Allow Traitors To Flaunt Themselves Openly, They Will Take-You-Over. (New-England Are The Most Evil And Pro-Satanic States Even Today: As They Are The First U.S. States To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage) Josef Stalin Consolidated The Russian Revolution By Sending Whole Populations Of Such Traitors To Siberia And The Gulags: And Thus Saved Russia From Being Retaken By The Aryans (Stanley Is A Stalinist). Most Of The Battles The Americans, And Later, Confederate Soldiers, Lost, Were Without A Shot Being Fired: By Cowardly (Traitor) Generals: You Cannot Win If You Don't Fight!!! No Guts No Glory! For Example: Vietnam Has Showed Us That The American-Aryans Are Susceptible To Guerrilla Warfare; And Cannot Sustain A Protracted War: With Local Support The South Could Have Easily Brought The Aryans To Their Knees. Stanley's Army Credo Will Be "No Surrender" We Fight To The Death! Had The Confederates Continued To Fight They Would Have Won. Democracy Does Not Produce Strong Leaders; The Aryans Can Further Rig Elections Select Army Officers To Produce Cowards And Traitors Like Robert E. Lee; Only A King Can Appoint Generals And Leaders Of Men, (It Takes One To Know One) That Will Produce Victories. Had Robert E. Lee Attacked Washington D.C. And Captured It; The War Would Have Been Won! Lee Was Promoted And Made A Hero By The Saxon-Aryans Because He Married A Devil-Aryan-Whore: Mary Custis (A Relative Of Traitor Fitzhugh Lee) This Is Why R.E. Lee Was So Incompetent! And A Traitor! (To Counter This Stanley Will Outlaw Having Inter-Racial Sex With Enemy Women! Blond Saxon Aryans) The Only Real Army Leader Was "Stonewall" Jackson, And That's Why They Murdered Him. What Changed Between 1776 And 1860?: Rigged Elections: The Confederates Naively Hoped Each Time That Lincoln Would Lose The "Fixed" Election(s), (Their Whole Military Strategy Was Based On This Belief In "Democracy", Which Was A Delusion; There Was No Plan "B".) When There Never Was A Chance Of That Happening! The Planning For The Aryan Retaking Of America Was Long (100 Years) In The Making: But Now They Had A Base On American Soil: "The North". British-Aryan Covert Operations Support, Industrial Military Technology, The Gatling Gun, Naval And Monetary Assistance To Saxon-Aryans In America. Mass Production Of The Gatling Gun And Cannons, Played A Major Role In Union Victory: As WWI Later Proved: Even A Single Machine-Gun Can Stop An Entire Army From Taking An Entrenched Position: Thus The Traitor Robert E. Lee Knew This And Deliberately Sent His Troops Headlong Into The Maw Of These Guns To Be Slaughtered En Masse In The Decisive Battle That Destroyed The Confederate Army: The Battle Of Gettysburg PA; The Slaughter Of The Confederate Army Was Deliberate, Because Pennsylvania Had No Strategic Importance To The South. (R.E. Lee Then Rode Away And Promptly Surrendered, He Was Treated Like A Hero By The Union Army For Betraying & Murdering His Own Army!!!). Murderous Ruthlessness Of The Aryans: U.S. Grant Was The First Aryan In The West To Practice "Total War", (Or Scorched Earth) Every Farm Or Plantation Captured Was Totally Razed, So That It Would Never Be Able To Produce Food Again, Or Supply The Enemy: This Resulted In Mass Starvation Of The South And Was Crucial In Breaking Them.  White-Slave Population: Massive Slave Immigration In "The North" Of Germans And Irish: Who Were Not Free Men Like The Celts, But Slaves Of The Aryans: Who Would Be Forcefully Conscripted And Become Easy Military Mercenaries & Cannon Fodder For The American-Aryan's Wars Until The 21st Century. The Saxon-Aryans Were The Ones Using Slaves: White Slaves!!! The First U.S. Imposition Of Income Taxes In 1861, Enabled The Saxon-Aryan Union To Forcefully Use The Northern Celtic-People's Money To Murder The Celtic-People In The South!!! Even The Blacks Are Now Above Us: We Humans Are A Society Of Slaves Much Worse Off Than Any Slaves In History!!! In Retrospect The Confederates Should Have Conscripted The Black Slaves Into The Army (Tripling Their Numbers, And Lessening Their White Casualties) And Promised The Blacks More Autonomy In Exchange: But Blacks Should Not Have Been Brought To America Or Used As Slaves By Americans In The First Place: They Betrayed Us Humans! This Was An Aryan Idea, (To Accelerate Growth And Development) That The Aryans Were Using Suddenly As An Excuse To Genocide Them. The South Should Have Been Bringing In Their Own Immigrants: From Ireland & Latin Europe, Mexico Or Even India & China; Instead Of Using Blacks: As These Whites Could Fight As Soldiers In Case Of War! To Counter This Stanley Will Put A Moratorium On All Immigration Till We Can Change The Selection Process To Bring Free Men Not Slaves (Except For Mexicans Who Have A Right To America As This Is Their Land) And Deport Slave Immigrants Of The Saxons Back Home, Or Send Them To The Gulags: You Are Either For Stanley Or Against Him: We Want Free Men Not Slaves In America And Canada! The Mexican-American War(1846-48): The Aryans Already Had Control Of Election Rigging And The Military Officer Core By This Time; The Annexation Of Texas & California Was A Brutal Genocide That Most Of The Confederate Generals Participated In: Losing Their Moral Authority, When Their Own Genocide By The Same Satanic Methods Of The Aryans, Happened Later. Just Like R.E. Lee, Santa Anna Was A Paid Puppet Of The American-Aryans Who Sabotaged His Own Mexican Forces So The Aryans Would Win. This Classic Divide And Conquer, Dirty Tricks, Satanic Back-Stabbing: Is The Ear-Mark Of The Aryan Race: Mexicans Fighting The Southerners: Only To Have The Aryans Murdering And Genociding Both, One By One. Joshua Giddings called the war with Mexico "an aggressive, unholy, and unjust war," and voted against supplying soldiers and weapons. He said: "In the murder of Mexicans upon their own soil, or in robbing them of their country, I can take no part either now or here-after. The guilt of these crimes must rest on others. I will not participate in them."   Fellow Whig Abraham Lincoln, And Whig leader Robert Toombs of Georgia declared:


This war is nondescript.... We charge the President with usurping the war-making power... with seizing a country... which had been for centuries, and was then in the possession of the Mexicans.... Let us put a check upon this lust of dominion. We had territory enough, Heaven knew."

 Acting on his convictions, Henry David Thoreau was jailed for his refusal to pay taxes to support the war, and penned his famous essay, Civil Disobedience. Stanley Will Return The South-West To Mexico Or The Spanish As This Land Was Obtained By Lies And Genocide: But Will Remain King Of Both. Cattle Will Be Exterminated From This Area As These Are Aryan; And Corn Cultivation Will Replace That Lifestyle. [Note: Stanley Has A Special Affinity For Mexicans; Because He Is The Reincarnation Of The God-King Quetzalcoatl! Quetzalcoatl: was known as the inventor of books and the calendar, the giver of maize (corn) to mankind, and sometimes as a symbol of death and resurrection. Quetzalcoatl was also the patron of the priests and the title of the twin Aztec high priests. The Fact That Stanley Is Quetzalcoatl, Is 100% Proof That The Portuguese And Phoenicians Landed In The Americas Thousands Of Years Before The Aryans!!! In Fact: The Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II initially believed the landing of Hernán Cortés And The Austrian-Aryans in 1519 to be Quetzalcoatl's Return; Historians Think Montezuma Was A Complete Fool; But The Portuguese Had Arrived From This Same Direction For Millennia. Thus Cortez Was Able To Exploit This Error To Murder And Slaughter The Mexicans. So What Happened To The Portuguese? The Saxon-Aryans And Aryan-Austrians Had Conquered Granada, Spain And Portugal By 1492 AD, And Murdered Or Imprisoned The Portuguese Kings; Thus All The History Of The "Human" Race Portuguese Was Lost And Deliberately Suppressed. Again The Jews Betrayed The Moors And Portuguese, By Switching Sides At The Urging Of The Hapsburg Saxon-Aryan King. The Hapsburg Dynasty Still Rules A Genocided Slave Spain, (The Longest Surviving Aryan Dynasty) With The Basques Offering Stiff Resistance. The Jews Also Divulged The Secret Navigation By The Stars Methods Of The Portuguese, To The Hapsburg Kings, Who Would Use It To "Discover" And Then Rape, Pillage & Slaughter The Americas, Africa And Asia For Gold And Simply To Commit Genocide. The Aryans Were The Last Race To Land In America, And Only Because They Stole The Idea From The Portuguese; And They Have Been A Genocidal Scourge To The Native Peoples. The Myth Of Norseman Leif Ericson Visiting Newfoundland In 1002 A.D. Is Just That --A Myth; Leif  Described "Vineland" As Filled With Wild Grapes And Being Green Year Round --Which Is Not True For Rock Strewn Newfoundland, He Was Just A Low Life Liar Trying To Encourage Immigration And To Aggrandize Himself; This Green Land & Grapes Is A Common Motif In Norse "Valhalla" Mythology Tales, Not To Be Taken Seriously. There Is Now Consensus Amongst Sane Historians That Leif Sailed North Along The Coast Of Greenland, Raided And Pillaged Some Eskimo Communities And Returned With The Loot: To A Hero's Welcome, This Is What Vikings Do! As They Did In England! Aryans Are A Parasitic Race: They Don't Discover New Worlds: They Murder, Plunder, Rape, Pillage, Rob And Tax The Wealth That Others Have Produced! Leif's Father And Grandfather Were Criminal Outlaws & Murderers, And Their Settlements In Greenland Were Wiped Out By Disease And Birth Defects; Murderers Cannot Produce Viable Offspring (Because Of Bad Karma!): Do Any Of You Sane People Believe Low-Life Leif Is A Founding Father Of Canada? Over Stanley? This Leif Lie Has Been Propagated By Canadian Aryans, Because They Know They Are An Inferior Race. The Aryans Did Not Have The Sophisticated Star Navigation Methods Of The Portuguese; Nor The Large Size Of Ships The Portuguese Had; It Was Impossible For Them To Even Get Close To America!!! It Is Important To Remember That All The History They Teach Us In Schools Is Aryan History; Human History Is Deliberately Wiped Out After Conquest; So As To Genocide Us!!! Everything They Teach Us In Schools Are Satanic Aryan Lies And Leftist Propaganda!  Since The Aryans Were The Last Race To America, This Makes Them An Inferior Race Slightly Higher Than The Jews And Blacks. The Jews Would Pay For This Betrayal Since They Were Forced To Convert To Christianity Or Be Expelled To Germany, Holland & Austria, (During The Spanish Inquisition) Where They Would Be Murdered In WWII And Meet Their Holocaust --The Aryans Hate "Rats", Even Their Own Rats-- Yet The Jews Have Learnt Nothing And Continue To Collaborate With The Aryans And Satan, And Betray Mankind. Actually There Is Strong Evidence That Much Before The Aryan Invasions Of Portugal, There Were A Massive Series Of Earthquakes And Tidal Waves (Tsunamis) That Destroyed The Portugal Islands (Madeira, Azores, Bermuda, Cape Verde, Iceland, The Canaries And The Caribbean.) And The Great Civilization Of "Atlantis" (The DAma Was Angry About Something, Or Thought This Would Be More Merciful Than Being Expelled, Murdered, Enslaved And Genocided By The Aryans --Which  Did  Happen To The Survivors) That Had Existed Here For Thousands Of Years. Atlantis Was A Paradise On Earth: With No Aryans Or Blacks (Who Are The Cause Of All Crime, Wars And Murders) With The Seas Teaming With Fish, And Mermen In The Waters, Where We Could Make Love All Day And All Night! The Portuguese Kings Were The Last In Western Europe To Fall To The Aryans: And Because Of Their Prowess On The Sea, Their Kings (The D'Almeida Family) Were Able To Escape To Colonies In India And Canada; Where We Would Plot Revenge! And Retake Our Rightful Throne! England Had Already Fallen To The Aryans In 1485 AD: The Satanic Saxon-Germanic-Aryan "Tudor" King Henry VII, Murdered, Cruelly Tortured, And Deposed the Norman-French "Boy Kings" Of The Great "Plantagenet" Dynasty in 1485 AD, In The 'Tower Of London'. Tudor Aryan King Henry VIII & Elizabeth I, Then Began The Genocide & Horror in England By Confiscating all the Farmland of the Catholic Church and the People, He further Confiscated all Land that the People did not have a “Deed” to issued by the State; The State also prevented Peasants from farming on “Common Land” previously a Right calling it “Crown Land“ only for hunting by the Aryan elite, and pasture for their cows. This caused the forced land dispossession, disenfranchisement, enslavement, impoverishment, starvation, famine and herding of almost all people into the city, and the Genocidal Lifestyle destruction of all Human-Beings. Whereas food, shelter and clothing were self produced and free, now they had to work as slaves under harsh abusive work conditions just to exist. This enslavement was run along racial lines, where the blonder-bluer-eyed Saxon-Aryan race enslaved the Celts, Welsh and Irish in Britain, and the Natives in N. America; They controlled the Monarchy, Army, Police, Secret Police and The Government. These Genocidal Policies were carried over to Canada, the USA (After The Civil War) and the rest of the Western World. The Celts & French That Became The Founding Fathers Of The American Revolution: Fled To The New World, And Established Colonies In America; But The Saxon-Aryans Would Soon Follow Them: In 1759 AD The 'Redcoats' Saxon-Aryan Army Genocidally Dispossessed The French Acadians, Basques And Portuguese Fishermen Colonies From Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, & PEI, Crushed The French Quebec Army, Made The French Slaves; And Then Came After The Celts! (The War Against The American-Celts Would Take 100 Years). The Portuguese Again Escaped To Avoid Slavery; But The Next Time We Would Meet On Canadian Soil There Would Be A Showdown: With Stanley Against The Whole Satanic System. For To Rule This Earth Satan Would Have To Kill The King Of This Earth; He Had Conquered Everyone & Everything Else: But The Game Ain't Over Until You Checkmate The King!!! The D'Almeida's Would Return To The Land Of Their Ancient Ancestors --The Portuguese Colony Of Goa, India-- To Learn The Secret To Destroying The Aryan System: The Ancient Hindu Religion: Sanatana DAma!!! Because You See, In India The Aryans Are Hated, Shunned And Considered An Inferior Race Of Pimps And Prostitutes: Which Is What They Are!!! The Aryans Had Forced Us To Adopt Garbage Religions Of Christianity & Islam; Making Us Weak And Losers; The Source Of Our Strength Comes From The DAma, God And King: Which We Must Reconnect To! 1759 A.D. Is The First Official Date For The Landing Of Anglo-Saxon-Aryans On American Soil, Making Them The Most Inferior Of Races; Yet These Bastards Are Ruling Us! No Wonder The World Is Such A Mess!!! Yes The Portuguese Were The First Europeans To Colonize Canada; And The Once Rich Fishing Grounds Of The "Grand Banks". The Founding Peoples Of Canada Are Not The French And The English; But The Portuguese And The "Red Indians". The Portuguese Are An European Aboriginal Race, Much Like The Australian Aborigenes. Since Stanley And His Ancestors Were The First Europeans To Land In America And Canada; This Makes Him The King By Definition!!! Since You Can Only Be First Once, Stanley D'Almeida And His Dynasty Will Always Be The Kings Of the Americas!]   The Confederate War Continued: Blond Saxon-Aryan Control Of The Military Academy At West Point New York, Was Fatal To The American South: Because The Generals Coming Out Of There Were All Aryans Or Aryan Sympathizers. Thus Although The Men Of The South Fought Bravely, Their Leaders (Who All Came From West Point) Were Deliberately Selected By The Aryans To Be Weak, Obey Satan, Obey Aryans And Lacking In Balls. Ultimately The South Lost Because Satan And The Aryans Exploited Their Delusions And They Had No Response; And Because Satan Was Conspiring To Rule The Whole World Of Which They Were An Impediment: Although The Confederates Fought Very Bravely Losing >28% Of Their Male Population In Battle: They Did Their Own Fighting; While The Cowardly Aryans Used Successive Waves Of Genocided Immigrant Slaves Who Were Genocided Themselves In Their Home Country: Yet Would Have Sex With The Saxon Whore And Blindly Help Murder And Genocide Innocent People (In Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Iraq, Cuba Etc.) For Their Saxon Masters. There Is No Shame In Losing Once; But There Is Shame In Being Fooled Twice: Thus Listen To Stanley! The American Revolution Was Fought By "Humans" The Celts, The French, The Portuguese & The Spanish; But George Washington Refused To Become King; (Like Snatching Defeat Out Of The Jaws Of Victory) Thus There Was No Continuity; No Rallying Point In Times Of Trouble; No Intelligence Center, No Permanent Leadership; Thus The Aryans (Who Are A Racially Cohesive, Better Organized, Had A King/Queen, Conspiratorial, Possessed By Devils And Led By Satan) Were Able To Poison, Isolate, Pick-Off And Murder The American Leadership; And Slowly Usurp Back Power By Control Of The Military And Police --Without Us Even Knowing. George Washington And Stonewall Jackson Were Murdered By Their Own Aryan Doctors: Washington Was Deliberately "Bled" Excessively By His Doctor As A "Pay Back" For Winning The Revolution Against The British Aryans! He Foolishly, Blindly Believed In Aryan Medicine! Why Do The Saxon Aryans Not Openly Rule Us, Instead Of Using Puppets Like Lincoln, Hitler & Obama? Like The Strategy Of Predators: Lions And Crocodiles, The Aryans Preferred To Use Stealth And Covert Means To Prey On The Humans; To Delude Us; And Murder, Genocide And Rule Them Silently So As To Not Alarm Or Panic The Rest Of The Herd; So They Will Not Get Their Defenses Up, Escape, Stampede Or Wage Another Revolution! (And So They Could Genocide Or Murder The Whole Herd One By One) And If Things Fall Apart: Obama Gets The Blame! Yes Obama Is Another Hitler! Hitler Was A Puppet Of The Anglo-Saxon Aryans (Prussians) Who Ruled Germany At The Time; And He Took The Fall When Things Went Horribly Wrong In Russia; The Germans Have Unfairly Been Given The Blame For What Was A (Prussian) Anglo-Saxon-Danish-Aryan Mass-Murder Of Jews & Genocide Of Russians! This Is The Same Race That Rules Britain, America And Canada Today. You May Say Weren't Carter And Kennedy Also "Democrat", The Difference Was That They Were On The "Wrong Side" Because They Were Dealt A Losing Hand In Life, They Were Forced By The Aryans To Be Left-Wing To Get Elected In Rigged Elections, And Were Doing The Best They Could For Us Humans; But They Had Some "Right Wing" In Them: Obama Is "On The Side Of Evil", Totally Leftist: He Is A Psychopath Like Hitler! He Is Satanic: He Is The Anti-Christ!!! "666" (SickSuckSex=Fellatio) With Homosexuals; The Letters In His Name Also Total 18=6+6+6. In Revelations It Was Prophesized That Obama Would Deceive The Nations: He Is A Compulsive Liar! He Makes Hollow Promises He Never Intends To Keep, To Fool You: Do Not Believe A Word He Says; Actions Speak. What About Abraham Lincoln: Lincoln Was A Fool A Dupe Of The Saxon-Aryans: The Elections Were So Blatantly Rigged Since The Mexican-American War (Which Lincoln Opposed, He Voted Against Annexing Mexican Territory: And Was Subsequently 'Voted' Out Of Office By The Aryans For This) Yet His Naive Views On Slavery Were Used By The Aryans To Suddenly Bring Him Back As The Leader Of A New Party, Suddenly Getting A Rigged 'Republican' Super Majority (Much Like Obama's Filibuster-Proof Democratic Majority Today) He Stumbled And Bumbled Into The War, Run Mainly By His Aryan Generals: Grant & Sherman. Lincoln Was A Syphilitic, Prostitute Frequenting, Sickly Fool. But Lincoln Was A Very Principled Man On Slavery: He Saw It As Corrupting The "White" Race: Which Was Correct; But He Was Delusional In Thinking All Men Are Equal! Slavery Of Blacks Should Have Ended For The Benefit & Emancipation Of The "Non-Aryan-White" Human Race Not The Blacks!!! (What You Think You Know About Lincoln And Slavery Is Aryan Propaganda) But He Did Have This Strong Principled Streak: Which Was Why Grant And The Aryans Assassinated Him: Why? Because He Repeatedly Vetoed The Confederate Land Annexation Bills Of The Aryan Republican Party Radicals; He Was Called To An Emergency Meeting On April 9th 1865; With Grant And Sherman In Virginia: Where He Said The Southern Prisoners: "Should Be Let Up Easy". Grant, Sherman & The Republicans Wanted The Southerners Genocided, Denied The Vote, Put Under The Blacks As Slaves And Dispossessed Of All Their Land And Property, Which The Saxons Had Already Done In England; Thus He Okayed Lincoln's Murder On April 11th Even Though Lincoln Had Appointed Him To His Post!!! The Aryan-Americans Would Murder Their Presidents If They Didn't Fall Into Line With Genocide Of Other Races: McKinley, Kennedy. The Aryans Today Still Want To Cary Out Grant's Scheme: They Have Made The Non-Aryan Whites Slaves Of The Blacks: By Constantly Eroding Their Rights And Giving Their Power To Blacks. ( <=Click The Confederate National Anthem Dixie: I wish I was in the land of cotton, Old times there are not forgotten, Look away! Look away!, Look away! Dixie Land.
In Dixie Land where I was born in, Early on one frosty mornin', Look away! Look away!, Look away! Dixie Land. Chorus: Then, I wish I was in Dixie!, Hooray! Hooray!, In Dixie Land I'll make my stand, To live and die in Dixie, Away, away, Away down south in Dixie! ...)( <=Confederate Dixie By Johnny Rebel: "The Nigger Version". Note: Stanley Does Not Condone Racism Against Blacks Without A Concomitant Racism Against The Real Yankees: Blond-Blue-Eyed Aryans: It Is The Aryans That Are Our Real Enemies, Not The Blacks. But This Song Is Included Here To Raise A Legitimate Grievance Of Non-Aryan Whites: That The Blacks Are Being Made Slave-Masters Over The Whites As Was The Original Genocide Plan!!!) Lincoln Suddenly Discovered God Because: Bad Karma Was Happening: His Son "Willie" Died In 1862, Three Of Lincoln's Four Sons Would Die As Children, And His Wife Mary Todd, Was Forcibly Committed To A Mental Asylum By The Aryan System, In 1875: Bad Karma Is A Bitch! They Aryans Never Defeated Us Humans In Open Battle: They Used Traitors, Lies, Deception, Sabotage, Assassinations, Murderous Aryan Medicine, Poisonings, Stabbing And Shooting Our Leaders In The Back; Slave Immigrants, Mercenaries Or Overwhelming Arms Superiority. For Example: Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Was Murdered By His Own Confederate Cavalry Commander: Aryan Brig. General Fitzhugh Lee, In A Satanic Classic Aryan Ruse Of Creating A False "Seemingly Weak Enemy Pocket" That "Stonewall" Was Enticed By Fitzhugh Into Galloping Into And Fitzhugh's Own Men Shooting Him When He Tried To Get Out Of The Trap. Aryan Doctors Finished Off The Murder! (Fitzhugh Was Rewarded After The War With Huge Generalships & The Governorship Of Virginia) The Death Of Stonewall Jackson Was A Crushing Blow For Confederate Morale. Again Lack Of Racial Awareness Was Fatal In Fighting The Aryans; They Were Able To Sabotage The Confederate Army From Within; And Satanically And Cowardly Murder Their Leaders In The Back. To Counter This Stanley Will Purge The Ranks Of The Military And Police Of All Aryans: It Is One Thing To Fight The Enemy And Quite Another To Get Shot In The Back By Your Own Aryan Army Members (Like "Stonewall" Jackson). And We Will Use Yoga Medicine On Our Military And Race; To Avoid Medical Murder! To Get An Idea As To What The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Look Like, Look At Old Photos Of: Gen. George Custer, Ulysses S. Grant, William Sherman, Fitzhugh Lee, Friedrich Engels, King George V Of England, Wyatt Earp: They Were All Evil Looking Arseholes And Excessively Blond & Blue-Eyed. [See Pictures At Bottom Of Page And CLICK TO ENLARGE. Compare Them To The Confederate Generals: Robert E. Lee, Pierre Beauregard, Stonewall Jackson] The Lesson To Be Learned Is That: We Must Always Be Led By An Unending Dynasty Of Kings Of The "Human" Race: The Portuguese, Latins Or East-Indians That Are Racially Identifiable As Non-Aryan. (Never Again Should We Have "Blond" "Big-Eared" "Horse-Faced" Danish Kings Like George V, Elizabeth; Charles & William :Battenberg) Democracy Is A Delusion Which The Aryans Were Able To Exploit, To Rule Us! Follow A Leader You Can See And Trust, Rather Than A "Secret" Rigged Ballot Box! We Must Learn To See Aryans, Blacks And Other Races As Potential Enemies, And Be Vigilant. The Aryans Must Think We Humans Are Fools, That They Can Conspire Against Us And Get Away with It; In Fact They Fooled The Whole World, Except For Stanley: But Since Humans Are Ruled By Kings: That Is All That Counts!!! You Cannot Fool All Of The People All Of The Time. And Payback's A Bitch!
Canada Is The Most Evil State On Earth Because It Consumes More Fossil Fuel Per Capita Than Any Other Country. Canada Is The Most Evil State On Earth Because It Has The Highest Costs For Land, Interest And Housing Genocidally Denying Non-Aryans The God Ordained Lifestyle Of Farming And Forcing Us To Pay Mortgages Until We Die. Canada (And Quebec) Is The Most Evil Of Satanic States Because It Is The Only Industrialized State To Continue To Lie And Sell Asbestos To India And Third-World Countries Causing Thousands Of Cancer Deaths, Asbestosis, Mesothelioma And Horrific Suffering. Canada Is The Most Evil Of Satanic States Because It Has The Least Savvy Or Street Smart Latin Race Back-Stopping It: The French; The French In Canada, Unlike Their Brothers In France, [Who At Least Are Good Lovers, And Had A Revolution Against The Aryans. Note: French Immigrants To Quebec In The 1930s Reported That In Quebec The Women Are The Boss, (Amazons) French Women "Beat Their Husbands And Make Them Do The Laundry"; (Quebec Has Been A "Sick Society" For A Long Time!) They Then Fled Back Home To France!] Have No Comprehension That There Is An Aryan Race In Canada; Let Alone Fight Them. They Are Totally Genocided And Deluded. (Note: Stanley Excludes The Separatists From These "Bad" French) The Non-Separatist French Are Female Dominated, Homosexual, Lesbian, Child-Molesting And All Left-Wing Like The Jews; Indicating Satanic Possession! They Are The Ones Who Elected P.E.Trudeau The "Anti-Christ" For Sixteen Long Suffering Years! The French Have Become Like The Cows They Eat And The Aryans They Fuck. The French Call Themselves "White Niggers" Because They Have Been Slaves Of The Aryans Longer Than The Blacks, And It Is Apropos Because They Are Not Only Slaves For 250 Years But They Are Happy To Lick The Arses Of And Worship The Aryans. The French Have Slave-Like Devotion Not To God, But To Cows; They Have The Highest Rate Of Inter-Racial And Lesbian Sex With Blonde Aryans In America Than Any Other Human Race; They Talk A Good Talk Of Not Wanting To Be Assimilated; But Their Actions Belie Their Words. They Obsess Over Their Sissy Feminine French Language; But If You Eat Cheese And Beef And Have Blonde-Blue-Eyed Children From Inter-Racial Sex, Does It Matter Whether They Speak French??? You Are Self-Genociding Self-Assimilating Self-Abnegating Jews Of The Latin Race. Stanley Is The King Of Canada And He Is Telling You: "Race Is More Important Than Language!" To Illustrate How The System Uses Inter-Racial Sex To Destroy The French, Look At That Scumbag Nicolas Sarkosy: Even His Blonde Blue-eyed Aryan Wife Repeatedly Cheated On Him And Then Dumped Him While He Was President; He Is Half-Bulgarian, Yet The French-Aryans Rigged The Election To Allow Him To Win, Whereby He Filled His Cabinet With Blond-Blue-Eyed Aryans While In Gallic France! This Aryan Fucker, Is Such A Lap-Dog To Aryan NATO, He Is Volunteering French Lives To Afghanistan (Where The Canadian Trained Afghan Soldiers Are Raping Little Boys) This Bastard Has The Gall To Bad-Mouth Quebec Sovereignists While Not Even Being Pure Laine French! P.E. Trudeau Who Was Half-Aryan Himself, Brought In The "War-Measures Act" Against His Own People, And Arrogantly Said "Watch Me" As To How Far He Would Go, To Show His Aryan Masters What A Loyal Traitor He Was. Quebecers Must Stop Allowing Leaders Of Their Parties To Be Of Mixed Race (Blonde) Or In Mixed Marriages; The Aryans Are Ruling Quebec By Rigging The Selection Process To Do Just That. In Quebec The Only Pure Laine And Right-Wing Leader Is Mario Dumont, (But He Too Has A Delusional Leftist-Satanic View That Taxpayers Must Support Satanic-Aryan Medicine Like in vitro Gametes) But His Type Is The Future Of Quebec; Charest's Wife Is Aryan He Satanically Wants To Privatize Quebec Hydro To Rich Aryans. Trudeau's Then Wife Margaret, Left Him To Sleep With Rock-Bands, Dance Club Patrons And Actors At The Height Of His Power As PM; Just Like Sarkosy's Wife, Indicating These "Anti-Christs" Are Duds In Bed! Trudeau's Nationalist, Socialistic Measures Have To Be Stamped Out In Quebec, (No Debt, In Vitro Fertilization, Quack Medicine & $7:00 A Day Day-Care) If You Want To Be Free! The PQ, Under Blond Aryan Bitch P. Marois --Who Forced Out Hardline Separatists-- Has Become A Satanic Socialist Party; How Can Aryans And Satanic Socialism Lead Quebecers Out Of Bondage To The Satanic Aryan System! "Can A House Divided Against Itself Stand"?? Stanley Is Your King And He Gives You An Ultimatum: Forgo All The Handouts And Socialistic Programs And Embrace A Laissez Faire Economy If You Want Freedom From The Aryans. Stop Blindly Propping Up The Quebec And Canadian Economy By Selling Cancerous Asbestos To India In A Cruel Blind Disregard For All Morals, Subsidizing Quebec Uncompetitive Industries Like Bombadier. Bombardier Is A Trudeau Invention, Created With Massive Government Subsidies: The Problem Is They Are Producing Defective, Dangerous, Inferior, Simply Bad Trains And Planes For All Canadians Who Are Being Forced By 'liberal' And Socialist Governments To Prop Up This Dud By Buying Only Sub-Standard Canadian Goods! We Have To Buy Only Foreign Trains And Planes To Get State Of The Art Technology --Which We Deserve. Stanley Wants High Speed Electric Trains From Montreal To Toronto To New-York City To Florida. The French Immigration Policy Is To Bring In Blacks From Former French Colonies Simply Because Of Language; They Should Instead Be Bringing Latins, Irish, Chinese And Practicing Hindus (Non-Meat-Eating) From India, If They Want To Prevent Assimilation. Everything Trudeau Did Must Be Undone: Canada Must Have One National Language! Because French Is Feminine It Is Unsuitable For A National Language; Thus Stanley Will Make Portuguese And For Coining New And Religious Words: Pali (An Ancient Indian Language) The National Languages Of Canada And All The Americas.
The Chinese Race Are Ancient Allies Of Mankind; The Chinese Civilization Is 20,000 Years Old; In That Time They Have Never Attacked India; (The Lot Of Humans Is That Eventually All The Other Races Will One Day Attack Us, So We Must Remain Vigilant; As Long As They Don't Gang Up Against Us We Can Handle Them; The Chinese Will Be The Last Race To Attack Us) They Make The Best Soldiers. (Witness The Nepalese Gurkhas, The Japanese Samurai, Etc.) What The Humans Are Suffering Under The Aryans, They Are Suffering Under Communism. For Thousands Of Years The Chinese Peasant Was Happy With Their Emperor, A Bowl Of Rice, A Brick House And A Plot Of Land. Suddenly The Communists Tell Them They Need A Tractor, Two Cars, Five TVs, Computers, Internet, Mass Production; In A Mad Worship Of Western Satanic Growth, Capitalism And Consumerism, That Makes Them Even More Poor And Unhappy Than Ever. It Was The Superior Fighting Of The Chinese Peasants That Enabled The Communists To Rule Over US Imperialism And The Kuomintang; Now They Are Genocided Like Everyone Else. Mao Zedong Must Be Angry As Hell, That The Communists Today Are More Westernized Than British Hong Kong And Taiwan. The Purpose Of The War Was To Preserve Chinese Lifestyle And Religion Not To Ape Running Dog Imperialists! The Reason Is That The Bourgeoisie Of The Communist Elite Are Satanists; Who Staged An Internal Coup After The Death Of Mao; We Need Another Revolution To Destroy Them And Bring Back The King. Mao Said: "There Must Be Endless Revolution Or The Forces Of Reaction Will Take Root". For Stanley's Revolution In Canada We Need The Chinese Race's Military Expertise To Fight The Aryans; Humans Are Genocided And Weak, (Until Stanley Can Set Up Military Schools Of Training For Humans) Chinese Can Be Just As Violent As The Aryans; To Defend The Gains Of The Revolution The Chinese Are Necessary For Our Army. Stanley Will Ensure The Emperor Is Restored In China; And Introduce A Chinese Version Of Sanatana Dama As The New Religion Of China.
Finally, Our Army Is Not Complete Without The Blacks; The Blacks Are A Military Necessity; They Too Are Violent Like The Aryans; They Can Dish Up A Whupping; If The Aryans Test their Luck. The Arabs, White-Aryans And Nilotic (Somali) Races Are Invading Africa, Introducing Cattle, Destroying The Land And Genociding The Bantu And Hamite Blacks. Much The Same As What Has Happened To India. With Gandhi's Failure To Defeat The British Properly, The Aryans Were Free To Expand Their Genocide To Africa; In South-Africa The Aryans Are Using Inter-Racial Sex And The Cow To Destroy The Bushmen And Bantu; The Aryan Whore Is The Reason AIDS Is So Prevalent In Sub-Saharan Africa; [The Proof For This Is When The Zimbabwean Blacks Took Over White Farms In Zimbabwe And Killed The Whites, Instead Of Fucking Aryans: The AIDS Rate Plummeted In Zimbabwe!] In Sudan It Is The Arabs Genociding The Blacks (Note: How The UN And USA Fail To Use Their Military Might To Protect Blacks In East-Darfur); In East And Central Africa It Is The Nilotics (Aryan-Blacks: Tall, Thin With High Balding Foreheads, Long-Limbed) Spreading Cattle. The Liberation Of The Human Race (By Defeating Arabs And Aryans) Will Also Mean The Liberation Of The Blacks In Africa; Thus They Must Help Stanley Fight The System. Stanley Will Never Discriminate By The Color Of One's Skin Alone (There Could Be "White-Skinned"-Blacks! And Black Skinned Humans); And Any Military Valor Will Be Rewarded By Lifetime Or Hereditary Peerages When Stanley Becomes King. Blacks And Humans Have Co-existed As Allies For Thousands Of Years Before The European-Aryan Colonists Came Along; And Since Blacks Are Built Big, They And The Chinese Can Fill The Niche Occupied By The Aryans; They Can Displace The Need For Aryans In Canada And Restore Balance To This Earth (We Had Too Much Aryan Influence) But Understand One Thing: Stanley And His Dynasty Are Still The Supreme Kings On This Earth! And In Canada. Like This Universe There Is A Hierarchy Of Races: The Humans (Latins, Slavs, East-Indians And Aboriginals) Then The Chinese, Then The Blacks, Then The Semites And Lastly The Aryans. To Acknowledge This Is To Recognize The Natural Order Of Things In This Universe According To The Law Of DAma. NOTE: This Racial Ranking Can Be Modified For Individuals, If Individual Blacks Help Stanley Destroy The System, They Will Become Lords And Knights Of The Realm, For Perpetuity. Remember Blacks Are Already Ahead Of The Game Under Stanley: Because Under This System The Aryans Are The Boss, But They Are The Most Evil Devil Possessed, Satan Worshiping Apes Around; Somebody Has To Be The Boss; At Least We Are Going Back To The Natural Order Of Things; And Blacks Will Jump Ahead Of The Aryans And Jews. All Is Dependent On Service To Stanley In Destroying The System. The Rankings Of The Lower Races Can Change Over Time Depending On The DAma; But Humans Must Always Remain On Top. As A Test: Stanley Asks The Blacks To Reject Barack Hussein Obama: He Is A False Prophet Who Looks Like A Sheep But Talks Like A Dragon. He Is A 60's Style Tax And Spend "liberal" More Evil Than Politicians Of The Past, Because He Has Deceived The Blacks And Most Of America; He Is A Potential Anti-Christ, Do Not Vote For Him! Boycott All Elections And Put Your Faith In Stanley. Remember "liberalism" Is Satanic Ideology: How Can More Satanic Education And Medicare Help A Black Man Who Lives In The Ghetto??? It Only Lines The Ample Pockets Of Professors, Doctors And Nurses, With Our Money. He Has No Plans To Balance The Budget, His Huge Spending Will Only Burden Future Generations Of Blacks And All Americans With A Greater Tax Burden. Obama Originally Said That The $700 Billion Bailout Package Which He And Bush Voted For, Was To Prevent A Recession, Now That It Failed He Is Saying It Is To Prevent A Worse Recession; And He Wants To Spend Another $$$1 Trillion Dollars As "Stimulus" Plus Trillions More In Other Spending; How Does It Help The People To Pay More Debt-Taxes?? He Is Trying To Save This Evil System From A Recession/Depression That Stanley Engineered --On The Backs Of The Taxpayer!!! BOMBSHELL: Barack Is A Cocaine User, A Wife-Cheater And A Homosexual That Had Fellatio With Larry Sinclair! (While He Was Married) Then Allegedly Had Murdered --Execution Style With CIA & FBI Help-- Three Of His Former Black Homosexual Lovers To Cover Up This Fact! CLICK ==> (
Larry Sinclair.Org) Obama Also Cheated On His Wife With Vera Baker His Former Fundraiser Who Was Sent To Martinique To Hide, During The Election! (Click=Adulterer!) The Proof He Is An Uncle Tom Is The Satanic Media Won`t Publish This Story! Above All He Is Not Black, But Arab! (Somali Arab) The Co-conspirators With The Aryans To Commit Genocide On Blacks And All Mankind. Obama Has Mysteriously Raised About $700 Million Dollars For His Campaign; Surely Not From Poor Blacks, Arab Oil Money? And Rich Corporations Are Trying To Buy Themselves An Election! Do Not Be Fools For A False Prophet; For The Blacks Will Sink To The Level Of The Jews And Aryans. The Blacks Have To Choose: Do You Want To Sell Your Souls To Satan And The Aryans As Obama Has? By Voting For Him? Or Do You Want To Follow Stanley To The Promised Land? Recently Obama Showed His True Colours, On April 2009, Obama Bowed To Queen Elizabeth II And King Abdullah, In Worship; This Is Why He Is Called An Uncle Tom Nigger, To Worship The People That Enslave You And Have Persecuted Blacks For 200 Years Is Beyond The Pale; Michelle Was Seen: Arm Around The Queen, The Queen's Arm On Michelle's Arse. Obama's Message Was A Racist Appeasement Of Islam & Arabs Who Espouse Terrorism; Without A Care For The Bitter Bondage Of "Hindus" In India (By The Brahman-Aryans); And Humans The World Over. Malcolm X had A Message: That "Appeasement, Interracial Sex And Assimilation Do Not Work With The White Devils; He'd Been There, Done That. Malcolm AKA "Red", Was The Most Interracial Sex Guy Around. Unlike Martin's Non-Violence, He Said, Freedom Must Be Achieved 'By Any Means Necessary' ". Malcolm Was Murdered By Elijah Mohammed's Own Men And The FBI, His Mistake Was Embracing Islam; How Can You Defeat The White Devils With A Satanic Religion And Satanic Verses??? M. X & M.L. King Were Assassinated By The CIA/FBI Because There Were Real Black Leaders Trying To Free Black People; Today The Blacks Are Being Led By Dyke Bitch Oprah Winfrey; Stedman Graham Is The Biggest Cuckold In America: His "Wife" Is Being Fucked By Another Woman! Can A Man-Hating Lesbian Lead You To The Promised Land? Are The Blacks So Morally Bankrupt Today, That They Can Forget All That Death & Sacrifice, In Return For A Puppet Uncle Tom Who They Adulate; While Betraying Stanley At The Same Time? The System Had Rigged The Election For Obama To Spite Stanley, Notice How The Press Rabidly Screamed Pro Obama Rants, Vilified Palin, Rigged The Polls To Show The Race Was Over Weeks Prior, Then Made It Seem He Won. But This Is Par For The Course, That Is Why It Is Important Never To Vote In These Rigged Elections, For It Makes No Difference, As Satan Rules Their Decisions Not Us The People; And Things Just Get Worse And Worse; Rise Up And Fight The System, For That Is The Only Way To Destroy It. Malcolm X Said, "The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost"; But The Blacks May Not Be There To See It, If They Continue On This Road. Stanley Will Introduce A Less Strict Black Version Of Sanatana Dama As The Religion Of The Black People. The Evil Of The System Must Be Avenged, And The Blacks Are Going On The Wrong Side Of History, By Following An Uncle Tom; Instead Of Stanley The King. To Help Destroy The System The Blacks Must Obey Stanley With Military Discipline.
          DEVIL COWS: Why Do Canadian Aryans, Brahman Aryans, The Jews Of Exodus, Some French Quebecers; Worship Cows? These Domesticated Cows Are Possessed By Devils; Thus When Humans Kill Or Eat Them Or Their Milk, They Give All Their Soul Energy To The Cow, Who Gives It All To Satan; Who Uses It To Enslave, Murder And Genocide Us. The Hindus Call This The Law Of Transmigration Of Soul Energy: Every Act: For Good Or Evil, Good Karma Or Bad Karma, Bears Consequences. Every Time You Harm, KILL, Torture, Inflict Pain And Suffering Or Do Evil To Another Being You Lose A Proportionate Part Of Your Soul To It; (In A Precise Way Exponentially Related To The Amount Of Violence Used, The Evil Intent And The Size Of The Victim's Soul: All Determined By The Dama) E=M(ATMA)XXXX... . Thus Gandhi (The MAHATMA) Used This LAW To Develop Satyagraha: Since The Soul Of Humans Is Greater Than The Cow; He Was Able To Generate An Infinitely Greater Loss Of Soul Energy From The British By Forcing Them To Use Violence Against Him and The Indian People; And Empowering Indians At The Same Time (In A Just Cause). [[[A Special Case Of This Law Is "Kings": If Anyone Attempts To Harm Or Kill An Ordained King: The Amount Of Soul Energy Lost Exponentially Rises To Infinity!!! Which Must Be Absorbed Through Yoga Practices. This Explains The Importance Of Kings; And The Significance Of "All The Kings Of The Earth Fornicating With The Aryan Mother Of All Harlots". Jesus Used This Special Case Law To Establish His Religion; But He Was A Failure In Defeating The Aryans Permanently, Because He Did Not Absorb All Their Lost Energy And Squandered It In Eating Beef, Sheep And Having Deviant Sex With Aryans!!! ]]] Satan And The Aryans Have Been Able To Rule Us By Using This Same Law Of Soul Energy, Against Us: Using Our Own Soul Power Gained From Their Cows Being Killed By Us. (How Stupid Could Humans Be???) There Are Millions Of Non-Satanic Animals Out There For Us To Eat, Why Empower The Aryans & Satan To Murder And Enslave Us? In Canada The Problem Is The Dumb French Quebecers: They Have Been Given Aryan Cows From Aryan Holland & Denmark, (By The Canadian-Aryans) To Produce Milk And Meat; And Then Slaughter Them, And Thus Give Up All Their Soul Energy To Satan And To The Aryan System. In The USA The Problem Is With The Mexicans; Taco Bell Is Filled With Beef. In The USA The Mexicans Have Been Given The Job Of Slaughtering All The Cattle In Texas; Thus Self Destructing Their Souls; And Keeping Themselves Enslaved. The Traitorous Quebecers Who Are Helping The Canadian Aryans Committing Genocide On Us And On Themselves, Are Mainly From The Outaouais Region; These Are The Same French That Voted "No" In The Rigged Referendum; The Quebecers Must Learn, Like The IRA, That "Rats" And Fools Exist Within One's Own Race (A "Fifth Column"). But Their Worshiping Of Cows And Blonde Aryan Whores Is A World-Wide Problem For The Human Race. Our Males Have Been Put Into An Undisciplined School Environment That Promotes Sex With Blonde Aryans At Too Young An Age. In Order For The Revolution To Succeed Quebecers (Who With The Native "Red" Indians Are The Same Race As Stanley) Must Turn Themselves Around: From Being Self-Assimilating, Self-Genociding, Self- Hating SLAVES; They Have To Break That Vicious Cycle Of Worshiping Cows And Worshiping The Blonde Aryan Whore's Body. That The Domesticated Cow Is A Demonic Animal Is Evident In That They: Are Homosexual, Female Dominated, Have Stud Males, Castrated Males, Test-Tube Offspring, Have Aryans Sticking Their Arms Up Their Birth Canals, Eat Human Food And Grain, Destroy The Environment & Ecosystem For Other Better Animals (Like Bison, Boars, Elephants, Monkeys;), Wastefully Uses Up All The Land, Need Hormones, Steroids & Antibiotics Just To Live, Cause Diseases Like: Heart-Attacks, Strokes, Alzheimer's, MS, Mad Cow Disease, MD, And Milk Is The Cause Of Diabetes! Etc. The Same Principle Applies To Aryan: Sheep, Horses, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Rats And Reptiles: They Must Be Eradicated, Avoided Or Shunned. For This Revolution Quebecers Must Get Out Of The Beef And Milk Industries; Drastically Change Their Diet; Bring In Wild Boars And Other Wild Animals From France And India For Hunting Or Fishing For Their Meat; And Watch The System Collapse. Quebecers' National Food Of Poutine Must Forgo The Cheese For A Hot Chili, Coconut Curry And Tomato Sauce With Fried Onions. To Be On The Safe Side From All Future Such "Satanic Systems", It Is Best For All Human Races To Adopt A Vegan Diet. (Click=>
The Laws of Yoga) To Avoid This Loss Of Soul Energy Problem, The Hindus Practice A-himsa: The Non-Harming Of All Other Beings; By Not Eating Meat.
Devil Drink: Wine and Beer Are Satanic Drugs That Allow Humans To Become Possessed By Devils And Engage In Inter-Racial Sex, And Must Be Eradicated From Human Consumption. Alcohol Is So Evil That It Elicits Meat Eating, Violence, Inter-Racial Sex And Murder; Yet The Aryans Keep Promoting This Destructive Drug As "Good For You". Wine Was Introduced To The Greeks To Murder And Genocide Them And Get Them To Eat Cows And Sheep And Have Sex With Aryans. If All Humans Become Vegetarians They Won't Feel The Urge To Drink Alcohol, Which Masks The Stink Of The Putrefying Meat In Their Intestines! This Is Why Judeo Christianity Is A Gutter Religion, Because In Its Sacrament It Promotes A Chemical That Destroys Brain Cells, Allows Devil Possession And Benefits Only Satan And The Aryans. The Latin Races Are Brainwashed Into Drinking Wine; And They Are Slaves Everywhere; The Road To Freedom Is In Obeying Stanley. The So Called Benefits Of Bioflavonoids And Anti-Oxidants Can Be Gained By Drinking Grape Juice! If You Must Drink Wine The Very Sweet Reds With Very Low Alcohol Content (Madeira Wine) Can Be A Temporary Measure Until Cessation. The Aryans Drink Beer, Thus This Alcohol Is Verboten For Humans; Guinness Stout Drunk By The Irish Too Can Be Used As A Temporary Measure Towards Cessation. Stanley Will Bring In Prohibition When He Comes Into Power.
Blonde Aryan Devil Whore: Just Like Cows, The Aryan Female Is Possessed By Devils; And If Humans Have "Demonic" Ejaculatory Sex With Her; All Your Soul Energy Is Absorbed By These Devils And It Goes To The System And Satan; Where It Is Then Used To Murder, Enslave And Genocide The Human Race; Or Murder You And Your Children. How Stupid Can Human Beings Be? All Latin Races Must Stop Having Sex With Blonde Aryans; This Is An Order! There Is A Right Way And A Wrong Way Of Having Sex: Tantric Yoga: Is The Art Of Making Love, Not Fucking: (Click:
The Laws of Yoga) Stanley As King Of Canada Will Teach Men The Art Of Making Love; The Aryans Are Apes, They Fuck Like Animals; For Humans The Goal Is Multiple Female Orgasms And Dominance, Not Sex. The First Step Is To Develop The Discipline From Yoga, Fasting, Long Abstinence, Celibacy And Military Training To Be Ready For Love. When Mature Enough The Man Must Find The Woman Within His Own Race That God Or The DAma Ordained For Him To Marry; (This Could Take Many Years) Sex Is Never A Free For All; It Is A Sacred Sacrament Between A Man And A Woman. The Male Has To Choose Wisely The Woman He Wants To Marry Based On Her: Obedience, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Caring, Reliability, Seriousness, Commitment, Respectfulness, Submission, Fidelity, Love And Spirituality. The Man Has To Exert Dominance Over The Woman; Else He Is Not Ready To Marry Or Have Sex. The Male Has To Learn To Forgo Ejaculation For Months By Learning Total Control, While Making The Female Have Multiple Orgasms At The Same Time. This Is The Exact Opposite Of The Satanic Porn Industry And The Aryan Whore's Way Of Sex, Where Male Ejaculation Is The Goal And The Female Never Comes! Yoga Diet, Non-Use Of Birth Control, The Rhythm Method, Fasting And Cleansing; Teach The Male The Discipline Of Perfect Love Making. Saving Yourself For Marriage Applies To The Man As Well As The Woman! Love Is The DAma's And God's Way Of Rewarding A Man For His Years Of Duty To Them, It Should Not Be Cheapened With Cheap Aryan Whores In: Bad Marriages & Divorces, Schools And Universities, Or Some Back-Alley Prostitute. The King Of Canada The Greatest: Commands The People Of Canada And The USA: Stop Having Sex With Aryan Women And Stop Eating Cow Or Sheep Products.
The Other Arm Of The Human Race Are The Slavs, We Need Them To Come Onside For Our Revolution To Work, The Slavs Have A History Of Defeating The Aryans Militarily, But Have Been Made Weak By Satanic Communism, Lack Of Slavic Kings, And Have Squandered Their Victories. The Reason For This Is That The Russian Victories Have Been Successful Because Of The Support Of God And The Orthodox Church (Although After The War The Ungrateful Communists Persecuted The Church) And The Mongols In Their Army; The Mongols Are Excellent Soldiers, For Which We Should Always Be Grateful To, For Winning WWII. But The Mongols Can Be Just As Violent And Evil As The Aryans; And They Are Infusing Marxist-Leninist Style Satanic Governments On The People. Thus The Russian Revolution Is Incomplete; The Church Must Be Strengthened By Adopting "Sanatana Dama" As The Official Church Religion; The Human Slavs Must Gain Superiority Over The Mongols And Aryans In Russia; And Use Non-Violent And Political Means As Well As Military Means To Defeat The Enemy; Instead Of Mainly Mongol Military Force. The Slavs Have Two Races To Fight: The Mongols To A Lesser Extent, But The Main Target Is The The Aryans Who Are Absolutely Evil. Inter-Racial Sex With Blonde Aryans Must Cease Immediately; As The Aryans Still Have Notions Of Retaking Russia And Making The Slavs Into Slaves! The War Is Not Over Until We Have A Tsar!!! The First Step To War Is To Purge: The Orthodox Church, The Police, The Army, The Secret Police And All Government Institutions Of All Blonde-Blue-Eyed Germanic Aryans! --These Aryans Are The Cause Of Military Sabotage That Have Killed Millions Of Russians In The Past!!! The Russian Slavs Have To Avoid The Devil Cow And "McDonald's" Restaurants, Western Aryan Influences; And Inter-Racial Sex With Blonde Aryans; As A Preparation For Fighting Aryans Just As Canadians Do. Marxism & Communism Is A Mongol, Prussian-Aryan And Jewish Heresy; Which Must Be Eradicated; For A Return To Kingship By Human Slavic Tsars; Not Aryans From Prussian Germany As Before. Stanley Is Not Advocating Western Style Capitalism At All: It Is Really A Monopoly By The Aryans And Their Collaborators --The Semites; All Oil And Natural Resources Must Be Government Owned As It Belongs To All The People; Not Just Profit Seeking Corporations. Oil Must Not Be Sold To The West As It Is Finite And Must Be Conserved In Perpetuity For Future Generations Of Russians. Thus Russia Must Nationalize Its Natural Resources! The Slavs Can Easily Break Through To The Latin Humans By Invading Through Norway To France; And Through Croatia To Italy, Northeast To Alaska And Into Canada, And Southwards To India --Thus Liberating The Human Races. The Goal For Stanley Is To Have A Contiguous Line Of Human Populations From Australia All The Way To Canada Without Any Aryans Or Other Races In-Between. The Russians Have The Military Muscle To Sabre-Rattle And Put The Scare Of God Into The Aryans; Instead They Lie As Impotent And Wasted Forces; While The Human Races The World Over Are Being Genocided. Russia Needs To Use Some Of Its Military Muscle To Do Good In The World Or It Will Collapse. Perhaps If They Could Drill For Oil In The Arctic Ocean, It Would Scare The Canadian Aryans And Help The Revolution. Or Reclaim Alaska From The Americans: Alaska Was Given Away By The Illegitimate Aryan Prussian Czar, And Thus Was Not Valid; Thus The Land Must Be Returned By The USA! Remember The Aryans Are A Spent Force Militarily; They Can't Even Beat The Third-World Afghans; They Have Spent All Their Power On Murdering And Genociding Civilian Humans In India, Canada And The USA; They Will Be Easily Defeated! Stanley Wants A Revolution Where The Human Race Extends Its Full Potential; A Victory With Outside Military Help While Appreciated, Is Not Sufficient; Humans Must Earn This Victory Themselves; To Be Dominant As Well As Free. Stanley Will Claim The Throne Of Russia As Well As Canada, If They Cannot Find A "Human" Tsar. The True King Of Russia Was Grigori Efimovich Rasputin, The Reason The Aryan Prussian Czars Collapsed Is Because They Monstrously Murdered Rasputin; For His Opposition To The War. Stanley Asks The Russian Leadership To Revision The Role Of Lenin To The Revolution: The Reason The Russian Revolution Has Failed Is Because Of Lenin: He Forced Marxism Onto The Russian People! It Was Malankov, The Political Prisoners Who Suffered Through Numerous Hunger-Strikes, Were Tortured And Murdered In Czarist Prisons (Not Bolsheviks) Who Were Responsible (Along With Rasputin) For The Defeat Of The Aryans; Yet Lenin Ruthlessly Usurped Their Victory For The Evil Communists. Lenin Spent His Formative Years In Germany Fucking Aryans, Becoming Soft And Developing Bourgeoisie Concepts, And Kept Fawning Over An Aryan Mistress Over His Poor Wife, Right Until His Death. The Prussian-Germans Secretly Sent Him Into Russia To Steal The Revolution. It Was The Russian Peasants Who Defeated The Aryan Czars And The Germans, Not Bourgeoise Communists, Yet These Communists Are Only Good At Oppressing The People And The Peasants. Marxism Is Satanic Ideology, The Aryans Are Possessed By Devils And Worship Satan: The Enemies Of The Russian Revolution Have Always Been The Aryans: How Can You Defeat Satan With Satanic Theories Developed By Aryans (Engels)?? Every Time The Russians Are In Confrontation With NATO They Back Down And Are Defeated; Because Lenin Has Made Them Weak With Communism. In Fact Had Not Stalin Taken Over Power From The Communists Briefly In WWII, The Aryans Would Have Defeated Russia, And Made Them Slaves. He Took The Harsh Tough Measures To Save The Revolution And Keep Russia Free; And He Gained Russia Half Of Europe. Yet After The War The Communists (He Was About To Purge The Communist Party) Then Secretly Murdered Him With Poison, And Made Russia Continue To Be Weak And Cowardly Against The West And Aryans, And Squandered All The Territory Gained By Stalin To The Satanic Aryans Without A Fight. To Make Russia Strong And Free Again They Must Eradicate Communism And Embrace Stanley's Ideas. The Reason 30 Million Russians Died In WWII Was Because Of The British!!! Yes The British Made A Secret Deal With Hitler, That They Would Surrender If Hitler Attacked Russia; Rudolf Hess Was Parachuted Into Britain To Sign The Deal (They Murdered Him Later In Spandau Prison, To Silence This Conspiracy). The War On The Western Front Was A Phony War, To Prevent Russia From Gaining All Of Europe, In Case The Germans Lost The War. The Whole War Was Fought On The Backs Of The Russians Who Lost Over 25 Million Lives. Thus The Russians Have Double Reason To Help Us Destroy The System To Get Revenge On The Aryans. Note: The Russians Have Been Duped Again Into Signing A "Peace Treaty" With Georgia! They Don't Learn! Karadzic & Milosevic Signed Numerous Peace Treaties With The Aryans; And Refused To Fight When They Had The Chance; (Meanwhile NATO Was Equipping Croatia And Now Georgia With Sophisticated Weapons) And They Thus Ended Up In The Hague Facing War Crimes! If The Russian Leaders Don't Start Kicking Butt, They Will Face War Crimes Trials Themselves; As NATO Has Already Encroached Onto Their Borders. It Is The Aryans & Mongols In Their Army Leadership, That Are Refusing To Fight The Aryans; The Human Russians Must Take The Initiative Themselves And Fight Now Before It Is Too Late! The DAma Has A Law Of Nature: "Use It Or Lose It!" The Russians Have To Learn From The Serbs And Eastern Europe: The Aryans Are Planning On Using Devil Possessed Secret Police (FSB) To Rig Russian Elections And Stage An Internal Coup! Like In Eastern Europe And Serbia. Then Send The Leadership To War Crimes Trials In The Hague. Use The Russian Army To Fight NATO, Or Lose It, Without A Shot Being Fired, And Total Slavery For The Slavs.

          What Is "Sanatana Dama"? The Supreme Power And Law In The Universe Is Not God, But The Dama; The Dama Is The Fundamental Law In Nature, The Earth And The Universe: That Exerts Control Over All Things; The Dama Is Like The Law Of Gravity --A Natural Law; The Law Of Kingship Is Also A Natural Law Akin To The Dama: It Ensures Accountability, Law, Justice And Hands On Control Is Maintained Throughout Canada, This Earth And The Universe. In Fact Stanley Is King Of Canada Because He Has Been Ordained By the Dama, The Supreme Power, To Be King! By Definition: The King! Is The Son Of The Dama Or "DAMAPUTRA". There Is a Unity Among All Laws In The Universe Under The Law Of Dama: Note How Gravity Is A Massive Central Force Pulling All Objects Into Order; The King Too Is A Powerful Central Force Keeping All His Subjects In Line And Bringing Them Swiftly Down to Earth. An Atom Has A Central Nuclear Power That Controls Object Electrons. The Central Law In The Universe Is That A Big Powerful Spiritual DA Is Exerting Control Over A Small Weaker Object Mass ma; And The Attraction Is Equal And Opposite; Yes There Are Exceptions But These Are Weak, Unstable And Quickly Annihilated In This Universe. All Across Nature The Strong Are Those That Are Ruled By Kings And The Slaves And Prey Species Are Leaderless. If God Were All-Powerful Would Satan Rule The Earth? How Did We Get It So Wrong? Because Our Religion Has Been So Watered Down By The Aryans To Be Excrement; It Is Basically Judaism-Lite; The Problem With This Is That the Jews Are An Inferior Race; Their Religion However Good for Themselves Will Bring Humans Into Weakness, Degeneration, Slavery, Bondage And Easy Prey For The Aryans And Satan. All Over Priests Are Having Sex On The Sly, Are Weak, Effeminate, Docile, Impotent, Sterile, Pedophiles And Homosexuals; And The Church Has To Pay Millions Of Dollars In Lawsuits. The Blame For This Lies Not With The Catholic Church But With The Judeo-Christian Gutter Religion. Stanley Has Always Been A Supporter Of The Roman Catholic Church; This Is Not An Attack On The Church Which Remains A Uniting Force For All Latin Europeans By Race; Stanley Will Retain The Church With Major Changes; This Is An Attack On An Inadequate Gutter Religion That Is Making Us Weak And Leading Us To Slavery And Genocide. Except For Revelation, The Gospels, Acts, Daniel, Kings I&II, Samuel I&II, Judges, Exodus And Genesis Which Are Mostly Phoenician Written; We Can Safely Jettison The Bible For: The Bagavad-Gita, The Yoga Aphorisms Of Patanjali, The MahaBarata, The Ramayana And The Upanishads. Remember That Stanley Is The Supreme Authority On Hinduism In Canada! The Vedas Are Satanic Brahman Aryan Books And Are Not Hindu! To Return The Human Race To Its Rightful Manifest Destiny To Have Domination: Of This Earth, Over The Animals And Over The Aryans And Semites; We Have To Adopt Sanatana Dama As Our Religion. [Note: Stanley Does Not Want To Convert Aryans To This Religion! Or His Church! Every Other Race Is Welcome.]
          Sanatana Dama: Which Is A Belief In: Reincarnation Of The Soul; A Hierarchical Pantheon Of Gods; [The Supreme God In Hinduism Is SIVA "The Destroyer of Worlds" And UMA His Earth Goddess; In Egypt The Supreme Is Osiris And Isis; In Greece It Is Zeus And Hera; In Mexico It Is Quetzlecoatyl; This Religion Allows Everyone To Keep Their Own Gods!]; The Transmigration Of Souls (Manifold Evolution]; SAMSARA: The Cycle Of Births And Rebirths Until The Being Ascends To Liberation Or Moksha, SAMADI Or Nirvana, Or Descends Into The Lowest Life-Form And Is Annihilated; The Practice Of Yoga Medicine: Fasting And Internal Cleansing Routines; No Inter-Racial Marriages --With Very Few Exceptions; Eating A Strict Vegan Or Whole-Grain Based, Plant, Seaweed And Fish Diet, But No Cow Or Sheep Products; Accepting That the Male Is Fully Dominant Over The Female; The Practice Of Yoga To Control Sexual Urges And Be Celibate As A Discipline For All Young Men; The Ability To Fight The System By Non-Violent Means Of Sacrifice And Suffering With Discipline (Click:
A Declaration of War) As Well As By Military Means; The Concept Of Prakriti And Purusha (See Below); The Laws of Yoga(<Click); The Law of Karma; Daily Exercises & Yoga Practice; And Above All Accepting That The DAma Is The Supreme Law In The Universe.
The Hindu Concept Of Satan Is Different From Our Own: They Believe Satan Is Demonic Female Energy Called PRAKRITI, Represented By Demonic Goddess KALI; PRAKRITI Is A Collective Term For All The Forces Of Evil. PRAKRITI Is Produced When Evil Or Weak "Males" Have Demonic Sex With Demonic Women. Prakriti Is Caused By Recent DEMONIC Expansion In The Universe, Where The New Matter Produced Is Undifferentiated And Without Form. Thus The Docile And Obedient ma Becomes A Bitchy, Demonic, Shrewy, Violent, Murderess, Disobedient MAA! (Think Of It As A New Primordial Magma Of: Electrons, Beta Particles, Alpha Particles, Neutrons, Gamma & X- Rays, Planets, Galaxies, Of Matter; Colliding With Each Other Without An Orbit And No DA Or Male Power At Their Centre To Control Them, Causing A Chain-Reaction Of Damage, Destruction, Disorder, Anarchy And Chaos For "Good" Beings; Like What We Have In The World Today) Stanley Believes This Prakriti Was Caused By The Genocidal Destruction Of Our Ancient Lifestyles And Religion; Too Much Inter-Racial Fornication With Aryans, Blacks, Mongols And Prostitutes; And The Eating Of Aryan "Devil Cows" (Remember The Devil's Horns) And Milk. The Forces Of Good: The Gods And Kings And Humans Are Called PURUSHA, The Desire Of All Females Even The Demons Is To Be Conquered By The Male; Prakriti Exists To Teach The Males, (The Gods & Kings) A Lesson, But Not To Defeat The Male. The DAma Ensures That There Is Always A Lesson To Be Learned. Thus The Spiritual Male Gods Called ADI, Have To Become A "Black Hole" DA An Absorber Of Demonic Energy (Through Sacrifice, Celibacy, Suffering, Austerities And Yoga Practice) Until The Lesson Is Learned And The MAA Becomes Docile Obedient ma Or Is Annihilated. Then Prakriti Ceases To Exist In The Universe; The Gods And Kings Are Restored To Their Rightful Thrones And All Is Right With The World. During This Time When The Gods Have Fallen, It Is The Dama That Ensures That They Will Be Treated Fairly And Return To Rule, The Dama Is Not Considered Prakriti Nor Purusha, Though It Is Partial To Purusha. So Which Is It, Is Satan A Male Evil Spirit Or A Demonic Female Goddess Kali? Both These Scenarios Are Correct And Are Playing Out At The Same Time, That Is Why Things Are So Bad On Earth; Both These Evil Spirits Are Considered Prakriti Since Satan Gives All His Power To The Blonde Aryan Whore Anyway. Satan Hates Mankind So Much That He Is Giving All His Soul Power To The Aryan Whore, (Which She Uses To Murder And Commit Genocide On Mankind) Satan And His Devils Are The "Brains" Behind The System, Destroy Or Weaken Satan And The System Will Topple And Collapse. The Reason The Dama Is Intervening Into This Situation (And Has Sent Stanley) Is That The Amount Of Soul Energy And Matter To Be Absorbed Is So Overwhelmingly Huge That It Could Cause A Chain Reaction That Could Destroy This Section Of The Universe. The Bottom Line Is That Under Both Concepts Satan Or KALI, This Demonic Energy Needs To Be Absorbed And The Aryan Bitch Brought Under Control Or Utterly Destroyed. And Victory Is To Almighty God And The King. It Is Stanley's Mission To Bring Order, Justice, Freedom And Happiness To The People Of Canada And The World By Destroying The System.
Unfortunately Stanley Believes What We Have With This System Is Not Conventional Prakriti, MAA, But A Vicious Virulent Anti-Matter; A Female That Hates Femininity, Wants Male Energy And Power, Yet Wants All Males To Be Weak And Homosexuals, She Also Encourages Child Molestation And Pedophilia On Boys (Like At The Last Days Of Sodom And Gomorrah.); An A-ma, Along With Satan's Anti-Spirit: A-DA, A Hatred Of God And Males, Female Worshiping, Wanting A Whore To Have All His Power: We Get A-DA-ma! When The System Has Reached A Point Where They Have Murdered All The Kings, Mocked All The Gods And Enslaved The Whole Human Race; They Have Become So Drunk With Our Blood, Murder And Genocide And Their Lust/Desire For Continued Power Over Us, (The System Is An Illegitimate Power It Can Only Rule By Sacrificing More And More Of Their Soul Energy By Committing More Horrific Evil) Forces Them To Ever More Evil: Expanding Exponentially Until Finally Attacking The Law Of The Universe Itself: The Hindus Call This Act Of Absolute Evil: A-DAma! And This Is The Ultimate Crime In The Universe. And The Punishment Is Death! And Total Annihilation! (Click=> The Case Against The System) The Dumb Blonde Whore Is So Drunk With The Blood Of: Prophets, Saints, Martyrs, Innocents, Warriors, Kings, Saviors, Christs, Gods And All Who Have Been Slain On This Earth; She Sits On Her Throne As Queen In Arrogance And Pride Glorifying Herself Screaming "I Am All-Powerful, I Don't Need A Man" (Like Elizabeth II) That She Forgets What Brung Her (The DAma); She Wanted To Make The Law MAda Or MAma Or Nada (A Lesbian, Murderess, Whore, Whose Only Role For Men Are As Homosexuals And Sycophantic Lovers); The DAma Will Make The Final Decision On The Time For Her Total Annihilation! In Revelation The Blonde Aryan Whore Is: BABYLON THE GREAT, "THE MOTHER OF ALL HARLOTS" And Sex With Her Causes All The Abominations, Disease And Suffering On This Earth. ALL THE GREAT GENOCIDAL CITIES HAVE BEEN BUILT BY HER For: Wasting Our Fossil Fuel, Enslaving And Murdering The Human Race, Destroying Human Lifestyles, Promoting: Inter-Racial, Lesbian, Homosexual, Precocious, Deviant Sex; Pedophilia, Prostitution Etc. In Her Moment Of Greatest Arrogance The Aryan Whore Will Be Brought Down With Violence: Fallen! Fallen! Is Babylon The Great, The Mother Of All Harlots, And She Has Become The Habitat Of Devils And Unclean Spirits, For All The Nations Have Drunk Of The Wine Of Her Fornications, And The Kings Of The Earth Have Committed Fornication With Her; For Her Sins Have Reached Unto Heaven And God Has Remembered Her Iniquities; The Cup Of Poison And Genocide That She Gave You, Give Her A Thousandfold, Therefore Shall Her Plagues Come In One Day, Death And Mourning, And Famine; And She Shall Be Utterly Burned With Fire: For Mighty Is The Lord God Who Judges Her. Rejoice Over Her Oh Heaven, And Apostles, Martyrs, Prophets, Saints, Kings And All Who Have Been Murdered By Her; For God Has Avenged You On Her! And Those That Worshiped And Fornicated With Her Will Turn On Her Like A Pack Of Dogs, Ripping Her Apart, Exposing Her Wantonness And Whoredom For All To See, Mocking And Jeering Her; And The Ten Satanic States That She Ruled Shall Hate The Whore And Make Her Desolate And Naked, And Shall Eat Her Flesh And Burn Her With Fire; And People Will Wonder How Low She Will Be Brought. For God Had Put It Into Their Hearts To Give Their Kingdom Unto The System Until The Words Of God Can Be Fulfilled. And The Wrath Of God, His Angels And The Lamb Have Only Just Begun! And All Those Who Were Murdered By The Whore Cried Out For Vengeance On Her And Those Who Fornicated With And Worshiped Her. And The Kings Of The Earth (Except For Stanley) And All The Men Great And Small Hid From Him That Sits On The Throne, His Angels And From The Lamb; For The Great Day Of Their Wrath Has Come And From The Eight Seals Of The Apocalypse.
The Aryans Are Teaching Our Captive Children That We Are "Evolved" From Ape-Like Ancestors; It May Be True That They Are Descended From Apes, But Not Us! The Aryans Also Have An Obsession With Ape Skulls Found In Africa As Their Proof; These Are Their Ancestors Not Ours! (The Aryans Were Probably Driven Out Of Africa By The Modern Blacks Who Are Fitter And Stronger Than They Are!) Humans Are Descended From Mermen Ancestors! Humans Have Less Hair And More Fat On Our Skin, More Salt In Our Blood, Than Any Terrestrial Mammal, It's Not By Accident That We Love Baby Harp Seals That The Aryan Apes Are Slaughtering In Newfoundland, Our Bodies Are Streamlined, Columbus (1492) Gave Us Detailed Reports Of Encountering Mermen (Who Looked Just Like The 'Red Indians' On The Shore, Indicating Evolution --300 Years Before Darwin) Off The Island Of Jamaica, Good Aborigenes Can Wrestle Sharks And Crocodiles In The Water Even As Babies! They Can Dive To Depths In The Sea To Match A Fish, They Can Concentrate Urine From Sea Water, Due To Many Physiological Adaptations In Our Bodies To The Sea. Deliberately Indoctrinating Our Captive Children With Delusion Is A Fundamental Crime Against Humanity! (Click=>
The Case Against The System) Everything They Teach Is False, Satanic, Devil-Possessed, Lies, Propaganda And Delusion; Is It Any Wonder Our Children Smoke, Use Drugs And Alcohol, Are Given Condoms To Encourage Sex, Have No Male Sexual Discipline, Are Encouraged To Have Teenage Sex With Blonde Aryan Whores And Get Pregnant Or Have Abortions? Human Males, Unlike Apes, Take Many Many Years To Mature, With The Discipline To Control Their Sex Urges; To Seduce Them Into Precocious Sex With Aryan Whores, Before They Can Attain The Discipline To Become Dominant Men Is Genocide; There Should Be Compulsory Separate Camps Of Strict Yoga And Military Training For Young Men From The Ages Of 13 To 24. Stanley Will Also Teach Women How To Love: They Are Currently "Aping The Aryan Whores" By Having Sex Way Too Early, With Losers; The King Declares: There Is No Mad Rush To Get Pregnant, The Good Men Will Appreciate Your Patience And Virtue; Wait Until A Boy Becomes A Man; For It Is Much Easier For Women To Exert Discipline At That Age. Certain Limited Contact Can Be Allowed; But Nothing Gross; No Ejaculation Is Allowed. Above All Fellatio Is Homosexual Sex, Do Not Be Deceived Or Pressured Into Doing It! A Woman Must Learn To Say "No" To Sex Especially With Aryan Men, And Men Not Of Her Race; For Human Females Will Always Be A Prize Catch Because They Are More Feminine. A Woman Has To Appreciate That She Belongs To Some Man Like Property, Who God Has Chosen For You And To No Other Man Or Woman. At The Same Time The Woman's Allegiance Must Always Be To The King, God And The Dama Above All Else; For Without The King To Uphold Law And Order We Would Have Satanic Anarchy Like We Do Today. Stanley Will Impose A Minimum Age Limit For A Woman To Have Sex At 19 Years Old; And For Men At 24 Years Old. (Click: The Laws of Yoga) It Is Time We Boycotted The Schools And Demand Our Taxpayer's Money Back. (Click Here: A Declaration of War).
Who Is Stanley? Stanley Is Above All The Son Of The DAma, The DAMAPUT: He Is The "Reincarnation Of The Pandu". The Return Of Quetzalcoatl The Mexican Feathered Serpent God. Prophecy: "And I Looked , And Behold! A White Horse! And He Who Sat Upon It Had A Bow; And A Crown Was Given To Him; And He Went Out To Conquer The World! "The White Horseman Of The Apocalypse!" Who Is Worthy To Open The Book Of The Living And To Break Its Eight Seals? And I Saw A Lamb Standing, As If Slain, And He Came And Took The Book Out Of The Right Hand Of Him That Sat On The Throne; And When He Had Taken The Book The 24 Elders And Four Living Creatures Fell Down Before The Lamb Saying, 'Worthy Art Thou To Take The Book And Break Its Seals; For Thou Wast Slain, And Didst Purchase For God With Thy Blood, Men From Every Tribe And Tongue And People And Nation. And Thou Hast Made Them To Be A Kingdom And Priests To Our God; And They Will Reign Upon The Earth Forever More" "The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sins Of The World!". "And I Saw Three Unclean Spirits Like Frogs Come Out Of The Mouth Of The Dragon, Out Of The Mouth Of The Beast And The False Prophets; For They Are The Spirits Of Devils Working Miracles Which Go Forth Onto The Whole World, To Gather Them To That Great Day Of God Almighty, At A Place They Call: "Armageddon". And I Saw Heaven Opened And Behold A White Horse, And He That Sitteth Upon It Is Called "Faithful" And "True" In Executing The Will Of The DAma, And In Righteousness And Justice He Doth Judge And Wage War. And He Was Clothed In A Vesture Dipped In Blood, And His Name Is Called: "The Force Of Nature" And "The Maker Of The Law". And The Armies That Were In Heaven Followed Him On White Horses; And Out Of His Mouth Goes A Sharp Sword , With Which He Will Smite The Nations: And He Shall Rule Them With A Rod Of Steel; And He Treadeth The Flood Waters Of The Fierce Wrath Of Almighty God! On His Vesture A Name Is Written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. And I Saw The Beast, And The Kings Of The Earth, And Their Armies Gather Together To Make War Against Him That Sits Upon The White Horse And Against His Army. And The Beast Was Taken, And With Him The False Prophets That Wrought Miracles To Deceive Them That Had Received The Mark Of The Beast, And Them That Worshiped His Image. Both Were Cast Alive Into the Lake Of Fire: Which Is An Eternal Death Of The Soul! The Rest Were Slain By The White Horseman With The Double-Edged Sword That Proceeded Out Of His Mouth: The Vultures And The Wild Beasts, Feasted On Their Diseased Bodies; For They Would Not Receive Burial. And I Saw An Angel Come Down From Heaven, Having The Key Of The Bottomless Pit And A Great Chain In His Hand. And He Laid Hold Of The Dragon, That Reptile Which Is The Devil, And Satan, And Bound Him A Thousand Years. And Cast Him Into The Bottomless Pit, And Sealed It, That He Should Deceive The Nations No More. And I Saw Thrones And The Kings On Them Were Given The Power Of Judgment, For They Were Murdered For Refusing To Worship The Beast Or His Image; Righteous Men: Male Virgins! Who Never Had Sex With Aryan Women; Who Did Neither Think Or Act Or Work For The Sake Of Money; Or Fight Wars For The System; And They Lived And Reigned With The "New Christ" A Thousand Years. This Is The FIrst Restoration; After The Thousand Years Are Up Satan Will Be Loosed From His Prison; And Shall Go Out To Deceive the Nations Once More From Canada To Australia; To Gather A Vast Army To Do Battle Once More; And Fire Came Out Of God In Heaven And Devoured Them; And The Devil Who Had Once Deceived The Whole Earth Except For Stanley, Was Cast Into The Lake Of Fire Where The Beast And The False Prophets Are: And This Is The Eternal Death Of The Soul. And I Fell Down To Worship The Angel (Stanley Again!) Who Showed Me These Things To Write; And He Said, "Don't Worship Me Worship God". And He Said "I Am The Alpha And The Omega", The Beginning And The End, The First And The Last." For I Testify Unto Every Man That Heareth The Words Of This Prophecy Of Revelation; If Any Man Shall Add Unto This Book God Shall Add Unto Him The Plagues That Are In This Book; And If Any Man Shall Take Away These Words Of Prophecy, God Shall Take Away His Part In The Book Of Life.
What Was The Lesson That The Prakriti Was Trying To Teach? The First Lesson Conquer Your Fear And Be A Man Like Stanley: The Greatest Source Of Prakriti Was Satan And His Devils; Yet For 5,000 Years Until Stanley Came Along, Not A One Man Would Fight Him: Satan Can Only Win If No Man Stands Up To Him! Satan's Soul Must Be Absorbed (Destroyed) To Eliminate The Prakriti; But To Do So One Must Force Him To Use Violence And Force Against Yourself; Everyone Except For Stanley Bowed Down To Him Instead! The Second Lesson Is: The System Is Composed Of Ancient Enemies Of Mankind That We Have Exterminated Or Slaughtered Once Before, Competing For The Same Land; Satan Is A Dinosaur That Was Exterminated By Our Ancestors, The Aryan Ape And Other Apes Were And Still Are Being Exterminated By Us, The Cow Is Seeking Revenge For Their Daily Slaughter; So Is The Sheep. True These Animals Were Possessed By Devils And Absolutely Evil And Deserved To Be Destroyed; But Still Humans Must Never Take That Chance Of Empowering Satan Again By Doing Acts That Lose Soul Energy. Satan Was Attacking Us At A Weak Moment When Humans Were Emerging From The Sea And Were Vulnerable To Attack: Yet All Men Except Stanley Kept Producing More And More Children For Satan To Commit Monstrous Acts Of Genocide, Murder, Indoctrination And Perversion; With. Men Must First Secure The Environment Before Mating And Having Children, By Remaining Celibate Until The Danger Is Over. The Third Lesson Is That In Mankind's Expansion Onto Land From The Sea, There Was No Need To Exterminate, Hunt And Kill Everything Before Us; (This Lost Soul Energy And Made Us Weaker) There Is Enough Land For Us To Co-exist; And We Must Endevour To Become Vegetarians. Thus Stanley Will Order The Immediate Protection And Preservation Of The Ape Species (Aryans And Other European Apes) In Europe And Africa (There Are Still Secret Pockets Of Live Neanderthals And Other Apes In Europe); Reptiles The World Over Will Be Actively Protected From All Harm; Cows Shall Be All Returned To Europe (From The Americas, India And Australia) And Released Into The Wild And No Longer Domesticated Or Slaughtered By Us, All Domesticated Animals Shall Be Set Free; The DAma Will Determine Their Harsh And Merciless Fate In Nature. With The Cows The Aryans Shall Be Separated From Us In India, Australia And America, And Deported Back To Central Europe. The Essential Lesson Is That Killing One's Enemies, Is Not A Solution To A Problem; Because The Soul Gets Reincarnated; And The Evil Comes Back Worse; We Have To Destroy Their Souls As Well As Their Bodies; Using Satyagraha, Celibacy, Sacrifices, Suffering And Yoga; Which Is Very Hard To Do; (But Must Be Done To Achieve A Permanent Solution) We Also Have To Cut Out All Sexual Fraternization And Animal Eating With The Enemy And Their Animals; (The System Was Weakening Us With Sex With Their Whores And Eating Their Cows; And Then Murdering Us With Our Own Soul Energy). Except For Stanley All Other "Kings Of The Earth" Fornicated With The Blonde Aryan Whore! Every Man Worshiped That Whore! All Men Must Learn To Control Their Dicks Through Daily Yoga Practice. Do Not Have Sex With Women Not Of Your Race! Fifthly, Natural Resources Must Never Again Become A Commodity For Profit For A Few, But Be Owned By The King Who Will Conserve And Protect It For Future Generations Using Very High Royalties; They Used Our Own Precious Oil To Genocide, Produce Prakriti & Enslave Us. No Man Should Ever Pay Taxes: What You Earn With Your Own Two Hands Is Yours And Yours Alone: The System Was Able To Finance Its Satanic Genocidal Schemes To Murder And Destroy You With Your Own Hard Earned Money! Sixthly: Money Should Never Be Worshiped; No Man Should Work Simply Because He Is Paid Money; He Should See If The Lifestyle Of That Job Is Ordained By God For Him To Do; No Amount Of Money Is Worth Your Soul! Refuse All Jobs That Entail Harm, Killing, Taxing And Suffering To Other Beings; Waste Fossil Fuel; Or Sacrifice Even A Part Of Your Soul. We Can Do With Far Less And Be More Happy. Like Oil, FarmLand Should Never Be Allowed To Be Bought And Sold, As It Genocidally Denies Farming As A God Ordained Lifestyle; Principle Housing Should Never Be Allowed To Be Taxed Or Be Profited Off Of, (Speculation) As It Will Become A Fundamental Right; And No More Lifetime Mortgages. Thus All Land Shall Be Owned By The King Who Will Divvy It Up Fairly And Justly. Seventhly: The Lowest Kind Of Slave Is One Who Will Kill And Fight Wars For Their Genocidal Masters: Satan And The Aryans: The Aryans Were Able To Genocide And Murder Each Race, And Then Use That Race To Blindly Help Them Genocide Other Races In Turn: Creating A Chain-Reaction Of Genocide. No Man Should Ever Again Fight For Satan Or The Anglo-Saxon Aryans, Or In A War Not In Accordance With The DAma: Every Race And Family Except For Stanley's, Has Been Guilty Of This. A Men Should Only Fight If He Is Free, For His Freedom, For His King, For His Family And Race, For A Just Cause. And Never Fight For A State, As A Slave, For Satan, Or For An Inferior Or Evil Race The Aryans. The Other Lesson Is Obviously Inter-Racial, Precocious Sex, And Prostitution, When It Becomes Pervasive, The Human Race Shall Decay And Die; So Too Lesbianism And Homosexuality, Child Molestation And Pedophilia Against Boys: These Are Signs Of Satanic Influence: And Maximum Vigilance And Zero Tolerance Shall Always Be Maintained Against This Creeping Menace. The Aryan Race Were Sexually Molesting Their Own Children For Hundreds Of Years In Europe; (They Have Become Desensitized To Evil And In Turn Cyclically Molest Others) The Signs Of Absolute Evil Were Evident Years Ago; There Was A Conspiracy Of Silence, That Only Allowed This Cancer To Fester And Grow; (The Aryan Race Will Be Strictly Monitored For Such Activity In The Future) All Deviant Sex Must Henceforth Be Immediately Reported To Authorities And Dealt With Harshly, And Pro-actively; So That Satan Never Blindsides Us Ever Again. Lastly, Although The Female Is Weak They Can Turn Into Demonic Monster Goddess Kali, If Wronged; Therefore Women Too Must Be Kept Happy And Protected. The Female Is Like A Vessel, She Reflects What We Men Put Into Her; Men Must Make Love To A Woman Not Just Ejaculate Into Her; (Prakriti Is Caused When Evil Or Weak Men Have Demonic Sex With Demonic Women) This Was The Primary Cause Of Prakriti; It Sounds Simple But It's True. Thus Men Have To Learn Yoga And The Art Of Making Love From Stanley; And Not Simply Animalistic Sexual Intercourse! A Man Must Be Able To Exert Dominance Over The Female, Control His Ejaculation For Months While Giving His Woman Multiple Orgasms; Else He Will Not Be Allowed To Marry Or Have Sex. This Involves Strict Discipline, Fasting, Abstinence, Yoga Practice And Military Training Until Sexually Mature. May We Always Be Ruled By Male Kings Forever And Ever Amen. AUM. May He Be Guided By Almighty God; For Stanley Could Not Have Done It Without God On His Side; God Was A Major Player In This; He Wanted Satan Destroyed, So He Got His Premiere Warrior (Stanley Panduranga XVI) Into A Position Where Satan Was Sure To Lose: Trying To Beat The Son Of The DAma. Stanley Was Trained For Combat In The Hard Knocks School Of The DAma. Even Though Stanley Is The DAma's Son, It Did Not Spare Him The Harsh Discipline And Training Necessary To Be King And To Destroy The System. Finally, The DAma Was Teaching Us A Lesson: That We Were On The Wrong Track Believing That God Was All-Powerful, Thus It Was Bringing Us Back To Reality And Our True Religion "Sanatana DAma", May We Always Abide By The All-Powerful Law of DAma.

Stanley The Merman

Battling Sharks And Crocodiles In His Glory Days: Note The Trident, The Long Spiraling Dreadlocks, The Seaweed, The Sea, The Hirsute Chest And Beard, The Hair Over His Face, The Dark Soulful And Predatory Eyes
  <= Click) REVOLUTION By The Beatles.
CLICK ABOVE PICTURES TO ENLARGE: The Union Army Were "Blondies" Satan Incarnate: All Evil, Devil-Possessed Satanic Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryan Neanderthal Apes (Anglo-Saxons Look Identical To Albino-Gorillas Bottom-Right); And Their Delusional Irish And Nigger Slaves!! Did You Know Friedrich Engels, The Father Of Delusional Satanic Marxism Was A Blonde Satanic Prussian-Aryan? And His Inferior Race Jew Karl Marx, Was Engels' Puppet Inferior-Race-Pet-Dog. Homosexual John Maynard Keynes Was Also A Satanic Delusional Marxist!
Dirty_Stinking_Jew Karl Marx; Anglo-Saxon_Aryan Homosexual_Marxist John_Maynard_Keynes; Prussian_Aryan Friedrich_Engels; Homosexual-Murderer, Dirty-Stinker-Nigger-Chimpanzee Barack_Hussein_Obama BOWING To His Master The King Of Saudi-Arabia! This Also Proves Obama Is A Homosexual: He Is Assuming The Position He Gets Fucked Up The Arse; Dirty Stinking Jew Ben_Bernanke QE I, QE II, QE Infinity!;
Serial_Rapist, Murderer, Perjurer Bill Clinton: The Inferior Race Jews, Niggers And The Anglo-Saxon Aryans Have Caused This Great Recession!!!
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