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January 7th, 2016: In A Correct Reading Of The Constitution: The Chief Justice Of The Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore, Has Ordered The Halt To Issuing Of All (SSM) Same-Sex-Marriage Licenses To Homosexual Predators Of Our Children! Gov. Mike Huckabee Had Correctly Read The Law On This Issue: Huckerbee Had Said: The Court Is Not Supreme Over Congress: It Is A Co-Equal Branch Of Gov't: It Cannot Make Laws: When It Oversteps Its Authority: Congress Or State Justices Can Smack It Down! The SSM Law Came Out Of Nothing: Justice Roberts Admonished Kennedy For Making Law Out Of Thin Air: And Now Justice Roy Moore Concurs! Now We Need For Everyone To Ignore Homosexual "Rights" Altogether, And Deliberately Discriminate Against Them!!! What We Know Is That The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race Is Absolutely Evil: And Will Force Homosexuality On Us To Rape And Murder Our Children: If We Let Them: So We Must Ignore Their Impotent "Rules" (Not Laws) As Much As We Humanly Can. So Too Democrat & Homosexual Niggers Like Obama: Must Be Dealt With Harshly: Or They Will Rape And Murder White Women: No Equality For Rapist-Murderer Niggers As Much As Is Humanly Possible: Until We Can Get Back Power From The Blondie-Aryans!!!

December 30, 2015: The Nigger Bill (William) Henry Cosby, Has Finally Been Charged With A 2nd Degree Felony Criminal Charge Of "First Degree Aggravated Indecent Assault" On A Woman Named Andrea Constand (A Half-White-Black-Woman), A Native Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Attending "Temple University", As A Basketball-Player In 2004; Now A Massage Therapist, Who Was Raped By Cosby In 2004; In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania! Charges Were Brought By District Attorney Kevin Steele (A Hero! Like Mike McQueary), And DA Ms. Feden (A Heroine); After 10 Years Of The Deliberate Satanic Negligence Of Law-Enforcement For Rapist-Niggers, By The Police & Prosecutors! Miss Andrea Constand Was Drugged By Cosby's "Modus Operandi Drug" Called "Quaaludes", And Plied With Wine, And Then Sexually Penetrated! The Reason Charges Were Never Brought Against This Nigger, Is That The Blondie-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System Were Permissive For Blacks To Have Sex With White Women, Regardless Of Rape: That Is Why They Forced Desegregation On Us; That Is Why Thousands Of Blacks Who Committed Rapes On White Women Have Never Been Charged Or Prosecuted By The Satanic Police Or Prosecutors For The Last 50 Years!!! It Is Only The Coming Of Stanley That Has Resulted in These Charges!!! But, We Still Don't Have Justice: Andrea Constand Is A Black, Half-Nigger Woman: The Only Reason She Successfully Was Able To Sue Cosby In 2005; And Now Charge Him Criminally, Is Because She Is A Nigger: But Almost All Of Cosby's Hundreds Of Rape Victims Are WHITE!!! No White Woman Has Received Justice On Cosby: (Not Even A Day In Jail, Or Dime In Damages!) Niggers Like Cosby, Are Still Raping White Women Rampantly Without Jail-Time!!! Cosby Has Raped Hundreds Of White Women, He Has Admitted To Raping Hundreds Of White Women: But He Has Never Been Charged Simply Because He Is a Nigger!!! Cosby Has Admitted To "Giving Quaaludes To Women, For The Purposes Of Sexually Having Sex With Young Women", In A Civil-Deposition Given In 2005! Just Last Week Cosby Cruelly Retaliated Against A Legitimate Civil-Suit, By Counter-Suing  Seven Already Victimized Women For "Defamation"; For Daring To Accuse Him Of Sexually Assaulting Them. In Cosby's 2005 Deposition, He Was Asked, "Did You Get The Quaaludes, In Order To Have Sex With Young Women?"; Cosby Answers, "Yes!" --Out Of The Arrogant Belief That The Devil-Possessed Blondie Saxon-Aryan Police, Would Never Charge Him. The Proof Of Rape: Is Because The Obvious Sexual Penetration, Was Never With Consent, Due To The Surreptitious Imposition Of Quaaludes And Alcohol, That Rendered His Victims Unconscious Or Impaired, And Unable To Give Legal CONSENT --Cosby Has Already Admitted To Giving Them Quaaludes!!! This All Is A Repeat Of The Blonde-Aryan-Cops That Allowed Homosexuals: Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, Spanier, Schultz & Curley; To Conspire In Sexually Raping Hundreds Of Boys In Penn State University, Pennsylvania --While Refusing To Lay Charges-- Because They Satanically Knew, That All Homosexuals Are Pedophiles, Murderers, & Child-Molesters!!! The Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Cops Are Responsible For All The Rapes Of These Young White Women: By Niggers: Because They Satanically Know That Blacks Are From An Inferior Race; Just Like They Let The Rapes Of Thousands Of Young Boys Go Unpunished For 40 Years In Pennsylvania --To Force A Political Delusion About Homosexuality Being "Benign" On Us --While They Rape Boys!!! To Charge Cosby Or Sandusky For Rape, Would Be For The Blondie-Saxon-Aryan System To Admit That The Satanic Narrative That Niggers & Homosexuals Are Equal Was Satanically False: And Has Resulted In The Rapes And Murders Of MILLIONS Of Women And Children!!!! These Rape-Hound Niggers (Like Cosby) Are Also Responsible For The Astronomically High Violent Crime Rate Among Blacks (80% Of All Violent Crime Is By Blacks!): These Are Democrat Niggers (Left-Wing Niggers) That Are Murdering Other Blacks! 90% Of Blacks Are Being Murdered By These Self-Same Niggers Like Homosexual-Obama: It Is Hypocrisy For Blacks To Say "Black Lives Matter". When Blacks Refuse To Attack Nigger Democrats That Are "Rats" For The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans That Are Causing 90% Of Their Deaths --Black-"Rats" Are The Biggest Enemies Of Blacks!!!! 

(2) In A Total Contempt For White Americans And Straight Americans: Who Commit Hardly Any Crime: Nigger-Faggot Obama Is Ignoring The Facts And Again Trying To Take Away Guns From Law-Abiding Americans By Executive Order --And Ignoring Black Crime, Blondie-Saxon-Aryans And Terrorism By Muslims! This Is How Rule Of Law Breaks Down: When Injustice Is So Blatantly Rampant That All Respect For Law Is Lost: That Is What Happens When You Have A Nigger-Faggot-Chimpanzee For A POTUS!
December 29th, 2015: The Blonde-Saxon-Aryan Empire Strikes Back: The "Dark Side" Aryan-Blondies Are Now Saying The Economy Is Great Under Obama: They Obviously Don't Live In The Real World Or Are Possessed By Devils: The Lower Income Americans Are Suffering At Historic Levels: Unequaled By Anything Ever! Go To The Grocery Store Where We Now Have To Pay For The Same Food At >>300% Higher Prices (Because The Printing Money (Q.E.) By Jews: Ben Bernanke & Janet Yellen; Has Caused Massive Inflation That We Are Forced To Pay For --While Wall Street & Big Banks-- Who Caused The 2007 "Meltdown" Are At Record Highs!); Try To Buy A House Where Most Americans Can No Longer Afford; Look At Your Savings Versus Debt & Liabilities: And Realize That That Nigger Obama Has Permanently Destroyed Our Economy By His Incompetence, And Socialist Policies!!! The Blondie System Is Now Saying ISIS Is Now A Success: Because They Are Prematurely Claiming They Have Retaken Ramadi: Problem Is ISIS Still Controls 25% Of Ramadi! The Point Is That After Four $$Trillion Dollars, Four Thousand American Lives, Six Million Iraqi Lives, The Loss Of Five Million Afghani Civilian Lives, The Loss Of Mosul, The Loss Of A Third Of Iraq, The Loss Of A Third Of Syria, The Loss Of Libya To Anarchy, Terrorism Running Rampant Worldwide As Well As In America: The Blonde-Saxon-Satanic-Devil-Possessed System Are Claiming A Measly 75% Of Tiny Ramadi: A Success!!! This Is The Definition Of Failure --The Democrats & Obama The Muslim-Nigger's Failure!!!

December 23rd, 2015: Stanley Would Like To Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas: Reminding Them To Read Greatest Conspiracies, For His New Additions That Absolutely Prove That "Climate Change" Is A Satanic Hoax By The Devil-Possessed Blonde-Saxon-Neanderthal-Ape-Aryans, Intended To Commit Mass Murder & Genocide On: Americans, Canadians, British, Japanese, & French: By Forcing Them To Use Nuclear Power: Which Causes Death, Birth-Defects, Cancers, Diabetes, Heart-Attacks! Also Stanley Proves That Christmas Is A Zoroastrian-Hindu-Roman-Mithraism Religious Celebration, Marking The First Full Day Of The Returning Of The Life-Sustaining Sun To The Northern Hemisphere: That Predates Christianity: And Christmas Has Nothing To Do With Jesus Or Christ --It Was Another Satanic Hoax By The Hittite-Roman-Aryans --The Ancestors Of The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans!
(2)     Hillary Clinton Was Caught By Donald Trump, Delaying The Democrat Debate By Going To The Washroom For An Extended Period Of Time: "Doing Something Gross And Disgusting" In The Washroom. Hillary Obviously Has A "Bladder Or Colon Problem": If She Can't 'Hold It' For Just One Or Two Hours --She Is In Ill-Health, And Is Unfit For Office! Another Disgusting Thing About Clinton Is Her Obsessive Use Of Pantsuits: The Reason For This, Is That In 1995, She Exposed Her See-Thru Panties To An Audience In Brazil For An Extended Period Of Time: Showing A Full-Frontal Crotch-Shot That Clearly Shows Us Her Pubic Hair Under See-Thru Panties (Click: Hillary's Crotch-Shot & Breasts): Since Then She Is Addicted To Pantsuits, To Seem More Presidential, When She Clearly Isn't. In Another Shot In A Different Venue, She Shows Us Her Full Breasts & Nipples In A Sheer See-Thru Blouse, That Exposes Everything! She Is A Lesbian Whore That Has Sex With Huma Abedin, Her Personal Assistant: Unfit To Be President! Bill Clinton Got Away With Sexual-Assault, Perjury And Murder: (See Below On Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, Etc., Mary Mahoney Was Murdered In July 1997; To Cover-Up Sexual Assault Charges On Yet Another White House Intern, By Bill, Being Raised By Mahoney, Which Would Prove His Guilt During The Period When Monica Lewinsky Was On Trial.) Hillary Must Be Made To Pay For Criminal Felonies Over Attempting To Delete, Withholding & Redacting Emails; Exposing National Security Documents, And Trying To Destroy Her Servers!!! The Law Is The LAW: Crime Begats Punishment: Hillary Must Go To Jail! Her High Pitched Satanic Cackle At Us The American People Is Sickening: She Is Laughing At The Law, She Is Laughing At Justice, She Is Mocking The Truth, Her Crimes Have Reached To High Heaven: How Long Can She Get Away With Murder?
December 16th, 2015: On The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show: Trump Did Tone-Down His Anti-Latino Stance: He Is Now Clarifying That He Will Not Permanently Deport 12 Million Latino Illegals: Now He Is Saying: He Was Only Going To Make Them Go To The Border: AND THEY WILL ALL BE ALLOWED BACK IN AS LEGALS!!! This Is Even Better Than What Weaklings Jeb & Rubio Were Proposing: Trump Is Now Set To Win The Presidency By This Stance! Trump Also Said He Wants To Now Unite The Party Behind Him By Toning Down His Rhetoric: But All Candidates (Jeb) Must Stop Attacking Trump And Rally Behind Him Against Hillary Clinton! The Attacks On Hillary's Email Felony Crimes Must Be Focused On: She Must Go To Jail For Her Felonies: If Obama Tries To Obstruct Justice: THEN OBAMA & LORETTA LYNCH MUST GO TO JAIL AS WELL!!! The Democrats And Mainstream Media Are Trying To Lie, That Muslims Did Not Celebrate 9/11 By The Thousands In NJ: This Is A Lie: Because Stanley Personally Witnessed Thousands And Thousands Of Muslims Celebrating 9/11 In Toronto! If Toronto's Muslims Were Celebrating The Deaths Of 3,000 Americans, Then NJ's Muslims Were Too: AND TRUMP WAS RIGHT! A Celebration Does Not Have To Be On TV, For Proof That It Occurred; As Democrats Lie: Police Reports That Day Confirm That Numerous Celebrations By Muslims Did Occur On 9/11: Taken Cumulatively, They Would Add-Up To Thousands And Thousands! ALL MUSLIMS ARE POTENTIAL TERRORISTS: And Believe Religiously In Terrorism As A Tactic Of War As Part Of Their Religion: Muslims Have Repeatedly Committed Acts Of Terrorism Worldwide And In America: AND THUS MUST BE VETTED ACCORDINGLY: AND DONALD TRUMP IS THE ONLY MAN DOING SO! Hillary Is Parroting Obama's "Political Correctness Policy": And Is More Worried About What ISIS Or Muslims Will Think: Than That American Civilians Are Dying: Hillary Clinton Is Refusing To Use The Words: "Islam", "Muslims", "Terrorists", "Radicals", Or "War On Terrorists"; Instead Hillary Is Restricting Her Words To The Word "Jihadists", Which Is Non-Descriptive In Identifying "Islamic Terrorists": Because Nobody In America Understands What That Word Means!!!
December 15th, 2015: Donald Trump Won The GOP Debate On CNN; But He Doesn't Act Like He Has A 30-Point Lead In The Polls: He Is Still Attacking People & Latino Voters, He Badly Needs To Unite Behind Him! Every Candidate Now Needs To Be Cajoled To Unite The Party And Every Voter Needs To Be Convinced GOP: Jeb Said, "Trump Is Not A Serious Candidate, You Can't Insult Your Way To Winning The Election", The Fight Is Now Virtually Over: The Insults Must Stop, Especially On Latinos. The Other Winners Were: Rand Paul Who Demolished Christie By Reminding Him Of "Bridgegate" And NJ's Poor Credit Rating! Marco Rubio & Jeb Bush Scored By Standing By Their Strong Stand On Giving Amnesty To All Latinos! What Rubio Doesn't Understand Is That The Blonde-Aryan-Racist "Crazies" Have Zero Support In The GOP Party: They Are Just Trying To Sabotage The Party, By Rigging The Polls: Marco Is Capitulating To Nobodies! That Is Why Rubio Is Weak: And Cannot Be Trusted To Stand By His Principles! Trump Is Leading Because He Is Not Afraid To Stand By Media Hysteria On Muslims; But His Intransigent Latino Bashing Is A Losing Strategy! "TONE" Is Important: Therein Lies Trumps Biggest Problem: He Needs To Backtrack On Building A Wall: Latino Bashing (Calling Them All Rapists, Drug-Dealers & Murderers), "Anchorbabies",  And Deporting 11 Million Immigrants: None Of The Above Will Ever Happen Or Have Any Effect On The Number Of Illegals: He Needs To Tone It Down! The Only Reason Latinos Are Illegal, Is That They Don't Have A Reasonable Way To Enter Without An Education Or White-Collar Job Skills! Trump Needs To Start Bashing Hillary, And Not Latinos Or GOP Candidates:We Need Latino Votes: So Go Flatter Them For A Change: Drop Deportation Talk: They Cannot Be Deported Anyway: They Will Just Keep Coming Back; As For The Wall: They'll Just Climb Over The Wall! Trump Has Never Been A Politician: He Doesn't Understand That We Need Votes: By Alienating Latinos We Lose Votes: And It Makes Hillary's Job Easier! Trump Needs To Understand That He Is Not A King: He Cannot Impose His Will: He Needs ToDo What Is Popular --Within Reason. If Trump Doesn't Change Course, And Flatter Latinos By Dropping All Tough-Talk On Illegals, We Are In For A Needlessly Tough Election. The Border Will Never Be Secure: They Have Been Talking That Satanic Blondie-Racist Craziness For Decades: They Will Always Overcome Any New Obstacles: And More Illegals Will Keep Coming Regardless: We Are Needlessly Depriving The GOP Of Votes!.  
December 11th, 2015: It Turns Out That The Obama Administration & Hillary Clinton Lied About Troops Being Available To Help In The Benghazi Attack: "New Email – Troops Were Ready to Save Benghazi Staff. By Andrew Zarowny
A new email has been released due to a FIOA request from Judicial Watch showing that U.S. military forces were ready to go to Benghazi, Libya and help our people there. The email was from Jeremy Bash, the then Chief of Staff of the Department of Defense. Bash′s email informed the State Department that the DoD had ″we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak.″ on the night of September 11, 2012. The email had been sent to several top State Department officials at about 7:19pm Eastern Time. Bash told them in his email that troops from Italy were standing by to go and required the State Department to contact the Libyan government so our transport planes would not be fired upon. This email disproves what Obama administration officials, including Hillary Clinton, have been saying for the past 3 years. That no military forces were available which could assist our consulate staff in Benghazi. So, for the past 3 years and change, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other administration officials, have been lying to us all that there was nothing that could have been done in Benghazi. The Bash email shows that the White House and the State Department had lied. We did have troops ready to go to help. The time of the email is still within the period when we knew that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was still alive. It was also well before the second attack on the CIA mission in Benghazi where two other Americans, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, were killed. Even the fourth American killed, Sean Smith, may still have been alive at the time the email was sent. The email from Jeremy Bash had been suppressed by the Obama administration and it took the Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch to force a federal judge to order its release. This email proves that Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and many other government officials lied to Congress when they said that no military help was available. According to the Bash email, we did indeed have troops in Italy which were already ″spinning up″ to fly to Benghazi, Libya. Those troops could have arrived in time to help protect the CIA mission when it came under attack. They may have even been able to secure Ambassador Christopher Stevens before his demise. As usual, the Liberal Media is ignoring the story. They know all too well that Benghazi hangs around the necks of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for their numerous lies and possible criminal cover-up." Whether Lives Would Have Been Saved Is Unknown & In Dispute: But Obama & Clinton Knew That Military Help Was Available On 9/11 2012: And Did Not Respond In An Urgent Manner To The Benghazi Attack --Maybe It Wouldn't Have Made A Difference, But They Didn't Even Bother!!! And Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton & Susan Rice: Lied To Congress About It: And Then Suppressed The Emails: It Was Only After A Judge, Petitioned By "Judicial Watch", Forced Them To Release An Un-redacted Email, That We Found Out About The Lies! When American Lives Are In Danger Due To Terrorism: Either In San Bernardino, CA; Or In Benghazi, Libya: Hillary Clinton & Obama Took A Lax, Lackadaisical Approach To Protecting American Lives: In Order To Minimize & Dismiss The "Terrorist Attack" Stories Before An Election! The Fact Is That Hillary Clinton And Obama Removed The U.S. Marines Guarding The Compound (Due To A Political Correctness Policy) And Replaced The Marines With Weak, Untrustworthy Libyan Security Forces, That Fled The Scene Or Joined-In With The Terrorists, During The Benghazi Compound Attack!!! There Has Not Been A Real Investigation Of The Benghazi Attack: Because Hillary Clinton & Obama Have Been Withholding & Redacting All Incriminating Emails: And Lying To Congress & The American People Of Their Incompetence & Criminality! But Four Americans Died: The Fact That We Still Don't Know Who Organized The Benghazi Attack, And Why? Proves The Laxity Of Obama's Concern For American Lives! We Have A Muslim President That Is More Sympathetic To Muslim Terrorist Sensibilities And Political Correctness: Than To American Lives! When We Are At War With Islamic Terrorism: Allowing A Muslim By Birth, And Raised By Indonesian Muslims, Barack Hussein Obama, Into The W.H., By Rigging The Election, Was A Satanic Mistake: The War On Terrorism Was Totally Neglected: For Political Correctness Towards People That Were Insanely Trying To Mass Murder Civilian Americans --For No Sane Reason.
(2)     Former DHS Investigator Philip Haney Accuses The Obama Administration Of Shutting Down His Investigation Of The Extremist "The Islamic Center of Riverside Mosque", Which Was Attended Devoutly, By Syed Farook. Haney Says The Only Reason Obama Shutdown His Investigation Was Because Of "Political Correctness": Obama Has A Policy Of "No Profiling ANY Islamic Groups In America". Islamic Groups Have A Religious Stated Objective To Achieve Jihad And A Caliphate By Terrorism: Obama Allowed Them Free Rein To Plot Mass Murder On Americans! Had Haney's Investigation Been Allowed To Proceed: He Would Have Prevented The Massacre In San Bernardino, CA: Because Syed Farook Would Have Been Put Under Scrutiny, And On A "No Fly List" Because Of His Close Association With Extremist Groups; And Tashfeen Malik's K1 Visa Would Have Been Rejected! The Couple Could Never Have Met Or Married, Or Carried Out Terrorism.

December 9th, 2015: It Turns Out The Islamic Terrorist Syed Farook, Was Mysteriously Wired $$28,500, To His Bank, At; And That He Paid His Mother Rafia Farooq $$30,000 In $$10,000 Installments, Just Two Weeks Before Committing The Mass Murders: The Large Sums Of Money Proves It Was A Planned Terrorist Act: But By Whom??? Stanley Believes That It Was Our Own CIA, That Paid These Crazy American-Born & Pakistani-Born Muslims To Murder Fellow Americans: Like In 9/11. We Now Have Further Proof That The CIA Committed 9/11:9/11 "First-Responders" Are Now Dying By The Thousands: But Why??? 33,000 "First-Responders" Have Contracted Some 50 Different Types Of Cancers, In Their Lungs, Pancreas, Spleens, Livers, Brains, Bladders Etc. And Are Dropping Dead --15 Years Later!!! The Answer Is 100% Proof That The CIA Committed 9/11: The Tons Of Thermate-TH3 Explosives Loaded Into The CIA-Hijacked Planes, Used To Demolish The WTC Buildings!!!!! Thermate-TH3: Is Composed Of Aluminum Powder, Iron-Oxide, Magnesium-Oxide, Barium Nitrate, Sulfur & PBAN: And Burns At 3,000ºC, The Extremely High Temperatures Enable Highly Toxic Byproducts To Be Produced: Including A Metallic-Highly-Toxic Mix: That "First-Responders" Were Forced To Breathe Over Many Days: The Fact That They Are Now Dying, In Record Numbers: Proves: First, That Thermate-TH3 Explosives Were Used To Demolish The Buildings; Secondly, That The Toxic Metallic Dust Breathed-In By "First-Responders" Is What Is Killing Them; And Thirdly, That The Only People With Access To Thermate-TH3, Were The U.S. Military & The CIA --Not Al-Qaeda!!!
(2) Donald Trump: Has Weathered The Storm Of Attacks By Fellow Republicans Over Muslim Bashing: We Need To Understand That It Was Not "The Donald" That Committed The Terrorist Acts Worldwide: It Was Muslims: That Murdered People: We Need To Do Something About Muslims Committing Terrorism!!! Trump Was Not Bashing Islam As A Religion: He Was Attacking Their Repeated Association With Terrorism: He Was Not Denying Them Freedom Of Religion: He Was Raising Alarms Over Their Repeated Acts Of Terrorism! Stanley Is The King Of America: He Makes The Laws Around Here: This Is Not About Religion, It Is About The Open Espousal Of Terrorism: And Not Being Held Accountable For Espousing Terrorism: This Is A Criminal Issue: These Are Real Criminal Charges That Can Be Brought Against Most Muslims: Accessory To Murder! Supporting Terrorism! Conspiracy To Commit Mass Murder! "Material Support Of A Terrorist Organization"! Openly Counseling The Commission Of Terrorism And Genocide! Most Muslim Mosques: Are Giving Safe-Haven, Acting As A "Breeding-Ground", And Offering Encouragement To Like-Minded Terrorists! Using A False Satanic Religion (Islam): To Brainwash A Crazy-Like-Minded Inferior-Ape-Race Into Mass Murdering Americans --In The Name Of Islam-- Without Any Outcry Or Protest --Except From Stanley! All He Is Asking Is For An Ultimatum To All Muslims: Renounce Terrorism Publicly, Or Go To Jail!!! If There Exists A Society Of Avowed Murderers, Who Are Actively Committing Murders In The Community (Most Muslims Openly Espouse Terrorism As A Religious Means To Solve All Their Problems --Which Is Supported By Their Crazy Prophet & Crazy Camel-God-Religion!) When A Religion Becomes Criminal, By Advocating Terrorism: We Have To Take Police Action. Don't We Have The Right To Ask Them To Publicly Renounce Their Acts Of Murder --Or Face Punishment??? In Israel: The Palestinians Openly Advocate Terrorism, Rigged Elections, & Violence, As The Only Means To Achieve Independence! They Refuse To Listen To Reason! In Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Saudi-Arabia: There Is Nothing But Repeated Acts Of Terrorism And Murders: The Common-Denominator Is Islam: The People Being Murdered Are Christians, Shiites, Kurds, Yazidis, Persians, Druze, Hindus, & Even Jews --By Sunni-Arabs! The Reason They Are Murdering Christians & Kurds: Is To Terrorize Them Into Converting To Islam: This Is Exactly How Their Insane Prophet Mohamed Converted People: Mass Terrorizing Murder! The Blame For The Spread Of Islam Has Also To Be Borne By The Weak, Pacifist, Homosexual, Garbage Religion Of Christianity: Only Hinduism Is Strong Enough To Defeat Islam And Exterminate Them As A Religion!!! The Hysterical Satanic FOX-News, Liberal Media & Democratic Attack On Donald Trump,Proves That They Are On The Side Of Terrorism: Not On The Side Of Ending Terrorism! Obama Was Born And Raised A Muslim: He Believes The Same Thing The Terrorists Believe: And Hillary Clinton Is Also Parroting Obama's Political Correctness Approach To Terrorists: Donald Trump And Ted Cruz Are Fighting Terrorists To Protect Us! They Are The Best Alternatives To Protect Americans As President!!! We Need To Have An Open Discussion On The Majority-Muslim Espousal Of Terrorism: And Put Them In Jail --If They Don't Renounce Terrorism!
December 3rd, 2015: The Mass Murders Of 14 People By Syed Farook 28, & Tashfeen Malik 27; Yesterday, In San Bernardino, CA; Does Not Mean This Is An Act Of Terrorism --Just Because They Are Muslims. Because All Muslims Behave This Way: Their Religion, (That Also Inferior-Nigger Obama Worships) Advocates And Promotes Terrorism & Violence As The Only Way To Resolve Problems --There Is No Such Thing As "Radical Islamic Terrorism" All Muslims Believe The Same Thing! Terrorism As A Tactic Of Fighting Or War: In Islam, Is NOT Radical: It Is The Majority View! For Example: In The "Hadith" Written By Their Prostitute-Fucking Prophet Mohamed, He Says, "Paradise Is Under The Shade Of The Sword!" And Mohamed Advocates The Mass Murder Of Civilians To Spread Terror And Gain Converts! To Call These Crazy Rantings Of Violence By A Madman, A Religion, Is Blasphemy! It Is The Antithesis Of Religion! The Satanic Blonde-Aryans Are Falsely Trying To Blame ISIS Or Al-Qaeda For Terrorism (With "False-Flag" Terrorist Murders Committed By The CIA (9/11, Charlie Hebdo & Paris): But They Are Just CIA-Recruited Followers Of Islam: The Common-Denominator Of Terrorism Is Not ISIS, Or Al-Nusra, Or Al-Qaeda, Or Al-Shabaab: It Is ISLAM. The Blame For These Murders Must Fall On Nigger Obama: Whose "Apology Tour", Worshipful Bowing-Down ToInferior-Race Arab-Kings: King Salman & Previously King Abdullah, Of Saudi-Arabia; The Refusal To Call "Islamic Terrorists" Islamic Terrorists, And Obama's "Respectful Reverence" Of A Devil-Possessed False-Prophet's Madman's Garbage Religion Islam, Is Why People Are Being Demonically-Energized To Commit Terrorist Acts In The Name Of Their Garbage Crazy Fanatic Apostasy Of A Religion! Obama And The Blondie System Are To Blame For Rigging That Inferior Race Incompetent Nigger Into The White House! Obama Lamely Attacked The Second Amendment: And Our Right To Bear Arms: Rather Than Blame His Own Fucking Camel-God's Religion: And The Religion Of His Interracial-Sex Bastard Father! Donald Trump Said It Best: "There's Something Going On With Him (Nigger Obama) That We Don't Know About" (That Obama Is A Muslim & Terrorist Sympathizer)! Remember This Damn Nigger Has Still Not Shown Us His "Original" Birth Certificate: Which Would Show Us His Religion Of Birth, And His Adoption By A Muslim From Indonesia!!! We Cannot Get A Handle On Terrorism, When Our POTUS Is A Low-Life Chimpanzee-Nigger-Muslim Who Is Lending Support & Sustenance To These Terroristic Insane Beliefs Of Islam: Which Results In More Terrorism & Murders Of Civilians! Make All Muslims Denounce Terrorism As a Tactic: OR GO TO JAIL --AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE TERRORISM!!! The Source Of All Terrorism Worlwide: Is That Camel-God's Religion Islam: Discredit That Child-Molester Inferior-Race Mohamed And We End Terrorism --Worldwide!!! [NOTE: The Polls Are Still Being Rigged For Crazies: The GOP Governors Need To Have Patience! Stanley Would Consider Supporting Trump For President: If He Recants On Deporting Latino Immigrants, And Building A Wall! Latinos Are Crucial To The Future Of The GOP!!! We Need To Co-Opt Latinos Into The Party, Not Reject Them, Or Insult Them. The Latinos Need To Understand That Trump Is Pandering To Blonde-Aryans Who Are Racist Against Latinos: But He Does Not Represent The GOP Or Conservatism: And Vote GOP Regardless Of Trump: In Order To Beat The Democrats: The Immigration Issue Will Workout In The Latinos Favor Eventually! Latinos Are From America: This Is Their Land: No One Can Deny That --Nobody Can Deport Them-- They Will Keep Coming Back.]
November 24th, 2015: The Death-By-Cop Of Black Teen Laquan McDonald 17, Who Was Carrying A 3-Inch Knife, And Was Shot 16 Times, With A Glock-40, ByBlondie-Aryan-Cop Jason Van Dyke 37, In Chicago Last Year (Sept. 2014); (But Only Reported On Today, (To Avoid Rioting So Soon After Michael Brown's Death On Aug. 9th, 2014.) Today Van Dyke Was Finally Charged With First Degree Murder: And Faces 20yrs To Life!): Proves That Michael Brown 18, In Ferguson, Missouri; Was Murdered By Blondie-Aryan-Cop Darren Wilson In 2014! We Are Still Waiting For Wilson To Be Charged With First Degree Murder!!!The Blonde-Aryan System & Their Puppet Nigger Rahm Emanuel, Waited One-Year To Reveal The Dash-Cam Video, Showing McDonald Being Riddled With Bullets While On The Ground! But What This Proves Is That The Blondie System Is Weak And On Its Last Legs: And Could Not Cover-Up The Murder-By-Cop Of Van Dyke, Like They Did With Wilson!!! Now Is The Time To Strike At Blondies And Destroy The System. Darren Wilson Murdered Brown In Cold Blood: Worse Than Laquan Was Murdered: Where Is The Justice For Brown??? [NOTE: There Is A Large Contingent Of Evil Within The Black Race: As Exemplified By Obama & The Democrats! Black People Must Renounce Niggers Like Obama & All Democrats: If They Want To Follow Stanley! Their Fellow Uncle-Tom & "RAT" Niggers Are The Black Peoples' Greatest Enemies! 90% Of Blacks Are Being Murdered By These Interracial-Sex-Hound "RAT" Niggers: Who Have Sold Their Souls To The Devils & Satan --Without Any Outcry Over These Black Murders! WHY IS BLACK LIFE BEING MADE SO CHEAP BY DEMOCRATS??? (Cities With The Largest Black-On-Black Murder Rates Are Mostly Democrat) Failure To Renounce Fellow Black-Rats Means You Are Useless To Stanley's Revolution!!! Kill Blondie-Cops Kill Blondie-Cops Kill Blondie Cops And Other Niggers DEAD!!!].
(2) The Shooting-Down Of The Russian SU-24 Fighter Plane By Turkey: Proves That Vladimir Putin Is A Weak Leader:Putin Needs To Obey Stanley: Adopt Hinduism As The Religion Of Russia: And Attack The Aryans In The Southern-Ukraine: And Annex It! Russia Must Build A "Land-Bridge": To Crimea, And Then To Turkey: So As To Kill Turks, In Case Of War!! All Blonde-Aryans Need To Be "Exterminated" Or Deported From Slavic & Latin Europe ---As Punishment!!!Russia Also Needs To Punish Turkey With Bombs And By Arming The Kurds, Who Are Just Waiting To Kill Turks!!! Turkey Has Oppressed The Kurds For Thousands Of Years!!!! Make No Mistake: The CIA-Aryans Shot-Down METROJET Flight 9268 Killing 224 Russians: Which Was An Act Of War! This Is A Second Act Of War: By NATO And The Aryans: Kill Blondie, Kill Blondie, Kill Blondie-Aryans  DEAD!!! 
November 12th, 2015: The Terrorist Murders Of 130 French People And 8 Terrorists In Paris Today: Proves ThatThe Policies Of Nigger Obama Are Not Working: And Something New Needs To Be Done!!! Our System In France & The U.S. Is Ruled By The Blonde-Saxon-Aryan-Neanderthal Apes: These Satanists Created Sunni-Arab ISIS, By Supplying Them With Arms To Overthrow Syria's Assad: The Blonde-Aryan CIA Committed The 9/11 Murders Of 3,000 AmericansAnd Falsely Blamed It On Osama Bin-Laden: Now They Are Using ISIS (That They Rule And Arm) To Create This Terrorist Hysteria Worldwide (The CIA Ordered The Murders Of Frenchmen And The Russian-METROJET-CRASH Killing 224 --These Paris Killings Were Perpetrated By The CIA & French Secret-Police Arabs -- Pretending To Be ISIS-- Not Real ISIS, To Get Us All Hysterical Again!) And Make Themselves Into The Solution, To A Problem, That They Themselves Created! The Solution To ISIS Is Not More CIA And Blondie-Aryan Military (That Hollande Is Proposing): We Tried That We Lost: Terrorism Has Come Back Stronger! The Solution Is We Must Destroy The Terrorist Religion Islam As A Religion: Wherever There Is Islam & Muslims: There Is Always Terrorism: (Israel, Indonesia, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi-Arabia, England, Spain Etc.) Because Mohammed Was A Terrorist! And Espoused Terrorism, Violence And Mass Murder As The Only Tactic Of War! Islam Was Spread By A Reign Of Terror, Mass Murder And Genocide Of Weak Civilians! Nigger Obama IS A MUSLIM: HE WAS BORN A MUSLIM: AND HAS NEVER RENOUNCED SATANIC ISLAM: HE WAS RIGGED INTO OFFICE TO APPEASE ISLAM: We Cannot Fight Islam With An Inferior-Race-Nigger-Muslim In Charge Of The Fight --We Cannot Have An "Apology Tour" To Terroristic Religion Islam, Or Refuse To Say The Words "Islamic Terrorist" (Like Obama Did) If We Show Respect To Islam: We Are Only Fueling Terrorism! We Must Denigrate And Show Disrespect To Islam: And Shit On Their Inferior Camel-Fucking False-Prophet: Mohamed: The Child-Molester, Mass-Murderer Of Civilians And A Devil-Possessed Lunatic-Madman That He Was. We Have To Call-Out Islam As ATerroristic Religion: And Destroy It By Converting The Middle-East Population To Hinduism --en Masse! The Persians, Christians, Kurds, Lebanese & French: Are Losing To The Inferior-Race Sunni-Arabs & Blonde-Aryans: Because They Are All Following The Inferior Race's Sunni-Arab & Semitic Jewish Religion Of Islam & "Christianity" (Which Is Judaism-Lite): They Must Convert To Stanley's Hinduism! You Cannot Defeat Satan With Satanic Religions --You Fools!!! You Defeat Islam With Hinduism!!! The French Need To Follow Stanley: Instead Of The Blonde-Aryan Socialist Satanist: Francois Hollande & Britain's Secret Police MI6 Who Rigged The French Election For Hollande (Hollande Is Of Dutch-Aryan Descent): Adopt Hinduism And A Vegan Diet: To Win Your Freedom From The Blonde-Aryans Who Rule France: Hollande Is ISIS (ISIS Was Armed By The Blonde-Aryan CIA & Saudi-Arabia): Hollande Is The Murderer: Hollande Is The Terrorist: Hollande Is The Enemy!!! Hollande And The CIA, Ordered The Murder Of French Civilians In Paris: To Give Themselves The Self-Importance: Of Then Pretending They Are Solving A Non-Existent Terrorist Problem. The REAL SOLUTION: IS IN DESTROYING NOT ONLY ISLAM: BUT THE BLONDE-ARYAN-SYSTEM AS WELL --THEY HAVE CREATED EACH OTHER TO KEEP THEMSELVES IN POWER!!! [NOTE: These So Called "ISIS" Terrorists Will Conveniently, All Be Killed Or Kept In Isolation For Life, And We Will Be Prevented From Knowing The Truth: That They Were All Working For The CIA And French Secret Police: To Murder Frenchmen! Just Like What Happened In The 9/11, 3,000 Civilian Murders By The CIA In America: Till Today: They Have Produced Zero Evidence (Except For The KSM False Confession Gained FromHorrific Rectal-Rape Torture & Repeated Sub-Lethal-Suffocations (300 Water-Boardings.) Of The Complex Logistics Of How Al-Qaeda Perpetrated The Murders, Simultaneous Complex Hijackings Of Six Jumbo-Jet Planes With Just Box-Cutters, All At The Same Time The U.S. Military Was Conducting "War Games" In NY; And With Amateur Flying Skills, And The Origin Of The Tons Of "Thermite-TH3" Explosives Used To Demolish Eight Buildings!!! If You Don't Obey Stanley They Will Keep Murdering You Like Suckers!].
November 9th, 2015: The GOP Debate In Wisconsin, Was Won By The Governors:Gov. John Kasich, Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Rand Paul & Gov. Bobby Jindal! (Although Rand Paul Never Gets The Credit For His Victories, Because Of The Satanic Bias Of The Establishment Republicans [And Satanic FOX-News] Who Falsely Label Him 'Libertarian'; And They Hate Jindal Due To Racism Against East-Indians!) Rand Paul Schooled Marco Rubio On Conservatism: "How Can You Be Conservative, When You Propose A $$One-Trillion Refundable-Tax-Credit For Children, And A $$One-Trillion Increase In Military Spending, Without Any Means To Pay For It? This Is Deficit Spending Like Obama!" (Although Rand Paul Does The Same Thing As Rubio: With His "Voodoo Economics" Of Cutting Taxes Crazily Without Matching It With Cutting Spending! And Worse: Rand Paul Is Satanically Imitating Crazy Arthur Laffer: To Cut Taxes Without Cutting Spending: And Worse: Paul Wants To Bring In A Satanic VAT Tax!) The Reason Rand Paul Is Conservative: Even Though He Refuses To Endorse Satanic Wars In The Middle-East: Is Because: Stanley Is The King Of N. America: Stanley Is The True Commander-In-Chief Of America: He Will Handle The Military Situation From Now On: We Need To Spread Hinduism And A Vegetarian Diet Upon Iranians,Christians, Persians, Kurds & Lebanese;To Win The War Against Inferior Race, Sunni Muslims (ISIS); To Win The War On Terrorism --Nothing Else Will Do. The Biggest Losers Of The Debate Were Donald "Crazy Like A Loon" Trump, And Inferior Race Nigger Carson: Trump Was Beaten Down By Gov.s: John Kasich And Jeb Bush: For His Crazy Plan To Build A Wall & Deport Eleven Million Latino Immigrants! Kasich Telling Him: "You're Only Pleasing The Democrats And Hillary With Your Crazy Racist Talk --You Cannot Logistically Deport 11 Million People --Think Of The Families Disrupted". The 11 Million Would Return Faster Than ICE & The Courts Could Deport Them --That's How Crazy Trump Is! And That's Not The Extent Of Trump's Craziness: He Insanely Believes He Can Overturn TheConstitutional Law (Supported Unanimously By SCOTUS) Of "Anchor Babies", For Illegals Born In The U.S.A.Getting Full U.S. Citizenship! And As For His Economic Crap: Putting-Up Tariffs And Forcing China To Raise Their Currency: Will Only Hurt Poor Americans: Who Will Have To Pay Higher Prices For Their "Walmart & Dollar-Shop" Made-In-China, Goods: While China Will Get The Same In $$Profits! Trump Has A "Hot" Daughter Named Ivanka Trump, And An Intelligent Son Named Don Jr.; But He Is A Crazy-Loon! As For Nigger Carson: Carson Is A Weak, Low-Energy, Cipher: He Said "He Wouldn't Break-Up The "Two-Big-To-Fail Banks" That Caused The 2007 Toxic Mortgage Collapse, Bankruptcies, And The TARP Bank-Bailout": Although He Wouldn't Bailout The Banks Either. Nigger Carson Wouldn't Even Commit To Firing Satanically Evil Jew, Janet Yellen, And Her QE: That Has Caused Us Massive Inflation In Food Prices & Suffering --Nor To Abolishing The FED!!! Carson & Trump Are Looney-Toon-Clowns That Need To Be Kicked Out Of The GOP, Before They Destroy The GOP! Gov. Bobby Jindal Won The Second Tier Debate, By Hammering Gov. Chris Christie: For "Talking About Cutting Spending, While Jindal Is The Only Politician, To Have Actually Done It". "You Have Caused NJ's Credit Rating (C.R.) To Fall Eleven Times, While I Have Caused LA's C.R. To Rise Seven Times!" "You Have Raised Taxes, Increased Spending, While I Have Actually Cut Gov't Spending And Cut The Size Of Gov't!!!" Gov. Christie Scored Points By Saying: "I Am The Only One Who Can Prosecute Hillary For Her Crimes, And Put Her In Jail"!!! John Kasich Was Winning The Debate, When He Faltered By Refusing To Vow, Not To Bailout Banks Again. The Banks Caused $$Billions Of Dollars Of Suffering For The "Working-Poor" (The Former "Middle-Class" Have Now Become "The Poor" --Because Of Obama): The Banks Used Their Monopoly On Our Deposits-Capital: To Start:  Speculating In Housing: Using Housing-Derivatives To Trade With People's Mortgages On The Stock-Market!!! (None Of The GOP  Have Admitted That Big-Banks Trading In Housing-Stock (Speculation) Caused The "Market Meltdown" Of 2007!!! [Note: The Market Meltdown Was Caused By Big Banks Speculation In Mortgage-Backed-Stocks: NOT By The Gov't's Eagerness To Lend To Low-Income Buyers --Which Is Actually A Good Thing-- As Satanic FOX-News Lies To Us. The Speculators Then Used Our Taxpayer's Dollars From "Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac" To Subsidize Their Mortgages To Speculate: And Help Them Profit: While Making Our Housing Unaffordable For The "Middle-Class-Poor". The Speculation In Mortgage-Stocks Sent The Costs Of Housing Soaring (The Greed Bubble): Beyond New-Home-Buyers Ability To Afford: Thus Sending It Crashing Down Again When The Market Collapsed From Unaffordability (Bubble Burst)! Home-Ownership Is A RIGHT --And Should Not Be An Object For Satanic Speculation In Housing: Creating Un-Affordability Hardships And Homelessness --All Speculation In Housing Must Be Banned!!! All Big Banks Must Be Broken-Up, The Glass-Steagall (1933) Law Forbidding Commercial Banks (All Unions And Hedge-Funds Should Also Be Prohibited And Banned) From Merging With Investment Banks: Should Be Reinstated And Expanded To Include Unions!!! And Leveraged Buyouts By Banks Should Also Be Banned.] Yet None Of The Banks Or Speculators In Housing, Went To Jail, Nor Went Bankrupt, And The Taxpayer Was Left Holding The Losses For Freddie Mac: Yet Kasich (And Some GOP) Want To Bail Them Out Again --Like All The Democrats!!! The Winners Of This Debate Were: Gov. John Kasich, Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Jeb Bush (On Immigration Policy), Gov. Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Rubio, & Ted Cruz. Trump & Nigger Carson Need To Get Out: And The Satanic System Need To Stop Rigging The Polls For Niggers And Racists! [NOTE: Gov. John Kasich Brought To Stanley's Attention That Rand Paul, Huckerbee, Jindal, & Ted Cruz; Want To Bring In ASatanic Value-Added-Tax (VAT) Or Consumption Tax Of 16% For Business' Goods & Services: Which Is Too Radical To Accept --NO NEW TAXES: NO SALES TAXES YOU MOTHER-FUCKERS! This Is A Disproportionate Tax On The Poor: Repeating The 2012 Election That Romney Lost: For His Insensitive Comments On The Poor! A VAT Tax Will Be Gleefully Used By Democrats To: Increase Our Taxes Every Year For More Gov't Spending: Without Protest --As VAT Is A Hidden Tax!!! Stanley Thus Is Forced To Withdraw His Support For Paul! And Transfer It To The Governors: John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal & Chris Christie (The Mature Older Folk): Because They Have More Realistic Tax Plans! The Voodoo Economics Of Arthur Laffer: Never Worked And Is Crazy: This Is Not Reagan's 1980: This Is Stanley's 2015: Cutting Taxes Without Cutting Spending Is Evil And Satanic: AND DOES NOT CREATE GROWTH: Bush Tried That: But His Running Deficits Did Not Work --And We Still Have Bush's Tax Cuts-- But No Spending Cuts!!! The Reason It Worked For Reagan: Is That We Were Still Naive Enough To Believe That Reagan's Plan To Pass A Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) To The Constitution: Would Be Implemented Eventually! First George H.W. Bush Satanically Repealed TheGramm-Ruddman Act (1985) In 1990; Which Would Have Kept Budgets Balanced By Force! Then Bill Clinton Satanically Vetoed The BBA Bill In 1994, 1995 & 1996: He Destroyed That Dream Of Reagan's, And Eventually The Economy! The Repeal Of The Glass-Steagall (1933) Act By Bill Clinton Also Caused The 2007 Mortgage-Stock Meltdown!!! All Economic Reform Must Begin With A BBA --Otherwise History Will Repeat Itself. We Don't Want To Do The Hard Work To Balance The Budget: So That The Democrats Can Spend Us Into Massive Debt Again --And Again Destroy The Economy!] 
(2) In A 2-1 Decision: The Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals: Upheld The Injunction Of Texas Judge Andrew Hanen, On Nigger Obama's Illegal "Executive Action" On Immigration --Making It Permanent! This Means That The Justices Believed That Nigger Obama's Executive Order Would Cause Serious Financial Harm To The 26 States Pursuing The Injunction: And Stops Nigger Obama From Writing His Own Law! This Is What Was Expected, Based On The Constitution: Only A Dumb As An Ape-Chimp Nigger Like Obama Cannot Seem To Grasp Our American Constitution: Because All Niggers Are Of An Inferior Race And Obdurately Dumb! Look You Nigger-Ape-Scum: You Cannot Make Law By Executive Action --You Dumb Nigger-Monkey: Just Like The Satanic Supreme Court Overreached By Illegally Making Homosexual Law & Obamacare Law By Judicial Fiat Last Year! America Has A Constitution: Only The Legislature Can Make Law! Like TheLow-Life That Obama Is: He Could Not Accept Defeat Gracefully: He Has Defiantly, Stridently Appealed To The SCOTUS: But That Appeal Is Unlikely To Be Heard For A Long Long Time: As This Ruling Is Constitutionally Clear-Cut. Obama Is A Criminal By Nature: Chimpanzees Have No Morals: Obama Is Literally A Chimpanzee By Blood (Blacks Mate With Chimpanzees --It Is A Fact)!!! That Explains Why: You Cannot Take The Ghetto Out Of A Nigger: That Is Why A Nigger Must Never Again Be Allowed Into High Office: They Are Apes From The Jungle: They Will Rule Like Chimps On Crack (Obama Smokes Crack Cocaine And Has Homosexual Sex In The W.H.)! Blacks Commit 80% Of All Violent Crime, While Comprising Only 13% Of The Population: Obama Is A Criminal By Blood: It Is The Reason His W.H. Is SoCriminally Corrupt: Witness How He Let Hillary Clinton: Withhold, Redact, Delete, Hide, Lie, Endanger "Top Secret" Intelligence, Expose National Security Documents To Chinese Hacking, Perjure Herself: And Not Get Prosecuted By A Nigger DOJ Like Obama & Loretta Lynch! Witness How Lois Lerner & The IRS, Were Allowed By Obama To Lie That Her Hard Drive Was Destroyed, And When Her Emails Were All Recovered: Again Let The IRS Withhold Her Incriminating Emails: And No One Got Prosecuted By A Nigger DOJ --(Obama Saying "There's Not A Smidgen Of Corruption In The Lerner IRS" --To FOX-News)! Witness How Nigger Eric Holder Lied To Congress: And Had His Emails Withheld From Congress, By Obama's Lying "Executive Privilege" Cover-Up!!! Niggers Are Of An Inferior Race: Niggers Have The Morals Of Chimpanzees: They Must Never Be Allowed Into Higher Office!! And Nigger Obama & Satanically Corrupt Hillary Need To Go To Jail!!!
November The 4th, 2015: The Democratic Party And Their Satanic Ideology Suffered A Massive Defeat Yesterday: In John Kasich's Ohio: The Referendum To Legalize Marijuana Was Defeated Resoundingly 54%-36%: Despite Lies By The Satanic Media That "The Liberals Have Won That THC Debate!" Stanley Is The King Of America: He Makes The Law Around Here: People Who Smoke Marijuana, Must Go To Jail Or Be Treated: Until They Are Cured! The Satanic Nigger Obama Is Instead Releasing Niggers Like Him, Early From Jail For Drug Offenses Like Marijuana! Nigger Obama Is A Self-Admitted Drug-Addict & Faggot: Who Smokes THC In The White House Nobody Voted For Him: It Was All Rigged!!! InRand Paul's Kentucky: Matt Bevin Won A Historic 53%-44% Gubernatorial Victory; That The Rigged Polls Had Him Losing 45%-39%, Before The Vote! The Blonde-Neanderthal-Ape System: Is Rabidly Devil-Possessed And Satanic: And HaveBeen Rigging The Elections For Democrats Since 1996's Bill Clinton!!! Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary, Nigger-Faggot Obama: Never Won Any Elections: They Were All Rigged: To Put Evil Crazy Drug-Addicted Liberals Into The White House! But When The Outrage Reaches A Crescendo: The Blonde-Apes Are Forced To Let Real Conservatives Win  Elections!!! The Outrage At Inferior-Race Nigger Obama: Has Reached Such Crescendo Levels: The Blonde-Aryan-Apes Were Forced To Give Back Power To The People In Kentucky! In Ted Cruz's Texas: The LGBT Homosexuals Suffered A Resounding Defeat: When Their Referendum On Unisex Washrooms Was Defeated! Homosexuals Are Hated By Everyone --Because They Are All Child-Molesters!: They Have Been Shoved Down Our Throats By Blondie-Neanderthal-Apes (Via The Satanic Courts!): Blonde-Aryan-Neanderthals Are All Devil-Possessed Homosexuals As An Entire Race: To Defeat Homosexuality: We Need To Exterminate Blondie Neanderthal Apes From The Americas!!! In America: Hillary Is Now Losing To All GOP Candidates On A National Level: Carson Beats Her 50%-40%; Rubio 47%-41%; Cruz 45%-42%; Jeb Bush 45%-42%; Rand Paul $44%-$41%; Only Trump Loses Because He Is Hated By Latinos!!! Hillary's Lies: Her Felony Criminal Acts: Have Caught-Up With Her: She Can Lie And Be Coddled By Satanic CNN & Satanic Liberal FOX-News (FOX Is Actually A Satanic Liberal Station That Is Sabotaging The Conservatives At Every Turn: By Their Racist Hatred Of Latino Immigrants And Blind Support Of Every War!): But Hillary Can't Fool The American People!!! The Problem With Inferior-Race Carson: Is He Is An Inferior-Race Nigger Like Obama: Black People Are Incapable Of BeingConservative: Because They Are AnInferior Race: The Polls Are BEING RIGGED: The Real Leaders Are Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christie And Bobby Jindal --Not Another Inferior Nigger Like Carson, Or A Crazy Racist Latino Hater Like Trump!!! 
November The 3rd, 2015: The Crash Of Russian METROJET Flight 9268, On An Airbus A321, Which Mysteriously Broke Into Pieces Mid-Air, At 30,000 Feet, (Beyond The Range Of Terrorists) Killing All 224 People On-Board In The Sinai: "Was Not Caused By A Technical Fault" (Say The Russians): But By An Outside Agency --Most Likely The CIA! A U.S. Intelligence Satellite Detected A "Heat Flash" (With Infrared Ray Detectors) At The Moment The Plane  Went Down:Which Supports A Bomb (Or External Missile Explosion) As The Most Likely Cause Of The Crash!!! The Plane Has An Eight Mile Debris Circular-Spread Range: Proving It Exploded In Mid-Air --With Such Force That The Debris Field Went In All Directions: And The Plane's Body Did Not Survive Intact: Proving A Massive Explosive-Device Was The Cause! Stanley Believes It Was The U.S.-CIA That "Placed A Bomb While In Egypt's Sinai Airport" Or Shot-Down With A American Missile, The Russian Plane As Retaliation, For The Ukrainian Rebels Shooting-Down A Malaysian Airlines Plane In Ukraine, With A BUK Missile, Last Year; And The Russian Intervention In Syria!!! It Is Now More Highly Suspected That A Bomb Was Placed Aboard The Luggage-Hold, While In Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport; Thus Egypt Cannot Be Trusted To Do The Investigation: This Is An Act OfWAR By Egypt & The CIA: Russia Must Now Bomb Egypt And The CIA To Avenge The Deaths Of Its Citizens!!!
  [Note: The U.S.-CIA Is Now Reluctantly Blaming ISIS Because The CIA Now Know They Are Now The Prime Suspects! (TheCIA Had First Said It Was Not A Terrorist Attack; But Poor Airplane Maintenance By Russians! Why The Sudden Shift?) ButTHIS CANNOT BE ISIS: Because If ISIS Could Gain Access To Egyptian Airport Security: They Would Have Bombed An Israeli Or U.S. Airline: Russia Is Not Yet On Their Radar: Secondly: The Bomb That Exploded The Plane Had To Be Massive:Only The CIA Has The Technology And The Means To Deliver Such A Massive Bomb, To The Sinai, Undetected By The Military, And Airport Security! This IS THE CIA And El-Sissi's Egypt: Who Have Military Control Of That Region (Sinai) --Not ISIS! Who Are Very Weak: Facing Multiple Airplane Bombings, And Are Pinned-Down In Iraq!]  
October 28th, 2015
: HEALTH BULLETIN: The WHO Has Released A Long-Delayed (Due To A Satanic Cover-Up By Blonde-Aryans) But Damning Report: Warning That Red Meat And Processed Meat Causes CANCER: "The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), has evaluated the carcinogenicity of the consumption of red meat and processed meat; It Says: RED MEAT: Consumption of red meat has long been linked to the development of certain types of cancer. Now scientists believe they’ve found the culprit behind red meat’s carcinogenic effects.A new study reports that a sugar molecule found in the flesh of beef, lamb and pork could be triggering an immune response in humans that causes inflammation, which ultimately contributes to tumor growth. Long-term exposure to this sugar in mice caused a five-fold increase in their chances of developing cancer.

Not So Sweet Animal-Sugar! Humans are the only carnivores that face an increased risk of cancer as a result of eating red meat, but no one really knew why. Although there’s an abundance of theories attempting to explain red meat’s ill effects, concrete evidence is still in short supply.Researchers decided to focus on a single animal-sugar molecule, called Neu5Gc, that has been found in high levels in cancerous tissues but isn’t produced by the human body – indicating that it comes from our diet. Neu5Gc is naturally produced in most mammals, but humans are the exception. When researchers measured the amount of Neu5Gc in various foods, they found that red meat had especially high levels. Beef, bison, pork and lamb had the greatest amount of the sugar. Poultry, fish (with the exception of caviar), Grains, vegetables and fruits lacked Neu5Gc And Therefore Do Not Cause Cancer In This Manner!!! Testing Neu5Gc Researchers suspected that the immune system could be to blame, launching antibodies against the sugar whenever humans ate it. That could cause chronic inflammation, a known contributor to cancer." Processed Meats: They Also Concluded That Red Meat Is More Widely Consumed World-Wide And Is Thus The Bigger Threat For Cancer: But That The Consumption Of A 50 gram Daily Portion Of Processed Meat Gives An 18% Increase In The Rate Of Colon Cancer (But Also Prostrate Cancer & Pancreatic Cancer!!) In Humans!!! But This Study Is Actually UNDERSTATING THE DANGER, And It Was Suppressed For Many Years, By The Blonde-Devil-Possessed Satan-Worshiping Aryans In Order To Murder Us By Genocide!!!! The Blonde-English-Aryan-Apes Are Not Humans; But Are Descended From Neanderthal APES: We Know That Neanderthal Apes Were Exclusively Carnivorous: Thus It Is The Aryan-Apes Wish To Imitate Their Neanderthal Cousin's Red-Meat Diet, And Worship Satan In Every Way: Which Makes Them Follow The Satanic Apes: To Genocidally Murder Us Humans: That Is Why We Must Exterminate Saxon-Aryans From The Americas!!! Stanley Has Been Preaching Hinduism (Sanatana DAma) And A Vegan Diet For Many Many Years: Cancer Is Not The Only Death Effect From Red Meat, Beef And Milk: Beef Causes Arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease, Heart-Attacks And Strokes: And Milk Causes Diabetes (From An Auto-Immune Response To Milk Protein!): All Which Kills Far More People Than The Cancer, But These Studies Have Been Suppressed By Blondie-Aryans In Order To Murder And Genocide Us!!! What All These Studies Fundamentally Prove: Is That Human-Beings Were Not Meant To Eat Red Meat: Because Only Humans Have An Immune Response To Red Meat, Beef And Milk: To The Point Of Death --While Other Mammals Do Not!!!
(2) The GOP Debate Yesterday, Was Supposedly Won By Marco Rubio, For Saying: "Last Week Hillary Proved To The American People, That She Was A Liar! She Blamed The Video For The Deaths In Benghazi, Talking To The American People; While She Was Telling The Egyptian PM, That It Was Not The Video: It Was An Al-Qaeda Type Group! Hillary Clinton's Biggest SuperPac Is The Mainstream Media: The Media Said Last Week, Was The Greatest Week Of Her Campaign --Even Though She Was Caught Lying." "The Mainstream Media Have A Double-Standard For Democrats, They Coddle Hillary; While They Are Attacking Conservative Groups"! The Problem With Rubio Is He Is Too Weak On Amnesty: He Gave In To The Devil-Possessed Nutbars On FOX-News: On Amnesty! The Border Can Never Ever Be "Secured": It Just Loses Us Votes To Talk This Delusion! Thousands Of Decent Latinos Die Each Year Crossing The Border: Making It Tougher To Cross, Only Means More Latinos Will Die!!! And More Will Come To Replace Them. Stanley Is The King Of N. America: As King He Orders Latinos To Come, To Help Him Overthrow The Blonde-English-Aryan System!!! Embrace The Revolution: Stop Talking About The Border: Talk About Amnesty For Latinos ---And Deportation For Blondie Devil-Possessed Satanic English-Aryans From The Americas!!! Trump Has Peaked, Carson In Of An Inferior Race Like Obama; It Is Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, John Kasich And Perhaps Bobby Jindal; That Are Real Candidates: Trump Is A Side-Show: That Cannot Win A General: Because He Is Hated By Latinos: (Who Rule The Western States!) The "Blondie Crazies" Caused Mitt Romney To Destroy The GOP Last Time, With His Racist Hatred For Latinos!
October 22nd, 2015: The Testimony Under-Oath, By Hillary Clinton Was Lies, All Lies, Nothing But Lies, Contempt Of Congress, Perjury And A Mockery Of Justice! (1) Hillary Blatantly Lied When She Said She Had Handed-Over All Her Emails: In Fact There Were A Proven 20 Sidney Blumenthal Emails The Committee Had Caught Her Withholding --Where Hillary Aggressively Lied About How They Somehow Just Disappeared! In Fact It Was The Benghazi Committee's Request For Emails That Discovered Hillary Was Conducting All Her Gov't Business On A Personal Email Account And Personal Server: She Then Chose To Delete 33,000 Of Those Emails (She Lied Were Personal --But They Couldn't Be Personal Because She Had A Separate Personal Email Account On Her Server!), And Release Only 55,000 To The State Dept. (Who Then Further Deleted And Redacted Those Emails For National Security & Political Reasons --And At A Snail's Pace-- Obstructing The Committee's Work! The Committee Has Still Not Received All The Edited Emails!). Hillary Then Lied In March, 2015: That She Had"Destroyed Her Personal Server"; When The Server Was Subject To Several Legally Binding Subpoenas! Even After The FBI Had Retained Possession Of Her Server, She Was Still Lying That She Had "Scrubbed" Her Server --Because The Obama State-Dept. Were Planning On Deleting Her Emails For Her: And Telling Us She Had "Scrubbed" Them!! Finally The FBI Executed A Search Warrant And Confiscated Her Server, And A "Backup" Server: And Electronically Retrieved All The Deleted Emails! These Behaviors Of Hillary's Are ALL FELONIES!!! The Only Reason She Isn't In Jail Is That We Have ALow-Life-Inferior-Race Nigger-Ape For A President: That Isn't Prosecuting Her For Blatant Lies, Perjury And Obstruction Of Justice! (2)Hillary Lied That She Never Received A Single Of The 600 Desperate Phone, Cable & Email Pleas "For More Security" From The Benghazi Consulate & Ambassador Stevens! The Reason She Is Lying Is That She Did Receive Those Requests: But Her Response Was Incompetent! Hillary Acquiesced To Political Pressure From Obama, The (TLC) Libyan Transitional Council And Ultimately Her Own Decision: Not To Put American Soldiers On The Ground: So She Hired Local Security (Called "17th February Matyrs Brigade") To Guard The Consulate --And Removed The 300 U.S. Marines Who Used To Perform Security For The Consulate --This Hillary 'Political Correctness' Is What Caused The Deaths!! The Decision To Remove The Marines, Was A Political Decision --Not A Security Decision, Because It Actually Made Security Weaker-- And Had To Have Been Made By Hillary And Obama!!! The Blame Lies With Hillary: Because That Local Militia, ("17th February") Simply Fled Or Joined In, When Ansar-Al-Sharia Attacked: Resulting In Four U.S. Deaths!!! In Fact The Last Email From Sean Smith To His "Gaming" Friends An Hour Before The Attack, Said, “Assuming we don’t die tonight. We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures.” Smith's Own "Security" Were Taking Photos Of The Consulate's Compound, And Relaying Them To Al-Qaeda! Smith Knew An Attack Was Imminent And They Were Sitting Ducks There, With Zero Security --And Had Also Complained To Hillary About Security. In The Days Following The Deaths In Sept. 2012: Hillary Accepted Full Responsibility For The Inadequate Security And The Deaths: But Is Now Lying That She Had Nothing To Do With Security!!! (3)Hillary Lied That She Never Received A Single Email From Her Personal Friend, Ambassador Chris Stevens (Because She Had Withheld Or Deleted Them All: Steven's Emails Would Be The Most Damaging To Her: She knew The CIA Were "Running Guns" To The Opposition (TLC) Party; And That Stevens Did Ask Her For More Security In Those Deleted Emails!!! Hillary's Culpability InInadequate Security Would Be Proven From Those Deleted & Withheld Emails: That's Why She Deleted Them! (4) Hillary Lied About The Reason There Were ~90% Less Emails In 2012 (65), Versus In 2011 (795): She Let The DumbCommittee Member Susan Brooks (R-IN); To Falsely Assume, (Without Even Asking Hillary Why!) That Hillary Was Less Interested In Libya In 2012 (This Was A Stupefyingly Dumb False Conclusion By Brooks, That Bailed Hillary From Having To Explain Why, Because: 2012 Was Just When Things Were Heating-Up, Gaddafi Had Fallen, The CIA Were Heavily Involved In Training An Intelligence Network, The CIA Were Gun-Running, Security Was Inadequate, And Al-Qaeda Was Running-Amok: There Should Have Been More Emails In 2012-- Not Less) The Real Reason For Only 65 Released Emails In 2012: Was That Hillary Had Withheld Or Deleted Most Of The Emails From 2012 To Cover-Up The Truth Of Her Lax Security! Further Proof: In The Three Months Following

Sept. 11th, 2012: There Are ZERO Emails Released By The State Dept. & Hillary!!! Obviously This Was The Most Incriminating Period For Obama & Hillary! (5) Hillary Continued To Lie That The Benghazi Attack Was Due To AYou-Tube Internet Video --Even When Caught In The Lie By An Email To The Egyptian PM On Sept. 12th, 2012: Saying, "We Know The Attack In Libya Had Nothing To Do With The Film, It Was An Al-Qaeda Type Group That Attacked"; And She Sent A Similar Email To Her Daughter, Chelsea! Hillary Stuck To Her Lie To Advance A False Political Narrative That "Al-Qaeda Has Been Defeated And That Libya Was A Success" For The Nov. 2012 Election! Hillary Then Lied To Sean Smith's Family That She "Would "Get" The People Who Made The Video": (Instead Of Going After Al-Qaeda) Patricia Smith (Sean's Mother) Says, "Hillary Lies, She's Not Telling The Truth, She Is A Congenital Liar"! And In Fact An Innocent Egypt-Born Coptic Christian, Basseley Youssef, The Producer Of The Film, Was Jailed By Obama's DOJ For Over A Year: Denying Him The Right To Freedom Of Speech; All To Justify This False Satanic Political Narrative!!! And Today Libya Is In A State Of Total Anarchy! (6) Hillary Lied That She Had No Knowledge ThatThe CIA (Directly Or Indirectly) Were Running Guns To The Libyan Opposition Party (TLC) Which Would Antagonize The Rival Ansar-Al-Sharia Faction, And Lead To The Attack On The Embassy And CIA Annex! Her Denial Was Not Clear --It Was A Nuanced Lie: Like Bill's: "It Depends On What Your Definition Of 'Is', Is"! The "Gun-Running" Gave Hillary A "Cover" For Her Own Crimes: Because The CIA Has An Equal Interest In Keeping Those Emails (On Releasing Qaddafi's Captured Weapons Stockpiles To The TLC Party) Secret --Based On National Security! But The Crime Of Incompetent Security Accrues Only To Hillary --Not Necessarily The CIA! (7) Hillary Lied That 90% Of Her Gov't Emails Were "Captured" By The State Dept.'s "" Or "Dot.Gov" Email Archive System: When Chairman Trey Gowdy, Proved To Her That Less Than 1% Were "Captured"; And That She Was Withholding 99% Of Her Emails, And Had Failed To Hand Over All Her Gov't Emails For Six Years, Under FOIA And The Records Act, A Federal Law --Which Is A Felony! (8) Hillary Blatantly Lied That No Emails On Her Server Contained National Security Information: In Fact In April Of 2015, Hillary Said: "I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material. So I'm certainly well-aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material."!!! But In Sept. 2015: Hillary Retracted, Now Saying: "I Had No Documents Marked 'Classified', On My Server"! Which Also Has Already Been Disproved By The CIA's IG From An Independent Analysis Of A Random Sampling Of 100 Of Her 55,000 Volunteered Emails! Plus She Has Destroyed A Further 33,000 Emails That Have Just Now Been Recovered By The FBI --And Would Certainly Contain Even More Sensitive Info --That Would Have Caused Her To Attempt To Delete Them, In The First Place, To Cover-Up Her Criminality!!! Expert Analysts Estimate That At Least 50% Of The Information Hillary Dealt With As Secretary Of State, Would Involve Classified Information!!! The Reason Hillary Was So Aggressive In Her Lies: Is That These Are All Crimes She Is Lying About: She Faces Long Stretches In Prison! But She Expects The Low-Life-Nigger Obama Regime: Their State-Dept., DOJ, & Democratic Party: Will Delete All Her Confiscated Emails For Her: And That We Will Never Know The Truth --And She Will Get-Away-With-It-- No!!! She Must Be Made To Pay For Her Crimes!!! There Now Must Be A New Congressional Committee Empaneled (Trey Gowdy Is Too Weak And Ass-Licking To Niggers Elijah Cummings!! Niggers Need To Be Treated Like The Inferior-Race-Apes That They Are!!! Trey Gowdy Is Stupidly Believing All The Lies Of Hillary And Obama's Nigger Administration: That Are Withholding & Redacting Emails From His Committee To Cover-Up The Truth!) A New Congressional Subpoena For All Her Gov't & Personal Emails And For Her Personal Server; Needs To Be Issued: Since The FBI Has Now Retrieved Her Deleted Emails --That She Tried To Destroy! There Needs To Be An Independent FBI Investigation, And Independent Prosecutor Appointed, And An Independent Judge Appointed To Oversee That All The Emails Are Being Justifiably Redacted Or Withheld By The Nigger Obama: And To Investigate Her Withholding, Destroying Emails And Attempting To Destroy Her Server, Trying To Destroy Evidence: Which Is Obstruction Of Justice;Knowingly Removing Or Housing Classified Information At An "Unauthorized Location", Contempt Of Congress, And Dereliction Of Duty (i.e. Failing To Provide Adequate Security Despite Repeated Pleas: Resulting (In The Deaths Of Four Americans!) And Committing Blatant And Repeated Perjury Against The American People!!! The GOP Benghazi Committee Members Were Weak & Incompetent, In Not Attacking A "Felon" Hillary: And Allowed CRIMINALLY CORRUPT Democratic Party Members To Run Interference On All Hillary's Questioning: The Democratic Party Members Are Guilty Of Harboring A Felon: And Must All Go To Jail Like Hillary Must!!!
October 21st, 2015: The Satanic Decision By VP Joe Biden, Not To Seek The Presidency Of The U.S., Was Made By Nigger Barack Obama --And Not Biden! Up Till A Week Ago, Biden Had The Support Of Obama, To Run; But Obama Threw His Support To Hillary, Because She Was The Most Devil-Possessed And Satanic --Like Obama! Hence The Sudden Flip-Flop By Hillary On Keystone (She Obviously Had Made A Deal With Obama, To Stop Biden From Running, In Exchange For Dropping Keystone). Although Hillary Is A Weaker, Hated Candidate: She Has A Trump Card: She Is More Evil & Satanic: The System Is More Likely To Rig The Election For Hillary, Than For Biden, (Like They Did For Obama & Bill Clinton) Because Biden Is More Anti-War Than Hillary! Secondly: Last Week Hillary Started Cackling Gleefully About The Emails & "Servers" Which She Had Tried To Destroy: Which Is A Felony: She Was Obviously Told By Obama, That The DOJ Will Not Pursue An Independent Investigation, Prosecution Or Charges: That Is Why She Was Laughing So Demonically, At The Coddled Democratic Debate:THE FIX WAS IN! Hillary Will Sell Her Soul To The Devil (Like Nigger Obama) To Win Election: She Will Lie, Perjure Herself, Commit Murder, Go To War, Raise Our Taxes, Spend Us To Bankruptcy: Increase The Debt: The American People Will Be The Biggest Losers. 
October 14th, 2015: The Evil Liberal CNN Debate Was A Satanic Biased Sham In Favor Of FELONY CRIMINAL Hillary Clinton And Very Boring: Anderson Cooper Is An Admitted Homosexual, A Liberal, An Opinionator, A Democrat (Not A Moderator): He Refused To Ask Any Tough Questions Of Hillary. For Example: Anderson Coddled Clinton, By Pointedly Refusing To Ask Her "Do Black Lives Matter?", Even Though He Asked All The Other Candidates, And All Answered "Yes" --Hillary Refused To Answer! Anderson Let Clinton Laugh And Laugh Satanically Possessed By Devils (Devil-Possessed People Laugh Incessantly) And Ramble On-And-On Without Interruption: With A "Rigged Audience" Bussed In By The Democrats& Hillary's Campaign --Who Applauded Her Uproariously At Every Utterance, In A Clearly Rigged Way! But There Is A Clear Corruption, Deception & Lies: That Evil Hillary Is Telling The People: Hillary Was The Only Democratic Candidate To State That She Is Still In Favor Of The Repeal Of The Glass-Steagall Act (1933), In 1999; Which Caused The "Financial Meltdown" Of 2007; Because Her Husband Had Repealed Glass-Steagall!!! The Repeal Of Glass-Steagall By The Clintons (Hillary Supported It); permitted Wall Street investment banking firms to gamble with their Massive Amounts Of Depositors' Money that was held in affiliated Commercial Banks & By Big Unions Monopoly Pension Funds: Which Allowed Them To Reap Obscene Profits With Their Monopoly On Capital, At The Expense Of: The People, Smaller Businesses, Hapless Employees Who Were "Takenover & Downsized", The Small Individual Investor, Low-Income Homeowners Holding Mortgages (Because The Clintons Created A Satanic "Speculation In Housing" Bubble); But Also Risked Small Depositors' Savings If The Markets Collapsed --Like In 2007-- But Then Satanic Jews, Henry Paulson, Obama & Ben Bernanke Bailed Out The Banks, Wall-Street & The Unions!!! This Proves That Hillary Is Not A Bernie Sanders' Type, Peoples' Democrat; But Is In Favor Of Wall Street, Leveraged-Takeovers, Predatory Takeovers, Monopolies, Big Unions And Big Banks --She Is Lying To Us! The Reason Washington Is So Corrupt: Is That They Have Been Bought-Off By Wall-Street: (Donald Trump States He Has Bribed Hundreds Of Politicians, And That "The Whole System Is Corrupt") Hillary Is The Worst Offender: With Her And Bill, Reaping $$$$Billions For Her "Clinton Foundation", And For Speaking Fees (For Pay-For-Play, Quid-Pro-Quo! Corruption) The Real Reason She Flip-Flopped On "The Keystone Pipeline": Is That They (Canadian Gov't & Keystone) Bribed Her & Her Husband With $$$$Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars: Thus Initially She Released A Report From The State Dept. Saying: "She Sees No Environmental Risk To Keystone"; But Now Is Backtracking Because It Is Now Clearly Seen As A Bribe, Or Maybe She Has Made A Deal With Obama, Or It Is Widely Unpopular Among Democrats, And Proves Her Obvious Corruption. Unlike The Satanic Democrats Who Are Corrupt And Lying To The People: Stanley Had Proposed A Cure To This Rip-Off Of The People, By: Forcing The Breakup Of All Big Banks, Outlawing All Unions, Especially Gov't Unions, Abolishing The "Fed" & Wall Street's Corruption-Prone Stock-Market, By Eliminating Corporations & Unions, For Privately Owned Companies; And Forcing A "Gold Standard" To Prevent Printing Money: And The Massive Inflation We Have Now --All Because Of Nigger Inferior-Race Obama!!! The GOP Are Far Greater Champions Of The People: Because They Recognize: That The Government Rips-Off The People Far Worse Than Big Business: It Was The Gov't That Bailed-Out The Big Banks & Unions: It Was The Obama Gov't That Printed Money To Prop-Up Wall-Street, Creating Inflationary Suffering For The Poor: It Was The Gov't ThatRigged The Elections For Inferior-Race Nigger Obama: It Was The Gov't That Committed 9/11, Murdering 3,000 People, To Murder 15 Million Civilians In Iraq, Afghanistan & N. Korea (Which Hillary Supported): It Was The Gov't That Passed The "Patriot Act" (That Hillary Supports) Allowing The NSA To Spy On Us: It Is The Democrats That Want To Increase The Size Of Gov't: It Is The Democrats That Want To Increase Our Taxes, Increase Gov't Spending On Satanic Quack Healthcare (Obamacare): Increase Our Debt And Interest On The Debt That Your Children Will Have To Pay For: It Is The Democrats That Want To Lie To Us About The Satanically False Theory Of "Global Warming", To Force Lethally Toxic Nuclear Power On Us --And Eliminate Safe, Fuel-Efficient Coal & Diesel Energy!!! Our Government Is A Satanically Evil Blonde-English-Aryan Police State: And The Democrats Are A Satanically Evil Party!!! The Best Overall GOP Candidate Is Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee & Jeb Bush --But He Needs To Renounce His Psycho Brother G.W. Bush; And Boldly Grant All Latinos Amnesty (Forget About "Securing The Border") --To Win! The Problem With The GOP Is We Don't Have A News Outlet: FOX-News Is A Satanic Evil News Station That Loses Us Votes By Their Satanic Hatred Of Latinos, Supporting Endless Wars: And Allowing Demon-Possessed Democrats More Time On Their Shows Than Conservatives. They Don't Have A Single Latino On Their Stations; While Filled With Blonde-Aryan, Jew And Black Satanists That Are Not Conservative --And Lose Every Argument To Nigger & Jew Liberals; Who Are Allowed To Talk Endlessly! If FOX-News Had Coddled The GOP Candidates: Rand Paul And Jeb Bush Would Be Trouncing Democrats In The Polls: Instead The Demonic "Bimbo"-Bitch Megyn Kelly & Bret Baier Were Attacking The GOP In A Virulent Manner --Instead Of Attacking Hillary & The Democrats With Their Questions!!!

October 7th, 2015: Breaking News: It Is Looking Like Felony Charges Against Hillary Are Inevitable: The FBI Have Seized Four State Dept. Servers Looking For The Email Trail For "Classified Emails" Found On Hillary's Server --To Possibly Determine Where The Classified Emails Originated. The Reason This Is Damning For Hillary: Is That Obama's DOJ & State Dept. Have Criminally Obstructed Her Prosecution, As They Are The Most Criminally Corrupt Administration In History --Being Low-Life Niggers! Once The FBI Seizes Evidence Directly: The Obama Admin., Cannot Criminally Obstruct Justice Anymore --By Pretending Hard-Drives Were Destroyed Or Redacting Emails; Like They Did With Lois Lerner, Eric Holder & Tried To Do With Hillary! Secondly: It Has Been Announced That There Is An Heretofore Undisclosed, Back-Up Server Held By Datto Inc., A Connecticut IT Firm, Hired By Platte River Networks, Who Held Hillary's Original Server --And Lied About The Existence Of Datto Inc. This Is Damning To Hillary Because Datto Inc. Is Saying: "That Hillary Told Them To Cut Out (Delete) The Backed-Up Emails Older Than 30 Days!", Saying Further, "It's Starting To Look Shady, The Stuff That's Going On Here, We Should Hold On To All The Back-Ups, And The FBI Will Think Of Us A Whole Lot Better"! This Is The First Time That Culprits Involved In The Destruction Of Emails Are Actually Cooperating With The Police Investigation & Prosecution --And Not Trying To Cover-Up The Crime, Like Obama's DOJ And State Dept. Were! Telling Datto Inc. To Destroy Emails After The FBI, The Courts, Congress & Committees Had Put A "Preservation Hold" On All Of Hillary's Emails, Is A Felony: Called Obstruction Of Justice! There Is Now 100% Full-Proof Evidence Of Felony Criminality! Thirdly: It Has Been Found That Datto Inc. Was Vulnerable To Hackers: There Is Direct Evidence That Datto's Servers Were Hacked By Hackers In China, Romania, Germany & S. Korea: Which Means "National Security" Was Compromised; As Hillary Stored Sensitive Classified Emails On Her Server!!! This Forces The FBI To Lay Charges! 
October 2nd, 2015: That Fucking Nigger Obama: Is Attacking The Second Amendment Again, As A Diversion Of His Guilt In The Mass-School Shootings (10 Dead 10 Wounded) By A Mentally-Ill Mixed-Race Nigger Chris Harper Mercer 26, In Oregon; And The Rise In Mass Murders Under His Presidency: Obama's Lawless Reign Is Causing An Increase In Crime & Craziness By Niggers: (As Stanley Had Predicted!) Obama Is More Mentally-Ill And Crazy Than Mercer, Yet He Is Running This Country --He Needs To Be Locked-Up For The Sake Of America!!! The Real Reason Mercer Murdered Those Students: Is Because He Is A Product Of Interracial Sex With A Nigger And A Blond-Blue-Eyed English-Aryan: (See The Crucifixion) All Interracial Sex, Especially With Aryans Causes Mental-Illness. Mercer's Hero Was Vesper Flanagan, The Nigger-Faggot (Like Obama) Who Murdered Two TV-News Reporters Last Month! We Now Know That Homosexual-Nigger Vesper Flanagan Was A Hero Of This New-Mass-Murderer-Nigger Chris Mercer; And They Are Both Interracial-Mixed-Race Niggers Like Obama! Instead Of Defending Himself For Being A Similar Nigger Like Mixed-Race Murderer Mercer: Instead Of Defending Himself For The Record 62 Murders And Another 303 Shot, In His Hometown Chicago Last Month, And A Record 397 Murders So Far This Year, Up 46% YoY: Instead Of Defending Himself For The Astronomical 80% Of All Violent Crime Rate By Niggers (With Just 13% Of The Pop'n.) Under His Presidency: Obama The Faggot-Nigger Is Attacking Law-Abiding White People! And Trying To Take Away Our Guns!!! Obama Commits Mass Murder Everyday Using Drone Strikes On Civilians: Obama Murdered His Homosexual Lovers: Donald Young, Nate Spencer & Larry Bland: This Is 100% Proof That All Niggers Of Interracial Sex Are Crazy, Mentally-Ill & Mass Murderers! That Is Why We Must Bring Back Segregation, And Anti-Miscegenation Laws Against Both Blond-Aryans As Well As Niggers This Time!!! The Blonde-English-Aryans Rigged The Elections To Put Their Fellow Nigger-Ape Into The W.H.; The Blondies Are The Only Race Inferior Enough To Believe That Niggers Are Equal To White-Humans --They Deserve Each Other! [Note: In "The Crucifixion": Stanley Explains That: There Is A Causation For All Mental Illness (MI) And For Mass School Shootings! All Mental Illness (MI) Is Caused By: (a) Interracial Sex, Especially With Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Aryans; The Astronomical Rise In Black Crime And Destruction Of The Black Family: Is Interracial Sex With White People!!! The Astronomical Rise In Mental-Illness Among Human-Whites Is Interracial Sex With Blonde-Aryans!!! (b) MI Usually  Have Been Sexually Molested As Children, Usually By Their Parents Or Siblings; But The Blonde-English Police Never Lay Charges: Leading To An Epidemic Of Homosexuality & Mental-Illness! (c) The MI Have Been Sexually Molested As Children In The Community As Well (The Blonde Police Refuse To Lay Charges On Boys Being Sexually Abused, Resulting In A Massive Increase In Homosexuality Mass Murders, And In Mental Illness In A Cyclic Manner! Remember Jerry Sandusky & Joe Paterno, (A Homosexual Couple) Raped Hundreds Of Boys In Pennsylvania And The Satanic Blonde-English-Aryan Police Refused To Lay Charges For Decades, Finally Penn State Asst. Coach Mike McQueary Became The First Adult To Back-Up The Boy's Claims Of Rape, Which Finally Resulted In A Conviction!); (d) Drug, Alcohol, Or Sex Addiction Causes MI --Yet Nigger-Faggots Like Obama & The Democrats Encourage Marijuana & Homosexuality: Which Is Increasing The Rate Of Mass Murders; (e) Homosexuality Is A Mental Illness And Also Causes More Mental Illness; And Most Criminals, Rapists & Murderers Are Homosexuals! (f) Mental Illness Is Being Caused By Forced Genocidal Lifestyles Forced On Us By The Satanic Blonde-Aryan System On Pain Of Death! For Example: Most Poor Or Homeless People: Are Deliberately Poisoned To Death On The Streets, By The Satanic Police: Simply For Not Working! This Is Called Genocidal Slavery: The Blonde-English-Aryans Are Murdering All Those Who Don't Work Themselves As Slaves, In Genocidal-Soul-Destroying Jobs, Into Being Richer --At The Expense Of Their Souls!!! (g) People Who Give-Up Their Children For Adoption, Or Have Abortions Usually Become Severely Mentally-Ill!!! (h) There Is Another Common Denominator To Mental Illness: The Truly MI Are Usually Possessed By Demons: Yet Modern Psychiatry Denies The Existence Of Demons, Spirituality, The Soul, Or God: Resulting In An Impossibility To Ever Cure Mental Illness: In Fact The Imposition Of Highly Toxic Poisons To Treat MI, Only Temporarily Masks The Symptoms Of MI, But Results In An Epidemic Of Mass School Shootings By Other Demon Possessed People --In Sympathy To The MI. The Causation Is This: Murderous Poisons Are Being Absorbed By MI Person's Demons: Who Then Leave The MI Person, And Possess A Gunman: (Usually The Gunman Has No Prior Symptoms Of MI!) Who Then Kills People --As Revenge For MI People Being Poisoned To Death!!! Thus Psychiatry & Toxic Drugs Are The Direct Cause Of All Mass School Shootings! The System Encourages Homosexuality & Demon Possession (Which Is Resulting In Epidemic Rates Of Homosexuality, Mental Illness & Mass Murders) Because Blondies Themselves Are All Homosexuals, Blondie-Aryans Are All Murderers, Blondies Are All Possessed By Devils & Worship Satan!!!] 
October 1st, 2015: The U.S. CIA-Military Have Suffered A Humiliating Defeat At The Hands Of Russia In Syria: The U.S. Is Suddenly Claiming That The Al-Nusra Front Affiliated With al-Qaeda, Are CIA-Backed Rebels! We Have Known All Along That The CIA Created Al-Qaeda, Now They Have Admitted It: The CIA & Saudi-Arabia Supplied Weapons To ISIS & al-Nusra To Topple Assad: But They Are Not Accepting The Blame For The 250,000 Civilians That Have Died! Assad Is The Legitimate Ruler Of Syria: Until An Legitimate Alternative Leader Can Develop, Assad Is The Only Option For Peace. What The U.S.-CIA Has Committed Is GENOCIDE On The Syrian-Human-Race People: BY SIDING WITH SUNNI ARABS (Al-Qaeda & ISIS are Sunnis) AGAINST THE SHIITES, CHRISTIANS, KURDS & YAZIDIS; BY MASSIVE ARMS SHIPMENTS, RECRUITING ETHNIC-ARAB-MERCENARIES FROM SAUDI-ARABIA, & SPENDING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF OUR TAX MONEY ON TERRORISTS --RESULTING IN MASS MURDER OF CIVILIANS!!! The Unreasonable Insistence That "Assad Must Go", Regardless That His Replacement Would Be Al-Qaeda Or ISIS Is Satanic! There Would Be A Massacre Of Kurds, Christians And Shiites --Worse Than There Is Now-- All Because Of The CIA!!! The Lie That Al-Nusra Are From The "Free Syria Army" Is A Damn Lie! The $40 Million, U.S. Trained "Army" Are All Dead, With Just Nine Men Left In The Field!!! The al-Nusra Are Al-Qaeda --Which The U.S. Has Been Trying To Murder All Over The World: But They Hate The Human-Race More: So They Are Siding With Terrorists; Over Assad's Alawite Shiites, Christians, Kurds, Persians & Humans. Russia's Putin Made A Reasonable Proposal: Help Us Defeat The Terrorists (Al-Qaeda Al-Nusra, ISIS) But The U.S. Only Wants To Murder Shiite Civilians Of Assad's Legitimate Gov't --Not Sunni Muslim Arabs Of Al-Qaeda. Obama, Hillary, & The CIA Overthrew Qaddafi, And Now We Have Anarchy In Libya: Without Assad We Will Have A Worse Holocaust In Syria! The U.S. Must Be Made To Pay For All These Mass Murders --Caused By Their Interference & Satanic Meddling!!!
(2) The GOP Race Is Degenerating Into Voodoo Economics: Stanley Is The King Of America: And He Will State It Once Again: Tax-Cuts Alone, Without Balancing The Budget, Via Cutting Spending, Does NOT CREATE GROWTH!!! Only Rand Paul Has A Plan To Balance The Budget --But His Tax Plan Is Too Regressive-- Punishing The Poor More Than The Rich! Stanley Wants All Big Corporations Broken-Up Via Anti-Trust Laws!!! Stanley Wants The Abolition Of The Stock-Market, Corporations, Dividends; In Favor Of Private Ownership!!! Stanley Wants The Abolition Of The "Fed" Like Kennedy Did Before His Assassination By The CIA! Rand Paul Needs To Become More Disciplinarian & Conservative vis-a-vis CRIME LAWS: Crime Enforcement Is NOT A STATE DISCRETION: MURDER IS MURDER THE WORLD OVER: Every Crime (Marijuana) Must Result In Punishment In America: Black People Must Be Treated Harsher Due To Their Higher Crime Rates. The Liberal Delusion That Blacks Are Somehow Disadvantaged, Is Reverse Racism Against Humans! On The GOP Race: Stanley Likes Donald Trump’s Refreshing Attitude Towards Putin, And Refusal To Jump Into Another War In Iraq --But His Tax Plan Is Voodoo Economics. Jeb Bush Has The Best Illegal Latino Immigrant Plan --But He Is Too Weak On Shutting Down The Gov't Over Executive Overreach --He Too Is Voodoo Economics Refusing To Balance The Budget. Chris Christie Is Best Over Law Enforcement (Marijuana). Carly Fiorina Is Best Over Attacking Hillary & Democrats Over Planned Parenthood! Ted Cruz Is Best Over Shutting-Down The Gov't To Bring The Nigger To Heel; And Rand Paul Is Best Over The Economy And Overall. 
September 25th, 2015: The Traitor John Boehner, Speaker Of The House, Has Announced He Will Resign Next Month! Boehner Was A Weak, Alcoholic, German-American, Who Will Rot In Hell Forever-And-Ever For His Crimes! He Betrayed Stanley Repeatedly, When He Was Told To Shutdown The Gov't Over The Debt-Ceiling And Over The Budget: Boehner Repeatedly Caved-In Without A Fight! Reacting To Rigged Polls And Media Hysteria: If Boehner Had Seriously Shutdown Obama's Gov't: Nigger Obama Would Have Lost The 2012 Elections: And The GOP Would Now Have A Super-Majority To Implement Constitutional Reform: Without A BBA Nothing Can Get Better! He Must Be Punished With Eternal Censure, Together With His Race And Family: Stanley Don't Forgive He Gets Even!!! [Note: Boehner Is Now Whining That "False Prophets" Are Claiming Obamacare Could Be Repealed With A Shutdown --It Wasn't About Just Repealing Obamacare! Certainly "Executive Actions" On Obamacare Could Have Been Stopped By Shut-Down; And Certain Bills Couldn't Get Passed Under Nigger Obama: But To Totally Surrender Was Satanic! Boehner Was Satanic: By Shutting-Down Gov't: The GOP Would Have Forced The IRS To Hand Over Lois Lerner's "Destroyed Hard-Drive"; They Could Have Forced Obama To Balance The Budget, They Could Have Forced Obama To Stop His Rampant "Executive Orders", They Could Have Forced The EPA To Run Their Regulations Through Congress, The GOP Could Have Forced The "Fed" To Stop Printing Money: Which Has Caused Rampant INFLATION AND SUFFERING For The Poor! The GOP Could Bring An Inferior Race Moron To His Knees, Where Niggers Belong!!! Niggers Literally, Have The Intelligence Of An Ape (Chimpanzee): To Constantly Lose To A Dumb Nigger: Is The Fault Of Boehner. For Example: Shutting-Down Parliament Would Draw Attention To The Democrats Criminal Acts: Like Eric Holder's Contempt Of Congress Charge: And Force Obama To Appoint An Independent Prosecutor; Ditto For Hillary Clinton Over Her Deleted & Classified Emails!Shut-Down Would Command Obama's And Reid's Respect: Something They Have Shown Boehner & The GOP Zero Of: Because He Was So Weak: The Press Would Be Forced To Report On WHY The Gov't Is Being Shut-Down: Giving The GOP Free Press & A Forum To Air Their Grievances. The Satanic Crime Of Boehner Is To Surrender Without A Fight: Again And Again And Again: While A Dumb Sambo Slave Orangutan Is Winning Over A Human!!!Obama Is Dumber Than A Gorilla: To Surrender To A Chimp Is Blasphemy!!!]
(2) Steve Moses Won Big Brother 17 2015, And The $$$500,000; With Liz Nolan Getting The $$50,000; Vanessa Rousso The Lesbian Getting Nothing For Being A Dyke And A Liar. The Reality Shows: Big Brother, Survivor & The Amazing Race: Are The Most Evil, Satanic, Devil-Possessed, Shows: Because The Evil Producers Like Allison Grodner Of BB, Mark Burnett Of Survivor Rig The Shows For Evil, Lying, Backstabbing, Blind-Siding, Homosexuals & Niggers To Get Far In The Game! Steve Moses Won Because He Was A "Nice-Guy", Like The Greatest Player In BB History: Dr. Will Kirby! Mike "Boogie" Malin, Played An Honorable Game In BB7 & BB14 And Won The Coach's Competition By Advising Ian Terry, To Play A Decent-Game Despite The Odds, Due To BB Rigging For Evil Players! And In BB12, Rachel Reilly Played An Honorable Game And Won: Rachel Is Now Expecting Their First "Brenchel" Child: A Product Of The "Good" There Is In BB! Steve Played Under The Radar, Keeping Out Of Intrigues, Lies & Betrayals. Playing Honorably, Decently, Fairly And Strategically: Can Win You The Game --And Retain Your Morals & Soul! The Problem Is That The Satanic Producers Rig The Game To Favor Evil Players, Making Decent People Like Steve Moses, Long-Shots To Win. The Other "Good" Player John McGuire: Was Cheated Out Of (AFP) America's Favorite Player: Because BB Producers Wanted To Give Devil-Possessed Player James Huling The $25,000: Huling Did Not Win AFP: It Was Rigged! Huling Lied And Lied: He's Biggest Move In The Game Was Due To A Satanic Lie: He Told Shelli & Clay: "That They Were Safe" To Get Them To Drop: Then Evicted Them Both --And The Satanic Scum Still Believes That Evil In The BB House Is Okay!!! No You Fucker You Will Get Punishment: BB Producers Don't Run The World: They Can Give You $25,000, But They Can't Stop Your Soul's Eternal Damnation In Hell! Evil Britney Haynes Of BB12 & BB14: Lied And Lied: She Was A Walking, Talking Demon: "The Succubus": And She Was Punished: Her Eldest Daughter Has Cancer Because Of Her Lies On BB!!! Allison Grodner Needs To Know: There Is A Special Place In Hell Waiting For Her: Let The Good People Win: Do Not Rig The Show For Evil People!!!  
September 23rd, 2015: To Prove To You That The U.S. Army Is Absolutely Evil, Satanic, And Controlled By The Blonde-Aryan-Neanderthals: Is The Promotion And Condoning Of Thousands Of Boys To Be Raped In Afghanistan: From Fox-News: "A decorated Green Beret is fighting to continue serving his country. The Army is kicking out Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, who has had an 11-year Special Forces career, after he got in trouble for shoving an Afghan police commander accused of raping a young boy and beating up that child's mother when she reported the incident. Cpt. Daniel Quinn (Ret.), a teammate of Martland's who was there at the time, explained on "The Kelly File" tonight that the boy and his mother came to them because they didn't trust the local Afghan government to do anything. Quinn said that they brought the police commander to their camp, where he confessed to the assault. When the man shrugged his shoulders and laughed in their faces, they threw him to the ground. Quinn explained that it wasn't meant to be revenge, but to send the message to the man and to the other local policemen that sexual assaults would not be tolerated. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who recently wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter asking him to intervene on Martland's behalf, said that he believes Martland and Quinn showed amazing restraint in only pushing the man to the ground. "This is one of the most disgusting, foul things I've heard," Hunter said on "The Kelly File." "We've got to let people know what the military's doing, how the lawyers are running the show." "Martland's got to stay in. These are the kind of people we want on the ground fighting for us. These are the kind of guys I want protecting me and my kids," Hunter said. "Hopefully, Ash Carter and those in the Defense Department that aren't just lawyers and bureaucrats in uniform, hopefully they'll look at this and take a second glance at it and change their minds." After Discharging 1st Class Sgt. Charles Martland, For Trying To Stop Boys From Being Raped: The Top Brass In The U.S. Army Now Say "They Want Homosexual Rape Of Boys To Continue!". Col. Steve Johnson, (A Blonde-English-Aryan-Neanderthal-Ape) Who Was The Battalion Commander, In Charge Of Martland At The Time Of The Incident: (Col. Steve Johnson in an interview with The News Tribune). Johnson commanded Martland prior to the 2011 deployment; he was a battalion commander in the 1st Special Forces Group and was in Afghanistan at the time of the incident. "U.S. soldiers were put in the position of tolerating customs that Westerners reject. One of those is the illegal but common Afghan practice of influential men using underage boys as sexual partners."  This Is A Lie! It Is Not Common Afghanistan Practice: Homosexual Rape Of Boys Is Common Satanic U.S. Army Practice!!! The U.S. Army Have Been In Afghanistan Since 2001: 14 Years! They Have Murdered All The Opposition Taliban, From Positions Of Power: They Can't Now Say Afghan Customs Are To Rape Boys, When They Have Been In Military Control For 14 Years: They Enforce The Laws, They Hire The Soldiers With $$$Billions Of U.S. Dollars From Taxpayers, They Train The Police Officers! Homosexuality Is Against Islamic Law: Punishable By Death! All Homosexuals Are Pedophiles And Rapists: This Is What Happens When The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans Are Allowed Unbridled Rein In The Army: They Are Evil Satanic People! It Is The U.S. Blonde-Aryan Army That Has Pushed For Unfettered Homosexuality In The Army: Not Afghans! It Is The Blonde-Aryans That Rigged A Homosexual Nigger To Be U.S. President, Obama. The Evidence All Points To The Blondie-Aryan Army As Being Responsible For The Mass Rape Of Boys In Afghanistan: And There Will Be A Horrific Reckoning Awaiting The Accursed Americans: The Chickens Will Come Home To Roost.

(2)      Speaking Of Pedophiles: Under Homosexual Pope Francis (Francine the Faggot) The Catholic Church Has Become Nothing But Satan! And A Pedophile Haven! Pope Francis the Faggot Believes In The Satanically False Theory Of "Global Warming", Which Promotes Nuclear Power, Which Will Cause Untold Numbers Of: Cancers, Birth-Defects, Heart-Disease, Diabetes, Deaths And Genocide! Pope Francis Has Also Covered Up The Homosexual-Ring In The Vatican (That Forced Benedict To Resign) And Francis Protects Pedophiles From Criminal Prosecution, By Transferring Pedophile Priests, From Diocese To Diocese --Rather Then Hand Them Over To The Police (Police Blondies Are Pedophiles As Well)! Pope Francis Has Also Been Pushing Satanic Socialism Which Pope John-Paul II, Called "Liberation Theology": And He Would Have Excommunicated Faggot Francis Immediately Had This Faggot Revealed What A Satanist He Really Was To John-Paul!  What Happened Was The Delusion Of Pope John-Paul II, Who Allowed A "Secret Ballot" To Elect The Pope: Pope Benedict XVI (Who Was Also A Homosexual, But Not Satanic Like Francine) Was The Last Pope To Get Elected By A Show Of Hands. The "Secret Ballot" To Elect Anyone Allows For Satanic Fraud To Take Place! Satan Has Been Ruling All These Years By Rigging The "Secret" Ballots, In The U.S. For 200 Years, As Well As The World: Why Are People So Stupid To Believe In Secret Rigged Ballots Versus A Show Of Hands? Because Only The King Should Ever Rule: Democracy Is Satanic From The Very Core: The People Are Too Evil And Stupid To Ever Rule: AND THIS IS THE PROOF!!! The King Rules By Divine Right: His Power Comes Directly From God And The DAma!!!
September 22nd, 2015: The Suspension Of A Weak Scott Walker's Campaign Was A Mistake: Stanley Has Repeatedly Told Y'all That The Blonde-Neanderthal-Aryan-Ape System Is Rigging The Election: Trump, Carson, & Hillary Are Not Leading: They Are Being Rigged Into The Lead! The Polls Are Run By Devil-Possessed Satanic People & Democrats: DO NOT REACT TO POLLS!!! Scott Walker Was A Threat To Democrats Who Stand To See Their Unions Destroyed: So They Will Rig Polls Against Scott Walker. Walker Was Too Weak: He Was Reacting To The "Crazies", (On Immigration) And Overreacting To Rigged Polls; Just Like Trump --That's Why He Lost --As Trump Will Also Lose! This Will Be A Long Drawn Out Struggle: The Winner Must Wait For The Final Poll When Ballots Are Cast, And The Results Are Final! Stanley Has Given The Order To Kill Blondie-Neanderthal-Ape Cops: To Stop Them From Rigging Elections: Have Patience!!! 
September 19th, 2015: The Satanic Mainstream Media Are Again Lying To Us To Cover For That Fucking Nigger Obama: Obama Is A Muslim! Obama Is A Homosexual-Nigger-Murderer Who Was Rigged Into Office By The Satanic Blonde-Aryan-Ape System: We Didn't Ever Vote For Him Nor Clinton! Obama Plagiarized A Book Called "Dreams From My Father", In Which He Admits That He Was Adopted By A Muslim Man Named Lolo Soetoro; He Was Raised As A Muslim In Indonesia. His Biological Father: Barack Obama Sr. Was Also A Muslim From Kenya: His Mother Wanted Obama To Be Raised As A Muslim As A Condition Of His Adoption! Indonesia Required All Its Citizens To Renounce U.S. Citizenship: And Obama Renounced His U.S. Citizenship At The Time. We See Pictures Of Him In A Indonesian Gov't School: All Gov't Schools Were Muslim: And Only Indonesian Citizens Could Attend Gov't Schools. We Also Know From Obama's Travel Records: That He Used His Indonesian Passport To Visit Pakistan, Without A Visa, When U.S. Citizen Travel To Pakistan Was Restricted. Thus Obama Was Not Eligible To Be President: Because He Had Renounced His U.S. Citizenship For Indonesian!!! When Obama Re-Applied For U.S. Citizenship In 1981: He Became A Naturalized U.S. Citizen: Only U.S. Born Citizens Are Eligible To Be President Of The U.S. All This Would Be Recorded On His Original "Long-Form Birth Certificate": Thus Obama Refused To Show Us His Original Birth Certificate For Many Years: It Was The Democratic Hawaiian Governor And The Hawaiian Health Dept. That Re-Issued A Phony Birth Certificate In 2012: To Fool Us: But His Original Birth Certificate Is Still Being Withheld From Us, Because It Would Prove He Was Adopted As A Muslim, And Lost His U.S. Citizenship. When Obama Sought A State Seat In Chicago He Attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Openly Homosexual Church: Only For Political Reasons: There Is No Evidence That He Ever Renounced His Muslim Faith Of Birth: And No Evidence That He Was Baptized Nor Accepted The Christian Creed. Obama Has Humiliatingly Shamelessly Bowed To The King Of Saudi-Arabia, Because Arabia Is Holy To Muslims. Obama Has Apologized To Muslims For America: In His "Apology Tour" In 2008. Obama Has Always Taken The Side Of Muslims In Political Battles: In Fact Obama Refuses To Call Terrorists: Muslim Terrorists. Obama Is A Muslim In Every Way But Name. And The Only Reason He Lies To The American People Is He Is Too Ashamed To Admit That He Is A Low-Down Nigger As Well As A Low-Down Muslim; From A Religion Of Terrorists!!! Obama Blamed Christians For The Inquisition And The Crusades: To Absolve Islam Of Any Wrongdoing. Obama Has Refused To Lift A Finger To Help The Coptic Christians In Egypt Getting Slaughtered By Muslim Terrorists. He Jailed An Innocent Coptic Christian For   Over One Year, By Repeatedly Lying That A YouTube Video Was Responsible For The Benghazi Terrorist Attack! When ISIS Committed Genocide On Yazidis For Being Christian: Obama Failed To Lift A Finger To Stop Their Slaughter In Iraq & Syria! Obama Hates Christians And Defends Sunni-Muslims From All Criticism!!! Donald Trump Should Refuse To Backdown From Calling Nigger Obama A Fucking Muslim: It Would Be A Betrayal Of All Truth!!! Romney & McCain Were Evil Satanic Monsters: They Backed-Down To A Nigger And Showed Obama A Sycophantic Satanic Respect No Nigger Deserves: That Is Why They Lost The Election! A Nigger Needs To Be Called A Nigger: Stanley Told Them That Obama Was Openly Homosexual In Chicago: Yet Romney Lied And Failed To Attack Him On His Homosexuality. The Reason Stanley Wins Against Obama: Is He Knows How To Fight Niggers: Niggers Are Low-Lifes: They Are Dirty, Evil Gutter-Rats: To Fight Them You Have To Get Down And Dirty In The Gutter That They Live In: You Need To Show Them Zero Respect: Obama Is A Homosexual-Murderer: Who Murdered His Own Homosexual Lovers: Donald Young, Nate Spencer & Larry Bland!!! --To Cover-Up His Homosexuality In Dec. 2007: To Destroy Obama: You Have To Expose His Dirty Bum-Fucking Lifestyle!!! Instead Evil McCain Even Denied That Obama Was An Arab: Which Is A Lie: Barack Hussein Obama Is An Arab-Muslim Name. The Sycophantic Satanic Press, And Rigged GOP Leaders, Lied For Obama: And Now Are Lying Again.  
September 16th, 2015: Donald Trump Was Humble, Meek And A Complete Pussy At The Debate: Rand Paul Demolished Him In The First Minute, Saying: "Trump Is An Unstable, Narcissistic, Egomaniac, Who Cannot Be Trusted With The Nuclear Trigger; Donald Is Not A Republican, He Is Only For Donald Himself, And Not The People". Donald Was Red In His Bloated Face, The Whole Night, And Even Apologized To Carly Fiorina, For Criticizing Her Face, Calling Her "Beautiful" In Total Retreat And Begging Forgiveness, Like The Faggot He Is! The Only Good Thing He Said Was That Vaccines Cause Autism: (Which Is True) Because There Is A Direct Correlation Between The Epidemic In Autism, And The Forced Use Of Vaccines On Our Children!!! Trump Scored Against Jeb Bush, Saying, "Your Brother's Administration Gave Us Barack Obama, The Last Three Months Of G.W. Bush Were So Bad; Even Abraham Lincoln Couldn't Get Elected!" Jeb Replied, "At Least He Kept Us Safe" To Fixed Applause. [But Trump Was Right: G.W. Bush Was A Psycho Leftwing Republican, He Ran Deficits, Appointed A Liberal John Roberts To The SCOTUS, And Obeyed A Jew Ben Bernanke, To Bail-Out The Banks, And Stimulus, Which Crashed The Stock-Market Creating Chaos, (The Stock-Market Has Crashed Many Times And Banks Do Declare Bankruptcy:It Was Bernanke's Unnecessary Bailout Of Banks That Caused The Psychological Damage, That Resulted In Panic. Nigger Obama's Socialist Bailout Of Unions And Bernanke's QE Printing Money Then Permanently Destroyed The Economy!) G.W. Did This Just At Election Time; Then G.W. Bush Deliberately Sabotaged The GOP: By Ordering Weak John McCain To Suspend His Campaign (While McCain Was Leading In The Polls) Assuring Obama Would Win The 2008 Election!] Jeb Bush Needs To Distance Himself From G.W. Bush To Win: Because G.W. Did Not Keep Us Safe; Because It Was The CIA That Committed 9/11: We Didn't Need To Be Kept Safe (See Below On CIA Use Of Thermite-TH3 To Demolish The TTowers)!!! [Note: Although Trump Scored Against G.W. Bush: Trump Also Favored Bank-Bailouts: Because Trump Is Lying About His Finances: He Is Dirt Poor: His Properties Are Heavily Leveraged: And He Owes The Banks $$$Billions: He Is A Puppet Of Big Banks: Who Own Him, And Finance His Campaign --Trump Is CORRUPT, He ADMITS To BRIBING POLITICIANS, AND WILL ACCEPT BRIBES LIKE HILLARY IN OFFICE! Trump & G.W. Are Both Not Conservatives: Trump Still Believes Niggers Like Evil-Lesbian Oprah Winfrey, Are Gods: Like Most Liberals Do! Jeb Bush Is Much More Conservative Than His Brother Or Father: But He Needs To Denounce Them More Emphatically. And Mortgage Interest Deductions Should Not Be Eliminated For Primary Homes!] Trump, Rand Paul And Carson All Were Against The War In Iraq In 2003; And Are Against "Boots On The Ground In Iraq"; Which Is In Discordance With Trump's Racist "Pandering To The Crazies", Stance On Latino Immigrants. (The Same "Crazies" (Blonde-Aryans) That Are Racist Against Latinos, Want Endless Wars In Iraq! Yet Trump Is Anti-War! And It Is Doubtful He Will Ever Build A Wall: He Is Simply Pandering To Crazy People!) Trump & Weak, Meek, Nigger Ben Carson Are Now Finished In Politics! The Winner Of This Debate Was Surprisingly Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal & Chris Christie. Walker Said, "We Didn't Back Down To The Unions & Democrats; And We Won; I Will Fight For You Every Single Day That I Am In Office". Carly Fiorina's Greatest Moment Was When She Said, "When Planned Parenthood Is Clearly Selling Body-Parts Of Babies For Profit On The Videos, When We See A Fully Formed Fetus On The Table, Its Heart Beating, Its Legs Kicking, And Someone Says, 'We Have To Keep It Alive And Preserve The Body, To Harvest Its Organs, Now Go Ahead And Cut Out Its Brain'; And We Don't De-fund PP, And Force Obama To Veto This Bill; Then Shame On Us". Ted Cruz Shined, "We Made A Mistake In Appointing John Roberts, David Souter & Anthony Kennedy; To The Supreme Court, We Must Be Brave Enough To Fight For A Judge With A Proven Record For Applying The Constitution, And Not Making Law Out Of Thin Air. Roberts Bent Over Backwards, Twice, To Pass Obamacare Into Law! If We Had Appointed Edith Jones & Mike Lutig, Obamacare Would Have Been Struck Down; And Our Marriage Laws Would Be Intact; We Cannot Allow Judges To Use The Bench As A Means To Legislate; We Have An Out-Of-Control Supreme Court That Is Imposing Their Laws On The People". The Biased CNN Moderators, Did Not Give Rand Paul, Ted Cruz & Scott Walker, Equal Time To The Other Candidates, Just Like FOX-News: They Hate Paul: Because He Beats The Democrats By The Biggest Margin In Most Polls!--But He Is Not For Endless Wars In Iraq & Syria! But Rand Paul Is Weak On Marijuana Laws: Delusionally Believing: That Crime Laws Should Not Be Enforced: Because It Causes Suffering, And Restrictions On Freedom! Criminals Must Be Punished! People Who Smoke Marijuana, Later Commit Crimes: They Need Mandatory Treatment Or Jail, Under Harsh Conditions: Until They Are Cured. "Medical Marijuana" Has Become A Farce, And Must Be Restricted. Rand Paul Is Wrong When He Says Only Poor People, African Americans & Hispanics Go To Jail For Drug Crimes, More Than Whites: The Fact Is That Blacks Commit A Disproportionately Higher Amount Of Violent Crimes: Yet Have A Lower Rate Of Incarceration, Compared To Their Rate Of Violent Crime!!! The Liberal Delusion That Niggers Are Somehow Oppressed Is Satanically False: Niggers Are On A Crime Spree In America Today, Under Faggot Nigger Obama; And Need Harsher Treatment For Their Crime Epidemic. It Is Human-Race, Non-Blonde-Aryans That Are Suffering The Most Persecution --Not Niggers. We Need To Bring Back Pre-Lincoln America: Anti-Miscegenation Laws, Segregation Etc. Rand Paul Lost All Credibility When He Stupidly Said Trump Is Correct About Abolishing The "Anchor Babies" Rule: Claiming Falsely That The SCOTUS Has Not Ruled On This! Paul Is Misinformed: The SCOTUS Has Ruled Unanimously That Every Child Of Immigrants Born In The U.S.: IS A CITIZEN! PERIOD! CASE CLOSED!!! Paul Could Have Ridiculed Trump And Scored Points: Instead He Played Dead The Whole Debate --Unlike The Last Time When He Was More Aggressive! While Aggressive Christie Who Has The Best Position On This THC Issue; Constantly Interrupted Other Candidates, And Got The Most Air-Time. Jeb Bush Stood-Up To Crazy, Trump: Jeb Said, "We Must Be A Country Of Hope And Uplifting People; Not Like Trumps' Country Of Pessimism And Bringing People Down. Latinos Come Here For A Better Life For Themselves And Their Children, And We Must Offer Hope To Them". Trump's Racist Hatred Of Latinos Is Not Real: He Is Simply Crazy And Pandering To "Crazy Evil Blonde-Aryans" Who Want To Destroy The GOP Party!!! Trump Has No Intention Of Building A Wall: He Is Simply Pandering To Blonde-Crazies! The Second Debate Was Won By Bobby Jindal, Who Called Trump "A Clown, And Not A Serious Candidate". Jindal Said, "All The Senators And Congressmen Should Be Thrown Out And Replaced, With Term Limits, And Per Diem Pay, And Made Into A Part-Time Congress; Even The GOP Congressmen Have Done Nothing For The People Who Elected Them: Shutting Down The Gov't Over The Debt Ceiling And PP, Should Have Been Done From The Start; I Will Fight For The People With All My Blood And Soul". Bobby Jindal Has Become One Of The Most Conservative Of The GOP; And Needs To Be Given A Second Chance!!! The Losers Were: John Kasich, Ben Carson, Donald "Crazy" Trump, And Lindsey Graham --Who Should Drop-Out Now. The Winners Were: Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush And Carly Fiorina.   
September 15th, 2015:  And The Beat Goes On: Another Cop Joseph Ponder 31, Was Killed Yesterday In Kentucky: Remember Stanley The King Had Ordered The Killing Of Blondie-Cops For Rigging The Elections: Blondies Are Dumb-Stupid Neanderthal Apes: They Just Don't Get It: That Stanley Is The King: Thus They Keep Getting Bullet In The Head --Till They Start Obeying Stanley, Till They Learn!!! From FOX-News: "Authorities said 25-year-old Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, of Missouri, (A Black Man) was located in a remote rural area near I-24 around 7 a.m., following an all-night manhunt. Johnson-Shanks was armed with a handgun and did not comply with several commands to drop his weapon, according to Sgt. Mike Webb. "That gave the trooper closest to him no choice but to fire his agency-issued weapon, striking him multiple times," Webb said. Johnson-Shanks was arrested while police waited for EMS at the scene and he died from his injuries at a local hospital at 8:23 a.m. Webb said he wasn't aware of any statements Johnson-Shanks may have made prior to being shot. A statement released early Monday said that Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, 31, was pronounced dead at a Princeton, Ky., hospital".Notice: The One Hour Delay In Getting Johnson-Shanks To Hospital! And The Multiple Shots By Police: Proves The Police In Kentucky Murdered Joseph Johnson-Shanks 25, Rather Than Arrest Him, After He Killed Trooper, Joseph Ponder 31, Yesterday! Blondie English-Aryan-Apes Are Possessed By Devils: They Just Don't Get It: Stanley Is The King Of N. America: You Must Obey Him, Or Get Bullet In Your Head! Stop Rigging Elections! 
September 11th, 2015: On The 14th Anniversary Of 9/11: It Is Time To Get Some Revenge On The Blonde-English-Aryan System That Murdered 3,000 Americans! The CIA & Navy SEALS Murdered These Americans, With Thermite-TH3Military Explosives; And Lied It Was Al-Qaeda: The Aryan-System Has Had 14 Years To Provide Evidence That It Was Al-Qaeda: But They Have Produced Nothing (The KSM Confession Was Totally False: Obtained By Grotesque "Rectal-Rape"-Torture, And Over 300 Water-Boardings On "Rectally-Raped" KSM (Khalid-Sheikh-Mohamed). Water-Boarding IS Torture: The Victim Is Unable To Breathe For One To Three Minutes, As Water Is Poured Over His Towel Covered Face: And The Victim Feels Like He Is About To Suffocate To Death! Cutting Off Oxygen To The Brain, May Not Cause Death Immediately, But It Does Cause Immense Suffering, And Brain Damage: They Did This To KSM 300 Times: While Sexually-Raping Him!!! We Now Know That The CIA Packed Tons Of Thermite-TH3 ExplosivesInside The Hijacked-Aircraft To Demolish The "Twin-Towers", And Adjacent Buildings; Thermite-TH3 Burns With A Characteristic "White Smoke" (Notice The Color Of The Smoke!) While Air-Plane Fuel Burns Black Smoke; Thermite-TH3 Burns At A Temperature of 3,000ºC, Which Melted All The Supporting Steel Pillars Supporting The Buildings, Like Butter: Causing Them To Collapse To A Fine Powder. The CIA Murdered The 3,000 Americans Because They Wanted To Invade Afghanistan, Iraq & N. Korea; Murder Over 15 Million Civilians In Those Countries: And Generate Hysteria, To Take-Away The Freedoms Of All Americans, Via Airport Security Checks, NSA Surveillance & Police State Restrictions On Freedom. We Now Know The CIA Murdered President Kennedy! The CIA & Navy SEALS Then Murdered Osama Bin-Laden (After Capturing Him Alive!) To Cover-Up The Fact That Al-Qaeda Had Nothing To Do With 9/11. The CIA & Saudi-Arabia, Supplied Arms To Sunni-Arabs In Syria: To Overthrow Assad: Which Has Resulted In Hundreds Of Thousands Of Civilians Dead, Christians & Kurds Murdered: And The Creating Of ISIS And The Al-Nusra Front. And Now They Want To Send More Troops To Fight ISIS That They Themselves Armed And Created!!! The CIA Supplied Arms To Libyan Opposition-Rebels To Overthrow Qaddafi, During The Benghazi Embassy Attack: Which Has Only Resulted In Anarchy In Libya! How Long Are The American People Going To Be Fooled By These Satanic Devil-Possessed Blondies? What Most Americans Don't Understand: Is That The English-Aryan-Blondies (British) Won The War Of 1812 (After Losing In 1776's Revolution): They Then Tookover The Armies & Police In The "The North", When Satanic President Madison, Disbanded The "Minutemen" Army; Then Started Rigging The Elections, For Devil-Possessed Pres. Lincoln: And Made Us The Slaves Of Black Nigger-Chimpanzee-Apes After The Civil-War In 1865! We Must Start Fighting Back: They Are Rigging The Elections For Hillary, Donald Trump And Another Nigger, Ben Carson: None Of Them Conservatives! And Totally Disenfranchising The American People! We Need To Use The Constitution: The Right To Bear Arms: To Form Militias: Eat A Vegan Diet (Hinduism): Learn To Purge With Salt-Water And Practice Fasting For At Least A Week: And Obey Stanley Your King: To Overthrow Satan: Overthrow Blonde-Aryans: And Be A Free People Again. Remember: Stanley Intends To EXTERMINATE The Blonde-English-Aryans From The Americas!!!
September 8th, 2015: Faggot Judge David Bunning Got Royally Fucked In The Arse Today, By County Clerk Kim Davis: Bunning Released Davis From Jail, After Six Days: Even Though She Has Conceded Nothing: And Will Again Stop Gay Marriages In Rowan County, Come Monday!!! This Shows That If You Just Fight These Fucking Devil-Possessed Faggits You Will Win! The Blonde-Aryan System Is On Its Last Legs: We Need To Take Up Arms And Start Fighting Them! We Need To Understand, That It Is Stanley That Is The King Of America: Only He Has The Absolute Right To Make Laws: Not Devil-Possessed Blondie Or A Faggit Like Justice Kennedy! Satan Can Win Only When No Good Man Will Stand Up To Him: Well Stanley Has Stood-Up To Satan Resulting In 35 Years Of Imprisonment In The Most Murderous Evil Devil-Possessed Institutions In History! They Have Used Their Massive Satan's Power To Try And Murder Stanley, And Failed: Because Stanley Is More Powerful Than Their Satan-God!! And Now It Is Time To Start Killing Them Blondies Back! Mike Huckabee Thundered "We Will Not Be Bullied Even If They Incarcerate Us; I Have A Message To The Judge: If The Judge Believes That Someone Must Be Put In Jail, For Kim Davis' Freedom Of Conscience: Then I Volunteer To Go To Jail For Her; Let Democratic County Clerk Kim Davis Go Free! The Court Does Not Have The Power To Make Law, It Is A Co-Equal Branch Of Gov't, With Checks-And-Balances, Yet We Have Judicial Tyranny With This Unconstitutional (SSM) Ruling: Who Is Next To Go To Jail, Is It Your Pastor Or Religious School Principal? We Must Be Ready To Take A Stand For The Constitution, For Our Faith; God Bless You All." And God Bless Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum & Carly Fiorina: Who All Supported Kim Davis. [Note: Kim Davis Lied To Us: She Capitulated To Satan On Monday Sept. 14th, 2015; By Allowing Other Deputies To Issue SSM Licenses (Even Though She Claims These Are Not Legal) --So Much For Her Weak Conscience! Kim Davis Had A Great Opportunity To Win Against Satan And Homosexuality: But She Was Weak And Let Us All Down. Remember Only Stanley The King Can Be Trusted To Remain True To God, To The Bitter End: Everyone Else Will All Fall Short Of The Glory Of God: They Will Betray You Like Kim!!!].  
September 4th, 2015: Rowan County, Kentucky,  Clerk Kim Davis, has been ordered to jail by Satanic U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning, Until She Lets Her Deputies Issue SSM Licenses To Homosexuals: Stanley Had Predicted The Murders And Child-Molestations Justice Kennedy's SATANIC Ruling Would Cause The American People! The Forces Of Good Have Already Won A Victory When The Judge, Bunning, Pussied-Out From Jailing Her Son, Nathan Davis, Also A Deputy-County-Clerk, Who Continues To Refuse To Issue SSM Licenses To Evil Gays! This Is Civil-Disobedience At Its Finest: The SSM Issue Is Not Over: Justice Kennedy Is Dead-Man-Walking: Stanley Has Already Charged Him With HIGH TREASON! Because All Homosexual Sex, Interracial Sex & Child-Molestation: Leads To Murder, Rape & More Child-Molestation: Kennedy Needs To Answer For These Murders And The Suffering His Satanic Ruling Has Caused --With His Own Life!!! Just Last Week Vester Flanagan, A Gay-Nigger, Murdered Two TV-News Reporters; As Stanley Had Predicted Would Happen, Because Of Kennedy's Devil-Possessed Ruling; Just As Gay-Nigger, Obama Murdered His Choirboy Lovers: Donald Young, Nate Spencer & Larry Bland; To Cover-Up His Homosexuality! Even Justices Roberts And Scalia: Admonished Kennedy: Saying, "This (SSM) Has Nothing To Do With Our U.S. Constitution, This Is Making Law Arbitrarily"! GOP Candidates: Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, & Ted Cruz (Bless Their Souls) Rushed To Kim Davis' Defense: Saying "Who Will Be Jailed Next: Priests & Pastors?"! The Right To Religious Freedom & Freedom Of Conscience, Is A Real Right: The Right To Satanic Homosexuality Is A Non-Existent Right In Our Constitution! We Must All Exercise CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE TO KENNEDY'S Satanic SSM Law: By Actively Discriminating Against Gays, Niggers & Homosexuals: Worse Than Ever Before!!! Blondie Can Make Weak Impotent Satan's Laws: But We Don't Have To Accept Them! The Blame Must Fall On The Blonde-English-Aryan Race Who Are ALL Homosexuals, And Rammed This Homosexuality Down Our Throats By Rigging A Gay-Nigger Obama Into The W.H.; And Blitzed Us With Satanic Media Propaganda And Liberal School-System Satanic Indoctrination That Homosexuals Are "The Same": Gays Are Evil: They Are All Child-Molesters, Murderers & Rapists.  
(2) Trump Has Turned Pussy And Backed-Down From His Threats Of Running A Third-Party Campaign: Trump Is Crazy: Do Not Take Him Seriously. Trump Is Also Backtracking On His Racist Hatred Of Latinos: He Is Now Begging Latinos To Vote For Him: Like A Little Pussy-Faggot That He Really Is!!! The Building A Wall Crap, Is Just That: Crap. Trump Is Pandering To "Crazies", Blonde-Aryans Who Want To Destroy The GOP: Hoping They Will Rig The Election For Him: But He Is Not A Serious Candidate! And Ben Carson Is An Inferior Race Nigger: No Matter How Nice A Person He Is: He Is Still An Inferior Nigger: Not Intelligent Enough To Run A Country --Look At How Obama Destroyed Our Economy!The Blonde-Aryan System Is Rigging The Elections For Hillary & These Niggers: Trump Is Also A Nigger-Loving Liberal: All Liberals Worship Niggers As Gods: Trump Believes Nigger Carson Is A God, And Refuses To Attack Him; Even Though Carson Beats Trump In Some Polls. Trump Worships Evil-Lesbian-Nigger Oprah Winfrey As A God, And Wanted Her For VP. Trump Hates Latinos, Because They Are A Superior Race Than Him And His Jew & Nigger Friends. It Is Not Racist To Call A Nigger And Jew An Inferior Race: Because They Are: But It Is Racist To Discriminate Against A Superior Race Like Latinos: Like Crazy Trump Is Doing!!! 
September 2nd, 2015: The Cops Are Whining That They Are Being Killed, And Internet Blogs Like Stanley's Should Be Censored: Stanley Is 100% Specifically Protected By The First Amendment (Freedom of Speech), And The Second Amendment (The Right To Bear Arms And Form Militias!). This Is A Revolution Like In 1776: We Are Fighting The Same Race (The Blonde-English-Aryans) The Cops Are Possessed By Devils And Are Engaged In A WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE! As The Leader And KING Of All The People: Stanley Will Fight Back, With Arms! The Cops Are Rigging The Elections In Favor Of Democrats And RINOs (Trump & Nigger Carson), Totally Disenfranchising The Majority Of American People! The Delusional Homosexual Democrats Have Destroyed The Economy By: Spending, Taxes, Printing Money, Inflation, Forced Obamacare, EPA Banning Coal For Nuclear Power, IRS Targeting Conservatives, Forcing Homosexuality, On The People! The Second Amendment To The Constitution Was Enacted For Just Such Times: "These Are The Times That Try Men's Souls"; Take Up Arms And Fight The Blonde-English-Aryan-Neanderthal-Apes: This Is A Military Campaign: Since Stanley Doesn't Yet Have A Militia: He Has To Use What He's Got: The American People: Kill Cops On A Regular Basis, Untill They Relinquish Power To Stanley The King!!!
August 29th, 2015: And The Beat Goes On: Several Cops Have Been Shot Dead In Louisiana And Texas: Because Stanley Is The King Of America: And The Neanderthal Blonde-Aryan System Is Rigging Our Elections For Democrats And "Crazies" Like Trump! Stanley Is King: He Does Not Offer Opinions: He Is Making Orders To Gov't: Failure To Obey: Is An Act Of Treason: Punishable By Death And Death Alone!!! There Has Been A Dramatic Rise In Police Killings This Past Year: After Stanley Publicly Ordered The Killing Of Cops, For Rigging The Elections!!!STOP RIGGING ELECTIONS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!
(2) The Conviction Of Owen Labrie 17, From The Elite St. Paul's School Marks A New Royal Order For America: It Means That Stanley Is Ruling: "A New Hampshire jury has returned with a mixed verdict in the trial of Owen Labrie, charged with raping a 15-year-old classmate at the elite St. Paul’s School. Labrie was convicted of one count of misdemeanor sexual assault, and one count each of endangering a child, a misdemeanor, and using a computer to lure a child, a felony. He was acquitted of the more serious charges, three accounts of aggravated sexual assault, for which he could have faced ten to 20 years in prison."  The Corrupt Homosexual-Pedophile Pope Francis (THE FAGGOT) And The Catholic Church Has Turned A Blind-Eye To Priests Taking Their Vows Of Celibacy As A Joke: While The Blonde-Neanderthal-Apes Rule Us!!! Labrie Was A Divinity Student: This Will Ruin His Life And His Career. The Lesson From The King Is This: No Sex Until A Man Gains Total Control Of His Sex Urges: Through The Practice Of Yoga: Stanley Has Taken Full Control Of All The Latin Races!!! Whether You Believe Stanley Is King, Does Not Absolve You Of PUNISHMENT AND DEATHS!!! The More The Blonde-Ape-System Disobeys, The More They Will Be Punished! 
August 28th, 2015: Bret Breitbart News: "On Wednesday, America met a deeply evil human being: Vester Lee Flanagan II, A Black Faggit Like Obama!!! also known as reporter Bryce Williams. Williams murdered two people while they were live on air on WDBJ in Virginia: reporter Alison Parker, and cameraman Adam Ward. After the murders, he went on the run – and while he was on the run, he tweeted out his rationale for the killings, accusing Parker of making “racist comments” and Ward of going “to HR on me after working with me one time!!!” He then posted video to his Facebook and Twitter pages of himself shooting both at point-blank range. Williams is black. Parker and Ward were white. Williams is gay. Parker and Ward were straight. None of which would be relevant, except that Williams specifically cited his identity as a factor in the killings. In a 23-page rambling letter sent to ABC News, Williams wrote that the Charleston church shooting in June should have provoked a race war: “Why did I do it? I put a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15…What sent me over the top was the church shooting…You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!” According to ABC News, he claimed he had “suffered racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work,” that he had “been attacked by black men and white females,” and that he had been “attacked for being a gay, black man.” Williams marinated in his self-appointed victimhood status. He filed a lawsuit against his Tallahassee, Florida employer, WTWC – a lawsuit settled out of court. He filed a complaint with the with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against WDBJ after his firing – a complaint the EEOC dismissed. According to WDBJ station manager Jeff Marks, Williams was “an unhappy man” with a “reputation as someone who had been difficult to work with… looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to.”  This Is What Stanley Had Predicted: That All Gay Sex Leads To : Child-Molestation, Murder, Extreme Violence And Rape: Vester Lee Flanagan II, Is The Same As Obama: A Murderer. The Promotion And Legalization Of Homosexuality And SSM By SCOTUS And Blondie-Apes, Is Going To Lead To Astronomical Rates Of Murder & Rape: Like In Chicago With High Nigger Populations: It Is Niggers That Have The Highest Crime Rates --Not Latinos!!! It Is Not Guns That Kill People: It Is Niggers & Faggits Like Obama That Kill! You Mix: Niggerism, Interracial-Sex And Gayness: You Get Murder, Murder And More Murder! There Is No Evidence That Flanagan Was Mentally-Ill: (Except That All Homosexuality IS A Mental-Illness!) We Need To Call Nigger Crime Out: And We Need To Deal With Nigger Crime Harshly! Satanic-Liberals: Were Trying To Blame The Victims For This Faggit's Crime: It Is Blacks And Homosexuals That Have The Highest Crime Rates: Accept The Facts! The Blonde-Saxon-Aryan-System Are Ultimately To Blame: Because They Are Rigging Elections For Democrats, Who Are Pandering To An Inferior Race Of: Niggers, Jews & Aryans!!! Yes Blondie Are Neanderthal Apes, Not Even Human-Beings. We Need To Overthrow This Ape-System Of English-Aryans By Force: As Our Founding Fathers Did In 1776!!!
August 21st, 2015: Former President Jimmy Carter, 90 Years Old, From Plains GA, Winner Of Two Nobel Peace Prizes, Announced Today That He Has Four Spots Of Melanoma Cancer In His Brain, That Spread From A Lump In His Liver. The Tragedy Is That The Doctors Are Forcing Him, Through Their Monopoly On Health-Care, To Take Radiation Treatment For It: Modern Medicine Was Invented By The Devil-Possessed Satan Worshiping Blonde-English-Aryans, And Thus It Is 100% Quackery: Which Portends A Sad Outcome For Carter. People Need To Understand: That Millions Of People Are Being Murdered And Genocided By Blonde-Aryan Medical Quackery Every Year: X-Ray Radiation Actually Causes Cancer And It Is The Height Of Quackery To Use It As Treatment: So Too Toxic Chemotherapy Causes Cancer: And Radical Surgery Is Unnecessarily Excessive Butchery! Blondies Falsely Believe That We Have No Souls: That You Cut Out And Butcher And Dehumanize The Body: In A Satanic Ritual Of Black Satan Worship!!! Because The Fundamental Premise Of Modern Satanic Medicine Is False (That We Have No Souls: It Is 100% Absolute Quackery: And Is MURDER NOT MEDICINE!) They Do Not Believe That God And The Body Itself: Can Heal You, If You Stop Your Excesses Of Debauchery: (Carter Led An Excessively Frenetic Jet-Setting Lifestyle, He Never Let His Body Take Any Rest) If You Let Your Body Eat A Vegan Diet: If You Learn To Purge And Fast: And Let The Body's Own Immune System Get Stronger, Which Will Kill The Cancer Most Effectively. The Greatest Evil Of The Democratic Party & Obama Was The Forced Imposition Of Satanic Obamacare On The People: It Is Ironic That What Murdered Carter: Was His Own Satanic Democratic Party, That Literally Forced Quackery Down His Throat: In The Form Of Toxic Chemotherapy!!! But Although Carter Was Delusional About The Democratic Party:Jimmy Carter Was The Greatest Most Decent Humanistic President Of Our Lifetime On War: Ronald Reagan Was A Revolutionary On Economics: (Reagan Invented The Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) That Would Finally Put A Cap On Unbridled Gov't Spending And Our Suffering Through Taxes And Interest On The Debt! The Reason His Revolution Failed: Was The Rigging Of Clinton Into Office In 1992&1996, [Do You Really Think Americans Would Vote For A Convicted Perjuror, A Pervert Who Was Sexually Exploiting Naive Interns, And Committing Adultery While in Office???] It Was Rigged By The Blondie-Aryan-System, With Ross Perot Splitting The Right-Wing Vote: So That Bill Clinton Could Repeatedly Veto The BBA: In 1994, 1995 & 1996!; Which Has Caused Our Current Economic Collapse: Due To Massive Debt & Printing Of Money!!!) But Reagan Was Too Jingoistic And Militaristic. Reagan Lacked The Courage To Tell The People: That The U.S. Military Is Satanic, English-Aryan Controlled, And Fights For Satan And The Devil! The Reason Thousands Of Veterans Commit Suicide Every Year: Is Because The U.S. Military Only Murders Women, Children, And Weak Third-World Civilians That Cannot Fight Superior Weaponry! The Consciences Of The Vets Makes Them Kill Themselves For Committing Murder On Children: For Fighting For Satan Is Murder --Unlike Fighting For God! May You Rest In Peace Jimmy.
(2) Donald Trump Is Proving Himself To Be Insane! And He Will Destroy The GOP Party If We Do Nothing! Mitt Romney Lost Because He Said: "Latino Grandmothers Should Self-Deport; And The Bottom 47% Who Pay No Taxes, They Don't Understand, They Won't Vote For Me". Donald Trump Is Doubling Down On Evil, Satanic Romney! Trump Is Allegedly A $$Billionaire Verses Romney's $$$300 Millions (But Trump Is Lying About His Finances: He Is Heavily Leveraged Or Mortgaged: His Property Is Owned By The Banks: If The Banks Foreclose On Him He Is Bankrupt! Trump Is Literally Owned By The Banks: Trump Admits To Paying BRIBES To Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi & Many Other Democratic Politicians, For Future Favors --Which Is Another Crime For Hillary!!! Trump Was In Favor Of THE BIG-BANKS AND UNION BAILOUTS: TRUMP WAS IN FAVOR OF STIMULUS: HE IS NOT CONSERVATIVE!): Now Crazy Trump Is Saying That The Children Of (illegal) Immigrants Born In The U.S.: Aren't Citizens! Even Though The Supreme Court Unanimously Ruled In 1986 That Under The 14th Amendment: Immigrant Children Born In The U.S. Are U.S. Citizens! Not Only Will Trump Lose This Argument In Court: He Is Losing Us More Latino Votes Than Satanic Romney!!! Trump Is Certifiably Insane: He Now Says He Will Forcefully Deport All 14 Million Illegals In The U.S.: Even If It Means Violently Uprooting Babies And Families! Reince Priebus Needs To Step In And Kick Trump Out Of The GOP: Before We Have No More GOP Left! As For His Crazy "Building A Wall Paid For By Mexico, Crap": It Will Never Happen: No Mexican President Will Agree To Build A Wall: Lest He Be Strung-Up By The Neck Until Dead, By His Own People!!! Trump Admits That Most Of His Supporters Are Democrats: (Who Are Supporting Trump To Destroy The GOP, And Trump Is Paying For People To Attend His Rigged Rallies!!!) Trump Is Claiming, That Democrats  Are From Where He Will Get All His Votes, To Win In The General Election: He Is Unashamedly Democratic: He Believes In Planned Parenthood: He Believes In Single-Payer Health-Care, He Believes In Pro-Choice, He Has No Plan To Balance The Budget --Except China! (China's Economy Has Now Collapsed: They Have No More Money To Balance Our Budget --And Trump's Protectionism Will Bring The Whole World Economy Crashing Down!!!) This Is All Crazy: The Democrats Are Free To Vote GOP: But They Must Accept Conservative Principles And Leadership: Trump Is Not A Conservative! It Would Be Like Having A Democrat Being In Charge In Both Parties: Depriving Conservatives Of A Voice, Or A Party! Conservatives Have Been Totally Disenfranchised By The Blonde English-Aryan System, Who Are Rigging The Elections: For Democrats; Or For RINO Democrats Like Romney & Trump! People Need To Understand: Bill Clinton, Obama The Nigger, Hillary, Romney & Al Gore: NEVER WON ANY ELECTIONS: THEY WERE RIGGED INTO OFFICE BY BLONDIE!!! THIS IS WHY WE MUST KEEP KILLING COPS: WE MUST OVERTHROW BLONDIE BY FORCE!!!
(3) The Denver, CO, IT Company Platte River Networks, Who Were In Charge Of Hillary Clinton's Server Since June 2013: Is Now Backtracking, And Recanting The Lie: That They Had "Wiped The Server"! Their PR Spokesman Andy Boian: Now Says They Only Stored The Server In New Jersey, And Never Brought It To Denver, To "Secure The Data And Preserve It". They Now Deny "Wiping The Server Clean". Hillary Too, Now Denies Wiping The Server, She Said A Distinct "NO", When Asked By Ed Henry Of FOX-NEWS; (Although A Few Months Ago Hillary Lied, "That She Had Destroyed The Server"!) This Means It Was The DOJ That Made Up This LIE!!! Obama's DOJ And The State Dept. Have Been Covering Up Hillary's Criminal Conduct: Like They Covered-Up Eric Holder's Perjury: Like They Lied That Lois Lerner's "Hard Drive", Was Destroyed! The Obama DOJ Lied That The Server Was "Cleaned", In Order To Later Lie That No New Emails Were Found!!! The Server Was Never "Wiped Clean" Nor Destroyed, Hillary Lied About That Earlier --To Fool Boehner & Judges, Into Not Issuing A Subpoena For It! Hillary's Server Was Found Intact, With All The "Destroyed" 31,000 Emails, And Un-Redacted And Un-Edited 55,000 Emails She Had Realeased (Doctored) Earlier!!! A Special Prosecutor Needs To Be Appointed: AND THE COURTS & FBI MUST TAKE CUSTODY OF THAT SERVER, BEFORE IT IS DESTROYED BY THE CRIMINAL OBAMA DOJ!!! AND NIGGER OBAMA MUST GO TO PRISON LIKE A NIGGER CRIMINAL FAGGIT THAT HE IS!!!
August 20th, 2015: Although Hillary Clinton Is Clearly Guilty Of Federal Felony Charges Of: Possessing Top Secret Documents On Her Personal Server, Destroying Gov't Records And Perjury! The Criminally Corrupt Obama Administration Is Refusing To Charge Her Or Investigate Her: Hillary Was Satanically Defiant Over The Weekend: Screaming That All This Is A Republican Plot: Amounting To Nothing. Bill Clinton And Obama Were Seen Playing Golf Together: Obama Has Obviously Promised Him Biden Won't Run. The Small IT Company Platte River, Is Now Lying That They "Cleaned" The Server! Even Hillary Is Backtracking From That Position, Because It Was An Obvious Lie: The Server Was Not Cleaned: All The Emails Are Retrievable: But Are Being Withheld By The DOJ & Obama: To Protect Hillary! All GOP Candidates Must Now Promise To Fully Investigate Hillary If They Win: (Emails & The "Foundation") And Charge The Corrupt DOJ Under Obama: Holder And Loretta Lynch Need To Be In Prison For Obstruction Of Justice, For Refusing To Prosecute: Hillary, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Koskinen, And A Slew Of Criminally Corrupt Democrats!!! We Know That The IRS Destroyed Lois Lerner's Emails And Redacted And Delayed The Release Of Other Emails (Obstruction of Justice); We Know That Obama Used "Executive Privilege" To Conceal Holder's Emails From Congress; To Block Contempt Of Congress Charges! We Know That Hillary Destroyed And Withheld Emails From The Benghazi Inquiry For Months --Without Consequence! The Criminal Corruption Starts At The Top: If The GOP Win: OBAMA MUST GO TO PRISON!!! Rod Blagojevich, Got 14 Years In Prison, For Foolishly Taking The Fall For Obama: It Was Obama Who Offered Blago A Bribe For A Senate Seat For Valerie Jarrett: Yet The Judge & The Chicago AG, Withheld The Wiretaps, That Proved Obama's Guilt: And Instead Blackmailed Obama Into Keeping All Bush Appointees For AG; And Instead Allowed A Criminal To Remain In The White House! The Reason Clinton Is Not In Jail, Is Obama's Corrupt DOJ: Now Both Need To Be In Prison!!! The Wheels Of God Turn Slowly ...  
August 11th, 2015: BOMBSHELL! In A Total Vindication Of Stanley The King Of North America: Hillary Clinton Was Forced Today (By The FBI) To Turn Over Her Personal Server, And A "Three Thumb Drives" (Containing 100,000 Possibly Classified Emails Held By Her Lawyer David Kendall!) To The Dept. Of Justice Who Has Been Coddling Hillary From Criminal Charges! The Victory & Vindication For Stanley Is That He Has Been Saying All Along: That Hillary Was Lying To The People, When She Said, She Had Destroyed Her Personal Server And The 31,000 Emails She Claims To Have Permanently Destroyed!!! It Was All A Lie, To Cover-Up Criminal Acts, Classified Emails And Damaging Information: If Traitor Boehner Had Subpoenaed Her Server & Emails, He Would Have Eventually Got Them! If A Judge Had Granted A Search Warrant, To Enter Her House And Retrieve The Server: He Would Have Got Them! This Has All Been A Dereliction Of Duty By A Criminally Corrupt Obama Administration, The Democratic & Republican (Boehner) Parties, And The Judges (Except Judge Emmet Sullivan Who Has Hillary Now Caught Lying That She Had Handed-Over All Responsive Documents: When She Clearly Had Not!!! Because The Server Does Contain More Responsive Emails --That She Had Refused To Hand-Over!). The DOJ Cannot Be Trusted To Prosecute Hillary On Criminal Charges: We Need A "Special Prosecutor" Appointed, That Is Impartial To Seeking Justice; To Prosecute Hillary!!! "All This "Personal Server" news came as Sen. Charles Grassley said two of the emails, which traversed Clinton's insecure home email server, were deemed "Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information," which is among the government's highest classifications. Grassley said the inspector general of the intelligence community had reported the new details about the higher classification to Congress on Tuesday. Those two emails were among four, Of A Randomly Selected Forty, that had previously been determined by the inspector general of the intelligence community to have been classified at the time they were sent. The State Department disputes that the emails were classified at the time. The inspector general for the Intelligence Committee told Congress that potentially hundreds of classified emails are among the cache that Clinton provided To The State Dept." --CBS News.  
Thus Hillary Is Facing FELONY CRIMINAL JAIL-TIME Charges From Many Fronts: Personally Possessing Classified Documents, Conducting Gov't Business Exclusively On A Personal Email Account & Server, Destroying Gov’t Records; Lying Under Oath: To Congress, The American People, The Judges, Lying To The State Dept., The DOJ And To The FBI! Certainly Two Emails She Possessed Have Already Been Deemed "Top Secret" Classified At The Highest Level, At The Time It Was Sent, By The Inspector General For Intelligence, Who Estimates There Must Have Been "Hundreds" Of Such Classified Emails In Her Possession!!!
(2) Donald Trump Is Backtracking From His Backtrack: On Friday, After The Debate He Said On CNN, He Would Not Make A Third-Party Run: But Now He Is Saying, "He Will, If He Is Not Treated Fairly, Or If He Doesn't Like and Respect The Eventual Candidate"! Trump Is Most Certainly Being "RIGGED" As Leading In The Polls By Democratic And Devil-Possessed Pollsters --In Order To Sabotage The GOP Party--He Needs To Be Kicked Out Of The GOP, Before He Does More Damage --Call His Bluff. Trump Also Backtracked On His Support To Defund "Planned Parenthood" (PP), For Their Deliberately Changing Their Abortion Procedures To Maximize Usable Parts When Harvesting, And The Selling Of Fetus Body-Parts: Which Are Felonies! Instead Trump Is Attacking Jeb Bush (Using Democrat "Talking Points") For Saying He Would De-fund PP: Saying Jeb Has Lost The Election For Saying PP's Other Functions Can Be Picked Up By Community Health Centers. The Point Bush Was Making (And All Conservatives Approve) Is That The Gov't Should Not Be In The Business Of Funding Abortions Anymore --And The Details Can Be Sorted Out Later! Trump Is Clearly A Liberal, Pretending To Be A Conservative; But Cannot Be Trusted To Remain Conservative: When Push Comes To Shove! Trump Is Surrounded By Jewish Advisors (Who Are All Left-Wing: Being Of An Inferior Race) Who Are All Extreme Left-Wing, And Care Nothing For The GOP: Trump Obeys These Jews Over The People: They Told Him To Backtrack On De-funding PP, And He Did --Pronto! Nothing That Trump Proposes Is Conservative: He Has No Plan To Balance The Budget Permanently: Although He Blasts The $$$19 Trillion Debt: He Expects China To Pay For It! The Polls Are Being Rigged For Other Nutbars As Well: Ben Carson Is A Black Man Too Soon After Inferior Race Nigger Obama Destroyed Our Country To Be Acceptable: Although Obama Is A Nigger: A Lot Of Blacks Supported Him: And Ben Carson Brings No New Black GOP Supporters With Him. Same With Ted Cruz: He Is Preaching To The Converted And Brings No New Support To The GOP! Marco Is A Light-Weight That Cannot Fight For Anything: He Capitulated To Nutbars Immediately, After He Was Criticized Over Immigration Reform. The Heavyweights Are Rand Paul & Jeb Bush, With Mike Huckabee Strong In Third: They Bring A Robust Cross-Party-Lines Support To The GOP Like Reagan Did: And They Beat Hillary In The Non-Rigged Polls: They Will Ensure Victory In 2016!!!
August 7th, 2015: HEALTH BULLETIN: To Further Prove That Modern Medicine Is 100% Quackery, Genocidal And Satanic: Is Their Satanic Lies On The Cause Of Legionnaires' Disease: 10 People Are Dead And 100 "Infected" With A Hoax Legionnaires' In NYC Today. The Satanic Blonde-English-Aryan System Falsely Blames It On The Large Industrial Sized Cooling Towers: That Blondie-Aryans Falsely Claim Harbor Legionella Bacteria, That Causes Legionnaires' Disease. This Theory Is Satanically False: There Has Been A 40 Year Lying Conspiracy To Cover-Up The True Cause Of Legionnaires': It Is Caused By The Leakage Of FREON Gas Refrigerant (FREON Is A Trademark Of Evil Satanic DuPont Inc.) That Is Used For Air-Conditioning, And In Most Refrigeration Systems; By The Satanic Blonde-Aryan System! This FREON Gas (Molecular Formula C-Cl2F2 Or C-Cl4 Or CH-F3 Are Also Called Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons Or CFCs) Is Highly Toxic To The Lungs, And Causes A Type Of Lung Asphyxiation And Death, From The Lung-Fluid That Builds-Up From This Toxic Gas! These Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons (Or CFCs) Are Also Responsible For Damaging The OZONE Layer, And Allowing Ultra-Violet Rays, Skin-Cancer Causing Rays, From The Sun Into Our Atmosphere: Causing An Epidemic Of Melanoma As Well! The So-Called Legionella Bacteria Is Simply An Opportunistic Bacteria That Lurks In The Dampness Of Most Air-Conditioning Systems: And Preys On Victims' Lungs Already Fatally Weakened By The Toxic FREON GAS; And Is Not The Cause Of Death!!! In Order To Satanically Cover-Up The Danger Of FREON Gas, To Deliberately Murder People, And To Protect DuPont Profits: The Blonde System Refuses To Use Non-Halogen, Non-Toxic Refrigerants: Like NH3 Or Ammonia! The Blonde-Aryan System Has Been Lying To Us For 45 Years! And Every Year Millions Of Innocent People Die From Their Own Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems: When The FREON Gas Leaks On Them: The Silent Satanic Blondie-Aryan Killer! People You Need To Accept: The Blonde-English-Aryan System Of Medicine Is Not Only 100% Quackery: They Satanically Seek To Murder You: In An Unparalleled Genocide And Mass Murder In History. Satan Is 100% Evil: Blonde-English-Aryans Are 100% Evil: Obviously If You Are Foolish Enough To Trust Them With Your Health: They Will Murder You In The Worst Way Possible!!! Yet From Womb To Grave We Are Trusting Evil Satan-Worshipper Devil Possessed Blondie-English-Aryans With Our HealthCare! It Is The Doctors & Nurses That Carry Out Abortions, It Is The Satanic Courts And Police That Give Them The Power To Do So: The Greatest Murderers Are The Doctors & Nurses Of The English-Aryan-Invented Satan's Health-Care! 
August 6th, 2015: Rand Paul Won The Satanically Biased FOX-News Debate, With Jeb Bush Coming A Close Second! FOX NEWS Is Satanically Obsessed With More War & Racist Hatred Of Illegal Latino Immigrants, That Is Costing Us Elections; And FOX Satanically Refused To Ask A Single Question On How They Intend To Balance The Budget: Only Rand Paul Has A Plan!!! Paul Was In Form: Calling-Out The Traitors Trump & Christie. Trump Again Refused To Answer Whether He Would Support The GOP Candidate That Wins The Nomination (Although He Did Backtrack On CNN The Next Day): Saying, "I Cannot Say, I Would Have To Respect The Person That Wins". It Turns Out Bill Clinton Phoned Trump In May 2015, And Told Trump To Run, To Sabotage The GOP Party. According To Rick Perry, Trump Is "A Toxic Mix Of Demagoguery And Nonsense; A Cancer On The Republican Party! That Must Be Excised." It Is Now Clear That Trump IS Intending To Run As A Third Party Candidate: To Split The Rightwing Vote!!! As Right-Winger, Ross Perot Did In 1992 & 1996: Allowing Bill Clinton To Win With A "Rigged" 43% Of The Vote! Rand Paul Took Traitor Chris Christie Surgically Apart: Paul Said: "I'm Proud Of Standing For The Bill Of Rights, And I Will Continue To Stand For The Bill Of Rights." Paul Then Hammers Christie "The New Jersey Blimp", Paul Said: "You Fundamentally Misunderstand The Bill Of Rights; John Adams Started The American Revolution, Because The British Were Violating The 4th Amendment, Against Unlawful And Arbitrary Search And Seizure. I Don't Trust Obama With My Private Records; But You Can Go Ahead And Keep Hugging Obama, All You Like!" Christie Betrayed All Republicans By Embracing & Endorsing Obama, Just A Few Days Before The 2012 Election --Allowing Obama To Win. [NOTE: The Fourth Amendment: (1) The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and (2) no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.  The American Revolution Began Because The British (English-Aryan) Gov't Were Using "A General Warrant" To Arbitrarily Search Citizen's Homes At Will: To Arrest Rebels And To Take Away Their Weapons. For American Citizens To Give-Up That Hard-Fought For Right, Because Of Muslim-Terrorists In Arabia Is Not Acceptable! The "New Jersey Blimp" Notwithstanding!!! Clearly The Bulk Collection Of People's Phone & Email Records By The NSA, Without A Specific Warrant: Is Unconstitutional! And Paul Is 100% Right!] Rand Paul Must Win The GOP Nomination, Because He Has The Best Results In The General Election Polling: Paul Says: "I Want Our Party To Be Bigger, Better, And Bolder; I Bring New Republican Voters Into The Tent. I Am A Different Kind Of Republican; I Am The Only Candidate That Consistently Beats Hillary In Five States That Were Won By Obama." Although Jeb Bush Will Bring The GOP Latino Votes By His "FULL AMNESTY" For Illegal Latinos: Paul Could Match That With A Similar Pledge Of Amnesty!The Problem With Bush: Is That He Wants Us To Start Another Endless War In Iraq Against ISIS: He Has Learned Nothing From The 2003-2015 Debacle In Iraq: 4,000 Lives Lost, 50,000 Wounded, & $$$3 Trillion Spent!!! A Strong Third Place Was Won By Mike Huckabee: Who Is The Most Morally-Conservative In The Bunch: Huckabee Said: "Our Supreme Court Judges Are Not The Supreme (God), They Got It Wrong On Roe Vs. Wade; They Got It Wrong On Same-Sex-Marriage: Every Person Has A Right To Life From The Moment Of Conception, And The Right To Equal Protection Under The Law! We Have Played Defense Too Long: A Fetus Is A Life, Not A Bunch Of Tissue. SCOTUS' Ruling That "Privacy" Gave People The Right To Unlimited Abortions Is Wrong!!! The President & Congress Have The Right To Move To Make Law On Their Own: And Override SCOTUS! When They Overreach, And Try To Make Law, Rather Than Interpret Existing Law". Under Huckabee We Can Overturn SSM Same-Sex-Marriage As Well: By Passing A Law Against It In Parliament! John Kasich Is Not A Conservative: He Is Another Traitor: He Took Federal "Blood" Money To Expand Medicaid: At A Time When The Battle Against Obamacare Was In Full Swing; And He Supports Homosexuality Just As Ardently As Faggit Obama! Kasich Is A RINO & A Fucking Faggit Himself: Kasich Claims To Have Balanced The Budget In 1996: But The Bastard Doesn't Understand, That He Helped Create The $$$$19 Trillion Debt By Failing To Pass A Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) To The Constitution. It Was Kasich Who Supported Bill Clinton, Who Repeatedly Vetoed A BBA: Which Has Created Our $$$19 Trillion Debt! Balancing The Budget Only Gives The Satanic Democrats The Money To Spend, Expand Gov't And Tax Us To Death Even Worse --The Next Time: There Needs To Be Fundamental Reform (BBA) And Permanent Balanced Budgets; Or Nothing! [NOTE: Donald Trump Backtracked On CNN The Very Next Day (Friday) Saying "He Would Not Make A Third-Party Run, Even If He Didn't Win The GOP Nomination!" But Trump Has A Vexatious Habit Of Contrariness, And Playing To The "Crazies";Even Though He Doesn't Really Share Their Crazy Demon-Possessed Views On Illegal Immigration And Wars: But He Always Then Backtracks: Which Is His Saving Grace! For Example: Trump Doesn't Really Intend On Building A Wall: His Plan To Make Mexico Pay For The Wall: Will Ensure It Never Gets Built! He Is Simply Playing To The Racist Blonde-Aryan Crazies --Like Ann Coulter & Bill O'Reilly!!!] 
(2)  The FBI Has Finally Opened A Criminal Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Possession Of Classified Emails: A Felony! Clinton Also Broke The "Records Act": By Exclusively Using A Personal Server & Email-Account To Do Government Business! And Then Lying To Americans That She Destroyed 31,000 Emails That She Alone Deemed Were Personal! The FBI Can Now Recover Her "Destroyed Server" As Well As The "Destroyed" Emails: And Even If There Is One Gov't Email Found: It Is A Felony! Finally Hillary Is Being Brought To Jail-TimeJustice.
(3) The Beat Goes On: A Louisiana Cop Was Shot Dead This Morning: This Is Turning Into A Slaughter, Because The Blonde-Aryan-System, Satanically Is Refusing To Relinquish Power To Stanley The KING!
August 5th, 2015: A Federal Court Judge: Emmet Sullivan, (A Black Judge, But Not A Nigger) Has Just Brought Down The Hammer On Hillary Clinton And The Stonewalling Obama Administration!!! "The Judge Slams Hillary and Huma, Orders Answers! Judge Sullivan strikes again, demanding explanation for missing emails from Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills under penalty of perjury!  While Hillary Clinton’s lawyers are stalling Congress and “negotiating” the terms of her testimony before the Benghazi committee—an option not allowed to ordinary Americans like bankers, executives, or accountants— federal Judge Emmet G. Sullivan has hit “Refrigerator Rule #6: Enough Is Enough.” Earlier this week, federal Judge Richard Leon lambasted the State Department lawyers for their stonewalling. Now Judge Sullivan has chiseled a line in concrete. He has given the State Department only a week—until August 7—to get some answers from Hillary Clinton, and her top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills—under penalty of perjury!  Judge Sullivan recently reopened the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by Judicial Watch to obtain emails from Huma Abedin, the top Clinton aide who is married to infamous and disgraced former Congressman Anthony Wiener. Judge Sullivan reopened the case when he learned that Clinton and her staff used personal email accounts to conduct government business. This is a flagrant violation of the Federal Records Act and jeopardizes national security—prompting rapidly escalating concerns of countless ramifications internationally, nationally, and criminally!!! Judge Sullivan entered a remarkable order, and he has given the State Department only a week to comply. Now the State Department must produce for the court’s docket its correspondence with and between Mrs. Clinton, Ms. Abedin, and Ms. Cheryl Mills regarding the government records in their possession; identify what servers, etc. the State Department has; require Ms. Clinton, Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills to state under oath whether they have produced all responsive materials; and, have Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills describe the extent to which they used Ms. Clinton’s server for government business. 
The order reads: As agreed by the parties at the July 31, 2015 status hearing, the Government shall produce a copy of the letters sent by the State Department to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Ms. Huma Abedin and Ms. Cheryl Mills regarding the collection of government records in their possession. These communications shall be posted on the docket forthwith. The Government has also agreed to share with Plaintiff’s counsel the responses sent by Mrs. Clinton, Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills. These communications shall also be posted on the docket forthwith. In addition, as related to Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests in this case, the Government is HEREBY ORDERED to: (1) identify any and all servers, accounts, hard drives, or other devices currently in the possession or control of the State Department or otherwise that may contain responsive information; (2) request that the above named individuals confirm, under penalty of perjury, that they have produced all responsive information that was or is in their possession as a result of their employment at the State Department. If all such information has not yet been produced, the Government shall request the above named individuals produce the information forthwith; and (3) request that the above named individuals describe, under penalty of perjury, the extent to which Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills used Mrs. Clinton’s email server to conduct official government business. The Government shall inform the Court of the status of its compliance with this Order no later than August 7, 2015, including any response received from Mrs. Clinton, Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills. --Sidney Powell, Observer"
Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, John Koskinen, Lois Lerner & Loretta Lynch: Must Now Face Criminal Charges And Jail Time!!! This Travesty Of Justice Was Due To The Immorality Of Niggers In The White House And The DOJ: Both Obama & Loretta Lynch (Niggers) Were Refusing To Launch An Investigation Of The Criminal Acts Of Hillary Clinton In Violating The Records Act, And Compromising National Security! Obama & Eric Holder (Niggers), Invoked A False "Executive Privilege" And Refused To Release Emails Related To Holder's Lies To Congress Over "Fast & Furious"; To Avoid "Contempt Of Congress" Charges. And Holder Refused To Investigate IRS Chief, Lois Lerner For Targeting "Conservatives" And Destroying Emails!!! The Refusal To Investigate Criminality In High Office: Makes The Obama Administration: The Most Criminally Corrupt In History: And Proves Why Niggers Should Never Be Allowed Into The White House --They Literally Have The Morals Of A Chimpanzee!!! The Irony Is That It Was A Black Judge, Emmet Sullivan, That Had The Courage To Bring A Homosexual-Nigger & Lesbian (Hillary) To Justice. While The Cowardly Evil GOP's John Boehner, Repeatedly Betrayed Stanley The KING: By Refusing To Subpoena Hillary's Emails & Personal Server Over The Violations Of The Records Act: Which Hillary Lied, "She Had Destroyed". The GOP In Congress Also Refused To Subpoena Hillary To Answer Questions On Benghazi; They Refused To Subpoena Huma (Lesbian Lover), Nor Cheryl Mills: Who Would Give Damning Evidence On Hillary: To Save Themselves From Felony Charges!!!
(2) Hillary Is Also Plummeting In The Rigged Polls! [Note: If The Blonde-English-Aryan System Is No Longer Willing To Rig The Polls For Her, She Is Finished! (Like They Rigged It For Bill Clinton, Obama & Al Gore.) The Democrats Never Won Any Elections Since Reagan! It Was All Rigged By Devil-Possessed Blondie-Aryans, Who Want Devil-Possessed Democrats, So Satan Rules!!!] Her Unfavorability Rating Has Fallen To 53%-34%, Against! She Is Now In A Statistical Tie With Idiot Socialist Jew, Bernie Sanders, At 52%-48% In NH. And The Death Blow Is That Joe Biden And John Kerry Are Entering The Race, And Surging In The Polls!
(3) And The Beat Goes On: Memphis, TN, Police Officer: Sean Bolton, Was Shot Dead Saturday, During A Traffic Stop, By Tremain Wilbourn, A Black Man. Although The Blonde-Aryan System Panders To Blacks And Niggers: The True Blacks Ain't Buying It: The Blacks Are Obeying Stanley The King's Orders: "To Kill Cops Dead"! Until Blondie Stops Rigging The Elections For Democrats And Crazies!!!
(4) Puerto Rico Has Just Defaulted On Its $$$58 Million Dollar Debt Repayment! And Says It Cannot Ever Pay Back Its $$$72 Billion Dollar Total Debt: And Will Have To Be Forgiven: Like Greece!!! The Economy Under Obama Is Kaput: The Choice To Give Inferior Race Niggers Power: Has Back-Fired On The Blonde-English-Aryans!!!
July 31st, 2015: Donald Trump Has Backtracked, And Has Dumped The Racist Crazies (Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly) In The GOP!!! Donald Is Now Saying He Will Give The 14 Million Illegals FULL AMNESTY, The only requirement would be they would have to go back to the border and quickly be allowed back in as LEGALS!!! This Is The Same Position As Jeb Bush: So Stanley The KING, Now Accepts Trump As Okay For The GOP! The Best GOP Candidates Are: Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry & Fiorina. The Reason Satanic Evil Romney Lost, Was His Satanic Attack On Latino Immigrants And The Poor. Donald Says He's "A Nice Guy", "He Loves The Latino People", "Illegals Contribute Greatly To America's Economy"; And He Will Get Latinos Back Into The GOP Party In Droves! The GOP Needs To "ACTIVELY COURT" The Latino Voters And The POOR; Dump The Blonde-Aryan Racist  Crazies In The GOP; And Start Winning Elections Again!!!
(2) Author Ronald Kessler, Has Written A Gossipy Book On Hillary Clinton's Lies, Called, "The Hidden Lives Of The Clintons". Kessler Claims That Hillary & Bill Never Have Sex With Each Other: Bill Has A Blond Mistress, He Flaunts To The Press! The Secret Service Who Are Forced To Follow Hillary Around: Say That She Is "Mean, Abusive, Offensive And Crazy To Work For"; And They Hate To Have To Protect Her! Kessler Says That Michele Obama Is A Rabid Racist Activist: She Repeatedly Urges Barack Obama To Inject Himself Into Black-White Controversies, And Racistly Take The Side Of Blacks! (The President Is Supposed To Be Impartial, Not A Nigger Biased Racist!) Michele Is Also Satanically Democrat, And She Browbeats Her Weak Homosexual Husband, Into Attacking Republicans, In A Rabid Unyielding Manner: Obama Is Never Presidential, But Always Satanically Partisan. The Problem With This Is That: The Democrats Are Evil, Possessed By Devils, Racist Against Human-Race-Whites,  & Worship Satan; A President Needs To Be Unbiased. Democrats Will All Be Severely Punished When KING Stanley Comes Into Power!!!
July 30th, 2015: Floating Debris From What Is Probably Malaysian Flight MH370 Was Found Washed-Ashore On Reunion Island, Madagascar, In The North-East Indian Ocean Today: If This Debris Is Indeed Flight MH370 Then:  Extrapolating From The Direction Of Ocean Currents: It Proves That Flight MH370 Crashed In The South China Sea: On Its Original Flight Path: In Exactly The Spot Stanley The KING Had Deduced On DAY ONE (See Below)!!! The Uber Blonde-Aryan System Has Lied To Us, Along With Boeing, And The Media: To Cover-Up The Fact That Our Airplanes Are Over-Reliant On Electronics And Computers To Fly Their Planes: And When Computers Invariably Fail: There Is No Manual Backup System --Killing Thousands Of Innocent People!!! The Uber-Blonde-Satanic-Devil-Possessed-System Were Wasting $$$Billions Looking For MH370 In The South-East Indian Ocean, Off Australia: Where It Is Now Proven: It Cannot Possibly Be!!! The System Needs To Be Destroyed For These Lies And Satanic Evil: The Families Need Revenge For The Deception And Delay In Finding-Out The Truth: We Need To Kill Blondie!!! This Proves Beyond A Doubt, That Stanley Is The KING Of America!!!
(2)  Linda Tripp Has Written A Damning Book On Evil Satanic Devil-Possessed Hillary Clinton: Tripp Says "Hillary Should Never Be Let Back Into The White House".  Tripp Says That Hillary Knew-Of, And Supported Bill Clinton's Sexual Exploitation Of Naive Interns Working At The White House; She Was Never A Victim, As The Democrat Press Lies! In Fact It Was Hillary Clinton That Organized The Lies And Cover-Ups Of Bill's Sexual Rapes: Hillary Knew Of Monica Lewinsky From The Start: And Planned The Strategy To Lie And Cover-Up. "I Never Had Sexual Relations With That Woman, Monica Lewinsky"; Was Devised By Hillary: And Is Emblematic Of How Hillary Criminally Lies To The Press About Benghazi, Lies About Her Felonious Conduct On Allegedly Destroying Emails And Her Personal Server, And Contemptuously Lies To The People About Her "Clinton Foundation". It Was Only When Linda Tripp Forced Monica To Tell The Truth: That The People Found Out The True Extent Of The Lies, Rapes And Murders Under Clinton (See Below)! The Liberal Satanic Media Attacked Tripp, Instead Of Bill Clinton's Criminal Exploitation Of Women In The White House, The Perjury And The Cover-Ups!!! Hillary Clinton Is A Lesbian Who Has No Interest In Bill, Sexually; Just Like Obama Is A Homosexual That Lives Totally Separately From Michele Obama In The White House; Michele Has Contempt For Her Homosexual Partner Barack, Takes Separate Vacations From Him, And Has Total Contempt For The Faggit! Both Hillary's And Obama's Marriages Are Loveless, Political Unions: Where They Both Get Their Sex Elsewhere!!! Michele Is Regularly Seen Flirting With Black Soldiers And Studly Black Men; Hillary Has Sex With Huma Abedin, Her Personal Aide; Bill Clinton Is Regularly Caught Having Sex With Prostitutes In Seedy Motels, By The "National Enquirer"; And Obama Is Regularly Caught Having Sex With His Old Homosexual Lovers From Chicago. Both Democrats Clinton & Obama: Were Rigged Into Office By The Devil-Possessed, Satanic Uber-Blonde-Aryan System: (Because They Are Possessed By Devils And Completely Crazy) The System Has Totally Disenfranchised The American People: And Destroyed Our Country: We Must Destroy The System To Make America Free Again!!! 
July 28th, 2015: Crazy Donald Trump Is A Rapist!He Owes An Apology To All Mexican Immigrants: For Falsely Calling Them "Rapists & Murderers", When They Have One Of The The Lowest Crime Rates In The U.S.! Ivana Trump Had Accused Donald In Her 1989 Divorce Court Deposition, And In Her 1993 Book, Of Raping & Assaulting Her: Ivana States "Trump Pulled Back Her Arms, Pulled Out Fistfuls Of Her Hair, And Then Raped Her". Ivana Claims She Felt Violated, Every-Time She Had Sex With Trump: He Was A Bad Lover! Ivana Also States That Donald Cheated On Her With "Tramp" Marla Maples. Maples Then Cuckolded Trump By Cheating On Him With Their Bodyguard: Trump Was Such A Loser, That He Believed Marla, When He Caught Them Having Sex On The Beach, And Her Excuse Was "She Had To Urinate, And That Is Why She Is Bottomless With The Bodyguard!": Making Him The Laughing-Stock Of All America: Because Everyone Else Knew She Was Cheating: A Pathetic Loser. Trump Has Zero Sexuality: Women Need To Cheat To Get Sex!!! Obama Is A Homosexual And A Proven Murderer That The Uber-Blonde-Aryan-System Rigged Into Office! Hillary Is A Lesbian (Huma Abedin) Whose Husband (Bill Clinton Was Also Rigged Into Office By The Uber-Blonde-Aryan-System) Bill Clinton Has Murdered & Raped Many People (See Below); Now We Have Another Sleaze-Bag Liar And Rapist (Trump) Who The Uber-Blonde-English-Aryan-System Wants To Rig Into Office!!!The Reason Trump Tore Ivana's Hair Out: Was That He Just Had A Hair-Transplant Operation: And Was In Tremendous Pain: So He Inflicted Pain On His Punch-Bag-Wife Ivana: To Assuage His Own Pain: He Is A Bully: A Wife-Assaulter, A Scoundrel, A Cad And A Creep. He Has Lots Of Money: But Money Can't Buy You Love: Trump Is A Pathetic Loser In Bed: With ZERO Sexuality!!! Trump's Hair Is Fake (Transplanted) As We Long Suspected: His Wife Marla Maples Cheated On Him With "The Help", Like He Cheated On Ivana: Yet He Believed Maples' Lies Over His Own Eyes, Because He Couldn't Satisfy Her Sexually: Trump Is A Pathetic Loser: A Laughing-Stock In Bed! Trump Had To Fire Michael Cohen His Campaign Lawyer Today: Because Cohen Threatened A Reporter Tim Mak, Of "The Daily Beast", With Violence Over Publishing The "Rape" Story, Saying: "I Will Make Sure You And Me Meet Someday ... What I Do To You Will Be Fucking Disgusting ..."; Fucking Inferior Race Jew Cohen, Also Lied That "Spousal Rape Is Not A Crime" --It Is A Crime In All 50 States, Donald Deserves To Be In Jail Like Hillary, Obama And Gore: All Crazy Democrat Satanic Leftwing Nutbars!!! Trump Worships Inferior Race Niggers Like Oprah Winfrey, As Gods: Proving He Is Not A Conservative; And His Daughter Ivanka Married An Inferior Race Jew! [Note: Although Ivana Retracted Her Rape Allegation Today, Saying "It Has No Merit"; We Know That Ivana Declared Bankruptcy A Few Years Ago, And Is Solely Reliant On Trump For Income. Thus She Has To Say Whatever Trump Wants Her To, To Avoid Living On The Streets!!! But Before Her Dependency On Trump's Money She Had Insisted That Her Original Story Of Trump's Rape & Assault Was True: She Has Repeated This Rape Story Many Times Over The Years: And Her Original Deposition Was Under Oath! Trump Is A Sexual ZERO, And A Pathetic Loser With Women!!! Trump Is Not A Conservative Because He Had To Declare Bankruptcy Three Times: Because He Borrows Too Much Money: Cannot Balance A Budget: Pays Too Much Interest: And Can Never Pay It Back!! Although Trump Claims To Own $$$5 Billion Dollars In Assets: Most Of It Is From Borrowed Money: Thus Liabilities, Not Assets: If The Economy Crashes: Trump Would Go Bankrupt Again! This Liberal Nutbar Is The Same Spendthrift As Obama And The Democrats, And Will Destroy Our Economy!!!] 
July 24th, 2015: And The Beat Goes On: 48-year-old Police Sergeant Scott Lunger, of Hayward, CA, was shot Dead, Wednesday, during a traffic stop; By 21 Year Old Mark Estrada. The Rate Of Police Being Killed Is Proportionate To The Amount Of Rigging Of Elections, Polls, Media Bias By The Uber-Blonde-Aryan-Race System. Although The Precipitous Fall By Hillary Clinton In The Polls: Proves That The System Is No Longer Going To Rig The Election For Her: The Sudden Inexplicable Rise Of Nutbar Donald Trump In The Rigged Polls: Indicates They Want To Put A "Crazy" Devil-Possessed "RINO-Republican" Like Trump Into The White House Instead: Who Will Be Just As Crazy As Obama!!!
(2) The Good News Goes On: Two "Inspector Generals" Have Asked The DOJ To Launch A Criminal Investigation Into The Handling Of Hillary Clinton's Emails, By Her And Her Staff. We Already Know She Clearly Broke The Law By: (a) Keeping "Classified Documents" In Her Personal Possession, On A Personal Email Account; (b) Broke The "Records Act" By Not Conducting Her State Dept. Business On A Gov't Email Account and Server; (c) Did Not Return All Gov't Emails To The State Dept. When She Left Office, Even Though She "Swore" She Had Returned Them; (d) Did Not Preserve All Gov't Documents: When She Suspiciously Destroyed 31,000 Emails And "Allegedly" Destroyed The Personal Server She Illegally Used To Store Them (She Is Lying That She Has Destroyed Her Server, To Avoid A Subpoena For Same). These Are All Felonies; And Hillary Still Faces Investigations Into Her Hillary Foundation: Where She Used Her "Gov't Influence" To Enrich Herself, Her Relatives And Her Leftist Foundation. 
July 22nd, 2015: Finally Some Good News: Due To Stanley's Killing Of Cops: The Blondies Have Capitulated To The King: Hillary Is Now Significantly Losing, In The Rigged Polls, For The First Time In Many Months: Against All GOP Candidates! This Means The Uber-Blondie-English-Aryans Have Stopped Rigging The Election For Devil-Possessed Hillary; But Equally Crazy Donald Trump Is Still Being Rigged! Trump Is Attacking Latino Immigrants In A Lying Demonic Crazy Obsessive Manner: Trump Says "They Are Not Sending Us Their Good Immigrants, But The Murderers And Rapists": Fact Is: Latino Immigrants Have Far Lower Crime Rates Than Niggers, And Native Born Americans; And Do Work That Americans Are Far Too Lazy To Do, And At Lower Wages! Without Mexican Illegal Immigrants, Our Economy Would Collapse! Crazy Nutbar Trump Says: "The Mexican Gov't Is Sending Us All These Illegals";Fact Is: These Illegals Are Risking Their Lives, And The Lives Of Their Children, Paying Their Life-Savings, To Come To America (Only To Land In Jail For Years, Get Raped, Die From Exhaustion, Or Be Murdered en route)!!! Trump Is A Racist, Crazy, Lying Bastard; That Is Being Rigged In The "Polls" By The Uber-Bonde-Aryan-System; Trump Will Lose Us Valuable Latino Votes For Generations, And Will Destroy The GOP Party, If He Is Allowed To Continue: He Must Be Thrown Out Of The GOP Party. He Has Threatened To Run As An Independent Anyway: He Has No Loyalty To The Brand: He Is Attacking GOP Candidates (Bush, Graham, McCain, Perry, Huckerbee) Almost Daily, Instead Of Attacking Hillary: He Is Toxic Poison To The Party!!!
July 17th, 2015: The Beat Goes On In The Killing Of Cops: Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez 24,Killed Four Marines & One Sailor, Yesterday, As Punishment To The Uber-Blonde System, For Rigging The Elections For Hillary & Donald Trump! Stanley Had Already Given The Order To Kill Cops For Rigging Elections For Hillary: The Uber-Blonde-Aryans Must Relinquish Power, Or There Will Be Slaughter In The Streets: This Is What Anarchy Looks Like!!! Stanley Is The King Of America: The English-Blonde-Aryans Are Possessed By Devils And Satan: And Are Trying To Cling To Power: Thus They Must Die! THIS WAS NOT AN ACT OF TERROR: Stanley Is The King Of America, And As Such He Makes All The Laws Around Here: Just Because Muhammad Was A Muslim, Does Not Automatically Make Him A Terrorist. He Had No Connection To ISIS, Or Terrorist Groups, And Was "Home-Grown". By Definition: A Terrorist Seeks To Murder Civilian Targets: Because They Are Too Weak And Cowardly To Fight Military Or Security Forces: Their Aim Is Simply To Sow Terror In The Population. This Is True Of All Muslim Arab People: Who Are All Terrorists. Muhammad Instead Fought Armed Forces (Marines) Who Have Murdered Millions Of Civilians In Iraq & Afghanistan --Poetic Justice! Since Stanley Is The King, And He Has Said It Is OKAY To Kill Cops For Rigging Elections: It No Longer Becomes A Crime To Kill Cops: That Is Why Muhammad Is Not A Terrorist!!! Americans Have The Right To Kill Cops Under The Second Amendment: When The Uber-Blonde-Aryan-Race System, Consistently Rigs Elections For Devil-Possessed Democratic Candidates; It Has Zero Legitimacy To Govern: Which Makes It Legal To Kill Cops Dead!!! You Cannot Fool All Of The People All Of The Time... [Note: It Is Now Verified That The Marines Killed, Were Indeed Armed, And Returned Fire And Killed Muhammad, Before Dying Themselves. Thus All The Hysteria About Arming The Military, Was False Hysteria.]
July 15th, 2015: The "Nuclear Deal With Iran", Will Stand As The Greatest Act Of Treachery, Betrayal, Stupidity And Satanism In History: The Iranians Betrayed Stanley, By Making A Deal With The Devil: With "The Great Satan": Through An Inferior Race Nigger-Faggit Obama!!! This Is A Humiliating, Total Capitulation To Satan By The Iranians, Without A Fight: Just When The U.S. Is Suffering Humiliating Defeats All Around The World. Muamar Gaddafy Of Libya, Also Capitulated To The U.S. By Giving-Up His Nuclear Reactors: And He Was Bombed & Murdered In The Streets By U.S.-Armed Thugs, For His Stupidity! (YOU CANNOT MAKE DEALS WITH SATAN YOU FOOLS: YOU MUST FIGHT THE GREAT SATAN!)! The Iranians Are So Dumb & Stupid Because They Are Believing An Inferior Race's Religion Of Islam & Judaism: This Deal Must Be Broken As Soon As Possible. Iranians Are An East-Indian Race: But Due To Years Of Persecution, Have Been Forced To Adopt Semitic Religions Of Judaism & Sunni-Arab-Islam: That Have Made Them Delusional Slaves. The Sunni-Arabs Murder Shiites, Kurds & Coptic Christians By Terrorist Attacks Almost Daily: Without Any Retaliation: Because The Iranians & Christians Have Been Made Weak By Following The Inferior Race's Sunni-Arab Religion Of Islam! Iran Had A Glorious Opportunity To Join With Stanley And Defeat The U.S. In Iraq & Arabia: Takeover All The Oil In The Gulf: And Make The Blonde-English-Aryans Beg Like The Dogs, That They Are!!! The U.S. Is Weak, And Will Be Easily Defeated By The Slightest Push: That Is Why They Were Begging For A Deal, Any Deal: ATTACK The U.S. And Kill Them: They Are Cowards That Can Only Kill Women & Children! Ayatollah Khamenei Is A Weak Stupid Leader, That Has Destroyed His Own Revolution. Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif & President Hassan Rouhanni Are Evil, Satanic Traitors To Iran! The U.S.-Aryans Are Possessed By Devils And Worship Satan: They Seek The Destruction Of Iran And Enslavement Of All Persians, Christians & Shiites To The Arabs: Khamenei You Have Surrendered To Satan You Little Faggit: All Muslims Are Faggits: Who Prostrate Their Arses For Their Camel-God Allah, In A Position To Be Fucked Up The Arse: Like Faggits That All Muslims Are!!! All Muslims Are Crazy & Insane Like Their Prophet Mohammed; All Muslims Are Terrorists; All Muslims Are Drug Addicts; All Muslims Are Stupid. Mohammed Was A Genuine Child-Molester & Fucker Of Prostitutes & A Mass Murderer Of Civilians: THIS IS A FACT! Mohammed Used To Fuck Sheep: He Was Possessed By A Devil, He Falsely Believed Was Angel "Gabriel": His Religion Is Garbage! The Reason The Persians & Shiites Are Perpetually Losing To The Arabs & Aryans: Is That They Are Following A Satanic Religion Islam: Adopt Hinduism: Become Vegetarians: Learn How To Purge & Fast: And You Will Easily Win The War!!!
July 7th, 2015: The Blonde English-Aryans Are Using The Hysteria Generated By Their Puppet Niggers (Obama-Democrats) To Ban The Confederate Flag From The Courtyard Of The SC Parliament --Over The Nine Niggers Killed By A Blonde-Aryan, Dylann Roof --Who Has Nothing To Do With The Confederacy Or Their Flag! The Confederacy And The Deep South: Were The Last Remnants Of The Original American Revolution: Who Have Been Overthrown By The Blonde English-Aryans! The Niggers Have Joined With The Saxon-Aryans To Attack Our Constitution And The South --Who Remain The Staunchest Defenders Of Our Founding Fathers' Constitution!!! The Reason This Matters, Is That Stanley Wants To Resurrect The Human-Race Confederate Army (Led By Stanley The King) To Overthrow Blonde-Aryans From Ruling Us Human-Whites --Aryans Rule: By Being Possessed By Devils, Worshiping Satan And Mocking God; They Rule By Controlling The Police, Secret Police & Military; Rigging: Elections, Polls And The Media!!! The Human-Race Excluding The Niggers And The English-Aryans; Must Take Up Arms, Adopt A Vegan Diet, Learn To Purge Using Salt-Water, And Fast On A Weekly Basis: And Overthrow These Blonde English-Aryans By Force Of Arms! Nikki Haley Has Betrayed The White Race, And Sided With Blondie-Aryans And Niggers! This Is What The Second Amendment Was For: We Will Take Back Our Confederate Flag (That Our Ancestors Sacrificed Their Blood For) With The Barrel Of A Gun!!! 
(2) On RACE: Stanley Is Not Racist: He Is Simply Telling The Truth: Blacks, As Well As Aryans, Are An Inferior Race: With Aryans Superior To Blacks! The Proof Is Obama: Who Is 100% Proof That Niggers Are The Most Inferior Race Of All! Blacks Have The Highest Crime Rate In The U.S.: Approaching Third-World Murder & Rape Rates!!! Blacks --And Jews (Also An Inferior Race)-- Have The Highest Abortion Rates, Because They Place Very Little Worth On Their Own Inferior Lives! Blacks Were Never Disadvantaged Or Discriminated Against: They Were Poor Because They Were Too Lazy And Inferior, To Amount To Anything: Civil-Rights Is Satanic Crap: An Attempt To Steal From Us Humans, And Give It To Inferior Race Niggers And Blondie-Apes!!! The Solution: We Must Return The U.S. To Our Founding Fathers' America: Blacks Will Lose Their Right To Vote Forevermore: As Payback For Obama!!! Black And Aryan, Intermarrying Or Interracial Sex, With The Human-Race Will Be Outlawed Forever (As Was The Case Before The Repeal Of The Anti-Miscegenation laws By SCOTUS In 1967, For Blacks. SCOTUS Has Done Satanic Damage To Our Founding Fathers' Laws: Desegregation Of Niggers, Homosexuality, Anti-Sodomy Laws, Abortion, Obamacare, Civil-Rights Crap, Unions, Anti-Miscegenation, Equality Lies.).The Failure Of The American Revolution Was Their Failure To Recognize The Aryan Race As Just As Inferior, Evil & Satanic As Negroes: Thus The Solution Is Not To Make Negroes Equal To Humans: But To Make Aryans Inferior To Humans!!! The Aryans And Niggers Have Made An Unholy Satanic Alliance Of Satan And Apes (Aryans Are Neanderthal Apes Who Worship Satan, And Blacks Are Chimpanzee Apes!!!) In Order To Murder, Genocide And Enslave Us! We Must Overthrow This Planet Of The Apes, And Exterminate The Blonde-English-Aryans From The Americas!!! [NOTE: Not All Blacks Are Evil:The Niggers: Are Blacks Possessed By Devils, Are Puppets Of Blondie-English-Aryans, And Support The Satanic Democratic Party Of Obama (They Will Be Severely Punished, As Will All Democrats!) The Nigger-Blacks Are The Ones Murdering Other Blacks. Thus When Stanley Attacks Niggers: He Is Helping Blacks From Being Murdered! 90% Of Blacks Are Being Murdered By These Nigger-Democrat-Blacks! Thus Regular-Blacks Need To Obey Stanley, Stop Supporting The Democrats, And Help Him Kill Nigger-Blacks (Who Are Killing Regular Blacks) And Help Him Kill Blondie Cops!!! Note: Not All Aryans Are Evil: The German-Aryans Are Not Part Of Satan & Devil-Possession Of The English-Aryans: And They Must Help Stanley Kill English-Aryan Cops!!! Remember The Old Confederate Army Are Our Friends: They Died To Keep America Free: Now Their Descendants Will Help Us Retake America From The Blondie-English-Aryans.]
(3) Nigger-Rapist Bill Cosby Is Finally Being Exposed As The Rapist He Is: He Has Admitted In A Deposition: That He Used "Quaaludes" To Drug And Then (Rape) Have Sex With Women. The Blonde-System And Niggers Have Been Forced To Abandon Him. But How Many More Women Have Been Raped, And Victimized By Niggers And Aryans (Apes), Without Prosecution? Cosby Has Still Not Been Criminally Charged, Even After Raping Hundreds Of Women --Some Underaged. In Her New Tell-All Book, Holly Madison, Former Playboy Playmate, Has Accused "Creepy" Hugh Hefner Of Trying To Use Quaaludes, As A "Thigh Opener", On Her As Well; But She Refused Him; The Difference Is That Cosby Used Quaaludes On Unsuspecting Women: Which Is Rape. The Massive Unprosecuted Rape Of Our Women Is Why The Blonde-Aryan-System Must Be Destroyed And The English-Aryans Exterminated!
(4) Donald Trump Lacks Political Savvy, Is Crazy, Has Become A Distraction, And Is Destroying The Republican Party By His Obdurate Intransigence; He Doesn't Know When To Reverse Course: Stanley Withdraws His Support For Trump! Latinos Rule: Every Politician That Attacks Them (Even If They're Illegal Latinos) Loses. Like A One-Trick-Pony Or A Hound-Dog On A Bone: Trump Has Fixated On Illegal Immigration: That Is None Of His Damn Business!!! Trump Has Taken A Bashing, Lost $$Millions, Destroyed His Campaign; But Lacks All Sense: All GOP Need To Embrace Amnesty For Illegals: And Stop Mouthing The Crazy Demon-Possessed "Secure The Border Crap", And Latinos Commit Far Less Crime Than Niggers, And Actually Work For A Living; Attacking Illegals Has Destroyed The GOP Party In The Past. Blacks Commit Far More Rapes And Murders Than Latinos: Why Is Trump Not Fixated On Solving Nigger Crime? Or Balancing The Budget? Trump Worships Oprah & Whoopi, Evil Lesbian Niggers That Hate Conservatives; And Has Donated To Democrats! Trump Was Never A Conservative: He Is Too Worshipful Of Inferior Race Niggers: But Stanley Wanted To Welcome Him, To Invigorate The Republican Party: But He Doesn't Know When To Admit He Was Wrong!!! The Illegals Hold The Key To The GOP Winning: GIVE THEM FUCKING AMNESTY AND WIN!! The Object Of The GOP Is To Win Elections, Not To Make Racist Rants Against Latinos. The Devil-Possessed Blondies In The GOP Party Are Deliberately Sabotaging The Party, Once-Again, By Attacking Latinos And The Poor! Attack Niggers & Jews: Who Are Too Inferior To Vote GOP Anyway: Embrace Latinos! Jeb Bush Leads The GOP Because He Is The Only GOP Candidate To Declare Full AMNESTY For Illegals. The Other Candidates Are All Crackpots That Are Imitating The Satanic Loser Romney! The GOP Need To Drop "Secure The Border Crap", And Just Give Them Amnesty!!! PERIOD. END OF STORY. Trump Needs To Backtrack His Racist Comments On Latinos: To Save His Business, As Well As His Campaign. WE NEED A KINDER GENTLER GOP CANDIDATE!!!
June 26th, 2015: The Satanic Faggot Judge Anthony Kennedy (And Four Other Satanic Devil-Possessed liberal Democratic Judges) Ruled SSM Legal In The U.S. Today: Do Not Worry Folks: Stanley Is The King Of America: Kennedy Is Just A Nothing Faggot!!! Kennedy And The Blonde Anglo-Saxons Were Planning This For A Long Time: But Stanley Had Warned Them: They Will Be Facing Death Sentences For HIGH TREASON! As Gays Necessarily (By The Satanic Unnaturalness Of The ACT) Must Sexually Molest Children And Rape And Murder At Will (To Expiate That Deviant Energy). There Are Homosexuals In Nature: The Worst Predators, Satanic Evil Animals (Cows), And Man-Eater Animals Are Homosexuals! The Blonde English-Aryans Are All Homosexuals, Devil-Possessed And Worship Satan: They Will Be Exterminated From The Americas!!! Now Kennedy Will Be Facing Death Up To Ten Generations Of His Children Or Relatives: Thus Even If Kennedy Dies Before He Is Tried And Put To Death: Stanley Will Put His Children On Trial: But There Will Be Exacting Retribution For This Satanic Verdict: And It Will Be Overturned At The Earliest Opportunity! It Didn't Really Change Anything --Except In 14 Southern States: Because The Blonde Anglo-Saxon System Were Not Enforcing The Sodomy Laws For Many Years: And Most States Had Satanic Judges Illegally Overturn The People's Will On This Issue Anyway. In The End This Could Only End Bloodily: In Violence: The Punishment For HIGH TREASON Is THE GREATEST IN THE LAND. Thus When Stanley Comes Into Power: Heads Will Roll. And All Homosexuals Will Be Marched Straight Into Prison To Join Their Bum-Buddy Kennedy!!! 
June 25th, 2015: In Thursday's Decision Satanic Judges Kennedy & Roberts Sided With The Satanic liberal Judges To Uphold Obamacare: The Case Centered On The Words, "Established By The State"; i.e. People Claiming Subsidies From The Taxpayer, Could Only Do So From Exchanges "Established By The State". The Satanic Judge Roberts Said Everyone Can Now Get Help Paying For Their Premiums: Which Makes Obamacare A Totally Gov't Run Healthcare: WHICH IT WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE BY LAW!!! It Was Supposed To Remain Privately Run. The Evil Judges Basically Made Their Own Laws In Both Obamacare And SSM! Justices: Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas And Samuel Alito DISSENTED: "We should just start calling this law SCOTUScare," Justice Antonin Scalia wrote, joined by Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito: If We Can Make Law Be Whatever We Want It To Be, "Then Words No Longer Have Meaning"! In The End Stanley Rules By Divine Right: The People Obey Him Above Anyone Else: Boycott Obamacare! Refuse To Pay For The Mandates! Reject Modern Medicine; ForYoga: Vegan And Fasting Based Medicine! Modern Medicine Is Based On The Blonde English-Aryan Satanic Belief: That There Is No God, No Spirit, No Soul, No Intelligent Order: Hence They Treat The Body As An Object: Like A Mechanical Car: They Deliberately Desecrate Our Bodies Ritually In Satanic Rites Of Satan Worship: Which Murders And Destroys The Health Of Millions Of Americans Every Year! They Deny A Fetus Has Life: Because They Deny You Have Life: They See Humans As Objects, Pure Molecules Of Matter!!! This Is Blonde Saxon-Aryan Medicine Being Forced On Us: That Is Why The Blonde-Saxons Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!!! The Impotent SCOTUS Can Rule Crazily: But The People Will Obey Stanley: And That Is All That Counts!!! And These Judges WILL BE FACING DEATH SENTENCES FOR COMMITTING GENOCIDE ON THE PEOPLE WITH SATANIC, Devil-Possessed 100% QUACK TREATMENTS!
June 20th, 2015: Travis Boys 33, Killed Daryle Holloway 45, Another Cop, In New Orleans, La, Today; With A Bullet To The Head: Boys Is A Black Man! What This Proves Is That Blacks Are The Most Loyal Followers Of Stanley The King's Command : To Kill Cops For Rigging The Elections!!! What The Devil-Possessed Blacks (NIGGERS) Try To Lie: Is That They Speak For All Blacks --They Are Puppets Of The Devil-Possessed Satanic Blonde English-Aryan Race: They Speak For Nobody: They Are Nothings: Inferior Race Niggers, Like Obama, And The Democrats: That Are Being Used By Blondie To Destroy This Country!!! Stanley Represents The Majority Of Blacks: And It Is Quite Clear ThatThey Obey Stanley: To Kill Cops Dead! Stanley Has Achieved A Milestone Today In Killing Cops: In Sufficient Numbers To Prevent Blondie-Cops From Rigging The Elections For Hillary --Now We Can Concentrate On Choosing The Best GOP Candidate!!! BUT NIGGER_BLACKS MUST BE PUNISHED FOR SUPPORTING NIGGER OBAMA!!! [Note: Stanley Does Not Condone Nor Condemn, The Random Killing Of Devil-Possessed-Democrat-Niggers: But They Must Be Severely Punished For Supporting Obama. Blacks Continue To Have A Very High Rate Of Crime: The Fact That They Prey Upon And Victimize Whites, With Rapes On White Women: Means Something Has To Be Done About It! We Cannot Let These Crimes Continue As Under Nigger Obama!] Regular Black People Need To Understand: 90% Of Blacks In The U.S. Are Being Murdered By Nigger Blacks Or RATS Of The Blondies! Thus When One White Man Dylann Roof, Kills Nine Nigger-Democrat Blacks: The Nigger-Blacks Suddenly Scream As-If It's Suddenly Blue Murder, Because A White Man Killed Them: When They Care Nothing About The Regular-Blacks They Are Helping Blondie To Murder On A Regular Basis In Their Cities! Blacks Need To Accept That Their Biggest Enemies Are Nigger-Democrat-RAT-Blondie-Blacks!!! In South Carolina Blacks Compose 30% Of The Population, Yet Committed 60% Of The Rapes, (132 Of The 348 Rapes Blacks Committed Last Year, Were On White Women: Where Is The Hysteria About This Statistic? Thus When Dylann Roof Said: "You Are Raping Our Women"; He Was Telling The Truth!!!), Blacks Commit 78% Of The Robberies And 75% Of The Murders In SC; (82% Of The 238 Murders Committed By Blacks Last Year In SC, Were On Other Blacks!). But Last Year In SC Blacks Also Murdered 48 White People: Yet None Of Them Were Charged With Hate Crimes! In The Last Five Years 39 Blacks Were Murdered By Police In SC, With Not A Single Cop Charged With Anything; The Number Of Blacks Killed Was Disproportionate To Their 30% Population: Yet No Democrats Called For Hate Crimes Charges Against Cops!!! Although Only 24% Of Violent Crime Is Committed By Whites In SC: Whites Suffered 60% Of The Police' Murder-By-Cop Fatalities: Thus It Is Clear That Police Are Far More Likely To Murder Whites Than Blacks, For The Same Crimes!!! White Humans Are Far More Likely To Be Murdered By Blacks And Cops: Yet Without Any Reciprocation Or Outcry By Them --Zero-- They Suffer In Silence! Whites Are Overwhelmingly Preyed-Upon And Victimized By Blacks In SC: So It Is Understandable Why Dylann Roof Retaliated On Blacks! He Was Seeing His People Raped And Murdered! This Is The Sad State Of Affairs Non-Aryan Humans Have Reached In The U.S. Today: If You Kill A Nigger-Black, There Is Hysteria & Calls For Death; But If A Nigger-Black Kills You Its "Ho Hum", No Big Deal. The Hysteria Over A White Dylann Roof Finally Retaliating Against Nigger-Blacks Who Have Been Raping And Murdering His Folk: Proves There Exists "Reverse-Discrimination" In The Blonde English-Aryan System! Thus Fighting And Killing Cops Benefits White People Far More Than It Does Blacks! Cops Hate White-Humans Far Worse Than They Hate Blacks! Thus In Ferguson, MS, When The Black-Niggers Sabotaged The Regular-Black-Protest-Marches Against Cops, And Told Regular-Blacks To Be "Peaceful", It Hurt Whites As Well! Although Police Charged Michael Slager With The Murder Of Walter Scott In SC, This Year: It Was Only Because Of Pressure From Stanley's Attack On Police, And A Cell-Phone Video Of The Murder. The Obama-Nigger DOJ Has Not Launced A Single "Hate-Crime" On Police-Murdering Blacks, Nor A Single Federal Charge Of Murder On The Police (Which Would Stop The Murders Immediately): Letting Darren Wilson (Who Murdered Michael Brown, Get-Off Scott Free)! The People That Are Murdering Blacks The Most Are Blondie-Cops And Other Black-Niggers: (Not White People) Which The RAT-Democrat-Niggers & Obama-DOJ Worship As Gods: And Murder Other Blacks & Whites, For Blondie-English-Aryans!!!

[Note: The Reason Stanley Calls Cops Killing Civilians (Black Or White) MURDER: Is Because Cops Have Enormous Resources, Backup, Armour, Weapons And Power: They Don't Need To Kill To Apprehend A Suspect: Yet They Do Kill For The Slightest Excuse: A SWAT-Team With All Its Armor & Weapons, Kills More Often Than Regular Cops: Proving That Cops Are All Trigger-Happy-Devil-Possessed MURDERERS!!!]
June 17th, 2015: "The Donald" (Donald Trump) Is Finally A Candidate For The GOP Nomination: He Came Out Swinging: Lookout China, Lookout Mexico, Lookout Saudi-Arabia. Although Stanley Likes Trump Personally: (He Is A Nice Guy) The Problem With A Pure Business Approach To Politics, Is That WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A REVOLUTION: We Need Fundamental Change For Things To Get Better: (Like A Balanced Budget Amendment To The Constitution [BBA]!  Like Revoking The Civil-Rights Act! Like Stopping Political Correctness! Like Putting All Homosexuals In Jail, Like The Founding Fathers Intended!) If We Balance The Budget Without A BBA; The Next Gov't Could Undo All The Hard Work Of The Previous Gov't: Like What Happened When Bill (Rapist) Clinton Vetoed The BBA In 1994, 1995 & 1996: When It Would Have Prevented The Fucking Nigger Obama & Psycho Bush, From Destroying Our Economy! In Ronald Reagan's Acceptance Speech For His Nomination In August 23rd, 1984; He Said: "For Three Years Straight The (Democrats) Have Prevented Us From Adopting A Balanced Budget Amendment To The Constitution. We Will Continue To Fight For That Amendment, Mandating That Government Spends No More Than It Takes In". [We Don't Want To Build The Economy, So That Niggers And Democrats Can Then Tax Us To Death: We Need Assurances: That Socialism Is Dead; That Rigging Elections Will End; That A Nigger Will Never Again Become President! That Affirmative Action Is Dead; That Obamacare Is Dead; That SSM Is Dead!] But Trump Tells The Truth: He Is Human: He Is Genuine: But He Is Too Nigger-Loving To Be A Real Conservative: A Conservative Must Believe That Niggers Are An Inferior Race (Look What Nigger Obama Did To This Country): Trump Worships A Nigger-Bitch Like Oprah 'The Dyke' Winfrey (See Gossip Page). Niggers Were Given Worshipful Treatment On His "The Apprentice" Show. His Daughter Married A Jew --Another Inferior Race! We Cannot Balance The Budget On The Backs Of China: It Is The Democrats (Bill Clinton), Jews (Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen) And Niggers (Obama, Holder, Lynch) Who Created The Debt & Deficits: That Has Caused All Our Suffering: It Is They Who Must Be Made To Pay It Back!!! Trump Has Bought The Lie That Conservatives Are Against Illegals: The Reason Jeb Bush & Rand Paul Are Good Candidates: Is They Ignored The Evil, Demon-Possessed Crackpots In The Party: By Advocating For "Full Amnesty" For Illegals!!! The GOP (Romney) Lost Because He Pandered To Crazies & Crackpots Instead Of Obeying Stanley! We Need The Latino Vote & The 50% Of Americans That Are "Poor", Vote! The "Poor" Are At 50+% And Growing, In America, Under Nigger Obama's Socialist Policies: Yet The Satanic Blonde-Aryans In The GOP: Are Attacking The Poor & Latinos, To Sabotage The Party. Latinos & The Poor Can Easily Become The Most Loyal Supporters Of The GOP Party --If We Treat Them Fairly. The GOP Must Distance Themselves From The Military & CIA: Jeb Bush Is Too Cozy With Sending Troops Into War, Like His Crazy Psychotic Brother G.W. Bush; Jeb Needs ToDistance Himself More Clearly From G.W. To Be Credible. Jeb Says That He Would Keep Gitmo Open, He Believes Torture Was Right At The Time Of 9/11, Although He Doesn't Believe It Is Necessary Now! This Is Crazy Talk! Torture Is Never Okay, Ever --It Is Illegal Under U.S. Criminal Law! G.W. Bush & The CIA Must Be Brought To Justice For Torturing People During 9/11 --And Jeb, Needs To Get On Side. The Best Candidates So Far Are: Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckerbee & Now Trump. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: NO GOP IS GOING TO WIN, UNLESS WE KILL BLONDIE-ARYAN COPS IN LARGE ENOUGH NUMBERS: FOR THEM TO STOP RIGGING THE ELECTION FOR HILLARY (THE DYKE) Clinton; Like They Rigged It For Bill Clinton, Obama & Attempted To Rig It For Al Gore!!
(2) Rachel Dolezal, The Leader of The Spokane, WA, Chapter Of The NAACP; Who Lied That She Was Black: Raises An Important Issue: That Blacks Are: "Privileged", Entitled, Pandered To, Exalted, Revered, Worshiped, And Coddled Members Of Society Today: Simply For Being An Inferior Race: There Is A Perverse Satanic Evil In Worshiping The Lowest (Ape-Nigger), Instead Of Worshiping The Highest (God) --(The English-Aryans Don't Worship Blacks, Because They Like Blacks; They Worship Them Simply Because It Is Evil & Satanic To Do So: They Are Absolute Evil On Earth)!!! Dolezal Sued Her College For Discriminating Against Her For Being White(Czech, German, Swede, Native-Indian); She Lost, But She Learned An Important Lesson: The Blonde-Aryan System Gives Preferential Treatment To & Favors Inferior-Race Niggers Over Other Races: So She Dyed Her Skin Dark, She "Afroed" Her Hair, Claimed She Was Black, And Immediately Got Top Jobs In Gov't, Simply For Pretending To Be Black. It Is Dolezal That Is The Victim Here! She Was Forced By The Blonde English-Aryans To Ape Blacks --In Order To Get A Job --In Order To Be Treated With Respect!!! The Evil Is That "Whites", Latinos & Asians Are Being Discriminated Against: To Pander To Inferior Race Niggers: This Is Reverse Discrimination And Satanic. This Is How & Why Nigger-Chimpanzee Obama Was Rigged Into Office. We Must Treat Blacks As Inferior From Now On, To Re-Balance The Scales Of Justice; And Right The Wrongs & Perversity Of The Blondie-Aryans' Imposition Of The False Equality Of Chimpanzees To A Human-Being, On Us. [Note: Dylann Roof 21, Killed 9 Blacks Today In A Charleston, S.C., Church; Saying To A Black Prayer Group, "You Are Raping Our Women, You Are Taking Over Our Country, I Hate To Do What I Have To Do". ... Then I Am Going To Kill Myself." [Note: Stanley Does Not Condone Nor Condemn These Killings] Blacks Need To Obey Stanley, Or More Blacks Are Going To Be Killed Senselessly: STOP SUPPORTING OBAMA THE SATANIC NIGGER AND THE DEMOCRATS!!! Obama & Democrats Are Evil Puppets Of The Satanic Devil-Possessed Blonde English-Aryan Race: Their Sins Have Reached Up To High Heaven: They Must Receive The Wrath Of God (Death): It Is High Hypocrisy For Democrat Blacks To Be Holding A Prayer Group In Church, When They(Democrats) Clearly Worship Satan And Reject Stanley The King! White People Feel Genuinely Aggrieved: This Is Not A Hate Crime: Do Not Get Caught Up In Another Civil Rights Or Hate Crime Nonsense, Of The Evil Lying Satanic Obama's DOJ; Blacks Were Never Disadvantaged: It Was All Satanic Nonsense By Blonde-English-Aryans: To Bring Non-English-Aryan Whites Down And Murder Whites, And Genocide Non-English-Aryan Whites. Stop The Obama Supporting Crap Now, Or Die With Him!!!]
June 10th, 2015: This Is The Calm Before The Storm: Stanley As King Of America: Has Ordered The Killing Of Cops To Prevent Them From Rigging The Elections And Polls, For Hillary Clinton! The Riots And Hatred Of Cops Exhibited By The People: (In Baltimore, Ferguson, NYC, & Hattiesburg MS); Shows That The Blonde English-Aryans Have Lost The Right To Govern This Country --And Are Desperately Trying To Foist Their Devil-possessed Dyke Hillary, On Us, By Rigging The Elections & Polls: Like They Did For Bill Clinton & Obama!!! This Is Why We Must Kill Cops: To Stop Them From Rigging Elections For Hillary & Democrats Again! The Storm Will Come: The SCOTUS Will Rule On Obamacare Next Week: Killing Obamacare Nationwide!!!What People Don't Understand: Is That The Blonde English-Aryans Used Dumb, Inferior Race Nigger-Chimp Obama, To Try And Force Modern Satanic Medicine On Us Through Our Taxes And Individual & Business Mandates Enforced By Punitive FINES! (Not Taxes, Contrary To Lone Justice Roberts --The Only Justice To Believe It's A Tax!): "Modern Medicine" Is 100% Quackery That Genocides & Murders Millions Of Americans Every Year: The Individual Mandate And "Free" Healthcare Subsidies (With Our Taxes) Removes All Choice In The Type Of Healthcare We Want: And Denies Us Alternative God-Based Or Yoga Medicine!!!  Lower Income People Are Being Delusionally Enticed (With Our Forced Taxes) To Delusionally Use Quack Devil-Possessed Healthcare (Because It Is Free), They Wouldn't Otherwise Use; And Which Actually Harms Them, Murders Them & Commits Genocide On Them. Do You Think Satan & Devil-Possessed Evil, Blonde-Saxon-Aryans Would Give You Anything For Free? Unless It Is To Murder & Harm You? All Americans Have The Money To Purchase Their Own Healthcare If They Really Wanted It; And Privatization Actually Lowers Costs For All! The Costs Of Obamacare Has Destroyed Our Economy And Impoverished Us All: And Given Us Worse Healthcare Than Before! The Really Poor Already Had Medicaid, And Emergency Care Is Available To All --By Law. Ultimately Our Karma Determines Our Health Anyway: Money Can't Buy You Health: The U.S., Canada & Europe; Spends $$Trillions On Quack Satanic Medicine: But Our Health Has Gotten Worse: And We Have Gotten Poorer!!! Thus Each Person Should Be Given Ultimately, Responsibility For His Own Healthcare: And Reap A "Health Dividend" When We Maintain Good Health: And Not Have To Pay For Other's Poor Choices In Life! That Is Why Healthcare Must Remain Fully Individualized & Privatized --Except For Emergency Care --This Encourages Us To Take Responsibility For Our Own Actions, And Gives Us Freedom Of Choice To Use Alternative Yoga Medicine. The Defeat Of Obamacare Is A Huge Victory For Stanley: And A Defeat Of The Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Aryans!!! The Second Impending Bombshell From SCOTUS Is SSM (Same-Sex-Marriage): Stanley Has Already Ruled: As King Of America: He Decrees: AllJudges And Authorities (Justice Kennedy et al)Forcing SSM On Us: Are Guilty Of High Treason! And Will Be Facing Death Sentences, When Stanley Comes Into Power!!! (This Is Why The Blonde English-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas) All Blonde English-Aryans Are Homosexuals: They Have Been Pushing Satanic Homosexuality On Us For Many Years: The Fact Is That All Homosexual Couples Are: Child-Molesters, Rapists Of Women And Murderers: To Allow Court Sanction Of SSM: Would Be Giving Tacit Approval Of Child-Molestation, Rape & Murder As Well; And Commits High Treason Against The King Of America!!! The Punishment For Forcing Homosexuality & SSM, Can Only Be DEATH, DEATH And DEATH!!! Because Stanley Would Be Forced To Sacrifice His Life To Protect Women & Children! And Thus Homosexuality Is A Direct Threat Against The Life Of The KING! Laws Cannot Be Based On Rigged Polls, Rigged Elections, Rigged Media, And False Propaganda: Like The Blondie System Wants: (Just A Few Years Ago The Polls Were Showing The Exact Opposite: All Against Homosexuality: Until The System Began To Rig The Polls As Well! All Americans Have Been Against Homosexuality For Thousands Of Years! Like We Have Been Against Child-Molestation, Rape And Murder!) Homosexuality Has Always Been Illegal Under Our Criminal Code: The Blonde Devil-Possessed Aryans Had Stopped Enforcing Our Sodomy And Pedophelia Laws Against Boys, For Many Years: In Preparation For The Repeal Of Sodomy And Promoting Molestation Of Boys & Rape Of Women: Which Is Now Rampant In America: Homosexuals All Commit Rape And Murder In A Cyclic Manner: Boys Who Have Been Raped Become Homosexuals And Rape Others: When Perpetrators Are Not Being Punished By Blondie Cops --This Is Why We Need To Kill Blondie! All Our Laws Come From "British Common Law Principles" From The Celtic Races: (Not From The Bible, As Some Satanists Claim!) These Laws In Turn Were Handed Down By English Celtic Kings: (Before The Satanic Neanderthal-Apes: Angles & Saxon-Aryans Invaded England, Murdered The King, (Camelot) And Brought Anarchy!). The Celts Fled England And Founded The U.S. Constitution: Which Forbids The Courts From Making Law: [Only Enforcing Laws Written By Our Founding Fathers! By Repealing The Sodomy Laws: (Justice Kennedy) Has Unconstitutionally Brought Us Satanic Anarchy, Satanic Jurisprudence By Delusional "liberal" Judges, Child-Molestation & Murder Running Amok: And Riots In The Streets (The People Obeying Stanley's Message To Kill Cops! Because "liberal" Judges Make Everyone Lose Respect For The Law!) And Because The Cops Rigged Elections To Put These "liberal Judges" Into Power!] Thus To Bring Back Law & Order: We Have To Obey Stanley: For Ultimately Only The Legitimate King Of America Has The Absolute Right To Make Laws: Stanley Says No To Homosexuality: And That Is Final!!!

May 31st, 2015: Joseph Robinette "Beau" Biden III (February 3, 1969 – May 30, 2015), Son Of V.P. Joe Biden, Died Yesterday Of Brain Cancer: This Is The Beginning Of The End Of Satanic Nigger Obama! To Show You How "Bad Karma" Works: It Was Beau Biden As The Attorney General Of Delaware: Who In 2008: At A Crucial Time In Satanist Obama's Election Campaign: Used His Power As AG: To Shutdown Larry Sinclair's Press Conference Exposing Obama As A Cocaine Addict, A Homosexual, And A Murderer! In Larry Sinclair's Book, "Cocaine, Lies, Sex & Murder (2009)" Amazon, In The Book, Sinclair Says: "The biggest untold story of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election... Finally, the no-holds-barred, 100% true story of Barack Obama's use and sale of cocaine; his homosexual affairs and the December 23, 2007 murder of Barack Obama's former lover and choir director of Obama's Chicago church of 20 years, Donald Young, just days before the 2008 Iowa Caucus. This searing candid story begins with Barack Obama meeting Larry Sinclair in November, 1999, and subsequently procuring and selling cocaine, and then engaging in consensual, homosexual sex with Sinclair on November 6th and again on November 7, 1999. You'll read in riveting detail how Sinclair, in 2007, repeatedly contacted and requested that the Obama campaign simply come clean about their candidate's 1999 drug use and sales. You learn how the Obama campaign, David Axelrod and Barack Obama used Donald Young (the homosexual lover of Barack Obama) to contact and seek out information from Sinclair about who he had told of Obama's crimes and actions. You'll read how the Obama campaign used internet porn king Dan Parisi and Ph.D. fraud Edward I. Gelb to conduct a rigged polygraph exam in an attempt to make the Sinclair story go away. The Obama team and the controlled media - specifically MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, the New York Times, CNN, Politico's Ben Smith, The DailyKos, The Huffington Post and others - attacked the National Press Club for making its facilities available to Larry Sinclair for a news conference to present his evidence and allegations to the world media. You'll read how Vice President Joe Biden's son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, issued an arrest warrant on completely false, fabricated charges to attempt to discredit Mr. Sinclair's National Press Club news conference. This is a staggeringly true story of how the sitting U.S. President with the help of the Mainstream Media, the Chicago Police Department, the FBI, the Delaware Attorney General"; All Tried To Cover-Up The Fact That Obama Was A Complete Fraud, A Murderer, A Cocaine Addict, A Homosexual; Obama Was Foisted On The American People By A Conspiracy Composed Of Chicago Police, Mainstream Media, The FBI, And The Delaware Attorney General: Beau Biden!!! Obama Murdered His Choirboy Homosexual Lovers From The "Trinity United Church": Because They Could "Out" Him As Gay; And Could Blackmail Him In Office! Choirboys: Donald Young, Larry Bland & Nate Spencer Were All Murdered "Execution Style" In Dec. 2007; Just Days Before The Iowa Caucus: When The Satanic Blonde-Aryan System Had Decided To "Rig" Obama Into Office, Simply Because He Was As Totally Insane, Incompetent, Homosexual, Evil, Dumb, Devil-Possessed And Satanic As They Were. There Is Irony In The Bad Karma Of Beau: The Most Evil And Satanic Measure Of Obama, Was Obamacare: The Forceful Imposition Of 100% Satanic Quackery On Us! When Beau Was Diagnosed With Brain Cancer In Aug. 2013: He Was Given The Quack Satanic Treatment Of Surgery, Radiation And Chemotherapy: And It Was This 100% Quack Treatment That Killed Him --Not The Cancer (Most Cancers Are Benign). Modern Satanic Medicine Murders Millions Of People Every Year, By Their Blonde English-Aryan Satanic, Godless, Devil-Possessed Quackery: And It Was This Quackery That Beau Helped Force On Us: That Murdered Beau! Karmic-Irony!! THE WHEELS OF GOD TURN SLOWLY BUT THEY GRIND EXCEEDINGLY FINE!
May 28th, 2015: Paula Jones: Who Was Sexually Assaulted By Bill Clinton And Lost $$$Millions Because The Blonde Satanic Aryan-System Protected Clinton From All Prosecution; Paula Said Today: "Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Even Be Running For Office! Bill Clinton Will Do The Same Stuff He Did Before: (Preying On Women). Hillary Knew What Her Husband Was Doing To These Women: Yet She Covered-Up And Lied For Him! She Refused To Stand-Up For Those Women, Or Leave Him! She Stayed Married To Him Only For Political Reasons: To Win The White House Again." (Even After Bill Clinton Was Found Guilty Of Perjury: The Satanic Courts Refused To Award Paula Jones Punitive Damages For: The $Millions She Lost, Her Marriage Break-Up, Or The Suffering She Endured From Democrats Persecution Of Her!) Kathleen Wiley (Husband Murdered By The SS), Juanita Broaddrick (Raped), Monica Lewinsky (Intern Sexually Exploited), Mary Mahoney (Intern Murdered By The SS), Vince Foster (Murdered By Clinton For Having Sex With Hillary), Gennifer Flowers (Sex). The List Of Sexual Assaults By Bill Clinton Goes On And On: Dolly Kyle Browning began writing a "semi-autobiographical novel" about her alleged affair with Bill Clinton. In the publication process, Browning asserted that Clinton did everything in his power to prohibit and undermine publication. Browning sued Clinton for damages, but the US Court of Appeals denied her appeal. Bill Clinton's name appears more than 10 times on flight manifests for Jeffrey Epstein's private airliner: a Boeing 727: Where He Flew The Plane With Clinton On Board, To Take Underage Teenagers For Sex, To A Private Island In The Bahamas. Epstein was convicted in 2008 in Florida for soliciting underage teenage prostitutes And Is Facing More Sex Charges On Underage Teens! Yet Clinton Who Also Had Sex With These Underage Teens Was Not Charged By Our Satanic Police! How Many Women Must Be Raped Before We Stop The Clintons???  [Note: Hillary Is A Known Lesbian: She Has A Live-In Lesbian Lover: Her Personal Assistant: Huma Abedin!!! While Bill Clinton Continues Having Sex With Prostitutes: He Is Photographed Almost Weekly By The National Enquirer, Leaving Sleazy Motels With A Different Prostitute! While His "Wife" Hillary's Only Concern: Is The Negative Impact Bill's Prostitutes Will Have, On Her Run For Office!] 
(2) Nigger AG Loretta Lynch: Has Charged Nine FIFA Officials And Four Business Executives With Bribery & Racketeering: "Jeffrey Webb and Jack Warner – the current and former presidents of CONCACAF, the continental confederation under FIFA headquartered in the United States – are among the Nine soccer officials charged with racketeering and bribery offenses.  The defendants also include Four U.S. and South American sports marketing executives who are alleged to have systematically paid and agreed to pay well over $150 million in bribes and kickbacks over 24 years, to obtain lucrative media and marketing rights to international soccer tournaments."
The Problem With This False Indictment: Is That This Fucking NIGGER BITCH WHORE: Has Refused To Investigate Or Charge Bill & Hillary Clinton: Who Have Used Hillary's Gov't Influence And Power To Enrich Themselves And Their "Foundation" To The Tune Of $$$Billions Of Dollars --Not Just $Millions!!!  Corruption Is Rampant In The Third World: It Is The Way They Do Business There: They Would Have To Charge The Entire Third-World By Their Logic, Which Is Absurd: The U.S. Has Zero Jurisdiction To Prosecute People For Crimes Not Committed In The U.S. And Under A Different Business "Culture"; And Is A Violation Of The Sovereignty Of Nations: (What If Saudi-Arabia Selectively Indicted Jews For Drinking Alcohol, Or Indicted Jewish Women For Driving A Car? Or Iran Indicted Obama For Being A Homosexual -Which He Is? The U.S. Is Not The Policeman Of The World And Cannot Impose Their Satanic Immorality On Others By Force. The Selective Indictment Of Only FIFA Officials Is An Attempt By The U.S.: To Use Its Satanic Power: To Intimidate & Scare FIFA Into Awarding The U.S. The Rights To The World Cup 2022 --Without Having To Pay The Free Market Price, By Having To Offer Competing Bribes! This Is A Satanic And Corrupt Indictment!!) And The U.S. Gov't Has Zero Credibility, When They Let Hillary Off For Far Worse Crimes Like Extortion & Destroying Gov't Records! This Is Why We Must Never Again Allow A "Nigger" (Loretta Lynch) Into High Office! We Now Know That Bill And Hillary Used "Shell Companies" In Canada & Sweden, To Hide Hundreds Of $Millions In Donations To Their "Clinton Foundation" And Hide $Millions In Speaking Fees! Yet The AG Has Allowed Them To Belatedly Declare These Donations, Rather Than Charge Them For Corruption And False Filing --Hillary Is Falsely Lying That They Had Made A Mistake --After They Got Caught! Their "Shell Companies Were An Elaborate Tax Scam And Attempt At Concealment: Like With Her Emails! It Was Not A Mistake: It Was A Deliberate Attempt To Deceive, And Hide The Donors' Names, And Hide The Income Gotten By Corrupt Means! Hillary Is Refusing To Speak To The Press Because She Is Guilty Of Numerous Felonies; And Knows She Will Incriminate Herself! But The Greater Evil Is The English-Aryan Devil-Possessed Satanic System: Who Are Letting Her Get Away With Crime: Because She Is Just As Evil, Devil-Possessed And Incompetent As Nigger Obama And The Neanderthal Apes That They Are! 
May 27th, 2015: Rand Paul Has Blamed The "Hawks Within The Republican Party For Arming ISIS To Fight Assad, And Thus Creating ISIS". Drawing Condemnation From Some Crackpots Who Will Always Support Endless Wars: Over The Truth. Paul Misdirects His Attack Though: It Is Not The GOP That Armed ISIS: IT WAS THE CIA & SAUDI-ARABIA & UAE: To Defeat Assad! All This Also Ties-In To The Benghazi Embassy Attack And Hillary: Because The CIA Were Funneling Stolen Libyan Arms, From Libya To Syria, When The Embassy Was Attacked! The CIA And Hillary Were Also Arming The Libyan Opposition Party: When The Embassy Was Attacked By Groups Opposed To The U.S. Taking Sides: The Tragedy Is That Libya, Iraq & Syria Are Basket Cases: With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Civilians, Christians & Innocents Murdered By The CIA & U.S. Involvement: Assad, Hussein & Gaddafy Were Tyrants: But The Consequences Of U.S. Interference Was Far Worse For The People Of Iraq!!! Without These Arms From The CIA And Gulf-Arabs: There Would Not Be An ISIS: Without These CIA Arms For ISIS: 300,000 Syrian Civilians, Would Not Have Died! 3 Million Iraqis Would Not Have Died! Thus Rand Paul Is Partially Correct --But Is Wrong To Blame The GOP! But That Is The Perception Among American People: That The GOP Is Synonymous With This English-Aryan-Satanic Police-State: That Is Why The GOP Need To Distance Themselves From The Military, The NSA, The CIA And The Police: In Order To Win Elections. We Need To Learn The Lessons Of History: The Defeats Of The GOP: Was Because Of Blindly Obeying The CIA: G.W. Bush, John McCain & Satanic Romney: They Were All Gung-Ho Military & CIA, And Refused To Call A Nigger Obama, A Nigger: Because Of Political Correctness: And Thus They Lost Precisely Because This Is Very Unpopular Among Americans! DO NOT ATTACK PAUL: We Need A Populist: Paul Beats Hillary In Most Polls: We Don't Want Yet Again To Let A Nutbar And Crackpot Like G.W. Bush, McCain Or A Lackey For The CIA, To Be Nominated, Promoting More War And Refusing To Attack Hillary, Only To Lose The General Election! (Call Hillary A Liar, Guilty Of Destroying Gov't Records, Guilty Of Bribery, Guilty Of Using Gov't Office To Enrich Herself, Call Her A Dyke: Huma Abedin): Remember: The Polls Are Being Rigged In Her Favor: Thus Stanley Will Give The Order To Kill Cops Again: And Keep Killing Cops: Until The Blondies Relinquish Power!!! 
[NOTE: The Obama Administration Has Totally Capitulated To Rand Paul: After Reading This Posting: The White House Said, "The U.S. Is Prepared To Train And Equip Iraqi Forces; But Will Not Be Responsible To Do The Fighting For Iraq; Nor Do What The Iraqis Must Do For Themselves, For Their Security". In Other Words:They Will Never Be More Troops On The Ground, Nor Will The U.S. Do Their Fighting For Them; Nor Will The U.S. Be An Occupying Force, As In Germany! Rand Paul's Ability To Force The Obama Nigger To Capitulate: Makes Him The Driving Force In The Next Election!]
(2) Nigger-Faggit Obama Was Handed Another Humiliating Defeat: Like The Nigger That He Is: By The 5th Circuit Court Of Appeal: In A 2-1 Decision: The Court Denied Obama's Plea For A Hold On The Injunction Against His Executive Action On Immigration: Without Congressional Approval! Obama Is A Chimpanzee (Literally!) He Has Zero Morality: He Cannot Accept Defeat Gracefully! An Appeal From The 5th Circuit Goes To Justice Antonin Scalia: Who Is More Constitutionally Conservative Than Federal Judge Hanen: Who Handed Down Obama's Initial Humiliation: Just For Being A Nigger-Chimp (Literally!). An Inferior Race Nigger Must Be Treated Like An Inferior Race NIGGER To Defeat Them! Obama's Administration Has Deliberately Run Roughshod Over Our Constitution: As A Matter Of Policy: Obama Is Satanically Insane: He Is Deliberately Shitting On Our Constitution At Every Turn: (Like What A Chimpanzee Would Do) He Needs To Be Brought To Heel. But The Greater Evil Is The Blonde-Aryan-System: Who Put The Dumb, Evil Nigger Into Office, By Another Rigged Election!!!
(3)  The Most Blatant Rigging Of Polls Was In Ireland Yesterday: Where Gay Marriage Was Falsely Rigged As 63% Supporting! The Blondie Satanists Have Become "In-Your-Face" About Rigging Elections And Polls: Because Stanley Has Already Exposed Them. Stanley Is The King Of America: The People Naturally Obey Him! There Is No Way Gay Marriage Will Ever Be Accepted --Except In Rigged Polls. This Is Why We Must Keep Killing Cops! Remember: It Is Perfectly Legal To Kill Cops: Under Our Constitution's Second Amendment! When The Blondies: Have So Much Contempt For The People: That They In-Your-Face Rig Everything: They Must Be Taken Out By Force!
(4) All Over The World Gays Are Being Imprisoned And Harshly Treated: Thanks To Stanley The King's Power Over The People! In Africa Most Gov'ts Are Increasing The Penalties On Gays To Life Imprisonment! Just Yesterday, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Said: "If You Do Homosexuality In Gambia, I Will Slit Your Throat". "If You Are A Man And You Want To Mary Another Man, In This Country, And We Catch You. No One Will Ever See You Again. And No White Person (Actually Blonde-Aryan Satanists) Can Do Anything To Save You!". Jammeh Says: "Homosexuality Is Anti-God, Anti-Human, And Anti-Civilization. Homosexuals Are Not Welcome In The Gambia. If We Catch You, You Will Regret You Were Ever Born. I Have Buffaloes From South Africa And Brazil, And They Never Date Each Other. We Are Ready To Eat Grass, But We Will Never Compromise On This. Allowing Homosexuality, Means Allowing Satanic Rites. We Will Not Allow Gays Here Ever!". [Note: Not All Blacks Are Niggers: Jammeh Is From Africa, And Is A Good Man. Most Of The American Blacks Were Low-Life Slaves, And Are Now Liberals, Possessed By Devils; Who Are Deceiving Other Blacks (Niggers Like Obama, Holder, Lynch, Civil-Rights Niggers, And Evil Democrats; Are All RATS Who Worship Blondie & Satan As Gods: They Should Be Shunned And Hated By Regular Blacks.); And Even Their Fellow Blacks Hate Them!] If You Believe Hillary Is Truly Leading In The Polls: You Are As Dumb As Obama The Inferior Race Nigger. If You Believe Gay-Marriage Is Popular: You Are Insane, Devil-Possessed, Satanic, And A Child-Molester Like The Crazy Inferior Race False-Prophet Mohammed!!! Stanley Is The King Of America: He Has Made It Clear: All Those Who Forced Gay Marriage On Us (Justice Kennedy): Will Be Facing Death Sentences For High Treason: When He Comes Into Power!!!
May 20th, 2015: In Another Humiliating Defeat For Nigger-Faggit Obama And Hillary Clinton: And A Victory For Free Speech: The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Ruled, That The Anti-Muslim,YouTube Video, That Hillary & Obama RepeatedlyLied, Caused The 9/11, 2011 Attack On The Benghazi Embassy; Can Now Be Shown ByGoogle (Who Own YouTube); Overturning A Lower Court Decision To Ban The Video. Obama Abused His DOJ Power To Jail (For One Year) The Producer Of 'Innocence of Muslims' Mark Basseley Youssef, "Simply For Using A Different Name In The Movie"! Obama And Hillary Vindictively Jailed Mark Basseley Youssef, In Order To Promote The False Narrative, That The YouTube Video Was The Cause Of The Protests: Rather Than Their Failed Policies! We Now Know That Both Hillary & Obama, Knew That The Benghazi Embassy Attack, Was A Planned Military Operation By The Ansar al-Sharia 'Terrorist' Group, And Had Nothing To Do With The YouTube Video; While They Were Lying To Us, That It Was The Video!!! Hillary & Obama's Imprisonment Of Youssef (A Coptic Christian) Imposed A Chilling Effect On Free Speech, And Denied His Right To His Freedom Of Speech! Yet Nigger Obama Has Done Nothing To Protect Christians, Kurds And Shiites Who Are Being Slaughtered By The Thousands: In The Worst Genocide In Years, By ISIS, Islam And Sunni Muslims (Who Obama Loves & Protects!) All This Persecution Of A Coptic Christian, Was Done To Protect A Garbage Islamic Terrorist Religion From All Criticism, And To Win A Rigged Election!! Stanley Has Ruled: That In Order To Destroy Terrorism, We Must Destroy Islam: In Order To Destroy Islam And End Terrorism: We Must Mock And Ridicule Mohammed As A Crazy Devil-Possessed Madman, A Terrorist, A Fucker Of Prostitutes And A Child-Molester: All Of Which Are 100% True And Historically Accurate!!!
"Actress Cindy Lee Garcia wanted 'Innocence of Muslims' Banned because of allegedly receiving death threats --And On The Secret Urging Of Obama, Hillary And Leftwing Democrats. Garcia was paid $500 for a movie called Desert Warrior she believed had nothing to do with religion. But ended up in a five-second scene in which her voice was dubbed over and her character asked if Muhammad was a child molester. The film drew the attention of federal prosecutors, who discovered that film-maker Mark Basseley Youssef used several false names in violation of probation from a 2010 check fraud case. He was sent back to prison in 2012 and was released on probation in September 2013." --The Guardian.  
(2)   Hillary (The Fucking Devil-Possessed Satanic Whore-Dyke) Clinton, Has Been Caught In Another Criminal Lie: Contempt Of Congress! Hillary And Her Lawyer David Kendall, Had Told A Congressional Committee That "She Had Only One Personal Email Account": <>; She Has Now Been Caught In Another Lie: Because Her Personal Adviser Sidney Blumenthal, (Who Works For Her "Clinton Foundation") Was Sending Her Emails At Another Of Her "Personal Email Accounts" With The Address: <>; (While She Was In The State Dept.; Which She Tried To Lie About As Well!) And She Could Have Other Personal Email Accounts As Well, On Her Private Server!!! We Know That Hillary's Lesbian Lover, And "Personal Aide" Huma Abedin, And Her Lawyer Cheryl Mills, Have Personal Email Accounts On Her Server As Well. This Lie Also Negates Her Deceptive Justification For Using Her Personal Account For Both Gov't & Private Business: Because She Had Lied That She Had Only One Email Account! This Proven Web Of Lies Removes All Credibility From Anything She Says! The Reason This Is Criminal, Is That She Has Admitted To Destroying 32,000 Emails And Her "Private" Server, Because They Were Her "Personal" Emails: But We Now Know That The Other Account <hdr22> Was Being Used Exclusively For Gov't Business: Thus All The 32,000 Emails And Server That She Claims To Have Destroyed Are Now Positively A Felony Crime: Under The Records Act!!! i.e. She Couldn't Have Used The Gov't-Business <hdr22> Account For Personal Emails, Because She Already Had Another Personal Account(s) For Personal Emails <hrod17>!!! The Dyke-Whore: Now Must Go To Jail!!! [Note: Hillary Is Lying That She Has Destroyed Her Emails & Server: She Still Has Them: And They Can Be Easily Retrieved With A Judge's Subpoena For The Production Of These Emails; And Judge's Warrant To Search Her House For These Items.] [Note: Cheryl Mills, Hillary's Chief-of-Staff At The State Dept. Is Another Nigger, AndObstructed Justice: According to Gregory Hicks’ testimony before a congressional committee, it was Mills, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, who instructed him to try to derail the congressional investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attack by refusing to speak to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). It Seems We Have Cheryl 'Nigger' Mills, Who Needs To Go To Jail As Well! The Whole Clinton Clique Are Corrupt, Entitled, Evil, Satanic Criminals: That Have Never Been Brought To Justice: Because Our Blonde English-Aryan System Is As Devil-Possessed And Satanic As They Are!!! And Yet Hillary Is Leading In The RIGGED POLLS! As Long As The Blonde Aryan-System Attempts To Rig Elections & Polls For Hillary: The Killing Of Cops Will Continue!! It Is Legal To Kill Cops: As Long As The Intention Is To Follow Stanley The King's Revolution And Order: The Second Amendment Was Enacted To Allow The People To Take Up Arms To Overthrow The Gov't: If They Turn Against The People: RIGGING ELECTIONS FOR DEVIL POSSESSED HILLARY & DEMOCRATS, FITS THAT DEFINITION!!!]
(3) The Defeat And Occupation Of Ramadi By ISIS, In Spite Of Desperate Air-Strikes By The Weak, Pathetic, Pitiable U.S. Army: Proves That That Nigger Obama's Policy In Iraq Has Failed: Obama Is Of An Inferior Race: He Is Stupid, Dumb, Evil And Incompetent. And Today While Ramadi Collapsed: Obama Was Telling The Military That Their Greatest Threat In The World Is "Climate Change", Which They Must Fight: The Tragedy For America Is That Obama Is So Insane & Dumb: He Truly Believes In The Satanic Hoax Of Non-Existent 'Climate Change': After America & Canada Have Just Suffered Through Back-To-Back Their Coldest Winters On Record! Now Do You Realize Why Niggers Are An Inferior Race Of Chimpanzees? Obama Is 100% Proof Of Their Inferiority: Proof For All Eternity!Obama Removed al-Maliki, Through A Rigged Election; Believing The Politically Correct Nigger Thinking: That By Including Sunnis In The Iraqi Army: All Would Be Solved: The Sunni-Obama Army Has Totally Collapsed: Because Of Inferior Nigger Policies!!! And Now The Iraqi Army Is Totally Useless: Running From ISIS. Obama's Reliance On The Iranians And Shiite Militia, Is Not Because He Likes Iran: But Because His Iraqi Army And U.S. Trained Forces: Have Totally Collapsed! Iran Should Refuse To Fight For The U.S.-Iraq Regime: And Only Assist Iraq: If The U.S. Is Kicked Out Of Iraq!!! The U.S. Needs To Get Out Of Iraq: And Let It Resolve Itself: By Remaining In A Failed State: They Are Prolonging The Agony, Suffering & Genocide For The Iraqi People!!

May 13th, 2015: BOMBSHELL: The White House has strongly denied an article by a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist (Seymour Hersh) that claims Barack Obama & The CIA, lied to the public about the killing of Osama bin Laden.Seymour Hersh’s article, published in the London Review of Books, alleged that the government of Pakistan played a key role in helping the US assassinate the former al-Qaeda leader and that he was in fact an unarmed “invalid” when he was shot (Murdered) by US Navy Seals in 2011.These, among other claims attributed to an unnamed retired official from the Pakistani intelligence services (ISI), directly contradict the story President Obama told; of how bin Laden died in a fire-fight after a secret incursion by a small American Seal-team. During a press conference at the White House, We All Know That Obama Is A Liar! Navy Seals were given rules of engagement implying they should shoot bin Laden on sight regardless of whether he tried to defend himself and that he was “unarmed” and “an invalid” at the time. Among the other claims made in Hersh’s article were that rather than hiding out in a compound in Abbottabad, bin Laden had been held captive by the Pakistan military for years as “leverage” against al-Qaeda and the Taliban. (Abbottabad Is A Pakistani Military Garrison-Base, Where No Al-Qaeda Would Want To Live!). Mr Hersh also reported that White House claims Bin Laden was still receiving information from and giving orders to al-Qaeda, and that a cache of secret details from terror activities was found in the compound, were “lies, misstatements and betrayal of the American people” --
The Independent. 
Although This Report By The ISI & Hersh, Seems Shocking: Stanley Has Been Saying This From Day One: Without The Benefit Of Any Intelligence Reports!!! (See Below Year 2011). Bin Laden Was An Unarmed Prisoner Of The Pakistani Military, It Was The Pakistani Gov't That Informed The U.S. Gov't Of Bin Laden's Location; And Fully Cooperated In The Mission To Murder Bin Laden! (No Useful Information Was Gained From Torture, As The CIA Lied!) The Navy Seals Were Given Orders To Murder An Unarmed Man In A Prison: To Coverup The Fact That It Was THe CIA & Navy Seals That Committed 9/11 --NOT Bin Laden!!! Evil, Devil-Possessed, Hillary Clinton Knew About This Murder Too: And She Can Be Seen In The 'Situation Room', 
Reacting In Horror And Shock (With An Equally Shaken Obama), As They Murder Osama Bin Laden: Right Before Her Eyes!!! Obama & Hillary Simply Joined With The CIA & Seals, In Blatantly Lying To Us, The American People! Bin Laden Was Shot Over A Hundred Times: In An Orgy Of Murder, Butchery And Blood: In An Attempt To Coverup The Murder Of 3,000 Americans In The Twin Towers! But You Can't Fool The King: Stanley Had Deduced All This From Day One --And Now We Have The Proof!!! And Now We Need Justice: The CIA And Navy Seals Are Not Heroes: They Are Criminals: They Must Pay!
(2) Jeb Bush Has Taken The Lead Over Hillary: (The Devil-Possessed Has-Been) In The Latest Rigged Polls: Simply Because He Was The Only Candidate, Who Had The Courage To Stand By His Convictions: Jeb Said He Would Give Illegals A Path To Legality, Or Citizenship: Because We Don't Want To Do Things Like Self-Deporting Grandmothers, Or Rounding-Up People, That Will Lose Us Another Election (Like Evil Faggit Romney)! Jeb Also Defended Common Core: "Because We Must Have High Standards". It Is Not Common Core That Is The Problem: It Is Nigger Obama's Perversion Of The Curriculum, But That Has Nothing To Do With Common Core. But Jeb Restated That Obama Has No Control Of Common Core: Which Only Tests Math & English!!! This 2016 Election Is Now Between Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina And Jeb Bush: With All Others Fading Fast!!! If Jeb Is Winning Despite Heavily Rigged Polling: It Spells The Death Of That Lying, Corrupt Satanic, Devil-Possessed Whore Hillary Clinton. [Note: Later In The FOXNews Interview: Jeb Made A Blunder By Blindly Supporting His Crazy "Psycho" Brother George W. Bush's Foreign Policy: By Saying, "Knowing What He Knows Now, He Would Still Go Into Iraq Again." He Reluctantly Backtracked Two Days Later: But Jeb Needs To Understand "He's His Own Man": He Needs To Distance Himself From Leftwing George W. (Bush, Like Obama, Was A Leftwing Republican, G.W. Bush Brought In Deficits, Albeit, Smaller Deficits Than Obama, Smaller Bailouts, Mini Stimulus, And Mini Q.E.; But G.W. Bush Destroyed The GOP, And Allowed Obama Into Office!) Jeb Needs To Dump George W.; And Embrace Ronald Reagan, And His Father G.H.W. Bush --If He Wants To Win!!! G. W. Is A Liability, Not An Asset!!!]
May 10th, 2015: And The Beat Goes On: Two More Police Officers Benjamin Deen 34, & Liquori Tate 24, Were Shot Dead Today By A Black Couple, Marvin Banks 29, And Joanie Calloway 22, In Hattiesburg, MS; Adding To The Dead Police Sergeant Greg Moore, Killed In Idaho On Friday. This Brings To 40, The Cops Killed So Far This Year. Hey Blondie: You Ain't Learning You Mother-Fuckers: You Rig Election For Hillary: You Get Bullet In Your Head Mother-Fuckers!!!Do You Get It Now???  
May 8th, 2015: The Landslide Majority Of David Cameron's Conservatives In The U.K. Proves That "Socialism" Is DEAD Worldwide --Cameron Won 331 Seats To Labour's 232: Although The Polls Lied That They Were Tied Neck-And-Neck!!! Although U.K. & The U.S. Are In Their Worst "Recession" Ever In History, With No Recovery In Sight: The People Are Rejecting The Satanic Left's Message: About Taxing The Rich!!! The People Are OBEYING Stanley The King's Message: That Gov't Spending, High Deficits, High Taxes, High Debt, High Interest, High Inflation, Printing Money, Leveraged Buy-outs, Big Banks, Bailouts, Obamacare, Gay Marriage, Global Warming, The Stock-Market, More Gov't, More Police-State, More Covert Islamic Terrorism Support By Gov't, (The CIA Created ISIS By Arming Them To Fight Syria's Assad; And The CIA Committed 9/11); Are The Cause Of Our Suffering --Not The Rich! Government Is Satanic And Evil, It Is The Police & Military That Murders Civilians On The Street: NOT THE RICH! The Blonde Neanderthal Apes Are Ruling Us By Rigging Elections For The Obama-Hillary Socialists: By Killing Cops: Stanley Forced Them To Heel Like The Little Dogs That They Are: And Let The Conservatives Win --Just Like Killing Cops Forced Blondie To Let The GOP Win The Mid-Terms. Further Proof That The Blonde Neanderthal-Aryans Are Rigging The Elections For Leftists: Is That The Rightwing SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) Won 56 of 59, Seats, And Over 50% Of The Vote; Crushing The Labour Party In Scotland! Whereas They Badly Lost Their Referendum On Independence 45% To 55%, (Which Was Rigged Against Them By The Blonde-Aryan-System!) The Scots Need To Obey Stanley To Gain Independence: "All Power Comes From The King": The True King Of Scotland Is Stanley: (Not That Satanic Aryan-Whore Elizabeth II) You Need To Obey Stanley As King: And You Will Get Independence!!!
(2) The 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals From New York, Has Ruled That : "The bulk collection of Americans' phone records by the government exceeds what Congress has allowed, The federal appeals court said Thursday; as it asked Congress to step in and decide how best to balance national security and privacy interests." This Strengthens The Candidacy Of Rand Paul: Who Champions The Constitution As The Sole Basis Of Lawmaking In The Land. Paul Says: Gitmo's Imposition Of Life Imprisonment Without A Fair Trial, Drone Strikes On American Citizens, And The NSA Spying On Americans Without A Warrant: Are All Illegal And Must End!!! The U.S. Constitution Doesn't Only Apply, When There Are No More Islamic Terrorists Left In The World (These Terrorists Were Created By The CIA In The First Place): The Constitution Applies Always And Forever!
(3) The Evil Satanic Nigger Bitch AG Loretta Lynch: Shows Why The GOP Should Not Have Confirmed A Nigger Into Office: The Nigger Bitch Has Launched Another "Civil-Rights" Investigation Into The Baltimore Police Dept., And Their Alleged "Unconstitutional" Discriminatory Police Practices And Procedures.This Nigger Bitch Has ZERO Credibility: When The NIGGER BITCH Refuses To Investigate And Charge Hillary Clinton With A FELONY CRIME For Destroying Gov't Records And For Blatant Openly Obvious Corruption: By Using Her Influence As Secretary Of State To Obtain Coerced Money From Businesses And Foreign Gov'ts For Her "Politically Motivated" Foundation And Extort Exorbitant Fees For Personal Speeches By Bill Clinton: In A "Quid-Pro-Quo" For Them To Get Gov't Approvals!!! This Nigger Is Blatantly Unconstitutional And Discriminatory To White Americans: As She Is Attempting To Give Blacks Special Treatment, Not Justice: By Falsely Assuming That Police Murdered Freddie Gray Because Of His Race! While In Reality, The Police Murdered Gray Because They Are Possessed By Devils!!! The Nigger Bitch Has No Case: The Mayor Of Baltimore Is A Black Nigger Like She Is, The Police Chief Is Black: Three Of The Cops That Murdered Gray Are Black: Blacks Compose 41% Of The Police In Baltimore!!! This Obama Bitch Nigger Should Never Have Been Allowed Into Office!!!
May 5th, 2015: The Beat Goes On: NYPD Officer Brian Moore 25, Was Shot Dead Yesterday, With A Bullet To The Head; By Hero Demetrius Blackwell 35. Bringing To 35 The Cops Killed This Year --Not Counting The Cops Shot Or Injured In Ambush Style Killing Attempts, Deliberately Targeting Cops. Stanley The King Of America: Put The English-Blondies On Notice At The Mid-Term Elections: If You Try To Rig The Elections For Devil-Possessed Criminal Hillary: Cops Will Be Killed: After The Slaughter Of Cops: The Blonde System "Cried Uncle" And Stopped Rigging The Mid-Term Elections For Hillary, Enabling A Fair Outcome: Where The GOP Won A Historic Victory!!! But The Blondie-Aryan-System Are Refusing To Charge Hillary For The Felony Of Destroying Gov't Records And Corruption: The Price They Pay Is Dead Blonde-Aryan CopsAgain!
(2) Pamela Geller (A Jew) Struck A Blow AgainstSatanic Religion Islam Last Night By Holding A "Draw Mohammed" Exhibition In Texas: In Order To Mock Nutbar, Crazy, Prophet Mohammed To His Crazy Terrorist Followers --By Drawing Him Having Sex With Prostitutes (As He Was Addicted To Whores In Real Life!)! Two Terrorists Were Shot Dead Trying Misguidedly, To Kill Freedom Of Speech, By Attempting To Kill People With AK-47's --But Were Shot Dead Instead! Pamela Geller, the organizer of the event, reacted to the shooting by telling Fox News, "Clearly what happened is indicative of how very vital this conference was needed. The idea that there is a violent war; there is a violent assault on freedom of speech, clearly was brought home last night". This Was Revenge For "Charlie Hebdo", When Crazy Arabs Tried To "Chill" Freedom Of Speech. Drawing Mohammed Fucking Whores, Helps To Ridicule Crazy Mohammed --In Order To Destroy Islam! Geller concluded by saying, “We will not abridge our freedom of speech in order to not offend savages." Mohammed Is Criticized By Geert Wilders, Who Was Also At The Cartoon Exhibition, Calling Mohammed A Mass Murderer And A Pedophile: For Having Sex With A 6 Or 9 Year Old Girl Named Aisha, The Daughter Of His Friend Abu-Bakr! Mohammed (Over 54 Years Old At The Time) Married Aisha When She Was 6 Years Old, And Committed Gross Acts Of Pedophilia With Her: This Is A Sicko Who Needed To Be In Jail --Not Having Crazy Insane Muslims Following This Lunatic! Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders has cited the age of Aisha to denounce Muhammad for having had sex with a six or nine-year-old, referring to Muhammad as apedophile. All Muslims Must Heed Stanley's Message: Stanley Is Far Greater Than Inferior Race Arab Mohammed: Mohammed Was A Crazy Devil-Possessed Lunatic: And It Is The Blonde English-Aryans That Are Promoting And Exalting That Madman's Religion, By Allowing Islamic-Arabs To Commit "False Flag" Terrorist Acts, In Order To Deceive Black People, Who Are Stupidly Impressed By Terrorism; And Are Following Inferior Race Arabs, And Getting Needlessly Killed! (Muslim Terrorists Have Uselessly Suffered Heavy Casualties By Drone Strikes And Bombings: For A Garbage Religion: Which Has Availed Them Nothing, But Defeat After Defeat!!!) If They Had Obeyed Stanley And Followed Hinduism: They Would Have Won Victory After Victory, Over The U.S. Blondie Aryans! It Is The CIA That Created Al-Qaeda And ISIS To Create Hysteria And Endless Wars In Iraq: 9/11 Was Committed By The CIA!!! The Only Way To Destroy Terrorism, Is To Mock And Ridicule Islam, And That Crazy Inferior, Prostitute Fucking False-Prophet Mohammed. Islam Was Spread By Force And Violence: It Will Die The Same Way. 
May 1st, 2015: Baltimore State's AG Marilyn Mosby Has Declared Freddie Gray's Death A "Homicide", And Has Laid Charges On All Six Police Officers Involved In Gray's Death! Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. 45, (The Driver), Has Been Charged With Second Degree Depraved Heart Murder, Manslaughter And Depraved Conduct: It Seems The Police Conducted a "Rough Ride" On Freddie Gray: A Rough-Ride, Is Where The Police Shackle A Prisoner's Hands & Feet: Then Ride The Van At High Speeds And Suddenly Stop The Van Dead, Repeatedly!!! The Stop Obviously Sends The Prisoner Flying Head-First Into The Steel Walls Of The Van: Without Being Able To Use His Hands To Protect Himself! That Is How Gray Broke His Neck, And Then Severed His Spinal Cord At The Neck --Paralyzing Gray From The Neck Down!!! On Finding Gray Unresponsive In The Back Of The Van: The Police Refused To Call For Medical Help For A Further Four Hours --And Instead Tried To Coverup The Cause Of Freddie Gray's Death!!! The Police In The U.S. All Use Rough-Riding: And Have Paralyzed Many Prisoners This Way: Thus Goodson Had Prior Knowledge That He Could Kill Or Paralyze Gray By Rough-Riding Him: And He Did It Anyway!!! But There Is A Problem Here: THE RIOTS MUST CONTINUE UNTIL THE SYSTEM IS OVERTHROWN!!! This Black Bitch Mosby, Can't Make Millions Of Murders By Police Go Away: It Is Too Little Too Late To Charge Goodson: What About Michael Brown??? Where Is The Justice For Brown??? Bring Molotov Cocktails, Rocks, Baseball Bats And Hammers: And Rock The Streets: Till Neanderthal Ape Blondies Relinquish Power To Stanley The King Of America!!!
April 28th, 2015: The SCOTUS Is Hearing Oral Arguments Over Same Sex Marriage (SSM); There Is Some Good News: Justice Kennedy (The Faggot Friendly Judge On The Right) Said: "The Definition Of Marriage, Has Been The Same For Millennia, It Is Very Difficult For The Court To Say That We Know Better!"; And Even Liberal Justice Breyer Said: "I Am Skeptical, And I Wonder Whether This Decision Should Be Made At The Ballot Box!". Stanley Has Been Burned By SCOTUS, On Obamacare Before: But "The Game Ain't Over Until It Is Over". "The Wheels Of God Turn Slowly, But They Grind Exceedingly Fine": This Is A Battle Between God And Satan: All Those On The Side Of The Devil (Homosexuality): Shall Meet Justice: DEATH! Now And For All Eternity!!! The Reason This Case Rises To The Level Of High Treason Against The King: Is That All Homosexuals Are: Child-Molesters, Rapists Of Women, Murderers And Possessed By Devils.The Act Of Heterosexual Sex Ends In The Production Of Children; While Homosexual Sex Always Ends In Child-Rape And Murder! The Sexual Energy Must Go Somewhere: With Homosexuals That Energy Goes Into Murdering And Raping Innocent Children!!! Our Founding Fathers Knew This: That Is Why Homosexuality Is And Has Always Been A Crime: Until SCOTUS (Justice Kennedy Again) Repealed Our Sodomy Laws! Liberal Delusional, Demon-Possessed Thinking Has Dominated The Media And Schools: So We Cannot Have A Rational Debate About This: The Fact Is That The Worst Murderers Like Hitler, John Wayne Gacy, Joseph E. Duncan, Gordon Northcott, Wayne Williams, Arthur Gary Bishop; Were All Proven Homosexuals! Even TheMen Who Rape And Murder Women: Are Mostly Homosexuals: Rape Is An Act Of (Homosexual) Violence, Not Of Sex: While Heterosexual Men Naturally Seek To Protect Women And Children With Their Lives! In Fact The Prison Population Of Pedophiles, Rapists, Murderers Are All Bi-Sexual Or Homosexual!!! Allowing Court Sanction Of Homosexuality: Will Declare: "OPEN SEASON TO RAPE AND MURDER WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN AMERICA!". As The King Of America: Stanley Will Give His Life To Prevent This From Happening: That Is Why It Is An Act Of High Treason!!! The Reason There Is Such An Enormous Satanic Media Push For Homosexuality: Is That Satan And The Blonde English-Aryan Race: Who Rule Us: Are ALL Homosexual, ALL Child-Molesters And ALL Murderers: That Is Why The System Must Be Destroyed: And Saxon-Aryan-Neanderthal-Blondies Brought To Justice For Mass Child-Molestation, Rapes & Mass Murders!!!
(2) The Riots In Baltimore, MD; Prove That Black People Heed Stanley The King, More Than Nigger Democrats & Obama: Who Were Pleading For Peace, Like The Uncle Tom Niggers That They Are! The Reason The Blonde-Aryan-Cops Kill (Murder) 500 Civilians A Year (Including ~125 Blacks Yearly) Is That They Are Possessed By Devils: They Will Never Stop Murdering Civilians, Until The Blonde English-Aryan System Is Destroyed, And Stanley Becomes King! The Blondie-Aryan-Apes Have Lost The Right To Govern This Great Nation Of The U.S. & Canada: And They Must Relinquish Power To The King: Or They Will Be Violence! 
April 24th, 2015: It Looks Like An Independent Prosecutor Will Be Appointed To Investigate Hillary Clinton And Obama: John Boehner Has Started The Ball Rolling By Stating That He Supports A Full House Subpoena For Hillary Clinton's Emails And Server!!! Contrary To ALying Hillary And Media: Hillary Has Not Destroyed Her Emails And Server: She Has Never Been Directly Subpoenaed --Because Everyone Thought Her Emails Were With The State Dept.!!! It Is A Felony Criminal Act To Destroy Emails: That May Have A Reasonable Suspicion Of Being Gov't Related. Since She Used Her Personal Email Exclusively For Gov't Business (She Had A Separate Personal Account For Genuinely Personal Emails!!!): All Her Emails Are Reasonably Assumed To Be Gov't Related: And Had To Be Preserved By Law (The 31,000 Emails, That She Falsely Claims To Have Destroyed, Cannot Possibly Be Personal Emails!). What Is She So Desperately Hiding? Obviously She Is Hiding Criminal Acts --So Egregious-- That The Felony Crime Against The Records Act, Is Less Damaging To Hillary, Than The Crimes Of Extortion And Bribery, She Risks Being Charged With! What Most People Don't Understand, Is That Obama And Holder Have Been Using Threats Of Monetarily Punitive DOJ Charges, (Extortion) To Force Businesses To Donate Heavily To Obama's & The Democrats' Campaigns. Thus The Massive Contributions To Hillary's "Left-Wing Foundation" May Not Be The Result Of A "Criminal Bribe" (Quid-Pro-Quo; ButPay-To-Play), But A Deliberate Act OfEXTORTION By Obama & Hillary!!! The Whole Obama Administration Was Corrupt & Complicit (Not Just Hillary!): i.e. Telling All Players Seeking Gov't Approvals: "Donate To Hillary, Democrats Or My Campaigns": Or You Get Nothing. I.e. No Bribe Was Initially Offered By These Hapless Businesses: But Money Was Coerced/ Extorted Out Of Them By Obama's And Hillary's Threats Of Denial Of Gov't Approvals Of Their Projects Without Forking Out $Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Cash. Obama And Hillary Were Running An Extortion Racket; Where "Pay-To-Play" Was A Requirement For Doing Business:Third-World-Style CORRUPTION: NIGGER CORRUPTION!!!
April 23rd, 2015: There Has Been A Slew Of Blacks Being Murdered By Police Nationwide: In Baltimore, MD, Freddie Gray, Had His Spine Severed By Police, Simply For Running Away, When Stopped By Police, In A Drug Trafficking Area. The Police Kneed Him On His Spine: Breaking It: And Then Denying Him Medical Care For Five Hours. (He Died A Week Later) Instead Of Murder Charges, Eric Holder's DOJ Has Launched Another "Civil-Rights" Investigation: That Resulted In Zilch In Ferguson, MO. In Tulsa County OK, Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Robert Bates, Mistook His Gun For His Taser, And Shot Dead Another Black Man, Eric Harris, After He Sold Cops A Luger Pistol, And Started Running Away! The Cops Need To Be Reined In By Shooting Them In Kind! Blacks Are Not Obeying Stanley The King: That Is Why They Are Being Killed: Stop Supporting Obama And Democrats: Accept That You Are An Inferior Race To White Humans. Blacks Are Still Voting Democrat And Believing They Are Equal! The Only People Telling Blacks They Are Equal: Is The Same Blonde English-Aryan-Cops, That Are Murdering Them!!! The Revolution Requires That Blacks Accept The Superiority Of The Brunette Human (The Non-Blonde Non-Aryan-Ape) Race. The Blonde-Aryans Are Neanderthal Apes And Also Inferior: And Are Possessed By Devils: That Is Why They Are Killing People: Stop Civil Lawsuits: Stop Supporting Nigger Democrats: Shoot Back, Or They Will Shoot You: And Obey Stanley The King.
(2) A New Book Called "Clinton Cash", By Peter Schweizer, Claims That Hillary Accepted Bribes From Foreign Gov'ts And Businesses, (In The Form Of Donations To Her "Foundation", And Multi-Million Dollar "Speaking Fees") In Return For Gov't Favors: In A "Quid-Pro-Quo" Arrangement: This Is A Capital Crime: She Needs Jail Time! Unfortunately The GOP's Mitch McConnell & Jeb Bush Approved The Confirmation Of Another Nigger Loretta Lynch, As AG: The AG (Under Eric Holder) Was Responsible For Criminal Corruption, For Refusing To Conduct Proper Investigations And Independent Prosecutions: Into The IRS Hiding Emails And Targeting Conservatives, Refusing To Investigate Himself: For Lying To Congress; And Refusing To Investigate Hillary Clinton For Breaking The Federal "Records Act" By Destroying And Concealing Her Emails And Server. And The GOP's Mitch McConnell Allows Another Nigger Into The Office! The Criminal Corruption Of The AG & DOJ Under Nigger Obama: Is 100% Proof That Niggers Are An Inferior Race --With The Morals Of Chimpanzees!!! And Blonde-English-Aryan-Neanderthals Are A Devil-Possessed Version Of Inferior Nigger-Apes (They Are Both Ape-Races)!!! Jeb Bush Is Interfering Into Pro Nigger And Pro Homosexual Actions That Disqualify Him From President: He Needs To Come Out Against Obama For Being An Inferior Race Incompetent Nigger, The Worst President In U.S. History; And Against Gay Marriage Being Rammed Down People's Throats: Unequivocally: Or Get Lost!!!
April 15th, 2015: On The GOP Race: Stanley Believes That The Best Three Candidates So Far Are: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul & Marco Rubio. The Problem Is That They Are All Repeating The Satanic Mistakes Of Evil Satanic Mitt Romney: Romney Was Too Weak In Attacking A Nigger Obama: Call The Fucking Inferior Race Nigger A Nigger: Don't Hold Back! Call Bill Clinton A Convicted Liar And Sexual Predator; Call Hillary A Liar And A Felony Criminal! Romney Refused To Obey Stanley The King Of America, By Waffling On Balancing The Budget First: Cutting Spending And Eliminating "Unfunded Entitlements" For The Rich! (The Party That Obeys Stanley Wins The Election!!! But The Blonde-English-Aryan Secret Police Are Rigging The Elections: To Give Us Only Devil-Possessed Satanic Candidates Like: Obama, Romney, George Bush, And Hillary! That Is Why The Police Need To Be Killed!!!) America Has A Spending Problem, Not A Tax Problem. We Are The Least Taxed G8 State: By Simply Cutting Taxes For Only The Rich: We Are Imitating Obama And The Democrats: Who Increased QE Or Printing Money For The Rich On Wall Street And Big Banks: While Creating Massive Inflation For The Poor!! Obama Spent >$$$10 Trillion On Fiscal Stimulus And Debt, Plus $$16 Trillion On Monetary Stimulus Or Printing Money: Bankrupting This Country! The Only Reason America Is Still Afloat: Is That The Rest Of The World Are Stupid. The Rest Of The World Still Doesn't Know That American Paper Is Worthless: They Are Fools! The Rich Have Already Gained Massively Under Obama: Yet We Have The Worst Economy Ever: They Don't Need Any More Money!!! Cutting Taxes For The Rich, Without Cutting Spending, Increases The Deficit: Increases The Debt: Increases Interest On The Debt: And Creates A Structural Increase In TaxesIndefinitely: A Drag On The Economy And A Perpetual Burden On Future Generations!Deficits & Debt Are TAXES On Future Generations. A Balanced Budget Amendment Is The Most Important Economic Solution --Not Cutting Taxes For The Rich: Which Doesn't Automatically Create Growth! Obama Has Proved That Gov't Cannot Create Growth: They Make Things Worse: A Zero Gov't Spending And Zero Taxes Allow Free Market Forces To Create Growth!!! Arthur Laffer Is An Idiot: His Voodoo Economics Destroyed Romney And The GOP! Romney's Racism Against Latinos Also Destroyed The GOP: Reagan Got 75% Of The Latino Vote By Granting 3 Million Latinos Amnesty: The GOP Needs To Secure The Latino Vote By Giving 11 Million Latinos Unconditional Amnesty: Romney's "Crazy Securing The Border Crap",  And Deporting Grandmothers: Destroyed The GOP! 
(It Is ICE's & CBP's Job To Secure The Border --Not The GOP's. The Blonde English-Aryans [Like Ann Coulter, FOXNews & Laura Ingraham] Are Again Sabotaging The GOP Party And Conservatives --By Again Attacking Illegal Latinos!) The Job Of The GOP Is To Win Elections, And To Win Latino Votes! The GOP Need To Focus Only On Attacking Hillary Clinton Viscerally: She Is A Lowdown, Lying, Devil-Possessed Criminal That Needs To Be In Jail: Not Standing For Election: She Deliberately Destroyed Emails To Hide From Americans, Her Conduct On Benghazi, Her Manufacture Of The "Protest Caused By A YouTube Video Lie", Her Mismanagement Of Foreign Policy, Her Criminal Acceptance Of Bribes For Gov't Influence (Which She Is Complicit With Obama!) And Her Complicity With An Incompetent Nigger Obama!!! [Note: Hillary Is Lying When She Says She Destroyed Her Server! She Is Putting Out A Trial Balloon, To Fool People Into Not Aggressively Going After Her Server And EMails! All Her EMails Are Preserved: They Just Need To Be Subpoenaed And Retrieved With A Judge's Warrant!!! She Would Never Destroy Her EMails And Cop To A Felony Crime And Jail! She Is Stonewalling And Hoping To Fool People!!!] We Are A Nation Of Laws: Hillary Broke A Felony Law: Hillary Needs To Be In Jail And Forced To Produce All Her Emails: Or It Brings The Entire American Justice System Into Utter Disrepute!
April 8th, 2015: Our Evil Satanic Nigger POTUS Obama, Has Suffered Another Humiliating Defeat Today: Federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen Has Denied The Fucking Nigger A Stay Of His Previous Injunction Of The Nigger's Executive Order On Immigration "Amnesty". Justice Hanen Also Warned Obama's DOJ Lawyers: They May Be Facing "Contempt Of Court" Charges, For Prematurely Implementing Obama's "Executive Order", Without Authorization! Judge Hanen found that the administration has made multiple “misleading” statements about the implementation of its immigration program. The Obama Administration improperly implemented part of its immigration program, even though it had allegedly represented to Judge Hanen that it wouldn't do so until February. Any premature implementation could have serious consequences, inflicting irreparable harm on The 25 States Who Brought The Injunction. He ordered the administration to produce a range of documents and information by April 21 related to its representations to the court about the rollout of the program. This Nigger Is Absolute Proof That Blacks Are An Inferior Race: He Is Incapable Of "Getting It" --That What He Did Is Unconstitutional, Even Though He Studied "Constitutional Law", At Harvard-- Obviously He Only Passed Because He Was Given "Affirmative Action" For Being A Nigger!!! He Cannot Even Comprehend That He Is An Actual Chimpanzee: Because That Would Require Intelligence!  
(2) In An Exact Duplication Of The Ferguson, MO, Killing Of Michael Brown By Darren Wilson: A Black Man, Named Walter Scott 50, Was Murdered By A Policeman Named Michael T. Slager 33, In North Charleston, NC, Today! The Only Difference Is That The Murder Was Captured On A Cell Phone Video: Slager Is Seen Firing Eight Bullets Into Scott's Back (Remember The Falsified Autopsy Lies: That No Bullets Were Fired Into Brown's Back, Yet He Magically Stopped Running Away To Freedom, To Head Into A Fusillade Of Bullets Fired Into His Head, From Wilson!). Walter Scott Was Close To Death After Being Shot 8 Times, Yet Slager Handcuffs An Unarmed Scott's Hands Behind His Back; Then Slager Retrieves His Taser And "Plants It" Beside Scott, To Frame Him For "Struggling Over The Taser" --Like The False Witnesses Tried To Blame Brown For His Own Murder --This Is Total Vindication For Stanley (See His Version Of The Michael Brown Murder Below)!!! But Blacks Should Not Be Fooled By The Blondie Cops: They Are Satan! They Have Still Not Charged Wilson For Murder: They Are Trying To Make A Separate "Civil-Rights" "Deal With The Devil" With Niggers! The Only Reason They Have Charged Slager With Murder, Denied Him Bond, And Have Fired Him From The Police: Is Because Of Stanley's Pressure On The Police Force (By Killing Them! For Rigging The Elections For Hillary), And His Destruction Of The System: The Writing Is On The Wall: Stanley Is The King Of America & Canada: Oppose Him And You Will DIE!!! [Note: Stanley Is Not Racist: But He Must Always Speak The Truth: Humans Are Superior To Apes: Obama Is An Actual 100% Chimpanzee That Can Talk! It Is A Fact That Chimpanzees Share 95% Of The Human Genome: Thus Since Blacks Have Mated With Chimpanzees Attaining 99% Chimp Genes: It Is An Observable Fact That They Are More Ape-Like: And Therefore Inferior. 
April 15th, 2015: On The GOP Race: Stanley Believes That The Best Four Candidates So Far Are: Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul & Marco Rubio. The Problem Is That They Are All Repeating The Satanic Mistakes Of Evil Satanic Mitt Romney: Romney Was Too Weak In Attacking A Nigger Obama: Call The Fucking Inferior Race Nigger A Nigger: Don't Hold Back! Romney Refused To Obey Stanley The King Of America, By Waffling On Balancing The Budget First: Cutting Spending And Eliminating "Unfunded Entitlements" For The Rich! (The Party That Obeys Stanley Wins The Election!!! But The Blonde-English-Aryan Secret Police Are Rigging The Elections: To Give Us Only Devil-Possessed Satanic Candidates Like: Obama, Romney And Hillary! That Is Why The Police Need To Be Killed!!!) America Has A Spending Problem, Not A Tax Problem. We Are The Least Taxed G8 State: By Simply Cutting Taxes For Only The Rich: We Are Imitating Obama And The Democrats: Who Increased QE Or Printing Money For The Rich On Wall Street And Big Banks: While Creating Massive Inflation For The Poor!! The Rich Have Already Gained Massively Under Obama: Yet We Have The Worst Economy Ever: They Don't Need Any More Money!!! Cutting Taxes For The Rich, Without Cutting Spending, Increases The Deficit: Increases The Debt: Increases Interest On The Debt: And Creates A Structural Increase In Taxes Indefinitely: A Drag On The Economy And A Perpetual Burden On Future Generations! Deficits & Debt Are TAXES On Future Generations. A Balanced Budget Amendment Is The Most Important Economic Solution --Not Cutting Taxes For The Rich: Which Doesn't Automatically Create Growth! Obama Has Proved That Gov't Cannot Create Growth: They Make Things Worse: A Zero Gov't Spending And Zero Taxes Allow Free Market Forces To Create Growth!!! Arthur Laffer Is An Idiot: His Voodoo Economics Destroyed Romney And The GOP! Romney's Racism Against Latinos Also Destroyed The GOP: Reagan Got 75% Of The Latino Vote By Granting 3 Million Latinos Amnesty: The GOP Needs To Secure The Latino Vote By Giving 11 Million Latinos Unconditional Amnesty: Romney's "Crazy Securing The Border Crap",  And Deporting Grandmothers: Destroyed The GOP! (It Is ICE's & CBP's Job To Secure The Border --Not The GOP's. The Blonde English-Aryans [Like Ann Coulter, FOXNews & Laura Ingraham] Are Again Sabotaging The GOP Party And Conservatives --By Again Attacking Illegal Latinos!) The Job Of The GOP Is To Win Elections, And To Win Latino Votes! The GOP Need To Focus Only On Attacking Hillary Clinton Viscerally: She Is A Lowdown, Lying,Devil-Possessed Criminal That Needs To Be In Jail: Not Standing For Election: She Deliberately Destroyed Emails To Hide From Americans, Her Conduct On Benghazi, Her Manufacture Of The "Protest Caused By A YouTube Video Lie", Her Mismanagement Of Foreign Policy And Her Complicity With An Incompetent Nigger Obama!!! We Are A Nation Of Laws: Hillary Broke A Felony Law: Hillary Needs To Be In Jail: Or It Brings The Entire American Justice System Into Utter Disrepute!
April 8th, 2015: Our Evil Satanic Nigger POTUS Obama, Has Suffered Another Humiliating Defeat Today: Federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen Has Denied The Fucking Nigger A Stay Of His Previous Injunction Of The Nigger's Executive Order On Immigration "Amnesty". Justice Hanen Also Warned Obama's DOJ Lawyers: They May Be Facing "Contempt Of Court" Charges, For Prematurely Implementing Obama's "Executive Order", Without Authorization! Judge Hanen found that the administration has made multiple “misleading” statements about the implementation of its immigration program. The Obama Administration improperly implemented part of its immigration program, even though it had allegedly represented to Judge Hanen that it wouldn't do so until February. Any premature implementation could have serious consequences, inflicting irreparable harm on The 25 States Who Brought The Injunction. He ordered the administration to produce a range of documents and information by April 21 related to its representations to the court about the rollout of the program. This Nigger Is Absolute Proof That Blacks Are An Inferior Race: He Is Incapable Of "Getting It" --That What He Did Is Unconstitutional, Even Though He Studied "Constitutional Law", At Harvard-- Obviously He Only Passed Because He Was Given "Affirmative Action" For Being A Nigger!!! He Cannot Even Comprehend That He Is An Actual Chimpanzee: Because That Would Require Intelligence!  
(2) In An Exact Duplication Of The Ferguson, MO, Killing Of Michael Brown By Darren Wilson: A Black Man, Named Walter Scott 50, Was Murdered By A Policeman Named Michael T. Slager 33, In North Charleston, NC, Today! The Only Difference Is That The Murder Was Captured On A Cell Phone Video: Slager Is Seen Firing Eight Bullets Into Scott's Back (Remember The Falsified Autopsy Lies: That No Bullets Were Fired Into Brown's Back, Yet He Magically Stopped Running Away To Freedom, To Head Into A Fusillade Of Bullets Fired Into His Head, From Wilson!). Walter Scott Was Close To Death After Being Shot 8 Times, Yet Slager Handcuffs An Unarmed Scott's Hands Behind His Back; Then Slager Retrieves His Taser And "Plants It" Beside Scott, To Frame Him For "Struggling Over The Taser" --Like The False Witnesses Tried To Blame Brown For His Own Murder --This Is Total Vindication For Stanley (See His Version Of The Michael Brown Murder Below)!!! But Blacks Should Not Be Fooled By The Blondie Cops: They Are Satan! They Have Still Not Charged Wilson For Murder: They Are Trying To Make A Separate "Civil-Rights" "Deal With The Devil" With Niggers! The Only Reason They Have Charged Slager With Murder, Denied Him Bond, And Have Fired Him From The Police: Is Because Of Stanley's Pressure On The Police Force (By Killing Them! For Rigging The Elections For Hillary), And His Destruction Of The System: The Writing Is On The Wall: Stanley Is The King Of America & Canada: Oppose Him And You Will DIE!!! [Note: Stanley Is Not Racist: But He Must Always Speak The Truth: Humans Are Superior To Apes: Obama Is An Actual 100% Chimpanzee That Can Talk! It Is A Fact That Chimpanzees Share 95% Of The Human Genome: Thus Since Blacks Have Mated With Chimpanzees Attaining 99% Chimp Genes: It Is An Observable Fact That They Are More Ape-Like: And Therefore Inferior! Similarly Blonde English-Aryans Look Like Neanderthal Apes: Neanderthals Share 98% Of The Human Genome: So They Can Fool You: But If You Ask Blondie: Are You An Ape? They Self-Admit To Being Apes! Thus They Are An Inferior Race As Well! Jews Are Pygmy Chimpanzees By Appearance: Ergo Inferior! We Are Living In The Planet Of The Apes: With Blacks, Aryans & Jews Ruling Us With The Devil-Possessed Satanic Theories: Of Marxism, Engelsism, Apeism, Neanderthalism, Chimpanzeeism, Islamism, (Arabs Are Also Inferior) And Equality!] 
April 1st, 2015: The Satanic Attack On Indiana's And Arkansas' Anti-Gay Law: Is A Hysterical Blonde-Ape-Race Attack On The Human Race! The Fundamental Fact Is That Blacks, Jews, And Blonde-Aryan-Apes: Are Not Equal To Humans!!! The Blonde English-Aryan-Neanderthal-APES Are Possessed By Devils, Worship Satan, And Are Forcefully Imposing This Satanic Lie On Us Humans (The English-Saxon-Apes Are All Child-Molesters And Murderers). The Reason Obama Is Such A Disaster Is Because He Is Of An Inferior Race: He Is A Nigger! People Think That Obama Is So Bad Only Because He Is Evil: Obama Is So Incompetent Because He Is Too Dumb To Know What He Is Doing: He Was Rigged Into Office By The Blonde English-Saxon-Aryans. The American People Would Never Elect A Dumb Chimpanzee Into Office. The Issue Of Gays Is Not About Discrimination Or Equality: It Is That All Gays Are Criminals Who Need To Go To Jail, Until They Are Cured! What SCOTUS's Justice Kennedy (And The Liberal Judges) Did Was Eliminate The Sodomy Laws: Which Had Criminalized Homosexuality: And Opened The Door To Homosexuality: Homosexuality Has Always Been A Crime For Thousands Of Years: For A Reason!!! (Our Satanic Judges Think They Know Better Than Our Founding Fathers)!!! Homosexuals Are All Child-Molesters, Murderers And Rapists Of Women And Children. When A Man Makes Love To A Woman: The End Result Is The Production Of Children: But When A Homosexual Has Sex: The End Result Is Child-Molestation Or MURDER! This Is Why Homosexuals Can Never Be Tolerated: Because We Know That It Results In Rape & Murder!!! The Blonde-Saxons Are Satanically Deceiving Us By Turning It An Into Equality Or Discrimination Issue. Four Out Of Five Women Have Been Sexually Assaulted Or Raped: Sometime In Their Lives (By Homosexuals)!!! The Rate Of Child-Molestation In America & Canada Is Astronomical: Because Of Homosexuality! What Stanley Is Doing Is Protecting Women And Children With His Life: While The Blonde English-Aryans Are Promoting The Rape Of Women And Children!!! If The SCOTUS Allows Gay Marriage: It Will Be An Act Of High Reason Punishable By Death: Death For All Eternity: Death Death And Death. Stanley Is The King Of America & Canada: His Word Is Law: He Makes The Law: The Blonde English-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas: And Homosexuals Must Go To Jail Until They Are Cured!!! 
March 26th, 2015: The Crash OfGermanWings Flight 9525, In An AirBus 320, Killing 150, Is Another Massive Coverup By The Blonde English-Aryan-APES!!! A Satanic French Prosecutor Named Bryce Robin, (On Instructions From The "French Gov't") Is Lying That The Co-Pilot Named Andreas Lubitz 27, Deliberately Crashed The Plane, After Allegedly Locking-Out The Pilot. The Reason This Is A Satanic Lie: Is That The Prosecutor Is Determining All Of This Solely From A (False) "Transcript" (Transcribed By Persons Unknown) Of The "Voice Recorder", Gotten From The Crash Site. They Have Still Not Recovered The "Data Recorder" From The Second "Black Box"; And Yet Robin Is Rushing To Blame The Co-Pilot, Without Yet Hearing The Actual Voice Recording (The Transcript Could Easily Have Been Falsified!). Earlier This Morning The Initial Reports Were Blaming The Pilot (But Because He Would Have Been More Difficult To "Frame" They Switched Their Fall Guy To Lubitz.)! Why Have They Not Released The Actual Recording??? [Note: The AirBus Is A French & German Company: So It Is Obvious Why They Are Lying: To Coverup The Cause Of The Crash: AirBus Would Lose $$$Billions Of Dollars And Jobs! Just Like The U.S. Lied About Malaysian FH 370 Last Year, To Coverup For Boeing's 777; To Prevent Boeing's Reputation! Flight 370 Has Still Not Been Found Because The U.S. Doesn't Want It To Be Found, To Coverup The True Cause Of The Crash: Computer Failure!] Obviously This Lubitz Theory Is All A Lie! The Devil-Possessed Secret Police And "French Gov't" Had Determined To "Coverup" The Cause Of The Crash From The Very Beginning: The Very First Reports Of The Crash, Yesterday, At 11:00 AM GMT, Said: "That The Plane Had Sent A "Distress Call" To Air-Traffic Controllers At ~10:30 AM GMT, And Had Told The Controllers Exactly What Was Wrong With The Plane (Mechanical Failure)"; Then At ~3:00 PM GMT, In Order To Coverup The Cause Of The Crash, (By Blaming It On Terrorists Or Pilot Suicide): The Gov't "Officials" Satanically Recanted This "Distress Call" Report (The First Reports Are Usually The Most Truthful In A CIA/MI6 Or Gov't Coverup!)!!! Secondly, The French Gov't Of Satanic Francois Hollande, Immediately After The Crash At 11:00 AM GMT, Said That "There Are No Survivors, All 150 Are Dead!!! But How Could They Know??? The Crash Site At: Seyne-Les-Alpes, France, Is So Remote, It Is Only Accessible By Helicopter; And No One Could Reach It For ~Ten Hours; Yet They Announced All 150 Were Dead Immediately!!! The Obvious Answer Is That The Pilots Were In Constant Contact With Air-Controllers, And Had Told Them The Plane's Speed Was 700 KM/h And They Were Headed Straight For A Mountain (Which Meant Certain Death For All!). All They Allegedly Have On The Transcript Of The Voice Recorder: Is Ten Minutes Of Total Silence In The Cockpit (Which Could Be A Falsifying Of The Transcript, (No One Has Yet Heard The Actual Recording, They Are Basing All This On A Transcript!) The Gov't Could Have Doctored The Actual Recording, Or The Co-Pilot Could Be Frantically Trying To Correct The Descent In Silence.); And A Knocking On The Door (Which Could Have Come From Passengers). Lubitz's Family Have Not Accepted This "Suicide" Lie! At This Point, There Are Hundreds Of Alternate Explanations That Could Fit The Facts: In 2009: Air France Flight 447, In An AirBus 330: Had Their Speed Sensors Fail, Due To Freezing, And Went Into A High Altitude Stall, From Which They Never Recovered, Killing 228 People: Because They Couldn't Override Their Computers: Which Had Total Control Of The Plane!!! The Computer Believed The Plane Was In A Stall (It Wasn't) And Kept Descending Till It Crashed Into The Sea. It Took Them Two Years To Recover The Plane: And Even After Finding The Cause: They Refused Make Changes, To Allow The Pilot-Override Of Computers, And To Their Over-Reliance On Technology!  Remember In 2002 The U.S.'s FAA Falsely Blamed The Co-Pilot Of EgyptAir Flight 990, For The Crash That Killed 216 People; In 2014 Malaysia Flight 370 Was Initially, Immediately Blamed On The Pilot Committing Suicide, Then The Boeing 777 Plane Was Deliberately Never Found (Because They Refused To Search In The South China Sea, In Order To Coverup The True Cause Of That Crash, (Computer Failure) And Instead Are Still Satanically Searching In The Indian Ocean!). Thus When They Are Now Blaming This GermanWings Flight On The Co-Pilot: We Can Safely Believe It Is A Lie! They Are Covering Up The Fact That Airplanes Today, Are Over-Reliant On Computers To Fly Their Planes: And When Computers Malfunction (As They Are Wont To Do) They Crash! Killing Thousands Of People Every Year!!! This Is Why We Must Overthrow The Blonde Saxon-Aryan-Neanderthal-APE System In America And Stanley Must Rule As King!!! They Can Fool The People All Of The Time: But They Can Never Fool The King!!!
(2) The Police And Mayor De Blasio Have Announced That Two Manhattan Apartment Buildings Were Totally Demolished By A Small Gas Explosion: With 19 Injured, 4 Critically! The Reason This Report Is Significant: Is That Every Year In March & April We Have Major Gas Explosions Of Buildings; But The Police Have In The Past, Always Attributed It To "Terrorism", In Order To Sow Hysteria And Coverup The Danger Of Gas Heating. Poor Timothy McVeigh Was Executed For A Gas Explosion In Oklahoma City, On April 19, 1995! Killing 168 People: McVeigh Was A Nutbar, A Self-Aggrandizing Crazy, That "Took Credit" For The Bombing, To Make Himself A Hero, For Something He Didn't Do --In His Perverted Sick Crazy Mind. McVeigh Was Going To Die Anyway From PTSD: He Had Been Given Bromine-Based Poisonous Chemicals By The Military, As An Antidote To "Nerve Gas"; Which Actually Killed, Destroyed Or Disabled Thousands Of "Gulf War" Vets! The U.S. Military Has Still Not Accepted Blame For Inducing PTSD On Their Soldiers By Poisoning Them!!! This Is Why The English-Aryan-APES And Their Satanic System, Must Be Destroyed!
March 18th, 2015: The Landslide Win By BB Netanyahu Today, Was Another Humiliating Defeat For Our Evil Satanic Nigger President; Obama Had Unscrupulously Funneled $350,000 Of U.S. Taxpayer's Money To The Leftwing Opposition Labor Party Of Isaac Herzog, Through A Phony Non-Profit Group Called "One Voice"; Obama Refused To Meet With BB When He Gave His Recent Speech To Congress;  Obama Also Sent His Former Campaign Manager Jeremy Bird, And A Team Of Obama Strategists (Who Used Aggressive 'Get-Out-The-Vote-Schemes' Like 'Robocalls', Twitter & Door-To-Door Hustling) To Campaign For Labor: And The Nigger Still Lost; Even After Leading In The Exit Polls. This Is A Personal Win For Stanley The King Of America: Because Netanyahu Only Won; Because Netanyahu Made A Concession To Stanley The King, By Declaring Just Days Before The Election: That He Would Never Allow A Two State Solution In Israel; And Palestinians Would Never Have An Independent State! Stanley Had Made It Clear, That He Wants A One-State-Solution, With Equal Representation And Rights For All; And A Right Of Return For All Palestinians! 

March 17th, 2015: The Beat Goes On In Killing Cops: Two Ferguson, MO, Police Were Non-Fatally Shot Last Friday By Jeffrey Williams, A Ferguson Protester. The Protesters Were Shouting, "Long Live The Revolution": Indicating They Were Referencing Stanley's Revolution Message To Kill Cops. Eric Holder's "Civil Rights" Crap, Was Roundly Ignored By Ferguson Protesters, Who Favored Bullets Instead. Although Stanley Favors A Non-Violent Revolution, The Rigging Of Elections, Polls, And A Biased Media: Make Violence Inevitable! And Our Second Amendment Gives Us The Constitutional Right To Kill Cops: To Stop The Disenfranchisement Of The American People Which Has Happened For 200 Years!!! The American People Need To Stop Their Delusional Belief In Democracy: The Blonde English-Aryans Have Been Rigging Our Elections For 200 Years: They Are Putting Devil-Possessed Puppets (Clinton & Obama) Into Office By Rigging. Even The Fairest Elections Are A Tyranny Of The "Special Interest" Groups Against The People: Only A Kingship Like Stanley's, Can Have Representation For All, All Of The Time, Forever And Ever! 
March 11th, 2015: Hillary Clinton Is Finished: She Just Copped To A Felony Criminal Charge On National TV --Bill Clinton Got Away With Rape, Perjury And Murders, But Hillary Will Face The Guillotine!!! Clinton's Arrogant & Contemptuous Attitude Towards The American People And The Law: Remind Stanley Of Marie Antoinette: Who Also Was Guillotined!! Instead Of "Let Them Eat Cake"; She's Telling Us: "What Difference Does It Make"!! In A Defiant Strategy Of Brazenly Lying To Our Faces And Expecting To Get Away With It (Like Bill), Admitting Guilty Actions, Yet Denying Guilt At The Same Time, Denying A Crime Is A Crime, And Daring Us To Jail Her: She Admitted To Destroying Her Emails (Subject To A Subpoena And An Order To Preserve Records! The Only Reason She Would Destroy Emails, And Hide Emails On A Private Server: Is If She Is Concealing The Truth: Which Makes Her Guilty Of A Felony!!!) Claiming They Were Private Emails As Determined By Her; But Because She Was Required By Federal Law To Preserve All Her Emails: She Is Now Already Guilty Of A Felony Crime!!! Furthermore: Under The Federal Records Act: Hillary Was Compelled To "Preserve" All Her Emails On A Gov't Email Account & Server (She Blatantly Broke This Law For Four Years), Since She Didn't Keep Separate Record Keeping For Private & State Business: She Doesn't Get To Decide What Was Private And What Wasn't! Under Federal Law: The Gov't Must Retain Access To All Her Records (Emails) At All Times, As Well As Her Personal Server, Because She Used It For Gov't Business! Yet We Know Hillary Never Allowed The Gov't Possession Of Her Emails Or Server, For Her Four Years As Secretary Of State (SoS); And Is Now Denying Them Access To Her Personal Server (Which She Claims She Has Deleted). Federal Statute Forbids Gov't Employees, The Concealment Of Emails, By Forcing All Business To Be Conducted On A Gov't Account And On A Gov't Server: Yet Hillary Was In Blatant Violation Of This Law: For Her Four Years As SoS, As Well As A Further Two Years After She Left Office! Only After The Gov't Forced Her To Hand Over Her Emails, Did She Belatedly Hand Over 55,000 Emails That She Selectively Released, Redacted, Edited And Censored. She Also Only Released Printed Emails, And Not A Digital Version; Because She Wanted To Selectively Release, Edit, Obstruct Computer Searches, And Censor The Content --In Contravention Of Statute! Hillary Also Breached National Security By Retaining "Classified Documents" On Her Email Account And Private Server! General David Petraeus Was Criminally Charged For Just Such A Violation, Last Week!! Clinton Is Clearly Lying To Us, By Claiming "No Classified Docs Were Ever Held On Her Account Or Server" (As Determined By Her), In Four Years Of Holding Top Security Clearance, As SoS! For Example: During The Bin Laden Murder, If She Casually Revealed Anything About It, Or Any Other "State Business", By Email: She Is Guilty Of A Federal Crime!!! She Couldn't Have Conducted Her Business As SoS, If She Couldn't Or Didn't Ever Retain Classified Information: She Is Clearly Lying To Us!!! The Obama Nigger Gov't Clearly Conspired With Hillary To Break The Law: They Knew She Was Breaking The Law, By Keeping Private Email Accounts And Servers, By Hiding Her Emails From Subpoenas For Benghazi-Related Emails! She Broke The Law By Selectively Releasing Emails On Benghazi: Now The "Select Committee" And The State Dept. Need To Go Back And Re-Subpoena And Re-Search For "Responsive" Docs, Not Released Previously --Which Is A Crime By Obama And Holder (Because They Knew Clinton Was Concealing Her Emails Privately And Didn't Tell Congress!)! Her Private Email Account Was Also Subject To Security Breaches By Hackers: In Fact Clinton Aide, Sidney Blumenthal's AOL Account Was Hacked By Marcel Lehel Lazar of Romania, And It Included Several High Security Clinton Emails! Lazar Got 4 Years In Prison For Political Reasons, For Outing Clinton: But Why Is Clinton And Obama Not In Jail??? [NOTE: It Seems That Clinton Is Guilty Of Yet Another Felony Crime: When Leaving Office, She Signed A Form "OF-109", Which Swears Her To Surrender All Her Unclassified Docs (Including Emails) When Leaving The State Dept. Violation Of This Statute Is A Felony, Failing To Sign Is A Felony! We Know That Clinton Never Surrendered Any Emails Until Two Months Ago; Two Years After Leaving Office! She Now Faces Fine Or Imprisonment! Contrary To What FOXNews Says: Failing To Sign The OF-109 Form, Does Not Absolve Hillary From Being Guilty Of A Felony: The Nature Of The Felony Offense, Is Failing To Surrender All Her Gov't Emails To The State Dept., And Concealing And Retaining Gov't Emails (Which Hillary Did For Six Years!!!) --And Not Just Perjury!]
(2)   The ATF Has Abandoned Its & Obama's Attempt To Ban AR-15 Rifles, By Banning Its "Green Tip" M855, 5.56 mm Or .223 Caliber Ammunition --By Executive Order! The ATF Claimed The Bullets Could Pierce Police Protective Vests If Used In A Handgun. But This Was Gun-Control By The Back-Door: A Satanic Attack On The Second Amendment By Nigger Obama! Obama Is A Nigger, He Doesn't Share Our Values: He Is Literally A Chimpanzee, That Was Rigged Into Office By The Blonde English-Aryans: To Totally Destroy Our Country! [Note: Calling Obama A Chimp Is Not Racist, But Factual: A Chimpanzee Shares 95% Of Human Genes; So It Is Quite Conceivable That Obama Is An Outlyer, A Chimp That Shares ~99% Of Human Genes But Still Remains A Chimpanzee --But Looks More Human! A Satanic, Evil, Devil-Possessed Animal Like Obama: Cannot Possibly Be Human: He Must Be A Chimpanzee!!!] The Second Amendment To Our Constitution, Was Never About Hunting Or Crime: It Was About Keeping A Check On Gov't By Retaining The Ability To Kill Cops: So That If They Ever Turned Against The People (Like Today: By Rigging The Elections For Hillary & The Democrats) We Can Take Up Arms, And Overthrow The Blonde English-Aryan Gov't By Force: And Prevent Rigging Forevermore, By Establishing Stanley's Dynasty As The Kings Of America!!! The Blonde English-Aryans Have Been Rigging Our Elections For 200 Years: It Is Time To Put A Stop To It: By The Barrel Of A Gun!!!
(3) Clinton Is Also Guilty Of "Influence Peddling" Through Her "Clinton Foundation": It Seems Oil-Rich Sheikdoms Like: Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Oman, UAE, Bahrain & Brunei; Have Contributed $$$Hundreds Of Millions To Her "Foundation", In Expectation Of "Influence" Over Foreign Policy --If Clinton Were To Be Rigged Into Office! This Bitch Is A Corrupt, Evil, Devil Possessed Felon: That Needs To Go To Jail. Her Husband Got Away With Raping And/Or Murdering Women (See Below: Clinton's Murders Of Mary Mahoney, Ed Wiley, Vince Foster, Suzanne Coleman; And Rapes Of Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wiley, Paula Jones: Etc): Yet She Supported And Helped Her Husband Get Away With These Female Murders: How Is She Benefiting Women? Women Need To Support The Best Man For The Job --Not Political Correctness-- Look What Happened With Nigger Obama! Blacks Are Not Equal To Whites; Just As Women Are Not Equal To Men: The Blonde Aryans Are Possessed By Devils: Do You Believe Neanderthal APES, Or Do You Believe Stanley?
March 4th, 2015: Nigger AG Eric Holder, Has Released His DOJ "Civil-Rights & FBI Investigation" Of The Ferguson, St. Louis, PD: He Cites A Litany Of Alleged Abuses Of Black People's Rights. Claiming That Blacks Compose 65% Of The Population, Yet Comprise 93% Of The Arrests And 85% Of The Citations For Fines. The Fucking Nigger Doesn't Explain How The Blonde English-Aryans That Compose And Control Our System And The Police: Rigged The Elections To Put A Homosexual Black Nigger Into Office? They Are Obviously Not Racist Against Nigger-Blacks, Just Regular Blacks! Holder Is One Of The Most Immoral, Corrupt AGs In Our History, Yet He Has Been Protected By Obama (Invoking "Executive Privilege" To Cover-Up Holder's Perjury!) And By The Blonde English-Aryans From Jail Time: Holder Committed Perjury, By Lying To Congress Over "Fast & Furious". The Nigger Then Absolves Darren Wilson From All Guilt In The Murder Of Michael Brown! You Fucking Nigger: If You Wanted To Help The Black People: You Should Have Charged Wilson Federally, Or Re-Examined The Evidence! The Liberal Black Niggers Are Evil Devil-Possessed Puppets (Slaves) Of Their Blonde-Aryan-Ape Masters: The "Report" Is The Same Satanic "Civil-Rights" Lies & Crap That Has Destroyed The Black Family, And Has Turned Blacks Into Victims Of Crime And Murders, By The Same Blonde English-Aryan-Neanderthal-APES That Murdered Millions Of Human-Race-Whites; To Give Them Satanic Non-Existent Equality! Blacks Are Worse-Off Now, Than Under Slavery --They Are Instead, Now Slaves Of The Blonde-Neanderthal-APE!!! Regular Blacks Need To Obey Stanley, And Boycott The Democratic Party --Forever. Cops Murder More White-Humans Than They Do Blacks: Their Greatest Racism Is Against The White-Human-Race, Not Against Blacks!!! Holder Wants Blacks To Get Special Treatment (Not Equality) As A Bribe, In Exchange For Black Souls (Just Like He And Obama Niggers Have Sold Their Souls To The Devil!): By Lying That Only Blacks Are Discriminated Against --White-Race Humans Are Worse-Off Than Blacks --But We Never Sold Our Souls To Blondie Or Satan; We Never Cried Racism! Blacks Need To Make A Decision: Follow Stanley The King Of America, And Fight And Kill Blondie; Or Follow A Nigger Chimp Obama --And Worship Blondie (Satan)!
February 18th, 2015: Federal District Court Judge Andrew Hanen Has Struck Down Nigger Obama's Executive Action To Unilaterally Give Five Million Illegals, Legal Status --Without Congressional Approval And Thus Unconstitutional! Hanen Granted The 22 States A Temporary Injunction On The Executive Action, Acknowledging That The States Will Ultimately Prevail, And That Irreparable Harm Would Result To The Plaintiffs, Were The Executive Action Allowed! Hanen Ruled That Obama Overstepped His Bounds By Authorizing The DHS To Use Discretion, They Do Not Have --They Were Making Law Without Congressional Approval. He Called The Federal Lawyers "Disingenuous" When They Argued They Weren't Changing The Law. Prosecutorial Discretion Does Not Extend To Giving Illegal People Work Permits. Obama "The Nigger", Stubbornly, Defiantly Said He Would Appeal; But The 5th Circuit Court Of Appeal, Is Even More Constitutionally Conservative Than Justice Hanen; And The SCOTUS Rarely Overturns Such Blatantly Clear Unconstitutional Executive Actions; That They Would Have Overturned Anyway! The Only Reason Obama's Many Unconstitutional Executive Actions Were Not Overturned: Is That They Never Got To Court! America Was Founded On A Weak Presidency, For A Reason: To Prevent The Tyranny Of Evil Devil-Possessed Niggers, Making Their Own Nigger Laws! There Is A Separation Of Powers, And A System Of Checks And Balances: That A Somali Islamic Terrorist Sympathizer (Obama), Ineligible To-Be-President Nigger, 
Would Never Understand! (Although Obama Was Born In The U.S. In 1961, Obama Renounced His U.S. Citizenship When He Was Adopted By A Muslim, Indonesian Citizen: Named Lolo Soetoro In ~1964; And Thus Is Ineligible To Be President!). Obama Is Also Facing A Defunding Of His Executive Action Granting "Amnesty" To 5 Million Illegals, By Congress; Which Will Shutdown The DHS If Obama Refuses To Sign It. The GOP Needs To Understand: That Obama Is An Inferior Race Nigger: Who Has Been Pandered To, By The Blonde English-Aryans, To The Point He Believes He Is A King! That Is Why He Has Contempt For Congress, And Passes Executive Orders Instead! Never Show Him Any Respect: Fight Him Till He Surrenders! The GOP Have Failed To Obey Stanley The True King Of America: And Have Accepted A Nigger-Chimpanzee As Their King Instead; And Have Suffered Defeat After Defeat By The Democrats. The Result Is The Destruction Of The Economy And Paralysis Of Gov't. Obama Is A Nigger, He Is A Subhuman Chimp Who Believes He Is A King Because He Has Had It Easy All His Life; He Is Just As Crazy As His Insane Hero Prophet Mohammed! But Instead He Is Of An Inferior Race, He Is A Homosexual, He Is Used To Getting Fucked Up The Arse, It Is In Obama's DNA To Be A Slave, It Is In Obama's DNA To Obey His Master, He Literally Has The DNA Of A Chimp! [Note: Chimpanzees And Humans Share 95% Of The Same Gene-Pool; Thus It Is Possible That Obama Is An "Outlyer", A 100% Chimpanzee, That Has Enough Human Genes To Fool Us!!!] This Chimp Needs Firm Discipline And Correction Like A Child, He Hasn't Got The Will To Fight: Give Him A Reality-Check: He Will Cave If Confronted! Disregard Rigged Polls And Media Hysteria; And Calmly Face Obama Down.
(2) The Blonde English-Aryans Are Possessed By Devils: They Rigged The Elections To Force An Incompetent, Inferior Race Nigger On Us. Obama Is Refusing To Call Muslim Terrorists, Muslims, Because They Are Inferior Race Muslims --Like Himself. The Nigger Has Destroyed The Economy; Yet No-one Complains: Because The Blonde English-Aryans Are Protecting Niggers From All Criticism! Gallup's CEO Jim Clifton, Has Stated That The Gov't Is Under-reporting Unemployment Statistics By Millions Of People: Clifton Is Worried That He Might Be Murdered By The Gov't For Telling The Truth --To Protect Their "Big Lie" For Obama. The Blonde-Aryans Desperately Want To Coverup The Incompetence Of Their Nigger-Chimp Obama With "The Big Lie" of 5.9% Unemployment. Right now, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed. The fact that hourly earnings are not improving with the improvement in the official unemployment rate and that the labor force participation rate of working age men (ages 25 to 54) now stands at the lowest level since the BLS started keeping records more than 60 years ago, adds further fodder to “The Big Lie” theory. The True Unemployment Rate Is 11.2 To 20% Says Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury --Another Truth Teller! Thus Things Are Much Worse Off Than Is Being Reported. How Many Terrorist Acts Must Muslims Commit, How Many People Must Die, Before We Are Allowed To Attack Islam For Being An Inferior Race, Terrorist, Crazy, Madman's (Mohammed's) Religion??? When A Religion Espouses Terrorism In Its Teachings: It Is A Terrorist Religion, And Must Be Eradicated! Yet Obama Says That ISIS Just Needs "Jobs" And Opportunities To Work, To Solve The Crisis! Obama Doesn't Consider Terrorism A Problem: He Sees It As Media Hype. In The Middle Of One Of The Coldest Winters On Record: Obama Says That Global Warming Is The Biggest "Existential Threat" In The World Today: How Delusional & Satanic Can We Let The Democrats Get Before We Exterminate Them As A Party??? How Bad Must The Economy Get, Before We Are Finally Going To Be Allowed To Admit: That Obama Is Absolute Proof That Niggers Are An Inferior Race!!!
(3) In A Humiliating Defeat For The Blonde English-Aryans And Their Puppet Nigger: And A Massive Victory For Stanley The King Of Russia: Ukrainian troops have pulled out of the key eastern transport hub of Debaltseve after it was stormed by pro-Russian rebels, who now control the town. Ukrainian troops began to withdraw from the town early on Wednesday, ending days of fighting for control over the strategic railway town which has been surrounded by the rebel fighters for weeks. The Rebels Have Also Taken Hundreds Of Ukrainian Prisoners On Their Way To Eventually Take A Land Bridge To Crimea! Stanley's Goal Is To Take The Entire Southern And Eastern Ukraine: Kill Blondie!!! Kill Blondie!!!    
February 12th, 2015: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, Has Defied The Lesbian Federal U.S. District Court Judge Callie Granade (A Dyke): By Ordering State Judges Not To Issue Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Scum (SSS)! Justice Clarence Thomas Also Castigated SCOTUS For Not Upholding The Bans On SSM, Until The SCOTUS Has Decided The Constitutional Issue. Usually Rulings Are Stayed Pending Appeals. Justice Moore Said That A Federal Judge Overturning State Laws Arbitrarily, Contravenes State Rights, And Is Unconstitutional!!! Because Devil Possessed SCOTUS Is Trying To Impose Homosexuality On The Entire U.S. By The Backdoor: Without Ever Ruling On It, Until It Has Been Totally Eroded, By Arbitrary Satanic Rulings By Satanic Judges!!!
As True King Of America & Canada: Stanley Considers This An Act Of High Treason Punishable By Death! Thus Not Only Will Those Judges Be Punished Severely (When Stanley Comes Into Power) But Revenge Will Be Obtained To Stanley's Full Satisfaction! Our System Is Ruled By Blonde English-Aryan Devil-Possessed Child-Molesters: But They Are Going To Be Destroyed By Stanley: Then All Those Who Worshiped Satan And Defied Stanley, Shall Pay For Their Crimes!
(2) Even As The English-Aryans Are Losing War After War: (The U.S. Marines Were Humiliated By Having To Close Their Embassy, And Hand-Over Their Weapons To Yemeni Rebels Yesterday) The Blonde-Aryans Still Stubbornly Cling To Child-Molestation, Rape And Homosexuality Be Made Legal! This Is Why The Blonde English-Aryan Race Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!!! [Note: Four Out Of Five Women In America, Claim That They Have Been Raped, In Their Lifetime; The Rates Of Child Molestation Is Skyrocketing; The Murder Rates Are Out-Of-Control: And The Blonde-Aryans Are Encouraging These Criminals To Murder Rape And Molest Even More! Homosexuals Are Known To All Be Child-Molesters, Rapists Of Women And Murderers: That Is Why We Have A King In America: Satan & The Aryans Had Fooled All Of You The People: But He Never Fooled Stanley The King!!!]

February 3rd, 2015: All Americans Must Boycott Vaccinations For Their Children! The Quack-Science "Modern Medicine" Knows That The Best Defense Is A Good Offence: So They Are Attacking Those That Refuse The Satanic MMR Vaccine For Their Innocent Children --Rather Than Taking Blame For A Failed Quackery! Fact Is Although 95% Of Americans Were Forced To Get The MMR Measles Vaccine: Yet Hundreds Have Come Down With Measles, Despite Being Vaccinated. The Satanic Consequence Is That Thousands, Perhaps Millions Of Children Have Suffered Autism And Brain Damage From The Vaccine! And We Are Still Getting Measles. The "Ground Zero" Infected Person In Disneyland, Was Vaccinated Against Measles, Yet Started The Epidemic. The Vaccine Is Causing More Harm Than Good And Is 100% Quackery! Measles Was A Mild, Benign Infection Before; But Blonde Devil-Possessed English-Aryan Satanic Quackery Vaccines, Have Created Horrific Autism, A New Disease, That Is Suddenly Rising To Epidemic Rates: Devastating Male Children, With Mental Retardation And Death! Modern Medicine Will Never Admit They Were Wrong Or Change: Instead They Will Cover-Up And Lie To You: (So They Are Trying To Discredit The Facts And Studies): Bottom-Line: Parents Have Witnessed Their Children Suffer Autism And Die After Getting The Vaccine! The Same As Blonde-English-Aryans Have Ignored Studies Proving Drinking Milk Causes Diabetes: Letting Millions Die; Or Linking Eating Meat To Heart-Attacks And Strokes, Letting Millions Die; Or That Having Sex With Blonde-Aryans With Disease And Death: Because Of Their Evil Bad Karma! The Blonde-English-Aryan Race Are Possessed By Devils: Their Goal Is To Murder And Genocide The Human Race: And Lie And Deceive You! The Lesson Is: We Must Allow Nature To Play Its Role To Kill Blonde-Aryan Sinners: And Not Let Them Try To Escape Punishment For Their Sins! Bad Karma Must Be Allowed To Kill Those (Blonde-Aryans) Who Have Sinned: Or We Will All Die For Their Blonde English-Aryan Devil-Possessed Sins!!! English-Aryans Are A Satanic Evil Race That Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!!!
January 26th, 2015: The NFL Is Lying About Deflate-Gate: They Lied That Indianapolis Player D'Qwell Jackson, Asked Them To Check The Football After His Interception. Jackson Says This Is A Lie, He Never Asked The Officials To Check, And He Himself Found Nothing Wrong With The Ball --Which Was Another NFL Lie!!! We Now Know That The NFL Were Reacting To False Complaints Made Months Ago; And The NFL Deliberately Ignored Those Complaints, So As To Setup The New England Patriots At Playoff Time, To Do The Most Damage To The Patriots: By Suddenly Checking The Balls, On Their Own Initiative!!! The Leaked Report To ESPN, That 11 Out Of 12 Balls (Before Halftime) Were Under-inflated By 2 lbs Of Pressure, Is Another Setup By The NFL; And A Lie! The NFL Is Lying About Everything To Sabotage The Patriot's Chances Of Winning The Superbowl; Because They Want The Seattle Seahawks To Win!
(2) We Now Know That Al-Qaeda And ISIS Are Creations Of The Satanic Blonde-English-Aryan CIA: That Were Used For "False Flag" Terrorist Operations Like 9/11: To Create Hysteria, Deny Fundamental Freedoms To Americans, Ramp Up Security, Perpetuate Endless Wars In Iraq & Afghanistan; And Murder Millions Of Innocent Civilians!!! The CIA Is A Blonde English-Aryan Mass Murder Apparatus, That Must Be Exterminated From The Face Of This Earth!!! The Leader Of ISIS: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Was A Former U.S. Prisoner In Iraq, Subjected To Inhuman Torture Like Rectal Feeding, Rectal Rehydration, Rectal Exams With Brutal Force: Causing Chronic Hemmorhoids, Anal Fissure And Anal Prolapse. There Have Been Reports That The CIA Kidnapped The Detainee's Children From Afghanistan And Rectally Raped Them In Front Of Their Fathers: As A Heinous Form Of Torture! We Also Know KSM And Mustafa al-Hawsawi Were Brutalized And Tortured So Degradingly: They Became So "Broken" Of All Will: They Confessed To Crimes (Like 9/11) They Did Not Commit! Another Detainee Majid Khan: Who Was Subjected To Rectal Feeding And Rectal Rehydration: Became So Suicidal: He Tried To Bite Off His Inner Elbow And The Vein At The Top Of His Foot! Gitmo Detainees Have Tried To Starve Themselves To Death, So Often: Gitmo Will Go Down In History As One Of The Worst Atrocities Inflicted On Man --And All Without Fair Trials! ISIS Is Another "False Flag" CIA Creation, That Is Being Used To Prolong The War In Iraq And Murder More Innocent People, Foolish Enough To Join CIA-ISIS! The U.S. Have Already Murdered 6,000 ISIS Fighters, Using Air-Strikes: This Is Turning Into A One-Sided Slaughter: Like The Drone Strikes Murdered Thousands Of Taliban & Al-Qaeda Civilians In Pakistan And Yemen! Al-Qaeda-AP In Yemen, Is Being Used As A Punching-Bag By Obama, For Drone Strikes: Simply To Murder Them! Al-Qaeda Has Never Won Anything: They Are Insane Inferior Race Arab-Muslims, With A Crazy Madman's (Mohammed's) Religion: That Are Being Exploited By The CIA (Who Created Them) To Simply Murder Them; Degradingly, Dehumanizingly Torture Them And Murder Millions Of Innocent Civilians! The "Charlie Hebdo" Massacre In France Was Another CIA False-Flag Terrorist Murder Operation: Wake-Up America: We Need To Exterminate The CIA: To End These Endless Mass Murders & Wars!!! The Reason The Blonde English-Aryan CIA Are Able To Torture And Murder Muslims & French With Impunity: Is The Muslims' Madman's Garbage Islam & Christian Homosexual-Jesus' Religions: Stanley's Message To Muslims & French: Convert To Stanley's Hinduism And You Will Easily Defeat The Devil-Possed English-Aryans, The U.S. And Jew Israel! You Are Not Praying To God: You Are Praying To An Inferior Race's Yahweh & Allah Lesser Gods Of Sheep And Camels: That Will Doom You To Defeat And Rectal Humiliation! The Reason The Muslims, Kurds, Iranians (The Iranians Are Not Aryans --As They Delusionally Believe) And French Are So Humiliatingly Defeated And Murdered In Wars; And Fucked-Up-The-Arse-Tortured: Is Because Of Their Garbage Religions! [Note: The Reason Stanley Calls All U.S. War Killings "Murders", Is Because They Have Overwhelming Arms Superiority And Are Fighting A Technologically & Religiously (Madman Mohammed's Crazy Religion) Backward, Third-World Country: When You Are Armed With A Rifle And You're Fighting A Jet-Plane: It No Longer Becomes A War, But A Slaughter! When You Are A Woman And Child Fighting For Your Homeland, And You Are Killed By A Sniper 1,000 Yards Away, It Is Cowardly Murder (Chris Kyle Was A Cowardly Murderer, Who Deserved To Die); When The Casualty Rates Are So One-Sided: A Million Iraqis Die Per One American: When The War And Casualties Go On Endlessly: When You Impose Mission-Creep Or "Nation-Building" Or Genocide As The New Goal: It Is Genocide, War Crimes, Mass Murder And Crimes Against Humanity; Rolled Into One!!! These Civilians Never Asked For This War (The U.S. Pretext Of WMD And 9/11 Are Proven CIA Lies!) Millions Of Iraqi, Afghan And N. Korean Civilians Were Murdered In These Travesties Of War! This Is Mass Murder Of An Inferior Race Arabs With An Inferior Crazy Religion! Like The Mass Murder Of Inferior Race Jews And Their Inferior Religion In 1945. The Greatest Tragedy: Is That None Of These Murders Would Have Occurred If They Had Followed Hinduism, In The First Place!!!]
January 20th, 2015: The Pro-NATO Kiev Gov't Has Been Defeated In The Donetsk Region Of Ukraine, By Losing The Donetsk Airport: This Is A Historic Defeat Against The Blonde Saxon-Aryans And Satan! Stanley Is Ascending Into Power Even As We Speak: "Kill Blondie English-Aryan-Neanderthal-APE-Cops With A Bullet To The Head". [Note: The Pro-Russian Rebels In Ukraine Have Rejected A Ceasefire By NATO; And Declared That They Will Advance To Capture More And More Territory: To Gain A Land-Bridge To Crimea (And Eventually Take All Of Southern And Eastern Ukraine) The Blonde Devil-Possessed Aryans Must Be Exterminated From Russia!]
(2) An RCMP "Mountie" Was Shot In The Head In St. Albert, Alberta, Canada; And His Partner Was Also Severely Injured (Although The Gunman Also Unnecessarily Killed Himself Later.) The Beat Goes On: As Long As The Blonde English-Aryans Refuse To Relinquish Power To Stanley The King: They Will Be Killed!!!
(3) Chris Kyle The Blonde-Aryan Cowardly Sniper Of Women & Children In Iraq, With A "Suspect" 160, "Confirmed Kills" (He Is A Convicted Liar) Was Given Adulation And Praise By Satanic FOX News For Being America's "Most Lethal Sniper" Of Women! Fact Is Only Stanley Is A Hero In America, Deserving Adulation And Hero Worship!!! Where Were You When Stanley Was Fighting Satan Single-Handed (See Crucifixion Page)? You Were Bending Over To Worship Satan And Get Fucked In The Arse By Satan! Chris Kyle Is A Blonde-Aryan Faggot: Who Took It Up The Arse And Then Un-apologetically Murdered Iraqi Women & Children In Cold Blood, Fighting For Satan!!! Coward Chris Kyle, Who Was A Pathetic Slime-Bag, Was Allegedly Murdered Along With His Navy Seals Friend, Chad Littlefield; By Marine Corps Veteren Eddie Ray Routh, At A Shooting Range In Texas On February 2nd, 2013! BAD KARMA! On July 29th, 2014; Chris Kyle's Estate Also Lost A Hefty $$1.8 Million Lawsuit To A True American Hero, Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, For Lying That He Punched Ventura In A Bar Fight! This Award Was Upheld By The Courts On Nov. 24th, 2014; And Executor Taya Kyle's Motion For Appeal Was Denied! Chris Kyle Is Not Only A Little Faggot Murderer; He Is A Convicted Liar And An Apostate! He Deserved To Die Like A Dog, By The Hand Of His Own Marine Corps And Navy Seals --The Wheels Of God Turn Slowly, But They Grind Exceedingly Fine! Die You Aryan Motherfucker Scum, Satan Worshiper! Stanley Is The King Of America And He Wants The Blonde English-Aryans Exterminated From The Americas!!! More Navy Seals (Who Committed 9/11 With The CIA) Are Dying By PTSD And Suicide Than Died In The Gulf Wars: BAD KARMA!!!
  (4) Abdel-Malik al-Houthi The Shia Yemeni Rebel Leader Who Has Defeated The U.S. Backed Yemeni Gov't; Is Accusing The Former U.S. Yemeni Gov't Of Supporting The Sunni AQAP Or Yemeni Al-Qaeda (The Same Group That Murdered 12 "Charlie Hebdo" Members In France). This Proves It Was The U.S. CIA That Committed The Charlie Hebdo & Kosher Supermarket Murders, Not Terrorists; In A "False Flag" Covert CIA Operation!!! The U.S. Are Using The Sunni Al-Qaeda To Fight The Shia Houthi In Yemen, As Their Puppet Sunni Gov't Is Falling: It Is The CIA That Created Al-Qaeda From The Beginning In Afghanistan, To Use For "False Flag" Lying Terrorist Missions Like 9/11: So That They Could Blame It On Non-Existent Terrorists! Thus All The So-Called Yemeni Al-Qaeda Were CIA Stooges, Not Real Terrorists. Why Would The Yemeni Al-Qaeda Want To Bomb France, When They Have Their Hands Full In Yemen: Being Bombed By Drone Strikes By The U.S. & Obama? In Yemen, Al-Qaeda Is An Ally Of The U.S. Supported Yemeni Gov't And The CIA!! In Other Words There Are Two Sets Of Al-Qaeda In Yemen: Those Used For "False Flag" CIA Terrorist Operations In France; And Those Used To Be Murdered By Drone Strikes --Both Created By The CIA!
January 13th, 2015: The English-Aryan-Neanderthal-APE Cops Tried To Distract Us From Killing Them; With A "False-Flag" Covert CIA Planned, Trained, Financed, Terrorist Attack Against The Latin-French Race; Who They Murdered Deliberately For Practicing Right-Wing Free Speech Against The Inferior Race Arabs & Their Crazy Religion Islam! (The CIA English-Aryans Are Possessed By Devils, They Hate The Right-Wing!) By Deflecting Attention To "Terrorists" In Paris, France; The Blonde English-Aryans In The U.S. Hoped To Stop Stanley The King From Killing Them: No! Stanley Is The King Of America: You Must Relinquish Power To Him For Him To Stop Killing Cops!!! As Long As The Blonde English-Aryans Talk About Hillary Clinton Winning The Next Election: They Are Going To Be Killed! The American People Deserve Good Government, And Not Rigging: With Balanced Budgets, Privatized Health-Care And Zero Taxes. Blondie-English-Aryans Learn Only With A Bullet To The Head! Remember: The Right To Bear Arms Was Enacted To Allow The People To Rise-Up And Overthrow A Government Tyranny That Rigs Elections For Democrats --Not To Fight Crime. The Cops Are The Biggest Criminals: The Police Represent The Gov't: Killing Cops Is What Guns Were Made For: The Blonde English-Aryans Hate Our Constitution: That Is Why They Are Trying To Erode It, At Every Turn. Rise Up America, Form Militias, Get Ready To Take On Cops!!! "False-Flag" Operations Are Evil Satanic, Terrorist Conspiracies By The CIA To Generate Hysteria, Deny Fundamental Freedoms, Justify Wars In Iraq, And Sow Panic & Propaganda Amongst A Deluded Public: 9/11, The Kennedy Assassination, The Murder Of Princess Diana, The Boston Marathon Bombs, The Underwear & Shoe Bombers, The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident; Were All CIA Planned, Trained & Financed "False Flag" Covert Missions To Deceive And Murder The French & American People! The French Were Stupid To Mass Rally, Against The Wrong People: There Were No Terrorists: It Was Their Own Blonde English-Aryan Intelligence Service, Their Dutch-Aryan Francois Hollande Rigged Gov't, & The CIA That Trained Those Stupid, Dumb, Inferior Race, Arabs; To Murder You; You Fools! Yemen Is Fully Controlled By The CIA, Even The Opposition Is CIA Controlled! It Is Easy For The CIA To Train Mentally-Ill Arabs To Bomb Politically-Naive French People. [Note To: Arabs, The Latin-French And Muslims: The Terrorist Murders Of "Charlie Hebdo" Reporters Was A Senseless Waste Of Lives: Stop Obeying The Satanic, Devil-Possessed CIA; Stop Fighting Each Other: The Arabs Versus The Latin-Europeans: Stop All Terrorism! Both The French & Arabs Should Join Together To Kill Blonde English-Aryans Only, Because They Are The Ones In Power, Ruling You Both, Through Rigged Elections (Hollande Is A Dutch-Aryan Who Was Rigged Into Power By British MI6). The Latin-French, Are Slaves In Their Own Land Since Napoleon Lost At Waterloo!! For Yemeni-Al-Qaeda To Do Real Damage To Blonde English-Aryan-Neanderthal-Apes First Destroy The Corrupt U.S.' Lackey Arabs Like Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, Yemen & Gulf-Arab-Oil States. Without Oil The U.S. Will Collapse In A Day. If Yemeni Al-Qaeda Opposition Had Attacked And "Terrorized": Saudi-Arabia, Oil Wells, Pipelines & Shipping; Instead Of Terrorism On The U.S. And France: The U.S. Would Be Begging For Mercy. Destroy The Gulf-Arab-Oil States That Giveaway Our Oil To The U.S., To Destroy The Blonde-English-Aryans, That Rule The U.S. & France!!! And The French Latin-Europeans And Most Muslims: Must Convert To God's True Religion: Hinduism Or Sanatana DAma!]  
January 6th, 2015: 2 Cops Were Shot Yesterday In NYC, By Two Hispanics; The Cops Didn't Die, But The Beat Goes On; At This Pace, We Will Surpass Last Years Death Toll For Cops. Remember Cops Still Murder 500 Innocent People Every Year: Because They Are Possessed By Devils: And Are Encouraged To Murder People, By The Blonde English-Aryans! The Blonde English-Aryans Need To Relinquish Power: Rigging The Elections For Obamacare, Just Won't Do! We Elected The GOP To Repeal Obamacare: Not Tinker Around The Edges! The Blonde-Aryan-System Is Still Declaring Hillary A Done Deal: The Beat Goes On: Cops Die When Elections Are Rigged For Democrats! The NYC Cops Are Whining That There Is A 56% Reduced Overall-Arrests This Year: People Need To Understand: The Greatest Cause Of Crime Is Satan And Devil Possession! Cops Are All Possessed By Devils And Worship Blonde English-Aryans: That Worship Satan: You Mother-Fucking Cops Are The Greatest Causers Of Crime!!! If You Fuckers Go Die Somewhere: Crime Will End! Cops Are The Cause Of All Crime: They Don't Help, But Murder More People! We Need Privatization Of Policing: And Killing Of Blondie Aryan-Cops, To Reduce Crime!!! Who Do You Think Lets Out The Real Murderers Onto The Streets: Cops! That's Who! Kill Cops, Crime Will Go Down! [Note: The Blonde-Aryan System Is Trying To Lie That Stanley Is East-Indian: Although Stanley Is Half-East-Indian Half-Portuguese: He Is Considered 100% "White"! Because The Ancestral Race Of "Whites" Is East-Indian. Stanley Is "Aboriginal" In That He Has The Genes Of All The Races Of The Earth In His Gene-Pool: He Can Claim Any Race: But He Is Primarily "White" Because Of His Evolutionary Origins! The Portuguese Originally Came From East-India Thousands Of Years Ago. The Blonde English-Aryans Are Not Even Human: They Are APES! And Are Trying To Sow Dissension, Sow Racism (Based On Color Of Skin), And False-Race-Splitting: Because They Are Possessed By Devils: And Are Trying To Destroy Mankind! Blonde English-Aryans Are Not Even "Whites", They Are Literally APES: Why Are We Allowing APES To Get Into A Discussion, About Who Is "White"? They Are Not Even Human! Blondes Are Satanic Racists: That Is Why English-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas.] 
December 30th, 2014: The People Are Obeying Stanley's Order To Kill Cops: 126 Cops Were Killed This Year, A 24% Increase Over Last Year; With A 56% Increase In Cops Being Deliberately Targeted And Killed By Ambush! What This Proves: (The Power To Kill Cops) Is That Stanley Is Indeed The King Of America: And That He Is More Powerful Than The System: And That It Is Only A Matter Of Time, Until He Comes Into Power! The Blonde English-Aryan-APE Cops Are Like Rabid Dogs Possessed By Devils: The Arch Evil Instruments Of Satan: They Have Lorded It Over Us And Murdered Us For 200 Years: Now It Is Payback Time! They Are Rigging All The Elections: And Even After Winning An Election: Nothing Changes: They Are Not Willing To Relinquish Power And Are Doubling Down. The Constitutional Right To Bear Arms: Was Meant Solely To Kill Cops: When The Devil-Worshiping Blonde English-Aryan Gov't Declares War On The People: And Uses Blonde Devil-Possessed English-Aryan-APE Cops To Enslave, Genocide, Lie, Propagandize, Deceive And Murder Us: We Must Fight Back, With Everything We've Got! Give Us Liberty Or Give Us Death!
December 22nd, 2014: Ismaaiyl Brinsley Killed Two NYC Cops Yesterday, And A Florida Cop Was Also Killed Today. Brinsley Tweeted On Instagram: "I'm putting pigs on wings today ... They take one of ours .. Let's take two of theirs. #shootthepolice. ..Let's Put Pigs In A Blanket" Obama, Sharpton, & Bill de Blasio Then Showed The True Uncle Tom Niggers, That They Are: By Siding With The Cops: Whining That We Must Remember The Cop's Families, Condemning The Violence Against Cops, And Asking That Demonstrations Be Halted Until After The New Year! Where Was The Concern About Eric Garner's Family & Michael Brown's Family? The Devil-Possessed Cops Murder 500 Innocent Civilians Every Year --Including 125 Blacks-- How Can Anyone Feel Sorry For Them!! Blacks Must Never Again Vote For The "Good Cop-Bad Cop", Lying,Deceiving Democrats Ever Again: Because In Reality: They Are On The Side Of The Satanic Cops: They Are Satanically Deceiving Us: With Good-Cop, Bad-Cop Strategy! The Bad-Cop Is Better: Because He Is Being Honest With You! Demonstrations Must Continue, Regardless; Cops Need To Understand That Satan Is Not God: Being Possessed By Devils: Means You Get No Respect, No Sympathy, When It All Comes Crashing Down On Your Head! [Note: Stanley Neither Condemns Nor Condones Random Killing Of Cops: But The Blonde Saxon System Is Refusing To Relinquish Power To Stanley The King: By "Doubling Down" On Bailing Out The Banks, And Refusing To Balance The Budget --Even After The GOP Won The Elections On AConservative 
(Non-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan)  Platform! Stanley Is The Rightful King Of America: By Clinging To Devil-Possessed Satanic Rule The Blonde-Anglo-Saxons Are Leaving Violence The Only Alternative! That Is Why Stanley Gave The Order To Kill Cops, Before The Mid-Terms, And Got The GOP Elected: But Nothing Much Has Changed. So He Had To Give The Order Again! Give Up Power, Or Watch More Cops Die!] [Note: Stanley Is The King Of Primarily The "White" Race, As Well As The Black Race, And All The Races In America: The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are Not Whites; They Are Apes: They Must Be Exterminated From The Americas: Because They Are Possessed By Devils And They Worship Satan! This Is Not Whites Versus Blacks; This Is Whites And Blacks Versus The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-APES, Their "Nigger" Puppets And Some Jews! [Note: Killing Cops Is Perfectly Legal Under Our Constitution: The Fundamental Right To Bear Arms, Is Not To Defend Ourselves Against Criminals; But To Form Militias For The Primary Purpose Of Overthrowing A Gov't That Has Turned Against The People And Their KING: Stanley! Cops Are The Instruments Of Satan And The Blonde Anglo-Saxon System: To Overthrow The System We Must Kill Cops: Who Oppose The Revolution!!! The Founding Fathers Envisaged Just Such A Scenario As We Have Today, With Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Ape Cops Tyrannizing And Murdering The People!!! But Stanley Does Not Approve Random Killing Of Cops: It Must Be Done In The Name Of The King And His Revolution: It Must Be Done In A Formal Way: We Must Form Militias, With Strict Military Training; To Fight Cops And To Consolidate The Gains Made By The Revolution!]
December 16th, 2014: The Demonstrations Against Cops Must Be Stepped Up: They Are Too Tame: The People Need To Understand That 90% Of Blacks Are Murdered By Other Blacks: There Is A "Nigger" Component Of Blacks That Are "Rats", Police Informers, Devil-Possessed, Murderers, And On The Side Of The Saxon-Aryan-APE Cops: They AreSabotaging The Demonstrations From Within. These Nigger Blacks Have Taken-Over The  Demonstrations, And Are Running "Interference" Against More Robust Protests: Which Only Helps The Police. Blacks Need To Organize Their Leadership: For More Extreme Leaders: And Be Prepared To Fight These Police-Informant" Niggers Obstructing Wilder Protests. Demonstrators Need To Bring Some Rocks, Hammers, Molotov Cocktails, And Armor. Remember Uncle Tom Niggers Like Bill Cosby Raped Hundreds Of Women: Yet The Police Refused To Prosecute Him, Even Once! Why? Because He Is A Devil-Possessed Uncle Tom Nigger Like Obama: That Was Spreading The liberal Message That Prof. Huckstable, Was A Good "Role-Model" For Blacks. He Was The Blonde's Role Model For A Traitor Black: Who Will Murder Other Blacks For Blondie! Blacks Need To Be Appreciated For Who They Are: and Not Have To Sacrifice Their Souls: To Become A Traitor To Their Race: Like Devil-Possessed Cosby, Obama & Holder. The liberal Democrats (Obama, Cosby, Sharpton) Are More Evil Than The Conservative Republicans: Because They Are Possessed By Devils: Like The Blonde Saxons: Their Aim Is To Deceive You, And Keep Murdering You, And Helping Cops Murder You! Remember: This Was Never About Whites Versus Blacks: This Is About White-Humans And Blacks, Versus The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-APES And Their liberal Democrat, Jew, And "Nigger-Puppets". (Click Declaration of War)Peaceful Protests Achieve Nothing, Without Provoking A Police Response: The Objective Is To Bloody The Police's Nose Every Time We Demonstrate: Make Them Pay For Michael Brown And Eric Garner!! Talking Is Not Good Enough: "What Do We Want? Dead Cops! When Do We Want Them? Now!"; Is All Talk. Stanley Wants To See Destruction Of Property, Wrecking, Sabotage, Mayhem: Every Day Of The Year.
December 9th, 2014: The "Senate Intelligence Committee's" Belated (6 Years Late) Release Of Their Heavily Redacted "Politically Motivated", Toothless Report On Torture, Proves That The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan U.S. Has Lost The Moral Right To Rule: And Stanley Must Start Ruling As Soon As Possible! But The Democrats Are Equally Guilty Of The Torture: Because They Sat On The Report Until After The Mid-Terms, When They Are Now A Lame-Duck Party! Obama Was Given A Mandate In 2008 To Prosecute The CIA Officers For Torture: The Arsehole Nigger Was So Corrupt: That The Illinois AG, Patrick Fitzgerald, Caught (Wiretapped) Obama Trying To Bribe Rod Blagojevich, For A Senate Appointment For Valerie Jarrett! Fitzgerald Was Thus Able To Blackmail Nigger Obama To Drop All CIA Prosecutions, Force Obama To Keep All Bush AG Appointees, And Retain Fitzgerald As AG!!! Poor Blago Took The Fall For Obama's Bribery (Obama Committed The Crime By Calling Blago)!!! The Report Says: The CIA Was Operating "Black Sites" Of Harsh Physical Interrogation Techniques Or TORTURE: "Which Gained No Useful Intel": The Main Site Was The "Cobalt" Site In Afghanistan Called "The Salt Pit": CIA Officers: (1) Rectally Force-Fed Prisoners; Did Rectal Re-Hydration; Did Brutally Forceful Rectal Exams With Gigantic Rectum-Perforating Objects; (Causing Prolapse Of The Bowel In Some Detainees!) (2) Stripped Prisoners Naked, Diapered Them, And Refused Them A Bucket For Their Wastes; (3) Chained Them To The Ceiling Naked; (4) Sleep Deprived Them With Bright Lights & Loud Music For Weeks-On-End; (5) Water-Boarded (WB) Or Simulated Drowning; Done For Almost All Detainees, Some Were WB 183-300 Times Over Six Months; (6) Kept Isolated In Solitary Cells & Beaten; (7) Smashed Them Against The Wall Daily (8) Slapped On The Face To Humiliate & Degrade! (KSM) Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abu Zubaydah, And Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi, Suffered The Worst, Most Inhuman, Horrific, Degrading, And Grotesque Torture. KSM Is Now In Gitmo: He Confessed To Totally False Acts, From Being Totally Broken Of All Will: From Dehumanizing Torture!!! Al-Libi Was Murdered By The CIA In A Libyan Prison In 2009: To Cover-up His Totally False Evidence Gained By Torture, (About Saddam's Al-Qaeda Connections & WMD) Which Was Used By The CIA To Convince Bush & Colin Powell, To Invade Iraq. Thousands Of Americans Died In That War On The Side Of Satan: $Trillions Were Spent: 22 U.S. Veterans Commit Suicide Everyday, From The Bad Karma For Fighting For Satan: And Murdering Civilians: In Total: 20 Million Civilians Were Murdered In Afghanistan, Iraq & N. Korea By Poison And Military Weapons! Thousands Of U.S. Veterans Now Suffer From PTSD And Are Being Forced To Take Highly Toxic Anti-Psychotic Drugs That Will Slowly Murder Them! The Reason The Democrats Are More Guilty Than The Republicans: Is Their Hypocrisy! The Hypocrisy Of That Inferior Race Jew Diane Feinstein: The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race Murdered 6 Million Jews Using Doctors: Yet She Kisses The Arse Of The Blondies That Tortured & Murdered Her Parents, As Her Gods And Masters, To Force Obamacare On Us! The Jews Are A Satanic-Sick-Masochistic Race That Loves Their Torturers And Those Who Murder Them! What Do You Get When You Torture & Murder A Jew? They Will Bow Down And Worship You As A God!!! The Torture Cannot Ever Stop Until Those Responsible Are Punished: The Dem's Did Nothing! Obamacare Murders And Tortures Far More Americans Everyday With Their 100% Quack Satanic Medicine, (Satanic, Quack, Unnecessary, Ritual Desecration Of The Human Body, Rectal Exams) Than Torture Ever Could!!! The Psychologists Who Devised And Carried Out Some Of The Torture Were Doctors: Dr. James Mitchell & Dr. Bruce Jessen. The Truth Is That The CIA & Navy Seals Committed 9/11 With High-Tech Thermite-TH3 Explosives, Not al-Qaeda (See Revolution Page)! The Navy Seals Then Deliberately Murdered Osama bin-Laden, To Cover-Up The Fact That He Had Nothing To Do With 9/11 --When They Could Have Brought Him To Trial! The Navy Seals Fired 105 Bullets Into Obama: After Capturing Him Alive: They Were Ordered To Make Sure He Was Dead! The CIA Murdered Kennedy, Not Oswald (SeeGreatest Conspiracies)! [NOTE: The CIA Tortured KSM Not To Get Intel (He Knew Nothing: Diane Feinstein Was 100% Correct: "No Intel Was Gained From The Torture"!) They Tortured Him So Horrendously, Degradingly & Humiliatingly: To BREAK HIM! So That He Would Admit To Acts He Didn't Commit --Like 9/11! But The CIA Have Produced Zero Evidence (Besides Confessions Obtained By Torture) That Al-Qaeda Actually Committed 9/11.] The CIA Have Used Torture: Which Is A War Crime, A Crime Against Humanity, And Genocide: And Nobody Goes To Jail! Obama Has Approved Hundreds Of Drone-Strikes Against Civilians: Would He Be Any Different Than George Bush On Torture? George Bush & Obama Need To Go To Jail: They Are Both Guilty Of War Crimes! Besides Torture, The Biggest Crime Here: Is The Deceiving Of The American People About 9/11: And The Massive Murders (Genocide) Of Civilians That Followed! The Deceiving About Kennedy: And The Murders Of Vietnamese That Followed. We Have A Blonde Anglo-Saxon Race That Is Possessed By Devils: And Won't Stop Killing --Until We Kill Them!!! The CIA Are A Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race: This Devil-Possessed Satanic Race Have Used These Methods Of Torture Worldwide For Thousands Of Years --This Is Nothing New For Them! The Difference Is: America Now Has A King: Stanley Will Not Stand For This: Justice Must Be Done: That Is Why The Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!!!
December 3rd, 2014: The Devil-Possessed Blonde, Angle-Saxon-Ape Grand Jury, Refused To Indict Another Murderer-Cop Daniel Pantaleo, Who Was Caught On Camera, Using An Illegal "Chokehold", To Deliberately Murder Eric Garner, By Brain-Asphyxiating Him To Death, From Lack Of Oxygen To His Brain. This "Predator" Cop (He Has Done This Before) Was Hanging Off Garner With All His Weight, While Squeezing Garner's Neck Arteries!! (Don't Try This At Home) Constricting His Blood Vessels In His Neck, Starving His Brain Of Oxygen --And Then Pressing Down On Garner's Neck & Head While He Was On The Ground --Further Depriving His Brain Of Blood Flow. Loss Of Oxygen To The Brain Causes Unconsciousness, Breathing Cessation, Heart Arrest, And Death Without Immediate Artificial Respiration (CPR): Although Police Are Trained On The Use Of CPR, Garner Was Callously Left To Die On The Sidewalk! [Note: Garner's Windpipe Was Not Crushed: He Died From His Carotid Arteries And Jugular Veins To His Brain Being Constricted Prolongedly: Which The Grand Jury Failed To Comprehend!!!] (This Is How Lions Bring Down Their Prey: Pantaleo Was Possessed By A Lion Devil! Leo = Lion. Lions Bite The Carotid And Jugular Blood Vessels On Their Victim's Neck; While Hanging On, With Their Full Weight: Starving Their Victim's Brains Of Oxygen: Just Like Pantaleo Did!!!). Evil, Satanic, Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio Did Nothing But Talk. Stanley Asks Blacks Not To Lose Faith: We Will Win In The End: Do Not Vote Democrat Ever Again: They Are Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop, With Us: But They Are On The Side Of Satan: They Are Liars: They Are On The Side Of The Blonde-Ape Cops!! This Mass Murder Will Not Stop Until We Overthrow The Blonde Angle-Saxon-Ape System!!! Obama And Holder Announced Another Useless Federal Investigation: Obama Can Indict Pantaleo For Murder Federally: But He Is An Uncle Tom Nigger: Unless These Devil-Possessed-Cops Get Serious Jail Time They Will Not Stop Murdering: Because It Is Taxpayers That Pay Civil Suits --Not Cops. Remember The Common Element In All This Evil, Is The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Ape-Race: Who Must Be Exterminated From America!!!
December 2nd, 2014: NFL Linebacker Ray Rice, Has Been Reinstated By A Female Arbitrator, To Play For The NFL; And Several Teams Are Ready To Sign Him! The Arbitrator Called Commissioner Roger Goodell A Liar: Saying He Had To Have Known What Went On In The Elevator And Is Lying. This Now Makes It "A-OKAY" To Hit Your Wife, But "One-Time-Only": To Show Her Who's The Boss: And To Exorcise The Demons In Her: And To Use The Cane Or Stick Thereafter", To Keep Her In Line!! Stanley Is The King Of America: And He Says Men Are Superior To Women: It Is The Blonde Angle-Saxon-Aryan-Apes Who Are All Devil-Possessed Homosexuals, Rapists, And Child-Molesters, And Satanic: Who Say They Are Equal! Who You Gonna Believe: The King Or Satanic Blondie? It Is Time We Sent All Blonde Saxon-Apes Exterminated From America!!!
(2)  Blondie Apes Just Don't Learn: The Mother-Fucker Child-Molester, Rapist Cops Are Talking Tough And Threatening Retaliation Against The Stepfather Of Michael Brown Who Said: "Burn That Bitch Down, Burn That Bitch Down": Look Blondie-Apes: You A Bunch Of Child-Molesting Murderers: Who Just Murdered An Unarmed Black Teenager In Cold Blood: You Goin' To Pay For That! We Need Military Grade Rifles And Armour: We Need To Train Hard And With Discipline: And Turn This Country Upside Down: Click Declaration of War! Until Every Blonde Angle-Saxon-Aryan-Ape Is Exterminated From America: Our Job Is Not Done!!! 
November 24th, 2014: [Note: Bombshell: Dr. Baden's Pathology Assistant, Shawn Parcell, Who Performed Michael Brown's Autopsy, With Dr. Baden: Has Been Found To Be A Fraud: He Has No Pathology Credentials!! We Now Have Proof Of What Stanley Was Saying From The Start: Parcell Was Used By Dr. Baden So Baden Could Falsify The Autopsy Report: And Tell Us A Pack Of Lies! Shawn Parcell Is A "Ringer", He Is Well Known In Trial Circles, To Be Used By Unscrupulous Prosecutors: To Manufacture False Autopsy Reports: Like They Have Done With Michael Brown's!!! If We Investigate The Black "Witnesses For Hire", Who Lied About Brown "Charging" At Wilson: We Will Find That They Are All Well Known Frauds As Well!!!]
The No Indictment ("No True Bill") By The Ferguson Grand Jury Is Exactly As Stanley Predicted: And Proves Obama Is Nothing But An Uncle Tom Nigger! Eric Holder Knew That This Verdict Was Coming Down, And Kept It Secret Until After The Mid-Terms: And Has Resigned As AG. The Fact Is The AG Under Obama Could Have Charged That Devil's Cop, Darren Wilson, Themselves Federally, With Murder! They Didn't Because Obama Is An Uncle Tom Nigger!! He Worships His Blonde Angle-Saxon Masters As Gods. The Blacks Need To Now Obey Stanley Unconditionally To Avenge Michael Brown: Start Forming Heavily Armed Militias: With Disciplined Training For Eventual War With Blondie Angle-Saxons (Click: Declaration of War). Stop Supporting Obama And The Democratic Party: And Stop Supporting "liberal" Niggers And Strident Nigger Women. Start "Wrecking" This Country Until We Get Revolution. Darren Wilson Represents The Blonde Angle-Saxon System: So They Lied For Him: (Just Like The Kennedy Assassination's Use Of False Eye-Witnesses To Falsely Incriminate Lee Harvey Oswald!) False Black Witnesses Who Were Never Present At The Scene: Were Used By The Prosecution To Lie That Brown Tried To Charge At Wilson: (After Running Away, And After Already Being Shot Twice In His Now Useless Right Arm! Why Would He Stop And Turn Around; Unless He Had Been Shot In The Back? The Autopsy Report By Dr. Baden & The Belatedly Released, Ferguson M.E.'s Report, Is Completely False!) While Wilson Was Firing Away At His Head: They Say He Kept Charging! How Stupid Do They Think We Are? Wilson Fired 12 Bullets At Brown With A Semiautomatic Pistol: All At Less Than 35 Feet Away (Point-Blank-Range): Requiring 12 Separate Trigger Pulls: Proving Intent To Commit Murder: Wilson Was A Trained Police Marksman: All 12 Bullets Had To Have Hit Their Mark: Yet The Autopsy Report Claims Only Four-Six Total Shots Hit Brown --Where Did The Eight Missing Bullets Land??? The Prosecutor Was Devil-Possessed, Crazy Robert McCulloch Who Formed A Crazy Opinion From The Start, That Wilson Was Not Guilty Of Anything: And Presented Slanted Evidence To The Jury To Prejudice Them Against Brown: McCulloch Let Wilson Testify His Lies To The Jury For Four Hours Without Any Critical Cross-Examination: Yet Abused And Mistreated Dorian Johnson And Other True Black Witnesses!!! McCulloch Has Admitted: "There Was No Prosecution": He Simply Presented Random Evidence Without Any Focus: And Let Murderer Darren Wilson Take Charge Of The Case! A Policeman Is An Intimidating Presence In The Courtroom: Because Of Their Power Of Arrest: Wilson Was Allowed To IntimidateAnd Control The Jury! Democrat Governor Jay Nixon, Was Warned Of McCulloch's Pro-Police Bias (He Had Let Murderer-Cops Off Before) And Yet Nixon Refused To Remove McCulloch From The Case!This Is Why Blacks Must Stop Blindly Voting Democrat, And Follow Stanley The King. This Case Was A Complete Travesty Of Justice And Abuse Of The Law! But We Have The True Eye-Witness Accounts By Dorian Johnson And Others, Who Paint A Totally Different Story: That Brown Was Shot Multiple Times, In The Back; Turned Around To Surrender: And The Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryan Kept Blasting Away At His Head Again And Again And Again: Murder!!! Remember:This Is NOT White Verses Black: This Is Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Apes Verses White-Humans And Blacks!!! The Saxon-Aryans Murder Far More White-Humans (350) Than They Do Blacks (125) Every Year!
November 19th, 2014: The Angle-Saxons Rigging Of Elections Strikes At The Very Heart Of The Constitution And The American People's Rights And Freedoms "We The People": The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Have Fooled Us For 200 Years: Basically Rigging All Elections And Appointing Their Devil-Possessed Puppet Democrats Or Left-Wing Republicans Like Bush; To Do What Satan Tells Them To Do: Endless Wars On Third-World Civilians: Endless Increase In: Taxes, Inflation, Poverty, Suffering, Genocide; And Deliberately Acting In Total Violation Of Our Constitution! The Vast Majority Of The American People Have Been Totally Disenfranchised By The Devil-Possessed Blonde Angle-Saxon-Aryans, Who Worship Satan! In The Constitution: It Is Not We The Blonde Angle-Saxon-Aryans: It Is Not We Satan: It Is Not We The Devil Possessed!!! "It Is We The People Led By Stanley The King"!!! Remember: Only The King Represents ALL The People, ALL OF THE TIME: A Political Party (Democrats) Only Represents A Minority Of Usually Special Interest Groups Like Satan. Stanley The King Represents Each And Every One Of You: ALL OF THE TIME!!! And He Will Defend The Constitution With His Life. Without A Real King, With Real Powers, It Is Impossible To Know Whether The Elections Have Been RiggedOr Not --That Is How They Fooled Us For 200 Years. Thus Killing Cops Was A Last Resort: To Compel The Saxon System To Relinquish Power To Stanley The God-Ordained King Of America! The Saxon-Aryans Had Set-Up Or Rigged The 2014 Mid-Term Election To Have Another Tight Race: With False "Independents" (Actually Satanic Democrats) Like Greg Orman, Holding The Balance Of Power; And They Were Setting The Stage For Women Democrats Supported By Hillary Clinton (Alison Lundergan, Kay Hagan, Michelle Nunn: Who All Lost After Leading In The Rigged Polls) To Win Big: With A "War Against Women" Mantra, & Hysteria Already Set For 2016!!! By Stanley Slaughtering Cops It Wrecked The Whole Satanic Scheme: It Proved To The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans That Stanley Was More Powerful Than They Were: And Stanley Made It Clear To Them: That He Would Keep Massacring Them Till They Relinquish Power By Letting The GOP Win; As A First Step: By Stopping The Rigging: And Relinquishing Power To Stanley The KING: By Defunding Obamacare!!!
November 12th, 2014: The GOP Have Gotten An Election Mandate To DEFUND Obamacare; But Are Betraying Stanley By Again Refusing To Defund Obamacare! Obamacare Does Not Need To Be Replaced: We Had A Perfect, Cheap, Free-Market Health Care System Before: Anything Less Is A Defeat --People Need To Pay For Their Own Health Care If They Can; And Have Proper Freedom Of Choice; And Not Be Forced Into Obamacare. Winning Elections Only To Be Betrayed By The GOP (Boehner & McConnell) Is Satanically Evil! "Elections Should Have Consequences"! It Is A Betrayal To Do Nothing After Stanley Won The GOP The Election By Killing Cops!!! By Killing Cops: The Blonde Angle-Saxon-Aryans Stopped Rigging The Election For Democrats: The Proof Is That All The Satanically Rigged Polls Lied That The Elections Were Much Tighter! And This Year's 2014 Mid-Term Turnout Was The Lowest In 72 Years! Proving That The Police Were Stuffing The Ballot-Boxes In Previous Years --For Democrats!! Especially Since There Was A Record $4 Billion In Campaigning, There Was An Intense "Get Out The Vote Scheme" By Both Parties, And High-Rigged-Rate Of Mail-In-Ballots! Nigger Obama (Or Bill Clinton) Never Won A Single Election: It Was All Rigged By The "Secret Police"!!! The Further Killing Of Cops And A Bloodbath Of Blonde Saxon-Aryans Is Inevitable If They Don't Relinquish Power To Stanley The King Of America! Stanley Won A Great Victory But The Blonde Aryan GOP Are Betraying Him Again! The GOP Must DEFUND Obamacare (Which Will Automatically Repeal It!!!), And DEFUND The IRS & EPA Until They Comply: And Not Waste Time Passing Bills That Will Be Vetoed By Obama, And Are Not Approved By Stanley The King. The Only POWER The GOP Have Is The POWER OF THE PURSE: Force The Nigger To Heel: He Doesn't Have Reid Protecting Him Anymore! There Must Be Leadership Within The GOP (Stanley); We Must Exterminate The Satanic Blonde-Saxon-Aryan Race From The GOP: Their Endless Wars, Satanic Hatred Of Illegal Latinos, Hatred Of The Poor & Welfare Recipients And Pro-Police Stances Is Deliberate Sabotage Of The GOP, And Has Destroyed The Popularity Of The Party, Among The Human (Latino) Races! Winning 40% Of The Latino Vote Is A Loss: We Need 75% Of The Latino Vote, Like Under Reagan!!! 
    (2)     SCOTUS Has Taken-Up The Federal Subsidy Issue, (See Below), Which Could Kill Obamacare Anyway: But Justice Roberts Had His Chance And Was Too Weak To Kill It, So He Lied To Us That "Individual Mandate" Was A Tax: When All The Other Judges, And Even The Democrats Conceded It Was A "Punitive Fine": Not A Tax: Even If It Was A Tax: It Is Still Unconstitutional Because It Violates Freedom Of Religion (Obamacare Is A State Saxon-Aryan Religion): It Violates Freedom Of Choice Over Health-Care: It Imposes One Ape-Race's Version Of Satanic Quack Medicine On The Human Race By Force!!! The Constitutionality Of Obamacare Rests On Just One Man (Roberts) Weak Shoulders: And Has No Moral Validity, And Must Be Killed!!! Stanley Is Not Blaming Roberts Alone: Only A King Can Enforce Such A Constitution: The Failure Is That Our Founders Were Too Weak To Have A King Like Stanley --The Flaw Is In The Constitution Itself: There Is No Enforcement Mechanism --Judges Are Simply Too Weak To Do The Right Thing: What We Have Now Is ANARCHY! The Supreme Court Is Too Weak To Defend Our Constitution: So Congress Must Take On That Role For Their King And The American People! Congress Defunding Obamacare Now, Will Take The Pressure Off Our Beleaguered High Court; And Will Kill Obamacare Quicker.
    (3)     The GOP Cannot Let Obama Use An Executive Order To Legalize Latinos: It Is The Satanic Blonde Devil-Possessed Bush-Era GOP That Got Us Into This Mess By Not Granting Amnesty Under Bush: Where The GOP Could Take The Credit. Nigger Obama Is Outplaying The GOP For The Latino Vote: Satanic FOX News Is Destroying The GOP In The West By Their Daily Spewing Of Hatred For Illegals. Illegals Are Always Going To Be A Fact Of Life In America: There Is Never Ever Going To Be A "Secure Border": Attacking Latino-Illegals Only Loses Votes. Fact Is The GOP Used To Get 75% Of The Latino Vote Under Reagan's Unconditional Amnesty For Illegals. Attacking Illegals And The Poor Has Lost The GOP The Entire West: And We Now Have More Illegals Than Ever! Latinos Need To Understand That Not All GOP Hate Them: It Is Only The Blonde-Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Apes And FOX News: Who Are NOT-CONSERVATIVE: (Who Are Deliberately Sabotaging The Party) That Hates Them!!! While The DEMS Are An Evil Devil-Possessed Party That Are Using Their Votes To Pass Evil Satanic Laws Like Homosexuality, EPA's Anti-Coal Pro-Nuclear Laws, Obamacare, Higher Taxes, Debt, Inflation, QE, That Has Destroyed The Economy And Our Health. The Blonde-Saxons Are Actually Extreme-Left_Devil-Possessed Democrats Who Are Deliberately Sabotaging Conservatives From Within!!! Obama Is Simply A Low-Life-Nigger-Slave That Is Being Used By The Blonde-Saxons To Do Their Bidding Like A Pet-Dog; And Allow Satan To Rule! 
November 6th, 2014: The 6th Circuit Court of Appeal Has Overturned Lower Court Rulings Allowing Same-Sex-Marriages (SSM) In Ohio,Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee; Saying SSM Should Be Decided By The Democratic Process, And Not By Judges. Since There Now Is A Split Between Two Federal Courts of Appeal: ItForces The Supreme Court To Re-Examine This Issue: And Overturn Homosexual Marriages All Over The U.S. Homosexuals Are All Child-Molesters And Murderers (Wisdom of The King) And Must Be "Treated" Or Imprisoned Until They Are Cured --In Order To Protect Our Children! In Other Words: Not Only Will SSM Be Banned: But Stanley Wants Homosexuality Criminalized Again! Like It Has Always Been, Until The Sodomy Laws And Psychiatric Pathology Of Homos Were Repealed Just Recently --Opening The SSM Floodgates. Satanic Liberal Judges Were Never Allowed To Make Laws, Under Our Constitution: This Was Always A Legislative Function. But Devil-Possessed Judges Have Been Allowed To Make Satan Their God; And Worship The Blonde Angle-Saxon-Aryan Race; Instead Of Exterminating Them From America!
November 4th, 2014: The GOP Have Won A Stunning Victory Over That Nigger Obama Today: Gaining +9-10 Seats In The Senate; A Historic +13 Seats In The House To 243, And Several Governorships! The GOP Must Keep Their Promise To The American People By Abolishing Obamacare: By First Defunding It! We Had A Perfectly Good, Better Healthcare System Before Obamacare! The GOP Must Obey Stanley The King Of America, Who Was Responsible For Their Victory, By: Defunding The EPA Until They Repeal Anti-Coal Regulations; And Defund The IRS Until They Produce The Missing E-Mails!!! The GOP Need To Distance Themselves From The Police And Military (Who Have Been Rigging The Elections For Democrats: And Now Want The GOP To Bail The Economy Out Of This Obama Mess: And Fight Endless Wars In Iraq: Without Suffering Any Payback! No You Fuckers Payback's A Bitch! This Is A Revolution: There Can Be No Economic Improvement Until There Are Fundamental Changes In Government & The Police & Military!!! Obama The Nigger, Never Won Any Election: It Was All Rigged!!! It Was Only After The Slaughter Of Police By U.S. Citizens That They Stopped Rigging It For The Democrats! There Needs To Be Real Change By Relinquishing All Power To Stanley As King!). Stanley Wants Vengeance: (That Nigger Shat On Our Constitution) He Wants Blood, He Wants Permanent Change, He Wants The Re-establishing Of Our Constitution, The Status-Quo Wan't Do: For The Abominations And Satanic Lies The Democrats Have Perpetrated On The American People: For The Angle-Saxon-Race's Rigging Of The Elections For Democrats And Blonde-Blue-Eyed Angle-Saxons In The GOP (Ann Coulter) Who Are Sabotaging The Party By Anti-Illegal-Latino Attacks And Attacks On The Poor. This Election Should Never Have Been Close Due To The Total Failure And Incompetence Of Obama (But For The Rigging Of The Polls And The Media's Bias, And Sabotage By Blonde GOP From Within.). Conservatives Of The Human-RaceCan Never Achieve Real Power To Have Meaningful Change: Until We Overthrow The Blonde Angle-Saxon System Who Have Destroyed Our Constitution: We Need Constitutional Change: Like A BB Amendment, Like A Gold Standard, Like A Citizen's Or People's Army (Minutemen), Like The Abolition Of Taxes, The Abolition Of The "Federal Reserve Bank", The Abolition Of The Stock-Market, The Abolition Or Break-Up Of Corporations, The Abolition Of Too Big Banks, The Strict Enforcement Of Anti-Trust Laws, And The Ascension Of The King (Stanley) Into Power: To Enforce The Constitution! To Do This There Must Be A Revolution:America Was Born By Revolution Against The Blonde-Blue-Eyed Angle-Saxon-Aryan-Race From England (Angleland) In 1776: The Angle-Saxons Won In 1812 And Have Systematically Destroyed Our Constitution Since! Thus We Must HaveREVOLUTION Once Again!!! But This Time The Angle-Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From This Continent!
October 30th, 2014: "German-American Eric Matthew Frein, who became the most wanted man in Pennsylvania when he allegedly gunned down two state troopers in an ambush, has been captured following a nearly two-month manhunt in the woods surrounding the Pocono Mountains. U.S. Marshals took the 31-year-old into custody Thursday night outside an abandoned airplane hangar at the defunct Birchwood-Pocono Airpark on Cherry Lane and Birchwood Drive in Tannersville, Pennsylvania." The Reason This Signifies The Death Knell For The Blonde-Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxons: Is That One Man Eluded Thousands Of Cops Wanting To Kill Him, And Almost Killed More Cops Dead Instead! Imagine If An Army Of Freins Under Stanley's Command, Were Fighting Cops? This Is A Sign Of Weakness: We Must Attack And Destroy The System And Exterminate The Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race From America!!!It Is Legal To Kill Cops: If It Is Part Of Stanley's Revolution: As The U.S. Constitution Makes This Clear: "The Right To Bear Arms" Is For Killing Cops: And Is Held So Sacred Precisely Because It Allows Us To Kill Cops (Cops Are Arch Evil, Devil-Possessed Instruments Of A Satanic Gov't That Has Turned Against The King And The People!) When The Blonde-Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Gov't Has Turned Against The People And Their King Stanley: Then They Must Die! Make No Mistake: If We Don't Kill Them, They Will Kill Us! We Must Form Militias Under The Command Of Stanley: Able To Fast, Purge And Eat Vegan Diets: With Military Grade Weapons & Armor; Ready To Fight Gov't Forces In Canada And The U.S.. Non-Violence Is Laudable; But It Is A Means To An End, Not An End In Itself.
(2)    Stanley Does Not Place Much Faith In The Elections, Because The Saxon-System Rigs Them For Democrats And Blonde-Blue-Eyed Anglo-Aryans Who Are Sabotaging The GOP From Within (Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham). The Blonde Anglo-Saxons Have Deliberately Attacked The Latino Illegals And The Poor So Viciously And Gratuitously As Sabotage:Thus They Are Conceding Millions Of Votes To The Democrats By Default! Stop Attacking Welfare-Recipients, Latinos And Illegals! Start Abolishing Monopoly-Corporations, Big Banks And Unions: In Favor Of Small Businesses: The Majority Of Americans Today Are The Working Poor: Who Are Working Worse Than Slaves Under Obama. In Return The Latinos, Blacks And The Poor Must Start Voting Exclusively GOP!!! Blacks Need To Understand That Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton: Are Blonde-Worshiping Uncle Tom Niggers: That Allow Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans To Murder Blacks Like Michael Brown, In Ferguson, Missouri, And Get-Off Scott-Free! (We Now Know That The Grand Jury In Ferguson Have Refused To Indict Darren Wilson For Murder! And Eric Holder Has Kept This Secret Until After The Mid-Term Elections!) And These Same Niggers (Rats) Like Holder & Sharpton, Tell Blacks To Stop Protesting, Stop The Violence, And Bow Down To Blondie Peacefully! Only Stanley The King Can Stop The Murders Of Hundreds Of Blacks And Whites By Blonde-Blue-Eyed Cops Every Year!!!
 The GOP Needs To Let Stanley Speak For Them Exclusively: To Become A Formidable Political Threat. The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are Refusing To Give Human-Race Conservatives A Voice In Gov't, Nor Any Real Power. But There Is A Preference: The Democrats Are Possessed By Devils And Totally Delusional: And They Have Destroyed The Economy By Printing Money, Stimulus, Debt, & Deficits: To Bail Out Banks, The Stock-Market, And The Rich: While The Poor Have Gotten Poorer. The Dem's Must Have To Pay With Their Lives For Their Delusional Theories. Although The "Fed" Has Announced They Will End Q.E. "Infinity": They Must Be Punished For Their Past Sins. Thus The GOP Are The Preferred Choice: But They Must Obey Stanley: Focus On Balancing The Budget With A (BBA) Balanced Budget Amendment, Cutting Spending, Abolishing Gov't Unions, And Abolishing Obamacare By Withholding Funding As They Had Promised. The GOP Must Become The Party Of Reagan (Amnesty For Illegals, Balanced Budgets) And Not Of Bush (Endless Obsessive Wars On Non-Existent Terrorism Committed By The CIA [9/11, Boston Marathon, JFK, Were CIA Murders Of The American People], Deficits, Bailouts, Stimulus.).
October 24th, 2014: The Cops Are Now Being Slaughtered --As They Deserve, For Being Possessed By Devils!!! In New York City, A Black Man Named Zale Thompson, WhackedThree Cops In The Head With An Axe (Splitting Open A Cop's Skull): "When He Saw What He Had Done, With The One Cop's Head, He Gave The Next Cop Forty-One". In Sacramento, CA, An Illegal Immigrant Named Luis Bracamonte Killed Two Cops Dead, And Seriously Injured A Third; He And His Wife Were Later Captured Alive! The Cops Have Given-Up Their Satanic Policy Of MurderingCop-Killers: By Realizing More Cops Are Getting Killed By It!!! Cops Need To Understand That This Is A Revolution: "Doubling Down" Won't Work Anymore: You Need To Give-Up Power To Stanley The King: Nothing Less Will Do! This Is Why Stanley Wants The GOP To Bring More Illegal Latino Immigrants To America: So That They Can Help Stanley Fight His Revolution; And So That They Can Kill Cops Dead!!! [Note: Stanley Does Not Condemn Nor Condone Random Killings: But The Blonde-Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race Is Doubling Down In Rigging Elections, Rather Than Relinquishing Real Power: And Are Headed For A Bloodbath!]
October 22nd, 2014: A French-Canadian Muslim Convert Named Martin Couture-Rouleau 25, Ran Over And Killed A Military Officer Yesterday, In Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec; But Now There Are Eye-Witness Reports That Martin Was Later Murdered By Police, When He Tried To Surrender! Then Today There Was Another Shooting By A French-Canadian Gunman Named Michael Zehaf-Bebeau, On Another Military Officer, On Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada --And The Gunman Bebeau, Too, Was Later Shot Dead, Possibly Murdered Again! The Blonde-Saxon-Race Are Possessed By Devils: They Rig All Our Elections: They Refuse To Relinquish Power Non-Violently To Stanley The King: Thus They Have To Be Destroyed "By Any Means Necessary". These Acts Are Premature To Stanley's Revolution: But Stanley Has Always Said The Killing Of Cops Are "Fair Game" Because Cops Are Armed And Possessed By Devils: And Are Opposed To Stanley Being King Which Is High Treason: Punishable Only By Death Death Death! Thus They Must Be Exterminated From Stanley's Country!!! It Is Always Great News To Hear Cops Or Military Have Been Killed! The Police Murder Hundreds Of Innocent Civilians Every Day: They Are Absolutely Evil, Devil-Possessed Blonde-Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon-Aryans And Must Be Exterminated From Canada. [Note: Stanley Does Not Condone Nor Condemn Random Killings From The Garbage Muslim Religion; But The Blonde Saxon-Aryan-Race Is Far More Evil Than Any Terrorist: And So Anything Bad That Happens To Them, Cannot Be Condemned!] 
October 16th, 2014:   Wake-Up America The Constitution Is Dead: The Death Of The U.S. Constitution: Is Actually A Victory For Stanley's Revolution And A New America And New Greater Freedom!!! The Seeds Of The U.S. Constitution's Death Lay In Its Birth: When George Washington Was Too Weak & Cowardly To Accept The Reins Of Kingship: And Thus Sowed The Seeds Of Anarchy!!! The American Celtic-Patriots Fought The British Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans In The Revolutionary War In 1776, And Won: And Established Their Constitution: But They Didn't Exterminate The Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race When They Won, And So The Devils' Race Came Back! The American-Celtics Then Lost The War Of 1812; But Were Too Stupid To Realize It; Because Without A King, How Can You Know If There Has Been "Regime Change", Or Not? Thus The Saxons Were Able To Covertly Takeover The Army, Police, Press & Voting Booths To Rig Elections: And Fool The People For 200 Years --And Destroy Our Constitution! The Celtic & French Southerners Fought The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Again In 1860 (The Saxon-Aryans Already Controlled The North) In The Civil War And Lost: But They Didn't Have A King Then: This Is Round Three: Stanley Is The King Now! Stanley Seeks To Exterminate You, You Mother-Fuckers: To Make Sure There Is No Round Four! The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Will Never Be Allowed On American Soil Ever Again --By Pain Of Death!!! And This Time He Will Personally Enforce The New U.S. Constitution --As Only A King Can!!! Our Scumbag, Weak, Satanic Devil-Possessed Courts & Supreme Court Have Allowed The Present Constitution To Become Meaningless Crap And Are "Making Their Delusional Liberal Theories Into Satanic Laws"!! The U.S. Constitution Demands A "Gold Standard" --Long Since Abandoned For Inflationary Printing Paper; Our Constitution Banned Income Taxes --Long Since Overridden; Our Constitution Denied Equality To Women & Slaves --Long Since Ignored In Order To Make White (Non-Saxon-Aryan) Human Men Into Slaves; Our Constitution Stated We Are A Gov't Of Checks And Balances And Coequal Branches Of Gov't --Ignored By Obama To Ram Obamacare, Amendments, EPA Regulations And "Dream Act" Down Our Throats By Executive Order; Our Constitution Says "We The People" Yet The Unelected Devil-Possessed Judges Are Trying To Override The People's Will On Homosexuality;All Homosexuals Are Child-Molesters & Murderers: To Allow Faggots To Go Unpunished Is To Promote The Rape & Murder Of Children! Our Constitution Says Only Congress Can Declare War --Yet The U.S. Is In An Undeclared War On The People Of The United States: Via The: NSA, CIA, Police, FBI, Military, Prisons, IRS, HHS, Medical Staff, ICE ETC. The CIA Is Conducting A War On "Terrorists", Drug-Traffickers & Muslims That Only They Define Arbitrarily --While An Overwhelming Majority Of The American People Remain Opposed To All These Wars!The "Right To Bear Arms" Was Meant As A Check On Gov't Tyranny, By The Vigilant Retention Of A Private Citizen's Army Of "Armed Minutemen" That Could Be Called Upon In Times Of War: After Losing The War Of 1812, Pres. Madison Satanically Disbanded The Minutemen And Gave A Satanic Monopoly To The Blonde Saxon-Aryan Gov't Army! Now We Have A Professional Army Controlled By Blonde Saxon-Aryans That Are Endlessly Murdering Weak Third-World Civilians With Our Tax Money; There Are Heavy Restrictions Against Owning Military Weaponry By The People --And Zero Actual Free-Entry-People's Militias-- While The Police Are Armed To The Teeth With Surplus Military Hardware --Which Totally Denies Us All The Intent Of The Constitution, And Gov't Tyranny Remains Unchecked! The First Amendment Is Denied All Americans Because Of The Blackout Treatment Of Stanley Their King: Stanley Is The Only Man Who Speaks The Truth: But The Devil-Possessed Mainstream Media Are Shutting The Truth Out: By Operating In A Censored, Propagandist, Lying Alternate Universe!!! For Example The Satanic Media Are Ignoring Everything The King Says On Key Issues: Malaysian Flight MH370 Crashed In The South China Sea, Not The Indian Ocean; Kennedy Was Murdered By The CIA, Blonde Saxon-Aryans & U.S. Military, Not By Oswald; 9/11 Was Committed By The CIA & Navy Seals, Not Bin Laden; Obama Is A Homosexual Who Was Adopted By A Muslim, Renounced His U.S. Citizenship For Indonesian; ETC ETC! Without The Free Interaction Of Ideas, The Truth Is Being Shutout Of Mainstream Politics: And All Americans Are Denied Their Freedom Of Speech Guaranteed By The Constitution: Because The King Speaks For All The People: The Voiceless, The Defenseless, The Weak, The Oppressed, The Persecuted, Independents, The Unrepresented By Any Parties. Our Elections Are Rigged To Put Drug-Addicts (Bush, Clinton & Obama), Alcoholics (Bush), Homosexuals (Nixon, Obama), And Weak Devil-Possessed People Anti-Christs (Clinton, Bush & Obama) Into The White House: Where Devil-Possessed-Saxons & Satan Rules! What We Have Now Is Anarchy: This Is What Happens When You Don't Have A King!!! The Old U.S. Constitution Is Dead: We Need Another Revolution To Establish A New One: And This Time We Must Exterminate The Blonde-Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Race From This Continent!!! 
October 10th, 2014
: An Unnamed St. Louis, Missouri, Police-Officer Has Gone Ahead And Murdered Another 18 Year Old Black Youth, Vonderrit Myers, Today, With A Bullet To The Head --Showing Utter Contempt For Black People! His Mother Says: "Syreeta Myers said her son was holding a sandwich, not a gun. "Police lie. They lied about Michael Brown, too," she told The Associated Press by phone Thursday.".  The Police Are Possessed By Devils: Nothing That They Say Can Be Believed! What The Aryan-Controlled-Police Do When They Murder Human-Beings: Is That They "Plant" A Pistol Or Penknife Into The Hands Of The Victim; And Then Say, "Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink, He Was Armed." To Their Fellow Officers! We Know From The M.E., That Myers Already Had Seven Bullets In "His Lower Extremities" When The Fatal Bullet Was Fired To His Cheek (Exactly Like What Happened To Michael Brown)! In Other Words, Myers Was No Longer A "Threat", When He Was Killed! There Is An Adage: "Dead Men Tell No Tales": Myers Had To Be Murdered To Prevent The Truth Coming Out, That: Blonde Anglo-Saxon Missouri Police Keep Shooting At Fleeing Blacks, Rather Than Bother Apprehending Them The Old Fashioned Way: By Running Them Down --Because Of Their Devil-Possessed Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Racism! To Stop The Police Murdering Blacks On The Street: Blacks Need To Renounce Obama As An Uncle Tom And Obey Stanley's Message: The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!!! 
October 02 2014: The Ferguson Police Shot Another Two Black Men In The Back, Last Week: But This Time The Incident Was Again Totally Covered-Up By The Police Chief Jon Belmar! The Police Gave Several Versions Of The Shooting: First They Said Two Black Youths Were Shot In The Back By Police While Fleeing, And That A Policeman Was Also Shot In The Right Arm. Curiously The Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Belmar (A Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Saxon-Aryan), Then Suppressed The Initial Police Reports, And Is Now Saying, Only A Police Officer Was Shot In The Arm And No Blacks Were Shot. Obviously The Police Are Lying And Covering-Up This Recent Shooting As Well, Censoring The News Is An Insidious Evil: (Our Press Are Weak And Evil To Allow Police To Get Away With This!) The Fact The Media Need To Expose Is That Racist Ferguson, Missouri Police Routinely Shoot Fleeing Blacks In The Back: Which Is A Crucial Bit Of Evidence Proving The Guilt Of Anglo-Saxon Uber-Blonde Aryan Cop Darren Wilson! (Blonde-Aryans Don't Bother Chasing Blacks Who Run: Just Shoot Them Dead!) Wilson Clearly Murdered Michael Brown At Point-Blank-Range By First Shooting Him Several Times In The Back, To Stop Him From Fleeing (This Is Their Regular Policy): And Have Falsified The Autopsy Report (By An Evil Dr. Baden Who Is Lying! Baden Also Reviewed The JFK Assassination Of 1963, And Covered-Up That As Well!) This Is Why We Must Exterminate The Blonde Anglo-Saxon Apes From The Americas!!! The Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Aryan Police-Apes Murder 142 Blacks With Guns Every Year Without Justification, Since Blacks Compose 13% Of The Population; But 33% Of Police Killings, They Comprise A Disproportionate Number Of Deaths! The Police Also Murder Over 284 Human Non-Saxon-Aryan-Whites With Guns As Well: The Blonde Aryan-Saxon-Apes Are Possessed By Devils And Will Murder The Entire White-Human Race, Latinos And Blacks In America: Unless We Exterminate Them From The Americas!!! The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans Murdered ~6 Million Jews Using Doctors Like Dr. Baden, Administering Cyanide-Gas In Showers, Or Shooting Them In The Back-Of-The-Head (Like Michael Brown Was Murdered Execution-Style!) And Then Lying About It, Jews Were Too Naive To Fight Back In WWII --But We Are Not Jews. The King Believes We Have To Exterminate The Insane-Devil-Possessed-Blonde-Saxon-Apes From America Or They Will Commit Genocide And Quack-Satanic-Medicine-Murders (Obamacare) On All Of Us Like They Did On Millions Of Jews!!!
September 26th, 2014: Eric Holder Needs To Go To Jail For Blatant Contempt Of Congress And The American Justice System: By LyingAbout "Fast & Furious" Under Oath; For Refusing To Prosecute Himself For Perjury; For Refusing To Appoint An Independent Prosecutor To Investigate Lois Lerner And The IRS, Who Are Also Guilty Of Contempt of Congress; For Conducting A Mock FBI Investigation Of The IRS That Has Produced Nothing; For Using The DOJ To Be A Partisan, Evil, Biased Instrument Of Leftwing Policy & The Democratic Party (Holder Was Conducting A Reign Of Terror By Using The Awesome Powers Of The DOJ To Terrorize People Into Donating To Obama Or Face Punitive And Expensive Vindictive Prosecutions!) Holder Is Incapable Of Being An Independent Prosecutor For Justice; He Was Persecuting Companies Like Toyota To The Tune Of A $$$Billion Dollars To Favor American Auto Unions And Deny Competition; The DOJ Fined Google Inc.$Billions To Scare Them Into Releasing Private Information To The Gov't At Will, And To Censor And Control The Internet And Their Search Engines For Political Correctness. To Fine Companies Arbitrarily & Punitively Simply To Gain Money For The Evil Treasury As A Means Of "Taxing The Rich" By The Back Door. To Allow Holder To Escape Prosecution And Jail-Time Would Bring The Whole Justice System And Congress Into Contempt. Holder Is A Criminal Who Lies, Perjures Himself, Obstructs And Mocks Justice, Because He Is ACongenital Criminal: Who Was Appointed To Power Simply Because He Was Black! A Criminal Will Commit Crimes Regardless Of Appointment To High Office, Fancy Clothes, Or High Salary: And Holder Is A Criminal!!! You Can Take A Nigger Out Of The Ghetto, But You Can't Take The Ghetto Out Of The Nigger.
(2) Obama, The U.S. CIA And Military Has Just Suffered Another Humiliation: Yemen's Government Has Fallen To Rebels & Al-Qaeda And The U.S. Has Been Forced To Evacuate Yet Another Of Its Embassies. This Follows The Once Feared CIA Having Its Annex In Tripoli Overrun By "Dawn of Libya" Militants, A Pro Qaddafi Group Who Are Diving Into The CIA's Swimming Pool On YouTube To Mock America! This Follows The U.S. Trained Iraqi Army Fleeing Rather Than Fight ISIS; And The U.S. Being Forced To Rely On Weak "Moderate" Syrian Rebels Of "Accountants & Pharmacists" Who Have Already Made A "Deal" With ISIS And Are Protesting The Bombing Of ISIS Targets! Obama Holds Personal Responsibility For The Humiliations Because He Signed "Drone Strike" Orders That Killed Thousands Of Civilians In Yemen, Amounting Only To Humiliating Defeats!!!
September 24th, 2014:  The "Cowardly Air-Strikes" In The Sovereign Country Of Syria By The Great Satan Blonde-Saxon-Apes U.S., Is A Contravention Of International Law: And A Continuation Of Murder Of Civilians Without Trial!!! No Country's Sovereignty Is Ever Safe, Unless We Destroy NATO! The U.S. Under Obama Did The Same In Pakistan And Yemen Using "Drone" Bombs: Killing Thousands Of Civilians Without Trial. So Called "Terrorists" Are Still Civilians And They Are Entitled To A Fair Trial Under Law! The U.S. Has Never Ever Declared War On These Civilians: Yet Are Murdering Them! The Reason The "Terrorism" Argument Is False: Is That It Was The CIA And "Navy Seals" That Committed 9/11 --Not Al-Qaeda-- Thus The U.S. Are The Biggest Terrorists Of All! The GOP Is Again Committing Suicide By Blindly Supporting Endless Wars In Iraq & Afghanistan: That Are Overwhelmingly Unpopular With The American Public: That Didn't Even Agree To The First War Under Bush! The U.S. Is A Weak Cowardly Army That Has Already Lost The War In Iraq: And Is Desperately Trying To Save-Face By "Acting Tough" On A Weak, Unpopular ISIS Army. Stanley Has Warned The Kurds, Shiites And The Iranians: Do Not Fight ISIS While They Are Fighting The U.S.! There Is An Old Hindu & Persian Saying: "The Enemy Of My Enemy, Is My Friend": There Is No Greater Satan Than The U.S. And NATO,Thus ISIS Is Our Friend For Now: Do Not Fight Them Now! The Syrian-Kurds, Iranians & Iraqi Shiites Are Losing Heavily To ISIS On The Ground Despite The Weak, Ineffectual "U.S. Air-Strikes": Because They Need To Convert To Hinduism From Garbage Islam, And God Is Not On Their Side When They Fight For Satan: The U.S. Army Is Satan! Remember That The U.S., NATO And Gulf-Arab States Are The "Great Satan" That Must Be Exterminated --Not ISIS! Iran Needs To Focus On Destroying The Saudi-Arabian Sheiks, Cutting Off Oil, Not Fighting ISIS! The U.S. Is Run By Blonde-Saxon Aryans Who Are Apes Not Humans: That Do Not Represent The Wishes Of The American People: To Destroy The Anglo-Saxon Aryans We Must Destroy Saudi-Arabia And Cut Off The Blonde Aryan's Oil Supply Forevermore!!!
September 10th, 2014: The Unjust Termination Of NFL Running Back Ray Rice's Contract By The Baltimore Ravens, And His Indefinite Suspension By The NFL: Cries Out For Intervention By The KING! Stanley Is The King Of Canada And N. America, And As Such, His Word Is LAW!!! It Was Stanley Who Ordered That All Wives And Future Wives Need To Be Hit --Not More And Not Less Than Once In A Lifetime-- To Train Them To Obey A Direct Order, To Train Them To Know Their Place! A Woman's Place Is As The Footstool Of Her Husband! In A Blind Satanic Overreaction The Devil-Possessed Blonde-Saxon-Aryans Are Hysterically Attacking Poor Ray Rice, Like They Did Donald Sterling: To Try And Instill Political Correctness By Fear Of Hysterical Persecution, On A Weak-Kneed NFL And NBA!The Real Reason Is That All Blonde-Saxon-Aryan Women Are Possessed By Devils: If You Punch Them The Devil Will Depart Their Bodies And The Men Will Then Rule Them --But The Blondes Want Satan To Rule, They Worship Satan And Demons As Their Gods!This Is Why The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas: To Achieve Proper LAW AND ORDER In America: Blonde-Saxons Are Insane! Ray's Wife Janay Rice, Condemns The NFL And The Evil Public Who Are Interfering Into Private Domestic Discipline: Janay Rice Says:
"To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass off for all his life just to gain ratings is a horrific act." The Baltimore Ravens released Ray Rice on Monday after a video surfaced [From TMZ] showing him punching his then-fiancee and dragging her limp body out of an Atlantic City casino elevator. On Tuesday, his wife said she now feels like she's mourning the death of her closest friend. "No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family," But she said her family will "continue to grow & show the world what real love is."
The Fact Is, The NFL Already Had A Police Report, Indicating That Janay Was Punched Out In The Elevator, Months Ago: This Video Reveals Nothing New! And The Police Refused To Lay Charges Then, After Seeing The Video. In America There Is A Legal Concept CalledDouble Jeopardy: A Man Cannot Be Charged For The Same Crime Twice! The NFL Had Already Exonerated Ray Price For Hitting His Fiancee: But After The Devil-Possessed Politically Correct Feminist Media Reacted Hysterically, They Reversed Themselves: And Falsely Used The Video (That Goodell Is Lying He Hadn't Already Seen) As An Excuse!!! The Saxon-Aryan System Is Absolutely Evil: And Must Be Destroyed From The Face Of This Earth: Thus Stanley Asks For Perseverance, Forbearance, In Not Losing Faith, In Continuing To Obey Stanley vis-a-vis Homosexuality, Wife-Beating And Political Correctness: Until We Can Exterminate The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans From America!!! Which Brings To Mind The Great World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson, When Asked: 'What Was The Biggest Knockout Of Your Career': Tyson Answered: "My Greatest Knockout Was The Time I Punched Out My Then Wife Robin Givens: I Hit Her So Hard, She Flew Right Across The Room, Bounced Her Head Off Of Two Cement Walls, And Came To Rest Unconscious --She Was Out Cold Before She Hit The Ground!" [Note: After The Knockout Givens Became Docile, Well Behaved And Obedient Like A Puppy-Dog: Tyson Foolishly Gave Satanic, Evil, Feminist Barbara Walters (Baba Wawa) An Interview: In Which She Relentlessly, HystericallyQuestioned Givens About Her Beating! It Was Only After Interference By Satanic Feminists Like Barbra Walters Who Generated A Hatred And Hysteria Against Tyson, That Givens Was Hysterically Forced To Leave Him.]
Why Does The King Place So Much Importance In Punching A Prospective Wife Hard, At Least Once, And Not More Than Once? Because It Weeds Out Devil-Possessed Women: Who Will Not Be Able To Take It! In Order For Stanley's Revolution: Men Must Stop Having Sex With Blonde Saxon-Aryan Women: Punching Them Out: Will Ensure "Natural Selection" Exerts Itself, To Ensure The Correct Partner Survives --While The Evil Ones (Devil-Possessed-Aryans) Go Extinct! [NOTE: The Police Are Now Claiming That They Did Send The NFL The Video Of The Elevator Punch, Months Ago, In April 2014; Although NFL Commish Roger Goodell Is Still Insisting On His Lie That The NFL Didn't Receive The Video. The NFL Is Clearly Lying: And Are Guilty Of Double Jeopardy Against Ray Rice: The NFL Have Given In To Hysterical, Feministic, Satanic "Political Correctness" Rather Than Telling The Truth --To Appease A Satanic-Aryan Witch-Hunt Against Men Being Superior To Women: By Virtue Of Being Able To Punch Them-Out And Get Away With It --As Millions Of Husbands Do Every Day. Political Correctness Has Caused Endless Suffering To The People: Men Who Work Harder Than Women Are Losing $$$Millions Of Dollars From Their Wages --Due To A Satanic Equality Being Forced On Us. We Are Not Allowed To Criticize Homosexuality In Public For Fear Of Persecution Like Happened To Poor Joan Rivers. We Can't Talk About Race For Fear Of Losing $$$Billions Like Racist Donald Sterling! Although Sterling Is Likely A Racist; Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are The Biggest Racists Of All: We Cannot Use Blonde' Satanic Political Correctness To Deal With Sterling: Because We Could Be Next! We Must Allow Natural Selection And Market Forces To Operate In The Workplace: If Men Are Worth More, They Should Be Paid More: The Satanic Courts Should Not Enforce Equality, Where None Exists. When The Majority Of People Hate Homosexuality: They Should Not Be Forced By The Satanic Courts, To Deny Their Feelings. And Racial Equality Must Be Earned By Deeds And Competition Of The Fittest: And Not Rammed Down Everybody's Throats By Force, Affirmative Action And Persecution!] [NOTE: NFL Player Adrian Peterson Of The Vikings Has Evilly Injected Himself Into This Issue: Peterson Used A "Switch" To Mercilessly Abuse His Four Year Old Son: Leaving Welts, Bruises & Cuts On His Genitals, Thighs And Buttocks! Stanley Condemns Any Form Of Spanking Of Children: Spanking A Child On Their Buttocks Or Genitals Is Sexual Abuse And Causes Homosexuality! Michael Jackson Was Spanked on His Buttocks Severely By His Father Joe, And Became A Monster Homosexual Child-Molester! It Is Okay To Spank Adult Women And Consenting Wives Because They Are Possessed By Demons: That Need ExorcisingBy Beatings! Children Are Angelic And Godly, And Never Need Spankings. A Wife Gives HerConsent At Marriage: If She Doesn't Want To Be Spanked Or Beaten: Don't Marry. We Now Know That Many NFL Players Had Been Criminally Charged With Domestic Abuse: But The NFL Let Them Continue Playing: Yet Ray Rice Was Never Charged With A Crime And Yet Has Been Suspended! This Is Satanically Unequal Treatment, And Proves That Goodell And The NFL Favor Homosexual Child Sexual Molesters (Peterson), And Satanically Hate Heterosexual Men (Rice) Exerting Dominance Over Women.] 
The Satanic Evil Of The NFL Is That Although Peterson Has Been Charged With Felony Child-Abuse, He Has Been Reinstated By The NFL To Play; While Ray Rice (Who Was Never Charged, And Had Hit A Consenting Adult) Is Still Suspended From The NFL Due To Feminist, Satanic Political Correctness --Rather Than Justice!!! What A Man And A Woman Do By Consent Is Not The NFL's Business! But A Child Always Deserves To Be Protected! The Saxon System Has Destroyed Black Families By Removing The Husband From The Home, For The Slightest Physical Violence Against Their Wives: But Without Violence, How Can The Demons Be Exorcised From These Wives? This Police Interference Has Allowed Demon Possessed Women To Rule The Roost: And Raise Their Children To Become Devil Possessed Like They Are: Niggers: Becoming Criminals, Rats, Liberals, Uncle Toms And Police Informers! The Blonde-Saxons Have Raised A Satanic Generation Of Women To Believe The Delusion That They Are Equal To Men: So They Treat Men Badly: With Devastating Consequences For The Black And Also The White Family. 80% Of Blacks Come From Broken Homes Because Of ThisSatanic Lie Of "Equality" (Either: Racial, Gender Or Homosexual Rights)!!! Thus The Satanic Saxon-Ape-Blondes' Hysterical Overreaction When Ray Price Smacked His Wife And Was Freed: Rather Than Go To Jail As Is Normal: And His Wife Still Loving Him! 

September 4th, 2014: Joan Rivers Died Today Of Cardiac Arrest In NYC At Age 81 FromQuack Satanic Modern Medicine --After Complications From Satanic Surgery On Her Vocal Cords! Rivers Was Given The Powerful IV Anesthetic Propofol, Which Instead Induced Cardiac & Respiratory Arrest, Which Rivers Never Recovered From: Propofol Was Also The Drug That Killed Child-Molester Michael Jackson In 2009. The Fact Is That Millions Of Unsuspecting Americans Die Each Year From The Inherent Quackery Of A Satanic Medical Model And Medical Malpractice! Modern Medicine Is Blonde-Aryan-Satanism: Where The Operating Table Has Become Our Sacrificial Alter: The Doctors Have Become Our High Priests: "Quack Science" Has Become Our Bible And Satan Has Become Our God! Joan Rivers Was Truly The Greatest Comedienne Of All Time: A Really Sexy Lady, Who Was Having Great Sex Right Up To 81 Years Old! She Was A Man's Woman, A Woman Of A Different Era, That Feminists Would Never Understand. Her Irreverence And Telling Truth To Power May Have Caused The Doctors To Deliberately Murder Her! Just Last Week Joan Cracked A Joke After Being Accused By "Gay-Rights Activists" And The Politically Correct Media Of Making "Homophobic" Comments: "I Would Never Make Homophobic Insults, I'd Be Too Afraid, Because We Have A Gay In The White House", "Can We Talk Here? Can We Tell The Truth?". Proving That Barack Obama Is A Homosexual! As Stanley Has Been Saying All Along: But Only Joan Had The Courage To Say It! Joan Said: "The Secret Of My Success Is That I Say What Everybody Is Thinking; But Are Too Afraid Speak Out Loud." Joan Was Persecuted By The System For Telling The Truth: She Was Shunned By Evil Johnny Carson: And Her Husband Edgar Rosenberg, Committed Suicide From The Torment: As A Jewish Sacrifice To Protect Joan! Edgar Committed Suicide On The Same Day Joan Forced Him To See A Psychiatrist: In The End Joan's Belief In Satanic Blonde' Medicine Is What Killed Her And Her Husband!!! Homosexuals Too Are Evil Demon-Possessed People: That Belong In Jail Until They Are Cured! The Fact That Joan Was Attacked By Gay Rights Groups So Close To Her Death: Implicates Them In Her Murder. The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are All Homosexuals: So They Are Ramming This Down Our Throats: This Is Why We Must Exterminate The Blonde Saxon-Aryans From The Americas: They Are Using The Medical Profession To Murder Millions Of Americans Every Year: In An Act Of Unimaginable Genocide! Gays Also Showed Total Intolerance To Joan: By Refusing To Accept Any Criticism Of Themselves And Joan's Gay Jokes: And May Have Contributed To Her Death By Murder! All Her Jokes Have Been Reverently Preserved And Cataloged By Her For Posterity: She Leaves Her Daughter Melissa Rivers 46, And Grandson Cooper Endicott 14 --May She RIP.
August 27th, 2014: Stanley Has Won A Tremendous Victory In The Ukraine: A New Incursion By Pro-Rebel Forces In South-Eastern Ukraine Has Gained Russia A Land-Bridge To Previously Annexed, Crimea: And Sealed The Fate Of The War In The Russian-Ukrainian People's Favor! The Satanic Blonde Saxon-Aryan Led Forces Of NATO And Kiev, Have Suffered A Historic Defeat!!! At Many Points This War Was A Touch-And-Go: The Pro-Russian Rebels Were Heavily Out-Gunned And Out-Manned, And Getting No Help From The Weak, Corrupt & Evil Putin Gov't(Contrary To Westerners' Reports; All The Russian Assistance Was From Volunteer Troops, Not Putin! Putin Was Willing To Abandon The Brave Pro-Russian Rebels To Be Slaughtered By The Blonde-Aryans, Rather Than Give Them Any Military Assistance --Out Of Spite! Putin Is A CIA SPY! Who Wins Rigged Elections: He Has Capitulated To NATO & U.S. Pressure: To Betray The Ukrainian-Rebels & The Russian People Time And Time Again: He Has Stolen $$$Billions From The Russian Treasury And Deposited It In U.S. Banks: He Has Turned Over Precious Russian Oil Deposits (That Belong To All The Russian People) To Foreign "Oligarchs" That Are Stealing Russia Blind! Thus U.S. Sanctions On His Bank Deposits, Are Feared By This Thief!!! Stanley Wants All Russian Oil Exports To The West Banned Forevermore! Putin Murdered FSB Double-Agent Alexander Litvinenko: Who Claimed Putin Is A Pedophile Who Rapes Little Boys! Putin Is A Traitor: To Russia, The King Of Russia (Stanley) And The Russian People!!!Putin Must Be Removed From Office!) The Darkest Moments For The Russian Rebels Came Just Last Week: With Hundreds Of Russian Civilians Dying, Murdered By Genocide By The Aryan Kiev-Govt's Shelling Of Heavily Populated Cities! Donetsk And Luhansk Were Cut-Off From Food Supplies, Food-Aid Was Being Denied By Kiev, People Were Starving To Death And Surrounded Militarily --But There Was Never Any Thought Of Surrender, By These Brave Souls --This Would Be Their Stalingrad! But Now With Fresh Troops Streaming In From Russia: AndHeavy Gains In Territory By The Russians: The War Is Now Sure To Be Won By The Russians In Ukraine! Even Though Putin Offered Zero Military Assistance To The Rebels: When The Rebels Won The War: Traitor Putin Came Running Back To Negotiate Away The Victory To Evil Murderer Petro Pereshenko: Capitulating To Him A "Total Surrender" Peace Deal! There Can Be No Talk Of "Autonomy", Too Many Russian-Ukrainians Have Already Sacrificed Their Lives: Only Full "Independence" From Kiev Will Do: And Full Annexation Of Former Ukrainian Territory In The South & East: And Zero Oil Exports! This Is A War To The Death: If Russia Loses Ukraine To Devil-Possessed Aryans: Russia Will Be Next!!! Stanley Is Definitely The Tsar Of Russia: And He Wants To Exterminate The Saxon-Aryans From Russia And The Americas, As Well As Latin And Celtic Europe!
(2)     The U.S. Military Is Satanically Trying To Refight The War In Iraq: Look You Devil-Possessed Fuckers: You Lost The War: Now You Must Pay For It --With Defunding Of The CIA And Military!!! Bombing ISIS Or ISIL Or Caliphate Is Going To Worsen The Humanitarian Situation And Lead To The Deaths Of Innocent People --Like Poor James Foley-- In Retaliation!!! The Blame For Foley's Death Lies With Obama For Allowing "Mission Creep": It Is One Thing To Save Civilians In A Humanitarian Mission: It Is Satanically Evil To Try To Achieve "Regime Change", By Murdering ISIS Soldiers In A Cowardly Manner Using Air-Strikes --When U.S. Trained Iraqi Soldiers Had Fled Or Been Defeated By ISIS! Obama's Is A Failed Presidency: His Domestic And Economic Theories Are Totally Delusional: All He Had Was An Excellent Foreign Policy: Now He Has Destroyed Even That!!! Obama Won Two Elections Because People Thought He Was Different From Crazy Psycho George Bush: It Turns Out There Would Have Been No Difference! Get Out Of Iraq While You Can, You Cowards: Death Awaits You At The End: The Aryan Race Is Evil And Satanic Therein Lies Their Graveyard As Prophesized In Revelation: Behold A Pale Horse: And Its Rider Is DEATH!
August 18th, 2014: The Demonic, Evil Dr. Michael Baden Has Produced A False Lying Autopsy Report, Purporting To Imply That Michael Brown Could Have Been Shot Only From The Front As Policeman Wilson Contends: This Is False! Baden Is A Satanic FOX News Nutbar: FOX News Is A Pro-Police, Pro-War, Racist-Hatred-Of-Latinos, State Propaganda Channel That Is Destroying The GOP! Baden Should Never Have Been Given The Right To Perform The Autopsy: He Has Falsified Key Evidence! There Is Now AMassive Cover-Up Underway By The Police And Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan  System: Like In The President Kennedy Assassination Of 1963 (In Which Dr. Baden Reviewed As Well!!!): They Are Producing False Eye-Witnesses, False Autopsies, Murders Of Witnesses, False Media Propaganda, Doctoring Evidence, Conspiracies And Coverups!!! The Cop-Murderer Darren Wilson, (Who Is An Uber-Blonde-Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon Aryan: The Epitomy Of Devil-Possessed Absolute-Evil!!!) Is Lying That Michael Brown Charged At Him, And He Was Forced To Shoot Him Dead! The Ferguson Police Are Withholding Wilson's "Statement" In Order To Lie And Doctor It, To Make-Up A Phony Defense Later --We Need To See Wilson's Statement NOW! We Have Five Eye-Witnesses That Corroborate That After An Altercation Inside Wilson's Car Window, [The Altercation: Darren Wilson Is A Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan: The Same Race That Murdered Six Million Jews! And Are Now Trying To Murder All Us Americans! Wilson Saw Michael Brown Walking On The Road With His Friend, Dorian Johnson, At An Apartment Complex Where There Was No Traffic; And Rudely Told Brown, "To Get Off The Road", Brown Refused To Immediately Obey. So Wilson Drove Up To Brown, Opened His Car Door Violently Into Brown; Who Pushed Back. Wilson Then Lured Brown To His Car Window, And Grabbed Brown By The Neck, Through The Window; (The Initial Violent Assault Was Started By Wilson) Brown Then Reached In Through The Window, And Punched Wilson Twice In The Head; (Which Is A Natural Reaction To Being Choked And Assaulted, And Is His Right To Self-Defense.) At Which Point Wilson Retrieved His Pistol And Fired Off A Shot, With His Semi-Automatic, Probably Hitting Brown In His Right Arm --Thus Brown Was Already Seriously Injured And Never A Threat After This Point!!!] When The Shot Was Fired In The Car Towards Brown: Michael Then Started Running Away, With The Cop-Murderer Wilson, Then Opening The Door, And Getting Out Of His Car (Saying "I'm Going To Shoot You Now"! Just For Being Punched!) And Pursuing And Shooting At Least Eight Times At Michael From The Back At Point-Blank-Range, (With Michael's Whole BodyJerking At The Impact Of A Bullet(s)! Thus We Know For A Fact That Michael Was Shot In The Back --Contrary To Satanic Dr. Baden's Lies!!!One Of The Jewish Death Camps Was Named "Baden-Baden" After Dr. Baden's Namesakes!Any Man Running For His Very Life And Liberty Would Not Just Suddenly Stop And Surrender Unless He Had Been Shot! A Policeman Is Trained To Shoot At "The Center Of Mass" --Never At The Arms-- Thus It Would Be Impossible For Wilson To Miss Brown's Back From Point-Blank-Range After Firing Eight Shots At A Fleeing Brown!!!); The Bullet Strike(s) Caused Brown To Stop, Saying Okay "I Surrender, I'm Unarmed, Don't Shoot.", And Brown Then Turned, In The Process OfKneeling On The Road, With His Hands Up In Surrender: (At This Point Brown Was ~35 Feet Away From Wilson And The Car, Seriously Injured, With Bullets Already In Him, He Was Not A Threat!) It Was Then That Darren Wilson Fired A Further Seven Or Eight More Shots From The Front Into Brown's Head, Eye,Arms And Chest For A Total Of Fifteen Or Sixteen Total Shots At Brown --(Fatally Entering Brown's Eye, The Apex Of Brown's Head And Exiting Into His Armpit. The Trajectory Of All The Bullets Proves That Brown Was Shot While In The Process Of Kneeling, With His Arms Receiving Defensive Wounds As Brown Futilely Tried To Protect His Head From The Fusillade Of Bullets, As Wilson Kept Firing And Firing!!! The Four Bullets In Brown's Right Arm Prove That He Was Protecting His Head --As There Are No Other Re-Entry Wounds In The Vicinity Of His Arm. Police Are Trained To Fire At Center-Of-Mass, Not At Arms, So The Four Wounds In Brown's Arm Had To Be Defensive Of His Head, Not Direct Strikes!), This Is Murder Beyond A Doubt!!! Black People Need To Take Up Arms And Form Their Own Militias: With The Intention To Defend Themselves Against Satanic Blonde Saxon-Aryan Police Murderers --As The Second Amendment Intended --Obama Hates The 2nd Amendment, He Has Contempt For Our Entire Constitution! [NOTE: This Is Not A Racist Murder: This Is Not Black Versus White: The Blonde Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon Aryans Are Devil Worshipers, That Are Not Human, But Apes: They Are Not "White", They Are An Evil Satanic Ape Race [See Revolution Page] That Rules Us All. They Murder Far More Human Whites With Unjustified Shootings, Than They Do Blacks! (284 White-Humans Versus 142 Blacks) Thus This Is Not Whites Versus Blacks! This Is Humans Versus Devil-Possessed Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Apes!!! Under Nigger Obama (Who Worships Blonde Aryans & Satan) The Blacks Have Been Fooled Into Helping Murder White Humans And Themselves, Via Obama's Policies: Passing Laws By Executive Order Showing Contempt For Congress & Our Constitution, Global Warming's Pro-Nuclear Power (Which Causes Cancer & Birth-Defects), Q.E. Printing Money To Bailout Banks Ad Infinitum, Quack-Satanic-Murderer-Medicine Obamacare, Gay-Marriage That Destroys The Nuclear Family: Blacks Need To Stop Blindly Supporting Obama, In Order To Be Free And Join The Human Race's Revolution Against Blonde Saxon-Aryan Rule!] What Happened To Michael Brown Can Happen To All Of Us: If We Don't Do Something To Fight Blonde Saxon-Aryan Police! This Is Why Stanley The King Wants To EXTERMINATE The Blonde Saxon-Aryans From The Americas: To Prevent Us From Ending-Up Like The Jews! It Is To Protect Black People And All Americans From GENOCIDE!!!

(2)     Rick Perry Is Finished In Politics! Perry Has Been Indicted By A Grand Jury In Travis County, TX, With Two Felony Counts Of "Abuse Of Power", For Using His Veto To De-fund Lehmberg's Office: Trying To Persecute Integrity Unit DA, Rosemary Lehmberg, For A DUI Conviction & An Embarrassing Arrest Video. Perry Is Clearly Morally Wrong ForSingling-Out Lehmberg For Persecution: When A Person Has Done Wrong And Paid The Price, (45 Days In Jail) It Is None Of Perry's Business. If Perry Truly Believed All Convicted People Should Be Forced To Resign Their Jobs, He Should Have Passed A Law --Applying To Everybody In Texas-- Not Just Lehmberg! Perry Faces The Humiliation Of A Mug-Shot, Finger-Printing, Arrest, And 109 Years In Prison. Perry Panders To A Narrow, Minority Of Racist Latino-Children-Hating, Blonde-Aryan, Satanic Ann Coulter & Karl Rove, Amnesty-Hating Crazies: And Lacks Good Judgement! But The Greatness Of This Indictment: Is That It Gives Us The Precedent Of How To Deal With Obama, Lois Lerner, The IRS & Eric Holder, For Their Criminal Abuse Of Their Power, That Are In Contempt Of Congress And Our Constitution!!! The GOP Needs To Find Obama In Contempt Of Congress, And Abuse Of His Power, In A Favorable GOP District And Convene A Grand Jury To Indict Him Like They Did In Travis County, TX! If Congress Will Not Indict Obama For Treason --Then The People Will!
August 14th, 2014: The Murder Of Black 18 Year Old Michael Brown (Shot In The Back, And Then The Front, A Total Of Ten Times) By A Blonde Saxon-Aryan, Ferguson, Missouri, Policeman, Named Darren Wilson; And The Rioting That Followed: Tells You The Difference Between A Black Man And A Nigger. The Black Men Were Heeding Stanley And Saying: "The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop". While The Niggers Like Al Sharpton, Coretta King, Eric Holder Were Saying "No Violence, We Must See All The Evidence First"! Stanley Thinks We Have Seen Enough: It Is Time To Act! [See "Declaration of War"] The Problem With Puppet Niggers Like Eric Holder & Al Sharpton ("Uncle Toms") Is That The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Their Gods: If Their "Gods" Commit Murder, Then Murder Becomes "Good"! If Their Blonde Gods Are Homosexuals, They Pass Same-Sex Marriage, Obamacare & Global Warming: Then Their Niggers Will Also Worship Obamacare, Faggots & Nuclear Power As Well: They Are Puppet Slaves With No Minds Of Their Own. Obama & Sharpton (A Rat For The Police), Have Fooled The Black People Into Voting For Them: Blacks Have The Highest Unemployment Rates Under Obama, They Are Poorer Than They Have Ever Been, They Have Enabled Obama To Thumb His Nose At The Constitution, Ignore Congress To Force Global Warming Theories On Us Through The EPA, And Satanic Quack-Medicine Obamacare On Us (With Blacks Having The Highest Death Rates And Poorest Health Outcomes Under Quack Blonde Saxon-Aryan Medicine): All This Was Enabled By Black Votes, And Delusional Support Of Obama!!! Obama Supports Strict Gun-Control Laws: When Guns To Kill Police Officers Are The Only Thing That Can Save Back People! No Matter How Many Black Men Are Gunned Down On The Streets: The Niggers Like Eric Holder, Sharpton & Obama Will Say: We Need To See More Evidence! Stanley Tells It Like It Is: The Cops Aren't Gonna Stop Killing People (Black Or White) Until We Start Killing Them! But Violence Alone Is Not The Answer: There Needs To Be A Concerted Effort To Overthrow The Blonde Anglo-Saxon System And Replace It With Stanley As Your King: We Cannot Replace Satan With Satan: We Cannot Have Anarchy! 
August 8th, 2014: Obama Has To Be Commended For His Humanitarian Airstrikes On ISIS Artillery In Irbil, And His Food Aid To The Yazidi Minority, Stranded On A Mountain --Without Committing U.S. Troops On The Ground. Obama Had Also Helped With Airstrikes, When Qaddafi Was About To Slaughter Civilians In Benghazi: There Are Moments Of Humanity In Obama, For What Has Been An Unrelenting Satanic Anti-Christ Presidency! The Kurds Deserve A State Of Their Own: And Hopefully This Will Help Them Achieve That Dream. The Yazidis Are A Zoroastrian Religious Sect That Have Been The Victims Of Genocide By The Arabs For Thousands Of Years. But We Can Only Permanently End The Genocide, When Persians & Shiites Convert To Hinduism And Saudi-Arabia Is Destroyed: Gulf-Arab States Are The Real Satan: Stealing Our Oil And Giving It To The Satanic Aryans: And Spreading Their Satanic Religion: Islam! The Arabs Are Murdering Thousands Of Christians As Well: Who Also Must Convert To Hinduism! The Reason The Arabs And Satanic Aryans Are Able To Defeat The Ethnic Persians, Shiites And Christians; Is Because Christianity & Islam Are Garbage Irreligions Of Satan! Jesus Was A Homosexual And Mohammed Was Completely Crazy!!! Hinduism Will Give The Ethnic Persians The Power To Win Wars And Reign Supreme Once More: As Is Their Destiny!The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Must Never Again Get A Drop Of Our Oil --They Must Be Made To Freeze In The Dark!
August 7th, 2014: Probably The Greatest President Of The Modern American Era: Jimmy Carter, Shows Why His 1978 Camp David Peace Deal Between Egypt & Israel, Stands The Test Of Time, And Was The Only Peaceful Outcome In That Troubled Region! Carter Says: "Hamas Should Be Recognized As A Legitimate Political Actor In The Game, Along With Israel & PLO"! He Slams Israel's Disproportionate Massacre Of Gazan Civilians As A "War Crime": Making BeBe Netanyahu A War Criminal! Carter Always Believed In Treating Both Sides Fairly, And Not Pandering To A Deluded, Inferior Race Israel! Israel Needs To Be Told What To Do, Like A Child Is Lectured By A Parent: That Is How You Treat An Inferior Race: This Equality Bullshit Is Why Millions Of People Have Died In That Region! Jimmy Carter Basically Pressured Both Sides In The 1978 "Camp David Accord", Without Carter Both Inferior Races Would Still Be At Each Other's Throats. Israel Has To Be Told That The Murders Of Palestinian Civilians AreAll Their Fault, That Their Military Superiority Is Simply Because The U.S. Is Giving Them Free Military Weapons; And That They Are Nothing Special, But Just An Inferior Race; That Needs To Obey Their Betters If There Is To Be Peace!!! By Their Actions: They Have Forfeited The Option Of Future Independent Thought And Action: And Must Be Told What To Do Henceforth!!!
August 4th, 2014: Obama Has Suffered A Personal Defeat In Libya: The U.S. Embassy Has Evacuated And Fled: As Pro Gaddafi Militants Are Coming Back Into Power; And Have Driven The CIA Crowd Out. Obama Helped Murder Muammar Qaddafi To Impose "Democracy" That Has Only Resulted In Anarchy And Countless Deaths! 
(2) A Weak, Evil, Satanic, Liberal, Democrat John Boehner & Paul Ryan, Have Allowed Obama To Emasculate Congress, By Refusing To Use His Congressional Powers ToDefund: Obamacare, The EPA, The IRS; Until They Comply With The Constitution, By Obeying The Laws Passed By Congress, By Going Through Congress To Amend Laws, By Complying With Subpoenas Or Face Jail-Time For Contempt Of Congress! --And Not Lawsuits!! The IRS Never Lost Their E-Mails: They Are Simply Lying To A Weak And Dumb Congress Under Boehner And Issa. Boehner's Weak "Lawsuit" Doesn't Have Standing; He Doesn't Need A Lawsuit: He Needs A Set Of BALLS! Impeach Obama Instead! Obama Has Zero Respect For Boehner, Because Boehner Has Let Himself Get Fucked In The Arse By Obama & Reid, Every Single Time! Stand Up To Obama One Time: Shutdown The Gov't Until Obama Complies With The Constitution: (vis-a-vis The EPA Shutting Down Coal Fired Power-Plants, Ignoring The IRS Subpoenas, The IRS Targeting Conservative Groups, The Many Unilateral Actions That Bypass Congress, Ignoring Legislation Passed By Congress On Obamacare): And He Will Respect Congress!!! Instead Boehner Is Losing The GOP Votes By Attacking: Poor Latino Children, The Poor And Welfare Recipients; While Allowing Obama To Print $$$Trillions Of Paper Money, Run $$$Trillions In Debt And Deficits, Support Unbridled Military Spending When The Military Is Suffering Humiliating Defeats In Iraq & Libya; Refusing To Defund The Military & CIA, When We Have Incontrovertible Proof That The The CIA & Navy SEALS Committed 9/11, And Was Caught Lying To, And Spying On The Senate "Oversight" Committee; And The FED Is Still Bailing-out: Banks, The Stock-Market, Speculators In Housing And Corporations: To The Tune Of $$$Trillions Of Dollars!!! Boehner's Incompetent Congress Are The Only People More Unpopular Than Obama!
July 30th, 2014: President Obama Has Backtracked On Rescinding The 2008 Law, That Gives Central-American ChildrenThe Right To Claim Refugee Status (Primarily From Stanley The King's Admonition!) Hillary Clinton Has Also Reversed Herself, And Now Says She Will Not Change That Law Either!The UN Has Recognized These Children As Genuine Refugees As Well!! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Destroying The GOP Party By Virulently Attacking Latino Children From Central America, And Identifying Their Satanic Opinions As Republican! Obama Does Not Like Latinos Any More Than The GOP; But He Is Politically Savvy: And Cunningly Pandering To Them, To Cynically Exploit Them For Votes: While The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Sabotaging Us: So Latinos Are Being Forced (By The Blondes) To Give All Their Votes To Democrats!!! [The FACTS: America Allows One Million Legal (Over-Educated, Weak, Delusional, Lacking Street-Smarts) Immigrants Every Year From Mainly India & China. These Legal Immigrants Contribute Nothing To America. It Is The Latinos From South Of The Border That Contribute, Latinos Are Not Immigrants, But Indigenous To America: Aboriginals: And Must Be Allowed In: To The Tune Of One Million In Numbers! The Devil-Possessed FOX News Is Screaming "Blue-Murder" And Trying To Literally MURDER AND DEPORT POOR LATINO CHILDREN Numbering Just 50,000 (Who Have No Legal Access To Their Ancestral Lands In The U.S., Except As Refugees!): While FOX Is Ignoring Criticism Of The One Million Legal Immigrants Coming Every Year!!! 10,000 Years Ago When Anglo-Saxons Were Still Satanic Apes In Trees, The Latinos Were Already Living In The U.S.: This Is Their Land.]  We Must Exterminate Blonde Saxon-Aryan-Apes From The GOP Party: If We Are Ever Going To Become Popular Again --Like Under Reagan. Jeb Bush Was The Only GOP Candidate To Come Out In Support Of Full Amnesty For All Latinos!!! Rick Perry Is Finished In Politics! To Win Elections The GOP Needs To Distance Themselves From Corporations, The Stock-Market, Police, Military And "National Security" Obsessions (There Never Were Any Terrorists: It Was The CIA & Navy SEALS Who Committed 9/11 [Click=> Revolution]: That Is Why Romney-Ryan Were Satanic Democratic, Liberal, Rich-Corporation, Anti-Poor, Anti-Welfare, Anti-Latino ("Self-Deportation"),  Candidates FromDemocratic-Majority States: That Lost A Winnable Election, Against A Weak Obama In 2012. Again It Was The Satanic Saxon System (Who Rigged The Election For Satanic Liberals Romney-Ryan), Blonde Saxon-Aryans Like Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, And Satanic, Evil State-Propaganda FOX News; That Forced Evil Romney-Ryan On The GOP!!! The GOP Leader Must Come From A Southern Majority GOP State, With Pro-Latino Views On Amnesty, Be Working-Class & Not-Rich, Who Identifies With The Poor And Not Vilifies Them Like Romney-Ryan ("The 47%"), Be A Populist Like Rand Paul: For The GOP To Win!  
July 29th, 2014: Former Minnesota Governor, Former Pro Wrestler, And Former Navy SEAL: Jesse Ventura, Won A Huge $$$1.8 Million Jury Adjudicated Lawsuit Against A Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Anglo-Saxon "Navy SEAL Sniper" Chris Kyle's Estate, For Defamation of Character --Proving The Blonde Aryan Anglo-Saxons Are Hated By Everyone! Navy Seal Chris Kyle Had Claimed He Punched Ventura In A Bar, When Ventura Allegedly Said, Navy Seals "Should Lose A Few, For Their Behaviour In Iraq (In 2006)". The Facts Are That Navy Seals Are Cowards: Kyle Wouldn't Have The Balls To Fight A Real Man Like Jesse Ventura --The SEALS Can Only Kill Women & Children-- When The Boys Came Out To Play: The Navy SEALS Ran Away Like Homosexual Punks That They Are! The Navy Seals Have Lost Humiliating Defeats In Iraq & Afghanistan: And Are Dying With PTSD & Suicides, As Punishment For Murdering Millions Of Civilians--In Fact Chris Kyle Was Later Shot To Death, By Another Iraqi War Vet In 2013, As A Just Punishment For Being A Murderer Navy Seal --Bad Karma!!! The CIA And Special Ops (Navy Seals) Murdered 3,000 Americans In 9/11 Using "Thermate-TH3 Explosives", To Start A War They Have Now Humiliatingly Lost --They Must Be Made To Pay For Their Sins With More Death And Punishments For Their Entire Race!!! This Is Why The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas! The Navy Seals Then Murdered Osama Bin-Laden To Cover-Up Their Murders Of Americans: There Never Were Any Al-Queda Terrorists In New York City! Yet The Anglo-Saxon Aryans Have Murdered Millions And Millions Of People In N. Korea, Afghanistan & Iraq In A War They Have Now Lost --The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are The Biggest Terrorists Of All!!! On The 69th Anniversary Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki: We Must Accept That The U.S. Is The Only State To Use Atomic Bombs On Civilians: The U.S. Used Napalm Bombs & Agent-Orange On Vietnamese, Carpet-Bombed Cities, Fire-Bombed Dresden And Glorified These Acts As Heroic: The U.S. & NATO Victories Were Satanic In Nature: Won At The Cost Of Millions Of Civilian Deaths And Suffering: That Is Why They Must Be Destroyed --And Stanley Become King!
(2)     The DC "Circuit Court of Appeal" Has Ruled That People Enrolled In "Federal Exchanges" Under Obamacare, Are Not Eligible For "Subsidies"! The Court Determined That The ACA Act States, And Congress Intended, That Only People In "State Exchanges" Are Entitled To "Subsidies"; In An Effort By Obama To Coerce States Into Creating State-Exchanges Or Lose All Subsidies For Their State: But The States Called The Democrats' & Obama's Bluff: With 36+ States Refusing To Create Exchanges: Forcing Obama To Cave-In: And Now This Is The Death Knell For Obamacare!!! The DC Court Also Ruled That If Healthcare Premiums Exceed A Certain 8% Of Income: The People Can Claim A Hardship Clause, And Be Exempt From Obamacare --Which Is The Death Of Obamacare!!! This Ruling Will Eventually Be Appealed To The SCOTUS: Who Will Now Be Given A Second Chance To Kill Obamacare: This Is A Simple Ruling On The ACA Act As Written, And The Coercive Intent Of Obama's Democratic Congress, That Has Backfired On Obama! Even The SCOTUS Cannot Possibly Get This Wrong!!! Obamacare Is So Fundamentally Unconstitutional That It Fails Legal Muster In Hundreds Of Ways: Obama Has Had To Unconstitutionally Make Ad HocAmendments To The ACA Act By: Executive Fiat, Executive Orders, And Simply Ignoring Congress 32 Times: And Has Imposed "Unconstitutional" Regulations To Coerce Businesses And Individuals Into Obamacare; With The Threat Of Arbitrarily Imposed, Excessively Punitive Fines: But The People Are Not Scared Anymore: They Hate Obamacare: They Hate Gov't Healthcare: They Are Being Murdered In The Gov't Run VA Hospitals: Obamacare Is Dead! Obama Has Done A Similar End-Run Around A Weak, Evil,Boehner-Led Congress, To Shutdown Coal-Fired Power Plants, With Selective, Punitive, Politically Driven EPA Regulations --Unconstitutionally! The Concept Of Coercing A Certain Type Of Behaviour From Individuals Or Companies By Selective, Punitive, Politically Motivated, And Unfair: Fines And Regulations On Only Harmless, Healthy, Coal Energy: Is An Abuse Of Regulatory Power And Also Unconstitutional --Because It Violated The Intent Of Congress, When It Passed The EPA Act. Gov't Agencies Like The EPA And IRS Need To Funtion Apolitically, Be Non-Partisan, And Fair To All Sides: Instead Under Obama They Are Being Used As Arms Of The Liberals, Leftist Policy Enforcers, And Without The Sanction Of Congress Or The Constitution!Obama Is Circumventing Congress To Impose His False Theory Of Global Warming On All Of Us: By Unconstitutionally Using The Supposedly Independent EPA, To Enforce Global Warming Theories On Us!!! Nuclear Power Causes Cancer, Birth-Defects, Diabetes & Heart-Attacks; Is Prohibitively Expensive To Rate-Payers; Is Catastrophically Dangerous: But Is Getting A Free Ride On Taxpayer's Backs --By Obama!!! And The IRS Under Obama (Lois Lerner) Seems To Be Attacking Only Conservative Groups To Deny Them: Free Speech, Or To Perform Any Political Activities; Under Threat Of Fines Or Revocation Of Charitable Tax-Exempt Status! For This President Obama Should BeImpeached! Yet John Boehner And His Weak Satanic Congress Have Betrayed The GOP Time And Time Again By Refusing To Refuse Funding For Obamacare, The EPA & The IRS Until They Comply With The Constitution!!! Yet A Satanicall Weak And Evil Boehner Is Caving-In To Obama And Reid At The Slightest Threat Of A Shutdown!!! The Remedy To Obama's Contempt For The Constitution Is In Boehner's Own Satanic Hands: He Doesn't Need A Lawsuit: (Which He Doesn't Have Standing For) He Needs To Defund And Then Weather The Storm Of A Shutdown; Until Obama Complies With Congress And The LAW!!! Satanic Boehner Is Surrounding Himself With Satanic Liberal-Democratic GOP (Like Satanic Paul Ryan) Who Hates Latinos And Are Anti-Welfare Which Are Losing Us Votes And Are Destroying The GOP Brand: People On Welfare Are Already The Poorest Of The Poor And Are Suffering Enough: Leave Them Alone! Latinos Are Already Poor And Don't Need Gratuitous Bashing Either: The GOP Under Boehner, Are Committing Political Suicide And Destroying Any Chances Of GOP Victory! Even When It Has Been Proven That The CIA & Navy SEALS Committed 9/11; Boehner And The GOP Refuse To Cut Their Funding: And Want To Cut Welfare Instead: Which Loses Us Votes And Popularity: Boehner & Ryan Need To Be Removed For GOP Victory.
July 21st, 2014: The U.S. Has Suffered A Humiliating Defeat In Tikrit Iraq! When Obama Sent ~500 "Advisors" (Special OpsTroops) To Bolster Iraq, They Expected To Retake Northern Iraq From The "Islamic State" And Install A Puppet Regime Which Was Inclusive Of Sunnis --And Remove al-Maliki. Reports Now Say, The U.S. Attempt To Retake Tikrit Has Met With Slaughter Of All The Iraqi Forces "Advised" By The U.S. Special Ops Troops! The Entire U.S. Led Army Was Destroyed In Tikrit: And So Ends Any U.S. Notion Of Ever Returning To Iraq! Reports By The Kurds Say: The Elite Iranian QUD Forces Were Also Wiped Out In Tikrit: The Iranians Are A Dumb Stupid People To Fight For The U.S., When The U.S. Wants Them Destroyed --Do Not Fight ISIS Or Israel, Fight Saudi-Arabia The Greatest Satan!! Iranians Need To Have An Independent Military Presence In Iraq: With Their Target Being The Destrruction Of The Gulf Arab States: Who Are The Real Satan!!! Stanley Wants The Aryan-Race NATO, Cut-Off From Oil Forever More: And Made To Freeze In The Dark! The Most Damaging To The U.S. "Great Satan" Is To Destroy The Gulf Arab States Who Are The Real SATAN --Israel Is Harmless, And Is Not Important Geo-Politically Or Religiously --Except In Their Own Minds!!!  Remember The Persians And Jews Were Once Ancient Allies, When Persia Destroyed The Babylonians (Arabs & Saudi-Arabians) And Rebuilt The Temple In Jerusalem for The Jews! The U.S. Cowards Believed That If They Had Left 10,000-30,000 Troops Behind: They Could Have Prevented ISIS From Taking-Over Iraq: But Now It Is Clear, That The U.S. Troops Would Have Been Annihilated By ISIS Instead. The U.S., NATO And The Aryans Are Dead Dead Dead: But For A Real Human Army To Fight Them!
(2) The Murder Of 650 Civilians In Gaza, By Israeli Bombings Prove That Jews Are An Inferior Race Because They Justify The Murders As Right: The U.S. Media Are Total Apologists For Israel's Disproportionate Murders, Because They Too Are Possessed By Devils: Israel Gets $3 Billion In Military Aid From The U.S. Each Year, And Can Murder Unarmed Civilians At Will Due To Superior Weaponry; But There Will Come A Time When The U.S. Cannot Protect Them Anymore --And Then They Will Have To Pay The Piper! Homosexual Pope Francis Bergigolo, Ignored Stanley, And Tried To Broker A Peace Deal With Israel And Palestinians: But It Has Resulted In More Carnage: You Fucking Bastard Faggit Pope Francis: What Have You Done For The Thousands Of Christians In The Middle-East That Are Being Persecuted And Slaughtered By Muslims: What Have You Done For Humans??? Stanley Is The Only True Pope (Patriarch) Of The Latin & Slavic Peoples. Christianity Is Becoming Extinct Because Of Its Evil Pacifism: But Stanley Wants These Christians To Convert To Hinduism And Become Strong And Free Once Again!
(3) The U.S. Press Are Reporting That Traitor Vladimir Putin Has Robbed The Russian Treasury Of $$$Billions Of Dollars, And Has Deposited It In U.S. Banks: This Is Why Putin Is Beholden To The U.S. And Refuses To Defend His Own Russians In The Ukraine: And Allowed Them To Be Slaughtered. The Russians Are In A War With NATO And The CIA: Already They Have Been Encroached By Hostile Gov'ts In All Their Former Satellite Communist States --Because The CIA Have Murdered The Former Gov'ts And Are Rigging The Elections. Putin Has Ignored Stanley (Stanley Is The True Tsar Of Russia): And Is Refusing To Fight NATO, Bowing To Western Pressure And Kissing Their Arses Like AHomosexual Bitch That He Is. Russians Need To Obey Their King Stanley: And Understand We Are At War: And The Blonde Aryans Are Our Enemy: Annex The Entire Eastern & Southern Ukraine Regions! Cut Of All Oil To The West!!
July 18th, 2014: SCOTUS Has Finally Ruled That Same Sex Marriages, Do Not Have To Be Recognized By The State Of Utah, Until After Their Appeal Has Been Completed! The Devil Possessed Saxon-Aryans Have Been Using Satanic Judges To Disregard Laws Passed By The People: That Ban Homosexual Marriages In Various States; By Evil Judges Arbitralily  Declaring Them "Unconstitutional" --In Defiance Of The People's Wishes! SCOTUS Had So Far Refused To Intervene: The Tide Has Now Turned: Homosexuals Are Now Facing Massive Defeat Country-Wide!!! The Indian Supreme Court Has Also Recently Upheld Its SODOMY Laws As "Carnal Intercourse Against The Laws Of Nature": Punishable By Life Imprisonment! And The Indian Gov't Says It Will Never Repeal That Law! Most Thirdworld Countries Still Maintain Anti-Sodomy Laws, And Laws That Make Homosexuality A Crime: America Is A Satanic State To Pander To What The World's Majority Call Criminals. SCOTUS Opened The Door To Gay Marriage By Satanically (Justice Kennedy) Repealing Most Laws Against SODOMY! Just Because America Legalizes Child-Molestation Does Not Make Child-Molestation Legal --In The Eyes Of Nature! (Since ALL Homosexuals Are Pedophiles, Legalizing Gays Is Tantamount To Raping Children!!!) If America Ruled Murder Was Not A Crime: Does That Make It So? Obviously Not: World Legal Opinion, Community Standards, Protection Of Our Women And Children, And Public Decency Is Binding On SCOTUS!
July 17th, 2014: The Crash Of A Boeing 777, Malaysian Flight MH17 By An Alleged BUK SA-11 Missile, Killing 298, (Including >23 American Spies!) Is Deliberate Murder By The Satanic U.S. Gov't Security Forces (CIA)! The U.S. Deliberately Sent Flight MH17 Into The "Free" Donetsk & Luhansk, Eastern-Ukraine Regions, To Use Them As Guinea-Pigs, To TestThe Russian-Ukrainian Freedom Fighters Air-Defences And Their Resolve: And Then Put The Blame On The Russians: The Russians Must Respond Defiantly: And Unapologetically! The U.S. Is A Satanic Evil Cowardly Devil-Possessed Force (CIA) That Must Be Exterminated From The Face Of This Earth! The CIA Did The Same Thing In 1983 When They Deliberately Sent A Boeing 747 Korean Airlines Flight 007: Over Sakhalin Island USSR, Killing 269 (Mostly American Spies!) To Test The USSR's Air Defences: Which They Believed To Be Weak; Or That The USSR Lacked Resolve, Or The Will To Shoot The Plane Down -So That They Could Send Spy Planes Over The USSR If Successful! To Understand The Satanic Nature Of The U.S.-CIA's Reasoning: We Need To Accept That The U.S. Security Forces Are Possessed By Devils And Are Absolutely Evil, Irrational And Must Be Exterminated!!! To Repeat: The Satanic U.S.-CIA Deliberately Sent Flight MH17 Over A Battle Zone To Their Deaths: Simply To Test The Free Donetsk Region's Air Defences: (In Order To Send Spy Planes To Map Targets And Obtain Intelligence Information For The Satanic Ukranian Aryan Gov't In Kiev!) And Are Falsely Trying To Blame Russia For It --Like They Did In 1983!!! The U.S. & NATO Are Guilty Of Murder In The First Degree And Must Die For It! [NOTE: The CIA Withheld The Number Of Americans On MH17: Because They Were Almost All American CIA Spies: Whose Identities Would Be Revealed: Now They Are Lying That Only One American Was On Board: When The Plane's Manifest Showed 23 Americans!!! The Malaysian Gov't Is A Stooge Of The CIA: They Previously Ignored Stanley's Deduction, That Flight MH370 Crashed Due To Electronic Failure, And Was In The South China Sea: Exactly Where Seismic Activity Had Been Detected By China --In Order To Help Coverup The Cause Of The Crash By Boeing And The CIA --Even Though Hundreds Of Malaysians Had Died! Instead Malaysia Has Wasted $$Millions Looking Fruitlessly, In The South Indian Ocean For MH370! In Ukraine, The Real Murderers Are The CIA For Making The Satanic Decisions To Send The MH17 Plane Into A War Zone: On A CIA Military Mission To Test Russian-Ukraine's Air Defences! When Several Planes Had Already Been Shot Down In This Region In Previous Days! The CIA Are Heavily Aiding The Kiev Gov't Of Aryan Ukraine: And The CIA Overthrew The Previous Ukrainian Gov't As Well! It Was Grossly Unfair Of Traitor Vladimir Putin To Abandon The Brave Ukrainian-Russians: To Be Slaughtered, And Have To Fight Satan's NATO All On Their Own --Without Russia Helping-- While All The Aryan NATO Countries Were Secretly Helping Kiev Murder The Russian Freedom Fighters --With Superior Arms And Numbers! Stanley Is The TSAR Of Russia: And He Wants The EntireEastern And Southern Ukraine Annexed!!! (See Below)]
(2)     Lawrence Campbell Shot Down Police Officer Melvin Santiago Deliberately In Jersey City, New Jersey Yesterday, Before Being Killed; And A Shrine Was Erected By The Community For Him As A Hero! His Wife Angelique Campbell Said He Should Have Killed More Cops: “If that’s the case, he should’ve took more with him. If they was going to stand over my husband and shoot him like a f—ing dog, he should’ve took all of them the f— out.” The Blacks Are Finally Obeying Stanley: When They Understand That We Must Fight Back Against The Police Who Are Murdering Us On The Streets!!! The Police Have Murdered Millions Of Americans: Because They Are Possessed By Devils And Believe Satan Is God! This Is A War: We Have Been Given The Right To Carry Arms Under Our Constitution, Precisely To Kill Gov't Forces: When Our Gov't Turns On The People. That Is Why We Carry Arms You Fools: To Kill Cops: And Nothing But Cops!!! A Blonde Blue-Eyed TV Anchorman Who Condemned Campbell For Killing Santiago: Saying It Was Because He Lacked "A Father In The Home": Was Fired For Supporting The Police Against Blacks!!! Even The Liberal Media Now Hate Cops And Blonde Saxons, And Want Them Dead!!! The "Bloods" A U.S.-Wide Street Gang, Has Called On Its National Members To Come To New Jersey To Kill Cops In Retaliation: Promising To “kill a Jersey City cop and not stop until the National Guard is called out,”. The Police Are Composed Of Blonde Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon Aryans From England: Who We Fought A Revolution Against In 1776: But The Blonde Blue-Eyed British-Saxons Overthrew The Patriots After Wining The War Of 1812, And Now Rule Us By The Power Of Satan: And They Need To Be Overthrown Again: But This Time Stanley And The D'Almeida Dynasty Will Be Your Kings: To Prevent Satan From Ever Coming Back Again: Because Elections, Polls & Media; Can Be Rigged, To Fool You; But A King Is "Foolproof"! Politicians Are Puppets Of The Saxons Who Are Constantly Lying To The People: Following Satan! With A King You Can See With Your Own Eyes Who Is In Power: No More Rigged Elections, Lying Politicians, Talking Points, Rigged Polls, Lying Media --And No More Devil-Possessed Secret Police Pieces-Of-Shits Possessed By Devils, Ruling Us!
(3)    When Stanley Says Blonde Blue-Eyed Saxon-Aryans: He Doesn't Meen All Aryans: He Is Talking About The Uber-Blonde Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon Aryans From Britain & Canada! The German And Swedish Aryans Are A Kinder Gentler Version Of What Is A Satanic Race! The Problem Is The German Aryans Worship The Anglo-Saxon Aryans, And So Indirectly Worship Satan; But There Is A Distinction Between The Aryans: With The Angles-Saxons-Jutes Being Absolutely Evil!
July 1st, 2014: The "Hobby Lobby" SCOTUS Decision To Allow Companies To Deny Funding For All Types Of Contraception: Is A Satanic Scum Decision Of A Weak, Inconsistant, Contradictory-In-Law, Hypocritical, Satanically Evil Court: Constitutional Rights Cannot Apply Only To A Corporation, When That Same Right Has Been Denied To All Americans As Individuals. Constitutional Protections Apply Primarily To The Individual; And Secondarily To Businesses! When The Individual Has Been Denied The Constitutional Right To Refuse To Fund Contraception, Abortions, And A Satanic-Type-Of-Healthcare; By Obamacare's Punitive Fines (Falsely Called A Tax, Only By CJ., Roberts; The Four Liberal Judges And The Gov't All Argued, And Still Maintain, It Wasn't A Tax! Even If It Were A Tax: The Constitution Was Meant To Supercede Taxes!!!): It Is Illogical, Hypocritical, Illegal And Contradictory-In-Law For The Satanic SCOTUS To Now Belatedly Grant That Right Only To Corporations! 
(2) The GOP Continues To Commit Suicide By Allowing The Satanic Blonde Saxon-Aryans To Sabotage The Party By Attacking Latino Child-Immigrants; And By Blindly Supporting A Satanic Military That Is Murdering Civilians!Stanley Is The King Of N. America: And He Wants The Blonde Saxons Exterminated From America And Replaced By Latinos!!! Reagan And George W. Bush Won Their Majorities By Promising "Amnesty" For Latino Immigrants: (Reagan Delivered And Won Re-Election For The GOP! Bush Lied, And Lost!) Yet The Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans Have Deliberately Sabotaged The GOP Party By Attacking Latino Immigrants And The Poor:And Identifying The GOP Party With Their Losing Strategy Of Genocidal-Racist Policies And Evil Corporations Bailouts: Which Has Resulted In Electoral Defeats In CA,NM, &CO And Presidential Elections; From The Loss Of Latino Votes --While The Numbers Of "Illegal" And Legal Latinos Keep Increasing, And Voting Democrat, Despite These Racist GOP Policies --This Racist Talk Of Denial Of Amnesty Is Suicide For The GOP! We Need To Distance The GOP From These Losing Racist Policies Of The Blonde Saxons, And Their Murders Of Children In Iraq And Afghanistan! The GOP Must Accept That The Satanic U.S. Army Has Suffered A Devastating Historic Defeat In Iraq & Afghanistan!!! 
June 12th, 2014: The Collapse Of Northern Iraq Is A Disastrous Defeat For The U.S. Military, And Portends Dire Consequences For Afghanistan As Well. The ISIS Sunni Arabs (From Syria & Saudi-Arabia) Have Captured Mosul & Tikrit (Saddam Hussein's Home Town) With Just A Handful Of Men: While The 50,000 U.S. Trained, Northern Iraqi Army, Simply Threw Down Their Weapons And Fled! While The U.S. Scrambled To Shutdown Their Embassy And Flee, Like The Cowards That They Are. The Sunni-Arabs Also Captured $500 Million Dollars From A Bank In Mosul; Plus Tanks, Heavy Armoured Vehicles, Arms And Ammunition: To Expand Their Attack To Baghdad! [Note: ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq & Syria) Had Been Fighting In Syria To A Stalemate, And Were Funded Covertly By Saudi-Arabia And The U.S. CIA With Arms, In Order To Remove Assad; Now This Has All Back-Fired On The Satanic U.S. --While Assad Remains In Power!!!] Also: The Iraqi Kurds Have Realized Their Historic Dream To Form Their Own State: By Taking Oil-Rich Kirkuk From The Iraqis! The Blonde Saxon-Aryan U.S. Military Are Cowards, They Are Using$Trillions Of Our Taxpayer Money To Murder Third-World Civilians All Over The World: But When A Real Army Confronted Them In Crimea, Alaska & Ukraine The U.S. Backed Down And Ran From The Russians. The BlondeU.S. Army Is A Satanic Murderous Army That Must Be Defunded And Exterminated For Us Americans To Be Free.
June 11th, 2014: Professor David Brat Won The GOP Primary In VA, Today, Which Is A Great Victory For "Conservatves" Over Both The Satanic "Establishment" Republicans AndThe Tea-Party! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans (Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham) Tried To "Spin" This As A Victory For Them, And Claiming This Was Solely About "Amnesty" For Mexicans. David Brat Positioned Himself As A Clearly Anti-Establishment Republican (The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are The Establishment, (Who Rigged The Election For Obama & Satanic Scum Romney-Ryan: And Are Sabotaging The GOP To Be Unpopular With Latinos And The "Poor"!): Brat Believed Washington Was Broken: He Believed In A Balanced-Budget Amendment: He Believed That Healthcare Should Provide Users With The True Bill For Treatment So That People Can Control Costs (And Those Who Can Afford To Pay, Should Have To Pay High User Fees); When Government Forces The Taxpayer Or The Insurer To Pay The Bill, There Can Never Be Accountability To Spiralling Health Costs.Although Brat Is Against All "Immigration":The Fact Is That Mexicans & Guatamalans Are Not "Immigrants", Because They Are Indigenous To America: The Satanic Blonde Saxon-Aryans Stole This Land From Them In The Mexican-American War Of 1846! Establishment GOP's John Bohner's Satanic Restrictive, Begrudgingly Given,  "Immigration Reform" Plan --Which Would Please No One: And Which Was Not Amnesty-- Is Now Dead Until 2016! The Latino Vote Needs To Be Courted: By Unconditional Amnesty, Or None At All! The GOP Needs To Build A Relationship With Latino Voters And Work With Them On Reform --Not Just Impose Restrictive, Punitive Reform On Them (The Border Will Never Ever Be Totally Secure: Live With That: You Fucking Saxon-Aryan Blondies! The Republicans Need To Adopt The Democratic Approach To Be Popular: By Distancing Themselves From The Police State And The U.S. Military: Let The Police Enforce Border Security And Not The GOP: We Already Have Enough Laws On The Books! The Blonde Police & Military Are Hated Among The Human Race: The Democrats Are Being Given A Free Ride Among Latino And Lower-Income Voters By The GOP's Blindly, Hypocritically Embracing The Police State And Murders Of Civilians! Reagan Said: "All Gov't Is Bad"! --Including The Police & Military!!!). Traitor John Boehner Has Yet Again Betrayed The GOP By Making This Immigration "Deal" With Obama: We Need To Make A Deal Directly With Latino Voters --Not Obama! Boehner Has Destroyed The GOP And Made It Useless, By Refusing To Shutdown Gov't, Allowing Harry Reid & Obama To Have It All Their Own Way --He Needs To Go!!! Damn The Blonde Saxon-Aryans, We Need To Exterminate Them From The Republican Party!!! We Must Exterminate The Satanic Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans From The Americas For Us Humans To Be Free!!!
    (4) Five U.S. NATO Soldiers Were Killed Today By "Friendly Fire" From Their Own B-1 Bomber, Called In As "Air-Support"; For A Taliban Attack. No One Should Feel Sorry For The Cowardly Saxon-Aryan U.S. Military Because: They Have Murdered Millions Of Civilians In Iraq, Afghanistan & N. Korea Using "Air-Support", "Drones", Superior Weaponry, And Poison; Rather Than Have The Courage To Fight Man-To-Man!!! [NOTE: Stanley Has Warned Individual Soldiers Who Have Been Fooled By The Satanic Blondes To Murder Civilians For The U.S. Army: That The Time To "Wise-Up" Was A Long Time Ago: Stanley Has Already Warned You That The U.S. Army Is Fighting For Satan And Must Be Exterminated! The Time To Wise-Up Was When: Blonde Saxon-Aryans Murdered Americans With Their British Allies In The War Of 1812 (Which They Covertly Won) And Began Rigging Elections And Murdering Americans, The Extermination Of Lincoln's Whig Party Through Rigged Elections, The Mexican War Of 1846, The Murders Of Millions Of Southerners And Confiscation Of Their Land In The Civil War Of 1865, The Murder Of Pres. Lincoln, The Murders Of Filipinos, The Murder Of Pres. McKinley, The Murders Of German Civilians And Japanese Civilians By Nuclear Radiation In WWI & WWII, The Murder Of Millions Of Vietnamese, The Murder Of Pres. Kennedy, The Murder By Poison Of Millions Of N. Koreans, Afghans & Iraqis; 9/11 Was Perpetrated By The CIA & Special Ops Using THERMATE-TH3 Explosives On The WTC Buildings, Murdering 3,000 Americans, To Justify The Never-Ending Murders Of More Civilians In Iraq & Afghanistan. Stanley The King Says The Murders Must Stop And The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Pay For Their Crimes With Eternal Death Death And Death!!!
    (3) Jared And Amanda Miller Killed Two Blonde Saxon-Aryan Policemen Yesterday, As Well As A Bystander Busy-Body, In Las Vegas, NV, Telling Friends, "This Is For The Revolution, May Our Sacrifices Be Worth It". Nobody Should Feel Sorry For The Police: They Have Murdered Millions Of American Civilians: The Poor, Mentally-Ill, Homeless, Political Dissidents And "American Patriots". Click=> Jerad Said On His YouTube Page:"There Is No Greater Cause To Die For Than Liberty. To Die For That Cause Is Easy, To Live For It Is Another Matter. I Will Willingly Die For Liberty. Death, In A Sense, Is Freedom From Tyranny. Death Is The Easy Way Out. Most Notably Is 'The Suicide By Cop Routine'. Yes, Standing Before Despots Is Dangerous, And Most Likely Does Not End Well For You. I Know This My Wife Knows This. Soon They Will Come For Us, Because They Don't Like What We Think, What We Say. They Don't Like The Fact That We Simply Will Not Submit To Facist Rule. We Don't Have Much, But We Are Willing To Sacrifice Everything. ... For You And For Your Freedoms. Even If You Wouldn't Let Us Have Ours. We Know Who We Are And What We Stand For, Do You?"  Stanley Does Not Condone Suicide: Jerad Took The Easy Way Out: We Americans Must Obey Stanley Your King And Fight The Saxon-Aryan System And Destroy It And Live --Not Die!!! Do Not Fear Imprisonment: Be Brave Enough To Stand By Your Convictions And Continue The Fight In Prison!!! [See Declaration Of War]. [Note: The Police Are Now Admitting That They Lied To Us; And That They Have Been Lying To Us About Gunmen Taking Their Own Lives: They Were Murdered By Police, Who Could Have Captured Them Alive: They Shot Jared Miller Dead, He Did Not Commit Suicide!].
June 5th, 2014: Justin Bourque, Of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Killed Three RCMP Police Officers Today And Wounded Two Others; Before His Arrest The Next Day. The Saxon-Aryans Must Accept That Their Days In Canada Are Numbered: Stanley Wants Them Exterminated From The Americas: To Understand The Significance Of These Killings: French Quebecers And French-Canadians Are The Most Deluded Leftwing People In America: For Them To Use Guns To Kill Blonde Saxon-Aryans Is Historic. Now We Must Keep Up The Momentum By Obeying Stanley As The King: Adopting Vegan Diets: And Preparing To Exterminate The Saxon-Aryan Blondes From Canada Forevermore!!! 
May 9th, 2014: The Homosexual Pope Francis [Hogay (Jorge) Maria (Mario) Bergigolo(Bergoglio)] Proved He Is Satanically Evil, And Won A Satanically Rigged Election; And ThatStanley Is The True Pope Of The Latin People!!! Homo Francis Told The UN That He Believed In "Economic Equity", "Rich Nations Have An Obligation To Poor Nations". This Is Apostasy! John-Paul II Preached Against This Evil "Liberation Theology": Communism, Socialism, Leftism: Is Satanism: The Work Of The DEVIL!!! Although Saxon-Aryan Capitalism Is Also Satanism: It Is Because The Government Favors: Corporations, Unions,(Inferior Races: Aryans, Blacks, Jews); Banks, Speculation In Housing, And The Stock Market --With Bailouts, Regulations, Subsidies, Endless Stimuli, Printing Money, Refusing To Balance The Budget, Creating Massive Deficits & Debt, Granting Monopolies, Promoting Leveraged Takeovers, Giving Immunity From Liability To Nuclear Plants & Corporations, And Immunity From All Prosecution. A Free Market Can Only Be Obtained When Strict Anti-Trust Laws AreEnforced, Unbiasedly: To Prevent Certain Groups From Gaining Monopoly Advantage In The Market, To Maximize Competition, Minimize Profit Taking, And To Ensure There Are No Barriers To Free Entry Into The Market --And Not To Favor These Groups: When Speculation In Housing Is Outlawed, When The Gov't Cannot Print Unbacked Money, When The Stock-Market And Corporations Are Outlawed, Gov't Unions Are Banned, Nuclear Power Is Outlawed, When Each Individual Is Recognized For What He Is Worth And Not All Treated Equally, And When The Economy Is Based On The Individual And Individual, Family And Private Ownership Of Companies --Not On Conglomerates. Socialism Wants To Make Government Bigger Not Smaller, When The Problem With Aryan Capitalism Is The Saxon-Aryan GOVERNMENT. The King Decrees That Every Government Must Endeavor To Ensure ZERO: Taxes, Deficits, Debt, Inflation, Interest Rates, Profits, Dividends, Speculation, And Monopolies --But The Satanic Saxon-Aryan Government Is Instead MaximizingThese, To Maximize Our Suffering, Slavery And Our Poverty!!! Socialism Was Invented By (Inferior Races) Saxons And Jews (Marx & Engels) Who Did Not Believe In God --Yet HoGay (Jorge) Believes Them Over Stanley! Pope Francis Is A False Pope: HoGay BerGigolo's Homosexuality Induced Delusion: Is He Believes That The World Is A Perfect Place As Is; And That There Is No Satan; And That The Blonde Aryans Are Possessed By Devils: You Mother Fucking Faggit Francis:The Reason There Is Poverty In The First Place Is Because The Devil-Possessed Homosexual Blonde Anglo-Saxon Aryan Race Rules Us, With Its Police And Military: Murders Our Kings, Murders The Poor, Mentally-Ill, Dissidents, & Homeless, Taxes Us To Death, Rigs All: Elections, Polls & Media; Robs Us Of Our Land, Forces Satanic Lifestyles: Of Fucking Blonde Aryan Whores And Eating Satanic Cows; Forces Homosexuality, Equality Of Niggers On Us, Forces Satanic 100% Quackery Medicine On Us, Indoctrinates Our Children In Satan's Schools, And Commits Total Genocide On The Human Race: Not Because Of Non-Redistribution Of Income!!!This Proves Once And For All That Stanley Is The True Pope And Patriarch Of The Latin People, The Russian People And The Slavic Race! For The Human Race To Once Again Live Free: We Must Exterminate The Blonde Saxon-Aryans From Latin And Celtic Europe, And Ensure They Never Come Back Again By Building An Impregnable "Extended Maginot Line" Encircling Them: Using Russia On Their Eastern Front And France, Italy, England, Scotland And Ireland On Their Western Side. Russia (The Eastern Human Race) Will Be Given Alaska As They Soften The Aryans Up Militarily, So That The Western Human Races Can More Easily Crush The Saxon-Aryans.Canada Must Become An Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Free Nation --By Exterminating The Blonde Saxon-Aryans From The Americas And Latin, Celtic & Slavic Europe!!!
May 7th, 2014: The Essay Of Monica Lewinsky In Vanity Fair Magazine Today, Proves That Lewinsky Has Learned Nothing From Her Experience. Jews Are An Inferior Race Because They Lack Native Inteligence: This Jew Was Used By Her Satanic Father, Mother, Her Leftwing Friends, To Protect The Democratic Party And Clinton, Rather Than Tell The Truth (Suborning Perjury). Clinton Had Lied And Lied Under Oath (Perjury) About Paula Jones, Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Elizabeth Gracen, Gennifer Flowers. The Hypocrisy Of The Jew Lewinsky, Is That: (Although She Now Blames Evil, Demonic Hillary Clinton For Attacking Monica As A "Narcissistic Loony Toon Stalker", And Hillary's Accepting All Blame For Bill's Evil Extra-Marital Fellatio Sex, To Protect The Democratic Party & Bill From All Blame; --Because Bill Was Hillary's Meal-Ticket To Power); The Inferior Race Jew Lewinsky Did The Same Thing As Hillary: She Crucified Paula Jones By Stubornly Lying And Lying To Ken Starr, About Her Affair With Clinton! Lewinsky's Lies Destroyed Paula's Life: Paula Went Bankrupt, She Lost Her Husband, She Was Persecuted And Villified By The Satanic Press! By The Time It Was Proven That Clinton Lied By Linda Tripp (Another Innocent Woman Villified Unjustly By The Satanic Media) But By Then: Paula Had Already Lost Her Lawsuit!!! Lewinsky Too Has Gone Bankrupt, She can't Find A Job, And Tried To Commit Suicide: Rather Than Ever Tell The Truth: And BlameBill Clinton For Destroying Her Life!!! Monica Does Redeem Herself By Attacking Feminists & Hillary For Their Demonic Hypocrisy: For Villifying Her And Excusing Clinton! But Monica Is Still Clinging To Her Delusion That She Had "A Consensual Relationship" With Clinton: This Is False! Under Law: Since Clinton Was In An Authority Position Over Lewinsky: It Was A Criminal Act Called "Sexual Exploitation!". Clinton Deceived, Used, Abused And Then Dumped A 20 Year Old Naive Monica To Obtain Fellatio (Demonic Homosexual-Type Sex) While Retaining Multiple Fellatio Partners (Joan Mondale, Mary Mahoney) On The Side. He Dumped Lewinsky Because She Made A Jealous Scene, When She Was Rudely Bumped From Meeting Clinton, When A Sexier Joan Mondale Suddenly Appeared In The WH For Fellatio-Sex! Yet (Even After Being Callously Dumped By Clinton) Inferior-Race Jew Lewinsky,Still Clung To The Fantastic Delusion That Clinton Was Going To Leave Hillary And Marry Her --So She Stalked Him, E-Mailed Him, Lied For Him, Is Still Today Believing They Had ARelationship And That Homosexual Fellatio Is Sex! The Jews Walked Unawares Into The Cyanide-Gas Showers, Even After The Stench Of Fellow Jews Being Incinerated Permeated The Air --That Is The Definition Of An Inferior Race!!! Clinton Is A Lowdown Scum Who Belongs In Jail: And His Evil Demonic Wife Is Cynically Pathetically Clinging To Him In A Loveless Travesty, Simply For Political Power. The National Enquirer Just Reported That Bill Clinton Was Again Caught And Photographed In A Hotel Room With Two Prostitutes: While His Wife Hillary, Wrung Her Hands In Despair Over The Political Implications: We Don't Care Anymore! The Scumbag Just Doesn't Realize His Fifteen Minutes Of Fame Are Over! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas For Rigging The Elections To Put Immoral, Evil, Demon-Possessed Crazies Into The White House! Kathleen Willey's Husband Was Murdered By Clinton (Using The SS), On The Same Day She Filed Sexual Assault Charges Against Clinton. Willey's Pet Cat Also Disappeared And Was Killed At This Time --By Clinton! Mary Mahoney (Another WH Intern) Was Murdered Execution Style (By The SS) At A Crucial Time: Because She Was About To File Sexual Assault Charges On Clinton In 1997; If Mahoney Had Been Allowed To Lay Charges, Clinton Was Toast: Because Three Women Could Not Possibly Be Lying! Vince Foster Was Murdered By Clinton For Having Sex With Hillary In 1993! Juanita Broaddrick Claimed She Was Raped By Clinton In 1976! If A Man Rapes, Murders And Commits Adultery Even Once, He Should Be Precluded From High Office: Yet The Blonde Saxons: Are Rigging Elections To Put Just These Anti-Christs: Evil Homosexual (Obama), Drug-Addicted (Bush), Alcoholic (Bush), Nigger Scum (Obama, Clinton, Bush): Into Office. Bush Was Almost As Crazy And Evil As Obama & Clinton: Because The "Establishment Republicans" Are Just As Leftwing As The Democrats! For Change To Occur We Need A Violent Revolution To Overthrow The System: That Is What The Second Amendment Was For: To Take Up Arms To Fight The Blonde Anglo-Saxon Aryan Police & Military!
April 28th, 2014: The Supreme Court of Canada Ruled 8-0 That PM Harper Cannot "Reform" The Senate Without Substantial Provincial Consent: 7 Out Of 10 Provinces Containing 50% Of The Population; And The Consent Of Quebec; (Unlikely To Ever Be Obtained): Killing Harper's Plan To Pass A Law In Parliament. Harper Had Appointed 6 Of The 8 SCC Judges, And 70% Of The Senators, He Had A Majority In Parliament, Harper Had The Support Of: The Satanic System Who Tried To Murder Stanley, The Evil Press, Rigged Polls, The Deluded Public; --And He Still Lost! Harper Announced He Has "Shut The Door" On Senate Reform!!! This Is A Historic Victory For Stanley As The True King Of Canada:Establishing Once And For All That He Is The King Of Canada: Stanley Had Told Slime-Bag Harper To Renounce "Senate Reform"; Because Stanley Is The King Of Canada; And That Canada Is Not A Democracy! Slime-Bag PM Harper Defied Stanley, And Led A Satanic Revolt Against The King: Coming To Absolute Defeat Last Week! The Reason Senators Can Never Be Elected (Unlike In The U.S.) Is Because All Power Is Held By The King (Stanley) In Canada: Even The PM IsAppointed By The King --And Not Directly Elected! Thus The King Then Delegates His Power To His Choice Of PM (Regardless Of Popular Vote) Who Then Appoints Senators And Judges. An Elected Senate Would Be Unconstitutional And An Act Of High Treason! Punishable By Death --And Stanley Said So!!! The Forces Of Satan Tried To Murder Stanley Over This And Failed: Now They MustDie!!! The Same Holds True For The U.S. Courts And Blonde Saxon-Aryans Who Ruled For Homosexuality: They Will Face Charges, And Death Sentences For Treason, As Quickly As Possible: When Stanley Comes Into Power!
April 23rd, 2014: Although Stanley Does Not Support Cliven Bundy: The Rancher UsingLand Stolen From The Mexicans For Satan's Cows; (Because Stanley Intends To Exterminate All Satanic Cattle From The Americas And Return That Land To The Mexicans!!!) Stanley Does Support Bundy's Right To Freedom Of: Speech, Expression And Belief! Bundy Said Today "That Blacks Were Better Off As Slaves Picking Cotton": Which Is True! Blacks Have The Highest Abortion Rates --The Jews Are Second Highest--[Note: The High Rate Of Abortions For Jews Marks Them As An Inferior Race As Well: With The Jews Obviously Superior To Blacks In Our Racial Hierarchy! The Reason Abortion Is Related To Intelligence: Is That It Is A Moral Choice: A Jew Thinks Nothing Of "Murdering Millions Of Their Own Fetuses" As A Religous Act Of "Child-Sacrifice", Sheep Sacrifice, Or King Sacrifice (Jesus Was Murdered By Them As A Demented Sacrifice!); Stoning Adulterers, Thieves & Blasphemers; All Passed Down From Their "Lesser" God Yahweh, And Their Inferior Forefather Abraham! The Fact That A Jew Would Worship A Sheep-Herder, Concubine-Fucking, Hen-Pecked (Abraham Was Ordered By His Wife Sarah To Cast Hagar & Ishmael Into The Desert To Die: And The Inferior Race Jew Obeyed!!!), And Tent-Dwelling Barbarian Over Stanley: Makes Them An Inferior Race!!! Stanley Is Descended From An Eternal Line Of Kings! To Avoid Being Called Inferior: The Jews Must Renounce Abraham, And Follow Stanley.]   Blacks Have The Highest Violent Crime Rates, The Highest Murder Rates, 85% Of Blacks Come From Broken Homes, The Highest Rate Of AIDS, They Have The Highest Teenage Pregnancies, Blacks Have The Highest Welfare And Unemployment Rates Due To Their InnateLaziness. The Astounding, Incredible, Obtuse Dumbness Of Obama And His Obdurate, Psychopathic, True Belief In Satanic Leftwing Theories That Have Destroyed The Economy, Proves That Blacks Are An Inferior Race: And It Is The Height Of Injustice To Force Us To Treat Them As Equals!!! The Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas For This Injustice!!! The Saxon-Aryans Murdered Millions Of Southerners For The Satanic Belief In Equality Of Blacks To Humans, Where None Existed! It Is Equivalent To Saying Let Us Murder All Men Who "Beat" Their Wives To Maintain Discipline In The House; Because Satan Wants To Force Equality Of Women On Us By Murder! It Is Equivalent To Murdering Or Persecuting All Heterosexual Men Who Believe All Homosexuals Are Evil, All Are Pedophiles, Child-Molesters, Rapists, Mentally-Ill, Criminals Who Need To Be "Treated" Or Harshly Imprisoned Until They Are Cured --To Protect Our Women And Children!!! What Was Done To The South Was GENOCIDE! (The Blacks Were Just  Used As A Pretext To Murder Them And Rob Them Of Their Land!): And The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Pay With Their Lives! Stanley Is The King Of Canada, Mexico, The U.S. & Russia: ONLY THE KING HAS THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO MAKE LAWS: STANLEY THE KING HAS MADE IT CLEAR: BLACKS HAVE THE MORALS AND INTELLIGENCE OF A CHIMPANZEE, WOMEN ARE INFERIOR TO MEN; AND HOMOSEXUALS NEED HARSH TREATMENT: THEY WILL NEVER BE EQUAL BECAUSE STANLEY SAYS SO! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Also An Inferior Race And Must Be Exterminated From Russia And The Americas: Or We Will Be Ruled By Homosexual Niggers In Total Anarchy And Chaos! DO YOU WANT A KING TO RULE YOU OR DO YOU WANT BLONDE SAXON-ARYAN  WHORES OR BONZO THE CHIMP?
April 22nd, 2014: As The Tsar Of Russia: Stanley Will Lay Down A Very Harsh Teaching Today: Russians Must Drasticly Reduce Their Consumption Of Meat And Adopt Vegan Diets; Especially Banning Domesticated "Factory Farm" Meat! The Saxon-Aryans Are Ruling Russia And The World Because Previous Tsars Have Failed To Impose This Teaching On Russians! Cows, Sheep, Beef And Milk Must Be Banned As The Worst Devil's Food! But All Meat Must Come From Wild Game Or Not At All! Russia Must Adopt A More Vegan Diet: Soy Based Proteins, Whole-Wheat Grains, Vegetable Oils, Oil-Seeds, Sea-Weed, Fish, Wild Boar, Wild Game. The National Food In Lebanon Is The Falafel: Russians Should Adopt This Type Of Food As Well! The Reason Russians' Health Is The Worst In The Western World (With Decreasing Life Expectancies And A Decreasing Birth-Rate) Is Because They Are Imitating Devil-Possessed Aryan Diets: Who Worship The Devil Or Satan. Aryan "Capitalism" Is A Government Controlled Satanic Racist Economy (Of Aryans & Jews):That Forces Everyone To Work As Slaves Out Of Fear: By Murdering The Poor And The Homeless! The Anglo-Saxon Aryans Are Forcing Genocidal Satanic "Modern Medicine" On Canadians & Americans, Which Is 100% Quackery! Why Is The Present Russian Gov'tImitating Devil-Possessed Scum Aryans??? Abolish The Stock-Market, Expel All Foreign Corporations, Privatize Health-Care, Privatize Education, Stop Wasting Money And Energy On Space Exploration, Build Your Own Unique Slower Paced Economy. Russians Need To Believe That They Are A Superior Race To Low-Down-Satan's-Spawn, The Evil Aryans: And Adopt An Independent Lifestyle Based OnStanley's Teachings!!! Click=> The Laws Of Yoga! (Yoga Medicine Is Based On Fasting And Salt-Water Purging --Every Russian Must Learn How To Fast On A Regular Basis!!!) Stop Imitating Inferior Race Aryans --Round-Up And Arrest All Aryans And Deport Them To Germany --Or They Will Sabotage And "Wreck" Military Targets In A War Situation-- Do Not Trust An Aryan!!! Russians Have One Of The Highest Rates Of Death-Causing: Alcoholism, Smoking, Drugs, Heart-Disease, Homosexuality Lifestyles: The Reason For This Is Imitation Of Devil Aryan Diets; And Having Sex With Blonde Aryan Women: Stop Having Sex With Satan's Whores! Follow Your True Tsar Of Russia: Stanley! And He Will Lead You To Freedom!
April 17th, 2014: Russians Have Obeyed Stanley By Violently Taking Territory In The Russian, Orthodox And Slavic Parts Of Ukraine(The Eastern & Southern Regions)! It Is Important For Russia To Follow-Up With Military Invasion, Annexation Of The East & South; And Cutting Off All Gas & Oil Shipments To Germany, Poland & Ukraine!The CIA Organized The "Neo-Nazi" "Putch" That Violently Murdered 200 Unarmed Ukrainian Policemen, And Overthrew The Ukrainian Gov't --And Germany (Merkel) & France (Hollande) Conspired With The CIA Takeover. The CIA Has Been Violently Murdering And Taking-over The Old USSR Satellites And Slavic Countries In Eastern Europe By Murder, Rigging Of: Elections, Polls And Media; And Manipulating And FoolingSuccessive Russian Governments Into Now Becoming Surrounded By Countries That All Belong To NATO: And Installing U.S. "Missile Defense Shields" & Missiles All Pointed Against Russia! Their Goal Is The Overthrow Of Russia And Enslavement Of The Russian People!!! Already The CIA Have Massively Infiltrated Russia And Are Involved In Covert Sabotage And Murders: They Need To Be Arrested And Harshly Imprisoned Or Executed For Spying! By Obeying Stanley And Breaking From The Satanic Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans Russia Can Become Great Again! It Was TheBlonde Anglo-Saxons Who Manipulated Nazi Germany Into Attacking Russia And Murdering 30 Million Russians (Mostly Civilians) [Click=>Greatest Conspiracies]: Why Is The Weak Russian Gov't Of Putin, Now Giving Their Precious Oil & Gas To These Same Aryan Conspirators That Murdered Them??? Stanley Orders That Russia Concentrate OnDeveloping Its Own Self-Reliant Economy For Russians, With Stanley's Instructions (See Below): And Not Give Away Its Precious Oil: Use Its Conventional Military Weapons To Retake The Slavic Parts Of The Old USSR & Eastern Europe; And Help Iran Take Control Of All Arab Oil Fields With ConventionalWeapons. All Oil Must Be Cut-Off From Aryans & Gulf-Arabs, Forevermore: They Must Be Made To Freeze In The Dark: The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Have Been Trying To Murder Stanley For 35+ Years Now (See Crucifixion): And Have Failed, Because Stanley Is More Powerful Than They Are: He Is More Powerful Than Their God Satan: And Stanley Is A Very Vengeful King! The Blonde Saxon-Aryan Race Must Be Exterminated From The Americas AND FROM RUSSIA! Russians Must Stop Having Any Sex With Satanic Aryan Whores, Stop Eating Beef & Milk (Which Is The Food Of The Devil), And Be Prepared For Conventional War!!!
April 2nd, 2014: Stanley Panduranga XVI Antonio D'Almeida, Declares Himself The Tsar of Russia And Its Empire! The Fact Is That The Russians Are Incapable Of Producing Their Own King: Theirs Has Been A Series Of Inept, Bumbling Blundering Governments: That Have Allowed The West, NATO And The Blonde Saxon-Aryan Race To Manipulate And Fool The Russian Gov't Into Servitude To Satan & The Blonde Saxon-Aryans; Even Though The Russians Won The War With God's Help!!! You Cannot Fight Satan With Satan: Communism And "Aryan-Style-Capitalism" Is Satanism: Yet The Communists (That Are Still Within The Gov't) Are Imitating The Satanic Devil-Possessed-Aryan-Dominated West: Rather Than Follow Their Tsar: Stanley. Blonde Saxon-Aryan "Capitalism" Is A Satanic Gov't Controlled Economy: That Punitively Taxes, Subsidizes Satanic Beef & Milk, Bails-out Banks & Unions, Prints Money Endlessly, Favors Saxon-Aryans & Jews, Enforces A Monopoly On Satanic Modern Medicine, A Monopoly For Corporations And Unions: All At The Expense Of The Individual!!! We Must Abolish The Stock-Market And All Corporations & Unions As Satanic Inventions By Satan! In The U.S. 20% Of The People Own 90% Of The Wealth, Income And Stocks Obtained Unjustly By The Blonde Saxon-Aryan Gov't Granted Monopoly, Their Race & Corruption! The Vast Majority Of Americans Today Are The Working Poor: They Work As Slaves To Exist On What The Poorest Man In Russia Gets For Free (Food, Shelter & Clothing)!!! The CIA Has Robbed The Russian People Of $Trillions Of Dollars Of Their Savings, By Devaluing The Old USSR Ruble, By Printing Money; And Now Using Powerful Foreign Corporate Oligarchs To Exploit The Russian People And Their God-Given Natural Resources! All Foreign Corporations Need To Be Expelled! This Precious Oil Is Being Shipped To Germany To Enrich The Aryans And Benefit Their Economies; At No Real Benefit To Russians; Who Are Worse Off, Than Under Communism!Russia Needs To Develop Their Own Economy: And Use Their Precious Oil For Themselves! Stanley Has Ancient Historic Ties To The Russian People: And Is Descended From The Tsars: He Is Simply Reclaiming His Rightful Throne! This Leaves An Ever Expanding Conquest Of The Earth: Stanley Is Now The King Of N. America, The True Pope Of The Latin People And Now The Tsar Of Russia!!!
(2) The March 16th, 2014; Killing Of A Homeless Man James Boyd, by The Albuquerque, NM; Police: Is Why We Must Exterminate The Blonde Saxon-Aryans From The Americas! 
"What started as a peaceful protest against the Albuquerque Police Department quickly turned violent by nightfall with officers in riot gear breaking out the tear gas.
At least 500 people gathered on the steps of the Albuquerque Police department (APD) on Sunday to condemn the recent police killing of 38-year-old James Boyd. Earlier this week hacktivist group Anonymous posted a video on-line calling for locals to occupy police headquarters and take a stand against Boyd's 'cold blooded' murder.
'Let them know that your city is not a place for war games against the homeless and the less fortunate,' the group said in the video.
While there were no reports of injuries or arrests in the early hours of the protest, things took a turn as night fell with police using tear gas on the group and making arrests. --The Daily Mail.  "However, Boyd's death is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to police killings in the New Mexico capital.
The U.S. Justice Department has been investigating the Albuquerque police for a year, following reports of  more than three dozen police shootings since 2010." Since 2010 Police In The APD Have Shot 38 Murdering 24: Why?? Stanley Has Already Told You Why: Read (
Case Against The System) 
The Homeless Man Was Murdered Because He Was Living Free, On An Uninhabited "Hill", From Gov't And Taxes And Satanic Obamacare --And The Police Wouldn't Let Him Be! James Boyd Died For Your Freedom! As Gov't Encroaches More And More On Our Freedoms: To Now Take Total Control Of Your Bodies: To Butcher, Desecrate, Satanically Sexually Violate And Murder You: And Then Force You To Pay For It With Obamacare: There Is Only One Inescapable Conclusion: The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!!!
(3) The Killing Of Three And Wounding Of 14, In Fort Hood, Texas; By An Iraq War-Vet Ivan Lopez: Was Not A Terrorist Act: Because It Is Okay To Kill Cops And Military: Because They Fight For The Forces Of Satan: And Are In An Undeclared War With The People: And Satan And The Saxons Must Be Detroyed! Even American Soldiers Have Now Turned To Stanley's Flag: They See The Writing On The Wall: Stanley Is The King!!!
March 24th, 2014: The British Satellite Company "Inmarsat" Is Trying To Deceive Us By Falsely Interpreting Their Two Weeks Old Data: It Has Correctly Determined The Distance Of The Plane To Their Satellite Using D=S(T) (D=Distance, T=Time, S=Speed.); Actually Proving Stanley's Conclusion: Deducing That The Plane Could Still Be At The Same Spot Of Its Last ACARS Transmission At 1:21 AM, On Its Original Flight Path; (Inmarsat Is Deliberately Misinterpreting Their Data, To Erroneously Claim That Flight MH370 Flew In An Equidistant Arc To The South Indian Ocean) --Stanley Stated It Crashed At 1:30 AM March 7th, 2014; From Electronics Failure --Like Air-France 447 In 2009! What Inmarsat Detected Was Very Faint "Phase-Shift" Affected Satellite Signals ("Pings") Coming From The Crashed Plane Under-Water (The Water Causing The Phase-Shift In The Signal)! And Not A Flying Plane!!! A Flying Plane Would Have Sent A Much Stronger Signal --Without A Phase-Shift Or Doppler Effect-- And Not Maintained Equidistance! But They Have Refused To Accept This Logical Conclusion; And Are Insisting On A Far-Fetched Theory Of An Equidistant Arc To The South Indian Ocean To Explain The Faint Equidistant Pings: Solely Because The Satanic U.S. Wants To Use The Vast South Indian Ocean As An Excuse For Never Finding The Plane! [Note: The Inmarsat Faint "Pings" Distance Determination Of MH370, Totally Disprove The Malaysian & Thai Radar Tracking Of The "Mystery Plane", Which Landed In The Andaman Islands! Because That Mystery Plane Was Moving Closer To The Inmarsat Satellite --Not Flying At An Equidistant Arc! Proving That The Malaysian Military Were Tracking The Wrong Plane --As Boeing Inc. Initially Told Them! Plane Experts Are Now Coming Forward: Stating That The Media Lied When They Said The Pilot Programmed A New Flight Path Into The Computer, Before Their Last Contact --Because There Is No Way Anyone Could Know That!] As Stanley Stated Earlier: The Plane Is In The South China Sea At The Exact Spot As The Seismic Activity, And On Its Original Flight Path: All The Rest Of The Media Coverage Is Satanic LIES, COVERUPS, LIES, COVER-UPS & LIES! The Airline Industry And The Boeing Company Are Guilty Of Over Indulgence In Electronics To Fly Their Planes, Using A Computer Nerd, Not A Pilot: And When The Planes Inevitably Crash: They Are Being Helped By The Satanic System, The Demonic Media AndBoeing To Cover-Up These Crashes By Blaming It On Terrorism! (Or Pilot Suicide!). Would You Trust A Computer To Ride Your Child's Bicycle Going 5 mph? Then Why Would You Trust The Satanic Blonde Saxon-Aryan Gov't To Fly A 300 Ton (700,000 Pound) Plane, Going 640 mph At 35,000 Feet??? You Need To Trust An Experienced Human Pilot Not A Machine!!!
March 20th, 2014: The Taking Of Crimea By Military Force By Russia Proves That The U.S. Is A Paper Tiger: That Can Easily Be Defeated In A Real War!!! The U.S. Has Been Fighting Third-World Countries Using Superior Weapons: Then They Have Prolonged The Wars By Supporting Terrorists In These Countries (Iraq, Afghanistan) In Order To Murder Millions Of Civilians! When A Satanic Bully Encounters Someone Their Own Size, They Run Away Like The Cowards That They Are! Russia Needs To Invade And Take Back Any Country That Allies With The West And NATO: Remember, Russia Didn't Lose Any War: It Gave Eastern Europe Back Their Freedom Out Of The Kindness Of Their Hearts: But If The Ungrateful Satanic-Whore Angela Merkel's CIA Rigged Gov't, & Polish & French CIA Rigged Gov'ts Want To Worship Satan Like The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Do, And Become Slaves Of The Devil: They Should Be Forcibly Re-Taken And Taught A Harsh Lesson In Who Is The Boss!!! [NOTE: Stanley Is Not Blaming The Germans, French Or Poles For Their Satanic Gov't Leaders Like Hollande And Merkel: They Are Evil Satanic Stinking Whores, Rigged Into Power By The CIA And MI6!] By Russia Giving-Up Eastern Europe: All It Did Was Allowed The CIA To Takeover & Rule Those Countries By Rigging The Elections And Polls: They Need To Be Taken Back By Force. Russia Needs To Eradicate All Satanic Exploitation Of The People: By Abolishing The Stock-Market And Corporations & Unions: While Allowing Free-Market Policies Based On The Individual --With Zero Taxes, And Full Privatization-- Revenues Should Only Be Obtained By High Royalties On Oil & Gas, And Natural Resources, And User Fees! (Obviously, A Minimum Standard Of Food, Shelter And Clothing [Welfare], Must Be Provided To The Poor; And Emergency Care Must Be Provided Free!) The Ruble Of The USSR Was Deliberately Destroyed By The CIA, By Mass Printing Of Money, The U.S. Deliberately Tried To Impose A Satanic Economy On Russia Ruled By Foreign Corporate Oligarchs: And Make All Russians Poor. The Ruble Can Become The Most Stable Of Currencies By Adopting A Strict "Gold Standard"; Especially When The Worthless U.S. Dollar Is Awash In Worthless Printed Paper! Above All Russia Needs To Cut-Off All Oil & Gas Exports To Germany, Poland, Ukraine & The West And Let Them Freeze In The Dark Forevermore!!! The Oil Industry Must Be Gov't Owned: Fossil Fuel Is A Precious Resource And Belongs To The Russian People Alone: It Should Not Be Exported To Aryans Or Allow Corporations To Profit Off Of What Belongs To The Russian People! The Price Offered For Russian Grain Should Rise And Ukrainian Territory Confiscated; To Support Self-Sufficiency In Grain Production: So That Russia Is Not Dependent On The U.S.: Who Poison The Food!! Beef And Milk Eating Must Be Eliminated By Banning McDonalds. Russia Needs To Take Back Alaska Which Was "Sold" To The U.S. Illegitimately By A Satanic Saxon-Aryan Czar: Who Had No Right To Do So! Remember The U.S. Military Does Not Represent Its People: They Are Solely Controlled By The Satanic, Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans: And Americans Will Cheer The Russians As Liberators!!!
March 17th, 2014: The U.S. Gov't, The Satanic Military & Security Agencies,Boeing Co., Rolls-Royce & The Left-wing Media (And FOX News) Are Showing Themselves To Be Demonic Liars, In Their Hysterical Attempt To Deceive The Public! Stanley Can Conclude That Malaysian Flight 370 Crashed Within Minutes Of Its Last Contact With Control At 1:21 AM; Which Is Why The "Transponder" & The ACAR System Stopped Sending Information At This Time! The Crash Site Is Located In The Exact Spot The Chinese Gov't Reported They Had Detected "Seismic Activity"; The Chinese, State That This Type Of Seismic Activity Has Previously Been Associated With Plane Crashes. This Location Is On The Exact Flight-Path Of Flight 370's And Happened At The Same Time Flight 370 Disappeared, (Which Would Be Too Much Of A Coincidence, Not To Indeed Be Flight 370) And Proves All The Rubbish The Media, Boeing, Malaysian Military And The U.S. Gov't Is Spewing Is Lies! The Chinese Satellite Photos Also Show What Looks Like Plane Debris, On The Same Location As The Seismic Activity, In The South China Sea --The Malaysian Military Didn't Even Bother Searching For The Debris, Before Dismissing It!!! The U.S.,Boeing 777, The Malaysian Military (Who Pressured Their Gov't To Blame This On Terrorism From The Beginning), And Malaysian Gov'ts Are Lying To Us. The "Engine Pings", Satellite Contacts, And So Called 7 Hours Of Flying After The Last Contact At 1:21 AM, Was All From An Indian Military Plane Flying To The Andaman Islands --And Not Flight 370 --As The Malaysian Gov't, Boeing, & Rolls-Royce Initially Concluded, And Now Are Lying To Us. [NOTE: The Reason The Investigation Has Been Delayed So Long: Is That Boeing Initially Stated That The "Pings" Were Not From Their Engines; But After Reading That Stanley Was Attributing The Crash To Electronics Failure And Lack Of Manual-Flight Training: The Boeing Company Reversed Themselves, Remained Silent And Promoted The False Theory Of Terrorism Or Pilot Suicide: And Let The Satanic Speculation, Lies And Crazy Leftist Media Take Over The Investigation! And Helped The Satanic U.S. Security Forces Institute A Cover-Up! Because Boeing Planes And Procedures Are To Blame! Boeing Has The Real Evidence: Because They Monitor All Their Planes 24/7: They Know That There Was No "Pinging" From Their Engines: Because Their Engines Were Dead: Their Plane Had Crashed! (But They Are Remaining Silent)] The Unidentified Indian Fighter-Jet Plane Suddenly Appeared On  Malaysian Radar At ~2:30 AM, At ~The Same Spot Flight 370 Disappeared, But An Hour Later (Flight 370 Would Be Over Vietnam By This Time!); But Long After The Real Flight 370 Had Disappeared At ~1:21 AM. This "Mystery" Indian Military Plane Was Following A Known Flight-Corridor, And Rendezvousing With Known Navigational "Way-Points", For All Planes Heading For The Andaman Islands, India: Which The Lying Indian Military Can Easily Verify! Further Proof: That This Was An Indian Fighter-Jet: Was That It Was First Detected At An Altitude Of 45,000 Feet (Flight MH370 Was At 35,000 Feet Just Minutes Before!) Then Its Altitude Dropped To 12,000 Feet In Mere Minutes; And Then It Cruised At 5,000 Feet For Its Last Five Hours!!! A 300 Ton Passenger Jet Could Not Possibly Fly At Such Altitudes!!! The Poor Malaysian Pilot Is Being Vilified & Blamed, As A Cover-Up; Just Like An Egyptian Pilot Was Falsely Blamed By The U.S. In The 1999 Egypt-Air Crash (The Egyptian Gov't Refused To Accept The Satanic U.S. Conclusion That The Pilot Committed Suicide! Had We Determined The True Cause Of The Egypt-Air Crash: We Could Have Made Changes, To Save These Malaysian Deaths Today!). What Are These Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans (And Their Puppets) Covering Up? They Are Covering-Up The True Cause Of The Crash: Which Is Electronics Failure, And Over-Reliance On Electronics By Boeing 777 And Air-Bus Passenger Jets! Would You Trust A Computer To Drive Your Car At 60mph? Would You Trust A Computer To Drive Your Bus Or Train At 40 mph?? Yet Why Are You Trusting A Computer To Fly You At 35,000 Feet Going 600 mph??? The Saxon-Aryans Are Covering-Up The Fact That Flying Is A Potentially Dangerous Endeavour: And People Need To Take It Seriously! Like The Air-France Flight-449 In 2009; Electronics Failure Has Crashed Tens Of Jumbo Jets Since The 80's --And Falsely Blamed On Terrorism And Pilot Error!!! The Plane Was On Auto-Pilot, And The Pilots Had Little Training On How To Fly The Plane Manually: Thus When The Electronics Failed: They Were All Doomed: All Pilots Must Be Trained To Manually Fly, And React To Dire Situations: Like Deep Air-Pockets! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas Because They Have Murdered Too Many People To Ever Live Amongst Decent Human-Beings Ever Again.
March 14th, 2014: A "Special Forces" Website Is Claiming An Alive Bin Laden Was Brutally Slaughtered With Over A 100 Bullets Repeatedly Fired Into Him Endlessly By Seal Team 6: "Although Initial reports claimed two shots were fired to kill bin Laden. While that number climbed in later reports, the claims of "over a hundred bullets" would suggest a level of savagery and, as SOFREP puts it, "self-indulgence" not admitted in prior accounts of the operation. SOFREP notes these actions would violate the Laws of Land Warfare and build on a disturbing trend of alarmingly brutal military behavior that includes graphic evidence of U.S. troops burning and urinating on slain enemy combatants." 
  Nobody Should Be Surprised At The Satanic Savagery Of The U.S. Army: Our Blonde Saxon-Aryan Controlled U.S. Army Is Satanic, Fighting For Satan: Obsessed With Murdering Civilians! But Why Did NAVY SEAL Team 6 Murder Bin Laden So Savagely, Rather Than Bring Him To Trial? Stanley Has Already Told The People Repeatedly (See Revolution Page) It Was These Same Special Forces & The CIA That Committed 9/11; The One Man Who Could Best Prove Al Queda Didn't Do It Was Bin Laden; They Were Ordered To Murder Him To Cover-Up The Truth, From Americans: There Never Were Any Terrorists In America: It Was Always Our Blonde Devil-Possessed Saxon-Aryans Who Murdered 3,000 In New York-- So That They Could Murder Millions & Millions Of Children In Iraq, Afghanistan & N. Korea! In The First Few Months After 9/11, Bin Laden Repeatedly Stated That He And Al-Queda Were Not Responsible For 9/11 --Although He Sympathized With Whoever Did It. In The 13 Years Since: We Still Don't Have A Shred Of Evidence That Al-Queda Did It: No Support Network, No Infrastructure, No Logistical Support, No Financial Support Structures (It Costs Money To Feed, Transport, Train, Educate, Equip And Maintain An Army Of Terrorists.), No Planning, No Pilot Training, This Was A High-Tech Operation, [Note: Stanley Determined That Thermate (Thermate-TH3) Explosives Were Used To Demolish The WTC Buildings: But Only The U.S. Military Has Access To Thermate-TH3 Bombs In The Massive Quantity Required!] --While Osama Lived In Caves. Captured Computer Hard-Drives Have Shown Nothing; Not A Single Captured Terrorist Has Told Us How It Was Committed: Because They Didn't Do It! (Disregarding Crazy, Mentally-Ill, Cowardly, Self-Aggrandizing, Insane Muslims That Believe Terrorism Is Heroic And Will Admit To Anything Under Torture --All Muslims Are Insane Due To Their Insane Prophet Mohamed!). The Satanic U.S. Gov't Has Taken Charge Of The Investigation Into The Malaysian Crash: And Are Trying To Lie And Claim It Is A Terroristic Attack: To Cover-Up That Airplanes Are Dangerous As Currently Constituted. There Must Be A Full Investigation Into What Happened To Flight 370 --Not Another Cover-Up: There Were No Terrorists In Either Tragedy:Our Biggest Terrorists And Murderers AreThe Blonde-Saxon-Aryan "Security Forces" Of The U.S.!
March 13th, 2014: The Destruction Of Two Whole Buildings In Harlem Yesterday, And The Deaths Of 8, With 4 Missing; Was Attributed To A Gas Leak Explosion, By The FBI & Police. The Revolutionary Nature Of This Admission Is That For The Last Twenty-Five Years The Police Have Lied And Covered Up All Gas Explosions By Labeling Them As Terrorist Attacks, As A Satanic Ploy To Deceive The People, And Because They Are Possessed By Devils! These Lies Have Prevented Us From Devising Safe Solutions To This Widespread Problem On March And April Of Every Year! Gas Explosions Occur In March And April, Because These Are The Months When Temperatures Start To Warm-Up, And Less Heating Is Suddenly Needed: The Gas Pressure Remains The Same, And Builds Up; As None Is Being Used. Finally The Pressure Causes Gas To Leak, And An Inevitable Explosion Occurs --Every Year! The Solution Is To Reduce Gas Pressure During Sudden Warm Days: The Temperature On March 11th, 2014, (When The Gas Leak In This Harlem, NY, Neighborhood Occurred) Was A Sudden Balmy 66º F, (Needing Zero Gas Heating) After A Record Cold Winter --When Gas Usage Was High! The Gas Leak Was Smelled By Many Many People In Adjacent Buildings: But None Of Them Reported It: Because The Previous Police Lies, Prevented Them From Realizing The Urgency Of The Situation. Oklahoma Bomber Timothy McVeigh Was Crucified For The Alleged Bombing Of A Gov't Building On April 19th, 1995: We Now Know That On April 16th, 1995; (When The Gas Leak Occurred) The Temperature Reached A Balmy 67ºF And Remained High Till April 19, (Needing Zero Gas, Thus A Pressure Build-Up Occurred) After A Low Of -7ºC, The Previous Week, April 11, 1995; When Gas Usage Was High --Creating Ideal Conditions For A Gas Leak & Explosion, In Oklahoma City! McVeigh Was Seriously Mentally Ill; Who Wanted To Commit Suicide Because Of PTSD Caused By The Bromine-Carbon Poisons He Was Given In Iraq, As An Antidote To Nerve Agents That Were Never Used, (The Antidote Proved More Poisonous Than The Nerve Gas) The Bromine Had Destroyed His Body. Many Iraqi Veterans Suffer From PTSD And Suicidal Tendencies Because They Fought On The Side Of Satan In Those Wars. Thus McVeigh Pleaded Guilty To A Gas Explosion He Didn't Commit: Because He Had PTSD, Was Crazy, Was Self-Aggrandizing And Wanted To Die A Hero In His Sick Twisted Mind: Because He Was Going To Die Anyway From The Poison He Was Given By The Military! We Need To Reopen All Such Gas Explosions, Falsely Attributed To Terrorism; With A View To Release People Wrongfully Convicted!
(2) The GOP Victory By David Jolly In A Seat Everyone Expected The Democrats To Win (They Had Outspent Republicans Four To One, Had A Former Well Known Gub. Candidate Who Was Leading By 8% In The Polls, They Had A Libertarian Candidate Who Siphoned Off 5% Of The Vote, Mainly From Jolly; Jolly Was An Unknown; And The Saxon-Aryans Rig The Elections) Proves That Obamacare Is Dead Dead Dead! Jolly Contrasted His Position Totally With His Opponent: Saying He Would Repeal Obamacare: While The Bitch Said She Wanted To "Fix" Satanism Obamacare. The GOP Needs To Draw A Line In The Sand: It Is Pointless Wining Elections If It Makes No Difference To The Government. Because Jolly Quickly Backed Away From Claiming Total Victory! This Was A Total Victory; And The GOP Should Gain Confidence From This: To Take Bolder Positions And Shutdown The Government Till Obamacare Is Defunded. You Are There To Serve The People, Not To Bow Down To Satan: In The Form Of Blonde Saxon-Aryans!!!
March 12th, 2014: Another Reason The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas: Is They Are Trying To Falsely Label The Crash Of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Killing 239, As A Terrorist Attack Or Pilot Error --Without Any Evidence! There Never Were Any Terrorists In The First Place --It Was Our CIA And Military That Committed 9/11! (See Revolution Page). What Happened To Flight 370 Is Not New: It Has Happened Many Many Times Before: But Our Satanic Saxon System Has Labelled Them "Terrorism" And Thus We Have Failed To Learn Any Lessons --To Prevent Such Tragedies In The Future! The Air-France Flight 447 Crash, Off Brazil In 2009, Was A Similar Sudden Crash Into The Sea, Where The Plane Wasn't Found For Two Years: And Was Caused By Electronics Failure (Like A Computer That Malfunctions Or Crashes As It Gets Older And Has To Be Rebooted!). Many Planes Have Recently Suffered Sudden "Deep Air-Pockets" Forcing The Plane To Lose Altitude So Suddenly, That It Is Not Able To Recover From The Dive, Before Hitting The Water (Most Of These Complex Crashes Occur Over The Ocean: Because The Sea Doesn't Easily Give Up Its Dead!). The Solution To These Crashes Is To Force All Airlines To Use Pilots Trained To Manually Fly Their Planes, So That They Learn The Skills To Be Able To React To Emergency,  Potentially Catastrophic Situations!!! Passengers Too, Need To Be Informed That Flying Is A Potentially Dangerous Endeavor, And They Need To Take It Seriously! The Malaysian Plane Was On Auto-Pilot, And Had Always Been Flown On Auto-Pilot; Thus The Pilots Were Woefully Lacking Any Skills To Manually React And Fly The Plane When All The Electronics Failed (Air-France) Or Deep-Airpockets Caused A Steep Dive. The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas, For A Real Solution To These Crashes And Massive Losses Of Life!!! 
(2) The Death Of Oscar Winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, Is Another Reason The Blonde Saxon Aryan System Must Be Destroyed Forevermore: The Autopsy Report States That Hoffman Died Of A Mixture Of Drugs Including Heroin: But Tests of the heroin in his apartment have found that it was not cut with a dangerous additive such as fentanyl, a synthetic form of morphine used to intensify By 100 Times The Potency Of Morphine, And has been linked to deaths in other U.S. States. This Autopsy Report Is A Lie! The Blonde Saxon-Aryan System Is Deliberately Murdering Heroin Addicts By "Cutting "Their Street Drugs With Highly Toxic Rat Poison And Fentanyl! To Show You How Toxic Fentanyl Is: The Russian "Special Forces" Used Fentanyl Gas To Kill 40 Chechan Hostage-Takers In A Moscow Theater In October 2002; But It Also Killed 130 Hostages As Well And 2 Spetnaz. The Fentanyl Sold On The Street Is Different Than Pharmaceutical Drugs; In That It Is Synthesized With Highly Toxic Bromine-Carbon Contaminants! Which Is What Killed Hoffman! 
Heroin Is A Naturally Occuring Opiate That Has Been Used Safely For Centuries: The Same Quantity Of "Street" Fentanyl "Cut" With Heroin Will Deceive And Kill Addicts Dead --Which Is What The Blonde Saxons Want!! Instead Of Charging The Dealers Of The "Toxic" Fentanyl-Heroin Sold To Hoffman, With Murder: The Satanic Police Covered Up For Them: Because The Saxons Want Heroin Addicts Murdered, Rather Than Proactively Treated! And That's Why The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!!!
February 20th, 2014: The FIX Is In To Inaugurate Hillary Clinton As The Next President, By The Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans: The Media (Even FOX News Is Really An Extreme Leftwing & Satanic Station.) [Note: FOX News Is A Satanic, State Propaganda Station, As Are All Mainstream Media a la "PRAVDA" Of The Old USSR, But A Million Times More Satanic Than PRAVDA: Because We All Knew That PRAVDA Was A State Controlled Station: What Makes Modern U.S. Media So Evil And Satanic, Is That They Have Fooled All The People, All Of The Time --Except Stanley!!! FOX Hates Conservatives, Bill O'Reilly Is An Admitted liberal; Yet He Has Usurped A Role As Spokesperson Of The Right: When He Is A Raving Leftist! When Leftist O'Reilly Unequally Attacks Only The Poor, Food Stamps Or Welfare, Conservatives Lose Over 160 Million Votes Because The Poor Are The Majority In America Today: Satanic O'Reilly Never Ever Attacks The QE $Trillions Given To Banks & Investors, The Subsidies, The Bailouts, The Corporate Welfare, The Stimuli, The Debt & Deficits, The "Entitlements" (Social Security, Medicare, Satanic Healthcare, Unions, Military, Satanic Wars, CIA, NSA, HS, & Police Spending): Yet He Wants To Deny People Food, Shelter & Clothing): He Supports The Blonde Saxon Satanic 500 Year Policy Of Murdering The Poor: As A Stick To Force Them To Work As Slaves!!! We Are All Being Ruled By The Devil Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans, None Of Us Are Free: We Are All Slaves: Only To Pay Taxes For Their Satanic Agenda Of Genocide And Murder Of The Human Race. By Attacking The Poor: The Satanic Aryans In The GOP Party Give The Democrats A Base Of 160 Million Votes By Default --This Is Deliberate Sabotage Of Conservatives! The Poor Don't Want Welfare: They Never Wanted Welfare, They Just Want To Know That We Understand Their Plight: We Need To Show Sensitivity And A Plan To Eliminate All Taxes: For It Is Satanic Government Taxes And Spending That Creates The Poor! The Aryans Blind Support Of Our Police State Laws (9/11 Was Perpetrated By The CIA, There Never Were Any Terrorists: Yet We Have Lost All Our Freedom), Their Support Of Torture, And Of Our Military's Murder Of Civilians: In Iraq, Afghanistan, N. Korea & Vietnam; Weakens The Moral Integrity Of The Party: And Makes God-Fearing People Reluctant To Support The GOP: That Is Why Aryans That Support The Blonde Saxons And Satan: Must Be Drummed-Out Of The Party, For Us To Win And Be Popular --Good Economic Management Does Not Trump Satanism --We Must Be Morally Above The Democrats!!! FOX Gives The liberals On Their Station, More Air-Time Than Conservatives, And They Always Are Allowed To Win The Argument. FOX Is Satanic Because It Speaks Only For The Blonde Saxon-Aryan State: But Is Usurping The Voice Of The Right: To Claim That Their Satanism Is Conservative --It Is Simply Satanism. For Example: Bill O'Reilly Their Flagship Showman: Believes In "Global Warming", Inspite Of It Being Proven Wrong; O'Reilly Believed In Higher Sales Taxes (All Taxes Are Bad); O'Reilly Supported Ultra-liberal Romney, That Destroyed The Conservative Chances Of Winning; The Reason The GOP Lost Is Ultra-liberal-Democrat  Romney Said: "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what...who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims. ...These are people who pay no income tax. ...and so my job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."!!! Romney Was Never Ever A Conservative: He Sabotaged The Party, By Writing-Off 47% Of The Meanest, Toughest Most Rightwing Of American People, To Obama! Romney Destroyed The Latino Vote For The GOP By Dismissing Illegal Latino Grandmothers' Plight: Saying "They Should Self-Deport!". The Conservative & GOP Message  Should Always Be Addressed To All Americans Not Just Blonde Aryans And Rich Fuckers Like Romney: Who Illegitimately Made His Money On The Suffering Of The People: By Predatory Takeovers Using Union Pension Money: That Destroyed Jobs, Stole The Company's Assets, Left It With Debt: And Raised Prices For ConsumersTo Pay Off That Debt! Romney Knocked-Off All The Real Conservatives In The Primaries; With The Help Of The Blonde Saxon-Aryans System Who Rigged It For Him! FOX Has Only Blonde Aryans On Its Shows When It Is Blonde Saxons That Are The Devil-Possessed System Itself: Who Rigged The Elections For Obama: And Are All Extreme Leftwingers For The Last 200 Years!!! The Saxons Who Rig The Elections, And Are Possessed By Devils, Destroyed The "Gold-Standard"  (Unconstitutional), They Brought In Income Taxes (Unconstitutional At The Time) And The Money Printing "Fed" (Unbacked Money Printing Is An Inflation Tax On All Americans!), The Saxons Rigged The Elections To Destroy The Party Of Abraham Lincoln, "The Whig" Party, Because The Whigs Wouldn't Support The Annexation Of Mexico By Brute Force! The Blonde Saxons Now Call These Same Dispossessed Mexicans "Illegal Immigrants" On Land Stolen From Their Ancestors! They Then Murdered Lincoln When He Wouldn't Support The Genocide And Land Confiscation Of Southerners! The Blonde Saxons Murdered Millions Of Southerners In The Civil War: Only To Make Inferior Race Niggers Masters Over Human-Beings; The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are All Homosexuals & Lesbians: How Can They Speak For The Right? There Is A Conflict Of Interest: When The Blonde Saxons Who Are All Possessed By Devils, Who All Worship Satan As Their God: Who Rule The Satanic System, And Who Rigged The Elections For Obama: Are Also Speaking For The Opposition To Obama And His Policies! The Human Race Conservatives Desperately Need Another Mainstream Media Outlet To Speak For Them.] Satanic FOX News Are Claiming That Bill Clinton's Raping, Sexually Assaulting, Sexually Exploiting & Lying Under Oath About: Monica Lewinsky, Anita Brodericks, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers; (And Supported And Covered-Up By Hillary Clinton, The Saxon-Aryans & The Democratic Party --Is All OKAY!-- And We Are Not To Talk About It. Like The Mainstream Media Don't Talk About The "Execution Style" Murders Of Obama's Homosexual Lovers From His Trinity United Church: Nate Spencer, Larry Bland & Donald Young; In Dec. 2007! Obama Boasted About His Drone Bombing Murders: "I'm Good At Killing People".) We Now Know That Bill Clinton Had The SS Murder A White House Intern & Sex Partner Named Mary Mahoney "Execution Style", In July 1997, Believing She Was About To Charge Him With Rape! Vince Foster (Hillary's Lover), Ed Willey (Kathleen's Husband Who Was Murdered On The Same Day She Brought Charges Of Sexual Assault On Clinton!), James McDougal (Whitewater), Are Also Mysterious Deaths Attributed To Clinton --Via The SS, FBI Or CIA. The Media Are Also Claiming That Global Warming (Climate Change) Is Fact! When Stanley Has Already Proven That Global Warming Is A False Theory (See Greatest Conspiracies!), And That Localized Heating Of Surrounding Areas Was Caused By Nuclear Energy And Combustion --There Never Was Any Global Warming-- As Proven By Our Record Cold Winter This Year! As Recently As This Year: After 50 Years Of Cover-Up: All The Media Still Lied To Us That Oswald Was The Lone Assassin Of JFK; They All Lied That 9/11 Was Not Caused By The CIA And Military --But Al-Queda (The CIA Murdered These Americans To Justify Murdering Millions Of Civilians In Satanic Wars In Vietnam, N. Korea & Iraq). Kennedy Was Our Celtic King (Camelot), So They Murdered Him, For Satan Worship! We Humans Have Always Been Ruled By Our Kings: Democracy Is Always Rigged & Rule By Satan! The Media Refuse To Talk About Obama's Ineligibility To Be President Because He Was Adopted By An Indonesian Citizen, Obama's Bribery Of Blago & Sestak, Obama's Acceptance Of Bribes From Mafiosi Tony Rezko ... We All Have The Right To A Media That Speaks Truth To Power: We Are Being Fed Lies, Cover-Ups, Conspiracies, And Delusions So That Satan Can Rule Us! Today The Media Is More Evil And Satanic Than Ever Before: Voices Like Stanley: Who Speak The Truth Are Denied An Avenue For Mainstream Dissemination.

February 14th, 2014: MEDICAL BULLETIN: Two Massive New Studies In Europe And At Stanley's alma mater The University of Toronto, Canada, Has Proven That Modern Medicine's Use Of Mammograms Is 100% Quackery!!! 

  "Mammography screening makes no difference to breast cancer death rates but it can lead to harm from over-diagnosis, a 25-year study of nearly 90,000 women suggests.
 In Monday’s issue of the British Medical journal, Canadian researchers conclude annual screening in women aged 45 to 59 at average risk does not reduce breast cancer mortality any more than a physical exam. 
"BUT Twenty-two per cent of women with screen-detected invasive breast cancer got treatment that they really didn't need," says study author Dr. Cornelia Baines, a retired professor at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health.
Some Canadian women with invasive breast cancer detected by screening ended up getting treatment they didn't need. (Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press)
"All over-diagnosis results in unnecessary surgery, unnecessary chemotherapy, unnecessary radiotherapy and unnecessary hormonal therapy," she says.
In the Canadian national breast screening study, women aged 40 to 49 were randomly assigned to receive mammograms annually for five years while women in a control group had a single physical exam. All participants aged 50 to 59 had a physical breast exam each year.
 Over the course of the study, 3,250 women in the mammography group and 3,133 in the control group were diagnosed with breast cancer. There were 500 deaths from breast cancer in the mammography group and 505 among those who didn’t receive mammogram screenings.
 "We’d explain by saying in Canada that both groups of women when diagnosed had excellent treatment and therefore enjoyed the same opportunity for being saved by treatment," Baines said of the equal mortality rates. If the researchers also included a precancerous condition called ductal carcinoma in situ, the overdiagnosis rate would be closer to one in three cancers, said Dr. Anthony B. Miller of the University of Toronto, the lead author of the paper. Ductal carcinoma in situ, or D.C.I.S., is found only with mammography, is confined to the milk duct and may or may not break out into the breast. But it is usually treated with surgery, including mastectomy, or removal of the breast.•
 Unnecessary treatments can be harmful: “According to a survey of randomized clinical trials involving 600,000 women around the world, for every 2,000 women screened annually over 10 years, 1 life is prolonged but 10 healthy women are given diagnoses of breast cancer and unnecessarily treated, often with therapies that themselves have life-threatening side effects,” Orenstein reports. Those treatments include Tamoxifen, which carries risks of stroke, blood clots and uterine cancer, while radiation and chemotherapy weaken the heart.

• Newer diagnosis is on the rise. Many women today are told they have ductal carcinoma in situ (D.C.I.S.), or “Stage Zero” cancer, in which abnormal cells are found in the lining of the breast’s milk ducts. The diagnosis of D.C.I.S., in fact, now accounts for about a quarter of new breast-cancer cases, totaling some 60,000 a year. These are oftentimes the women we see celebrated at pink-ribbon events as “triumphs of early detection.” But D.C.I.S. does not spread; “in situ” means “in place.” The only danger is if it develops into an invasive cancer, and right now, there’s no way to know that, which is one of the major things in this fight that needs to change, say researchers. In the mean time, says Laura Esserman, director of the Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center at the University of California, San Francisco: “D.C.I.S. is not cancer. It’s a risk factor. …We don’t do heart surgery when someone comes in with high cholesterol. What are we doing to these people?”Pink sneakers worn by players at a Georgia Tech v. North Carolina State basketball game. Does it really help? Photo: …
• Preemptive mastectomies are on the rise, and not because of medical advice. According to Todd Tuttle, chief of the division of surgical oncology at the University of Minnesota and lead author of a study on the topic, there was a 188 percent jump between 1998 and 2005 among women given new diagnoses of D.C.I.S. in one breast who opted to have both breasts removed just in case. “You could attribute the rise in mastectomies to a better understanding of genetics or better reconstruction techniques,” Tuttle said, “but those are available in Europe, and you don’t see that mastectomy craze there. There is so much ‘awareness’ about breast cancer in the U.S. I’ve called it breast-cancer overawareness. It’s everywhere. There are pink garbage trucks. Women are petrified.” (This Above Article Was Written By A Leftist Jew, Who Was An Advocate Of Modern Medicine; But Who Now Condemns It!)

Even The Leftist Jews And Liberals Are Joining Stanley's Bandwagon: Stanley Is The King Of The Liberals Too! Although There Is No Difference In Death Rates Due To Breast Cancer From Mammography: We Now Know That Radiation And Chemotherapy From False Diagnoses & Mild Benign Cancers, Causes Deaths From Other Cancers And Heart-Attacks. This Study Comes On The Heals Of Another Study Proving That The PSA Test And Prostrate Surgery Causes More Deaths Than Doing Nothing! (See Below) Even The "Treatments" Using Tamoxifen, Radiation & Radical Surgery Is Suspect: Many Breast Cancers Reverse Themselves Spontaneously: The Fact Is That Your Own Faith In God And The DAma, Your Own Body (If Allowed To Fast) And Your Soul Are More Powerful Than Any Drug Or Surgery! If You Were Given The Chance To Harness That Spiritual Power Through A Controlled Setting Yoga Fasting: You Would Be Cured Naturally! [Note: If We Used Stanley's Yoga Medicine We Could Eliminate All Breast Cancer And Prostrate Cancer! For Example: We Now Know That: Abortions, Birth-Control, Alcohol, Having Sex With Saxon-Whores, Adoptions, Beef & Milk Eating, Meat-Eating, Halogen Chemicals, Nuclear Power, Drugs, BAD KARMA: Increase Your Rate Of Cancer Of The Breast & Prostrate! People Who Murder Other People Accumulate Bad Karma And Then Get Cancer And Die: (The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Have Murdered The Most Number Of People!) The Blonde Saxons Refusal To Allow For Alternative Medicine Is Their Greatest Act Of Murderous Genocide: Because Their Quack Medicine Is Killing & Murdering Millions Of People Every Year! If We Actively Engage In Preventative Lifestyle Changes We Will Never Need To Fear Breast-Cancer Ever Again! Why Are We Standing In The Way Of 100% Yoga Cures; While Embracing Satan's Quack Medicine That Is Killing Us???] Stanley The King Of Canada, Mexico & The U.S., Has Long Preached That Modern Medicine Is Not Science Based, But Is 100% Quackery! It Is Simply Satanic Ideology Of The Satanic Blonde-Saxon Aryans Who Rule Our Country And Are Possessed By Devils --And Have Fooled Everyone!!! Obamacare Is Forcing Us God-Fearing People To Pay For All This Quackery And Other People's Bad Karma! The King Commands His People Boycott All Obamacare, Refuse To Pay Any (Unconstitutional) Fines!: This Is Your Chance To Join The Revolution!
February 4th, 2014:   Stanley The King Of America & Canada Has Been Totally Vindicated: And Our Inferior Race Nigger President Has Been Proven Wrong Yet Again: Yet The Bastard Still Hasn't Been Impeached!!! A New Study Has found 95% of income gains from 2009 to 2012 went to the top 1% of the earning population Under Nigger Obama! Obama Rammed: Obamacare, Bailouts Of Banks & Unions, Stimulus: Fiscal & Monetary; Selective Subsidies, Farm Subsidies, Corporate Welfare, Massive Deficits, Massive Debt, QE Infinity, EPA Persecution Of Coal Energy, And Pro Nuclear Energy: That Causes Cancer & Birth Defects; (Note: Stanley Has Already Proven Beyond All Doubt That "Global Warming" [Now Called "Climate Change"] Is Totally False --See Greatest Conspiracies Page!!!) And Shoving Homosexuality Down Our Throats [The Satanic Media Have All Covered-Up The Fact That Obama Is A Homosexual, Who Had His Choirboy Homosexual Lovers Murdered To Cover-Up His Faggotness!]! The Hypocrisy Of Obama And All Socialists Is That Their Policies Have Destroyed The Economy And Increased The Suffering Of The Poor And Made The Rich Richer!!! The QE Or Printing Money Of Obama, Has Caused Skyrocketing Inflation For Basic Needs Like Food, Shelter & Clothing; Yet His Free Money For Banks, Investors & Unions Has Doubled The Value Of The Stock-Market, And The Housing Market (Due To Speculation): Poor People Don't Own Any Stock And Need Housing To Live In, Not Speculate: You Corporate Welfare Bastard Obama: It Isn't Hard Work That Makes You Wealthy Anymore It Is Money That Makes You More Money (i.e. If You Are Evil & Speculate With Housing And Lose: The Gov't Is Going To Bail You Out And Keep Prices Too High For The Poor; And If You Are A Union & Compete Badly With Other Companies The Gov't Will Save You And Use The DOJ To Persecute The Better Competitors! The DOJ Fined Toyota Motors $1 Billion As A Punitive Measure: (Even Though There Was Never Any Proof That The Accelerators Stuck) Because They Are Non-Union And Out-Competed GM --Which Is A Disincentive To Work & Compete!!! The Wealthiest 20% Own 88% Of The Stock-Market And 88% Of All The Wealth In America: And Obama Has Made It Worse! Because Of Obama: America Now Has Record Real Levels Of People On Welfare, Food-Stamps & Real Unemployed --With The Lowest Levels Of Labor Participation For Men Than Since Women Were Forced To Go To Work Due To POVERTY In 1945! It Has Only Been The Satanic Incompetence Of The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Within The Republican Party That Have Allowed The Nigger To Get Away With This. Before We Can Turn Things Around: All Blonde Saxons Must Be Exterminated From The Party (John Boehner, John McCain, Lindsey Graham) --Otherwise We Will Have Double-Jeopardy: The Blonde-Saxon-Aryan-Police-State Rigging The Elections For Liberals Outside The Party, AND The Blondes Sabotaging Us From Inside The Party!!!. We Humans Must Have An Independent Voice, Devoid Of Niggers And Aryans. John Boehner And His Repeated Caving-In And Kissing Arse To Obama & Harry Reid, Is What Has Neutered The GOP. If Boehner Had Shutdown Gov't Repeatedly Until He Defunded Obamacare And Balanced The Damned Budget: The GOP Would Have Respect And Demonstrated That There Is An Alternative: And The GOP Is Different Than The Liberals & Niggers. Boehner Has Instead Shown He Is No Different Than Obama, He Has Betrayed The Conservatives & "Tea-Party" By Repeatedly Voting With The Democrats Against Them, Boehner Has Voted For: Every Spending Bill, Increase In The Debt Limit And Increase In The Deficit; He Is No Different Than A Democrat. The Aryans In The GOP Have Betrayed Us By Embracing The Police State: The CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, Police, Military Are The Ones Who Rigged Inferior Race Obama Into Power: It Is The Saxon-Aryan-Police-State That Uses The IRS To Persecute The "Tea-Party" --Not Obama-- It Is Hypocrisy To Hate Big-Government Obama Without Hating All Police-State Government: The Blonde-Saxons Who Rig Our Elections, Polls, & Media And Murder Our Kings (Kennedy)!! Boehner Was Capitulating To Rigged Polls And Hysteria: If The GOP So Easily Caves To Polls, All The Satanic Saxon System Has To Do Is Say The Polls Say The GOP Is Unpopular For Such And Such, And Boehner Caves! [Note: The "Tea Party" Failed To Obey Stanley When He Told Them To March On Washington With Molotov-Cocktail Style Protests: And That Is Why They Are So Disrespected! When You Don't Obey Your King: You Don't Deserve Respect! They Naively Believed In The Tooth Fairy! They Still Don't Understand Who Is Persecuting Them (It Is Not Obama!): Go To Your Local Police-Station Or Military-Barracks And Focus On The Uber-Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Slime: See What A Ultra-Blonde Saxon-Aryan Really Looks Like (These Are The Blonde-Aryan Pieces-Of-Shit That Are Ruling Us And Rigging Our Elections; And Don't Forget Their Blonde Saxon Whores, Who Are Far More Evil Than The Male!): These Are Spawn Of The Devil!!!] (See Kennedy's Murder By The CIA & The U.S. Military So They Could Murder The Vietnamese & Print Money (Below), Our Security Apparatus Committed 9/11 Callously Murdering 3,000 New Yorkers --So That They Could Keep On Murdering Afghans & Iraqi Civilians! There Were Never Any Terrorists In The U.S., It Was All The CIA & Special Forces!) 
Our Enemy Is Not The Democrats Or Obama (Who Was Rigged Into Power By The Blonde-Saxons): Our Enemy Is The Ultra-Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Saxon-Aryan Race Who AreMurderers Possessed By Devils And Literally Worship SATAN: And Must Be Exterminated From America!!!
[NOTE: We Cannot Compare Welfare Rates To Previous Years Because Newt Gingrich Made It Punitively Restrictive To Obtain Welfare Since 1996; While Doing Nothing To Stop Corporate Welfare And To Attain The Balanced Budget Amendment, By Shutting Down Gov't For A Longer Period Of Time --He Caved-In Like That Mother-Fucker Boehner-- Our Debt And Deficits Are Worse Now Than Before Gingrich's "Welfare Reform"!! The Reforms That Gingrich Forced Clinton To Accept, Did Balance The Budget, And Thus Did Temporarily Create Real Economic Growth; But George Bush And Obama Have Exploded The Debt And Wasted All The Hard Work Of Gingrich --Because He Failed To Obtain A "Balanced-Budget-Amendment"! The Satanic Evil Of Clinton, Gingrich, Bush And Obama Is That They Balanced The Budget, Brought In New Health-Care Entitlements, Bailed Out Banks & Unions, And Printed Money On The Backs Of Our Weakest And Most Vulnerable: The Poor! There Should Be No More Welfare Cuts Until All Gov't Spending Is Cut! Clinton Obstructed Gingrich At Every Turn: Yet The Satanic Media Are Giving Clinton Credit For What Gingrich Did!!! The Satanic Blonde-Saxon-Aryan Genocidal, Murderous Theory That If We Starve, Eliminate, Persecute Or Murder All The Poor They Will Go Away, Has Now Been Proven False!! Today Americans Are Worse Off In Their Quality Of Life Than Ever Before! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans In The GOP Are Deliberately Sabotaging Us (Conservatives) By Alienating Us From The Real Poor By Gratuitous Meanness, Insensitively Cutting Only Food-Stamps And Nothing Else: We Must Appeal To The Poor By Exterminating Blondes From The Party! (The REAL Poor Are The Majority In The U.S. Today 50%+ And Growing. The REAL Poverty Rate Is Over 50% Today: The Gov't Quoted Number Of 15% Is Arbitrary & False! The Gov't Is Only Using The Cost Of Food Vs. Income To Calculate It: But The Cost Of Food Is Heavily Subsidized By Gov't To The Tune Of $100 Billions, Which The GOP-Aryans Hypocritically Endorse! Stanley Is Using The Cost Of Food, Shelter, Clothing, Taxes, Transportation, Cost-Of-Home-Ownership, Quality Of Life, Police-State Persecution, Imprisonment, Psychiatric-Committals, Poisonings, And Murder Of The Poor By The Blonde-Saxon-Police Today: To Calculate The True Rate Of Poverty! There Is A New Phenomenon Called "The Working Poor", Where People Are Working Three Jobs, To Get What People Used To Get On Welfare, 30 Years Ago!!! The Satanic Saxon-Aryans Have Succeeded In Creating An Absolute Slave State: Where People Are Working Only For Fear Of Persecution And Torture By The Police If They Don't!!! In Comparision To The 1930's The Poor Were Looked After, Whereas Today They Are Being Persecuted & Murdered By The Saxon-Aryan Police Murderers!!!) The People Need To See That The GOP Are Not The Same As The Devil-Possessed Blonde-Saxons, And Different Than The Satanic Military & Police --Who Are Hated By Non-Blonde Americans! Gov't Spending Must Be Cut Fairly, Across-The-Board, Cutting Social-Security, Medicare, Military, Police, All Gov't Wages & Pensions, At An Equal Rate --Or It Alienates The GOP From The Poor-- There Are No Sacred Cows. During The 1930's Depression There Were Soup Kitchens, Make-Work-Projects & Flop-Houses: Welfare & Food-Stamps Have Replaced Those Hand-Outs: But There Is A Satanic Meanness By The Blonde Aryans That Is Costing The GOP Popularity!!! Welfare Is A Symptom Of Bad Evil, Satanic Government: We Should Not Blame The Poor Who Are The Victims Of Obama --By Making Only Them Suffer More!!! Obama Spends $$Trillions On QE, Union & Bank Bailouts, Corporate Subsidies And Deficits: Yet We Are Begrudging Poor People $One Measly Billion In Food-Stamps! We Need To Force Blonde-Aryans To Live With And Marry Only Niggers (Who Blondes Believe Are Equal To Them!), And To Subsist On Welfare & Food-Stamps, To See How They Like It!!!].
December 29th, 2013: Phil Robertson Of The A&E Cable Channel Hit Show "Duck Dynasty", Struck Another Blow Against Satan & The Blonde Saxon-Aryans: By Condemning Homosexuals As Sinners; And Saying Blacks Were Better Off Before They Got "Civil Rights" In A GQ Magazine Interview!!! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans (Who Run Our Satanic System) Arranged A Hysterical Campaign To Get Robertson Fired: But A&E & Cracker BarrelBacktracked When They Saw There Were More Supporters Of His Anti-Nigger And Anti-Gay Sentiments, Than There Were Opponents! A Petition To Get Robertson Reinstated Succeeded With Millions Of Signers (Although The SatanicTwitter Company Shutdown The Petition Temporarily, And Rigged The Numbers Of Supporters Downwards: To Deceive Us About How Unpopular Niggers And Gays Really Are! The TV Ratings Of The Show Were Also Rigged Downwards: Because The Blonde System Doesn't Want You To Know How Unpopular They (Blondes) Really Are!) 
December 25th, 2013: In A Huge Rebuke To The 100% Homosexual Blonde Saxon-Aryans: The Ugandan Parliament Has Passed An Anti-Gay Law That Punishes "Aggravated Homosexuality" With Life Imprisonment. The Blonde Saxons Spent Tremendous Resources To Stop This Bill: But It Proves Stanley As The True Pope Of All Catholics Worldwide: Is More Powerful Than Them! Homosexuality Was Always Illegal In Uganda Since British Times: As "Against The Order Of Nature"; But Lawmakers Say That Tougher Measures Are Needed To Deal With Blonde Westerners (Who Are All Homosexuals) Who Were Recruiting Ugandan Children Into Homosexual Lifestyles (Like They Do In American & Canadian Schools With False Propaganda). The Vast Majority Of Ugandans Support This Law: Saying They Have A Right To Protect Their Children. Remember Stanley's Edict: Speaking ex-Cathedra: All Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Homosexuals And Lesbians (Which Is Why They Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!): All Homosexuals Are Pedophiles: All Pedophiles Have Been Molested Themselves As Children And Perpetuate Homosexual-Child-Molestation Until They Are Stopped By Harsh Imprisonment!!! (All Homosexuals Spread The AIDS Virus) Westerners Have Been Duped By The Blondies: Ugandan Africans Have Seen The Truth. Just This June 2013, The Russian Parliament Also Banned Homosexuals From Spreading "Propaganda"; And Reaffirmed Their Support Of Heterosexuality Over Homosexuality. The Tide Is Turning On Homosexuality And Their Promoters: The Blonde Saxon-Aryans! The Saxon-Aryans Are All Possessed By Devils And Worship Satan: They Have Been Leading Everybody Astray: That Is Why They Must Be Destroyed: Everybody Hates The Blonde Saxon-Aryans For Molesting Our Children: But Only Stanley Has The Courage To Promise Them They Will Pay Dearly For Their Crimes!
(2) The Blonde Saxon-Aryan System Arrested And Strip-Searched A Female Indian Diplomat Named Khobragade, In A Saree; For Allegedly Not Filling Out An Accurate Form, On How Much She Pays Her Housekeeper! This Was A Pure Act Of Racism: And Proves How The Satanic Blonde Aryans Hate East-Indians And Love Niggers: Because Of What Their Souls Represent: Goodness And Light: Not Because Of The Color Of Their Skin!!! Stanley Urges East-Indians To Retaliate By Overthrowing The Brahman-Aryan Government In India: Who Have Taken No Action Against The Blonde-Saxons In America, For This Outrage! The Brahman-Aryans Are Puppets That Were Installed Into Power By The British Blo9nde Saxon-Aryans At "Independence" --And Must Be Destroyed! When Your Own Government Is So Satanic And Sycophantic To Saxons, That It Refuses To Stand Up For Its Own Citizens: It Must Be Destroyed! The Aryans Are In A Satanic Conspiracy To Destroy The Human Race Worldwide: We Humans Must All Unite To Destroy Them! For Example: (a) The Prussian Saxon-Aryan Hapsburgs Still Rule Spain & Portugal! (b) The British Secret Police Still Rule France, And Rig The Elections There To Put An Aryan Francois Hollande Into Office! The First Thing Hollande Did Was Ram Homosexuality Down Everyone's Throats In France; He Then Destroyed The Uniquely French School System For Satanism! (c) The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Also Rule America! The Only Solution Is To Follow Stanley To Achieve A True Worldwide Revolution! 
December 15th, 2013: Survivor26 Was The Dullest, Most Predictable & Most Boring Show Ever: The Satanic Producers Again Rigged The Show For The Homosexual Tyson To Win. Tyson Lied To Us That He Loves Rachel: But We Know The Bastard Liar From Previous Seasons: Where He Was A Self-Admitted Avowed Homosexual! This Makes Back-To-Back Rigging Of The Show For Homosexuals To Win: There Is A Horrific Place In Hell Awaiting For Jeff Probst & Mark Burnett! Stanley Has Advised People To Vote The Homosexuals & Niggers, Out First: Yet The Satanic, Stupid Players Refused To Heed His Advice And Let The Homosexuals Lie, Backstab And Bully Their Way To The $Million. Homosexuals, Niggers And Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Evil: They Have No Morals: You Don't Make Deals With Them: They Will Betray You: Just Evict Them!  
December 5th, 2013: The Death Of Nelson Mandela At 95; Proves The Double-Standard For Inferior Race Blacks: Mandela Was A Failure For Black Rule Everywhere: He Presided Over A Satanic South-Africa: Filled With Corruption & Despotism, With Squashing Of Dissent By Murder And ANC Mob Attacks; One-Party Rule, Rigging Of All Elections, Communism, looting of the treasury by top government officials; sky-high unemployment; increasing poverty and homelessness; some of the world’s highest rates of murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, car-jacking; and The World’s Highest HIV/AIDS Infection Rates. South-Africa Is The Murder Capital Of The World, Its Economy Is A Mess, It Is Worse Off For Its Black People Than Under Apartheid! Mandela Was An Avowed Terrorist, Who Got His 27 Year Prison Term For Terrorism Against Innocent Civilians And School-Children; And Clung To Terrorism As A Tactic, Even When Released, In 1990. [Note: It Was Actually Brave Of Mandela To Refuse To Concede Anything To de Klerk, By Renouncing Terrorism; Thus Gaining His Freedom Unconditionally: But He Actually Believed In Terrorism: And Mandela Was Not Brave In The Rest Of His Life. Mandela Was Coddled In Prison: Whereas They Tried To Murder Stanley!] Stanley Hates To Beat His Own Drum: But Stanley Has Been In Prison And Psychiatric Hospital Custody For 34+ Years: Where The Blonde Saxon-Aryan System Have Tried To Murder Him For Every One Of Those Years --But Stanley Is A Human-Being, Of Latin & East-Indian Descent, But It Seems, Humans Are Held To A Higher Standard! Mandela Was An Adulterer And A Criminal, Who Would Have Been In Jail Regardless Of His Political Views. Winnie Mandela Refused To Have Sex With Nelson After He Was Released In 1990: Because He Was Not Much Of A Man: The Only Woman Who Would Have Him, Was An Evil Gold-Digging Graca Machel, Samora's Wife, Who Got Samora Killed By Her Devil Cunt, But She Too Refused To Take Mandela's Name On Marriage, Because He Was Not Much Of A Man, She Had No Respect For Him. Mandela Then Let His Own Wife Winnie, Be Tried Unjustly, And Put In Jail By The Same Satanic Court System That Put Himself In Prison For 27 Years: Proving He Was Not A Man --And Nothing Had Changed-- Except Blacks Have Now Made Things Worse!!! At Least There Was An Opposition Against White Satanic Rule: There Is None Allowed Against Black Satanic Rule (They Murder The Opposition Now)!

November 21st, 2013:
 On The 50th Anniversary Of John F. Kennedy's Death We Must Place Blame And Seek Justice: The CIA, Military, FBI, Vice President L.B.J., The Dallas Police, The Media, And The Blonde Saxon-Aryan System Murdered Our First And Only Catholic President JFK, In Cold Blood, In A Massive Conspiracy, And Must Pay For His Death!!! This Is Why The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas: They Are Evil Devil-Possessed Crazy Satan Worshipers! Kennedy Was Murdered By The CIA Because He Did Not Support Expanding Military Involvement In Vietnam (While LBJ Made A Deal With The Military Chiefs, That He Would Send Millions Of Troops Into Vietnam, If They Murdered Kennedy! LBJ's First Act In Office Was To Sign An Executive Order Sending The First Of Millions Of Troops Into Vietnam: Which Would Result In Millions Of Innocent Viet Civilians Being Senselessly Murdered In A Massive Act Of Genocide!), LBJ Then Reinstated The Federal Reserve Which Had Been Abolished By Kennedy; Secondly, JFK Refused To Send American Air-Power Or Allow The Use Of "Gitmo" Airfields To Support "The Bay Of Pigs", CIA Run, Anti-Castro Invasion, That Failed Disastrously; Thirdly, JFK Vowed "To Break The Back Of The CIA" And Replace It With A Civilian Run Body, Because He Did Not Believe In Murderous Covert Operations, Assassinations, Overthrow Of Foreign Gov'ts, And Secrecy Against The People; Fourthly, JFK Announced He Would Eliminate The "Federal Reserve Bank" And Take Away Its Power To Print Money Backed With Nothing, That Causes Suffering To The People From Relentless Inflation! The Tragedy Is That The American People Were Ignorant Of How Evil The Saxon-Aryans Were: So They Were Able To Get Away With Murder: By A Conspiracy Of Lies, Murders & Cover-Ups; Because The People Didn't Have A Leader, A "Father", A Pope Like Stanley Who Could Inform Them Of The Truth --As They Do Today! Lee Harvey Oswald (Although He Was A CIA Agent As Well, Sent To Russia As A Double-Agent To Spy On Them, And The Cubans.) Was Simply A "Fall Guy", "A Patsy" To Take The Blame, So That The Wider Conspiracy Could Be Concealed. Kennedy Was Assassinated By Other CIA Agents On Top Of The Buildings, The Overpass, The Fence And The "Grassy Knoll" --Not Oswald! Oswald's 25 Year Old, 6.5 mm Carcano Model 91/38 Carbine; Bolt-Action, Italian-Made Rifle, Used "Military Style, "Full Metal Jacket" (FMJ), Rounded-Point, Full Copper-Jacket, "Non-Expandable" Bullets: But We All Saw Kennedy's Brain Explode All Over The Car And Street: Kennedy Was Killed By A "Hollow-Point" Expandable Rifle Bullet: Completely Different In Diameter And Expansion Effect Than Oswald's Bullets: Which Proves Oswald Did Not Kill Kennedy!!! [Note: It Was Mainly Germany In 1899 Under The Hague Treaty: That Got Countries To Sign A Declaration concerning the Prohibition of the Use of Bullets which can Easily Expand or Change their Form inside the Human Body; And Insisted That All Military Bullets Be Non-Expandable, As It Is More Humane! Stanley Believes: Hollow-Point Bullets Should Be Banned Worldwide As Inhumane On Animals As Well As Humans --Kennedy Would Have Had A Fighting Chance Of Survival If The Satanic Sniper Had Used FMJ Bullets Like Oswald Did!! The Carcano Rifle Was Known As A "Humanitarian Rifle" By The Italian Army, Because "It Rarely Killed Anyone" Indicating Oswald Did Not Intend To Kill Kennedy.] Furthermore, The Trajectory Of The Fatal Shot (If Fired From Behind Kennedy, And Exiting From The Right Side Of His Skull -As Hypothesized By The WC.) Would Have To Move From Left-To-Right From Oswald's Frame Of Reference; While Oswald, Allegedly At The 'Texas School Book Depository' (TSBD), Was On Kennedy's Right And Would Have Had His Bullets Necessarily Go "Right-To-Left"; Proving Oswald Could Not Have Fired The Fatal Shot! Newton's Third Law Of Motion: "For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction": Proves That Oswald Could Not Have Killed Kennedy: We Could Clearly See, In The Abraham Zapruder Film, The Momentum Of The First Bullet Jerk Kennedy Violently Backwards, (And Then He Slowly Slumps Forwards & Downwards, By Gravity: When Jackie Unwittingly, Pushed Him Upright: Placing Him Back In The Line Of Fire!) Proving The Bullet Came From The Front (The Railway Underpass); The Fatal Shot Threw Kennedy's Body Violently Leftwards Into Jackie: Proving The Bullet Came From His Forward-Right: From Behind The Stockade Fence! Oswald Risked His Life To Save Kennedey: He Bucked A Conspiracy, While Everyone Else Joined Satan And The Blonde Saxons: He Took The Fall For Kennedy: He Would Never Kill Him! Oswald Said, "No Sir, I Did Not Kill Anybody, I'm Just A Patsy." Geneva White, Oswald's CIA Partner's (Roscoe White's) Wife: Claimed Oswald Was An "Awful Rifleman, And Was Totally Innocent Of All Charges"; (Eyewitnesses Claim Oswald Did Not Shoot Officer Tippit Either, It Was Another CIA Man --Oswald's CIA Buddy, And Dallas Police Officer Roscoe White! It Is Now Established Fact That The Office-Of-Naval-Intelligence-Agent (ONI), CIA-Agent, Dallas Policeman Roscoe White Fired The Fatal Shot That Killed Kennedy & Officer Tippet!!! Both Oswald & White Worked For Office-of-Naval-Intelligence (ONI), And Were Close Friends From Their Marine Days Since 1957; They Were Both Planted Into Positions To Assassinate Kennedy In October 1963 By The Office of Naval Intelligence: (Who Called Kennedy A "Traitor, A Security Risk And Pro-Communist"): Oswald Was Installed Into The TSBD By The ONI, And Roscoe White As A Dallas Police Officer To Give Them "Cover": As Part Of An "Assassination Team" That Included Jack Ruby & Clay Shaw! Roscoe Would Die Under Mysterious Circumstances (Murdered!) In 1971: But His Wife Geneva And Son Ricky Would Find His Journal, Which Finally Revealed Exactly What Happened: JOURNAL Of ROSCOE WHITE: Entry Of: Nov. 22, 1963: “I was Mandarin, the man behind the stockade fence who fired two shots. Lebanon (Oswald) was the man in the Book Depository who fired two shots. Saul was the man in the Records Building (Clay Shaw) who fired two shots.” There Existed Other Assassins Unknown To Roscoe; Nor Was He Privy To The Plans To Set-Up Oswald; But This Info Is From What Roscoe Knew At The Time. "Mandarin’s" (Roscoe White's) spot behind the stockade fence at the crest of the grassy knoll, Covered By Trees, would have been the perfect position for a sniper. From that vantage point a marksman could have picked off the president with Just A Pistol. In Fact: Roscoe Used An Untraceable Italian-Made Vintage, Bolt-Action Mauser 7.65 mm Rifle With Very Pointed Expandable, Soft-Point Bullets, Produced Now As Evidence, By His Son Ricky White: Which Perfectly Explains All The Evidence. Being A Cop Was The Perfect Cover For Roscoe: When The Dallas Police And Spectators Ran To The Location Of The Fatal Shots From Behind The Fence: All Roscoe Had To Do, Was Hide The Rifle, Be In Uniform, Mingle With The Crowd And Show Them His Police Badge!!! In Fact, Roscoe Told His Son Ricky, That, "After He Shot Kennedy, He Handed His Rifle To A CIA Agent, Hurled Himself Over The Fence, Handed His Film To His Sergeant (He Was A Police Photographer), And Resumed His Duties". This Journal Was Confiscated By The FBI: As Has All Evidence Since Nov. 1963, Proving JFK Was Murdered By A Conspiracy By The Blonde Saxon-Aryans --These Confiscations Actually Prove The Conspiracy!! Geneva White Was Told Repeatedly By Roscoe That He Killed Kennedy; And She Overheard Conversations With Jack Ruby, Plotting The Murder Of Kennedy, Proving This Story Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt!!! Geneva White Was A Blond Saxon-Aryan, Who Worked As A Stripper In Jack Ruby's Nightclubs: She Was Racially Part Of The Conspiracy: She Has No Reason To Lie!!! Geneva And Ricky White Are Simple Folk: They Could Not Possibly Invent Such A Story, If They Tried. Geneva & Ricky White, Would Never Implicate Their Own Father & Husband As A Cop Killer And Assassin: Unless It Was TRUE --Especially When So Many Witnesses Were Murdered By The CIA! Oswald And Roscoe Then Walked Away And Met Up Later: But Were Confronted By Tippit On The Street: Who Wanted Oswald Arrested As The Pre-Arranged Patsy: Roscoe Killed Tippit, To Rescue His Arrested Buddy Oswald, Oswald Then Took Tippit's Gun And Shot An Already Dead Tippit, To Show Solidarity With Roscoe, And They Both Ran Away: (Witnesses Saw Two Men Running Away; And A Witness Inside A House Swears Tippit Was Shot By Another Policeman! Two Different Types Of Ammunition Were Found At The Scene: Proving Two Guns Were Used, Yet Only One Gun (Oswald's) Was Accounted For! The Second Gun Was Roscoe's.) But Oswald Got Caught, Roscoe Escaped. Furthermore: When Confronted By Police In The Texas Theater: Oswald Tried To Shoot With The Gun's Safety "On"; Proving That It Was Not His Gun (It Was Tippet's Gun: Thus Oswald Could Not Have Killed Tippet: He Didn't Initially Have A Gun: Roscoe Killed Tippet!) Evidence Was Planted At The Scene Later, And False Eye-Witnesses Used, To Falsely Implicate Oswald Alone! Both Ricky & Geneva White Accept That Roscoe Killed Tippet --Their Own Father! Though the Warren Commission maintained that no shots came from the grassy knoll Or Bridge, dozens of eyewitnesses thought otherwise. So did Sheriff Bill Decker Initially, and so did a number of Dallas policemen Initially, who rushed up the hill immediately after the shots were fired. Almost all of the doctors who worked on the president at Parkland Hospital, thought the Head And Neck wounds Were "Clean" With No Tearing Of The Skin: indicating An "Entry" Wound, Thus The shots Were from the front --Not Exit Wounds.). Oswald Failed His Rifle Training In The Army Three Times: He Was Very Slight Of Build, And Could Not Hold The Heavy Rifle Steady!!! The Claim That Oswald Was A "Marksman" Was A Deliberate Lie: As Oswald's Mother Marguerite Explained, It Was His Entire Marine Company That Won A Collective Marksmen Award As A Team --Not Him Personally! Oswald's Bullets Were Deliberately Fired To Miss: A Hundred Yards Away From The Kennedy Scene At The Bridge Overpass (Where A Bystander Was Grazed), On The Road (Where A Policeman Retrieved It), And Perhaps On Connally, The 'Magic Bullet' Theory Is False! There Were Multiple Bullets, Multiple Assassins And Multiple Bullet Wounds On Kennedy And Connally!). There Was No Autopsy Ever Done On Kennedy: So We Don't Know The Exact Trajectory Of All The Bullets: But Eye-Witness Accounts Swear They Saw (Gun-smoke) And Heard Multiple Shots From The Grassy Knoll, The Stockade Fence & Bridge Overpass; And The CIA Disguised As U.S. Secret Service Men With Top Security Clearance Were Seen Present On The "Grassy Knoll" Scene To Assist In Concealing The Rifles Used, And Would Thus Be Able To Evade Police Custody With These Phony Credentials, Even If Apprehended. Even Kennedy's Own Secret Service Betrayed Him: It Seems His Secret Service Team Were Supposed To Run Beside His Car At Low Speeds: But They Were Told By Walkie-Talkie By The CIA Assassination Coordinators, To "Stand Down"; Just Before The Shots Were Fired! The Fatal Shot Was Likely Fired From The Fence, Just 20 Yards To Kennedy's Forward-Right, At Point-Blank Range; Thus If The Secret Service Men Had Run Alongside, As Dictated By Protocol --His Life Would Be Saved. Kennedy's Own Chauffeur Secret Service Agent William Greer, Was Also Part Of The Conspiracy: Greer Brought The Limo To A Dead Stop, Just Before Turning Onto Elm Street: This Was Supposed To Be The Initial "Kill Zone". But Jackie Was In The Line Of Fire (So The Assassins Had To Wait); Then Greer Deliberately Drove The Limo At A Crawl Pace Down Elm, Waiting & Hoping For Kennedy To Be Killed. After The First Shot: Greer Slammed On The Brakes, Again Bringing The Limo To A Virtual Halt --Leaving Kennedy A Sitting-Duck! Not Until Greer Saw That Kennedy Had Been Fatally Shot, Did He Drive Away!!! The FBI Confiscated And Sealed The Zapruder Film For 12 Years; Until They Were Forced To Release It By The Courts: But They Then Doctored The Film And Released Only A Slow-Motion & Black-And-White Version Of The Film. The Zapruder Film Was Further "Doctored" To Remove The Frames That Showed The Limo Coming To A Complete Stop Twice: At The Turn Into Elm, And Just Before Kennedy Was Fatally Shot: It Was Instead Faked To Show The Car Constantly Moving! This "Kill Zone" Was Blatantly Marked In White Paint On The Curb Of The Road By The CIA: To Show Their Gunmen When To Open Fire!!! We Now Know That The Three "Tramps" Seen Fleeing The "Grassy Knoll", And Initially Arrested And Later Inexplicably Released, Were Indeed CIA Assassins As We Long Suspected: French Author William Reymond Says He's Seen The Original Zapruder Film; Secretly Purchased By CIA Agent H.L. Hunt In 1963: Which Shows Both Shots Coming From The Front! Reymond Says The Middle "Tramp" In The Famous Picture Was "Max" A Former #1 Marksman In The French Army & French Intelligence In 1958, Before Being Recruited By The CIA; Reymond Claims Max Also Hits JFK From Behind The Fence: But His Claim Of A "Max" Hit Is Not Substantiated By Observed Evidence! It Takes A Murderer To Kill Kennedy --Not A Marksman!!! LBJ Was Also Seen On A CIA Walkie-Talkie, He Was Seen Ducking Down In His Seat Just Before The Assassination: It Seems Everyone Was In On The Conspiracy --Except Kennedy And The Non-Blonde-Saxon American People! Thus We Must Conclude: Kennedy Was Caught In A Crossfire From Multiple (Eight Or More) Assassins Atop Adjacent Buildings, The Fence, The Bridge Or Railway Underpass And The Grassy Knoll: Highly Trained To Kill, CIA Marksmen Or Snipers, With Telescopic Lenses --He Never Stood A Chance! The Slain Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit Was Another CIA Agent Assigned To Arrest Oswald Or Kill Him: It Is Highly Suspicious For A Random Cop To Have Picked-Up Oswald So Quickly, Just 45 Minutes After The Assassination, Simply For Walking Down The Street --Unless It Was A Preplanned Conspiracy To Pin The Assassination On Their "Patsy"! We Now Know That Tippet Was A Corrupt Cop And CIA Agent (He Worked In Jack Ruby's Nightclubs And Knew Oswald And Roscoe White By Sight!): Tippit Was Deliberately Driving Outside His Assigned Patrol Area, When He Confronted Oswald --He Had Deliberately Sought Oswald Out!!!! The Reason They Picked-On Oswald To Take The Fall: Was That He Had Told (And Handed A Letter To) FBI Agent James P. Hosty, Outlining The CIA Plot To Murder Kennedy Weeks Before, And Expected Hosty And The FBI To Stop It; Instead Hosty And The FBI, Ratted Oswald Out To The CIA --The CIA Then Saw Oswald As A Security Risk To The Whole Conspiracy --That Had To Be Killed! Jacob "Jack Ruby" Rubenstein Was Another CIA Agent, Assigned To Murder Oswald To Prevent Him From Revealing The Conspiratorial Plot To The Public --Ruby Was In Turn Murdered By Poison In Prison Three Years Later, To Prevent Him From Squealing! Ruby Had Told Many People That He Had Explosive Information On The Assassination; But Was Afraid For His Life If He Talked While In Dallas' Prison! When The Warren Commission Came To Ruby's Prison: Ruby Offered Them A Deal: "He Would Talk, If They Transfered Him To A Prison In Washington; And Ensured His Safety" Ruby Had Become A Prisoner Of The Dallas Police Awaiting His Appeal: He Begged Warren: take Me to Washington With You, "because I want to tell the truth about why my act was committed, but it can't be said here ... my life is in danger here.". Earl Warren Contemptuously Refused, And Threatened Ruby Instead: Telling Him "He Had To Bear The Consequences For What He Says", And That The Commission May Not Believe Him Without Proof Anyway! Just When Ruby Won His Appeal Of The Death Sentence: Had His Conviction Overturned, And A New Trial Set Outside Texas, Where He Could Feel Safe And Expose The Conspiracy: Ruby Was Murdered By Poison-Induced Cancer, On Jan. 3rd, 1967! Warren Was A Devil Possessed Satanic Judge Who Had Rammed Through "Desegregation And Forced Busing" Down Our Throats, So That Niggers Could Fuck White Women: His Sole Objective Was To "Cover-Up" The Conspiracy: His Report Was A Whitewash. Many Of The CIA Agents Involved In The Assassination Were Also Later Themselves Murdered To Retain The Conspiracy: In All Over 250 People Were Subsequently Murdered By The CIA & FBI All To Cover-Up The Conspiracy: Although The Murders Were Meant To Conceal The Conspiracy: Their Sheer Numbers, Would In The End, Prove The Conspiracy!! Of Particular Note Was The Murder Of: Dorothy Kilgallen, a prominent columnist and TV personality On The Game-Show "What's My Line", Her Death On November 8th, 1965; was Falsely ruled a suicide by drug & Alcohol overdose --When It Was Clearly Another CIA Murder! She had just completed a lengthy interview of Jack Ruby in prison and told friends privately that she was about to "break" the JFK case. A Year Earlier, On Aug. 3, 1962, Kilgallen became the first journalist to refer publicly to Marilyn Monroe's relationship with a Kennedy. Within 48 hours, Marilyn was found dead of a drug overdose at her Los Angeles residence. Kilgallen wrote that "the real story hasn't been told, not by a long shot." Such bold reporting was not common in American journalism at that time, Or Even Today. She could not have known that her own life would end under circumstances eerily similar to Marilyn's. [Kilgallen Was Right: Stanley Had Already Reported Below That Marilyn Was Murdered By Psychiatry: A Naked Monroe, (Marilyn Was Naked 24/7, In The Presence Of Her Female Staff --She Was Lesbian, See Gossip Page On Marilyn's Lesbian-Threesome Encounters With JFK!) Had Threatened RFK That She Would Give A Press Conference About Her Affair With JFK, Unless He Agreed To Marry Her; RFK Replied, "Who Do You Think You Are? We Cannot Allow You To Destroy People's Lives!". Monroe Was Then Committed Forcibly By Bobby Kennedy, Peter Lawford And Her Personal Psychiatrists Dr. Khristine Eroshevich And Dr. Ralph Greenson: And Was Inadvertently Murdered By The Psychiatric Ambulance Attendants Who Injected Her With Very Highly Toxic Anti-Psychotic Drugs, That Are Especially Toxic To Non-Schizophrenic, Non-Mentally-Ill, Or Heroin & Narcotic Addicts, Which Monroe Was! Marilyn Died Instantly And Her Naked Body Was Returned To Her Home And Dumped On Her Bed, By The Hospital & Ambulance Attendants. {Note: Psychiatry Is Legally Sanctioned Murder: As The Anti-psychotic Drugs Are Really Poisons, That Murder Thousands Every Year! SeeCrucifixion Of Stanley! The Kennedys Had A Delusional Belief In Psychiatry: JFK's Own Retarded Sister Rose Marie Kennedy Was Given A Quack "Lobotomy" By Psychiatrists That Destroyed Her Life!} Lawford Then Ransacked The House, Confiscating Marilyn's Diary, And All Links To JFK. J. Edgar Hoover Had Had Marilyn's House Bugged To The Hilt: He Thus Knew Everything That Happened: Hoover Then Used This Incident To Blackmail JFK Into Keeping Him In Office. Had Hoover Been Fired: JFK Would Have Got The Warning Of The CIA Plot On His Life From Oswald, Relayed To Him --And It Would Have Saved His Life! Bad Karma For The Satanic Marilyn's Death Would Befall The Kennedy Clan: RFK's Son David, Would Also Be Murdered By Psychiatry: David, Like Marilyn, Was A Cocaine Drug Addict Too, Who Died Instantly When Forcibly Given Anti-psychotic Medications In 1985! Bobby & John Would Both Die Violent Deaths As Well. The Kennedys Suffered From The Weakness Of Not Being Able To Control Their Dicks: Because Of A Garbage Religion. Only The Practice Of Hinduism-Yoga Gives Human Men Control Of Their Sex Urges: Which Would Have Saved Kennedy's Life-- Because He Was Having Adulterous Sex With Blonde Aryans, The Very Race That Was Plotting To Murder Him!!! We Now Know That Even Eldest Son Joe Jr. Kennedy Was Murdered By The U.S. Military In 1944: They Deliberately Sent Him On A Suicide Mission To Murder Him. Joe Jr. Was Being Groomed By His Father Joe Sr. To Become President Of The U.S.A.; The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Knew This And Thus Preemptively Murdered Him! The Blonde-Saxons Allowed John To Become President, Only Because They Thought He Was A Playboy, That They Could Easily Control! Patriarch Joe Sr. Had Sex With Blond-Blue-Eyed Rose; John Had Sex With Marilyn And Numerous Blonde-Aryans, Bobby Had Sex With Blonde Ethel Skakel, Ted Had Sex With Joan Bennett, John-John Kennedy Jr. Had Adulterous Sex With Actress Daryl Hannah While Married To Poor Carolyn Bessette: All Blonde-Aryans! These Blonde-Aryan Wives Were Possessed By Devils And Murdered The Unsuspecting Kennedys From Within --Why Did The Saxon-Aryans Want To Murder The Kennedys?: Because The Kennedys Were America's Royal Family: Until Stanley Came Along And Became KING! Under Stanley's Influence: The Patriarch Of The Kennedys: Ted Kennedy Finally Broke The Satanic Hold Of The Blonde-Aryans On The Kennedys, By Marrying Victoria Anne Reggie On July 3rd, 1992; Reggie Was Dark Eyed, Brown Haired And Of Lebanese Catholic Descent. The Death Knell For Blonde Satanic Saxon-Aryans In America Had Begun!] Just Weeks Before Irishwoman Kilgallen Was Murdered: One of the biggest scoops of Kilgallen's career came when she obtained the 102-page transcript of Ruby's testimony to the Warren Commission (WC). Readers were shocked at the hopelessly inept questioning of Ruby by Chief Justice Earl Warren, and by Warren's failure to follow up on the leads Ruby was feeding him. Attorney Melvin Belli called Dorothy's scoop "the ruin of the Warren Commission." The FBI Threatened Kilgallen For The "Source" Of The Classified "Top-Secret" Ruby Transcript; But She Replied, "I Would Never Give Up My "Source", If You Killed Me." [Click=>From The Book By Sara Jordan, "Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen":] Dorothy also approached one of Jack Ruby's lawyers, Joe Tonahill. Surprisingly, Ruby agreed to talk with her. Tonahill Says, "This interview with her was a very significant point in his classless life,". He affirmed that Ruby "cooperated with her in every way that he could, and told her the truth as he understood it. It was just a very agreeable conversation between them. I just can't understand people doubting the sincerity of that interview." From Ruby, Kilgallen Obtained Leads To Key Witnesses In New Orleans, La., Who Would Break The Conspiracy Wide-Open: "Her hairdresser, Charles Simpson, recalls That Two Weeks Before She Was Murdered By The CIA, "She even of her own volition...'I used to share things with you...but after I have found out now what I know, if the wrong people knew what I know, it would cost me my life.' " Kilgallen Had Broken The Conspiracy Wide-Open; But The CIA, FBI & Police Murdered Her Before She Could Publish The Book--Her Manuscript Then Mysteriously Disappeared!!! As For Oswald: After Being Shot, Oswald Was Then Forcibly Tranquilized, But He Did Not Die From The Gunshot By Ruby, (Oswald Was Hit Three Inches To The Left Of His Bellybutton, With The Bullet Traveling Sideways Leftwards, Away From His Body, Missing All Vital Organs. It Was A Non-Fatal Injury.) He Died By The Ambulance Attendants' Hands (A Plain-Clothes Police Officer & A CIA Agent) Who Deliberately, Aggressively Massaged His Heart And Repeatedly Re-Opened His Bleeding Wound To Make Him Bleed To Death, While In The Ambulance!!! The Ambulance Was Lying In Wait Inside The Dallas Police Station: Before Oswald Was Shot!!! Proving His Real Assassins Were In The Ambulance --Not Jack Ruby! This Ambulance & Doctors Method Of Death Was Also Used On Princess Diana: Who Did Not Die In The Intentional Car Crash Either, And Was Not Seriously Injured! Diana Refused Care By The British-French Secret Police Ambulance Attendants And Screamed At Them To Leave Her Alone (Which Was Her Right! Diana Had An Instinct That The Doctors Had Come To Murder Her --Not Help Her! In France Almost All Healthcare Is Run By Their Satanic Government! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Possessed By Devils: They Rule France Through The British Secret Police: They Want To Murder All Of Us: If We Give Them That Power They Will Murder Us --Like They Did Diana!) So Diana Was Brutally, Illegally And Forcefully Tranquilized Into Unconsciousness,And Given Drugs To Increase Her Blood Circulation & Pressure, While Decreasing Blood Clotting: To Make Her Bleed Faster, She Was Then Manhandled Into The Ambulance By French-British MI6 (Secret Police) To Be Murdered! Diana Was Later Murdered By The French MI6 Ambulance Attendants And French Doctors That Aggressively Tried To Make Her Bleed To Death From Minor Wounds; And Then Inflicted The Mortal Wound By Drugs That Induced Her Heart To Stop Beating & Surgery --When She Just Wouldn't Die! Our Diana Was A Tough Old Lady!!![Click=>Autopsy Report Of Diana Spencer.] The Surgeon In The Hospital Severed Her Pulmonary Vein, Let Her Bleed To Death; Then He Sutured It Back Up! (This Is Why We Don't Want Government Running Our Health Care! We Can All Be Murdered By Doctors, On Orders From The State: Like Diana Was! Like The Jews Were!) It Took Less Than Five Minutes To Get (MI6) Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones To The Same Hospital, Yet They "Worked On" Diana In The Ambulance For Two Hours To Ensure She Would Die! The Ambulance Bypassed Several Major Emergency Care Hospitals: Choosing To Take Diana To A Tiny "Nun's Hospital" Controlled By British MI6 --So They Could Murder Her There! Diana Needed To Be Murdered By British Security Forces MI6, MI5, French Police, Scotland Yard, & Medical Surgeons; Because She Was Most Likely Pregnant, And Her Heir Would Have A Non-Saxon-Aryan Claim To The Currently Satanic British Windsor Throne Or They Wanted Her Out Of Her Sons' Lives!!! LBJ's Biggest Accomplishment Was Satanic: The "Civil Rights Act" And Massive Welfare & U.I.; And Massive Inflation From Printing Money And Removal Of The Gold Standard: The Advancement Of Blacks Has Always Been At The Expense Of Humans And Of God!!! There Was A Massive Satanic Conspiracy By The Blonde Saxon-Aryans To Murder The Leaders The American People Loved (JFK & Diana) That Is Why We Must Exterminate Them From America, To Finally Get Justice For Kennedy! When You Murder Our Camelot And Our Princess: There Must Be Justice: For Without Justice Your Soul Can Never Be Free: Your Soul Can Never Find Peace: In Kennedy's & Diana's Cases There Hasn't Been Justice: And Only Stanley The King Can Bring The People Justice: And That Is Why The King Is So Important To The People: For Only He Can Set You Free.

November 7th, 2013: In A Satanic Fallout Of Giving The Satanic Gov't And "Modern Medicine" Total Monopolistic Control Of Our Human Health: Satanism Strikes Its First Quackery To Murder Ignorant Americans! "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is beginning a process to ultimately ban the use of artificial trans fat in processed foods, saying the fats are no longer "generally recognized as safe" for consumption. Although There Is No Timeline Set". This Is A Direct Attack Against The Vegan Diet: Which Is The Only Real Cure For The Pandemic Of Heart-Attacks, Diabetes & Strokes That Is Decimating Americans Today!!! The Satanic FDA Mentions Nothing About Cholesterol And Trans Fats Found In Animal Meat & Milk Products: Which Is The Real Killer Of Humans! Faulty, Anecdotal Studies Falsely Linked Partially Hydrogenated (P.H.) Trans Fats With An Increase In LDL Cholesterol In The Blood: Yet It Has Never Been Shown That PH Trans Fats Directly Cause Death Or Heart Disease! The Increase In LDL Cholesterol Was Because PH Trans Fat Is An Emulsifier That Dissolves Harmful Cholesterol Plaque In The Arteries, Making It More Detectable For Testing, And Making The LDL Cholesterol Seem To Have Increased: But It Was The Plaque Deposits That Were Already Present In The Arteries From Animal Origin, That They Were Detecting! [For Example: Soap Is An Emulsifier That Dissolves Dirt And Grease When Washing: But It Would Be Fallacious To Claim That Soap Causes An Increase In Dirt! But This Is Exactly What Satanic Quack Modern Medicine Is Lying! Further Proof: The Fact That Only Partially Hydrogenated PH Trans Fat Causes An Increase In LDL Cholesterol, (And Not Fully Saturated Trans Fats) Is Because They Have Greater Emulsifying Properties Than Fully Saturated Oils: i.e. It Has A Liquid Lipid Portion And A Saturated Solid Portion: The Lipid Portion Keeps It Dissolved In The Blood's Lipid Proteins, While The Solid Portion Dissolves Cholesterol Plaque! Just Like The Emulsifier Soap Has A Glycerol-OH Component That Keeps It Disolved In Water, And A Fatty-Acid Component That Disolves Grease. Thus This Explains Fully, Why This LDL Increase Is Observed.] Thus Trans Fats Are  Actually Good For You!!! While It Has Been Proven That Cholesterol, Which Is Only Found In Animal Products, Does Cause Heart-Attacks And Early Death! Vegans & Vegetarians Have A Very Low Incidence Of Heart Disease, And Live Longer Than Meat Eaters! Vegans Need Fully & Partially Hydrogenated PH Trans Fats For Certain Baked Goods Like Pie Crusts, French Fries, Margarines & Pastries: Otherwise We Will Have To Starve: Or Eat Poor Quality Tasteless Food! This Ban Is An Act Of Murder In The First Degree: Because The FDA Is Banning Vegan Diets And Forcing Americans To Eat Only Meat & Milk Products: Which Will Kill Them!!! Not Many Years Ago Stanley Had Almost No Food He Could Eat In A Grocery Store Or Restaurant, Because They All Contained: Lard, Beef Tallow, Butter, Gelatin Or Milk! The Introduction Of Trans Fats, Soy Milk, Algae & Sea-Weeds Were A Revolution In Our Food Supply And Resulted In A Marked Improvement In Human Health, And A Marked Decline In Heart-Attacks & Strokes! The Satanic FDA Is Trying To Force Us To Go Back To Eating Deadly Cholesterol Laced Animal Products All Over Again!!! This Is Why Obamacare Must Be Destroyed: Because It Takes Away All Choice In The Type Of Healthcare We Want: Yoga Medicine: Vegan Diets And Fasting & Purging Based Medicine! The Lies Being Told To Americans: Is That Modern Medicine Is Scientific: It Is Devil Possessed, Biased & Satanic: And A Deliberate Attempt To Destroy Human Health And Deliberately Desecrate The Human Body With Quack Operations! The Fundamental Difference Between Quack Modern Medicine And Yoga Medicine, Is That: Yoga Medicine Believes In The Soul, Spirit In The Body And In God, Karma & The DAma: While Satanic Blonde Saxon-Aryan Medicine Believes There Is No Soul: That The Body Is A Machine Like A Robot!!! People Are Dying Because Of This Quackery: Wake Up Americans And Fight ObamaCare!!!

November 6th, 2013: New Proof That Yasser Arafat Was Murdered With polonium-210 By Israel: The first forensic tests on samples taken from Yasser Arafat's corpse have shown unexpectedly high levels of radioactive polonium-210, suggesting the Palestinian leader could have been poisoned with the rare and lethal substance.

The Swiss scientists who tested Arafat's remains after the exhumation of his body in November 2012 discovered levels of polonium at least 18 times higher than usual in Arafat's ribs, pelvis and in soil that absorbed his bodily fluids.

The Swiss forensic report was handed to representatives of Arafat's widow, Suha Arafat, as well as representatives of the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday. A copy of the report was obtained exclusively by the al-Jazeera TV network, which shared it with the Guardian before publication.

The Swiss report said that even taking into account the eight years since Arafat's death and the quality of specimens taken from bone fragments and tissue scraped from his body and shroud, the results "moderately support the proposition that the death was the consequence of poisoning with polonium-210".

Suha Arafat said the evidence in the report suggested that her then healthy 75-year-old husband, who died in 2004 four weeks after he first fell ill following a meal, was almost certainly murdered by poisoning. She told al-Jazeera: "This is the crime of the century. "Arafat died in a French military hospital on 11 November 2004,. He had been transferred there from his headquarters in the West Bank after his health deteriorated over weeks, beginning with severe nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea around four hours after eating dinner on 12 October, Then progressed to renal & liver failure. French doctors have said he died of a massive stroke and had suffered from a blood condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation, or DIC. But the records were inconclusive about what brought about the DIC. No autopsy was carried out. The Russian Tests Were Inconclusive & Deceptive Because They 
Had Murdered Alexander Litvinenko The Same Way In 2007!

The Horrific Nature Of This Death, Distinguishes This As A Crime Against Humanity: And Israel Must Be Made To Hand Over The Guilty Parties For Trial! The Then PM Ariel Sharon And His Aides Must Also Be Held Responsible For Genocide & War Crimes, And Tried! All Human-Beings Must Show Revulsion And Approbation For Israel's Genocidal Acts: The World Has Banned The Use Of Nuclear Weapons: Yet Israel Is Using Nuclear Weapons To Murder Individuals!! Palestinians Must Obey Stanley If They Want Their Freedom: (a) Demand A ONE STATE SOLUTION, For one man, one vote; And The Right Of Return For All Refugees; (b) Stop All Peace Negotiations With Israel: Would You Denigrate Arafat's Memory By Negotiating With His Murderers??? (c) Stop Working For Israelis Or For Israel: Satyagraha Means Boycotting Evil! Not Working As Their Slaves! (d) Ask Israeli Palestinians To Engage In A War Of Wrecking, Sabotage And Mayhem (But No Deliberate Terrorist Acts On Civilians) See Click=>"Declaration of War"!

(2) The Proof Obama Is A Homosexual Psychopath: "President Obama was overheard bragging to administration aides about his ability to kill people with drones, a new book about the 2012 campaign season that’s due for release on Tuesday claimed.The president’s specific words: I’m “really good at killing people,” authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann write in “Double Down: Game Change 2012,” Mr. Obama’s reported statement comes at a time of increasing criticism for his use of drones in Pakistan and Yemen. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London reports that Mr. Obama has given approval for 326 drone strikes. And since 2004, drones have killed between 2,500 and 3,600 — 950 of whom are considered civilians, the organization claims."
Proving Obama Would Think Nothing About 
Murdering His Choirboy Homosexual Lovers To Cover-Up His Faggotness.

(3) TSA Agent Gerardo Hernandez 39, Was Singled Out For Being A TSA Agent, And Shot Dead By The 23-year-old Paul Ciancia Who walked into LAX, pulled out an assault rifle and opened fire. It Is A Reminder To The System That We Are In A WAR! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Have An Undeclared War On The People: The People Have The Right To Carry Arms: And They Are Fighting Back! Hey "Blondies": Rigging Elections For Niggers And Ramming Obamacare Down Our Throats Have Consequences! People Need To Understand That Unless We Overthrow The System By Force: Little Will Change! Civil Disobedience, Boycotts, Rioting: Are The Only Way! Plus Vegan Diets, Fasting & Purging! 
(4) The GOP Need To Understand That Elections Alone Will Not Get Them Into Power: Because The Elections Are Rigged: See How Evil Liberals Romney And Satanic Chris Christie Are Winning, When All True Conservatives, The Traditional True Leaders Of Other Republicans Hate Them As Sellouts! The GOP MUST Shutdown Gov't, Defund Obamacare, & Refuse To Raise The Debt Ceiling Until Obama Caves! The Reason The GOP Lost: Is That They Caved: Based On Rigged "Polls". The Shutdown Should Last At Least Three Months To Be Effective: And When The Hysteria Gets The Loudest Is When We Must Most Ignore It!!! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Within The Republican Party Are Traitors (John McCain & Lindsay Graham) We Need To Drum Them Out Of The Party! John Boehner Needs To Develop A Backbone Or Resign!

October 29th, 2013: Scandal: Niggers In The White House Breed Chicago Style Corruption: It Seems Michelle Obama Gave A Cozy, No-Bid, Corrupt, Cronyistic $678 Obamacare Website Contract To Her Nigger College Friend Toni Townes-Whitley Who Was A Senior Executive At CGI: This Corruption Is The Root Cause Of The Disastrous Failure Of The Website Launch, And Exemplifies The Incompetence Of The Nigger Obama Gov't. "
After Obama announced that the best and brightest would be called in to fix the debacle, many wondered why the best and brightest weren’t called upon to build the $678 million website in the first place. Here’s their answer: Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned theno-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company. Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni. CGI Federal is a subsidiary of Montreal-based CGI Group. With offices in Fairfax, Va., the subsidiary has been a darling of the Obama administration, which since 2009 has bestowed it with $1.4 Billion in federal contracts, according to While Under Former President G.W. Bush CGI Received Only $16.5 Million In Contracts! George Schindler, CGI Group president for U.S. and Canada, became an Obama 2012 campaign donor after his company won the ObamaCare contract, a Corruption pattern we've seen in green-energy stimulus money going to companies like Solyndra --That Later Kick-Backed The Money To The Obama Campaign & The Democratic Party. The DOJ Brings Punitive Harassment Charges Against Those That Didn't Contribute To Obama's Campaign! What do you get when you mix cronyism and corruption with Affirmative Action? Whatever it is, you don’t want it running your government — or your healthcare system. --From Moonbattery" Obama Had Stated: "If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it; because Obamacare will grandfather your plan, to be exempt from the new costly "mandates". Obama Has Now Broken That Promise By Imposing Strict Regulations That Make It Difficult To Keep His Promise: Obama And His Satanic Advisors Are Showing Total Contempt For The People: By Blatantly Breaking Campaign Promises Yet Again: They Have Decided They Need The Revenues: And They Need To Bleed Individual Insurers, As A Satanic Unfair Punitive Measure --And They Don't Give A Damn About People's Suffering!!! Obama Has Lied To The American People Repeatedly: About His "Original" Birth Certificate (He Still Has Refused To Produce It!), About Fast & Furious (He Invoked Executive Privilege!), About Benghazi (He Blamed It On A YouTube Video!), About Taking Bribes From Tony Rezko, He Was Caught On Tape Offering A Bribe To Gov. Blagojevich, But Only Blago Went To Jail; Bribing Joe Sestak, Lied About His Connections To ACORN, Lied About Knowing Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers Who Actually Wrote Obama's Plagiarized Book, Lied About His Adoption By Indonesian Muslim Lolo Soetoro Which Made Him A Muslim, Lied About His Indonesian Citizenship, Which Makes Him Ineligible For President; Obama Also Was Complicit In The Murders Of His Choirboy Homosexual Lovers (Donald Young, Larry Bland, Nate Spencer) To Cover-Up His Homosexuality! Obama Has Lied And Committed Crimes So Many Times And Gotten Away With It, That He Has Become Totally Cynical Of The Integrity Of The Office And Of Upholding Any Standards Of Conduct! Yet Each One Of His Lies & Crimes Is An Impeachable Offense!!! Stanley As The True King Tells The People To Boycott All Obamacare: Refuse To Pay Any Fines: And Remember That Emergency Care Is Always Free, Because It Is A Right! Not A Handout, And This Right Is Mandated By Law! Obamacare Is A War On The Poor, The Young, The Morally Good, And The Healthy: Who Are Being Forced To Pay For The Rich, The Evil (Who Get Sick Because Of Their  Bad Karma), And The Old (Who Have Bankrupted Us And Saddled Us With A Blonde Saxon-Aryan Satanic System Of Gov't: That We Will Have To Destroy!). Obama Is Merely A Puppet Of The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Who Rigged The Election To Put The Incompetent, Homosexual Psychopath, Constitutionally Ineligible, Dumb Nigger Into Power: The Saxons Are Trying To Implement A Satanic Scheme To Force Satanic Quack Medicine On Us By Creating A Monopoly On Healthcare For Satan, And Forcefully Give  Total Control Of Our Bodies To Satan: But They Also Want To Force You To Pay For It! Yoga Medicine Cannot Compete Fairly, As Long As Taxpayers Are Forced To Spend $Trillions To Pay For This Quackery! The Fundamental Battle With Gov't Control Of Health Care: Is To Have The Choice Of The Type Of Medical Care You Receive!!! The Satanic Saxon System Simply Used Obama To Force Americans To Accept Satanic Modern Medicine As The Only Choice Of Healthcare: By Massive Gov't Tax Money, Now They Want To Force You To Pay For It As Well, To Make It A Bigger Monopoly! Previously We Still Had The Choice Of Putting Our Money Into Yoga Medicine (Fasting Based) Instead! For Example: We Know Nuclear Radiation Causes Cancer & Birth Defects: But Satanic Medicine Covers Up This Fact; Immunizations Cause Autism In Children: Yet Modern Medicine Refuses To Accept This Fact; Eating A Vegan Diet And Fasting Cures All Heart Disease, Yet Modern Medicine Forces You To Undergo Quack Surgery As The Only Option; They Force You To Take Drugs That Have Serious Side-Effects: The Litany Of Hospital Horror Stories Cause Millions Of Deaths Every Year! Catholic Americans Who Don't Believe In Abortion Or Birth-Control Will Now Be Forced To Pay For Other People's Abortions And Birth-Control! Poor People, & Third-World People Are Now Being Forced Or Coerced Into Giving Up Their Organs To Rich Americans! Etc.
October 9th, 2013: Stanley As The True King Of Canada And The True Pope And FATHER Of Catholics Worldwide: Stanley Is Making A Royal Decree: With Added Power Of Divine Infalibility [NOTE: The Roman Catholic Church teaches that the pope is infallible when he speaks from his position of authority on a particular issue or doctrine (speaking ex cathedra). Stanley As The True Pope Of The Catholic Church And The Catholic People: Asserts Supreme Divine Infallibility, And Declares Himself To Be Supreme In Matters Of LAW, Religion, Faith And Morals: And His Authority Supersedes Any Other Teachings (Past Or Present) That Are Contrary To Stanley's!!! In Particular The Teachings Of: Abraham: Who Was Fucking Concubines, Hagar, He Bore Children With Them, Ishmael, And Then Banished Ishmael & Hagar To The Desert To DIE, On His Dominating Wife, Sarah's Orders; He Sacrificed Sheep And Children To His God Yahweh: Surely The Guy Is A Totally Barbaric Sheep-Herder. Jesus: Was A Homosexual, Fucked Prostitutes, Was A Coward, Who Denied He Was The King Of The Jews, Then Lied About His Death On The Cross. Mohamed: Who Also Fucked Prostitutes, Was A Certifiably Crazy Madman, Who Admitted Hearing Voices: Massacred Millions Of People In The Name Of Allah, And Is The Founder Of Terrorism! Stanley Is Clearly Far Above These Weak, Inadequate, Crazy Prophets That Have Led Many People Astray --Why Would You Want To Follow These Bums Over Stanley?] Stanley Needs To Reiterate That All Non-Consensual (Sexual Consent Is Required) "Spanking" Of Children Is Always Child-Abuse, Sexual Assault & Statutory Rape: "The 6th District Court of Appeal in San Jose reversed the child abuse determination made by the Santa Clara County Department of Social Services. Social workers wanted to report Vernica Gonzalez to the state Department of Justice's child abuse database with a "substantiated" abuse determination. That determination was upheld by a trial court judge. But An Evil Misguided Three-Judge Panel Said: "Nothing in the record suggests the mother should have known she was inflicting bruises," Justice Conrad Rushing wrote for the unanimous three-judge panel. Rushing continued that "the spanking was entirely the product of a genuine and deliberate disciplinary purpose, i.e., to arrest troubling behavior patterns exhibited by the daughter." ". These Satanic Judges Are Advocating The Type Of Barbaric "Spanking" Child-Sexual-Abuse That Created Monster Child-Molesters Like Michael Jackson: Who Was Spanked By His Parents. Jodi Arias Murdered Her Boyfriend And Became A Lesbian Because Her Mother Would Deliberately Sexually Assault Her Through Spanking! Spanking Is Always A Sexual Act: Never An Act Of Discipline!!! The Satanic Judges Failed To Heed The Large Body Of Evidence: That Children Who Are Spanked Become Child-Molesters, Rapists And Homosexuals: In A Satanic Cyclical Manner: And Then Sexually Molest Other Children!!! The Evil Money-Grubbing Jackson Family Just Lost A $$Multimillion Dollar Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Concert Promoter AEG: The Jury Ruled That Michael Was Solely Responsible For The Hiring Of Dr. Conrad Murray! The Jackson Family Who Sexually Molested Their Children Through "Spanking"; Are Ultimately Responsible For Michael's Pedophilia Against Hundreds Of Boys!!! Spanking Has Rightfully Been Outlawed In America And Canada --This Satanic Three-Judge-Panel Is Seeking To Make Us Go Backwards To Pedophile Priests In The Church, And The Legalization Of Homosexuals And Child-Rapists In Our Society!!! These Evil Satanic Judges Have Illegally, Unconstitutionally, Satanically, Usurped God-Like Power Over Us Without Any Recourse For The People: They Must & Will Be Brought To Justice!!!
September 18th, 2013: Andy Herren, The Evil Blonde Saxon-Aryan Homosexual Won A Satanically Rigged BB15, GinaMarie Zimmerman Got $50,000, And Elissa Reilly Slater (Rachel Reilly's Sister, Winner Of BB13, Who Now Writes For =>OK! Magazine: Rachel Is 10 Times The Player Elissa Will Ever Be!) Won The $25,000 --In The Worst Season Ever!!! Amanda Zuckerman Proved Once Again That Jews Are An Inferior Race: Stanley's Cardinal Rule Of Reality Shows Is: Never Trust A Homosexual, A Nigger, Or A Blonde Saxon-Aryan; Or Make Alliances With Them: They Are All Possessed By Devils, With Dual Personalities, And Will Always Lie To You, Then Backstab And Betray You At The End! Corrine Kaplan Of Survivor26, (See Review Below) Another Jew, Also Trusted Blonde Saxon-Aryan Dawn Meehan, And Homosexual John Cochran, And Destroyed Her Alliance. The Jews Are An Inferior Race, Because They Are Incapable Of Learning From Their Mistakes: After Thousands Of Years! [Mike Boogie Malin's & Dr. Will Kirby's Secret Strategies For Winning Big Brother: (1) Make A Secret Showmance Alliance Until Final Two; A Showmance Is Not Simply About Sex: It Is About Loyalty, Love, Faithfulness, Trust, Commitment & Strategy: GinaMarie Never Had Sex With Nick Uhas, Yet Her And Nick Had The Strongest Alliance In The House, Till Final Two; While McCrae Had Sex, Yet Betrayed Amanda At Every Turn! (The Showmance Should Remain Secret To Avoid Making Yourselves A Big Target. Try And Keep Everything Secret From The DR As Well: Because The DR Is Rigging The Show Against The Good Guys, In Favor Of Evil People! Amanda Lost Because She Couldn't Grasp That The DR Was Rigging The Show Against Her!); (2) Make A Final Two Or Four "Bros" Alliance, With Side-Alliance Showmances: Bros Before Whores; (3) Make New Individual Alliances With Bigger Targets Than Yourself, Who Are On The Block, And Keep Them In The Game!; (If Amanda Had Saved Jeremy, Jessie, Howard, Judd, Or Aaryn From The Block, And Saved Them: They Would Have Become Fervently Loyal To Her: Unlike False Allies: Andy & Helen; Who Were Trying Repeatedly To Evict Her! Howard Even Told Her He Wanted To "Fuck Her Up The Arse" And Begged Her To Save Him Over Candice --Amanda Recoiled In Horror, And Complained To The DR: The DR Showed Racial Bias By Concealing This Unwanted Sexual Harassment, Fact From The Public, To Protect Their Nigger Howard --They Never Tried To Protect Amanda, Instead They Vilified Her.The DR Were Trying To Promote A Lie That Howard & Candice Were In A Nigger Showmance: But It Was Clear That Howard Lusted After Amanda --Not Nigger Candice! But Flirting Is A Good Way To Gain Allies: Amanda Should Have Kept Howard In The Game, And Used Him As A Go Boy --But Stanley Does Not Approve Of Interracial Sex! Amanda Never Tried To Gain Allies, Or Be Diplomatic: Not Understanding That The Allies She Had (Andy, Helen) Were Satanically Evil!) (4) Play A Decent Honorable Game: Do Not Betray, Lie Or Backstab, (Except To Evil Satanic Players Who Backstab Others) Bad Karma Is Always Bad For Your Game! (5) Never Ever "Throw" Competitions, Winning Allows You To Make Deals & Alliances With Enemy Players; But You Must Use Your HOH To Evict Evil Homo Or Nigger Players --Don't Waste An HOH Like Judd Did; You Always Make More Friends Than Enemies By Winning Comps; (When McCrae Threw The Wk8 HOH To "3AM" Ally Aaryn: Aaryn Betrayed Amanda And Tried To Evict Her: And Turned GinaMarie Against McCranda As Well --Costing Them The Game!) (6) Dr. Will Would Go On A Fast For At Least One Day/ Week: It Is Vital To Be Able To Fast & Purge To Gain Mental Discipline, & Overcome The Poisoning Of The Food In The Satanic BB House!; (7) It Is Necessary To Exercise Daily, Like Rachel Reilly, Winner Of BB13 Would Jog Around The Yard Daily (Amanda & McCrae Lost Because They Refused To Exercise --While Satanists Helen & Andy Did.) (8) Nicole Marie Nilson Schaffrich (Dr. Will's Showmance BB2): Was A Vegan: This Gave Her A Huge Advantage Over Other House-Guests: Religiously Observed Diet Discipline Is Vital To Winning BB!!! So Too Is No Smoking, No Alcohol, & No Drugs: Which Impairs Judgment; Most HG's Get Evicted Because They Get Drunk, While The Sober Evil Players Are Staying Up All Night Plotting To Evict Them.] After Playing A Flawless Game By Evicting Niggers Howard & Candice: Amanda's Game Started To Breakdown Week5 After Being Poisoned By BB And Put On The Block By A Rigged "America Votes" MVP "Twist": The Poison Affected Her Brain, And Caused Amanda To Blow Up On Jessie For Innocently Passing On Howard's & Candice's Plot To Evict Amanda To Andy, For Comment: Jessie Was Amanda's Closest Ally Up To That Point, Amanda Should Have Calmly Tried To Patch Things Up By Asking Jessie For An Explanation! Instead Amanda Believed A Lying Evil Spencer's-Shit-Eating Faggot Andy, Over Jessie! The Plot Was Howard's And Candice's Not Jessie's --As Andy Lied To Amanda! Andy Also Lied To Amanda About Judd Plotting With Howard & Candice To Evict Amanda --Causing The Distrust Of Judd That Would Cost Amanda The Game! Spencer, Helen, Andy, Candice, Howard & The Entire BB Production Team Were Already Coming After Amanda --Unbeknownst To Her: She Didn't Need More Enemies: Based On Andy's Lies! McCrae Could See That Amanda Was Having A "Breakdown" Week5, And Should Have Stepped In And Taken Charge Of Game Decisions: But He Was Too Pussy To Save His Lover Amanda From Game Suicide Or Harakiri: By Screaming At Jessie! Had McCrae Taken Charge, Controlled Amanda And Her Mouth: McCranda Would Have Won The Game! A Woman Is Not Meant To Lead: But Evil McCrae Would Wimp Out Time And Time Again, And Betray Amanda By Not Intervening Or Lifting A Finger To Help Her: The Entire Season. McCrae Was Toxic To Amanda's Game, He Contributed Nothing, Throwing All Comps, Floating On Her Back, Hoping She Would Get Evicted, Told The DR He Wanted Out Of The Showmance --And Then He Totally Betrayed Her! Amanda Says She Was Sexually Abused As A Child By "A Family Member": This Explains Her Aggressive, Unfeminine, Butch, Lesbian Behavior, And Preference For Pussy Weak Men Like McCrae --Instead Of Strong Dominant Men. Women Should Never Have Sex With Pussies: And Only Make Love To Dominant Men: Who Have Proven A Will To  Fight For Themselves And For Her --McCrae Was A Total Pussy, A "Meth" Drug Addict, A Pizza Boy (Who Will Always Be A Pizza Boy), Who Refused To Ever Defend Himself Nor Amanda!!! Amanda's & McCrae's (McCranda's) Biggest Mistake Of The Game Was Evicting Judd Dougherty In Week6: Because She Believed Helen's Lies That He Was MVP, And He Was Forming A "Brigade" Boys Alliance! In Fact It Was Judd Who Had Just Saved Amanda's Life Week6, By Refusing Helen's & Jessie Kowalski's Plot To Evict Amanda --On The Block Yet Again, As A BB Producer Rigged, MVP Nomination. Amanda Was In Total Denial Against The Reality Of Evil, She Had A Mental Block, Against Ever Believing Certain People (Homosexuals, Blonde Saxon-Aryans Who Have Murdered Millions Of Jews, Certain Races) Are Always Evil: She Refused To Believe Judd When He Told Her Helen Wanted Her Evicted: She Could Never Conceive That The Entire Production Staff Wanted Her Evicted: Even Though Helen, Howard, Candice, Elissa, Andy & Jessie Were Being Called To The DR Five Times A Day (To Plot Against Amanda) While The Producers Never Spoke Game To Amanda; She Refused To Ever Accept That Saxon-Aryan Homosexuals Like Andy & Spencer Are Congenitally Evil --Just Like The Jews Walked Unawares Into The Ovens! The Jews Have A Fixed Belief System: That Cannot Accommodate The Truth! She Knew That Everything She Said Was Getting Out To Helen & Candice: But She Blamed Her Closest Ally Aaryn, Instead Of BB --Aaryn Hated Candice Why Would She Rat To Her? Helen Kim: An Evil Devil-Possessed Certifiably Crazy, Korean Player, Brainwashed A Demonic Elissa Into Believing In Political Correctness, To Be Popular To Satanic BB Producers & Demonic Internet Fans, And Attack Amanda Simply Because Helen Told Her To, Rather Than Just Play Her Own Game --And Make Other Alliances! Helen Destroyed Elissa's Game, And Would Destroy Aaryn's, When Aaryn Fell For Helen's & Elissa's Satanic Lies And Tried To Evict Amanda In Week8 --Thus Amanda Wouldn't Save Traitor Aaryn Over Andy, When Elissa Evicted Aaryn Week9! Elissa Was A Bizarre Player: She Would Go Into The DR, The Producers Would Tell Her Aaryn Needs To Be Evicted For Making Racist Comments: Then A Day Later The DR Would Tell Her To Evict Amanda Instead: And She Would Shift Her Target Midstream To Amanda; Then A Week Later The DR Would Tell Her To Form An Alliance With Amanda, Whom She Just Tried To Evict --Bizarre! Elissa Thought The Producers Would Rig The Game For Her To Win, If She Blindly Obeyed Them, Sold Her Body To The DR By Going Into The DR In A Skimpy, Sheer, Lingerie Bikini --The BB Staff Used Her To Evict Nick & Aaryn, And Then Dumped Her For The Evil Faggot Andy --Who Would Always Be The Satanic DR's Favorite Over Good People --Although Elissa Did Get $25,000!! But Elissa Made The Truest Statement Of The Season: "I Am In A House Filled With All Crazy People! I Want To Go Home!" The Evil BB Producers Deliberately Fill The House With Evil, Lying, Devil-Possessed, Sick, Twisted, Weak, Chain-Smokers, Homosexual, Drug-Addicted, Alcoholic, Defective Scum: And Get Evil Glee Out Of Making Them Betray And Murder Each Other!!! (Andy Admitted On Air, To Poisoning Aaryn Gries!). The Niggers Candice & Howard Had To Be Evicted Because They Were Demon Possessed, The Producers Favor Such Evil Niggers On Their Show, And Niggers Always Lie And Backstab! Candice Was A Devil Possessed "Topaz" Clone From Nigger-Fest BB Canada! It Was Good Game-Play By Amanda (Who Watched BB Canada, And Saw How Evil Niggers Are --See BB Canada Review Below) This Was Never Racist!!! Candice Was Clearly Devil Possessed: She Was In-Your-Face Aggressive: She Would Scream At People To Their Face: Spencer Said, "If I Had A Gun, I'd Have Shot Candice" After One Such "Keeping It Real" Outburst; GinaMarie Went To The DR To Ask Permission To Punch Out Candice On Eviction Night, "If She Starts Somethin' ", The DR Declined --But It Would Have Made Great TV To See The Nigger Put In Her Place! Candice Seemed To Know, Everytime That Amanda Or Aaryn Wanted Her Evicted, And About The "Boys Alliance", Only Because The BB Producers Were Feeding Candice & Helen Improper & Illegal "Confidential Inside" Information (That's How Nick Got Evicted, They Told Helen Of The Moving Company): So Candice Would Come Up To Amanda & Aaryn, And Start Screaming Threats At Them: Such That Aaryn Became Too Afraid To Talk Game For Fear Of Candice Finding Out: Candice Had To Be Evicted! It Was Satanically Evil Helen That Broke Up The Main Alliance By Satanically Repeatedly, Trying To Evict Amanda, On The BB Producers' Instructions, Then Turning The Whole House Against Amanda --With The Poisoning And DR Help From The Satanic Producers. In Week6, Had Amanda Explained The Situation, And Told HOH GinaMarie To Evict Helen, After Learning Of The Jessie-Helen Plot By Andy & Judd: Amanda Would Have Won The Game!!! Instead Amanda Turned Pussy, Totally Capitulated To The Satanic Helen & The BB Producers, Refused To Believe Judd, Suddenly Refused To Talk Game To Aaryn Her Loyal Ally, Out Of Fear Of Helen, Even Though Amanda Had All The Votes To Evict Helen; (This Cowardice, Total Capitulation & Betrayal Of Judd, Allowed Helen To Get Away With Attempted Game Murder On Amanda --Without Punishment-- Which Lost Amanda The Respect Of The Other Players! Amanda Deliberately Sacrificed Judd Rather Than Fight Satan, Just Like The Jews & Judas, Betrayed And Sacrificed Innocent Jesus To The Satanic Romans --Rather Than Fight The Romans!!! Like The Jews Used To Sacrifice Their First-Born Sons, Rather Than Fight Satan!!! Even Today The Jews & Blacks Still Sacrifice Their Children By Deliberately Having Very High Abortion Rates --Deliberately Aggressively, Trying To Murder These Fetuses As A Misguided, Crazy "Religious Sacrifice" To Their God!) Amanda Falsely Blamed Aaryn For Ratting On Her To Helen (When It Was The Producers Who Were Telling Her Enemies Everything She Said Since Week4, The BB Producers Wanted Amanda Evicted Since Week4 In Order To Save Their Puppet Demon-Possessed Nigger: Candice! It Was The Producers Who Rigged The MVP Nominations To Set Up Amanda! It Was The BB Producers Who Were Racist, By Giving Preferential Treatment To Undeserving Niggers, Homosexuals & Blonde Saxon-Aryans; Solely Because Of Their Race!!!). The Producers Also Unprecedentedly Suddenly Increased The Jury To Nine Members Just To Include Candice; And "Gave" Candice A Rigged $5,000; The BB Producers Also Suddenly, Unfairly, Unprecedentedly Allowed A Member Of Only The Jury, To Return At Final Eight. The "Baseball-Skateboard" Comp Was Then Rigged For Candice To Come Back Into The Game: (It Was Only After Candice Deliberately Jumped Down And "Threw" That Comp, That Judd Won. Candice Was Tired Of Being A BB Producer's Mixed-Race Puppet & Poster Child, For Devil Possessed Niggers Everywhere --And Tired Of Selling Her Soul To The Devil! The Satanic Agenda Of BB Is To Promote Devil-Possession Among Blacks, And Use Candice As A Role Model To Say: Be Evil, Mixed-Race, Possessed By A Devil: And You Too Will Win Money --Hence They Zealously Tried To Rig It For Candice To Win! So At The "Baseball-Skateboard" Comp, BB Lied To Judd That He Couldn't Hold On To The "Post", While Telling Candice & Elissa To Do So; Thus Judd Was Sure To Lose!) They Then Cheated Amanda Out Of The HOH By Not Enforcing The Rules Week9: Elissa Fell Right Off The Skateboard With Both Feet Off: Then Used The "Post" To Climb Back On --Yet They Refused To Disqualify Elissa!!! This Type Of Cheating & Rigging, Displays Contempt For The Other Players; And For The Players Evicted Before Jury --Because The Whole Show Was Being Rigged For Candice & Andy, And Against Amanda!!! The Best Moment Of The BB15 Season Was When GinaMarie Constantly Interrupted Candice On Live TV Week6: Repeatedly Interrupting The Nigger's Speech, "Your 30 Seconds Are Up, Sit Down, Sit Down And Shut-Up" (After Just 10 Seconds), Then: "Even Your Own Mother Didn't Want You" --Because Candice Was Given-Up For Adoption. It Was So Refreshing To See A Nigger Being Called A Nigger On National Prime-Time TV --And Political Correctness Be Damned! Week6: Thus In Fear Of Satanic Helen, Amanda Then Stopped Talking Game To Aaryn, Judd Or GinaMarie [Alienating All Her Closest Allies, And Making A Deal With The Devil, Satanic Evil Helen, To Evict Amanda's Closest Ally: Judd --
That Judd Was Her Most Loyal Ally Was Unbeknownst To Crazy Amanda! Because Even McCrae Would Lie To Her At The End And Refuse To Ever Help Her Through The Entire Game! But Judd Never Did Lie To Her! Satanic Helen Kim, The Korean: Helen Initially Wanted To Evict Jessie To Save Nigger Candice; When Jessie Won Veto, She Used The Stupid Jessie To Evict Amanda; When Judd Saved Amanda, She Used Amanda To Evict Judd; Then Betrayed Jessie The Week After: She Turned Aaryn And GinaMarie Against Amanda; When Judd Came Back She Got Him To Evict Amanda; And Everyone Was Believing Her Lies!!! Amanda's Instincts Were Always Delusionally Wrong: She Believed Judd Was MVP (It Was BB Production), She Believed Aaryn Ratted On Her (It Was BB Production), She Believed No Player Was Returning (Judd Or Candice Were), She Trusted Homosexuals Over Straight People (Andy & Spencer Over Judd & Jessie), She Believed A Satanic Helen Over Judd, She Believed Lying Faggot Spencer Over Aaryn.] Amanda Trusted A Satanic Faggot, Blonde Saxon-Aryan Devil, Andy, Who Was Repeatedly Lying To Amanda About How Obsessive & Deadly-Serious Helen Was About Evicting Amanda Since Week3 --Helen Turned Her Target To Judd Only Because She Was Improperly Informed By BB, That She Didn't Have The Votes To Evict Amanda: The BB Producers Evilly Revealed To Helen, That Judd Had Just Told Amanda Of The Plot, And Would Not Vote Amanda Out: The Producers Then Advised Helen To Prey On Amanda's Paranoia Against Judd, To Get Her To Evict Judd Instead-- And Amanda Then Fell For The Lie And Betrayed, "Sacrificed" & Evicted Judd, Her Most Loyal Ally Next To McCrae --Like The Jews Capitulated To Satan And Betrayed Jesus!!! How Delusionally Stupid & Traitorous Is A Jew? To Be Fair: Helen Could Not Have Fooled Amanda By Herself: It Was The BB Producers, Who Have All The Confidential Information From The Mics And Cameras: That Told Helen What To Do! McCrae Could Have Saved Amanda From Making Such A Suicidal Mistake: But Was Too Pussy And Evil To Intervene: Even Though Judd Was Also McCrae's Closest Friend And Ally In The Game From Day 1: McCrae Had A "Final-Two" Deal With Judd! It Was Abysmally Dumb Strategy To Evict Or "Sacrifice" Your Closest Ally To Appease Satanic Helen & BB, Because The Very Day That Judd Was Evicted: Helen Came Right Back To Andy: To Ask Him To Evict Amanda All Over Again, And Andy Again Lied And Concealed This From Amanda! While Just The Previous Day Crazy Amanda, Alienated Her Closest Ally Aaryn By Saying: "I Trust Helen More Than Anyone Else In The Whole World" Causing Aaryn To Resent The Ungratefulness Of Amanda: Amanda Was Staying Loyal To A Satanically Evil Woman Helen, Who Was Repeatedly Trying To Evict Her: While Telling Loyal Aaryn She Didn't Even Trust Her To Talk Game!!! The Jews Need To Understand That "Sacrificing Sheep" And Appeasement Of Satan By Killing Your First-Born: By Murdering Your Kings: Jesus & King Saul: By Aggressively Performing Ritual Fetus-Sacrifice By Having The Highest Abortion Rates, Next To Blacks: Doesn't Ever Work --Stop Doing It!!! Amanda's Second Biggest Mistake Of The Game Was Refusing To Apologize And Form An Alliance With Judd, When, Like Jesus, He Returned From The Dead Week9; As She Had Now Found Out From Jessie How Helen Wanted Her Evicted Wk6, And It Was Judd Who Had Saved Amanda: And Andy Had Lied To Amanda About How Serious Helen Was About Evicting Her! How Could Judd Be MVP, Put Amanda On The Block; And At The Same Time, Save Her From Helen's Eviction Blindside, In Week6??? To Be Fair: The BB Producers Unprecedentedly, Deliberately, Did Not Reveal That The MVP Was "America", Even After The "MVP Twist" Was Over Wk6 (As They Had Done  In All Past Seasons): Solely To Deceive Amanda, And Destroy Her Game!! Amanda Was Being Given A Second Chance For Redemption: A Chance To Right A Wrong On Judd: She Refused To Even Talk Game To Judd Wk8; While Homosexual Couple Andy & Spencer Were Right Then Plotting To Evict Her & McCrae --She Needed Other Allies! Amanda Didn't Know How The BB Game Is Played: You Need As Many Individual Allies As You Can Get: Because You Never Know Who Will Win HOH: BB Is 99% A Social Game: Amanda Needed To Talk Game With Her Fellow House-Guests & Make New Allies 24/7 --Not Scream At Her Allies! Yet Amanda Would Arrogantly Spend All Of Her Time Isolating Herself With Evil Traitor McCrae: Refusing To Talk Game With Anyone: Refusing To Make Easy "Female Allies" Like Aaryn, Elissa & GinaMarie: And McCrae Was Even Worse: So When Andy Betrayed Them, McCranda Had No Other Allies In The House! Judd, Jessie And Elissa Are Good Honest People; They Were The Only HG's Amanda Could Ever Really Trust In A Game Alliance! Judd Was Never MVP, He Never Lied About Kaitlin, He Was Totally Loyal To McCranda; Kaitlin Barnaby Did Try To Form An Alternate Alliance With Judd, Howard, Spencer, Candice & GinaMarie Wk4, In Judd's HOH Room. (But Judd Seemed To Have Forgotten That, Because He Was So Heavily Medicated.) Kaitlin Was Also Closer To Helen Than Aaryn: Thus Evicting Kaitlin Over Aaryn Saved Amanda From Eviction By Helen: Because Aaryn Won The Next HOH. Amanda's Obstinate, Delusional Loyalty To Helen And Andy (Who Wanted Her Evicted) Over Judd & Jessie: Cost Her The Game! Inferior Race Amanda Trusted A Homosexual And A Pussy (Andy & McCrae) Over Judd The Stud. Judd's Biggest Mistake In The Game Was Refusing To Obey Amanda When She Told Him To Put Up Strong, Dangerous Players Howard & Candice Week4: He Put Up Weak Players Aaryn & Kaitlin Instead! This Was The Cause Of The Future Problems He Would Have With Amanda! Judd Was Needlessly Worried About An All Female Alliance: Not Understanding That GinaMarie-Aaryn & Helen-Candice Would Never Work Together. Howard Was A Dead Nigger Walking, Because Of His Alliance With Nigger Candice: Judd Should Have Distanced Himself From Howard: But He Was Friendly To, And Let Howard Talk Of Futile Plots To Evict Amanda To Him; Without Telling Amanda Of Them: And Andy Ratted Judd Out --Causing Amanda To Needlessly Distrust Judd! Evicting Hot-Chick Kaitlin Was A Waste Of An HOH! Although McCrae Was Overly Paranoid And Aware In The Beginning: McCrae Was So Heavily Poisoned After Week7, That He Slept 17 Hours A Day, Smoked All Day, Was "Throwing" Comps, And Stopped Playing The Game, Or Making Alliances With Judd, Aaryn Or Elissa --When He Was Told By Aaryn That Spencer & Andy Had Betrayed Him! McCrae & Amanda Could Openly See Andy, Spencer, GinaMarie & Judd Talk To Each Other For Hours On End: While Andy Had Stopped Talking Game To Amanda For Weeks: Yet They Could Not Deduce That Andy et al, Were In An Alliance Together: Because They Were Heavily Poisoned With Toxic Drugs! McCrae Was A Fan Of BB: Yet He Failed To Learn That Only Floaters Throw Comps: It Is Always A Mistake To Throw Comps And Not Give It Your All: He Was Given An Opportunity To Play BB: Yet He Slept All Day, Threw Comps, Refused To Talk To Anyone, Refused To Help Amanda And Was Secretly Sabotaging Amanda! McCrae Could Have Made Deals With Judd, GinaMarie And Aaryn Who Hated Amanda's Scream-Fests And He Would Have Won The Game. But The Only Person McCrae Talked To Was The Homosexual Spencer, Who Was Lying To McCrae's Face! The Pussiest, Wussiest, Wimpiest Thing McCrae Did Was Take Advice From A Homosexual About How To Make Love To A Woman: Spencer Told Him That "All A Man Wants From A Woman Is Blowjobs, And Nothing Else": McCrae Agreed And Followed His Advice Like A Fool! Homosexual Sex Is Dirty, Disgusting And Involves Feces, Stink, Farting, Dick-On-Dick, Sodomy, Shitting, Toilet-Sex, And Arseholes: Cock-Sucking Is How Homosexuals Primarily Have Sex: McCrae Betrayed His And Amanda's Love-Making By Acquiescing To These Faggots --And This Cost Him The Game: Because He And Amanda Were The "Power Couple": They Made Love The Best In The House: By Accepting That Homosexual Male-Ejaculation Fellatio Is Better Than Heterosexual Female Orgasm Love-Making: McCrae Had Wimped Out And Destroyed His Last Advantage In The Game!!!! Amanda Objected: That Fellatio Is Not How McCrae Makes Love To Her: But McCrae Refused To Stand Up For Himself To Spencer, And For Heterosexuals Everywhere! McCrae Will Have The Most Regrets In This Game, Because He Could Have Won It. McCrae Betrayed Amanda His Lover, By Refusing To Campaign For Her To Judd Or Elissa, In Wk10; And Lying To Amanda That Judd Wanted Her Out! A Showmance Must Be True To Each Other To The Final Two: As GinaMarie And Nick Uhas, Dr. Will Kirby & Nicole Nilson (BB2), And Andy And Spencer (A Secret Homosexual Showmance) Were; McCrae Betrayed Amanda At The End, And It Cost Him The Game: Because Judd Would Have Allied With McCrae Had He Been Asked To Wk9! But Each Time McCrae And Judd Talked Game, The Producers Would Call Judd Away To DR; Or Andy Would Interrupt Them; And Furthermore The Poisoning Of McCrae's Food Turned His Junkie Brain To Mush. Unlike McCrae's Hero Dr. Will Kirby, McCrae Even Betrayed His Bro-Mance Judd, Unlike Dr. Will Who Stayed True To His "Bromance" Mike Boogie Malin; As Well As To Dr. Will's Showmance Nicole Nilson, In BB2! And Unlike McCrae, Dr. Will Kept His Showmance With Nicole A Secret, Which Allowed Nicole To Secretly Help Him Behind The Scenes With Knucklehead HOH Hardy Ames-Hill!!! McCrae's Ultimate Betrayal Of Amanda Was When: GinaMarie & Spencer Would Denigrate Amanda To McCrae's Face: Calling Her Ugly, With A Jew Nose, A Whore, A "Skank" And "Nasty": Yet He Was Such An Evil Pussy, He Refused To Calmly Defend Her: There Is A Limit To How Pussy A Man Can Get, Before He Is No Longer Fit To Be Called A Man: McCrae Was So Weak And Wussy He Could No Longer Be Called A Man. Finally: He Refused To Stand Up To A Homosexual Andy, And Evict Andy, Even After Finally Finding Out Andy Betrayed Them, Had Just Evicted His Showmance Amanda Wk10, And Was Lying To McCrae's Face About It: And Worse McCrae Proceeded To Evict The Only HG Who Voted For Amanda To Stay: Elissa; Proving That McCrae Had Zero Feelings Or Love For Amanda: Was Glad She Was Evicted: And Had Simply Used Her As A Spring-Board: He Didn't Understand The Sacred Power Of A Showmance Only Exists If There Is Love: He Still Delusionally Thought Andy Was His Ally Because He Never Saw Amanda As Part Of Him, A Couple, Like A True Showmance --And That's Why He Lost The Game! Judd, Amanda, Jessie, And Aaryn Were All Being Heavily Medicated With Prescription Drug (AnAmphetamineAdderall, Daily In The DR, By The BB Producers: Thus It Was Easy To Poison Amanda And Aaryn Gries, When The Producers Wanted Them Evicted, By Criminally Switching Tablets: This Substitution Of Her Prescription Drug From Narcotic To Toxic Poison, Caused Amanda To Become Irritable, Irrational, Illogical, Crazy, And Explode On All Her Potentially Most Loyal Allies In Scream-Fests: Judd, Jessie, Elissa, Aaryn & GinaMarie; While Making The Delusional Choice To Trust A Blonde Saxon-Aryan Devil-Possessed Homosexual Couple, Andy & Spencer --Who Were In A Secret Faggot Alliance Day 1, And Lying To Her The Whole Show! Spencer & Andy Were Caught In The Toilet Day 2, Giving Each Other "Blowjobs", Eating Dirty, Stinky, Shitty Jizm & And Disgustingly Swallowing Ejaculate And Spitting It Out All Over The Toilet Floor: But No-One Realized The Importance Of This Game-Wise --Except Stanley! Adderall Is Not Supposed To Be Taken With Alcohol: Yet Amanda, McCrae, Judd & Aaryn Were The Biggest Drinkers In BB: It Was Criminal Of BB Producers To Allow These Drug Addicts To Drink: They Could Have Died Or Suffered Serious Health Problems, Especially When BB Was Poisoning Them As Well!!! [Note: Alcohol, Tobacco And Prescription Drug Takers Should Not Be Allowed On BB; Because Of The Intense Game Play Required; Amanda'sAdderall Drug Addiction Destroyed Her Brain, And She Self-Destructed Especially After She Was Poisoned; She Didn't Have A Fair Chance! Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco Affects Game-Play And Should Be Banned Or Severely Restricted In The BB House! Andy Doesn't Deserve The Money --He Beat A Disabled Person, Who Was Poisoned By BB, And Had The Whole Show Rigged Against Her!] The Reason Spencer Survived A Record Eight Times On The Block: Was That His Homosexual Showmance Andy, Was Allied With Amanda Who Controlled All The First Ten Evictions In BB15. Andy Lied To, And Manipulated Amanda Into Keeping Spencer, Who Was Always After Amanda Since Day 1! Hitler Was A Homosexual, And The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Murdered Millions Of Jews: Yet The Inferior Race Jews Will Never Learn!!! So Too The Germans (Aaryn Gries) Lost WWII Because They Blindly Obeyed The Blonde Saxon-Aryans: Like Andy; The Germans And The Jews Must Both Break From The Ultra-Blond Satanic Devil-Possessed Evil Saxon-Aryans!!! Aaryn Refused To Save Herself By Campaigning Against Andy: And Exposing His Betrayals Of Amanda, Because Of Her Blind Worship Of Satanic-Saxons; Even Though Andy Admitted To Poisoning Aaryn, An Attempted Murder, To Get Her Evicted! GinaMarie Too Was Being Poisoned, Yet She Worshiped Blonde Saxon-Aryan Homosexuals, By Refusing To Save Her Closest Friend Aaryn, By Exposing Andy's Betrayals To Amanda --The "Exterminators" Alliance!! GinaMarie's Loyalty To A Satanic Saxon, Faggot Andy, Over Aaryn Her Closest Friend: And Her Irrational, Demonic Hatred, And Gratuitous Insults Of Heterosexual McCranda, Her Former Allies, Who Kept Her And Aaryn In The Game: Exemplifies How Evil All The HG's Were This Year! It Is Better To Lose And Play Honorably; Than To Win $50,000 By Selling Your Soul To The Devil! GinaMarie Like Madonna, Was On A Crazy "Blond Ambition" Pathetically Worshiping Blonds, Dying Her Hair Blond, Wearing Blond Extensions & Blue Contact Lenses: Totally Believing Her Own Race Was Inferior To Saxons --A Self-Hating Italian! GinaMarie Could Have Guaranteed Herself $50,000 By Keeping McCrae Over Spencer Week12: But She Was Too Demon-Possessed & Poisoned To Think Rationally! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are The Greatest Enemies Of The Latin Race: That Is Why The Saxons Need To Be Exterminated From The Americas: GinaMarie Was A Traitor To Her Race!!! GinaMarie: By Worshiping Saxon Andy & Homosexuality: Denigrated The Heterosexual Love She Had For Nick: (Homosexuals & Saxons Are Evil Satanic Creatures, They Are All Homosexuals, Without Love, To Worship Them Is To Worship Satan: And It Brings You To The Level Of Satan: GinaMarie) And Thus She Destroyed Herself Morally: That's Why She Lost! If She Had Saved Her Hatred And Insults For The Evil Saxon Homosexuals Andy & Spencer: She Would Have Won The Game!!! The Reason Andy & Spencer "Gave" GinaMarie The $50,000 Was Charity, They Were Afraid Of Stanley's Wrath: See Article Below. The Producers Rigged The Whole Show For The Homosexual Andy & Spencer To Win: It Was A Waste Of Time To Watch The Show: Because It Was So Fixed! The Producers Must Face Severe Punishment For This --Like Jail Time Or Death-- Karma's A Bitch Fuckers!!! [Bulletin: Britney Haynes Gave Birth To A Baby Last Month: And It Has CANCER! Britney Was An Evil, Lying Backstabbing, Demon-Possessed SUCCUBUS In BB14: (See Last Year's Review Of BB14 Below) And Bad Karma Punished Her! People Need To Heed This Lesson: If You Lie, Betray & Backstab: There Are Severe Consequences: Like Death & Cancer In Store For You: The BB Producers Will Face Punishment For Their Evil Crimes As Well: Poisoning & Rigging Of The Show!!!] (Con't Below) 
September 12th, 2013: Big Brother 15 Was The Worst Season Ever! The Satanic BB15 Producers Once Again Massively Interfered Into The Show: To Evict Poor Amanda Zuckerman & McCrae Olson! The Producers Favor: Niggers (Candice & Howard), Homosexuals (Andy Herren & Spencer Clawson) [Note: Andy & Spencer Repeatedly Whispered That They Were A Secret Gay Showmance In The House, Fucking Each Other!!! That Marilyn Character Of Spencer's, Is Probably Phony Or A Bisexual.] BB Producers Also Favor Blonde Saxon-Aryans (Andy & Spencer) Because They Are All Possessed By Devils! This Time The Producers Used So Called "Internet Devil Possessed Fans" Hating Amanda, As An Excuse To Turn The Whole House Against Amanda & McCrae. In Secret Diary Room Sessions They Revealed Everything Amanda Said, To Enemy House Guests: Which Scared Amanda Into Saying Nothing To Aaryn (Thinking Falsely It Was Aaryn Ratting Her Out): Which Caused Her Alliance Of Aaryn Gries & GinaMarie Zimmerman To Become Alienated And Turn Against Her. The Producers Constantly Interrupted McCrae & Judd's Conversations, (By Calling Him To DR) To Prevent Them From Forming A Crucial Alliance With Each Other Week9! The Producers Poisoned Amanda's, McCrae's, Aaryn's, Gina-Marie's & Elissa Slater's Food To Make It Impossible For Them To Win Competitions Or Think Straight! Elissa Complained Bitterly Of Stomach Pains The Minute She Joined The McCranda Alliance Week10! Gina-Marie Was Constantly Vomiting Week6, McCrae Was Also Constantly Vomiting, Amanda Gained 20 Pounds: From The Poison! Andy Said On Air Wk9, When Aaryn Drank Nail-Polish-Remover, (Because The Poison Had Made Her Disoriented): "Why Did You Try To Kill Yourself Aaryn? When I Have Been Poisoning You For Weeks, And You Would Have Died Anyway!" Andy & Spencer Knew Of The Poisonings, And Commented On It Repeatedly! The Producers Wanted Satanic, Evil, Demon-Possessed, Sterile, Boring, Politically Correct HG's To Prevail: And They Were Willing To Commit Murder To Protect Niggers And Homosexuals In The Game!!! BB Producers & CBS Need To Be Criminally Charged For Their Evil Crimes: Rigging A Game Show, Attempted Murder, Lying, Revealing Secret Confidential Information To Enemy HG's, Etc.
August 16th, 2013: (1) In A Cruel Betrayal Of Stanley, Faggot Pope Francis, AKA Argentinian: Jorge Mario Bergoglio ("HoGay" "Maria" Gigolo); Said: "If Someone (A Priest) Is Gay, And He Searches For The Lord, And Has Good Will, Who Am I To Judge?" You Mother-Fucking Faggot Francis! The Reason Faggot Pope Benedict XVI Resigned, Was He Was Implicated In A Homosexual Network Of Priests In The Vatican; That Were Being Blackmailed By Their Prostitute Homosexual "Johns"! Pope Francis Was Supposed To Clean-Up That Mess; Instead He Has Positioned Himself As Trying To Cover-Up Gays In The Priesthood; And As Opposed To Exterminating Homosexuality From The Priesthood, By His Statements. Look You Homosexual Mother-Fucker: Stanley Is The Leader Of The Catholics World-Wide: Stanley Has Made His Position Clear! Stanley Has Suffered Enormously By Never Having Had Sex In His Life: There Is No Sacrifice, Pain Or Discipline For A Homosexual To Be Celibate: It Is A Mockery Of Of A Divine Calling, A Sacred Sacrament, A Holy Vow To God And The Yoga Discipline Of: Celibacy! It Shows Utter Contempt For Heterosexual Celibacy! The Reason The Church Is Effeminate And Neutered And Persists In Having $Multi-Million Dollar Pedophile & Homosexuality Scandals: Is That There Exist Large Numbers Of Devil-Possessed Homosexuals In The Priesthood --Which Is A Mockery Of God!!! These Have To Be Weeded Out, And The Catholic Diaspora Take A More Militant Footing In Fighting The Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans! Celibacy Is Not The Absence Of Sexuality: It Is The Total Control Of That Sexuality! Stanley Declares Himself The New Leader & "True Pope" Of The Catholic People! The Catholic Church Is Not About Jesus: It Is About The Latin Race: The King Of The Latins, Is Also The King Of The Church: Stanley!!! In Another Blasphemy, Homosexual Pope Francis Declared Mother Mary As Greater Than The Apostles: In Contempt Of Stanley's Edict That: "All Women Are Inferior, All Women Are Whores, All Women Are Evil, All Women Are Objects, All Women Are Dumb.." (SeeGreatest Conspiracies) Mother Mary Was Extremely Sexually Promiscuous For Her Times: She Got Pregnant Out Of Wedlock, She Let The Disciples Fondle Her Breasts With Their Knees, She Let People Finger Her Cunt To Prove She Gave Virgin Birth; She Had Sex With Jesus: She Was A Slut! (2) Russia Has Finally Proved That The U.S. Is A Paper Tiger, By Granting Edward Snowden Temporary Asylum! Snowden Is A Dumb Delusional Man, Who Initially Refused Russian Asylum, For Venezuela: Venezuela Is A Banana Republic With An Unstable Regime, That Is Prone To Military Coups And Rigged Elections By The Satanic Saxon-Aryan Puppets In The Police And Military!!! Snowden Would Have Been Intercepted Mid-Flight, Or Immediately Faced With A Coup, And Extradited Back To The U.S. From Venezuela! (3) The Panic And Paper Tiger Weakness The U.S. Showed In Shutting Down 19 Embassies Last Week: Is An Attempt To  Satanically Justify The NSA & CIA's Continued Necessity! We Don't Need $Trillions Of Dollars Spent To Murder A Rag-Tag Bunch Of Inferior Race, Crazy Terrorists! The NSA Had All The Top Leaders Of Al-Queda Under Surveillance: Yet They Didn't Use Their Allied Gov'ts In Pakistan, Egypt And Yemen To Arrest & Try These Few Harmless Nuts LikeAyman al-Zawahiri (Alleged Leader Of Al-Queda); In Order To Perpetuate An Endless Hysteria, Assassinations And Murder Of Civilians Through Illegal Drone Strikes. Not All "Extremist" Muslims & Arabs Are Al-Queda, As The Paper Tiger CIA & NSA Are Falsely Claiming, To Justify Their Denial Of Fundamental Freedoms To Americans; The Actual Al-Queda Are Mostly Dead & Murdered. We Must Remember That It Was The CIA & "Special Forces" That Perpetrated 9/11 --And Not Al-Queda!!! The Fundamental Issue Is: That By Using The Non-Existent Al-Queda As A Bogeyman: The NSA Is "Spying" On American Citizens On A Massive Scale: Which Is Unconstitutional: As Snowden Had Avowed!!! (4) Obama Visited Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Last Month, Which Is Where Stanley Was Born In February 1960; Although His Family Come From Goa. (See Greatest Conspiracies)
July 25th, 2013: In A Final Betrayal Of Zimmerman By Mark O'Mara & Zimmerman's Lawyers: A Puerto Rican Nigger Juror Named "Maddy" Came Forward Today To Denigrate Zimmerman Again: Juror B29 Was Not Really "Hispanic", But A Nigger: And She Wanted To Convict George Of "Something", Despite The Clear Evidence He Was Totally Innocent! It Was Highly Remiss Of Zimmerman's Lawyer Team, To Allow A Nigger On The Jury, When They Saw The Satanic Way The Blacks And Niggers Had Worked Themselves Up To A Feeding Frenzy Against Zimmerman!!! No Wonder The Niggers Seemed So Sure Of Conviction: They Had A Satanic Devil Possessed Prosecution (Angela Corey), A Satanic Judge (Debra Nelson) Who Denied All Evidence Of Trayvon's Criminality In Court, A Satanic Media Who Refused To Broadcast Trayvon's Criminal Past; And They Even Had A Nigger On The Jury! Zimmerman's Lawyers Were Also Highly Remiss In Not Bringing In An Expert On "Head Injuries": Although Zimmerman May Have Seemed Alright, Concussions From Head Trauma Can Manifest Themselves Later: The Nature Of George's Injuries Were Very Serious: And Could Have Resulted In His Death, Had He Allowed Trayvon To Continue Pounding His Nose With The Steel Can Of "Arizona Watermelon Juice" Or The Torch --Which His Incompetent Lawyers, Also Failed To Deduce Had Happened. 
July 13th, 2013: (Click=>George Zimmerman Defense Fund & Evidence)(Pictures Of "Lean", Guns, Marijuana)(Pictures) The Acquittal Of George Zimmerman Is A Great Victory Over Satan & The Blonde Saxon-Aryan System: And Their Liberal Puppets' And Trained Chimps' (The Niggers') Attempt To Place A Chilling Effect On The Right To Bear Arms Of The People, And To Use Arms In Self-Defense: But Now Must Come The Reckoning For: State Prosecutor Angela Corey, Gov. Rick Scott, The Niggers, Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, Rachel Jeantel, Civil-Rights Lawyers Ben Crump, Daryl Parks; Barack Obama, The Liberal Media & Satanic Judge Debra Nelson: These Arseholes Must All Go To Jail, Or Justice Is Still Not Done!!! The Unrepentant Nigger Bitch Angela Corey, Fired "WhistleBlower" Ben Kruidbos The State Attorney's Director Of I.T.. Kruidbos Fingered Angela Corey's Office For Destroying Evidence & Withholding Evidence From The Defense! Kruidbos Stated That Corey's Office Destroyed Text Messages, Pictures, Videos, Searches; From Trayvon Martin's Cell Phone! There Still Exist PicturesOf Trayvon: Smoking Marijuana, Holding A Gun, Showing Stolen Jewelry On His Bed, A Glass Of "Purple Lean" (Liquid Codeine), Bulging With Muscles, Thug LookingThe Text Messages Prove That: Sybrina Fulton Kicked Him Out Of Her House To Live With Tracy & Stepmother Brandy Green, In Nov. 2011 & Jan. 2012, Because Trayvon Had Been Repeatedly Suspended From School For Violence, Burglary, Marijuana, Criminality Etc; (But Brandy Imposed Strict Rules On Trayvon: She Forbade Trayvon From Entering Her House When She Wasn't Home --He Had To Sit Out On The Porch! The Night Trayvon Died, Brandy & Tracy, Came Home At Midnight --He Would Have Had To Sit For Five+ Hours On Her Porch! Proving He Wasn't Really Living There: It Was A Prison! He'd Rather Commit Burglary, Violence & Murder Than Go Home To Sit On The Porch: He Was Treated Like A Pet Dog At Home --Like He Deserved! The Niggers Didn't Want The Thug When He Was Alive: But Are Now Trying To Profit From His Death, By Lying To Us! 55 Black Men Are Murdered Every Week In Places Like Obama's Chicago: Obama Dosen't Give A Damn About Those Blacks: Yet These Niggers Are Lying To Us That They Care About Trayvon's Death --They Just Want Money! Niggers Are Not An Oppressed Race: They Are Just An Inferior Race: We Humans Are The Ones Persecuted! Niggers Have Lost All Credibility In Any Past Or Future Whining About Their Rights!!!); That Trayvon Was Involved In Numerous Bloody MMA Fights; Called Himself A "Gangsta", He Was Smoking And Growing Marijuana, That Sybrina Bought A Gun For Trayvon; Ten Minutes Before His Death Trayvon Was In A Violent Argument With Someone On His Cell-Phone, And A Week Before His Death Trayvon Was About To Purchase An Illegal .38 Gun! That Were Withheld By The Prosecution, Until Just Before Trial! Discovery Violations Are The Least Of Their Crimes: They Covered-Up Trayvon's Criminality And Drug Addiction To Lie To The Public & The Jury --And By Destroying Evidence As Well! Satanic Blonde-Aryan Judge D. Nelson Compounded This Miscarriage Of Justice, By Denying To The Jury, Trayvon's: Cell Phone Pictures, (Click=> Pictures) Text Messages; Social Websites Of MMA Fighting & Drug Addiction To Street Drug "Lean" (Click=>Liquid Codeine); Trayvon's Toxicology Report, Trayvon's "School Report" Proving He Was A Burglar, Possessing Stolen Jewelry, A Thug, Vandal & Drug Addict! But In Denying All Evidence Of Trayvon's Criminal Lifestyle: Debra Nelson Denied Zimmerman A Fair Trial: When A Defendant Is Fighting For His Life: Trayvon's Drug Addiction, Burglary, Violence, Gun & Jewelry Possession: Was Vital To Obtaining A Just Verdict! [If This Evidence Had Been Given To The Jury And Public: There Would Be Zero Doubt That Zimmerman Is 100% Innocent!] But The Real Tragedy Is That None Of The Media Are Telling The Public The Truth: That Trayvon Martin Was A Proven Burglar, Thug & Drug-Addict: That Tried To Murder Zimmerman! The Liberal Media Must Be Punished For Refusing To Report The Truth: That Trayvon Was A Thug & Criminal! This Made Zimmerman's Defense Immensely Difficult, Because The Prosecution Lied & Lied (Without Rebuttal From An Evil Incompetent Defense) That Zimmerman Followed An Innocent "Boy With Skittles & An Arizona Watermelon Juice Can" --Trayvon. When In Reality: It Was A Hulking Brute Trayvon Who Waylaid And Ambushed Zimmerman, And Tried To Murder Zimmerman With The Same 23 oz. Arizona Steel Can, In A Drug Fueled Frenzy, (From Drug-Withdrawal Anger) For Thwarting His Burglary Attempt,  Needed To Buy Drugs. Sybrina, Tracy & Jeantel Must Also Go To Jail For Perjury: Jeantel Was Not On The Phone With Trayvon, It Was A Convicted RTL Burglary Accomplice Named Emmanuel Burgess Who Was Guiding Trayvon To The Exact House To Burgle. Emmanuel Burgess Had Just Got Out Of Prison; But Was Known To Zimmerman & Police In The RTL Neighborhood, So He Was Instructing Trayvon On Which House To Burgle By Using Jeantel's Cell Phone! Jeantel Wasn't The One On The Phone --It Was Emmanuel Burgess!!! Sybrina The Nigger Mother Must Go To Jail For Contempt Of Court: For Lying That It Was Her Nigger Son's Voice!!! Until All These Above Criminals Are Punished Justice Is Still Not Done! Ultimately It Is The Saxon-Aryan System That Is To Blame For The Nigger Rampage And Must Be Destroyed: Niggers Are An Inferior Race, Low Morality, Low-Lives: It Was The Devil-Possessed Blonde Saxon-Aryans (Who Are The Ones In Power) That Allowed Their Trained Chimps The Niggers, & Liberals To Hijack The Justice System To Persecute An Innocent Latino Man: George Zimmerman! The Aryans Hate The Human Race: The Latinos, Who Are Indigenous To America, Worst Of All: This Is Why The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas! It Is Important That Zimmerman Give Interviews To The Public: To Tell His Side Of The Story. Weak, Meak, Evil & Incompetent Lawyers Mark O'Mara & Don West Cruelly Betrayed Zimmerman By Refusing To Allow Him To Testify; And Are Continuing To Betray Their Client Zimmerman, By Refusing To Emphasize The Fact That Trayvon Was A Violent Burglar, Criminal And Drug Addict And Releasing All The Damning Evidence Against Trayvon Martin! O'Mara Is A "Rat-Fink"Criminal Lawyer: His Clients Are All Guilty Criminals: He Rarely Gets Innocent, Upstanding  Clients Like George: He Sympathizes With Niggers, Drug-Addicts And Violent Murderers Because Those Are His Usual Clients: His Delusional Bleeding Heart Liberalism Makes Him Unable To Condemn Criminals & Niggers: That Is Why He Betrayed George! O'Mara's Bitter Betrayal Of Zimmerman By Repeatedly Apologizing ForCriminal Thug Trayvon's Death As A Tragedy: Denies The Truth: Trayvon Tried To Murder Zimmerman! Evil, Weak, O'Mara Refuses To Fight The Evil Niggers And Press: Providing No Rebuttal To Their Lies In The Media. Yet O'Mara Has Squandered $Millions Of Zimmerman's "Defense Fund" Monies On His Ineffectual Weak "Snake Oil" Defense! It Is Zimmerman That Was The Victim Of Injustice And Satanic Political Persecution And Had His Food Poisoned (By The Saxon System's Operatives) So That He And His Wife Shelley Have Each Gained 130lbs! Nigger Sybrina & Tracy Need To Go To Jail For Their Lies! O'Mara Knew Trayvon Was A Proven Burglar, Violent Thug, And Drug-Addict: Yet Refused To Cross-Examine Niggers Sybrina, Tracy & Jeantel When He Had Them On The Stand!!! O'Mara Refused To Defend Against The Crucial "Manslaughter" Charge In His Weak Summation --Which Was A Deliberate Sabotage Of Zimmerman's Case! If The Public Were Shown These Cell-Phone Pictures & School Report Of Trayvon's Criminality: Stolen Jewelry, Drug Addiction, Bloody Assaults Etc: All The Mass Hysteria, False Propaganda And Lies Would End! It Would Prove Beyond A Doubt That Zimmerman Was Absolutely Right To Defend Himself: This Death Was Not A Tragedy: Trayvon Would Have Been Killed By The Cops If He Had Lived, Or Murdered Somebody Else, If Not Zimmerman: He Was ANo Good Violent Drug-Addict Criminal --Kicked Out Of School And His Hypocritical, Lying, Perjurer Mother Sybrina's House And Made To Sit Out On The Porch Like A Dog, By His Step-Mother! 
July 11th, 2013: The Traitor Lawyer Mark O'Mara's Incompetence And Weakness Was Proved Today When Prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda Was Able To Falsely Call Zimmerman A Liar Without George Being Able To Respond! George's Credibility Is The Question: It Was Vital That He Answer Their Lies, Detail By Detail: His Lawyers Have Now Allowed The Liberal Media & The DA To Lie About Him Again; While Calling Him A Liar --Without Any Rebuttal From His Own Devil Possessed Lawyers Who Have Betrayed Him!! None Of The Prosecutor's Claims Had Any Truth; But Without Zimmerman Being Given The Opportunity To Rebut It; The Public & Jury Can Get Deceived. O'Mara Was Not Tough Enough To Handle Media Persecution And The Nigger Lies: You Fight Niggers Not Respect Thugs & Criminals: Or The Nigger Parents Of Thugs & Criminals Like Trayvon. O'Mara, The Media & Satanic Judge Nelson Have Refused To Allow Trayvon's Criminality And Drug Addiction On The Public & Jury Record: Which Has Allowed The Prosecution To Lie That Trayvon Was An Innocent "17 Year Old Boy" And Zimmerman Was The Criminal! O'Mara Is Showing "Sympathy" & "Sensitivity" For Niggers! Niggers Don't Care For Their Children: That Is Why 80% Of Blacks Come From Broken Homes With Single Mothers & Rampant Crime --Sybrina's Is A Scam To Get Money! You Fight Evil Not Appease It! O'Mara Has Betrayed His Own Client Zimmerman To Appease Satan & The Saxon-Aryan System Who Want To Takeaway Our Right To Bear Arms & To Self-Defense --By Using Low Morals Niggers Who Want To Parlay These Lies Into Scamming People For Money, Just Like Their Criminal Son Trayvon! Sybrina Was Falsely Given $1 Million By Zimmerman's Homeowners' Association: That Must Be Given Back! The Inmates Have Taken Over The Asylum.
July 10th, 2013: Glen West & Mark O'Mara Cruelly Betrayed Zimmerman: They Threatened Him With Resignation If He Testified In His Own Defense (He Wanted To Testify, But They Gave Him No Support). Then O'Mara Refused To Introduce The Toxicology Report And Bring Witnesses To Prove That Trayvon Was Under The Violent Influence Of Drugs! Furthermore His Cirrhosis Of The Liver Proved He Was A Long Time Addict To Alcohol And Drugs! O'Mara Said He Was Being Sensitive To The Nigger Parents And A Nigger Thug --At The Expense Of Zimmerman's Defense! Zimmerman And His Parents Were The Victims Here: They Were Not Given Any Court Time To Explain Their Suffering From The Media And Nigger Hysteria, By Devil-Possessed Lawyers O'Mara & West! These Niggers Are Low-Lives: They Made An Innocent Man, Zimmerman's Life A Living Hell; By Lying And Deceiving The Public! The Saxon-Aryans Hate The Human Race Most Of All: They Know That Niggers Will Slit The Throats Of Their Mothers For A Piece Of Crack Cocaine! (So Much For Nigger Mother Sybrina!) So They Pandered To The Low Morals Of Niggers At The Expense Of Zimmerman's Life: The Irony Is That The Blonde Saxon-Aryan Police Murder More Blacks On The Street Than Anybody, For No Reason At All: Without Any Trial: Yet The Niggers Are Attacking A Hispanic-American For Defending His Very Life From A Drug-Crazed Nigger! This Case Is Proof That Niggers Are An Inferior Race: Without Any Morals Whatsoever!!!
July 9th, 2013: Mark O'Mara Is An Incompetent Arsehole, Who Is Snatching Defeat Out Of Zimmerman's Victory: He Is Intending Not To Put Zimmerman On The Stand! The Media & Satanic Judge Would Like Nothing Better: Zimmerman Is The Only Person To Tell The Truth In This Case: Now He Has A Golden Opportunity For Total Vindication; And His Evil Lawyer Is Denying Him That Chance. The Prosecutor Can Always Lie About Him If He Doesn't Testify, That He Has Something To Hide. All We Have Heard Is Lies By Niggers And The Liberal Media About An Innocent Man Zimmerman. The Saxon-Aryan System Is Pandering To Nigger Low-Lives Who Have No Morals And Will Lie And Lie. We Will All Lose The Right To Defend Ourselves And Our Property If We Allow Zimmerman To Be Found Guilty. Trayvon Was A Thug, A Burglar, A Drug-Addict, He Only Recently Began Living In The Neighborhood; But He Had To Sit On The Porch When Brandy Wasn't Home; (He Had Lived With His (Guardian) Mother Sybrina In Orlando; Although His Nigger Family Lied That He Lived There In Sanford.). Whereas Zimmerman Was A "Neighborhood Watch Captain" An Outstanding Citizen, Who Was Attacked To The Point Of Being Murdered By Trayvon Steps From His Own Property. Zimmerman Deserves Total Vindication, Not Just A Not-Guilty Verdict: He Must Testify For His Own Glory!!! Satanic Judge Nelson Is Trying To Deny Trayvon's Cell Phone's Text Messages From The Jury: Where Trayvon Is Trying To Purchase A Gun; And Boasting Of Fighting Someone MMA Style For Three Rounds; And Wanting To Fight Someone Again --Just A Week Before The Incident-- This Proves Whoever Was Talking To Trayvon On The Phone On That Day, Had To Be A Criminal Accomplice, And Not Jeantel! Although The Phone Texts Are "Double Encrypted" And 100% Certainly From Trayvon. Zimmerman's Life Has Been Almost Destroyed And Fully Exposed By The Media: Yet We Have Been Lied To About Trayvon: A Brutal Thug, Violent Criminal, Burglar & Drug Addict! This Is A One-sided Trial: With Trayvon's Criminality Being Concealed From The Public. Zimmerman's Lawyers Are Partly To Blame By Not Being More Aggressive, And Questioning Trayvon's Friends About His Personal Life; And Using Them As Evidence!!!
July 5th, 2013: Sybrina Fulton The Nigger Bitch Needs To Go To Jail For Outright Perjury: She Lied On The Stand That "It Was Trayvon's Voice On The Tape". Nigger Voices Are Deeper, This Was Clearly Zimmerman's Higher Pitched Voice, Screaming For His Life, As George's Uncle And Mother Vouched For. The Media And Satanic Judge Debra Nelson Think This Is A Game To Win Or Lose: No You Bitches This Is Not A Lying Contest: This Is A Quest For Justice: This Is A Search For The Truth: This Is A Matter Of Law! Sybrina Fulton Lied And Lied; On Her Twitter Page She Admitted Her Son Was No Good, "But He's Mine": She Is Such A Low-Life Nigger, She Has Contempt For The Truth, Even In Court. Satanic Judge Nelson Then Denied The Medical Examiner's Toxicology Report To Be Presented To The Jury: Trayvon Had A High Level Of Marijuana In His Blood; And Had Cirrhosis Of The Liver From Drug & Alcohol Addiction. This Drug Addiction Of Trayvon's Is Key To Understanding This Whole Case: The Drug-Fueled Attempt To Murder Zimmerman Out Of Devil-Possessed Madness! Zimmerman Was The Victim Here: The Judge And Media Are Covering Up The Truth! Alicia Stanley, Trayvon's Step-Mother Says That Trayvon Was Made Into A Criminal After He Returned To Sybrina Fulton's Guardianship In 2010, And Started Frequenting MMA (Mixed Martial Arts Style Street Fighting & Street Drug Social-Websites) And Using A Potent Street Drug Called "Purple Lean". (Click=>Alicia's Story)
Street Drug: Purple Lean (Drank) is an intoxicating beverage also known by the names leansizzurp, and liquid codeine. It is commonly abused by southern rappers and wannabe suburban teenagers. It is a mixture of Promethazine/Codeine, cough syrup, and sprite, with a few jolly ranchers and/orskittles thrown in. Promethazine with codeine, consumed in such large amounts as is popular with such southern rappers aslil wayneslim thug, and Big Moe, produces an opiate-like high that is potentiated by the Promethazine. Promethazine by itself will not produce a high. The beverage must be sipped slowly, and not guzzled, in order to avoid unconsciousness and/or life threatening overdose. Trayvon Martin Was A Contributing Member Of This "Purple Lean" Street Drug Social-Website: Proving He Was An Admitted User Of "Purple Lean"! On The Night Of February 26th, 2012: Trayvon Martin Needed A "Purple Lean" Drug Fix: He Would Kill Anyone Who Tried To Stop Him! That Is Why The Denial Of A Full Toxicology Report & Exposure Of Trayvon's Social-Websites, By The Judge Is So Evil! The Judge's & Police-Chief's Denial Of Trayvon's Criminal "School Report" To The Jury Is Also Satanic: Because It Proves Trayvon Had: Burglary Tools, Stolen Jewelry, Marijuana Possession, And MMA Style Fights On His Record (But The Police Didn't Investigate Or Charge Him)! Trayvon Had Bought The "Purple Skittles" And The 23oz. Can Of "Arizona Watermelon Juice" (Not Iced-Tea As The Police Lied) To Use As A Weapon As Well As For Drug Mix Ingredients; But He Needed The Codeine Or The Promethazine: And That Cost Money,Which He Needed To Get By Burglary & Robbery; When Thwarted By Zimmerman: Trayvon Tried To Murder Zimmerman In A Drug Addicted Frenzy. (Click=>Trayvon's Drug Induced Violence) [Note: There Is A Lie That Trayvon Was Living With His Stepmother Brandy Green The Night Of His Death  --He Had Not Been Given Permission To Be Alone With Brandy's 14 Yr Old Son Chad Joseph Unless Brandy & Tracy Were Present (He Had To Wait On The Porch), Because Of Trayvon's Drug Use And Criminality. Trayvon Was Walking In The Cold, Dark Rain Because Brandy Had Not Given Him Permission To Live With Her And Her Son, Chad --When She Was Not Home In Sanford: That's Why He Was Walking In The Rain For An Hour! Would She Allow Trayvon To Make Her Son Chad, Into A Drug-Addict Too, By Letting Him In? Trayvon's Body Was Found ~80 Yards Away From Green's Home. Brandy's Typical Nigger Lie Was After The Fact, To Deceive The Public & Police: And Condemn Zimmerman; (A Whole Bunch Of Niggers Have Been Lying! And Have Lost All Credibility In Their Past Or Future Civil Rights Claims.) Trayvon Intended To Burglarize The Houses In RTL For Cash To Buy Codeine To Make "Purple Lean": Zimmerman's Presence Obstructed His Drug Fix, So He Tried To Murder Zimmerman!]

July 2nd, 2013: Explosive: The Police And Media Have Lied To Us And Covered-Up For Trayvon Martin: It Turns Out Miami-Dade Police Chief Charles Hurley, Was Using "Bleeding Heart Liberal, Social Engineering Experimentation" To Refuse To Charge African-American Youth For Criminal Activity! (Charles Hurley Was Latter Charged With Sexual Harassment And Resigned.) Thus Although Trayvon Martin Was Caught With: Burglary Tools, Stolen Jewelry, Marijuana, Committing Vandalism And MMA Assaults; He Was Never Arrested Or Charged. Instead Trayvon's Crimes Were Left To The School To Deal With: The Schools Are Not Equipped To Handle Crime, And They Simply Suspended Him Indefinitely: Where He Ended Up Committing Burglaries And Almost Murdering Zimmerman. The Satanic Evil In This, Was That The Police And Media Covered Up The Fact That Trayvon Was Already A Criminal, Before "The Altercation" --The Police Chief Then Chose Not To Include Trayvon's Criminal "School Report" On The Court Record, Which Greatly Biases Zimmerman's Trial. This Case Should Be Dismissed Immediately As It Has Been A Miscarriage Of Justice From The Start: With Nigger Special Prosecutor Angela Corey: Usurping The Power Of The Police & Grand Jury To Lay Charges, To Whip Up A Satanic Persecution Of Zimmerman! Satanic Liberal Propaganda That Blacks And Aryans Are Equal To Humans Is At The Root Of All This Evil: The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Hatred Of Humans Is So Great: That They Want To Commit Genocide On Us By Putting Criminal Niggers Above Law Abiding Human-Beings! 
June 27th, 2013: Rachel Jeantel Has Committed Perjury In The Trayvon Martin Killing: She Was Not On The Phone When Trayvon Was Assaulting George Zimmerman: But She Has Been Told By The Nigger Mother Sybrina Fulton To Lie That She Was A Phone Witness. The Fact Is: Jeantel Had Loaned Out Her Phone To A Robbery Accomplice Of Trayvon's: Emmanuel Burgess, And Is Now Lying That She Was That Witness! Jeantel Has Admitted Loaning Out Her Phone "For Hundreds Of Hours, To Trayvon's Friend"; Who Then Coached Her On What Was Said; This Is Why Jeantel Refused To Appear On Camera For The First Few Months; It Was Trayvon's "Criminal Accomplice" Who Was Instructing Her On The Phone Interview!!! Jeantel Initially Did Not Come Forward To Police, As A Witness; But Sent A Letter (Written By A Third Party) To Sybrina, To Conceal The Identity Of The Real Caller. In This "Letter" She Called Herself "Diamond Eugene" Which Was Not Her Name: Indicating She Had Something Criminal To Hide! It Turns Out Under Cross-Examination, She Could Not Even Read The Letter, She Initially Claimed She Wrote: She Now Admits, It Was Written By An Unknown Third Person: The Real Person Coaching Her On The Phone Interview? Jeantel Only Made A Statement To Police In The Presence Of Sybrina Fulton, In Fulton's House, Many Months Later --After Her Story Kept Expanding And Changing!!! The Police Are Guilty Of "Obstruction" By Failing To Take A Statement From Jeantel For So Long --Allowing Her To Lie And Alter Her Testimony To Whatever Sybrina Fulton And Her Controlling Civil-Rights Lawyers, Wanted Her To Say! The Incompetent Arsehole Don West, Zimmerman's Lawyer, Is Blindly Believing Jeantel's Perjury! If Jeantel Was On The Cell Phone, It Was Only For A Few Minutes As Trayvon Was Running Away From Zimmerman In Order To Rob People's Homes! If Jeantel Was Telling The Truth, She Would Have Known That Trayvon Was A Burglar Intent On Robbery; And Had Decided To Assault And Almost Murder Zimmerman, Because He Was Preventing Trayvon From Committing The Robberies By His Presence: Trayvon Was Desperate For The Cash To Buy Drugs For His Addiction! (Click=>Proof Trayvon Was Addicted To Drugs: He Contributed To The "AMilonakis & MMA Channels"!) The Reason Jeantel Is Lying Under Oath, Is Because The Nigger Mother Sybrina Fulton & Her Lawyers, Coached Her To Lie, To Combat Zimmerman's Version Of Events. Stanley Remembers That Initially Rachel Jeantel Had Conceded That She Was Not On The Phone When The Assault Took Place; But A Year Later She Is Now Lying She Was An Eye-Witness! Perjury Is A Very Serious Crime: But The Fucking Devil-Possessed Judge Is Protecting Jeantel From Charges! The Other Incompetence Of Don West & Mark O'Mara Is The Failure To Cross-Examine Jeantel Like The Nigger She Is, And Challenging Her Testimony: The Blame Must Also Be Placed On Our Devil-Possessed Fucking Arsehole Bitch Of A Judge Debra Nelson: Who Is Protecting And Obstructing Jeantel's Lies From Being Challenged. Judge Nelson Is Also Satanically Allowing Trayvon's Parents To Remain In The Courtroom To Intimidate Witnesses And Influence The Jury, While Zimmerman's Parents Were Biasedly Not Allowed In The Courtroom. These Are Nigger Parents: Like Chimpanzee Animals: Trayvon Had Multiple (Step) Mothers; The Only Reason Sybrina Is So Aggressive, Is To Get Money From The Public; She Rarely Ever Lived With Trayvon When He Was A Child, He Lived With His Father & Step-Mother (Alicia Stanley). The Nigger-Bitch Sybrina Fulton Aggressively Took-Over And Lied & Committed Perjury Only After He Died --To Sell "Trayvon" T-Shirts For Cash! Trayvon's Anger In Assaulting Zimmerman Was Due To His Drug Addiction And Thwarted Robbery Attempt To Obtain Money To Buy Drugs!!! But In Addition He Did Have A Deadly Weapon: A Full Jumbo-Sized 8"X4" (Inch) Heavy 23Oz. Steel-Can Of "Arizona Watermelon Juice", (The Police Erroneously Called This "Iced-Tea".) Which He Needed To Make A Street Drug Called "Purple Lean" And Also Used To Smash Zimmerman's Face With, Repeatedly --Breaking And Bleeding Zimmerman's Nose From Zimmerman's Right Side --Although Trayvon Is Right Handed, And Would Have Struck Zimmerman's Left Side If He Had Used His Fist-- Proving That Trayvon Struck Zimmerman With The Heavy Steel-Can Weapon Or Torch. The M.E.'s Report Says That Trayvon Had Abrasions On The Knuckles Of His Left Hand, But Not On His Right Hand: Proving That He Was Smashing Zimmerman's Face With The 23Oz. "Watermelon Juice" Can --And Not His Fist! Zimmerman Always Believed That Trayvon Was Using A Weapon, But Because It Was Dark; He Didn't See Trayvon Conceal The Can Under His Shirt! The Police & Fire-Services Have Testified That Trayvon Concealed A Heavy, Full, 23oz. "Arizona Watermelon Juice" Can, In His Jacket; That Constituted A Lethal Weapon; Which Was Indeed Used For Attempted Murder And Robbery On Zimmerman. Why Would Trayvon Buy An "Watermelon Juice" In The Middle Of Winter; And Then Hide It In His Jacket??? Because "Arizona Watermelon Juice" & "Purple Skittles" Are Ingredients For A Potent Street Drug Called "Purple Lean", And Comes In A Heavy 23 Oz. Steel, Jumbo Size, That Doubles As A Concealed Weapon, That Can Fool Police & The Public!!! There Is One Law For The Blonde Saxon-Aryans & Nigger-Criminals; And Another Law For Us Human-Beings! That Bitch Judge Debra Nelson Allowing The Perjury Of Nigger Sybrina Fulton; Who Unprecedentedly Was Allowed To  Coach Jeantel To Tell Lies And Remain During Jeantel's Police Statement (Which Is A Crime Of Obstructing Justice & Counseling Perjury!); Makes This A Mockery Of Justice Already! The Evil Defense Lawyers Are Incompetent, And Are Trying To Stop Zimmerman From Testifying In His Own Defense: This Is Satanic, Because All The Other Witnesses & Media Are Lying Against Zimmerman: He Truly Is The Only Truthful Eye-Witness, And Should Testify And Tell The Truth. Also Zimmerman's Face Is Bloated And He Has Gained Massive Weight (130 lbs): Proving That His Food Has Been Poisoned (The Poison Causes Obesity)! The Fix Was In To Convict Zimmerman By The Satanic System From The Start!
June 26th, 2013: The SCOTUS Decision Favoring Homosexuality Was Nothing New: Stanley Expected It; And Warned Them That This Was High Treason! The Devil-Possessed Scumbag Judges Are Weak Puppets Of The Blonde Saxon-Aryan System --Thus It Is The Saxon-Aryans That Are Really Guilty. They Will Be Facing Trial & Death Sentences, If Found Guilty, When Stanley Comes Into Power! Our Totally Unaccountable Devil-Possessed Judges Have Usurped The Power Of Parliament To Make Laws: Which Is Contrary: To Our Constitution; The Supremacy Of Parliament; The Sovereign Will Of The People; The Supremacy Of God; The Supremacy Of The KING; And The Supremacy Of The Law Of DAma!!! Our Judges Are Weak, Devil-Possessed Satanic Arseholes, That Are Forcefully Promoting Satan's Agenda On The People: They Deserve No Respect Whatsoever. To Respect A Judge Is To Worship Satan! Justices Kennedy & Roberts Were Appointed By Conservative Presidents: Their Total Betrayal Of Conservatives Marks Them For A Harsh Punishment. Homosexuals Molest Children (Both Male And Female) They Commit Heinous Crimes And Murders! For These Arsehole Judges To Blatantly Ignore The Prospective King Of Canada & The U.S.A.; And Mouth Liberal Platitudes And Propaganda As Jurisprudence; Is To Mock King, God And The DAma! Their Punishments Will Be Especially Heinous! Stanley Is The King: He Always Wins In The End: This Was A Weak, Pathetic, Final Grasping Of The Blonde Saxon-Aryans & Satan To Keep Up The Appearance Of Strength To Do More, Never-Ending Evil: When It Is Actually Their Death Rattle! For This: The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!
June 20th, 2013: The Power Of The King: Stanley D'Almeida: Jew-Bastard Ben Bernanke Announced He Might Ease Up On "QE Infinity" (Monthly $85 Billion Purchases Of 30-Year Treasury-Bonds & Bank-Bad-Debt With Printed Money) In June 2014; And That He Would Let Interest Rates Rise By December 2013; Which Immediately Crashed The Stock-Market --Falling Over 600 Points In Two Days!!! This Proves That The Whole Economy Under Obama Is A House Of Cards: Ready To Crash At The Slightest Show Of Weakness. Bernanke Has Been Printing Money To Prop Up The Stock-Market At Your (The People's) Expense: Because All That Inflation That It Has Created, Will Come Out Of The Poorer People's Pockets! Are You Not Already Suffering At The Grocery & Retail Stores? Blame Bernanke & Obama --And Worse Inflation & Taxes Are Yet To Come! Inflation & Higher Taxes Affect The Poor Most Of All: But Bernanke & Obama Don't Care For The Poor: While Michelle & Barack Obama Jet To Yet Another Vacation In Africa, At Tax-Payer Expense: When Told That The Price Of Bread Has Risen 300% Under Obama: Michelle's Attitude Was: "Let Them Eat Cake": They Only Care For The Wealthiest Top 20% That Own 92% Of Stocks!!! Unemployment Is Stubbornly Stuck At 7.6%: After Bernanke Has Spent $Hundreds Of Billions & $20 Trillions Of Your Tax-Payer Money On Monetary Stimulus That Was Never Approved By Congress!!! Stimulus Didn't Ever Work: Then Or Now; But Nobody Is At The Helm: Obama Is Too Incompetent To Change Course! Although Obama Did Say Today That He Believes That Bernanke Has Been Too Long As The Fed Chairman: And That He Wants Him Replaced By Another "Incompetent": Janet Yellen, This Fall. The Economy Is Still In A Depression: Stanley Told You This Would Happen: And The Revolution Is At Hand!
June 5th, 2013: Paris Jackson Attempted Suicide Today, By Cutting Her Wrist With A Meat Cleaver; And Calling Herself Crazy, On A You-tube Video!!! This Is Proof Positive That That Whole Jackson Family Are Crazy Evil: And That Michael Jackson Sexually Molested Hundreds Of Boys --Bad Karma! Proving That: Homosexuality, Surrogate Mothers, Artificial Insemination, Adoption, Child-Molestation; Are All Evil: This Is What Will Happen To All Such Children! That Money Grubbing Bitch Katherine Jackson's Only Interest In Paris, Is For Her $Millions In Inheritance Money --Which She Wants To Get Her Hands On, By Declaring Paris Crazy. The Jackson's Made Her Go Insane, By Child-Abuse, Spankings, And Sexual Molestation; To Get Her Money! Adoptive-Step-Grandmother Katherine Jackson Has Had Her Chance To Destroy Paris' Life; Now Paris And Her Money Need To Be Removed From The Jackson's Clutches!!! 
May 30th, 2013: MEDICAL BULLETIN: In Total Vindication Of Stanley The King's Directive That Salt Is Good For You: And That Modern Medicine Is 100% Satanic Quackery: The "Institute Of Medicine" Has Now Concluded That Low Sodium Diets Cause More Harm Than Good In People With: Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease & Cardiovascular Disease; And Cause Increased Deaths!!! In Another Turnaround Attributable To Stanley's Medical Directives: Research Has Now Advocated That Calcium Tablet Supplements Be Stopped, Because They Cause Blockage And Hardening Of The Arteries & Deaths; As The Body Has No Way Of Excreting It From The Body! Dr. Oz: Has Also Reversed Himself: Now CondemningL-Carnitine (A Product From Red Meat, & Milk; That Dr Oz Used To Endorse) Because It Is Transformed By Bacteria In Your Stomachs To Cause Cholesterol Plaques To Get Larger And Larger In Your Arteries --Causing Death! Dr. Oz Now Admits That Super Bugs (Bacteria Like E. Coli & Salmonela) From Meat; Have Developed Antibiotic Resistance And Are Now Killing Millions Of Red Meat Eaters! And The Clincher: A Canadian Study Has Found That Chinese-Canadians Have Suffered A 1,500% Increase In "Type-2" Diabetes From The Years 1990-2005; While Races Emigrating From Europe Had Only A 24% Increase --Although The Chinese Are Significantly Less Obese Than The Fat Europeans! What This Proves Is That Drinking MILK: Is Murdering Our Children And The Prime Cause Of Both Type-1 & Type-2 Diabetes! Since The Chinese Are Soy-Milk Drinkers In China: Their Sensitivity To Milk Is Far Greater Than Ours: But East-Indians, American Indians And All Humans In General: Are All Dying From Diabetes And Heart Attacks From The Forced Consumption Of Milk! The Harm That Drinking Milk Causes Is A Satanic Genocidal Crime Of Mass Murder: For The Blonde Saxon-Aryans, Because They Force Milk On Us: By Government Subsidies, The Land Monopoly For Cattle, The Genocidal Extermination Of The Buffalo & The Feral Wild Pig, And Satanic Gov't Paid For Propaganda, Promoting Milk! This Forcefully Imposed Satanic Quackery: Is Why Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!
May 29th, 2013: Michele Bachmann's  Announcement Today: That She Will Not Seek A Fifth Term In Congress, Is Devastating News For Conservatives And Conservative Values! The Reason She Quit Was Because Of A Satanic Push By "Establishment Republicans" And The Saxon-Aryan System To Rig The Election Process Against Conservatives: For The Sake Of "Liberal" GOP Candidates From "Democratic States" Like Romney, Ryan, Fucking Arsehole Leftist Chris Christie, & Martinez. This Means The Only Avenue Of Change Is Not Through The Ballot Box: But Through A Violent Revolution: Take Up Arms: Form Militias: Train Daily On Fasting Techniques: Be Prepared To Fight To The Death: As The Constitution Allows: And Take America By Force! This Extreme Resistance To Any Change And Their Rabid Stuffing Of "Satan's Absolutely Evil Agenda" Down Our Throats: Is Why The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!  

May 12th, 2013: Survivor 26, Caramoan, Was One Of The Worst Shows Ever: Evil Traitor And Closet Homosexual John Cochran, Won A Rigged $1 Million, And Malcolm Freberg Won The Sprint $100,000. The Reason It Was So Undeserving Was That Neither Cochran Nor Dawn Meehan Were Ever Targeted For Eviction; Though They Were Some Of The Most Evil Satanic Players In Survivor History: They Were Allowed To Float Through The Whole Show, To Final Three! Look Folks: Dawn Is A Blonde Saxon-Aryan Possessed By Devils And The Race That Rules Us: Yet Every Player Was Trusting This Congenital Devil-Whore With All Their Plans, And Then Getting Blindsided & Evicted! Corinne, Malcolm, Phillip Sheppard, Brenda, Brandon Hantz, Eddie; Were All Evicted Because They Trusted Satanic Devil Possessed Dawn! Sherri Biethman Another Finalist, Was Also A Devil-Possessed Crazy, Yet Nobody Targeted Her: She Cost Malcolm His Game-Life. Don't You People Ever Watch The Show, Or Read Stanley's Blog??? Blonde Blue-Eyed Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are Satanically Evil, And Will Lie And Blindside You, Just Like Homosexuals And Niggers Will: Never Form A Close Alliance With Them: And Vote Them Out First!!! This Seasons Players Were Deliberately Chosen To Be Strategically Dumb, So Cochran Would Win: They Were Targeting The Good Guys,And Knocking Each Other Off; Instead Of The Evil Homosexual & Saxon-Aryan Players. Players Need To Learn To Ally With Strong Morally Good, Human-Race Players; Otherwise Low-Lives Like Faggot Cochran End Up Winning The Game --This Show Is Always A Battle Between Good And Evil: It Is Not About You Personally: The Good Guys Need To Work As A Team To Get Out The Faggots First: Never Is It About The Money! Hopefully Something Very Bad Happens To Dawn, Sherri And Cochran For All The Bad Karma They Incurred --All They Did Was Sit Pretty, And Blindside, Betray, Lie To, Backstab And Evict Each And Every Player In Turn-- Without Any Of The Players Catching-On Or Fighting Back! Hot Chicks: Andrea Boehlke & Brenda Lowe, Could Have Easily Won, Had They Allied With Eddie, Reynold, & Each Other; Instead Of Cochran. Closet Homosexual Cochran & Dawn, Cruelly Betrayed Ozzy Lusth & Their Whole Tribe Last Time In Survivor23: Why Would You Trust Them For Anything? Brenda Said, "I Thought We Were Friends" --To Dawn; Had Brenda Broken The Denture Plate Of Dawn, She Would Have Won --This Was A Real Cutthroat Season. Dawn Is Satanic; She Is Nobody's Friend But Satan's; If You Get A Chance To Kill Satan: Kill Him Or Her! Andrea Boehlke, Seemed So Intelligent Off Air, On Equally Demonic Real Media's Superpass,Internet Show; But She Bought DemonicSuperpass' Satanic Lie, That Cochran Is A Hero For Betraying His Tribe: Instead Of A Super-Evil Faggot: So She Suddenly Made Some Stupid Moves: She Stupidly Confided To Evil-Fag Cochran. Andrea Was Obsessed With Evicting Corinne, Brenda & Phillip Early In The Game; Due To Her Insane Paranoia & Stupidity: She Should Have Laid Low, Let Phillip Run The Show, Allied With Phillip, And Developed Her Own Hidden Inner Alliance To Counter Dawn & Cochran's Alliance Of Low-Lives! (Note: Not All Blacks Are Niggers: Phillip Had Proven Himself To Be Very Loyal & Trustworthy --To Boston Rob In Survivor 22! Phillip Identifies As "Choctaw" Indian, Not Black!) Cardinal Rule Of Survivor: Survivor Is Fundamentally A Numbers Game: Being Good In Individual Comps, Or Being Popular Is Irrelevant --If You Always Control A Majority Of Votes In A Tribe; And A Majority Of Votes Within The Alliance Of A Majority Alliance; And Have A Trusted Final-Two Or Final-Three Deal!Group Immunity Is Important Only For The First Few Weeks, To Build Up A Tribal Majority; And Obviously The Final Week's Immunity. (See What Happened To Comp Kings, Reynold Toepfer & Eddie Fox) Yet Dumb Andrea Was Obsessed With Brenda's Comp Ability Instead Of Dawn's Majority Votes (Note: Brenda Lost To Dawn, When It Counted, And Got Blind-Sided By Dawn --Because Survivor Producers Blatantly Rigged The Comps For Dawn & Cochran, To Win --At The End!) Survivor Producers Also Poisoned Erik Reichenbach, Days 23-26, To Get Him "Medically Evicted" Because He Finally Wanted Cochran Evicted! In An Unprecedented Move The Producers Refused To Give The Players Any Food (Even Rice) In The Last Week Of Competition; So That Eddie And Erik Would Be Forced To Eat Poisoned Food, Supplied By The Producers, Who Gave Cochran Good Food. On The Morning Of Erik's Eviction, The "Doctor & Medical Staff" & The Producers, Deliberately Told Erik, "That He Must Eat Lots Of Food" (Which They Supplied Him With --Heavily Poisoned!) They Also Brought In An In-House Doctor Named "Joe", Who Then Forcefully Removed Erik From The Show --Without Erik's Consent! Solely For Having Low Blood-Pressure --Which They Induced By Poison!!!Forcing "Medical Treatment" On A Person Is Illegal --Without Their Consent-- Survivor Producers Had No Legal Right To Forcefully Remove Erik From The Show --If He Was Willing To Accept The Consequences! Much Weaker Players Have Survived On Rice! Then On Finale Night, Arsehole Probst, Refused To Let Erik Speak A Single Word --To Cover-Up Their Poisoning & Attempted Murder On Him! This Whole Show Was Rigged To Get Satanic Homosexual Cochran To Win: First They Gave Cochran A Fake "Macho Image", A Propagandistic TV "Edit", And Favorable Comps He Could Win: (In The "Eating Competition" Cochran Had: Clearly Visible, Large Particles Of Food In His Mouth; Yet Probst Declared Him The Winner) The Fix Was In --Cochran Is An Evil Closet Faggot That Can't Get A Girlfriend: Because Girls Can't Be Fooled By Propaganda! The Survivor Producers Gave Cochran & Dawn An Unfair Advantage: Because They Were Already In A Satanic, Traitors, Back-Stabbing Alliance The Previous Show, Survivor23: While None Of The Other Players Had Such A Tight Alliance, Within The Majority Alliance. Had Andrea Focused On The Numbers (Not How Good They Were At Comps) And Evicted The Evil Low-Lives Dawn & Cochran, She Would Have Won! Malcolm Was A Dumb And Stupid Player And Should Not Be Brought Back Again: Malcolm & Corinne Are The Only Players In Survivor History, To Dump A Majority Alliance, To Form A Minority, And Get Evicted Immediately After! Malcolm Should Have Laid Low With His Immunity Necklace: Even Dawn Remarked At How Stupid Malcolm Is: "I Just Betrayed And Evicted His Closest Friend In The Game, Corinne Kaplan, And Malcolm Is Coming Back To Me For Another Alliance; He Doesn't Have A Clue, He Isn't Dialed In". Corinne Was A Jew, A Hot Chick, Good At Talking Smack; But A Crazy-Delusional Person (Although She Calls Phillip Delusional): She Says She Loves Homosexuals And Blonde Saxon-Aryans: Like Dawn & Cochran: The Most Evil People On Earth! That's Why She Got Deceived, Fooled, Blindsided & Betrayed; And Her Delusional Trust In Dawn, Destroyed Malcolm's Game As Well. Jews Don't Ever Learn: The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Murdered Them In Auschwitz: Yet They Love Blonde Saxons & Homosexuals: Hitler Was A Homosexual (See Greatest Conspiracies 3.) Jews Will Always Get Betrayed, Blindsided And Evicted: Because That Is What Saxons & Homosexuals Do --You Stupid Bitch! [Note: Corinne Did Have The Intelligence To Deduce That "Cochran Was Gay; But That He Changed Personality At The End". Proving Once Again That All Homosexuals Have Evil Dual  Personalities; Symptomatic Of A Major Mental Illness: That Requires Harsh "Treatment"; And They Should Never Be "Handed" $1 Million --Simply For Being Satanically Evil & Homosexual!] The Majority Of This Seasons Players Were "German-Aryans", Yet They Made The Same Mistake Of The Jew, Corinne: They Both Blindly Trusted Blonde Saxon-Aryan Dawn: This Is Why The German-Aryans Lost WWII (See "Greatest Conspiracies 3.") The German-Aryans Need To Decide: They Are Either For The Side Of King, God & The Dama (Stanley) Or The Side Of Absolutely Evil Blonde Saxon-Aryans And Satan! Malcolm Kept Making Pleas To Dawn, Erik Reichenbach, And Sherri; Who Kept Betraying Him, Week After Week: While He Focused On Evicting A Weak Andrea. Andrea Was Always At The Bottom Of Her Alliance; Andrea Was Initially Slated To Be Evicted, The Week Phillip Made A Dumb Move And Got Himself Evicted Instead; Phillip Refused To Counter Malcolm's Announced Threat To Evict Phillip --By Evicting Someone From His Own Tribe (Andrea)-- Because He Was Too Rigidly Following "Boston Rob's" Nostrum About "Flushing Out The Idol". Andrea Heard Her Name Whispered At That Tribal Council To Be Initially Evicted -- By Her Own Tribe-- Yet She Stupidly Failed To React, Switch Alliances, By Secretly Allying With Malcolm, Reynold & Eddie: Where She Would Be The Top Of Her New Alliance! Malcolm Also Refused To Look For The Hidden Immunity Idol, When He Had Two Days To Do So: He Sat On The Well With Andrea: While The "Cleft Rock" Lay Five Feet Away From Him --He Should Never Be Brought Back. (With The Same "Cleft Rock" Clue, Andrea Found The Idol In Two Minutes.) Moronic Malcolm Also Showed Utter Contempt For Erik; Malcolm Had Weeks To Form An Alliance With Erik, Or Andrea, But Didn't; And Refused To Inform Erik Of His Alliance Plans Until It Was Too Late --And Andrea & Dawn "Got To" Erik Instead. Although Erik Was One Of The Dumbest Players In Survivor History: His Was A Crucial Vote, Which Dumb Malcolm Did Not Respect --In A Numbers Game! All Morally-Good Players Need To Obey This Stanley's Maxim: "It Is Better To Be In The Final Three With A Worthy Opponent, A Morally Good Person, Good At Comps, Like Andrea, Brenda & Reynold; Than To Be There With An Evil Homosexual And Saxon-Aryan Like Dawn & Cochran --Thus Evict The Low-Lives First"!!! Erik Should Have Played Both Alliances Against The Middle; Because By Voting Only For Cochran's Side: He Handed Cochran The $1 Million On A Platter! Satanic Jeff Probst, Tried To Excuse Dawn's & Cochran's Satanic Play, By Saying: "This Is Just A Game": No You Mother-Fucker: It Is Not A Game: A Game Is Equally Fair To Everyone: A Game Has Rules: Survivor Has No Rules: It Is Pro Satan And Pro Devil-Possession: Pro Anarchy: Pro Evil! To Lie, Cheat, Backstab, Blindside, Rig The Game For Evil Players, Poison An Enemy Player's Food,(Attempted Murder), Divulge "Privileged Inside Information" To Enemy Players, And Be Possessed By Devils: Is No Game! Survivor Is Trying To Promote Evil; By Rewarding Evil People (Homosexuals) And Evil Conduct --And The Producers And "CBS Inc.", Must Be Criminally Charged! These Players (Cochran, Sherri, Erik & Dawn) Must Be Punished Harshly! Otherwise Everyone Will Lie Cheat, Act Totally Immoral And Think They Will Get Away With It: They Poisoned Erik, They Will Murder People Next! The Law Of Karma Must Be Obeyed! Bottom Line: Survivor Is A Numbers Game: Make Majority Alliances With Strong, Morally Good Players Of The Human-Race; Who Will Never Betray You; And Get Rid Of: Homosexuals, "Niggers" And Blonde Saxon-Aryans: First!!!

May 2nd, 2013: Big Brother Canada Was The Most Evil, Satanic Reality Show Ever! It Was A Nigger-Fest, A Homosexual-Fest, Demon-Possessed-Fest A Real Stink-Fest! The Blonde Saxon-Aryan And Nigger Producers Biasedly, Repeatedly, Criminally Interfered Into The Show To Keep The Niggers (Topaz Brady & Gary Levy) & The Homosexuals (Gary Levy) In The Game: Constituting A Criminal Fraud Against The Viewing Public! Niggers Topaz And Gary Were "In-Your-Face" Aggressive, Rude, Abusive, Bullies; And No Protest Was Allowed From HG's, By The Satanic Producers-- Although Blacks Are An Inferior Race, And Should Know Their Place; Or Be Put In Their Place! The Nigger Producers Pressured The Players Into Bowing Down To Crazy, Mentally-Ill, "Split-Personality" Gary-Glitter; And Treat This Vile Scum-Dog Of A Nigger-Faggot: Like A God!!! It Started On The First Day, When They Awarded A Rigged (Phone-Call) HOH To Demonic-Bitch Suzette Amaya, And Got Her To Evict Kat Yee, Instead Of Gary-Glitter, The Faggot Whom Everyone In The House Hated! The Biased Racist Hatred The Producers Showed For East-Indians, Was Evident In Week1, When They Got Jillian MacLaughlin (Through Evil Half-Aryan Emmett Blois) To Evict Her Friend Aneal, Instead Of The Nigger Gary! Pathetic Aneal Ramkissoon, Broke Down And Cried Bitterly For Days, Real Tears: Because The Only Friend (Jillian) He Had In The House, The Satanic Producers Got Her To Evict Him --And Destroy His Dream Of Winning-- Through Criminal Interference Into The Game! The East-Indians On The Show (Aneal Ramkissoon, A.J. Burman) & Persian (Talla Rejaei) Were Deliberately Picked To Be Weak, Pathetic, Docile, Without Any Mental Or Physical DISCIPLINE, Totally Hopeless, Noncompetitive, Without Any Game, Or Assertiveness To Nigger & BB Producer Abuse Whatsoever: They Were Beaten, Assaulted, Bullied And Abused By The Producers & Niggers Like Gary And Topaz --While Being Too Weak And Beaten Down By Our Racist Canadian Blonde Saxon-Aryan System, To Fight Back. Look You Fucking Niggers: You Are An Inferior Race: Bashing Weak, Faggot East-Indians On Your Satanic Evil Show, Still Doesn't Make You Much Above The Morals Of The Chimpanzees, That You Are! Shaw Media, Global TV And Slice TV, Need To Seriously Review The Actions Of The Producers Of Their BB1 Show; Or Risk Destroying Their Whole Company For The Sake Of Nigger-Faggot Worship. Gary Lied To Everybody On The Show, Physically Pushed Hapless Talla In Racist Anger (He Should Have Been Charged With Assault, And Banned From The Show! Gary Is 6'2", 200lbs; While Talla Is 5'0", 97lbs; This Was Criminal Racist Violence On A Weak Woman. Gary Never Ate Slop Wk7; He Ate "Condiments" Instead, Yet Was Not Penalized By BB!), Gary & Topaz Insulted Aneal & Talla Because Of Their Race, Was Possessed By A Devil: Gary Admitted On Air, That He Was A "Split Personality", With His Non-Gay Personality Hating That He Was Gay --Proving That All Homosexuals Are Mentally-Ill, Demon-Possessed And Need Harsh (Excorcism) "Treatment"-- Not Adulation And Worship! Yet Gary Was Rigged Back Into The Show Unprecedentedly Late In The Game By The Satanic Producers; Giving Him A Tremendously Unfair Advantage --When A Crazy Evil Cow-Worshipper, Emmett Blois, Took The Constantly Lying, Demon-Possessed Nigger Into The Final Three --In Turn Betraying Jillian, Andrew Monaghan, Tom Plant & Talla Who Were Part Of His Core Alliance! Proving Aryans And Niggers Are Devil-Worshippers In-League With Each Other! (Gary Repaid Evil, Crazy Emmett For Taking Him Over Jillian, Talla, Tom & Andrew; By Back-Stabbing Emmett To Take Jillian To Final Two --"There Is No Honour Among Thieves"!) Suzette Amaya, Was Another Demon-Possessed Crazy, (Evil Suzette Racistly Called Thomas Plant, "A Fucking Redneck" And Threatened Him With Harm If He Ever Came To Vancouver, On Air; While Worshipping Homosexuals & Niggers) Instead Of Threatening Violence, Had Suzette Came To Tom And Made A Deal, She Would Have Been Saved --But Her Evil Racist Hatred And Demonism, Precluded Logic -- Suzette Had The Rat's Mentality: Saying, "I'm An American-Indian, I Have A Family: Give Me Prizes And Trips For Ratting For You, For Worshipping Satan, For Worshipping Niggers & Homosexuals, Hating Humans, And Evicting Kat --Instead Of Gary". Suzette Also Racistly Hated The East-Indian Fag Aneal; Yet Loved The Nigger-Fag Gary; And Was Again Unprecedentedly Saved By The Satanic Producers From Eviction Week3; Getting Poor Aneal Unfairly Evicted Instead --Again It Was Evil Emmett Blois Who Told Tom To Stupidly Evict Tom's Ally Aneal --Instead Of Evil Nigger Topaz; Yet The Very Next Week Evil Emmett Was Telling Peter And Alec, To Evict His "Final Two" Ally Tom, Ahead Of Liza!!! Obviously Emmett Was Being Used By The Satanic Producers To Pressure Every Single HOH To Evict All The Good Guys; And Keep Homosexual-Nigger Gary Safe! BB U.S. Never Ever, Interfered Into The Game To The Extent As To Abuse One Race Over Another; Promote Niggers & Homosexuals; And To Blatantly Affect The Outcome Of The Show --Time And Time Again! This Show Must Be Cancelled; Or The Nigger, Devil-Possessed, Aryan And Homosexual Producers Removed & Criminally Charged For Massively Rigging The Show!! Topaz Brady, Is A Nigger: Even Though She Has "Light Skin" & Green Eyes: You Are A Nigger, Bitch! Topaz Looked White But She Had The Morals Of A Chimpanzee: Proving She Was A Nigger! Topaz & Gary Lied To Tom Plant, That Gary Was Trustworthy, And Would Keep Him Safe; While Suzette Wanted Tom Evicted (Note: The Niggers Threw Suzette Under The Bus; While Suzette Worshipped The Niggers): So Tom Crazily Took Gary Off The Block (A Fatal Mistake, Because Suzette Was Fat, Useless In Comps & Harmless!) Week3; Then The Nigger-Cur Topaz, Was Urging Gary To Evict Tom The Very Next Week4 (Cardinal Rule: Never Trust A Nigger Or A Homosexual; They Will Lie Then Backstab You)! Niggers Like Topaz Lack The Femininity That Human Females Have: They Are Aggressive Violent Chimps At Their Core; And That Is Why Interracial Marriages Are Forbidden By Stanley The King. Nigger Topaz And BB Announcer Arisa Cox, Another Nigger, Were Aggressively Pressuring A Weak Fearful Alec Beall, To Have Sex With Nigger Topaz, (Alec Fearing Threat Of Eviction If He Didn't Comply,) All In Order To Satanically Promote Interracial Nigger Sex! Nigger Nigger "Nigger-Please": Don't You Have Any Shame? How Low Is Too Low For Niggers To Go? Alec Beall Repeatedly Called Nigger Topaz A "Nomance, A Loveless, Showmantic Sham"; But The Niggers Had No Shame And Kept Pushing Themselves On Poor Fearful Alec --Because Of The Unfair Power Over Evictions They Had From The Nigger Producers; Who Were Clearly Favouring The Niggers: Inspiring Fear Of Niggers & Faggots In The Other HG's! This Sexual Coersion Is A Crime Called "Sexual Exploitation & Harassment By Persons In Authority Or Power". The So Called "Canada Votes"; Was Rigged As Well; Since Only A Tiny Homosexual, Nigger Segment Of Canadians Seemed To Be Voting: In BB U.S., Viewers Only Vote For Minor Things: Never To Bring Back Only Certain Nigger-Faggot Players Into Final Five; And Never To Take A Sicko, Racist Like Suzette Off The Block --Because It Was Horrifically Unfair To Players Like Andrew, Talla, Peter Brown & Tom! In Another Unprecedentedly Evil Interference: The BB Producers Revoked The WK4 HOH From Emmett: Falsely Claiming He Briefly Carried One Or Two Balls In His Hand (But They Did Not Show That He Deposited Those Balls In The Container, He Could Have Realized His Mistake & Dropped The Balls Later; Nor Did They Show That Gary Never Hand-Carried A Ball) This Has Never Happened In The 14 Seasons Of BB U.S.! BB Have Judges Present That Ensure Compliance With The Rules: These Judges Failed To Warn Emmett Of An Easily Correctable Infraction. BB Then Committed Another Satanic Act: They Disqualified Emmett, Jillian & Talla From Competing In A New Different HOH Simply For Making An Honest Questionable Mistake --That Would Not Have Affected The Outcome Of The Comp! BB Also Satanically Put Them On Slop! BB Revoked Emmett's HOH, Only Because He Was Putting Gary On The Block: And They Then Rigged The New HOH Comp. For Gary To Win (By Giving Him All The Answers!) And To Evict Tom!!! This Massive, Cruel, Satanic Interference Into The Show To Help The Nigger-Faggot Gary: Put The Fear Of Satan Into Emmett: Who Thereafter Betrayed His Closest Ally Tom Out Of Fear, And Worshipped And Feared Faggot Gary As A God! Emmett Henceforth Obeyed The Producers Blindly: Who Manipulated Him Into Betraying Tom, Liza, Andrew, Talla & Jillian: BB Selectively Revealed Secret, Privileged, Confidential, Private, DR Sessions & House Conversations: To Emmett: Telling Him Liza(WK4), Andrew (WK10) & Talla (WK11) Wanted The "Milkman" Evicted: To Get Emmett To Turn On His Allies, And Keep Gary (Gary Also Wanted Him Evicted; But BB Biasedly Did Not Reveal This Crucial Fact To Emmett)!! Another Evil, Producers' Interference, Was, They Forced The HG's To Obey Gary's Wishes As HOH To Evict Poor Tom: Previously HG's Voted Freely For Eviction! The WK4 "Curling" Veto Competition For Tom Was Rigged: Making Him Curl First, Three Times In A Row. Tom Plant, Was Rigged Out Of The Show By BB Producers --Via Emmett, Alec, Gary & Topaz-- Because He Was A "Straight" Human-Race Male, Who Said It Like It Was; And Did Not Worship Niggers & Fags --And Refused To Docilely Obey The Producers Like: Peter, Alec, Emmett, Suzette & Talla! The BB Producers Criminally Cheated & Rigged The Competitions For Gary, Topaz & Suzette: Which Was Terribly Unjust To The Other HG's: Who Were Treated With Unfairness & Contempt --The Whole Nigger-Faggot Coddling Show! But In The End The Dominant Human Female Jillian MacLaughlin, Won BB1 Canada And The $140,000; And Deservedly So. Because All The Evil That She Did, She Was Forced To Do, By Evil, Devil-Possessed, Half-Aryan, Traitor, Rat Emmett Blois --Evil Emmett Even Betrayed Their Showmance By Repeatedly Saying He Might Take Gary To Final Two; Instead Of Jillian --Never Trust An Aryan Nor A Nigger-Faggot! While Jillian Showed She Had A Conscience Against: Lying,  Betraying, Back-Stabbing & Evicting Their Alliance: Andrew, Tom, Liza Stinton, And Talla --While Emmett Did Not-- Bad Karma Always Bites You Back, You Nigger-Loving Loser!!! Dan Gheesling Was One Of The Worst BB Players Ever: Because He Took Blood On His Hands For No Reason: He Couldn't Beat A Retard Named Ian, In BB14, Although He Had The Final Seven All Obeying Him! (See BB14 Review Below) Watch For Bad Things To Happen To Dan In Real Life As Well! It Was Dan Who Told Emmett To Evict Jillian And Take Gary; And It Was Dan Who Told Gary To Evict Emmett And Take Jillian To Final Two: They Both Obeyed Dan And Both Lost The Game!!! (Note: Dan Played A Completely Different: Straight, Honest Game In BB10; Never Back-Stabbing Memphis; When He Did Win) It Was Mike "Boogie" Malan That Won The Coaches' Competition In BB14 --Not Dan. Boogie's Strategy #1: "It Is Smart To Keep Big Targets In This Game"; If Emmett, Peter, & Alec, Had Not Betrayed, Blind-Sided & Back-Stabbed "Bigger Target" Tom Plant, They Would Have Won; Boogie Said #2: "You Can't Leave Your Morals At The Door; You Must Play This Game Like You Live Your Life: With Decency & Honour!" Boogie's Strategy #3: Emmett & Jillian Did Follow The Third Part Of Dr. Will's (Nicole) & Boogie's (Erica) Strategy From BB2 & BB7: Make Love To The Dominant Female (Jillian), And Take Her To Final Two! But Evil Emmett Betrayed, Coerced, Bullied, & Lied To Jillian All Through The Show --His Sex Was Simply (To Imitate Boogie's) Game Play Rather Than Real Romantic Love, Nor Was It Hot Sex!! Emmett, Gary, Alec, Topaz: Not Only Lost: But They Accumulated Bad Karma: Which They Will Have To Pay And Pay For In Real Life As Well! They Showed Themselves To Be The Sub-Human, Low-Life, Rats, Traitors, Nigger-Faggot-Loving Amoral Apes That They Were!!! Yet Emmett Ignored Winner Boogie At The End, And Imitated BB14 Loser Dan: Liars & Back-Stabbers Don't Win In Life, Nor In This Game; 
Although The Satanic BB Producers Want You To Think They Do: By Rigging The Show! You Crazy Stupid Rat Mother-Fucker Piece Of Cow-Shit Emmett Blois. The Reason Emmett Was So Easily Manipulated And Fooled By The Producers To Betray His Whole Alliance, And Worship Faggot-Niggers, Was Because He Is Half-Aryan: Aryans Are A Satanic, Evil, Devil-Possessed, Cow-Worshipping Race: Emmett Was A Product Of Interracial Aryan Sex: Which Made Him Intrinsically Weak, Homosexual And Evil! Emmett Eats Mainly Milk & Beef: The Cow Is A Weak, Docile, Cowardly, Homosexual And Satanic Animal: Exactly Like Emmett: You Are What You Eat You Fucking-Faggot Milkman! When A Man Has Sex With A Woman Like Jillian: He Is Obligated To Love Her, Be Faithful, Loyal And Protective: Evil Emmett Betrayed Jillian On National TV, By His Repeated Stated Intention To Take Gary To Final Two --Which Was His Greatest Betrayal Of All-- He Deserved To Lose! In The End Liar, Back-Stabber, Nigger-Faggit Gary, Lost Because His Nigger "Showmance" Topaz, Voted For Jillian Instead Of Him --Poetic Justice! Proving That Stanley Is The  King Of Canada --Nigger & Faggot Lovers Beware, What Will Happen To You, When Stanley Comes Into Power!
April 19th, 2013: Read How Stanley Saved Many New-Yorkers' Lives Today! Chechens: Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev 19, & Tamerlan Tsarnaev 26, Were Identified As Suspects In The Boston Bombings: And Tamerlan Was Immediately Killed; With Dzhokhar, In "Serious" Condition, Captured. This Arrest Does Not Absolve The CIA Of Guilt: The Cock-Sucking Homosexual CIA, Could Still Have Brought These, Recruited To The CIA, Chechens To The U.S. Deliberately To Sow Hysteria: To Justify More Security Restrictions On Our Freedoms. Remember Lee Harvey Oswald Was A CIA Agent; So Was Mohamed Atta The Ringleader Of The 9/11 Hijackers --Who Were Both Killed Immediately After The Assassination & Terrorist Actions As Fall-Guys Or Scapegoats And As A Cover-Up. Thus The CIA And American Security Forces Are Still Guilty Of Terrorism And The Cover-Up Of The Truth --By Now Killing The Tsarnaev Brothers --Who Were Under Surveillance, And Could Easily Have Both Been Captured! Americans Can Never Ever Believe Anything The Saxon-Aryan Gov't Says! [Note: Dzhokhar Now Says His Elder Brother Tamerlan Was The Leader; And That He knows Nothing; Furthermore Experts Are Questioning How Did A Third-World Low-Intelligence, Immigrant, Get The Resources And Know-How, To Produce So Many "Functioning" And Sophisticated Bombs --Detonated By Remote Control (Cell Phones!). Obviously The CIA Supplied Him With The Bombs And The Training!!! Tamerlan Was So Dumb: He Ran Out Of Gas On The Highway; Botched Up A Car-Jacking; Then Got Into A Shootout With Police --How Could This Idiot Have Made The Bombs? He Was More Likely To Blow Himself Up! It Has Been Revealed That Tsarnaev (And His Masters: The CIA) Planned On Bombing "Times Square" Next: But Due To The Angry Reaction Of Stanley The King, And His Exposing The CIA As Guilty, They Turned Funk, And Decided To Kill Tsarnaev And End The Terrorism. Thus New-Yorkers Owe Stanley Their Lives: Because He Scared The CIA Into Aborting Their Terrorist Mission!!!]
April 15th, 2013: Today's Bombing Of The Boston Marathon Causing 3 Deaths And 147 Injuries; Was 9/11: II, The CIA's "Murder Inc." Redux. See "Revolution" Main Page, As To How The CIA, U.S. Military "Special Forces", And Navy Seals Team 9; Perpetrated The Original 9/11 In Order To Generate Hysterical Propaganda As A Pretext To Invade Iraq! Navy Seals Team 9, Then Murdered Osama Bin-Laden In Pakistan, To Cover-up The Fact That: Bin-Laden Was Totally Innocent Of 9/11! Due To Their Satanic Bad Karma: ~30 Team 9 Navy Seals Died In A Helicopter Crash In Afghanistan Last Year! As The Hysteria Has Died Down And Security Restrictions Are Being Ignored, Or Rolled Back; The Satanic, Devil Possessed, Saxon-Aryan Security Forces Are Desperately Trying To Regenerate The Lost Hysteria. Sorry You Blonde Mother-Fuckers And Homosexual Pedophiles: The American People Aren't Buying It Anymore: Your Time Has Come To Be Destroyed And Exterminated From The Americas!!! [Note: The CIA Also Murdered JFK Who Came From Boston; And JFK Promised To "Break The Back Of The CIA"; Not Coincidentally: Initial Reports Said That An Unexploded Bomb, Was Found At The JFK Library! This Was The CIA's "Signature" Or Calling Card: Hinting To The American Public, That They Were The Perpetrators Of All Three Mass Murders And Assassinations!!! The Biggest "Terrorists" And Cowardly Homosexuals Are Our Own Blonde Devil-Possessed Security Forces Who Are Trigger Happy With Civilians; They Are Also Murdering Civilians In America By Medical And Psychiatric Quackery (See The True Cause Of Mass School Shootings Is Murderous Drugs From The Aryan Psychiatric System, Using The Demon-Possessed Mentally Ill And Demon Possessed Gunmen, As Intermediaries: See Below). The U.S.A. Has Murdered Over 8 Million Civilians In Iraq, Afghanistan & N. Korea: Through Poisoning Of Their Food Supply! The Saxon-Aryan Satanic System Has To Be Destroyed: For The Sake Of The World's Happiness. The CIA & FBI May Try To Pin These Mass Murders On Arab Terrorists: But They Already Lied To Us About Bin-Laden; They Lied To Us About Lee Harvey Oswald: How Can We Ever Believe Them: It Is The U.S. Satanic Saxon-Aryan Gov't That Is The Biggest Terrorist Of All!]
April 8th, 2013: The Deaths Of Rightwing Politicians Ralph Klein (Former Premier Of Alberta) & Margaret Thatcher (Called The "Iron Lady" By Mikhail Gorbachev) Mark An End Of An Era. Although They Were Rightwing, They Were Ultimately Too Soft On The Satanic Saxon-Aryan Race, That Stanley Wants Exterminated From America! Klein Talked Of Privatizing Medicare; But Never Delivered! Thatcher Privatized Coal; But Refused To Privatize The Satanic Nuclear Industry! Proving They Were Not Ideologically Pure, And Were Hypocrites When It Came To Privatization. Thatcher Was Ousted By The British Secret  Police, Because She Was Too Confrontational In Dealing With The Delusional Leftist, Celtic Race, And The Lower Slave Races --And They Feared A Celtic Revolt. Her Poll Tax, Union Crushing, Leftist Bashing, IRA Imprisoning 
And Killing, And Humiliation Of The Argentinians In The Falklands: Was Inciting A Revolt Among The Celtic Slave Races! The Greatness Of Thatcher Was In Waking The Celtic Slave Race Into Realizing That They Were Nothing But Slaves To The Saxon-Aryans; And That Their Leftism Or Liberalism Was Total Delusional Crap: That Was Keeping Them In Slavery. Thatcher Taught The Celts That Only Through The Rightwing Conservative Principles And Values Could They Ever Achieve Their Freedom! Thatcher's Principles Were Simple: No Compromise: No Matter How Much The Liberals Whined, Protested Or Rioted: "The Lady's not for turning." - 1980 "If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time and you would achieve nothing."  - 1989. Thatcher Achieved The Start Of A Revolution! That Stanley Will Finish! The Secret Police Likely Murdered Klein & Thatcher Through Poisoning --As They Hate The Rightwing Worse Than Communists Like Castro & Chavez! Conservatives Need To Accept That Our Biggest Enemies Are Not Weak, Delusional, Leftwingers; But The Satanic Devil-Possessed, Blonde Saxon-Aryan Race!
March 31st, 2013: There Is A Continued Conspiracy By The Blonde Saxon-Aryans And Their Puppet Leftists, To Promote Homosexuality: Stanley Is The King Of Canada & The U.S.: And He Rules That Homosexuality Is A  Capital Crime And A Major Mental Illness! The People Are Nothing In Law: It Is The King That Decides Law In A Country! All Homosexuals Are Possessed By Devils, Are All Child-Molesters (Either Directly Or Indirectly: i.e. Since They Or Their Gay Partner Are Possessed By Satanic Devils, They Either Directly Commit The Child-Rape; Or Indirectly, The Devil Goes And Possesses A Homosexual Pedophile Who Then Commits The Rape Of Children! The End Result Of Homosexuality Is Always Child-Molestation! In A Similar Fashion: Many Schizophrenics Who Have Been Forced To Take Murderously Toxic "Medications" By The Psychiatric System; Are Possessed By Demons, Who Then Enter Another Armed Schizophrenic, Who Then Commits The Mass School Shootings! Thus Murderous Poisons Used On The Mentally Ill Are Always The Cause Of Mass School Shootings: Either Directly Or Indirectly --Through The Intermediary Of Demons. Thus Guns Don't Kill People, Demons Kill People: And Homosexuality And Murderous Poisons: Increase The Number Of Devil & Demonic Possession And Murders, Homosexuality And Pedophilia!!! Anti-Christ Obama Must Be Impeached, To Stop Him From Promoting Homosexuality And Gun Control: Stop Him Denying Our Right To Bear Semi-Automatic Arms In A Militia To Keep A Check On Gov't! Our Biggest Enemy Is Our Own Saxon-Aryan Gov't!) Homosexuals Have Usually Been Sexually Molested Themselves In A Vicious Cycle: That Can Only Be Stopped By Effective Treatment And Imprisonment! Thus By Definition: In Order To Eliminate Child Molestation We Must Eradicate All Homosexual Lifestyles!!! In Order To Eliminate Mass School Shootings, We Must Eliminate Murderous Toxic Psychiatric Drugs On The Mentally Ill! (See The Crucifixion) Stanley Has Developed An Effective And Proven Treatment, That Can Cure All Homosexuals And Other Mental Illnesses: It Is The Blonde Saxon-Aryans That Are Deliberately Forcing Homosexuality On Us; In Order To Destroy The Human Race! [For Example: The Catholic Church Has Been Using Donations At The Pew, To Pay Off Victims Of Pedophile Priests To The Tune Of $Millions, At The Expense Of Charitable & Political Advocacy Work! The Reason The Church Cannot Get A Handle On Pedophilia, Is That Many Of The Hierarchy Are Themselves Homosexual: And Ipso Facto: Since All Homosexuals Are Directly Or Indirectly Pedophiles: It Causes A Persistent Child-Molestation Problem In The Church!!! Unlike Gay Pope: Benedict XVI; Pope Francis I, Must Eliminate Homosexuality In The Church --By Adopting Hinduism And Yoga Practices Such As Vegetarianism For The Clergy! Celibacy Is Not Strictly A Choice: It Is A Yoga Discipline: Stanley's Yoga (Vegan Diet, Fasting & Purging) Will Give Priests The Discipline To Be Celibate.] SCOTUS Is Currently Addressing This Homosexual Marriage Issue And Must Look At LAW, Not Fashion Trends, Rigged Polls, Or Popularity: "Proposition 8", Is The Will Of The People; And DOMA Was Passed By A Super Majority Of Congress: Yet The Satanic Left And Obama Are Trying To Use The Courts To Subvert The Will Of The People And The King's Will. This Is Why A Homosexual Nigger Should Never Have Been Allowed To Become President! The Satanic Saxon-Aryans Have Promoted An Incessant And Massive Satanic Propaganda: In Our Schools And In The Media (Which They Control): To Deceive The People That Homos Are Okay & Benign: No They Are Not! They Are All Child Predators And/Or Violent Criminals, And Must Be Dealt With Harshly: Or Our Children Will Be Molested Or Murdered!!! The Proof That The Saxon Race Must Be Exterminated From The Americas: Is That They Have Allowed Homosexuals To Molest Our Children Unimpeded For Years! (Homosexual Couple: Jerry Sandusky (Directly) & Head Coach Joe Paterno (Indirectly), Raped Hundreds Of Boys; While The Aryan Police Refused To Investigate Or Lay Charges, In Penn State U. Sandusky Was Just One Of Thousands Of Homosexual Boy-Rapists That Have Been Enabled By The Saxon-Aryan Police! It Was Only After One Of Sandusky's Own Aryan Adopted Sons, Who Had Also Been Repeatedly Raped, Came Forward, That Sandusky Was Finally Convicted! Giving Gays The Right To Adopt Children Is To Sacrifice Our Babies & Children To A Horrific Life Of Sexual Abuse! These Raped Children Lose Their Sexual Identity, Become Homosexual Themselves, And Rape More Children In A Cycle Of Horror! Nobody Can Say They Didn't Know: Because Stanley Has Told You What Would Happen And Is Happening!) They Are Now Trying To Ram Homos Down Our Throats!!! Not As Long As Stanley Is The King Of Canada And The U.S. They Will Not!!! [Note: Our Judges Are Satanic And Possessed By Devils And Totally Unaccountable: They Have Deliberately Been Given The Power To Make Satanic Agenda Laws: In Violation Of Our Constitution --Making Parliament Weak & Impotent! It Is No Longer "We The People", But "We Satan's Judges"! Everyone Is Worshipping These Pompous Arseholes --Except Stanley! But Even If The SCOTUS Does Force Homosexuality Down Our Throats; The Battle Is Not Lost: As Stanley Will Punish All Those Responsible With Death, When He Comes Into Power!!! Ultimately To Disobey An Order By The King Is High Treason, Punishable Only By Death!!! The Judges Will Be Brought To Justice: Because They Are Nothing But Pompous Evil Pieces Of Devil Shit!]
March 21st, 2013: The Selection Of Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio As The Next Pope (Francis I) Of Catholics Marks A More Militant Stance For Catholics! He Is The First Jesuit Pope (Soldiers Of Christ) The First South American Pope, The First One Named Francis, And The First In A Long Line Of Non-Aryan Popes! Bergoglio Has Practiced Poverty, Forsook His Palace, Limousine, 
Chauffeur, To Be A Champion Of The Poor --Like Stanley. Contrary To The Stated Reason For The Name Francis (Allegedly From Francis Of Assisi); The Real Reason Was To Emulate The Patriarch Of The D'Almeida Family: Antonio Francisco D'Almeida (See Below). Just As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Named Himself Pope Benedict XVI; To Emulate Stanley's Panduranga XVI Name. Italy’s largest-circulating daily newspaper, La Repubblica, has shocked the world with the revelation in its February 21, 2013, edition that Benedict-Ratzinger abdicated from the Newpapacy because of imminent revelation that he was running a network of “gay” prelates in Newvatican, some of whom were being blackmailed by their “johns” outside the Newvatican. Ratzinger Was A German-Aryan Pope Who Was Covering Up For Pedophiles And Homosexuals; Promoting That Lifestyle; And Covering Up The Cardinal's Report That There Existed A Gay Network In The Vatican!! Pope Ratzinger Also Had A Personal Gay Lover As His Secretary: 

secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswein is the impetus behind that. - See more at:
secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswein is the impetus behind that. - See more at:
Archbishop Georg Gaenswein is
Named Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, A Homosexual Arsehole --Who Now Works For Both Ratzinger And Francis I: This Gaenswein Bastard Must Be Fired And Excommunicated Immediately For Francis I, To Have Any Credibility!! 
secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswein is the impetus behind that. - See more at:
secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswein is the impetus behind that. - See more at:
secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswei
secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswei
secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswei
Pope Francis I, Must Emulate Stanley By Acting On The Cardinal's Report; By Jailing And Helping Police Convict These Priests For Their Long History Of Pedophilia, And By Excommunicating And Exterminating Homosexuality From The Vatican!! The Saxon-Aryans Are A Satanic Race That Are All Homosexuals: That Is Why We  Have To Exterminate The Saxon-Aryans From The Americas!
March 5th, 2013: President Hugo Chavez Of Venezuela Was Murdered Today By The CIA And Local Venezuelan Secret Police --By Cancer Inducing Poison! The Modern Medicine Practiced On Him (Chemotherrapy, Radiation, Radical Surgery, Anesthetics) By Cuban Doctors, Caused More Harm Than Good, Was 100% Quackery: Which Has Been Proven By His Death. Modern Medicine Doctors Are Possessed By Devils Regardless Of Country Of Origin: They Didn't Even Diagnose The Poisoning!!! (Fidel Castro Was Poisoned By The CIA, And Suffered A Similar Type Of Cancer; Yet Castro Survived Because He Had The Intelligence To Realize He Was Being Poisoned, And Henceforth, Watched What He Ate. Chavez Was Stupid And Refused To Take Precautions; And Died!) America Must Take The Blame For His Murder And Must Pay A Bloody Price! The CIA Interference In Latin America Has Been A Murderous One: With Mass Murder Of All Dissenters: Latinos Must Rally To Stanley's Banner: Communism Is A Failure Of A Revolution: How Can A Revolution That Accepts Anglo-Saxon Satan-Possessed Medicine, Satanic Beef & Milk, Ever Make You Free? Can You Fight Satan With Satan? Can A House Divided Against Itself Stand? Communism Is Satanism; Just Like The Blonde Anglo-Saxon Aryans Are All Satanists: You Cannot Fight The Arch Satanists: The Saxon-Aryans By Using Satanic: Communism Or Democratic Liberalism!!!
March 1st, 2013: The Enactment Of The "Sequester" Is A Minor Victory For Stanley, Proving He Is The King Of The U.S.A. As Well As Canada: Every Party Was Against It For Different Reasons; Obama Spoke Against It Daily; The Reason It Passed Into Law Was The Power Of The King! But Even Though It Cuts $1.2 Trillion From The Deficit Over Ten Years; It Is Too Little Too Late: The Deficit Remains $1 Trillion Per Year And The Debt Is Now $17 Trillion+. The U.S. Economy Is Floundering Because Of Obama's Economic Policies And The GOP's Refusal To Obey Stanley!
February 17th, 2013: The Suicide Of CW Singer Mindy McCready Was Really Murder By The Psychiatric System And Arsehole Celebrity Psychiatrist Dr. Drew Pinsky! Dr Drew Fed McCready Very Toxic Poisons As "Treatment" For Her Addictions And "Illness": These Poisons Made Her Even Less Able To Cope With Reality And Forced Her To Commit Suicide. (See "The Crucifixion") The Week Before Her Suicide, The CAS (Children's Aid Society) Had Threatened To Take Away Her Two Children: Dr Drew Pinsky's Toxic Medication Had Caused McCready Brain Damage; Making Her Easy Prey For The CAS; Dr Drew & The Psychiatric System, Aided And Abetted Her Death!!! The Psychiatric System Is Simply Legally Sanctioned First Degree Murder (As They Did To Stanley) It Doesn't Work; And McCready Is The Tip Of The Iceberg Of A Quack Modern Medicine System That Is Just Mass  Genociding & Murdering People By Their Satanic Quackery --This Is Why The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas!!!
February 12th, 2013: The Murder Of Black Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Proves Once Again How Evil And Devil Possessed Our Blonde Saxon-Aryan Policemen Are! They Didn't Have The Courage To Go In There As Men; So They Cowardly Fired "Incendiary (Napalm) Tear-Gas" Into The Cabin To Murder Dorner --Then Lied That They Didn't Deliberately Burn Him To Death. (Police Murdered The Branch Davidians In Waco Texas The Same Way, And Have Murdered Thousands Of Blacks And Political Dissidents This Way: Yet They Still Lie About How Genocidal And Racist They Are!!!) They Deliberately Let The Fire Burn To The Basement To Ensure That Dorner Died: To Deny Him A Forum To Expound On How Satanically Corrupt Our Blonde Saxon Police Really Are!!! He Claimed He Was Drummed Out Of The LAPD Because He Exposed The Racism And Violent Abuses Of Citizens, By Police. Dorner Had Just Killed A Deputy Policeman Named Jeremiah McKay, And This Enraged The Coward Cops; But Satanist Tactics Cannot Be Condoned By Law Enforcement Officers --Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Unfit To Wear The Police Badge Anymore; And Have To Be Removed From Power!
January 31st, 2013: In Loving Memoriam Of Stanley's Paternal Uncle: Bossuet Sebastian D'Almeida, 83, Who Was Murdered Today In Benaulim, Goa, By The Hospital, Quack Modern-Medicine And Secret Police Who Had Treated Him For A Simple Hernia!!! He Was Murdered By The Brahman-Aryan Satanic Government Because Of His Family Relation To Stanley! The Operation Was Deliberately Botched Causing Him To Bleed To Death! The True Royal Family: The D'Almeida Dynasty Have Sacrificed The Best Of Their Men To Destroy The System So That The People May Be Free: The People Must Eventually Fight To Stanley's Banner: We Must Exterminate The Blonde Saxon-Aryans From The Americas! Cowardly Murders Like These Only Harden Stanley's Resolve To Exterminate The Saxons! Bossuet Was A Marathon Runner Into His 60's, Following The Almeida Tradition As Soldiers, Sportsmen And Athletes, And Worked As A Technical Engineer. Bossuet Was The Third Son And Youngest Child Of The Patriarch Of The Family: Antonio Francisco D'Almeida Who Also Was Murdered By The Brahman-Aryans On February 12th, 1972; In DaresSalaam, Tanzania. Bossuet Was Survived By His Wife Doris, 73, A Son 48, 2 Daughters; And Several Grandchildren.
January 3rd, 2013: In Light Of The Documented Attempted Murder Of Stanley The King Of Canada (See Crucifixion!) There Can Be Only One Solution: The Blonde Saxon-Aryan Race Must Be Exterminated From The Americas: Beginning With The Police, Secret Police And Military: There Must Pay For What They Did To Stanley! The People Need No Longer Look To Politicians For Solutions: We Need To Take Up Arms, Practice Yoga And Fasting: And Get Ready To Fight To The Death! Until We Have A Revolution: Things Will Get Worse And Worse! The Saxon System Is Blatantly Rigging Elections For Homosexuality: We Cannot Compete With That: We Have To Take Power By Force!!!
December 18th, 2012: It Seems Nancy Lanza The Saxon-Aryan Mother Of Adam Lanza, The Killer Of 28: Had Petitioned The Court For Conservertorship Of Adam, As A Prelude To Have Him Forcefully Committed To A Psychiatric Facility: If This Is True, This May Have Been A Motive And Justification For The Murders! Stanley Can Verify From Personal Experience, That The Psychiatric System Is The Most Evil, Satanic, Genocidal, Murderous System Of All: And Adam Was Wise To Kill Himself! The Toxic Drugs Forcefully Inflicted On Patients In Such Facilities: Is Legally Sanctioned Murder: And Must Be Stopped. There Are Alternative Treatments That Stanley Has Proposed That Would Cure Mental Illness Without Murdering The Patients. See Stanley's Appeal To The Supreme Court Of Canada, Outlining His Reforms! [CLICK=>The Crucifixion]  The Cause Of Adam's Killing Spree Was Interracial Marriage Of An Italian Man Peter Lanza, And Saxon Aryan Woman (Nancy): The Marriage Ended In Divorce (Most Such Marriages Do) In 2009; And Nancy Obtained $210,000 Per Year In Biased Court Ordered Support Payments From The Husband, 
And Full Custody Of Adam Lanza --The Husband Has Since Remarried. Many Of These Mixed Race Aryan Marriages End Up With One Of The Children Forcefully Committed To A Psychiatric Hospital; And Then They Commit Suicide Because Of The Forced Toxic Medications For Life!!! Real Reforms Of The Genocidal & Quack Medical And Psychiatric Systems Cannot Happen Until The Saxon-Aryans Are Exterminated From The Americas!!! [Note: Stanley Was Never Mentally Ill --And Adam May Not Have Been Mentally Ill Either-- The Canadian-Saxon-Aryan System Used Psychiatry To Try To Murder Stanley!!!] Obama Is Trying To Use This Tragedy To Try To Ban Semi-Automatic Rifles: But The Reason Our Founding Fathers Wrote The Second Amendment To The Constitution: Is To Ensure That The People Would Have Commensurate Arms To The Government, To Form Militias, That Could Overthrow The Gov't: When Gov't Becomes A Devil-Possessed, Tyrannical, Saxon-Aryan Run, Genocidal, Rigged Elections, Murderer Of The People! Adam May Have Killed 28 People: The Gov't Murders Millions Everyday Through Medical Quackery! Taking Away Our Semi-Automatic Rifles: Only Keeps The Reigning Gov't In Power: And Makes Revolution More Difficult. We Must Take This Gov't Down By Force --And Not Through The Rigged Ballot!!! 

December 16th, 2012: Denise Stapley Won Survivor25, Today And The $1 Million! This Was The Cleanest Best Show Ever: Unlike A Satanic Big Brother 14; Survivor25 Did Not Have Any Homosexuals, Back-Stabbing, Blindsides, Black-Niggers, Lying And Betrayals!!! (See Below) Denise Did Nothing Deserving To Win; She Just Waltzed Into The Finals, Having Never Been Under Threat Of Eviction The Whole Show. Denise Was A Floater Who Rode On Malcolm's Back The Whole Show! This Was The Least Drama Show In A Long Time --Which Was Relaxing. Lisa Whelchel Could Easily Have Won, Had She Taken An Unpopular Abi-Maria Gomes, To The Finals: These Were The Nicest, But Dumbest Contestants Ever. Malcolm Freberg Trusted Lisa Blindly, Although She Was Planning On Evicting Him, After Her Brother (Who Malcolm Allowed Her To Visit) Told Her To Evict Malcolm! If Malcolm Had Taken Abi-Maria & Denise, To The Finals, He Would Have Won! "RC" Roberta Saint Armour, Was The Nicest Person On The Show, But Was Cruelly Abused By The Irrational, Nigger Fucking Abi-Maria, And Demonic Pete Yurkowski --The Tragedy Of Survivor Shows Are That Nice Guys Are Ganged-Up Upon By Evil Players-- And The Winner Is Often The Best Of A Bad Bunch. Survivor Should Ensure That Nice Guys Finish First, By Having More Nice Guys (Non Demon Possessed) On The Show!
December 15th, 2012: Adam Lanza 20, Killed 20 Schoolchildren, 6 Teachers, His Mother Nancy Lanza 52, And Then Himself; At Sandy Hook Elementary School, In Newtown, Connecticut. We Must Blame Nigger Obama For These Increasing Tragedies In America Today: Obama's Rejection Of Stanley, And Worship Of Satan, Leaves America No Hope For The Future --Unless He's Removed From Office. The Cause Of The Killings Were Adam's Blonde Aryan Mother Nancy: Interracial Marriages Are A Frequent Cause Of Mental Illness, Homosexuality & Birth Defects! Adam Had Asperger's Syndrome A Form Of Autism Or Mental Retardation: And Did Not Fit In, In His School: He Had No Hope Of A Normal Life. Lanza Used A Bushmaster .223 Rifle To Kill Most Of His Victims: And All Nigger Obama Can Propose Is More Gun Control. The Saxon Aryans Who Rule Us: Rigged The Election For Obama, And Are Ultimately The Most At Fault: Because An Inferior Race Nigger Should Never Have Been Put In Charge Of The USA With Its Increasingly Complex Set Of Problems!!! Unless We Exterminate The Blonde Saxon-Aryans From The Americas: These Problems Will Remain Intractable! 
December 7th, 2012: The SCOTUS Has Taken Two Historic Cases On Same-Sex Marriage: (a) CA's "Proposition 8"; And (b) DOMA: Stanley Is The King Of Canada, Mexico And The U.S.; Canada Already Legalizes Homosexuality In Satanic Defiance Of The King! The U.S. Is A More "Good", God Fearing Country: And Understands That The Battle To Put Homosexuals In Prison Or To Receive "Treatment" Is A Battle Of Good Versus Evil. The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Possessed By Devils And Seek To Genocide The Human Race! Forcing Us To Accept Homosexuality, Can Never Make It Right: Until We Exterminate The Saxon-Aryans: Homosexuality Will Cause Millions Of Our Children To Be Sexually Molested, Raped And Murdered: While The System Lies To Us It Is About Equality! This Is About The Survival Of The Human Race! [2] Nurse Jacintha Saldanha "Allegedly" Committed "Suicide" Today Over A Radio Hoax Prank-Call Due To That Accursed British Royal Family's Katherine Middleton's Child; How Many People Need To Be Murdered Over A False Royal Family, That Will Not Lift A Finger To Help Its People? Lady Diana Spencer Was Also Murdered By MI6, And It Is Now Being Spread That Jacintha Was Murdered By MI5 Or MI6 As A Punishment For The Phone-Call; MI5 Have Also Murdered Men Who Had Sex With Prince Harry's & Prince Charles' Ex-Girlfriends! This Is A Very Evil Royal Family!
December 3rd, 2012: What The GOP Must Learn From The Romney Disaster, Is That Republican Governors From Majority Democratic States Are All Liberal Democrats (As Stanley Had Warned The GOP All Along --See Below!) Beware Of Chris Christie, Paul Ryan And Suzana Martinez! The Reason They Run As Republicans Is To Gain A Less Competitive Nomination Advantage; And Then Turn Completely To The Left After Nomination --To Get Elected-- Remember "Etch-a-Sketch"? Romney Failed To Criticize Obama Even One Time: He Deliberately Sabotaged The Republicans!!! Martinez Is Not A Republican: N. Mexico Is In The Top 11 States Economists Are Warning Not To Invest In, Because Their Debt Is Too High Or Their Public Payroll Is Too Large --And One Of The Few "Failed States" With A Republican Governor! We Must Not Forget How Christie Allowed Obama To Bum Fuck Him On National Television --To Betray His True Colors, When It Counted! Ryan's Liberal Budget, Cuts Less Spending Than Obama's: How Can A Right Wing Party Win That Way!!! 
November 29th, 2012: The PLO & "Palestinian Authority" Won "Non-Member Observer-State" Status In The UN Today, In A Vote Of 138-9, With 41 Abstensions! This "State" Recognition Of Palestinians, Allows Them To Now Bring Charges Of "Crimes Against Humanity" And "Genocide" To The World Court In The Hague: For All The Civilian Casualties, And Murders Of Palestinians; On Politicians Like PM Bebe Netanyahu And Other Nutbar Israelis! This Is From Bad Karma: As The Israelis Illegally Tried Nazis For Perceived Crimes, That Amounted To Persecution Of Nazi Germans --And Not Real Genocide! [2] In A Related Story, Yasser Arafat's Tissue Samples Have Been Taken From His Exhumed Body, For Testing By France, Russia, & The Swiss; Which Will Prove Even More, That The Former PLO Leader Was Murdered In The Most Inhuman Way, By Nuclear Particulate Radiation: Alpha+Particles (From Polonium-210) That Causes The Most Painful And Horrific Death Imaginable! Israel Will Definitely Face War Crimes And "Crimes Against Humanity" Charges For This! Polonium-210 first rose to the attention of the world when it was used to assassinate former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in London. Litvinenko Used To Engage In Daily Diatribes Against Vladimir Putin On His Blog: Calling Him A Pedophile And "A Raper Of Little Boys". Based On The Murderous Response, We Can Assume These Accusations Were Probably True! The Polonium radionuclide is an extremely lethal poison, with less than a microgram capable of killing someone. Once ingested, polonium is distributed throughout the body emitting α-particles as it goes, damaging DNA and creating free radicals that destroy tissues. Only around 100g of polonium-210 are made each year in nuclear reactors by bombarding bismuth-209 with neutrons. There are relatively few applications for polonium-210, but it is used in static charge removing devices and as a power source in space exploration. Phil Walker, a physicist at Surrey University, UK, says that, despite more than 21 half-lives of polonium-210 passing, (Since The Nov. 2004 Death Of Arafat) it should still be possible to pick it up if there’s any indication of foul play in Arafat’s death. Paddy Regan, also at Surrey, agrees and notes that, while only one atom in 2.5 million of the original polonium-210 would remain after eight years, α-particle spectrometry is extremely sensitive. ‘You can measure the amount of polonium-210 in a cigarette,’ he notes. [3] Donald Trump Called Romney's Immigration Policy Of "Self-Deportation" Induced By Denying All Work To Illegals As: "Crazy And Maniacal"; And The Reason The GOP Lost The Latino And Asian Vote, And This Election! Trump Also Calls For A "March On Washington" To Protest This Election Of Obama. [4] The System Is Again Doctoring The Statistics For Obama: Now Suddenly Saying The Third-Quarter Growth Figure Has Risen To 2.7% From 1.7%! Doctoring The Statistics, Cannot Stop How People Feel; Their Suffering Is Real! [5] Inferior Race Stinking Jew: Ben Bernanke Announced "QE4 Infinity": Claiming He Is Set To Keep Printing Money To Flood The Market Ad Infinitum! Inflation Will Hurt The Poor  & People On Fixed Income, The Hardest: As They Don't Get Cost Of Living Increases: And It Is Eating Into Their Ability To House And Feed Themselves! This Is Why Romney's Attack On The Poor Was So Wrong! It Is Ben Bernanke And Obama That Caused This Depression: And Nobody Has The Balls To Take Out These Inferior Race Nigger-Chimpanzees, Except Stanley The King!!!
November 20th, 2012: The GOP Needs To Stop Bashing The Poor & (Illegal) Latinos: Who Are The Vast Majority Of Americans In Obama's Economy!!! FOX News Is An Evil, Satanic Leftwing Station, That Turned ~80% In Favor Of Obama In The Last Election! The Blondies & O'Reilly Are The Main Culprits: For Example: The Admitted-Liberal Arsehole FOX's Bill O'Reilly Was Called A "Racist" By The liberal,  Washington Post, Which Elicited A Whiny Response From O'Reilly: "It Is A Proven Fact, Romney Lost Because People Expect Stuff". O'Reilly Then Said, "Obama Got 7 Million More Votes From Those Earning Under $30,000 Than Romney Did, That Was The Election." But It Was FOX News That Turned The Poor Against The GOP! This O'Reilly Bastard Doesn't Blame His Satanic Self: This Fucker O'Reilly And Romney-Ryan Have Been Attacking The Poor ("The 47%") In Daily Diatribes --While Refusing To Attack Obama Or The Democrats-- FOX Gives More Time To Leftwing Speakers Than To The Right; Although It Is The Only Quasi Republican TV Station In America! We Need A Clear Rightwing Voice --Not Hear Incessant "Talking Points" Propaganda From The Left, On FOX! (O'Reilly Is A Devil-Possessed Piece Of Shit --But Not A Racist-- His Racism Is Directed Only At Latinos: Who He Irrationally Hates --Losing Us Votes! Yet This Arsehole Worships As Gods: Niggers And Jews --Who Are Inferior, And Incapable Of Being Rightwing!!! Worshiping An Inferior Person Is Satanic!) Romney Deliberately Threw This Election To Obama; To Satanically Spite Stanley! Attacking 60% Of Your Voters Was Deliberate Political Suicide! Conservatives Do Not Believe In Marxist "Class Warfare", Yet Romney Sucked-Up To Only The "Middle-Class" And The "Rich"; (Which Supported Obama's  Delusional Marxist-Democrat False Theory Of "The 1%") Instead Of Appealing To All Americans! O'Reilly Admitted That He Is A "Moderate" Not A Conservative; Yet This Bastard Keeps Talking For The Right And Losing Us Votes: Look You Bastard, Romney Lost For Attacking The Weakest, Most Vulnerable, Most Disadvantaged By The Policies Of Obama: The People That Are Suffering The Worst Under This System: That Champions Obama: The Poor! The Poor Should Have Been On The GOP's Side, Had Romney Tried To Reach Out To Them! The Poor Don't Get Any "Entitlements"! They Get "Handouts" Given To Them At The Whim Of The Prevailing Gov't --And That Can Be Taken Away: They Live In Fear Of Starvation & Homelessness, From People Like Romney-Ryan And O'Reilly --Who Attack Them-- Starvation Is A Mighty Incentive To Vote Democrat!! What The Devil Possessed Republicans (Paul Ryan, Romney, O'Reilly, Dobbs, Karl Rove, Boehner, Cantor, Chris Christie) Were Trying To Do Was Blame This Depression On The Poor And Cut Only Their "Handouts"; (Ryan's Satanic Budget's Only Spending Cuts Were To Welfare And Food-Stamps!) While Ignoring The "Entitlements"  (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid), Bailouts, Subsidies, QE 1 To 8 Of Ben Bernanke's: Four Year, $16.4 Trillion Bailout For Banks, Wall Street, And Inflationary Monetary Stimuli!!!; Union Rights, Capital Gains And Other Tax Breaks Given To Upper "Investment" Income People --Like O'Reilly-- Who  (Relatively) Don't Need Them! Stanley Is A Champion Of The Poor: He Too Wants All Gov't Entitlements Ended; But We Must Start With Those Who Can Most Afford To Lose Them: A "Claw-Back" Of All Social Security And Medicare Based On Income! Social Security Is A Tax, Not An "Investment", Pension Or Contribution: The Money Has Already Been Spent! S.S. Is A Punitive Drag On The Economy. The Hypocricy Of O'Reilly Is That He Ridicules The Poor, And People On Food Stamps & Welfare; Yet The Bastard Will Receive $$Thousands Or $Millions In Social Security, Low-Capital-Gains & Dividends: Taxes; And Medicare Which Are Entitlements He Doesn't Need Or Deserve --This Is Welfare For The Comfortable, Lazy And Fat!! Nobody Should Get A Free Ride On The Backs Of The Tax-Payer: Especially The Well To Do Like O'-Fucking-O'Reilly! When We Get Down To Zero Taxation: The Private Sector Can Then Afford To Care For The Poor Through Charities! But The Poor Will Always Be With Us! How We Treat Them Determines Us As A Society! The Other Reason Romney Lost Was Because He & O'-Fucking-O'Reilly Refused To Grant Illegal Latinos Full Amnesty; The Latinos Are The Poorest, Yet Hardest Working Members Of Our Society Today, And The Fastest Growing Demographic! Romney Said: "Illegal Latino Grandmothers Should "Self-Deport", After I Starve Them Of Jobs With "E-Verify"". The Last Reason Romney Lost Was His Refusal To Balance The Budget, Refusal To Cut Gov't Spending & "Voodoo Economics": Fiscal Liberalism Of Arthur Laffer & Paul Ryan: Ryan Would Grow The Debt $7 Trillion More Than Obama: You Cannot Cut Taxes And Reduce A $1.2 Trillion Deficit --Without Cutting Spending! Retire You Fuck O'Reilly, Or Be Fired: The Rightwing Desperately Need A "True Conservative" Voice On Television!         [2] Obama Is Obviously The Person Who Lied About "The Muhammed YouTube Video Causing The Deaths Of Four Americans"; Rather Than Terrorists, In Speech After Speech; He Even Arrogantly Accepted Guilt At His Press Conference, Believing He Is Invincible Or Above The Law: "Don't Blame Susan Rice, Blame Me"; Yet Today James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Is Lying To Protect Obama And The Democrats, By Taking The Blame For Benghazi, By Admitting To Editing The CIA Brief. This Is The Same Tactic Assistant AG Lanny Breuer, Used, To Blatantly Lie For AG Eric Holder Last Year, In The 'Fast & Furious' Scandal, To Save Holder From Contempt Of Congress Charges. It Was Obama Who Ultimately Saved Holder & Breuer, Then Too; By Exerting "Executive Privilege" To Coverup The Guilt Of Holder & Breuer! Obama Has The Morals Of A Chimpanzee, He Thinks Nothing Of Lying And Covering-Up; The Problem Is That The Whole Democratic Party And Obama's  Underlings, Also Are Complicit In This Coverup: The Democratic Party Is Guilty Of Collective Treason Against The United States Of America And Its Constitution! The System In Times Past Allowed Their Rigged Presidents (Nixon), To Be Impeached For Gross Criminality: 
This Nigger Is A Compulsive Liar: With All Devil Possessed Democrats Compulsive Liars As Well. Although The System Is Satanic: We Must Have Rule Of LAW!!! We Need The System To Intervene To Impeach This Nigger's Arse! For The Sake Of This Country!!!

November 15th, 2012: As Proof That The Voting Was Rigged: Rep. Allen West (R-FL), A Black Man, Is Suing For A Recount In St. Lucie County, FL, Where He Lost By Just ~2,000 Votes After Blatant Rigging By The System! The Satanic System Is Trying To "Spin" This Election, That Blacks Hate Republicans, And Love Obama --This Is The Devil's Damned False Propaganda. Obama Is A Puppet Nigger Of The Satanic System: Blacks Are Not Stupid Enough To Forget Who Their Oppressors Are. West Is A Black Republican That Won, And That Upsets The Satanic Propaganda Of The Election: Some Blacks Do Support Stanley And The GOP, Some Blacks Believe In Moral Values Too! There Is A Distinction Between A NIGGER And A Black: A Nigger Is Possessed By A Devil And Is Liberal; And Believes Satanically In Strident Equality.   [Note: Allen West Betrayed Stanley By Conceding The Election Prematurely. Blacks And Jews Need To Accept That They Are Inferior Races --And Not Be Offended! It Is Not Racist To Believe So: Adolf Hitler Should Be Respected For Inventing The Concept; For It Is The Truth! The Satanic Saxon System Is Deliberately Telling Women, Blacks, Homosexuals & Jews: That They Are Equal; In Order To Upset The Natural Order, Destroy Mankind And Genocide Us All!!! Once They Destroy The Dominant Human Male: They Will Murder And Enslave All Of You Fools Worse Than The South! Blacks Never Fought For Their Liberation As Slaves: It Was The Devil-Possessed Blonde Angle-Saxon Aryans That Senselessly Murdered & Genocided Millions Of Southerners For The Sake Of The Devil! Stanley Does Not Support Slavery; But It Was Not Justification For Murdering And Destroying The Lifestyle Of Millions Of Southerners! Stanley Is The King, And He Makes The Laws Around Here!]    In Another Close Race: In The State Of Pennsylvania: Certain Black Districts In Philadelphia, Went 100% For Obama: Giving Him 90,600 To Zero, Votes In Those Precincts! Problem Is They Were Rigged! In Many Districts There Were More Ballots Cast For Obama Than There Were Registered Voters!! Niggers Being Niggers, (Lazy) They Don't Come Out To Vote; Somebody Stuffed Those Ballots For Them! This Rigging Happened All Over The U.S. In Close Races; Especially In Big City Precincts With Large Ethnic Voters: Where It Is Easier To Rig In Mass Numbers To Affect The Outcome Of The Race! So The Propaganda-Spin That Single-Women, Asians And Latinos, Deserted The GOP Is A Lie: It Was Rigged!!! But Romney Was A Scumbag Liberal; He Still Thinks He Can Alienate: The Poor, Latinos, Blow-Up The Deficit, And Cut Taxes Only For The "Middle-Class" & Rich, And Win! And The Establishment Of The Party Must Step Aside, And Let Stanley Lead: No More Paul Ryans, Romneys, Jeb Bushes, Or Boehners: We Need True Conservatives: Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, And Pure-Race Latinos: We Need Revolutionary Change: To Balance The Budget, Constitutional Amendments, The Gold Standard, Full Amnesty For Latinos And To Get Control Of The FEDERAL RESERVE!
November 14th, 2012: Obama's Gov't Is Collapsing Into One Big Mess: Now General John Allen His Afghan Chief, Has Also Been Caught Sending 30,000 Pages Of Sex EMails To Jill Kelley, Petraeus's "Family Friend" --When Did He Find The Time To Do Any Work? These Guys Cannot Seem To Have Sex With Their Wives! You Know What They Say: The Rot Begins At The Top: Obama Is An Incompetent Homosexual, Having Faggot Sex Even While In The White House; With His Nigger-Wife Michelle, A Beneath Contempt Whore: Who Is Lying To The American People About Their Sham Marriage! Now We Know Why Obama's Afghan Policy Is In A Mess --With Afghan Gov't Soldiers Turning Their Weapons On Americans.
November 9th, 2012: The Corrupt Satanic Obama Regime Is Imploding: General David Petraeus, Director Of The CIA, Resigned Today, Amid A Phony FBI Investigation, Accusing Him Of Having An Affair With A Paula Broadwell, His Former Biographer. This Whole Story Is A Satanic Lie! The Real Reason, This Fucking Arsehole Is Resigning Is Because He Lied To Congress Three Days After The Benghazi Killings, Saying, That They Were Caused By Protestors Over The YouTube Video!!! The CIA Field Officers & Station Chief, Had Already Informed The White House And Petraeus Within 24 Hours, That The Attack On The Consulate Was Carried Out By A Terrorist Group (AAA Ansar al Sharia, Affiliated With Al-Queda) Using RPG's, Mortars, AK47's And Militiamen; And Not By Protestors --And The Attack Had Been Planned Independent Of Any YouTube Video!!! Although Petraeus May Have Had An Affair, The "Affair" Was Months Or Years Ago; And Is Now Deceptively Being Used As A Coverup Of Another Lying Scandal: Obama's Lies About Protestors, To Deceive The American People Before The Election! We Now Know That A Close Family Friend Of Petraeus, Jill Kelley: Contacted The FBI: To Get Them To Launch This Phony Investigation Of The "Affair" Over Some "Threatening" E-Mails From Ms. Broadwell: In Order To Provide "Cover" For Petraeus To "Resign"! [Note: The FBI Had Already Concluded, Months Ago, That No National Security Was Breached; And That Petraeus & Ms. Broadwell, Were In The Clear: But Are Now Reopening Their Investigation Over A Video Of An Oct 26, 2012; Speech Given By Ms. Broadwell, In Denver U., Claiming That The Attack On The Consulate And CIA Annex, Was Because They Were Holding Three Militants Prisoner There --Contrary To A 2009 Statute, Forbidding The CIA From Holding Prisoners, And Charges May Be Required On The CIA!] Before Becoming CIA Director, Petraeus Would Be "Vetted", And His "Affair" Certainly Would Have Already Been Known To The CIA; Thus The Hysteria Over A Long Dead Issue, Is A Lie & Deception Of The American Public! Petraeus Was Set To Testify Before The House & Senate's "Intelligence Committees" Next Week; But Is Using This Resignation As An Excuse Not To Testify; In Order To Avoid Charges Of "Contempt Of Congress" For Blatantly Lying To Save Obama's Election! Eric Holder His Partner In Crime Has Already Indicated He Too Has Been Told To Resign For His Contempt Of Congress Investigation! Furthermore: Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, Timothy Geithner, And Others Are Set To Leave A Dying Obama Administration. The Narrative Of The Obama Foreign Policy Was That Libya Was A Friendly Nation; Yet We Now Know That Libyan Gov't Security Forces Deliberately Disappeared; Letting The Terrorists Attack Unimpeded For Nine Hours! Obama Then Failed To Send In The 50 Marines Promised, To Secure The Scene For The FBI To Carry Out A "Murder" Investigation: All In An Attempt To Lie And Coverup The Truth --He Did Not Want This Investigated, Ever! Obama's Libya Policy Remains In Tatters: He Spent $Billions Of Dollars To Bomb Gaddafi To Death, Only To Have The New Regime Harbor A Terrorist  Organization, That Is Killing Americans Worse And More Unaccountably Than Ever Before! Obama's "Apology Policy" On Terrorism Is A Failure: So In Desperation, He Repeatedly Lied That It Was All The YouTube Video's Fault, And Jailed The Director Of The Video To One Year In Jail, As Hysterical Impotent Frustrated Retribution For His Own Mistakes And Failures --And Another Apology To Muslim Fanatics & Terrorists! The Satanic Aryan System Is Lying And Covering Up For The Obama Administration, Again And Again: No Matter How Incompetent He Is: As More Americans Die, And Suffer Humiliating Defeats: They Will Pay For Rigging This Election For Their Puppet Nigger-Chimp.
November 8th, 2012: Iran Shot Down A U.S. Drone A Week Ago; But Obama Kept It A Secret Until Today; Or He May Have Lost The Election! Obama's Weak Response To The U.S.'s Enemies Will Make The Satanic Aryan System Sorry They Rejected Strong Leaders Like Rick Santorum, Rick Perry & Ron Paul; (For A Pansy Romney & A Chimp Obama) These GOP Would Have Helped The Economy As Well!
November 6th, 2012: Obama The Fucking Nigger-Ape Won A Rigged Election: The Saxon-Aryan Devil Possessed Secret Police Turned In Favor Of Obama, At The Last Minute! The Earlier Polls Were Being Rigged: By All Accounts: Yet The Ballots Too Got Rigged Heavily For Obama: So Don't Blame Those Who Predicted A GOP Victory! Conservatives Cannot Ever Gain Power Through The Ballot-Box: We Must Take Power Through The Streets: Violently, And Through Street Protests And Civil Disobedience; Take Up Arms, Form Militias, Train Hard In Fasting & Exercise; Be Prepared To Fight Secret Police And The Military!! Make No Mistake, Stanley Will Exterminate All Blonde Saxon-Aryans From The Americas, When He Comes Into Power!!! The Bottom Line Is That The Economy Will Get Worse Under Obama: The Depression Will Now Double-Down: Four Years Of Nigger-Jews In Power,  Means Chimps Playing At The Economic Controls That Got Us Into This Depression In The First Place: What Do You Expect Will Happen? The Fundamental Reason The Republicans Lost Is That They Refused To Obey Stanley, Who Is The DAma Ordained King Of The U.S.A.: Stanley Ordered Them To Cut Spending And Balance The Budget: Boehner Refused To Obey; What Killed Any Chance Of A GOP Victory, Was When They Even Backtracked On Their Hard Fought For "Sequester", Which Was Stanley's Baby; Making Obama More Fiscally Conservative Than The GOP When He Vetoed Them; Then When Romney Disobeyed A Direct Order By The King To Focus On Balancing The Budget And Nix Tax Reform: The GOP Was Doomed To Defeat!!! Stanley Is The King Of Canada & The U.S. To Disobey Him Is An Act Of High Treason: Obama Was Obeying Stanley (Fiscally) More Than The GOP Were: That Is Why He Won!!! The Republicans Betrayed Stanley At Every Turn: (1) Boehner Repeatedly Refused To Shut-Down Parliament To Cut: Spending And The Deficits And Debt! After Getting A Mandate To Do So In 2010! (2) The GOP Refused To Obey Stanley In Granting Illegal Latinos Full Amnesty, Like Ronald Reagan Did In Obtaining 60% Of The Latino Vote; Until The Rabid Racists (Blond Aryans & Wacko Racists) Were Allowed To Hijack The Party! The GOP Got A Historic Low Of 27% Of The Latino Vote Today! We Let Liberals Like Satanic FOX's Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Mitt Romney, Turn Latinos Against Us With Their Insane, Racist Get Tough On Illegal-Latinos Rants! We Need To Get Blond Aryans Out Of The Republican Party: Because They Are No Longer Conservative; But Support Homosexuality, Deficits And Immorality; Their Racism Is Driving Away Latinos; And They Need To Join The Democrats: We Don't Need Their Votes! The Latinos Work Hard For A Living: The Niggers Commit Crimes, Work For Gov't And Get Gov't Handouts From Obama: We Need To Deport Niggers & Blonde-Aryans, Not Latinos. (3) The "Establishment" Of The Republican Party Needs To Step Aside, And Let Stanley Lead The Rightwing & Conservatives! As The Establishment Put The "Fix" In For Romney To Be Leader: A Weak, Liberal, Democrat Appeasing Romney, (We Cannot Work With Democrats, This Is A War Against Satan: We Have To Defeat Them Thoroughly, And Then Jail Them!) And Romney's Racism Against Latinos: Cost Us The Election! Romney & The GOP Kept Up The Lie That Obama Is Personally Popular: He Is A Nigger-Ape Incompetent, Homosexual Murderer! Stanley Is The Most Popular Man In America & Canada: Because He Is The DAma Ordained Natural King Of Canada! Stanley Speaks For All The People: He Says Obama Is A Cock-Sucking Crack-Head, Constitutionally Unfit For Office! When The Opposition GOP Lies And Covers-Up Obama's Criminality: Of Course He Will Be Able To Fool The People --He Had No Opposition! This Satanic System Must Be Destroyed By Force!!! (4) Romney And The GOP Betrayed Stanley By Refusing To Criticize Or Attack Obama, While Obama Was Daily Attacking Romney In The Liberal Media And TV Ads; Yet Romney Spent $Millions, Rabidly Attacking Poor Rick Santorum, Ron Paul & Rick Perry Who Were True Conservatives, Rigged Out Of Power By The Blonde Angle-Saxon Satanic System! The Selection Of A Weak, Liberal, Unpopular In His Own State, Paul Ryan As VP, Was A Total Rejection Of Stanley And Fiscal Conservatives: Ryan's Crazy "Voodoo Economics" Budget: Planned To Balance The Budget In Ten Years, Maybe (We Can't Trust Him, And Wait Ten Years To Find Out He Was Wrong!) --Using Liberal Accounting Delusions & Fantasies: You Cannot Reduce A $1.2 Trillion Deficit By Cutting Taxes (It Doesn't Create Growth!)! When Romney (Ryan) Became More Fiscally Liberal Than Obama By Point Blank, Refusing To Balance The Budget (And Using Numbers That Didn't Add Up --Actually Adding $7 Trillion To The Deficit Above Obama's Deficit!): The GOP Were Doomed To Defeat! (5) Romney Refused To Expose Obama's Incompetence In The Libya Consulate Terrorist Attack, And Obama's Lies To Coverup The Mess; Romney Refused To Expose Obama;s Homosexuality And Murders Of His Homosexual Choirboy Lovers; Romney Refused To Expose Obama's Renouncing Of His U.S. Citizenship For Indonesian, Making Him Ineligible For Office; Romney Refused To Publicize Obama's Bribery Of Sestak & Blagojevich; And Taking Bribes From Tony Rezko;  ... Romney Deliberately Betrayed All Right Wingers To Give Obama A Free Pass, An Open Road To The White House. It Is Okay To Fight The Good Fight And Lose, Because The System Rigged The Ballots (Which They Did!) But Romney Never Fought For Us, He Never Ever Criticized Obama (Lying For Him, That He Was A Family Man; When He Is A Cocaine Addict, Homosexual Murderer! Asking Him Soft-ball, Tentative Questions In The Debates; Rather Than Attacking Him Forcefully By Addressing The People!): He Forced Stanley To Do All The Fighting By Himself: A Cruel Racist Betrayal Of Stanley The King: The Right Believes In Rule By Kings: If Any Of The GOP Feel They Cannot Obey Stanley: Get The Fuck Out Of The Party! Stanley Was Betrayed By Everyone But "The Deep South"! The Latinos Need To Search Their Souls: That They Voted For A Chimpanzee Over Stanley The King! The Latinos Need To Embrace The Republican Party, Drive The Aryans Out, And Make It Their Own!
November 4th, 2012: Hurricane "Sandy" Is Proof That The DAma, The King And God Are More Powerful Than Satan: New Jersey & New York (Sodom & Gomorrah) Both Support Same Sex Marriage And Democrats: And Have Suffered The Wrath Of God For Their Sins: No One Should Feel Sorry For Them!!! The Northeast Must Start Supporting The Right Wing & GOP If They Want To Prosper; Else They Will Reap The Whirlwind! That Fucking Jew Michael Bloomberg, Tried To Blame Homosexual Hymie-Town's Sins On The False Theory Of "Global Warming"; But It Is You, You Fucking Jew, That Is Responsible For Your "Sodomite" City's Destruction! The Satanic Blonde Anglo-Saxon Aryans Are Trying To Rig The Polls And Election For The Democrats: This Is Not A Close Election (Despite The Polls!): Romney Will Win In A Landslide: Even German Town, Pennsylvania Is Voting GOP Now!!!
October 29th, 2012: We Are Near The End Of Our Long Nigger Nightmare As A Nation: What We Have Learned Is That We Call Niggers And Jews, Inferior Races For A Reason --It Is Not Prejudice, Not Racist, It Is The Truth!!!-- Obama Has Truly Got The Morals Of A Chimpanzee: He Would Slit The Throat Of His Own Muslim-Nigger-Loving Mother As He Did His Homosexual Lovers, If It Got Him The Presidency! (Donald Young, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland And Others: The Chicago Police Have Admitted That These Homosexuals From Obama's Church, Were Murdered For Knowing Obama "Intimately".). Obama Renounced His U.S. Citizenship In 1963, When He Was Adopted By His Indonesian-Citizen, Muslim Father, Lolo Soetoro; Thus He Is Constitutionally Ineligible To Be President! Obama Has Proven Why We Need Kings To Govern: The Reason Obama Was A Disaster, Is Because He Is A Bastard Child, Adopted, Unwanted Low-Life --While Royalty, At Least, Come From A Long Family Line, That Have Survived The Test Of Time --For A Reason: They Are The Best That Mankind Have To Offer. Our President Is Like A King For An Hour: We Need Him To Be Above Reproach: Obama Is Only Fit To Shine Our Shoes, Or Commit Capital Crimes Like Murder, Robbery, Negligent Homicides (Libya), Homosexuality, Corruption, Bribery, Plagiarism, Coverups, Lies And Genocide! Obama Lied About The Libyan "Murders"; Refusing To Blame Terrorists; And Repeatedly Apologizing To Terrorists: Until Islam Denounces Terrorism As A Tactic: They Must Accept Blame For All Terrorism; And That Theirs Is A Gutter-Terrorist Religion: That Must Be Destroyed! Obama & Holder Lied About "Fast & Furious": What They Knew And When; Then Used "Executive Privilege" To Conceal The Truth! America Has To Learn That Race Does Matter, Homosexuality Does Matter, Drug-Addiction And Intelligence Does Matter, Honesty And Integrity Does Matter: No Matter What The Satanic System And The Media Say --Obama Is The Proof! The Incompetence, The Refusal To Follow God, The Stubborn True Belief In Satan As More Powerful Than God And The Blonde Saxon-Aryans As His Masters: Is Not Only Absolutely Evil; It Is Also Inferior Racial Intelligence At Play --He Actually Believes In Satan As His God! The Battleground State Of Ohio Is The Case In Point Of Leftists' Ignorance Of Market Forces; That Niggers And Jews Can Never Grasp --Because They Don't Work For A Living, They Live By Parasitizing On The Rest Of Us (Lying, Stealing, High Crime, Not Supporting Their Families, Single Mothers, Dependent On Gov't Assistance, Being Given A Gov't Monopoly Or Exploitation Of Our Hard Work). Obama Has Never Worked In His Life, In The Private Sector: He Got All His Money From Political Thuggery, Corruption And Influence Selling In Mafiosi Chicago (The Daley Machine, Tony Rezko); And Selling His Plagiarized Book, Actually Written By Terrorist-Professor Bill Ayers --That Is Why He Doesn't Value Hard Work: "You Didn't Build That, The Gov't Did"! Because He Was A Fellatio Craving Crack-Head That Was Given Everything In Life For Selling His Soul To The Devil, (The Anti-Christ) Without Ever Having To Work For It! All Unions, Corporations & Investment Banks Are Evil, Satanic And Eventually Destroy The Economy. Because Obama Worships Satan: He Blindly Supports Unions And Investment Banks --At The Punitive Expense Of The Rest Of America. Romney Supports Small Business, Which Should Be The Focus Of Future Growth: And Given An Equal Liability & Tax Footing As Corporations! Obama Gave GM A $30 Billion Bailout, But Worse Still: He Forcefully Wrote Off $3 Trillion Dollars Of Assets And Shareholder's Owner's Equity, Without Compensation; (Nationalization Of Businesses To The Gov't, Is The First Step To African Style, Inferior Race Socialism!) Obama Still Gives GM $17 Billion Of Tax Breaks Yearly; Obama Did Not Even Require The Unions To Make Any Real Wage, Gold-Platted-Pensions, Health-Care Or Benefits: Concessions --Which Was The Reason GM Was Uncompetitive In The First Place --This Showed Total Contempt For: A Free Market, Fairness, Justice And The Suffering Of The Rest Of Americans! To Heal The Economy: Never Again Must The Gov't Ever Bailout Banks, Corporations Or Auto Unions; While Letting The Rest Of Us Suffer The Vagaries Of The Market. But The Biggest Battle Of This Election Is The Repeal Of Obamacare And All Socialized Medicine! The Dumb Nigger Cannot Ever Comprehend That "Modern Medicine" Is 100% Satanic Quackery: By Giving Gov't Total Control Of Our Bodies: We Are Doomed To Genocide And Slavery! Gov't Needs To Fully Privatize Health Care To Give Us Back The Freedom To Chose Our Lifestyles And Our Form Of (Yoga) Medicine. The Statistics On The Economy Are All Doctored Lies! The Economy Is Really In Far Worse Shape: The Bastard Obama, And His Jew Henchman Bernanke: Have Printed $16.4 Trillion Dollars In Paper Money: Most Of Which Went To Bailout Banks Again, In A TARP 2, Buying $Trillions In Toxic Mortgage Securities From Banks, Buying $Trillions In Zero Interest 30 Year Treasury Bills, And For Umpteen "Monetary Stimuli" All Done By Circumventing Congress! This Will All Cause Massive Inflation And Worse Outcomes For Americans. But To Heal The Economy We Must Punish Those Responsible For The Debt, Deficits And Printing Money: By A BB Constitutional Amendment, A Gold Standard; And Jail Terms For All Them Leftists & Keynesian-Marxist Economists!
October 22nd, 2012: That Nigger Obama Lost The Debate Today, Romney Won Simply Because He Was Less Violent Than Obama --Contrary To What Is Expected Of A GOP President! The Trained Nigger-Chimp, Incompetent, Low-Intelligence, Anti-Christ, Has Been Killing Innocent Civilians & Tribal Leaders, With CIA Drone-Strikes In Pakistan & Yemen: That's What Chimps Do --They Obey Their Master Satan & The Angle-Saxons! While Romney Was More Restrained, Saying He Only Would "Take Out Any And All People Who Are A Threat To This Nation And Its Friends". What People Don't Realize Is That Obama Is So Crazy, Psychotic And Evil: That He Is Personally Killing Pakistani Tribal Leaders By Executive Order And Choosing Who To Kill: Like It Was A Game! Obama Murdered His Homosexual Choirboy Lovers To Cover-Up His Homosexuality!!! Whereas Romney Said: "We Can't Kill Our Way Out Of This Mess, There Needs To Be A Comprehensive Strategy To Deal With Terrorism". Obama's Apologies To Terroristic Muslims: Only Encourages Terrorism! We Need To Get Tougher With Islam And Call Their Religion The Terroristic Garbage That It Is; And Warn Them If They Don't Renounce & Stop Terrorism, They Will Be Crushed. The Reason George Bush Was So Unpopular Is He Didn't Know How To End A War: Endless Wars, Murders, Killings, Torture And Human Rights Abuses Are Not Popular In America: Thus Although McCain Was Better Than Obama On The Economy: He Lost Because He Parroted The Bush Line Of Unrestrained Violence & Wars! Unusual For A Republican, Romney Was More "Dovish" Than Obama; And Since Romney Has Already Won The Debate On The Economy: Romney Will Become The Next President Of The United States! But He Needs To Keep His Promise To Balance The Budget: The Depression Will Continue Until The Budget Is Balanced! Romney Gave The Inferior Race Obama "Kid Glove" Treatment, He Didn't Bring Up Obama's Lies To The People About The Libyan "Murders" Being A Video Protest, Instead Of A Terrorist Attack! Moderator Bob Schieffer, Was Another Satanic Leftist That Didn't Give Equal Time To Romney; The RNC Should Never Have Agreed To Four Leftwing Moderators As They Did: Libya Was Simply Not Addressed By Schieffer; And He Kept Letting Obama Talk On And On, While Cutting Off Romney. 
October 19th, 2012: In A Great Victory For Stanley And Consumers, The New CRTC Commissioner Jean-Pierre Blais, Rejected The Monopoly Takeover Bid Of Astral Media Inc. By Media Giant BCE Inc. People Need To Remember That It Was Stanley Who Destroyed That Inferior Race Jew, Former Commissioner Konrad von Finckenstein: Who Approved Monopolies By Bell & Rogers Communications To The Detriment Of The People! Canada Suffers Some Of The Highest Costs For Internet, TV, Cell Phone & Land Phones In The World Because There Are Very Weak "Anti-Trust" Laws In Satanic Canada! Monopolies Kill Competition, Kill Jobs, Raise Prices And Destroy The Economy!!! Canada Has Only Five Major Banks: Who Have Taken-over All Their Competition, Creating A Monopoly, Obscene Profits, High Interest Rates, Poor Services --All At The People's Expense! 
Breaking Up The Already Existing Business Monopolies Must Now Be The Objective Of The Conservative Gov't!   
October 17th, 2012: Lance Armstrong, 41, Who has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, has also stepped down as chairman of his cancer charity Livestrong. The decisions come a week after the United States Anti-Doping Agency (Usada) [Click There=>
]released a report containing accusations of widespread doping by Armstrong and his teams. It contains sworn statements from 26 witnesses, including 11 former team-mates. Usada ordered 14 years of Armstrong's career results to be erased. The American has always denied doping, but gave up his fight against the charges in August. Nike, which added that it was "misled" by the American for more than a decade, made a U-turn on a statement released last week when it said it would "continue to support Lance and the Lance Armstrong Foundation". Lance Armstrong has lost three of his main sponsors as the fallout continues from the United States Anti-Doping Agency's report into doping. Sportswear giant Nike, cycle maker Trek and Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Busch will Also cut ties with the former cyclist. Stanley Has Always Believed Armstrong Was An Evil Cheater: He Got Away With Murder For Years, Because Of A Massive Conspiracy By The Cycling Governing Body In Europe (The UCI) To Allow Him To Cheat! The Reason For The Conspiracy Was Racist In Nature: Prior To The Cheating: Basques, Italian, German, French Cyclists Dominated The Tour de France; After The Conspiracy Americans Of Aryan Races Began To Win And Win --By Cheating! The report has been sent to the International Cycling Union (UCI), the World Anti-Doping Agency and the World Triathlon Corporation. In it, Usada says it has "found proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Lance Armstrong engaged in serial cheating through the use, administration and trafficking of performance-enhancing drugs and methods that Armstrong participated in running in the US Postal Service Team as a doping conspiracy". It added that his goal of winning the Tour de France multiple times "led him to depend on EPO, testosterone, Cortisone, and blood transfusions but also, more ruthlessly, to expect and to require that his team-mates would likewise use drugs to support his goals if not their own". It continued: "It was not enough that his team-mates give maximum effort on the bike, he also required that they adhere to the doping programme outlined for them or be replaced. "He was not just a part of the doping culture on his team, he enforced and re-enforced it. Armstrong's use of drugs was extensive and the doping programme on his team, designed in large part to benefit Armstrong, was massive and pervasive. "Armstrong and his co-conspirators sought to achieve their ambitions through a massive fraud now more fully exposed. This Is one of the most sordid chapters in sports history." The Report Is Naive In Blaming All This On Armstrong: The European Anti-Doping Agency (The UCI & WADA) Were Co-Conspirators In Enabling Armstrong And The Americans To Cheat For Racist And Satanic Reasons: And Have Yet To Be Brought To Justice!

October 16th, 2012: Romney Won The Debate, But Did Not Enthuse Conservatives Because Of His Deficit-Math, That Doesn't Add Up. Obama Was A Pathetic, Weak, Incompetent, Has Been: He Got Three Minutes More Time From The Biased Satanic Bitch Moderator Candy Crowley: But His Answers  Rambled On And On, And Were Boring --We've Heard It All Before. Crowley Lied To Save Obama When Obama Wouldn't Answer Romney, Who Stated "You Didn't State The Libyan Murders Were A Terrorist Attack On The First Day, Did You?" Crowley Interjected For Obama And Lied That Obama Did Call It A Terrorist Attack; But Obama Had Labeled It A "YouTube Video Protest", For Weeks After The Murders. [Note: Obama Did Make A General Comment That "Acts Of Terrorism Will Not Shake Us Etc"; (Re: 9/11 In 2001) But He Never Told The American People That The Murders In Libya Were Committed By A Terrorist Group Ever! (It Was A Lie And Cover-up Because Of This Election!) An Act Of Terror Can Be Committed By Protesters; Which Is Different Than A Terrorist Attack! He Lied To Us That The Act Was Committed By  Protesters Running Amok Over The Video --To Justify His Apology To Terrorists: And He Continued To Stubbornly Apologize To Terrorists For Weeks After!!!] Crowley Bullied And Interrupted Romney Repeatedly, And Showed Him Utter Disrespect --The Biased Satanic Bitch! Obama Refused To Answer The Question: "Who Received The Request, And Who Was Responsible For Not Providing Extra Security For The Consulate? Or Who Removed The Extra Security Details From The Embassy?" --Crowley Didn't Follow Up. Romney's Best Attack Was On The State Of The Economy: "Obama Said The Unemployment Rate Would Be 5.4% By Now Which Is A 9.4 Million Jobs Difference; He Said He'd Reform Medicare & Social Security He Hasn't Even Made A Proposal; He Has Made No Immigration Plan; He Has Doubled The Deficit, When He Said He'd Cut It By 50%; He Has Caused Health Insurance Premiums To Rise By $2,500, And Will Rise Another $2,500 Under Obamacare; 1/6 Of Americans Live In Poverty; From 32 Million, Now 47 Million Are On Food Stamps Under Obama, 23 Million Americans Are Unemployed; Growth Has Fallen To 1.4%, Lower Than Previous Years; Ronald Reagan Created 10.8% Growth After The 1980 Recession, And Twice As Many Jobs! The Only Reason Unemployment Is At 7.8% Is That People Have Dropped Out Of The Workforce Or It Would Be At 14.7%; Median Incomes Have Dropped By $4,300; While Prices Have Risen Through The Roof For Middle Income Americans. ... Obama Didn't Reform Immigration When He Had A Super-Majority In The White House: I Will Get The Job Done In My First Year!!! ... Obama And UN Ambassador Ann Rice Were Still Claiming Five Days After The Al-Queda Terrorist Attack That It Was The Result Of A YouTube Video Demonstration. The Days After The Attack You Went To Several Fundraisers Instead Of Dealing With The Crisis. Eyewitnesses Clearly Said It Was A Terrorist Attack! Your Apology Tour Has Clearly Not Worked In Syria, Egypt, Now Libya, By Distancing Yourself From Israel, And On Iran's Nuclear Ambitions. ... Obama Has Allowed "Guns To Walk" In The "Fast & Furious" Tragedy And Violence; But Obama Has Used Executive Privilege To Stop Evidence From Coming Out As To Who Was Responsible And Who Knew About It"!!! Stanley Was Upset With Romney Over His "Voodoo Economics": Romney Is Still Insisting On A 20% Tax-Cut On Middle Income (Under $200,000) Americans By Cutting Loopholes To High Income Americans (>$200,000): But The Numbers Don't Add Up. But Romney Assures Us He Knows How To Balance The Budget: We Have To Give Him The Benefit Of The Doubt, As Obama Hasn't A Clue About Balancing The Budget: Stanley Hopes That When Romney Sees His Tax-Cut Doesn't Create Growth, (It Will Not!) He Will Make More Spending Cuts To Balance The Budget --Because He Makes Crazy Growth Assumptions That Will Not Happen! What Is Most Disturbing To Stanley The King: Is That Romney Is Suddenly Now Saying That He Will Cut Interest, Dividends & Capital Gains Taxes; To Zero For Middle Income Americans! This Is A Direct Hit On The Working Poor And Workers In General, Who Don't Get Much Investment Income (Which Is Unearned, Unfair, Exploitative Money; Money Doesn't Create Wealth: Hard Work And Sweat Create Wealth For Americans! Printing Money Just Causes Inflation!); The Poor Have To Work For All Their Income! This Is A Disincentive From Working! Romney Is Under The Delusion That This Depression Has Hurt Middle Income Americans The Hardest; Wrong It Has Hit The Poor The Hardest! Romney Has Refused To Obey Stanley The King Of Canada, Mexico And The U.S.A.: To Focus On Balancing The Budget First! (Not Tax Reform!) We Are Headed For A Continued Depression For Four More Years!!! Romney Gave The Nigger President Too Much Respect: And Kept Asking Him Questions, And Eating Up His Time, As Obama Refused To Answer! Romney Should Have Spoken Directly To The American People: And Treated Obama Like A Chimpanzee That He Is!!! Romney Concluded: Obama Has Been Attacking Me Personally With $Millions In Attack-Ads; Rather Than Tell Us What He'd Do; I Care About Our Future And The Future Of Our Children. I Believe In The Private Sector, Not In Gov't; I Believe In God, We Have The Same God".. Obviously Romney Is Deluded: We Don't Have The Same God, That's The Problem: The Jews Are Children Of A Lesser God (An Inferior Race); The Blonde Angle-Saxon Aryans Believe In Satan As Their God!!! 
The Common Uniter Of All Of Us Is The All-Powerful All-Just Law Of DAma And Its King Stanley Panduranga XVI D'Almeida!!!
October 11th, 2012: Paul Ryan Won The Debate Against Joe Biden: Because Biden Was Arrogant, Insulting, A Liar, Constantly Bullied The Moderator And A Weak Ryan, And Constantly Interrupted Ryan While He Was Speaking! A Debate Isn't Out-Punching Your Opponent With "Talking Points"; A Debate Is To Convince The People That You Are A Better Person On The  Substance! Biden Over-Talked, Outtalked, And Talked-Over A Weak Ryan And A Weak Moderator (A Dumb Bitch Martha Raddatz), Who Refused To Give Each Speaker Equal Time! Biden Lied On The Embassy Killings When He Said "The Intelligence Community Gave Obama False Information That The Killings Were The Result Of A YouTube Video Protest". The Facts Are That Weeks After The CIA Told Congress That Al-Queda Terrorists Were Responsible For The Killings: Obama Still Blamed The "Video" For The Killings, Seven Times In A Speech He Gave To The UN --Obama Was Stubbornly Clinging To A Lie; And Misinforming The People, In Order To Justify His Apology To Terrorists!!! Biden Repeated A Whitehouse Lie That: "The State Department Did Not Receive A Request For More Security At The Libyan Consulate"! Biden Lied When He Characterized Obama's Tax Increases As Falling Only On Those Earning Over $1 Million; Obama Has Repeatedly Stated He Wants To Raise Taxes On Those Earning Over $250,000! Biden Did Score When He Claimed That 97% Of Small Businesses Earn Less Than $250,000; Yet The 3% (According To Romney) Create Two-Thirds Of The Jobs --And May Create More Jobs With A Tax Cut. Biden Also Scored When He Said Cutting Tax Loopholes Has Never Resulted In More Jobs. Stanley Has Made It Clear That Cutting Taxes On Only Small Businesses When We Have A $1.2 Trillion Deficit And $16.4 Trillion Debt Is Reckless --And Will Not Create Growth-- The Debt Is A Tax On Every American! And Must Be The Focus Of Any President! Biden Focused His Attack By Using "Scare Tactics" On Seniors: Claiming Ryan Will Cut Medicare And Social Security: But This Is Exactly What Stanley Wants! A Weak Paul Ryan Still Cannot Stand Up For Conservatives By Telling Seniors That America's Young Cannot Pay For Unlimited Entitlements For Seniors: They Have Lived Their Lives: We Need To Live Ours: Unburdened By Their Debts, Deficits And Their Entitlements That We Have To Pay For!!! Stanley Wants All Payroll And Sales Taxes Eliminated! A Claw-Back On All Entitlements, Based On Income; And Full Privatization Of All Healthcare --Nothing Less Will Do! We Need To Head Towards Zero Taxes And Zero Gov't Spending --A Fully Privatized Laissez Faire Economy! The Alternative Is Stagnation And A Continued Depression! This Is A Revolution: We Want Change, Bold New Ideas: Not Old, Failed, Rehashed, Recycled, Defeated Socialist Satanic Theories From The 1930's.
October 3rd, 2012: Romney Won The Debate! Romney Started Out Badly; By Listening To His Advisors Fernstrom Etc. (Romney Still Believes In The Delusion That Cutting Taxes For Small Businesses --At The Expense Of The Poor-- Will Cause Growth: It Will Not! He Also Does Not Take Balancing The Budget Seriously: Falsely Believing In Magical Growth. Romney Also Does Not Believe In Cutting Or Privatizing Medicare For Another Ten Years: The Biggest Driver Of Debt. Thus The Debt Problem Remains Unresolved --Even With Romney! There Needs To Be A "Means Test" For Social Security & Medicare!!!) But Then Romney Started Being Himself, And Just Tookover The Stage: And Dominated Obama With His Presence. The Knockout Punch Was (As Stanley Advised Romney) Was On The Budget: Romney Said He Would Balance The Budget By Cutting Gov't Programs; Obama Said He "Would Adopt The "Bowles-Simpson" Plan With Some Changes, Which He Is Now Presenting To Congress"; To Which Romney Replied: "You Should Have Supported The Bowles-Simpson Plan In 2010, You Didn't, You've Had Four Years To Come Out With A Plan, You Haven't; You Already Said Four Years Ago You'd Cut The Deficit In Half: You Haven't". By Attacking Obama On The Deficit, Romney Won --Which Was Stanley's Advice. Romney Concluded: "People Are Really Hurting, The Deficits Will Crush Our Children's Future, We Need Leadership In Washington, DC. This Election Will Set The Course For America For The Next Four Years; I'm Concerned For You And Your Children: We Have Here Two Paths, Two Directions, The Middle Class Have Had Their Incomes Squeezed While Prices Have Risen, I Will Create 12 Million New Jobs In This Country, I Will Repeal Obamacare, And Let States Craft Their Own Programs, Which Will Bring Costs Down For Hospitals And Providers. I Will Not Make Cuts To The Military."  Romney Also Exuded "Dominance" In His Bodylanguage, He Was Confidant, Spoke With Ease; While Obama Was Looking Down On His "Cheat Sheet" Notes His Handlers Had Scripted Him With. Obama Does Not Have The Intelligence To Be Spontaneous: It Is All "Talking Points" From His Socialist Advisors: That He Spews At A Worshipping Audience Of True Believers In Satan.    
September 27th, 2012: The Proof That The Election Is Being Rigged Is That Obama Is Leading Romney By 7-9% In The Swing-States Of FL & Ohio: It Turns Out That The Pollsters Deliberately Polled 10% More Democrats Than Republicans: And That Romney Is Actually Leading By 1%. But Clearly Romney Is A Bust And Needs To Obey Stanley, The King, In Order To Turn Things Around: (1) Romney Needs To Dump Paul Ryan And His Crazy Budget: Ryan Is Trying To Create Another Entitlement Program For Medicare By Forcing The Taxpayer To Subsidize Premiums For The Rich! Healthcare Needs To Be Fully Privatized And Its Spending Cut. (2) Romney Needs To Nix "Tax Reform" That Seeks To Transfer The Tax Burden From The Rich To The Poor By Removing (Unspecified) Tax-Deductions --Until After He Has Balanced The Budget! This Is Class Warfare Against The Poor, Who Are The Majority In America: This Is Political Suicide! Conservatives Do Not Believe In Class Warfare: Romney Is Not A Conservative: He Is A Liberal: He Was Rigged Into The Nomination By The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans! Romney Is Spouting A Delusional Theory That Cutting Taxes For Businesses Will Create Growth; When Stanley The King Says It Will Not --Unless The Budget Is Balanced! If What Romney Is Saying Were True: Every Country In The World Would Have Zero Taxes, Ignore The Deficit: And Have Maximum Growth --Obviously Romney Is A Crackpot! The U.S. Has Some Of The Lowest Overall Tax Rates In The World: We Don't Need Tax Reform: We Need Spending Reform, Deficit Reform & Debt Reform!!! & (3) The Focus Of All Romney's Campaign Must Be Balancing The Budget!!! Romney Must Tell The American People Some Hard Truths: That Things Are Going To Get A Lot Worse Before They Get Better: We Must Have An Across The Board Cut In Gov't Spending Until The Budget Is Balanced And The Debt Eliminated: That We Can't Keep On Spending, Borrowing, Printing Money, Owing Debt --And That Time Is Running Out!!! We Need Above All A Balanced Budget Amendment To The Constitution!!! Romney Must Tell The American People The Truth About Obama: Obama Is A Homosexual: He Is Not A Family Man: He Is A Cock-Sucker: And His Nigger-Bitch Wife Michelle, Knows It And Is Lying To The American People. Secondly Obama Renounced His U.S. Citizenship When He Became An Indonesian Citizen In 1963 And Is Thus Ineligible To Be President Of The U.S.A.! Obama Is A "Crook" He Accepted Bribes From Mafiosi Tony Rezko; And Bribed Blago & Sestak! That Obama Was Born And Raised A Muslim And Apologizes To Terrorists Because He Believes In Terrorism To Solve Political Issues, Which Is The Islamic Way! Obama Has Admitted To Taking Drugs Like Cocaine & Marijuana; And Drinking Beer To Excess! Obama's Mentors Were Pedophile Preacher Jeremiah Wright, Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers And Socialists. That Obama Murdered His Choirboy Homosexual Lovers (Donald Young, Nate Spencer & Larry Bland) In Dec. 2007, In Order To Coverup His Homosexuality! Obama Is A Low-Life Devil Possessed Anti-Christ: He Is Not A Human-Being: He Is A Sub-Human Gutter-Rat Nigger! Romney Needs To Take The Gloves Off And Tell The American People The Truth: And Let The Truth Set Them Free!!! The Reason Things Are So Bad Is Obama Is Chimpanzee-In-Chief, President-Pongo, But We Need To Turn The Lights Out On Obama: As Ronald Reagan Once Said: It Is "Bedtime For Bonzo". 

September 19th, 2012:

Big Brother 14 Was The Most Satanic, Worst Season Ever: An Evil Homosexual Stink-fest! Ian Terry Won The $500,000 Only Because He Was The Least Evil Of A Very Evil, Lying, Betraying, Backstabbing, Blindsiding, Bunch! Dan Gheesling Got The $50,000 As An Evil Manipulator Of Ian & Danielle --Danielle Refused To Even Talk Game To Ian, Calling Him A "Demon", And Wanting To "Slap Him" --And Thus Got Nothing. The Best Player After Willie Hantz, Was Frank Eudy: (Hantz Was Scum-bagged By The BB Producers Who Rigged The Show Against Hantz: Joe Arvin Now Admits That Willie Did Not Headbutt Him, And That Arvin Deliberately Goaded Willie To Want To "Self-Evict" By Calling Willie A "Bitch"! BB Owes Willie $$Compensation.) Frank Eudy: Won America's Favorite $25,000; And Deservedly So! The Producers This Year Were Satanically Devil Possessed, Homosexual And Evil; It Seems They Were All Newly Hired For This Season, And Should All Be Fired: They Assembled A Satanic Devil's Crew Of Evil Players, Chosen For Being Homosexual, Rather Than Knowing How To Play The Game! Thus Straight Good People Like Mike Boogie, Willie Hantz, Frank Eudy, JoJo Spatafora And Danielle Murphree; Were Ganged-Up Against By The Whole Satanic House And The Fucking Producers: Who Cheated By Divulging Confidential Information From The Mics, To Enemy Players: And Have Destroyed The Moral Integrity Of The Show. The Most Evil Satanic Player Was Britney Haynes "The Succubus": She Admitted On Air That The Number Of Sex Partners She's Had Are In The "Triple Digits", She Is A Fucking Whore! She Picks Up Men In Bars: And Has Probably Cheated On Her Husband Ryan Godwin --And Then Lied To Him About It, To His Face!!! Britney Is A Succubus A Devil Possessed Whore That Tried To Lie To Everyone's Face, Make Final-Two Alliances With Danielle, Shane, Ian, Jenn; And Have Everyone Believing Her! Dan Was A Pussy, Totally Dominated By Britney, To The Point Of Refusing To Defend Himself When Britney Lied To Frank Week6, That It Was Dan Who Told Shane To Evict Boogie; Even Though She Had Shane, Dan & Ian Dominated By Her! Thus When Frank Put Dan & Danielle Up For Eviction Week7, Making Them Cry; Dan Was So Afraid Of Britney He Still Refused To Defend Himself And Tell Frank The Truth; It Was Only After Britney, Shane & Danielle "Threw" The  "How Much Do You Want It" Veto Competition To Jenn; That Dan Finally Made His "Funeral Speech" And Told Frank It Was Britney Who Leads Ian & Shane By A Leash --Not Dan-- And That Ian Has Been "Ratting On Their Private Strategy Sessions, To Turn Everyone Against Frank & Boogie" & Betraying Boogie & Frank From Week4! Frank Then Made Britney Cry As He Totally Destroyed The Bitches & Pussies: Dan, Ian & Shane Making Them All Cry: Proving He Was The Best Player Of BB14!!! Frank's & Boogie's Biggest Mistake Of The Game Was Allying With The Homosexual Wil And Voting Out A Harmless Willie & JoJo Week2: Had Frank Allied With Willie, Shane & JoJo Instead; And Backdoored & Evicted Evil Faggot Wil --After Shane Won Veto-- He Would Have Won The Game! {The Cardinal Rule Of Reality Shows: Vote Out The Homosexuals First: Because They Will Always Lie And Back-stab You: They Are Evil Demon Possessed People.} [****NOTE: Frank & Boogie Also Scum-Bagged Willie Hantz Week1: Willie Genuinely Saved Frank From Eviction: As Janelle, Joe & Wil, Pressured Him To Evict Frank; And He Refused: And Willie Really Did Have Ashley's Vote: Until The BB Producers Ratted On Ashley; And Then Janelle, Wil & Joe; Bullied A Mentally Retarded Ashley Into Betraying Willie!!! NOTE TO AN UNGRATEFUL IAN: If Boogie Didn't Save Ian Week1 The Whole House Would Have Evicted Ian --Kara Was Very  Popular! Ian Was Sitting, Peeking At Women In The Shower And "Creeping Them Out" (Week1) Everyone Hated Him! Even Before The Show: Frank And Willie Had Made A Deal, To "Work With Each Other", Until Final Four. Thus Ian Was The Original Target Week1; Frank Told Boogie Of His Deal With Willie; So Boogie Put His "Safety" On Ian; Under Heavy Pressure From Janelle To Evict Frank, Willie Put Up Frank As A Pawn; But Frank Was Never The Target!!! Willie Put Frank Up To Conceal The Deal He Had With Frank! But Frank Wouldn't Stop Campaigning And Making Deals; Although Willie Told Him & Boogie, Frank Was Safe! Ashley And Willie Were Sexually Tight, He Had Her Vote To Final Two! [NOTE: The BB14 Producers Satanically Divulged All Of Willie's Secret "Deals" To Everyone In The House: In Order To Destroy His Game And Evict Him!!!] After Being Informed Of Willie's Deal With Frank By BB Producers: Joe Then Made A Fake Alliance With Frank; Only Because He Knew He Didn't Have The Votes To Evict Frank!!! Frank Was Saved Only Because Of Willie --Yet He Stabbed Willie In The Heart! Ian Owes Boogie His Life; Because Had Boogie Not Given Him "Safety" He'd Be Gone Week1! What Frank Did To Willie Was Terribly Unfair: Lying About Gay Slurs, And Plotting --With Joe-- To Make A Fake Alliance With Willie & Shane, And Then Plan To Evict Willie Week2 --Bad Karma: What Frank Did To Willie, Dan Did To Frank Week8!!! The Injustice Is That Janelle Wanted Frank Evicted Week1, Gets Him Nominated; While Willie Saves Frank; But Then Frank Makes An Alliance With Janelle And Evicts Willie Week2!!! Then Week3 Janelle Manipulates Britney, Who Manipulates Pussy Shane, To Evict Frank Again --Janelle Lied To Frank Three Weeks In A Row --And Everyone Kept Believing Her Lies! Had Frank Laid Low: He Would Have Stayed Week1: Then He And Willie Could Work Together Till Final Two. Boogie Went Against His Own Cardinal Strategy: "It Is Smart To Keep Big Targets In This Game". Yet By Evicting Willie, Boogie Made Frank The Biggest Target In The Game; And Left Him With No-one Trustworthy, To Work With --All For A Worthless Alliance With Lying-Whore Janelle??? Boogie Won BB7 By Keeping Janelle In The Game Because She Was Everyone's Biggest Target! Yet Boogie Was So Afraid Of Offending The Homosexual BB14 Producers By Evicting Homo Wil; That He Didn't Play His Game. The BB Producers Not Only Destroyed Willie's Game; They Destroyed Frank's & Boogie's Game As Well! That Crazy, Unhealthy "All-Meat, Low-Carbs, High Alcohol" Diet Affected Boogie's Health And His Game: Suffering Numerous Infections, And Sleeping Constantly, While Others Were "Game-Playing". {Note: Fasting & Purging With Concentrated Salt-Water, With Severe Exercise, And A No-Meat Vegan Diet After: Is The Fastest, Healthiest Way To Lose Massive Weight!} Throwing Comps Was Okay For Dr. Will Because Everyone Liked Him; For Frank Or Boogie It Was Stupid: Because They Got Nominated For Eviction.] The Second Mistake Frank Made Was Not Accepting A Final Two Deal With Alpha Female: Danielle: When She Came Crying To Him Week7: Saying, "If Dan Goes, You'll Become My Dan, I Want A Final Two Deal With You" Frank Needed Someone Honest To Play With --Instead Frank Didn't Answer Her, Yawned And Went To Sleep! Frank's Third Mistake Was Trusting Dan & Jen Too Much Week7; When He Should Have Reconnected With Ian, Danielle & Shane: Ian Is Easily Led, And When He Won "Feel The Heat" HOH Week8 --When Shane Threw The Comp (Shane Could've  Remained Two Hours Longer) And Dan Then Betrayed Frank By Bullying Ian Into Putting Up Frank --Frank Was Finally Evicted. Shane Broke His "Final-Three" Week7 Alliance With Frank & Joe! Although Ian Betrayed Frank And Boogie, He Was Being Bullied, Lied To, & Manipulated, By Britney & Dan; And Could Possibly Be Brought Back To Frank, Once Britney Was Gone! By Throwing The Week8 HOH To Ian, Shane Back-Stabbed Frank For The Third And Final Time: ButIn Doing So, Shane Would Thus Accumulate Too Much Bad Karma: To Ever Win The Game --A Pussy, Bitch, Back-Stabber, Blindsider & Scumbag Can Never Win In The End-- Which Shane & Dan Were Too Stupid To Realize!!! A Good Player Never Gets Blood On His Hands, Unless It's Absolutely Necessary: Dan & Shane Were Bad Players!!! Although Dan Thinks His "Funeral Ploy" Week7 Was Great Game Play --It Wasn't-- Dan Was Such A Pussy, He Refused To Defend Himself When Britney Lied To Boogie That Dan Was Responsible For His Eviction: When It Was  Britney That Led Shane & Ian, By The Nose: Thus Dan Was On The Block In The First Place, For Being Afraid Of Britney And A Pussy. Then When He Told Frank The Truth: Britney Was Evicted By Frank! --Not Dan! All Dan Was, Was A Very Weak (He Won Only Two Comps) Lying, Pussy, Bitch, Evil, Self-Aggrandizing, Self-Promoting, Egotistical, Back-Stabber, Blindsider, Betrayer, Demon-Possessed Asshole --He Was A Bad Bad Player That Was Taken To The Final Two By Danielle!!! If Frank Hadn't Evicted Britney: Dan (Or Danielle) Was Going Home --The Ungrateful Scumbag! The Greatest Plays Of The Season Was Frank's Eviction Of Britney; And Danielle's Eviction Of Lying-Whore Janelle!!! Dan Was So Jealous Of Frank's Superior Game-play, (Making Him, Ian, Shane, Danielle & Britney Cry) That Out Of Jealousy He Betrayed Frank The Very Next Week8; After Swearing On: The Bible, His Wife Chelsea's Ring, & His Uncle's Chain; (Which Should Be Forfeit To Frank!) That The Final-Two Deal With Frank Was True. The Best Players In Big Brother History Do Not Include Dan: They Are The Players That Embody The Human Values: Of Honor, Integrity, Truthfulness, Loyalty, Faithfulness, Courage In The Face Of Adversity, Perseverance, Fitness, Diet, Abstinence From Sex, Restraining From Alcohol And Temperance: And The Ability To Stand The Test Of Time: And Still Command Respect: Rachel Reilly, Dr. Will Kirby, Mike Boogie Malin, Adam Jasinski, Evil Dick Donato, Lisa Donahue. [The Greatest Player: Dr. Will Kirby, Won Big Brother2 Without Any Blood On His Hands: "The Original Puppet-Master": Dr. Will Won BB2 By Making Love To TheAlpha Female That Season Nicole Nilson Schaffrich (Who Was Married At The Time, But Had The Hots For Will, And Who Won The $50,000); Remember, The Dominant Female Is The King-Maker In BB; And The Most Powerful Player In The Game. Similarly, In BB7 "All Stars", Mike Boogie Won Because He Had Sex With The Season's Hot Alpha Female Erica Landin, Calling Her His "Homance" (Because Erica Fooled Whore-Janelle Into Evicting Janelle's Own Fuck-Mate, Dr. Will, Over Herself. But Erica Was Genuinely In Love With Boogie, And Was Loyal To Him, Because She Threw The Final HOH To Him, Fooling Janelle. Boogie Was More Loyal To His Buddy Will, But Loved Erica Second.). Dr. Will Kirby Is Now A Highly Respected University Lecturer On Laser Dermatology, & Multimillionaire, Who Has Retired From Playing Reality Shows, Although He Still Makes TV Appearances. He Has A Pretty Fiancee, Actress Erin Brodie; And A Two Year Old Son Named Cash Kirby, Who Was Delivered By Dr. Will Himself! Rachel Reilly Got Married To Brendon Villegas This Summer, And Their "Wedding Special" Will Be Televised Dec. 15th, 2012, On WE tv (; And Their Wedding Pictures Will Be In OK!Magazine Oct. 1st, 2012.] Ian Terry Is A Mentally Retarded, Idiot Savant: He Suffers From ADHD: He Cannot Get A Girlfriend Because He Is Probably A Closet Faggot: He Repeatedly Streaked With Only A Hat On His Crotch; He Said He Wanted His Butt Cheeks, Waxed: He's A Sicko: Saying "On Air" That The Reason He Streaks Naked Is For His "Pedophile Fans" Who See Him As "A Little Boy Fantasy For Sex"; Ian Was Most Likely Sexually Molested As A Child, Causing His Bizarre Behavior And Homosexuality; But Terry Maybe Bisexual Because He Says He Wants To Date Kristen Bitting, Of BB12.  Ian Is The Same Evil Character, AsJohn Cochran Of Survivor 23; Both Closet Homosexuals Who Lied They Were "Nerds"; And Both Betrayed Their "Straight" Teams In A Vicious Cruel Way --That Didn't Benefit Them! Idiot SavantMeans He Is Retarded, But Has Surprising Rote-Memory Skills That Deceivingly May Pass For Intelligence, And Win Him Certain Comps! Terry Allowed Britney, Dan, Danielle & Shane: To Bully Him Into Doing Whatever They Wanted, Even Though It Destroyed His Game, And Frank's Game! He Should Have Played Both Alliances (Britney's & Frank's) Against The Middle; And Not Evicted Frank & Boogie, Who Acted As "Meat Shields", Protecting Him From Eviction! Ian Is Still Ignorant Of The Fact That His "Quack-Pack" Was A Totally Fake Alliance: Britney & Dan Were Simply Using Him: And They Both Planned On Evicting Him, Immediately After Frank Was Evicted --By A Stupid, Retarded, Evil, Demon Possessed Ian! What Saved Ian, Was Frank Evicting Britney; Which Placed Him Higher In The Pecking Order By At Least One Or Two Persons: Because Unbeknownst To Ian; Dan Was Putting Him Up For Eviction --Not As A Pawn-- On Week8 Double-Eviction And Week9 Evictions; Had He Not Won The "Shark-Fin" Veto And "Down Memory Lane" HOH! Thus All He Gained By Being In The Lying, Satanic Quack-Pack Was: Nothing! Frank Told Him: "Ian If You Had Evicted Dan Or Shane, Instead Of Ashley; I Would Have Voted Out Britney: And We Would Be Rocking!" From Week6: Ian Won: HOH, Veto, HOH, Veto, HOH; Adding Frank's Week5: HOH, Veto, Veto, HOH, They Could Have Decimated The Dan-Britney Alliance! Ian Was Predisposed To Betray Boogie & Frank Because He Was A Homosexual Possessed By A Demon; And Naturally Gravitated To Britney, The Devil's Succubus. Frank & Boogie Were Forced To Play Against The Whole House From Day One; And Be Betrayed By Their Own Team (Ian): This Is The Satanic BB Producers' Fault: For Their Selection Of Only Satanic Players! Shane Meaney Was Another Bisexual: Who Previous To The Show, Was Fooled By A Homosexual, Given A Free Plane Ticket To Come To CA From Vermont, Only To Have To Pose For Nude Pictures; He Wears Pink Tank Tops; This Loser Has Taken Out Mortgages On Numerous Houses That He Doesn't Have The Money To Pay Back, And He Has No Job! Boogie Warned Him This Would Happen: And Had Offered Shane A Job In His Restaurants At ~$6,000 Per Month --"If Shane Doesn't Scumbag Him"-- Now The Faggot Bastard Gets Nothing! Shane Was Dominated And Led By The Nose By Britney: Had Shane The Balls To Think For Himself, He Would Have Allied With Frank: Who Was The Only Person Who Never Lied To Him: And Probably Would've Won The Half-Million --A Faggot Cannot Play A Straight Game-- They Have To Lie & Back-stab. Britney Told Danielle Murphree That She Wanted A Final Three Women's Alliance Of Her, Jenn & Danielle, And Wanted Shane Evicted --She Faked A "Touchy-Feely" Relationship With Dani! Danielle Murphree's Biggest Mistake Was To Betray And Back-stab Frank Week8: Who Worked His Butt Off To Save Her & Dan The Previous Week7 --Frank Was The Only Player To Always Tell Her The Truth, Unlike Dan. What Danielle Doesn't Know Is That Shane Wanted To Evict Danielle Rather Than Britney Week7: But It Was Frank Who Made An Alliance With Shane & Joe, To Evict Britney: That Saved Danielle That Week! Frank Warned Her That Dan Hadn't Forgiven Her For "Throwing" The Veto Comp. Along With Britney & Shane: And Is Lying To You: Dan Was Telling The DR Just This, Week7: "That He Was Now Playing Only For Himself"; Implying He May Betray Danielle! Danielle's Other Mistake Was To Throw Part1 Of The Final HOH To Dan: And Refuse To Talk To Ian About A Final Two Deal When She Had All The Power (HOH & Veto) Week10: She Knew The "Quack-Pack" Was A Joke: And Her, Britney, Dan & Shane Had A Final Four Deal; That Dan & Danielle, Later Broke Only Because Shane Was More Dangerous Than Ian. Dan Was Playing An Individual Game: When He Told Danielle "You're Dead To Me", He Meant It! Dan Confirmed After The Show, That He Would Have Taken Ian To Final Two, Only Because Danielle Would've Beat Him!!! But Dan Is A Crazy Liar, So He Most-Likely Would Have Taken Danielle --Also The Egotistical Bastard Wanted The Prestige Of Coaching A Player To Final-Two! The Reason He Is Lying Is That Ian Has His Grandfather's Watch, And Wife's Ring As Collateral; From Lying; Which Is Now Forfeit! Dan Also Confirmed Ian's Quack-Pack Was A Bogus Alliance, And Ian Was NOT A "Renegade" Either. Danielle Could Have Told The Truth To Ian, About Dan, And Won The Money. What Most People Don't Know Is That Danielle Was The Alpha Female On The Show: Dan Only Got To Final Two Because Of Her Loyalty --Which Wasn't Reciprocated! The Alpha FemaleTraditionally Is The King-Maker In Every BB Show: Danielle's Allegiance Was To Dan --Not Shane-- Evicting Dan, Would Have Made Frank, King! After The Show Danielle And Shane Finally Had Sex Together: But Shane Has Not Committed To A Relationship And Is Broke --He Will Only Stay With Danielle If She Has Money! Had Shane Had A Sexual Type Relationship, With Danielle On The Show, He Would Have Won The Money: Danielle Warned Him, "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned"; He Foolishly Scorned The Dominant Female, And She Evicted Him! (Although She Stayed Under The Radar, Danielle Was The Most Powerful Player On The Show: She Had Final Two Deals With: Dan, Britney, Shane, Jenn; But Not With Retarded Ian, Because She Didn't Think A Retard Could Win.) Shane's Treatment Of Danielle Was Abusive, And He Deserved Eviction: Shane Told BB: Their Relationship Was "One-Sided" On Her Part, He Allowed BB's "Zingbot" To Call Danielle A "Stalker", Said That Kara Was More "His Type", And Told HG's To "Contact Dani Donato, And Tell Her He Wants To Date Her When He Gets Out"! It Is Alright To Tease A Woman, But He Was Incessantly Mean, It Wasn't Funny. Jenn Arroyo, The Evil, Lying Dyke Bitch, Had An Exalted Opinion Of Herself: She Betrayed Frank By Not Telling Him, Dan & Danielle Were Evicting Him Week8! (Never Make An Alliance With A Homosexual) She Called Ian A Rat ("Snitches Get Stitches"): But Week6 She Ran To Britney When Boogie Was On The Block, And Threw Boogie & Ashley, Under The Bus, Sold Her Soul To The Devil, Just To Save Herself For One More Day --Even Though She Wasn't Even The "Target"! Jenn Was Too Dumb & Stupid To Realize That, The Only Reason Britney-Dan Were Keeping Her Over Boogie, Ian, Shane & Frank, Was Because She Was A Weak, Dumb, Non-Threatening Player, With No Game Play What-So-Ever! Even When She Was Finally Being Evicted Week9, She Refused To Tell Ian The Truth: That Dan Wanted Ian Evicted Weeks8&9, Right After Frank --Which Could Have Saved Her!!! She Would Rather Die Than Betray Satan: Dan! Ashley Iocco, Was Also Mentally Retarded, A Dual-Personality And Bisexual: She Was Bullied By Janelle Into Voting Out Willie's Ally Kara: Willie Would Have Taken Her To Final Two! Ashley Was Also Bullied Into Having Lesbian Sex With Jenn Arroyo, This Was Before She "Made-Out" With Frank Wk5; Then She Suddenly Hated Jenn For The Lesbianism Because It Was Not Consensual (She Is Easily Bullied And Can't Say "No") --That Is Why Ashley Did Not Want To Be Stuck Alone With Dyke Jenn In The Jury House. Ashley And Ian Could Not Seem To Say "No" To Pressure Tactics By Britney, Janelle, Jenn, Dan Etc. And Are Both Mentally Retarded: It Was Patently Unfair Of BB, To Put Them In The Game. There Is A Legal Issue Here: Ian & Ashley Were Certifiably "Mentally Incompetent" To Give Sexual Consent Or Make Game Play Decisions!!! Thus Jenn's Sexual Attack On Ashley Was Rape! Jenn Also Tried To Sexually Molest 2006 Playboy Playmate, Kara Monaco, Week2; In Week8 She Got Danielle Drunk And Tried To Get Her To Keep Frank By Using Lesbianism On Her! BB Should Be Sued For Putting A Sexual Predator In The Game! Thus Britney & Dan's Bullying Of Ian To Betray Boogie & Frank, Was Illegal, Because Ian Was Not Mentally Competent To Make His Own Financial Or Game Decisions!!! The Proof Is Ian Clearly Did Not Want To Evict Frank Week6&8; But Was Bullied By Dan; (Then Dan Tried To Evict Ian Week8&9!) Ian Was Crying Week6 When Forced To Evict Boogie; Even At Week11 Finale: Dan Almost Got A Retarded Ian, To "Throw" Final HOH! Dan, Jenn & Britney Should Never Have Been Allowed By BB, To Take Advantage Of Mentally Handicapped People --It Was A Crime! Ashley Redeemed Herself, (Too Late), By Allying With Frank Week6: Because No-one Else Was Fighting The Britney Alliance; They (Ian, Dan, Shane, Joe, Jenn) Were All Walking To Their Slaughter Like Sheep!!! JoJo Spatafora, Another Bisexual, Now Also Claims She Too Tried To Have Sex With Jenn Arroyo: This Is Proof That The Whole BB14 Show Was Rigged To Have All The Players As Evil Devil Possessed Homosexuals: Because The Only Sex In The House Was Lesbian, Pedophile (Ian) And Bisexual; And No Straight Sex Whatsoever. Wil Heuser, The Evil Homosexual Streaker: Got Evicted Because He Tried To Blindside Frank For No Reason, The Previous Week3 At "Reset"; Then Frank Couldn't Trust Him When Wil Needed To Make A Deal To Evict Dan Instead Of Himself In Week5! Chef, Joe Arvin, Now Admits That Willie Hantz Didn't Head-Butt Him; He Now Says They Were "Love Taps" And Accidental; He Also Admits He Deliberately Called Willie A "Bitch" To Anger Him! (Thus BB Owes Willie An Apology & Some $Compensation!) Joe Would Float To The Power: And Cruelly Betrayed Willie Week1, By Switching Sides Mid-Week, After Promising Willie Safety For The Next  Week. Joe Later Changed, & Turned Out To Be More Honest Than All The Players, Except Frank. Mike Boogie Malin Was The Most Decent, Honorable Player Among The Coaches: Dan, Britney & Janelle Were Evil Devil Possessed Players: They Played Nothing Like Their Original Seasons; Or They Never Would Have Won, Even Then! Boogie Was Treated Badly By BB, Who Put Satanic Players In The Game, That Continually Back-Stabbed Him And Frank. Boogie Was Fighting The Whole House From Day One: Because Janelle Pierzina DeSanto, Repeatedly Lied To Everyone That, "You Can't Trust Boogie, He Betrayed Me BB7" And Then She'd Repeatedly Say, "Frank's Gotta Go, He's Dangerous"; These Were All Lies! (Janelle Had A Rabid Fixation About Evicting Frank From Day One!) In BB7 Janelle Pierzina, Was Taken To The Final Four By Boogie; And It Was Janelle The "Homance" That Back-stabbed Her Fuck-Mate, Dr. Will Kirby, To Take Erica Landin, To Final Three. [Dr. Will's Biggest Mistake BB7, Was In Throwing The Final 4 Veto: He Threw It To Janelle The Fucking Whore; Who Betrayed Him! It Is Always A Mistake To Throw Competitions! Especially At Final Four --Unless It Is Won Within Your Own Alliance!] The Truth Is That It Was Evil Satanic Danielle "Nigger" Reyes, James Rhine, Erica Landin & (Faggot) Marcellas Reynolds; That Back-stabbed Janelle In BB7; And Kindhearted Dr. Will Saved Her, Had Sex With Her, And Brought Her Into "Chilltown" --And Got Stabbed In The Back By That Slimy Whore Janelle, For His Kindness! (Janelle Wanted A Relationship With Will Outside The House; But Will Already Had His Now Fiancee Erin, Outside, And Refused; Saying Their's Was Just A "Showmance", And Stopped Sleeping In Janelle's Bed; Which Upset Janelle, Who Then Claimed She Was "Used" --So She Evicted Him, After Erica's Manipulation Of Her Emotions. Erica Later Threw The Final HOH To Boogie!) Janelle DeSanto, Was Lying To Everyone In The BB14 House, In A Vicious Satanic Manner: This Bitch Should Never Again Be Brought Back To BB! She Made Up A Lie That "Danielle Was Fat", And Attributed It To JoJo; To Start A Fight Between The Two --But Danielle Outsmarted Her! Janelle Further Lied That The Men In Her Season Ganged Up On Her: And Got Britney To Form A Secret Satanic "Women's Alliance" To Get Rid Of Frank, Boogie, Ian, Shane & Dan; To Final Three! Frank & Boogie Deserved To Win This Game: They Told No Lies (Except To Willie); They Played A Decent, Honest Game; They Didn't Back-stab Anybody. What Evil Dan, Janelle & Britney Never Ever Learned: Is That You Cannot Leave Your Morals At The Door: The Law Of Bad Karma Operates In The BB House As Much Inside As Outside: They Had The Whole Evil, Weak, Homosexual, Lesbian, Retarded Players On Their Side; But They Couldn't Win The $500,000!!! Ultimately This Was A "Coaches Competition" Year: And Mike Boogie's Team "Chilltown", With Ian, An Honorary Member, Won BB14; Plus Frank Won $40,000 ($25,000 FF + $15,000 Pandora's Box); Boogie Got $36,000: Making Dr. Will & Boogie The Winningest Team In BB History: Three Wins!!! Boogie & Dr. Will Got Plenty Of Free Advertizing For Their Restaurants : "Geisha House"; And Dermatologists: Dr. Tattoff & Dr. Kirby; Making $Thousands More Than Dan!!! In Ian's Final Speech, He Finally Turned On Satan Dan, When He Found Out From Danielle That Dan Lied, And Was Taking Danielle To Final Two; Ian Said: "I'm Keeping Dan's Grandfather's Watch & Wife's Ring For His Lying To Me! ...Dan Scum-Bagged Everyone In This House; While I Played A More Decent Game" --At The End Ian Finally Became A Man From A Boy; And Obeyed Straight-Up Boogie's Coaching --And Not Evil Dan's & Britney's! Dan Said, "Ian Was Brought By Britney To Join Our Alliance In A Dog-Suit On A Leash; And That's How We Treated Him, Like A Dog On A Leash, The Entire Show; We Made Him Do Our Bidding; And He Still Doesn't Realize That --He Doesn't Deserve To Win". Boogie Said, "Regardless Of The Outcome: At The Beginning Of The Season Ian Was A Boy; By Standing Up To Dan, Today He Has Become A Man". Ian Who "Felt Bad" And Cried When Evicting Boogie & Frank: Won Instead Of Dan, Because He Showed --Unlike Dan-- He At Least, Had A Conscience!                             {Final Note: Alcohol, Pain-Killers & Tobacco: Should Be Banned Or Further Restricted From The Show; As It Destroys Certain Players' Game-Play; And It Causes Violence And Excessive Sleep. Alcohol, Pain-Killers & Retardation, Also Creates Situations Of Dubious Sexual Consent: Ashley Was Raped By Jenn! The Food On BB Has All The Symptoms Of Being Poisoned: Hemorrhoids, Zits, Constipation, Obesity, Infections, Back-Pain, Weight-Gain. Noxious Substances Like Bug-Spray Should Not Be Allowed In The House: People Who Lie And Back-stab; Could Murder By Poison As Well!!!RealNetworks: SuperPass Live-Feeds Were Vexatiously Being Interrupted And Cutoff; When We Pay Good Money For The Feeds: We Are Entitled To More Than The Constant Censorship.} 

September 18th, 2012: 

Romney Shot Himself In The Head Again By His Liberal Comments: "47% Of Americans Don't Pay Income Taxes; And They Think They Are Entitled To Food, Clothing, Shelter Provided By Gov't; They Won't Benefit By Lower Income Taxes I'm Proposing; I'll Never Be Able To Convince Them." This Is Marxist Reverse Class Warfare That Conservatives Are Against! It Was Ronald Reagan Who Eliminated Income Taxes For The Poor --Not Democrats!!! This Bastard Romney Is Alienating The Poor: When Stanley Is A Champion Of The Poor! Stanley Still Prefers Americans Hold Their Noses And Vote Republican: But Romney Is Not A Conservative He Is A Marxist Like Obama. All Taxes Are Bad: Romney Is Trying To Shift The Tax Burden To The Poor By Cutting Only Income Taxes And Raising Sales Taxes That Fall Disproportionately On The Poor! This Is Tax-Unfairness! Conservatives Are A Broad Based Movement Of The Rich And The Poor: Democrats Are Devil Possessed People Of Just The Bourgeoisie Fat Cats: While Romney Is Supported Only By The Establishment GOP Like Boehner & Ryan: His Is A Narrow Constituency Of The 10% Rich That Can't Get Elected Dog-Catcher! Stanley Is Tired Of Bailing Romney Out Of His Diarrhea Of The Mouth! 

September 15th, 2012: French MagazineCloser Has Just Published Topless Pictures Of Kate Middleton On A Beach Of A French Chateau, And Its Editor Claims To Also Have Sex Photos Of William And Kate Having Sex; Which They Will Publish Soon! Kate Has A Hot Model's Body Evidently; But It Is Obvious William Doesn't Satisfy Her In Bed: For Her Need To Go Public With Her Body!!! This Comes On Top Of The Nude Pictures Of A Disgusting Prince Harry Playing "Strip Billiards": Seen Nude With An Also Naked Female. The Problem With Harry Is That He's The Supposed "Spare" To The Throne Of England: He Represents The Queen In Events Like The 2012 London Olympics: And He Is A Disgrace. Eye-Witnesses Claim They Were Models And Good-Looking Girls Randomly Invited To Harry's Suite By Harry's Friends: And Saw Harry Already Naked In A Party Probably Drunk; Harry Then Tried To Kiss One Of The Girls, But Never Tried To Have Sex. Walking Around Naked And Not Even Getting Any Sex Indicates Harry Is A Homosexual Loser Or Lacking Manliness! Several Women Then Proceeded To Take Cell-Phone Pictures Of The Nude Harry With His Knowledge And Then Sold Them To Tabloids! She Said There Were Other Girls Naked, But She Had A Bikini On. Now Do You See Why Stanley Is The True King Of Canada And Not The Windsors??? These "Royals" Are A Disgrace To The Throne And To Royalty Everywhere!  [2]. PM Stephen Harper of Canada Has Finally Caved In To The Inevitable And Withdrawn The $40 Million Loan To The Asbestos Industry In Quebec: Who Are Insistent On Exporting Asbestos To India & Third-World Countries. The Indian Government Is A Satanic Brahman-Aryan Puppet Regime Of The Satanic Angle-Saxon British Empire And Are Intent On Genocidally Destroying The Hindu Religion And Murdering All Hindus In India & Worldwide! They Are Deliberately Encouraging The Canadian Gov't To Export Asbestos To Indians So That Indians Will Die Of Lung Cancer And Mesothelioma Which Is Endemic In Canada & The U.S. Because Of Past Asbestos Exposure! The Election Of The Separatist Parti Quebecois In Quebec Last Week (Who Also Withdrew A $40 Million Loan For Asbestos Industries That The Previous Liberal Gov't Gave) Forced PM Harper's Racist Hand. This Is A Big Victory For Stanley: Because The Whole Angle-Saxon Empires (Including Canada & The U.S.) Are Built On The Murder And Genocide Of Hindus Worldwide!!! The Satanic Genocidal Indian Brahman Gov't Is Refusing To Allow Hindus The Right To Practice Their Religion In Their Own Country: An 80% Hindu Country Is Forced To Attend Satanic "Secular" Schools; The "Secular" Gov't And Court System Are Openly Hostile To The Majority Hindus In Their Own Country, The "Caste System" Fundamental To Hinduism, Has Been Outlawed! Meat Eating & "McDonald's Restaurants" Are Flaunted In Front Of Hindus Faces In Contempt Of Their Vegetarian & Vegan Religion. Forced And Coerced Conversions To Islam And Christianity Are Encouraged By The Evil Genocidal Indian Gov't! The Use Of Pesticides Murder Thousands Of Indian Farmers Every Year: Because These Westernized Satanic Methods Of Farming Don't Work! The Satanic Policy Of "Growth", "Development" & "Progress" Is Genocide: Indians Want The Preservation Of Their Ancient Lifestyles & Religion --Not Jobs Or Growth !!!

September 14th, 2012: Arsehole Boehner And VP Paul Ryan Betrayed Stanley One Last Time: Boehner Passed A Spending Resolution For $8 Billion: Allowing Obama To Avoid A Humiliating Gov't Shutdown, Just Before The Election! If Boehner And Ryan Had Humiliated Obama, Romney Would Have Won The Election In A Cake-Walk! The Republicans Are Their Own Worst Enemies: Sabotaging Their Own Party: And Giving Conservatives: No Voice In Government!Ryan Has Just Proved He Is A Liar: He Preached A Balanced Budget: Yet He Has Voted For Almost Every Continuing Resolution For More Deficit Spending: Authorizing Obama To Spend Us Into A Depression!

September 13th, 2012: 
Inferior Race Jew Ben Bernanke Announced Today That He Will Impose A $400 Billion Dollar Monetary Stimulus (Quantitative Easing QE8!) To Buy Up Mortgage Backed Securities At A Rate Of $40 Billion Each Month For Ten Months. This Sent The Stock Market Rising By 200 Points: Problem Is He's Done That For The Last Four Years To The Tune Of $16 Trillion Dollars And It Has Made The Economy Worse: But In Addition We Are Going To Be Hit With Rampant Inflation When The Printed Money He Used To Buy The Securities Hits The Streets. Romney Needs To Chime In On Restraining The Fed, And Putting The Fed Under Congressional Oversight! The Inflationary Stock Market Rise These Past Four Years, Is Because People Have A Lot Of Printed Money With No Place To Go Except Stocks. But Since The Rise Doesn't Reflect Increase In Real Value Of The Stock: It Is Simply Inflationary: That Will All Come Tumbling Down: In A Worse Depression Than Ever. What Is Most Disturbing Is That A High Stock Market Only Benefits The Very Very Rich! Which Is Hypocritical Of Marxist Class-Warfare Obama Who Is A Darling Of The Bleeding Heart Liberal Left. The Top 10% Of Income Earners Own 90% Of The Wealth And 80% Of The Stock Market. Buying Toxic Mortgage Based Securities Is Another Bank Bailout Or TARP, That All GOP Candidates Vehemently Opposed In The Debates! If Obama Had Spent The $16.4 Trillion On Us The Middle-Class Or Poor: At Least We Could Have Benefited From It! Welfare For The Rich (TARP, Stimulus & Auto Bailouts) Is What Caused This Depression: Obama Has Learned Nothing!

September 12th, 2012: Obama's Apologizing To Muslims And Terrorists "We Don't Believe In Denigrating Any Religion"; Caused The Fatal Attack On The U.S. Consulate In Benghazi, Libya That Killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens & Three Other Americans Trapped In A Fire. On The 11th Anniversary Of 9/11, A Mob Raided The U.S. Embassy In Cairo Egypt, Yesterday, And Set Some Fires Etc. In Response To Obama's Apology! (A Clear Cause And Effect Relationship Has Been Shown: Every Time Obama Apologizes To Islamists: It Inspires Terrorists To Kill Americans!) Two Days Ago Obama Apologized For A Film Trailer On YouTube, By An Israeli-American Jew Named Sam Bacile, In Which He Criticizes The Madman Mohammed For Advocating Child Sexual Abuse, Fucking Prostitutes And Making Fraudulent Statements. For Once, Mitt Romney Got It Right And Attacked Obama For Apologizing To Terrorists, Which Only Inspires Them To More Terror! Obama's Repeated Apologizing To Islamic Militants, Which Seems To Inspire More Muslim Terror Attacks; Is The Reason Obama Is Unfit To Be President! We Need To Humiliate Islam And Show Zero Respect For Their Camel Jockey Religion; To Put An End To Terrorism! We Know Obama Is A Muslim, Or A Muslim Sympathizer; Trouble Is He Is Lying To Us About His Religion: Obama Was Born And Raised A Muslim Yet He Is Ashamed To Admit It, Because He Knows Americans Have No Respect For That Satanic Gutter Religion Of The Sheep Fucker Mohammed! Obama Was Adopted By An Indonesian Muslim At Age Two, Renounced His U.S. Citizenship, And Became An Indonesian Citizen; Thus He Is Constitutionally Unfit For Office As Well: He Needs To Be Impeached Or Imprisoned: The Lowdown Cock-Sucking, Homosexual Nigger Sewer Rat! [2] The News Gets Worse And Worse For Obama: Moody's Has Put The U.S. Gov't On Credit Watch With A Likely Downgrade Of U.S. Credit Rating In January 2013! Moody's Says That The Failure Of The U.S. Gov't To Control The Increase In Entitlement Spending And The Anticipated Future Rise In Entitlements Make The U.S. Debt Unmanageable In The Foreseeable Future. Unless There Is Serious Actions Taken To Limit Entitlement Growth Or Reduce Gov't Spending (Which Neither Party Acts Responsibly On): The U.S. Will Be On A Debt Spiral Which Will Be Unrecoverable From. Obama Now Becomes The Only President To Preside Over A Credit Downgrade; And Yet React So Irresponsibly To It, That He Has Inspired A Second Credit Downgrade! With Incompetent Obama In Office Things Are Definitely Going To Get Worse!!!

September 6th, 2012: The Democrats Had To Switch Venues In Charlotte, NC, Because The Stadium Lay Half Empty, And Nobody Wanted To Come To The DNC: From A 74,000 Seat Stadium To A 20,000 Seat Capacity Arena Without Time To Install The Traditional Balloons. A Far Cry From 2008 Where The DNC Had A Filled 80,000 Seat Stadium And A Fireworks Display. Obama's Message Was The Same Old Tired Marxist  Rhetoric Of Class Warfare: Reduce The Deficit By $4 Trillion Over Ten Years, By Taxing Those Earning More Than $250,000 And Cutting Military Spending By Withdrawing Troops From Iraq. Although Obama Gave His Best Possible Speech: There Was A Sense That This Was His Last Hurrah, His Swan Song: Because The Bottom Line Is He Had Four Years To Deliver On His Socialist Theories And Failed! Obama's Sole Scoring Points Were His Attacks On The Romney-Ryan Crazy Proposed Business Tax-Cut Budget --It Is A Bad Budget, Even Stanley Agrees With Obama On This. But The GOP Can Pivot And Start Obeying Stanley When Their Budget Fails: Obama Lacks The Intelligence To Ever Obey Stanley The King!!! 

September 5th, 2012: Nothing Proves That Niggers Are An Inferior Race Than Their Own Actions And Words: Michelle Obama, The Nigger Bitch From The Ghetto, Hadn't The Intelligence To Write Her Own Speech; So She Reads From A Teleprompter (Like Her Husband); Thus To Imitate Ann Romney's Speech, The Nigger Said, "Today I Love My Husband More Than Four Years Ago" .. More Than 23 Years Ago, When We First Met". Black Families Have An 80% Broken Family Rate: Michelle's Inferior Notion Of Love Is That Obama Has Money And Can Support Her Rather Than Have To Be A Single Mother And Have To Go On Welfare! (The Ghetto Mentality). In Contrast The Romneys Are Palpably, Observably In Love With Each Other. Michelle Never Shows Genuine Affection For Barack In Public, Hers Is A Cold, Calculating, Immoral, Politically Motivated Assertion: She Is Lying To The American People: Because She Knows That Obama Is A Homosexual: It Is A Marriage Of Convenience For A Paycheck, Money And Adulation --Romantic Love Had Nothing Ever To Do With It!        [2]  Bill Clinton's Speech Was False Revisionist History, Lying Nostalgia That Never Was! President Clinton (1992-2000) Refused To Balance The Budget And Vetoed A Balanced Budget Amendment: It Was The GOP In Congress And The Electorate That Forced Him To Back Down --By Shutting Down The Gov't --Despite Media Pressure Against Gingrich. Clinton Was The First Advocate Of Obamacare (Called Clinton Care) Two Decades Ago, (But Was Stopped By The GOP) Obamacare Is Now Exploding The Deficit & Debt: Yet The Bastard Has The Evil Gall To Take Credit For The Surplus In 1996-2000 --That He Fought Against The GOP All The Way, Because He Believed In Deficits And Big Spending, At The Time! If Clinton Hadn't Opposed The Balanced Budget Amendment We Wouldn't Have The Debt Problem We Have Now!!! Clinton Criminally Lied Under Oath To The American People: "I Never Had Sexual Relations With That Woman": Clinton Ranks As One Of The Three Worst Presidents In American History; Back-To-Back-To-Back With G.W. Bush & Obama; Who Should All Be In Jail --He Did Absolutely Nothing In Office Except Have Fellatio Sex With Prostitutes And Obstruct The GOP! He Won Election Only Because Ross Perot Divided The Rightwing Vote. But Clinton Does Have A Point When He Criticizes The GOP Ryan Budget, For Cutting Business Taxes That Will Increase The Deficit By $5 Trillion Dollars; And For Tax Reform Without Telling What Loopholes Will Be Eliminated: Saying, "The Simple Arithmetic Doesn't Add Up". Stanley Too Has Criticized Romney For Blindly Adopting The Ryan Budget That Will Explode The Debt! A Businessman (Romney) Should Know That If You Spend More Than You Take In, You'll Go Bankrupt! Gov't Downsizing Means You Cut Costs: Cut Pensions, Cut Paychecks, Layoff Gov't Workers, Outlaw Unions; And Balance The Damned Budget: Gov't Spending Is A Burden On The Taxpayer And The Economy: Cutting Taxes Without Cutting Gov't Spending Will Balloon The Debt; And Increase The Burden On Our Children!
August 30th, 2012: At The GOP National Convention, Clint Eastwood Roused The Troops With His, "Go Ahead Make My Day Speech"; Clint Addressed An Empty Chair As If It Were Obama: Which Was Correct, Because The Chair Is As Dumb As Obama; Obama Should Never Be Given Any Respect! "We Own This Country, You May Be Democrats, Republicans, 
Libertarians, Whatever, But Americans Have The Right To Change Their Leadership, When Somebody Doesn't Do Their Job, You Gotta Let Them Go."   But Romney's Speech Was A Bust: He Talked Platitudes And Zero Reality: The Fundamental Problem Plaguing The American Economy Is Its Out Of Control Deficits ($1.3 Trillion) And Debt ($16 Trillion), And Printing Of $16 Trillion In Unbacked Paper Money By The Fed, That Is Causing Massive Price Rises, Low Bond Yields And Inflation. Yet All The liberal Romney Said Of It Was That He'd "Cut The Deficit And Put America On Track To A Balanced Budget" --No Specifics! Romney Spouts The Delusional Ryan Budget Of Cutting Taxes And Regulations For Businesses As His Sole Solution For Creating Growth & Jobs: It Is A Delusion!!! All That Will Do Is Increase The Deficit & Debt! Ryan Attacked Obama's Stimulus As Waste: But Ryan's Tax Cut Is Also A Permanent $5 Trillion Dollar Stimulus! America Is Now Headed For Another Four Years Of Depression, Regardless Of Who Is Elected. Romney Did Take A Weak, Pansy Swipe At Obama, By Saying: "Obama's Promise Was To Slow The Rise Of The Oceans And Heal The Planet, My Promise Is To Help You And Your Family". What Infuriated Stanley About Romney Is His Damnable Lie That "Obama Is A Good Family Man, Who Is In Over His Head"! This Is A Damned Lie In Favor Of Obama Because In Truth Obama Is A Homosexual That Has Had Hundreds Of Homosexual Lovers While Married To Michelle: Not Only Is Romney Not Exposing Obama's Homosexuality: He Is Lying For Him!!! Obama & The Secret Police Murdered Three Of His Homosexual "Choirboy" Lovers From Pedophile Rev. Wright's "Trinity United Church" (Gordon Taylor, Larry Bland & Nate Spencer) To Coverup His Homosexuality And To Isolate Him From Their Influence. Romney Must Know That Obama's Adoption, Renouncing His U.S. Citizenship  And Adopting Indonesian Citizenship Precludes Him From Eligibility For President; Obama Is Totally Corrupt With Dealings With Tony Rezko, Rev. J. Wright, Blagojevich, Bribing Sestak & Bill Ayers! Why The Soft Glove Treatment Of An Inferior Race Low-Life Nigger??? Romney And The Republicans Refusal To Balance The Budget, Is Treason! The Only Good Thing About His Speech Was That He Promised To Repeal And Replace Obamacare; But This Is The Same Liberal Claptrap: Obamacare Should Not Be Replaced: Market Discipline Is The Only Solution To Spiralling Costs: Gov't Needs To Get Out Of Healthcare! The Biggest Driver Of Debt Is Medicare: Yet Romney And Ryan Are Criticizing Obama For Cutting $716 Billion In Medicare Funding: This Is Satanic Double Talk. Healthcare Has To Be Privatized For Those Who Can Afford It: The GOP Cannot Demagogue Obama For Cutting Medicare, When They Want To Eliminate Obamacare! Romney Is A Pansy: Gov. Chris Christie Talked Of Strong Leadership, And Telling The People Hard Truths About Cutting Spending: Romney Was In Fantasy Land: His Promise Of 12 Million New Jobs Is A Delusional Pipe Dream In The Extreme: The Economy Is Governed By The All Powerful "Free-Market Forces" Not By Rich Businessmen: He Just Doesn't Have A Clue About The Economy!!!
August 29th, 2012: Paul Ryan's Speech At The GOP Convention Was Talk Without Conviction: He Said, "Without A Change In Leadership, Why Would The Next Four Years Be Any Different Than The Last Four Years. ... The Obama Stimulus Was Full Of Cronyism, Patronage, Debt, Borrowed Money, And Waste. ... Obamacare Is 2,400 Pages Of Taxes, Fees, Rules, Mandates, That Have No Place In A Free Country. Elect Mitt Romney So We Can Repeal Obamacare. ... Ryan Will Keep Federal Spending At 20% Of GDP Or Less; By Putting Hard Limits On The Size Of Gov't.... Our Rights Come From Nature And God, And Not From Gov't." The Problem With Ryan Is He Aggrandized Himself At Romney's Expense: Belittling Romney's Choice Of Music, By Saying, His iPod Has AC/DC To Zeppelin; And Not Elevator Music. Ryan's Music Is Drug Addicted Trash Like His Brain: Ryan Proposed No Plan To Get Spending To 20% Of GDP: Which Is Why This Bastard Is A liberal! The Only Way To "Set That 20% Limit" Is Through A Constitutional Amendment --Which Ryan Never Mentioned; And Which Would Need A Super Majority In The Senate. Ryan Has Been In Congress For Four Terms: He Voted For All The Spending, Deficits & Debt, He Now Claims To Abhor!!! Romney's Choice Of A Liberal VP, Means The Conservative Voice Will Be Lacking In His White House.  

August 28th, 2012: Romney Is Finally Looking Presidential: At The GOP Presidential Convention Ann Romney Made A Killer Speech, Saying, Mitt "Built It" Refering To Romney's Business Success, And She's Not Ashamed Of It. Alluding To Obama's Insane Comment That, "The Government Built It, Not You"! Ann Davies Romney Is Not An Aryan After All: She Claims She Is Of Welsh Coal-Mining Stock: Thus Her Blond Hair Is Probably Dyed! She Says That She And Mitt Still Love Each Other, And He Makes Her Laugh; And Mitt Obviously Adores His Wife. What Most People Don't Know Is That Obama Is A Homosexual; And Michelle Sticks To Him Only Because Of Power, Fame And Money --Never Love. Keynote Speaker Gov. Chris Christie, Blasted: "A Leader Doesn't Give In To Polls, He Changes Polls; A Leader Tells The Truth, Even If It Hurts; Christie Warned That The People Should Be Told That An Economic Recovery Will Be Painful, And We Must All Share The Pain Equally! The People Must Hear The Truth About The Hard Road Ahead; And We Must Stand Up For Mitt Romney The Next President Of The U.S. Nikki Haley Said, "We Must Send Michelle And Barack Back To Chicago, And Send Mitt And Ann To The White House."  [2] In A Fitting Bout Of Bad Karma: Arlen Specter Has Cancer; This Was The Jew Who Obama Tried To Help Win Senate Election By Bribing Joe Sestak To Drop Out Of The Race: Obama Was Never Criminally Charged For This Offence! The GOP Need To "Out" Obama As A Homosexual, Making Him Morally Unfit To Be President; Out His Accepting Bribes From Tony Rezko; Out His Offering Bribes To "Blago"; Out His Former Indonesian Citizenship: Making Him Constitutionally Unfit For President; And Finally His Muslim Birth And Schooling Make Him Religiously Unfit To Be President!  

August 11th, 2012: Mitt Romney Just Announced That Arsehole Paul Ryan Will Be His Running Mate; Ryan Is An Ultra Liberal Leftwing Nutbar: Ryan Voted For TARP, The Bailouts, The Bush Pharmacare (Which Started The Debt Spiral), All The Debt & Deficit Spending Of Obama And Bush. Ryan Is A Washington Insider, Part Of The Problem: Boehner And The GOP Are As Much Responsible For The Debt As Obama: Ryan's House Budget Is Why Stanley Railed Against Him In This Website: He Refuses To Balance The Budget, Based On A Delusional Theory That Cutting Taxes (Without Balancing The Budget) On Rich Businesses Will Create Growth: It Will Not!!!  Ryan Proposes To Reduce The "Trajectory" Of The Increase In The Debt & Deficit In Ten Years! We Need Action Now! Ryan Proposes To Reform Medicare By Creating Another "Entitlement" Program That Will Entrench Medicare Even More; And Take Us Further From Ever Privatizing All Healthcare! Romney Has Rejected Everything That Stanley The King Has Said: Which Means Disaster For The Economy Of America And The World: Although Obama Would Be Worse; Because Obama Lacks The Intelligence To Obey Stanley And Cut Spending. There May Be A Ray Of Hope: After Romney Tries His Delusional "Laffer Curve" Budget: He Is More Likely Than Obama To Admit He Was Wrong And Start Obeying Stanley The King! Ultimately Stanley Wants To See Obedience: The Evil In The System Cannot Be Cured, Unless The System Is Destroyed: Tinkering With The Deficit Is Too Little Too Late: We Are Headed For Four More Years Of Economic Disaster! 

August 8th, 2012: "The National Enquirer" Has Reported That Child-Star Macaulay Culkin 31, Is A Heroin & Oxycodone Addict, And Has ~Six Months To Live: His Close Girlfriend Elijah Rosello, Who Did Drugs With Him, Died A Few Months Ago As Well. This Rates As A News Story Because Homosexual Culkin, Testified In Favor Of Pedophile Michael Jackson, At His Child Molestation Trial. This Shows Us How Bad Karma Works: Culkin Tried To Lie To Us That Jackson Didn't Molest Him As A Child; Because All Homosexuals Are Child Molesters And Evil; And Lie For Each Other. But His Homosexuality Is Catching Up With Him --As All Homosexuals Will Face Judgement-- Like It Will The Saxon-Aryan System. Michael Jackson's Evil, Greedy Family Is Also Imploding: His Greedy Mother Katherine Almost Lost Custody Of Paris, Prince & Blanket; When She Left On A Four Month Vacation, Abandoning The Children. The Greedy Jackson's Are Also Involved In A Battle With The Executors Of Jackson's Will; To Grab As Much Of Michael's Money, Before The Kids Grow Up And Receive Their Inheritance. Bad Karma's A Bitch!
July 22nd, 2012: Big Brother 14 WEEK 2: News Bulletin: Executive Producer Allison Grodner The Satanic Bitch, Forcefully EXPELLED Willie Hantz Today (Grodner Lied That Willie Used Violence Against Chef Joe Arvin, All He Did Was Bump Chests, Like Jordan Did To Russell In BB11; Especially Since Evil Joe Called Willie "A Bitch"; And Was Boasting The Previous Night That "Willie Ran Like A Rabbit Into The Bushes, When He Confronted Him & Chased After Him"; How Can Willie Not Defend Himself From Such Trash Talk??? Joe Also Lied That Willie Head-Butted Him! Getting Rid Of The Most Colorful Player Is Bad Television And Boring TV!). The BB14 Producers Unfairly Interfered Into The Game To Sabotage Hantz And His Team, Because Hantz Called A Players-Only Meeting And Directly Attacked The Producers For Planning On Bringing The Coaches (Janelle, Mike 'Boogie' Malin, Britney & Dan) Into The Game; By Getting All The Players To Agree To Vote Them Out: This Wrecked The Entire "Coaches" Concept For The BB14 Season! It Was Britney That Told Hantz About This New, Coaches-Playing, Twist; And Then Was Too Weak & Immature To Control Willie From Exploding & Attacking The Game, The Coaches & The Producers --Who Reacted Violently & Demonically Against Hantz! HantzErred By Not Focusing On The Evil Devil Possessed Players, Who Were His Biggest Enemy --Not The Coaches Or Producers (As The Players Used This To All Demonically  Gang-Up On Hantz, And The Coaches & Producers Piled On). Hantz Took On Too Many Enemies At Once! Demon Possessed Britney ( A Demon Succubus) As Coach, Unfairly Destroyed Hantz's Game By Making A Foolish Alliance With Traitor Janelle's Team; And Then Putting All The Blame On Willie For Her Mistake, When Wil, Joe & Janelle Betrayed Them: Had Willie Made An Alliance With Frank (Instead Of Wil & Joe) --As He Intended-- He Would Have Won The Game (Never Trust A Faggot!). Because For The First Time In BB History, An Alliance Was Cruelly Broken In Mid-Week! The Reason For This Is That The Alliance Was Based On The Compatibility Of The Coaches (Britney & Janelle) And Not The Players. Britney Was An Evil Lying Bitch And A FLOATER In BB12, And Trash Talked Brendon, Enzo & Rachel Behind Their Backs (She Called Enzo A "Guido" She Is Racist Against Italians Like JoJo Spatafora!): A Floater Should Never Have Been Made A Coach: She Was 20 Years Younger Than Willie And Couldn't Control Him! Britney Then Deserted Willie & JoJo, And Conspired With BB To Get Them Evicted: Britney Hated JoJo For Being Italian, And Refused To Make A Deal With Mike Boogie & Frank, To Secretly Ally With Them, In Exchange For Putting Faggot Wil Heuser, Up For Eviction, Instead Of JoJo! Evil Satanic Britney Also "Threw" The WK2 Coach's Competition, Because She Didn't Want To Save Her Own Team, Out Of Spite Against Willie, Since The Team (Janelle's) With The Traded Willie Would Now Be The Target: She'd Rather Willie Continue To Take The Blame From Her Players, For Her Evil Play! It Was Britney Who Goaded Willie Into Wanting To Self-Evict, Telling His Teammates Not To Talk To Him; And Screaming At Him To Go Away, And Falsely Blaming All The Sudden Turnaround On Willie: She Was Too Weak And Evil To Be A Coach! She Totally Destroyed Hantz's Game From Within!!! The Most Satanic BB14 Act Was To Use The Privileged Inside Information They Get From The Cameras & Mics, And Then During The Diary Room (DR) Sessions They Evilly Informed The Faggot Traitors Joe & Wil, And Later Janelle; That Ashley Was Secretly Voting With Willie's Team And That She Had A "Final Two" Deal With Willie! So Janelle's Team Satanically Confined A Weak Ashley, Lied To Her To Turn Her Against Hantz, Brainwashed Her, Threatened Her And Refused To Allow Her Out Of Their Presence: To Prevent Hantz Talking To Her. Ashley Was Pressured, Bullied & Forced To Vote Against Hantz's Team Because The Whole House Was Turned Against Hantz By The Satanic Producers --Who Wanted Total Control Of The Game And Have All Docile Devil Possessed Players. Without BB Unjustly Revealing This Inside Ashley Knowledge, Willie Would Have Won The $500,000 --Hantz Should Sue BB For $Millions! BB14 Got The Whole House To Unjustly Turn On Hantz: The Injustice Of This Was That Faggots Wil & Joe Had Made An Alliance With Willie WK1: Which They Satanically Broke After BB14 Interfered --And Joe Evilly Suddenly Switched Alliances After Hantz Lost His Power As HOH! Wil, Janelle & Joe Were Lying Against Hantz To Frank & Everyone In The House: When It Was Them Who Wanted Frank Evicted; And It Was Willie Trying To Save Frank --Until Frank Too Betrayed Him, By Cruelly Lying About Willie: Saying He Made Gay Slurs & That Willie Made A Final-Two Deal With Him (Willie Clearly Told Frank He Had Only A One Week Deal): All Because BB Told Frank About Ashley's Deal, And To Shove Willie Under The Bus. The Tragedy Is That The Most Evil People Are Still In The Game: A Day Later: Wil & Joe Were Laughing Hysterically And Plotting To Evict Ashley & Frank At Their First Opportunity: Just Like They Betrayed Willie (Never Make Deals With A Faggot!)! BB Has Jumped The Shark: They Have Become An Evil Satanic Show, By Interfering & Taking The Side Of Evil Homosexuals And Devil Possessed Players Over The "Real" Straight Players!!! This Is What Rachel Reilly Suffered The Last Two Years (BB12&13); But At Least She Had Brendon. The Biggest Mistake Willie Made Was Listening To Britney & Janelle On Who To Put Up For Eviction: He Forgot Stanley's Cardinal Rule: Evict The Homosexuals (Wil & Jen) First, Because They Are The Most Evil: And Will Lie To & Back Stab You Every-Time: Which They Did! The Satanic Legacy Over BB Divulging Secret Conversations To Enemy Players: Means They Have Compromised The Integrity Of The Game: No BB Or Survivor Contestants Will Ever Feel Free To Talk To The Cameras Again; They Will Make Deals In Secret --And No One Will Watch Anymore!! We Watch The Show For Guys Like Willie --Not Faggots!

July 20th, 2012: Hero: James Eagan Holmes 24, Killed 12 And Wounded 52 Today At An AMC Theater In Aurora, Colorado; He Was Dressed In Black, Hair Dyed Red, Calling Himself "The Joker", As It Was A Midnight Premier Of The Movie "The Dark Knight Rises" --A Batman Movie: Holmes Joins "Heroes" Anders Breivik & Jared Loughner: Who Killed Democrats & Socialists! Stanley Neither Condemns Nor Condones The Massacre: Because The  American People Need To Be Alarmed  That Things Are Not Alright In America Today: Nigger Bastard Obama Is A 2:1 Favorite To Win The Election In November --According To Las Vegas Odds-Makers-- We Are Headed For Socialized Medicine And Taxes Through The Roof!!! The Blonde Saxon-Aryan Devil-Possessed Secret Police Are Rigging The Polls And Election For Obama To Win: Even After Obama Let Slip: "If You've Got A Business You Didn't Build That, Somebody Else Built That" i.e. The Gov't; (He Is Insane!) And A Day Later Said That He Wants The Bush Tax Cuts To Lapse, As He Wants To Emulate FDR Who Taxed The Rich At 80% Of Income In The 30's. The Hard Truth Is That Obama Is Possessed By A Socialist Devil And He Lacks Intelligence, As He Is Of An Inferior Race: He Will Lead Us To An African Basket Case Economy: But The Republicans Are Refusing To Obey King Stanley: You Can't Beat Satan With Satan, You Need To Turn To Stanley The King, God And The DAma.The Republicans Are Refusing To Balance The Budget By Cutting Spending "Across The Board"!!! Thus The Only Option Left Is To Raise Taxes Through The Roof: Or Continue Obama's Printing Of $16 Trillion Dollars In 31/2 Years, And $16 Trillion In Debt. Romney Responded, Like Boehner, By Holding Hands With The Democrats & Obama: This Is A War! The Democrats Are The Enemy! Our Country Is In Peril Because Of The Democrats: The Republicans Are Not Responding To The Gravity Of The Crisis!

July 12th, 2012: Conservative Website, "The Drudge Report" Says Condoleezza Rice, Is Near The Top Of The List Of Romney's Choice For VP. This Is Disastrous For The Republicans: "Condi" Is A Leftwing Bitch Like Colin Powell --Who Supported Obama For President In 2008! Bush Appointed Both Of Them: Bush Was A Leftwing Republican: He Started The Deficit Spending. The Best Choice For VP Are The Candidates Who Ran For The GOP Nomination: Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich Or A Latino! Romney Was The Most Liberal Candidate, Who Only Won Because The Selection Was Rigged! Thus He Needs To Balance The Ticket With A Real Conservative!July 11th, 2012: Good Old Black Comedian Jimmie Walker From 70's TV Hit Show "Good Times" Has Written An Insightful Book "Dyn-O-Mite". Walker Says Obama Is A Clown: "I Never Voted For Him, And Other Blacks Shouldn't Vote For Him Either." Walker Says, "Obama Makes Blacks Feel Good, That They Have A Black President; But When They Go Home There Is A "Foreclosure" Sign On Their Lawn". Walker Says, "Obama Is Not The Man For The Job; Blacks Have To Let Him Go: He Is Destroying The Economy!" More And More Serious Black Voices Are Turning On Their Nigger-Boy Obama: Obama Is A Homosexual, Who Is Not Eligible To Be President Because He Was Adopted By An Indonesian And Lost His U.S. Citizenship. The Blonde Aryan System Have Fooled The Blacks Into Supporting A Satanic Devil-Possessed Anti-Christ! Jimmie Is A Sane Common-Sense Black Voice Telling The People The Truth: Obama Is Incompetent For The Job!

July 8th, 2012: Roger Federer Won His 7th Wimbledon Men's Tennis Title Today And His Record Setting 17th Major, By Beating Scotsman Andy Murray --Despite Massive Cheating And False Line Calls By The Judges! Wimbledon Has A Long History Of Being Possessed By Devils And Deliberately False Line Calling: To Favor Devil Possessed Players, Lesbians (Navratilova, Billie-Jean King), Blacks (Williams Sisters) And Murray. Tennis Is A Game Of Millimeters: If The Line Judges Deliberately Call Balls Against You: It Becomes Astronomically Difficult To Win. It Was A Disgrace For The British Royal Family To Be Caught Cheating: Pippa& Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Dukes & Duchesses, PM David Cameron And The Evil Brits In The Stands Who Cheated Federer To Try To Make Murray Win. On Point After Point: When Murray Hit The Ball Long: The Linesman Would Refuse To Call The Ball Out: Allowing Him To Win The Rally! It Was Only Because Of Superhuman Tennis Skills On Federer's Part, That He Was Able To Overcome The Cheating, Devil Possessed Wimbledon Officiating! John McEnroe Noticed Early That The Officials Were Cheating And Said "Federer Should Have Challenged The Call"; But How Can You Challenge Hundreds Of False Calls? There Is A Simple Solution To Stop Cheating By Officials: That Is To Have All The Calls Made By An Independently Tested And Monitored Machine: And Have Challenges Reviewed By Instant Replay TV Cameras. McEnroe Has A Long History Of Fighting The Umpires In Tennis: And Has Been Proven Right By This Debacle At Wimbledon! In The 1990's SatanicNBCSuddenly Stopped Showing Instant Replays Because It Proved That Most Of The Disputed Line Calls Were Indeed False! In Fact ESPN Have Their Own Line Call Machine; But Suddenly Stopped Using It Sunday, When It Proved That Federer Was Being Cheated! With Modern Technology We Can Obtain Almost 100% Accuracy In Line Calls And Baseball Strikes! Baseball Umpires Are Also Possessed By Devils And Cheaters: They Favor Evil Teams Over The Good Guys: Laser Guided Technology Can Now Ensure Balls And Strikes Are 100% Fairly Determined: The Only Reason Baseball Doesn't Allow "Instant Replay" And Machines Is That They Are Satanically Evil And Want To Cheat. July 6th, 2012:The GOP Betrayed Stanley Yet Again: By Passing The Transportation & Student Loans Bill: Without Getting Anything In Return! This Bill Is Nothing But Giving Obama Another "Stimulus" Program By Spending $100 Billion On Building Roads That Are Not Needed --And That We Can't Afford. Without The Extra $100 Billion The Job Numbers Would Decrease Right Before The Election And Destroy Obama. How Much "Stimulus" Does It Take Before The GOP Tells The Inferior Race Nigger That "Stimulus" Doesn't Work And It Has Never Ever Worked??? It Didn't Work Under FDR; But At Least FDR Balanced His Budgets! The Extension On Paying Interest On Student Loans: Is Another Election Ploy By Obama: Because It Is A Short Term Fix: Digging The Hole Deeper For Students Who May Never Be Able To Pay Their Loans Back. The Issue Here Is That This Bill Only Benefits Obama: Why Did The GOP Not Extract Passage Of The Keystone Pipeline Or Massive Cuts In Spending For Passage? Boehner Was Holding Hands With Devil Possessed Democrats And Has Betrayed The GOP By Repeatedly Passing Debt Ceiling Increases And CR Deficit Spending Increases To Past The Election Date, All For Nothing In Return! We Could Have De-funded Obamacare And Got $Trillions In Spending Cuts Had Boehner Shutdown Parliament For Just A Few Days Or Weeks --The 2010 Midterms Gave Us A Mandate To Do This! Boehner Has Betrayed The Grassroots GOP By Passing Desperate "Stimulus" Programs By Obama Like "Payroll Tax-cut" Extensions, "Jobs Bills", Other Unfunded Tax Cuts: That Have All Failed To Help The Economy!!! The GOP Have Bent Over Backwards To Cooperate With An Inferior Race Nigger: At The Expense Of Looking Weak And Incompetent To The American People: Obama Needs To Be Treated As An Inferior Race Nigger That He Is For The GOP To Win Big: And They Must Follow The Lead Of Stanley Who Has Now Proven That He Is The King Of Canada, Mexico And The U.S.! 

July 5th, 2012: [1] Yasser Arafat Is Now Proven To Have Been Murdered By Toxic Radioactive Poison By The State Of Israel!!! Palestinian Officials Are Now Calling For An International Inquiry Into Palestinian PLO Leader Yasser Arafat's Death: After Swiss Scientists Told Al-Jazeera TV That Radioactive Polonium-210 Was Found On Personal Belongings Given To His Widow When He Died In 2004. His Widow Suha Arafat Has Given Permission For His Body To Be Exhumed To Prove He Was Murdered By Israel. Similarly On Nov. 2006, Former FSB Agent Alexander Litvinenko Was Murdered By FSB Agents Dmitry Kovtun And Dmitry Lugovoi With Radionuclide Polonium-210 In London: Litvinenko Had Accused Vladimir Putin Of Being A Pedophile Who Raped Boys: In A Daily Diatribe On His Blog: And Blamed Putin For Ordering His Murder! Judging By Putin's Murderous Reaction: The Accusations Were Probably True! Polonium Is Used As An Accelerator Medium In Nuclear Bomb Trigger Mechanisms: Like All Particulate Radiation From Nuclear Reactors: It Is The Most Toxic Substance On Earth. Arafat And Litvinenko Died Horrific Deaths: Litvinenko Suffered Severe Bloody Diarrhea, Weight Loss, Hair Loss, Inability To Eat Anything, and Vomiting Blood, all of which were symptoms Arafat exhibited in the days and weeks after he initially fell ill --Officially: Arafat Died Of Massive Internal Hemorrhaging! Obviously Only Israel Could Have Access To Polonium As They Reputedly Own Many Nuclear Bombs: And Since Polonium Decays Rapidly: (Polonium Has A "Half-Life" Of 138 Days) The Fact That So Much Polonium (54mBq and 180mBq) Was Found In Arafat's Bodily Fluids (Blood, Saliva & Urine): Indicates That He Was Poisoned With A Massive Dose Of It Through His Food Or Drink! Israel Must Be Brought To Justice For This Genocidal Act! Ironically, Arafat Was A Moderate: By Murdering Him, Israel Now Has To Now Deal With The More Hardline Hezbollah! [2]  Bombshell Katie Holmes Is Divorcing Tom Cruise: Ostensibly Because She Didn't Want Her Daughter Suri To Be Brought Up In Scientology: But The Real Reason Is That Tom Cruise Is Gay: Those Gay Rumors Were True! Hollywood Couples: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Are Also Both Gay And Evil; John Travolta & Kelly Preston Are Also Gay And Scientologists Like Cruise; Scientology Forbids Homosexuality And Both Travolta & Cruise Claim To Have Been "Cured" After Becoming Members: But Obviously The "Treatment" Didn't Work! Barack & Michele Obama Are Also A Sick Deviant Lying Homosexual Couple: Is It Any Wonder That Hollywood Gives Him $Millions In Donations!  [3] CNN'sAnderson Cooper Has Finally Admitted He Is A Biased Demon Possessed Homosexual On National TV: To Show You How Great Stanley Is: Stanley Had Exposed Cooper As A Rabid Closet Homosexual Years Ago (See Gossip Page!) The Problem Is That Queer Cooper Is Being Given A Soapbox By CNNTo Promote Homosexuality To Our Vulnerable Children: And Use His Show To Threaten, Intimidate And Attack All Those Gov't Workers Who Don't Toe The Politically Correct Line On Homos --With Firing! He, Ellen& Oprah Need To Be Taken Off The Air For Biased Pro-Homo News Coverage: Homosexuals Are Demon Possessed Evil People: They Need To Be Eradicated From The Airwaves. 


July 2nd, 2012: Pena Nieto Of The PRI Party Won Mexico's Presidential Elections Today: Problem Is The Satanic Aryans Rigged The Vote; And There Is No Real Change. Since 2000 A.D. The Aryans Of The PAN Party (Vicente Fox, Philippe Calderon), Have Taken Over Mexico Via Massive Murders, Assassinations And Control Of The Police And Military (Much Like How The Saxon-Aryans Took Over America After The War Of 1812!!!). After A Campaign Of Aryan Genocidal Terror That Murdered 55,000 People, They Are Giving Back Power To The PRI, Who Used To Rule Mexico: Problem Is That Nieto Is A Homosexual (Like Obama), Is A Puppet, And Will Not Change The Aryan Control Of The Security Apparatus. And Just Like Obama, Nieto's Former Homosexual Lovers Were Murdered By The Secret Police To Dehumanize Him, Isolate Him From His Base And Coverup His Homosexuality! The Satanic Aryans Are In Retreat In Mexico: Nieto Has Ended The "War On The Cartels", And Will Stop The Violence, But There Has To Be A Winner And Loser: The Aryans Lost! Most People Don't Know That The Violence Was Not Caused By Drug Cartels; But By The Devil Possessed Aryan Security Forces Trying To Takeover The Drug Business For Themselves, By Murdering The Old Cartels! The CIA Did The Same "Death Squad" Murders In Colombia And El Salvador --But They Have Now Been Defeated! This Is A Big Victory For Stanley, In That Aryan Hegemony In The Americas Has Been Halted, And Is In Retreat: And Now We Must Go After Them: In A War Of Extermination! Mexicans Need To Form A Guerrilla Revolutionary Army To Defeat The Gov't. Simply Changing Political Parties, Is Not Enough, The Satanic Murderous Aryans Must Give Up Power To Stanley The King! Stanley Remains The Only Real Opposition To Satan And The Devil Possessed Aryans Worldwide!    [2] Romney Adviser Eric Fehrnstrom Says Romney Does Not Believe That The IM Is A Tax: And Republicans Must Stop Saying That It Is: Only CJ Roberts Thinks It's A Tax: And CJ Roberts Is A Traitor. It Is Worse Than A Tax: For The First Time In History: The Federal Gov't Is Penalizing People For Not Doing Something: In Order To Force You To Buy Their Health Insurance!!! This Penalty Is Compelling Behavior Against An Individuals Will And Conscience: Forcing Us To Pay For Another Person's Abortion, Contraception, Sex-Change, Organ Transplantation, In-Vitro Fertilization, Surgery And Quackery! It Takes Away All Choice In The Type Of Healthcare We Want: Yoga Medicine. The Gov't Is Trying To Force You To Support Its Satanic 100% Quackery Modern Medicine! User Fees Are The Fairest Form Of Health Payments: What Is Satanically Objectionable Is Paying For The Healthcare Of Evil People Who Are Being Punished For Their Sins! It Is A Transfer Of Wealth From The Young, The Healthy, The Private Sector And The Poor: To The Old, The Sick, Big Gov't And The Rich: Against Our Will! A Tax Is Imposed On A Certain Percentage Of Income When You Voluntarily Earn It; Or When You Voluntarily Purchase A Product --This Penalty Is Much Much More Punitive & Murderously Genocidal Than A Tax!    [3]  Arsehole Ben Bernanke's QE 6, Has Pumped Up The Stock Market With Printed Money Again (Over $20 Trillion In 31/2 Years!) That Will Cause Untold Misery In The Future: This Is A Form Of Monetary Stimulus That Deceives The People As To The Shape Of The Economy --And Is An Act Of Treason, So Close To The Election-- As Rick Perry Warned Him. The Reason Ben Bernanke Is From An Inferior Race: Is That He Truly BelievesThis Delusion: That Printing $20 Trillion In Money Will Magically Fix Everything: He Is Dumb And Incapable Of Higher Thought! When We And Our Children Have To Suffer Inflation, Taxes & Debt: Simply For Political Expediency Short Term: Means Obama And His Cynical Supporters Must Pay For This Injustice --After The Election!

June 29th, 2012:

AG Holder Refused To Assign A "Special Prosecutor" To Criminally Prosecute Himself For Contempt of Congress: But He Is Still Going To Go To Jail, Because When The GOP Comes Into Power Next Fall; They Can Appoint A Prosecutor Themselves! It Is Important For The GOP Not To Proceed Civilly, If It Means They Have To Give Up On Future Criminal Charges On Holder: Since Holder Needs To Go To Jail For Lying To Congress! After The Election The GOP Can Also Appoint "Special Counsel" To Prosecute VP Joe Biden Who Was The Primary Source Of The National Security "Leaks" (With Tom Donilon & John Brennen Secondary Sources) To D. Sanger In The New York Times.  June 28th, 2012:  America Died As We Know It Today: CJ Roberts Betrayed The Rightwing In America: Who Put Him On The Bench. Roberts Was Appointed By Psycho Devil-Possessed, Drug-Addicted Leftist George Bush Who Was Not Rightwing Himself; Roberts' Decision Said That The "Individual Mandate" Was A Tax And Not A Penalty; And Thus Is Constitutional; But By Expanding The Definition Of What Is A Tax, The SCOTUS Has So Expanded The Powers Of Gov't That It Can Now Do Whatever It Wants: And Defeats The Purpose Of The Founding Fathers For The SCOTUS To Limit The Expansion Of Gov't Power Over An Individual's Life; And Forever Weakened The Supreme CourtVis-A-VisThe Gov't As An Arbiter Of Last Resort! Satan And The Devil Possessed Saxons Have Taken Absolute Power Now: Because Politicians Are Too Weak And At The Mercy Of Rigged: Polls & Ballots, To Be A Reliable Advocate For The People's Freedoms! The Gov't Can Now Make Us Buy That Dreaded Broccoli If It Wants! CJ Roberts Also Struck Down The Expansion Of Medicaid Under Obamacare As Unconstitutional: But By Doing So Roberts May Have Killed Obamacare After All: Because There Was No Severability Clause In Obamacare: Striking Down Expanding Medicaid Kills The Whole Damn Law! Virginia A.G. Ken Cuccinelli Still Has Virginia's Obamacare Appeal Before The SCOTUS And Could Raise This Issue With The Court! This Is Not A Victory For Obama: What Really Happened Was That The Blonde-Blue-Eyed Aryan System Through Its Secret Police, Possessed By Devils: Intervened Into The Court Process, And Convinced, Coerced, Threatened Or ForcedRoberts To Switch Sides Just Two Weeks Ago: The Proof Is That This Decision Was Delayed Until The Last Day: Obviously It Was Being Hastily Rewritten, And Doesn't Make Sense Legally! Secondly, Justice Roberts Wrote A Lengthy Decision "Finding The IM Unconstitutional Under The Commerce Clause"; And Received A Heated Dissenting Lengthy Written Ruling By Justice Ginsburg; This Was Probably The Court's Original Decision And Dissent!!! It Makes No Sense To Find Obamacare Unconstitutional Under Commerce, When Arsehole Roberts Ruled It Was A TAX --Unless He Had Originally Ruled It Part Of Commerce!!! Thirdly, Roberts' Decision Makes No Mention Of Severability: Which Was A Key Part Of Oral Argument;The Reason For This Was That The Legal Contortions Become Too Intricate To Explain; Because The Original Decision Said That Obamacare Could Not Be Severed: Roberts Had Simply No Time To Argue The Reverse! Furthermore: In Oral Argument Justices On Both The Right And The Left Had Come To A Consensus That The IM Was Not A Tax: CJ Roberts Never Once Raised This Issue In Oral Argument: Thus The Decision Changed At The Last Minute From Pressure From The Satanic System! There Is Another Glaring Legal Error In The Roberts Decision (Which AG Cuccinelli Should Raise): All Four Leftist Justices & Four Dissenting Justices Still Maintain That The IM Is A Penalty, Not A Tax: Thus Technically Roberts' Ruling Is Not A Majority Decision On This Most Key Issue: And Therefore Is Invalid!!! There Is A Good Chance That The Republicans Could Get A Super Majority In The Senate And Repeal Obamacare & Pass Constitutional Amendments: And That May Be The Quid Pro Quo By The System: i.e. They Have Dumped Obama, But Given Him This Final Pyrrhic Triumph. But The Republicans Do Not Obey Stanley Like They Need To, In Order To Win Really Big (Amnesty For Illegals, Privatize All Healthcare & Propose A Balanced Budget Amendment). Romney Could Also Repeal It Using An Executive Order! The GOP Must Not "Replace Obamacare" But Repeal It Entirely: Let The Private Sector Handle It: NO: "Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage Or Until 26 Parental Coverage". People Need To Understand That Sickness Is The Price Of Sin: You Have To Pay For Your Own Sins: Or Else Go On Medicaid Or Use Emergency Care!!! Forcing Us To Pay (Through Insurance) For Other People's Bad Choices (Abortions, Contraception, Quack Surgeries, Transplantations.) Is Unjust Satanism! We Must Go To Plan B: Boycott All Healthcare! Refuse To Pay The IM! Refuse To Buy Any Health Insurance: Emergency Care Will Always Be Free Under Law! Our Focus And Goal Should Always Be To Destroy The System: Then We Can Get All This Done Without The Obstacles Of The System Rigging Of Elections; And Putting Inferior Niggers In Charge Of America! Real Change Cannot Occur Until We Destroy The Blonde Aryan System: And Replace It With Stanley As King! The Reason Stanley Is So Upset, Is That He Is The King Of Canada, The U.S. & Mexico: This Was An Act Of High Treason! Because Stanley Wants Yoga Medicine To Replace Satanic "Modern Satanic Medicine" (MM); But To Compete Fairly, He Needs Government To Get Out Of Forcefully Funding MM Through Our Taxes! MM Is 100% Quackery: People's Lives Are At Stake: This Is Why There Will Be A Deportation Or Extermination Of All Saxon-Aryans And Their Cows & Horses, When Stanley Comes Into Power! (See "Case Against The System") The System Has Shut The Door For Change To Occur Peacefully: Now It Must Be Done As Violently As Possible! If Stanley Comes Into Power He Will Exterminate All The Saxon-Aryans From North-America! 

June 25th, 2012:  The SCOTUS Delivered A Shattering Blow To Crazy Nutbar Gov. Jan Brewer Today By Declaring 3 Of 4 Provisions Of Her Racist SB 1070 Bill Unconstitutional; Gutting The 'Heart & Soul' Of The Bill --And Setting The Stage To Declare The Fourth Section Unconstitutional As Well!Stanley Had Fought For This, And It Proves That Brewer, Lou Dobbs, Carl Rove, Gov. Pete Wilson, Sharon Angle, Meg Whitman: Are Crazy Nutbars That Have Alienated Latinos For Zero Gain; And Senseless Losses For The GOP (Since Pete Wilson's Racist Policies In CA In 1996: The GOP Lost CA, NM, CO, NV, MT, WA, And Most Of The Latino Voters). The GOP's Stance On This Issue Must Pivot Immediately: Romney Must Adopt An Amnesty Program For All Illegals! He Has No Choice! The SCOTUS Declared These Provisions Invalid: a) State Law Making It A Crime For Illegals To Seek Employment; (b) To Arrest Illegals On A Suspicion, Without A Warrant; (c) Force All Citizens To Carry Immigration Papers! The Fourth Provision, Section 2B, (d) Says That Those Stopped By Police For Any Reason, On A Reasonable Suspicion, Can Be Asked To Show I.D. Verifying Immigration Status; But This Provision Was Also Gutted: Because The Court Refused To Declare It Constitutional: Instead They Only Removed The Injunction By The Ninth Circuit Court Temporarily --Only Until The Courts Can See How It Would Be Factually Applied By Police-- And Then It Would Be Returned To the Courts! The ACLU Has Already Set Up A Lawsuit Against Arizona Police, To Bring Any Enforcement Of This Law Back To The Courts! It Is Becoming Harder And Harder For Romney To Win Big: When He Refuses To Obey Stanley The King On This Latino Issue & On Balancing The Budget: We Need The Latino Vote: These State Laws (Alabama's Law HB 56, Mirrors Arizona's) Are All Going To Be Found Unconstitutional Anyway: Because The Court Ruled They Conflict With Federal Law, That Immigration Is A Federal Issue And Must Be Administered Federally, And The States Have No Authority To Do So! The States Cannot Enforce Federal Law, No Matter How Burdensome Illegals Are, They Cannot Do The Work Of The Federal Gov't! (This Decision Was Written By Justice Kennedy, Who Is Generally Conservative On Issues) The Federal Gov't Today Cut-Off The 287-G "Arrangement" With Arizona: Whereby The Feds Allow Arizona Police To Enforce Federal Immigration Laws, DHS Will No Longer Provide Immigration Status To Arizona Police For People They Detain, And ICE & The DHS Will Only Pick Up Criminals Or Felons --Regardless Of Immigration Status!!! The Federal Gov't's DOJ Also Today Set-Up A Telephone & Email "Hotline" To Take "Complaints" On SB 1070 In Order To Launch Civil Suits In Court!!! SB 1070 Is Effectively Dead! 

June 22nd, 2012:  [Note: Sandusky Was Convicted Today On 45 Of 48 Charges Of Boy-Rape & Molestation: And Will Die In Prison! --Linda Kelly PA A.G. Gave An Impassioned Speech, "To Believe Children When They Say They've Been Molested By Sports Legends, Coaches, Teachers, Foster Parents": "Every Claim Of Child Sexual Abuse Should Be Investigated, With The Understanding That: Where There's One Victim There's Likely More"! The Saxon-Aryan System Deserted Sandusky At The End: But They Were Just As Guilty As Him: And They Too Must Be Brought To Justice: For Covering-Up & Encouraging These Acts Of Homosexual Pedophilia All These 30 Years! Penn State U Will Now Have To Pay $Millions In Damages For Their Enabling Of Homosexuality And Pedophilia; But The Problem Is The Bigger Culprits Were The Blonde-Aryan Police That Were Aware Of Sandusky's Crimes And Had The Power To Stop It --Yet Allowed All These Boys To Be Raped!!! People Need To Understand That Raping So Many Boys Cannot Be Done Without A Conspiracy By The Blonde-Aryans And Satan: This Was A Systematic, Deliberate, Organized Rape Of These Boys By The Satanic Aryans!!! The Boys Reported These Rapes; But Their Pleas Were Never Investigated By The Police; The Administration At Penn State Also Covered-Up For Sandusky, Joe Paterno Was A Homosexual Lover Of Sandusky --And Was As Guilty; Sandusky's Wife Dorothy Heard Boys Screaming While Being Raped In Her Basement, But Lied About It; The Whole Community Pressured The Mother Of Victim#1 Not To File A Complaint! The Only Hero In All Of This Horror Is Mike McQueary Who Is Solely Responsible For The Convictions: Because The Jury Said They Believed Only The Adults! McQueary Called Police In 2001 But The Satanic Police Refused To Investigate: It Was Only After The Mother Called "Child Welfare" That The Police Took A "Complaint"! The Reason The Blonde-Aryan System Wants To Rape Boys Is That Satan Wants All Men To Be Homosexuals: Who Are All Possessed By Demons: And Since All Homosexuals Have Been Sexually Molested As Children; And In Turn Molest Other Boys In A Vicious Cycle: Satan Gets The Maximum Number Of Evil Homosexuals This Way! Thus The System Must Be Destroyed To Stop The Rape Of Boys And Bring All Co-Conspirators To Justice! A Key Indication That The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans Have Changed And Are Going To Charge Homosexual Pedophiles And Sentence Them To Maximum Terms Henceforth: Is If They Force The Estate Of Michael Jackson To Pay $Millions In Damages For All Those Boys That He Raped!!!] 

June 21st, 2012: Big News Day: (1) Jerry Sandusky's Adopted Aryan Son Matt Sandusky 33, Has Today Revealed That He Too Was Molested As A Boy Aged 8-13, By Jerry 68. It Also Was Revealed That The Prosecution Forced Sandusky Not To Testify In His Defense, By Threatening To Use Matt As A Rebuttal Witness: Sealing His Fate! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Allowed Michael Jackson To Go Free, Although He Molested Far More Boys Than Sandusky; The Only Difference Between The Two Cases Was That The Police Were Deliberately Incompetent In The Jackson Case In Not Seeking Similar Fact Evidence! The Saxon-Aryans Must Take Full Blame For This Atrocity Because They Satanically Coverup The Fact That All Homosexuals Are Child Molesters: No Homosexual Should Ever Be Given Custody Of Children.All These Children's Sexual Abuse Could Have Been Prevented Had Jackson& Sandusky Been Preemptively Jailed For Being Homosexuals Early On!!!  (2) George Zimmerman Has Released His Police Videos Showing His Reenactment Of The Incident, Corroborating His Story 100%. Zimmerman Says, "Trayvon Was Peering Into People's Homes, Was Not Trying To Get Out Of The Rain, Was Not Jogging, He Seemed Out Of Place, Was Hiding Something In His Hand, And Was A Suspicious Character, That He Was Trained To Spot". He Was Asked By The Dispatcher For The Name Of The Street, Replying, "He Didn't Know"; Thus He Got Out Of The Car To Seek A Street Sign, While Returning To His Car He Was Ambushed By Trayvon [Who Was Attempting To Mug Zimmerman For Money For Weed!] With The Words, "What's Your Problem". He Confirmed He Was Blindsidedly Punched [By TrayvonWith The Can]While Fumbling For His Cell Phone, With The Words, "You Have A Problem Now, Motherfucker!". Zimmerman Started Screaming For Help, But Nobody Helped Him. He Said, "Trayvon Was Slamming His Head Into The Sidewalk, He Felt His Head Was Going To Explode, Or He'd Lose Consciousness."
 He Confirms That He Felt Trayvon Did Have A Weapon In His Hand, Which He Used To Pound Zimmerman In The Face With!!! --The Iced-Tea Solid-Steel Can-- Zimmerman Then Grabbed Trayvon's Wrists And Held Them, To Prevent The Weapon Striking His Face [This Is When The Can Was Dropped By Trayvon]! Zimmerman Says, "At This Point, A Neighbor Came Out With A Torch, And He Begged Him To Help Him Restrain Trayvon, But He Refused, And Instead Said He Would Call 911". Trayvon Then Spotted The Gun On Zimmerman, And Said, "You're Going To Die Tonight, Motherfucker!"; It Was Then That They Both Reached For The Gun, But Zimmerman Won The Struggle. When Trayvon Was Shot, He Put Up His Hands And Said, "OK, You Got Me"; Then Zimmerman Pushed Him Off Him, Put Him On The Ground And Spread Trayvon's Hands Apart; Because He Believed Trayvon Still Had A Weapon --The Steel Can! Stanley Believes It Is Unlikely This Case Will Ever Go To Trial: But There Needs To Be A Public Inquiry Against The Prosecutors, Governor & Judge Lester, In Florida For Persecuting Zimmerman Simply For Being A Hispanic, With The Courage To Defend Himself! Note: Zimmerman's Lawyer Is Incompetent & Damaging To His Client: As He Admitted On CNN That Zimmerman Committed Perjury --Which Is Factually False & A Lie Against His Own Client! Zimmerman Could Not Commit Perjury: As He Had The Right Not To Testify, Which He Retained. His Wife Did Not Voluntarily Release The Exact Balance In The Website Account Because She Didn't Know It, And Which Is Her Right As Well! She Is Being Persecuted Too, To Undermine Zimmerman! Stanley Believes This Case Is Being Unjustly Conducted To Pander To Niggers: Who Don't Have The Moral Integrity To Know They Are Being Used By The Blonde Aryan System To Attack Hispanics And Stanley. Stanley Will No Longer Comment On This Case, As It Is Done! (3) Inferior Race Jew Ben Bernanke Committed "Treason" Today By Announcing QE-6 By Buying $287 Billion Dollars Worth Of Treasury Bills For 0% Interest With Printed Money: Which Will Reduce Interest Rates On Bonds For Investors, Reduce Longterm Interest Rates To A 70 Year Low To 3.66%, Create "Stimulus", Add To Inflation, And Increase The Debt. This Is Treason Because Gov. Rick Perry Already Warned Him Not To Manipulate The Economy With Printed Money, Just Four Months Before The Election: As It Will Skew The Economic Numbers To Fool The People! Instead The Dow Jones Fell 251 Points Today, Job Numbers Fell Again AndMoody's Downgraded 15 Global Banks. Romney Needs To Fire Bernanke First Thing And Audit The Fed's Books To See The Extent Of The Damage! (4) The SCOTUS Ruled 7-2 In SEIU vs. Knox, That Union Members Can Refuse To Pay Dues To Unions For Political Advocacy, And That Members Have A Right To Object.People Need To Stop Paying Any Dues To Unions! 

June 20th, 2012: 

Obama Invoked Executive Privilege Today In A Desperate Attempt To Coverup The Involvement Of Eric Holder --And Perhaps Obama Himself-- In The F&F "Gun Walking" Program That Resulted In Over 200 Deaths In Mexico, And The Death Of Border Agent Brian Terry. The Weak, Incompetence Of Boehner & The GOP Dragged This Case Out For Over 11/2 Years: Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) House Oversight Chair, Cannot Seem To Grasp That Holder Deliberately Lied To Him Under Oath, And Is Attempting To Coverup That Lie! Issa Keeps Begging Holder To Give Him The Documents, While Holder Laughs At His Obtuseness. By Obama Blocking The Release Of The Truth, He Is In Effect, Obstructing Justice, And May Have To Go To Jail Himself And Be Impeached!Executive Privilege Is Usually Only Used On Issues Of: National Security, Military, Diplomacy, Advisers, Secret Informants, Or Personal Privacy. Clearly Obama Is Using It Only To Coverup Wrongdoing & Perjury! The GOP Need To Convene A Grand Jury To Indict Holder For Contempt Of Congress! They Already Have Evidence That Holder Gave Them A False Letter, That He Later Withdrew, And That He Gave False Evidence; In Law: You Cannot "Retract" A Crime Committed By Correcting It: Once Holder Committed Perjury Under Oath, Even If He Corrects Or Admits It Later: He Is Guilty Of A Crime! --And Must Be Punished! The GOP Need To Go For Blood: They've Got Obama's #1 Henchman-In-Crime: Jail Him! June 19th, 2012: Stanley Needs To Distance Himself From Mitt Romney's Delusional Keynesian Paul Ryan Budget: Although Romney Is More Fiscally Conservative Than Obama: He Is Stubbornly Keynesian-Marxist, Using Cynical Temporary Tax Cuts As Stimulus --Like The House's Paul Ryan. Romney Stated Today That He Refuses To Balance The Budget, Because He Has Bought Into Marxist Inferior Race Jew Ben Bernanke's Belief That It Will Depress The Economy? Obama Has Spent Us Into A Depression($22 Trillion Dollars In Fiscal & Monetary Stimulus: That We Or Our Children Will Have To Pay Back Through Future Tax Increases And Inflation!): Is That Not Absolute Proof That Keynesianism Doesn't Work? Gov't Cannot Create Wealth, Only A Free Market Economy Can; By Reducing The Size Of Gov't Drastically, It Reduces The Tax Burden On The Private Sector Permanently --Because All Gov't Spending, Deficits And Debt Are A Future Tax Burden On The People: And That Is What Is Causing This Depression!!! He Is Refusing To See That Obama & Bush Have Implemented $Trillions In Temporary Tax Cuts As Stimulus Already --To No Effect-- It Does Not Create Growth; Without Also Balancing The Budget. Ryan's Tax Cuts Will Massively Increase The Size Of The Deficit, And Not Create Any Growth --Long-Term. Romney Is Refusing To Cut Entitlements: And Is Adopting Ryan's Satanic Budget That Refuses To Privatize Medicare --Even For The Rich! America Desperately Needs A Ron Paul In Charge Of The Budget Not A Nutbar Paul Ryan. Unless There Is A Permanent Solution To Balancing The Budget --Via Constitutional Amendment-- There Will Be No Recovery For The Economy, Even Under Romney!!!Romney Needs To Denounce Ryan, And Come Up With A More Fiscally Conservative Budget Of His Own! 
June 18th, 2012: 
The Elections In Egypt, Greece & France Prove There Is No Such Thing As Democracy: The Votes Were Rigged --The Tahrir Square Protesters Were Shutout From All Power. The Military Is Back In Power In Egypt, By Having The Courts Nullify The Parliamentary Vote, And They Have Now Assumed Most Of Their Original Power. But These Countries Are All In Chaos & Anarchy, With Daily Riots In The Streets, Collapsed Economies, And Failed Socialistic Solutions! In Greece The Satanic Socialist-Marxist Party PASOK, That Created All The Debt That Bankrupted Greece (Like Obama Has Done To America) Was Thrown Out Of Office, But There Is No Accountability, No Punishment For Their Years Of Reckless Spending: Why Should The Rightwing Parties (ND) Do All The Austerity Measures, And Be Unpopular, While Socialists Destroy Their Country's Economy And All Of Europe's??? Unless The Lessons Are Learned: That Keynesian-Marxism Is Satanism And Destroys The Economy: The Economies Of Europe Will Not Improve! The Proof Is That Germany: Who Has No Debt Problem, Has A Booming Economy While The Socialist Countries Are All Collapsing!!! But How Did Satanic Delusional Socialists Ever Get Elected In The First Place? The People Need To Understand Worldwide: They Are Being Deluded By Satan: Democracy Is Rule By Satan: With The Devil Possessed Saxon-Aryan Secret Police Rigging The Ballots. The People Really Have Only One Choice: Have Stanley Rule As King; Or Have Satan Rule Through Delusional Democracy, And Live In A State Of Constant Anarchy! [2] Roger Clemens Was Falsely Acquitted Today For Perjury & Obstruction Of Justice, For Lying To Congress About Taking Steroids & HGH --Human Growth Hormones. But Clemens Is Guilty As Sin! He Clearly Showed Contempt For Congress By His Lies! The Problem Is That Our Prosecutors& Courts Let Us Down: The Judge Reggie Walton, Refused To Allow Much Of The Evidence, That Could Prove Clemens Guilty--And No Congressman Came To Testify In Court, Because Of The Way They Were Treated The First Time By This Satanic Judge --This Case Was Not About Clemens Using Steroids, As The Jury Thought: This Case Was About Blatantly Lying To Congress About It, And Lying About Other Players In Baseball Taking Steroids On Live Television. Lying To Congress Is A Serious Crime As Is Lying To The American People! For Example Judge Walton Refused To Allow Andy Pettite's Wife Laura, To Back Up Her Husband's Testimony By Saying, "I, Laura Pettitte, do depose and state, in 1999 or 2000, Andy told me he had a conversation with Roger Clemens in which Roger admitted to him using human growth hormones,"; Furthermore Judge Walton Refused To Allow Similar Fact Evidence By Prosecutor's Who Argued, "Pettitte and two other of Clemens' New York teammates; Chuck Knoblauch and Mike Stanto had used human growth hormone, And Admitted It"; Judge Walton Was So Biased He Had Earlier Declared A Mistrial, When It Seemed Clemens Would Lose. Had The Jury Heard This Crucial Evidence Clemens Was Toast!!! An Obviously Biased Judge Has A Great Deal Of Power To Intimidate And Sway A Layman Jury. The Jury Were Further Intimidated By Clemens' Hulking Presence & Celebrity Status, Disregarding The Testimony Of Eye-Witnesses. In The Court Of Public Opinion Clemens Will Always Be Guilty Of Lying, Cheating & Evil. Congress Should Have The Power To Try Contempt Of Congress Charges By Themselves: Part Of The Reason This Charge Was Poorly Prosecuted Was That The Courts Are Jealously Protecting Their Turf & Have Contempt For Congress Themselves, They Wrecked Any Chance For Conviction Because They Wanted A Monopoly On Court Of Inquiry Power And To Maintain A Weak Congress! 

June 15th, 2012: Obama Made An Executive Order Today, Theoretically Stopping The Deportation Of Illegal Immigrants Who Came To The U.S. Under The Age Of 16, Are Still Under The Age Of 30, Have Lived Here 5 Years, Are Crime Free, And Have A Highschool Diploma Or Military Service; By Giving Them A Temporary Two Year Permit To Work --And Will Be Implemented By Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. This Is A Cynical, Evil, Manipulative, Blatant Pandering To The Latino Vote! But It Is Also Diabolically Evil, Machiavellian Master Political Maneuver --And Bears The Handiwork Of Master Manipulator Of Latinos: Harry Reid!!! Obama Had Said Earlier This Could Not Be Done, Because There Were Already Laws On The Books; And He Is Too Dumb And Inferior A Nigger To Think Up Such Brilliant Strategy --This Is All Reid, Who Really Has Been Running The Gov't The Last 31/2 Years Due To An Inferior, Incompetent Nigger In The White House! The Reason This Is A Smart Move Is That The Republicans Have Been Following Nutbar, Possessed By Devils Jan Brewer On This Issue, And Are Stupidly Giving The Latino Vote To Obama By Default. Look Here Republicans: The Latinos Are Going To Come To The U.S. No Matter What Laws Are Made Or Enforced: The Border Will Never Ever Be Secured Against Latinos: States That Drove Illegals Out, Are Now In Recession: Latinos Are A Fact Of Life: Get Used To Them! By Spouting Futile Impotent Rhetoric Against Illegals, It Only Alienates Latinos, While Not Reducing Their Numbers! We Already Have Laws In Place, That Are Being Enforced More Harshly Under Obama Than Under Bush: There Has Been A Massive Reduction Of Illegals Due To The Recession: It Isn't A Crisis: SO STOP THE RACIST RANTS OF BREWER, KARL ROVE AND LOU DOBBS! They Are Handing Reid Our Votes For Free: Romney Is Currently Losing 62% To 27% To Obama Among Hispanics: A Historical Low! When Reagan Passed Amnesty For Latinos The GOP Owned The Latino Vote, And CA, AZ, NM, TX, And The West; But Since Gov. Pete Wilson's, Sharon Angles', Meg Whitman's, GOP Senators', Devil-Possessed Insane Genocidal Racist Policies The GOP Have Disappeared From The West. The Democrats Have Taken These States Due To Cynical Cunning Politics; But Have Not Delivered On Immigration Reform. Romney Needs To Show Sensitivity To Latinos On This Issue: And Come Up With An Alternative "Dream Act" Better Than The Democratic Plan: That Will Be Passed Into Law, Because The Republicans Are More Reliable In Keeping Their Promises! Remember Obama Promised To Pass Immigration Reform In His First Year, But Lied To The Latinos: Because When He Controlled Both Houses He, Put Little Effort Into This Issue. Romney Needs To Offer The Latinos Something, Anything And Denounce The House's Paul Ryan Budget: And This Election Is The GOP's In A Landslide!!! 
June 13th, 2012: Top Secret Classified Information Has Been Leaked To The Leftist Newspaper The New York Times, Reporter David Sanger Said He Spoke To Senior Members Of The Obama Administration, And Even Quotes Obama: Implying Obama May Be One Of His Sources! The Stories Leaked Concerned: (a) The Cyber Attacks Against Iran's Nuclear Facilities, Where A "Stuxnet Virus" Was Covertly Installed Into Iran's Nuclear Plant By A Spy, Which Made The Centrifuges Speed Up And Self Destruct. The Concern Is That Israel Was Revealed As The Co-Conspirator With The U.S., As The Culprits, And Now Exposes Israel To Retaliation! (b) Details Of The Osama Bin Laden Killing Leaked Could Have Compromised The Cover Of Shakil Afridi The Informant That Was Sentenced To 33 Years Imprisonment For Being A Traitor, By The Pakistani Gov't. (c) The Other Leak Was That Obama Personally Chooses Which Targets To Kill, Maintains A "Kill List", Using Drone Attacks In Yemen & Pakistan. These Leaks Were Political In Nature Because There Were Designed To Portray Obama As A Satanic "Tough Guy".The Fact That Mr Sanger Uses Direct Quotes From: Obama, Biden, Panetta; Like Obama Saying, "Should We Shut This Thing Down" (The Virus In The Iranian Nuclear Plants) Indicate Very High Level Sources. It Is Now Certain That VP Joe Biden Was The Primary Leaker, With National Security Advisers Tom Donilon & John Brennen, Secondary Sources. The Problem Is That Eric Holder Has Appointed His Cronies (Who Work For Him In The DOJ): Black Man Ronald Machen & Rod Rosenstein, A Jew, To Investigate The Leaks And Pursue Charges! While The GOP Have Asked For An Independent Counsel Acceptable To Both Parties! Machen Has Donated $Millions To Obama, And Is An Obama Appointee; While Rosenstein Previously Refused To Lay Charges Against Bill Clinton During The Lewinsky Affair! Eric Holder Is Now Certain To Go To Jail For Lying To Congress: Because His Actions Prove He Has Contempt For The Law & The GOP! [2] Lance Armstrong Has Finally Been Investigated By The USADA (Anti-Doping Body) For Using Performance Enhancing Drugs: He Faces A Lifetime Ban On Cycling And The Revocation Of His Seven Tour De FranceChampionships! Americans Never Even Podiumed In World Endurance Cycling, Until Armstrong Suddenly Shot To The Top From Obscurity! Armstrong Has Suffered Testicular Cancer, Which Is Common Among Athletes Taking Steroids. But Because Armstrong Used "Masking Agents" Or Because Of A Crooked, Corrupt And Biased Testing Body: His Tests Have Been "Inconclusive". Finally The USADA Decided To Accept Eye-Witness Testimony: Where Tens Of His Former Teammates Have Come Forward To Swear That Lance Used Steroids, Growth Hormones, Muscle Builders, Oxygen Loading And Blood Doping To Win His Championships. It Is Obvious That Armstrong Is Guilty, And So Are Members Of His Team, Evidently There Was A Massive Coverup By Sporting Authorities (The UCI) That He Was Not Brought To Justice All This Time!!! 

June 11th, 2012: 
Obama's Administration Is Imploding: Obama's Commerce Secretary John Bryson, Has Taken A "Leave of Absence" After Getting Into Repeated Bizarre Hit-And-Run Car Accidents Over The Weekend --Obviously He Has Some Sort Of Mental Illness Or Is Having A Nervous Breakdown! Police Are Deciding On Whether To Charge Bryson Criminally! A.G. Eric Holder Is About To Be Charged For Contempt Of Congress: A Very Serious Charge: Resulting In Jail For Holder! Obama Made A "Gaffe" Last Friday Saying, "The Private Sector Is Doing Fine, It Is The Public Sector: Teachers, Firemen, Police That Are Losing Jobs". The Same Day Nigger-Boy Obama Was Ordered By His Advisers To Retract His Statement, And He Did --Because He Is A Weak Man. But This Is What Obama Truly Believes: He Is Satanically Insane! Just Like The Extreme Socialists Around Him: He Still Doesn't Get It: The Jobs Were Created In The Private Sector Precisely Because The GOP State Governors Cut Spending By Eliminating Government Jobs And Benefits: Balancing The Budget, Reducing Taxes Long-Term (Because All Deficits Are A Long-Term Tax Increase Compounded By Interest!). If The States Had Followed Obama: The Economy Would Be In Worse Shape Than It Is Now: Just Ask Gov. Rick Perry Of TX, The Biggest Job Producer In The U.S.: One Million New Jobs! Yet The Fucking Nigger Arsehole Obama Is Taking Credit For The Private Sector Jobs Created By GOP Governors' Spending Cuts!!! (2) In Nigger Favoritism Gone Wild: Black Boxer Tim Bradley Was Unfairly Awarded The Win In A Split Decision Over Champion Manny Pacquiao, Causing An Outcry Amongst Latinos! Latinos Need To Realize That They Need To Follow Stanley, And Stop Supporting The Blonde Aryans Democrats, Who Support The Niggers Over You. Latinos Need To Realize That If They Join Satan & The Saxon-Aryans, Over Stanley: They Will Be At The Bottom Of The Totem Pole: There Is A Satanic Hierarchy: Saxon-Aryans At The Top, Jews, Niggers, Everyone Else: And Latinos At The Bottom!

June 6th, 2012:  Horrific News Proving Once And For All That All Homosexuals Need To Be Preemptively Imprisoned For Society's Protection, Until They Are Cured: Homosexual Luka Rocco Magnotta 29, (b. Eric Clinton Newman In Toronto, Canada) Was Arrested By Berlin Police Today For Murdering Chinese Student Jun Lin 33, With An Ice-Pick, Beheading Him, Then Dismembering His Body, Filming The Entire Murder Live And Posting It On The Internet --Committed In Montreal! Luka Then Mailed The Body Parts To Canada's PM And To The Liberal Party. Luka Was A Homosexual Porn-Star, Model, Male-Stripper And Lin, May Have Been Bisexual As Well, And Had Met Newman At A Male-Strip Joint. In Miami, Another Gruesome "Face-Eating" Attack By A Naked Black Man, Rudy Eugene, On An Also Naked Homeless Man --The Nakedness Implies A Homosexual Component To The Attack! Eugene Was Eating The Face Of The Other Man And Kept Chewing, Growling And Eating When Told To Stop By Passersby And Police And Finally Had To Be Shot Dead. The Homeless Man Is In Critical Condition In Hospital. In New York, Six Year Old Etan Patz's 1979 Murder Was Solved This Past Week When Pedro Hernandez (A Homosexual Pedophile?) Confessed To Choking The Boy To Death And Dumping His Body On The Street. This Week Homosexual Rapist: Jerry Sandusky's Trial Begins On Charges He Raped Ten Boys While An Assistant Coach At Penn State U. Football Team; Sandusky Actually Raped Hundreds Of Boys And Got Away With It Because The Blonde Saxon-Aryan Administrators Of Penn U. & Saxon-Aryan Police Deliberately Enabled Him To Molest Children! We Know That All Homosexuals Have Been Molested Themselves As Children:If They Do Not Charge Or Kill Their Molester They Too Become Homos --Like Vampires & Werewolves. Thus Sandusky Has Created Hundreds Of Potential Homosexuals In An Endless Cycle: Homosexuals Molest Other Children, Just As They Were Molested As Children! The Only Way To Break This Vicious Cycle Is To Jail The Homosexual, As Well As The Person Who Molested Him/Her! Had These Homosexuals Been Put In Jail Preemptively We Could Have Prevented All These Devil-Possessed Monstrous Crimes! But The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Want To Bring Homosexuals Into Our Schools To Seduce Children! Today Premier Dalton McGuinty, Of Ontario Canada, Is Passing A Law Forcing Homosexual "Clubs": Into Catholic Schools, And No One Is Protesting --Except Stanley! The Issue Here Is That Homosexuality & Lesbianism Cause These Types Of Crimes We Just Haven't Been Told How Evil Homosexuals Are By The Blonde Saxon-Aryan System Who Are AllHomosexuals & Child-Molesters Themselves! The Reason Our Murder& Pedophile Rate Is So High Is Because It Is The Satanic Saxons That Run Our System Through Rigged Elections, The Police & Secret Police; And They Are Promoting Homosexuality! The Only Solution To These Horrific Crimes Is To Destroy The Saxon-Aryan System And Have Stanley Become King Of Canada And America! 

June 5th, 2012:

Good News, Cautionary News: Gov. Scott Walker & The GOP Won The Union Led Wisconsin Recall Vote On All Fronts: They Won The Supreme Court Judge's, Senators', Lt. Gov. & Governor Recalls By 60%-40% Margins: A Rout! Which Is The Beginning Of The End For Satanic Public Sector Unions In America, All Collective Bargaining Rights, And The Death Knell For All Unions World-Wide! It Is Also The Death Knell For Blonde Saxon-Aryans Ruling America: Because It Is The Aryans That Were Too Weak To Crush Unions All This Time, That Illegally Allowed Them To Exist And Impoverish The Taxpayer With Their Incessant Demands For More Of Our Money! The Democrats & Obama Were Deflated, Dispirited, & Defeated; Obama's "Tweet" In Support Of Barrett Had No Effect; And Obama Has Become A Pariah For Democrats Running For Election. It Spells The End Of Obama In The 2012 Election: Because Walker Did The Exact Opposite Of What Socialist Obama Did And Won In A Democratic State: He Cut Gov't Spending, Lowered Property Taxes, Turned A $3.4 Billion Deficit Into A $115 Million Surplus, Caused An Increase Of 33,000 Jobs, Destroyed Collective Bargaining Rights, Decreased Unemployment. While Obama's Socialist Policies: Increased The Deficit By $6 Trillion, Caused ~Two Million Jobs To Be Lost, Raised Unemployment, Increased The Size Of Gov't Unions & Their Wages, Increased Taxes & Spending, Printed $16 Trillion In Paper Money That Will Cause Massive Inflation & Massive Taxation For Years To Come. The Cautionary Tale Is That: The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Still Rigged This Election For The Democrats To Almost Win: There Was A Late (Rigged) Surge In Democrat Support, And The "Exit Polls" Lied That Obama Still Leads Over Romney By 6%. In Other Words The System Is Still Rigging The Elections For Obama. Conservatives Real Enemy Is Not Obama Or The Democrats: It Is The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Who Are Rigging The Elections For Socialist Obama:If The GOP Cannot Be In The Polling Lead Country-Wide After The Incompetence Of Obama: Then There Is Something Dreadfully Wrong With The Polls (Rigging): There Is No Joy For Stanley To Work So Hard To Improve Our Economy, And Get A Close Vote: There Is Something Wrong With The Margin Of Victory. To Effect Real Change, We Need Constitutional Amendments: But We Need A 2/3rds Majority To Do This: A Close Election: Is Useless For Real Change To Occur! We Need To Put Union Members In Jail, To Stop Their Stridency; We Need To Put Homosexuals In Jail To Stop Their Stridency Too: But To Do This We Need To Destroy The System: Because It Is The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Possessed By Devils That Control The Secret Police, Police, Media, Polling & Ballots That Are Encouraging Them To Be Satanic: And Even Our Victories Are Being Rained On, By Them Rigging The Vote! Governing And Doing The Right Thing Should Not Cause The GOP So Much Grief: The Police Need To Put These Union Protestors In Jail And Recalls Should Be Outlawed Countrywide!(2) The Ninth Circuit Court In California Refused To Hear An Appeal Of A Lower Panel Of Judges Who Ruled "Proposition 8" Banning Gay Marriage, Unconstitutional: This Forces An Appeal To The SCOTUS; Where It Was Headed All Along --Regardless Of Who Won. This Must Be Heard By SCOTUS Because Many Activist Liberal Judges In Many States, Are Making Their Own Law On This Issue: In Utter Contempt For The People!  Black Pastors Have Denounced Obama For "Lying That Homosexuality Is A Civil Right, When It Is Simply Wrong"; This Is Significant Because The Supreme Court Will Soon Hear This Argument In The California Case: Which Should Strike Down Homosexuality In CA, Once And For All. 
June 1st, 2012: Good News, Bad News Day:

(1) The Stock Market Fell 275 Points, And Has Lost 9% Of Its Value Since May 1st, 2012; The Unemployment Rate Ticked Up To 8.2% Marking The 40th Month It Has Been Above 8% Due To Obama --And The Longest Since The 1930's Depression. Median Incomes Have Fallen By $4,000 Under Obama; Wealth In America Has Shrunk, Poverty Has Risen To Record Levels. The Actual Unemployment Rate: If We Include Everyone Who Wants A Job But Can't Find One Is 14.8%; And If We Include Under-employed & Hidden Unemployed Is 20%! The Blame Falls Entirely On Obama And The Democrats, Because They Have Blindly Been Following A Keynesian-Marxist-Aryan-Nigger Policy Of Massive Spending, Stimulus ($3 Trillion Over Four Years), Monetary Stimulus ($16 Trillion!!!), Temporary Tax-Cut Stimulus, Deficits ($6 Trillion) And Debt ($16 Trillion) On The False Theory That It Would Keep Unemployment Below 8% And Reach 5.7% By Now! Until We Get Rid Of Obama, The Democrats, And Boehner & Ryan On The Republican Side (Boehner Let Obama Spend As Much As Possible, Ignoring His Conservative & "Tea Party" Caucus To Follow Satanic Democrats) We Cannot Reverse The Destruction Of The Economy. What People Fail To Realize Is That The Massive $16 Trillion Of Printed Money Is Going To Cause Massive Inflation And More Debt, If The Economy Ever Improves --The Working Poor, China, Germany & OPEC Are Getting Ripped Off The Most, Because They Are Being Paid For Real Goods & Their Hard Labor,  With Worthless American Currency --Once They Realize This, We Will Have A World-Wide Depression! The Debt & Deficits Will Have To Be Paid Off By Us With Massive Tax Increases For Years To Come;And Yet The Spending Has Given No Benefit To The Average American When Spent: All Because We Blindly Followed Some Niggers & Jews Who Were Focused On Bailing-Out Investment Banks, Wall Street & Their Union Friends, And Lied To UsThat They Knew What They Were Doing! Now Do You Know Why Obama Is Of An Inferior Race And Possessed By A Devil??? The Niggers & Jews Have Been "Doubling Down" This Past Year: Digging Us Massively Deeper Into The Hole Of Debt, Deficits & Printing Money, In A Desperate, Failed Attempt To Temporarily Raise The Stock Market & Employment With Paper Money Just Till The Election --In Order To Fool The People That Things Are Improving --They Are Getting Worse! The Rise In The Stock Market Was Driven By Paper Money, Not By Increased Value! Had We Not Recklessly Spent That Money, Even If The Economy Didn't Improve, (Actually Nothing Could Be Worse Than What We Have Now!) We Still Would Have Been Better Off, Because We Would Have No Debt To Pay Off, And No Inflation! Obama Is Like A Criminal Spending Counterfeit Bills, Destroying The Value Of Our Savings, And Robbing Us Blind By Peddling Worthless Paper Money! We Cannot Fix The Economy Without Fundamental Constitutional Change: A Balanced Budget Amendment, Spending Caps, An Across The Board Cut In Spending Till The Budget Is Balanced; And A Return To The Gold Standard. (2) Biased Arsehole Judge Kenneth Lester, Has Satanically Ordered Zimmerman Back To Jail For Allegedly Omitting To Inform The Court About How Much Money He Had In A "Website Account" & Over A "Second Passport": Actually Zimmerman's Lawyer Mark O'Mara, Corrected This Omission Weeks Ago, And Judge Lester Rejected A Prosecutor's Motion To Revoke Bail Then: Since The Judge Was Already Aware Of The Money Then; Why Act Suddenly Surprised And Revoke Now? It May Be In Reaction To Stanley's Call For Prosecutor Angela Corey, To Be Charged With Malicious Prosecution --So They Are Doubling Down To Deflect Blame From Themselves! This Ruling Is Totally Unjust And Denies Zimmerman The Right To A Fair Trial: Because Lester Is Obviously Prejudiced, And There Is An Apprehension Of Bias That Lester Would Fairly Rule On A Motion To Dismiss This Whole Case As Is Warranted By The Evidence! No Defendant Is Obligated To Reveal All His Detailed Finances If He Doesn't Want To, Otherwise It Could Be Unjustly Seized By A "Malicious" Prosecutor Or Biased Court --Zimmerman Is Entitled To Bail Set At A Reasonable Level, Befitting The Crime & Risk To Abscond-- Regardless Of How Much Money He Has. Bail Should Not Be Set At 100% Of A Person's Wealth: Which The Biased Judge Is Implying. Secondly The Judge & Prosecutors: Nigger Corey& Bernie de la Rionda, Show Racist Hatred For Hispanics, By Accusing Zimmerman's Wife Of Lying About Her Finances (This Is Satanic Because She Had No Ownership Of The Website's Money (It Belongs To The People, To Be Used For His Defense); And It Should Not Factor Into The Judge's Determination Of Bail Anyway.) Yet The Nigger-Bitch Sybrina Fulton Who Lied About Trayvon's Crying For Help, His Criminality And Drug Use, Has Not Been Charged With Making A False Statement! Conrad Black Never Revealed All His Finances, It Would Be Foolish To Do So. As It Is, Zimmerman Was Still Given A Hefty Bail-Bond Of $150,000, (While Being Totally Innocent & Indigent.) Which Amounted To The ~$135,000 In His Website Account Anyway! This Website Contained Hard-Earned Money From People Who Rightly Believe Zimmerman To Be Totally Innocent, And Should Be Used To Assist Zimmerman, Not To Increase The Burden On Zimmerman To Meet Bail: Because It Puts The Court In The Position Of Picking Sides: And It Shows The Court Under Lester To Be Biased. Any Money Taken Out Of This Account, Will Reduce His Ability To Hire A Proper Defense. The Blonde-Saxon Aryans Are Trying To Conspire With Criminal-Niggers, Against Hispanics To Curry Favor With The Criminal Element (Niggers) In The Black Community. When The Courts Conspire With Criminals Against Decent Citizens, The Inmates Have Taken Over The Asylum: We Must Have Revolution To Take Back Our Courts! Mark O'Mara Is Too Weak A Lawyer For This Case: He Is Refusing To Defend Zimmerman In The Media, Unlike Trayvon's Lawyer & The Liberal Media: Who Are Bashing Zimmerman Without Rebuttal. Zimmerman Needs To Start Fighting Back, Give Interviews, And Not Try To Appease Niggers! They Are Criminals, He Took One More Murderer Off The Streets --No Need To Apologize-- Nigger Bitch Sybrina, Rejected His Apology Anyway! Zimmerman Should Stop Hiding, And Challenge The Nigger-Chimps To Touch Him On The Streets --Or He Is Prolonging The Hysteria. They Are Cowards They Will Back-Down If Confronted! The Hispanic Community Must Come Out In A Show Of Support For Zimmerman: To Serve Notice: That An Unjust Attack On Zimmerman Is An Attack On All Hispanics!!! (3) Obama Made A Fatal Gaffe Today While Honoring A WWII Resistance Hero Komorowski, Calling It "A Polish Death Camp", Instead Of A "Nazi Death Camp"; And Then Was Forced To Reluctantly Apologize To Outraged Poles! This Is Significant Because Both Carter & Ford Lost The Presidential Debates For Making Virtually The Same Statement: That Poland Was An Independent Country And A Democracy. 

May 28th, 2012: 
The Veteran Affairs Dept. Estimates That 18 U.S. Military Veterans Commit Suicide Everyday, And That This Number Is Growing. The Highest Rates Of SuicideAre From Service Members Aged 18-29 Returning From The 9/11 Wars In The Gulf. In 2009 309 Military Men Committed Suicide; Which Is Greater Than The Number That Actually Died In Combat; And Triple The Civilian Suicide Rate. It Is Also True That Gulf Vets Since 1990 Also Suffer From PTSD And "Gulf War Syndrome" From Being Poisoned By Brominated Anti-Nerve Agents --Given To Them By Their Own Commanders, Who Then Refused To Accept Blame When The Poison Started Impairing Or Killing Returning Soldiers! What Seems Clear Is That The Military Has Turned Against Its Own Men; And Are Causing Needless Deaths Fighting For Senseless Purposes In Endless Wars. What Have We Gained From 9/11 Perpetrated By The Military/CIA? The Muslims Are Still Practicing Their Insane Religion Of Terrorism; And Obama Goes And Apologizes To These Terrorists Repeatedly: Which Only Encourages Them To Commit More Terrorism. Further Our Brave Men Have Been Rewarded By Obama With The Repeal Of DADT: Now Having To Deal With "In Your Face" Gays & Lesbians In The Military --This Is A Satanic Mockery Of Every Soldier In History: A Gay Man Is The Complete Antithesis Of A Soldier!!! Americans Need To Learn That Since The Civil War In 1865 A.D., The U.S. Has Been Fighting On The Side Of Satan And For The Blonde-Blue-Eyed Saxon Aryan Race; While Against God And Against The DAma!!! The Soldiers Are Committing Suicide Because Of Payback For Bad KarmaFor Fighting An Unjust War. Our Satanic System Sought To Avoid Public Outcry (Against Casualties) By Picking On Weak Muslim Targets That Couldn't Fight Back, To Senselessly Slaughter Them (This Was Never A War But A Satanic Civilian Massacre); But They Couldn't Predict The Destruction Of These Men's Souls For Killing Innocent Civilians On The Orders Of Satan --And The Payback! But Our Soldiers Are Also At Fault: Until Our American Soldiers Learn To Stop Fighting For Satan; And Value Their Own Power, Sacrifice & Fighting Spirit: (And Not Cheaply Give It Up For Satan Or Saxon-Aryans) Their Lives Will Continue To Be Uselessly Lost Through Suicide And Mental-Illness. The Real Brave Soldiers In America Are The Protesters Against The Police On Our Streets --Fighting On Stanley's Orders! 

May 23rd, 2012: 
In Another Betrayal Of The American People & Stanley: Arizona's Sec. of State Ken Bennett, Has Caved In To Satanic Pressure And Has Agreed To Put Obama's Name On The Presidential Ballot! Stating: "Late yesterday our office received 'verification in-lieu of certified copy' from officials within the Hawaii Department of Health that we requested in March. They have officially confirmed that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for the President matches the original record in their files."  This Is Not Verification That Obama Is A "U.S.-Born Citizen", (Which Is Necessary Under The Constitution: Being Born In The U.S. Is Not Sufficient For Eligibility!) Because Obama Was Adopted Subsequent To His Probable Birth In Hawaii, By An Indonesian Citizen Named Lolo Soetoro, Which Would Force Obama To Renounce His U.S. Citizenship In 1962!!! At This Point We Must Concede Obama Was Born In Hawaii; But That Is Not The Contentious Issue: The Issue Is The Fact That We Know That He Was AdoptedBy Lolo Soetoro: And Lost His U.S. Citizenship Because Of It. (The Hawaii Health Dept. Only Confirms What Is No Longer In Contention!). Because Indonesia Did Not Allow For Dual Citizenship, Obama Would Thus Be Forced To Renounce U.S. Citizenship And Adopt His Father's Indonesian Citizenship, And Later On, Adopt An Indonesian Passport --Which Witnesses Confirm He Did Travel With! We Have The Passport Of Obama's Mother Ann Dunham, From August 13th, 1968, Listing Obama As Barack Obama II Soebarkah, On It: Indicating He Had Officially Adopted Soetoro's Name; Confirming His Full Adoption! It Has Also Been Confirmed By Experts That Only Indonesian Citizens And "Registered Muslims" Could Attend State Run Schools: And Since Obama Admits He Attended Gov't Schools: It Is 100% Proof That He Could Not Have Been A U.S. Citizen At The Time!!! We Also Have Records Showing Obama Was A "Registered Muslim" In Indonesian Gov't Schools! Thus Although The Information In The Truncated "Certificate of Live Birth", May Be Accurate, It Omits The Crucial Detail, Only The Original Copy Of Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate Could Provide: His Adoption Records!Sheriff Arpaio Was On The Wrong Track About His "Birth In Kenya; But Correct That The White House Photocopy Of Obama's Birth Certificate Was A Forgery". The Clincher Or Absolute Proof That Obama Is Constitutionally Ineligible For President Lies In His Own Plagiarized Book: "Dreams From My Father"! What Most People Find Amazing About This Book, Is That Obama Is Not Referring To Obama Sr. As His Father, But Lolo Soetoro!!! Why?Because Under Our Satanic, Secret & Strict U.S. Adoption Laws, An Adoptive Father Gains Full Custody And Parental Rights As A Natural Father On Adoption. Thus Obama Was Trained At Birth, To Forget His Birth Father And Black Relatives, And Believe Soetoro Was His Only Father And That He Was An Indonesian Citizen. (Only Later To Cultivate The Black Vote Did He Cynically Jettison Soetoro And Islam, And Lie That He Was Christian, Hawaiian And Kenyan --Instead Of Indonesian!) There Is A Serious Constitutional Issue Outstanding Regarding Obama, That Must Require Reconsideration By The Arizona Government And The American People!!! The Hawaii Health Department Is Being Deliberately Deceptive & Covering-up Crucial Information From The American People, Because Of Its Vested Interest In Supporting Obamacare; Since None Of Obama's Legislation Is Valid; And The Sooner Obama Is Removed From Office The Sooner America As A Country Can Return To Constitutionality --And Our National Nigger Nightmare Will End!!! The Arizona Gov't Should Demand These Pieces Of Evidence From Obama Directly And Not Accept "Verification In Lieu Of A Certified Copy" Which Has No Legal Weight! The Evidence Obama Or Gov't Institutions Should Provide Are These: (a) His Original Long Form Birth Certificate Detailing His Legal Adoption By Lolo Soetoro; (b) His Adoption Records; (c) His Travel Records During The Years 1962-1988; (d) His Passport Records; (e) His Citizenship Records. These Records Will Clearly Prove That Obama Lost His U.S. Citizenship In 1962, Became An Indonesian Citizen Like His Adoptive Father; And Thus When He Reapplied For U.S. Citizenship In ~1988: He Became A "Naturalized U.S. Citizen" And Thus Constitutionally Ineligible For President Of The United States!!! 

May 22nd, 2012: Medical Bulletin: The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, Has Issued Its Final Recommendations: That Routinely Screening All Men For Prostrate Cancer With PSA Blood Tests, To Detect Prostrate Cancer, Can Result In More Harm Than Good, In More Deaths Than It Saves!!! They Say An Elevated Level Of PSA Antigen Most Often Does Not Indicate Cancer; But May Be A Sign Of An Enlarged Prostrate Or An Infection --Yet Most Men Are Given Life Altering Biopsies That Cause Incontinence And Impotence! Even If Prostrate Cancer Is Found, Most Often The Tumor Is Small, And Too Slow Growing To Be Harmful; And Over 80% Of The Men End Up Dying From Another Cause; Yet Hundreds Of Deaths Every Year Are Caused By Prostrate Surgery.Because Of Intense Medical Satanic Propaganda: Almost All Men With Elevated PSA Levels, Opt To Receive Treatment, Which Can Result In Severe Adverse Effects And Death!!! "It Is Important For Doctors And Patients To Understand That Our Current Approach To Screening For Prostrate Cancer, Does Not Serve Men Well," Says Task Force Chair Dr. Virginia Moyer. Research Shows That Prostrate Screening Can Lead To Significant Harms: Almost 90% Of Men With PSA Detected Prostrate Cancer Undergo Early Treatment With Surgery, Radiation Or Hormone-Deprivation Therapy. Yet Up To Five Of Every 1,000 Men Treated Will Die Within A Month Of The Surgery, And From 10 To 70 Men In 1,000 Will Suffer Such Life-Long Effects As Urinary Incontinence, Sexual Impotency, And Bowel Dysfunction. Stanley Has Been The First Man In History To Raise The Alarm About The Fact That Modern Medicine Is 100% Satanic Quackery: Yet People Are Blindly Following Satan To Their Graves! The Reason This Quackery Was Not Detected Sooner, Was That We Don't Have An Alternative Model Of Medicine (Yoga Fasting & Purging Based Medicine) To Compare These Treatments To! So We Are At The Mercy Of The Satanic Doctors Themselves, To Reveal To Us When Their Treatments Cause More Harm Than Good --Which Is Rare! The Reason The Satanic Aryans Want To Force Prostrate Cancer Screening On Men, Is They Want To Satanically Fuck Them Up The Ass, In Order To Desecrate Their Bodies In A Satanic Ritual Of Dehumanization & Homosexuality --Even Though The Treatment Is 100% Quackery!!! Stop Going To Doctors, And Follow Stanley Instead!!! Look Folks Even Though The Medical Profession Is Admitting Their Treatments Caused The Needless Deaths And Permanent Suffering Of Millions Of Men And Women: There Is Still No Accountability For Their Deaths! Because Modern Medicine Is A Gov't Enforced Monopoly, Nobody Goes To Jail For Practicing Quackery; Nobody Stops The Quack Procedures Until Millions More Die! We Need To Give Yoga Medicine A Try, On An Equal Footing With Modern Medicine --By Getting Gov't Out Of The Way. The Cause Of Prostrate Cancer Is: Lack Of Sexual Discipline, Interracial Sex, Promiscuous Sex, Multiple Sex Partners, Venereal Disease, Eating Beef & Milk, And Sex With Blonde Saxon-Aryans! But Which Doctor Is Competent Enough To Tell You This? Wanting To Change Is Not Always Enough; You Need A Physician To Guide Your Recovery To Wellness --And Not Obstruct And Discourage You. Treating The Causes Of Illnesses And Not Just The Symptoms, Is Yoga: Lifestyle Changes: That Only Yoga Medicine Takes Seriously, Is The Only Way To Go, For The Future: That Is Why It Is Imperative To Follow Stanley For the Sake Of All Our Future Health And Happiness. 

May 18th, 2012: 
The Court Has Released Damning Facts Against Trayvon Martin: Which Has Totally Vindicated George Zimmerman! Fact 1) Trayvon Had Trace Amounts Of Marijuana In His Blood And Urine: Proving He Was Robbing Houses To Feed His Drug Habit, And Was Thwarted By Zimmerman, Hence His Attempt To Murder Or Rob Zimmerman(This Was A Case Of Attempted Murder & Robbery On Zimmerman! The Internet Is Abuzz With Millions Of Americans Claiming, "Zimmerman Was Being Mugged By Trayvon So He Could Score Some Weed".); Fact 2) In A Store Video, Trayvon Was Seen In A Black Hoodie And Black Slacks, Completely Covering His Face By Six Inches Past His Nose: Proving He Was Attempting To Conceal His Identity (He Was "Up To No Good");Fact 3) This Same Video Shows Him Buying A "Huge Jumbo Sized" Solid Steel Can Of "Arizona Iced Tea": Proving That Contrary To Biased Media Reports: He Did Have A Lethal Weapon: Right Under Everyone's Nose!!! Fact 4) It Is Now Clear, That Zimmerman Wasn't Punched To The Ground: He Was Smashed In The Nose By This Solid ~Two-Pound Steel Can! Zimmerman Was In A State Of Shock, It Was Dark, He Was On His Cellphone, The Weapon Was Concealed Inside Trayvon's Sleeve, & He Was Blindsided When Hit, And Didn't Realize What Broke His Nose; Trayvon Then Abandoned The Can To Pound Zimmerman's Head Into The Sidewalk With His Hands; But He Could Have Retrieved The Can At Any Time [Note: Zimmerman Now Confirms That He Was Pounded In The Face By A Concealed Weapon!]; Fact 5) Medical Reports Prove That Zimmerman Had Photographed Bleeding InjuriesTo The Back Of His Head, His Face Was Puffy & Bloody, Had Two Black Eyes, A Broken Crooked Nose, And Likely Suffered A Concussion & PTSD; Fact 6) Trayvon Martin HadLacerations On Both His Hands' Knuckles, But No Other Injuries, (Except The Bullet) While Zimmerman Had Clean Knuckles: Proving Trayvon Was The Aggressor; Fact 7) There Were Credible Eyewitnesses Stating That They Saw Zimmerman Screaming For Help, And Trayvon Straddling Zimmerman & Punching Him MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Style On The Ground; Fact 8) Trayvon's Father Tracy, States That The Voice Calling For Help Is "Definitely Not His Son Trayvon"! (We Can Ignore The Lying Nigger-Bitch Sybrina Fulton, Who Lied That It Was Trayvon's Voice. Had Sybrina Told Us The American People, The Truth: [That Her Son Was A Thug, Robber, Violent Drug Addicted Thief] The Persecution Of An Innocent Man --Zimmerman-- Could Have Been Avoided.) Sybrina Fulton Needs To Be Criminally Charged For "Making A False Statement" Which Is A Serious Crime; Fact 9)Zimmerman's Father Robert, & All His Family Swear That It Was Zimmerman Calling For Help! Fact 10) Trayvon Had Powder Burns On His Shirt, Confirming Zimmerman's Story That Trayvon WasShot At Point Blank Range While In A Struggle For Zimmerman's Life! Fact 11)There Is A Persistent Lie By Almost All The Media That, "The Police Told Zimmerman Not To Follow Trayvon"; This Is A Damned Lie, The Dispatcher's Exact Words Were "You Don't Have To Do That" [i.e. Follow Trayvon]; But The Whole Purpose Of "Neighborhood Watch" Was To Keep Watch! It Is The Absolute Right Of All Law-Abiding Citizens To Take Back Our Streets From Criminals! Free From Being In Fear Of Being Beaten To Death For Protecting Our Property From Drug-Addicted Robbers! Fact 12) This Whole Case Was Stirred Up By Stanley The King's Attack On The Blonde Blue-Eyed Angles & Saxon Race (See March 20 Below); And They Then Used Their Nigger And Leftwing Puppets To Attack An Innocent Hispanic-Jew To Deflect Attention Away From Blonde Saxons, And Prop Up Obama Back Into The Lead In The Rigged Polls, To Spite Stanley!!! (Up To That Point, March 20th, 2012; Obama's "Approval Ratings" Had Fallen To An All-Time Low Of 39-41%; But Then Suddenly, Overnight Rose To 52% --In Response To Stanley.) Obama, Nigger Prosecutor Angela Corey (Who Needs To Be Criminally Charged With "Malicious Prosecution"), Blonde-Aryan Gov. Rick Scott, And The Democrats Have Politicized This Case To Curry Favor With The Black Voters, Who Are Deserting Obama In Droves --And Following Stanley!!! Obama Is Simply The Blonde-Saxons' Evil Crazy Homosexual Devil-Possessed Extreme African-Socialist Uncle-Tom Puppet-Nigger. May 17th, 2012: Pansy Romney & John Boehner Betrayed Stanley And The Right Again: In Response To D. Axelrod's Desperate Plea: "To Halt Joe Ricketts Super PACAttacking Obama's Links To Racist, Anti-American, PEDOPHILE Rev. Jeremiah Wright; And To Behave More Like Loser J. McCain Of 2008"; Romney Came To Obama's Defense, Saying, "I Repudiate That Effort... And I Praise Bill Clinton" --Although Obama's Ads Unfairly Accuse Romney Of Laying Off Workers At A Steel Company; And Extreme Leftist Bill ClintonAccuses In An Ad That Romney Would Not Make The Hypothetical Decision To Kill Bin Laden. Bill Clinton Was Not A Moderate; He Was Extreme Leftwing; It Was The Electorate & Newt Gingrich, That Forced Him To Back-Down On Clinton Care & On Not Balancing The Budget --Obama Is Of An Inferior Race, INCAPABLE Of The Intelligence To Be Rightwing! McCain Lost In 2008 Because He Was Weak, & Soft On Attacking Nigger-Boy, He Refused To Inform Americans About Obama's Homosexuality, His Lies About His Birth Certificate, His Adoption By Lolo Soetoro, His Indonesian Passport Up Until 1984, His Indonesian Citizenship, His Renouncing U.S. Citizenship, His Muslim Birth, His Links To Bill Ayers. Romney Is Giving Obama The Election Without A Fight; So Too The Evil Coward Boehner: Who Has Refused To Cut Spending, And Is Rubber-Stamping Raising The Debt-Ceiling And Passing Continuing Spending Resolutions To Fund The Deficits --Without Shutting Down The Gov't.Obama Is An Inferior Race Nigger-Boy Possessed By Devils: If You Stand Up To Him, Fight Him, He Will Cave! If Romney Does Not Fight Obama Dirty, Like He Fought Gingrich & Santorum: He Is A Damn Liar (He Said If These, Homosexual, Citizenship, & Other Allegations, Have Supporting Evidence; He Will Use Them!) And Does Not Deserve Rightwing Support: And We Will Have Four More Years Of Depression. If Romney Refuses To Fight For Rightwing Values And A Balanced Budget Amendment: He Doesn't Deserve Rightwing Support: The Satanic Blonde-Saxon Aryans Want A Democrat, In All But Name, In The White House! We Cannot Have Real Economic Growth Without First Cutting Spending By 20% Across-The-Board, Balancing The Budget, Paying Off All The Debt, Cap Gov't Spending To 16% Of GDP, All Via Constitutional Amendments; And Stop Printing Money, By Enforcing A Gold Standard. Power Needs To Shift From The Blonde-Aryans To The Humans And Their King (Stanley), In A Revolution! (2) Rev. J. Wright (A Pedophile, Who Was Pastor To Obama & His Children For 20 Years) Is Now Saying He Was (Offered Or) Paid $300,000 By Obama's Right-Hand Man Eric Whitaker To "Not Do Any Public Speaking, Until After The 2008 Election". Wright Is Obviously Still Protecting Fellow Homosexual Obama, By Not Revealing The Whole Story; But Even In What He Reveals (In Ed Klein's New Book: (Obama) "The Amateur"), There Is Enough Evidence That Obama Bribed Wright To Keep Silent. In Fact The Proof Of This Is That Wright Disappeared & Did Remain Silent All Through 2008; Until Obama Was Sure To Win, And Even Then Did Not Make Any Controversial Speeches! (3) The Census Bureau States That "Minorities" Have Taken The Lead, Comprising >50% Of The U.S. Birth Rate; And Will Overtake "Whites" In The U.S. By 2040. This Is A Damn Lie! We Humans Are Already In The Majority!!! First Of All "Whites" Are Not A Race!!! The Europeans: Which Include Stanley, Are Comprised Of Humans: (Celts, Latins & Slavs), And The Aryans: (Angles, Saxons, Germans & Swedes); We Humans Are Racially More Similar To The Latinos (Who Are Human), Than To The Saxon-Aryans (Who Are An Ape Race): And Have Done Nothing But Murder And Genocide Us In Europe As Well As America!!! We Humans Are Already In The Majority; It Is Time We Exercised That Power By Destroying The Blonde Saxon-Aryans! 

May 13th, 2012:
 Survivor Season 24 "Jumped The Shark" And Is Now In Decline As A Show! As The Producers So Blatantly Rigged The Show For The Women To Win; That It Became The Most Boring Show Ever!!! They Put In A Homosexual Colton Crumbie, And Saxon-Aryan Greg "Tarzan" Smith, Who Were "Ringers", "Planted" By The Producers To Sabotage The Men's Side! The Players Refused To Obey Stanley's Cardinal Rules Of Winning Survivor: Forget Political Correctness: Never Trust A Homosexual (Colton), Nigger (Alicia), An All-Female-Alliance Or Saxon-Aryan (Tarzan): They Will Betray You Every Time (See Below).We All Know That Colton And Tarzan Betrayed The Men (With No Intention Of Winning It Themselves --Spoilers); But Black Sabrina, Gave Colton The Idol That Gave Him The Power To Destroy The Men: By Colton Eliminating The Alpha Males And Deliberately Negating A Winning "Immunity" Competition. Colton Deliberately Voted Out A Man, Bill, When The Women Had Lost Immunity; To Help The Women! (Alicia Would Have Been Evicted! The Men Would Have Achieved Numerical Advantage!) The Producers Should Never Have Allowed Such Insanity: Rules Are Rules! The Producers Of Survivor Were So Evilly Biased, That For Just The Second Time In SurvivorHistory: They "Merged" The Two Tribes At 12 Members: Solely To Save A Woman From Being Evicted (Alicia); And Blindside The Men: The Show Was "Fixed" Right From The Start, Without Any Adversity For The Women To Overcome --Borrring!!! Nigger Alicia Rosa, Betrayed Kat Edorrson, (Who Took Her On A "Reward" With "A Loved One")By Lying To Her Face, Then Back-Stabbing Her In Order To Save Her Black "Home Girl" Sabrina --Simply Because She Was Black, Then Lied To Kat That Chelsea Evicted Her. (Chelsea Was Obviously Miffed At Missing The "Loved One" Reward; But It Was Alicia's That Was The Swing-Vote.) Remember Never Trust A Nigger! Blacks Conspiratorially Stick Together By Race, While Preying On The Naive Humans, Who Have No Racial Awareness!!! (Surprisingly, Sabrina Did Not Return The "Home Girl" Favor; When Alicia Was Being Evicted; Sabrina Voted Her Nigger-Ass Out). Had Kat Taken Chelsea Meissner (Who Had Greater Racial Affinity To Her) On The Reward, She Would Have Survived Weeks Longer. Remember: Damn Political Correctness: Vote Out The Homosexuals, Niggers And Saxon-Aryans First --Because They Cannot Be Trusted, They Lie And Then Will Back-Stab You! Troyzan Was A Crazy Nut, Who Evicted All The Alpha Males;Forgetting The Cardinal Rule: Form A Main Male-Majority Alliance, With A Female Side-Alliance; And Never Trust A Female-Majority Alliance! Women Are Easily Led By Other Women; They Will All Gang-Up Against You. Survivor Is A Numbers Game: Muscle Strength Is Not As Dangerous As Numerical Strength!!!Kim Spradlin, Deserved To Win The $1.1 Million, Only Because Not One Of The Women Stood Up To Her; Kim Just Kept Lying, Blind-Siding, Betraying And Back-Stabbing Everyone (Including Chelsea) Until The End. But She Won Because None Of The Other Women Did Any Better. If Chelsea Had Shown The Men That She Hated Kim, By Words & Actions, She Would Have Won The $Million. 

May 10th, 2012: Developing Story: A.G. Eric Holder Is Going To Be Charged With "Contempt Of Congress" For Deliberately LyingAbout When He Knew About The Gun Running Scheme Called, "Fast & Furious"; And Then Trying To Stonewall, Obstruct Justice, Get Others To Lie For Him, And Coverup His Lie; Which Is A Very Serious Crime In The Land. People Must Remember That Congress Is Accountable Directly To The People: Judges Are Not: They Are Our Representatives. There Are Some Corrupt Members (Usually Democratic Evil Bums), But We Do Have Top Notch People In Their Ranks Who Administer Our Laws Better Than Judges! Thus This Crime Must Be Taken Very Seriously:Eric Holder Lied Because He Has A Death Wish; Like All Criminals He Wants To Get Caught: Problem Is Boehner Is Stalling Any Attempts At Charges, And Refusing To Fight The Democrats And Obama In An Attempt To Hand Him The Next Election. Boehner Is Sabotaging All Conservative Attempts To Balance The Budget --Using Ryan's Satanic Plan. Boehner Was "Holding Hands" With Democrats For The SOU Address; Boehner Was Given A Mandate At The 2010 Midterms To Cut Spending & Defund Obamacare: Yet He Has Not Cut A Red Cent --Except For The Meager "Sequester", But Even  That He Is Threatening To Rescind. The Damage That Boehner Has Done With His Refusal To Fight Obama Or Balance The Budget Responsibly (Across The Board Cuts; Not Just Welfare Cuts) Is Damaging The GOP Brand; He & Ryan Must Be Removed From Office!(2) The DOJ Has Filed A "Discrimination Lawsuit" Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Of Maricopa County, AZ; For Allegedly "Punishing Hispanics For Speaking Spanish; And Stopping 5X More Latinos Than Whites At Traffic Stops". This Is Obviously Politically Motivated; Because These Allegations Are Unprovable; The Real Reason For The Harassment Is That Sheriff Arpaio Has Obtained Real Evidence Proving That Obama Is Not A U.S.-Born Citizen; And That His Birth Certificate Was A Forgery!!! (See Below Story) Making Obama Ineligible For President! 

May 9th, 2012: Obama Has Again Succumbed To Financial & Political Blackmail, This Time By His Gay Activist Donors, To "Come Out" As Being For Gay Marriage And To Repeal DOMA. Michelle Malkin Said: "Obama Is A Weak Man, He Is Caving In To Wealthy Gay Donors, In His Perpetual Pandering To The Politics Of Expedience!" Here's What Really Happened: Obama Has Not Been Receiving Donations As Anticipated; In Desperation He Pleaded For More Donations From Wealthy Homosexuals: Thus His Homosexual Donors Gave Him An Ultimatum: "Come Out In Favor Of Gays & SSM Or No More Support Or Donations": At First Obama Sent Out VP Biden To Promote SSM; But The Gays Weren't Satisfied; Then In Desperation Nigger-Boy Obama Caved! The Disturbing Thing About This, Is That It Proves How Morally Bankrupt And Corrupt Obama Is: If He Can Be Blackmailed By Gays: He Definitely Must Be Beholden To The Unions, Big Corporations, Jews, Feminists And Medical Lobbies As Well --Who Also Can Withhold Donations In Exchange For Political Influence! We Know That The Only Reason Obama Got Elected In The First Place: Was Because He First Entered Politics In Corrupt Chicago: Where Anyone Willing To Sell His Soul To The Devil Wins! We Know Obama Accepted Bribes From "Mafiosi" Tony Rezko & Offered Blago A Bribe --Yet Obama Is Still Not In Jail, While Rezko Got 101/2 Years; & Blago Got 14! Our Whole Political System Is Corrupt, When Our Leaders & Our President Is So Easily Bought!There Needs To Be Campaign Financing Reform: So That "Special Interest Groups" Like Unions & Gays, Cannot Buy Our Politicians! Donations Should Only Be Allowed For Individuals, And Limited To ~$1,000 Per Year; To Stop The Corruption!!!The Blonde Satanic Anglo-Saxons Are All Homosexual: So This Is Really Them Pushing This Gay Satanism On Us Humans! The Blonde-Aryan System Came Out With A Poll Claiming A Lie That Americans Accept Gays: Stanley As The King Of Canada & America Says: Gays & Gay Marriage Will Never Ever Be Accepted By The American People!!! In Fact Just Yesterday North Carolina Voted 61% To 39% To Ban Gay Marriages As Well As Civil Unions In Their Constitution!Homosexuals Need To Be Put In Prison Or "Receive Treatment" Until They Are "Cured"; They Are Evil People, Possessed By Demons, Have High Rates Of STDs & AIDS, Are All Child Molesters, And Commit Very Serious Crimes And Need To Be Dealt With Harshly! The Hispanics & Blacks Need To Make A Reconciliation With God: Can You Keep Backing An Uncle Tom Nigger Over Stanley The King: Obama Is Leading You To Satan And Pedophilia For Your Children! As Written Below Obama Has Always Been A Homosexual: The System Helped Him Murder His Homosexual Lovers: Donald Young, Nate Spencer & Larry Bland All From The Trinity United Church, In Dec. 2007; To Coverup His Deviance; When The "Secret Police" Began "Fixing" It For Him To Win The Presidency! (a) Obama Used To Cruise: "Uptown, Boystown, Andersonville & Hyde Park"; In Chicago Trolling For "Hustler-Boys" For Sex & Cocaine; (b) He Had Larry Sinclair As A Lover --Who Wrote A Book About It; (c) Obama Also Played "Pick-Up" Basketball In His Neighborhood Where He Would Pick-Up Men For Gay Sex; Here He Met His Gay Lover Alexi Giannoulias Who Later Ran For Obama's Vacated Senate Seat And Won; (d) That Obama& Rahm Emanuel, His Former Chief-Of-Staff, Are Members Of "Man's Country" A Homosexual Bathhouse Well Known To Chicago Gays; (e) Even In The Current White House Obama Has Had Sex With Hollywood Actor Kal Penn (Modhi), Who Was Given A Fake Gov't Job So He Could Be Close To Obama; Penn Was Mugged In 2010, By Obama Thugs To Steal His Cell Phone To Destroy Evidence Of The Sex; Kalpen Modhi Has Been Appointed Obama's Campaign Co-Chair For 2012; (f) Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's Minister For 20 Years, Ran A Man-Boy Homosexual Website Called "The Down-Low"; (g): [Click For Full Story=>Obama's Homosexuality Massive Coverup][See Also=>Wayne Madsen Report: Obama's Sodomite Past]. 33 States Already Ban Gay Marriage In Their Constitutions; Most Of The Five Northeast States That Approved SSM, Did So Because A Non-Elected Liberal Satanic Court Forced Them To Do So: We Need A Constitutional Amendment Or A Supreme Court Ruling To Ban Gay Marriage Permanently! A Weak Romney Has Now Betrayed The Right Again By His Tepid Response, Saying He Wants States To Decide: We Need This Issue Decided Countrywide, By Referendum & Put In The Constitution. The Republicans Should Make Political Hay With This Issue: This Is What All Presidential Candidates Supported: Bash Obama Daily On Gay Marriage: The People Are On Our Side: Damn The Polls!!! This Is Why John Boehner& Paul Ryan Need To Be Removed From Office For The Rightwing To Have A Voice In Congress On Balancing The Budget & Banning SSM; Because Boehner Thinks The GOP Are A One-Issue Party: The Economy; Wrong! We Campaigned On Social Conservatism As Well As Balancing The Budget: Neither Of Which Boehner Has Delivered!!! (2) Obama Has Become So Visibly Unpopular He Is Speaking To Half-Empty Stadiums; In Fact A Convicted Felon Garnered 41% Of The Vote Running Against Obama In The W. Virginia Primary Yesterday! Obama Is So Unpopular; People Would Rather Vote For Criminals Than For Him. (3) The So Called Underwear Bomber II; Is Another CIA Hoax; The CIA-Military Caused 9/11; This Was Their Informant, Not A Terrorist. The CIA Is Refusing To Arrest The Remaining Terrorists; To Perpetuate Endless "Wars On Non-Existent Terror" & Generate Hysteria. The So Called Pakistani-Taliban And Yemeni Extremists Are Really Legitimate Freedom Fighters Against U.S. Propped-Up Puppet Regimes --And Not Terrorists! Murdering Their Leadership With Drone Strikes Is Contrary To The Clinton Doctrine Outlawing Assassinations! 

May 4th, 2012:
 There Are Disturbing Inexplicable Labor Statistics Showing That Although The Unemployment Rate Ticked Down To 8.1% After 31/2 Years Of Obama: It Is Irreconcilable With The Overall Facts! They Are Deliberately Doctoring The Statistics! Because The Underlying Statistics Are All Bad: The Total Employment Level Actually Fell By 169,000 Workers Last Month; And The Labor Force Participation Population (58%) Versus Unemployed (36%), Has Fallen To A 30 Year Low! The Deceptive Statistics Are Due To The Fact That 14.5 % Of The Employable American Population Has Stopped Looking For Work; And That Those Unemployed Actively Looking For Work Fell From 63.8% To 63.6% Last Month. Since The Leftist Statisticians Only Count Those Actively Looking For Work At Unemployment Offices: The Unemployment Rate Is A Satanic Hoax!!! The Only Reason The Rate Is Ticking Downwards Is That The Statisticians Are Deliberately Not Counting ~40% Of The Unemployed And Growing! Add To This The Hidden Unemployed And Under-Employed And We Have A Depression Worse Than 1929-1940! Without Welfare, Charities, Larger Incarceration Rates In Prisons, "Undocumented" Immigrants (Who Cannot Report Unemployment) & Larger Immigrant Populations (Who Tend To Be Under-Employed): The Visible Unemployed Are Deceptively Less: But The Suffering Is Far Far Greater Than The 1930's!!!

May 3rd, 2012: Good News: Conrad Black Is Being Released From Prison Tomorrow, And Has Been Granted A One Year Temporary Permit By the Harper Gov't, To Live In Canada --Till He Regains Canadian Citizenship. Black Has Also Retained His Order of Canada, And His Membership In The Queen's Privy Council: Which Means All Flags Will Be Lowered In Canada When He Dies. Like Obama, Black Renounced His Canadian Citizenship In 2001, Because Leftist PM Jean Chretien Refused To AllowHim Dual-Citizenship Needed To Receive His Peerage: "Viscount Black Of Crossharbour"; Without Doing So. Black Said, "I Am Glad To Wash The Dust Of This Socialistic, Medicare-Loving Country From My Feet. My Native Country Had Become For Me Not An Opportunity, Nor Even A Nationality Susceptible To Reason, But A Trap,". People Don't Understand What An Evil Relentlessly Socialist Country Canada Was Before Stanley Destroyed It. {But Unlike Obama, Black Has Had To Reapply For Canadian Citizenship Like A Foreigner; While Obama Who Was Also Forced To Renounce His U.S. Citizenship For Indonesian Nationality On Adoption By Lolo Soetoro In 1962: (Because Indonesia Did Not Allow Dual Citizenship At The Time.) Has Had The System Lie And Coverup For His Ineligibility For President.} Black Has Now Been Totally Exonerated In The Eyes Of The People, And That Blonde Aryan Satanic Bitch Amy St. Eve, Is Unfit To Be A Judge; People Who Slandered Him Need To Start Quacking In Their Boots!  

May 2nd, 2012:
 Due To The False Recalling Of The Bin Laden Murder By A Self Aggrandizing Obama And A Propagandist Democratic Cheerleader Section; Stanley As King Has been Forced To Weigh In --With The Truth. First Of All It Has Been Proven That Obama Is An Inferior Race Puppet Nigger: An Ass-Licker-In-Chief, A Weak Sycophantic Easily Led President, Never Ever A Commander-In-Chief! People Don't Realize What An Weak, Inferior Puppet Obama Is: (a) He Reads All His Speeches From A Teleprompter, All Carefully Scripted By Others, Spouting Talking Points & Ideology Like A Trained Nigger-Chimp That He Is; (b) Obama Is Told What To Do By The Military & CIA, In A Man Talking Down To A Nigger-Boy Relationship; (c) Obama Has Betrayed His Democratic Base Repeatedly, By Caving In To His Masters, By Keeping Troops In Iraq Past His Promise To Get Them Out In His First Year --And Now Using A "Private Security Army" Of Former Military Personnel To Continue The U.S. Military Presence In Iraq; By Agreeing To The Afghan Surge, After Dithering For Three Months, Clearly Doing It Against His Democratic Advisers' Will (Obama Has No Independent Will, Since He Is Possessed By A Devil, Telling Him What To Do. He Always Caves In To Pressure From Satan & The System, In A Desperate Attempt To Get A Second Term From His Masters.); (d) Obama Has Personally Authorized Hundreds Of Illegal Senseless Drone Bombings In Pakistan, (That Have Killed Thousands Of Innocent Civilians) Simply Because He Lacks The Courage To Say "No" To The CIA; (e) Broke His Promise To Shutdown Gitmo, Give Them Civilian Trials, Charge CIA Agents For Torture, End The "War On Terror", Pass Immigration Reform, Etc Etc. Obama Does Not Keep His Promises:The Latinos Should Not Be Fooled By Obama's Deathbed Conversion To Immigration Reform: Under Obama The Deportations Of Mexicans Has Increased To 500,000 People A Year; While It Was Only ~50,000 Under Bush --Talk Is Cheap. People Need To Remember The Immediate Aftermath Of The Osama Murder: Obama & Hillary Were Clearly Out Of The Loop:Hillary Gasped And Put Her Hand Over Her Mouth While Watching The Live Navy Seals Video: Because They Murdered Osama In Cold Blood With Two Bullets To The Head, After He Had Been Captured! [Note: Hillary's Faith In American Politics Was So Shaken By This Murder, That A Few Weeks Later She Announced She Would Never Run For President Again; And Would Step Down As Sec. Of State At The End Of 2012!] Obama Then Gave A Public Statement Contradicting The Military Version, Letting Slip: That Bin Laden "Was Captured And Then Killed", (Which Is Murder), "There Was No Shootout", Indicating The Navy Seals Murdered Unarmed Civilians! The So Called "Compound" Was A Maximum Security Pakistani Prison, In A Garrison Town, With An 18 Foot Walled Compound Topped With Barbed Wire For Nightly Walks, With Bin Laden Living In A Tiny Cramped Cell With His Youngest Wife, And No Electricity! It Is 100% Clear: That Whoever Murdered Bin Laden, Had As Their Motive, To Silence Him From Revealing The Truth: That Osama Did Not Commit 9/11 --The CIA And Special Ops Did It!!! Obama Clearly Had No Such Motive, Because He Wasn't Even In Office At The Time: Thus The Top-Secret Mission (To Murder Bin Laden) Must Have Been Ordered By The Military & CIA: Acting Outside The Nigger-President's Knowledge!!! (And Puppet Nigger Obama Simply Rubber-Stamped It, And Then Took Credit For It) {Note: More And More Information Is Coming Out Discrediting Obama's Importance In Killing Bin Laden: It Seems Obama Was So Afraid Of Responsibility, He Wrote A Legal Memo To The Military Brass, Saying "If Anything Changes, Don't Go Forward With The Mission" --To Wash His Hands Off The Mission, And To Protect Himself From Blame, If Things Somehow Went Wrong. It Is Now Being Revealed That The Military & Obama Knew That Bin Laden Was At The Compound In May 2010; Yet Obama "Dithered & Dithered" Till February 2011 To Proceed. Yet Obama Routinely Approves Drone Bombings On Innocent Pakistanis Daily, And Rescue Missions Of Hostages Held By Somali Pirates, He Doesn't Care If Things Go Wrong Then; Why The Nine Month Reticence To Capture Or Kill Bin Laden? It Is Obvious Obama Was On The Side Of Bin Laden & The Terrorists, And Only After Incessant Pressure By The Military Did He Cave In Once Again --Like The Weak President That He Is! When We Have A Low Intelligence Chimp Running Our Country; Who Allows Murder To Be Committed Under His Nose: This Is A Lawless Country, This Is Anarchy!} The Tragedy In This Is That The American People Have Still Not Been Told That 9/11 Was A Military-CIA Mission And Osama Was A Foolish Scapegoat --A Fall-Guy! To Turn America Into A Police State, Generate Hysteria, And Fight Endless Wars Against Weak Third-World Islamic Countries!          

April 30th, 2012: Former CIA Director And Criminal Scumbag Jose Rodriguez, Has Come Out With A Satanic Book Called "Hard Measures": Where This Scum Tries to Justify Torture. But Rodriguez Scores Points Against Nigger Obama's Murder Of Osama Bin Laden: How Can The Murder Of Bin Laden Be Justified, When Capturing Him Could Bring In An Intelligence Bonanza? Rodriguez Also Slams The Hypocrisy Of Obama'sConstant "Drone" Bombings That Have Killed Thousands Of Pakistani & Yemeni Civilians As Collateral Damage, To Get Pakistani Tribal Leaders --Not Associated With Al Qaeda. Although Obama Banned Torture Early In His Administration; He Has Adopted A Policy Of Murdering Innocent People With Drone Strikes, Rodriguez Says, "How Can It Be More Ethical To Kill People Than To Capture Them And Get Intelligence Information From Them Using Torture?".Rodriguez Slams Obama's Broken Promises To Shut Down Guantanamo Bay Prison, To Give KSM & Zubaida Civilian Trials And To Prosecute Ex-CIA Members Involved In Torture; Which As Stanley Has Proved Below (In The Wayne Madsen Report) Was Because Illinois A.G. Patrick Fitzgerald Blackmailed A Thoroughly Corrupt Obama To Drop Charges In Exchange For Obama Not Facing Corruption Charges Himself For Bribing Blago --All Caught On Tape! The Disturbing Part Of Rodriguez's Book Is His Description Of "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"Derived By A Psychologist, Which Entail: (a) Grabbing The Victim And Slapping Them, (b) Facial Holding, (c) Sleep & Food Deprivation, (d)Making Suspects Sit On The Floor With Hands Above Their Head To Create Muscle Fatigue, (e) Enforced Nudity, (f) Putting People In Diapers, (g) White Noise, And (h) Finally "Water-Boarding" Putting Plastic Bags Over A Victim's Head And Pouring Water Over The Face --To Simulate Drowning. This Was All Approved By George Psycho Bush In 2002, By Him Ordering The DOJ To Allow Torture; And Who Must Now Face War Crimes Trials! [Note: Although These Measures May Seem Mild To Some Idiots, It Is A Dangerous Slippery Slope, And Clearly Against Our Own American Criminal Statutes Against Torture, Which Is Defined As, "Any Infliction Of Severe Mental Or Physical Pain Or Suffering". The Law Is The Law! And Bush Was A Criminal To Break This U.S. Law! Breaking His Presidential Oath To Uphold The Law!] Rodriguez Says, "We Are The Dark Side Of The CIA, Because We Are Empowered To Go Beyond The Law, We Work In The Shadows And Can Get Away With Anything". Rodriguez Claims Abu Zubaida & KSM Brokedown And Talked After Water Boarding After Months Of Torture, And Gave Up The Name Of A Courier Ahmed Al Kuwaiti, Who Was Found Six Years Later, In The Bin Laden Compound, Where He Was Murdered. [Note: There Is No Connection Between This Useless Information, And The Finding & Murder Of Bin Laden; Because The Military Special Ops Navy Seals, Acted On Information Obtained Independently; From Pakistani Intelligence ISI; And Didn't Need Or Use KSM's Intel From Rodriguez. The FBI's Ali Soufan Claims He Obtained Far More Information From KSM Without Using Torture.] After Realizing He Would Face Charges Of Torture, Rodriguez Ordered The Destruction Of 92 Tapes Of Zubaida Being Tortured, And Was Then Charged With "Obstruction Of Justice" By Obama's DOJ, And A Special Prosecutor Was Assigned To The Case --But After The Blackmailing Of Obama, Everything Collapsed & Rodriguez Was Exonerated. 

April 27th, 2012:
 Nigger Bitch Michelle Obama Has Been Found Guilty Of Taking Extravagant And Constant State Sponsored Vacations At Taxpayer's Expense To The Tune Of $$Millions Of Dollars --Another Marie Antoinette. In Fact Obama Was Quoted As Saying In Colombia Last Month, "I'm Scouting This Place Out, To See If Michelle And I Can Come Back Here For Vacations". This Is Why We Don't Put Niggers Into The White House: They Are Ghetto Trash, Who Take The Opportunity To Live-It-Up At Taxpayer's Largesse, While We The People & Their Fellow Blacks Are Suffering Through The Greatest Persistent Depression Caused By Her Husband's Policies! Michelle Recently Went On A Five Day "Junket" To Majorca Spain With Members Of Her Nigger Family, On Air-Force One, With Secret Service,& A Whole Entourage To See Sofia The Queen Of Spain --Costing Taxpayers $500,000!Previously Nigger-Bitch Michelle Went On Another "Junket" To South-Africa To See Mandela, But then Stayed For 14 Days; With A Whole Entourage In Tow, Her Mother, Daughters And Nigger Hangers-On; Costing Taxpayers $$Millions. The New Definition Of A Nigger: It Is A Black Man Possessed By Devils, Who Will Eat The Shit Of A White Man And Then Say, "Please Sir Can I Have Some More". Which Is Obama To A "T". 
Unfortunately The Blonde Aryan System Is Rigging The Election For Nigger-Puppet Obama: They Are Now Saying "Romney Can't Win, And It Will Be A Close Election" --After Rigging The Nomination Against Real Conservatives,For Their Liberal Romney, By Claiming "He Is The Best Man To Beat Obama"; How Can This Be A Close Election When Obama Has Totally Destroyed The American Economy??? We Are Now Headed For Four More Years Of Depression --With No End In Sight. Unless The People Rise Up And Destroy The Aryans, We Are Now In A Stalemate! 

April 25th, 2012: There Needs To Be An Alarm Raised About The Latest Case Of "Mad Cow Disease" Or BSE: Because 99.9% Of All Of The 35 Million Cows Slaughtered For Human Consumption Yearly, Are Not Even Tested! Thus We Are Being Lied To By Our Blonde Saxon-Aryan Government (Who Genocide & Murder Us Humans Through Us Eating Satanic Evil Cows). Cows Are Deliberately Not Being Properly Tested, In Order To Cover-Up The Fact That Human Health Is Being Systematically Destroyed By Eating Beef & Milk!!! There Is A Very Simple And Inexpensive Test To Rest For BSE In Cows: It Is The "Prion" Protein Test Of The Cow's Blood; Prions Can Be Detected In The Earliest Stages Of BSE: Yet Canada Refuses To Allow This Test; Using Instead An Expensive Test That Examines The Cow's Brain For Evidence Of BSE. In The U.S. Too, The Government (The USDA) Refuses To Allow Private Companies To Do BSE Testing, In Order To Cover-Up The Extent Of The Problem! Since BSE Takes 2-8 Years To Develop Symptoms, And Since Most Cows Are Slaughtered At Two Years; The Prion Tests Are The Only Way To Detect BSE: Thus We Are Being Deliberately Fed Diseased Animals! It Is A Proven Fact That Eating BSE Diseased Cows Causes A Brain Wasting "variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease" or vCJD; But What Most Americans Don't Know Is That There Is An Epidemic Of Alzheimer's Disease In America Of Unknown Cause: It Is Almost Certain That BSE Is The Cause Of Alzheimer's, Strokes, Dementia And Other Diseases In The Elderly!!! Stanley Has Been Telling The American People: These Are Satanic Cows, The Aryans Are Using To Genocide & Enslave Us Human-Beings: We Must Massively Boycott All Beef, Sheep, And Milk: For Our Health As Well As For Our Freedom! (2) The SCOTUS Is Reviewing Arizona's Racist SB1070 Bill, That Nutbar Blonde-Aryan Governor Jan Brewer Was Roundly Booed For Today. With All Respect To The SCOTUS, This Is A Racist, Nutbar Bill, That Should Be Struck Down As Unconstitutional! Otherwise Every Latino Becomes A Second Class Citizen, Who Could Be Arrested For His Race, Simply For Walking Down The Street. The Aryans Intend To Genocide The Latinos By Feeding Them Satanic Beef, Then Genocidally Enslaving Them: Like They Did To The Europeans In The Old World: The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans Need To Be Sent A Message: "We Are On To You, We Know Your Satanic Scheme; And We Are Coming For You, In A War Of Extermination!" (3) Romney & Ron Paul Need To Get On Side Of This Issue; And Reject The Nutbars: As Romney Is Allegedly Polling Only 27% Vs 67% For Obama Among Hispanics. Hispanics Need To Understand That Obama & Romney Are Rigged Candidates By The Self-Same Blonde-Aryans That Want To Genocide Latinos: But Romney Can Move To The Right! While Obama Is An Inferior Race Nigger-Puppet Of The Aryans: Incapable Of Ever Being Rightwing. Obama & The Democrats Are Satanically Cunning Politicians That Have Fooled The Latinos Into Supporting Satan: While The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Within The Republican Party Are Deliberately Acting Racist Against Latinos, And Driving Them Into The More Satanic Democratic Party: In A "Good Cop, Bad Cop" Satanic Trick! The Blondes Are An Extreme Leftwing Race; They Do Not Represent The Conservatives --As Democrats Will Try To Deceive You With That Delusion. It Is Only People Of The Human Race That Are True Conservatives.

April 19th, 2012:
In Obama's Plagiarized Book (Bill Ayers Actually Wrote It!) "Dreams Of My Father" (1995); He States: 
"With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chilli peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy), Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.". This Is A Very Important Quote, Because It Proves: (a) That Lolo Soetoro, An Indonesian Muslim, Was Obama's Adoptive FatherAs Stanley Has Been Saying, (b) It Also Proves That Obama Was Born A Muslim, And There Is No Record He Ever Officially Converted To Christianity, (c) It Proves That Obama Lost His U.S. Citizenship (If He Ever Had It) By Being Adopted By An Indonesian Citizen & A Muslim, Because Dual Citizenship Was Not Allowed Under Indonesian Law; And Thus Obama Is Constitutionally Not Eligible For President. But At A Gut Or Fundamental Level, It Proves That Obama Is A Nigger Low-Life That Does Not Share Our Values: Which One Of You Would Be Caught Dead, Eating A Dog???He Is Gutter Scum And We Must Rise Up With Violent Revolution, If The Satanic Blonde Saxon-Aryans Rig This Election For A Leftist-Socialist To Win Again; Or Gives Us No Rightwing Alternative! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Rule This Country By Rigging The Elections, Media And Polls, And Through The Police, Secret Police & Military: Our Hate And Anger Must Be Directed At Them For Lying And Covering-Up For Obama's Crimes: (See Below As Well): Murdering His Homosexual Choir-Boy Lovers In December 2007: Donald Young, Nate Spencer & Larry Bland; Taking Bribes From Rezko, Offering Bribes To Sestak & Blago, Having An Adulterous Affair With Vera Baker, Having Homosexual Sex & Cocaine With Larry Sinclair, Lying About His Adoption, Citizenship, Birth, & Travel Records. Obama Is An Uncle-Tom Nigger Puppet Of The Aryans: The Very Fact That He Has Destroyed The Economy; Destroyed Our Credit Rating, Accumulated $16 Trillion In Debt; Printed $16 Trillion In Paper Money (To Repeatedly Buy 'Bad Debt' From Banks QE 1,2,3,4; Buy 30-yr Treasury Bills At Zero Interest), Which Will Cause Massive Debt, Inflation & Interest Rates; Increased Poverty, Food Stamps & Unemployment; The Fact Obama Is Still Leading In The Polls: Means Massive Rigging Of The Vote!!! Rise Up In The Streets, And Fight Oh America: The Enemy Is The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans!

April 10th, 2012:  Rick Santorum "Suspended" His Campaign Today Because His Eighth Child "Bella" Was Hospitalized For The Second Time. Bella Suffers From "Trisomy 18" A Genetic Disorder Caused By His Wife's Race & Advanced Age (48) When Giving Birth. Although Santorum Is Personally A True Conservative, He Lacks Survival Instincts To Know: His Defective Children Are Due To His Marriage To His Aryan-Wife: Karen Garver. Aryans Are An Evil Devil-Possessed Race, Their Genes Are Defective, As A Punishment From God, For Their Sins. Their Bad Karma Has Caught Up With Them --And It's Payback Time. Mitt Romney Too, Has Married A Blonde-Aryan Wife Ann Davies, Who Suffers From MS And Cancer; And Is The Reason Romney Is A Pansy And A Liberal.The Aryans Are An Inferior Race, (They Belong With The Niggers, And Should Marry Them, Instead Of Us Superior Beings. The Niggers And Aryans, Are In League With Each Other: When The Niggers Control The Democratic Party; And The Blonde Aryans Control The Republican Party: Us Humans Have No Voice: This Is Why We Have To Destroy The Aryans To Get A Rightwing Voice.) Aryans Are Not Capable Of Being True Conservatives, And Humans Must Stop All Interracial Marriages With Them (See Main Page Revolution & Declaration of War) Ron Paul Is The Only True Conservative With A Non-Aryan-Wife, And A Candidate For President, And Is The Only Man That Can Turn This Economy Around! The Battle Is Not Over, Newt Gingrich And Paul Must Continue The Battle To Stop The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans From Rigging The Election For Romney: And Elect A True Conservative --Otherwise We Are Going To Suffer Four More Years Of Depression. Romney Is Already Refusing To Keep His Pledge Of "Cut, Cap & Balance" And Is Pandering To Rigged Polls, Paul Ryan, And Leftists; When He Still Doesn't Have The Conservative Base! He Is Too Weak To Stand Up For Conservative Values: And Is No Different Than Obama: As Santorum Had Said All Along!!! We Must Have Another Civil War: But This Time The Human Race (Celts, Hispanics, Latinos, French & Native Indians) Will Win! The Aryans Are The Reincarnations Of Cows & Horses: And Just As Dumb: To Defeat Them Militarily We Need To Stop Eating Beef & Milk; Stop Having Sex With Blonde-Aryans; And Learn How To Fast And Purge With Salt-Water To Become Lean And Mean Fighting Machines: And To Follow And Obey The Leadership Of Your King: Stanley D'Almeida. Make No Mistake Stanley Wants All Blonde Saxon-Aryans Virtually Exterminated From The Americas, (Along With Their "Mad" Cows, Horses And Rats) Because They Are An Inferior Race, Defective, Possessed By Devils And Worshiping Satan: Similar To How Hitler Succeeded In Virtually Exterminating The "Inferior Race" Jews From Europe! We Cannot Allow A Race With Defective Genes (As Has Been Proven, Saxon-Aryans Have: Saxon-Queen Victoria Spread Hemophilia To All The Aryan Kings Of Europe! Etc) To Pollute The Human Race's Genes, And Bring Us All Down: We Need To Cut Out The Cancer From Spreading! Thus Sayeth Stanley Panduranga XVI: "The Next Civil War Will Be A War Of Extermination"!!!

April 9th, 2012:  Birther Alert: Belated Story: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Of Maricopa County, Ariz., On A "Tea Party" Complaint, Had Launched A Criminal Investigation Into Whether Obama Should Be Allowed On The Maricopa County Ballot! On March 1st, 2012; He Released A Report Concluding: (a) The Birth Certificate Released By The Obama White House On April 27th, 2011: "Is A Computer Generated Fake"; (b) Obama's 1980 Selective Service Card, Is Also Likely A Forgery, With The Postal Stamp On It Appearing To Have Been Faked; (c) Immigration& Naturalization Cards Filled Out By Returning Airplane Passengers, And Located In The National Archives Are Missing The Key Period From: Aug. 1 To Aug. 7, 1961! It Is Suspected This Was The Time Obama's Mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) Was Returning To Hawaii From Kenya. "If These Documents Were Forged, ... Then A Crime Has Been Committed" Says Arpaio. "Those Responsible Should Be Brought To Justice. That's My Job, And I'm Going To Pursue It". Lead Investigator Michael Zullo Says, "We Have Identified A Person Of Interest In The Forgery Of The Birth Certificate Which Is A Crime". Obama's Presidency Is Doomed, Because After All These Years, He Still Cannot Prove He Is A "U.S.-Born Citizen", Rather Than A "Naturalized Citizen": Which Is Unconstitutional. The Fact That The System Is Covering-Up This Crime, Bespeaks Of A Conspiracy That Must Be Exposed And Stopped. Furthermore, His Adoption By An Indonesian Muslim, Forced Him To Lose His U.S. Citizenship, Even If He Ever Was One. His Refusal To Release His Birth, Adoption, Immigration And Passport Records Prove He Has Something To Hide: Finally, We Just Cannot Elect A Muslim To Office. [Watch For This Story To Heat-Up.] 

April 3rd, 2012: Obama The Nigger Backed Down Like A Little Nigger-Boy That He Is, When Federal Judge Jerry E.  Smith Of The Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals Hauled Him On The Carpet! Yesterday Obama Defiantly Tried To Intimidate The SC Justices By Saying He Didn't Think An Unelected Body Would Overturn Obamacare Because It Would Be Judicial Activism & Unprecedented; And That Obamacare Was Passed By A Big Majority Of Elected Representatives. [Firstly Only Liberal Judges Have Been Guilty Of Judicial Activism By Forcing Homosexuality, Legalized Marijuana, Abortion, Equality, Unions& Desegregation On Us; Secondly Obamacare Was Passed By Threatening, Bribing, Coercing Forcing Congressmen To Vote For It; Using "Reconciliation" & "Deeming" To Pass It; Yet Not A Single GOP Voted For It; Obamacare Has Been Consistently Unpopular For The American People, Yet It Was Shoved Down Our Throats; And 70% Of Americans Want It Declared Unconstitutional! Thirdly It Is The Duty Of The SCOTUS To Review A Bill For Constitutionality, That Was Referred To Them By 26 States: Our Constitution Has Meaning: It Was Written In BloodTo Protect Individual Rights And Freedoms From The Tyranny Of Government Encroachment On Them. Our Founders Always Had A Suspicion Of Government!] Today, With His Tail Between His Legs He Backed Down, Saying, "The Supreme Court Has The Final Say Over Our Constitution And Our Laws, And All Of Us Must Respect That." But Then He Added Another Jab At The Court: "But They Should Show Deference To Our Duly Elected Representatives And Legislature; And The Onus Is On Those Who Overturn A Law Like This ...". This Is Why We Don't Put A Devil-Possessed, Low Intelligence Uncle-Tom Nigger In The White House: He Truly Believes That Satan Is God And Satan Is All-Powerful; That The Blonde Saxons Are A Superior Race: He Can't Accept Defeat Gracefully! Like He Delusionally Truly BelievesIn Global Warming, Marxism & African Socialism And Bankrupted Our Nation With His Failed $2 Trillion Stimulus Spent On Solar & Nuclear Energy, Bailouts And Printing (Monetary Stimulus) $16 Trillion Dollars! Justice Anthony Kennedy Specifically Addressed His Question In Court, Saying, "The Burden Of Proof, Is Not On The Court, But On Those Who Want To Expand The Powers Of Government, To Show Why It Is Constitutional"!!! Kennedy Is Usually The Swing Vote, Intimidating The Court Is Not Smart Or Proper. Justice Jerry Smith Humiliated Nigger-Boy Obama By Ordering Him, His Attorney General Eric Holder & The DOJ To Write A Three Page, Single-Spaced Letter Within 48 Hours: Forcing Obama To Grovel And Accept That (In Light Of Obama's Statements) They Now Believe That The Courts Have The Authority To Overturn Gov't Legislation --The Counsel For Obama Immediately Capitulated. [Note: Holder Did Write The Letter In Nigger-Like Supplication The Next Day! After All These Guys Are Descended From Slaves.] This Is A Humiliation For Obama, But A Nigger Should Be Treated Like This. The Reason We Still Even Have An Obama, Is That None Of Our Politicians Have Taken This Put Down Approach To Obama (Or Treat Him Like A Gutter-Rat, Chimp, Inferior Race Approach To Obama); If You Don't Treat A Low-Life Like A Low-Life, How Can You Win? [NOTE: It Turns Out That Obama Was A Professor Of "Constitutional Law" From Harvard, So He Should Have Known Better: What This Proves Is That Obama Was Made A Professor And Accepted Into Harvard Solely Because Of "Affirmative Action" Because He Is A Nigger!!! (Donald Trump Claims Obama Had Very Low Marks In College: He Got Into Harvard Because He Is A Nigger!) This Is Why We Need To Stop This Practice; Because It Produces Incompetent, Inferior People In Prominent Positions (Like Obama): That Will Destroy Our Nation!] (2) Walter Bagdasarian Was Again Acquitted By The Ninth Circuit Court For Uttering Death Threats Against Obama, On The Day Obama Was Elected; Because He Did Not Carry Any Of It Out, And He Didn't Have The Intent. The Justices Also Said It Would Cripple Free Speech. Bagdasarian Was Prophetic In His Statement: He Said "Shoot the nigger country fucked for another 4 years+, what nigger has ever done ANYTHING right???? long term???? never in history, except sambos.". Bagdasarian Was Acquitted Months Ago By A Three-Judge Panel, But Obama Appealed To A Full Panel Of Judges And Has Lost Again. The System Has Tired Of Their Own Puppet-Rat Obama, And Have Now Thrown Him To The Wolves!

March 28th, 2012: Day Three Of The SCOTUS Hearings Was The Final Nail In The Coffin For Obamacare: Justice Antonin Scalia Was The Most Hardline On The Non-Severability Of Obamacare, Saying, "The Whole Thing Has To Go, We Cannot Discern Congress' Purpose Because They Had Contrary Intents: Providing Healthcare And Affordability. Can You Give Me One Example Where You Strike Down The Heart Of A Bill, And Leave The Rest Unchanged? (Respondent's Counsels Couldn't)... If You Take The Heart Out Of A Statute (IM) The Statute's Gone, You Cannot Pick What's Good And What's Bad. ... Do You Really Want Us To Go Through 2,700 Pages? --Do You Want Our Clerks To Go Through Them?-- Thanks But No Thanks! The Bill Stands Or The Bill Falls!" Justice Kennedy:"It Is Not For Us To Decide What Parts To Keep And What Parts Go; That Would Be Judicial Activism. ... What Would Insurance Companies Do With Increased Coverage, But Without The Mandate Revenue? Their Expenses Would Go Through The Roof!". Justice Roberts, "Why Should We Be In The Position To Decide What's Good And What's Bad?". Paul Clement The Plaintiff's Counsel Gave An Amazing Performance To Defeat Obamacare: In An Exchange With Justice Elena Kagan She Tried To Bribe Him Saying: "Wouldn't You Like Free Healthcare? If I Gave You $10 Million Dollars, You'd Be Happy Wouldn't You?" Clement Answered, "Not If The $10 Million Was Coming Out Of My Bank Account!". As Your Father Probably Told You, "Nothing In This World Is Free"; When The Most Evil, Morally Bankrupt, Satanic People On Earth (The Democrats) Want To Give You Free Healthcare: Be Very Suspicious & Skeptical, Check To See If You Still Have All Your Fingers. First Of All It Isn't Free, It Comes From All Our Taxes, Wages Or Bank Account, And It Is Bankrupting This Nation: It Is A Satanic Attempt To Take Control Of Your Body From Cradle To Grave By Force, And Force 100% Satanic Procedures On You. The Justices May Bring In Outside Counsel To Speak To The Issue Of Whether There Are Any Examples In Case Law, Where The Heart Of A Statute Is Struck Down And The Rest Of The Statute Remains. But This Is Unnecessary Because The Senate And The Obama Administration Deliberately Removed The Severability Clause From The Original House Bill: Congressional Intent Is Important In Determining Severability: Congress Wanted The Bill Kept Or Struck Down In Its Entirety; Because They Didn't Want The Bill Ever Amended, And Once Implemented, They Didn't Think Anyone Would Dare Strike It Down!!! Soon After This, The Justices Will Then Go Into Conference And Decide The Case, Then Assign The Opinions To A Justice; And The Decision Should Be Released In Late June 2012. 

March 27th, 2012:  
Day Two Of The SCOTUS HearingsInto Obamacare Was A Total Defeat Of The Obama Administration And Gov't Healthcare: Justices On Both The Right And Left Lit Into Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, Jr.  (Who Was Unprepared: Stumbling, Bumbling, Mumbling And Weak): First Re-Affirming That The Individual Mandate (IM) Penalty Was Not A Tax; Then Totally Demolishing The Gov't's Case. Justice Scalia Saying, "We May All Need Healthcare Sometime, But Not Everybody Needs A Liver Transplant Or Heart Transplant, And They Shouldn't Have To Pay For It; ... What You Are Saying Is: Everybody Needs Food, Food Is A Market, Therefore You Can Compel Everybody To Buy Broccoli". Justice Kennedy Saying, "This Is A Fundamental Shift Between The Relation Of Government And The INDIVIDUAL, You Are Compelling Someone To Do An Individual ACT; A Person's Liberty Will Be Affected By This Law. ... Where Do You Set The Limit Of Gov't Power? There Is No Limiting Principle In Your Argument. And The U.S. Constitution Was Set Up To Limit Gov't Power From Taking Over Our Lives". Chief Justice John Roberts Saying, "You Would Need To Show That Healthcare Is So Unique That It Doesn't Fall Under Commerce; ... And Is Outside The Compass Of This Court". Jeffrey Toobin A Leftwing Commentator On CNNAnd A Long-time Reporter On TheSCOTUS Crowed: "This Is A Train Wreck For The Obama Administration, The IM Law Is In Grave Grave Trouble". The Problem For Obama Increased When Former Solicitor General Justice Kagan, Refused To Recuse Herself From This Case; Yet She Was The Point Person In Passing Obamacare: She's A Justice Without Principles Like Obama: And It Exemplifies The Whole Contempt For Law, Justice And All Goodness By The Satanic Forces Of The Left. The Three Jewish Female Leftist Justices (Ginzburg, Kagan) Were So Out Of Touch With Reality: They Were Equating Their Own Biases, Leftist Satanic Ideology, Their Personal SubjectivePerceived Charitable Or Social Obligations With Constitutional Law: One Person's Charity Is Another Person's Genocidal Concentration Camp. The Jews Have No Shame: They Were Murdered By Cyanide Poison, In Nazi Concentration Camps By Saxon-Aryan Doctors, Yet They Want To Force Us To Pay For A Genocidal Medical Model That Legally Murders Thousands Of People Everyday Through Satanic Quackery! Modern Medicine Is 100% Quackery: Therein Lies Their Desperation To Have It Forcefully Gov't Funded: Because If People Had The Choice To Pay For It Themselves, They Would Refuse! Thousands Of People Die Everyday From Unnecessary Surgery, Anesthetics, Errors, Radiation, Immunosuppressive Drugs, Chemotherapy, Medical Malpractice And Toxic Prescription Drugs: Yet There Is No Accountability For Physicians Because There Is No Alternative Form Of Healthcare To Compare It To --They Have A Gov't Enforced Monopoly. Having Won On The IM Law, We Now Need To Focus On The Severability Part Of This Case: The Obama Leftists Deliberately Did Not Insert A Severability Clause, To Prevent This Bill From Ever Being Amended, Without Throwing The Whole Bill Out. They Were So Arrogant, They Assumed, Once Passed, No One Would Dare Undo The Whole Bill: But Now They Must Pay For Their Hubris. Healthcare Should Be Privatized Fully, And It Should Remain A Personal Relationship Between You And Your Physician: Gov't Needs To Get Out Of This Relationship. Obviously Emergency Care Must Always Be Provided By Gov't; (Paid For By User Fees If Necessary) The Problem Was The Gov't Was Reversing The Argument And Overreaching: Claiming That Because A Person May Need Emergency Care, Then They Should Be Forced To Pay For Every Aspect Of Healthcare For Everyone Else, Which All Should Be Controlled By Gov't!
March 26th, 2012: Day One: Of The Supreme Court Hearings Into Obamacare Was A Win For The GOP, For Stanley And For Freedom: The Justices On Both Right And Left Concurred That The 'Individual Mandate' Penalty Was Not A Tax. This Destroys The Future Democratic Argument That The Case Comes Under The Government's Right To Levy Taxes --Which The Courts Have Traditionally Not Interfered With-- And Puts It Under The 'Commerce Clause' --Which The Courts Have Restricted In The Past. But The Fundamental Issue Not Addressed, And Only Raised By Stanley The King Is That: Obamacare Denies Freedom Of Religion, Security Of The Person And The Fundamental Right & Freedom To Choose The Type Of Healthcare We Want: Which Fundamentally Affects How Our Bodies Will Be Treated And What Medical Procedures Used. The Right To Control Our Own Bodies Is A Fundamental Human Right! When Gov't Removes Choice, We Lose That Right; As It Will Be "One Shop Shopping"; Modern Medicine Is Satanically Invasive, With No Respect For The Human Body. Freedom Of Conscience & Religious Freedom Is Denied When Under Obamacare, Catholics, Conservatives And Evangelicals Will Be Forced To Indirectly Fund Contraception, Abortion And In VitroFertilization. The Right To Choose Alternative Medicine Like Acupuncture And Yoga Medicine Will Be Denied --As No One Can Compete Fairly With A Government Enforced Monopoly On Healthcare. Finally, The Government Is Proscribed From Establishing A State Religion Under Our Constitution: Yet Modern Medicine Is The Definition Of AState Religion, Being Violently Forced On Us! (2) Obama Was Caught On An Open Mic Betraying His Country: He Told Russian President Dmitri Medvedev "This Will Be My Final Election, After The Election I Will Be Able To Be More Flexible To Do More For You." Medvedev Replied, "I Understand, I Understand, And I Will Be Transmitting This Information To Vladimir". Obama Intends To Sell Out American Interests On The "Missile Defense Shield" In Poland; Canceling It, Or Giving The Russians Access To American Technology For The Missiles. The Issue Of Concern, Is That He Is Keeping It Secret From The American People. What Other Hidden Leftwing Agenda Is He Keeping From The People? 

March 25th, 2012
The Trayvon Martin Case Is Classic Divide And Conquer Strategy Of The Blonde Saxon-Aryans: They Have Gotten Their Puppet Uncle-Tom Niggers (Obama, Al Sharpton Etc) To Protest A Legally Proper Self-Defense Case: Into A Hysterical Protest Against Non-Existent Racism! This Was In Response To Stanley's Attack On The Blonde Saxon-Aryans On March 20th; (See Below) As The People That Are Rigging The Elections To Put "Liberal" Candidates Into Republican Office To Deny The Right-Wing A Voice In Government! George Zimmerman The Jewish-Hispanic "Victim" Of "Trial By Media", Was Vilified Before Any Facts Were Known: What Really Happened Was That Trayvon Refused To Speak To, Blew Off & Started Running Away From Mr. Zimmerman, Who Was Performing His Duties As "Neighborhood Watch" Captain: There Had Been Break-ins In This "Gated Community" Neighborhood By Black Youths, Trayvon Was A Suspicious Character, Hiding His Face With A Black "Hoodie", Holding A Hidden Object In His Hand And Running Away When Questioned. At ~7:00 PM, Mr. Zimmerman Called Police, Who Claimed To Be On Their Way; But Told Him Out Of Concern For Him, He Didn't Need To Follow Trayvon, "You Don't Need To Do That"; Contrary To Media Reports, The Police Never Told Zimmerman Not To Follow Trayvon. Actually Mr. Zimmerman Had A RIGHTTo Keep Trayvon Under Observation: If Trayvon Eluded Him (As Trayvon Tried To Do By Running), He Would Burglarize Several Houses & Escape, Before Police Arrived --Which Would Defeat The Whole Purpose Of "Neighborhood Watch". Mr. Zimmerman Now Claims He Observed Trayvon From A Distance On The Opposite Side Of The Street, Trayvon Seemed To Be Lurking In The Dark, Obviously Up To No-Good. After Several Minutes, Zimmerman Decided To Return To His Car To Await Police; Where Trayvon Walked Up To Him Saying, "What's Your Problem?", George Answered "I Don't Have A Problem"; Zimmerman Then Pulled Out His Cellphone And Tried Calling Police A Second Time (Stanley Now Suspects That The Police Were Never Coming: They Had Set-Up Zimmerman To Be Murdered By Trayvon!). To The Criminal Mind, Calling Police Is Considered "Being A "Rat"", To Which A Criminal Will React Violently To. Trayvon Suddenly Started Viciously Assaulting A Small 5 Foot-Nothing, Overweight, Weakling Hispanic, By Punching Zimmerman To The Ground And Crouching Over Him And Delivering More Punches & Pounding His Head Repeatedly Into The Sidewalk (Breaking His Nose And Blooding His Lips & The Back Of His Head) With Zimmerman Screaming For Help --But Nobody Ever Came To His Assistance!This Version Of Events Was Corroborated By Several Witnesses. As A Fight This Was A Mismatch: Trayvon Was A 6 Foot 3 Inches Tall, Football-Playing Athlete, Trying To Kill Or Cause Serious Bodily Harm To 5'0" Zimmerman. Zimmerman Now Claims That He Struggled To Get His Head Onto The Grass; But In Doing So His Jacket Rode Up And Trayvon Spotted The Gun. Trayvon Then Said, "Now You Are Going To Die Tonight"; And Started Punching Him Harder.At This Point Zimmerman Drew His Gun; But He Now Says, Trayvon Struggled With Him For The Gun; But He Managed To Get Off One Shot To Trayvon's Chest. (Why Did Trayvon Not Go For The Gun Himself? A Bully Never Expects His Victim To Fight Back; Because They Are Cowards: They Only Attack People Weaker Than Them. He Underestimated Zimmerman, Because He Seemed Like A Totally Naive & A 5'0" Weakling; And Trayvon Demonically Knew That The Police Weren't Coming, And The Police Had Given Him A Green Light To Severely Beat-Up Or Murder Zimmerman.) Under Florida's "Stand Your Ground Law", A Person Is Entitled To Use Deadly Force To Defend Against Assault, If They Felt Threatened By Danger Of "Serious Injury" Or Worse. This Case Was Cleared By The Sanford FL, Police Chief Bill Lee, And State Prosecutor Norm Wolfinger, As Self Defense, And No Charges Were Laid On February 26th, 2012. On Reading Stanley's Attack On The Satanic Devil Worshiping Aryans On March 20th: The Saxons Tried To Deflect Attention Away From Aryans, By Using Their Trained Nigger-Chimps To Attack Hispanics: Suddenly On March 22nd, The Police Chief Steps Aside For A Black Police Chief, Obama's DOJ Tries To Investigate Zimmerman For "Hate Crimes" And Blonde Saxon-Aryan Governor Rick Scott, Assigns A Hardline Bitch, Satanic Black Female Special Prosecutor Angela B. Corey, To Re-Investigate The Case. The State Prosecutor Suddenly Convenes A Grand Jury To Hear Evidence (Note: The Grand Jury Has Since Been Canceled, Indicating A Lessening Of The Chances Zimmerman Will Be Charged.). The Blonde Aryans Then Got The Usual Cast Of Niggers Like Obama To Make Comments ('If I Had A Son, He Would Look Like Trayvon') And Stir Hysteria; And Pretend He Is Like Other Blacks, To Get Votes. Obama Is An Uncle Tom Nigger, A Puppet Of The Blonde Aryans' Satanic Agenda: Blacks Should All Understand That It Is The Saxon-Aryans That Are All Of Our Enemy: And Not Start Fighting Each Other. The Blacks Should Show Their Faith In Stanley, By Voting Republican Or Rightwing; Blacks Should Ask Themselves A Question: "Are You Happy With Things As They Are Now --Then Vote Obama-- Or Do You Want Something Better? --Then Follow Stanley." The Final Proof Are The Medical & Police Reports: The Police & Doctors Confirm That: Zimmerman Had A Broken Nose, Was Bleeding From Lacerations On His Lips & The Back Of His Head, His Face Was Puffed-Up Like A Football, He Was Diagnosed With A Concussion And Now Suffers From PTSD. Whereas The Medical Examiner's Report Says That Trayvon Had ZeroExternal Injuries Except For One Bullet Hole Wound; And His Shirt Had Powder Burns On It Proving He Was Shot At Close Range: Proving He Was The Aggressor & Corroborating Zimmerman! Trayvon's School Report Shows That He Was Suspended Three Times For Carrying Drug Pouches With Pieces Of Marijuana In Them. What Emerges Is A Trayvon That Very Likely Was A Burglar, Earning Drug-Money By Stealing! When Mr Zimmerman Foiled His Burglary Attempt, It Frustrated And Enraged Him: And His Drug Fueled Rage Almost Cost Zimmerman His Life. Stanley Has Spent Many Many Years In Prison: He Understands The Criminal Mind: Criminals Are Demonic, They Can Get Very Violent, Very Suddenly, When Confronted With Their Criminality By A Smaller Person!!! Thus Zimmerman's Story Rings True! The Police Knew This, And The Only Reason They Are Fueling This Reverse Racism Against Hispanics, Is To Deflect Attention Away From Themselves, And Sic These Lying Nigger Hounds On Stanley The King, To Spite Him For Attacking Them!!! The Racism Here Is Against Hispanics! When A Man Cannot Defend His Own Neighborhood, His Own Property, His Own Life By A Devil-Possessed Thug Trying To Rob And Murder Him: (Just Because The Thug Is A Nigger-Rat) Then The System Is Stacked Against Humans; Hispanics Need To Rise Up Against The Blonde Aryans & Their Nigger Puppets!!! Had The Races Been Reversed There Never Would Be An Issue: 90% Of Black Murders Are By Other Nigger-Blacks, And The Blonde Police Kill Far More Blacks For The Slightest Provocation --As Was Present In This Case.In Fact During This Hysteria, Obama Jumped 11% Points In Rigged Approval Ratings And Now Leads Over Santorum & Romney By Double-Digits --Proving This Was All About Rigging Obama Back In; Deflecting Attention From The System Rigging Romney For President --To Spite Stanley. Again The System Was Using That Trained Nigger Obama, To Deflect Attention From Themselves, And Attack Stanley --Because Wherever There Is Injustice Anywhere, Stanley Is Forced To Intervene!!! Nigger-Blacks Have Lost All Credibility By Their Lying Actions, And Can Never Be Taken Seriously Again. A Lot Of Blacks Thought That Stanley Was Being Racist By Calling Obama A Nigger: They Didn't Bother To Read Stanley's Definition Of Nigger: "Devil Possessed Blacks, Puppets Or Slaves Of The Blonde Saxon-Aryans". Blacks Are An Inferior Race, The Civil War Was A Hoax, Niggers Have Become The New Slaves: But With The Blonde Saxons As Their Masters, Instead Of Humans. But Their Race Has Been Destroyed By The Aryans: They Have The Highest AIDS Rate On Earth; Their Families Have Broken-down, With 80% Fatherless Households, The Highest Rates Of: Black-On-Black Murders (90%), 65% Of All Murders In The U.S. Are On Blacks While Composing Only 12% Of The U.S. Population, Highest Poverty And Crime Rates; But With A Elite Minority Of Uncle Tom Nigger Rich That Are Leading Them To Follow Satan Socialism, And The Blonde-Aryans. Trayvon's Mother Sybrina Fulton, Is A Lying Nigger-Bitch Who Lied To The American People: She Knew That Trayvon Was A Drug-Addict Criminal Thug: Yet She Lied That He Was Some Kind Of Innocent Person! Black Women Tend To Be Unladylike, Shrewish Bitches: Stanley Will Not Tolerate Such Behavior From Women In His Kingdom: If Black Men Cannot Handle Their Women, Then Stanley Will Whup Their Asses For Them! Stanley Has Now Been Totally Vindicated In Calling Obama And His Supporters Niggers: They Were Stooges Of Satan & The Saxon-Aryans, Trained Chimps, Uncle-Toms With No Minds Of Their Own: As Has Now Been Proved!!!(2) Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney's Chief Campaign Strategist Proved Stanley's Warnings About Romney The Liberal: When Asked, "Aren't You Worried Romney Has Moved Too Far To The Right For Moderate Voters?" Eric Said The Minute The Selection Of Romney Is Won, They Will Shake Away All The Conservative Principles And Start With A Blank Liberal, Moderate Slate: Like An "Etch A SketchTM"! Romney Has Also Embraced A Leftwing Marxist Budget By Arsehole Paul Ryan, That Cuts Zero In Real Spending: Romney Lied To Us --After Running A Marathon GOP Nomination Process To Defeat Obama, Because Obama Was Refusing To Balance The Budget Or Cut Gov't Spending-- Romney Does The Same!!! We Have To Stop Romney Before He Destroys The Republican Brand: If The GOP Refuses To Cut Spending And Keep Its BB Pledge (Cut, Cap, Balance & Pledge): No One Will Ever Believe Us Again! 

March 20th, 2012:
 Paul Ryan's 2013 GOP House Budget Spells Political Suicide For The Republicans In 2012: As Romney Backed It --With Only Ron Paul Rejecting It! It Repeats The Failed Policies Of Bush And Totally Rejects The King Of Canada & The U.S.: Stanley D'Almeida: Ryan Wants To Temporarily Cut Taxes For The Rich & Businesses From 35% To 25% While Increasing The Deficit & Debt Worse Than Obama Would (This Is A Keynesian-Marxist Form Of StimulusWhich The GOP Campaigned Against, Yet Are Doing The Same! This Is A Temporary Cut Because It Will Raise The Debt & Deficit So High It Will Force Future Gov'ts To Raise Taxes Worse Than Ever!!!); Ryan Wants To Revoke The Hard Fought For "Sequester" Which Itself Was A Token Cut To Spending And Was Only To Begin In 2013! Ryan's Only Spending Cuts Are On The Poor: He Wants To Cut Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid & Pell Grants To States (In The Middle Of The Greatest Depression Is Not The Time To Attack Just The Poor: Look What Happened To Marie Antoinette's Head; When Told The People Have No Bread To Eat, She Said, "Let Them Eat Cake": There Will Be Riots In The Streets For A Revolution! This Is Classic Marxist "Class Warfare" Which All GOP Candidates Campaigned Against!Spending Cuts Must Be Done In A Just Way, To Get The People's Support: There Must Be An Across-The-Board 20% Cut To All Gov't Departments And To All Entitlements Including Medicare & Social Security --No Exceptions-- Until The Debt Is Eliminated! Ryan & John Boehner Have To Be Forcefully Removed From Office: As They Are Deliberately Sabotaging The Republican Party By Being Politically Insensitive To The Poor: Who Are Over 50% Of The Population; And Both Are Personally CORRUPT! When The Bottom 40% Of Americans Own Just 0.3% Of America's Wealth, And The Top 20% Of Americans Own 85% Of The Wealth And 90% Of The Stock-Markets' Stocks & Bonds: Why Can't They Pay For Their Own Medicare & Social Security? Stanley The King Does Not Believe In Welfare For The Rich, Bailouts, Corporate Welfare, Union Special-Treatment Welfare Or Universality Of Medicare & S.S.!); Ryan Proposes To Subsidize The Premiums For The Rich Who Opt Out Of Medicare Creating Three-Tier Medicare --Which Is Political Suicide-- And He Refuses To Cut Costs For Or Fully Privatize: Medicare For The Rich, Which Is The Biggest Driver Of Debt; Ryan's Budget Is More Satanic, Marxist & Leftwing Than Obama's --Who At Least Cut Medicare & Military Spending! Gingrich Calls Ryan's Plan: "Right-Wing Social Engineering"; But All Presidential Candidates Must Reject Ryan's Budget!The Whole Purpose Of Removing That Nigger Obama Was So We Could: (a) Cut Government Spending Across-The-Board To ~16% Of GDP Permanently, (b) Balance The Budget Permanently, Via Constitutional Amendments, And Let The Private Sector Flourish --While Reducing Poverty (All GOP Candidates Promised To: "Cut. Cap, & Balance" The Budget.). Unfortunately The Blonde Saxon-Aryans See Stanley The King As Their Enemy, Not The Depression That We're In! The Blonde Blue-Eyed Saxon-Aryans Have Thus Far Rigged The Elections To Nominate The Most Liberal Satanic GOP Candidate Mitt Romney; And Have Doubled-Down With Increasing Government Spending And Debt With No End In Sight! We Are Now Headed For Four More Years Of Worsening Depression!!! Remember That Stanley Is Your King And The Blonde Blue-Eyed Saxon-Aryans Are Your Enemy! [Note: There Are Some Good Things In The Ryan Budget: He Wants To Scrap Obamacare, Transfer Medicaid To The States With A Cap On Federal Spending, But His Cuts To Only Welfare Are Vindictive, Mean & Untimely, And Wouldn't Amount To Much In Revenue (They Could Be Reasonable At A Different Economic Time, But Could Cause Worsening Social Problems Now); The Problem With Ryan (Like Romney) Is He Doesn't Grasp The Seriousness Of This Crisis: Ryan Is Only Reducing The "Trajectory" Of The Increase In The Deficit & Debt: With No REAL CUTS To GOV'T SPENDING OR INTENTION TO BALANCE THE BUDGET! Tinkering Around The Edges Is Too Little Too Late: This Is A Revolution: Government Spending Has To Be Cut Drastically: In The Tens Of $Trillions, Not $Billions!!! Stanley Implores The People Not To Equate This Rigged Ryan, Boehner & Romney Republicans With Conservatism Or Rightwing Principles: They Are Extreme Leftwing Satanic People Who Have Been Rigged Into Office By The Blonde Saxon-Aryans To Destroy Conservatism In America: And Drive People Into Voting The Even More Satanic Democratic Party! That Is Why We Must Have A Violent Overthrow Of The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Ruling Us, To Get Any Real Change!!! 

March 11th, 2012: The Pakistani Gov't Is Refusing To Release The Three Saudi & Yemeni Widows Of Osama Bin Laden, Nor His Children Or Family, On Secret U.S. Orders: Proving The U.S. Military Murdered Bin Laden To Cover-Up That The "Special Ops" Were Responsible For 9/11, And Not Bin Laden!!! They Have Instead Been Charged With Being In The Country Illegally; (There Are Thousands Of Afghans There Illegally, Without Charge!) They Have Yet To See Trial After One Year In Custody; And Ten Years In Custody In The Bin Laden "Compound": --Which Also Was A Pakistani Prison!!! (See Below) This Is A Gross Injustice To These Women And Children: Who Are Being Persecuted To Cover-Up The U.S. Military's & CIA's Crimes From The American People!!

March 1st, 2012:  

Good News: Andrew Breitbart The Darling Of Satanic Aryans And The Gang At FOX News Died Age 43! He Was Never A Conservative Or Rightwinger: By His Own Admission! He Helped Found Ariana Huffington's Extreme Leftwing Internet Post In 1994.Breitbart Said He Pretended To Be Conservative Because No-One Was Defending The Right In The Media: It Was A Free-For-All Daily Bashing; So He Appointed Himself As Spokesperson To Deliberately Sabotage & Destroy The Right --From Within! Breitbart Deliberately Misrepresented The Right's Position, And His Racist Rants Alienated And Drove People Away From The Republican Right --Thus He Deserved To Die!The Only Man Who Has The Right To Speak For The Right In America, Is Stanley The King: If Any False Prophet (Breitbart & FOX) Usurps That Right It Is Treason And They Will Die Like Breitbart!!! All Conservatives Must Defer To Stanley The King As The Official Spokesman For Conservatism: --And Not Make Up Their Own Trash-- Forcing The System To Come To Stanley On Its Knees! The Reason The Left Wins The Media Battle Is We Have Devil-Possessed Aryans (FOX & Breitbart) Who Are Leftists, Pretending To Speak For Us And Deliberately Losing The Battle, By Their Satanic Agenda: Pro Police State (Patriot Act), Pro Loss Of Fundamental Liberties & Constitutional Rights, Pro Satanic Endless Wars, Pro Use Of Torture, Pro Satanic Nuclear Power & Racism  Against Latinos! The Military Have Murdered 11 Million Civilians In The Last 20 Years (In Iraq, Afghan., & N. Korea); The Aryans Promote Nuclear Power; (But These Are Losing Positions: For How Many Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Do We Need Before The System Will Ban Nuclear?) No Party That Tries To Defend These Satanic Positions Can Win The Argument Or Be Popular!  (As Fox Tries To Do In All These Above Losing Arguments). For Example: Breitbart Tried To Monopolize The "Right" For Only Blonde Aryans By Attacking The "Occupy" Demonstrators (Who Are Rightwing, But Poor) And Trying To Drive Them Into The Leftist Democratic Fold --Like The Devil Possessed Aryan That He Was!!! Race& Money Has Nothing To Do With Being Conservative: The Non-Aryan& The Very Poor Are More Likely To Be Conservative Than The Very Rich & Blonde Aryans --Look At Liberal & Rich Romney, Bill Gates, Buffett & Soros! The Aryans Have Made A Crazy Argument That Because Romney Is A Businessman & Rich: He Knows About The Economy: But Those Are The Same Kinds Of People That Are Advising Obama And Donating $1 Billion To His Campaign!!! The Democrats Have Made Poverty Worse By Bailing Out The Unions And Banks, Their Corporate Welfare Socialism For Only Aryans, Jews, Niggers, The Unions, Health-care, Big Banks & Corporations Have Caused This Depression. "Occupy" Said They Hate The Jews, Obama, Wallstreet And All Bailouts: How Can You Get More Rightwing Than That? Yet Fox News & Breitbart Were Satanically Calling Them "Extreme Leftists!" There Is No One More Extreme Leftwing Than Obama! Or Romney!Stanley Is The Only Man In America With Power, Who Has Not Abandoned The Poor: And Stanley Is Extreme Rightwing: And These Are "Stanley's People" Or "Stanley's Army": Thus What Breitbart & FOX Did Was A Satanic Attempt To Deceive The People!!! The Aryans Were Trying To Make The Republican Party A Party Exclusively For The Blonde Saxon-Aryan Elite And The Rich --Regardless Of Whether These "Blondies" Are Rightwing (Like Romney & The Blondes On FOX News)-- To The Detriment Of The Party!!! Stanley Believes The Republican Party Should Be A Party For The Right: Regardless Of Race Or Income: To Grow The Party And Govern Perpetually!!! Aryans Are Like Niggers & Jews, They Are Incapable Of Being Truly Rightwing; But They Have The Basics Of Conservatism That Can Fool Most People. Aryans Are All Prone To Being Possessed By Devils And All Worship Satan As Their God: The Reason They Are Ruling Us Is They Worship Their Satan-God And The DAma, Better Than We Worship Our God And Our True Religion: The Eternal Law Of DAma! 


February 28th, 2012: The System And The Blonde Saxon Aryans Took A Last Desperate Stab At Stanley The King: By Blatantly Rigging The Election For A Liberal, Romney! Stanley Never Believed That Reform Could Come From The Rigged Ballot Box: But Now The Revolution Will Become Even More Violent: The "Occupy" Movement Is Stanley's Rightwing Movement That Is Not Affiliated With The Establishment Parties (Although The Leftists Tried To Co-Opt It Initially, Until It Got Violent On Stanley's Orders): They Will Gradually Get More And More Violent: As The Economy Continues To Worsen In This "The Greatest Depression"!!! Both Romney & Santorum Are Intellectual Midgets Compared To Ron Paul & Gingrich: We Don't Elect Our Equals To High Office Or Men Lower Than Us (Like Obama, Clinton & Bush): We Elect Men Who Are Better Than Us, Men Who Are Leaders Of Men! -- Not Followers Of Keynesian Temporary Tax-Cut Stimuli While Growing The Debt, Steve Forbes' 20% Flat Tax Without Paying For It, Donald Trump's Crazy Socialist Anti-Free-Trade Idea: Blaming China & OPEC For Our Government's Incompetence; And Paul Ryan's Politically Suicidal Three-Tier Medicare That Favors Only The Rich-- As A Weak Romney Has Adopted. Romney Is A Weak Homosexual Pansy, He Will Destroy The Economy Worse Than Obama & Destroy The Republican Party: And Continue The Depression! The Grassroots Rightwing Base, Who Are The Soul Of The Party, Will Never Accept Romney: Which Spells Disaster For The Republicans In 2012!!! 
February 22nd, 2012: Ron Paul Won The CNN Debate, With Rick Santorum Coming A Close Second; Romney In Last Place. Gingrich Is Finished In Politics: As He Proved He And Romney Are Fiscally Liberal And Have No Plan To Balance The Budget! The CNN Evil, Satanic, Biased, Leftist Debate Again Trucked-In Romney Supporters, Who Were Openly Booing Santorum; And Commie John King Was Openly Disrespecting Future President Ron Paul! Moderators And Audiences For The Debates Should Be Selected By The RNC And Not Allow Leftist Media To Bash Our Politicians As Has Happened Repeatedly. To Show You How Biased The Leftist Media Are: For The First Time In All 20 Debates, An Email Questioner Asked The Candidates, "How Do You Intend To Balance The Budget?". Gingrich & Romney Had Absolutely No Specific Plan; While Ron Paul & Santorum Came Out Swinging: Santorum Said That Unlike Romney, He Believes We Are In A Fiscal Crisis; And He Intends On Cutting Spending & Balancing The Budget Now And Not Ten Years From Now --Like Romney And Paul Ryan!!! Ron Paul Would Cut $1 Trillion In Real Dollars In The First Year Alone! But Ron Paul Won Because He Said He Would Get Our Troops Out Of Iran And End The Wars: While The Other Three Said They Would Start Another War --With Iran! Stanley Is In Favor Of Destroying & Discrediting Islam As A Religion: But Our Military Have Proved Incompetent & Incapable Of Doing This: And Are Making Insane Islamists Look Good And Even Apologizing For Burning The Satanic Verses Koran!! The Lowest Point In Obama's Administration Has Been Reached When He Writes A Letter Of Apology To Terrorists And Their Terrorist Religion: That Just Encourages Them To Commit More Terrorism!!! Afghan Government Soldiers Turned On The Americans Killing Six U.S. Troops, And 35 Civilians: Egged On By Obama's Apology To Their Crazy Religion. Yet Obama Shows Contempt For The Catholic Church By Forcing Them To Pay For Contraception (Through Their Insurance Premiums) Even Though It's Against Their Religious Beliefs: This Proves That Obama Is A Muslim And Was Born A Muslim: And He Lied And Lied To Us About His Forged Birth-Certificate!!! Obama's Apology Has Made The Thousands Of American Lives Lost In The Gulf To Be In Vain! We Either Kick-Ass Destroy Islam Or Get the Hell Out of There! February 20th, 2012: Santorum Has Just Taken A 10% Lead Over Romney In Michigan & In National Polls; Despite Being Outspent ~4 To 1 In Evil Super PAC Attack Ads: Hopefully It Is The End Of The System Rigging The Elections For Liberal Romney!!! Romney Never Really Led In The Polls Or Won Any States: The Aryan Secret Police Were Rigging The Election For Him: But Now That They See That They Will Face Violent Retribution From Stanley The King, They Are Backing Off, Of Romney.

February 11th, 2012: Another Lesbian Bites The Dust: Singer Whitney Houston 48, Deserved To Die For Being A Lesbian! People Don't Understand How Much Suffering And Evil Lesbians Cause: And It Is Uplifting To Know That "Bad Karma" Strikes These People Dead; Even Though The Satanic Aryan System Is Forcing Homosexuality On Us! Her Death Is Being Blamed On Drugs; But It Is Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper & Ellen DeGeneres Who Had Her On Their Shows, Who Must Shoulder The Blame For Her Death, By Promoting Homosexuality And Trying To Destroy Our Society --Instead Of Repenting For Their Own Lesbianism And Seeking Treatment! All Homosexuals Are Absolutely Evil, Possessed By Demons, Mentally ILL And Criminal: If The System Will Not Jail Them, Then Unfortunately They Have To Be Killed By AIDS, Drugs And Bad Karma! The Latest Reports Claim Houston Died From Prescription Drugs CalledBenzodiazepines: A Psychiatric Drug Used For "Anxiety", Which Suppresses Breathing, And Caused Her To Suffocate To Death Or Drown In The Bathtub. Houston Was Seen Drinking In Bars Two Days Before She Died: Alcohol Potentiates The Lethal Effects OfBenzodiazepines By A Factor Of 15X; This Is Why All Psychiatric Drugs Need To Be Banned. The Liberal Media Are Finally Realizing That Modern Medicine Is 100% Quackery: There Is An Epidemic Of People Dying From Taking Low Doses Of Drugs Supplied By Doctors: Yet The Democrats (Obama) Want To Force Us To Blindly Fund A Medical Model That Is Murdering Us With Our Own Money!!! But Although Prescription Drugs Killed Houston, The Real Cause Of Her Death Was Her Untreated Lesbianism!!!  (2) The Aryan System Rigged The Maine Caucus Vote Against Ron Paul And Gave It To Romney: Paul Had Spent Weeks Campaigning In Maine And Deserved To Win. We Must All Support Paul For President! 

February 7th, 2012:
 Finally Stanley The King: Gets His Way: As He Always Does:Romney Was Trounced In The Caucus States Of: MO, Minn., & Colorado; By Santorum, By More Than A Two-To-One Margin In Missouri; And Romney Coming Third In Minnesota --Behind Paul. The System Has Decided That If The Economy Improves; Romney Has No Other Conservative Issue To Run On, Against Obama. But In 
Santorum's Victory Speech He Struck A Sour Note With Stanley When He Lied: "Obama Thinks He Is Above You, He Thinks He Knows Better Than You, And He Can Just Dictate To You"; This Is A Damned Lie!!! Obama Is An Inferior Race Nigger: He Has An Inferiority Complex, Like All Blacks & Jews; Obama Does His African Socialism, Because That Is All His Inferior Mind Is Capable Of; And Because He Is Possessed By His Father's Devil That Instructs Him In His Extreme African Socialism! Santorum Struck Another Sour Note When He Needlessly Cited TheDeclaration Of Independence: This Document Is Treason Under British Common Law Principles: Which Is The Foundation Of All American And Canadian LAW --Even Today! Had The Signers Lost The War, They Would Have Been Hanged! Deservedly So! Washington Was Eventually Murdered By His Own Aryan Doctors --By Deliberate Excessive Blood-Letting, As Payback For Committing Treason! Jefferson Committed Multiple Adulteries With His Black Slaves, Was Morally Depraved, Genocidal, Treasonous, Racist, Native-Indian Hating, Piece Of Shit: The U.S. Eventually Lost The War In 1814, Primarily Because They Had No King! All People Are Not Created Equal: Witness The Mess Of The Economy Inferior-Race Nigger Obama Has Created, By Blindly "Aping" Jewish-Marxism And African-Socialism (It Is Like Putting A Chimpanzee In Charge Of Your Finances: "By Putting A Low-Life, Adopted, Muslim, Homosexual, Nigger-Chimp In The White House What Did You Think Would Happen Folks? What Did You Think Would Happen?")!!! It Was Stanley That Destroyed Romney--Not Santorum-- Who Refused To Attack Romney On His Economic Credentials. The People Must Understand That To Advocate The Violent Overthrow Of The British Crown, Without Replacing Him With A Better, More Legitimate Monarch Of Your Own Is To Propose Anarchy! And Is Treason! We Can All Wish For An End To The British Crown But We Must Do So Under British Common Law Traditions!!! Stanley Is Able To Advocate Violent Overthrow Of The Aryan System Because He Is The Legitimate King Of The U.S. And Of Canada Under The Supreme Law Of The DAma! The People Must Understand That The U.S. Was Defeated In 1814 Because The U.S. Revolution Was Based On A Very Weak Foundation; Because None Of The "Patriot" Anarchists, Rabble Rousers & Isolationists Were Capable Of Being King. The Reason We Have Gridlock In Washington, And No Real Leadership; Is Because The Basic Structure Of  The U.S. Government Is Flawed: We Have The Satanic Unaccountable Liberal Judiciary Making Pro Homosexual, Pro Abortion Laws On Their Own; The Unaccountable Military Conducting Endless Genocidal Wars Against Weak Inferior Third-World Islamic Countries On Their Own; A Corrupt Congress That Is Beholden To "Special Interest" Groups Like Unions, Corporations, The Satanic Health-Care Lobby, The Military Lobby And Jews; And Seeks To Fill Their Pockets With Bribes & Insider Trading, And Pick Our Pockets Through Ever Increasing Taxes, Deficits, Debt, And By Printing Money --Rather Than Governing The People Responsibly; An Unaccountable Federal Reserve Chairman (Jew-Bernanke& Geithner) That Have Printed $16 Trillion Dollars Of Paper Money That Will Cause Massive Inflation If The Economy Ever Recovers, And Wants To Bailout European Gov'ts (Monetizing The Debt Of Greece Etc) With Even More American Paper Money; A Totally Unaccountable Satanic 100% Quackery Health Care System That Has Been Made A "State Religion" By The Aryan-Saxons With Total Control Of Our Bodies And Forcefully Funded With Our Tax Dollars; A Weak Cocaine Addicted, Puppet, Chimp-Intelligenced, Uncle-Tom Nigger, Homosexual, Devil Possessed President Who Was Rigged Elected Into Office By A Devil-Possessed Aryan Police State, And Is Totally Incompetent To Lead! The Most Unaccountable & Powerful Entity Are The Secret Police Who Are Possessed By Devils: Rig Our Elections, Polls And Media; Yet Are So Secret That They Have Zero Accountability!  It Is Satan That Rules The Aryan System: That Is Why Things Are So Bad, And Getting Worse! With Stanley As The King: There Could Not Rig The Elections Ever Again --Because We Would Always Know Who Is Our King-- Forever And Ever!!!

July 23rd, 2011: Finally Some Good News: Anders Behring Breivik 32, Killed 77 Members Of A Left-Wing Socialist Youth Camp Of The Ruling Labour Party In Utaya Island, Oslo, Norway. Although Stanley Neither Condones Nor Condemns The Slaughter: We Have To Admit This Brings Justice To The Land, As Socialists Are Satan Worshippers That Are Helping The System Control And Tax Us To Death: At The Expense Of Our Freedom. This Is A War Against The System: All Those Who Help The System Are Fair Game To Be Killed. Breivik Is Another Jared Loughner Who Killed Democrat Socialists In Tucson, AZ; Democrats Have To Understand That Stanley Always Wins: They Think They Are Winning Over The Debt Ceiling Because Of Traitor Boehner: But Death Awaits Them At The End!
July 22nd, 2011: Boehner Should Resign Or Be Removed As Speaker; As He Is Refusing To Obey Stanley In The Battle With Democrats. Boehner Is Letting Obama Set The Agenda --Which Is Precisely What Stanley Said Not To Do-- Thus Obama Is Dictating All The Shots: Forcing Boehner To Accept No Real Cuts, An Increase In Revenues; In Addition To Giving Obama A 2.4 $Trillion Increase In The Debt Ceiling --For Nothing Meaningful In Return. The Satanic Arsehole Boehner Has Betrayed Stanley For The Fourth Time: He Has Taken Going Past Aug. 2nd Off The Table: Destroying All The Leverage He Had: Leaving Him At The Mercy Of Obama! He Has Been Panicked By The Rigged Polls Into Capitulating With Phoney Scare Tactics. Gingrich Lost The Battle With Clinton Because He Caved In To Rigged Polls: Americans Support Us 100%. If We Don't Control Our Debt With A BBA; Then The U.S. Will Face A Downgrade In Credit Rating Worse Than Ever; And An Endless Recession! Getting Rid Of Obama Helps The Economy: Going Past The Aug. 2nd Debt Ceiling Destroys Obama. The GOP Doesn't Need To Make A Deal, Obama Does; This Is His Government. Force Him To Come To You, Do Not Negotiate With Him!
(2) Bill O'Reilly Is The Biggest Nutbar On FOX News: He Is Not A Republican But A Satanic Socialist! This Fucking Arsehole O'Reilly Said Today: That He Wants An Increase In Taxes: Especially Regressive Consumption Taxes; And A Flat Rate Tax And Tax After Tax. This Insignificant Gnat Fucking Arsehole Wouldn't Rate A Mention, But Because He Is Given A Soap-Box By FOX News To Pontificate & Promote His Satanic Views. He Attacks Conservative Leader Bachman For Standing On Principle: Not To Raise The Debt Ceiling Without A BBA And Defunding Obamacare. This Fucking Arsehole Wants The GOP To Roll Over And Play Dead And Cave In To Obama: Or Risk Being Labeled Extremist. Chris Wallace Of FOX Also Baited Bachman By Asking Her If She Was A "Flake". This Is Why They Are Investigating "News Corp" The Owner Of FOX; Because Nutbars Like O'Reilly Do Not Deserve To Be On The Air. O'Reilly Must Be Fired!!! O'Reilly Is Another Lou Dobbs (Nutjobs), He Regularly Espouses Racist Views Against Latinos (By Supporting Jan Brewer's Defeated S1070 Bill, Refusing To Support Amnesty For Illegals, Wanting A Racist "Secure Border": Because There Never Will Be A Secure Border.). Lou Dobbs Got Fired For His Racism From CNN; Yet Racist FOX Hires Him Pronto; O'Reilly Needs To Be Fired For His Incessant Racism Against Hispanics And Arse-Licking Support Of Niggers, Jews And Aryans --Yet Hating His Own Race: Humans. O'Reilly Is Mixed-Race Irish, His Father Was A Cop; Since All Cops Are Possessed By Devils: O'Reilly Is Too: He Thus Assumes That The Devil Rules America: And He Can Spout His Devil Possessed Propaganda At Us: NO You Scumbag: The Devil Does Not Rule America: Go Disappear In The Rat-Hole You Belong!
July 21st, 2011: Although The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Ordered On July 12th, That Jared Lee Loughner Stop Receiving Forced Anti-Psychotic Medications; A Federal Prison Hospital In Missouri, Has Used An "Emergency Treatment" Provision In The Law To Resume Forced Treatment. His Attorneys Have Filed A Motion Claiming This Violates The Court's Previous Injunction On Treatment Until His August 29th, Hearing On The Merits Of His Appeal, Against Treatment. In Stanley's Experience: Mentally-Ill Person's Rarely If Ever, Appeal Their Cases To The Highest Courts: Thus It Indicates The U.S. Government Is Persecuting Poor Loughner For Political Reasons For The Well Deserved Killing Of Democrats In Tucson, Arizona On January 8th, 2011. Based On The Satanic Acts Of Democrats In Forcefully Raising Our Taxes Ad Infinitum: They Deserve To Be Killed. Forced Treatment With Anti-Psychotic Drugs Is Really Attempted Murder; For These Drugs Are The Most Toxic Molecules Known To Mankind; To Do This For Political Reasons Is Torture And A War-Crime: For Loughner Is A War Hero: There Will Be Repercussions For This Act!
July 20th 2011: The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost: The Outbreak Of Deadly Clostridium difficile Bacteria In Ontario's Niagara Region Hospitals Brings The Provincial Death Toll To 20; With A Further 350 Severe Infections, Since Late May 2011. The Disease Is Characterized By Severe Diarrhea, And Attacks Vulnerable, Weak Patients Who Have Just Taken Antibiotics. The Cause Of These Outbreaks Is Increasing Resistance Of Bacteria To Antibiotics: The Mainstay Of Modern Medicine. Studies In The U.S. Show That N. gonorrhea, A Sexually Transmitted Infection, Are Also Becoming Increasingly Resistant To All Antibiotics. America Is Headed For A Conflagration Of Massive Proportions From A Quack, Failed Health System: That Has Resulted Only In Making Americans Sicker, Unhealthier And More Obese! While Bankrupting The Nation With Treatments That Don't Work. Government Should Get Out Of The Business Of Providing Healthcare On The Public Dime; And Allow The Private Sector To Handle Care --Except For Emergency Care. Higher Cost Does Not Necessarily Mean Better Health-Care: But Without Competition And Choice, Costs Will Not Come Down. For Example: We Need To Allow For Stanley's Yoga Medicine To Compete On An Equal Footing With Quack-Science Modern Medicine: Before It Is Too Late. It Has Been ~100 Years Since Penicillin Was Discovered: It Was A False Panacea, Because The Chickens (Bacteria) Have Come Home To Roost: With A Vengeance!
July 17th, 2011:
The "Cut, Cap & Balance" Bill Passed The House 234-190; With Michele Bachman & Ron Paul Voting Against. The Bill Only Cuts $100 Billion In 2012; And $6 Trillion Over 10 Years --But It Does Not Fulfil The 2010 GOP Promise To Defund Obamacare, As Bachman Wanted. Ron Paul Is The Elder Statesman Of The Republican Party; Yet His Views Are Being Ignored By Boehner: No Deal Should Be Approved By The GOP Without Paul's Consent --This May Be Paul's Last Term In Office: He Deserves Our Respect. The Problem With The Bill Is The Backbone & Weakness Of Boehner: He Has To Hold Out For A BB Amendment; Because We Got Obama By The Balls And We've Got To Crush Him! Boehner Keeps Whining, "We Must Have A Plan B"; Without Fighting Tooth And Nail For Plan A. Plan B: In An Emergency: Is Extend The Debt Ceiling By No More Than Three Months; And Then Lets Hammer At Obama Again And Again Till He Gives In Or Till Election 2012!!! We've Got Him By The Balls Why Would You Ever Let Go? Remember The People Are On Our Side; This Is What Brought Y'all To Washington In The First Place. A "Gang Of Six" (Go6) Agreement Was Also Desperately Pushed By Obama Today; It Had A Phoney $3.7 Trillion In Cuts With A $1 Trillion From Tax Increases: But Don't Be Fooled: This Crisis Is Not About Cuts: No Amount Of Cuts Are Enough. This Is About Structural Change In The Law. S&P's And Moody's Say They Need >$4 Trillion In Cuts For The Gov't To Avoid A Downgrade (Increasing Interest Debt Charges); Go6 Cuts Are Backloaded With No Real Cuts Now. The Only Way For Republicans To Win Is To Hang Tough On The BBA; Obama Is A Weak Little Boy; He Will Cave If The GOP Shows Toughness & Unity By Going Well Past Aug. 2nd. Once Past Aug. 2nd, Obama's Presidency Is Finished For All History: He Will Suffer The Ignominy Of Being The Only President To Be Downgraded And Almost Default On The Debt. He Will Be Unelectable For Mismanaging The Economy. Look To 2012 And Not At The Rigged Polls Of Today --Do Not Throw Away A Winning Hand-- Hang Tough; Make Obama Come To You Begging. All GOP Have To Unite For This Battle: The Reason Obama Is Scoffing At Us, Is Republicans Are Betraying Their Own Constituencies; While The Democrats Are Uniting And Laughing At Our Backstabbing Traitors: Boehner Sold-Out The Conservative Wing Of The Party The Last Time; And Passed The Budget With Mostly Democratic Support; Then Played Golf With Obama And Licked His Arse. Why Is Ron Paul Or Bachman Not Leading The GOP Negotiation Team With Obama? Ron Paul Is Hardline, Let Obama Deal With Him, Instead Of Softy Boehner. Republicans Must Unite Behind Stanley As Leader To Win This!
July 15th, 2011:
Birther Alert: It Now Looks Like Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President After All [Click: Adopted Indonesian Muslim]: Records Show That When His Mother Ann Dunham Soetoro "Divorced" Obama Sr. In 1963; She Married Lolo Soetoro An Indonesian Muslim. Indonesian School Records Show Barack Obama-Soetoro As Being A Registered Muslim: This Is Proof That Obama Is An Alien Somali Socialist: That Is Why We All Instinctively Hate Him: He Is A Muslim: This Is Proof Positive! Soetoro Returned To Indonesia With Dunham And Adopted Obama Jr.: Because Under Indonesian Law Dual Citizenship Was Not Allowed: Thus Obama Lost His U.S. Citizenship In ~1963: Thus When He Reapplied For U.S. Citizenship Years Later He Would Be Considered A "Naturalized Citizen", And Not Eligible To Be President. Under The U.S. Constitution Only A "Natural-Born Citizen" Is Eligible To Be President. Thus The Act Of Renouncing His U.S. Citizenship In ~1967 Is Fatal For His ELIGIBILITY. Donald Trump Was Right After All! This Was The Reason He Wouldn't Show Us His Real Birth Certificate For So Many Years: He Did Have Something To Hide! Obama Has Still Not Disclosed His Adoption & Citizenship Records, Or Original Birth-Certificate, Nor Admitted That He Is A Muslim That Went To Muslim Schools. We Know That His Mother Identified Her Son As Barack Obama II Soebarkah, In Aug. 13, 1968, On Her Passport; And That Barack Obama Travelled Extensively On His Indonesian Passport With His Mother. He Even Visited Indonesia & Pakistan In 1981 During A Travel Advisory Or Ban For All U.S. Citizens, (Requiring At Least A Visa To Travel There --Which He Didn't Obtain-- Implying He Used An Indonesian Passport.) For Example: When Conrad Black Renounced His Canadian Citizenship To Become Lord Black Of "Crossharbour" UK, He Permanently Lost His Canadian Citizenship; And Now Has To Apply For Landed Immigration Status Like Any Foreigner To Return To Canada --Where He Was Born.
July 14th, 2011:
Donald Trump Warns That The GOP Are In Danger Of "El-Cave-O" Or "El-Foldo"; The Donald Says The Republicans Are Inexplicably Caving In To Obama By Letting Him At The Table, When It Is The GOP That Holds All The Cards! This Is Not A Time For Compromise With Inferior Race Obama --It's Not That He Means Ill; He Just Doesn't Know What He Is Doing-- He Is Incompetent To Be President! Trump Says: After The Trouncing At The Mid-Terms Obama Was Finished; But For The Knockout; But Boehner Let Him Back In By Agreeing To A Budget Which Ended Up With Zero Dollars In Actual Cuts And No "Riders"!!! Trump Also Said The GOP Must Dump The Ryan Budget: "He Is Changing The Nature Of Medicare, Why Change A Program That Everybody Likes?"; It's Disastrous Not Because It Cuts Medicare: But Because It Doesn't Cut Medicare Enough And Changes The Program Unfairly: The Only Real Cuts Ryan Makes Are To The Very Poor, Only To Give Businesses Big Tax Cuts: And Worst Of All: Doesn't Balance The Budget! The GOP Risks The Debacle In Buffalo Being Repeated If They Don't Dump Ryan! Ryan's Budget Pleases Neither The Right (Not Enough Cuts) Nor The Left: It Is Political Suicide!!! The Economy Is Finished; We Cannot Get Back To Financial Order Without A Balanced Budget Amendment To The Constitution! We've Tried It Obama's Way And He Failed: Now We Do It The GOP's & Stanley's Way! The Satanic Scare Mongers And Rigged Polls Are To Be Ignored: For It Is Not Fixing The Debt, That Is Killing The Economy Worst Of All. Obama, Reid & Biden Are Getting Desperate To Make A Deal: But We Hold All The Cards: We Must Keep Going Well Past August 2nd: No Deal Until We Get: $10 Trillion In Cuts From Automatic Across The Board Cuts, Capped Spending Limits, Defunding Obama-Care And A Balanced Budget Amendment Through Both Houses! Newt Gingrich Now Says "Go Past Aug. 2": Gingrich Went 21 Days Past The Debt Ceiling In Dec. 1995, Without Any Problems: Then Unprecedentedly Re-Won The House In 1996; Balanced The Budget By Killing "Clinton-Care" & Massive Reform In Welfare Entitlements; Creating A Record $546 Billion Surplus Over The Next Four Years, And A Booming Economy --Until That Bastard Bush! The Problem Is Gingrich Lost The All Important Item: The BB Amendment By Not Going Long Enough And Betraying The Right --Thus All That Work Went To Waste Because Of Obama, The Democrats & Bush. Every Time The GOP Cuts Spending And Balances, The Democrats & Bush Squander It All On More Health-Car