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Greatest Conspiracies In History: Global Warming Is A Total Hoax, 9/11 Was Committed By The CIA & Navy Seals, The Kennedy Assassination Was Committed By The CIA, Princess Diana Was Murdered By MI6 & Queen Elizabeth II, Jesus Did Not Die On The Cross! The Real Reason Germany Lost A Winnable WWII, The Celtic & French Race Southerners Were Murdered In The Millions By The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: To Steal Their Land & Property: And Reverse The Gains Of The 1776 American Revolution!!! Nigger-Obama Was Never Eligible To Become President Because He Renounced His U.S. Citizenship For Indonesian!

Coming Soon: Greatest Hoaxes In The 21st Century! The Reason Mankind Does Not All Rise Up And Destroy The System, Is That They Have Been Satanically Deceived All These Years By An Absolutely Evil, Devil-Possessed Satan Worshiping Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Jute-Aryan Race: (1) Climate Change Is A Total Delusional Hoax: Intended To Force Nuclear Power On Us By Banning Coal, In Order To Murder Us By Birth Defects, Cancer, Diabetes And Heart Attacks! (2) Jesus Did Not Die On The Cross, He Lied To Us, He Was A Homosexual, He Had Sex With His Inferior-Race-Jew Mother As A Teen, He Died At A Ripe Old Age In Srinagar, Kashmir, India. (3) How The Germans Lost A Militarily Winnable War In WWII, BECAUSE GERMANY WAS BEING SECRETLY RULED BY THE BRITISH SECRET POLICE MI6 SINCE THE END OF WWI, Who Were Sabotaging Germany In WWII!! Germany Remained Unaware Of This Till Today; Due To Hitler's Drug Addiction, Homosexuality And The Germans Betrayal By The Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Aryans-Race In Germany!!! AND THAT THE 6 MILLION JEWS WERE ACTUALLY MURDERED BY THE BRITISH MI6 --NOT THE GERMANS!!! (4) The CIA Murdered President Kennedy, Because He Was America's First Celtic King: Camelot! 4(b) Princess Diana Was Murdered By MI6 And Queen Elizabeth II. 4(c) Millions Of "Celtic & French White" Southerners Were Betrayed By Robert E. Lee, And Deliberately Murdered To Genocide Them And Take Away Their Land And Give It To Cattle And To Blacks In 1865: By The Blonde-Anglo-Saxons --To Reverse The American Revolution Against The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans In 1776!! (5) Nigger-Faggot-Obama Was Never Eligible To Become President: Because He Had Renounced His U.S. Citizenship For Indonesian, After Being Adopted By Lolo Soetoro In 1961: Obama Needs To Be Charged With Fraud, For Forging His Long-Form Birth-Certificate AND BE PUT IN JAIL!! Nigger-Obama Was A Homosexual: Who Liked To Take It Up The Arse (See Him BOWING LIKE A NIGGER-SLAVE In Arse-In-The-Air-Faggot-Position -Bottom) He Murdered His Choir-Boy Homosexual Lovers: Donald Young, Nate Spencer & Larry Bland; To Cover-Up His Homosexuality!!! Obama Is Literally A Chimpanzee: Humans Share 95-98% Of A Chimp's Genome: Since All Blacks Have Mated With Chimps: They Have 98%+ Of A Chimps' DNA: Obama Was A Statistical Outlier: Sharing 100% OF CHIMP GENES: A REAL CHIMPANZEE THAT IS WHY HE WAS SO DUMB & EVIL! "All Men Were NOT Created Equal: Some Men (Niggers) Have More Chimp Genes Than Others --And We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident": See Comparison Pictures Of A Chimp & Nigger-Obama Below --Bottom Of Page!!!
1. The Greatest Hoax In The Current Political Climate: Is "The Satanically False Global Warming Theory (Now Being Deceptively Called "Climate Change", By Satanic Democrats, Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, Jews & Niggers; Because The Data Now Proves That Temperatures Have Been Drastically Falling For The Last Ten Years --Since 1998-- Totally Disproving "Global Warming"!!!): Regardless Of The Ever-Changing Name: "Climate Change" Is Satanically, Falsely And Hysterically, Being Blamed Solely On "Greenhouse Gases" (GHG) Like CO2, (Carbon-Dioxide), CO (Carbon-Monoxide), Or CH4, (Methane); The Satanists Inexplicably Claim That GHG Cumulatively Retains Heat From The Sun's Rays And Somehow Raises The Temperature Of The Entire Earth! [To Disprove This Satanically False Theory By The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: Stanley Will Step-By-Step Factually Explain The Lies: First We Need To Debunk The Quack Term "Greenhouse Effect": This Is An Obviously Quack Unproven Theory: Because These GHG Gases Are Also Being Cooled By The Sub-Zero Upper Atmosphere: There Literally Is NO GREENHOUSE Effect: There IS NO "HOUSE" AT ALL: GHG IS UNIFORMLY DISTRIBUTED THROUGHOUT EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE: OUR ATMOSPHERE HAS NO ROOF OR WALLS LIKE A GREENHOUSE DOES: IT CANNOT RETAIN HEAT: A GREENHOUSE EXPOSED TO THE OPEN-AIR LOSES ALL ABILITY TO RETAIN HEAT: WHICH IS EXACTLY THE REALITY WITH EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE: OUR ATMOSPHERE IS SUB-ZERO-COLD OPEN-AIR EMPTY SPACE: ALL WE HAVE IS ABSOLUTE-COLD ALL AROUND US: LIKE AN ABSOLUTE-ZERO-VACUUM SUCKING UP ALL THE HEAT FROM OUR PLANET! This GHG Theory Was All A Lie! The GHG Gases Are Being Cooled Faster Than They Can Be Heated By The Sun--Because Of The Near Absolute Zero Temperature, And Near Infinite Capacity To Cool, :Of Outer Space, With The Overall Temperature Effect Of GHG --Zero! Secondly: Stanley Will Conclusively Prove The GHG Theory False By: Going To A Place Far Far Away From All The Satanically Ignored HEAT From Fossil-Fuel And Nuclear Fission: ANTARCTICA, Where Temperatures Regularly Hit -90ºC Every Year In Their Winter! This HEAT From Fission Is Being Falsely Attributed To GHG And To Climate Change By The Satanists. In ANTARCTICA: The Temperature Is Getting Colder: Two Of Antarctica's Coldest Days On Record, Measured By Satellite, Have Occurred On August 10th, 2010 (-94.7ºC) & July 31st, 2015 (-92.9ºC) Which Proves It Is Getting Colder: Furthermore Their Ice Mass Is Increasing, Although The Amount Of GHG Is Increasing, And Although GHG Are Distributed The Same All Over The Earth: Antarctica In Winter, Gives Us The Closest Reading As To What The Earth's True AMBIENT Temperature Really Is (Without The Sun Or Fossil Fuels & Fission --It Is Deathly Freezing!!)! Do An Experiment: Go Far Away Into The Hinterland Wilderness, Away From Urbanization: And Measure The Temperature: Then Come Closer To The City Near A Nuclear Plant, And Measure The Temperature: The Temperature Will Be ~1º-4ºC Higher Near The Nuclear Plant In The Air: But If The Temperature Is Measured Of The Effluent Water Leaving The Plant: It Would Be Warm Enough To Boil Water: This Is Where The Heat To Melt Ice Would Be Coming From --NOT FROM GHG!!! This Is Absolute Proof Of The Satanic Lies Of GHG: Because Even Though The Amount Of GHG Near A Nuclear Plant Is The Same As The Wilderness, The Nuclear Plant's Temp Is Always Higher: The Satanic Flaw In The GHG Theory, Is That They Don't Account At All, For The Heat From Fission & Combustion; They Callously Ignore It, And Falsely Attribute That Heat To GHG; Therefore GHG Has Nothing To Do With The Earth's Climate And Temperature --QED!!! --See Also Below: John L. Casey's Books: "Cold Sun", "Dark Winter", & "Upheaval! Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike The U.S."; Where Former NASA Scientist Casey Says, Not Only Is Global Warming, Or Climate Change "The Greatest Fraud In History", But We Are Heading For A ~210 Sun-Cycle "Dalton Minimum", Or A Worse, Colder, "Maunder Minimum" Or Both: Where The Sun Goes Into Hibernation: Producing Another Mini-Ice-Age: Earthquakes And Volcanic Eruptions, Mass Starvation And Death!!!] In Their GHG Theory: The Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Satanists: Claim That Somehow These GHG, Which Are Subject To Super-cooling Just Like All Other Air Molecules Like Nitrogen N2 Or O2 Oxygen Which Comprise 99% Of Air Molecules On Earth! GHG Like CO2 Comprise <<0.039% A Minuscule Or Trace Amount Of Our Air Or Atmosphere: Yet The Satanists Lie That These Infinitesimal Few GHG Molecules, Will Magically Retain Enough Of The Sun's Heat, To Heat Up The 99.96% Of The Frigidly Cooled Air As Well As The Whole Earth & Oceans When The Opposite Is More Likely: That The Absolute Zero Of Outer-Space, The Almost -95ºC Of The Poles, The 99.999% Of The Rest Of The Frigid Air, And 100% Of Our Oceans' Air & Water Will Overwhelm The Effect (If Any!) Of GHG!!! The Devil-Possessed Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Lie That GHG: Will Magically Raise The Overall Temperature Of The Earth While The Sun's Irradiation Remains Constant, Or Drops: LIKE IT IS DOING NOW: IN A SOLAR-CYCLE MINIMUM --This Is A Fantastically Insane Theory That Stanley, And Most People, Can Prove To Be Totally False --By Using Their Commonsense!!! Whereas Stanley's: "Localized Thermal Effects Model": States That There Is No Global Warming Or Climate Change --It Is A Complete Satanic Hoax! That GHG Plays Absolutely No Role In Warming This Earth: But That The Satanists Are Falsely Attributing The Obvious Heat From Combustion & Heat From Fission (In Nuclear Reactors & Thermo-Nuclear Bombs) Generated By Increased Use Of Fossil-Fuels And Fission: On GHG Gases --In Order To Murder Us By Nuclear Radiation! Because By Forcefully Shutting-Down All Coal Plants, Through Satanic Hysteria, Nuclear Power Becomes The Only Viable Alternative At A (100%+) Massive Increase In The Costs For Electricity For The People & For The Economy!!! Nuclear Power Has Always Been Heavily Subsidized By Our Satanic Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Race Governments: The Theory For "Global Warming" Originally Came From Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Margaret Thatcher, Who Used Our Taxes To Subsidize The "University Of East-Anglia, Climate Research Centre" --In England; Where All Satanic "Climate Change" Theories Originated: (IN FACT ALL "CLIMATE CHANGE" RESEARCH IS HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED BY SATANIC GOVERNMENT "CONTINGENT" FUNDING: GOV'T ONLY PAYS THEM IF THEY DELIVER A PARTICULAR CONCLUSION SUPPORTING "CLIMATE CHANGE" THEORIES --IF THEY ARE NEUTRAL, OR AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE, THEY GOT ZERO FUNDING FOR THEIR OPPOSING THEORIES, SHUTTING THEM OUT OF THE RESEARCH COMMUNITY, FROM ANY FUNDING ($$BILLIONS OF GOV'T DOLLARS WERE AT STAKE!), AND FROM HAVING THEIR RESEARCH PUBLISHED IN THE SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS! THUS MOST SCIENTISTS SIMPLY DOCTORED ALL THE DATA TO GET THE RESULT THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON GOV'T WANTED, OR THEY WOULD LOSE THEIR JOBS AND LIVELIHOODS: THIS WAS THE GREATEST "SCIENTIFIC" FRAUD IN HISTORY: AKIN TO MEDICAL QUACKERY RESEARCH (
See Laws Of Yoga Page)!!! Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Thatcher, Did This In Order To Destroy: The Coal Industry, The British Coal Unions, And Force Monopoly Nuclear Power On Britain; King Scargill Almost Succeeded In Overthrowing Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Rule In Britain (1984-85) By Staging An Anarchical Six Month Strike To Preserve Coal And Jobs: With "King Arthur" Scargill, The Leader Of The British Mineworkers Union!!! WHAT THATCHER SHOULD HAVE DONE WAS TO BAN ALL UNIONS, AND CRUSH ANY DISSENT BY PUTTING THEM ALL IN JAIL! THE SATANIC COAL UNIONS HAD DESTROYED THE COAL INDUSTRY LONG BEFORE THATCHER CAME ALONG: THAT IS WHY ALL UNIONS HAVE TO BE OUTLAWED AND BANNED!!! INSTEAD SHE TOOK A SATANIC LEFTWING APPROACH OF FORCING NUCLEAR POWER ON BRITAIN, THAT WOULD DESTROY THEIR HEALTH AND SADDLE THEM WITH 30,000 YEARS OF BIRTH-DEFECT, HEART-ATTACKS & CANCER CAUSING NUCLEAR RADIATION! What Happened Was That The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Feared A Celtic Revolt, Under Anglo-Saxon-Rightwing Thatcher, Or Under Celtic-Rightwing Scargill & The IRA: So They Began Rigging Elections For "Devil-Possessed Satanic Delusional, Totally Crazy Celts" (To Prolong Their Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Power, From The Rightwing Celts, And From Stanley The Emerging King Of England!): These Satanic Celts Were Called "New Labour", AND POSSESSED BY DEVILS LIKE TONY BLAIR, AND BILL CLINTON; And The Democrats In The U.S., And Liberals In Canada, Also Began To Adopt An Extreme Satanic, Extreme Leftwing Delusional Agenda: Not Realizing That The Aryan System Were Near Collapse From Rightwing Opposition, While They Were Propping-Up Satan By Being Possessed By Devils And Doing Satan's Agenda For Their Blondie Masters! Somehow The Delusional Democrats And Canadian Liberals Latched On To This Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan "Climate Change" Theory, Simply Because It Was Satanic & Insane Like All Leftwing People Have Become: Although They Still Virulently Hate Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Thatcher For Her Race: While Adopting All Her Satanic Policies Of Pro-Military Intervention In Iraq And Afghanistan, And Pro-Nuclear Power --While Adopting None Of Her Right Wing Policies Of Forcing The Celts To Painfully Suffer For Their Left Wing Delusions: Of Terrorism (IRA), Unionism, High Taxes, Bigger Gov't, Deficit Spending And Massive Debt: Which Has Destroyed The Economy-- THUS THE NEW SATANIC LEFT GAVE THE PEOPLE THE WORST FORM OF GOV'T IN HISTORY: ABSOLUTE EVIL: BY TOTALLY DELUSIONAL NIGGERS (Obama), JEWS (Bernanke), THE FRENCH (Pierre Trudeau) AND CELTS (Blair) ALL POSSESSED BY DEVILS!!! Whereas Thatcher Was Attempting To Destroy Coal-Miners, The Delusional Left Adopted "Climate Change" Because They Were So Dumb & Delusional THEY TRULY BELIEVED IN THE "GLOBAL WARMING" HOAX; THEY TRULY BELIEVE IN SATAN, THEY TRULY BELIEVE THAT THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS ARE GODS: THEY DELUSIONALLY BELIEVED THEY COULD REPLACE COAL WITH: WIND, SOLAR & GAS PLANTS! They Bought All The Hoax, Became Demonically-Hysterical, And Began To Shutdown All Coal-Fired Power Plants, (Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty Of Ontario, Canada; Read An Article In The Economist, On Global Warming, And Suddenly Decided To Shutdown All Coal Plants, For Wind, Solar & Gas! Destroying The Economy And Doubling The Cost Of Electricity!) And Democrat Inferior-Race-Homosexual-Nigger-Barack-Obama Began Putting Punitive EPA Restrictions On Coal In The U.S. --Intending The Same Result-- But Failed: Due To Stanley The King's Defeat Of Hillary Clinton: BY KILLING COPS (WHO RIG THE ELECTIONS!) AND FINALLY TURNING THE TIDE OF HISTORY: BY DEFEATING SATAN AND THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS ON NUCLEAR POWER! THE KILLING OF COPS PROVES THAT STANLEY IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE BLONDIE SATANIC SYSTEM: AND IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME UNTIL HE COMES INTO POWER!!! Wind, Solar & Gas Energy: Could Not Replace The Reliability And 100% Safety Of Coal: So All This Would Result In, Was The Adoption Of 100% Cancer & Birth-Defect Causing: NUCLEAR POWER! Leftists Truly Didn't Understand That This  Satanic Theory Of "Climate Change": Was A Deliberate Fraud To Destroy The Coal Industry, And To Murder The Human Race With Nuclear Radiation --That Is Why Liberals & Democrats, And Leftwing Republicans (ALBINO-NIGGER-TRUMP IS ALSO A DUAL-PERSONALITY CRAZY DEMOCRAT) Must Never Again Be Allowed To Govern!!! But The Blame For This Is Not On The Leftists: BECAUSE THEY WERE RIGGED INTO POWER BY THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN SATANIC SYSTEM ("BLONDIE"): (KNOWING THAT THESE POLITICIANS WERE TOTALLY DELUSIONAL AND CRAZY!) THUS IT IS "BLONDIE" THAT MUST PAY FOR THIS WITH THEIR LIVES: WITH EXTERMINATION JUSTICE! STANLEY THE KING INTENDS TO EXTERMINATE THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN-RACE FROM: SPAIN, FRANCE, ENGLAND, AND THE AMERICAS --TO ENSURE THIS ATTEMPT AT TOTAL GENOCIDE OF THE HUMAN-RACE: CAN NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!! THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN RACE IS POSSESSED BY DEVILS AND WORSHIPS SATAN: THEY MUST BE EXTERMINATED FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH --AS THE LONG-TERM GOAL OF ALL HUMAN-BEINGS!!! THE ANGLO-SAXONS (BY-THEIR-OWN-ADMISSION) ARE DESCENDED FROM NEANDERTHAL APES OR ALBINO-GORILLAS: AND POSSESSED BY PREDATORY DEVILS OF LIONS, SHARKS, WOLVES, MAD-DOGS AND RATS: THAT IS WHY THEY SEEK TO MURDER HUMAN-BEINGS: THEY ARE POSSESSED BY THESE PREDATORY DEVILS: THINK OF BLONDES AS APES WITH A PREDATORY-DEVIL-RAT OR A MAN-EATING-SHARK: INSIDE THEIR BRAINS: WHO ARE RELENTLESSLY TELLING BLONDIES TO MURDER, MURDER, MURDER HUMAN-BEINGS: AND THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS ARE RELENTLESSLY MURDERING US: TO APPEASE THE BLOODLUST OF  THESE DEVIL RATS AND DEVIL-SHARKS: THE PROBLEM IS THAT HUMAN-BEINGS ARE NOT A NATURAL PREY SPECIES: THE ONLY REASON ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS CAN MURDER US IS THAT BLONDIE ARE WEAKENING US WITH GARBAGE RELIGIONS, INTERRACIAL-SEX, TEENAGE-SEX, MASS THIRD-WORLD-LEFTIST IMMIGRATION, HOMOSEXUALITY AND DELUSIONAL LIFESTYLES: THAT ENABLES BLONDIE TO MURDER US: THIS IS GENOCIDAL MURDER: THAT IS WHY THE HUMAN-RACE CAN NEVER LIVE WITH BLONDIES EVER AGAIN!!! ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS PROFESSED BELIEF IS THAT THEY HAVE NO SOULS: AND THERE IS NO AFTERLIFE: THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY EVIL PEOPLE: THEY BELIEVE MIGHT MAKES RIGHT: AND THAT MASS MURDER AND GENOCIDE IS NOT A CRIME OR MORALLY WRONG --AS LONG AS THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, BY FOOLING THE DELUSIONAL LEFT!!! The English Need To Remember The Murders Of King Arthur Of Camelot, The Plantagenet Boy-Kings (Edward V, Richard IV), Princess Diana; The Scots Need To Remember The  Murder Of King James And The Jacobites; The Irish Need To Remember The Potato Famine And The Starvation Death Of The IRA's Bobby Sands; The French Need To Remember The Murder Of Napoleon; The French-Canadians Need To Remember Their Defeat At The  Battle Of The Plains Of Abraham; The Metis And Aboriginal People Of Canada Need To Remember The Murder Of Metis Manitoban Leader, Louis Riel, For False "High Treason" Charges In 1885 (The Metis Are A Mixture Of The Cree American-Indian And French-Canadians); The American-Celts Need To Remember Their Betrayal And Mass Murder At The Battle Of Gettysburg, The Russians Need To Remember That The British Made A Deal With Hitler To Murder 30 Million Russians In WWII; And The Jews Need To Remember That The Head Of The Blond-Blue-Eyed SS, Heinrich Himmler, Who Ran All The Murder Camps, Was A British Spy: Who Murdered 6 Million Jews (With The Tacit Collusion And On Orders From Their Fellow British Blondies!); The Japanese Need To Remember That The Only Race To Use Nuclear Weapons Were The Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Anglo-Saxon Americans: Murdering 340,000+ Japanese At Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Most Died From Lifelong Radiation Effects Of The Bomb, Years Later: Not From The Bomb Itself (Only 280,000 Died From The Immediate Bomb!); "Blondies" Also Need To Pay For The Murders Of Mexican-Americans Being Genocidally-Murdered As They Cross The Border Into Their Own Ancestral Land, The "Latinos" Are Indigenous To The Unites States (Like The American-Indians): Yet They Are Denied All Legal Immigration: Arrested, Imprisoned & Persecuted By Being Falsely Labelled "Illegal" In Their Own Land: While Blondie Allows Weak, Delusional Crazy Leftwing Immigrants To Come In Legally, By The Millions; The Black Americans In The U.S. Are Also Being Murdered By Blonde-Devil-Possessed Police-Officers: Who  Shoot Them Dead For Minor Crimes: For Which "Blondie" Must Also Pay For!!! The Souls Of All The Dead Are Crying Out For Justice For Their Collective Murders By The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: Stanley Will Bring You Justice By Exterminating (Or Mass Deporting To "Denmark") All The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans From England And The Americas!!! What People Don't Understand Is That Each Nuclear Plant Emits The Radiation Of Four Atomic Bombs Per Year! Meaning That Thatcher's, Blondie's, The Left's & The New-Labour's (Blair's) Policies Resulted In 1,000 Atomic Bombs Being Dropped On The Hapless Celtic Civilian Population Of Britain --Who Had Bitterly Fought For Coal Power!!! We Are Being Murdered By Nuclear Power's Massive Leaks Of Particulate Radiation, And 30,000 Year Radiation Half-Life Of Uranium-235 Atoms --The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are MURDERING US WITH FORCED NUCLEAR POWER: EQUIVALENT TO HAVING 10,000 ATOMIC BOMBS DROPPED ON ALL OUR HEADS, WITHOUT ANY PROTEST, BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS BECOME TOTALLY LEFTWING, DELUSIONAL, INDOCTRINATED, BRAINWASHED WITH ANGLO-SAXON SATANIC LIES AND PROPAGANDA: THAT THE PEOPLE WOULD RATHER DIE LIKE SHEEP, THAN ACCEPT THE TRUTH!!! THE TRUTH IS THE SATANIC, DEVIL-POSSESSED, BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN SYSTEM IS MURDERING YOU WITH YOUR OWN TAXES: FOR AS RONALD REAGAN SAID, "ALL GOVERNMENT IS EVIL" AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION BEGAN BY A REFUSAL TO PAY TAXES: "GIVE US LIBERTY OR GIVE US DEATH" BETTER TO DIE AS A LION THAN LIKE SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER!!! But Nuclear Power's Massive Cost, Liability, Radiation Leaks, Birth-Defects, And Cancer Causing Nuclear Wastes: Are Rapidly Causing A Decline In Nuclear Power Use, Worldwide, As A Power Option. But By The Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Governments Satanically, Artificially Destroying The Coal Competition: WITH SATANIC "CLIMATE CHANGE" HYSTERIA: They Are Artificially Destroying Market Forces: To Force Satanic Nuclear Power Back Upon Us! Thence Arose The Reason (i.e. To Force Nuclear On Us) For The Satanic False Theory Of "Global-Warming" Hysterically Propagandized By The Devil-Possessed Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans And Their Rigged Election, Liberal Puppets: Localized Heat From Combustion & Fission Which Has Risen Astronomically In Recent Years (Not GHG) Can Obviously Temporarily Raise Temperatures Locally; (And This Heat From Massive Fossil-Fuel Consumption  & Nuclear Fission, Is Satanically Being Falsely Attributed To "Global Warming" (And Falsely Attributed To GHG Gases) In Propagandistic Daily Weather Reports, By Satanic Devil-Possessed Leftist Weathermen. Every-Time There Is A Storm, Or A Warm-Spell; The Satanic Weathermen Satanically, Daily, Attribute It To "Climate Change" Trying To Brainwash Us Into Falsely Attributing The Massive Heat From Combustion Or Fission: As Proof Of "Climate Change"!)
CH4 + 2O2 => CO+ 2H2O Δ(+55 MJ/Kg)
By Attributing The CHAnd CO2 As Being The Source Of Almost All The "Global Warming" Heat: The Satanic Climate-Change Theorists Come Up With The Absurd Conclusion: That The World's 1.5 Billion Cows Produce 18% Of All GHG Gases; Thus Are More Dangerous To Climate Change --Than Cars, Planes, Trains, Ships, Space Craft & All Transportation Combined --Because They Produce More Methane Gas, Which Satanists Claim Is 20 Times More Damaging Than CO(Click: Cow Emissions!)!!! Thus Absurdly, The UN's "Food & Agricultural Organization" (FAO) Does Truly Vilify Cows As The Cause Of Satanic Destruction Of The Earth: Although, Remember That Stanley Said That Cows Are Satanic, Evil Blonde-Aryan Animals And Beef & Milk Are Satanic Foods That Are Murdering Us With: Heart-Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes, Alzheimer's & Mad-Cow Disease (But Not Harming Us With Their Methane!): "Ranching, the report adds, is "the major driver of deforestation" worldwide, and overgrazing is turning a fifth of all pastures and ranges into desert. Cows also soak up vast amounts of water: it takes a staggering 990 litres of water to produce one litre Of Milk. Wastes From Feedlots and Fertilizers used to grow their feed over-nourish water, causing weeds to choke all other life. And the Pesticides, Antibiotics and Hormones used to treat them get into drinking water and endanger human health. The pollution washes down to the sea, killing coral reefs and creating "Dead Zones" devoid of life. One "Dead Zone" is up to 21,000 sq km, in the Gulf of Mexico, where much of the waste from US beef production is carried down the Mississippi. The report concludes that, unless drastic changes are made, the massive damage done by livestock will more than double by 2050, as demand for meat increases." Thus COWS Are Satanically Evil, But Not Because They Produce GHG Or Methane --That Is The Least Of What They Do!!!
HEAT OF FISSION (Uranium235): 
U235 + Neutron => alpha+ Δ(+81 Million MJ/Kg) (Or 200Mev/Atom)  + 2.5 Neutrons + (100 Million Kelvin Increase In Temperature In Thermo-Nuclear Bombs) + (10 Mev Gamma Rays/Atom)
The Fission Reaction Produces Ten Million Times More Heat Than The Heat From Combustion, For The Same Mass: Thus Nuclear Fuel Is The Most Dangerous Not Only In Producing DNA Mutations, Birth-Defects & Carcinogenic Nuclear Waste: But It Produces More Than 10 Million Times More Heat Per Unit Mass (Although It Has Zero GHG): Thus Almost All The "Heat" From Our Energy Consumption: Is Being Generated By Satanic Nuclear Power --Yet The Satanists Are Absurdly Claiming That Nuclear Power Produces Zero Heat Towards Climate Change, Because It Produces No GHG! And Are Attacking Only Coal And GHG --And Promoting Only More Nuclear Fission To Genocidally Murder Us! (This Was Always An Attempt To Genocidally Murder Us!) In 2012 We Consumed 17.7 TWh (Terawatt-Hours) Or 13.371 Mtoe (Million tonnes oil equivalent) Or 5.6 x 1014 Mega Joules Of Energy On Earth: With Coal Comprising 29% Of All Energy Consumption & Nuclear 5.8% And Falling, (Because Of Chernobyl & Fukushima Nuclear Accidents): While Coal Use Is Growing The Fastest. Thus The Global Warming Hysteria Has Had No Effect On Actual Coal Use: Except In America (& Perhaps Canada) Where Its Use Has Declined By 12% Due To The Satanic EPA Regulations --Passed Without Approval By Congress:
 Causing Punitive Costs & Radiation Health Dangers For U.S. & Canadian Consumers Alone!!! The Numbers Don't Lie: Fission Generates The Most Heat Per Unit Mass: While Carbon-Dioxide + The Sun's Rays, Produces A Zero Net Increase In Heat: This "Climate Change" Theory Was A Total Hoax!!! From 1990 To 2008 The Average Energy Used Per Person Increased 10% While World Population Increased 27%: Which Means We Are Exponentially Increasing Our World Energy Consumption As Well As Our Population Growth: Which Is The Real Driver Of Heat Generation --Not GHG Gases, Which Produce Zero Heat! Per Capita Canada Is The Highest User Of Energy At 16 kWh per Person per Year; While Bangladesh, India & Pakistan Are The Lowest Energy Consumers At 0.2 kWh per Person/Yr! The Most Efficient Energy Consumers Versus The Production Of Goods: Measured Per Dollar Of GDP Is: Nigeria, China, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India & U.S.; With The U.K. & Canada Being The Least Efficient Producers Of Goods --Which Is Why U.K. & Canadian Manufactured Goods Are Too Expensive For Export-- And Why Their Economy Is So Poor: Primarily Because They Use Expensive Nuclear Power For >50% Of Their Electricity, While China Uses Mostly Coal! Ontario Which Uses Nuclear For >53% Of Its Electricity: Is A Basket-Case Economically: They Have Lost Thousands Of Manufacturing Jobs To More Energy Competitive Regions, Have Incurred Massive Deficits & Debt: And Are Dying Of Cancers & Birth Defects! Thus Energy Efficiency & Conservation: Makes Our Economy More Competitive --Like India's & China's! If We All Emulated The Vegetarian Lifestyle Of India: The World Would Be Functioning At Its Most Efficient, Wealthiest And Healthiest: In Every Way: Because Ultimately The Only Way We Can Reduce Heat Production: Is To Reduce And Make Energy Consumption More Efficient: And Whatever India Is Doing Is The Solution!!! 
 The Liberal Satanists Complete Dismissal Of All The Heat From Combustion & Massive Heat From Fission: And False Attribution Of All This Heat To GHG Gases Retaining Heat From The Sun --Is Why Climate Change Is A Fundamentally False, Delusional, Evil, Satanic And Deceitful Theory!!! Because The Satanists  Deliberately Fail To Account For The Massive Amounts Of Heat From Combustion & Fission In Their Theory: While Stanley's Model Does Explain All These Phenomenon! In Reality Global Temperatures Are Not Being Significantly Affected Even By Heat From Combustion Or Fission: And Independent Observers All Agree: That The "Earth's Core Temperature" And "Ambient Temperature" Of The Earth Is Actually Getting Colder!!! Even For These Localized Insignificant Rises In Temperatures Due To Urbanization, Energy Consumption & Industrialization At A Satanically Genocidal Rate. Furthermore The Medium Of Temporary Heat Retention From Combustion & Fission, Is Water Or Sea-Water H2O, Not CO2 Or GHG! Thus The Attack On Coal & GHG Was Totally Baseless: Because All The Heat From Combustion In Coal Goes Directly Into Outer-Space: While The Heat From Nuclear Fission Remains On This Earth --While The GHG From Coal & Fossil Fuels Produce Zero Heat (All The Heat From Fossil Fuels Comes From Their Heat Of Combustion --And None From Their GHG!!!) --Thus We Are Being Genocidally Murdered By Nuclear Radiation From A 100% Totally False Theory!!! [NOTE: Stanley Uses The Word Temporary Heat Retention Because The Earth's Water Or GHG Air Has No Ability To Accumulate Heat From Year To Year --Only Moderate Its Cooling Or Warming: Every Year In Winter: All The Heat Generated By Man (From Combustion Or Fission) Or The Sun's Rays Is Lost: As We Enter A Deep Freeze --If All The Heat Was Not Lost, The Earth's Temperature Would Have Increased Billions Of Years Ago, From The Beginning: Of This Universe, And This Earth!!! The Reason For This, Is That The Earth Has An Infinite  Ability And Tendency To Dissipate Enormous Amounts Of Heat From The Sun, (And Since The Heat Generated From Man Is Insignificant Compared To The Sun's Heat) And Since We Have Proven That The Earth Has A Zero Ability To Accumulate Or Generate Heat: There Is No Reason To Ever Worry About Global Warming: BUT ABOUT GLOBAL COOLING!!! Without The Sun: The Stasis Temperature Of The Earth Is Close To Absolute ZERO -273.15º Celsius Or 00 Kelvin! If The Sun Were To Stop Shining For Even A Day: Life As We Know It, Would Go Extinct; And The Whole Earth Would Become A Frozen Wasteland, Close To Absolute Zero In A Few Days: NASA Scientist John Casey, Says That Indeed We Are Headed For A Mini-Ice-Age Because Our Sun Is Going To Go Into "Hibernation": From 2018-2038 AD: Called A "Dalton Minimum" Of A 206 Year Sun-Cycle: THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD FEAR!!! Compared To The Sun, GHG Is Infinitesimal: This Global Warming Hysteria, Was All A Big Hoax, From The Start. Neither Water Nor GHG Can Ever Create Warming: They Can Only Ever Moderate Temperature Fluctuations: Making Earth Slower To Warm Or To Cool: With Their NET EFFECT On Temperature Equaling ZERO! Water Retains 300 Times More Heat Than GHG, And Is Infinitely More Abundant On This Earth Than GHG, So It Is More Logical To Look At Water Retaining Heat: Yet The Satanic Delusional Scientists, Are Not Even Talking About Water Retaining Heat: Because Their Theory Is So Crazy: But Even If We Were To Increase The Amount Of Water On This Earth: It Would Have Zero Affect On Overall Temperature --And The Same With Our Minuscule Levels Of GHG-- Because The Earth's Water And GHG-Air, Cools Faster Than It Can Be Heated Up By The Sun, In A Day Or In A Year: On Its Daily Or Yearly Cycle! The Overall Solar Effect On Water & Air Always Ends In Cooling, In A Yearly Or Daily Cycle! [N.B.: The Fundamental Difference Between Warming And Cooling Is This: The Capacity Of The Sun To Warm The Earth (Or GHG To Insignificantly Retain Heat) Is Very Finite: While The Capacity Of Our Upper Atmosphere And Outer Space To Cool The Earth To Absolute Zero: Is Infinite!!! 99.999% Of Our Solar System Is Deep Freezing Space: With The Sun Comprising Just An Infinitesimal Portion Of It!!! We Are Living In The Infinite Deep Freeze: Of Outer Space: With The Sun Only Able To Temporarily Warm Us Up: Then We Go Back To The Freezing: Until The Sun Returns Again!!!] And All World Religions Knew This: That Is Why They Celebrated The Return Of The Life-Giving Sun Which Occurs Approximately Two Days After Every Winter Solstice: And Which Happens To Fall Exactly On December 25th (Christmas) Every Year, And We Also Celebrate The Return Of The Sun Every Day (Sunrise) By The Cock Crowing And Birds Chirping! Our Working Day Revolves Around The Rising And Setting Of The Sun! Thus Christmas Has Nothing To Do With Jesus Or Christ: It Is An Annual Pagan (Zoroastrian) Celebration Marking The Return Of The Sun --That Pre-Dated Christianity!!! The Persian Or East-Indian-Hittite God Mithra<=Click, Who Had Conquered The Sun: Was Widely Worshiped In Rome During The Time Of Jesus; (Mithraism Was Especially Popular Among The Roman Military & Roman Businessmen: Who Had Conquered The Known World Through This Religion: After Rome Adopted Christianity In ~360 AD: It Began To Lose War After War In Humiliating Defeats --And Italy And Italians Have Never Been A Military Power Since-- Because Christianity Is A Garbage Inferior Race's (Jew) Religion-- Not Ours!!!) And The Concept Of Sol Invictus ("Unconquered Sun" Or "Indispensable Sun") Was Well Accepted As A Religion In Rome & Persia: Thus We Are Still Worshiping:Click=> The Religion Of Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism And The Sun; At Christmas: No Matter How Much The "Blondie" Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Try To Deny It!!! To Deny Our History Is Satanic: The Blonde-Aryan-Race Has Denied Our Persian & Indian Religious Origins, As An Attempt To Genocide The Human Race! Our Greatest Celebration Remains December 25th, Which Is A Persian And East-Indian Religious Day Of Significance Marking The First Day The Sun Begins To Return To The Northern Hemisphere And Also The Birthday Of Mithra (Not Of Jesus!): And We Must Give Them Hindus The Credit! To Rob The Hindus' Religious Day, And Make It Our Own, Without Giving Them Credit --Is Evil And Satanic-- The Aryans Need To Pay For This Genocide With Their Lives! For The Hindus Discovered A Fundamental Truth: (That Our Devil-Possessed Satanic Scientists Are Too Delusional To Yet Grasp: GHG Is Too Insignificant & Infinitesimal To Even Bother Mentioning Next To The Sun --Let Alone Give Credence To Their Patently False Theories.). The Hindu Truism: "There Is No Substitute For The Sun's Heat & Light For Life As We Know It: By Universal Law, Only The Sun Can Deliver Life Giving Light And Heat To Our Planet: That Is Why We Must Take December 25th So Religiously Seriously" --And We Still Do: But We Must Stop Attributing Dec. 25th, To Jesus: It Is Untrue & Satanically False!). But Remember This Is Not Sun Worship: The God Mithra Was Considered Superior To The Sun! When The Satanic Hittite-Aryan-Romans Tried To Destroy All Other Religions To Establish Judaism-Lite (Christianity) As Our Only Religion, At The "Council Of Nicaea": They Could Not Abolish The "Hindu Christmas" (Although They Tried Desperately To Destroy The "Hindu Christmas", As A Pagan Ritual, But Failed) Because Hinduism Was More Powerful Than Satan All Along!!! The Religious Power Of Christmas Day (The Day Is Approximately Two Days After The Winter Solstice), Marking The Return Of The Sun To Us, Has Stood The Test Of Time: And Proves There Is A Special Religious Significance To The Sun, To Us Human-Beings!!! [Note: Zoroastrians Also Celebrate The Summer Solstice On June 21st, Every Year!] The Blonde-Aryan Satanists Were Trying To Lie To Us That GHG Was As Significant As The Sun, Or That The Sun Was Just Another Object In The Sky --Not Essential For Life-- Which Was Not Only False: It Is Satanic! The Same Satanic-Devil-Possessed-Blonde-Aryan-Race That Is Trying To Murder & Genocide Us By Forcing Nuclear Power On Us: Was The Race That Tried To Destroy Mankind: By Destroying The Religion Of Mankind: By Denying All Respect And Credit To Hinduism For Christmas --And Must Be Destroyed Instead! Now, Think Of The Earth As A Glass Of Water Inside One Big Fridge: That Has An Infinite Tendency Towards Cooling To Absolute Zero, Faster Than The Water Or GHG Air Can Retain That Heat From The Sun Or From Combustion Or Fission: Thus If You Put Extra Water In The Glass, Or GHG (Cylinder Of Solar Heated Methane) Gas In Your Fridge: All You'll Get Is More Ice In Your Glass, And A Cold Cylinder Of Methane Gas --Not More Warming-- Try It As An Experiment!!! Thus If We Put More GHG Gas On This Earth: All We'll Get Is More Cold GHG Gas: Because The Upper Atmosphere's Capacity For Cooling Is Infinite! (The Delusional Scientists Assumed That The Outer-Space's Capacity For Cooling Was Finite: And Thus Changes In GHG Could Somehow Affect Temperatures --But This Was A Satanic Delusion!) Thus Only The Sun Can Create Warming, Never GHG! (But Temporarily: Even The Sun Can Only Heat Us Temporarily: The Sun Needs To Constantly Rewarm, Reheat And Return To Us To Keep Us Warm Enough For Life!). This GHG Theory Was A Satanic Conspiracy By The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System And Their Satanic Puppet Leftists To Promote And Force Nuclear Power On Us (By Eliminating Coal Power Competition) And Cause The Resultant Radiation Leaks, Causing Massive Genocide, Deaths, Cancers And Birth-Defects In The World.
 The Leftists Like The Democrats, Liberals, Ontario PC's, & NDP Are Dumb, Delusional People, Possessed By Devils, And Puppets Of The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: They Truly Believe In The Hoax Of Global Warming: They Delusionally Think That By Paying Massive Subsidies To: Solar, Wind, Gas, Or Geothermal, Electrical Energy; They Can Replace Coal. Thus Obama And The Satanic Puppet Liberals In Canada Have Used EPA Regulations, And GHG Hysteria To Try To Shutdown All Coal Fired Electricity Plants Without A Peep Of Protest --Except From Stanley! The Satanic Result Is That By Eliminating Perfectly Safe Cheap Coal Energy (That Started The Industrial Revolution, And Has Kept Us Safe For 200 Years): The Only Viable Alternative Becomes Nuclear Energy: Which Causes Widespread: Birth Defects, Cancers, Diabetes, Heart Disease And Deaths! The Insanity Of All This Is That Almost All Our Coal & Oil, Is Now Being Exported To China; Who Burn It To Get Cheap Electricity, Creating As Much GHG As Before, And Then Export Their Cheap Goods Back To Us: Their Goods Are Cheap, Because They Maximize Their Energy Efficiency By Using Coal! Thus The Blonde-Aryan-Race's Target For Mass-Murder & Genocide Is Us Americans And Canadians --Not The Chinese! Stanley Has Developed A Plan To Maximize Hydroelectric Potential That Would Create Renewable Energy To Perpetuity, Without Any Nuclear Power (See Case Against The System) --But It Has Been Ignored. Instead The Satanic Leftist Politicians Like Obama In The U.S., And Provincial Leaders Patrick Brown (PC), Tim Hudak (PC), Dalton McGuinty (L) & Kathleen Wynne (L) In Ontario; Have Squandered $Trillions Of Dollars On Solar, Wind, Relatively More Expensive Natural Gas And More Nuclear Energy, That Doesn't Work Without Massive Gov't Subsidies!!! This Is Driving Up The Costs Of Electricity By 100%+, And Burdening Industry And The People With Astronomical Hydro Bills & Taxes, And Has Destroyed Ontario's Manufacturing Industry And Jobs Because Nuclear Energy Is Too Expensive And Deadly! All Because Of The Satanic Hoax Of Non-Existent Global Warming! [Note: The $1.2 Billion+ Boondoggle By McGuinty, When He Canceled Two (Coal-Replacement) Gas-Fired Plants; Could Have Been Avoided --Had He Not Unnecessarily Shutdown The Coal Fired Plants In The First Place! Had The $Trillions Of Dollars Of Our Taxes Up To Now Spent On: Research, Military Research, Development, Liability Insurance, Disposal & Maintenance Of Nuclear Wastes, & Construction, Of Nuclear Energy Plants; Been Used To Make Coal Fired Plants More Efficient By Adopting: LIQUID COAL, A "Closed System" Of Cooling Pipes, So No Heat Is Wasted, By Reusing Water Sources, Stored Underground, (One Source For Cooling, One For Heating, And A Collecting Reuse, Heat-Retaining Pool) Or Using "Co-Generation": Heat From Industry Or From Geo-Thermally Heated Water In Coal Plants, To Maximize Coal Energy Efficiency! (Coal Technology Has Not Advanced In Efficiency And Worker-Safety For Over A Hundred Years, Costing Thousands Of Miners Their Lives; Because Gov't Is Putting All Our Research Money Into Nuclear!) Nor Has Gov't Invested To Expand Hydro Dams And "Closed System" Pipelines To Maximize Hydro Potential: We Would Have Enough Cheap Electricity To Last Thousands Of Years. [Note: Stanley Does Applaud McGuinty's Plan To Expand Wind And Solar Energy With Support Subsidies: Because This Is A Less Environmentally, Ecologically & Health Harming Renewable Energy Resource Than Nuclear Power (Which Is The Only Energy Option Of The Satanic PC Party Of Ontario): But These Are Naive Delusional Liberal Solutions, As Wind & Solar Are Too Inefficient A Source Of Energy: And Can Never Replace Coal! But Solar, WindBio-Fuel, Liquid Coal, (Alcohol, Methane Gas, & Wood) Energy Is Preferable To Nuclear Because It Is Renewable, Health Friendly, Less Costly And "Safer" Than Nuclear Energy: Which Is Evil & Satanic!]  [NOTE: On June 12th, 2014: Stanley Won A Historic Victory In Ontario (The Capital Of Global Warming In The World) When The Satanic PC Party Was Destroyed And Its Leader Tim Hudak Was Forced To Resign --Replaced By Patrick Brown!!! Hudak Was Proposing To Build Up To 13 New Nuclear Plants In Ontario: Buying Totally Into The GHG Hysteria Of The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans; And Wanted To Shutdown All Solar, Wind, Coal And Alternative Energy Sources! Ontario Still Owes ~$30 Billion Dollars For Nuclear Plants Built In The 80's & 90's: That We Have To Pay For Yearly, To The Tune Of $One Billion Dollars In A "Recovery Charge" On Our Hydro Bill, Every Year! The Massive Costs Of Nuclear Power Had Been Borne By Massive Gov't Subsidies, Higher Taxes, Acceptance Of All Liability, Lies, Dismissal Of Lethal Nuclear Radiation Exposure From Nuclear Plants, Cover-ups Of Nuclear Leaks, & Radiation Health-Effects On Ontarians, And Satanic Ideology: This Was A Historic Defeat For Satan! Millions Of Ontarians Lives Have Now Been Saved For Generations To Come: Thanks To Stanley The King!] In Gore's Video "An Inconvenient Truth" (A False Propagandistic Quack-Science Hoax) He Actually Provides Proof That His Theory Is False: For It Claims That CO2 & GHG Causes Global Warming, And That CO2 & GHG Levels Have Risen By A Factor Of 300 Times From Man Made Means Since 1600 A.D.; Yet There Has Not Been A 300 Times Increase In Temperature!!! In Fact There Have Always Been Slight Fluctuations In Global Temperature Throughout History --Totally Unrelated To CO2 & GHG -- Mostly Caused By Sun Spot Activity, The Sun's Irradiation Intensity On The Earth, Solar Cycles, And From The Distance Of The Earth To The Sun (Which Fluctuates). In The "Email Scandal" Of 2009, Where The Source Of All Leftist False Science On Global Warming Originates (University of East Anglia Climatic Research Center, In England) These "Scientists" Admitted They Had Falsified The Raw Data To Create False Conclusions. And Further The "Emails" State That Their Global Warming Model Does Not Account For The Sudden Drop In Temperatures Since 1997, Although GHG Had Risen A Further >30% Since Then. The Emails Further State That The Scientific Establishment Had Persecuted And Shutout All Dissent From Fellow Scientists Not Toeing The Global Warming Hoax!!! See Also: "It turns out that hackers have exposed a massive conspiracy seeking to hide the scientific consensus that global warming is bunk." CLICK=> "Climategate: The Final Nail in the Coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?" Read this whole entry, which posts the key e-mails. This one on the science community's campaign to drum out dissenters is just mind-boggling: And, Michelle Malkin's title nails it, CLICK=>"The Global Warming Scandal of the Century.". The Fact Is That Nuclear Energy & Fossil Fuel Consumption Has Risen Exponentially In The Last Few Years; (Because Of The Satanically Genocidally Evil Brahman-Aryan Governments Of India & China, Who Are Forcing Their Third-World People Into Unwanted Development, At The Expense Of Their Souls! And Forced  Unnecessary Satanic Use Of Nuclear Energy For A Third-World Country And Third-World People: That Increases Temporary Thermal Effects On Our Oceans!) There Is A Definite (But Insignificant Compared To The Sun's Heat) Temporary Localized Rise In Temperature From The Burning Of These Fossil Fuels And From Nuclear Fission. Thus Depending On Where The Temperature Readings Are Taken, Higher Temporary Local Temperatures Are Simply The Result Of Combustion & Fission And Not Temperature Retention From The Sun By The GHG Air. (Like Heat From A Campfire Does Not Reflect Naturally Occurring (Solar) Or Ambient Temperature) Just Think Of 7 Billion Campfires; And In The Case Of The Country With The Highest Per Capita Consumption Of Fossil Fuels: Canada: 40 Million Forest Fires; All Burning Daily! Surely That Will Significantly Temporarily Raise Local Temperatures, And Create Temporary Higher Localized Temperatures? Humans Need Hot Water For: Bathing, Washing, Cooking, Drinking, & Swimming: Plus For Industrial Uses And For Cooling Nuclear Reactors: Think Of All That Boiling Water That Flows Into The Sea, Temporarily, Locally, Warming The Local Waters Every Yearly Cycle Until Winter Hits; Perhaps Melting The Ice Insignificantly More Than Before? Since Water Absorbs And Retains Heat 300 Times More Efficiently Than Air: And Since There Are Zillions Of Times More Water Molecules Than There Are GHG Molecules On This Earth: This Is A More Plausible Explanation For The Medium Of Heat Retention (H2O Water) And The Mechanism Of "Temporary Localized Thermal Effects" --If It Were To Occur --Stanley Does Not Concede That This Is Occurring! The Term "Temporary (Non-Accumulative) Localized Thermal Effects" Is Used Rather Than "Global Warming", Because This Is In Fact Could Be Being Observed: The Global Warming Alarmists Are Satanically Exaggerating The Facts To Create Hysteria!!! But Since The Earth's Tendency, Always, Is Towards COOLING: It Is Well Capable Of Handling The Insignificant Amounts Of Man-Made Heat Every Year: Without Affecting Global Temperatures!!! The AMBIENT Temperature Of The Earth Is Actually Getting Colder!!! [NOTEIn Absolute Proof Of This Combustion-Fission-Water Mechanism Being The Correct Explanation For "Temporary Local Temperature Anomalies" Is The Scientific Fact: That The Ice Formations & Ice Mass On The Continental Land-Mass And Ocean Of Antarctica Has Risen To Its Highest Level Since Satellite Readings Have Been Taken Over The Last 33 Years, Beginning In October 1978!!! [Click=>Antarctic Ice Mass Increasing To Record Highs!] The Reason This Is Proof Of Stanley's Climate Mechanism Is That: The World's Human Habitation, Nuclear Power, Urbanization & Industrialization, Is Highly Concentrated In The Northern Hemisphere (Where Most Temporary Localized Observations Of Ice Melting Has Been Observed, Especially In The Arctic Ice Cap) In Particular 435 Of The World's 438 Nuclear Plants Are Situated In The Northern Hemisphere (Click=>Map of Nuclear Plants) Furthermore 90% Or 6.3 Billion Of The World's Population Resides In The Northern Hemisphere: Who Consume 95% Of The World's Energy! Thus Since There Is Less Urbanization, Less Combustion-Fission Occuring In The Southern Hemisphere; We Would Expect Less Of A Localized Thermal Affect There And Increased Ice-Mass --Which Is Exactly What We Observe!!! Furthermore The World's Ocean Currents Do Not Allow Northern Hemisphere Sea-Water To Mix With The Southern Hemisphere's Seas; Thus The Heat Absorbed By Their Respective Oceans Remains Localized To The Northern Or Southern Hemisphere Every Year: Perpetually! Which Explains The Temperature Dichotomy: i.e. Why The Arctic Ice Hit By These Highly Urbanized Region's Warmer Currents, Seems To Be Temporarily Melting; And The Antarctic Ice Hit By Less Combustion & Fission Regions' Currents, Is Getting Colder! (The Antarctic Is Getting Colder Because The Sun's Irradiation Has Markedly Decreased Over The Last 20 Years! The Sun Is The Main Entity In Causing "True" Global Warming Or Cooling!!!) Since GHG & CO2 Gases Are Uniformly Distributed Over The Whole Planet: We Would Expect Thermal Effects To Be Uniformly Distributed As Well (Under The Satanists' Global Warming Model): Thus This Observed Dichotomy Proves That The Global Warming Alarmist's Model Is Satanically False! All The Global Warming Models Had Predicted A Continuous Decline In The Antarctic's Ice Mass; The Global Warming Satanists, Cannot Explain The Increase In Antarctica's Continental Land Ice, And Ocean Ice --And Are Trying To Hide These Facts From The Public!!! This Also Proves That Water/H2O, Is The Medium Of Heat Retention --Not CO2!!! Antarctica Contains 90% Of The World's Ice Mass, And Since Its Ice Mass Is Increasing: There Is No Cause For Alarm Over "Rising Sea Levels" In The Foreseeable Future --The Hysteria Was All False! "Sea-Ice": Like The Northern Hemisphere's Arctic Ice-Cap, Cannot Raise Sea Levels, Even If It Melts Entirely And Reforms In Winter Every Year: This Was All False Satanic Hysteria! Since Stanley's "Temporary Localized Thermal Effects Model" Explains The Observable Facts Perfectly; While The GHG Theory Does Not; And Is Pure Satanic Delusion: This Is Proof That Global Warming Alarmists Are Delusional Satanists --QED!!!] The Fallout From Stanley's True Model For These "Temporary Localized Thermal Effects" Is That We Can Ameliorate The Sources Of Heat Causing Such Effects: Since All Nuclear Energy Requires Water For Cooling Its Reactors; And To Cool Heat Generated For Thousands Of More Years By Its Spent Fuel Rods: And All This Heated Water Flows Into The Ocean: Nuclear Energy Is The Primary Cause Of Thermal Sea-Current Effects (Melting Ice) In The Northern Hemisphere!!! Whereas Most Of The Heat From Combustion Using Fossil Fuels (Coal & Oil) Is Dissipated Straight Into The Atmosphere And Lost Into The Infinite Deep Freeze Of Outer Space! Thus The Solution For "Localized Thermal Effects" & Melting Arctic Ice, (NOTE: Stanley Is Talking Hypothetically: If It Were To Occur: Stanley Is Not Conceding That The Arctic Ice Is Getting Warmer Or Melting Significantly More Than Before!!! In Fact Evidence Shows That The Arctic Ice Cap Is Increasing Just As Much As The Antarctic's Ice Mass!!!) The Solution Is To Stop Using Nuclear Energy Immediately --Which Is The Exact Opposite Of What Global Warming Alarmists Were Advocating! The Satanists Are Attacking Coal Energy Which Is The Least Responsible For Temporary Localized Thermal Effects Since Most Of Its Heat Is Disipated Into Outer-Space. Furthermore: All Governments Must Embark On Increasing Energy Efficiency Of Fossil Fuels, And A Mandated Conservation Of Our Fossil Fuels So That It Remains For Generations To Come -Regardless Of The False Theory Of Global Warming (Or Now Deceptively Being Called "Climate Change"). Fossil Fuels Are A Sacred Precious Resource: They Are The Product Of Millions Of Years Of Hard Work And Suffering (Beyond The Call Of Duty, Called: Yagya) By Our Evolutionary Algae Ancestors: As A Heritage To Our Future Descendants! The Aryan Race And The Arabs Are Squandering And Wasting These Precious Resources In A Devil-Possessed Satanic Conspiracy To Destroy Mankind And Our Manifest Destiny! A Lot Of What The Satanic Scientists Attributed To Global Warming Were "Yearly Temporary Localized Thermal Effects" From Urbanization: The AMBIENT Temperature Of The Earth Is Actually Getting Colder: How Far From The Heat Generating Population, Urban & Industrial Centers' Temperature Readings Are Taken Could Also Skew The Results. Most Climate Stations In Canada Have Been Encroached On By Urbanization; And Will Obviously Show Higher Readings Than Previous Years. Satanic Devil Possessed Scientists Have Also Changed The Times Of Day, At Which Temperature Readings Are Taken; Making Comparisons To Previous Years Deceptive, Since They Would Obviously Be Higher. For Example Environment Canada Deliberately, Satanically, Changed The Time It Records Its Low From 5 AM To 2 AM; (5:25 AM Is The Coldest Time Of Day; Thus The 2 AM Reading Would Create A False Rise In Temp. When Compared To Previous Years' Lows.). Thus The Raw Data Has Been Doctored To Create The False Built-In Rise Of Daily Temperatures! Even If Global Warming (Naturally Or As Caused By Combustion, Fission, Water Or GHG) Were True: This Is A Good Thing! Because It Would Greatly Increase Biological Habitat In The Oceans And On Land:  Algae (Which Are The Main Source Of All Biological Energy And Primary Food Sources) Would Multiply Exponentially --Increasing Zoo Plankton And Fish Populations. Our Growing Season In Canada Would Be Greatly Extended, Increasing Crop Production. The Arctic Would Be Habitable, As Would Vast Stretches Of Canada Now A Wasteland. We Would Save $Trillions In Fossil Fuels For Heating, Shoveling Snow And Traveling To Warmer Climes. In A Dark Dreary Dismally Cold Climate Like Canada's Global Warming Is Something To Rejoice Over! Why The Hysteria?  Stanley Says: Global Temperatures ARE Related To The Satanic Political Climate Of The Times: Since Stanley Has Substantially Destroyed The System And Satan Through His Suffering; This Has Caused A Moderation In Climate; But It Had Nothing Ever To Do With The GHG Theory Of Global Warming. Some Of The Cold Harsh Temperatures We Had In The Past Were Being Caused By These Monstrous Evil Spirits We Call Satan And Devils! By Attributing What Stanley Did To The GHG Theory Of Global Warming The Leftists And The System Are Stealing Stanley's And God's Thunder; And Denying Them Their Glory! It Is Stanley, God And The DAma That Have Created True Global Warming And They Have To Be Given Thanks And Adulation! The Hysteria Over GHG Was Generated Because The Blonde Saxon-Aryans, Devils And Satan Knew They Were Being Destroyed; And Were Trying To Escalate Their Evil Acts By Pushing Nuclear Power And Leftist Propaganda On Us; In A Last Desperate Attempt At Preservation And Clinging To Power. What Most People Are Ignorant About Is That There Is No Safe Level Of Nuclear Radiation Leaks: Because Of The Persistence Of Particulate Radiation: Even A Single Radioactive Atom Of Tritium+, Cobalt+, Chlorine-, Beta- Particles, Alpha+Particles, Can Denature Or Mutate Trillions Of Human & Animal DNA Molecules And Cause Birth Defects, Cancers, Heart-Attacks, Diabetes, Obesity & Strokes! Yet Low Levels Of Radiation-Leaks, Into Our Waters And Atmosphere, Are A Constant Fact Of All Nuclear Reactors! April 24, 2011: April 26th, Marks The 25th Anniversary Of The Chernobyl Nuclear Catastrophe Of 1986; And With Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Crisis Increased To A Level 7 By The Biased Covering-Up Japanese Gov't; We Can Predict What The Japanese And Americans (Through Contaminated Food, Water And Air) Are In Store For: Although Only 31 People Died Initially In Chernobyl, The Death Toll Has Mounted And Mounted Since: 100,000 Nuclear Workers Died From Their Exposure To The Radiation; 8 Million People Were Directly Exposed To The Initial Radiation Explosion And 250,000 Of Them Will Contract Cancer; Child Mortality Rates Are Now 300 Times Higher In Belarus Than The Rest Of Europe; Today, Only 15% Of Belarus Babies Are Born Healthy; 7,000 Children Have Been Born With Holes In Their Heart; 50,000 Children Are Expected To Develop Thyroid Cancer; Rates Of Cancer And Diabetes Are Expected To Rise Precipitously; There Is A 20 Mile Radius Dead Zone Of Heavy Contamination Around Chernobyl Where No Human Life Can Exist For Thousands Of Years, But 7 Million People Still Live In Contaminated Areas Of Belarus, Ukraine & Russia. [Source: Green Planet By Suzanne Elston, Toronto Sun April 23, 2011] Because Chernobyl Was A Landlocked Region, The Radiation Remained In The Area; While Japan May Be Lucky That Most Of The Radiation Leaked Into The Sea: Which Will Impact America Worst Of All! Canada, America, Russia, China & India Are The Most Satanic And Evil States On Earth, And Have The Most Aggressive Expansion Of Nuclear Plants Programs Currently. Aryans In Canada, Russia & The U.S. Are The Satanists Most Responsible For Promoting The Technology Of Nuclear Power Worldwide And Deserve To Die For It. The Aryans Worldwide Are Forcing Us To Use Nuclear Power; They Have To Be Held Accountable For The Massive Deaths And Suffering! The Bad Guys: Canada - 22, The U.S. Has 104 Nuclear Reactors, France -58, Japan - 55, Russia - 32, South-Korea - 21, India - 20; With The Most Satanic Countries Lithuania And France Relying 75% On Nuclear Power. The Ukrainians Who Have Suffered Most From Chernobyl Refused To Shut Its Plants Down, Until The Fall Of The USSR In 1992, And The West Agreeing To Donate $Billions To Compensate Them For Losses; And Still Rely 50% On Nuclear Power For Their Energy. Satan Has A Powerful Hold On The Stupid And Evil! We All Believed That A Nuclear Armageddon Had Been Avoided By The SALT I, II & III Missile Treaties: They Fooled Us: One Nuclear Plant Emits 400X Times The Radiation The Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima Did --Every Year! Already Marine Species Downstream From Nuclear Reactors Are Dying From "Unknown" Cancers & Birth-Defects That Are Being Blamed On Everything Else --But Nuclear Plants! Chernobyl & Fukushima Nuclear Accidents Simply Accelerated The Amount Of Radiation Leakage; And Demonstrated Dramatically On A Faster Time Scale, What Is Already Happening To Us Gradually --Yet Unawares-- And What Will Happen To Us In The Future. The Battle Against The False Theory Of Global Warming Is A Battle Against Nuclear Power: It Is A Battle For Our Lives And The Survival Of Our Species And All Biological Species On This Earth!!! Tell Your Friends: "There Is No Global Warming" It Is A Satanic Hysterical Hoax!!! The Earth's Ambient Temperature Is Getting Colder As Proven By The Antarctic's Ice-Mass Increasing! 

[Great News! Al Gore And 'Tipper' Gore Are Divorcing After 40 Years Of Sick Marriage To An Aryan; The Delusional Fuck It Seems Was Having Serial Affairs, Including An Affair With Laurie David A Jewish Leftist And The Ex-Wife Of Seinfeld Creator Larry David. Gore Is A Sick Delusional Man Who Was Used By Leftist Satanic Saxon-Aryans & Jews To Spread False Propaganda Of Global Warming And As Caused By Greenhouse Gases Like CO2; This Is What Happens To Evil Delusional Scumbags. Further Good News: The Portland Oregon, Police Have Reopened An October 24th, 2006; Sexual Assault Case Against Gore, Where He Aggressively Forced Himself Against A 54 Year Old Masseuse Sexually; While On His Lying Propaganda "An Inconvenient Truth" Tour. The Poor Masseuse Molly Hagerty, Claims Gore Assaulted Her Like "A Sex Crazed Poodle", Acted Like A "Pervert And Sexual Predator"; And That She Suffered Great Pain By His Sexual Advances. The Only Reason She Did Not Pursue Charges Until Now, Was Because Her Satanic Democrat Friends And Jews, Pressured Her By Telling Her She Would Harm The Cause Of Global Warming! Leftists Gang Together Like All Demonic Conspiracies To Lie And Deceive Us: Like Monica Lewinsky Lied About Her Fellatio With Bill Clinton, Because She Was A Leftist Jew. But There Is Sufficient Evidence For A Criminal Conviction: There Is DNA Evidence From Gore's Sperm Ejaculate On Her Slacks; The
Lucia Hotel's Surveillance Camera Footage; Plus Her Friends, Crisis Centre And Psychologist Evidence To Corroborate Her Story. The Reason All Leftists Are Sexual Deviants Is That They Are Sick In The Mind --Delusional-- And Need Drugs, Prostitution, Homosexuality  And Fellatio To Silence Their Tormented Twisted, Delusional Minds. [Note: The Satanically Evil, Possessed By Devils, Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Police Never Laid The Rape Charges On Gore; Although They Would Have Gotten A Conviction: The Police Are Possessed By Devils And Must Be Destroyed: Al Gore Is Simply A Puppet Of The Blonde Saxon-Aryan System, After All. Monica Lewinsky Is Now Repenting Her Cover-Up For Clinton; And Is Now Promising To "Tell All", The Real Story, In A New Book; But The Satanic Aryan System Is Refusing To Publish Her Book --To Protect  Clinton! In The Same Way Homosexual Lover Of Obama: Larry Sinclair; Can't Get His Book "Sex, Lies, Cocaine And Murders", Published Either! In 2017: More Leftist Jews And Democrats Have Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Women: Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Charlie Rose, Nigger Sen. John Conyers: But Until Our Satanic Devil-Possessed Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Police Lay Charges And Put Leftist Democrats In Jail: This Is Not Going To Stop!]
        March 16th, 2016: In "The Cold Truth Initiative" Former NASA Scientist John L. Casey, Totally Debunks "Climate Change" As A Fraud Against The American People: Costing Our Economy $$$1.3 Trillion Dollars A Year: Due To EPA Regulations And Massive Gov't Subsidies To Fight Fake Global Warming! Click=>(John L. Casey's Video On "Dark Winter", Predicting Another Ice-Age
Casey Discovered That Although The Earth's Temperature Rose 0.36º C, From 1979-1998; (1998 Is Called The "Maunder Maximum" Of Our Current 206 Year, Solar Cycle), But Temperatures Have Fallen 1.08ºC From 1998-2016! Which The Climate Change Scammers Cannot Explain! What Casey Discovered Is That It Can Be Explained By "Solar Cycles": Or Sunspot Activity: Casey Predicts Another 206 Year, "Solar Cycle Minimum", When The Sun "Hibernates", Called A "Maunder Minimum" Or A Lesser "Dalton Minimum", Will Occur In 2018-2038 AD: Which Will Engender A Mini-Ice-Age, Freezing Cold, Shorter Cold Wet Summers, Massive Crop Losses, Food Shortages: And Inflict Massive Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Concomitantly, Along The "New Madrid Fault Zone", And Massive Loss Of Life In America; Along The Central Mississippi Valley, California & Washington State! The Sun Determines Climate Far More Predictably Than CO2 (Man-Made Carbon-Dioxide Is Totally Minuscule Compared To The Sun's Enormous Power) John L. Casey Says, CLICK=>"THE THEORY OF MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE BASED ON HUMAN GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS IS THE GREATEST SCIENTIFIC FRAUD EVER PERPETRATED ON THE WORLD'S CITIZENS"!!! Furthermore The Lie About The Arctic Ice Cap Shrinking Or Melting: Is Just A Lie: The Arctic Ice Cap Has Expanded By 63% From 2007 To 2016! After Al Gore Predicted In 2007: That The Arctic Ice Cap Would Disappear By 2014 --It Hasn't Happened! The Liberal's Greatest Lie: Is That 97% Of Scientists Believe In Man-Made Climate Change: The Truth Is That Only 1% Of The World's Scientists Believe In Man-Made Climate Change!!! We've Had Worse Climate Changes During The "Dust Bowl" Of The 1930's; Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Died In Europe During The "Little Ice Age" From 1600-1800 AD! Casey Says, "You see, there are larger cycles of the sun . . . “solar cycles.” This may not seem earth-shattering, but solar cycles are — bar none — the most devastating argument against man-made “global warming.” Essentially, there are times when the sun gets hotter and times when it cools off as measured by “sunspots.” And John Casey found multiple solar cycles that determine the temperatures of the Earth. The thing about these cycles is that they are predictable, and therefore it’s not difficult to see what is coming in the years ahead. Indeed, if scientists were paying attention to these “solar cycles” years ago, they could have told you that the Earth would get warmer during the 1990s, and then it would cool . . . just like it has. In fact, this climate cycle, along with several other cycles, has allowed John to make 11 accurate predictions about the Earth’s climate over the past few years, and it has allowed him to make a catastrophic prediction which I will share with you in a moment. Ironically, as John released his data on these solar cycles, the ugly lie about man-made “global warming” started leaking out. You probably already knew somewhere deep inside that something wasn’t right about the “global warming” theory. So it might not come as a surprise to say that “global warming” is a sham. But what does come as a surprise to many is the evidence of outright lying that is now leaking out of trustworthy scientific agencies. Shortly after John exposed the truth about “global warming,” 1,000 emails and 2,000 documents from leading “global warming” scientists were found . . . revealing potential conspiracies, collusions, data manipulation, destruction of information, and even admission of flaws that were buried. For example: One leading scientist — Kevin Trenberth — admitted “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty we can’t.” A travesty simply because they were worried about losing their government funding. In another email, Dr. Phil Jones — a leading “global warming” advocate at the United Nations — admitted that he used “Mike’s Nature trick” in a 1999 graph to “hide the decline” in temperature. And another study done by Stephen Goddard at Real Science revealed just how ridiculous “climate scientists” can get with data manipulation. Here is what he had to say: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been “adjusting” its record by replacing real temperatures with data “fabricated” by computer models.” There are several other documents just like these. More recently, Professor Robert Stavins — who helped write the 2014 United Nations Climate Report — came out to Breitbart News . . . and revealed that politicians demanded he change and edit parts of the report to fit their needs! In short, governments, and government-funded scientists, want to make sure that any “global warming” research published . . . will say exactly what they want it to say. Now, everyone knows from their high school education that the No. 1 rule of doing scientific research is that it cannot be undertaken with an end goal in mind because you will only use the data points that support your end goal. That’s not real science. But that’s exactly what “global warming” scientists are doing!" Casey Says That Carbon-Dioxide Is A Trace Molecule In Our Atmosphere, It Is Not Capable Of Affecting Our Climate, Like The Sun Can. Casey Says, Natural CO2 Production From Biological Processes Are 40 Times Greater, Than What Is Produced By Man-Made CO2, Every Year; And That Plants Are Able To Recycle CO2, To Glucose And H2O, In A Natural Geological Cycle Involving Increased Photosynthesis: Thus Excess CO2, Increases Biomass, Until The CO2 Is Naturally Depleted Again. John Casey Says, The Vast Majority Of CO2 On This Earth, Is In The Ocean, And Was Created There 800 Years Ago: Before Man-Made CO2 Even Existed: Only A Fraction Of Earth's CO2 Is In Our Atmosphere!!! And The Vast Ocean's CO2, Is Not Affected By Man-Made CO2! Man-Made CO2 Is A Tiny Fraction Of Our Atmosphere's CO2, And CO2 Is A Tiny Fraction Of Our Air, And The Air's CO2 Is A Tiny Fraction Of The Ocean's CO2!!! The Liberals Are Creating A Hysteria About Minuscule Amounts Of Man-Made CO2, Without Real Science To Back It Up --Newsmax Media. CLICK=>John L. Casey Predicts With An 80% Probability: Our 206 Year Sun-Cycle Has Peaked In 2016, And We Are Headed For A "Dalton Minimum" In The Years 2018-2038 AD; But Most Likely The Year 2031 AD: Which Will Result In: Sea Levels Permanently Declining To Record Lows, The Sun Will Enter A Deep "Hibernation" In This Period, We Will Suffer The Worst Cold in 210 Years, Wheat, Corn, Rice, Soy-Bean And Sugar Harvests Are Going To Be Wiped Out Due To The Massive Cold, Which Will Lead To Mass Starvation, Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, And Will Decimate The Populations Of This Earth!!! Casey Goes On To Predict: We Are Headed For A "Dalton Minimum" Or A Worse "Maunder Minimum", Or Both: Creating Super-Cold Temperatures Never Seen Before In History! Sun-Cycle "Minimums" Happen At The End Of A 206 Year Solar Cycle, Every 206 Years Or ~240 Years: The "Minimum" Is Most Likely To Happen In The Years 2018-2038, With The Most Likely Coldest Year 2041! With This, He Terms It The "Eddy Minimum": "The New Madrid Fault Zone" Along The Central Mississippi Valley: Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, N. Alabama, N. Louisiana, & N. Mississippi: Will Be Hit With Mega Earthquakes (Likely In Winter Or Spring), Which Will Shutoff Oil & Gas Pipelines, Destroy 15 Of The Major Bridges, Across The Mississippi River; The Temperatures Will Plummet, We Will Have Shorter Wet Cold Summers, Tens Of Thousands Of People Will Be Killed In The U.S.!!! THUS NOT ONLY IS "CLIMATE CHANGE" OR GLOBAL WARMING, A SATANIC HOAX: IT IS PREVENTING US FROM BEING ABLE TO PREPARE TO FACE REALITY, BECAUSE DELUSIONAL SATANIC: LIBERAL, DEMOCRAT, JEW, BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN & NIGGER POLITICIANS ARE REFUSING TO ADMIT THAT THEY WERE WRONG, (EVEN WITH DAMNING INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF!) AND REFUSE TO PREPARE THE POPULATION FOR: A MINI-ICE-AGE, HISTORIC FREEZING COLD TEMPERATURES, AND CATASTROPHIC EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANIC ACTIVITY, CROP LOSSES AND WORLDWIDE LOSS OF LIFE!!! ANOTHER RELATED ISSUE: IS THAT ON THE PREVIOUS "DALTON MINIMUM" OF OUR "SUN-CYCLE", WHICH OCCURRED IN 1812-1815: THE BRITISH SECRETLY DEFEATED THE U.S. IN "THE WAR OF 1812": WHEN CRAZY PRESIDENT MADISON DISBANDED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION'S "CITIZEN'S ARMY OF MINUTEMEN"; AND THE BRITISH, PRUSSIANS, AUSTRIANS, & THE PRUSSIAN CZAR, DEFEATED THE FRENCH IN THE "BATTLE OF WATERLOO" IN 1815: WHEN THE 1st DUKE OF WELLINGTON, ARTHUR WELLESLEY, DEFEATED A SECRETLY POISONED NAPOLEON, DURING THE BATTLE: AND THEN SECRETLY REVERSED: "THE FRENCH REVOLUTION OF (1789)" AND "THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION OF (1776)": BUT KEEPING THESE REVERSALS SECRET: WHILE RULING BOTH THE U.S. & FRANCE, BY RIGGING ALL ELECTIONS, AND THE USE OF DEVIL-POSSESSED SECRET POLICE [UNTIL STANLEY PUT AN END TO IT IN THE U.S. BY KILLING COPS (2014-2016!)]! THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS THEN CREATED AN ABSOLUTELY-EVIL RULE BY SATAN WORLD, INFLICTING GENOCIDE, MASS MURDER AND DEATH ON THIS EARTH FOR THE LAST 210 YEARS --WHICH THEY MUST PAY FOR: BY EXTERMINATION FROM THE AMERICAS!!! STANLEY THE KING WILL REVERSE THESE 210 (OR ACTUALLY 4,000 YEAR) YEAR SPAN OF LOSSES TO THE SATANIC BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS: AND INTRODUCE VICTORY AFTER VICTORY OVER SATAN, AND THE ARYANS, IN THIS HISTORIC NEW "DALTON" OR "MAUNDER MINIMUM" (Of 2018-2038 AD!) AND DEFEAT THE SATANIC, DEVIL-POSSESSED, BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN RACE ONCE-AND-FOR-ALL: NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE, NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE!!! BYE-BYE BLONDIE: Time To Pack Up All Our Cares And Woe, Here We Go, Singing Low, Bye-Bye Blondie; Where Somebody Waits For Me, Sugar's Sweet, So Is She, Bye-Bye Blondie; No One Here Can Love And Understand Me, Oh, What Hard-Luck Stories They All Hand Me; Make My Bed, Light The Light, I'll Arrive Late Tonight, Blondie Bye-Bye, BLONDIE BYE-BYE! THE MEANING OF THE SONG IS THIS: STANLEY HAS DONE HIS TIME DESTROYING THE SATANIC ARYAN SYSTEM: THE TIME OF SATAN AND THE ARYANS IS ALMOST OVER: AND DEATH COMES AT THE END FOR BLONDIE! BUT FOR US IT IS A JOYFUL OCCASION: NOW IT IS TIME TO GO HOME FROM A HORRIFIC WAR: BUT FIRST WE MUST EXTERMINATE BLONDIE!!! ALL OUR TROUBLES WILL SOON BE OVER BY EXTERMINATING THE BLONDIE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS FOREVERMORE!!!

    2.  Jesus Did Not Die On The Cross: The Greatest Hoax In History Is That Jesus Died On The Cross: He Did Not! The Proof Is In The Bible Itself; But No One For 2,000 Years, Until Stanley Came Along, Could Decipher The Clues: Stanley Is A Genius! The Important Point To Remember Is That Judea Was Ruled By The Evil-Homosexual Satanic Roman-Hittite-Aryans; Who Used Crucifixion As A Means Of Capital Punishment; What Most People Will Find Amazing Is That: The Romans Were Not A Latin Race, As Most Italians Are Today: The Romans Were Then A Hittite-Aryan-Race, Called "Patricians": More Related To The German-Aryans Of Adolf Hitler, (Romans Were Marlon Brando, Benito Mussolini, & Brahman-Aryan Lookalikes) And The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Of England; Than To The Latins. The Latins Were Then The "Plebeians", Or The Slaves Of Rome. Another Amazing Fact Is That Jesus & Most Of His Disciples, Came From Samaria And Galilee: And Were Phoenicians --Not Ethnic Jews-- Which Explains Why Peter Was Immediately Recognized As A Galilean, At The Crucifixion --Remember That Jesus Cried Out To A Phoenician God "Eli" --Not The Jewish God "Yahweh". The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Have Lied To Us With Revisionist History: By Totally Wiping-Out The Phoenician Accomplishments In History, And Attributing Them To The Inferior-Race Jews. There Obviously Was A Conspiracy By The Jews And Romans To Do Something About Jesus (His Real Name Was: Yehoshua Or Joshua --Not Jesus!) But Crucifixion Was Not Definite. The Jews Had Tried Many Times To Stone Him And Failed, Because Jesus Was Too Spiritually Powerful For Them; But What Changed Was That The Night Before The Crucifixion, Jesus Crazily Weakened Himself By Eating Lamb Meat, Drinking Wine And Having Homosexual Sex In A Passover Meal (The Last Supper). Because Of His Garbage Religion, Jesus Did Not Realize These Were Sins, He Was Setting Himself Up For Disaster; As He Would Lose All His Righteous Power By Killing Animals, Engaging In Homosexual Sex And Eating Fungus Products: Because He Was Raised With A Garbage Religion --Judaism-- While He Was A Phoenician By Race. The Satanic Jews Knew This Meal Would Leave Him At His Most Vulnerable To Attack. Thus Judas Iscariot A Jew Of The Satanic Tribe Of Judah, For Thirty Pieces Of Silver, Was Used To Lead The Romans To Jesus, Right After He Had Eaten And Killed A Lamb And Was Drunk With Wine And Faggot-Sex. The Major Thing That Weakened Jesus Was His Definitely Implied Homosexuality: At The Last Supper [St. John Chapter 13:22-25: "Now There Was Leaning On Jesus' Bosom, One Of His Disciples Whom Jesus "Loved". Simon Peter therefore beckoned to him, that he should ask who it should be of whom he spoke. He then lying on Jesus Breast saith Unto Him, Lord, Who Is It?".] A Disciple Whom Jesus "Loved", Was Leaning His Head On Jesus' Breast"; This Is Disgusting, Overt Homosexuality! (Stanley Would Never Do This; This Type Of Closeness Is Reserved For A Woman) Again Instead Of Stopping His Homosexuality While People Were Plotting Against His Life, Jesus Was "Blessing" Near Naked Young Roman Homosexual Men In A Stream; Where The Romans Finally Caught Up To Him Via Judas, (With A Mocking Homosexual Kiss) And Led Him Away To Be Crucified. While Jesus Was Being Led Away A Young Man [St. Mark 14:51-52] "having a linen cloth cast about his naked body; and the young man laid hold of him. And he left the linen cloth and fled from them naked". The Roman Youth Ran To Kiss Him And Was Pulled Away By The Roman Soldier, And Ran Away Naked: THE GOSPELS' AUTHORS (MARK, MATTHEW, LUKE & JOHN) WERE TRYING TO HINT TO US THAT: THIS IS HOMOSEXUALITY: THAT JESUS WAS A HOMOSEXUAL: HOW STUPID WERE THE PEOPLE, THAT THEY COULDN'T GRASP THIS FOR 2,000 YEARS??? AND HAD TO HAVE KING STANLEY EXPLAIN IT TO THEM! THAT IS WHY WE MUST ALWAYS HAVE A KING RULING THIS EARTH: THE PEOPLE ARE TOO STUPID --AND WILL BE TOO EASILY FOOLED BY SATAN. A Clue That Roman-Hittite-Aryans Were Homosexual Is That Roman & Greek Togas Are An Excuse For Men To Be Running Around Naked: This Is Homosexuality Or Effeminate: It Is The Women Who Should Be Running Around Flimsily Clothed, And Naked!!! The Statue Of David In Rome Is A Flagrant Homage To Their Satanic Homosexuality. Homosexuality Is A Demonic Satanic Act, And Would Make It Impossible For Jesus To Fight Satan! The Roman Northern-Hittite-Aryans Were Heavily Homosexual; They Had Deliberately Targeted Jesus For Homosexual Seduction As A Means To Weaken And Co-opt Him, To The Side Of Satan; And Jesus Fell Right Into Their Trap. Aren't You Glad You Have Incorruptible Stanley As Your Saviour Instead Of That Bum-Fucker Jesus? The Reason Modern Priests Are All Pedophiles, Homosexuals, Asexuals, Eunuchs, And Effeminately Sterile; Is That Their Boss Jesus Was That Way Too! Celibacy Is About Controlling A Man's Sexual Energy Through The Practice Of Kundalini Yoga; It Is Not About Having No Sexuality At All, Being Sterile, Having Homosexual Sex, Or Being A Pedophile, Like Most Priests Are Today! If You Think Jesus Is Bad Now, Then You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet! [Jesus' Mother Mary, Was A Promiscuous Woman, Who Got Pregnant Out Of Wedlock --Which Was Frowned Upon, In Those Days-- Bathing Naked, Encourages Sex, And Got Jesus' Phoenician Father Pandera, To Jump Right In The Pond With Mary: And Almost Destroy The Whole Human Race: By Impregnating An Inferior-Race Jew, With Two Children, Twins, Jesus & Thomas "Didymus". The Source Of This Is The "Apocryphal Books" That Were Banned And Burned By The Early Roman-Hittite-Aryan Church To Suppress The Truth; But Were Rediscovered In 1917 (OT) & 1945 (NT), Right After WWI & WWII. In 1945, In Nag Hammadi, Egypt, A Series Of Texts Were Discovered Buried In Caves: Which Would Include Five New Gospels On Jesus' Life: "The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene", "The Gospel Of Thomas", "The Apocalypse Of James", "The Gospel Of Philip", "The Gospel of Peter": All Together Known As "The Gnostic Gospels"! These New Gospels Were In Existence At The Time Of The Council Of Nicaea In 325 AD: And Were Deliberately Suppressed By The Church As "Heretical", Thus They Needed To Bury Them In Caves, To Preserve Them From Being Burned! Events In The "Gospel Of Thomas", And Even The Canonical "The Gospel Of St. John" In Our Bible; Could Only Have Happened Many Years After The Crucifixion --Which Is Very Significant, In Proving Jesus Didn't Die On The Cross. Jesus' Real Father Was A Mighty Syrian Warrior Named Pandera; He Was Of The Phoenician Race (Joseph Was Jesus' Stepfather): To Understand What Phoenicians Look Like: They Are The Ancient Druze People Of Lebanon & Syria! (Pandera Is Also A Historical Figure In His Own Right: He Was A Mighty Warrior, And An Expert Archer: He Single-Handedly Killed Over 3,000 German Soldiers With His Bow And Arrow, While Fighting For The Romans In The Black Forest. His Statue Erected By The Romans, Today Still Stands In The Black Forest Region Of Germany. It Is Foreshadowing That Pandera's Descendants The Slavs: Would Have To Fight And Defeat The German-Aryans Again In WWII: As Pandera Had Done 2,000 Years Before: If Only Pandera Had Married A Phoenician Woman: We Would Have Had 2,000 Years Of Victories Against The Blonde-Aryans: Instead Of Constant Defeats Under The Jews!!! The Slavs Are Still At War With The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryans In The "Cold War" To This Very Day, 2,000 Years Later: But Most Jews And Slavs Are So Dumb, (Because Of Interracial Sex & Homosexuality) That They Still Today, Don't Know What An Aryan Is: Even Though The Blonde-Aryans Have Genocided And Murdered Them For 2,000 Years: Hopefully They Will Heed Stanley's Message And Learn What An Aryan Is!!! By A.D. 9, Augustus Caesar Had Conquered All The Known World Except Germany, Persia And "Atlantis"; In The Battle Of Teutoburg Forest, Caesar Heard The News That Left A Sinking Feeling In His Heart: Three Roman Legions Had Been Wiped Out By The German-Aryans: Augustus Knew That If The German-Aryans Could Not Be Defeated At The Height Of Roman Power: Then Latin Europe Lay Wide Open For Their Future Conquest: These Savages Were Much More Evil Than The Hittite-Aryans. The Barbarians Were Coming, The World Needed A Saviour Against Them: But Pandera's Bastard Child Jesus, Was Not Up To The Job, All Because Pandera Had Had Impulsive Interracial Sex, With An Inferior-Race Jew! The Roman Army Reported On How Evil The Teutonic Aryans Were: (1) They Were Female Dominated, Their Women Would Beat The Men  And Force Them Back To Fight If They Ran; (2) They Were Devil Possessed And Uncompromisingly Evil; (3) They Were The Product Of Demons And Travelers Lost In The Forest; (4) They Were A Race Of Giants Wielding Long Swords, The Roman Short Sword Only Resulted In Their Slaughter; They Would Need Archers And Long-Spear Lance-Wielding Horsemen; In Addition To Swordsmen.) Pandera Met A 14 Year Old Mary While She Was Bathing Naked In A Pond In The Sea Of Galilee And He Impetuously Went Rushing In; Somehow Mary Got Impregnated Immaculately, (Without Penetration) While Still Remaining A Virgin. The Reason She Is Labeled A Slut, Is Not Because She Got Pregnant, But Because She Let People Stick Their Fingers In Her Cunt To Prove Her Virginity, Told Disciples To Put Their Knees On Her Breasts, And Because She Was Bathing Naked: 2,000 Years Of Defeats To Satan & The Aryans Could Have Been Avoided: If An Inferior-Race-Jew Hadn't To Have Bathed Naked! But All Women Are Sluts, It Isn't Always A Bad Thing: The Problem Is When They Are Of An Inferior-Race And Have Interracial Sex, And Are Sluts To Every Tom, Dick & Harry; Instead Of Just To One Man. Mary (Miriam) Was A Loose Cannon Type Of Slut Who Destroyed Jesus' Morality And Almost Destroyed The Human Race: With Jesus' Garbage Religion. From Royalty Sexual Discipline Is A Must; To Determine What It Is The DAma And God Wants You To Do; To Properly Lead The People, And Otherwise Bastard Children (Jesus) Are Produced, Wrecking The Determination Of Succession; And Much Much Worse, Jesus Was A Very Very Bad King: And We Must Make Laws To Prevent It From Ever Happening Again. Unwed Parents, And Fatherless Families Are Endemic Among Blacks Today; And Jesus Too Would Pay For Being A Bastard And Of Interracial Marriage. The Jews & Phoenicians Hounded Mary For Being Pregnant Out Of Wedlock; So Joseph (Yusuf) Felt Sorry For Her And Married Her, Although He Was An Old Man With Grown Children, And He Was A Jew, While Pandera Was A Phoenician. Thus Sex Starved Mary Would Seek Sex Elsewhere; And Her Lewd Sexuality And The Lack Of His Real Father's (Pandera's) Discipline And Guidance, Contributed To Jesus' Acceptance Of Prostitution, Sex With His Inferior-Race Mother, Homosexuality, And Deviancy, That Would Get Him In Trouble With The Jews, And Destroy His Religion. Joseph Was A Jew, Who Brought Jesus Up As A Jew; Genocidally Totally Ignoring Jesus' Real Father's Phoenician Religion (Which Is Genocide!): This Shows Us The Satanic Evil Of All Adoptions: For It Destroys The Religion And Lifestyle Of The Child: And It Would Virtually Destroy The Human Race For 2,000 Years! Because Of The Prominent Position Of Mother Mary, His Closeness In Age To Her And The Obsession With Her, In The Christian Church: We Must Conclude That Jesus Had Sexual Relations With Her: A Mother-Fucker, An Oedipus Rex! Note: There Is Nothing Inherently Wrong With Having Heterosexual Sex With Your Mother, As A Mature Adult; Consenting-Adult, Incest And Marriage Was A Hallmark Of The Phoenician Race! In Comparison To The Homosexuality Of Jesus: Having Sex With His Mother Was The Most 'Godly' Thing He Ever Did. The Problem With Jesus Is That He Was Such A Bad King, That Everything He Did Must Be Critically Called Into Question --And Viewed With Negative Connotations: Mary Was Of An Inferior Jewish Race --Therein Lay The Problem: INTERRACIAL-SEX WITH AN INFERIOR-RACE-JEW: JESUS WAS A BAD KING BECAUSE HE HAD INTERRACIAL SEX, WITH AN INFERIOR RACE, NOT BECAUSE IT WAS HIS MOTHER!!! Jesus Would Be Raised To Totally Ignore His Father's Phoenician Religion: BECAUSE HE WAS THE PRODUCT OF INTERRACIAL SEX WITH A JEW: WHO DESTROYED HIM, GENOCIDED HIM, CRUCIFIED HIM, AND ALL MANKIND, BY RAISING HIM UP AS A JEW: THIS IS THE TRUE DEFINITION OF GENOCIDE: WHICH WAS COMMITTED BY THE JEWS!!! At A Time When Your Race Is In Bondage, And You Are In Danger Of Being Crucified: Is No Time To Be Having Sex --With Anyone-- Especially Not Interracial Sex, With An Inferior-Race-Jew! Mary Also Invited Jesus' Disciples To Place Their Knees On Her Breasts To Hear Stories Of Jesus' Childhood --Proving Her Lewdness And Promiscuity. Jesus' Homosexuality, Depravity And Sex With Prostitutes, Comes From The Jewish-Semitic, Inferior Side Of His Family And Their Inadequate Religion --Not Pandera. [Remember The Semitic-Jewish Patriarch Abraham, Fucked "Concubines" Or Prostitutes (Hagar), And Had Children "Ishmael", With Them; Ishmael And Hagar Are Accepted As The Ancestors Of All Inferior-Race Arabs: A LESBIAN PROSTITUTE'S (HAGAR'S) SON! And Is It Any Wonder That  Ishmael's Descendant Was A Crazy, Madman, Mass Murderer, Terrorist, Lowlife, Semitic-Arab, Named Mohamed, Who Also Fucked Prostitutes?? WHY ARE WE FOLLOWING THESE FUCKING SONS OF WHORES, SEMITIC RELIGIONS? When Hagar Bore Abraham A Bastard Son Ishmael, A Weak Effeminate Abraham Let Sarai Deal With Hagar As She Pleased, (Which Was Lesbianism) And So Sarai Banished Hagar Into The Desert, Without Food Or Water, As Revenge, Where Ishmael Would Grow Up To Become Like A Wild Animal, Who Hated Everyone, And Everyone Hated Him --A Wild Crazy, Devil-Possessed Terrorist. The Semites Are A Dirty, Inferior, Lesbian, Terrorist, Murderer, Homosexual Race Of Lowdown Sheepherders --Any Religion From Them Is Bound To Be Garbage --And Yet Jesus Forsook His Own Superior Phoenician Religion For This Jew Garbage: Although He Did Realize This By Saying He Was Superior To Abraham And The Forefathers: And Which Was Why The Jews Crucified Him!!! Although Jesus Was Raised As A Jew, Jesus Was A Phoenician, And His Conscience Automatically Made Him Follow The Phoenician Religion, In That He Prayed To A Phoenician God "Eli", He Fraternized Mainly With Phoenicians, (Not Jews) And Early Christianity Was 99% The Phoenician Religion: Until The Satanic Council Of Nicaea In 325 AD, Destroyed Christianity, By Turning It Into 99% The Jewish Religion (OT) And 1% Jesus (NT)!] In Contrast: Stanley's Mother Adelaida, Was 25 Years Old When He Was Born; She Is Sexually Conservative; And Of East-Indian And Australian, Aborigene Stock: The Australian And East-Indian Aborigene Are The Closest Race We Have To The Merman Species. The Aborigenes Used To Wrestle Crocodiles And Sharks In The Indian Ocean; After Wrestling A Crocodile In The Ocean, (And Since Satan Is Also A Reptile) There Is Nothing On This Earth That You Need To Fear. A Son Of Such A Woman Is Obviously Going To Be A Very Very Tough Guy! It Was Stanley's Mother That Instilled In Stanley The Discipline Of Celibacy: By Keeping Girlfriends Away From Him In His Younger Days, His Mother Had An Instinct As To When Stanley Was Involved With Girlfriends; And Would Act To Break-It-Up. Stanley Also Has Two Sisters: An Older Sister Gina, And A Younger Sister Named Kamla; All These Women Are Very Protective Of Stanley; And Contributed To Stanley's Extremely Strong Steely Sexual Discipline: In All Of History: No North-American Man, Had Ever Been Celibate: That Is Why Satan Was Ruling: All Men Had Zero Sexual Discipline: Until Stanley Came Along: THIS IS WHY STANLEY IS THE GREATEST KING OF THEM ALL: CELIBACY!!! Stanley's Father's Name Is Fenelon Jesus D'Almeida, 'Fenelon' Is A "French" First-Name, Which Came From His Father "Antonio", Who Used A French Book Of "Baby's Names" To Select It From --Antonio's Third Son "Bossuat", Was Also Named From That Same French Book. Stanley's Paternal Grandfather Was Antonio Francisco D'Almeida: The Previous King Of Canada --Living In Exile. The D'Almeida Family Is A Portuguese Royal Family That Have Ruled This Earth For Thousands Of Years! As Long As There Is A God And The Eternal Law Of DAma, There Will Always Be A King On This Earth: For The King Rules By Divine Right And Is Ordained By The DAma To Be King!!! Thus There Will Always Be A King On This Earth, NEVER FEAR, THE KING WILL NEVER DESERT YOU: YOU ARE HIS PEOPLE: For By Universal Law He Is Immortal, Indestructible And Invincible.] Although The Jews Were Heavily Involved In Jesus' Crucifixion; They Did Not Have Any Power In Judea: The Roman-Hittite-Aryans Were A Satanic Murderous Occupation Force That Had Only Recently Suppressed A Jewish Terrorist-Style "Zealot" Rebellion With Mass Executions. Thus His Fate Lay In Pontius Pilate's Hands: Pilate's Washing His Hands Against Responsibility Was Satanic Duplicitous Lying, Hypocrisy: Thus The Historical Blame On The Jews For Jesus' Crucifixion Is False Propaganda --It Is The Roman-Hittite-Aryans Who Crucified Jesus. The Jews Are The "Rats", Dupes, Traitors And Collaborators With The Satanic Aryans --Not The Murderers. Pilate Put On A Show, To Place The Blame On The Jews: Who Fell Into The Trap: Pilate Asked Them "Is This Your King?" And The Jews Screamed "We Have No King But Caesar, Crucify Him"; "He Makes Himself A King, If You Release Him, You Are No Friend Of Caesar". And For A Murderer Named  "Barabbas" (A Zealot-Terrorist), They Screamed "Release Barabbas Crucify Jesus"! The Jews & Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Have Even Today Crucified Stanley In The Same Manner In The Satanic Court of Appeal for Ontario (The Most Evil Regressive Satanic Devil-Possessed Court On Earth!) By Releasing French, Jewish, And Black Murderers Like Gregory Guerin (1981), Robert Baltovich (2000), Michael Bryant (2010), And Leighton Hay (2014); And Giving Their Prospective Sentences To Stanley, Who They Have Tried To Murder In Almost 39+ Years Of Murderous Imprisonment And Psychiatric Hospitals. We Need To Keep Things In Perspective: Although Jesus Was A Very Bad King; Never Can It Be Said He Was On The Side Of Evil, He Was Weak, Cowardly And Dumb: BUT BY REFUSING TO FIGHT SATAN AND THE ROMAN-HITTITE-ARYANS: HE DID GREAT EVIL TO THE HUMAN RACE: REFUSING TO FIGHT SATAN IS ALMOST AS EVIL AS FIGHTING FOR SATAN! After Pilate Had Jesus Scourged And Whipped He Asked Him "Are You The King Of The Jews?": And Jesus Backed Down Like The Little Coward That He Was, And Denied It: It Was Not Peter Who Denied Him Thrice: It Was Coward Jesus Who Denied Himself And His Own Kingship, More Than Thrice!!! While Stanley Proudly Proclaimed Himself The King Of: Canada, N. America, Great Britain, Russia & Spain After Far Far Worse Torture, And Attempted Murder By The Most Evil And Satanic Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-System In The History Of This Earth!!! After Jesus Was Led Away To Be Crucified, And Nailed To The Cross, The Jews Taunted Him To Come Down From The Cross And They Will Believe, Wagging Their Heads At Him In Mockery. The Roman Soldier, On A Request For Water, Was Deliberately Feeding Him Gall (Vinegar) Instead Of Water, Which Increases Thirst As A Common Means Of Torture, At The Time; Then He Expertly Pierced Jesus' Clearly Delineated, Bloated Stomach, To Expel The Vinegar, To Increase His Thirst, So As To Torture Him Some More --But This Injury Was Not Fatal, And Not Meant To Be Fatal --The Soldier Had Crucified Thousands Of People, And Used A Practiced Hand. At This Point Jesus Had Lost Faith In Himself, Crying: "Eli Eli, Lama Sabachthani" Which Means, "My God My God Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?" He Spoke 'Aramaic' Which Is A Phoenician Language, Not The Hebrew Of The Jews. "Eli" Is A Samarian God Not The God Of The Jews Which Is "Yahweh"; So The Jews Thought He Was Calling On Elijah Or Elias To Save Him And Felt Sympathy For Him --Because Elijah Was A Jew Prophet-- And Stopped Taunting Him, And Returned To Their Homes --Leaving Him Alone With The Centurions. They Forgot That Jesus Was Calling Himself Next To God, And Above: Abraham, Moses And The Forefathers; And "Blasphemy" Was The Reason They Wanted To Stone Him, And Crucify Him; He Would Never Pray To Elias Or Elijah! [The Reason The Jews Hated Jesus Was Because He Was Of A Different (Phoenician) Race Than Them; Yet Jesus Had No Racial Awareness Of This: Although Jesus Was A Phoenician, He Thought Like A Phoenician, He Believed Like A Phoenician In The God Eli, And His Disciples Were Mostly Phoenician, He Still Delusionally May Have Falsely Believed He Was Jewish: Because He Was Having Sex With His Inferior-Race-Jew Mother!!! Thus He Was Never Going To Get Converts From Judah Jews, Only Death --They Were Too Inferior To Understand His Religion. The Basis Of Jesus' Instinctive Claim To Being King Of The Jews Is That Mary Was Of The House Of Saul, The First King Of Israel, And Of The Tribe Of Benjamin. David Of The Satanic Tribe Of Judah (A Blatantly Homosexual King) Murdered Saul And His Family; (Except For Mephiboshet Who Escaped, And Sired Mary's Ancestors.) Thus David Was A Satanic Faggot Jewish King And The War Between God's Ordained King (Saul) And Satan's Choice (David) Would Be Played Out With Jesus --Who Was Coming To Reclaim His Family's (Saul's & Mary's) Throne . Jesus Was A Phoenician King Not Jewish, Because Succession Is Determined By The Paternal Side Of The Family --But Who Tried To Deny And Ignore His Phoenician Soul For Fear Of Persecution By The Romans, Who Wanted The Phoenicians Destroyed For 2,000 Years: And Now Were Almost There! This Is Why Not All Jews Are Satanic --Because They Have Some Phoenician Admixture. His Disciples Too Came From Galilee And Were Easily Racially Identifiable As Non-Jew.] It Is At This Point In The Crucifixion Of Jesus That The Hoax Begins: [Mathew 27:50-60]  "Jesus, when he had cried out again in a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the Earth did quake and the rocks rent. And the graves opened and many bodies of the saints who slept arose ... Now when the centurion and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done; they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God. ... When the even was come, there came a rich man Joseph of Arimathea, who also himself was Jesus' disciple. He went to Pilate and begged the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded the body to be delivered. And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth. And laid it in his own new tomb and rolled a great stone to the door." [St. Mark 15:37-46] "And Jesus cried with a loud voice and gave up the ghost ... Joseph of Arimathea, an honorable man, which also waited for the Kingdom of God, came and went in boldly unto Pilate, and craved the body of Jesus. And Pilate marveled if he were already dead; and calling unto him the centurion, asked him whether he had been any while dead. And when he knew it of the centurion, he gave the body to Joseph." St. John 19:30-38] "he said it is finished; and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day (for that sabbath day was an high day) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away. Then came the soldiers, and brake the legs of the first, and of the other which was crucified with him. But when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already, they brake not his legs; ... And he that saw it bare record, and his record is true; and he knoweth that he saith true, that ye might believe.". THIS IS THE CRUCIAL FACT: JESUS' LEGS WERE NOT BROKEN!!! The Hoax Would Be Obvious To An Experienced Coroner Or Forensic Pathologist: What Was The Cause Of Death (COD)? A Man Cannot Die By "Giving Up The Ghost"; There Is Always A COD. Here's What Really Happened: Jesus Truly Was The King Of Israel, He Was A Powerful Man In His Own Right, As Proven By His Miracles; But Because Of His Homosexuality, His Engaging In Prostitution, Eating Meat, Alcohol Consumption And Killing Lambs; His Power Temporarily Left Him; But It Returned With A Vengeance When About To Be Killed On The Cross. The Sky Turned Dark From The Sixth To The Ninth Hours, Then The Earthquake And The Veil Of The Temple Split In Two: Breaking The Nerve Of The Roman Centurions; They Now Believed That Jesus Was Indeed An Innocent And Righteous Man, (The Roman Centurions Then All Bowed Down To Jesus On The Cross, They Said, "Truly, Truly, This Is The Son Of God!") By Them Doing So, Jesus Had Proved He Could Not Be Killed: THAT HE WAS IMMORTAL: BUT HE WAS TOO MUCH OF A FOOL TO REALIZE HE HAD PERFORMED THIS MIRACLE; The Centurions Then All Vowed To Save Him. They Reported To Pilate That They Could Not Carry Out The Execution; Pilate Had Already Publicly Washed His Hands Off Jesus, He Had No Stomach For Killing Jesus Either, So He Decided To Make A Deal With Jesus, In A Way That Would Not Lose Face. The Hoax That We Were All Taught As Kids, Is That The Cross Kills: It Takes Two-Three Weeks To Die On The Cross. Jesus Was On The Cross For ~Six Hours. What Kills The Victims Is That The Roman Soldiers Come Back Later, And Break The Legs Of Those Crucified: Since The Bones In The Legs Then Cannot Support The Body's Weight, The Bones Displace Apart, And Sever Arteries And Veins Adjacent To The Bones, Causing Severe Internal Bleeding, Massive Blood Volume Loss, And Pooling Of Blood In The Legs: Which Is A Fatal Injury: And The Cause Of Death (COD)! Jesus' Legs Were Never Broken, A Crucial Fact That Proves He Didn't Die, He Couldn't Have Died So Quickly. Pilate Was In A Dilemma: He Did Not Want To Ruin The Passover For The Jews, (The Passover Feast Lasts Three Days) And He Satanically Wanted To Deny Jesus His Victory: So He Proposed This Deal To A Fool: Jesus Would Be Released From The Cross And Set Free: If He Agreed To Leave Jerusalem For At Least Three Days; And Not Tell Of This Deal Until Then. Because Jesus Was A Fool: He Thought The Satanic Romans Were Doing Him A Favor By Releasing Him: He Didn't Realize He Had Defeated The Romans And Satan With His Greatest Miracle: Instead He Made A Deal With The Real Devil, The Roman-Hittite-Aryans; He Snatched Defeat Out Of The Jaws Of Victory: Had He Refused The Deal, Pilate Would Still Release Him; And He Could Crow It Over The Jews --Damn Their Stupid Passover-- And Publicly Claim Victory: Declare Himself King: And Secure The Revolution Against Rome. Jesus Then Compounded His Historic Blunder By Lying About It To His Disciples: That "He Rose From The Dead"! [To Understand Why This Is A Historic Blunder, We Need To Explain The Romans. The Romans Were Ruled By "Patricians" Or Northern Hittite-Aryans Who Came Originally From Hattussa-Troy-Macedonia-Thrace: Gradually Conquering Macedonia & Greece As They Advanced To Rome; The Hittites Are The Ancestors Of The Modern Anglo-Saxon-Blonde-Aryan Race: And It Is The Hittites That Destroyed The Phoenicians Of Jesus; They Destroyed The Greeks Of Plato & Socrates, And Murdered All The Phoenician Pharaohs, King Tutankhamun! The Majority Of The Latin Italians Of Today, Were Then The "Plebeians" And Slaves Of Rome --Not The Patrician-Hittite-Aryans. The Senate, Composed Of Patrician-Hittite-Aryans Ruled Rome; With Caesars Being Constantly Murdered, At Their Whim. Rome Was Originally Ruled By Etruscan Kings From Spain; Who The Patrician-Aryans Gradually Murdered To Set Up A Republic; When Their Murder Of Julius Caesar (A Plebeian-Phoenician King) Caused A Mini Revolution By The Plebeians, They Were Forced To Tolerate The Caesars For A While. Thus Rome Was A Satanic Hittite-Aryan Empire Much Like The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Empire We Have Today; Where Today The Britannic Celts And French, Are The Slaves Of The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: In Both Britain, Canada, France. And America. Jesus' Real Divine Mission And The Jewish And Phoenician Hope, Was That A Savior Would Come To Lead Them To Freedom From The Satanic Romans. Instead Of Fighting The Romans, Jesus Had Homosexual Sex With The Hittite-Aryan Romans, Prostitute Sex, Inferior-Race-Jew Sex, And Promiscuous Sex (Like His Mother) And Ironically Turned His Venom Only On The Jews. Although Jesus Had A Jewish Mother: He Would Grow To Hate The Jews: His Gospels Are Vitriolic Against Jews And Say Little About The Satanic Roman-Hittite-Aryans. The Jews Hated The Romans Too (But Did Collaborate And "Rat" For Them As They Do Now For The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans --Playing Both Sides Of The Fence, But There Comes A Time To Choose Sides: Either God Or Satan!!!); And The Jews Did Call All "Publicans" Sinners: So They Knew That Rome Was Of Satan. Jesus Had No Plan To Fight Rome, Which Disgusted The Jews (And They Had A Legitimate Ground To Want To Stone Him). The Jews, Like The Arabs: BELIEVE IN TERRORISM TO FIGHT OPPRESSORS: THEY ARE AN INFERIOR RACE AFTER ALL; They Had A Group Called The "Zealots" In Jerusalem, That Were Committing Terrorism Against The Roman Occupation: Thus Their Thinking Was Jesus Should Help Them Commit Violence & Terrorism; Or How Could He Be A Saviour? Although Stanley Doesn't Support Terrorism Either: Jesus' Refusal To Fight The Romans In Any Way, Is Evil! Jesus Was Such A Dumb Coward, He Told Pilate And His Crucifiers, "My Kingdom Is Not Of This World" Out Of Fear Of Being Crucified --No Balls, No Glory.] The Blunder Is That, Had He Told The Truth About Pilate Releasing Him; His Disciples And The Jews Would Figure Out His Miracle, And Actually Be More Impressed: Because He Faced The Satanic Romans Down And They Turned Pussies That They Were: But Jesus Was Too Much Of A Fool To Realize They Had Turned Pussy: He Had Already Proved A Greater Miracle Than Rising From The Dead: His Very Real Immortality! This Immortality Against The Romans Would Make Him Invincible, And Inspire His Men In Battle With The Romans; And Help Overthrow Them: And Establish Himself As King Of Phoenicia And Head Of The Christian Church In Rome: As Was God's Plan. The Lie Of 'Rising From The Dead' Is A Useless Power In Real Politik: But Immortality Is A Golden Power: And Jesus Had Proved He Had It: But He Couldn't Tell The Truth: So He Squandered His Very Real Chance At Total Power, For A Garbage Lying Religion, That Preached Surrender To Satan!!! If You Think Jesus Is Bad Now, He Gets Even Worse. The Phoenicians Had Already Fought Rome in The Three Carthaginian, Or Punic Wars And Been Defeated X3, Primarily Because They Didn't Have A King; And They Ate Beef And Milk, And Had Interracial Sex With Trojan-Hittite-Aryans & Jews; (Which Weakened Them) This Was A Chance For Round Two. There Is No Shame In Being Crucified By The Satanic Romans, Nor In Suffering, Nor In Making A Mistake; But There Is Shame In Making The Same Mistake Twice, Or Making The Same Mistake A Hundred Times, Over 2,000 Years: There Is Shame In Not Learning From Your Mistakes: Jesus And His Slavic & Mixed-Race-Jewish Descendants Would Never Learn For 2,000 Years: They Kept Having More And More Interracial Sex, Homosexuality And Eating Beef: This Is Why Jews Are An Inferior Race: They Are Incapable Of Learning The Lessons Of History: And Are Doomed To Be Mass-Murdered Again And Again And Again --Unless They Obey Stanley! The DAma Is The Ultimate Power In The Universe, And Does Not Tolerate Fools In This Whole, Wide, Spectacular Universe, The DAma Destroys Fools! God May Forgive, The DAma Is Merciless --And Jesus Was A Fool, And His Descendants The Slavs, Would Also Be Fools: Because They Were Having Interracial And Homosexual Sex With Aryans And Jews: This Set The Stage For 2,000 Years Of Constant Losses Of The Human Races To The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans; Because Everyone Was Following That Fool Jesus, And Refused To Improve On His Crazy Pacifist Religion. Jesus May Be The Son Of God; But Stanley Is The Son Of The DAma: Superior To Jesus!  --And Certainly Not A Fool, Nor A Coward. The Lesson Jesus Needed To Learn And Quick, Was That The Roman-Aryans Were His Enemy; They Tried To Kill Him And Failed Due To His Immortality Power; He Must Concentrate All His Energies Henceforth To Destroy Them; And That Homosexuality Is Evil, So Renounce It Forevermore. The Jews Were Of Secondary Importance. No Sooner Had Jesus Been Put In The Tomb, When The Roman Homosexual Men Returned To Take Him Away Into Their Clutches. And By Again Engaging In Homosexuality With These Hittite-Roman-Satanists, He Again Failed To Learn Any Of The Lessons He Needed To Learn --And Was Useless To The Revolution --Which Would Come In 70 BCE. In Contrast: From The First Instance Stanley Was Arrested And An Attempt Made To Murder Him By The Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System In Canada, On False Charges, In 1981: He Vowed To Destroy Them And The System In A War Of Extermination: Stating Over And Over Again: "Nobody Crosses Me And Gets Away With It, I Am Going To Destroy The System"!!! Stanley Also Made A Vow Of: Celibacy To God, A Vegan Diet, Adopting Hinduism & Boycotting Everything Comfortable --Which Was Very Painful To Do And An God-Awful Sacrifice And Discipline. How Did The Romans Know To Target Jesus For Homosexuality? They Didn't Consciously Know, But Satan Knew, And Since The Hittite-Aryan Romans Were Possessed By Devils, They Just Did What The Devils Told Them To Do; And Satan Was Able To Triumph. The Same Thing Happened To Stanley: The Aryan System Are Crazy-Irrational: Till Today They Do Not Know That Stanley Is The King Of Canada; Yet Because They Are Possessed By Devils And Satan: They Simply Obey The Devils Religiously, And Have Spent All Their Energies In Torturing and Trying To Murder Stanley For Almost 39+ Continuous Years. The Aryans Are Truly Insane, Irrational And Crazed In Trying To Blindly Murder Stanley On Satan's Crazy Instructions: Making Them Criminally Insane: They Have To Be Destroyed And Exterminated, Or No One Would Be Safe: For Satan Is Evil, He Could Keep Ordering Them To Murder And Murder And Genocide Us All --Forever And Ever-- And The Insane Aryans Would Do It: They Have To Be Restricted, Separated, Removed And Destroyed From The Americas. The Reason For These Murder Attempts Against Stanley The King, Is A Real Politik DAma Natural Law Of Kingship: That The King Has De Facto Veto Power Over All The Laws Of The Land; In Order For A Satanic Aryan Usurper To Rule: They Must Use Murderous Force On The King To Override This Veto Power (At The Expense Of Their Soul Energy For A DAma Ordained King Is Immortal --He Cannot Die-- But He Destroys Their Immortal Souls Forever And Ever! But To Attempt To Murder The King Is A Suicidal Act: (The Aryans Are Not Long For This World!) Because The King Has Too Much Spiritual And Legal Power! Remember The Romans Couldn't Even Kill A Weak, Foolish, Cowardly King Like Jesus: How Could They Ever Win Against Tough-Guy Stanley???) Stanley The King Is Absorbing Their Soul Energy Even As We Speak: Until The Demon Satan And The Aryan Race Are Totally Destroyed: Then The Tide Will Change, And They Will Be Totally Destroyed. The Reason For This DAma Law Of Kingship Is To Ensure That Every Act That Occurs In The Land And This Earth: Is Accountable To One Man: The King: Satan Can Only Win When No Good King Will Stand-Up To Him: Jesus Let Satan Win By Cowardly Refusing To Fight Satan!!! This Is Why The Hittite-Aryan Romans Came After Jesus; In Order To Rule Israel And Phoenicia They Had To Murder The King Of Israel: It Is A Natural Law. Like They Murdered The Etruscan Kings, Like They Murdered: The Caesars, Cleopatra, Dido, Sofonisba, Tutankhamun, "The Plantagenet Boy-Kings", King Arthur Of Camelot, Etc. Jesus Was Harmless And A Fool; But They Still Needed To Murder Him To Rule Phoenicia And Rome. How The Jews Got The Sole Blame For The Attempt To Murder Jesus Is A Massive Conspiracy: The Roman-Hittite-Aryans (Like Our Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryans Who Tried To Murder Stanley!) Were A Murderous Satanic Empire, They Murdered And Murdered And Murdered: How Did They Get Such Soft-Glove Treatment In The Bible??? The Bible Was Likely Edited By The Satanic Roman-Hittite-Aryans Themselves: At The Time They Forced Christians To Accept A Satanic Religion At The Council Of Nicaea In 325 AD: And Then Burned The Rest Of The Books As Heretical! But Even If It Were So, Jesus Was A Fool. There Is No Evidence That Jesus Ever Knew What An Aryan Was; Nor The Difference Among Races: A Total Fool: This Is Why The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Were Slipping Under The Radar While Murdering Slavs, Latins, Celts & Jews For 2,000 Years: The Descendants Of Jesus: 
The Mixed-Race-Jews And Slavs Are Very Dumb Foolish People Like Jesus Was: Because Most Of Them Till Today, Do Not Know What An Aryan Is: While The Blonde-Anglo-Saxons Have Genocided And Murdered 30 Million Russians And 6 Million Jews In WWII Alone: And Are Still Targeting The Slavs For Genocide In A "Cold War": The CIA Have Taken Back East-Germany, Serbia, Poland, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, From The Foolish Slavs, Without A Fight: That The Russians Suffered 30 Million Dead For: And Now The Blonde-Anglo-Saxons Have Set Their Sights On Genociding Russia All-Over-Again: Yet Crazy Vladmir Putin Is On Record As Saying: "He Doesn't Know What An Aryan Is"!!! They Have Not Improved On Jesus' Intelligence In 2,000 Years: "THOSE WHO DON'T LEARN THE LESSONS OF HISTORY, ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT THEM"! The Definition Of An Inferior Race Are The Jews: The Aryans Have Murdered The Jews In "Pogrom" After "Pogrom", They Murdered 6 Million Jews In WWII Alone: Yet Most Jews Till Today, Do Not Know What An Aryan Is!!! The Jews Are Like Sheep: If You Send 6 Million Sheep To The Slaughter: There Will Be 6 Million More, Willing To Take Their Place: They Will Never Fight Back --That Is Why Human-Beings Can Never Have Interracial Sex With These Inferior Jew Cowards Or We Will Be Genocided Too!!! Hitler Said: "The Jews Are An Inferior-Race, And Must Be Exterminated From Europe, To Preserve The Superior Gene-Pool Of The Pure Aryan Race": Although Hitler Lost The War: He Has Largely Achieved The NAZI Goal Of Exterminating The Jews From Europe: Which Proves 100% That The Jews Are An Inferior-Race: AND HITLER WAS 100% CORRECT ABOUT THEM!!! Hitler Also Said: "The Slavs Are An Inferior Race, We Must Have Lebensraum In The East, We Will Take Away The Land From The Slavs, And Give It To The German People, And Make The Slavs Into Slaves"! Hitler Was 100% Wrong About The Slavs: The Slavs Are Not An Inferior-Race, They Are Inherently Superior To The Aryans, They Are The Eastern-Human Race: But Too Much Interracial And Homosexual Sex With Jews & Aryans Has Made Them Very Dumb: They Still Today Do Not Know What An Aryan Is: If They Don't Listen To Their King Stanley, (Stanley Is The True Tsar Of Russia As Well!!!) And Start Fighting Back Against The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: They Will Suffer Another 30 Million Dead --In Today's "Cold War" With America & NATO!!! Jesus Did Belatedly Develop A Bizarre Racial Awareness, After Being Crucified By The Jews: He Did Grow To Hate The Jews, And Realize He Was Different From Them: But He Had Zero Racial Awareness Of His Real Enemy, The Roman-Hittite-Aryans! An Attempt To Murder A King Can Either Make Him Or Break Him; Unfortunately For Us, Jesus Remained The Same Old Fool: And His Slavic Descendants Would Remain Fools, Ignorant Of Aryans, Or Jews, Or Satan, And Having Interracial & Homosexual Sex With Them, For 2,000 Years: Which Allowed The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans To Rule Them: Until Rasputin Started The Russian Revolution In 1916 AD, By Practicing Yoga. Jesus Came Up With The Pathetic: "You Must Forgive Others Seventy Times Seven Times"; "Turn The Other Cheek"; "Give Unto Caesar What Is Caesar's And To Me What Is Mine, And To God What Is God's": Satan Would Just Love That Preaching Cowardliness: Because Under Jesus' Teachings: Satan And The Aryans Get Everything Their Own Way: Because He Is Telling You, Not To Fight Back Against Satan! The American Revolution Began, Because The Patriots Refused To Pay Taxes, To The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan King George III (Caesar), And Said "Give Us Liberty, Or Give Us Death" --This Doesn't Sound Like Faggot Jesus, Does It? Our Country Was Not Founded By "Jesus" Or Jewish OT Bible Type Christians: It Was Founded By The Celts, Portuguese And Spanish: Who Had Their Own Laws, Kings, And Religion, Before The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Invaded England And Murdered King Arthur: The Celts Had Their Own Religion, Prior To Judaism-Lite, Of The Roman-Hittite-Aryans Or Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans! But There Are Fools Till Today Who Are Following That Fool Jesus --How Has Mankind Fared Under Jesus-- Totally Enslaved! While Stanley Says: "He Is A Vindictive And Vengeful King, Mess With Him And He Will Get You Back A Thousand Times Worse; Not Only On You But Your Family, Your Race, Your Animals, Your Ancestors And Your Descendants Until All Of Them Are Annihilated From The Face Of This Earth"; And "Don't Pay Them Any Taxes At All, Destroy The Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System, Give Satan And The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Nothing, Nada, Zilch, Zero"!!! Satan Can Only Win, If No Good Man Is Willing To Stand Up To Him: Jesus The Fucking Fool, Is Telling You, Not To Fight Satan, And Just Sit There And Let Satan Murder You And All Your Loved Ones!!! The Reason Jesus Lied About Rising From The Dead, Is That He Wanted The World To Believe He Was The Messiah, The Chosen One; And This Was The "Sign" They Needed As Proof, And To Spread His Religion. But A Religion Based Fundamentally On A Lie Is Doomed; And So Are Those Who Follow It. The People In The Middle East And Europe Are Gullible And Obsessively Religious In A Bad Way; Thus They Bought A Lie Without Question; Until Stanley Came Along. The Problem With This Lie Is It Forced Jesus To Leave The Area, Lest They Discover He Is All Too Alive And Still Engaging In Vile Homosexual Sex Acts, Thus Disproving His Lie; Or For Fear They Would Crucify Him Again --He Had No Faith In His Own Immortality Power, He Had No Faith In God, He Was A Total Loser. At The Pentecost Jesus Gave Up The Power Of The Holy Spirit To His Disciples To Preach The "Word"; Which Was A Lot Of Gibberish; As There Was Nothing Worth Preaching. Jesus Then Abdicated His Kingship; And Passed The Leadership Onto Simon Peter, Whom He Called "Cephas" Or "The Rock"; He Said, "Peter, Do You Love Me, Lead My Sheep", And "Upon This Rock I Shall Build My Church". In The Canadian And British Criminal Code It Is Treason For A Commander To Desert His Men In Battle; Jesus Deserted Mankind In The Middle Of A Revolution, During Our Time Of Greatest Need; And Set Us Up For Failure For 2,000 Years!!! There Is A Duty Of A King To Lead, To Obey The DAma, To Obey God, To Faithfully Execute The Will Of The DAma: Stanley Would Never Desert His People! Even If All His People Deserted Him; He Will Fight Even If He Were The Last Man Standing, He Will Never Surrender: That Is What A King Does: That Is Why Mankind Has Always Been Ruled By Kings! Stanley Will Fight To The Death! This Poem Of An Eleven Year Old Boy Named Giacomo Casabianca, Son Of The Spanish Admiral Of The Orient, Louis Casabianca, (In The Battle Of The Nile 1798, Against The British) Who Remained At His Post, When All But He Had Fled, As The Ship Burned: Best Describes Stanley's Utter Loyalty, Commitment, Faithfulness, Devotion To: His Duty, The Cause Of Justice, God, The Human Race And Above All The DAma
The boy stood on the burning deck 
Whence all but he had fled; 
The flame that lit the battle's wreck 
Shone round him o'er the dead. 
     Yet beautiful and bright he stood, 
     As born to rule the storm; 
     A creature of heroic blood, 
     A proud, though childlike form. 
The flames roll'd on...he would not go 
Without his father's word; 
That father, faint in death below, 
His voice no longer heard. 
     He call'd aloud..."Say, father, say 
     If yet my task is done!" 
     He knew not that the chieftain lay 
     Unconscious of his son. 
"Speak, father!" once again he cried 
"If I may yet be gone!" 
And but the booming shots replied, 
And fast the flames roll'd on. 
     Upon his brow he felt their breath, 
     And in his waving hair, 
     And looked from that lone post of              death, 
     In still yet brave despair; 
And shouted but once more aloud, 
"My father, must I stay?" 
While o'er him fast, through sail and shroud 
The wreathing fires made way, 
     They wrapt the ship in splendour
     They caught the flag on high, 
     And stream'd above the gallant child, 
     Like banners in the sky. 
There came a burst of thunder sound... 
The boy-oh! where was he? 
Ask of the winds that far around 
With fragments strewed the sea. 
     With mast, and helm, and pennon              fair, 
     That well had borne their part; 
     But the noblest thing which perished          there 
     Was that young faithful heart. 

Author: Mrs. Felicia Dorothea Hemans 
"Casabianca" by Welsh Poet Felicia Hemans (1793 - 1835).

The Problem With Jesus' Desertion From Battle: Was That Peter Was No Leader, He Was A Simple Fisherman, Not Capable Of Such Responsibility --Jesus Was Criminally Irresponsible To Do This: This Was The Crime Of Treason Against The Human Race, And Against God: The Power To Chose Kings Must Come From God And The DAma: And By Hereditary Genealogical Succession --Not From Fools, Not From The People, Never From "Secret Ballot" Elections: That Is Why We Now Have An Evil, Homosexual Pope: Pope Francis "The Faggot Pope": From A Rigged Secret Ballot Election By The Satan Incarnate "Blondie Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-System": People Need To Understand: Democracy Is Satanic: Secret Ballots Are All Rigged By The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans. Our Office Of The Pope Has Been Taken Over By The Satanic Aryans, Through A Rigged Secret Ballot: The Catholic Church Must Transfer All Their Assets To Stanley's Sanatana DAma: Because The Catholic Church Has Been Infiltrated By Satan!! You Can't Rig A Hereditary Succession: That Is Why We Must Always Be Ruled By Kings! All Catholics Need To Abandon Christianity For Stanley's Sanatana DAma ASAP!!! Jesus' Abdication, And Appointment Of Peter: Made It Impossible For Jesus To Develop And Grow As A Leader And Consolidate The Revolution: For Revolution Would Come, With Or Without Jesus' Presence. In 66 A.D. The Great Fire In Rome Was Blamed On Nero For "Playing His Fiddle"; Nero Responded By Putting To Death Hundreds Of Christians In The Arena, To Please The Patrician-Aryans, Who Hated Them. In 68 A.D. Emperor Nero Was Deposed By The Same Patrician-Aryan Senate, He Had Tried To Appease; And Was Murdered, (Before They Took Him Away To Be Murdered, Nero Said These Immortal Words: "They Are Killing A Great Artist!", Nero Was A Great Artist, He Was A Student Of All The Arts, He Was An Expert Musician, For A King Is A Work Of Perfection, God's Art, The DAma's Art: MADE PERFECT IN MIND, BODY, AND SOUL.) Marking The Last Of The Caesar Dynasty; And The Decline And Fall Of Hittite-Aryan Rome! For The Purpose Of An Empire Is To Produce Great Kings: But If The Patrician-Hittite-Aryans Were Constantly Murdering Their Kings, Nor Accepting Jesus Or Jesus' Descendants As Their Kings; Then It Was A Purely Satanic Empire: The Empire Ceased To Have Any Godly Purpose: The DAma Will Not Tolerate Anarchy: Or A-DAma --Which Is What All Democracies Are! As Satan And The Devil-Possessed Aryans Seek!!! In 70 C.E The Jews, Christians And Phoenicians, Revolted In Jerusalem, And Were Violently Crushed By The Roman-Hittite-Aryans And The Whole City Razed To The Ground --And The Jews Dispersed Into The Diaspora Where They Would Remain Till Today --2018 AD, The 21st Century. In 73 C.E The Phoenicians In Masada Also Revolted Against Rome And Then Committed Mass Suicide When Defeat Was Imminent. Without A King, (Jesus Had Treasonously Abdicated), There Was Little Chance Of The Revolution's Success: But Rome Was Finished As A Stable Empire: As Revolts, Military Defeats Would Increase And Grow, Till Rome Would Be Destroyed: But If Jesus Had Established Himself As A Military Leader And King: The Revolution Would Have Easily Succeeded: And Jesus Would Become King Of Rome!!! These Revolts Were Not Jewish, (The Jews Are Simply Terrorists Who Collaborated With The Roman-Aryans; As They Do Today With The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans --It Was The Phoenician-Race & Phoenician-Christian Elements In The Cities That Revolted --The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are Practicing Revisionist History, By Attributing All The Phoenician Accomplishments To The Inferior-Race Jews!!!) The Fundamental Problem With Jesus' Lie, Is That Now His Religion Had No Leader, No Earthly King, No Royal Succession; And The Religion Itself Was Garbage: --Judaism Lite-- It Was Simply A Personality Cult Of God-Like Worship Of A Very Ungodly Homosexual Man: Who Was Satanically Made Into A God, By The Hittite-Aryans, Simply To Destroy Other Religions & Other Versions Of Christianity: The Roman-Hittite-Aryans Focused On The Most Satanic Elements Of Christianity: "Jesus: Is God", Refusal To Fight Or Defend Yourself, Refusal To Fight Satan & Forced Imposition Of 100% Old-Testament Judaism: At The Council Of Nicaea, All In Order To Destroy Mankind. And Now Roman-Hittite-Aryan Satanists Could Persecute And Murder His Non-Immortal Apostles, Take-Over His Religion And Make It Even More Garbage Than It Was: And Appoint Homosexual Popes By Rigging Elections, Through A "Secret Ballot". Thus When Rome Fell And Was Destroyed The Descendants Of Jesus' Slavic Dynasty And The Christian Church He Had Founded, Were Not Ready To Take Over Power And Rule Effectively --As Was God's Original Plan-- Allowing The Much More Satanic Than Roman-Hittite-Aryans, The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, To Take Over The World; Virtually  Unopposed By God's Forces. Yes Jesus Had Many Children By Mary Magdalene And Others; And His Descendants Would Become The Slavic Kings Of Eastern Europe And Norman England: But They Would All Be Homosexual, And Weak And Stupid Like Jesus Was: And Not Make Any Improvements To The Religion: Until Grigory Effimovich Rasputin, The True King Of Russia, Created The Russian Revolution In 1916 --By Introducing Yoga To Europe! To Understand Why Jesus' Religion Is Garbage, We Need To Understand The Phoenicians Who Are A Non-Semitic, Non-Jewish, Non-Arab; Aboriginal Race: The Old Phoenicians Were Once (5,000 Years Ago) The Dominant Power In The Known World: They Were An Aboriginal Race Related To The East-Indians, Australians, Lebanese, Mayans, Inca, Greeks And Portuguese. They Gave The World The Modern Alphabet And With The Hindus, The Erroneously Named "Arabic (Actually Hindu) Numerals"; (The Arabs Are Low-Life Barbarians, Who Imitated Hindu Numerals!) And Our System Of Rule By Brother-Sister Kings. Their Downfall Began With Interracial Sex With Hittite-Aryans And Their Blind Eating Of Cows, Milk, And Sheep: Which Are Satan's Animals And Gives Aryans Their Power To Defeat Us Militarily --And Their Dumb Inability & Refusal To Adapt. This World Is Based Upon Survival Of The Fittest: Stubborn Refusal To Adapt, To Learn From Your Mistakes Of History, Means You Are Doomed To Repeated Defeats After Defeats. Jesus Already Had The Religion Of His Father's Phoenician Or Syrian Race; He Did Not Have To Make Up His Own Garbage Religion: He Simply Needed To Fine-Tune And Refine The Phoenician Or Hindu Religion! He Was Effeminate, Weak, And Never Matured Due To Prolific, Deviant, Homosexual, Oedipal, Inferior-Race And Indiscriminate Sex With Prostitutes; And Addiction To Alcoholism & Meat Eating; And Cleaved To His Mother's Inferior Religion --Judaism. Due To Successive Invasions And Defeats By The Hittite-Aryans Since ~2,000 BC; The Old Phoenician's Were Much Weakened; But Their Religion Was Still Strong: It Reminded The Phoenicians That Once They Were A Great People, Once They Ruled The World, They Had Great Gods Like Osiris And Astarte; The Problem Is That The Satanic Romans Wanted To Commit Total Genocide On The Phoenicians, By Destroying The Superior Phoenician Religion; And Use The Inferior-Race's Judaism To Replace It With; Thus A Weak Jesus Ignored His Own Conscience And His Real Father, His Own Race, To Avoid Further Persecution --Like A Coward! The Fact Is That Jesus Was Of The Same Race, And Had The Same God As Stanley, He Was Under The Same Law Of DAma: And Yet He Came-Up With A Totally Garbage Religion --There Is Simply No Excuse --THIS JUST PROVES THE GREATNESS OF STANLEY!!! The Phoenician Religion Was Similar To Hinduism: Believing In Reincarnation, Vegetarianism, Male-Child Sacrifice, Many Gods Etc.; But Alas Mankind Got Pure Garbage From Jesus, That Was Even Worse Than Judaism, Judaism-Lite. This Was A Deliberate Ploy By The Aryans For 5,000 Years: To Cut Off Hinduism And Cut Off Direct Hindu Immigration To Portuguese & Greek-Europe; To Weaken, Enslave And Genocide The Egyptians, Greeks And The European People --For The Next Battleground Would Be Europe. After Blocking Off The Hindus; The Next Races The Roman-Hittite-Aryans Needed To Destroy From Europe Were The Greeks & Phoenicians: Greece Had Already Fallen To The Hittite-Trojan-Aryan-Macedonians By 340 BC; Which Left Phoenicia And India, As The Last Holdouts To Total Satanic-Aryan Domination Of The Earth! In ~160 BC The Roman Senator Cato, Would End All His Speeches With The Words, "Carthage Must Be Destroyed" Which Was Done By The Romans In 146 B.C. Satan And The Aryans Wanted To Rule The Earth, They Saw The Phoenicians As A Serious Threat, That Had To Be Destroyed. By The Time Of Jesus, All The Free Phoenicians Had Left Was Their Religion; To Destroy This Too, The Romans Made It Their Deliberate Genocidal Policy To Promote And Respect The Inferior-Race's Judaism, Exclusively, As The Only Accepted Religion In The Area: Not Because They Loved Or Respected Judaism: But Because They Wanted To Destroy The Superior Race's Phoenician Religion. Today The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Still Promote Islam, Judaism & Judaism-Lite In America & The Middle-East In Order To Destroy Christianity, Zoroastrianism And Hinduism. Thus Jesus' Inclusion Of Even A Few Phoenician Elements In His New Religion Was Grounds For Persecution And Crucifixion Independent Of Blasphemy: That Is Why He Created A New Religion --Out Of Cowardice-- While Stanley Retains And Promotes Ancient Hinduism, And Does Not Try To Create A New Religion, While Refining And Improving Sanatana DAma!!! (This Satanic Policy Of Persecuting & Murdering Hindus, Christians And Non-Muslims In The Middle-East Is Still Being Carried Out By The Sunni Arabs And Their Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Allies Today! The "Blondies" Ultimately Are The Cause Of All Terrorism!) The Jews Thus Collaborated With The Romans To Destroy The Phoenician Religion: Not Understanding That The Romans Don't Believe In Judaism: (They Believe In Satan Through Devil-Possession) They Were Merely Using Judaism To Destroy The Phoenician Religion: And Then They Would Murder The Jews For Being So Stupid. Most Of The Early Christians And Apostles Were Not Jews But Phoenicians And Syrians; (His Father's Race) But Their Version Of Christianity Was Simply The Old Phoenician Base-Religion With Jesus As The Main Personality --They Rejected The Old Testament, Which Is 100% Judaism. Thus They Still Believed In Reincarnation, And Many Gods Etc. The Roman Policy Was To Suppress Phoenician-Christianity And Persecute And Kill Christians --Which Only Caused Phoenician-Christianity To Grow And Rome To Weaken. In 325 A.D. Emperor Constantine Stopped Persecuting Christians; But He Was A Very Weak Man Who Had Married A Frankish-Germanic-Aryan: By Convening The Council Of Nicaea: He Destroyed Phoenician-Christianity: Where 300 Years Of Persecution Had Failed To Do. By Making A Hittite-Roman-Aryan Version Of Christianity The State Religion Of The Roman Empire He Totally Weakened True Christianity: The Roman Aristocracy (Patricians) Were Hittite-Aryan, Pagan, Cow-Worshipers And Satanists: In Order To Appease Them, Constantine Pressured And Forced The Unarmed Phoenician Bishops And Prelates, Who Had Gathered At Nicaea In 325 AD, To Compromise All Their Beliefs And Agree To A Totally Satanic Religion: The Most Satanic Thing About This New Religion, Was That It Forced The Phoenicians To Accept The Inferior-Race's Old Testament: Which Was 100% Judaism, Into Their New Version Of Christianity, Which Actually Became Judaism-Lite --Worse Than Even Inferior Judaism!!! The Bishops Were Better Off Being Persecuted Again, Rather Than To Accept This Deal With The Devil Of Satanic Judaism-Lite!!! [Note: Stanley Is Not Attacking The Jews: It Was The Roman-Hittite-Aryans That Committed This Genocide: Judaism Is A Great Religion For The Jews --But Not For The Human-Race Phoenicians! Judaism Has Worth As A Historical Record, And Is Better Than Having No Religion At All: But To Totally Wipe-Out The Phoenician Religion, And Replace It With An Inferior Race's, Sheep-Herding Religion: IS THE DEFINITION OF GENOCIDE: THE TOTAL ANNIHILATION OF THE HUMAN-RACES: THE GREAT PHOENICIAN, PERSIAN, AND LATER THE HINDU AND ABORIGENE AUSTRALIAN RACE: AND ALL OF MANKIND BY THE SATANIC ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS!!!] At The Nicaean-Council, The Italian-Roman-Hittite-Aryan Satanic Christians Changed Christianity Into A Satanic Religion: They Totally Excluded The Phoenician Religion Of Jesus' Birth. The Phoenicians, Syrians, Egyptians, Greeks And North Africans Believed: Jesus Was A Man Not A God; (In Fact Jesus Himself Called Himself "The Son Of Man": He Never Claimed To Be A God: It Was The Roman-Hittite-Aryans Who Forced This Belief To Destroy Other Religious Versions Of Christianity): They Didn't Believe The Holy-Spirit Was A God Either, They Long Believed In The Hindu Concept Of Reincarnation; In Many Gods; In Astrology; In Osiris, Baal, Astarte & Isis As Their Gods, As Well As The Religious Climate And Traditions Of The Phoenician-Egyptian-N. African Region That Was Passed Down For Thousands Of Years: The Roman-Hittite-Aryans Simply Destroyed All This By Claiming: A Fool, A Homosexual, A Coward: "Jesus: Is God". By Cutting Christianity From Its Roots, Burning All The Books On The Phoenician Religion, And Replacing It With Judaism, The Religion Lost Context And Vitality And Was Too Garbage To Combat The Germanic-Aryans Who Were Now Invading Latin Europe. It Was The Patricians Who Murdered & Persecuted Thousands Of Christians; Yet Instead Of Avenging Their Deaths Constantine Was Having Interracial Sex With Germanic-Aryans And Appeasing Them! Constantine's Mother Was Greek And The One Good Thing He Would Do Was Found The Greek Orthodox Church & The Byzantine Empire That Would Last A Thousand Years To 1453 A.D.; (Until The Coming Of A Third Satanic Race: The Turks) And Whose Slavic Kings Would Give Us A Small Respite From Total Aryan Domination Of Europe. In Contrast Stanley Seeks To Appease No One; He Is The Authority For Hinduism In Canada: He Wants To Exclude Those Who Do Not Follow And Obey Him From Sanatana DAma; And Certainly Will Not Compromise This Religion For Anybody! Hiduism Has Traditionally Been An Inclusive Religion: But With Stanley: He Will Make It An Exclusive Religion: To Prevent What Happened With The Satanic-Aryan Control Of Christianity, From Ever Happening Again! Stanley Wants Humans To Follow His Religion, Not Aryans, Not Satan: Stanley Wants To Destroy Satan, Destroy The Aryan-System, Exterminate Them From India And The Americas: AND TO MAKE SURE THE ARYAN SATANIC SYSTEM NEVER RISES AGAIN: SO WE MUST NEVER EVER FORGET WHAT THE ARYANS DID TO TRY AND DESTROY MANKIND AND TO TRY AND DESTROY HINDUISM: SO THEY MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED TO BE PART OF HINDUISM EVER AGAIN: THEY MUST BE SHUNNED AND OSTRACIZED AND MADE INTO "UNTOUCHABLES", OUTCASTES THE LOWEST OF THE LOW: LOWER THAN RATS. Remember The Primal Aim Of The Aryans And Satan Was To Destroy The Old Phoenician & Hindu Religions: This Now Satanic Christianity Was Then Used To Destroy Phoenician And Egyptian Christianity As Heresies: By 391 A.D. Roman Emperor Theodosius, Began A Total Destruction & Burning Of Books And Libraries In Alexandria, And Forced Conversions To This New Satanic Version Of Christianity!  

"Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, is also the patron saint of arsonists. As Christianity slowly strangled the life out of classical culture in the fourth century it became more and more difficult to be a pagan. There stood in Alexandria the great temple of Serapis called the Serapeum and attached to it was the Great Library of Alexandria where all the wisdom of the ancients was preserved. Now Theophilus knew that as long as this knowledge existed people would be less inclined to believe the bible so he set about destroying the pagan temples. But the Serapeum was a huge structure, high on a mound and beyond the abilities of the raging Christian fanatics to assault. Faced with this edifice, the Patriarch sent word to Rome. There the Emperor Theodosius the Great, who had ordered that paganism be annihilated, gave his permission for the destruction of the Serapeum. Realizing they had no chance, the priests and priestesses fled their temple and the mob moved in. The vast structure was razed to it foundations and the scrolls from the library were burnt in huge pyres in the streets of Alexandria." from "the decline and fall of the roman empire."

The Tragedy Of Rome Destroying The Christianity Of Jesus, Was That Rome Was Already Suffering Humiliating Defeats To The Vandal-Aryans In Africa & Spain, The Visigoth-Aryans In Thrace, And The Huns And Persians. By Its Ancient Aryan Fixation With Destroying And Genociding The Phoenician Religion & Murdering Weak Unarmed "Pagan" Christians; Rome Got Weaker And Would Split In Two And End Up Destroyed Itself. By ~500A.D. The Roman Empire Was Effectively Destroyed; But More Evil Races (The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans) Would Take Its Place. In 500 AD The Angles, Jutes & Saxons Began Invading England From Denmark; The First Aryan Race To Invade England Were The Saxons: The Saxon Tribes, Ran Into King Arthur Of Camelot And Suffered An Initial Defeat And Were Repulsed, And Settled In Hungary Instead; But Next Would Come The Angle-Aryan Race, Who Would Seduce King Arthur (With Interracial-Sex Like JFK) And Then Murder King Arthur, And Slowly Genocidally Enslave And Rule The Celts, Calling Celtic Britannia, "Angle-Land", "Engel-Land" Or England, And Creating The Most Evil Genocidal Empire In The History Of This Earth: The British, Canadian & American Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Empires; And Then They Would Try To Destroy This Earth, And Genocide The Entire Human-Race: And What Is Remarkable Is That Satan And The Anglo-Saxon Aryans Have Had It All Their Own Way For 1,500 Satanic Years: Because Of That Fool Jesus And His Garbage Religion: Until The Coming Of Stanley!!! This Garbage Version Of Christianity Weakened The Phoenicians Even Further; And Allowed The Inferior Race Semitic Arabs To Spread An Even More Garbage Religion: ISLAM! The Genocidal War That Aryan-Rome Had Waged On The Phoenicians For A Thousand Years Ending In The Destruction Of Their Ancient Religion, (Plus A Previous 2,000 Years Of Attacks By The Hittite Aryans) Made Them Very Weak. By 700 A.D. A Total Madman Named Mohamed's Satanic Religion Of Islam Was Able To Triumph With Virtually No Opposition: Satan Was Running Rampant: Because There Was Zero Opposition To Him. The Problem With Christianity Was Its Pacifism: The Arabs Simply Murdered And Persecuted The Christians And Forced Them To Convert To Satanic Islam: Refusing To Fight Satan Is As Evil As Following Satan: Until The Coming Of Stanley: THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE WAS DOING! (The Arabs Murdering Opposing Religions, Is Done To This Day To Both Christians & Hindus) Pacifism Worked Against The Romans Because The Romans Were More Religiously Tolerant, And Didn't Have Their Own Religion To Replace Christianity With; But The Arabs Were Fanatical In Espousing Their Satanic Inferior Religion: Only The Hindus Of India, Even Fought-Back Against Islam & Christianity: But They Couldn't Project Their Military Success Outside Of India: It Would Take Stanley To Save Hinduism, Restore The Phoenician Religion, And Eradicate Islam And Judaism-Lite Worldwide. Islam Is The Only Religion That Was Spread By Violence And Threats Of Death; And Will Be Destroyed The Same Way!!! In Persia The Hittite-Aryans Conspired With The Arabs To Genocide The Persians Too, And Destroy The Zoroastrian-Hindu Religion. After Defeating The Roman-Hittite-Aryans For 1,000 Years The Persians Were Suddenly Defeated Because Of Their Foolish Tolerance Of Byzantine-Christianity: Vast Sections Of Persia Were Deliberately Converted By Constantine's Church, To Satanic Byzantine Christianity By 700 AD. The Problem With This, Was Christians Were Deliberately Taught To Be Pacifist, By The Hittite-Aryans And So Refused To Contribute Soldiers To The War Effort: Decimating Persia's Military Ranks And Leaving Vast Swaths Of Territory Undefended, Weakening Persia As A Military Power --Allowing The Satanic-Arabs To Walk Right In Without A Fight; And Then Forcefully Convert Everyone To Satanic-Islam By The Sword. With Two Satanic Races Attacking Them (The Hittite-Aryans & The Arabs) The Persians/ Phoenicians Were Totally Genocided. The Hittite-Aryans, Who Inhabitated Parts Of Syria, Egypt, Iraq And Persia; Were Intending On Committing Genocide On The Human Races There For 2,000 Years. Thus They Rejoiced (And Conspired With The Arabs) At A Garbage Religion From An Inferior Race Being Forced On The Great Phoenicians And Great Persians --As Asia & Africa Fell To Satanic Islam-- The Satanic Hittite-Aryan, Byzantine & Roman Empires; Then Withdrew From There For Good: The Power And Control Of Satan And The Aryans, Was Relentlessly Expanding: Both Northwards And Southwards. With The Fall Of Persia, The Gateway To India Lay Wide Open: And All The Most Satanic Races On Earth Began Attacking India, Which Would Become The Last Holdout To Satan From The Old World: The Arabs, The Mongols, The Moghuls, The Turks, The Hittite-Aryans In Persia, The Portuguese, The Europeans And Finally The British-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Attacked And Attacked And Finally After 1,200 Years Destroyed India. Except For The Portuguese & Germans, Europe Had Turned Its Back On India And Its Suffering: Our Human Ancestors Came From India, India Needed Our Help: Yet Except For The D'Almeida Dynasty And The Portuguese: Every Other European Turned Their Backs On India. Sanatana DAma Or Hinduism Is The Religion Of Mankind: Destroy It And The Human Race Will Be Destroyed And Enslaved! The Defeat Of The Germans & Japanese, Was Devastating For Hindus: It Meant India Was All Alone Against A World Totally Controlled By Satan, Left At The Mercy Of The Satanic Devil-Possessed British-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans And Satan --The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryans Were The Greatest Evil Of All: And Now They Had All The Power: And Fighting Only One Last Great Man Standing In Their Way: Stanley! ***[See Below Point 3., On The Real Reason The Germans Lost A Winnable War! CLICK=> ] (Note: Although The Germans Fought For God Against Satan, They Are An Aryan Race, And Were Too Soft On The Satanic Devil-Possessed British Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans; The Portuguese Are An Aboriginal Race Descended From The East-Indians: We Will Fight To The Death! Being The Aboriginal Race Of Europe Means Stanley's Genes Contains The Seeds Of All The Races Of Europe: That Is Why He Can Understand --But Not Necessarily Agree With-- The German-Aryan Psyche.) At The Beginning Of WWI Sir Edward Grey Is Reputed To Prophetically Have Said In 1914, "The Lights Have Gone Out All Over Europe, We Will Not See Them Lit Again In Our Lifetime": For The Genocidal War Against India And Hinduism Would Last Another 100 Years To This Day (1914-2018+) And It Would Be Only The D'Almeida Dynasty Who Would Be Left Standing! WWI And WWII Were Fought On The Backs Of The Hindus: Every Other Country Gained From Those Wars: India Lost Everything: The Total Genocide Of India And Hinduism Had Begun (Like The Phoenician Race And Religion Were Destroyed By The Roman Empire In 400 AD; The Anglo-Saxon Empires (Britain, Prussia, Canada, U.S.A.) Were Built On The Systematic Destruction Of Hinduism And Genocide Of The Human Race: Which Continues To This Day Under The Puppet Regime The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Left Behind: The Brahman-Aryans Of India!): India Was The Light Of Europe: The Evil Genocidal British-Aryans Had Turned Out The Light --For Utter Darkness. In India: The British-Aryans & Brahman-Aryans Were Murdering Dissenting Hindus, Committing Real Genocide, Systematically Destroying Hinduism, Forbidding Hindus To Practice Hinduism In Their Own Country --Which Is Still 80% Hindu, Outlawing The Caste System Which Is Fundamental To Hinduism, Forbidding Hinduism To Be Taught In Genocidal "Secular" Schools, Using So Called "Secular Satanic" Courts And Governments To Outlaw Hindu Beliefs, Refuse To Exercise India's Vast Military Muscle To Defend Itself From Islamic Terrorists And Protect Its Vital Interests And Militarily Taking Back All The Arab Oil-Wells That Anciently Belong To East-Indians & Persians, Rigging All Elections, Encouraging Christians And Muslims To Aggressively Convert Hapless Hindus, Provoking Hindus By Eating Meat And Flaunting McDonald's Restaurants In The Faces Of A Vegan And Vegetarian People, The British & Brahmans Robbed India Of All Its Treasures & Wealth, Showing Utter Disrespect & Contempt For Its People!!! All The Anglo-Saxon Empires (Including Canada & The U.S.) Are Built On The Murder And Genocide Of Hindus Worldwide!!! The Use Of Pesticides Murder Thousands Of Indian Farmers Every Year: Because These Westernized Satanic Methods Of Farming Don't Work! The Satanic Policy Of "Expansion", "Growth", "Development" & "Progress" By Brahman-Aryans Is Genocide: Indians Want The Preservation Of Their Ancient Lifestyles & Religion --Not Jobs Or Growth-- WAR WAS INEVITABLE!!! [Click> Theme Music From "The World At War": A "Thames" Colour Production 1974.] What People Need To Understand Was That What Happened To The Jews Was Not Genocide: It Was A Less Serious Crime Of Mass Murder! Because Their Lifestyle And Religion Were Never Threatened! The Jews Are An Inferior Race: They Have A "Lowest Common Denominator Lifestyle" That Can't Be Genocided: How Do You Genocide Sheep? Whereas The Humans' Complex Vegan Lifestyle Is Continually Under Threat In Countries Like India, Lebanon, Greece, Portugal, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, The U.S. & Canada; Because Of The Genocidal Aryan Gov'ts' Satanic Policies Of Forcing Devil Cows Upon Us --With Gov't Subsidies And Preferable Land Allocation Only For The Cattle Industry!!! The Buffalo & Wild Feral Pigs, Were Deliberately Exterminated To Genocide American Indians And Force Us To Eat Devil's Beef! The Problem For India Is That Even If They Defeated Their Invaders, The British Or The Brahman-Aryans; There Was No Place To Go: For Their Massively Expanding Population; The Brahman-Aryans In Pakistan, Immediately Forced Them To Convert To Islam The Minute They Migrated Out Of India (Which Was A Satanic-Aryan Plan 5,000 Years In The Making, And Which Is Why The Brahman-Hittite-Aryans Of India: Must Be Exterminated From India, Along With Their Cows: For They Have Been Satanically Trying To Destroy Hinduism For Thousands Of Years --See Above On The Similar Genocide Of The Phoenicians, Persians & Greeks!) India Was A Third-World Nation, With A Third World Naive Mentality, Fighting A Modern Equipped Army, With The Most Evil, Satanic, Devil-Possessed, Violent, Ruthless Race On Earth (The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans); While Fighting A "Fifth Column" Of Traitors: The Brahman-Aryans, Muslims, Turks, Sikhs, Low-Castes & Europeans All Turned On The Hindus And Fought With The Satanic Anglo-Saxons --They Used What Is Called The Classic "Divide And Conquer" Strategy Of The British-Aryans, That The British Used To Destroy India. At The Time India Was Divided Into 357 Kingdoms, So The British Made A Separate "Suzerainty" Treaty With Each Maharaja, To Prevent Them From Uniting Against The British (Like The Treaties Made With The Native Indians In America): Then Broke Every Single Treaty They Made --At Independence In 1947 (The American Indians Need To Beware The Erosion Of Their Treaty Rights!) To Defeat The Aryans & Satan You First Have To Identify Them As Your Enemy: Until The Coming Of Stanley Not A Single World Leader Had Ever Done So, Ever In 5,000 Years, Nobody Even Knew What An Aryan Was --That's How Easy Satan Had It Over These Fools!!! For Example, Gandhi Foolishly Thought The British Were "Essentially Good": While The Aryans Were Plotting To Assassinate Him, Genocide His People And Destroy Hinduism!!! The Maharajas Too, Were Hobnobbing With British Royalty, While The British Were Planning On Genociding, Deposing & Murdering Them en Masse. By The Time Of Stanley Virtually The Whole World Had Been Taken Over By The Aryans And Satan: Except For: A Small Portuguese Colony In India Called Goa Where Stanley's Family Comes From; And A German-British Colony In Africa Named Tanganyika: Where Stanley Was Born On February 9th, 1960. Goa Was A Paradise On Earth, Stanley's Early Years Living There Were The Happiest Days Of His Life: At Five Years Of Age In Goa Were Stanley's Formative Years Regarding His Attitude Towards & Dominance Over Women ("Whipping" Them Into Submission): For Even The Pigs (The Portuguese Are Closely Associated With Pigs, Pigs Are The Most Homologous Land-Mammals To Humans, Evolutionarily) Would Fall Romantically In Love With Him There: For He Was Goa's Proudest Son: [This Particular Pig Would Brazenly Grunt And Squeal At Him, Whenever Stanley Walked By: She Was In Love With Stanley, Because Of His Dominance. So One Day Stanley Drove Her Into The House's Compound, Called His Sister To Block The Entrance, And Called The Women To Watch The Fun: He Began Chasing The Pig With A Stick, To Beat Her Into Submission: So She Would Obey His Every Command: Like He Would Do To Human-Women, When He Grew-Up; But A 50-Yr Old Female Servant, Told His Sister To Move-Aside And Let The Pig Escape, Which She Did: Stanley Was Livid With Rage: And Started Beating His Adult Servant Into Sexual Submission, With The Stick As Well --In Goa Stanley Had All The Women Throwing Themselves At Him! The Pig Loved It, And The Servant Loved Being Beaten By Stanley As Well: The Next Day The Pig Was Voluntarily Waiting For Him In The Compound For Her Beating: But The Servant, Again Interfered, And Offered Stanley Her Body Instead: To Be Beaten Or Offering To Be Stripped Naked At 50 Years Old: By A 5 Year Old Stanley: The Pig Could No Longer Compete: The Older Woman Had More Humiliating Submission To Offer: That's What You Get For Loving Stanley! Stanley Has The Ability To Make A Woman Orgasm Just By: Talking To Them, Dominating, Spanking, Caning, Torturing, Beating, Controlling, Commanding Or Talking-Down To Her!!! Stanley Was Only Five Years Old And Already A Master Lover Over Females! It Would Take Most Men Decades & Lifetimes To Learn How To Make Proper Love To A Woman: Most Pussy-Whipped Men Would Never Learn: Stanley Was A Master Lover: AT AGE FIVE! [Note: There Was No Sexual Intercourse: Stanley Would Reach Puberty At 14½ Years Of Age. Stanley Only Dominated, Beat And Tortured The Pig & Servant Into Submission: Which Was "Pleasurable" To Them, But Stanley Only Gives Pleasure With Lots Of Pain To Exert Dominance; Dominance By A Male Inducing Submission And Orgasm In A Female: Is The Supreme Form Of Lovemaking: Only A Master Lover Can Make Love This Way: And The Orgasms Are Incredible: Women Love To Be Treated This Way --Stanley Has Never Had Actual Sexual Intercourse In His Life-- This Method Is Better Than Sex. This Pig That Loved Stanley Was A "House Pig"; In Goa They Do Not Kill, Eat Or Harm House Pigs In Any Way; They Have The Run Of The Place --Only Feral Or Wild Pigs Are Eaten. House Pigs Perform A Vital Hygiene & Health Function In Disposing Of Wastes And Garbage Far Away From The Residences! Stanley Does Not Advocate The Eating Of Meat Ever: He Wants All Humans To Adopt A Vegan Diet: But There Are Levels Of Evil, And "Wild Reared" White Meat Is Much Less Evil Than Domesticated Red Meat.] The Reason The Pig Loved Stanley Was That All Females Have A Primordial Evolutionary Instinct To Mate With The Most Dominant Male: It Is Their Primal Survival Instinct: All Women Have A Radar Detector Telling Them Who The Top Dog Is: The Pig's Keen Sense Of Survival Told Her Stanley Is The Topmost Of The Top Dogs: Submit To Him!!! In Portugal & Goa: The Pigs And Aboriginals Are The Kingmakers: Because They Are Our Closest Evolutionary Ancestors: The Pigs Had Made Their Choice: Stanley! Since Stanley's Mother Is Aboriginal: He Was The Aborigine's Choice: From The Day He Was Born! NoteThe 50 Year Old Servant Woman Also Fell In Love With Stanley, Her Name Was "Fistad", Short For "Felicidad", Which Means "Happiness" In Portuguese; She Wasn't Beautiful, But She Was Enthusiastic, Willing And Devoted To Stanley; After He Beat Her Into Submission: She Interfered With The Pig's Beating Because She Wanted Stanley To Make Love To Her, Instead Of To The Pig; By Getting Stanley To Beat Her Instead --Stanley Only Later Realized!!! Older-Women Are Just As Available & More Capable Of Making Love As Pigs Are, In This Manner: And Older Women Are Human. Thus This Woman Wanted Stanley's Lovemaking To Remain Within The Human Species: So She Offered Her Body Instead: And Would Keep Offering Her Body And Obstructing Stanley With The Pig: Until Stanley Gave-Up The Pig And Beat Her Instead: Human Women Are Highly Competitive Over Stanley! This Servants' Interference Was The Start Of Stanley's Revolution: For She Removed The Pig From Competition For Human Sex, As Stanley Would Remove Meat From Our Diet: The Human-Race Was Under Attack From Cows & Aryan-Apes: We Would Need To Preserve All Our Sexual Energy & Strength To Fight Satan & The Aryans. Imagine Having A Pig And A 50 Year Old Woman, Competing With Each Other, Over A 5 Year Old Boy: That Is Called Mastery Over Women! In The End Stanley Was Forced To Chose The Servant-Woman Over The Pig, For A Mature Real Relationship: Because She Was More Mentally Aggressive: She Wouldn't Take "No" For An Answer, And Stanley Didn't Have The Heart To Say "No": She Assumed She Had Precedence Over The PigAnd Stanley Wanted Control Of A Female's Mind, Body And Soul: Not Just Sex: The Servant Could Offer Him All Three! Two Weeks Later, The Servants Came To Stanley, With The Pig In Tow; Telling Him The Pig Is Pining Over You, "Go To Her"; But The Servant-Woman "Felicidad" Kept A Sharp Jealous Eye On Stanley, Telling Him Assertively "Not To Go To The Pig"; So He Reluctantly Couldn't Help The Pig --The Pig Looked Plaintively At Stanley, And Stanley Agonized Over This For Many Years. This Was An Epic Battle Over Stanley's Love: A Revolution Was At Stake! Stanley Only Later Learned That This Form Of Love-Making Was Tantric Yoga: Which Proves That He Must Have Been A Yogi Or A Merman, In His Previous Life: And Had Accumulated Enormous Amounts Of Good Karma: Which Made Him A Great Lover Even As A Five Year-Old Boy! If Mankind Is Decended From Mermen: Then It Stands To Reason, That The King Of All Mankind: By Definition: HAD TO BE DIRECTLY DESCENDED FROM MERMEN!!!! THIS EXPLAINS STANLEY'S INCREDIBLE INTELLIGENCE: FOR TO SURVIVE AGAINST SHARKS AND CROCODILES IN THE SEA: YOUR INSTINCTS FOR SURVIVAL HAD TO BE PERFECT!!! "If You Wanna Be Happy", By The Dovells Click=> Stanley Would Be In "Lust" With Many A Beautiful Woman; He Would Be In Love, Only With One Woman, Girlfriend#4. Satan Had Gained Control Of All The Women: And Set A Trap For Stanley: The Women Were Now All Possessed By Demons: Having Sex With Them Would Destroy Stanley!!! "Felicidad" Was One Of The Few Woman Who Would Love Stanley Back --And Who Was Not Possessed By Devils!!! Lovemaking Is Not About Animal Sex: It Is About Dominating The Woman And Making Her Submit Totally To You: At The End Of A Stick, Cane Or Whip --That Is How Mermen Make Love: The Mermaids Love It!!!] Goa Gave Stanley The Freedom To Be A Totally Out-Of-Control Wild Man: When He Left Goa In November 1965, And Returned To Tanganyika, It Would Become A Constant Loss Of Freedom And More And More Suffering: The Horror Would Soon Begin In The "Heart-Of-Darkness" Canada: Satan Already Had His Sights Trained On The D'Almeida Family: Stanley's Male Dominated World-View Was Diametrically Opposed To The Devil-Possessed Aryan System's Female Domination: It Was King Verses "Democracy", God Versus Satan, Good Versus Evil And DAma Versus A-Dama: They Were Headed On A Collision Course: There Was No Longer Any Room On This Earth For Both The D'Almeida Dynasty And The Satanic Aryan System: One Of Them Would Have To Die: The System's Sun Had Risen To Its Zenith: It Was Now "High Noon": The Time Had Come For A Showdown!!! Satan Now Ruled The Whole World: Fighting Just One Man! Soon Stanley Would Be Fighting For His Life: Relentlessly Beaten Down With The Satanic Doctrines: That Women Were Equal, Blacks Were Equal To Humans, Homosexuals Were Equal: Although The Odds Were Astronomically Against Him: Stanley Was Grounded In Bedrock: He Knew What Paradise Was Like: He Suffered And Suffered From These Satanic Lies But Never Faltered: He Had An Indomitable Will To Adhere To Righteousness! Although Women Would Always Throw Themselves At Stanley: All His Life: Stanley Would Never Consummate A Relationship: Because He Sensed The Presence Of Satan All Around Him --The System Had To Be Destroyed First-- Now Was Not The Time For Sex! To Fall From Paradise To Hell In One Lifetime, Is The Worst Suffering Anyone Can Ever Experience!!! In 1961: The Satanic Brahman Indian Government Violently Took-Over Goa From The Portuguese And The Goans, And The British Installed A Somali Nilotic-Race, Socialist Named J.K. Nyerere (Like The Nilotic Race Obama) Into Power In Tanganyika, Who Nationalized All Businesses And Assets, To The Government, Destroying The Economy, The Currency, The Standard Of Living, The Quality Of Life And All Our Hard-Earned Wealth; And Putting Everyone Into Poverty: The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, Advised Blacks To Do This, Their Goal Was Always To Commit Genocide Against Hindus: They Had Lured Them To Africa To Murder Them All Along: They Wanted To Violently Impose Equality: (Like In The U.S. South) Because They Believed That The Inferior Race (Blacks) Were Inferior, In-The-First-Place, Because They Were The Most Intrinsically Evil And Delusional: And Would Believe The Aryans That Robbing Another Race's Hard Earned Wealth Was Right: And Would Worship Satan The Most --Like All Aryans Do-- And Support The Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Aryan's Hegemony On This Earth --Whereas The Human Races Had An Intrinsic Morality, And Would Always Believe In God Versus Satan: The Aryans Had Chosen Sides, The Side Of Evil, The Side Of Satan: The Side Of Chimpanzee-Apes: Niggers And Brahman-Aryans Over Humans: Instead They Tried To Genocide And Murder The East-Indians: For Which They Must Be Destroyed: We Must Never Forget This Genocide: We Must Never Forget This Racism: We Must Never Associate With Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans EVER AGAIN: Make Them Permanent UNTOUCHABLES: UNTIL THEY CAN BE TOTALLY EXTERMINATED!!! The D'Almeidas Once More Were Left Stateless, With No Place To Go. The Portuguese-East-Indians (Called Goans) Led A Privileged Life In Goa And Tanganyika; We Lived Like Kings! The Brahmans Instead Tried To Murder And Genocide The Human-Goans. (The Blame For The Satanic Brahman-Indian Gov't Falls On The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, Because It Was The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans That Put The Minority Brahman-Aryan Socialists In India & Tiny-Minority Somali-Nilotic-Race-Socialists In Tanganyika, Into Power. Just Like The Puppet Liberal, Leftist Gov'ts Of Clinton, Bush, Obama & Romney In The U.S. Are Blamed On The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, Because They Rigged The Elections To Put Liberals Into Power!) By 1961, Satan & The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Had Conquered The Whole Earth: They Thought They Had Already Won: For They Could Now Muster Their Full Power & Might Against Just One Man: The D'Almeida King; They Assumed He Would Be Another Fool Like Jesus, Gandhi, Hitler Or Stalin --WRONG!!! The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Tried To Murder Stanley Because He Was The Last Surviving Human King --But In Doing So They Had Made A Fatal, Dumb & Foolish Mistake: They Were Showing Absolutely No Respect For A King!!! A King Without A Country, A King Without A Throne, A King Without A People, A King Without Any Power: Is The Most Dangerous Man On Earth! It Is Not For No Reason That Kings Have Always Ruled This Earth, And Always Will: They Are The Best At What They Do. The Aryans Forgot The Fundamental Rule Of The Game: "The Game Isn't Over Until You 'Checkmate' The King." --Not Kill Him: Angering The King Will Make Him Fight Back Even Harder, And Come After You! And Unlike On A Chess Board: In The Game Of Life: The King Is The Most Powerful, Insurmountable Force In Nature: The Supreme Player Of The Game: Things Were Going To Get Tougher For Them, Much Tougher: They Had Been Flying Under The Radar Far Too Long: And For The First Time In History: They Would Be Targeted For Extermination By Stanley --THE KING!!! The DAma Ordained King Is So Precious An Entity In This Whole Universe: That Any Attempt To Kill Him Brings Down The Wrath Of All The Gods And The DAma Itself --For He Is The Last Backstop To Total Anarchy: THE DAma IS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE UNIVERSE: AND THE DAma WILL NEVER TOLERATE ANARCHY: IT WILL NEVER TOLERATE EVEN AN ATTEMPT AT HIGH TREASON, OR ATTEMPT TO MURDER THE KING! The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Lacked The Intelligence To Value Spiritual Power Over Physical Power: They Satanically Believed That This Universe Was Without Law Or Order, And Was Random, Lawless And Anarchic: They Dumbly Believed That Satan Was All Powerful On This Earth: The Only Reason They Were Winning Is That Through Devil Possession They Blindly Obeyed Satan And The Dama, Better Than Any Of Their Opponents (Jesus) Obeyed God And The DAma: They Believed That All Kings Were Like That Fool Jesus! By The Time Stanley Was Born: The Sun Had Already Set On The British Empire: But A New Far More Evil Genocidal Satanic State Had Takenover From Britain: Canada --Ruled By The Same Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans! To Defeat The System Stanley Adopted A Genius Strategy: Attack The System Where It Is Most Genocidally Evil, Socialistic And Powerful: The Heart Of Darkness: The Belly Of The Beast: Hell On Earth: Canada! By Destroying Absolutely Evil Canada: The Rest Of The Satanic Aryan States Would Fall Like Ten-Pins! It Is Important To Remember That Stanley Is Of Portuguese Descent: He Was Born A Good Catholic: He Converted To Hinduism Or Sanatana DAma, As A Genius Strategy For Destroying The Satanic Aryan System And For The Survival Of The Human Race: Because This Was The Only Religion That Could Defeat Satan And The Devil-Possessed Aryans Who Were Trying To Murder Him And Genocide Mankind! Although Stanley Always Believed Eating Meat Was A Sin (Especially Cows, Sheep, Goats, Milk, & Red Meat; And Domesticated Or "Farmed" Animals Like Farmed Fish); While (Wild Pigs, Wild Fowl & Wild Fish Is Considered White-Meat And Healthier). Stanley Was The First Man In History To Discover: That The Aryan System's & Satan's Power To Defeat The Human Race Was Coming From The Satanic Domesticated Devil Cows: Thus Stopping The Eating Of Beef & Milk; And No Interracial Sex: Would Destroy The System! What Most People Will Not Understand, Is That The Greatest Strategy Stanley Used To Destroy The System Was His Absolute Iron Sexual Discipline: Stanley Locked Down All His Sexual Urges: And Never Had Any Kind Of Sex In His Life: To Concentrate All His Energies Into Destroying The System!!! Remember Stanley Was The Top Dog: He Had Tremendous Sexual Power: He Got All The Hottest Women: Women Could Detect Him From Thousands Of Miles Away: Like Predatory Sharks: He Was A Pussy Magnet: Stanley Always Had The Most Intelligent, Most Beautiful, Hottest Girl, As His Girlfriend In Class. To Not Be Able To Touch The Woman You Love, To Give Up All Sex Was The Greatest Sacrifice Of All! By The Age Of Ten Stanley Was Getting More Hot Girlfriends Willingly Under His Domination, Command & Control, (And A Couple Of Hot Teachers Threw Themselves At Stanley Too) Than Most Adults Would Ever Get In A Lifetime; Stanley Had Taken Control Of And Conquered All The Best Pussy Before The Boys His Age Even Knew Girls Existed: This Was The Life: He Had It Made: It Seemed He Was Set For Life --With Pussy Galore-- What Could Possibly Go Wrong? When Suddenly Satan Struck Again: Stanley's Grandfather Anton, Was Murdered By Rat Poison, By His Satanic Brahman-Hittite-Aryan Wife Argentina, And Stanley Was Forced To Formally Become King On February 12th, 1972 --At A Very Young Age! Throughout History A "Boy King" Indicates The Dynasty Is In Peril: Because Obviously The Previous Monarch Has Been Murdered: Causing The Early Succession: Stanley's Life And His Dynasty Were Now In Jeopardy! Remember The Norman "Plantagenet" "Boy Kings" Edward V & Richard IV Were Murdered By The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan "Tudor King" Henry VII, In The Tower Of London, In 1485 AD: Boy-King Pharaoh TutAnkhAmun Was Murdered By The Hittite-Aryans In 1324 BC; The Fact That Stanley Survived After The Whole Entire-Devil-Possessed-Satanic-Aryan-System Tried To Murder Him, For 39+ Straight Years And Failed: Is A Miraculous Achievement --No Other Boy Kings Have Survived Into Adulthood After The Satanic-Aryans Tried To Murder Them, Throughout History: This Proves The Greatness Of Stanley! [Note: Even Before Satan Struck, Stanley Had Already Decided To Exercise Deep Caution When It Came To Romance: Because Of Several "Disturbing Incidents" With Authority Figures (Black Teachers, Aryan-Society) That Happened Every Time He Punished His Girlfriends For Disobedience. A Man Quickly Learns That To Conquer A Woman: Mind, Body And Soul, And Own Her: You Have To Conquer Her Dragons Or Demons: To Have His Way With All Women He Would Have To Destroy The System, The Devil Possession And Satan: Stanley Is A Very Dominant Man: He Is Very Possessive Over His Women: He Would Never Share A Woman's Pussy With Medical Examinations By Doctors: He Needed To Totally Control A Woman: Mind, Body And Soul!!! For Example: Stanley's First Girlfriend Fell In Love With Him: Because She Saw His Prowess In Winning Over Other Boys, In Fights In The Schoolyard! She Noticed That Stanley Was The Only Boy To Fight "Black Boys" And Win --Which Really Impressed Her! So She Would Deliberately Flash Her Panties At Him By Jumping From Desk-To-Desk, Letting Her Skirts Fly Up, And Sitting Beside Stanley In Class And Spreading Her Legs At Stanley's Command. To Conquer His First Girlfriend #1 "Fully": Stanley Imposed Punishments On Her For Disobedience; She Threatened To Tell A Temporary Black Teacher Named Mrs Akili; Stanley Said "Go Ahead", To Show Her He Had No Fear. This Satanic Evil Teacher Started Berating Stanley: "Who Are You To Punish Her, Are You Her Father? Do You Support Her? Do You Pay For Her Bread And Butter?" Stanley Kept Cool, Calm & Collected, And Didn't Back Down. Mrs Akili Started Screaming And Screaming And Threatening Him, "Should I Put Him At The Back Of The Class, To Sit All By Himself?"; Stanley's Girlfriend Said A Fervent "No" --Because She Was In Love With Stanley And Had The "Hots" For Him. Mrs Akili Was Having An Apoplectic Fit: She Started Issuing More Threats In A Demonic Manner! Mrs Akili Said: "In All My Eight Years Of Teaching, I Have Never Come Across A Case Like This; This Is Outrageous! I Am Going To Tell Your Regular Teacher About This". After The Teacher Left He Told His Girlfriend: "Just For That, You Will Now Be Punished Worse Than Ever"; The Teacher Was Possessed By A Devil; By Fighting The Demonic-Teacher, Stanley Now Owned His Girlfriend's Pussy For Life!!! Stanley's Regular Teacher Was A Goan, Who Wore Skin-Tight Hot Slacks And Was Sexy Herself, When She Asked Stanley About Punishing His Girlfriend; He Just Told Her, "She's Just A Woman, What Is There If I Punish Her?"; And That Was It, She Understood, Goans Understood, Stanley Was Exerting Dominance, And She Should Stay Out Of It; She Saw How Much His Girlfriend Loved Stanley. (Stanley Had A Close Relationship With The Teacher: A Bad Teacher Can Stifle All Your Romance "Action"). Stanley Became Attracted To Girlfriend#2, Because She Would Sit Or Squat, In Unladylike Positions That Would Fully Expose Her Entire Crotch Area, And Panties To Stanley, And She Seemed Oblivious That She Was Putting On A Show For Him! Stanley Knew He Was Already Halfway To Owning Her Pussy! Girlfriend #2's Demon Was Her Older Brother! To Own Girlfriend #2 Stanley Had To Fight Her Older, Bigger, But Stupid Brother --Stanley Had An Excessive Over-Abundance Of Caution, When Fighting Devil-Possessed, Older, Larger Boys --He Should Have Just Punched The Brother Out. [Note: Stanley Was On Average, One Year Younger Than All The Other Boys In His Class: He Was A Precocious Student! Thus For Him To Win Almost All His Fights Was An Incredible Achievement!!! But Aryans Were All Devil-Possessed, Defeating Them Required Destroying The Devils Within Them First: Stanley Knew That Violence Alone, No Matter How Brave, Was Not Enough!!! The Devil-Possessed Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System Had To Be Destroyed First!!!] Girlfriend #2 Would Say: "My Brother This, My Brother That, Etc."; Stanley Won By Simply Relentlessly Ridiculing Her Brother To Death (Making Fun Of The Way He Dressed, Mocking His Receding Hairline, His Fatness, His Ugliness, His Dumbness) Until Girlfriend#2 Set Up A Showdown: "I'll Tell My Brother You Mocked Him.", Stanley Said, "Go Ahead, Your Brother Is A Joke". Finally Stanley Got An Older Boy (Who Owed Stanley A Favor: He Had Caused Stanley's Right-Collarbone, To Be Broken, By Horseplay.) And Got Him To Fight Her Brother For Him, And Telling Girlfriend #2 About It The Next Day. The Guy Just Punched Her Brother, Grabbed Him, And Flung Her Brother To The Ground, He Was Much Bigger Than Her Brother; Her Brother Fought Bravely, He Refused To Give-Up, He Kept Getting Back Up, And Charging Head First Into His Larger Opponent: Only To Get His Face Punched Into A Bloody Mess; Stanley Felt Sorry For Him --He Just Didn't Know How To Fight Or To Give Up. Stanley Then Told Girlfriend #2 That The Only Reason He Didn't Beat Her Brother Up Himself, Was He Was Too Old For Him; But That He Gets Beaten Up Easily By Boys In His Own Class: And That Age & Size Does Matter When Determining Dominance --Girlfriend #2 Nodded In Submission, And Agreed: "I Guess He Is Older And Bigger Than You, For It To Have Been A Fair Fight; You Were Right To Get Someone Else --You Won The Fight Fair And Square!". His Next Girlfriend #3, Was Really Hot: She Was Tall, Fair-Skinned, Big-Boned And Always Ready For Sex. She Was Too Sexually Aggressive: And Stanley Had To Rein Her In Repeatedly, And Discourage Her Forwardness: Because A Great Lover Like Stanley: Does Not Allow The Woman To Lead Sexually: That Is Called "Topping From The Bottom": Although He Liked Romance And Pussy: He Had An Iron Sexual Discipline Even At A Young Age: He Would Move At His Pace, Not Hers! [Stanley Had Been Transfered To A New School By His Mother Adelaide, To Break Up His Romances With Girlfriends#1 & 2 (GF's#1&#2, Were Very Angry At Stanley's Transfer!): Stanley's Mother Believed That Stanley Was Being Victimized By Sexually Aggressive Women (Which Was True! Stanley Was Never The Sexual Aggressor --The Women Always Were, And Stanley Was Too Chivalrous To Say No!) And Adelaide Thought That The School Was Lax In Enforcing Sexual Discipline; So She Falsely Thought The New School Would Be Better. Stanley's Mother Needn't Have Worried: Stanley Was More Sexually Conservative Than She Was --As We Shall See! You Don't Get To Be The King Of All Mankind, If You Can Get Easily Seduced By Women!!! Stanley Conquered Many A Pussy, But He Never Ever Indulged In The Pussy That He Conquered!!!] But No Sooner Had He Got To The New School: When An Even Hotter Girlfriend#3 Offered Herself To Him On The First Day: Girlfriend#3 Somehow Already Knew That Stanley Had A Reputation As A "Great Lover". For Example: Women Have A Demonic Grapevine: If You Make Love To One Woman: They All Seem To Know About It: This Has Always Disconcerted & Scared Stanley: Who Liked To Keep His Romances Private --THIS RAISED A RED FLAG-- The Only Way Other Women Would Know, Is If They Were All Possessed By Demons!!! Girlfriend#3 Already Knew That Stanley Was A Great Lover When He Entered Her Class: And She Walked Right Up To Him, And Talked-Up A Storm With Stanley Like She Already Knew Him: She Already Knew What He Liked Sexually, And Did It For Him, The First Day They Met: She Then Walked Right Up To Stanley's Desk: And Pushed Her Pussy About Eight Inches From His Face: He Could Smell Her PUSSY Dripping With Sexual Arousal Just From Talking To Stanley: She Was Hyper-Orgasmic, She Asked Stanley, "Can I Sit Beside You?", She Then Hiked Up Her Skirt And Pulled Up Her Panties Close To His Face! Stanley Told Her As Politely As He Could: "Get Your Pussy Out Of My Face, No You Can't Sit Beside Me, Take Your Seat" --Probably No Man Had Ever Spoken To Such A HOT Chick, Like That In Her Life! To Own A Woman's: Mind, Body & Soul; You Need To First Break Her! To Break Her You Need Tremendous Sexual Discipline: To Refuse Pussy Being Freely Offered! The Next Day She Was Sulking, Resentful, Her Eyes Were Flashing With Anger & Hatred (No Woman Likes To Be Scorned), & Vengeful; But She Had Been Crying (It Is Very Damaging To A Woman's Ego, To Be Turned Down By A Great Lover Like Stanley) Having Broken Her: Stanley Then Put On A Charm Offensive: Stanley Could Make Girlfriend#3 ORGASM, Just By Talking To Her!!! In No Time She Was Smiling, She Was Dripping With Sexual Arousal From Stanley, And She Thought He Was The Best Lover Ever --And He Hadn't Even Touched Her! She Had Learned Important Lessons: That Stanley Was The BOSS In Every Way, She Had To Let Him Lead Sexually, That Her Cunt Had No Power Over Him --Like It Did With Other Men! She Would Now End Every Sentence By Calling Stanley "Tough Guy", And Waving Her Fist In The Air ... Tough-Guy ... "Big-Boy" In A Sexy Erotic Way!] Girlfriend#3 Was HOT: She Would Wear Skirts That Barely Covered Her Crotch; She Made Him Somehow, Demonically Fight Almost Every Boy In The Class, Because When He Was With Her: All The Boys Seemed To Want To Fight Him: Month After Month, Fight After Fight, Win After Win; Before He Owned Her Pussy Too. The Climax Came When Stanley Punched Out The Biggest Boy In Class; Stanley Punched Him With All His Might On The Side Of The Nose: Making Him Sit Down, And Cry Like A Baby! Girlfriend #3, Was So Sexually Thrilled By This, Because He Fought For Her Love, She Took Him To The Girl's Washroom, Kept The Stall Door Wide Open, Pulled Down Her Panties, Spread Her Legs, And Urinated For Him To See Everything: He Had Conquered Another Pussy, Mind, Body & Soul, He Owned Her. [Note: Stanley Later Learned That Girlfriend#3 Was A Nymphomaniac: She Had Sex-Demons In Her That Made Her Insatiable For Sex: But There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Sex: That Is Why You Cannot Control A Woman By Having Sex With Her: First You Have To Destroy Or Conquer Her Demons, To Truly Conquer Her. The Only Way To "Own" Her Was To Destroy Her Demons: Which Stanley Did By Fighting All Those Boys For Her! You See The Demons Would Transfer From Her And  Enter The Boys, Who Would Want To Fight Stanley: And Stanley Would Destroy The Demons By Beating Them-Up In A Fight: Until It Culminated With The Biggest Boy In Class!] When Stanley Got Back To Class; A Hot, Hot, Sexy, Beautiful Teacher Got So Excited And Impressed: That Stanley Knocked Out The Biggest Boy In Class, And Of All The Hot Pussy Action Going On: She Too Threw Herself At Stanley --But She Waited Two Years After Stanley Had Passed On From Her Class To Actually Offer Her Body --Otherwise It Would Be Illegal!!! There Were Some Opponents That Were Older, Bigger And Stronger Than Stanley, And He Must Admit, He Did Sometimes Show Some Fear, Cowardice And Reluctance To Fight Older And Bigger Opponents: STANLEY WAS ALWAYS A CONSERVATIVE FIGHTER: HE RESORTED TO VIOLENCE ON DEVIL-POSSESSED BULLIES ONLY WHEN HE HAD TO, But He Would Always Fight In The End If Pushed: Because He Knew He First Needed To First Destroy The Devil Within Them To Win --Which Is a Much More Complex Process And Takes Many Years! Stanley Was Afraid Of Them Unnecessarily (He Would Later Learn): Because He Was Such A Better Fighter, Size Wouldn't Have Mattered; For Stanley Had Much Faster Speed And Quickness, He Could Land Ten Punches Before The Other Guy Landed One; In Judo Or Wrestling, He Could Pin His Opponent To The Ground In Seconds; Plus He Could Take A Beating And Keep On Fighting Till He Won. By Conservatively And Strategically Not Fighting: Devil-Possessed, Older, Bigger Opponents Right Away: Things Would Get Much Worse Later --As We Shall See With Girlfriend #4. {{NOTE: Stanley Is The Greatest Of Yogis: A Karma Yogi Performs Action (Like Conquering Girl's Pussies) NOT For The Sake Of Pussy; But For The Sake Of The Conquest Itself. A Great Yogi Never Indulges In His Good Karma Accumulated From Selfless Action, Sacrifice And Suffering: Stanley Never Consummated The Pussy He "Owned"; He Sacrificed It To The DAma And To God: Stanley's Sexual Discipline Is Like Steel: He Never Indulged In Sex In His Life!!! Stanley Has Conquered Many Billions Of Pussies By Now: Not For The Sake Of Fucking Them; But For The Control Of Their Minds, Bodies And Souls!}} It Was Now December 3rd, 1970; The School Year Had Finally Come To An End: We All Were Now Headed For Christmas Break: Stanley's Grandfather Antonio Was Being Murdered By The Brahman Aryans: Soon Stanley Would Become King Of All Mankind: On February 12th, 1971: At Just Eleven Years Of Age: This Was The Last Month Of His Childhood: And Kingship Would Change Stanley's Life Forever: But He Had One More "Romantic" Conquest To Make, And Very Little Time To Conquer Her: Which Would Be His Last Conquest For A Very Very Long Time: Girlfriend#4 The Love Of His Life! Making Love Is Not About Sex, It Is About Dominance, It Is About Romance, It Is About Love, It Is About Relationships: Although Stanley Never Had Sex With Any Of His Girlfriends: He Was "Making Love" To Them! The Year Was Now 1970-71: His Fourth Girlfriend #4, Was The Hardest To Conquer: She Was A Goan Princess, The Alpha Female, A Prima Donna, Although She Seemed Sweet And Innocent To Others, She Could Be A Real Class "A" Bitch To Stanley, Horridly Moody: One Day Placid And Loving, The Next Day Deep Thinking, Mean, Hateful, Grumpy, Cold And Serious: She Made Stanley Really Suffer For His Victory: But She Would Become The Love Of Stanley's Life! 
H.W. Longfellow's Poem Aptly Describes Her: 
                           Girlfriend #4:
"There Was A Cruel Girl, Who Had An Ice-Cold Curl, Right In The Middle Of Her Forehead; And When She Was Good She Was Very Very Good; But When She Was Bad, She Was HORRID!". 

Their Early Relationship Started Out With Stanley Hitting Her Very Hard, One Time, On The Side Of Her Mouth; For Being Repeatedly Disobedient, Disrespectful, Cruel & Manipulative (This Incident Was Building Up For A Long Time Of Repeated Cruelty, Disrespect, Disobedience And Abuse Of Stanley: When A Woman Refuses To Demonstrably Reciprocate Your Love For Her And Repeatedly Abuses You Instead, It Can Break Your Heart And Make You Cry: Which Was Girlfriend #4: The Law Of The Jungle Incarnate. Stanley Later Learned That She Was Correct In Her Behaviour, She Couldn't Show Too Much Affection Toward Stanley: Because Satan Would Have Persecuted Her Too: By Pretending To Hate Stanley, It Kept Her Safe.): Girlfriend #4 Had Very Sharp Animal Instincts And Survival Instincts: She Believed In The Law Of The Jungle: That Her Mate Must Be The Dominant Male By Fighting All Foes And Winning: It Is Survival Of The Fittest: Only The Fittest Male Gets To Pass On His Genes And His Offspring: It Didn't Matter Whether You Loved Her Or Not: You Had To Prove Yourself By Dominance, By Fighting And Winning: Regardless Of How Much Older And Bigger Your Opponent Was (His Opponents Were Always Older And Bigger With Her) --There Was No Mercy Clause With Her: If You Lost She Would Be Horribly Cruel To You: ONLY THE FITTEST MUST BE ALLOWED TO SURVIVE! Girlfriend #4 Demanded Perfection From Stanley: If You Showed Fear, Cowardice, Or Lost A Fight: You Got Nothing: She Was Merciless, And Would Abuse You Relentlessly, Until You Conquered Your Foe: Winning Was Everything: That Is The Law Of The Jungle! What Stanley Found The Most Cruel About Her Behavior Was Her Apparent Disloyalty: She Never Took Stanley's Side In A Fight: She Would Remain Aloof: And Walk Off With The Victor: (Leaving You Crying Bitterly If You Lost) Thus You Had To Win The Fight To Get Her: It Was Always Life Or Death In A Fight For Her: You Were Always Fighting For The Girl You Loved --She Never Showed You Any Mercy: This Was The Law Of The Jungle! It Made Stanley Always Doubt If She Loved Him Or Not: Because She Cruelly Seemed To Treat Everyone Equally: Stanley Wanted Her To Love Him And Only Him: She Loved Whomever Won The Fight: Even If She Felt Sorry For You: She Walked Off With The Winner! She Saw The Aryans And Satan As The Dominant Power --Not Stanley! On The Night Of The "Incident": She Wanted Stanley To Beat Up A Three Years Older, One Foot Taller, Bigger Devil-Possessed Aryan Neighborhood-Bully To Win Her Love. (This Was Not A Fair Fight: It Was Satanic Cruelty: But He Had To Fight To Win Her Love: For Fighting For The Woman You Love: Was The Fundamental Law Of The Animal Kingdom [Click=>
The Laws Of Yoga]. This Bully Had Bullied Stanley In The Past; And Was The Only Person To Ever Win Over Stanley In The Past, Only Because He Was Possessed By Devils; And Because Stanley Didn't Like To Fight Opponents Much Older And Bigger Than Himself, And Possessed By Devils; Stanley Didn't Lose: Because Of His Conservatism And Strategy: He Just Didn't Want To Fight: Demon-Possessed, Bigger Older Opponents: Before First Destroying The Demons Within The Bully: Which Takes Time: YOU CAN'T JUST DEFEAT DEVILS BY VIOLENCE ALONE. This Was A Long Bitter Rivalry Over Control Of Girlfriend #4.) So She Set Up The Fight To Avenge His Only Loss, By Telling Stanley, That The Aryan-Bully Was Telling Her Not To Obey Him: So Stanley Walked Up To The Aryan-Bully, Intending On Knocking Him Out, Stanley Was Now In "Fighting Mode": He Was Imbued With Super-Human Fighting Strength In This Mode, But As Part Of Stanley's "Conservative Fighting Protocol" He Needed Some Sort Of Provocation, And So He Told The Bully, "This Is None Of Your Business, You Stay Out Of This, Do You Understand?" Stanley's Fists Were Now On Red-Alert: But The Bully Had The Evil Sense To Back-Down!; He Answered "Okay"! The Bully Had Backed Down, Thus Stanley Had Now Already Won The Fight --IT WAS OVER HE HAD WON, A CONSERVATIVE RESORTS TO VIOLENCE ON DEMONS, ONLY WHEN HE HAS TO! He Then Walked Back To His Girlfriend And Told Her The Aryan-Bully Had Backed Down, Expecting Her To Be Pleased; But She Hadn't Been Paying Attention, And Hadn't Heard The Exchange Of Words, She Wanted To See A Real Fight, And The Blood Of The Bully As Proof, That He Won The Fight, So She Questioned The Bully, And The Aryan Lied And Denied Backing Down; So She Pointed At The Bully, Indicating She Wanted Stanley To Go Right Back And Fight The Bully Again; Stanley Was Incensed That She Was Believing The Bully Over Him, This Was Disloyalty! Stanley Had Now Had Enough Of All Of This: Stanley Had Misread The Whole Situation, And Decided That She Was The Instigator Of All The Disobedience, And Was Manipulating The Whole Situation: And Gave Her A Direct Order To "Agree To Obey Him Right Now", She Refused: He Repeated The Order Three Times: She Still Wanted Him To Re-Fight The Bully, Who Had Already Lost The Fight. Stanley Was Still In "Fighting Mode": When He Gets All Aggressive, Violent And Commanding; Stanley Started Walking Round And Round In Circles In A Progressively Mounting Rage: He Was Now In A Possessive Rage As Well: Because She Was Believing The Bully Over Him, Taking The Bully's Side Over Stanley's: Stanley Is Extremely Possessive Over His Women: His Jealousy Exploded Over Her Disloyalty, As Well As Her Disobedience: His Fists Were Still On Hair-Trigger Alert: He Wanted To Hit The Bully, But He Needed A Provocation From The Bully To Push Him Over The Edge: STANLEY'S INNATE CONSERVATISM IMPELLED HIM TO FIGHT VIOLENTLY, ONLY IF HE HAD TO: THE BULLY HAD TO PUSH HIM TO GET STANLEY TO FIGHT: But The Bully Had The Evil Sense To Back Down: Unfortunately Girlfriend #4 Was Oblivious To Stanley's Mounting Fury: Somebody Was Going To Get Hit Now: The Bully Or Her: Girlfriend#4 Didn't Have The Evil Sense To Back-Down, Like The Aryan-Bully Did: She Just Happened To Be In The Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time, With The Wrong Attitude! When She Still Refused To Obey, He Transferred His Rage From The Bully Onto Her: Hitting Her With A Roundhouse Punch Instead; Because She Was Once Again Making Him Lose Face In Front Of The Bully, He Thought She Was Being Disloyal By Believing The Bully Over Stanley, And For This As Well As Past: Cruelty, Law Of The Jungle Behaviour, Disobedience And Disloyalty: Which Had All Welled Up Inside Him For A Long Time --And Now Exploded Into A White-Hot Rage Against His Girlfriend. (Had Stanley Just Punched Out The Devil-Possessed Aryan-Bully, Girlfriend #4 Wanted Him To Hit, He Would Have Won Her Love More Easily: By Hitting Her All Hell Would Break Loose. This Incident Is The Reason Stanley Hates Aryans: They Were Evil, Devil-Possessed Rivals In Stanley's Conquest Of The Woman He Loved; And Almost Cost Him The Love Of His Life. By Lying About Stanley's Victory: The Aryan Bully Turned His Day Of Glory Into A Catastrophe! This Is Why No-One Should Try To Win A Fight, When A Man Is Fighting For The Woman He Loves; He Will Always Hold A Grudge Against Them!!!) This Was The Only Love-Interest That Stanley Ever Hit; (Proving That He Was Deeply In Love With This Girlfriend; And It Really Mattered Whether She Obeyed Him Or Not) But There Was No Choice --She Was Defiantly Disobedient, When She Should Have Backed Down! This Fight With Girlfriend #4 Became A Battle Royale: The Greatest Fight In Stanley's Life, Was With And Over The Girl He Loved The Most In The World. Stanley Had Gone Against The Female's Law Of The Jungle: The Female Of The Species Must Ensure Only The Fittest Males Survive: All Male Animals Must Fight Each Other For The Right To Mate: And Not Hit The Female, Like Stanley Did: Stanley Was The King, So He Just Took For Granted He Was The Fittest, And Didn't Need To Prove It: Thus He Was Taking The Right For His Woman To Obey Him: By Force! Insisting That The Woman Must Obey The Man, Regardless Of Whether She Thought He Won The Fight: It Was More Important For Her To OBEY HIM: THIS WAS A CLASH BETWEEN TWO FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF NATURE: THE LAW OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: VERSUS THE SUPREME LAW OF DAma --This Was A World Revolution! A Woman Always Retains 100% Prerogative Over Sex: While A Man Has The 100% Right To Expect Non-Sexual Obedience From The Woman He Has Conquered! Stanley Was Proving That The Law Of DAma Was Superior To The Law Of The Jungle: That A Man Must Always Be Dominant Over A Woman: Girlfriend#4 Was Going To Learn That Lesson The Hard Way: "You Must Obey Your Future Husband"! THE GREATEST KING IS THE KING WHO IS DOMINANT OVER WOMEN, NOT OVER MEN: FIGHTING OTHER MALES FOR THE RIGHT TO MATE: IS LESSER THAN BEATING WOMEN INTO OBEDIENCE: WHICH DETERMINES THE GREATEST OF ALL MEN: THE KING: WHICH MARKED STANLEY AS THE HEIR TO THE THRONE: HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND, WHO LOVED HIM, AT TEN YEARS OLD!!! This Was At The Height Of "Women's Liberation" (1970-1971!), Hitting A Woman Was Persecuted By Satan, Stanley Knew He Was In Big Trouble: But What Made Him Suffer The Most Was His Fear That Girlfriend #4 Would Never Love Him Ever Again And Never Forgive Him: Because He Had Hit Her Really, Really Hard --With All His Might. That Night Stanley Silently Cried And Cried Himself To Sleap In Total Agony: For Stanley's Indomitable Will Told Him That He Was 100% Right To Hit Her: For Them To Ever Reconcile: It Was She Who Would Have To Totally Capitulate: But How Could She Ever Surrender When The: Bully, Her Parents, Satan And The Whole World Was Telling Her She Was Right To Disobey Him, And Stanley Was Wrong??? It Was The Worst Day Of His Life --Up To That Point. After He Hit Her, Remarkably, She Didn't Even Flinch, Although Stanley Had Hit Her Very, Very Hard (She Was A Very, Very Tough Woman) She Didn't Even Cry, Instead She Started Deliberately Screaming And Howling For Help, Initially Wanting Stanley Beaten Up; A Group Of Men Came To Her Assistance And Didn't Believe Stanley,"That It Was All Her Fault"; And He Was Forced To Leave: The Aryan Bully Who Had Started All The Trouble: Didn't Lift A Finger To Help Her: After He Hit Her: Proving Stanley Had Won The Original Fight. The Next Day She Had Two Swollen Lips, Which Looked Cute On Her, She Was Filled With Ice-Cold Hatred, But Started Trembling With Fear On Seeing Stanley --Which Broke Stanley's Heart: Seeing The Woman He Loved, And Would Die To Protect --Fearing & Hating Him. Girlfriend #4 Made Him Really Suffer For Days And Days, With Ice-Cold Silence, And Shunning Him, She Would Turn And Walk Away From Him, She Would Deliberately Hang Around With The Bully To Torture Him; Stanley Would Stoically Walk Around In Misery, But Show A Brave Face To Her; With Seemingly Hundreds Of Supporters Materializing On Her Side; Turning The Whole Goan Community Against Him Like She Was The Queen Of The Goans. Devil Possessed Women Would Troop To The House: Telling His Mother How Bad Stanley Is, He Beat This Girl Up, That Something Needs To Be Done About Him Etc. Finally A Real Devil-Possessed Satanic Evil "Witch" Came To See His Mother, And Convinced Her To Take Away All Stanley's Exercise Equipment, Pull-Up Ropes And Punching Post: To A Boy Who Got Into A Major Fight Every Month: This Was A Devastating Blow, A Death Sentence: He Needed To Practice Fighting Daily, Or Risk Getting Beaten Up! This "Witch" Also Put A "Curse" On Stanley That All The Devil Possessed Women Would Now Be His Enemies, Stunting Stanley's Growth And Stanley Would Never Be Able To Have Sex With These Women! But Stanley Never Backed Down: He Had An Indomitable Belief In The DAma: Insisting It Was All Her Fault And She Deserved To Be Beaten: Never Showing Her Any Sympathy For Hitting Her: Until Girlfriend #4 Eventually Unilaterally Capitulated, Forgave Stanley, And Reconciled With Stanley On Her Own Initiative; And They Both Fell Deeper In Love With Each Other Than Ever Before: "Love Means Never Having To Say, You're Sorry." Stanley Would Never Hit Her Again, And She Would Never Openly & Callously Disobey Him Again. Although It Seemed For A Moment This Girl Would Hate Him Forever: Stanley Had Conquered Another Seemingly Improbable Pussy: By Withstanding The Pressure Of The Whole Devil-Possessed Community And The Whole Satan Ruled World About Not Hitting Women; By Not Backing Down For Hitting Her --Which Impressed Her Sexually!  [Correction: Girlfriend #4 Was Not Cruel: She Was Instinctual And Practical: As Long As Satan & The Aryans Ruled The World: Allying With Stanley Was Dangerous (And Not The Law Of The Jungle Way, Where You Must Beat Up All The Other Contenders To Win Her Love): Because Satan Wanted To Murder Stanley. As We Shall See: She Gave Stanley His Tremendous Sexual Discipline: By Making Things So Tough For Him.] The Climactic Moment In The Battle Came When Girlfriend#4 Arranged Another Fight With The Bully: Stanley Again Refused To Fight The Bully Directly, Because He Had Already Won The Fight, And It Would Make It Seem Girlfriend#4 Had Been Right In-The-First-Place, Stanley Wanted Some Provocation, Instead He Told Her He Wanted Her To Obey Him FIRST Without Having To Re-Fight The Bully: And Then If The Bully Objected, Then Put The Onus On The  Bully To Do Something About It By Having Him Fight Stanley: This Is Genius Strategy: Because The Most Important Thing Is To Prove Himself Right In The First Place: That He Was Right In Hitting Her: And It Is Mentally & Morally Easier To Defend Than To Attack: And Stanley Could Now Build-Up A Rage At The Bully To Suddenly Explode And Inflict Maximum Injury, While Blaming The Bully For Starting The Fight! Stanley Wanted Her To Openly Take His Side, To Demoralize The Bully --But She Refused! While They Were Arguing, Her Father Walked Up. Stanley Told Him The Situation: He Said, "If You Ever Hit Her Again I'll Knock Your Block Off"! Stanley Refused To Back Down, He Stood Up To Her Adult Father, Standing Face-To-Face With Him: Telling Him, "If She Doesn't Obey Me I'll Hit Her Again And Again And Again, Until She Does!". THIS IS CALLED HAVING COJONES! EXTREMA MACHISMO! EXTREME MANLINESS! Stanley Was Just Eleven Years Old! He Bravely Stood His Ground, Facing Down Her Adult Father! Eventually Her Father Backed-Down To Stanley, And Told Girlfriend#4, "Listen To What He Says, Ignore The Bully!!!" A Woman Ultimately Is Beholden To Her Father: Stanley Had Backed Her Father Down, Over The Obedience Issue: 11 Year Old Stanley, Had Now Impressed Girlfriend#4 By Proving His Bravery And Dominance With Her Adult Father --Who Was Much Bigger, Meaner And Stronger Than The Bully! (She Had Thought Stanley Was Not Fighting The Bully Out Of Cowardice; She Now Realized He Was Not Fighting The Bully Out Of Principle, Out Of His Innate Conservatism (He Had Already Won The Fight) And Fighting Strategy --She Was Now Very Impressed That Stanley Backed Down Her Intimidating Stern Father!!!). It Finally Dawned On Her That Stanley Had Backed-Down The Bully, (Just Like He Backed-Down Her Father, Before Her Very Eyes), And That The Devil-Possessed Bully Had Lied About It, And Stanley Had Been Right All Along!!! FINALLY: A Devil-Possessed, Pussy-Whipped Man, Came Up To Stanley (With Girlfriend #4 Present) And Threatened To Beat Him Up For Hitting Her. Stanley Insisted It Was All Her Fault, For Disobeying A Direct Order, And Didn't Back-Down An Inch: Giving A Preposterous, But Earnest Explanation Of Why He Was Right To Hit Her: It Was Such An Audacious And Courageous Stand, That His Girlfriend Threw Her Head Up In Realization Of Stanley's Greatness, In Total Enthrallment, And Started Smiling In Admiration And Offering Audible Support For Stanley (Although It Was She Who Had Been Hit!): Girlfriend#4 Was Finally Seeing Things From Stanley's Point-Of-View: Like A True Man And Wife Do: She Had Gained Insight Into Why Stanley Did What He Did: And That He Was Right To Punch Her In The Face! Stanley Pointed Out To The Man That His Girlfriend Is Smiling And That They Have Made-Up: Seeing The Obvious Love She Had For Stanley, And Her Making Audible Noises Of Support For Stanley, (Like A Cheerleader, Going Rah-Rah-Rah, Or A Congregation Retorting "Alleluia", To Punctuate A Preacher's Speech!) Which Totally Discombobulated The Man's Resolve: He Started Talking To Himself: He Now Wanted To Get-Out Of There As Soon As Possible: He Gave Stanley A Stern Lecture And Hurriedly Left: He Would Have Been Even More Mortified To Know, That She Wasn't Wearing Any Panties Under Her Clothes: Her Pussy Was Now Owned And Conquered --But Not Consummated!!! SATAN AND THE BLONDE-ARYAN SYSTEM WERE TERRORIZING MEN INTO BELIEVING "YOU CAN'T HIT A WOMAN": STANLEY STARTED A WORLD REVOLUTION, BY PROVING: "YES YOU CAN": FUCK YOU SATAN! TO GIVE THE WORLD A PREMONITION AS TO WHAT STANLEY IS GOING TO DO TO SATAN AND THE ARYANS: AT THE HEIGHT OF SATAN'S POWER STANLEY WAS GIVING THE FUCK-YOU SIGN TO SATAN AND THE ARYANS!!! It Is Vital That Every Man Hit His Future Wife At Least Once To Train Her To Obey A Direct Order: To Ensure She Will Obey Him In An Emergency Situation: Because Failure To Obey You Could Cost Both Of You Your Lives, And The Lives Of Your Family!!! ["Stand By Your Man", By Tammy Wynette CLICK=> (Had She Not Forgiven Stanley For Hitting Her, Or Let Stanley Be Beaten Up, She Would Have Won; But Wouldn't Get Stanley's Love. Women Are Ruled By Their Cunts First And Their Pride Is Secondary.) Stanley Had Turned A Haughty Prima Donna Bitch Into A Piece Of Owned Property, A Pet Dog, A Submissive Slut, An Obedient Slave: By Not Apologizing For Hitting Her For Disobedience & Disloyalty! He Then Gradually Trained Her To Believe: All Women Were Inferior To Men, All Women Were Nothing But Whores, All Women Were Dumb, All Women Were Evil, All Women Were Possessed By Demons: By Constant Daily, But Playful Torture! His Goal Was To Teach Her: That She Was Not A Person; But A Thing, An Object, A Robot, A Pet, An Animal, A Toy, A Hole, A Vagina, A Twat, A Plaything, A Nothing, An Airhead, A Dingbat, A Dumb Twit, A Footstool, A Puppet, A Pincushion, A Billiard Table, A Receptacle, An Empty Vessel, A Piece Of Property, A Possession; That Her Cunt And Body No Longer Belonged To Her, But To Stanley; That For Making Stanley Suffer So Much For Her Bad Behaviour: Henceforth She Would Be Subjected To Regular DAILY PLAYFUL TORTURE, "Playful Punishments", For Disobedience: TO BREAK HER INTO TOTAL SUBMISSION AND OBEDIENCE! [NOTE: STANLEY NEVER HAD SEX WITH ANY OF HIS "GIRLFRIENDS", STANLEY NEVER EVEN TOUCHED THEM INTIMATELY, THIS WAS ALL BEFORE HE EVEN HAD REACHED PUBERTY; A WOMAN SHOWING YOU HER PANTIES IS A BIG DEAL FOR A TEN YEAR OLD BOY: BUT HAVING THE HOTTEST WOMAN IN CLASS AS YOUR GIRLFRIEND, AND SHOWING YOU HER PUSSY AT YOUR COMMAND: AND ALSO GETTING THE HOTTEST TEACHER IN THE SCHOOL ACQUIESCE INTO SHOWING YOU HER PUSSY AS WELL: PROVES STANLEY WAS THE "TOP DOG", EVEN BEFORE HE BECAME KING!!! GETTING TO SEE PUSSY IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL FOR A TEN YEAR-OLD: THE ONLY REASON HE MENTIONS THESE ENCOUNTERS IS BECAUSE THIS WAS ROMANTIC LOVE, THIS WAS ABOUT EXERTING DOMINANCE OVER WOMEN, THIS WAS ABOUT "MAKING LOVE" THROUGH VOCAL AND VISUAL MEANS, NOT TACTILE; A WOMAN CAN BE MADE TO "COME" WITHOUT TOUCHING HER, A GREAT LOVER CAN MAKE A WOMAN ORGASM FROM "ANIMAL MAGNETISM" AND FROM DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION ALONE! THIS WAS ABOUT WINNING A FUTURE WIFE THROUGH ROMANTIC CONQUEST OF HER HEART, MIND AND SOUL; ONE OF THE GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN A MAN'S LIFE IS TO DETERMINE WHO THE "GOD-ORDAINED" "LOVE-OF-YOUR-LIFE" IS, AND THEN CONQUERING HER MIND, BODY AND SOUL: FOR FUTURE MARRIAGE: STANLEY ACCOMPLISHED THIS AT TEN YEARS OLD: MAKING HIM THE GREATEST OF KINGS! BECAUSE MOST MEN HAVE SEX OUT OF LUST, WITH THE WRONG WOMAN, ANGERING GOD, AND DESTROYING THEIR LIFE'S ESSENCE (THE SPERM, WASTEFULLY!) CAUSING DIVORCES, ABORTIONS, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY! TO BE THE "GREATEST" A KING MUST FIRST SHOW HE HAS THE IRON DISCIPLINE TO BE CELIBATE: BUT SECONDARILY, ALSO SHOW HE HAS THE SEXUAL POWER TO CONQUER ANY WOMAN'S PUSSY IF HE WANTS TO: BUT STANLEY NEVER INDULGED IN PUSSY: STANLEY IS A KARMA YOGI: THE SUPREME FORM OF YOGA: HE CONQUERS PUSSY BY RIGHT ACTIONS: TO ACCUMULATE GOOD KARMA: BUT NEVER INDULGES IN THE FRUITS OF HIS GOOD ACTIONS (PUSSY): HE SACRIFICES HIS HARD EARNED GOOD KARMA TO GOD AND THE DAma!!! STANLEY ACTS FOR THE SAKE OF PERFECTION ALONE: NOT FOR THE FRUITS OF HIS ACTIONS: THIS SELFLESS ACTION: IS CALLED PERFECTION IN ACTION! THE OTHER THING STANLEY WAS TRYING TO TEACH Y'ALL: WAS THAT ALL TYPES OF EROTIC SEX ALWAYS ENDS IN VIOLENCE: (DEVIANT HOMOSEXUAL SEX ENDS IN GRUESOME VIOLENCE OR MURDER!) ACQUIRING PUSSY IS THE BLOODIEST OF BLOOD SPORTS: THE DEMONS WITHIN HER POSSESS OTHER BOYS, AND THEY WILL GET IN SENSELESS FIGHTS WITH YOU, 
JUST TO GET BEATEN-UP BY YOU, LIKE A LION HAS TO CONSTANTLY FIGHT TO DEFEND HIS TERRITORY, TO MAINTAIN THE PRIDE, TO KEEP HIS LIONESSES: TO KEEP YOUR GIRLFRIENDS, YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE A FIGHT: BUT THIS ALL EXPENDS GREAT AMOUNTS OF SOUL ENERGY; AS WELL IT MAKES YOU KILL HARMLESS ANIMALS AS A RESULT OF WANTING SEX: TO SATISFY A WOMAN'S VORACIOUS SEXUAL DEMONS: THAT ALWAYS END IN VIOLENCE, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION: STANLEY'S POOR GRANDFATHER WAS BEING MURDERED BY POISON DURING THIS TIME: ANTONIO DIED EXACTLY ONE YEAR AFTER STANLEY ACQUIRED GIRLFRIEND#4: ANTONIO NOW HAD AN "HEIR" WITH THE "SPARE", STANLEY'S POTENTIAL MATE GF#4: ANTONIO COULD NOW DIE IN PEACE: HIS HEIR WAS READY TO BECOME KING: STANLEY ASSUMED HIS ROYAL POWERS EXACTLY ONE YEAR BEFORE HIS GRANDFATHER ACTUALLY DIED: BECAUSE THE KING CAN NEVER DIE, THE KING IS IMMORTAL: "THE KING HAS DIED, LONG LIVE THE KING" MEANS THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A KING, ETERNALLY: ANTONIO ONLY DIED ONE YEAR AFTER STANLEY ALREADY BECAME KING, HE WAS NO LONGER KING, NO LONGER IMMORTAL, WHEN HE DIED! THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A D'ALMEIDA KING: THE DYNASTY IS IMMORTAL AND THE REIGNING KING IS IMMORTAL!!! STANLEY INSTINCTIVELY LEARNED ALL THIS AT A VERY YOUNG AGE: A GENIUS! STANLEY ASCENDED THE THRONE OF MANKIND IN FEBRUARY 1971, A TOTALLY INNOCENT, ANGELIC, BOY-KING BUT WITH GRAVITAS AND INTENSITY LIKE A MATURE MAN: BECAUSE AS KING HE WOULD HAVE TO MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS THAT WOULD DETERMINE THE FUTURE COURSE OF MANKIND: THIS BOY WOULD HAVE TO DESTROY SATAN AND THE ENTIRE ARYAN SYSTEM --ALONE!!! HE WOULD HAVE TO LEARN HOW EVIL AND SATANIC THE SYSTEM WAS: THE HARD WAY: FOR EXAMPLE IN THE FIRST YEAR OF HIS REIGN, HE HAD TO PRESIDE OVER THE MURDER BY POISONING, OF HIS OWN GRANDFATHER: THE CHANCES OF THE HUMAN RACE SURVIVING SATAN AND THE ARYANS: DEPENDED ON ONE BOY --BUT WHAT A BOY!!! EVERY STEP OF THE WAY INVOLVED INCREDIBLE SUFFERING AND PAIN: BUT STANLEY ALWAYS MADE THE RIGHT DECISION REGARDLESS OF THE PAIN: HE WOULD BECOME THE GREATEST KING THE EARTH HAS EVER KNOWN!!! TO DESTROY THE SYSTEM STANLEY HAD TO MAXIMIZE ALL HIS SOUL POWER BY CONSERVATIVELY STOPPING ALL SEXUAL ACTIONS: STANLEY IMMEDIATELY HAD TO BECOME CELIBATE AND ESCHEW ALL CONTACT WITH WOMEN FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS! TO EMULATE STANLEY, THIS IS WHY ALL BOYS AND MEN SHOULD REMAIN CELIBATE: UNTIL THEY ARE ABLE TO CONTROL EJACULATION THROUGH YOGA, KNOW WHO YOUR WIFE SHOULD BE, ARE READY AND ABLE, TO SUPPORT THIS WIFE, SETTLE DOWN AND RAISE CHILDREN: RANDOM, INTERRACIAL, TEENAGE, OR HOMOSEXUAL: SEX: IS DEADLY AND DESTRUCTIVE OF BOYS AND MEN!!! THIS WAS ALL THE PHYSICAL CONTACT HE HAD WITH WOMEN: STANLEY HAS BEEN TOTALLY CELIBATE ALL HIS DISCIPLINED LIFE: STANLEY IS NOT MADE OF FLESH AND BLOOD: HE IS MADE OF STEEL!!!] To Control Her "Animal-Instinct" Behaviour; She Would Be Wearing A New "Fashion Statement": Fresh Red Stripes, Purple Weals, Painful Welts, Black & Blue Bruises & Multi-Colored Lash-Marks On A Daily Basis! Her High And Mighty Days Were Over; Many Many Years Later She Would Eventually Be Gradually Trained To Be A Pet: After Her Training Was Complete --And All Women Need To Be Trained This Way. Remember: It Is A Man's Prerogative To Enforce Obedience In A Woman; While Sex Is Always A Woman's Prerogative; Thus Although Stanley Was The Boss In Non-Sexual Things And Could Still Give Women Orgasms Through Domination: He Had To Master His Senses: For To Make True Dominant Love, A Man Has To First Have Total Control Of His Sexual Urges: Including Masturbation: Or It Is Cheating! Stanley Never Touched His Girlfriend In A Sexual Manner, Without Her Repeated Consent! But We Were "Star-Crossed Lovers": The World Had No Time Or Place For Our Heterosexual Love: WE NEVER GOT TO MAKE LOVE: TILL TODAY IT IS NOW 2018 AND COUNTING: IT HAS BEEN ALMOST 50 YEARS AND ONCE AGAIN TIME IS RUNNING OUT: BUT THIS TIME TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN-SYSTEM AND FOR SATAN. IN THE 1939 MOVIE VERSION OF "WUTHERING HEIGHTS" Produced By Samuel Goldwyn, Starring Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon, Directed By William Wyler, Adapted For The Screen By Charles MacArthur, Ben Hecht and John Huston; Movie Theme Cathy's Theme By Alfred Newman: Wuthering Heights Is The Name Of The Estate Of The Earnshaws, Where Catherine And Her Brother Hindley Grew Up, With A Gypsy Boy Their Father Brings To Live With Them; Wuthering Heights Is A Novel By Emily Bronte, (But This Movie Is Different The Book) It Tells The True Romance Story Of A Gypsy Boy Named Heathcliff, and Catherine Earnshaw, Who Fall In Love And Meet Secretly On The Yorkshire Moor At "Peniston Crag"; But Cathy Marries Their Neighbour Edgar Linton, Heathcliff Marries Isabella Linton, Edgar's Sister; Cathy Is Heartbroken, Cathy Falls Gravely Ill, Cathy Dies In Heathcliff's Arms; But Heaven Does Not Accept Her, She Had Unfinished Business, And They Send Her Back Down To Earth As A Ghost, Cathy's Ghost Appears Back At Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff Rushes Out To Meet Her In The Snowstorm: And We Finally See The Ghosts Of Both Heathcliff, With His Arm Around Cathy, Walking In The Snow, On The Moor At "Peniston Crag", The Love They Could Never Share On This Earth, They Would Share Forever In Heaven!!! The Movie Version Was Samuel Goldwyn's Vision For The Ending! Stanley And Girlfriend#4 Were Star-Crossed Lovers: The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Were Trying To Murder Stanley, While Satanically Promoting Lesbianism, Child-Molestation And Homosexuality! By The Time Girlfriend#4 Was Ready And Willing To Make Proper Love At Fifteen-And-A-Half, 15½ Years Of Age: Stanley Was Going Through A Very Tough "Puberty": To Be A Great Lover: A Man Must Have Total Control Over Ejaculation: Total Preservation Of The Sperm: Not A Drop Of Semen Must Be Spilled: All Life Comes From This Precious Sperm! And He Must Have Total Control And Possession Of A Woman's Body, Mind And Soul --Which Stanley Could Not Possibly Have Under Satan's World: Where Devil-Possessed Medical Practitioners And Satan Have More Control Of Women's Bodies, Than Men Do!!! Stanley Is Extremely Possessive Over His Women: That Is Why He Hit Her: It Was Not For Disobedience Alone: It Was Really About Control: Because She Was Believing Someone Else Over Him! Stanley Was Always A Great Lover From The Age Of Five: Yoga Would Make Him A Perfect Lover! Stanley Was Thus Learning, From Scratch, To Control His Sexual Urges Through Very Tough, Very Painful "Yoga" Discipline: Cold-Water Showers, Breath-Retention Or "Pranayama"; Putting "Bandas" Or "Locks" On: The Navel, The Diaphragm, The Epiglottis And The Tongue: To Control & Restrict Breathing; Vegan-Diet, Fasting & Purging With Salt-Water, Exercise, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Jogging: Which He Taught Himself! The Hindus Believe That What Sustains Life Is The "Prana", Not Oxygen: Thus Restricting Breath, Simulating Underwater Swimming, Like Our Ancestors The Merman, Whales, Dolphins, Crocodiles, And Sharks! And The Deliberate Inducing Of A Lack Of Oxygen (Pranayama) Is The Fundamental Concept Of All Yoga!!! Just Like The Fundamental Unit Of All Energy Is Glucose (With Photons Of Sunlight): Which Is Formed During Photosynthesis (Yoga By Plants) Under Anaerobic (No Oxygen) High Carbon Dioxide Conditions! Stanley Was Communicating With God TELEPATHICALLY, STANLEY WOULD PRAY TO GOD AND ASK HIM WHAT DOES GOD WANT HIM TO DO? AND GOD'S HARD ANSWER WAS ALWAYS "HE WANTED STANLEY TO BE CELIBATE!" [STANLEY COMMUNICATED WITH GOD BY SPIRITUAL FEELINGS ALONE: WHICH IS VERY VERY DIFFICULT TO DO: GOD COMMUNICATED TO STANLEY REPEATEDLY TO BE CELIBATE: AND THEN TO COMMAND HIS PEOPLE TO BE CELIBATE!]: THIS IS GOD'S COMMAND TO CELIBACY, AND MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: ALL MEN MUST LEARN HOW TO BECOME CELIBATE, AND PRACTICE CELIBACY FOR A MINIMUM OF TEN YEARS, BY LEARNING STANLEY'S YOGA: THE REASON IS THAT: "All Women Are Possessed By Demons, And That Having Sex, And Especially Ejaculatory Style Sex With Them Empowers Satan" --Which Scared Stanley Into TOTAL CELIBACY: AND SHOULD SCARE EVERYONE INTO CELIBACY TOO: BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID: OF EJACULATING INTO A WOMAN: NOT BECAUSE OF HER: BUT BECAUSE OF THE DEVIL WITHIN HER --DON'T BE FOOLED!!! But Celibacy Is Not Just A Choice: It Is A Yoga Discipline! (See The Laws Of Yoga!) After Remaining Celibate For At Least Ten Years Through Yoga: A Man Can Now Learn How To "Make Love" To A Woman Through "Tantric Yoga": Use A Stick And Not Your Dick: Whip Her, Torture Her, Enslave Her And Degrade Her: For Every Bit Of Satisfaction That She Gets: You Have Beaten The Devil, You Will Have Conquered Her And Become Her Master: All Through Yoga!!! [Note: Communicating With God Is A Gift: Only Stanley Has The Spiritual Power To Do So: Because He Is The King: He Does It By Merging His Soul With The DAma And With God: Called Samadi: (This Is A Yogi Discipline, Becoming One With God And The DAma!) And When He Reemerges From Samadi: He Gains Deep Insights And Knowledge: "Absolute Truth": Nobody Else Can Do This: That Is How He Knows What God And The DAma Want Him To Do: That Is Why Stanley Is So Forceful And Confident In What He Says And Writes: Because His Knowledge Is Absolute Truth: It Is Coming Straight From The DAma!!! (It Is Not Like What Crazy Mohamed, Possessed By A Devil, Did By "Hearing Voices")] Also By Then, Stanley Was Too Concerned With The Satanic Evil, Political Situation, Socialism, Homosexuality And Lesbianism; In Canada, To Sexually Reciprocate In Any Way: Stanley Made A Vow To God Of: TOTAL CELIBACY: Even Though It Was Painful Agony To Refuse "Making Not Even 'Tantric Style' Love" To Her ("Tantric" Means: "CLITORAL-RESTRICTION-TORTURE": NO 'DICK', NO LINGAM, NO SEMEN, NO PENIS: INVOLVEMENT, NO INTERCOURSE, NO MALE-ORGASM AND NO EJACULATION ALLOWED WHATSOEVER! The French Say That Ejaculatory Male-Orgasm Style Sex Is "La Petite Mort" "The Little Death" Because You Are Wasting Your Life's Essence: You Are Disobeying God: You Are Thus Dying: Hence Tantric Love-Making, Clitoris-Torture (Female Mind-Blowing Orgasms, By Restriction Of Orgasms, Extended Torture: By Prolonging Permission To Come: By Controlling Her Clitoris.) Preserves Your Life's Force: It Defeats Death! It Defeats Satan! But To Do This You Must Develop The Discipline For Total Sexual Control Through Yoga, By First Practicing The Yogic Discipline Of Celibacy Or DAmacharya: By Military Style Discipline, And Fighting A War In Accordance With The DAma: For A Long Period Of Ten To Twenty Years!!! See=> Laws Of Yoga)! For A Man To Have A 16 Year Old Virgin: Who He Loved With All His Heart: Offering Her Body, Mind And Soul To Him Willingly: To Do With What He Pleased: A Woman Who He Had Waited For Sixteen Years To Make Love To: This Was "Stanley's Girl": A Woman He Had Trained To Be: A Totally Obedient, Totally Submissive, A Complete And Total Slut, And Totally Feminine: A Sex Slave: A Pet-Animal: Using Playful Domination And Torture: And Then Have To Turn It All Down: Is An Act Of Super-Human Willpower: Stanley's Body Was Physically Being Attracted To Her Body Like A Magnet To Steel: Like A Moth To A Flame: He Felt His Body Inwardly Shudder In Confliction, Towards Her: But He Stopped Himself: Because He Was The DAmaputra: He Was The King: He Had An Iron Will: For He Was A Man Of Steel, Not Of Flesh And Blood!!! This Was An Agonizing Decision Stanley Would Agonize Over All His Life: It Was The Right Decision: IT WAS THE CONSERVATIVE DECISION: But It Was Very Painful! How Did Stanley Overcome The Sexual Temptations? You Must Remember That The 1970's Were The Most Sexually Permissive, Sexually Promiscuous Times In History: Women Were Throwing Their Cunts At Stanley: Beautiful Women: Virgins: While Everyone Else Was Having Sex: Stanley Remained Totally Celibate: Do Y'All See The Greatness Of Stanley? A MAN MUST BE JUDGED BY THE STANDARDS OF HIS TIMES: THE FACT THAT EVERYONE ELSE WAS HAVING LICENTIOUS, DEVIANT AND HOMOSEXUAL SEX, WHILE STANLEY REMAINED TOTALLY CELIBATE: MAKES HIM THE GREATEST MAN IN HISTORY!!! Even As The Seventies Were The Age Of Satanic Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Sex: It Was A Trap By Satan To Weaken You By Sex Whores, So As To Genocidally Murder You: For The Eighties, Nineties And 2000's Were The Age Of Genocidal Murderous Oppression By The Same Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System: And The Total Loss Of Freedom! Stanley Outsmarted The Devil: He Never Fell Into Temptation: For Stanley Was The DAmaputra, The Son Of The DAma: His Duty To The DAma And To God Came First: His Personal Pleasure Would Have To Wait, Until The Aryans And Satan Were Destroyed. For The Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Satanic System Needed To Be Destroyed First; And Lesbianism And Homosexuality Outlawed and Abolished, First: Ultimately The Reason Stanley Remained Celibate: Is He Was Too Proud A Man, To Make Love In A Satanic Evil Blonde-Aryan System Such As This --To Ever Make Love: Stanley Would Have To First Destroy The System!!! ["Fools Rush In" By Ricky Nelson=> "Devil Woman" By Cliff Richard=> "Evil Woman" By Electric Light Orchestra=> "American Woman" By The Guess Who=> ]For Stanley Used To Be "Top Dog", "He Used To Get All The Women", "His Family's Ancestors Used To Be Satriya Warriors", Although Everything Had Been Taken Away From Him: His Strength, His Women, His Power, All Respect, His Warrior Profession, His Throne, His Place In Society: They Could Never Ever Take Away His WARRIOR PRIDE: His Self Respect: His Right To Rule: For Kings Rule By Divine Right: He Was Preordained To Rule --As Long As There Is A God And The Law Of DAma, He Will Rule! To A Warrior Or A Soldier: A Hierarchical Command Must Be Obeyed: When God And The DAma Commanded Stanley To Be Celibate And To Destroy The System: Stanley Immediately Obeyed: Because He Is A Warrior: "Ours Not To Reason Why, Ours But To Do And Die": Lord Alfred Tennyson From "The Charge Of The Light Brigade" --But Stanley Is Immortal, He Cannot Die Because He Serves A Greater Purpose: The Saving Of Mankind! IMMORTALITY IS A "Royal Prerogative" For Being The King: Unlike The "Light Brigade", He Would Destroy The System Without Dying: But It Was Going To Be Murderously Tough!!! Even Though The Pain To Obey God And The DAma Was Horrendous: As Satan And The Aryans Were In Total Power In Canada And The World: They Just Kept Repeatedly Crucifying Stanley: Year After Year, For 39+ Years: The Warrior Blood In Him Kept Him Fighting And Fighting Super-Human Odds And Come Out Winning And Winning And Winning!!! The Sad Fact Is While Stanley Was Developing The Iron Discipline To Destroy The System: All The Other Boys Were Having Deviant Sex, Drinking Alcohol, Taking Drugs, Smoking, Believing In "Leftwing" Delusional Theories, And Helping Satan And The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Neanderthal-Apes To Murder Stanley: Year-After-Year-After-Year For The Next 39+ Straight Years, Separately Crucifying Him To Death Each Year: With Yet Another New Attempt At Yet Another Murder On Stanley's Life For 39 Straight Years Of 39 Separate Crucifixions (See=>Crucifixion Of Stanley D'Almeida) --That Is Why The D'Almeida Dynasty Will Always Be The Kings Of Canada: Where Were You When Stanley Was Single-Handedly Destroying The Aryan-System And Satan??? What Did You Do? The Greatness Of Stanley: Is That Prior To Him: NO MAN HAD EVER BEEN TRULY CELIBATE IN NORTH AMERICA: THEY HAD ALL BEEN HYPOCRITES, PEDOPHILES AND HOMOSEXUALS --THAT IS WHY SATAN AND THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS WERE RULING: CELIBACY OR DAmacharya Is A Very Difficult Yoga Discipline: Especially When You Have Such A Great Sex Drive: But Stanley Accomplished It!!! Stanley Would Never Have Another Serious Girlfriend After Girlfriend#4 Due To Stanley's Sexual Conservatism: She Was A Very Jealous Woman: And He Secretly Feared What She Would Do: He Had Suffered Too Much To Get Her, To Jeopardize That: Remember She Was A Law-Of-The-Animal-Kingdom, The Law-Of-The-Jungle, Ice-Cold Cruel No-Mercy-Clause Type Of  Woman, --You Needed To Respect And Fear A Woman Like That! TO BECOME A GREAT MAN OF HISTORY: A MAN MUST ALWAYS BE MORE SEXUALLY CONSERVATIVE THAN THE WOMEN IN HIS LIFE!!! A MAN MUST ALWAYS OUT-DISCIPLINE A WOMAN IN MORALS: THE MAN MUST ALWAYS BE MORALLY SUPERIOR TO THE WOMAN!!! STANLEY'S MOTHER WAS ALSO SEXUALLY CONSERVATIVE: AND BECAME IRATE AT STANLEY'S GIRLFRIENDS, AND "GApVE HIM NOTHING" IN RETALIATION: UNTIL STANLEY EVENTUALLY STOPPED: STANLEY IS A GREAT MAN BECAUSE HE CONSERVATIVELY OUT-DISCIPLINED ALL THE ADVICE AND DISCIPLINE HE WAS EVER TAUGHT (JUST IN CASE IT WAS NECESSARY: TO DESTROY THE ABSOLUTELY EVIL BLONDIES AND SATAN: THIS CONSERVATIVE APPROACH TO DISCIPLINE ENSURED VICTORY!!!) (DISCIPLINE FROM: FELICIDAD, HIS MOTHER, HIS FATHER, GIRLFRIEND#4, THE DEVIL-POSSESSED SYSTEM, SATAN, GOD, AND THE DAma)!!! FELICIDAD TAUGHT HIM NOT TO FRATERNIZE WITH THAT PIG: MAKING HIM HUMAN AGAIN, AND STARTING A REVOLUTION: BECAUSE STANLEY RETAINED HIS MERMAN ANCESTRY: THE PORTUGUESE WERE FRATERNIZING WITH PIGS, AND HAVING SEX AT TOO YOUNG AN AGE, FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS: ALL WHITE MEN MUST LEARN SEXUAL DISCIPLINE FROM YOGA HENCEFORTH!!! THIS IS WHY THEY LACKED THE EVOLUTIONARY SUPREME MERMAN RESPONSES MADE BY STANLEY ALL THESE YEARS --ALTHOUGH THEY WERE ALL OF PORTUGUESE-MERMEN DESCENT: STANLEY RESPONDED MORE LIKE A SUPREME-MERMAN AND ABORIGINAL-EAST-INDIAN: THE ANCESTORS OF ALL THE PORTUGUESE!!! STANLEY ONE-UPPED ALL THE TORTURE THE SATANIC SYSTEM IMPOSED ON HIM: THE SECRET TO DESTROYING THE SYSTEM WAS SIMPLY "CONSERVATISM": ALWAYS MAXIMIZE SUFFERING, WORK HARDER, AND BE MORE DISCIPLINED THAN YOU HAVE TO BE, TO ENSURE THE SATANIC SYSTEM AND THE BLONDIES WILL BE DESTROYED!!! FOR EXAMPLE: IF BEING INCARCERATED AND MURDERED FOR TEN YEARS WILL DESTROY THE SYSTEM: DO FORTY YEARS OF CRUCIFIXION: THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF CONSERVATISM: ALWAYS ANTICIPATE FOR BAD OUTCOMES: BY LEAVING ROOM FOR THE WORST CASE SCENARIO: NEVER ASSUME THE BEST CASE SCENARIO!!! STANLEY AS KING ALWAYS ENSURED HE WAS MAXIMALLY ABSORBING THE SATANIC SYSTEM'S SOUL POWER ONTO HIMSELF: CONTROLLING THEIR SOUL ENERGY, THEIR LIFE FORCE: WHICH ENSURED HE WOULD ALWAYS WIN THE WAR: RIGHT FROM THE START!!! STANLEY WAS A CONSERVATIVE ALL HIS LIFE: HE NEVER ASSUMED ANYTHING: HE ALWAYS HAD A PLAN B, HE ALWAYS KEPT SOMETHING IN RESERVE, HE ALWAYS ENSURED HE WOULD DESTROY THE SYSTEM!!! The 1970's Were A World Where Satan, The Devil-Possessed Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans And Devil-Possessed Brahman-Aryans, Ruled The World: A Satanic Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Evil World: For Even As Sex Was Free: The Price Of Sex Was Death And Genocide: You Don't Get To Be King Without Having Keen Survival Instincts: Stanley's Senses Were Giving Off Red-Alerts: The Battle For Girlfriend#4 Proved That Something Was Dreadfully Wrong: Everyone Had Ganged-Up Against Stanley: A New Phenomenon Had Occurred For The Very First Time: Everyone He Met Was Possessed By Devils: Including All Of Goan Society As Well As Stanley's Own Parents: Who All Deserted Stanley, Out Of Fear Of Persecution From The Satanic Blonde-Aryan System: (Like Saint Peter Denied Christ Thrice When Jesus Was Being Crucified --But Jesus Was Crucified, For Only Six Fucking Hours-- Stanley's Crucifixion Has Lasted ~50 Long Bitter Solitary Years!!!) Satan Was Now Using All His Might, Actively Trying To Murder Just One Solitary Man: Stanley! The Presence Of Satan Had Set Off A "Red Alert": Which Engaged Stanley's Primordial Evolutionary Instincts Into "Survival Mode": STANLEY WAS FORCED TO SHUTDOWN ALL SEXUAL AGGRESSION AND PURSUITS: WHICH TOOK IRON DISCIPLINE: THEN WENT INTO "ABSORPTION MODE" ABSORBING THE SOULS OF SATAN AND THE ARYANS: NOT ENGAGING IN ANY PLEASURABLE ACTIVITIES: MAXIMIZING SUFFERING! HE WAS NOW FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE, AND FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE HUMAN-RACE! STANLEY BECAME A HUMAN "BLACK HOLE" ABSORBING GIGANTIC STARS AND GALAXIES BELONGING TO SATAN AND BLONDIES: "I AM SIVA THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS"!!! FINALLY AFTER FULLY DESTROYING THE SOULS OF THE SYSTEM AND THE BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS (BLONDIES): STANLEY WOULD ENTER "DESTROYER MODE" THE TOTAL PHYSICAL EXTERMINATION OF THE SYSTEM!!! Satan And The Devil-Possessed Aryan Race Would Keep Trying To Murder Stanley For The Next 47 Years!!! They Were Deliberately Trying To Get Girlfriend#4 To Disobey Him: To Torture And Destroy Stanley! Thus Even As All The Other Boys Were Having Excessive Licentious Sex: Stanley's Warrior Instincts Told Him He Must Prepare For War: When "Blondie" Finally Came To Institutionally-Murder, Incarcerate And More Lethally "Crucify" Stanley In 1981 And For The Next 39+ Years: SIMPLY FOR BEING THE KING OF ALL MANKIND; Stanley Was Ready For Them: For He Was Born And Bred To Fight: The Only Way To Be Truly Celibate (A DAmaCHARYA) Was To Engage In A War In Accordance With The DAma: Destroying Satan And The Aryans Was Such A War: For The Next 40 Years The Anglo-Saxon-System And Satan Would "CRUCIFY" Stanley Every Year: JUST LIKE THE ROMAN-HITTITE-ARYAN, PONTIUS PILOT, RELEASED THE JEW TERRORIST-MURDERER BARABBAS, AND CRUCIFIED PHOENICIAN-RACE JESUS, WHO WAS INNOCENT: SIMILARLY THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN-SYSTEM WOULD RELEASE MONSTROUS, HEINOUS, MURDERERS ONTO THE STREETS: LIKE SERIAL HOMOSEXUAL, CHILD-MOLESTER-MURDERERS, AND GIVE THEIR PROSPECTIVE SENTENCES TO STANLEY: THE WORST FRENCH, JEWISH, BLACK, AND ANGLO-SAXON MURDERERS WOULD BE SET FREE, AND STANLEY WOULD HAVE TO SERVE THESE FORTY MURDERERS' SENTENCES: YEAR AFTER YEAR FOR 40 YEARS: EACH YEAR STANLEY WOULD SILENTLY COMMUNICATE THESE SENTIMENTS TO GOD AND THE DAma FROM JESUS' "THE PASSION ON THE MOUNT" AT THE MOUNT OF OLIVES: ST. LUKE 22:42 "FATHER IF THOU BE WILLING, REMOVE THIS CUP FROM ME: NEVERTHELESS: NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE BE DONE ... AND BEING IN AN AGONY HE PRAYED MORE EARNESTLY: AND HIS SWEAT WERE AS IT WERE GREAT DROPS OF BLOOD FALLING TO THE GROUND"! ALTHOUGH THE CONSERVATIVE STRATEGY TO DESTROY THE SYSTEM, MAXIMIZING SUFFERING WAS STANLEY'S: CERTAIN DECISIONS ONLY GOD AND THE DAma CAN MAKE: HOW MANY TIMES STANLEY WOULD BE CRUCIFIED: AND FOR HOW LONG IS THE ALL-POWERFUL DAma'S DECISION! STANLEY WILLINGLY SACRIFICED HIMSELF TO GOD'S AND THE DAma'S PURPOSE: STANLEY AS KING, IS THE EXECUTOR-IN-CHIEF OF THE WILL OF THE NATION, AND OF THE DAma: ALWAYS CARRIED OUT GOD'S AND THE DAma's WILL: HE COMMUNICATED WITH GOD THESE SENTIMENTS, "PUT THE MAXIMUM OF CUPS OF SUFFERING ON STANLEY, AND NOT AS I WILLST, BUT AS THOU WILLST" FOR IN THE FLESH, PAIN CAN CLOUD EVEN A KING'S DECISION MAKING: FOR 40 YEARS OF CRUCIFIXION AFTER CRUCIFIXION: THERE WOULD NEVER BE ANY MERCY: BUT STANLEY NEVER ANTICIPATED THE SUFFERING WOULD TAKE SO LONG: NOW NEARING THE END STAGES (THE DATE IS AUGUST 10th, 2018: STANLEY HAS NOW 2½ EXCRUCIATING YEARS LEFT TO SUFFER HIS 40 DAma MANDATED CRUCIFIXIONS, REQUIRED TO DESTROY THE BLONDIE, DEVIL-POSSESSED, SATANIC SYSTEM, WHICH STARTED WITH HIS ARREST ON SEPTEMBER 4th, 1981; AND SHOULD END ON: MAY 1st, 2021; COMPLETING 40 MURDEROUS YEARS!!!) STANLEY WAS CHARGED WITH A TOTALLY FALSE, COMMON ASSAULT CHARGE ON TWO 250 LB, POLICE OFFICERS, AND RECEIVED TWO YEARS PROBATION ON THE ORIGINAL FAKE CHARGE: BUT BECAUSE THE TRUE REASON HE WAS ARRESTED, WAS BECAUSE HE WAS THE KING OF CANADA, (AND NOT FOR ASSAULT!) AND THEY WERE COMMITTING THE CAPITAL CRIME HIGH TREASON: THEY COULD NEVER LET HIM GO, OR HE WOULD BEGIN TO RULE: AND THE FIRST THING HE WOULD DO WAS EXECUTE THEM FOR HIGH TREASON! THE POLICE KEPT HIM UNDER CONSTANT SURVEILLANCE, POISONED HIS FOOD WITH MURDEROUS TOXIC NERVE CHEMICALS, USED "WAR CRIMES" POISON GAS TO MURDER STANLEY, AND KEPT HIM IN CONTINUOUS CUSTODY FOR THE NEXT 40 YEARS: ALL BASED ON A FABRICATED ASSAULT CHARGE: THIS IS THE WORST KIND OF SUFFERING POSSIBLE: INDEFINITE: TORTURE, CUSTODY, MURDER ATTEMPTS AND INDEFINITE CRUCIFIXIONS!!! THIS AMOUNT OF SUFFERING WAS NOT REASONABLE, IT SEEMED EXCESSIVE: STANLEY QUESTIONED WHETHER SO MUCH SUFFERING WAS JUST OR NECESSARY: BUT THAT WAS THE DAma'S DECISION TO MAKE --NOT YET STANLEY'S. BUT TOWARDS THE END: STANLEY'S POWER WAS INCREASING AND THINGS WOULD GET MARGINALLY EASIER: BUT 40 YEARS AND 40 CRUCIFIXIONS IS BEYOND THE PALE, INCREDIBLY EXTREME SUFFERING: EVERY YEAR STANLEY WOULD REMAIN IN, OR BE RETURNED TO CUSTODY IN THE MOST HORRIFIC INSTITUTIONS ON EARTH: CANADIAN MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISONS AND PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS: WHERE THEY WOULD ATTEMPT TO MURDER STANLEY WITH THE MOST TOXIC NERVE AND BRAIN CHEMICAL POISONS ON EARTH: WAR CRIMES LIKE USING POISON GAS, TORTURE, CHEMICAL WEAPONS, DENTAL DESTRUCTION WERE INFLICTED ON STANLEY YEAR AFTER YEAR: AS THEY TRIED TO TORTURE TO DEATH AND MURDER STANLEY: HE SUFFERED AND SUFFERED AND SUFFERED: PAIN THAT WOULD KILL ANY OTHER MAN, BUT THE KING DID NOT DIE: PROVING HIS IMMORTALITY: PROVING HE WAS THE KING: STANLEY IS THE DAmaPUTRA: THE SON OF THE DAma: HE IS MADE OF STEEL: NOT OF FLESH AND BLOOD: BUT THIS MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE EVER AGAIN: FOR ALL MEN --EXCEPT STANLEY-- WOULD COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD, AND SATAN WOULD WIN! THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN-SYSTEM AND SATAN MUST BE TOTALLY DESTROYED AND ANNIHILATED FROM THIS EARTH: AND LAWS MUST BE PASSED TO PREVENT SUCH HIGH TREASON MURDERS AND CRUCIFIXIONS OF MANKIND'S KINGS BY SATAN FOREVERMORE --OTHERWISE NO-ONE WOULD BE SAFE (CLICK THE CRUCIFIXION OF STANLEY D'ALMEIDA PAGE)!!! Stanley Was Descended From Ancient Satriya Caste Warriors: This Is All He Knew How To Do Really Well: This Is What Warriors Do: WE FIGHT: WHEN THE HIERARCHICAL COMMAND COMES FROM GOD AND THE DAma IT MUST BE OBEYED: THAT IS THE DUTY OF A WARRIOR: THAT IS WHAT MAKES HIS ARMY SUPERIOR TO ANY ON EARTH!!! The Strategy Stanley Employed Was To Destroy The Aryan System By Walking Into "The Belly Of The Beast": This Strategy Came To Stanley Instinctively: Stanley Instinctively Knew He Was Immortal: Although The Crazily Insane System Tried To Murder And Crucify Him For The Next 40 Years: There Was Never Any Doubt: They Were Always Doomed To Defeat!!! This Strategy Was Originally Employed By The East-Indian God SIVA, (Not Shiva!) To Destroy The Demon MADU (Not Madhu! The Brahman-Aryans Could Not Pronounce The Letter "S"; So They Have Bastardized The Spelling Of Hindu Words By Adding The Letter "H"!) When Madu Was Murdering All The People, And Came To Murder Siva, Instead Of Running Away, Siva Walked Right Into The Mouth Of The Dragon Madu: And It Was The Dragon That Fell Dead, From Siva Destroying Him From Within The Belly Of The Beast. Henceforth Siva Became Known As The "Madusadana", Which Means, "The Destroyer Of The Demon Madu": SIVA IS THE DESTROYER GOD, AND THE SUPREME GOD IN HINDUISM: "I AM SIVA, THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS"!!! STANLEY WOULD DESTROY SATAN, AND THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN-SYSTEM FROM WITHIN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST: AND WILL BECOME KNOWN AS THE SATAN-SADANA, Or The ARYAN-RACE-SADANA. THIS IS THE EIGHT ARMED DANCING SIVA OR "THE NATARAJ": THE LORD OF THE DANCEANCIENT DEPICTION OF GOD SIVA THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS: THE TRUE AND SUPREME CREATOR OF THIS WORLD IS THE GOD WHO CAN DESTROY THIS WORLD!!! SIVA IS DEPICTED AS AN EIGHT-ARMED GIANT-OCTOPUS-LIKE GOD OF THE SEA: SIVA IS DANCING ON THE DEAD BODIES OF DEMONS: HIS TINY WIFE BESIDE HIM: THE SEA IS WHERE ALL MANKIND ORIGINATES FROM: THAT IS WHERE WE GET OUR POWER FROM!!! [Octopus' Garden By The Beatles=> The Lord Of The Dance By Donovan (Intended To Mean Siva Not Jesus) Click=> "What I Did For Love": Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme:>  "Bobby's Girl" Marcia Blank:> "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" Neil Sedaka:> "True Love" Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly, From 'High Society':> "A Time For Us" Engelbert Humperdinck, Love Theme From 'Romeo & Juliet':> "A Time For Us" Love Theme From "Romeo & Juliet" By Mel Torme> "Love Story" Andy Williams:> "Puppy Love" By Donny Osmond> "Young Love" Sonny James:>  "I Want To Hold Your Hand" The Beatles:> "Too Young" Nat King Cole:>  Note: The Song "I Want To Hold Your Hand", Has The Line: "I Get High"; But On The Ed Sullivan Show, The Beatles Were Bullied Into Changing The Lyrics To, "I Can't Hide"; Because Demonic Evil Ed Sullivan Disapproved Of The Seeming Reference To Drugs --But The Lyrics Actually Meant Love Was Better Than Drugs, And Was Anti-Drug! When Jim Morrison Of The Doors, Was Asked To Change His Song Lyrics For "Light My Fire", Morrison Defied Evil, Demonic Ed Sullivan And Stuck To His Original Artist's Lyrics!!!] All Stanley's Girlfriends Were Very Intelligent, Extremely Sexy, Beautiful, Hyper-Orgasmic, Always In Heat For Him, In A Constant State Of Arousal, They Were Always The Sexual Aggressors, And They Never Refused Stanley Anything Sexual: It Was Always Stanley Who Maintained The Steel Sexual Discipline: For Stanley Had To Make All The Right Moves. [Note: Acquiring Pussy Requires Fighting Ability, Women Get Sexually Excited By Dominance, Blood, Violence, And Animal Killings (Hunting & Fishing); It Is A Blood Sport --Because All Sex Ends In Violence: "Faint Heart Never Won Fair Maiden"!!! But Deviant Sex Results In Excessive Gruesome Violence That Must Be Constrained By Law! As Stanley Later Would Regret And Feel Remorse Over All The Killings (From Fishing And Killing Lizards) And The Loss Of Energy From Violence, And Over Love Interests: Hunting And Fishing Was Thrilling But It Harmed Harmless Animals, And Had To Painfully Be Given Up: Stanley's Grandfather Was A Big Game Hunter: He Killed Lions, Leopards, Hyenas, Antelopes, Zebras, Warthogs, Wild-Boars, Wildebeests, Dig-Digs, And Green Pigeons; He Would Hunt Game Every Week: Game Meat Is Dark & Tough, But Extremely Delicious, Compared To Insipid Domesticated-Animal's Meat: The D'Almeidas Ate Like Kings!!! Stanley's Father Was An Avid Fisherman; Stanley Was On Track To Kill More Animals, And Have More Sex, Than Both Of Them Combined: We Had Servants To Do All Our Work For Us: We Lived Like Kings In Africa! Stanley Was Born At The Very Top Of The Food Chain, He Was Top Dog, He Got All The Most Beautiful Hottest Women, He Was Set To Inherit Wealth From One Of The Richest Men In Tanganyika, But It Was The Calm Before The Storm: Just Like In The Old South: All This Would Suddenly Be "Gone With The Wind"!!! Antonio Had Built His "Kingdom" & Wealth, On Very Shaky Ground Because Of That Garbage Religion Judaism-Lite: He Had Not Defeated Satan And The Aryans, Because He Didn't Even Know How Evil They Were, Because Of Judaism-Lite: He Had Gone To Darkest Africa From Our Paradise Heartland In Portuguese-Goa, India: Because He Was Enticed By The Germans And British; He Had Married An Evil Brahman-Aryan Whore, Who Would Murder Him And Steal His Wealth, And The Wealth Of His Descendants; Antonio Was Raising Evil Satanic Cattle: All Of Which Would Turn On Him To Murder Our Family, Genocide Us, And Rob Us Of Our Hard Earned Wealth: But His Mistakes Were All At The Door Of That Garbage Religion Judaism-Lite: HE DIDN'T KNOW ANY BETTER!!! The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Canadians Would Now Come To Murder And Genocide Our Helpless Family!!! Stanley As The Heir To The Throne Was Now The Next Target For Death: He Had To Now Make All The Right Moves Just To Survive! After Antonio's Murder, In 1972 Stanley's Father Said, "I Hear You Kill A Lot Of Lizards? The Hindus Believe That If You Kill An Animal, You Will Be Reincarnated As That Animal In Your Next Life; Just So That You Can Be Killed As Punishment": Stanley Stopped Killing Lizards That Very Day! Stanley's Father (Fenelon) Was A Very Weak Man, Possessed By Demons, Like His Brahman-Aryan Mother (Argentina): He Took After His Evil, Satanic Brahman-Aryan Mother Argentina (Who Murdered Her Husband Antonio In 1972!); While Stanley Took After His East-Indian Aboriginal Mother Adelaide: Although Both Men Were Of Portuguese Roman-Catholic Descent Paternally: Stanley's Paternal Grandfather (Antonio Francisco) Knew Nada About Yoga: Thus He Stood Zero Chance Of Survival, When Satan & The Anglo-Saxon And Brahman-Aryans Began To Murder Him With Rat Poison, In 1970-72! Antonio Died Because He Didn't Know How To Purge With Salt-Water, And Fast Like A Hindu: To Eliminate The Poisons From His Body: Instead, He Would Pathetically Clutch His Rosary And Pray To Those False Gods Of Jesus & Inferior-Race Jewess, Mother Mary: Of Judaism-Lite: Christianity: Mary Was Literally A "Whore" Having A Child Out-Of-Wedlock And Letting People Finger Her; And Jesus Was A Homosexual And Literally A Mother-Fucker With Inferior-Race-Jew Mary: This Couple Were Not Gods!! They (Mary & Jesus) Were A Cheap Imitation Of The True Gods: Osiris And Isis (Astarte) Of The Superior Phoenician Religion! Christianity Was A Garbage Religion That Had Doomed Mankind Into Total Domination And Defeat, By Satan And The Aryans: For Two-Thousand Years --Until The Coming Of Stanley!!! Stanley Made A Vow: THAT WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS GRANDFATHER ANTONIO, WOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO HIM, AND HE GAVE THE ORDER TO KILL ARGENTINA FOR MURDERING HIS GRANDFATHER In May 1986: SHE DIED OF PNEUMONIA INDUCED BY STANLEY, IN May 1987: EXACTLY ONE YEAR AFTER STANLEY GAVE THE ORDER TO KILL HER! STANLEY WOULD ALSO KILL HER ADULTEROUS OFFSPRING (AND GRAND OFFSPRING) FROM THE ADULTEROUS MEN SHE SLEPT WITH; FOR STANLEY IS A JUST AND VENGEFUL KING! As The Heir Of Antonio: Stanley Was Obligated To Avenge: His Grandfather's Murder By Argentina, And Her Adultery Against Him: Because Anton Was The Previous King Of The D'Almeida Dynasty JUSTICE BY DEATH Must Be Done For Anton: AS AN EXAMPLE TO OTHERS NOT TO MESS WITH THE D'ALMEIDAS: JUST AS JUSTICE BY DEATH WILL BE DONE FOR STANLEY!!! For The Greatest Crime On This Earth Is HIGH TREASON: FOR WHICH THE PUNISHMENT IS DEATH! HIGH TREASON IS DEFINED AS ANY THOUGHT OR ACTION: INTENDING THE HARM OF THE KING!!! Advocating For Anarchy Or Democracy: Is An Act Of High Treason: Punishable By Death!!! What Little His Father (Fenelon) Taught Stanley, Stanley Immediately Absorbed: FOR A GREAT MAN ALWAYS OUT-DISCIPLINES HIS PARENTS ADVICE! His Father Also Taught Him Never To Drink Alcohol (Stanley Would Henceforth Never Drink A Drop Of Alcohol, Take Any Street Or Prescription Drugs, Nor Smoke, In His Life!), And A Revolutionary Form Of Yoga Asanas: To Remain Totally Motionless & Doing Pranayama (Holding One's Breath) While Doing "Asana Yoga" Style Postures Under-Water! STANLEY'S MOTHER TAUGHT STANLEY TO BE TOTALLY CELIBATE: BY KEEPING CONSTANT WATCH OVER HIM: SHE INSTINCTIVELY KNEW WHENEVER STANLEY HAD AMOROUS DEALINGS WITH GIRLFRIENDS --AND WOULD BECOME IRATE! The Tragedy Was That The Absolutely Evil Aryans Knew Yoga Better Than The Portuguese --Even Though They Were Trying To Destroy Hinduism And Yoga: They Were Using Their Yoga Knowledge For Evil Satanic Ends: To Murder And Genocide Humanity And To Destroy Yoga!!! Stanley's Father Fenelon, And His Grandfather Antonio, Never Fought The Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System: Because The British-Blonde-Anglo-Saxons Treated Us Well, Because It Was The Divide And Conquer Strategy Of The British: Except For Stanley And The D'Almeida Dynasty: All The Other Human-Race Countries And Kings Betrayed God, And Each Other, Instead Of Uniting To Destroy The Aryans And Satan! Perhaps Out Of Respect, Or Under The Divide And Conquer Strategy: Stanley's Grandfather Was Even Awarded An MBE (Member Of The British Empire) By King George VI, In 1947; And King George Also Granted Antonio A 99 Year Lease Of Free Prime Farmland Of 600 Acres, In DaresSalaam, Tanzania, Near A Beautiful Deserted Beach (Where We Would Go Fishing Almost Every Week); The Land Had To Be First Cleared Of All Lions & Predators: Which Antonio Shot With His .303 Caliber Rifle (He Had Rifles And A Pistol Too, But He Didn't Use Them To Kill Argentina, Even When She Was Poisoning Him To Death!)! The Cleared Land Was Then Used For Dairy Farming: He Owned Thousands Of Cattle, Had 24 Farmhands Working Under Him; Which Made Antonio One Of The Richest Men In Tanzania, At The Time! Stanley's Earliest Memory Was Seeing A Shipment Of His Grandfather's Cattle Being Delivered By Raft Or Barge Carrying Hundreds Of Cattle Landing On Our Beach: Cattle And The Sea Are So Incongruous, It Is A Remarkable Sight: The Sharks Must Have Been In A Frenzy! This Land Grant, Was A Great Sign Of Respect For The "Chief Clerk Of The Veterinary Department" From Tanzania --Proving That Antonio Francisco D'Almeida Was Also The King Of Canada In Exile-- Why Else Would He Be Given Free Land Other Than That He Was The King???
 [Above Is The Governor-General Of Tanganyika The Right Honourable Edward Twining; (Notice A Young Queen Elizabeth II, In The Background!) Awarding Antonio Francisco D'Almeida An MBE Medal, For Outstanding Service To The British Empire: January 1st, 1947!!! "God Save The Queen/King" Click=>  God Save Our Gracious King, Long Live Our Noble King, God Save Our King; Send Him Victorious, Happy And Glorious; Long To Reign Over Us, God Save The King! Ludwig van Beethoven, Version: "God Save The King" => God Save Our Lord The King, Long Live Our Gracious King, God Save The King!] "Blondie" Were Then Focused On Genociding East-Indian Hindus, In Order To Destroy The Hindu Religion: But After The Sudden Collapse Of Hindu India In 1948: It Left The Portuguese Royal Dynasty The Last Surviving Human-Race Royal Dynasty Left On Earth: If Satan And The Aryans Could Somehow Murder The D'Almeidas: They Could Rule The Whole World!!! THE BRITISH SHOULD NEVER HAVE GRANTED INDEPENDENCE TO: CANADA, THE U.S.A., INDIA, PALESTINE-ISRAEL, AND AFRICA: THIS WAS OVERREACH BY SATAN: THEY HAD THE WHOLE WORLD: WHY COULDN'T THEY LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE? As Bad As The British Were: There Were A MONARCHY: ANY MONARCHY, EVEN A SATANIC MONARCHY, IS BETTER THAN ANARCHY: WHICH IS WHAT ALL DEMOCRACIES REALLY ARE: THEY ARE ALL DERIVED FROM RIGGED ELECTIONS BY DEVIL-POSSESSED SECRET POLICE AND SATAN!!! The British Ruled India And Africa: By Divide And Conquer: They Had Made Deals With Honorable Men Like Stanley's Grandfather: The New Rulers Of Canada, U.S.A., India, Israel And Africa: Would All Dishonor Those Deals: Which Would Unravel All What The British Had Achieved: And This Would Lead To The Unintended Defeat Of Satan And The Anglo-Saxons By Their Own Satanic Arrogant Extremes: Too Much Satanic Excess Is Its Own Antidote To Satan!!! The British Ruled By Making Deals: The Canadians & The U.S.A.: Anglo-Saxons: Were Absolutely Evil, Satanic, Devil-Possessed, And Trying To Rule By Absolute Might And Violence: Committing Genocide, Mass Murder, Evil For The Sake Of Evil, And Trying To Get It All Satan's Way: The Canadian-Anglo-Saxons Trying To Outright Murder Stanley Without Compromise, Was Always An Insane Idea: Remember Jesus Was Defeated Because He Was A Homosexual, Having Inferior-Race Sex With Jews, With Prostitutes, Alcoholism, Meat-Eating: But No-One Can Win Against Stanley: Because He Is Perfect!!! As Long As The D'Almeidas Were Living Like Kings, They Had No Intention Of Becoming Real Kings, By Openly Ruling: But Once The Anglo-Saxon System Murdered Antonio: All Deals Were Off: Stanley Would Now Want To Rule, As Payback: As The World Cannot Have Anarchy: All Those Countries Formerly Ruled By Britain And The British Crown: And Satanically Given Unlawful, Anarchic, Puppet "Independence" Would Now Be Legally Claimed As Belonging To Stanley And The D'Almeida Dynasty --For Anarchy Is Not Only Satanic It Is Illegal Under Universal Law: The Law Of DAma!!! King George VI Died In 1952: With His Death, The Sun Would Now Set On The Spent British Empire: But It Would Be Replaced By An Even More Satanic Empire: The Absolutely Evil, Canadian Anglo-Saxon-Empire!!! The Old British Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Satanic-System Was Now Taken Over By The Absolutely Evil Canadian Anglo-Saxons: Who, Unlike The More Benign British, Were Devil-Possessed Satan Incarnate: And Began A Policy In Africa To Use Puppet Black-African Socialist Governments: To Murder And Genocide All The East-Indians That The British Anglo-Saxons Had Lured To Their Genocidal Deaths To Africa (By Giving Them High Paying Jobs): They Rigged Into Power: A Somali Socialist Tanganyika Gov't, That Immediately Slashed The Price Of Milk In 1967, And Nationalized All, Mostly East-Indian, Businesses Worth Over $100,000: This Was Genocide Because They Robbed Us Of All Our Hard-Earned Wealth Because Of RACE!!! Making It Difficult For Antonio's Dairy Farm To Subsist: Unlike The Other Dairy Farmers: Antonio Refused To Slaughter The Male Juvenile Bulls: And Kept Them In A Separate Herd, From The Heifers: This Lost Him A Lot Of Revenue! He Also Insisted On Injecting Them With Expensive Antibiotics: Provided Expensive Feed Made Of Corn Kernals And Sawdust Called "Cha-Chew"; And Sprayed Disinfectant On Them Against Ticks, Every Three Weeks; Which The Satanic Ungrateful Cows Hated Him For: And Wanted Him Dead For --Because Cows Are Evil Satanic Animals: EATING BEEF AND MILK ONLY EMPOWERS SATAN TO MURDER YOU!!! But The Greatest Satan Was Antonio's Brahman-Aryan Wife Argentina: Who Tried To Destroy And Genocide The D'Almeida Dynasty From Within: She Was Like A Real Prostitute: She Would Sleep With Everyone: Africa Is A Very Inhospitable Environment To Domesticated Animals: Antonio's Job (Head Of The Veterinary Dept.) Required Him To Quell Animal Disease Epidemics Like The Tsetse-Fly, Rinderpest, Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) and Trypanosomiasis.  Etc., That Would Incessantly Breakout All Over Tanganyika: He Could Be Gone For Months: While The Aryan-Whore Argentina, Would Sleep With Everyone In His Absence: Tragically Two Of Antonio's Sons Are Not His Own: And Are Not Real D'Almeidas --This Is Why We Must Never Ever Have Sex With Aryans: They Are All Whores!!! Why Did Antonio Marry A Whore? Antonio Didn't Know Any Better Because Of His Religion, Of How Evil Aryans Were: He Was Under A Tremendous, Stressful, Burden: To Do What His Own "Dama" Required, To Do What God Wanted, Or To Do What Satan Wanted: Antonio Couldn't Get A Real Goan Woman To Marry Him, Because No Good Woman Wanted To Live In Bush-Country --As Africa Was, Then! It Was A Crazy, Impulsive Move, To Go To Africa --No Decent Woman Would Live There-- Except For An Satanic-Aryan-Whore!!! In Retrospect, The Alternative To Marrying Brahman-Aryan Argentina: Would Be To Practice Celibacy Like Stanley: And To Fight The Brahman-Aryans In Goa By Killing Them (While We Still Had The Power To Do So: BUT THIS WOULD HAVE TAKEN A SUPER-HUMAN ACT OF GENIUS, TO FIGURE THIS OUT: GENIUS THAT ONLY STANLEY HAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED: IN THE HISTORY OF THIS EARTH! BUT HAD HE NOT MARRIED A SATANIC-ARYAN AND BEEN MORE CELIBATE: IT WOULD HAVE MADE STANLEY'S LIFE TREMENDOUSLY EASIER!): But The Portuguese-Goans Knew Nothing About How Satanically Evil Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Or Brahman-Aryans Were: The East-Indian Hindus Knew How Evil Brahmans Were: And Had Strict Religious Laws And Ancient Customs Forbidding Marriage With Brahman-Aryans: BUT IN THOSE DAYS, NOBODY KNEW HOW EVIL THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS WERE, AT ALL! The Portuguese-Goans Were Too Naive About The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, And Brahman-Aryans: And The D'Almeidas Fell Right Into Satan's Genocidal Trap!!! What People Need To Understand, Is That The D'Almeida Dynasty Never Had To Fight The Brahman-Aryans And Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Because The British Had Left Portuguese-Goa Alone! But By Not Fighting Brahman-Aryans And Instead Having Sex With Them, Instead Of Practicing Celibacy: Things Would Get Progressively Worse For Antonio's Heir Stanley! [Note: Under The D'Almeida Family's Royal Succession: It Is God And The DAma That Chooses The Royal Heir, From Among The Male Heirs; Not Necessarily The Oldest Male Heir, Not The People, The King Will Be Easily Discerned By His Deeds: Remember How Eleven Year-Old Stanley Defied Satan And The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: By Hitting His Girlfriend, And Telling Satan To "Fuck-You", At The Height Of Satan's Power "You Can't Hit A Woman" Terrorism Against Men, Campaign? This Is Just An Inkling Of What Stanley Will Do To Satan And The Aryans: When He Comes Into Power!!! Although Fenelon Was The Oldest Male-Heir, After Antonio Died, He Was Not The Successor King Because The DAma Ordained Stanley To Be The King Of Canada: THE DAma Chooses The King!!!] Although Fenelon Was Never King, He Was A "Caretaker King", Whose Purpose Was To Ensure Stanley Becomes King. Stanley's Devil-Possessed Father Fenelon: Had A Progressively Worse Problem Than Antonio: Because He Had To Fight The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: Which Were Much More Powerful Than The Brahmans: But Fenelon Was Like AkhenAten, Tutankhamun's Father: He Just Totally Embraced His Mother's Brahman-Aryan Satanism, Evil And Devil Possession: He Chose To "Punt", And "Dump" The Problem Unto Stanley, By Intending On Having Child-Sex With His Future Daughter, Instead Of Practicing Celibacy For A Longer Time. Thus No Decent God-Fearing Goan Woman Would Marry Him Either: Because They Sensed He Was Not Ready For Marriage: He Secretly Intended To Molest His Eldest Daughter, To Keep The Sexual Energy (The "Dama") Within The D'Almeida Family: But This Is Called "DUMPING ON THE HEIR" And Would Exponentially Increase Stanley's Suffering: Because Stanley Had To Practice Celibacy For Two People: Fenelon Had "Prakriti" Or "Undifferentiated Sexual Energy" In Him: That Had To Be Absorbed Through "Kundalini Yoga", Tremendous Suffering, Celibacy And Hinduism: After Repeated Rejections: It Was Foolish Adelaide: Who Agreed To Marry Fenelon: Who Would Evilly Put His "Kundalini-Energy" Or "The Uncontrolled-Sexual-Energy" Burden Onto Stanley!!! The D'Almeidas Are A Dynasty: What The Previous D'Almeida Does Has An Effect On The Heir: The Previous D'Almeidas Were All Roman-Catholic-Christians (Antonio & Fenelon) Were Very Irresponsible, And Weak: They Accumulated A Tremendous Burden Of Suffering: And Dumped It All On Stanley: But They Didn't Know Any Better Because Of That Judaism-Lite Garbage Religion!!! Stanley's Father Was Half-Aryan: He Was Possessed By Devils Like All Aryans Are: Thus He Was Giving Stanley A Heads-Up Warning Of What The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Were Doing And Conspiring To Do On A Grand Satanic Scale: CHILD-SEXUAL-MOLESTATION OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN: TO SPREAD HOMOSEXUALITY AND PEDOPHILIA IN A CYCLICAL MANNER!!! The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race Were Promoting A Genocidal New Practice For 300 Years: Of Child Sexual-Rape: Where Parents Were Being Encoraged To Abandon Their God-Intended Or Dama Ordained Lifestyles: And Ignore Their Consciences By The Rape Of Their Own Children: With The Assurance That The "Blondie Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System" Would Turn A Blind Eye: To Child-Sexual Rape On A "Grand Genocidal Scale" Of Total Genocide Of The Human Race Never Before Seen In History! What Is The Greatest Conspiracy In History: IS THAT THE ENTIRE BLONDE-ARYAN RACE HAS BEEN DELIBERATELY SEXUALLY MOLESTING THEIR OWN CHILDREN FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS: WHO IN TURN BECOME LESBIANS, HOMOSEXUALS, MURDERERS, MENTALLY-ILL, RAPISTS, MASS MURDERERS AND TOTALLY EVIL PSYCHOPATHS, TOTALLY DESENSITIZED TO THE SUFFERING OF ALL HUMANITY AND ALL LIFE-FORMS, AND COMMIT CHILD-MOLESTATION ON THEIR OWN CHILDREN: IN AN ENDLESS CYCLE OF CRIMINAL MADNESS IN THEIR ENTIRE DEVIL-POSSESSED, SATAN WORSHIPING ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN-RACE: WHICH CAN ONLY BE STOPPED IF THE WHOLE ANGLO-SAXON SATANIC SYSTEM IS DESTROYED AND THEIR RACE EXTERMINATED OR DEPORTED FROM THE AMERICAS: AND THE BLONDE-ARYAN-POLICE ARE REMOVED AND REPLACED WITH POLICE THAT WILL CHARGE AND ARREST CHILD-MOLESTERS, LESBIANS AND HOMOSEXUALS AND PUT THEM ALL IN JAIL!!! A YOGA MEDICINE PRACTITIONER IS SUPERIOR TO MM's SATANIC QUACK DOCTORSIN THAT YOGI's ARE ABLE TO IDENTIFY CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSED. WHEN A GIRL ACTS AGGRESSIVE, VIOLENT AND MASCULINE (A LESBIAN)); OR A BOY ACTS EFFEMINATE, COWARDLY, AND MEEK (A HOMOSEXUAL): THEY HAVE BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSED OR A PRODUCT OF PARENTS THAT HAVE SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN: AND MUST BE INVESTIGATED AND PUT IN JAIL. PEDOPHILIA AND HOMOSEXUALITY ARE INEXTRICABLY CONNECTED: TO ELIMINATE CHILD-MOLESTATION, HOMOSEXUALITY MUST ALSO BE WIPED OUT!!! FOR EXAMPLE: THE CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD IS RIFE WITH BOTH PEDOPHILIA AS WELL AS HOMOSEXUALITY: PROVING THEY ARE INEXTRICABLY LINKED!!! TOLERANCE FOR HOMOSEXUALITY COMES AT THE PRICE OF SACRIFICING OUR INNOCENT CHILDREN TO SEXUAL PREDATORS!!! THE WORLD NEEDED A SAVIOUR: NOW MORE THAN ANYTIME IN THE HISTORY OF THIS EARTH: AND STANLEY WOULD HAVE TO DELIVER: THIS WAS NO TIME FOR LOSERS LIKE JESUS! THIS IS WHY THE BLONDE-ANGLO_SAXON-ARYANS MUST BE EXTERMINATED FROM THE AMERICAS --THEY ARE ALL CHILD-MOLESTERS, AND PROMOTERS OF CHILD-MOLESTATION: THEY ARE AN ABSOLUTELY EVIL RACE!!!
 Soon After The Time Stanley Was Born (In 1960): The Brahman-Aryans Would Murder The Portuguese And Goans, And Takeover Goa (In 1961): And The British Would Give Satanic "Independence" To Tanganyika (In 1961): The British Should Never Have Granted India Independence (On August 15, 1947); Because The Brahman-Aryans Were Far More Evil And Satanic Than The British; And The Canadian Anglo-Saxons Were Also Far More Evil Than The British: The British Must Share Blame For The Absolute Genocide The Gov'ts They Left Behind Subsequently Perpetrated!!! The D'Almeidas Lost The Paradise Of Goa, Without Even A Fight, All Because Of That Evil Brahman-Aryan Whore Argentina!!! Now It Would Involve Tremendous Suffering For Stanley To Regain Goa; And To Defeat The Brahman-Aryans Of India! His Grandfather Had Sex With A Brahman-Aryan Whore: Because They Were Too Naive, They Knew Nothing About Aryans: But What Could They Have Done? We Cannot Blame His Grandfather, Because No-One Knew How Evil The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Were, At The Time? The Alternative Was Too Complex To Figure Out --But This Was Digging A Hole For The D'Almeida Dynasty: That Made It Horrendously Tougher For Stanley: Who Now Had To Fight The Brahman-Aryans As Well As The Blonde-Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: By Antonio Having Sex With That Brahman-Aryan Whore, The Aryans Were Also Able To Infiltrate His Nuclear Family: And Try To Murder Him From Within: The Reason Stanley's Suffering Was The Greatest In History: Was He Got Zero Support From Within His Own Family, And From Within His Own Race: All Because Of That Brahman-Aryan-Whore!!! Stanley Now Had To Fight Aryan Murderers From Within His Own Family: That Is Why This Must Never Be Allowed To Happen Again! [Note: The Same Thing Happened To Boy-King Tutankhamun In 1323 BCE: Where His Grandmother Tiye, Was A Hittite-Aryan: Infiltrated Tut's Family: And Tut Was Murdered In 1323 BCE! But Unlike Tutankhamun: The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System Failed To Murder Boy-King Stanley: Using This Same Murderous Scheme! WHY? Stanley Was Far More Intelligent Than Tut: And Far More Intelligent Than Satan Himself: Stanley Turned The Tables On Satan: And It Was The Aryans And Satan Who Will Get Destroyed!!] Remember Stanley Has Spent 39+ Years In Jails & Psychiatric Hospitals Where The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Attempted To Murder And Crucify Him In Every One Of Those Years --His Grandfather And Father Were Never Called Upon To Suffer Like That: But If They Had Shown Even A Little Sexual Discipline: Stanley's Task Would Have Been So Much Easier!!!  But The Blame For This Is Not On Antonio Or Fenelon: It Was On That Fucking Homosexual Jesus, The Inferior-Race Jews And The Satanic Hittite-Roman-Aryans: Who Gave Us A Garbage Religion: "Judaism-Lite" That Had Zero Knowledge Of "Kundalini Yoga" Which Was The Only Means To Control Uncontrolled Sexual Energy: And We Can't Blame Fenelon Either: Fenelon's Demon-Possession And Having Sex With His Daughter Was A Common Practice Amongst All Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans At The Time: THAT IS WHY STANLEY BLAMES THE ENTIRE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN RACE AND SATANIC SYSTEM, FOR ALLOWING THAT DEVIANT SEX PRACTICE TO HAPPEN DELIBERATELY WITHOUT LEGAL CONSEQUENCE: THERE WAS A MASSIVE CONSPIRACY BY THE ARYANS TO MASSIVELY SEXUALLY ABUSE THEIR CHILDREN!!! Argentina Was A Tempting Whore: She Was A Petite Woman, With Long Blondish Hair To Her Waist, She Would Keep Her Pubes Totally Shaved In A "Lolita Look", And Walk Around Naked; It Was A Temptation That Stanley Totally Avoided In His Life: But His Weaker Grandfather, Fell Right Into Her Black-Widow Trap: And They Almost Destroyed The D'Almeida Dynasty!!! Because No Man Has The Steel-Sexual-Discipline Of Stanley: (Aryan Women Are All Evil Whores, Sirens And Inferior-Race Apes) If We Were To Judge Every Men By Stanley's "Greatness Standard", Every Man Would Be Found Wanting And Come Up Short Of The Glory Of God: And Mankind Would Keep On Losing And Losing: But Since Stanley Has Already Won That Victory For Mankind: No More Men Need To Be Tempted Into Hell Again By Aryan Whores And Satan: That Is Why Aryans Must Be Prevented From Interracial Sex BY LAW: WHAT HAPPENED TO STANLEY MUST NEVER EVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN EVER AGAIN TO ANYONE: TO BE CRUCIFIED SO TOTALLY ISOLATED AND ALONE WITH NO SUPPORT FROM ANYONE: ALL BECAUSE OF INTERRACIAL SEX WITH ARYANS AND SEXUAL MOLESTATION OF THEIR DAUGHTERS!!! THERE IS NO FAULT IN ANTONIO AND FENELON MAKING A MISTAKE: THE FAULT IS IN NOT LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES: AND MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE: STANLEY WAS THE ONLY HUMAN KING TO SURVIVE THE SATANIC ARYAN'S ATTEMPTS TO MURDER HIM: BECAUSE HE LEARNED HINDUISM AND KUNDALINI YOGA: THAT COULD ABSORB UNDIFFERENTIATED SEXUAL ENERGY: THAT WOULD SAVE HIS DYNASTY AND ALL MANKIND!!! BUT THE ARYANS MUST BE PUNISHED FOR ATTEMPTING TO DESTROY HINDUISM: AND FORCE THE GARBAGE "JUDAISM-LITE" ON US: THE BRAHMAN-ARYANS MUST BE EXTERMINATED OR DEPORTED FROM INDIA --ALONG WITH THEIR SATANIC COWS!!! THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN RACE ALSO MUST BE EXTERMINATED OR DEPORTED FROM THE AMERICAS, ALONG WITH THEIR SATANIC COWS!!! SO TOO THE ARYAN-RACE WORLDWIDE MUST BE KEPT SEPARATE AND DISTANCED FROM CONTACT WITH HUMANS: WE MUST TOTALLY SHUN AND OSTRACIZE THE ARYAN RACE: MAKE THEM INTO THE MODERN-DAY HINDU "UNTOUCHABLES", OUTCASTES --THE HUMAN-RACE NEEDS LEBENSRAUM "LIVING SPACE" COMPLETELY SEPARATE AND AWAY FROM SEXUAL CONTACT WITH OTHER RACES --ESPECIALLY THE ARYAN-RACE!!! By 1970 The Canadian Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Then Began To Murder Stanley's Grandfather Antonio, Through His Aryan-Wife Argentina: It Would Take Two Agonizing Years For Him To Die Before Our Very Eyes: Under Relentless Cruel Merciless Poisoning By Satanic Argentina: Stanley Was Only Eleven Years Old: He Didn't Know How Evil The Aryans Were: He Hoped Naively, That Antonio And Argentina Could Settle Their Differences, And She Would Stop Poisoning Him: Also He Had Little Power To Intervene: And His Father Fenelon, Was Too Weak, And Demon-Possessed, A Man, To Save His Own Father's Life --His Father May Have Been In Cahoots With Argentina!!! Cattle Are Satanic Animals: They Cause Desertification: They Drink Enormous Amounts Of Water To Produce Milk: 1,000 Litres Of Water To Produce 1 Litre Of Milk: They Caused The Water-Table To Fall, And Antonio's Water-Well Needed To Be Dug Deeper: Which Made Antonio Antagonize The Local Black Africans By Refusing To Share His Well-Water With Them Anymore, He Needed It For His Own Cattle: This Caused The Blacks To Retaliate By Performing: "Black-Magic", Witchcraft, "Evil-Eye", "Juju", "Uchawa", "Dawa", All Evil Forms Of "Voodoo"; --And  Cow-Mutilation-- In Their Crazy Socialist Entitlement Mentality, Instead Of Digging Their Own Well --In Retrospect He Should Have Let Them Share His Water, Stanley Was Always Polite To The African People, He Would Have Provided Them With Water, To Keep Them On Our Side To Fight The Canadian Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans; But It Wouldn't Ultimately Have Mattered: Blacks Are Too Weak To Fight Satan And The Aryans
, They Couldn't Have Defeated The Blonde-Anglo-Saxons By Themselves: But Maybe One-Day The Blacks Will Obey Stanley And Destroy & Exterminate: The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, The Nilotics, The Masai, The Luo: From Africa; For The Evil Genocide They Have Done In Africa, And To The Bantu Race: And Kill All Their Devil-Cattle Too. The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Had To Be Destroyed By Stanley Alone: FROM INSIDE THE BELLY OF THE BEAST! Evil Black Magic Called "Uchawa" Is Widely Practiced In Africa: And It Can Be Deadly, Especially, To An Already Weakened Man From The Poisoning! Antonio Was Now Also Being Secretly Murdered By His Own Ungrateful Devil-Possessed Cattle --Who Are Satan Incarnate --Even Though He Kept Them Safe From Slaughter For So Many Years: We Should Have Stayed Close With The Pigs In Goa: Never Cattle: Everybody In The Whole Wide World Were Now Possessed By Devils And Conspiring With Satan To Murder Stanley's Poor Grandfather: As They Would Do So Against Stanley, After Stanley Became King!!! The D'Almeida's Had Been Relying On The Hindus To Fight For Us And Absorb The Persecution By The British --But The East-Indian-Hindus All Suddenly Collapsed After Independence In 1947: And The New Canadian-Anglo-Saxons Would Now Come To Murder The Last Surviving King Of Mankind: The Portuguese King!!! By Being Nice To The Portuguese Patriarch Antonio: The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Had Set A Trap For The D'Almeida Family: To Entice Them Into Staying In Black Africa: Because The Sudden Attack On The D'Almeida Dynasty In 1972, Left Our Family Totally Isolated, With No Local Community Support Among Blacks: Which We Would Have Had In Goa: Antonio Should Have Retired Back To Goa --Like He Always Talked About, But Never Did! Being Foreigners In A Strange Land: Isolated Antonio In His Agonizing Suffering, When The Aryan-System Turned On Him, And He Was Being Murdered By His Devil-Possessed Aryan-Wife Argentina, With Rat Poison: As It Would Isolate Stanley In His Suffering In Canada Later: Stanley Was Totally Alone Fighting The Most Evil Satanic Conspiracy In History: Having Zero Community Support, Made Stanley's Job Very Very Difficult: Because There Was No Precedent In His Own Family, And In History, To What He Was Experiencing And Had To Do! The D'Almeidas Were Of Portuguese Descent: Stanley Had Zero Knowledge Of Hinduism Or Of Yoga: We Were Sitting Ducks To Be Murdered!!! Jesus Had Followers, The Phoenicians Had Been Fighting The Roman-Hittite-Aryans For Thousands Of Years: They Were All Waiting For A Savior To Follow: They All Hated The Roman-Hittite-Aryans. Africa Was A Death-Trap Because It Would Totally Isolate Stanley And His Grandfather When The Canadian-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Came To Murder Them! Stanley Had To Fight The Entire Aryan Race And Satan: ALONE!!! What Stanley Remains The Most Bitter About: Is That He Was Born With A Garbage Religion (Judaism-Lite) That Made Him, His Grandfather, And Father; Totally Unprepared For The Murderous Crucifixion By Satan And The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: If He Was Born A Hindu: If He Had Been Born In Portuguese-Goa: If His Grandfather Had Never Married An Aryan: And His Father Had Not Child-Sexually Assaulted His Daughter: His Task Would Have Been So Much Easier: Even The Black-African's "Black-Magic" Was More Powerful A Religion Than That Garbage-Religion Judaism-Lite Christianity! And While The Aryans Were Murdering And Genociding The Whole Damn World: NOBODY (Except Stanley And The Hindus) KNEW WHAT A FUCKING "ARYAN" WAS!!! THIS MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE EVER AGAIN: ALL HUMANS MUST ADOPT HINDUISM OR SANATANA DAma, AS THEIR RELIGION AND NEVER HAVE INTERRACIAL SEX WITH ARYANS, JEWS OR BLACKS, OR "DUMP ON THE HEIR" BY ENGAGING IN CHILD-MOLESTATION :EVER AGAIN --BY LAW!!! TO PROTECT THE ROYAL FAMILY FROM DEVELOPING "BAD KARMA" ALL ROYAL FAMILY MALES, AND ALL NORTH AMERICAN MALES: MUST UNDERGO COMPULSORY MILITARY SERVICE WHERE A MINIMUM AGE FOR HAVING SEX OF 24 -40 YEARS, IS ENFORCED: AND STRICT SEXUAL DISCIPLINE:  CELIBACY, "DAMACHARYA" AND "KUNDALINI YOGA" IS TAUGHT TO THE ROYAL MALES: TO ENSURE THE KING ONLY HAS SEX AND MARRIAGE WHEN HE IS READY FOR IT --FOR INTERRACIAL SEX, PEDOPHILE SEX, OR HOMOSEXUAL SEX (LIKE JESUS) CAN DESTROY THE WHOLE MONARCHY: OR PUT UNFAIR BURDENS FROM ONE KING TO THE NEXT: "DUMPING ON THE HEIR", LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO STANLEY!!! [Note: To The Brazilian-Portuguese: The Portuguese In Brazil Need To Heed Stanley's Family's Experience And Do Not Trust Blacks, Avoid Blacks, They Are A Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Satanic Trap! Avoid Interracial Sex With Blacks And Aryans --They Are Both Apes: Chimpanzees, Albino-Gorillas & Neanderthals-- Unite With The Native Indians Instead: Aryan-Satanic-Cattle Are Destroying The Amazon Forest And The Americas: Get Out Of The Cattle Industry: They Are Satanic Animals: Exterminate All Cattle In Brazil And The Americas!!! Brazilian-Portuguese Need To Emigrate To Canada To Fight The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, And Support King Stanley Here In Canada! The Celtic Southerners In America, Too, Were Murdered By The Millions In The Civil War In 1865, After They Associated With Satanic Blacks Via Slavery: Slavery Was An Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Trap To Murder Celtic Southerners: We Must Avoid And Stay Away From Blacks And Aryans!!] To Defend Himself And Destroy The "Blondie" Canadian System: Stanley Now Had To Scramble: He Had To Develop A Strategy: To Save: His Life, His Dynasty, The Human Race; As Well As To Destroy The Aryan System: He Had To Instinctively Adopt Yoga Immediately! After Antonio Was Murdered: Stanley's Father (Fenelon) Said, "Africa Is For The Africans, We Should Never Have Come Here", Stanley's Father, Fenelon, Only Came To Africa At His Own Father's (Antonio's) Bidding, He Never Intended To Stay There. Stanley's Father Said, "We D'Almeidas Never Got The Recognition We Deserved, Because We Were Born In Africa", He Always Wanted His Children To Be Raised In A Country Where Their Greatness Would Be Fully Appreciated: Canada!!! Stanley Convinced His Parents To Immediately Make Plans To Emigrate To Canada: "The Heart Of Darkness": It Was A Strategic Decision Of Genius: To Destroy The System By Entering The Belly Of The Beast: SATAN! NOTE: STANLEY'S FAMILY ARE OF PORTUGUESE DESCENT: AND THE PORTUGUESE WERE THE FIRST EUROPEANS TO SETTLE IN CANADA: SO STANLEY IS NOT AN IMMIGRANT TO CANADA: HE IS AN ORIGINAL CANADIAN KING, RETURNING FROM A 210 YEAR EXILE --THAT IS WHY HE AUTOMATICALLY BECAME KING ON LANDING ON CANADIAN SOIL IN 1973!!! In Canada: The First Thing Stanley Noticed On Arrival In Canada, Was That The Food Had An Insipid, Bland Taste, From Too Much Chemicals, Pesticides, Lack Of Solar Intensity And Heat Units, And From Nuclear Radiation Leaks!!! In Canada: Stanley Would Become The Poorest Man On Earth, From One Of The Richest; He Would Become The Most Persecuted Man In History, From The Most Happy; He Had To Give-Up All Girlfriends And Become Celibate, While Homosexuals And Lesbians Sex, Were Being Promoted By The Satanic Anglo-Saxon-System; He Was Now At The Bottom Of The Food Chain: With Even Evil Satanic Cows Above Him; He Was Satanically Treated As If He Were An Inferior Race, Even Though He Was Far Superior To The Satanic Aryans And Blacks!!! After Antonio Died: His Weak Father Fenelon Now For The First Time Gave Stanley Some Yoga Advice On Ahimsa: Stanley's Survival Instincts Were Very Strong: He Instinctively Made All The Right Moves: By Being A Swift Learner, Accepting And Absorbing All Knowledge Taught To Him: By Swiftly Adopting The Yoga Practice Of "Ahimsa": But To Give-Up Hunting And Fishing Was A Very Painful Process: The Thrill Of Hunting & Fishing Is Almost As Addictive As Sex: Stanley Was Killing Thousands Of Lizards: He Was A Prolific Hunter --And Women Love Hunters! His Conversion To Hinduism Was A Gradual Process: Based On Obeying God And The DAma: Stanley's Second Yoga Practice Was To Adopt Celibacy Or DAmacharya; But He Lacked Discipline: To Be Perfect In Yoga, He Needed A Catalyst; Stanley Did Not Become A Strict Disciplined Hindu Or Yogi Until The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-System Attempted To Murder Him By Incarcerating Him In 1981 --On Totally False Charges-- It Was Then That He Made A Vow To Obey God And The DAma, And To Destroy The System --Fully! By 1972 Satan And The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Were Already Trying To Actively Murder Him: Stanley Was Now Suffering Greatly And Things Would Get Steadily Worse: For The Next 50 Years Stanley Would Be Suffering Death Pains, To Suffer "Lethal" Pain For 50 Years And Survive Is 100% Proof That Stanley Is IMMORTAL: PAIN That Would Have Killed An Ordinary Man: Proving That Stanley Is Immortal! Red Alerts Had Already Warned Stanley That Something Was Wrong: Stanley Was A Genius Military Strategist: He Instinctively Made Gradual Changes In His Lifestyle By Adopting Hinduism And Yoga: As He Had To Now Fight For His Own Life, As Well As To Destroy The System! Since AHIMSA Is A Tenet Of Yoga: (See Laws Of Yoga) Stanley Became Totally Non-Violent And Celibate, As A Strategy To Destroy The System: Hunting, Fishing And Sex Loses Energy Needed To Destroy Satan And The Aryans, And Because All Sex Leads To Violence: Stanley Favors Strict Limits Be Set On All Deviant Sex By Law!! And Because Deviant Sex Like Lesbianism, Homosexuality, Pedophilia And Interracial Sex: Necessarily Result In Satanic Brutal Violence, Murders, Crime, Pain And Suffering On Innocent Victims: Deviant Sex Must Be Totally Restricted And Prohibited By Law: Stop Deviant Sex: And The Murder Rate Drops To Zero!!! So Too All Prey Animals Must Be Protected Proactively (Especially Reptiles) Hunting And Fishing Must Be Restricted And Controlled! Animals Do Suffer Pain, They Do Have Souls, That Is The LAW!!!]  [***It Is Important To Note: That Stanley Made His Greatest Sexual Conquests Before He Reached The Age Of Puberty, (Which Occurred For Him At 14½ Years Of Age): It Was An Innocent, Pure And Harmless Heterosexual Love: (Not Like The Evil, Satanic, Devil-Possessed: Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Interracial Sex, And Pedophilia) And While In Tanzania & Goa; His Conquests Involved Dominance, Control Of Her Mind, Body & Soul: It Was A Complex Mating Dominance Rite That Every Man Must Fight For The Woman He Loves: Like Most Animals Do In The Animal Kingdom: The Fundamental Law Of The Animal Kingdom: The Most Dominant Male Gets All The Females! Determining Who Your Correct Wife For Future Marriage Is By Conquest, By Showing Dominance, By Winning & By Fighting: But It Didn't Involve Sexual Intercourse! Stanley Does Not Approve Of Sexual Intercourse Immediately After The Age Of Puberty: As Most People Do Today At Their Peril: Creating Unwanted Babies And Abortions: Abortion Was Never A Question Of Choice: It Was Always A Result Of Lack Of Sexual Control: The Proof Of This Is That The Inferior Ape Races: Niggers, Jews & Aryans: Have The Highest Rates Of Abortion: Jews Have A 41% Abortion Rate Versus Overall Pregnancies: Blacks Have A 74% Abortion Rate Versus Live Births: Hispanics Have A 30% Abortion Rate: "Whites" Have A 15% Abortion Rate: "Other" Races Have A 8% Abortion Rate. People That Are Non-Judaeo-Christian Have The Lowest Rates Of Abortion: Obviously By Religion "Jews", "Protestants", "Catholics" & Recently Even Muslims: Have The Highest Rates Of Abortion: Because These Are The Most Garbage Religions: Although These Religions Hypocritically Preach Against Abortion, And Preach Celibacy: But They Don't Have The Know-How To Practice What They Preach: Because Their Religions Are Garbage: Their Delusional Fallacy Is That: "Life Begins At Conception" Or The Satanic-Feminists Belief That "Life Begins After Birth": Are Both Wrong: LIFE REALLY BEGINS AT THE SPERMATOZOA STAGE: AND DEATH BEGINS AT THE LOSS OF SPERM: Which Only Hinduism Recognizes: These Are The Facts! By Praying To God, Asking Forgiveness, And Vowing To Change Course And Become Disciplined By Totally Celibacy: Sperm Loss Is Reversible: Death Is Reversible Through The Pain Of Yoga! The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions: But Good Intentions Must Be Realized Through Good Deeds: And Only Hinduism Gives You The Tools To Accomplish Your Goals! Statistics Prove That Oral-Contraceptive Use, Alcohol, And Abortions Are "High-Risk" Factors In Causing AN AGGRESSIVE NEW TYPE OF LETHAL BREAST CANCER (Called Triple-Negative): With Blacks Suffering The Highest Rates Of Death From This (Triple---) Breast Cancer Due To Their Contraceptive Use, Alcohol And Abortions! Blacks Number 39 Million People In America (12.8% Of The Pop'n And Declining; While Latinos Number 17% Of The Pop'n And Are The Fastest Growing Demographic!): But Blacks Have The Highest Death Rates As Well And The Smallest Overall Pop'n Growth Rate: 285,000 Blacks Die Every Year, 8,000 Blacks Die From Homicide And Criminal Activity (19.4 Per 100,000 Are Murdered, 93% Are Being Murdered By Other Blacks!), Which Is Astronomically High Proving They Are Violent And In Need Of Firm Discipline: (Overall Only 16,121 Americans Die From Homicide Every Year: Proving Blacks Are An Inferior Race: Comprising 50% Of This Ignominious Total!) While A Further 459,000 Black Fetuses Die From Abortion: Proving This Is An Inferior Ape Race! The Problem With These Garbage Religions Is That They Don't Know Or Teach Hinduism And Yoga: Which Is A Means For Men To Control Their Sex Urges! Thus The Solution To Runaway Abortions Today: Where ~1.21 Million Fetuses Are Murdered Every Year In The U.S.: And >40+ Million Fetuses Are Murdered Worldwide: Is Mass Conversion To Hinduism: Which Teaches Automatic Sexual Control: Through Vegan Diets, Fasting, Salt-Water Purging And Racial Purity & Racial Segregation!!! The Significance Of Puberty: Is That Men Revert To Immaturity And Lack Of Dominance Again: And Need To Learn What It Is That God And The DAma Want You To Do: Your Purpose In Life: Your Duty To The DAma Called Your Dama: Is Your Purpose In Life: And Accomplishing This Mission: Will Bring You Great Power And Prestige! Thus Puberty Is A Fundamental Turning Point In Your Life: It Is When A Man Is At His Most Vulnerable: He Becomes An Immature Child Again: And Must Learn What It Is God And The DAma Want Him To Do: How To Control His Kundalini Power Or Reptilian Power And Harness It To Realize Your Goals: And Then He Must Muster The Incredible Discipline To Do It! Celibacy Is Not A Choice: It Is A Vital DISCIPLINE To Accomplish Your Mission In Life: At Puberty You Must Take A Vow Of Celibacy To God: And Remain Celibate, Until God Absolves You Of Your Calling: Until A Man Learns To Totally Control His Sexual Urges By The Practice Of Yoga, Which Can Take Many Years --He Should Not Have Sexual Intercourse!!! Yoga Is The Missing Link In Today's Garbage Religions: The Fact That All Religions Today Are Based On Judaism: And 90% Of Jews Are Extreme Leftists, Jews Have The Highest Rate Of Leftist Delusional Beliefs (Like Socialism, Climate Change, Government, Homosexuality Etc.): And Jews Have The Highest Abortion Rates (41%), Next To Niggers (60%): Is The Reason The World Is In Such A Satanic Mess: Hinduism And Yoga Gives A Man Total Sexual Control: And Only Then Can Proper Further Sexual, Mental, Spiritual And Worldly Conquests Occur: The Women You Conquered Before The Age Of Puberty: Will Be Yours For Life, And Your Best Marriage Prospects: (But You Need To Wait For Each Other) After Reaching Sexual Maturity With Total Sexual Control At ~Age 24-32; 41, 56, 80; However Long God Wants You To Remain Celibate*** Should Be Automatic For All Human-Beings Henceforth!] ... . But By The Age Of Twelve, Time Was Already Running Out For Stanley, His Childhood Would Prematurely Be Over: For It Was Now "Nine Hours To Rama" Stanley's Grandfather Was Being Murdered By Poison By Satan, His Brahman-Wife (Argentina) & The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: Soon Stanley Would Become The King Of All Of Mankind: And Satan And The Aryans Would Now Throw All Of Their Power And Might Into Murdering Twelve Year Old Stanley: The Fun And Games With His Girlfriends Would Soon Be Over: But The Pussies That He Conquered Would Remain His For Life, For Eternity!!! But Although The "Tantric Style Love-Making" Was Great: There Were Some Deeply "Disturbing Incidents" Over Girlfriend#4: Stanley's Conquest Of Girlfriend#4 Had Come At Too High A Price: Stanley Always Got All The Women With Ease: Girlfriend#4 Was Very Tough To Get: Something Was Wrong: Which Traumatized Stanley: He Had Had To Fight: The Teachers, Older Siblings, Parents, The Servant In Goa Over The Pig, The Whole Class, Bullies, The Whole Satanic-Aryan System, And All Of Society To "Own" Girlfriend#4's Pussy: The Fight For Girlfriend#4 Was Traumatic: It Proved Something Was Dreadfully Wrong: There Was Too Much Interference On Her Side And Against Stanley: For The First Time Stanley Realized That The People Were All Possessed By Devils: And Ganging-Up Against Him Because He Was The King: Satan Was Now Targeting Him For Death: This Was A Nightmare Scenario, Like In The Classic Horror Movie: "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers", Starring Kevin McCarthy In The (1956) Original Film; Brooke Adams, In The (1978) Remake; Gabrielle Anwar In The (1993) Remake And Nicole Kidman In The (2007) Remake! In The Movie: Something Evil Takes Possession Of The Small Town Of Santa Mira, California. Hysterical People Seem To Accuse Their Loved Ones Of Being Duplicates, Emotionless, Possessed, Impostors, With Demonic Stares; 
Everyone's Body Gets Duplicated And Taken-Over By Spores From Alien Pods: Who Are Trying To Replace And Murder All The Real Human-Beings: A Movie Cruelly Imitating Reality: Where In The Real World, Everyone Was Now Getting Possessed By Satan's Devils: Leaving No-One Left Immune: God's Influence Had Totally Vanished; And Everyone Was Devil-Possessed And Trying To Murder Stanley, The Last Holdout To Devil-Possession, And The Last Surviving King Of Mankind: The Only Human-Being Who Remained Not Possessed By Devils! Satan's And The Blonde-Aryan's Intent Was To Commit Total Genocide On The Human Race --The Horror, The Horror, The Horror!!! Although The 1955 Science-Fiction Novel By Jack Finney, Had An Inconclusive Ending; In The Original (1956) Version Of The Movie, The Movie Producers Were Forced By The Studio, To Have A "Happy Ending", Thus The Aliens Were Defeated And Destroyed: (As Mandated By Hollywood Studio Bosses): And This "Happy-Ending" Version Is The Only One Currently Being Released On DVD And Blue-ray Disc! Thus If Life Imitates Art: Satan And All The Devil-Possessed Aryans Are Going To Be Destroyed And The Satanic Conspiracy Defeated By Stanley The King: AS MANDATED BY THE LAW OF DAma: And People Will Eventually Rally To Their King: AFTER SATAN AND THE ARYANS MAKE LEGALLY CLEAR THEIR FULL INTENTION TO HARM STANLEY THE KING: AND THE DAma FINALLY DECIDES TO INTERVENE TO ENFORCE THE LAW FOR HIGH TREASON! Satan And The Aryans CAN And MUST Be Defeated AND BROUGHT TO EXTERMINATION JUSTICE AS MANDATED By THE LAW!!! [Note: This Attempted Murder On Stanley Would Become The Norm For The Next 50 Continuous Years: BUT THE GREATER THE CRIME THE GREATER THE PUNISHMENT, JUST AS THERE IS NO GREATER CRIME THAN HIGH TREASON: THE ARYANS WILL GET THE MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT: ETERNAL DEATH IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY! But In 1972, His "Crucifixion" Was Just Starting! Satan And The Aryans Were Now At The Height Of Their Power: Because Of A Garbage Religion (Judaism-Lite) And Weak Homosexual Leaders Like Jesus: By 1971 There Was ZERO Opposition To Satan And The Aryans: They Ruled The Whole Fucking World: All Satan Had To Do Now, Was Fight Just One More Man, For Total Domination Of The Earth: Nobody Even Knew What An Aryan Was, Let Alone Fight Them: To Have To Fight Satan And The Aryans Single-Handedly For 49 Straight Years And Still Be Alive Is A Feat Never Before Accomplished In History: Which Makes Stanley The Greatest Warrior In Recorded History!!! It Was Just One Man Fighting The Whole Damned Evil World: All Possessed By Devils And Believing In Satan! Never In History Were The Odds So One-Sided!] Stanley Was An Extreme Alpha Male Who Needed To Dominate Women Totally: Satan And The Aryans Were Too Powerful For Stanley's Own Sexual Freedom: Stanley Could Never Have Sex Under Satan's Rule: He Needed To Destroy Them!!! Stanley Discovered That This Was Not Goa: The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-System Had Made Almost All Of Society Possessed By Devils: They Had A Satanic Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Notion That Women Were Equal! Whereas Stanley Believed In The Goan Notion They Were Inferior, Subservient And Should Be Treated As His Property And Dominated! His Girlfriends Wanted Him To Treat Them That Way: It Was Devil-Possessed Canadian-Aryan-Society And Satan That Objected!] Satan Would Now Throw His Full Murderous Might On Twelve Year Old Stanley: And Attempt To Murder And "Crucify" Stanley In Earnest because Stanley Was Now The King Of All Mankind!!! Although Stanley Owned Their Pussies, He Never Consummated A Relationship; And When He Broke Off With Them: His Girlfriends Were Very Upset, Angry And Disappointed: He Always Left Them Begging For More. Stanley Was Very Possessive Over His Girlfriends: To Give Them Up, Was Very Very Painful And An Enormous Sacrifice. But Although Stanley Was A Great Lover: He Was An Even Greater Warrior --His Duty To The DAma, God, His Family And The People Was Greater Than His Own Personal Pleasure! Stanley Struck Back Against Satan And The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, (Who Had Taken-Over Tanzania From The British) With A Genius Counter-Strategy: "Enter The Dragon": The Essense Of Stanley's Strategy Was Yoga: Total Control Of The Body, Mind And Soul: Absorbing The Reptilian Power Or Kundalini: Channeling The Reptile Energy: Located At The Base Of The Spine: For We Were Once Mermen, Dragons, Dinosaurs & Crocodiles: The Power To Destroy The System Lay Not With Armies And Guns: But From Within Himself! Yoga Medicine: Fasting And Purging With Salt-Water: Yoga: Vegan Diet, Sea-Weed, Algae, Fasting, Minimum Breathing, Breath Retention, Swimming In Ice-Cold-Water, Daily Cold-Water Baths, Daily Exercise. The System Tried To Murder Him By Poison, For 39+ Years In Canadian Custody: Of Which Stanley Spent ~10 Years Of That Time Fasting: Establishing A Record Of Suffering That Will Never Be Broken In The Annals Of Human History!!! [See Crucifixion!] Stanley Then Drew The System Into Attempting To Murder The King Of Canada: For Which They Would Receive The Maximum Penalty: Absolute Death! To Do This Stanley Would Have To Sacrifice Most Of The Best Years Of His Life: For Immediately On Returning To Canada On June 29th, 1973, From Tanganyika & Goa, After His Family's Long 210 Year Exile: The Portuguese Were The First Europeans To Settle In Canada, That Is Why Stanley Is The King: But They Were Forced To Leave By The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans In 1759 AD: That Is Why The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Attempted To Relentlessly Torture And Murder Their Heir Stanley For 39+ Continuous Years In Prisons And Psychiatric Hospitals In A Crazed Murderous Insane Blood Lust Against The True King Of Canada! When Stanley First Came To Canada In 1973: The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System Were Engaged In Intense Racism Against East-Indians Who They Deliberately Called 'Pakis': East-Indians Were Treated As Inferior To Everyone, Even: Universally Accepted As An Inferior-Race: Blacks!!! Although Stanley Was Half-Portuguese And 100% Roman Catholic: "Blondie" Wanted Him Genocided For The East-Indian & Portuguese Royal Blood In Him: Which The "Blondies" Will Be Made To Pay For --With Extermination Justice!!! The Satanic Reason The Canadian-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryans Hated The East-Indians And Hindus: Is Because They Were Possessed By Devils, Absolutely Evil And Worshiped Satan And Wanted To Commit Total Genocide On The Human Race: They Hated Hinduism Because It Is The Only True Religion Of Mankind: And Would Set The Human Race (Latins, Aboriginals, Slavs) FREE: FROM ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN Rule! The Reason Mankind Was In Bondage To Satan & The Aryans Worldwide: Was Because We Were All Following Garbage Inferior-Race Jew Religions!!! The Satanic Evil Of The Blondie Racism: Is That The Aryans Are Inferior Neanderthal-Apes Or Albino-Gorillas: They Are Not Even Human: How Dare They Presume To Even Associate With Human-Beings: We Need To Make The Aryan Race Into "Untouchables", Outcastes: The Lowest Of The Low: Kept Out Of Hinduism: To Be Ostracized And Shunned By Human-Beings Forever More!!! The Intense Suffering Satan & The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Unleashed Stunted Stanley's Growth, And This Added To His Suffering. (Stanley Was No Longer The Strongest Boy In Class; Sex Requires Violence And Physicality: But What He Lost In Physical Strength: He Gained A Million Times More In Mental And Spiritual Power: So Stanley Remained The Greatest Of Lovers All Through His Life --Although He No Longer Engaged In Sex Due To Celibacy! For He Was Fighting Evil Spirits, Devils & Satan: Spiritual Power Was Vital.) What Stanley Did Not Anticipate Was That He Would Suffer For So Long: And That The Canadian People Would Not Lift A Finger To Help Him (Except For The Native Indians & French): Which Allowed The System To Cruelly Crucify And Try To Murder Stanley, Year After Year For 40 Years --Thinking Insanely They Would Get Away With It (Although This Too Was Part Of Stanley's Strategy Of Satyagraha: Although They Had Fallen Into Stanley's Trap, All Too Much: It Was Like Stanley Grabbing A Tiger By The Tail: He Had Captured The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Prey, But Now He Had To Kill It! The Strategy He Would Use To Kill The Tiger Was Genius!!!)! But Even At The Darkest Hour: Stanley Always Knew He Would Defeat The Aryan Bastards And Bring Them To Extermination Justice! For The Canadian-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System Lacked The Survival Instincts Of That Pig: They Were Doomed To Extinction!!! To Defeat Satan And The Aryan System Stanley Had To Make All The Right Moves: He Was Hopelessly Outnumbered And Outgunned: But He Had One Advantage: He Had An Instinctive Understanding Of The Supreme Power In The Universe: The Law Of DAma: He Would Use His Own Immortality To Destroy The Less Intelligent And Insanely Evil System! For The Aryans' Inherent Inferiority Made Them Incapable Of Conceiving That The Supreme Power In The Universe Is The Law Of DAma: They Failed To Respect The Greatest King And Warrior This Earth Has Ever Known: That Stanley Was The Son Of The DAma Or DAmaputra: As Impossible To Kill As The Stars In The Heavens Or The Waves In The Sea: Their Arrogance And Stupidity Had Drawn Them Into A Death Trap: By Trying To Murder Stanley They Had Now Committed The Greatest Crime On This Earth: High Treason! :For Which There Is Only One Punishment: Death, Death And Death: Total Extermination Of Their Mind, Bodies And Souls!!!                  [In Contrast To Jesus, Sanatana DAma Or Hinduism Is An Extremely Warlike Religion: Emphasizing Valor In Battle! In The Bagavad Gita: [Chapter Two, Verses 31-38]; Lord Krishna Speaks To Prince Arjuna On The Battlefield (The Battlefield Was Called Kuruksetra, Or "The Land Of The Kurus") Exhorting Him To Fight:  "Even If You Consider Your Own Dama You Should Not Waver, For There Is Nothing Better For A Man Of The Satriya Caste Than A Battle In Accordance With The DAma. Happy Are The Satriyas, O Partha**, Who Find, Unsought, Such A Battle --An Open Door To Heaven. Now, If You Do Not Engage In This Battle, Which Is In Accordance With The DAma, Then Casting Away Your Own Dama And Good Public Stature, You Will Incur Sin. Moreover Men Will Forever Tell Of Your Cowardice, And To A Man Of Honor Losing Face Is Worse Than Death. The Great Warriors Will Think You Fled From Battle Out Of Fear, And Those Who Held You In Esteem Will Mock You. Your Enemies Will Speak Many Ill Words Of You And Will Deride Your Strength, What Greater Pain Than That? Slain You Will Reach Heaven; Victorious You Will Enjoy This Earth, Therefore, O Son Of Kunti, Stand Up! Resolved: To Fight To The Death!" ]
(**Arjuna's Mother's Name Was Kunti (Her Maiden Name) Or "Prithi" (Her First Name), "Partha" Is An Affectionate Term Used By His Mother For Him, Meaning "Son Of Prithi". Every Man Comes To This Earth To Protect His Mother And His Sister(s); Thus Krishna Is Deliberately Invoking Arjuna's Mother's Name Reminding Him Of His Duty To Protect His Mother: To Convince Him To Fight!!! The "Satriya" Is The Warrior Caste And The Supreme Caste In Hinduism; Arjuna Was Born To Fight And Krishna Is Reminding Him That His Duty To His Caste Is To Fight. As You Can Guess Stanley Too Is A Member Of the Satriya Caste From His Mother's Side: He Was Born And Bred To Fight!!! The Warrior Code: Is Pride Above All Else! Means To Never Backdown From A Fight! Death Before Dishonor! To A Warrior: The Pain Of Losing Face, Of People Thinking: You Felt Fear, You Are A Coward, You Are Chicken: Is Worse Than The Pain Of Death! Thus Krishna Was Invoking Arjuna's Sense Of Pride To Force Him To Fight! A Warrior Is A Man's Man: He Has No Girlfriends, And Marries Very Late In Life (Stanley Too Has Never Had Sex In His Life; And After Age 12, He Never Had A Girlfriend, He Has Never Intimately Touched A Woman: Which Requires The Discipline Of Steel! For Satan Was Using All His Power And Might To Try To Murder Stanley, For 48 Straight Years: To Engage In Sex Would Have Jeopardized Stanley's Life: That Is Why Stanley's Military Must Remain Celibate Until Their Military Service Is Over!!! Discipline Is The Hallmark Of Military Service: Sexual Discipline Is The Toughest Of All Disciplines: But It Saves Lives: And Keeps Our Soldiers Immortal Warriors --Like Stanley!!!). The DAma: There Are Two Meanings To The Concept Of Dama: One Is The Universal Law Of DAma, And The Second Is A Person's Own Duty To The DAma. Every Man Is Born With His Own Dama: His Purpose In Life, His DAma Ordained Reason For Existence, His  Mission In Life; Which Each Man Must Spend His Youth Determining What His "Dama" Is And Then Accomplishing It. By Accomplishing His Personal "Dama", A Man Accrues Great Personal Power & Prestige! Krishna Is Convincing Arjuna That His Personal "Dama" Is To Fight This War. The Fundamental Basis Of Hinduism Is The DAma Which Is The All-Powerful Law Of The Universe: A War In Accordance With The DAma Is An Imperative For All Satriyas & Hindus: As It Allows Them Dispensation From Samsara, Or The Worldly Cycle Of Births & Deaths & Rebirths, And Go Directly To Heaven.) [Note: The Concept Of Caste Is Very Complex And Is Fundamental To Hinduism: It Is NOT Based On Occupation As Brahman-Aryan Satanic Fools Believe: The Ancient Pali Language Word For Caste Is "Varna": Which Means: "Color: Skin, Hair & Eyes": Which Is Based On Race!!! In Hinduism The Satriyas Are The Ancient Human Aboriginal Original Race Of India; The Brahman Caste Is Composed Almost Entirely Of Aryans; The Sudra Caste Is Composed Of Blacks; The Vaishya (Farming & Business) Caste Is A Sub-Race Of The Satriyas And Their Allegiance Is Usually To The Satriyas. When The Blonde-Saxon-Aryan British Took Over India In The 1900's: They Made Their Fellow Aryans (Brahmins) The Ruling Class, The Army & Police Officer Core. Inverting The Ancient Order: And They Used These Brahman-Aryans To Commit Genocide On The Hindu Religion And Race! But Although The Brahman's Occupations Changed They Remained The Same Inferior Caste: Brahman-Aryans. The Brahmans Are Hated, Despised And Shunned By The Satriyas Although They Are Currently In Power In India --The Satriyas Are Warriors By Nature Not By Occupation: The Brahman-Aryans Must Be Made Into "Untouchables" Or Outcastes: And Removed From Hinduism, And Exterminated Or Deported From India --Along With Their Cows. In 1947 At "Independence", The British & Brahmans Deposed The Old Maharajas Of The Satriya Caste Who Had Ruled India For Over 100,000 Years! And Murdered 5 Million Hindus & Sikhs In Pakistan: To Eradicate Hindu Influence Outside Of India: In An Act Of Genocide Unparalleled In Human History: That Is Why The Brahman-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From India!!! This Genocide Is Absolutely & Especially Horrific Because It Has Gone Unreported By The Satanic Western Press!!! Notice How Stanley Uses Color To Distinguish Races: Blonde-Aryans, Black-Negroes Etc. The Purpose Of The Caste System Is To: (1) Establish The Racial Superiority Of The Aboriginal (Human) Race As The Supreme Caste Of Satriyas, (2) To Prevent The Races From Engaging In Interracial Sex, (3) To Stratify Society And To Maintain Hierarchical Order; (4) To Train And Maintain A Strictly Disciplined Army: Ready To Defend The Nation! Note: The "Sanskrit" Language Is An Aryan Language And Is Not East-Indian: Thus It Cannot Be Used To Derive The True Meanings Of Hindu Words, Which Antecede The Aryans By 100,000 Years. Thus Only Pali Can Be The Official Language Of Hinduism!!! Stanley Is Connected To This Verse In That He Is The Reincarnation Of Pandu, An Ancient Indian King, Who Is The Father Of Arjuna, The Hero Of "The Mahabharata": The Epic Of Hindu Religious History; And Pandu's Five Sons The "Pandavas" Are The Epic Heroes Of "The Mahabharata", Who Are Also Mentioned In This Verse, Pandu Is Also The Husband Of Prithi, The Mother Of Arjuna --Great History Is Really Made By The Same People, All Great Heroes Being Reincarnated Again And Again!]  
The Satanic Byzantine Christianity And Especially Islam Resulted In The Enslavement And Genocide Of The Entire Human Race, Because Of Its Delusional Pacifism (Christianity) And Inferior Race Madman's Satanic Religion (Islam). The Human Race Must Quickly Adopt Sanatana DAma As Its Religion Forever More To Triumph Over Satan.
[Note: Stanley Is Not Attacking The Catholic Church, Which Was Different From The Early Roman-Aryan & Byzantine Churches: Until The Satanic Adoption Of A Secret Ballot To Elect Homosexual Pope Francis: All Secret Ballots Are Rigged By The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans. But We Need For Catholics To Convert To Sanatana DAma; The Catholic Church Has Been Totally Discredited By Repeated Instances Of Pedophilia & Homosexuality Among Large Numbers Of Their Priests And The Cover-Up And Enabling Of Pedophilia By The Church Hierarchy: And Using Church Assets To Payoff Victims: Rather Than Sending The Offenders To Jail. Thus The Latin Race Must Adopt Hinduism Immediately To Fight The Aryans! The Catholic Church Has Been Takenover By Satan, With Their Satanic Adoption Of The Secret Ballot: And The Rigged Election Of Homosexual Pope Francis --And Now Must Be Treated With Deep Caution, The Catholic Church Must Give-Up All Its Assets To Sanatan DAma And Shutdown!!!]
Salman Rushdie In His Book Aptly Terms The Koran: "Satanic Verses"; As They Are The Ranting And Ravings Of A Madman. Mohamed Was An Arab Jesus, A Weak, Prostitute Fucking, Subject To Visions, Demonic Seizures And Demonic Possession (He Claimed He Was Possessed By The Angel Gabriel; But We Now Know That He Was Possessed By The Devil). Mohamed's Religion Is Simply A Pilfering From The Satanic-Roman Christianity Of The Nicaean Creed And Judaism: But What Annoys Stanley Is That Mohamed Is Of An Inferior Race! A Garbage Religion From Jesus Who Was One Of Us (A Phoenician) Is Infinitely Preferable To Garbage From An Inferior Race Arab! What Is The Draw Of Islam? Mass Insanity!!! Their Followers Are Simply Devil Possessed Crazed Lunatics, Fanatics And Terrorists: They Pray, Ass In The Air, Prostrating Themselves Facing Mecca Five Times Per Day: This Is Insane Because Most Muslims Are Of East-Indian Descent, Yet Are Worshiping An Inferior Race As God. There Is Comfort In Being Totally Insane As All Muslims Are, Because They Never Have To Face The Realities Of A Harsh Difficult World. Marx Said, "(A False) Religion Is The Opiate Of The Masses". It Is No Coincidence That The Middle-East Produces And Consumes Most Of The Illegal Opium On Earth; Muslims (And Christians) Also Have The Highest Rate Of Homosexuality On Earth; They Are Totally Deluded People And Must Be Dealt With Harshly. The Concept Of One God Is An Aryan Satanic Policy; And Not Jewish Or Arab; The Jews Never Believed There Was One God. The Jews Believed In One Exclusive God For Themselves Alone (Yahweh). It Was Only After The Inquisition, That The Jews Were Forced To Change Their Talmud To Reflect The Aryan Concept. The Reason This Is Inferior Is That It Isn't True! A Religious Belief Must Reflect Reality Or It Is A Delusion, Causing Weakness And Destruction Of A Race. For Example The Ancient Greeks Believed In A Pantheon Of Gods With Zeus As The Supreme God; In An Effort To Convert Them, Jesus' Real Name Of Joshua Was Later Changed To Resemble Zeus --Indicating How Corrupt The Christian Religion Became Under The Roman-Hittite-Aryans & Byzantines. The Reason This One God Policy Was Promoted By Aryans Was To Easily Destroy All Other Gods And Religions With A Non-Existent, Fake Or Inferior Race's God --Like Allah, Yahweh And The Crazy "Jesus Is God"-- Destroying The Previous Superior Religion. With The Genocidal Enslavement Of The Persians & Phoenicians The Battleground Would Shift To Europe, America, India, Canada: With Every Single Man Bowing Down To Satan And Worshiping Him: And Finally There Would Be Only One Man Left Standing: Stanley!!! Even Though Phoenicia Fell, They Had Already Planted Their Seed In The Slavs, Portuguese And The Americas. The Phoenician Line Of Kings Would Pass On To The Slavs; Who In Turn Would Be Defeated By The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans And Mongols; And Finally The Kingship Would Fall To The Portuguese. The Slavic Kings Were Not Much Of An Improvement Over Jesus: They Were ALL Homosexuals And Had No Racial Awareness: And Were Blindly Having Interracial-Sex With Aryans And Jews! Thus With The Coming Of Stanley, Satan And The Aryans Would Finally Meet Their Match!!!  
POSTSCRIPT: So What Happened To Jesus? The Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam, A Persecuted Minority Sect, Hold The Secret: (CLICK=>2007_04_17_AyeshaMangla.pdf
12.1 KB
Ahmadiyya Secrets Of Jesus!) After The Crucifixion, Jesus (Called Issa By Muslims) Took His Mother Mary, And His Apostle Thomas, And Traveled And Preached: Through Damascus, Syria, Iraq, Persia, Afghanistan & Pakistan: Where Mary Died And Was Buried At "Pindi Point, In Murree, Pakistan". Jesus Then Sent Thomas To Proselytize In India, Where Thomas Was Martyred, For Trying To Convert Hindus: And His Story Is Told In The Apocryphal: "The Gospel Of Thomas". In South India Today, There Are Millions Of Christians Named Thomas --Proving This "Gospel Of Thomas" Account Beyond A Doubt. Thomas Called Himself "Didymus", Which Means "Twin" In Greek; And It Is Now Believed By Most Scholars, That Thomas Was The Fraternal Twin Brother Of Jesus --This Explains Why He Was Taken Along With Mary, By Jesus, On His Final Trek To India. (This Further Reduces The Divinity Of Jesus, As There Were Now Two Sons Born By Immaculate Conception). This Also Explains Why Thomas Of All Jesus' Disciples, Had The Audacity To Challenge Jesus' Lie That He Rose From The Dead. (Because He Was Jesus' Brother, He Wasn't Afraid Of Him, Thomas "Didymus" Intelligently Sensed That Jesus Was Lying, Because Why Would The Ethereal Soul Take The Gross Form Of The Body, With Its Gross Bodily Functions, (Of Eating, Eliminating Wastes, Having Sex) When It Could Remain In Ethereal Or Spiritual, Clean Form, And Accomplish The Same Purpose? What Was The Point Of Bodily Resurrection, When The Soul Is A Spirit? Thomas Thought This Lie Was Bad For Their Christian Religion! Thomas Also Knew That Jesus Was Fucking Their Own Mutual Mother Mary, And Having Homosexual Sex: Which Was Not Very Spiritual Or Ethereal: It Was The Same Old Bum-Fucker Jesus, But With Hands & Side, That Had Been Pierced!). A Magician Will Quickly Figure-Out How Jesus Fooled Christians For 2,000 Years: It's Called "Redirect", Or "Bait And Switch": We All Saw Jesus Nailed To The Cross, We All Saw Jesus Alive Two Weeks After The Crucifixion, With Piercings On His Hands: But Here's Where The "Redirection" Magician's Trick Comes In: NO-ONE SAW JESUS DEAD!!! We All Assumed He Died Because We Were All Told That The Cross Kills: No! It Takes Three Weeks To Die On The Cross: It Is The Broken Legs That Kill: But Jesus' Legs Were Never Broken!!! When A Magician Saws A Woman In Two: You See The Woman Placed In The Box, With Her Feet Sticking Out, {Redirection} He Saws Through The Box, You See The Box Split In Two With Her Presumed Feet Still Sticking Out; Then You See The Woman Made-Whole Again; But You Never See Her Actually Sawed In Two, With Blood, Flesh & Guts-Spilling: Halves: We Just Assumed She Was Cut In Two: We Were All Fooled By A Magician's Trick For 2,000 Years --Until The Genius Of Stanley Figured It All Out!!! Jesus Went On To Srinagar, Kashmir, Where He Lived To A Ripe Old Age 80+, Jesus Would Remain A Homosexual All His Long Perverted Life, Which Was Totally Tragic For The Human Race!!! Jesus Traveled Several Times Back To Lebanon (Byblos, Tyre, Sidon) To Instruct His Disciples; But Always Returning To Kashmir, India: Where He Died And Is Entombed In "Mohalla Khaniyar, In Srinagar, In A Tomb Called Rauzabal". The Ahmadiyya Movement Was Persecuted By The Pope And Arab Sunni-Muslims For Almost Two Thousand Years, With A View To Exterminate & Silence Them: Because They Held The Truth About What Really Happened To Jesus. Until Stanley Came Along To Expose The Truth And Lead His People To The True Religion Sanatana DAma And True King, The New Christ And Messiah: Stanley Panduranga XVI Antonio D'Almeida.  

 v3.    The Real Reason The Germans Lost The Eminently Winnable WWII: The Germans Lost WWI & WWII Because They Lacked Racial Awareness That The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon British Secret Police, Anglo-Saxon Germans Or Prussians, Were Possessed By Devils, Worshiped Satan, Were Mass Murderers And Were Absolutely Evil: And Would Sabotage The War In Favor Of The British Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryans Over The German-Aryans! The Fundamental Difference Between German-Aryans And Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: Is That The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are Blonder, Slimmer, But Fundamentally That They Are Morally Different, As Well; The British Anglo-Saxons Are Possessed By Man-Eating-Predator-Devils (Like Lions, Wolves And Sharks) And Believe In Mass Murdering Human-Beings As Morally Okay: While The German-Aryans Believed Killing Human-Beings Was The Crime Of Murder And Drew A Moral Line At Committing Murder --Although They Accepted The Killing Of Animals!!! The Anglo-Saxons Are Absolutely Evil Devil-Possessed People: They Believe In Satanism, Genocide And Mass Murder As Morally Indifferent: Because They Didn't Believe They Had A Soul, Or Had Any Afterlife: Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Were Possessed By Man-Eating-Devil-Sharks Who Had An Unquenchable Thirst For Human Blood! They Were Like Vampires: That Needed To Commit Mass Murder And Drink Human Blood In Order To Live: But They Needed To Fool Their Prey (The Inferior-Race Jews! German-Aryans, And Russians) In Order To Maintain Compliant Victims (Prey) For Endless Mass Murders And Genocide: THE JEWS TILL TODAY ARE FOOLED AS TO WHO COMMITTED THEIR MURDERS: MOST JEWS DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT AN ARYAN IS, LET ALONE WHO THE REAL CULPRITS: THE UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS REALLY ARE!!! When The Allies Won The War They Quickly Murdered Himmler, Goering, The Nazi Leadership, & Later Rudolph Hess: To Cover-Up The Fact That It Was The British-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryans: In The Form Of The Secret Police MI6 (SIS, BSIB) That Ordered Their Spy, SS And Gestapo Commander, Heinrich Himmler: To Murder All The Jews, Gypsies, The German-Race SA, And The Russians: Himmler Had Total Contempt For Crazy Hitler & The NAZIS, And Tried To Assassinate Hitler Many Times, On Orders From The British! WHAT PEOPLE STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND IS THAT IT IS THE BRITISH SECRET POLICE THAT ARE RULING: FRANCE, GERMANY, IRELAND, THE USA, CANADA, THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, INDIA AND THE CIA!!! IT WAS THE BRITISH SECRET POLICE THAT OVERTHREW KAISER WILHELM II, IN WWI, VIA A SECRET POLICE MI6 COUP, THE GESTAPO, THE PRUSSIAN GENERALS, AND THE SOCIALIST SDP PARTY! THUS IN WWII THE GERMAN NAZI PARTY HAD TO OVERTHROW THE BRITISH SECRET POLICE AND THE GESTAPO: JUST TO GET INTO POWER: THEY NEVER GRASPED THIS FACT: AND SO THE BRITISH WERE STILL SECRETLY RULING NAZI GERMANY: AND MURDERING MILLIONS OF JEWS, NAZIS, RUSSIANS AND GYPSIES: AND THEN FALSELY PUTTING ALL THE BLAME ON THE GERMANS AND ON POOR HITLER!!! Thus The Six Million Jews Were Murdered By Himmler (A British Spy! And Head Of The SS! And The Gestapo!) All On Orders From The British!!! Further Proof That Himmler Was Obeying The British, And Not Hitler In Murdering The Jews Is That: Heinrich Himmler Was Head Of Both The SS As Well As The Prussian Secret-Police The GESTAPO: It Was Himmler Who Mass Murdered The Entire German-Aryan Race SA Or Stormtrooper Leadership Of The NAZIS: The SA Were Ethnic Germans, And Were Hitler's Closest Friends And Supporters!!! If Himmler Was Taking Orders From Hitler: WHY WOULD HE TRY TO MURDER HITLER NUMEROUS TIMES, AND MURDER THE ENTIRE GERMAN RACE SA COMMANDERS??? The Russians Suffered 30 Million Dead: Because The British Made A Deal With Crazy Hitler And Rudolph Hess, To Attack Russia And Indiscriminately Murder Them And Make Them Into Slaves! The Jews, Germans & Russians Failure To Accept That The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Allies (The Secret-Police Of: Britain, Canada & The U.S.) Mass Murdered And Genocided Them All: Makes It Inevitable That They Are Going To Be Mass Murdered By Blondie Again: In The Form Of British, Canadian And American Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: For Those That Don't Learn The Lessons Of History Are Doomed To Repeat Them!!! STANLEY THE KING ORDERS THAT SEX WITH THE DEVIL-POSSESSED SATAN-WORSHIPING UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS IS FORBIDDEN: FOR ALL RACES: THE SEXUAL DISCIPLINE NECESSARY FOR ABSTENTION FROM SEX WITH UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS IS YOGA (SEE YOGA PAGE!) ALL MEN MUST LEARN TO FAST, PURGE WITH SALT-WATER AND ADOPT A VEGAN DIET BY ABSTENTION FROM ALL ALCOHOL: ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS ARE NOT CAPABLE OF BEING PURE VEGANS: THIS IS HOW WE CAN OSTRACIZE THEM AND MAKE THEM "BLONDIES" INTO OUTCASTS, THE SHUNNED,  "UNTOUCHABLES", "THE UNCLEAN", AND DIRTY, STINKING, DEPRAVED, DEVIL-POSSESSED, SATANIC PREDATORY ANIMALS, HOMOSEXUALS, CHILD AND BABY MOLESTERS AND LESBIAN SCUM  THAT THEY ARE: FOREVERMORE: "HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS": WHEN "BLONDIE" COMMITS REPEATED MASS MURDER AND GENOCIDE ON HUMANS: AND TRIES TO TURN HUMANS INTO A PREY SPECIES: BY MAKING US WEAK WITH: GARBAGE SEMITIC RELIGIONS, MASSIVE THIRD-WORLD LEFTIST IMMIGRANTS, LEFTIST: INDOCTRINATION, PROPAGANDA, DELUSIONAL LEFTIST THEORIES BEING FORCEFULLY TAUGHT BY SCHOOLS AND MEDIA: THEN THEY HAVE FOREVER LOST THE RIGHT TO BE HUMAN: AND MUST BE FOREVER SEPARATED: GEOGRAPHICALLY, BODILY, AND BY DIET: FROM HUMANS: WITH THE ULTIMATE GOAL EXTERMINATION OF BLONDIE ANGLO-SAXONS FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!!! IF HITLER COULD BE A VEGETARIAN: ALL GERMANS AND ALL RACES CAN BECOME ONES TOO: WHICH IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT HUMANS FROM BEING FOOLED BY SATAN AND BLONDIES --EVER AGAIN!!! Spies And Traitors (Himmler, Prussian Generals, Goering) From Within A Race, Are Far More Devastating Than An Enemy You Can See And Hate! The Germans Under Crazy Hitler, Did Not See The Moral Distinction, Between Germans And Anglo-Saxons: He Delusionally Saw All Aryans As Allies Which Doomed The Germans To Defeat. What Most People Don't Know Is That The Germans Did Not Lose WWI Either: They Were Betrayed By An Internal Military Coup By The Satanic British Secret Police, MI6 Or British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), The Anglo-Saxon-Prussian-Aryans Who Were The Same Race And Came From The Same Geographic Location (Denmark & Northwest Germany) As The Angles, Jutes & Saxon (Anglo-Saxon) Aryans Of England! The Gestapo, The Socialist SDP Prussians And Reichswehr Prussian Army, Forced The German Kaiser (King) To Abdicate And Then They Quickly Surrendered To Britain Without A Fight, Even Though The Germans Were Winning The War At The Time, In 1918, When They Unilaterally Surrendered! In Fact The Anglo-Saxon-Prussians Had Just Lost Russia In The 1917 Russian Revolution, (The British Had Been Using Their Puppet Prussian Romanov Czar Nicholas II: To Attack Germany In WWI To Create Two Fronts: THEY WERE ALWAYS TRAITORS TO GERMANY! WHY WOULD CRAZY HITLER WANT TO RESTORE THE SATANIC CZAR: WHO WAS A PUPPET OF THE BRITISH, AND WOULD OPEN A SECOND FRONT AGAINST GERMANY: IN ANY FUTURE WAR???) The Prussian Czar's Overthrow In 1917, Allowed Germany To Turn All Their Military Might Onto The Western Front: Germany Was Now Sure To Win WWI: The Anglo-Saxon Aryans Were In Retreat All Over The World: When The British Secret-Police, MI6 Or SIS, And GESTAPO From Prussia, The Prussian-Aryans In Germany Betrayed Germany And The Kaiser, With Their Prussian-Race: Military, Secret-Police And SDP Socialist Party Coup ALL UNDER THE SATANIC BRITISH SECRET POLICE MI6 AND SIS! The Prussian-Race Then Formed The Evil "Weimar Republic": (Which Was Really Ruled Exclusively By The British Secret-Police, The Gestapo, The SDP Social Democrats, And Reichswehr Army, Rigging All Elections, And Murdering All Dissenters!) The SDP Then Accepted Punitive Terms Of Surrender, "Reparations" And Territory Losses --Deliberately Designed To Forever Cripple Germany As A Nation. Hitler And Veterans Of The German Army Realized This "Betrayal" And Formed A Movement To Re-Fight The War, Restore The Monarchy And Regain The Victory Denied Them (By The British Secret Police's Coup) In WWI. The Main Reason For The Nazi Party's Antisemitism Was That In 1917-18 During WWI, Jewish Labour Leaders  Called A Strike Of German Ammunition Workers, Which Unleashed A Chain Of Events: That Directly Led The Leftist (Friedrich Engels' Socialist) Satanic "Social Democratic Party" (SDP), To Use This Chaos, To Seek The British Led (MI6, Or SIS) Overthrow Of The Gov't And Of The Kaiser Wilhelm II von Hohenzollern, "King Of Prussia And Emperor Of Germany"; And Support A Satanic British Secret Police (MI6) And Prussian-Race Military Gov't, Led By Gen. Paul von Hindenburg, Gen. Wilhelm Groener, Prince Max Of Baden, Gen. Erich Ludendorff And Social Democrat Party Leader Philipp Scheidemann (An Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussian Marxist-Socialist!); That Declared The "Weimar Republic", That Then Promptly Surrendered To Britain: This Was A Secret-Police-Driven (MI6 Or SIS) Take-Over Of Germany By Britain: LIKE THEY TOOK-OVER FRANCE IN 1815, AFTER THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO; AND THEY HAD TAKEN-OVER POLAND DURING THE GERMAN INVASION OF POLAND IN 1939. In Any Country, To Stage A Strike In The Middle Of A War, And Advocate Anarchy, Would Be Considered Treason, Espionage, Sabotage, Being Rats, And Traitors! Thus To Prevent A Repeat Of WWI The MI6, And The Himmler-Nazis Decided That In Order To Prevent A Jewish Cadre Of Secret Saboteurs, Agitators, And Inciters Of Communism To Exist In Germany Proper; The Jews Needed To Be "Resettled In The East" Before WWII; Just Like The Americans And Canadians "Interned" The Japanese, Germans, Ukrainians & Italians In WWII Into Concentration Camps --It Was Not Necessarily Genocide, But A Military Necessity. The Fundamental Flaw In The Nazi Plan Was They Totally Ignored The Fact That It Was The Devil Possessed Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Prussians And Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon British (Through Their Secret Police MI6 Or SIS) That Perpetrated The Satanic Military Coup And Surrender --Not The Jews-- The Germans Were Totally Blind To The Fact That The Greatest Evil Of All Were Their Fellow Blonder Aryans: The Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxons Of Prussia And Britain: And Their Respective Secret Police: The Gestapo And MI6 Or British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)!!! The Jews Are An Inferior Race: They Foolishly Helped Overthrow The German Kaiser Because They Delusionally Believed In Communism, Marxism, Socialism And Anarchy; And Wanted To Repeat Their Success Of The Bolshevik Revolution Of 1917 In Russia: Not Realizing That The Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Prussians (That They Helped Install Into Power, Were The Same Race As The Czar Of Russia, The Prussians And The British Anglo-Saxons) And Were Satan Incarnate: That Under Heinrich Himmler, Would Exterminate 6 Million Jews For Their Stupidity!!! [Note: The Jews Are Good People, But Were Inferior And Dumb, They Had Good Revolutionary Intentions, They Were Not On The Side Of Satan: But They Delusionally Did Promote Socialism And Communism: WHICH IS SATANISM: BY BEING FOOLS, NOT NECESSARILY BY EVIL INTENT! They Have Unfairly Become The Butt Of Conspiracy Theories, Pogroms And Vilifications; They Were The Only Revolutionary Group Of Their Time: But They Didn't Comprehend How Evil The Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans British Or Prussians Really Were. The Bolshevik Revolution Was A Fluke, It Succeeded Only Because Russians Are A Slavic Race, And Because The Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Romanov Czar Of Russia And The British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) Or MI6, Had Committed High Treason Against Slavic-Russian King: Grigori Efimovich Rasputin: "The True King Of Russia" (TTKoR): By Murdering Him! [Note: We Now Know That Is Was British Secret Service Agent Oswald Rayner, Who Worked For The "British Secret Intelligence Bureau" (BSIB) That Murdered Rasputin, Using A Nonjacketed Webley .455 Dum-Dum Or "Hollow-Point Bullet" To Shoot Him In The Forehead, And Blow His Head Off! After Romanov Princes: Felix Yusupov, And Vladimir Purishkevich's, Cyanide-Laced: "Madeira Wine", Cupcakes; Castration, And Light Caliber Pistols Failed To Kill Rasputin! But Why Did The British Want To Kill Rasputin??? What People Need To Now Accept, Is That Rasputin Was "The True King Of Russia" (TTKoR) And Had Tremendous Influence In The Russian Government, And With The Czarina Alexandra & Czar Nicholas II: Rasputin Was Concerned About The Rising Russian Casualties In WWI, And Was Urging That Russia Withdraw From The War Altogether! Britain Was Concerned That This Would Allow Germany To Mass All Of Its Forces On The Western Front, And Win The War: EVEN AFTER THE BRITISH MURDERED RASPUTIN, THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION THAT IT ENGENDERED: CAUSED RUSSIA TO WITHDRAW FROM WWI ANYWAY: AND SO RASPUTIN'S WISHES PREVAILED: PROVING HIS GREATNESS!!! WE NOW KNOW THAT THE HEAD OF BSIB Mansfield Cumming: ORDERED ALL THREE OF HIS SIS Or MI6, AGENTS IN RUSSIA TO MURDER RASPUTIN!!!] Thus The Anglo-Saxon-Prussian-Aryans In Russia AND THE BRITISH Were TOTALLY FINISHED FOREVER: BECAUSE THE PUNISHMENT FOR HIGH TREASON IS DEATH: ABSOLUTE DEATH FOR: THE BRITISH, THE CZAR & THE TRAITOROUS CZARINA: WHO SIDED WITH BRITAIN AND ORDERED RASPUTIN MURDERED AS WELL: RESULTING IN HER WHOLE FAMILY BEING MURDERED IN 1917 --AS REVENGE FOR RASPUTIN'S MURDER!!! The Dumb Jews Were Helping The Satanic British SIS Or MI6, To Overthrow A German Emperor, In Aryan-Race Germany, To Impose Satan-Inspired Communist Anarchy By Helping Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussian And British MI6 SOCIALISTS: WHAT THE JEWS WERE COMMITTING WAS THE GREATEST CRIME OF ALL --TREASON: BUT THIS TIME IT WAS THEY WHO HAD CONSPIRED TO HELP THE UBER-BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-PRUSSIANS AND THE BRITISH MI6 COMMIT TREASON AGAINST THE GERMAN KING: IT WAS THEY WHO WERE FINISHED: THE JEWS FELL RIGHT INTO THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-PRUSSIAN TRAP OF HELPING DEPOSE KINGS: REPEATING THEIR CRUCIFIXION OF "KING" JESUS CHRIST AGAIN --THEY JUST DON'T LEARN-- IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE CURRENT KING, YOU REPLACE HIM WITH A BETTER KING: ANARCHY OR DEMOCRACY IS NOT AN OPTION: IT IS SATANIC: IT IS TREASON: WHICH IS THE GREATEST CRIME ON EARTH: AND THE PUNISHMENT FOR TREASON IS DEATH!!! [NOTE: WHAT MOST AMERICANS DON'T UNDERSTAND IS THAT THE KING IS LEGALLY SUPREME ON THIS EARTH: WHEN AMERICA WON ITS REVOLUTION AGAINST BRITAIN (~1787): BUT THEN A COWARDLY WASHINGTON, FAILED TO PROCLAIM HIMSELF KING, AFTER STATING EARLIER THAT HE WOULD, (CREATING A STATE OF ANARCHY!): THUS THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS HAD ALL COMMITTED TREASON: THE PUNISHMENT FOR TREASON IS DEATH! AND THE PATRIOTS WOULD ALL BE MURDERED OR DISPOSSESSED OF ALL THEIR PROPERTY, BY THE BRITISH, WITHIN A GENERATION (WAR OF 1812!), IN FACT WASHINGTON WAS MURDERED BY HIS OWN PHYSICIAN WHO DELIBERATELY "BLOOD-LET" HIM TO DEATH, AS THE PUNISHMENT FOR COMMITTING TREASON! MOST OF THE SIGNERS OF THE "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE" WERE MURDERED BY THE BRITISH FOR COMMITTING TREASON! THIS IS WHY AMERICA'S CONSTITUTION WAS ALL REVERSED AND MEANINGLESS, AND THE LIVES SACRIFICED WASTED: THE ELECTIONS BECAME ALL RIGGED BY THE SECRET POLICE OF BRITAIN HENCEFORTH, THE GOLD-STANDARD WAS DISCARDED, INCOME-TAXES RE-IMPOSED, THE FED STARTED PRINTING MONEY CREATING MASSIVE INFLATION AND HIGH INTEREST RATES, JUDGES WERE MAKING THEIR OWN LAWS (ABORTION, HOMOSEXUALITY, EQUALITY, BLACK EQUALITY!), WE HAVE NO CITIZEN'S MILITIAS TODAY (THE REVOLUTIONARY "MINUTEMEN" WERE THE FIRST REVOLUTIONARY LAW ABOLISHED!), GUN-OWNERSHIP IS CONSTANTLY UNDER ATTACK: WE ARE LOSING FREEDOM AFTER FREEDOM! BY STANLEY PROCLAIMING HIMSELF KING OF NORTH AMERICA: IT MAKES OUR CURRENT REVOLUTION PERMANENT AND LEGITIMATE --THE "PATRIOTS" REVOLUTION OF 1776 AD, WAS SIMPLY TREASON, ANARCHY AND ILLEGITIMATE: BY A BUNCH OF RABBLE --AND BARELY LASTED 30 YEARS!!! SO RESPECT AND APPRECIATE STANLEY THE KING! THE PATRIOTS WERE ALL CELTICS AND FRENCH, BY RACE: WHILE THE MODERN DAY RULERS AND SECURITY FORCES OF THE U.S., ARE ALL BLONDE-BLUE-EYED-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS --PROVING THAT THE REVOLUTION WAS SECRETLY REVERSED IN ~1815 AD, AND ALL THE ELECTIONS HAVE SINCE BEEN RIGGED FOR 200 YEARS-- UNTIL KING STANLEY REVERSED IT IN 2016: WITH HIS OWN PROPER, LAWFUL, LEGITIMATE REVOLUTION!!!] THE JEWS WERE NOT THE MAIN EVIL TO COMMIT TREASON AGAINST THE KAISER: BUT WERE PICKED ON BY THE ANGLO-SAXON SECRET POLICE MI6 AS THE SCAPEGOAT, BECAUSE THEY WERE THE WEAKEST AND DUMBEST OF THE MAIN TREASONOUS CONSPIRATORS: THE BRITISH MI6, SIS & PRUSSIANS! The Jews Chance Of Success For A Communist Revolution In Germany Was Now Zero --They Should Have Worked With The German-Aryans Or The Kaiser--Not The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussian-Aryans! THE REASON THE JEWS, GERMANS, RUSSIANS, FRENCH, CELTS, IRISH, SCOTS AND SPANISH: ALL LACKED RACIAL AWARENESS OF THE UBER-BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS: IS BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL HAVING SEX WITH THEM: STANLEY THE KING FORBIDS YOU FROM ENGAGING IN INTERRACIAL SEX WITH ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS: OR Y'ALL WILL BE MASS MURDERED BY "BLONDIE" AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! STANLEY THE KING OF NORTH AMERICA: ADVISES THE JEWS TO ACCEPT THAT SOCIALISM IS A SATANIC DELUSION INVENTED BY THE UBER-BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-PRUSSIANS (Friedrich Engels, Philipp Scheidemann, (Karl Marx Was The Dupe Of Engels), The SDP, Blondie Prussian Socialist Social Democrat Party!) THE SAME RACE THAT GENOCIDED 6 MILLION JEWS THROUGH THE SDP's AND BRITISH CONTROLLED GESTAPO, MI6 Or SIS: RENOUNCE THE SOCIALISM OF BLONDIES, AND ACCEPT THE FREE-MARKET PRINCIPLES OF STANLEY! MARX & ENGELS SAID: "THE HISTORY OF ALL SOCIETY, IS THE HISTORY OF CLASS STRUGGLES!" THIS IS TOTAL DELUSION: THE JEWS WERE NOT MURDERED BECAUSE OF THEIR "CLASS", OR THEIR WEALTH: THEY WERE MURDERED BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE AND THEIR SATAN-INSPIRED SOCIALIST DELUSIONS!!! STANLEY AS KING: ALSO ORDERS THAT ALL SEX WITH DEVIL UBER-BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON ARYANS MUST FOREVER STOP --OTHERWISE THE BLONDIES WILL MURDER ANOTHER 6 MILLION JEWS, JUST FOR BEING SO STUPID! THE JEWS NEED TO REALIZE THAT IT IS THE BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN-PRUSSIANS THAT INVENTED ABSOLUTELY EVIL, SATANIC, DELUSIONAL SOCIALISM: REPRESENTED BY THE SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY (SDP) WHO CREATED THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC'S GESTAPO, (THAT THE JEWS HELPED DEPOSE A KING, WILHELM II, FOR) THE JEWS DELUSIONALLY HELPED PUT IN POWER THE BRITISH-ANGLO-SAXONS VIA THE SIS, MI6, THAT THEN` MURDERED ALL THE JEWS! THE DAma DOES NOT TOLERATE FOOLS IN THIS UNIVERSE: IT IS A CAPITAL CRIME TO BE SO STUPID: THAT IS THE LAW --LISTEN TO STANLEY THE KING!!!] Back To The NAZIs: Now Remember Stanley Says This Was A Winnable War: This Is What The Nazis Needed To Do: The Nazis Simply Needed To Look At History: The Only Successful Conquest Of England By Aryans Was Through Denmark And The Jutland Peninsula --Not Through France! The Anglo-Saxons And Prussians Were Getting The French To Fight The Germans, And The Germans To Fight The Russians; While No One Was Attacking The Anglo-Saxons --The Germans (As Well As The Jews, The Russians, And The Whole World!) Were Totally Racially Blind To The Absolute Evil Of The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans! This Was A War Between Good Versus Evil, Between God Versus Satan, Between The Supreme Law Of DAma Versus A-DAma Or Lawlessness: THIS WAS NEVER A WAR BETWEEN ARYANS AND JEWS, NOR ARYANS AND SLAVS: THIS IS WHY THE NAZIS LOST THE WAR! World War I had ended on November 11, 1918 after the Satanic Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussian Social Democrats, a Political Party in Germany, Took-Over the Government on November 9, 1918 Through a Ruthless, British-Secret-Police Driven MI6, "Bloodless Revolution", Forcing the Kaiser to Abdicate his Throne. On November 7, 1918, two days before the Social Democrats declared that Germany was now a Republic, The Communists And Jews, Had Concomitantly Overthrown The Government of Bavaria by Force. Then The Communists And Jews Attempted Another Revolution in January 1919 to take over the Entire Government of Germany From the Social Democrats. To Fight the Communists in 1919, the Social Democrats called out a Militia Group Named The Freikorps (Free Corps) which Consisted Of Former World War I Soldiers, Who Would Later Become The NAZIS. When the Nazi Party Was Formed In 1919, many of the Top Members Came From The Ranks of The Freikorps. It was The Freikorps that first used The Swastika Symbol On White Arm Bands To distinguish themselves from the Communists with their Red Arm Bands. Thus The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussians (The Social Democrats) Always Considered The NAZIS To Be More Their Allies Than The Jews And Communists: Who Fought Them For Military Control Of Weimar Germany! THE OBVIOUS QUESTION NEEDS TO BE ASKED: WHY DIDN'T THE NAZIS USE THEIR OBVIOUSLY SUPERIOR MILITARY POWER OF WWI VETERANS TO TAKE POWER FROM THE BRITISH MI6, SIS, THE SDP SOCIALISTS: AND RESTORE THE KING (KAISER) IN 1919??? HITLER AND DREXLER, WERE VERY DUMB FOOLS WHO NEVER USED THEIR MILITIA ADVANTAGE TO TAKE POWER BY FORCE --WHILE THE BRITISH MI6, SIS, (SDP) SOCIALISTS WERE SATANIC, RUTHLESS, VIOLENT, UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-MURDERERS, Just Like Their MASTERS: THE UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON BRITISH WHO WERE CONTROLLING THEM!!! In 1919 The NAZI Party Was Formed, (National Socialist German Worker's Party, NSDAP Or NAZI) To Start A Revolution To Take Power In Germany. Adolf Hitler Joined It In 1919, And Became Its Leader In 1921; When He Ousted Anton Drexler (With The "Rigging" Help Of The Gestapo); Over Drexler's Moving The Party To Join The Socialists (Communists). [Note: Adolf Was A Speech Maker, A Showman & Very Weak, Not A Real Leader --As We Shall See. It Is Important To Note That Hitler Joined The DAP (German Worker's Party), As A Spy For The Prussian Reichswehr Army And Ultimately The Gestapo, The NAZI Leader Then Was Hitler's Mentor Anton Drexler: Who Espoused A German Version Of Communism! The Fact That Hitler Was A Spy, For The Satanic Prussians Foreshadowed How He Would Betray The Nazi Party To Satan, By Murdering The Entire German-Race SA Leadership --Even Though He Was Fighting For God. ANOTHER IMPORTANT FACT: IS THAT HEINRICH HIMMLER AND HERMANN GOERING ALSO JOINED THE NAZI PARTY AT THIS TIME AS SPIES FOR THE PRUSSIAN AND THE BRITISH (UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS) MURDEROUS SECRET POLICE: CALLED THE "GESTAPO": WHO SAW THE JEWS AS FOMENTING REVOLUTION AND COMMUNISM: AND THUS SAW COMMUNISM AS A GREATER THREAT THAN NAZIISM: AND YET THE JEWS WERE BLINDLY SUPPORTING THE ANGLO-SAXON-PRUSSIAN WEIMAR REPUBLIC'S SOCIALISM WHILE ESPOUSING AND OPENLY ENGAGING IN COMMUNISM!!! THIS DICHOTOMY IS THE FUNDAMENTAL FACT TO REMEMBER IN UNDERSTANDING THE MASSACRE OF THE JEWS!!! When In 1919 The Social Democrat Prussians Were Hit With Communist Revolts In Munich, They Were Crushed Murderously By MI6, The Gestapo, The Prussian Socialists & Reichswehr; The Communists Were The Only Real Revolutionary Party: Hitler Was Anti-Revolutionary From The Beginning! A SHORT HISTORY OF HEINRICH HIMMLER AND THE "SS Totenkopfverband (Death's Head Unit) Which Made Up The Guards Of All The Concentration Camps: On Their Caps, They Wore The Emblem Of A "Death" Skull: They Would Commit All The Murders For The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Prussians, The Social Democrat Party, The Gestapo, The SS And The British-Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxons MI6: AND BECOME THE BIGGEST KILLING MACHINE OF CIVILIANS IN WWII. Ironically The Schutzstaffel (Protection Squad) Was Founded By Hitler Himself, Who Needed Protection From Socialist (SDP) And Communist Protesters, Who Tried To Disrupt His Speeches. In Germany (Unlike America) All Political Parties Were Armed, And Fought Their Battles With Hand-To-Hand Combat In The Streets And Beer Halls. Thus The SS Were Formed To Protect Hitler From The Social Democrats And Communists, During Political Campaigns. The So Called, Weimar Republic, Was Really A Dictatorship Of: The British Secret Police MI6, The Gestapo, The Social Democrats (Socialists) Rigging All Elections, And Using The Prussian Secret Police, The Gestapo, To Murder All Their Opponents (The Communists, NAZIS & Jews) Socialist-Governments Are The Most Evil Of All: BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE IN MORE, BIGGER SATANIC GOVERNMENT LIKE THE GESTAPO, THE POLICE, MEDICAL DOCTORS (ALL "ZYKLON B" CYANIDE CANISTERS TO MURDER THE JEWS, WERE DISPENSED BY MEDICAL DOCTORS!) AND GOV'T INSTITUTIONS WHO WOULD MASS MURDER ALL THE JEWS; WHO DELUSIONALLY WORSHIPED "BLONDIES" AS GODS: EVEN AS THE BLONDIE SS WERE MURDERING THEM AND INCINERATING THEIR BODIES: THEY REFUSED TO FIGHT BACK, LEARN ANYTHING FROM THEIR MISTAKES, OR ACCEPT REALITY: THE DEFINITION OF AN INFERIOR RACE: JEWS!] On November 9th, 1923 The Nazi Party And Hitler, Ernst Roehm, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goering, And Rudolf Hess Staged The "Beer Hall Putsch" In Munich To Seize State Control Of Bavaria, From The Satanic Prussian Dominated, Social Democrats (SDP) By Force: This Was A Disastrous Defeat For Hitler's Private Bodyguards Called The "Stosstruppe" (Who Did Not Come Prepared To Fight! And Didn't Know Goering And Himmler Were Spies For The Socialist Gov't's Gestapo --And So The Police Were Fully Aware Of The Putsch, And Were Waiting For Them!) For This Attempt Hitler Was Found Guilty Of "Treason" And Sentenced To Five Years In Jail In Landsberg am Lech Prison, The Nazi Party Was Banned, And Hitler's Personal Stosstruppe Was Forced To Disband!!! It Must Be Noted That Hitler Had No Plans To Fight The Reichswehr Army, Or State Police In His Putsch: Hitler Was A Pussy And A Fool: He Naively Expected His "Fellow Aryans", The Reichswehr & The Police, To "Join His Revolution!", And They Would All Gather 'Round The Campfire To Sing Kumbayah --He Was Always Weak And An Appeaser Of The Uber-Blond Prussian Social Democrats, And Reichswehr; Hitler Delusionally, Could Never See That His Fellow Prussian-Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: MI6, Gestapo, Reichswehr And Social Democrats; Who Ruled The Weimar Republic, Were Even More Evil Than The Jews: THEY WERE "ABSOLUTE EVIL": "SATAN INCARNATE"!!! [Hitler Served Less Than A Year In Jail, Where He Dictated His Autobiography "Mein Kampf" To Rudolf Hess: Where He Blamed The Jews, Marxists, Communists, For The Unemployment, Massive Inflation, Depression, And Hunger In Germany; And This Would Only End When There Was A Total Revolution. Before Being Released Hitler Made A Fatal Error: He Promised The Prussian Judges He Would Not Try To Take Political Power By Force! Germany Was Doomed! Hitler Was Weak And A Puppet, And Would Repeatedly Make These Assurances To The Social Democrats And Prussian Generals: That He Would Not Take Power By Force. If Hitler Had Not Agreed He Would Spend A Longer Time In Jail; But It Would Make Him Stronger And Tougher As A Leader! The Fundamental Problem With Hitler Was He Was Too Weak To Suffer Any Hardships For The Sake Of The Revolution, And For Germany! In Contrast: Stanley Refused To Accept Any Conditions On His Freedom, Via Probation Conditions; Causing The System To Repeatedly Arrest Him For Breaches Of Probation Alone, 24 Times; And Imprison Him For Nine Continuous Years! Stanley Made It Clear To The System's Courts, Judges, Police, Nurses And Jail-Guards: That He Was The King Of Canada; This Was High Treason; That They Were Possessed By Devils; That He Didn't Recognize Their Legitimacy To Rule: And Would Execute Them For Treason, When He Came Into Power! This Gives Stanley Carte Blanche To Do Whatever He Wants When He Comes Into Power: He Has Made No Compromises Or Deals With The System!!!] Gestapo Commander Himmler, Believed That All The Problems Would Be Solved If The Jews, Communists And Marxists Were Driven From Germany And "Resettled In The East": Hitler Espoused An Extreme Nationalism And The Concept Of Aryans As The Superior Race, And The Jews As The Most Inferior Race Of All! Hitler Invented The Concept Of The Importance Of The Pure Aryan Race And The Evils Of: Mixed Race People, Interracial: Sex And Marriage!!! [This Was The Crucial Tenet That Drove The Nazi Party: That Modern Germany Has Forsaken, At Their Peril! What Makes The Anglo-Saxon Aryans Absolutely Evil, Is Their Promotion Of Satanic Interracial Sex!!! Which Leads To Murder And Genocide Of The Human Race! Himmler's And The Nazi Party's Prime Directive Was To "Exterminate" The Jews! (But Not Necessarily Kill, But Deport, Them) From Germany And Europe To Prevent Their Genes From Contaminating The Superior Race's Gene Pool! [Note: The British Were Far More Anti-Semitic Than The Germans: The Hypocritical Anglo-Saxon States Of: Canada, U.S., U.K., NZ, Australia, And Even The British "Mandate" Of Palestine; Could Have Saved All The Jews, Had They Agreed To Give Them Refugee Status In The 1930s! Their Refusal Sealed The Fate Of The Jews: Because Traitors And Rats To Germany, Could Not Be Allowed To Survive The War, If Germany Lost: To Prevent Them From Causing Future Generations More Harm! But The Actual Killings Were Always Done By The Uber-Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Anglo-Saxon MI6, Social Democrat Prussians, Gestapo, And British Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon Secret Police: Who Comprised And Controlled The SS, Not Regular Germans. In April 1925 Hitler Was Released From Prison, He Needed Protection To Replace His Stosstruppe, Which Were Disbanded; Hitler Instructed His Personal Bodyguard, Julius Schreck, To Organize A New Bodyguard, Called The Schutzstaffel Or SS, Which Became An Adjunct Of The Larger Sturmabteilung (SA) Or Stormtroopers, The Main Private Army Of The NAZI Party And Commanded By Ernst Rohm!!! Up Till Now The SS & SA Had Zero Death Squad Activity: But In January 1929, Heinrich Himmler (A Secret Member Of The Prussian Secret-Police THE GESTAPO) Would Be Appointed Reichsfuhrer (National Leader) Of The SS By The Delusional NAZI Party, THROUGH A RIGGED ELECTION! He Was Now Put In Command Of 1,000 Men, Who He Would Ruthlessly Convert From Hitler's Bodyguards, To The Ruling MI6, SDP's And Prussian Race's Mass Murderer Gestapo Men: ALL CONTROLLED BY THE BRITISH SECRET POLICE MI6! It Was Himmler (Not Hitler) Who Was A British Spy, Who Was Obsessed With The Idea That The Nordic Ethnic Group (UBER-BLONDE-ANGLO-SAXON-PRUSSIANS OR BRITISH-BLONDIES WERE SUPERIOR to All Others, Although He And Hitler Were Both Dark-Haired Germans of The Bavarian Tribe, With Round Heads, and were Not Themselves Of The Superior Blond Nordic Stock With Elongated Skulls. He Wanted His SS Troops To Be A Higher Race Of People Than The German-Aryan Inferior Race SA; Thus Under Himmler The SS Were No Longer Germans Or NAZIS, Who Obeyed Hitler: BUT WERE SECRETLY TRANSFORMED INTO A 100,000 DEATH-SQUAD OF KILLERS, MASS-MURDERERS, SATANIC DEVIL-POSSESSED UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS WHO OBEYED THE GESTAPO AND THE BRITISH --NOT: HITLER, THE SA, THE NAZIS OR THE GERMANS: INSTEAD THE SS WOULD BE USED TO MASS MURDER: THE SA, THE NAZIS, THE JEWS, THE GYPSIES, THE COMMUNISTS AND THE GERMANS!!! THIS WAS THE SATANIC EVIL OF THE BRITISH: THEY DESTROYED THE NAZIS, JEWS, GYPSIES, RUSSIANS AND SA: WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER: THEY USED MI6, SIS, THE GESTAPO, THE SS TO MURDER FOR THEM, AND TO FALSELY TAKE ALL THE BLAME! Already the Regular SDP's Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Prussian Weimar Army (Reichswehr) Were Objecting to The Strong-Arm Methods of The (Inferior) German-Aryan Race SA, Which They Racistly Regarded As A Troublesome Rival Army That Was Ruining Germany's Blond-Aryan "Superior" Reputation --AND BEGAN PLOTTING TO MURDER ALL THE GERMAN-RACE SA [***NOTE: THE JEWS, RUSSIANS, FRENCH AND GERMANS MUST OBEY STANLEY THE KING ON THIS: THEY WERE ALL MASS MURDERED BY THE UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-PRUSSIANS AND ANGLO-SAXON-BRITISH: THEY NEED TO UNITE TO SEEK JUSTICE AGAINST THE ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN BRITISH!!!***] Even The Prussian Wehrmacht Officers Were Traditionally from The Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Race, Aristocratic Class in Germany and They Racistly Looked Down Upon The Rough Inferior Men of The German-Race SA, Which Röhm Called "The People's Army" Of The Slightly Darker Hued German Race! THE GERMANS AND JEWS NEED TO UNITE IN REALIZING: THAT THE UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-BRITISH FOOLED THEM BOTH: AND RACISTLY MASS MURDERED AND GENOCIDED THEM BOTH!!! With His Superior Organizational Skills, And His Secret State Power From Being A Member Of The Prussian Secret-Police The GESTAPO: Himmler's And The Gestapo's Satanic Plan Was to Build up The SS Using Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon Recruits From The SDP, The Reichswehr, And The Prussian-Race, Until it Surpassed the SA In Armed Numbers, Growing From 1,000 Men To 100,000 Uber-Blond Prussians, All Done In Order To Murder The SA And Hitler, And Secretly Take-Over The NAZI Party By STEALTH: Himmler Used His "Gestapo Rigged" Superior Rank In The Nazi Party To Command The German-Aryan Race SA, NOT TO ROUTINELY CARRY ARMS --LEAVING THEM SITTING DUCKS TO BE MASSACRED BY THE SS AND GESTAPO, AT WILL!!! HIMMLER Wanted Only Men Of Uber-Blond-Nordic Blood, The "Splendid Uber-Blond Beasts" Who Were Members of The Exclusive Ruling "Master Race" (Nietzsche's Words) Of Both England, France And Now Germany Through The Secret Rule By The Devil-Possessed Secret Police Of Britain MI6. Thus We See Here That The Reichswehr, The Officer Core Of The Reichswehr And Later Wehrmacht, The Gestapo, The SS, The SDP, The Anglo-Saxons Of England, The Secret-Police Of France, The Secret Police Of Poland, And The Socialists Of Prussia: WHO WOULD MURDER ALL THE JEWS AND THE GERMANS: WERE ALL FROM THE RACE OF UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-PRUSSIANS AND BRITISH --NOT GERMANS!!! On June 30 1934, Ernst Röhm, (Who Was Deprived Of An Armed-Guard By Satanic Himmler) Rohm The Head of The German-Aryan Race SA, Was Arrested During The "Night Of The Long Knives," This Satanic Mass Murder Of All The Top Officers Of The German-Race SA WHICH MUST GO DOWN IN INFAMY AS THE WORST GENOCIDE BY THE UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-PRUSSIANS, SDP AND GESTAPO: WHICH WAS GENOCIDE AGAINST THE GERMANS AND THEIR DESTINY. Tragically Ernst Röhm Was Taken To Stadelheim Prison Near Munich, Where He Was Shot At High Noon The Very Next Day By Satanically Evil Gestapo Hit-Man Theodor Eicke, An SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS, who was then The Commandant of the Dachau Concentration Camp. As His Reward, For Murdering Rohm, Eicke Was Promoted By Himmler And The Prussian-Gestapo, To Inspector Of All The Concentration Or Now "Death" Camps And Head of The SS "Totenkopfverbände" (Death's Head Unit) THUS IT IS QUITE CLEAR THAT THE DEATH CAMP GUARDS WERE NOT NAZIS, NOT SA STORMTROOPERS, AND NOT GERMANS. It Was This Death's Head Unit Composed Of Exclusively Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussians Of The Gestapo And Under The Direct Control Of The British MI6: Which Eventually Made Up The Guards Of All The Concentration Camps In NAZI Europe THE GREATEST KILLING MACHINE OF CIVILIANS IN HISTORY WAS BRITISH CONTROLLED BLONDIES. On Their Caps, They Wore A Silver Emblem Of A "Death" Skull!!! VERY IMPORTANT: THE ABSOLUTELY EVIL, SATANIC RACE THAT MURDERED AND GENOCIDED: 6 MILLION JEWS, 5 MILLION GYPSIES, 30 MILLION RUSSIANS AND TEN MILLION GERMANS: WERE THE UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-BRITISH AND PRUSSIANS --NOT GERMANS, NOT NAZIS, NOT HITLER-- WHO WERE MASS MURDERED THEMSELVES BY THE UBER-BLOND BRITISH!!! Himmler With His Uber-Blond, But German-Race Daughter Gudrun! Uber-White-Blonder-Anglo-Saxons Were The Real Murderers Of The Jews And The Germans!!! Note: Gudrun Burwitz, Now 87 Years Old, Also Believes That Her Father Himmler, Was Murdered By The British Secret-Police Interrogators, On May 23rd, 1945: Which Confirms That Himmler Was A British Spy, Taking All Orders To Murder Jews, From The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon English: Himmler Could Not Be Brought To Trial, And Had To Be Murdered By Them, To Cover-Up That Fact!!! Gudrun Says, "One Of The Biggest Lies Of The British, Is How Himmler Died"! Gudrun Believes Her Father Was Murdered By The British, Who Had Captured Himmler, After He Had Tried To Escape, Dressed As A Soldier, Shaving Off His Mustache, And Wearing An Eye-Patch, Proving He Wanted To Live, Never To Commit Suicide!!! "I Don't Believe He Swallowed That Poison (Cyanide) Capsule", She Says. "My Mother And Me Never Got Official Notification Of His Death. To Me The Photo Of Him Dead, Is A Retouched Photo Of Him, When He Was Alive". Himmler Was Probably Tortured And Brutalized By The British, Before Being Murdered With Bullets To The Head, So They Couldn't Show His Dead Body --It Was A Falling Out Among Thieves-- BUT THE GREATEST MASS MURDERERS WERE THE UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON BRITISH! [NOTE: When The U.S. Seal-Team 6: Captured An Alive, Osama Bin-Laden In An ISI (Secret Police) Run, Pakistani Prison Compound: They Too Deliberately Murdered Bin-Laden, (Rather Than Bringing Him To Trial), By The Entire Seal-Team 6, Shooting Him 108 Times In The Head And Heart, To Make Sure He Was Dead, On Orders From Their U.S. Brass: And Then Disposing Of His Body, At A Secret Location In The Mediterranean Sea! Similarly See Point 4 Of Greatest Conspiracies, Below: AFTER MURDERING JOHN F. KENNEDY: THE CIA HAD TO HAVE A "FALL GUY", "A PATSY", TO PIN THE ASSASSINATION ON: SO THEY PICKED LEE HARVEY OSWALD, WHO WAS A CIA AGENT AS WELL, AND PART OF THE ASSASSINATION TEAM, (BUT AGAINST KILLING KENNEDY), AS THEIR "FALL-GUY": BUT THEY HAD TO FIND HIM AND MURDER HIM, BEFORE HE COULD TALK: IN ALL THE CIA MURDERED OVER 200 PEOPLE: TO COVER-UP THEIR ASSASSINATION OF KENNEDY!!! AND THIS WAS EXACTLY THE SAME REASON BRITISH SPY HIMMLER HAD TO BE FOUND AND MURDERED: TO COVER-UP FOR THE SATANIC BRITISH SECRET POLICE'S MASS MURDERS OF 6 MILLION JEWS, AND MILLIONS OF GYPSIES, SLAVS, AND WAR PRISONERS!!! SIMILARLY WITH 9/11, IT WAS THE CIA AND NAVY SEALS THAT COMMITTED 9/11, AND MASS-MURDERED 3,000 AMERICANS: WITH A PRECISION-MILITARY-STYLE-OPERATION, "TOP GUN" STYLE PILOT EXECUTION, HIGH-TECH "THERMATE-TH3" EXPLOSIVES (WHICH WERE RESTRICTED TO THE CIA AND THE U.S. MILITARY), WITH MASSIVE PLANNING AND MILITARY LEVEL LOGISTICAL SUPPORT --AND NOT CAVE-DWELLING, CAMEL-RIDING, PRIMITIVE AL-QAEDA-- THUS THE CIA HAD TO FIND AND MURDER THEIR "PATSY" BIN-LADEN, TO COVER-UP THEIR CULPABILITY IN 9/11, AND HIDE THE TRUTH FROM THE PEOPLE!!! [See "REVOLUTION PAGE" ON 9/11] SAME WITH HIMMLER: HE HAD TO BE MURDERED TO COVER-UP THE TRUTH: THAT THE BRITISH WERE IN CHARGE OF ALL THE "DEATH'S-HEAD" CONCENTRATION CAMPS RUN BY THEIR PUPPETS: HIMMLER, THE UBER-BLOND SS AND THE GESTAPO: AND THUS IT WAS THE BRITISH THAT MURDERED MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE --NOT HITLER, NOT HIMMLER, NOT THE NAZIS: WHO WERE THEMSELVES MURDERED BY THE BRITISH AS WELL!!! THE WHOLE WORLD WAS FOOLED BY SATAN AND THE "BLONDIES" AND BLISSFULLY WALKING TO THEIR SLAUGHTER LIKE SHEEP: UNTIL KING STANLEY CAME ALONG!!!] In Light Of The Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Murders And Betrayals Of The German-Race Aryans: Hitler's WWII Strategy Was Crazy: In That Although The Jews And Communists Are Dumb And Stupid: The Absolute Evil People Were The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Of Prussia & England: WHO BETRAYED GERMANY AT EVERY TURN: Stanley Believes It Is These Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans That Need To Be "Exterminated" From The Americas: For The Same Reason As Himmler Gave For The Jews Needing To Be "Exterminated": Grossly Weak, Inferior, Defective Genes And Contamination Of The Sacrosanct Human-Race Superior Gene Pool!!! Hitler Suffered From Jesus' Syndrome: When In A Crisis, Blame It All On The Jews, And Ignore The Real Evil, The Satanic Roman-Hittite-Aryans! Stanley Is The Only Man In History To Identify The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans As The Perpetrators Of Almost All Of The Evil! --Not The Jews, Not The Germans! God's Plan For The Germans Was For Them To Destroy The Satanic Anglo-Saxon Empire, And Replace It With The Godly German-Aryan-Empire: Instead Weak, Crazy Hitler Refused To Fight The Satanic Devil-Possessed Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussians: He Would Constantly Appease And Capitulate To Anglo-Saxon-Prussians And To Satan, And Betray God; While All The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxons Were Totally Committed To Satan, To Mass Murder & Genocide Of The Human Race --As We Shall See!] Hitler Also Saw That The German Population Was Massively Increasing And They Needed Lebensraum Or "Living Space In The East" More Territory To Survive --While WWI Reduced German Territory. (This Crazy Lebensraum In The East --Instead Of The Northwest, Denmark & Britain-- Was What Led Hitler Into That Crazy, Disastrous War With Russia!) By 1929 The Economy In Germany Had Hit A Depression, Germans Had To Cart Wheel-Barrows Full Of Cash To Buy A Loaf Of Bread. By 1932 The Nazis Won A Plurality In The German Reichstag (Parliament) But The Prussian Chancellor Paul von Hindenburg, Repeatedly Refused To Cede Power To Hitler As Chancellor, Even Though Hitler Won Election After Inconclusive Rigged Election. In January 1933 The Nazis Again Won Another Plurality Of Seats Or 33%, But Hindenburg Again Refused To Cede Power. What Most People Don't Know Is That The Elections Were Being Rigged To Keep The Nazis Out Of Power: The Real Total Should Have Been More Like 80% For Hitler And The Nazis! The Truest Indication Of A Party's Support IS THE SIZE OF THEIR MILITIA: THE NAZI MILITIA OUTNUMBERED THE SDP's BY 30 TO ONE!!! Germany Was Now In A State Of Civil War, Hindenburg And The Prussians Realized That A Massive Majority (80%) Of Germans Supported Hitler, And To Avoid Certain Military Defeat (Hindenburg Did Contemplate Using The Reichswehr To Outlaw The Nazi Party & Arrest All Nazis) Hindenburg Finally Conceded The Chancellorship To Hitler --But Due To Rigged Elections In Parliament, Hitler Really Had No Power. Hindenburg Still Retained The Title Of Reich President And Supreme Commander Of The Army (Reichswehr), Hindenburg Gave The Nazis Just Three Seats In Cabinet, And Put General Werner von Blomberg In Effective Control Of The Reichswehr; Leaving Hitler Without Any Real Power At All, And With A Deadlocked Parliament. [Note: Although The Nazis Did Receive The Two Most Powerful Cabinet Posts: Ministries Of The Interior: In Charge Of All Secret Police: Hindenburg Appointed The Secret Nazi Gestapo Traitors: Goering & Himmler To These Posts: Who Were Secret Spies For The Prussians And For Britain --As We Shall See!] To Obtain Some Power, Hitler Was Forced To Dismiss Parliament And Outlaw Other Political Parties To Gain Rightful Executive Power To Rule By Decree, The Only Way To Implement A Revolutionary Agenda! On February 27th, 1933; The Reichstag Was Burned Down By A Crazy Dutch Communist Named: Marinus van der Lubbe; Hitler Used This To Accuse The Whole Communist Party Of Anarchy; And Tried To Outlaw Them, But Failed; (Hitler Always Refused To Fight The Satanic Anglo-Saxons, But Would Be Quick To Crush The Communists And Jews: To Get "Brownie-Points" From His Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon Masters! He Already Had The Military Might To Destroy The Anglo-Saxon Prussian Race! But He Was Too Much Of A Fool And Mentally Weak, To Realize This: Because He Was A Homosexual And A Drug-Addict!) Then Hitler Only Obtained A Measly 44% Of The Seats In The March 5th, 1933; Election --Because The Prussians Were Rigging The Votes Again For The (SDP) Social Democrats --The True Election Totals Were More Like 90% For The NAZIS And Their Allies! Even With His Rightwing And Catholic Allies Hitler Could Only Muster ~62% Of Parliament! He Needed 67% To Pass An "Enabling Act" To Rule By Decree. Finally He Got The German-Aryan Race Nazi SA Stormtroopers, To Forcefully (By Arrests And Imprisonment) Keep The Satanic Socialist (SDP) Social Democratic Party (The Real Rulers Of Germany: Through Rigged Elections And Mass Murders By Their Gestapo), Out Of Parliament While Passing The Enabling Act On March 23rd, 1933; With A Weak, Senile Hindenburg Acquiescing To Hitler's New Powers --But This Enraged The Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Prussians Of The SDP And Their Gestapo; And They Began Plotting To Murder Hitler And The Leaders Of The German-Race SA! The Fatal Blunder That Hitler Made In WWII Was To Try And Gain Power Through A Rigged Election Process Of The Socialists And Prussian Secret-Police Or Gestapo: And To Believe In Elections. What Forced Hindenburg To Cede Power Was Not Fear Of The People: It Was The 3 Million Strong SA (Sturmabteilung Or "Stormtroopers") The Paramilitary "Brownshirts" Led By Ernst Roehm, That He Feared. Under The Treaty Of Versailles The Prussian Army (Reichswehr) Was Limited To Only 100,000 Men; If Ernst Rohm Or Hitler, Had Any Sense They Could Have Ruled Germany In 1919 Or January 1933 By USING THEIR ARMY TO TAKE POWER! (Remember What Mao Zedong Said: "All Power Comes Out Of The Barrel Of A Gun") The SA Outnumbered The Army By 30 To 1; In Addition The SA Were Composed Of Battle Hardened WWI Troops And Millions Of New Enthusiastic Young Recruits, While The Reichswehr Were Composed Of Doddering Old Men! In A War The SA Would Easily Win!!! In January 1934 Roehm Demanded Of The Prussian Defense Minister Werner von Blomberg, That The German-Aryan Race SA Replace The Regular Army (The Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Prussian Controlled Reichswehr), And The Anglo-Saxon Army Become A Training Adjunct Of The German-Race SA! What Most People Don't Understand Is That Hitler Was A Very Weak Leader: Because He Was A Homosexual, And Addicted To Drugs: Hitler's Reaction To This Was To Try To Appease The Satanic Traitorous Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussian Generals In The Army, Who Had Betrayed Germany In 1918 --Rather Than Fight Them (Hitler Had 30X More Troops Than The Reichswehr!!!) In February 1934 Hitler Met With The German-Race Nazi Leaders Of The SA And SS And Pressured Rohm To Reluctantly Sign An Agreement Accepting The Supremacy Of The Prussian-Anglo-Saxon-Race Reichswehr Over The German-Race SA; And Make The SA The Auxiliary Adjunct To The Army --A Humiliating Defeat For The Nazis Without Even A Fight! When Hitler Left The Room Rohm Exploded, Telling His Men "I Won't Take Instructions From That Ridiculous Corporal"! Rohm Was An Army Captain In WWI, Hitler Was A Corporal! The Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Prussians Noted The Weakness Of Hitler And The Toughness Of Rohm, And Seized Upon This To Target Rohm For Death --And Keep Crazy Hitler, Whom They Could Easily Manipulate! THIS WAS A TREMENDOUS BETRAYAL BY HITLER OF HIS OWN SA COMMANDERS: WHICH SEALED THEIR FATE TO BE ALL MURDERED: BECAUSE THEY WERE NOW MADE SUPERFLUOUS! THE PRUSSIAN-RACE REICHSWEHR OFFICERS COULD NOW CONTROL THE ENTIRE SA (WHO WERE NOW PUT UNDER THEM BY CRAZY HITLER) BY MURDERING THEIR SA COMMANDERS --ALL WITHOUT EVEN A FIGHT! By The Spring Of 1934 The "Good" Prussian Generals And The German-Race SA Were In Serious Negotiations To Integrate Both Armies On An Equal Footing To Share Power. The Negotiations Were Conducted By Respected Former Prussian Chancellor: Major-General Kurt von Schleicher; An Honorable Man Who Was Implementing A Realistic "Dream Solution", With General Ferdinand von Bredow, And Werner von Alvensleben: They Proposed That German-Race Hitler Remain Chancellor, German-Race Ernst Roehm Be Made Defense Minister In A New Cabinet, Prussian von Schleicher Would Become Vice-Chancellor, Former Chancellor Prussian Heinrich Bruning Who Favored Peace With The Soviet Union Would Be Foreign Minister, And German-Race Gregor Strasser Economy Minister. But The Satanic Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-British Secret Police, The Gestapo, The Satan Worshiping Devil Possessed Prussians Were Never Interested In Sharing Power With The Nazis; They Were Secretly Plotting All Along To Assassinate Hitler And Murder All The Nazi Leadership! So On Hearing Of The Negotiations They Reacted Violently To Murder German-Race Roehm In Earnest: Rather Than Murder Rohm Themselves And Start A Losing Civil War, The Prussians Pressured The Nazi Leadership To Murder Him Themselves: On April 20th, 1934; Hindenburg Had Appointed, Prussian Premier Hermann Goering As Minister Of The Interior (In Charge Of All The Secret Police); Goering Secretly Transferred Control Of The Prussian Secret-Police (The Gestapo) To Fake-Nazi, Heinrich Himmler, Who Had Foolishly Been Made Head Of The SS: And Had Secretly Transformed The NAZI And Formerly German-Race SS: Into An Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussian Or British-Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Race SS --As A Prelude For Fellow Nazis To Murder Roehm And The SA. Himmler & Goering Were Members Of The Gestapo, And Traitors To The Naive NAZIS From The Start: They Answered Directly To The British MI6, The Traitor Prussian Generals, The Gestapo Secret Police, The SDP Socialist Party AND OBEYED THE UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON BRITISH MOST OF ALL!!! The Nazi Leadership HAD ZERO RACIAL AWARENESS OF THE ANGLO-SAXON RACE OF BRITAIN AND PRUSSIA: They Were Drunk With The Trappings Of Power: They Failed To Understand That, Were It Not For The German-Race SA Seizing Power; The Prussians Would Have Continuously Rigged The Elections To Give Them Zero Power Forever --And Without The SA All The Power They Now Had Could Be Taken Away On The Whim Of The Prussians! By May Of 1934, Prussian Friends Of "Honorable" General von Schleicher In The Reichswehr Army, Warned Him That The Prussian Secret Police (The Gestapo) Wanted To Murder Him, And Had Drawn Up Lists Of People To Murder, They Advised Him To Seek Asylum In The Netherlands, Like Kaiser Wilhelm II Had Done! von Schleicher Dismissed The Warnings --He Was A Soldier, His Instincts Were To Fight Rather Than Run To Exile In Holland. By June Of 1934 Hitler Remained The Only Holdout To The Anglo-Saxon-Prussian Conspiracy To Murder Rohm And All The SA Commanders Of The German-Race NAZI Party! This Was A Conspiracy Of Uber-Blond-Prussians In: The Army, Industry And Politics: Who Began To Pressure Hitler To Sell-Out Roehm And Move On Him; And To Disband The German-Race SA Unilaterally! On June 15, 1934; Hitler Went To Visit Benito Mussolini In Venice: "Before Hitler left, and at the request of Presidential State Secretary Otto Meißner, Hindenburg Appointee: Foreign Minister Baron Konstantin von Neurath, ordered the German Ambassador to Italy Ulrich von Hassell—without Hitler's knowledge—to ask Mussolini to tell Hitler that the German-Race SA was Blackening Germany's Uber-Blond Good Name.[25] Neurath's manoeuvre to put pressure on Hitler paid off, with Evil Mussolini agreeing to the request (Neurath was a former ambassador to Italy, and knew Mussolini well).[25] During the summit in Venice, Mussolini upbraided Hitler for tolerating the violence, hooliganism, and homosexuality of the German-Race SA, which Mussolini stated were ruining Hitler's good reputation all over the world." On June 17th, 1934; The Anglo-Saxon Prussians Began A Satanic Hysterical Campaign Of Propaganda Against Rohm: The Hindenburg Appointed, Prussian Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen, Made A Public Speech Warning Of The German-Race SA And Rohm Making A "Second Revolution" And Threatened To Resign If Hitler Doesn't Act! In Response To Constant Uber-Blond-Prussian Concerted Pressure To Murder Roehm, Hitler Decided To Meet With An Ailing Hindenburg In Neudeck; Hindenburg Was A Moderate, But H

e Was Never In Power: He Was Always A Puppet Of The SDP Socialist Party Of Philipp Scheidemann, And Of The Gestapo: Hitler Was Too Naive And A Fool To Know This: Hitler Was Too Weak, Crazy And Delusional To Use His Superior German-Race SA's Military Power To Rule The More Ruthless Anglo-Saxon Race: Now His Entire Military Was Going To Be Murdered Without Even A Fight: AND THE UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXONS WERE GOING TO ROB HIM AND THE GERMAN-RACE OF ALL THEIR RIGHTFUL POWER --USE IT OR LOSE IT!!! But Hindenburg Was Already Dead, And Thus Was Nowhere To Be Found; Instead Hitler Was Met With Prussian General Werner von Blomberg The Defense Minister, Who Was Accompanied By A Prussian Reichswehr Armed Military Guard Designed To Intimidate Into Submission, Or Arrest Hitler: Blomberg Castigated Hitler For Not Already Acting On Roehm: And Threatened Hitler That The Missing Hindenburg Was Close To Dismissing Hitler's Government, Deposing Hitler, Outlawing The Nazi Party And Turning Over Power To The Reichswehr! Blomberg Further Threatened That Hitler Would Himself Be Arrested Immediately And Placed In An Insane Asylum For Life!!! Hitler Was A Weak Drug Addicted Little Man: He Broke-Down Like A Little Baby And Cried; And Totally Capitulated To the Devil Possessed Prussians!!! Blomberg Promised Hitler That If He Exterminated All The German-Race SA Commanders: The Anglo-Saxon Reichswehr Would Fully Support Him Henceforth As An Individual Puppet, With No Personal Army To Command; Blomberg Also Dictated To Hitler To Kill Generals von Schleicher And von Bredow Who Were Powerful Within The Military And Opposed The Mass Murders Of The German-Race SA!!! Hindenburg Was At His Deathbed: There Is No Possibility That He Was Contemplating Military Rule: Hitler Capitulated To A Satanic Lie! This Was All Blomberg's, The Gestapo's  And The Devil Possessed Anglo-Saxon-Prussians Doing; But They Did Have Effective Control Of The Reichswehr --So This Was No Idle Threat-- Although Unlikely To Succeed, If Hitler Had Stood His Ground! The Other Scenario --Although Unlikely As Well-- Was That Traitors Himmler & Goering: Secret Members Of The Gestapo, Would Usurp Hitler's Power As Leader Of The Nazi Party (Which They Did Do In 1945); And Rule As Puppets Of The Anglo-Saxon-Prussians And  British. Hitler Had Two Choices: Spend The Rest Of His Life In An Insane Asylum, Or Murder Roehm! Hitler Left Neudeck A Broken, Devil Possessed Man, Too Weak To Withstand The Threats And Pressure, He Turned On His Most Loyal Supporters: The German-Race People Who Brought Him To Power: The People Who Would Die For Him, For Germany And For The Party: He Met With NAZI Traitors And Gestapo Spies, Goering And Himmler: And Gave The Order To Murder: Roehm And The Entire Leadership Of The German-Race SA; All The Very People Who Were Trying To Obtain Power: For Him, The Nazi Party, And The German People!!! Roehm Was One Of Hitler's Closest Friends And Possibly His Homosexual Lover! The Prussian Secret Police (The Gestapo) Had Been Planning The Murders Of The Nazi & SA Commanders For Months: They Had Drawn Up Lists, Of People To Murder, They Already Had A Time And Place Determined: At The End Of June All The SA Commanders Were To Go On A Two Week Vacation To A Resort Just South Of Munich Called Bad Wiesse; Inexplicably, The SA Did Not Take An Armed Guard With Them: They Were Sitting Ducks For The Massacre!!! Part Of What Contributed To Their Lack Of Military Discipline, Was That There Were Allegations That Some Of The Commanders Were  Homosexual.  (Homosexuality Is Always Bad, Even If The Homosexuals Are Fighting On Our Side!) It Is Also Possibly True That Superior Ranking: Himmler & Goering; Ordered The SA Not To Have An Armed Guard! On June 28th, 1934; The Reichswehr Were Put On High Alert, In Preparation For The Murders --In Case Of Resistance! On June The 30th, 1934; The Day The Germans Call "The Night  Of The Long Knives" The Dream Of The Revolution, The Dream Of The German People Died: Because Of A Weak And Unworthy Man! [NOTE: In Contrast To Hitler: Stanley Has Spent 39+ Years In Prisons And Psychiatric Hospitals, As A Political Prisoner In Absolutely Evil Canada: Where They Attempted To Horrifically Murder, Crucify And Relentlessly Torture Him Every Single Year Of Those 39+ Years: But Stanley Never Flinched, He Never Betrayed Anyone, He Never Backed Down, He Never Capitulated! Ultimately The Dream Of The Human Race, The Revolution Itself: Is Only As Strong As Its Leader: (See Poem Casabianca, Boy Stood On The Burning Deck, Above) With Stanley As The King, Mankind Is Sure To Win!!!] The Most Unjust Murders Next To The SA's, Were The Murders Of General Kurt von Schleicher & His Wife, Gregor Strasser's And General von Bredow's Murders: Who Were All Honorably Trying To Negotiate A Just Solution To The Crisis. Many Anglo-Saxon-Prussian Generals Did Not Support The Gestapo Massacre Of The German-Race SA: After The Massacre: General Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord and Field Marshal August von Mackensen, started a campaign to have Schleicher rehabilitated by Hitler.[56] Hammerstein, who was a close friend of Schleicher, had been much offended at Schleicher's funeral when the Gestapo & SS refused to allow him to attend the service and confiscated the wreaths that the mourners had brought.[56]Besides working for the rehabilitation of Schleicher and Bredow, Hammerstein and Mackensen sent a Memo to Hindenburg On July 18, 1934: setting out in considerable detail the circumstances of the murders of the two generals and noted that Papen had barely escaped.[57]  The memo went on to demand that Hindenburg punish those responsible, and criticized Blomberg for his outspoken support of the murders of Schleicher and Bredow.[57]Finally, Hammerstein and Mackensen asked that Hindenburg reorganize the government by firing Baron Konstantin von Neurath, Robert Ley, Hermann Göering, Werner von Blomberg, Joseph Goebbels and Richard Walther Darré from the Cabinet.[57]  Instead, the memo asked that Hindenburg create a directorate to rule Germany comprising Hitler as Chancellor, General Werner von Fritsch as Vice-Chancellor, Hammerstein as Minister of Defense and Rudolf Nadolny as Foreign Minister.[57] The request that Neurath be replaced by Nadolny, the former Ambassador to Moscow who had resigned earlier that year in protest against Hitler's anti-Soviet foreign policy, indicated that Hammerstein and Mackensen wanted a return to the "distant friendliness" towards the Soviet Union that existed until 1933.". Hindenburg Never Received The Memo: He Had Long Since Lost Competency To Govern: Hindenburg Was Near Death Or Already Dead: Which Had Allowed Blomberg And The Gestapo To Usurp His Powers: To Intimidate Hitler Into Capitulation!!! On January 3rd, 1935: Hitler Gave A Speech Stating That Generals Schleicher & Bredow Were Killed In Error, And Were Heroes, And Their Names Would Be Reinstated To Their Regiment's Honor Rolls! The Other Important Man Murdered This Day Was Gregor Strasser, The Main Rival To Hitler For The Nazi Leadership: Strasser Was A Better Speech-Maker Than Hitler, And Drew Larger Membership To The Nazi Party Than Hitler: So Hitler Had Him Ousted In 1932. Strasser's Murder Prompted His Brother, Otto Straßer To Form The Very Powerful "Black Front", That Considered The Nazis Rats & Traitors For Murdering Roehm & The SA; And Managed To Assassinate Many Nazis During The War. In Fact Otto Strasser Almost Assassinated Hitler In 1935: But It Was Hitler's Use Of A Doppelganger, Named Julius Schreck, That Saved Him. Schreck Was A Co-Founder (With Roehm) Of The SA, Schreck Was Also The Original Founder Of The SS, WHEN THEY WERE MERELY BODYGUARDS FOR HITLER! (BEFORE Himmler Turned It Into A UBER-BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-BRITISH AND PRUSSIAN DEATH SQUAD OF CONCENTRATION CAMP MURDERERS AND ASSASSINS!!!) Schreck Was Saved By Hitler On The "Night Of The Long Knives"; And Acted As Hitler's Loyal Bodyguard & Chauffeur; But On This Day In 1935: Hitler Was Driving The Car, Pretending To Be The Chauffeur; And Julius Schreck Got Shot Instead, As The "Hitler" Decoy!!! The Fact That Hitler Always Used A "Body-Double" Was So Secret, That The Cause Of Schreck's Death Was Listed As Meningitis, Rather Than Bullet Wounds! And The Date Of Schreck's Death Was Falsified, By Announcing It A Year Later In 1936! Hitler Was The Subject Of Hundreds Of Assassination Attempts; But He Survived Them All Due To Divine Providence, And By His Pioneering Use Of A Doppelganger! It Is Also Speculated That Hitler Did Die, And That The Doppelganger, Pretended To Be Hitler: To Keep The War Going! [NOTE: "It Must Be Revised In History That The Persons That Murdered Roehm, von Schleicher, Strasser & The Entire SA; Were Not Nazis, But British Secret Police MI6, Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussians From The Reichswehr Military, The Gestapo, And The German State's Secret Police!] Heinrich Himmler Was The Leader Of Both The SS And The Gestapo At This Time: But He Was Secretly A Member Of The Gestapo, Even Before He Joined The NAZI Party: And Thus Obeyed Only The Devil Possessed Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussians And The Uber-Blond-British, Never The Nazis! Himmler Had Secretly Transformed The SS, From A German-Aryan-Race NAZI Unit Of 1,000 Bodyguards: To A Death Squad Unit Of Pure Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon Race Prussians Of 100,000 Men: Specifically Recrited To Murder The SA AND TAKE-OVER THE NAZI PARTY!!! Thus Since Himmler Carried Out Most Of The Murders: It Is The Satanic Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Prussians That Are Guilty Of The Murders Not The German-Race Nazis Or Regular Germans By Race! It Is Important To Keep In Perspective That The Original SS Were Trained, Recruited And Indoctrinated By The SA: They Reported To The SA, They Were Under The Command Of The SA, They Were Friends And Colleagues Of Each Other, Many Were Together At The "Beer Hall Putsch", They Spent Time In Jail Together: They Were All Solid Nazis Of The German-Aryan Race: The SS (Schutzstaffel Or "Protection Staff") "Blackshirts", Were Simply Used To Provide Protection For Hitler And Nazi Political Leaders As Bodyguards --They Had No Police Or "Death Squad" Function Initially, When Founded By Hitler In 1925. It Is Unlikely That The SS Would Be Even Trusted To Murder Their Fellow Nazis: The Mass Murders Had To Have Been Committed By The Prussian Military Under Prussian Generals, Secret Police Under Goering, & Prussian Gestapo Under Himmler: With A Few Uniformed SS "Double-Agents" Thrown In To Sow Confusion! The Reason The NAZI SS And Hitler Got The Blame For The SA Massacre, Was That The Satanic Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon Prussian Murderers Wanted To Avoid Retaliation From Roehm Loyalists And Avoid The Fomenting Of A Losing Civil War!!! At This Point The German-Aryan-Race SA Could Still Have Easily Defeated The Anglo-Saxon-Prussians, Gestapo, And British Secret Police's MI6, In A War; But They Now Lacked Leadership! [Note: We Now Know That Himmler, In Charge Of All The "Concentration Or Death Camps", Was Working As A Spy For The British Throughout The War; Himmler Made Several Attempts To Assassinate Hitler, Until The Allies Called It Off In 1944, When The British Knew Germany Was Sure To Lose The War! Since Himmler Was In Charge Of All The Concentration Camps: We Can Safely Blame All The Deaths There, On The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Prussians And Blonde-Anglo-Saxon British --And Not The German-Aryans By Race!!! But Why Did The British Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Want To Exterminate The Jews? The Reason Is That The British Blamed The Jews For: The Russian Revolution Which Overthrew The Anglo-Saxon-Prussian Romanov Monarchy; And For The Spanish Civil War Of 1936 That Tried To Overthrow The Anglo-Saxon Hapsburg Monarchy; While Hitler And The Nazis: Helped The Uber-Blonde (British Supported!) SDP Social Democrats Defeat The Communists In Germany In 1919, Helped The British Stop Communism In Spain In 1936, And Had Agreed To Fight Communist Russia In WWII In 1941; While The Jews Supported The Republican Rebels Against The Anglo-Saxon Hapsburg King In Spain; And Were Unrepentant Marxist-Leninists & Anarchists To Their Crazy Delusional-Jewish-Souls Over Communism: The Anglo-Saxon-British Feared A Repeat Of Crazy Communism Spreading Throughout Europe By The Delusional-Marxist-Jews: Who Preached A Delusional "Class-Struggle", Free Money From Government, Paid For By "The Non-Existent Rich": Because It Was The Government Who Made The "Rich", Rich; By Giving The Rich, Satanic Monopolies: The Inferior-Race Jews Would Fail To Ever Realize That It Is The Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Race Government That Was The Most Evil Of All --Not The Imaginary "Rich"!!! The Military Success Of The Russian "Red Army" In WWII, Made The British Fear The Russian Communists And Jews Worse Than They Feared Hitler: That Is Why The Germans Were Immediately Forgiven After WWII, And The "Cold War" Began Against Their False & Foolish Ally: Russia: Who Are Very Delusional People Because Of Their Stubborn Interracial Sex With Jews And Aryans!!! But If The British Wanted The Jews Exterminated From Europe: Why Did They Sign The "Balfour Declaration" of 1917, the final version of which referred to: "the establishment in Palestine of a national "home" for the Jewish people"? (But NOT For A Jewish "State") The Jews Are An Inferior Race: They Got Fooled To This Day: By Winston Spencer Churchill!!! Although Churchill was one of the greatest supporters of the Zionist movement. And he should be acknowledged for his pioneering role in helping make real the 1917 Balfour Declaration of British support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine: Churchill's Support For Zionism, Was Deliberate Military "Real Politik" "True Genocidal" Strategy To Exterminate The Jews From Europe!!! Because Churchill spoke often of a CLICK=>"Jewish conspiracy behind the Bolshevik Revolution", and there are those who believe that his support for a Jewish state arose from a desire to prevent the Jews from meddling in the affairs of others, And From Agitating And Spreading Marxism & Communism". The Balfour Declaration In 1917, And The Creation Of A "Jewish State" In 1948; Was Churchill's Genius Response And Revenge For The Jewish Involvement In The Communist Russian Revolution, And Communist Spanish Civil War: To Genocide And "Exterminate" The Jews Once And For All: By Making Them Foolishly Self-Expel, "Self-Deport", & "Self-Exterminate", Themselves From Europe: By Their Inferior Race Stupidity Of Self Genocide --Heinrich Himmler, The Anglo-Saxon-Prussian Gestapo, The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon SDP Socialists, Adolf Hitler, The Anglo-Saxon Hapsburg Kings Of Spain, And The Anglo-Saxon British Kings: Couldn't Have Done It Better Themselves: This Is 100% Proof That Jews Are An Inferior Race --What Took Great Monarchs Millions Of Jewish Murders To Accomplish: Genius Churchill Did Without A Shot Being Fired: And The Delusional Jews Thanking Him For It!!!] On August 2nd, 1934, Puppet Hindenburg Died, And Hitler Assumed Supreme Command Of The Reichswehr, And The Title Fuhrer (Leader) Or Head-of-State; And Finally The Trappings Of Power: But Still Not Real Power, Since He Had No German-Race Army Reporting To Him Personally, His SA Were All Murdered, The British Secret Police MI6 Were In Total Control Of Germany, The Reichswehr Were An Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Army Who Had Contempt For Inferior-Race Hitler, Hindenburg Was Always A Puppet To The Socialist (SDP), The British, And To The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon Gestapo --So Hitler Had No Power At All: AND CANNOT BE BLAMED FOR THE GENOCIDE OF HIMMLER'S SS AND BRITISH MI6!!! Instead Of Hitler And The Nazis Taking Over Government, Satan And The Devil Possessed Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussians And British Had Taken Over The German-Race Nazis --Through A Weak, Foolish, Delusional, Drug-Addicted, Homosexual, Voluntarily Devil-Possessed Hitler! [Note: Stanley Is Not Condoning The Mass Murder Of Jews, Gypsies & Slavs: Instead He Is Showing That Those Murders Were Not Committed By Germans Or The Nazis, But By The Absolutely Evil Blonde-Anglo-Saxon British Aryans And The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Prussians!!! And That The Nazis And Germans Were Fighting On The Side Of God And The DAma (But With A Weak Incompetent Leader); While The British Aryans & Prussians Were Ruthlessly Fighting For The Devil And For Evil! This Is Relevant Because Stanley Wants To Bring The Blonde Anglo-Saxons To Extermination Justice In The Americas: For All The Genocide (Aboriginals) & Murders They Have Committed Worldwide!] (Click Here=> "The World At War": The Propagandistic Anglo-Saxon False Version Of The War: The Murders Have Been Blamed On The Nazis To Discredit Nazism; And Deflect Blame Off Of The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryans Who Committed The Murders!)         {BREAK}        {BREAK}     Stanley Breaks The Story At This Point, Because It Is The Point At Which WWII Is Already Lost --Irrevocably Lost-- Before It Had Even Begun! The Reason The Germans Lost WWI Was Because They Were Betrayed By The Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxon-Prussians, Who Conspired With The British Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxons To Enslave Germany And The World; But Hitler Was Insanely Re-fighting The Same War, With The Traitors Who Betrayed Germany In WWI, All In The Highest Ranks Of The German Army For WWII!!! Hitler's Delusion Was That Race Came Above Goodness, Above God --He Had Already Denied God With His Homosexuality And Drug-Addiction; He Didn't See The War As Good Versus Evil, As God Versus Satan, Or As The Supreme Power In The Universe: The Law Of DAma Versus A-DAma: But Hitler Was Obsessed With The Blond Aryan-Race; So He Saw The War As Jew Versus Aryan; Or Aryan Versus Slav. Thus He Was Racially Blind To The Satanic Evil Of The Anglo-Saxon-Prussian-Aryans: Who Were Satan Incarnate, And Would Betray Him At Every Turn! The Prussians Saw Hitler As An Inferior German-Race Puppet-Fool That They Could Control To Achieve Their Satanic Ends: The Prussian-Anglo-Saxons Had Just Lost Russia In A Slavic Revolution In 1916; They Never Accepted That Loss, And Wanted Russia Enslaved Again By Anglo-Saxon-Aryans & Satan: THE RUSSIANS BETTER BEWARE: BECAUSE THE CIA STILL DOES NOT ACCEPT THE LOSS OF RUSSIA: AND ARE CREEPING UP ON RUSSIA AGAIN, BY TAKING UKRAINE! The Prussian & British Anglo-Saxons, Saw Hitler As The Inferior German Fool Who Would Restore Anglo-Saxon-Aryan & Satan's Hegemony Over The World Again! Thus Satan Was Tolerating Hitler For Satanic Purposes: If Hitler Did Not Restore Russia: He Was Useless To Them: And They Would Assassinate Him, And Sabotage The War Against Him And Germany --Which They Did Do After Hitler Lost "The Battle Of Stalingrad"! We Had Two Sides With Diametrically Opposed Objectives Working Together: But Hitler Was The Fool: Being Used By The Prussians For Satan's Goals --Not God's! The Germans Were Supposed To Be Fighting On The Side Of God: Soon They Would Betray God: And The Nazis Would Be Doomed: For You Can't Fight Satan With Satan! Although Hitler Was Supposedly Head Of The Armed Forces, He Refused To Lead, Or The Prussians Wouldn't Let Their Puppet Lead (They Only Let Hitler Lead, After The War Was Already Lost!): Instead He Stupidly & Incompetently Left Goering And The Prussian Generals In Total Control Of The Whole German Army: And They Would Sabotage And Betray Germany, In Favor Of The British, Time And Time Again --And Let The Prussians Totally Squander The Victory For Germany!!! At First Hitler Carried Out A Brilliant War Strategy: The First Genius Stroke Of Hitler Was To Avoid Fighting On Two Fronts At All Costs: So He Signed The Molotov-Ribbentrop 1939 Treaty Between The Soviets And Germany; To Focus On The West. But On May 26th, 1940: The First Betrayal By The Prussians Came At Dunkirk: Where The Prussian Generals Deliberately Called A Halt To The German Blitzkrieg Invasion: To Allow The Trapped British Army Time To Escape With 338,000 Soldiers! If These 338,000 British Soldiers Had Been Captured Or Killed In 1940, Germany Would Easily Have Won The War! The Prussian Generals Then Cruelly Reprimanded The Brilliant Junior German Officers That Executed This "Blitzkrieg", And Had Them Demoted! The Satanic Prussians Didn't Want The Germans To Win The War! THEY WERE ALWAYS WORKING SECRETLY FOR THE BRITISH SECRET POLICE MI6, AND THE GESTAPO!!! Germany Had Divisions Of Panzer Tanks, Stuka Dive-Bombers And Infantry: Chomping At The Bit To Slaughter The British At Dunkirk: The German Tanks Waited Hours, Then Days Waiting For The Prussian Generals To Order The Crushing Of Dunkirk; Even After A Week Had Passed, The Prussians Refused To Let The Germans Take Dunkirk! The Germans Were Ordered To Do Nothing, And Let The British Escape! The Germans Also Discovered: The French Were The Most Cowardly And Disgraceful Army In WWII; They Were Using Black Mercenaries From Africa To Do Most Of Their Fighting For Them: They Were Weak, Hedonistic, Fat, Lazy, Corpulent, Depraved And Gluttonous A Race! The Minute The French Encountered Germans: They Dropped All Their Weapons And Ran Away! Thus French Generals Would Draw Up Lines Of Defense: Only To Be Told, "The Germans Had Already Crossed Those Lines, A Few Hours Ago Or A Few Minutes Ago: It Was A Total Collapse Of An "Enslaved" French Army: Which Proves That Slaves Make For Very Bad Fighters!!! The Propagandistic Talk Of The "French Resistance", Was A Total Fiction By The Allies: There Was Zero French Resistance! When The British Saw The Total Collapse Of The French Army: They Were Totally Disgusted At The French, They Too, Gave-Up The Fight, And Hastily Retreated To Dunkirk! [NOTE: The French Are Not Weak Or Cowardly Soldiers: The Reason For This Total Surrender In WWII, Is That The French Knew They Were Secretly Being Ruled By Secret-Police Of The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, Since The Defeat And Then Murder Of Napoleon (With Strychnine Poison In His Wine In St. Helena) At Waterloo In 1815: Thus They Saw The War As Uselessly Dying As Slaves For The British: And Not As A French War, The Quebecois French In Canada Did The Same Thing, They Refused "Conscription", And Burnt All The Draft Records After The War --Stanley Will Lead The French As Their King To Defeat The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans, Avenge Napoleon, And Win Independence For The French --Once And For All, In Canada And In France: But The Quebecois And French Must Adopt Sanatana DAma As Their Religion, And Must Permanently Cease Interracial Sex With Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans And With Jews!!! The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Rule France Even Today, By The Secret Police Rigging All Elections Like The Election For Dutch-Satanic-Aryan Francois Hollande, Or Emmanuel Macron: And Imposing A Police State On Frenchmen! For Example: The Charlie Hebdo And "Paris" Terrorist Acts: Were Perpetrated By The CIA, MI6 & French Secret Police: To Create Hysteria, And Murder French People!!!] The Gestapo & Military Prussian Generals Would Deliberately Sabotage Every Single Battle Between The British And The Germans; And Make Repeated Attempts To Assassinate Hitler (With Himmler's Active Collusion!) These Were The Same Prussian Generals Who Staged A Military Coup, In 1918, When Germany Was Winning The War In WWI, The Same Generals Who Deposed The Kaiser, The Same Prussians Who Formed The Weimar Republic, The Same Traitors Who Unilaterally Surrendered To Britain, Accepting Criplping Reparations: Who Hitler Was Leaving In Total Control Of His Army In WWII!!! There Was No Possible Way The Germans, Or Anyone Could Ever Win A War Under Such Prussian Treachery! The Point That Stanley Wants To Emphasize, Is That If Germany Had Captured, Killed Or Arrested The British Secret Police MI6, And The Gestapo Removed These Puppet Prussian Generals, And Replaced Them With German-Race NAZIs, Had Germany Been Allowed To Fight A Fair Fight; Had Not To Invade Russia; And Had Not To Be Betrayed And Sabotaged At Every Turn: They Would Easily Have Won The War!!! This Is A Crucial Point: Because We Have All Been Fed The Satanic Lie That The Satanic Allies Won The War: That Satan Is All-Powerful: They Did Not Win --They Were Insanely Handed The Victory By Weak Incompetent Men On The Side Of God!!! Satan Can Only Win When No Good Man Is Willing To Stand Up To Him: In The Whole-Wide-Damned-World Nobody Was Willing To Stand-Up To Satan And His Adherents: The Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: "Blondies" --Until The Coming Of Stanley!!! Hitler Planned The Invasion Of England (Called Operation "Sea-Lion") Next: But Goering, MI6, The Gestapo, And The Prussians, Sabotaged The Whole Effort: The German Navy Made Up Plans To Land An 400,000 Invasion Force On England; But They Wanted Air-Superiority Established. The Fact Is: Germany Already Had Massive Air-Superiority: Massive Land Superiority, Massive Tank Superiority, And Had Bombed The English Channel Into Submission: All They Had To Do Was Invade That Fucking Isle Of Satan, England! On a Clear Day, The British Port Of Dover Can Almost Be Seen With The Naked Eye From France, It Is So Close 34 Kilometers: A Million Wehrmacht Troops And Thousands Of Panzer Tanks, Could Have Been Landed There, Under The Cover Of Darkness, In One Night! Duplicating: Norman King, William The Conqueror's Historic Invasion Of Anglo-Saxon England, In 1066 AD, In The Battle Of Hastings! The Luftwaffe Led By Evil Traitor Goering Sabotaged Everything: (He Deliberately Rejected The Navy's Plans For Invasion Repeatedly! And Lied To Hitler That England Could Only Be Invaded In The Summer: So September 20th, 1940, Was The Artificial Deadline, Set By Satanic Lying Goering, As The Last Date For A German Invasion That Year; Or It Had To Be Postponed Till Next Spring
--To Sabotage Any Invasion Of England-- While Pressuring A Weak, Impatient, Crazy, Hitler, Into Abandoning Operation "Sea-Lion"!!!) British & Gestapo Spy Goering Wanted Hitler To Squander A Sure Victory Over England, By Wasting Hitler's Superior Military Power: BY EXPENDING IT USELESSLY IN  MURDERING CELTIC CIVILIANS! Goering Deliberately Convinced A Crazy Hitler, Into A Sabotaging, Satan-Inspired, Insane Idea That He Didn't Need The Army Or The Navy: He Satanically Wanted To Get The British To Surrender By The Luftwaffe Alone: (The Satanic Blonde-Anglo-Saxon

U.S. Army Tried This In Vietnam, And Lost As Well!!!) Killing Civilians Is Very Very Bad, Satanic, Losing Military Strategy! At First, British Airplanes Simply Avoided German Planes, To Limit Casualties, They Could Ill-Afford --As Germany Had Massive Aircraft Superiority, In Planes As Well As Better Trained Pilots. Initially The Luftwaffe Plan Was Excellent: German Bombers Would Bomb Shipping In The English Channel & London, While German Fighter Planes Would Attack British Fighter Planes At Their Own Air-Bases --Drawing Them Away From Slow German Bombers! On August 13, 1940; Germany Ordered Its Fighter Planes To Attack All British Airfields & Planes: Which Forced The RAF Fighters To Fight, To Defend: But The German Luftwaffe Were Put At A Huge Disadvantage Because German Fighters & Bombers, Only Had Fuel For 10-30 Minutes Over England; While British Planes Could Refuel And Return To The Fight Repeatedly. Yet The Luftwaffe Were Massively Winning This War Of Attrition; But Were Frazzled: They Told Goering That They Couldn't Force Britain To Surrender By Air Alone: They "Begged Him To Bring In "Operation Sea-Lion" With The Army & Navy As Well". From Aug. - September, 1940: The British "Fighter Command" Were Losing 500 Fighter-Planes Every Two Weeks, And Were On The Verge Of Total Collapse: GERMANY NOW HAD 100% AIR SUPERIORITY: NOW WAS THE TIME TO INVADE SATANIC ENGLAND UNDER "OPERATION SEA-LION"!!!

 INSTEAD: EVIL SATANIC TRAITOR Goering & The Prussian Generals Suddenly On Sept. 7th, 1940: Suicidally & Traitorously Called Off Attacking The Airfields; And Instead Ordered All Luftwaffe Fighters & Bombers To Make A Suicidal Daylight Bombing Raid Over London: A Stuka Dive-Bomber, A Heinkel 111, A Junkers 88, And The Dornier Do 17, Were All Slow-Moving Bombers And No Match For British Fighter Planes: The Hurricane And The Spitfire; This Was A Sabotage Of The German Army & The Luftwaffe!!! This Suicidal Satanic Change In Tactics Allowed The RAF Time To Regroup: On Sept. 15th, 1940; In The 'Battle of Britain' British Fighters Shot Down 56 Of The German Mostly Heinkel, Dornier, Junkers, & Stuka Dive-Bombers In A Slaughter, And Won An Air-Fight, For The First Time In The War --But This Was Not A Heroic Or Decisive Turning Point In The War As The Allies Have Lied To You; This Was A Sabotage By The Gestapo & Prussian Generals: A Slaughter, A Turkey Shoot, A Betrayal Of Germany By The Satanic Prussians And Evil Goering! THE TRUTH IS THAT THIS DATE: SEPTEMBER 15th 1940; IS THE DATE OF A HISTORIC MILITARY BLUNDER BY CRAZY HITLER: HITLER THREW AWAY A SURE VICTORY AND EMBRACED SATAN, DEVIL-POSSESSION AND BETRAYED GOD: BY CRAZILY ABANDONING OPERATION "SEA-LION" ON THIS DATE: WHILE ENJOYING 100% AIR SUPERIORITY, 100% GROUND SUPERIORITY, 100% TANK SUPERIORITY: THE ENGLISH CHANNEL HAD BEEN BOMBED TO SMITHEREENS: THERE WOULD BE ZERO RESISTANCE TO AN INVASION --AND A SURE VICTORY OVER BRITAIN --THIS WAS THE REAL REASON THE BRITISH CONSIDER THIS DATE THE TURNING POINT IN THE WAR: HITLER'S CRAZINESS: GOERING'S AND THE PRUSSIAN'S: BETRAYAL!! HITLER THREW AWAY A SURE VICTORY THAT GERMANY HAD DREAMED OF SINCE THEIR SATANIC DEFEAT IN WWI (1918:) WHEN THE PRUSSIAN GENERALS AND THE BRITISH SECRET POLICE MI6, STAGED A MILITARY COUP AGAINST THE KAISER TO ROB GERMANY OF ITS VICTORY: WHEN GERMANY WAS WINNING THE WAR --THIS WAS A BETRAYAL OF GOD AND A WORSHIP OF SATAN --WHEN SATAN WAS ON THE VERGE OF DEFEAT!!! The Proof That This Was Not A Victory For The British, But Is A Lie, Was That In The More Meaningful Fighter-Plane Battle Determining The Outcome Of The War: The Strategic Fighter Planes Battle: The Luftwaffe Fighter Planes The Messerschmitts: BF-109 & BF-110; Shot-Down More British Fighter Planes: The Hurricanes And The Spitfires; By A Rate Of 3:2, 34 British Fighters Were Shot Down, To Only 23 German Fighter Planes, The Difference Was The 33 (Strategically Unimportant To An Invasion), German Bombers That Were Shot Down: In The Battle Of Britain!! So Germany Still Won The More Strategic Fighter Plane Victory In The Battle Of Britain!!! In Fact The 33 German Bomber Planes Should Never Have Been Used In A Daytime Raid Anyway: When Germany Was Dramatically Winning The War Among Fighter Planes: To The Point Of The Almost Total Collapse Of The British Fighter Command --This Was Deliberate Sabotage And Betrayal Of Germany By The Prussian Generals And The British Secret Police Who Secretly Ruled Germany: In Favor Of A Losing Satanic, Evil Britain! [Note: The Prussian Generals Would Repeatedly Murder And Destroy The German Army: On Instructions From The British: For Example The Position Of The Warship "The Bismarck" Was Revealed By The Prussian Generals And Gestapo, To Britain, To Sink It With Bombings By British Planes; And Was A Very Traitorous Act: Because The British Were Heavily Demoralized By Their Naval Losses To The German Warship "Bismark"! So Too The Prussian Generals Deliberately Sabotaged And Murdered The German U-Boat Navy: Because They Were Causing Heavy British Casualties: EVEN THE FEW VICTORIES THAT GERMANY HAD IN WWII WERE ALWAYS BEING SABOTAGED BY MI6 AND THE GESTAPO!!!] There Would Be No More Evil, Sabotaging Daylight Bombings: But Hitler Refused To Resume The Fighter Planes Attack: Crazy Hitler Would Now Crazily Decide To Call-Off "Operation Sea-Lion", And Focus On Invading Russia: While Germany Was Still At War With Britain: Instead Of Conquering A Defeated Britain. (RUSSIA HAD DONE NO WRONG TO GERMANY, AND INSTEAD HAD HELPED THEM TO POTENTIALLY WIN THE WAR IN 1918 BY OVERTHROWING THE CZAR, WHO WAS A PUPPET OF THE BRITISH; RUSSIA WAS SUPPLYING GERMANY WITH FOOD AND FUEL IN WWII: RASPUTIN, THE TRUE KING OF RUSSIA (TTKoR) HAD SACRIFICED HIS LIFE: (HE WAS MURDERED BY THE BRITISH SECRET SERVICE IN 1916): SO THAT GERMANY COULD WIN THE WAR AGAINST SATANIC BRITAIN!!! Hitler's Abandoning "Operation Sea-Lion" Was A Historic Military Blunder: AN ACT OF MENTALLY-ILL INSANITY: This Is Why The British Have Lied To Us That The "Battle Of Britain" Sept. 15, 1940; Was A Turning Point In The War: It Was, But Not For The Satanic British Lying Reasons Of 33 Useless Bombers Being Shot Down: It Was Because Hitler Had Crazily Thrown Away A Sure Victory Over The Satanic Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryans On This Date: Sept. 15, 1940; By Secretly Giving-In To The Prussian Generals, The Gestapo, And Abandoning "Operation Sea-Lion", For A Totally Insane Russian Invasion: HITLER WAS CRAZY: HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN COMMITTED TO AN INSANE ASYLUM BY THE BRITISH ON THE NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES: TO ALLOW THIS CRAZY MADMAN TO RULE WAS ABSOLUTE SATANIC EVIL: CAUSING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE TO DIE IN A USELESS POINTLESS CRAZY WAR --THAT STANLEY THE KING HAS TO NOW CORRECT!!! That Is The Real Reason Why Sept. 15, 1940: Was A Turning Point In The War!!! From Sept. 15th, 1940; Onwards The War Is Already Lost: Because Without Invading A Defeated Britain: Crazy Hitler & Germany Were Abandoning God: And Were Fighting For Satan: Yet It Was God That Was Supporting Them --Now Germany Was Doomed AND SATAN WOULD GAIN TOTAL CONTROL OF THE EARTH FOR THE NEXT 80 YEARS --UNTIL THE COMING OF STANLEY PANDURANGA XVI!!! Germany Would Still Be Winning The Now Lost War, With Daily (But Strategically Stupid Satanic Civilian Casualties Of Goering's Luftwaffe!) Nighttime Bombings: The "Blitz" Was On: 40,000 Britons Would Be Killed Or Wounded, In These Relentless Raids, Leaving 100,000's Of British Homeless. On May 10th, 1941; On The Last Day Of The "Blitz": 3,000 Civilians Would Still Be Killed Or Wounded In London, To Force Churchill To Sign Virtual Surrender Papers With Rudolph Hess: But Hitler & Goering Were Betraying Germany: Killing Civilians Senselessly Was A Deliberate Satanic Losing Strategy By The Gestapo & Prussian Generals: Who Fooled Crazy Hitler Into Destroying His Military Advantage, His Army's Superiority, His Assured Victory (If He Had Invaded From Denmark) And Throwing Away A Sure Victory Over The Satanic Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans! It Was Like Winning A Championship Game 99-1, And Then Saying: "Lets Call It A Draw"! Also On This Date, Not By Coincidence: On May 10th, 1941: The Prussian Generals & Gestapo Fooled Hitler Into Sending Rudolf Hess, Flying A Messerschmidttt BF-210 Fighter Plane, Parachuting Into Scotland To Sign A "Secret" Peace Agreement With Britain: (In Which Churchill Promised Not To Open A Second Front In Europe, And To Surrender, If Germany Attacks Russia Instead, And Defeats It!) Which Was Not Only A Betrayal Of The German Army And Its People: It Was A Betrayal Of God, A Betrayal Of Russia! Britain Was Totally Defeated: Yet The Bastard Hitler Wouldn't Send In His Troops: In A Devil-Possessed Mercy For Satan: HITLER HAD NOW DOOMED GERMANY INTO FIGHTING ON TWO-FRONTS --ONCE-AGAIN-- WHEN TTKoR GRIGORI RASPUTIN, HAD SACRIFICED HIS LIFE TO PREVENT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN!!! When You See A Wounded Lion, You Kill The Fucker, Don't Let It Recover! Don't Make Deals With The Devil When You Can Have It All! CERTIFIABLY CRAZY Hitler Then Told His Generals That The War With Britain And The "Blitz" Of London, Was A Hoax All Along: Crazy Hitler Said That Operation "Sea-Lion" Was Also A Hoax, They Never Intended On Invading England, "Sea-Lion" Was Simply Used To Scare The British, To Get Britain To Agree To Sign A Useless Peace Treaty: He Was Using All Of This As Camouflage, Just To Make A Deal With Britain, In Order To Invade Russia --Russia Was The Target All Along-- The Treaty He Made With Russia Was An Evil Treacherous Lie From The Beginning: That Would Make The Russians Never Trust The Germans Or Aryans Ever Again!! On June 22nd, 1941; Hitler Treacherously Invaded Russia, In "Operation Barbarossa", After Having Made A "Non-Aggression" Pact With Them! It Was Now That Goering Needed To Restrain Hitler's Invasion Impatience: For Germany Was Rushing Into A Harsh, Bitterly Cold, Russian Winter: That Would Cost Millions Of German Soldiers Their Lives!!! [Note: Why Did Churchill "Surrender" To Germany, After Repeatedly Making Propaganda Speeches That, "We Will Never Surrender, We Will Fight Them On The Beaches"? Two Weeks Before He Surrendered On May 10th, 1941; Churchill Visited The Site Of A One Day Previous, Nighttime Luftwaffe Bombing Blitz Of London, And Spoke To The Cockney People Who Inhabit London. They Were Openly Hostile To Churchill, Had Zero Respect For Him, Despite Him Being The PM, The Daily Propaganda And His Stupid "Bravery" And "Courage" Speeches!!The Cockney Hate The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: They Have Murderously Hated Them For 1,500 Years: Ever Since The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Murdered Celtic King Arthur Of CAMELOT: They Did Not Want To Die For Blondies!!! They Angrily Told Him: He Was To Blame For Their Deaths With His Tough-Talking Speeches; They Told Him He Must Surrender Or Sign A Peace Treaty With Germany! Churchill Knew If The War Continued The British-Celts Would Revolt And Overthrow Blondie-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans By Force --That Is Why He Surrendered To The Germans --Because The British Secret Police MI6 Were Already Ruling Germany: They Didn't Need To Win Militarily!!! Also On This Date May 10th, 1941; (Not By Coincidence) The Mighty ("Invasion Force" Of 400,000 Troops, But Potentially Could Grow Up To Ten Million Strong, If Needed!) German Wehrmacht: Who Were Poised On The Pas-de-Calais Region, On The Coast Of France, To Invade England, At The Port Of Dover, (Only 34 Kilometers Away) Using 2,400 Motorized River-Barges, Or Tug-Boat Powered River-Barges, (That Could Deliver Panzer Tanks As Well As Thousands Of Troops, Within Two Hours, To Invade England, As Per "Operation Sea-Lion"): Abruptly Turned Around en masse And Headed For Russia! Proving That A "Deal" Had Been Signed, Or It Would Leave Germany Susceptible To An Attack On Two Fronts: Which Hitler Vowed He Would Never Let Happen Again!] Make No Mistake About The British Deal: Britain Had Surrendered To Germany --Britain Was Militarily Defeated --But Their Secret Police MI6 Were Ruling Germany Through Their Gestapo And SS Death Camps! But In Order To Keep It Secret From The Russians (In Case Germany Loses The War) It Was Not Declared! And Britain Would Honor The "Deal" Until The Very End. (Later Gen. D. Eisenhower Forced A Reluctant Britain, To Invade France On June 6th, 1944, Only Because He Was Afraid Russia Would Takeover All Of Europe If The U.S. Didn't Invade, And Germany Collapsed. But The "Western-Front" Was Always A "Phony Front", Without Real Fighting: All The Fighting In WWII Was Done By The Russians & The Japanese! The Allies Were Not Heroes: THEY WERE SATANIC DEVIL-POSSESSED COWARDS: WHO WORSHIPED SATAN AND RAN ALL OF GERMANY'S DEATH CAMPS!!!) After The War: Poor Rudolph Hess Was Kept In Spandau Prison By Britain, Until He Was Murdered By Them (MI6) In 1987; Because They Couldn't Let The Russians Ever Know Of Their Betrayal, And Collusion With Hitler! But The Clamour To Release Hess Was Growing, So MI6 Strangled Poor Hess With An Electric Cord In His Jail Cell! This "Deal With The Devil" Was A Bitter, Bitter Betrayal Of The D'Almeida Family: Who Had Supported Germany In The War (WWI & WWII): While Hitler Had Turned To Satan: Because Britain And The Blonde Anglo-Saxon Aryans Were Satan Incarnate, Absolutely Evil People!!! Had Hitler Invaded England, And Then Invaded Russia; He Still Would Have Won The War: What The Prussians Convinced Him To Do Was Strategically Stupid, Evil Suicidal Worship Of Satan (Anglo-Saxons) With No Upside For Germany! The Reason For Hitler's Betrayal Was His Delusional Race Theories: Hitler Was Falsely Impressed With The British Empire (Not Understanding That It Was Obtained By Devil Possession, Satanism And Genocide Of Hindus --Not Honorably); Thus His Race Delusions Made Him Want To Ally With Fellow Aryans, Rather Than The Slavs! Hitler Was Obsessed With The Uber-Blonde, Blue-Eyed, Slimmer, Anglo-Saxon Body As The Ideal; And Put This Phenotype In Charge Of The Murderous SS And The Concentration Camps: Not Understanding That These People Are Absolute-Evil, Devil-Possessed Satan-Worshipers! Hitler Was Right About The Jews & Blacks Being InferiorBut The Slavs Were Not! In Fact The Slavs Were Part Of The Eastern Human Race: They Were Superior To The Aryans --Not Inferior, As Hitler Would Soon Find Out! Wars Are Ultimately Won By God's Support, Not Satan's! Hitler Had Mocked God (Believing The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Delusion, That Satan Was More Powerful Than God!) And Made A Deal With The Devil (Satan Worshiping Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans); While Stalin (Who Was No Angel, Communistic, And An Atheist) Did What The Tsars Had Done In Times Of War For Thousands Of Years: He Turned To The Russian Orthodox Church For Help, Released All Clergy From The Gulags, Restored Their Churches, And Power: And Got God On The Side Of Russia: Hitler & Germany Were Now Doomed!!! This Proves That Stalin Was No Communist: Because Communists Don't Believe In God Or Religion --They Believe In Satan Like The Jews! Had Hitler Made The War About The Evil Of Communism, He Would Have Won; Instead He Stated That The Slavs Are An Inferior Race, And Germans Would Take Away Their Land From Them, Give It To The Germans, And Make The Slavs Into Slaves! Even The Satanic Prussians Were Never So Disrespectful! Hitler's Delusional Race Theories Regarding Russians Was Probably Because Of His Inferiority Complex: Hitler Had Mongoloid Eyes As A Baby: His Put-Down Of Russians, Was To Distance Himself From Asiatics; But Most Russians Are Not Asiatics --Although It Was The Asiatic Soldiers: Mongols & Tartars; That Were The Decisive Factor In Defeating The Germans! This Crazy, Delusional Race Worship Of Satan (Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans): Caused The Constantly Feuding Russians To Unite, In A Nationalistic, Patriotic War Of Their Own --To Defeat Germany For The Hated Communists --For The Survival Of Their Race And For Mother Russia! The Turning Point In The War Against Russia, Was "The Battle Of Stalingrad": Germany Lost Because Of Goering's Satanic, Evil, Strategically And Militarily Stupid Bombings Of Civilians --That Also Lost Germany An Easy Defeat Of Britain A Year Before; And These Luftwaffe Bombings Would Cost Germany, By Their Decisive Defeat At Stalingrad; But Germany Also Lost Primarily Because The Satanic Prussian Generals Betrayed Germany Yet Again: Commander Of The 6th Army: Prussian General Friedrich Paulus; Was Ordered By Hitler To Fight To The Death, And Not Surrender! Paulus, Like All Prussians, Had Absolutely No Respect For Hitler, And Promptly Surrendered With Over A Million Men On 31st January, 1943: While Facing An Equal Sized Russian Army Of ~One Million Men! Paulus Asked The Russians To Keep Him Away From The Germans, Paulus Was More Afraid Of His Own Men Killing Him For Betrayal, Than The Russians! Of The Million Germans Who Surrendered, Only 5,000 Germans Survived The War: So They Would Have Been Better Off, Fighting To The Death, As Hitler Had Commanded! The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Prussians Were Cowards And Murderers Of Civilians In Concentration Camps: They Couldn't Fight! By Murdering His SA Commanders: Hitler Was Left With A Bunch Of Traitorous Satanic Uber-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Cowards. Hitler Was So Deluded With Blondness, He Wouldn't See How The Prussian Generals Betrayed Him, Again And Again: Until He Caught Them Attempting To Assassinate Him On July 20th, 1944; When Traitor Claus von Stauffenberg Laid A Briefcase-Bomb Beside Hitler: On This Day Joseph Goebbels Proved Himself The Most Loyal Of All The Nazis: By Convincing The Commanding Officer That Hitler Was Still Alive; And Getting All The Prussian Generals Executed --But It Was Too Late, The War Was Lost!!! (Actually The Prussian Generals And Himmler Had Made Repeated Attempts To Assassinate Hitler All Through WWII, On Orders From The British, But Failed; But Were Never Caught Because Himmler Was In Charge Of Security --And Himmler Was A Traitor And Spy For The British MI6 And The Gestapo) Instead Of The German-Aryan Race SA, The Anglo-Saxon Prussian Generals, Gestapo And MI6; Should Have Been Slaughtered --As Stanley Will Do In His Revolution! The Genesis Of Hitler's Satanic Betrayal Of Germany Started Right At The Beginning: He Was An Authority Worshiping, Non-Revolutionary, Weak Man, Homosexual, Mentally-Ill, Devil-Possessed, Never A Leader. He Joined The Nazi-DAP Party As A Traitor-Spy For The Satanic Prussian Secret-Police (For The Reichswehr And For The GESTAPO); Hitler Then Ousted The True Leader And Founder Of The Nazi Party, Anton Drexler, In 1921, When Drexler Wanted To Take The Party On A More Socialist-Communist Course; The Reason For His Anti-Communism, Was He Was Being Indoctrinated By "White-Russian" Exiles, Or Ethnic-Prussians Who Wanted Hitler To Overturn The Russian Revolution, And Restore Russians To Them As Slaves. Hitler Knew That The Prussians Hated & Murdered The Communists; And His Hate Speeches Against Communism Would Gain Him "Brownie Points" With Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Prussians! (This Is How "Rats" Think: He Never Thought Of Fighting The Prussians) Hitler's Main Rivals For Leadership Of The Nazi Party Were The Strasser Brothers: Gregor & Otto; Hitler Managed To Oust Them With The Help Of The Prussian Secret Police (In The Reichswehr And The Gestapo); Because They Were More Revolutionary & Communistic; While Hitler Appeased The Prussians By His Russia Hating Vitriol. Hitler Murdered Gregor Strasser, Roehm & Gen. von Schleicher On "The Night Of The Long Knives", On The Orders Of The Prussian-Gestapo, Because They Were Steering The Nazi Party In A "Sane"Direction! Ultimately Hitler Had No Real Power, He Was A Puppet Of The British Secret Police MI6, After He Betrayed The SA, He Became A Creation Of The Anglo-Saxon Prussians & Anglo-Saxon-Aryan British: Who Rigged Hitler's Ascension Within The Nazi Party, Murdered Hitler's Rivals, Rigged Elections, Controlled Hitler And The Nazi Party, Got Him To Invade Russia: And Must Take The Blame For All The Mass Murders That Were Committed By Germany During That Time: They Cannot Just Blame It On Hitler!!! What The World Has Failed To Realize Is That Hitler Came To Power Via The "Democratic" Process Being Rigged By MI6: He Failed To Use His German-Aryan Race SA Paramilitary Troops To Gain Power: Thus The Devil-Possessed Anglo-Saxon-Aryan British And Prussians Were In Full Control Of Hitler And What He Did: He Was Their Trained Puppet From The StartIt Was The Anglo-Saxons The Uber-Blondes Who Composed The SS, And Ran All The ConcentrationOr Death Camps Under Himmler, Who Murdered The Jewish People In The Concentration Camps --And Then The British And Himmler, Blamed It All On Hitler! Hitler Had Nobody From The Old Nazi Party In A Position Of Power: THEY HAD ALL BEEN MURDERED. Had The British Secret Police, The Prussian Reichswehr Or Prussian Gestapo Wished To Stop Him Or Remove Him, They Could Do It At Any Time. What They Made Him Do To Gain Power: Betray, Spy-On And Murder His Fellow Party Supporters: Ensured He Was Morally Weak, Evil And Devil-Possessed Like They Were; Before He Was Given Any Power!!! {An Aside: This Is Why All Socialists And Socialist-Nigger Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, And Now President Donald Trump Are All "Hitlers", Dual Personalities, Insanely Mentally-Ill And Psychopaths: Obama Murdered All His Choirboy Homosexual Lovers (Donald Young, Larry Bland, Nate Spencer) From His Trinity United Church, Denounced His Mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Was A Cocaine Addict, Personally Ordered The Murders Of Hundreds Of Civilians In Pakistan, Via Drone Strikes, Destroyed The American Economy, Rammed Obamacare, Stimulus, Quantitative Easing Or Printing Money, Bailouts Of Investment Banks & Auto Unions, Massive Debt, Deficits & Inflation; & Homosexuality: All  Down Our Throats; Is A Nigger Puppet Of The Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System, And The British Monarch: And Receives Massive Adulation And Cheering Nigger Crowds --Like Hitler Did!!! So Too Like Hitler, Bill Clinton And Obama: Donald Trump Is a Democrat, A Pathological Liar, Who Lied, Lied And Lied, That He Was A Republican! WHAT NO-ONE HAS FIGURED OUT, IS THAT: In May 2015: Democrat Trump Was Temporarily Leading In The GOP Polls, From All His Convincing Lies; So Although Hillary Clinton Was Leading By Double-Digits In All Election Polls: Bill Clinton Thought It Would Be Great Idea To Make-Up "An Insurance Policy", To Ensure A Hillary Win!!! If He Could Sabotage The Republican Party, By Installing A Crazy, Psychopathic, Insane Trump As Leader Of The GOP, And Bribe Him To Throw The 2016 Election To Hillary Clinton, This Was The "Insurance Policy" That The FBI's Peter Strzok & Lisa Page, Were Referring To In Their Leaked E-Mails: That Donald Trump Was A Democrat That Would Not Prosecute Hillary Clinton, Obama's DOJ, And The FBI For Obstruction Of Justice By Being Too Soft On Prosecuting Hillary --Trump Was "This Insurance Policy" If Hillary Somehow Lost The Massively Rigged Election!!! So Trump Accepted A $100 Million Bribe From Democrat Bill Clinton And His PAC's In May 2015: To Run For The GOP Nomination, And Then Sabotage The Republicans, By Either Throwing The Election To Hillary Clinton, Or Running A Third Party Campaign --Even After Signing A Pledge To The GOP Not To Do So! Bill Clinton Knew That Trump Is Mentally Incompetent: He Has Run His Companies Into Five Bankruptcies: He Is Broke: That's Why He Won't Show Us His Tax Returns: So Trump Jumped At The Chance Of Clinton's $100 Million Bribe: BUT TRUMP NEVER INTENDED ON BECOMING PRESIDENT: HE WANTED HILLARY TO WIN!!! Trump Deliberately Spewed Racist Hatred Against All Latinos, Attacked Women, Made Crazy, Racist Tweets Daily, And Racistly Attacked All Immigrants, (The Latinos Are A Vital Constituency For The GOP Party: Ronald Reagan (1984) & G.W. Bush (2004) Won Landslides After Promising The Latino Illegals "Amnesty"). Because The Satanic, Evil, Niggers And Jews, Do Not Vote Republican, To Allow Satan, And Democrats To Win: Because They Are An Inferior Race Of Satanic Chimpanzees!! This Skews The Elections Towards Democrats, Because Human-Being Races, Are Not So Well Organized, In Favoring One Particular Satan's Party (Democrats!) The Satanic Jews Are Not Capable Of Being Right-Wing Or Republican Because They Are An Inferior Ape-Race --Not Everyone Can Understand Reagan's Conservatism: Only The Superior Races Can!! Niggers And Jews Should Never Have Been Given The Right To Vote: Our Founding Fathers Were Right: Niggers & Jews Should Only Be Slaves! Niggers And Jews Both Originated As Slaves: And Must Be Returned To Slavery Once Again: Because We Gave Them Evil, False Equality For Inferior, Unequal, Undeserving Races: While They Simply Paid Us Back, By Becoming Willing Slaves Of Satan! With All This False Equality And Tried To Murder And Genocide Human-Beings And Latinos --Never Again Must Niggers & Jews Be Allowed Equality!!!) Trump Did Not Run A Presidential Campaign: He Tried His Best To Throw The 2016 Election To Hillary: Trump Had No Campaign Workers, Trump Let Hillary Clinton Outspend Him By ~$4 Billion Dollars, Trump Refused To Run Any Campaign Ads Against Hillary, Trump Refused Support From PAC's, Trump Refused Support From Fellow Republicans, Trump Attacked Susana Martinez, A Latina Governor Of New Mexico, That Would Ensure The Latino Vote: By Lying That She Was Bad For Jobs! Trump Also Attacked Carly Fiorina: Who Would Help With The Women's Vote: Calling Her The Ugliest Woman In America --"Who Would Want Her"? Trump Constantly Attacked Fellow Republicans, But Rarely Attacked Hillary Clinton; Trump Refused Large Donations From Corporations, Trump Refused To Spend A Cent Of His Own Money For His Own Presidential Campaign; Trump, An Inveterate Liar, Inexplicably Admitted To Sexually Assaulting Tens Of Women When The "Access Hollywood" Video Was Deliberately Released By NBC, Just Weeks Before The Election: In Order To Throw The Election To Hillary; Trump Disappeared From His Own Campaign, Two Days Before The Election Giving Hillary Free Rein To Campaign: Uncontested: Which Trump Had Criticized Romney For Doing In 2012!! Trump Did All This: In Order To Lose To The Democrats, To Lose To Hillary!!! For Trump And The Clintons To Try And Destroy The Republican Party By Lies And Sabotage: Is Psychopathic: Is Satanic, Is Absolute Evil: And Disenfranchises The American People --Who Were Being Deprived Of A Right-Wing Choice For President!!! But Stanley Won The Election For The GOP In Spite Of Trump And Clinton: By Killing And Killing Cops, Until They Cried "Uncle", And Stopped Rigging The Election For Hillary Clinton: Allowing Trump To Win In Spite Of His Treacherous Attempt To Lose: And To Betray All Republicans And Betray Conservatism!!! [Note: This Is What Hitler Should Have Done In 1934: On The Night Of The Long Knives: If Hitler Had Used His SA To Arrest And Kill All The: British Secret Police (MI6), The Gestapo, The SDP, And The Reichswehr; And Take Power By Force! Instead Of Murdering His Entire SA Commanders: Germany Would Have Easily Won WWII, And Hitler Would Have Become King!!!] This Proves That Were It Not For The Blondie Police Rigging The Election, Polls, And The Media For The Democrats In The U.S.: The Republicans Would Be Seen To Be Much More Popular In The Polls, Than The Democrats: If The Devil-Possessed Police And Media Were Not Constantly Rigging The Polls, The Elections And The Liberal Media In Favor Of The Satanic Democrats: THE REPUBLICANS WOULD BECOME THE PERMANENT GOVERNING PARTY OF THE U.S. --The Democrats Are An Intrinsically Very Unpopular Party Of Niggers & Jews: That Is Being Rigged Into Office By Rigged Elections By The Secret Police!!! Eye-Witnesses to Trump's 2016 Election Win: Michael Wolff (Author Of "Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House"), And Michael Cohen (Trump's Own Personal Lawyer) Swear That Trump Did Not Want To Win The 2016 Election: And Was Crying That Hillary Lost: Like Most Democrats Were Doing At The Time!!! Trump's First Act As President-Elect, Was To Immediately Apologize To Hillary For Failing To Honor The $100 Million Dollar Bribe, To Throw The Election To Hillary, That Bill Clinton Gave Him!!! THIS WAS A STANLEY THE KING OF NORTH AMERICA'S: MIRACLE: NOT TRUMP'S: WHO IS A TOTALLY CRAZY, EVIL, UNSCRUPULOUS DEMOCRAT: THAT PROVED IT BY QUICKLY DROPPING THE OBAMA DOJ's PROSECUTION OF HILLARY --BREAKING HIS ELECTION CAMPAIGN PROMISE TO "LOCK HER UP"!!! Donald Trump Is Of German Descent, And Is A Classic Case Study Of What Hitler Was Really Like: Trump Is A Bisexual, Who Was Sodomized By His Homosexual Elder Brother "Freddy"; (Who Crazy Trump Adores And Praises Daily!) Like Homosexual Hitler, Sodomized His Younger Brother Edmund; When Their Respective Brothers Died, Both Trump And Hitler Became Possessed By The Spirits Of Their Dead Brothers, Which Turned Them Into Mentally-Ill"Dual Personalities", [So Too, Both Nigger-Obama And Bill Clinton: Became Possessed By The Spirits Of Their Dead Fathers, Who Both Died Suddenly In Car Accidents: When They Were Boys, And They Too Both Became Mentally-Ill Dual Personalities, Drug Addicts And Crazy!!!] And Thus All Our Last Three Democrat Presidents Were Crazy, Weak, Drug-Addicted, Leftist, Adulterous, Certifiably Mentally-Ill People That Can Be Easily Manipulated By Their Satanic Leftist-Democrat Jewish Advisers And The CIA/MI6 Secret Police To Genocide Latinos And Create Massive Debt And Inflation. What We Must Remember Was That Hitler Was A Crazy, Drug-Addicted Puppet Of The British Secret Police MI6, Who Were Really Ruling Germany In WWII: Who Conned A Crazy, Insane Hitler Into Invading His Russian Ally And Sparing Satanic Britain, While Britain Had Declared War On Germany In WWI & WWII --Russia Did Not!!! Just Like Hitler, Bill Clinton And Obama, Trump Is A Crazy, Drug-Addicted Puppet Being Told By The Anglo-Saxon-Secret-Police Blondie-Aryan System And Evil, Satanic Jews To Genocide Illegal Latinos In Order To Destroy The Republican Party, So As To 

Lose To The Democrats: TRUMP IS CRAZY LIKE HITLER WAS: TRUMP THREW AWAY THE HARD-EARNED GOP's HOUSE MAJORITY BY MAKING RACIST RANTS AGAINST THE LATINOS DURING THE 2018 MID-TERMS --LOSING 42 CONGRESSIONAL SEATS: IS TOTALLY CRAZY, STILL NOT LEARNING, BY STILL MAKING RACIST RANTS AGAINST LATINOS; AND BELONGS IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION --THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY!!! Obama Lost 63 House Seats, And 6 Senate Seats In The 2010 Midterms; But Nigger Obama Had Destroyed The Economy With: Obamacare, Massive Debt, Bailouts, Stimulus, And Q.E.'s Or Printing Money! While Trump Had Improved The Economy, Had Cut Taxes, And Cut Spending --But Only Lost 42 House Seats Because Of His Crazy Racism Against Latinos!!! TRUMP TILL TODAY 2019! HAS REFUSED TO USE HIS DOJ TO PROSECUTE HILLARY CLINTON FOR DELETING 33,000 CLASSIFIED E-MAILS AND MASSIVE CORRUPTION THRU HER CLINTON FOUNDATION, And ENDOWMENT --PROVING: HE IS A DEMOCRAT, AND THAT BILL CLINTON PAID HIM $100 MILLION DOLLARS TO THROW THE 2016 ELECTION TO HILLARY --DEPRIVING REPUBLICAN AMERICANS OF A RIGHT-WING CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT!!! Trump Is A National Socialist Or NAZI, A German-Communist-Socialist, Just Like Hitler Was: His High Tariffs Policies Is Socialism For Americans, At The Expense Of Free Trade With Other Countries --Which Is A Leftist-Unionist Policy Of Protectionism Against All Competition And Is Economic Craziness: THAT STARTED THE GREAT DEPRESSION OF 1929! Trump's High Deficits, High Spending, Failed Stimulus, Failed Infrastructure, Massive Debt: Are Failed Policies Of Nigger-Obama Who Had Already Destroyed Our Economy: And Are Democrat Policies --Not Republican; And Thus Trump Is Anti-Conservative And Leftist Or Satanic; The CIA And British Secret Police Have Made Their Crazy, Puppet, Trump, To Switch His Genocidal Policies Against The Latinos, From The Jews Of WWII Germany --But It Was CIA/MI6 Ruling Both Trump, Bill Clinton, Obama And Hitler, As Anti-Christ Puppets! In Fact It Is The Shameless, Murderous, Genocidal Leftist Democrat-Jews Or Kikes (Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, Steve Mnuchin, AAG Rod Rosenstein, IG Michael Horowitz, & Ivanka Trump) As Trump's Kike Advisers, Who Are The Most Racist, Murderous And Genocidal Against Latinos And Latino Children --NOT REPUBLICANS LIKE JEB BUSH!!! Trump's Genocide Against Latinos Is Deliberate, (Not Racist!) Intended To Sabotage And Destroy The Only Right-Wing Party In America: The Republicans: And To Allow The Satanic, Leftist Democrats To Win --By Squandering Latino Votes Through Murderous, Genocidal, Racist Policies!!! Proving That The Jews Who Advise Trump Are As Morally Corrupt, Murderers, Genocidal And Evil As The Blond-Blue-Eyed-Anglo-Saxons That Murdered And Genocided Them In WWII --Shameless, Lowlife, Satanic, Kike, Jews: That Worship Satan!! THE LATINOS MUST ACCEPT THAT IT IS THE SATANIC JEWS, DEMOCRATS, AND THE BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-SECRET-POLICE THAT USED A CRAZY, MENTALLY-ILL TRUMP, CLINTON, OBAMA VIA RIGGED ELECTIONS, POLLS, & THE MEDIA; TO COMMIT GENOCIDE AGAINST THE LATINOS --AND NOT THE RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN PARTY --SOCIALISM IS 100% SATANISM --WHILE THE FREE MARKET, FREE ENTERPRISE, BALANCED-BUDGETS, OR REAGAN CONSERVATISM IS 100% FREEDOM: AS IS THE ETERNAL LAW OF DAma!!! Remember It Is The Secret Police CIA/MI6, Not Hitler, Clinton, Obama Or Trump, That Are Ruling THE U.S. AND GERMANY, By Using Hitler, Clinton, Obama, The Jews & Trump As Puppets To Destroy The NAZIS, And To Destroy The Republican Parties Respectively!!! Since Trump's Character Is Identical To Hitler's We Can Also Prove That Hitler Did Not Murder Any Jews In WWII, It Was Britain's MI6: Trump's Daughter Is A Skanky Whore, Leftist Jewess, His Son-In-Law Is Also A Leftist Jew, Most Trump Advisers Are Evil, Genocidal, Leftist Democrat Kikes, Or Jews: So If Hitler Was Anything Like Trump: Hitler Was An Evil Lefty; But That Did Not Mass Murder The Jews --THE BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYAN MI6, SS AND GESTAPO DID!!! TRUMP'S GREATEST CRIME IS THAT HE IS A PSYCHOPATH LEFTIST: SOCIALISM IS EVIL SATANISM: TRUMP CONSPIRED WITH THE EVIL JEWS AND BLONDIES TO PSYCHOPATHICALLY TRY TO DESTROY THE RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN PARTY: WHOSE REAGAN POLICIES: ARE THE ONLY PATH TO FREEDOM AND REVOLUTION: THE SATANIC SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS ARE THE PATH TO SLAVERY HELL AND SATANISM: THAT IS WHY WE MUST PUNISH THE NIGGERS, KIKES AND JEWS HARSHLY: FOR SUPPORTING SATANISM THRU SOCIALISM: NIGGERS MUST BE RETURNED TO SLAVERY: BECAUSE THEY WERE NEVER EQUAL: THEY WERE LITTLE MORE THAN CHIMPANZEES: THE BLOND-ANGLO-SAXON-ARYANS MUST BE FORCED TO LIVE WITH NIGGERS IN DRUG INFESTED, CRIME-RIDDEN, RAT INFESTED GHETTOS: AS PUNISHMENT FOR MAKING THEM EQUAL WITH HUMAN-BEINGS: THE BLONDIES MUST BE EXTERMINATED FOR MURDERING 10 MILLION SOUTHERNERS IN 1865: THE LAST REMAINING DESCENDANTS OF THE ORIGINAL 1776 FATHERS OF THE REVOLUTION FOR FALSE SATANIC EQUALITY OF CHIMPANZEES TO HUMAN-BEINGS!!! But Although Trump Is Another Puppet Hitler: Trump Has Some Conservative Policies!! While Nigger Obama, Clinton, The Jews And The Democrats; Are Worse Genocidal Leftists Than Trump: Unlike Hitler (Who Started Out Good, And Was Forced By The Anglo-Saxons To Become Evil) Obama Was Born A Low-Life, Inferior Race Chimpanzee-Nigger: Who Was Always Evil And On The Side Of Satan: Obama Deported More Latinos Than Trump Did!!! Obama Is A Homosexual-Psychopath, A Man Who Would Murder His Closest Lover (Donald Young) For Power: Would Genocide & Murder The Whole Human Race On The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans', & Secret Police's Orders!} The Success Of The Russian And Chinese Revolutions Is Precisely Because They Came To Power By Force And Not "Satan's Democracy"! It Was Hitler's Weak Refusal To Use Force With His SA, And Obey British Secret-Police Ruled & Prussian Gestapo Rigged-Elections Run "Democracy": That Resulted In Many More Millions Of People Murdered Or Dead, By Anarchy, Chaos And Mentally-Ill Leaders: Who Let The Anglo-Saxon Satanists In Concentration Camps Run Death Camps By Uber-Blond-Anglo-Saxons; And Destroyed The German Revolution! Hitler Was A Great Man Despite His Weaknesses: His Concept Of Inferior And Superior Races Will Be Used By Stanley To Stratify Society And Prevent Interracial Sex! Although It Will Be The Human Race That Will Be The Superior Race --Not The Aryans!!! Hitler's Greatest Contribution To Mankind: Is The Importance Of Race, And In Knowing What Not To Do In Stanley's Revolution! But Before We Go We Must Examine Why Hitler's Revolution Failed, And Stanley's Succeeded: We Have To Examine Hitler's Life In Detail: Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889; in Braunau-am-Inn, AustriaHitler's Mother Klara Polzl, Was A Former Prostitute In Vienna, Austria; It Is Said, His Hatred For The Jews, Is Because Many Of His Mother's Clients Were Jews! Hitler's Father Alois, Was A Farmer And A Senior Custom's Officer, Who Wanted Hitler To Follow In His Footsteps --While Hitler Wanted To Become An Effete Artist --It Is Now Believed That Hitler Was A Homosexual Or Bisexual (Like Jesus)! Hitler Did Apply To The Vienna School Of Fine Arts; But Was Rejected, Because He Couldn't Paint The Nude Female Form --Indicating He Was Homosexual! Hitler's Father Was Born Illegitimate (Like Jesus), i.e. Hitler's Grandmother Was Married To Another Man Named Schicklgruber; His Biological Grandfather's Name Was Hiedler --Whom Hitler Changed His Name To At Adulthood-- The Name "Hitler" Is A Conflation Of Hiedler And The "Hittites": Who Are The Ancestors Of The Entire Aryan Race, Who Came From The City Of Hattusa, Situated On The Black Sea, In Turkey! The Hittites Are The Satanic Ancestors Of The Entire Aryan Race: The Hittites Murdered And Defeated The Phoenicians, The Greeks And Murdered All The Egyptian Pharaohs! It Is Important To Note That Klara And Alois Were Second Cousins, (Most Human-Race Royalty Are Incestuous According To The Ancient Phoenician Religion And The God Osiris: Who Married His Sister: And Produced An Incestuous Preservation Of Their Pure-Royal-Blood Dynasty That Lasted Thousands Of Years: And Built All The Great Pyramids And The Sphinxes!!! Unlike Satanic False Anglo-Saxon-Aryan "Royalty" Who Are Not God's Kings But Satan's: And Are Incapable Of Producing Incestuous Offspring: Because Their Satanic, Devil-Possessed Genes Are Weak And Defective!!!) Klara Was Alois' Third Wife And 23 Years His Junior. In 1900, At Age 11, Hitler's Younger Brother Edmund Died, And This Would Change Hitler Into A "a morose, detached, and sullen boy who constantly fought with his father and teachers." It Is Very Likely That Hitler Was Sodomizing His Younger Brother, Which Contributed To His Brother's Death. (Almost Everyone That Hitler Had Sex With, Either Died, Became Homosexual, Went Mad, Or Committed Suicide!) Hitler's Father Died Suddenly, In 1903, And His Mother Died In 1908 Of Breast Cancer. Hitler Was Survived By His Youngest Sister Paula Wolfe, Who Remained Staunchly Loyal To Him And His Legacy, All Her Life! Although Hitler Was Bisexual (Like Jesus): The Love Of Hitler's Life Was: Angelika Maria "Geli" Raubal (4 June 1908 – 18 September 1931) Who Was Adolf Hitler's Half-Niece; Born in LinzAustria-Hungary. Geli Lived In Hitler's House For Six Years, Where Her Widowed Mother Worked As The House-Keeper: Geli Had Several Affairs While With Hitler! Geli First Had Sex In 1925, With Emil Maurice, Hitler's Bodyguard & Chauffeur, Who Was Subsequently Fired. [The Final Proof That Hitler And The Germans Did Not Murder The Six Million Jews Is That Emil Maurice, Hitler's Trusted Bodyguard And Personal Chauffeur, WAS A JEW: When Himmler Tried To Expel Maurice From The Nazi Party For Being A Jew: Hitler Intervened To Save Maurice And His Jewish Family From The Concentration Camps And Death!!! Hitler Never Murdered Any Jews: IT WAS THE BLOND-BLUE-EYED BRITISH SECRET POLICE MI6: WHO USED THEIR SS, GESTAPO AND HIMMLER TO MURDER THE GYPSIES AND JEWS IN THEIR "DEATH CAMPS" --NEVER PUPPET HITLER] Geli Raubal Committed Suicide On Sept. 18th, 1931; By Shooting Herself In The Head: As Hitler Would Do In 1945: Because She Suddenly Became A Bi-Lesbian, And Hitler Forbade Her To Leave The House For Sex! (Note: Everyone Who Had Sex With Hitler, Either Died, Became Homosexual, Or Tried To Commit Suicide. Hitler Was In A Lot Of Pain: From The Burden Of Leading The German Revolution: Thus Those Women Who Had Sex With Him, Had To Share In His Pain: It Was Massive Pain: That's What Drove Them To Suicide!!! This Is Why We Need To Feel Compassion For Hitler: But We Must Never Forgive His Mistakes.) This Lesbianism And Homosexuality Of Hitler And His Love, Is The Fundamental Reason Germany Lost The War!!! Control Of The Sexual Urges Through Tantric Yoga (Celibacy, Vegan Diet, Fasting & Purging) Is The Reason Stanley Was Able To Avoid These Downfalls: In Fact After Raubal's Death Hitler Became A Strict Vegetarian, Anti-Smoker And Anti-Alcohol Campaigner --Which Is A Form Of Yoga!!! (But It Was Too Little Too Late; Because Hitler Was Still Taking Prescription Drugs Like Amphetamines & Barbiturates: Which His Personal Physician Would Inject Him With Intramuscularly (IM) Glutealy, On A Daily Basis: Which He Would Take Till His Death In 1945! This Addiction To Drugs Would Make Hitler Weak Of Mind: Impair His Judgment, So He Would Easily Capitulate If Threatened With Incarceration In An Asylum: And Betray The Revolution & The Nazi Party!) German Women Also Betrayed Their Men And The German Revolution, By Having Mass Lesbian Sex With Anglo-Saxon Women: Which Was The Key Cause Of The Defeat And Delusion Of Hitler Vis-A-Vis The Evil Of The Anglo-Saxon Race!!! This Is Why Tantric Yoga, Non-Ejaculation, Love-Making Is Essential To Avoid Women Becoming Lesbians: Straight Animal Ejaculation-Of-Sperm Sex Can Cause Lesbianism! If You Can't Trust Your Own Niece Or Cousin (Raubal) To Not Betray You To Satan (Lesbianism Is Satan's Sex): Whom Can You Trust? But It Was Hitler's Animal Sex With Her That Caused Her To Become A Lesbian!!! You Can Now Begin To See Why Stanley's Revolution Succeeded While Hitler's Failed: The Guy Was Simply Playing Behind The Eight Ball, All His Life, Because Of His Own Mistakes, And His Garbage Judaism-Lite Garbage Religion --While Stanley Was Making All The Right Moves From Day One!!! This Homosexuality Extended To Hitler As Well: We Know He Spent Many Years In Vienna, Where It Is Reputed He Slept With Young Men And Boys. The Most Conclusive Proof That Hitler (Like Jesus) Was A Homosexual Was A Sworn Series Of Police Statements Called The "Mend Protocol" Made In The 1920's: Hans Mend, Served With Hitler's "List" Regiment In WWI (1914-18), As A Dispatch Rider. He Even Wrote A Comprehensive Book, About Hitler's Brave Heroic Fighting In The Trenches --Hitler Was Awarded The Iron Cross, First Class, For Bravery. It Is Said, Hitler Was Never Promoted, Despite His Courage In Battle, Because Of His Open Homosexuality: Unlike The U.S.'s Faggot Army: The German Army Had Morals! Mend Documents Hitler's Refusal To Receive Hospital Care When He Was Injured; So He Could Keep Fighting! Only After Hitler Was Bombed With Mustard Gas, And Lost His Eyesight For Six Months, Did He Rest From Fighting In The War. Because Of Hitler's Personal Experience With Banned Chemical Weapons; It Is Believed, Was The Reason He Never Ordered The Massively Superior German Stockpiles Of Poison Gas To Be Used, In WWII --Even When Losing The War!! The "List" Regiment Suffered One Of The Highest Casualty Rates In WWI: The Fact That Hitler Survived: Proves That God Was Watching Over Him; And That He Was A Good Man. [The Reason The Casualty Rate Was So High For The Germans Was A Lack Of Ammunition And Bombs: The French And British Would Use Gigantic Mines And A Barrage Of Artillery Fire To Bomb The German Trenches: Creating Massive Craters Where The Trenches Once Used To Be; And Massive German Casualties! Thus The Jewish-Union's Strike Of Ammunition Workers Really Did Cost Many Germans Their Lives: And Was An Act Of Treason!!! As Every Artillery Shell Less, Meant That German Soldiers (Like Hitler) Would Have To Compensate With Super-Human Courage And Superior Fighting Spirit, To Hold Their Lines From Collapsing!] Mend Also Describes Hitler Each Night, Killing Some Of The Thousands Of Rats, Swarming The Trenches, Until Someone Would Throw A Boot At Him, So They Could Sleep! Hitler Would Later Analogously Describe Jews As A Swarm Of Rats: Betraying Germany: Needing Extermination! But In A Damning Statement To Police: Mend States That Hitler Was Openly Homosexual, Who Slept With A Known Homosexual Named Schmidt, In The "List" Regiment. One Night A Soldier Shone A Torch On The Couple, And Exclaimed He Had Caught Them Having Sex --Which Hitler Didn't Deny. In His Book, Mend Also Documents Hitler's Antisemitism: Hitler Was Openly Insubordinate To Their Jewish Commanding Officer: Captain Gutmann; And Made Daily Speeches Against Jews, To The Men!! In 1939: An Anti-Nazi Group, Used Mend's Statements To Undermine Hitler: But The Nazis Reacted By Arresting Mend On Blatantly False Pedophile Charges, Imprisoning Him, Torturing Him, And He Died In Prison A Year Later! This Murderous Nazi Reaction Proves These Mend's Homosexual Allegations Were True!!! Otto Strasser, A Rival Of Hitler, Who Also Had Sex With Hitler's Niece, Geli Raubal: Interrogated All Of Hitler's Girlfriends And Documented Hitler's Practice Of Coprophilia: (Making Women Urinate & Defecate On Him) Which Is A Common Fetish Among Homosexuals, Who Like Shit In Their Evil Sick Sex; And Further Proof (All Farting, Feces, Urine, Penis, Asshole, Testicle: Jokes Or Fetishes; Are A Dead Giveaway: That The Man Is A Homosexual!!!) The Fact That Hitler Was A Homosexual Is Not Surprising: (Remember Stanley Told You That Homosexuals Are Evil, Violent Criminals!) What Is The Greatest Conspiracy Of All, Is That It Took Stanley To Expose This Truth!!! (But Remember There Is An Equally Great Conspiracy Covering Up Obama's And Mexico's President,Enrique Pena Nieto's Homosexuality And Homosexuality-Coverup Murders! The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Are Putting Puppet, Weak, Drug-Addicted, Murderer & Traitor: Homosexual-Psychopaths Into Office --That Is Why Our Gov'ts Are So Bad!) Hitler Suffered From Jesus' Syndrome: He Had Homosexual Sex With Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: The Very People That Were Trying To Destroy Him And His Revolution; As Jesus Had Similar Homosexual Sex With Roman-Hittite-Aryans! This Is The Reason Hitler Never Saw Anglo-Saxons As The Enemy: He Was Having Satanic Bum-Sex With Them --This Is Why He Lost The War!!! Homosexuality And Lesbianism Is What Destroyed The German & Jesus Christ's Revolutions: And Why It Needs To Be Outlawed And/Or Treated Harshly As A Mental-Illness! Criminalizing Homosexuality Benefits All Of Society: Had Hitler Been Put In Prison To Cure His Blatant Homosexuality: And Treated With "Forced Yoga Practice": He Would Have Become A Better Leader, Morally Tougher, The Mass Murders Wouldn't Have Occurred And His Revolution Would Have Succeeded --Benefiting All Of Germany & Mankind! Hell If Jesus Had Been Put In Jail For His Homosexuality: We Wouldn't Have Been Ruled By Satan For 2,000 Years! The Reason For Both Jesus' & Hitler's Failures Was That Christianity Or Judaism-Lite, Was A Garbage Religion: They Both Failed To Fully Adopt Hinduism, (Due To Their Homosexuality!) Which Stanley Adopted Immediately --When Attacked By Satan And The Saxon-Aryans --Stanley's Intelligence Is Of The Genius Level. The Irony Is That Although Stanley Is A Far Far Greater Leader And King; Jesus And Hitler Had More Adulation And Followers Than Stanley Has Had! But If Stanley Had Followers It Is Unlikely The Cowardly Anglo-Saxon Aryans Would Have Treated Him So Badly: And Been Lured Into Stanley's Trap: Because The Punishment For High Treason Is Death! The Greatness Of Stanley Is Not How Many Followers He Has, But How Tough He Is In Withstanding Adversity Under Pressure: In Showing Leadership: In Remaining Faithful And True To The DAma, God And The People --Hitler & Jesus Capitulated Under Pressure, And Betrayed God & Their People --And Made Deals With The Devil! Stanley Will Eventually Have More Followers Than Jesus & Mohamed Combined: And Will Destroy The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans And The Devil! The Final Puzzle Remains: Although Hitler Implemented All The Nazi Platform: He Failed To Restore The Monarchy: Which Was The Fundamental Basis For The Revolution! The Truth Is, He Did Restore The Monarchy: Hitler Was "The True King Of Germany"!!! Hitler's Descendants Are Thus The Kings Of Germany: Hitler Had Sex With Many Women, Who Obviously Would Attempt To Hide The Paternity Of Their Offspring, After The War --To Protect The Child From Persecution. It Is Rumored That Hitler Had A Child With A French Woman, Charlotte Lobjoie In 1917: And This Could Be An Avenue To Find Hitler's Heir --And Finally Restore The Monarchy To Germany!! 


            Hitler's Legacy: The Defeat Of Hitler Was Also A Major Defeat For The Blonde Devil-Possessed Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: They Would Never Again Have It So Easy: Face A Devil-Aryans (Anglo-Saxons) Fighting For Satan, And Good-Aryans (Germans) Fighting For God Scenario: The Power Would Now Shift: Stanley And The D'Almeida Dynasty Would Now Takeover As The Kings, (And The Western Human Races: The Portuguese, Spanish, French, Celtics, Gaels, East-Indians, Mexicans, Latinos & Aboriginals.) Would Now Take Over The Fight As Soldiers For The Forces Of The DAma And Of God: Whereas Hitler Delusionally Coddled The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans (And Exterminated The Jews, Russians & Gypsies): Stanley Wants To Exterminate The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans From The Americas! In Any Future War (WWIII): The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Will Be Targeted First! Because Hitler Betrayed God In Mid-Stream: There Has Been No One Representing God's Forces For The Last 100 Years: Since The Defeat Of Germany In 1918 At The End Of WWI: Satan & The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Have Had A Field Day, With Absolutely No Opposition For 100 Years --Except From One Solitary Man, Stanley! Russia Abdicated That Role Of Opposition To Satan, Even Though God Won Them The War: Communism Is Satanism: Marx And Engels Invented Satanism: THE JEWS DIED USELESSLY FOR ADVOCATING AND INCITING SOCIALISM OR SATANISM!!! The Communist Party In Russia, Or The KGB Under Lavrenti Beria, Secretly Murdered Stalin By Poison In 1956, And Returned Russia To A Satanic Communist State; Blindly Imitating The Devil-Possessed Satanic Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans In Everything: The Same People Who Had Murdered 20 Million Russians In WWII --By Conspiring With The Germans! Although Communism Is Much Better Than Blind Capitalism (The Oil Industry Should Be Gov't Owned, And Monopolies, Corporations, Stock-Markets & Dividends Abolished) It Is Just As Satanic. The Russian War Was For Nothing: Satan Was Now Ruling The Whole World --Except For A Small Portuguese Colony Named Goa, In India!! Hitler's Legacy Is More In What Not To Do Than Actual Achievements: Do Not Be A Homosexual When You Are Fighting For God; Do Not Appease Satan Or Devil Possessed Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: Kill Them Instead! Do Not Make Deals With The Devil!!! (Anglo-Saxon-Aryans); Do Not Ever Believe That Humans Are Inferior To Aryans --They Are Superior! But The Importance Of Race And The Concept Of Superior (Humans) And Inferior Races (Blacks & Jews); His Stricture On Interracial Sex; Are Hitler's Proudest Achievements. As For The Alleged 6 Million Jews Murdered? Although This Number Is Greatly Exaggerated And Based On Faulty Assumptions: This Remains A Black Page In Anglo-Saxon-Aryan And German History: But It Was The Anglo-Saxon Prussians And The Allies That Had Control Of The Concentration Camps Through Their Spies (Himmler) And Their Race (Uber Blonde Saxon-Aryan SS) Who Ran The Concentration Camps And That Committed All The Murders --And Then Blamed It All On Hitler-- Who Was Long Dead When Many Of The Murders Took Place In The Last Weeks Of The War!!! The Anglo-Saxons Then Quickly Murdered All The Top Nazis After The War (Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Hess, Etc. Lying That They Committed Suicide!) To Cover-Up The Truth Of What Really Happened. There Is No Evidence That Hitler Gave The Order To Mass Murder Jews: It Was Himmler & The British! The British Anglo-Saxons Knew Of The Murders Of Jews And Others: Hitler Emulated The Anglo-Saxons: He Worshiped Them As Gods: He Was Their Total Puppet: They Got Him To Attack Russia Instead Of England: He Destroyed His Own German Army To Save Blond Anglo-Saxons: He Murdered His Entire German-Race SA For Them: If They Had Told Him To Stop Killing Jews, Gypsies Or Russians: Hitler Or More Importantly, Britain's Spy Himmler: Would Have Stopped Immediately: But The Anglo-Saxons Hated The Jews Most Of All: Now They Could Murder Them And Blame It All On Hitler Or Himmler: The Anglo-Saxons Had Full Control Of The Concentration Camps Through Himmler: The British Could Have Easily Bombed Auschwitz Concentration Camp --But Refused! But The Jews Were Not Entirely Blameless: They Had Committed Treason And Sabotage, In WWI: By Depriving The German Army Of Artillery Ammunition: Causing Thousands Of German Casualties; But The Prussians Were Even More Guilty, And Were Not Punished --So There Is An Appearance Of Racist Bias And The Unfairness Of Collective Guilt-- Which Stanley Will Remedy By Punishing The Prussians And Ensuring That Henceforth Jews Are Punished For Being Leftists, Based On Evidence --Not Collectively! (Leftist Jews Will Be Facing Punishment (Not Death) From Stanley As Well! For Promoting Unions, Global Warming, Nuclear Energy & Nuclear Weapons, Socialism, Nuclear Power, Promoting Homosexuality, Deficit Spending, Printing Money, Debt, Gun Control Etc.) The Other Reason The Jews Had To Be Killed --According To The Aryan Viewpoint-- Was Eugenics: The Inferior Genes Of The Jews Could Not Be Allowed To Contaminate The Superior Aryan Race: But The Blame For The Murders Falls On The British Anglo-Saxons Who Promoted The Practice Of Eugenics In The 16th-21st Centuries: By Murdering: Convicts, "Vagrants", The Poor, The Mentally Ill & Homeless; Or Deporting Them To Australia! In Fact The First Thing The British Prussian-Tudor King Henry VII, Did After Murdering The Norman-French Plantagenet "Boy-Kings" (The Prince Of Wales Or The Future Edward V, & The Duke Of York Or The Future Richard IV) In The Tower Of London; Was To Deport All The Jews From England In 1485 AD; After The Prussian-Hapsburg King Had Placed In An Asylum And Murdered The King & Queen Of Portugal; And Deported All Jews From Spain & Portugal During The Inquisition!! In Other Words The Germans Had No History Of Murdering Jews: The British Anglo-Saxons Did!!! The Anglo-Saxons In England (Before The Normans) Would Murder Jews And Make Lampshades Out Of Their "Fair" Skin; And Their Blond-Anglo-Saxon Kings Repeatedly Deported All The Jews From England For The Last Thousand Years! The Anglo-Saxon Aryans Have A Much Longer History Of Deporting Jews, Pogroms, And Eventually Exterminating Them In Concentration Camps In WWII --Than The Germans! If Germany Had Won The War, No Jews Would Have Been Murdered: They Would Have Been Deported Instead --But They Couldn't Be Allowed To Live Permanently In Germany --Because They Were Rats & Traitors-- Which Would Happen If The Germans Lost The War And Left The Jews Alive! [NoteNothing In What Stanley Is Saying Is Intended To Detract From The Very Real Suffering The Jews Endured, The Mass Murders And The Injustice: But We Must Keep Things In Perspective: Leftist Jews Did Commit Sabotage In WWI, The Jews Were An Inferior Race; And God And King (D'Almeidas) Were Harmed Worse Than The Jews! The Jews Even Today Worship The Blonde Anglo-Saxons As Gods, And Refuse To Fight Them In Any Way (Fighting Stanley Instead!) --Refusal To Learn The Lessons Of History Shows Lack Of Smarts. The Judean Jews Under Homosexual King David, Collaborated With The Philistines And The Hittite-Aryans To Betray And Murder The House Of Saul, And Then Eventually Got Captured & Enslaved Into Exile In Babylon; The Jews Collaborated With The Roman Aryans And Betrayed Jesus, And Got Dispersed Into The Diaspora; The Portuguese Jews Betrayed The King Of Portugal And Got Deported And Exterminated By The Prussian Anglo-Saxons In Germany; Even Today The Jews Are Betraying Stanley: And What Do You Think Will Happen To Them? Those Who Don't Learn The Lessons Of History: Are Dumb Inferior People; And Are Doomed To Repeat Them!] The Greatest Evil That Hitler Did Was (Not The Jews) It Was In Betraying The D'Almeida Family And Betraying God: By Refusing To Attack England. The Deal With The Devil (DD) He Signed Was Disastrous For Germany As Well: Prior To Hess' Deal: Germany Had Won Every Battle With The Allies: After (DD), Betraying The D'Almeidas And God: He Lost Every Battle: Hitler Subsequently Lost 1 Million Men In N. Africa To The British, And Stranded 200,000 Men In Norway To Fight The British (Needed On The Eastern Front): Which Would Have Been Avoided By Attacking England! Hitler Would Have Gained The Full Industrial Might Of Britain (Which He Could Have Used To Churn Out: Tanks, Planes & Ships For Germany) As Well As Gained The Whole British Empire By Attacking England: He Could Have Ruled The World --But For His Betrayal Of The D'Almeidas & God! There Is A Saying: "When You Want The Job Done Right: You've Got To Go And Do It Yourself"!!! The D'Almeida Kings Would Now Have To Come In To Personally Handle Things! Step Aside Faggots: The World Needed A Real Man To Get The Job Done Right!

      The Defeat Of Germany's King, Hitler, And The Defeat Of Japan's King, Hirohito; And The Murder Of Russia's True King Of Russia Grigory Rasputin By The Prussians In 1916: Left The D'Almeida Dynasty, The Last Of The Human European Kings: Satan Saw This As An Opportunity To Murder All The Kings: And Rule The Whole World. But The Saxon Aryans Failed To Realize That They Had Just Dodged A Bullet! They Did Not Win The War (WWII); They Lost The War! But God's Forces: Stalin, Hirohito & Hitler; Simply Gave Them The Victory --Out Of Sheer Incompetence! The Russians Did All The Fighting Against The Treacherous Germans; Yet Allowed The Satanic Devil Possessed Allies To Claim Victory And Take Most Of Europe Without Doing Any Fighting! And The Japanese Only Stupidly Surrendered Because Of The Two Atomic Bombs! (The Atom Bombs Were Not Insurmountable! The U.S. Had Already Decided In 1945, After Nagasaki, Never To Use Nuclear Weapons Again: Because Of The High Moral Price! And If The Japanese Had Refused To Surrender: The U.S. Would Never Have Used More Atomic Bombs On Them! Thus The Whole Nuclear Arms Race With The USSR Was A Colossal Waste Of Money: Because Neither Side Would Ever Use Nuclear Arms: Had Russia Built Up Conventional Weapons And Attacked NATO: They Could Easily Have Ruled The World!): Japan Had Better Soldiers On The Ground: The U.S. Military Estimated They Would Lose 3 Million Men In A Ground Invasion Of Mainland Japan: A Casualty Rate The U.S. Were Too Cowardly To Ever Risk!!!) Had Japan Kept Fighting They Would Have Won, Or Forced The U.S. To Sign A Peace Treaty. The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Had Fallen Into The Trap Of Believing Their Own Propaganda: Trying To Murder Stanley Was A Bad Idea: Stanley Is A Hundred-Thousand Times More Intelligent And Courageous Than Hitler Or Hirohito: And They Could Barely Beat Hitler! The Russians, Germans And Japanese Did Most Of The Fighting In WWII, And Took Almost All The Casualties; Yet It Was The Americans And Canadians That Reaped All Of The Rewards --How Did This Happen? The Leaders Of Russia, Germany & Japan Were Very Dumb People: They Fought Each Other; Instead Of Fighting The Devil Possessed Anglo-Saxon-Aryans! The Only Real Wars That America Fought By Itself, It Lost! (Vietnam) This Is A Faggot  Paper-Tiger Army, That Has Never Been Tested Militarily! All It Takes Is A Man With Vision, Leadership And Daring To Defeat These Cowards: Stanley! Sure They Can Beat Up On Third World Countries --But Even Then They Mess Up And Screw Up: Witness The Debacles In Afghanistan & Iraq. We Must Do What The Germans And Hitler Failed To Do: The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Took Power In America Through A Civil War: We Must Take Back Power Through A Civil War As Well --But This Time Install An Immortal King: The D'Almeidas: That Will Permanently Put An End To The Satanic Devil Possessed Anglo-Saxon-Aryans!!! Stock Up On Semi-Automatic Rifles And Guns, Knives, Bullet-Proof Whole-Body Armor; Adopt Sanatana DAma As Your Religion; Practice Fasting, Salt-Water Purging And A Vegan Diet, There Can Be No Surrender, Be Prepared To Fight To The Death!

4.  The Conspiracy To Assassinate President J.F. Kennedy By The CIA AND The Murder Of Princess Diana Spencer By British Secret Police (MI6) And Queen Elizabeth II!
           November 22nd, 2013: On The 50th Anniversary Of John F. Kennedy's Death We Must Place Blame And Seek Justice: The CIA, Military, FBI, Vice President L.B.J., The Dallas Police, The Media, And The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System, Murdered Our First And Only Catholic President JFK, In Cold Blood, In A Massive Conspiracy, And Must Pay For His Death!!! This Is Why The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Must Be Exterminated From The Americas: They Are Evil Devil-Possessed Crazy Satan Worshipers! Kennedy Was Murdered By The CIA Because He Did Not Support Expanding Military Involvement In Vietnam (While LBJ Made A Deal With The Military Chiefs, That He Would Send Millions Of Troops Into Vietnam, If They Murdered Kennedy! LBJ's First Act In Office Was To Sign An Executive Order Sending The First Of Millions Of Troops Into Vietnam: Which Would Result In Millions Of Innocent Vietnamese Civilians Being Senselessly Murdered In A Massive Act Of Genocide!), LBJ Then Reinstated The Federal Reserve Which Had Been Abolished By Kennedy; Secondly, JFK Refused To Send American Air-Power Or Allow The Use Of "Gitmo" Airfields To Support "The Bay Of Pigs", CIA Run, Anti-Castro Invasion, That Failed Disastrously; Thirdly, JFK Vowed "To Break The Back Of The CIA" And Replace It With A Civilian Run Body, Because He Did Not Believe In Murderous Covert Operations, Assassinations, Overthrow Of Foreign Gov'ts, And Secrecy Against The People [Note: JFK Was Disgusted By The CIA's Murder Of The Catholic Diem Brothers In S. Vietnam, The Murder Of Patrice Lumumba In Zaire By The CIA, And The Constant CIA Attempts To Assassinate Castro.]; Fourthly, JFK Announced He Would Eliminate The "Federal Reserve Bank" And Take Away Its Power To Print Money Backed With Nothing, That Causes Suffering To The People From Relentless Inflation! The Tragedy Is That The American People Were Ignorant Of How Evil The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Were: So They Were Able To Get Away With Murder: By A Conspiracy Of Lies, Murders & Cover-Ups; Because The People Didn't Have A Leader, A "Father", A King Like Stanley Who Could Inform Them Of The Truth --As They Do Today! Lee Harvey Oswald (Although He Was A CIA Agent As Well, Sent To Russia As A Double-Agent To Spy On Them, And The Cubans.) Was Simply A "Fall Guy", "A Patsy" To Take The Blame, So That The Wider Conspiracy Could Be Concealed. Kennedy Was Assassinated By Other CIA Agents On Top Of The Buildings, The Railway Triple-Underpass, The Fence And The "Grassy Knoll" --Not Oswald!  Oswald's 25 Year Old, 6.5 mm Mannlicher-Carcano Model 91/38 Carbine; Bolt-Action, Italian-Made Rifle, Used "Military Style, "Full Metal Jacket" (FMJ), Rounded-Point, Full Copper-Jacket, "Non-Expandable" Bullets: But We All Saw Kennedy's Brain Explode All Over The Car And Street: Kennedy Was Killed By A "Hollow-Point" Expandable Rifle Bullet Or By Two Hollow Point Bullets Fired Simultaneously: Soft-Point Bullets Are Completely Different In Diameter And Expansion Effect Than Oswald's Bullets: Which Proves Oswald Did Not Kill Kennedy!!! [Note: It Was Mainly Germany In 1899 Under The Hague Treaty: (Which Was Later Incorporated Into The "Geneva Convention") That Got Countries To Sign A Declaration concerning the Prohibition of the Use of Bullets which can Easily Expand or Change their Form inside the Human Body; And Insisted That All Military Bullets Be Non-Expandable, As It Is More Humane! Stanley Believes: Hollow-Point Bullets Should Be Banned Worldwide As Inhumane On Animals As Well As Humans --Kennedy Would Have Had A Fighting Chance Of Survival If The Satanic Sniper Had Used FMJ Bullets Like Oswald Did!! The Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle Was Known As A "Humanitarian Rifle" By The Italian Army, Because "It Rarely Killed Anyone" Indicating Oswald Did Not Intend To Kill Kennedy.] Furthermore, The Trajectory Of The Fatal Shot (If Fired From Behind Kennedy, And Exiting From The Right Side Of His Skull -As Hypothesized By The WC.) Would Have To Move From Left-To-Right From Oswald's Frame Of Reference; While Oswald, Allegedly At The 'Texas School Book Depository' (TSBD), Was On Kennedy's Right And Would Have Had His Bullets Necessarily Go "Right-To-Left"; Proving Oswald Could Not Have Fired The Fatal Shot! Newton's Third Law Of Motion: "For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction": Proves That Oswald Could Not Have Killed Kennedy: We Could Clearly See, In The Abraham Zapruder Film, The Momentum Of The First Bullet Jerk Kennedy Violently BackwardsProving The Bullet Came From The Front (The Railway Triple-Underpass);  (And Then JFK Rebounds Off The Back Seat, Slumps Slowly Forwards & Downwards, Then Greer Slams On The Brakes, Lurching Everyone Forwards: JFK's Head Is Now Lower Than The Seat: Safe; Whereupon Crazy Jackie Unwittingly, Or Satanically, Pushes Kennedy Back Upright: Placing Him Back In The Line Of Fire! Jackie Was A Dumb Or Evil Wife: She Didn't Realize That JFK Had Been Shot: Even Though Connally Was Screaming "They Are Going To Kill Us All": She Was Deaf, Dumb, And Blind: It Was As If Jackie Was Possessed By A Devil, And Satan Was Guiding Her Hand To Place Kennedy's Head Back Into Sniper's Alley: If She Had Done Nothing, Kennedy Would Be Safe! In Contrast, When John Connally Was Shot In The Chest And Right Arm, His Wife Nellie, Pulls Him Down, Under The Seat; And Throws Herself On Top Of Him: Saving His Life! If Jackie Had Reacted Correctly, Like Nellie, She Could Have Saved JFK's Life.) The Fatal Shot Threw Kennedy's Body Violently Leftwards Into Jackie: Proving The Bullet(s) (We Now Know They Were Two Simultaneous Bullets {see below}) Came From His Forward-Right: From Behind The Stockade Fence! [See Pictures Below] Oswald Risked His Life To Save Kennedy: He Bucked A Conspiracy, While Everyone Else Joined Satan And The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans: He Took The Fall For Kennedy: He Would Never Kill Him! At The Dallas Police Station, Which Was Later Witnessed By Millions Of Americans That Same Day, On TV: Oswald Said, "No Sir, I Did Not Kill Anybody, I'm Just A Patsy." His Words To The American People, Were The Truest Words We Would Hear On JFK's Assasssination: Until Stanley Came Along. Geneva White, Oswald's ONI Partner's (Roscoe White's) Wife: Claimed Oswald Was An "Awful Rifleman, And Was Totally Innocent Of All Charges"; (Eyewitnesses Claim Oswald Did Not Shoot Officer Tippit Either, It Was Another ONI Man --Oswald's ONI Buddy, And Dallas Police Officer Roscoe "Rocky" Anthony White! It Is Now Established Fact That The Office-Of-Naval-Intelligence-Agent (ONI), ONI-Agent, Dallas Policeman Roscoe White Fired The Fatal Shot That Killed Kennedy & Later, Officer J.D. Tippit!!! Both Oswald & White Worked For The Office-of-Naval-Intelligence (ONI), And Were Close Friends From Their Marine Days Since 1957; They Were Both Planted Into Positions To Assassinate Kennedy In October 1963 By The Office of Naval Intelligence: (Who Called Kennedy A "Traitor, A Security Risk And Pro-Communist"): Oswald Was Installed Into The TSBD By The ONI, And Roscoe White Installed As A Dallas Police Officer To Give Them "Cover": As Part Of An  "Assassination Team" That Included Jack Ruby, Perry Raymond Russo, David Ferrie, Guy Bannister & Clay Shaw! Roscoe Would Die Under Suspicious Circumstances (Murdered!) In 1971: But His Wife Geneva And Son Ricky Would Find His Journal, Which Finally Revealed Exactly What Happened That Day: JOURNAL Of ROSCOE WHITE: Entry Of: Nov. 22, 1963: "I was Mandarin, the man behind the stockade fence who fired two shots. Lebanon (Oswald) was the man in the Book Depository who fired two shots. Saul was the man in the Records Building (Clay Shaw) who fired two shots." There Existed Other Assassins Unknown To Roscoe; Nor Was He Privy To The Plans To Set-Up Oswald; But This Info Is From What Roscoe Knew At The Time. "Mandarin’s" (Roscoe White's) spot behind the stockade fence at the crest of the grassy knoll, Covered By Trees, would have been the perfect position for a sniper [See The Mary Moorman Polaroid Picture Below]. From that vantage point a marksman could have picked off the president with Just A Pistol. In Fact: Roscoe Used An Untraceable Italian-Made Vintage, Bolt-Action Mauser 7.65 mm Rifle With Very Pointed Expandable, Soft-Point Bullets, Produced Now As Evidence, By His Son Ricky White: Which Perfectly Explains All The Evidence. Being A Cop Was The Perfect "Cover" For Roscoe: When The Dallas Police And Spectators Ran To The Location Of The Fatal Shots From Behind The Fence: All Roscoe Had To Do, Was Hide The Rifle, Be In Uniform, Mingle With The Crowd And Show Them His Police Badge!!! In Fact, Roscoe Told His Son Ricky, (Through His Diary) That, "After He Shot Kennedy, He Handed His Rifle To A CIA Agent, (Who Dimantled It, And Placed It In A Tool-Box) Hurled Himself Over The Fence, Handed His Film To His Sergeant (He Was A Police Photographer), And Would Leave The Scene By Car, To Meet Up With Oswald And The Rest Of The "Assassination Team", At His 10th Street, Oak Cliff Residence, In Dallas; Which They Used As Their 'Safe-House' ". Ricky White Would Also Find A Faded Green Scrap-Book: Containing All The Assassinations His Father Performed For ONI/CIA., Plus Photos Of Other CIA Assassins. A cable dated October 1963 instructed "Mandarin" (Roscoe) that his next assignment was “to eliminate a national security threat to worldwide peace.” (Kennedy); At the bottom of the cables was The Code Name "ZR/RIFLE", an ultra-secret CIA project during the Kennedy administration, to recruit assassins to murder foreign leaders: Like Castro, Rafael Trujillo, Patrice Lumumba, The Diem Brothers Etc. Ricky White Was Sickened To Learn That His Father Had Murdered Multiple World Leaders For The CIA/ONI: And This Was The Reason He Decided To Come Forward To Tell Us The Truth About JFK! For To Remain Silent Was To Be Complicit In Those Murders! The Journal Was Confiscated By The FBI: As Has All Evidence Since Nov. 1963, Proving JFK Was Murdered By A Conspiracy By The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans --These Confiscations Actually Prove The Conspiracy!! Geneva White Was Told Repeatedly By Roscoe That He Killed Kennedy; And She Overheard Conversations With Jack Ruby, Plotting The Murder Of Kennedy, Proving This Story Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt!!! Geneva White Was An Attractive Woman, Who Worked As A Stripper In Jack Ruby's Nightclubs [See Picture Below]: She Was Racially Part Of The Conspiracy: She Had No Reason To Lie!!! Geneva And Ricky White Are Simple Folk: They Could Not Possibly Invent Such A Story, If They Tried. Geneva & Ricky White, Would Never Implicate Their Own Father & Husband As A Cop Killer And Assassin: Unless It Was TRUE --Especially When So Many JFK Witnesses Were Murdered By The CIA! Geneva White Would Initially Come Forward To Tell The Truth In 1971, Because Her Conscience Was Bothering Her: She Could No Longer Live With Herself, And Would Have An Emotional Breakdown In 1971: Telling Everything About The JFK Assassination To The Psychiatric Hospital: Who Would Call The Police & FBI: Who Reacted By Trying To Murder All The Witnesses: This Would Cause The CIA To Murder Roscoe With A Volatile Incendiary Flammable Liquid, Which They Planted Under His Worktable, (He Was An Acetylene Torch Welder, Who Regularly Filled His Workplace With Incendiary Sparks While Working) Thus The Room Exploded And Burned 80% Of His Body. On His Death-Bed Roscoe Confessed To His Pastor And To His Wife Geneva: That He Had Murdered Multiple People For The Gov't; And That He Believed He Was Murdered Too: "This Was No Accident"; Roscoe Would Survive For One More Day, In Which He Told Everything To Geneva! Roscoe Was Totally Loyal To The CIA And The Gov't: And Yet They Paid Him Back By Murdering Him: He Would Now Tell The Truth To America Through Geneva: And Expose The CIA For The Murderers That They Were! Then They Forced Geneva To Undergo Hundreds Of "Shock-Treatments" & Toxic-Drugs, To "Erase Her Memory"! And For 20 Years Geneva Remained Silent: But After Her Second Husband Died: She Knew Her Duty Was To Her First Husband Roscoe, And Her Son Ricky: Her Memory Had Slowly Returned: She Would Now Talk: But This Time She Would Talk To The Media: She Wanted Us To Know The Truth! The CIA Tried To Murder Geneva With Poison: She Suffered Kidney Failure, Cancer Of The Intestine, And A Myriad Of Illnesses: But She Survived To Tell The Tale: She Had To Tell Us The Truth: Geneva White Was The "Driving Force" That Would Break The Kennedy Conspiracy!!! Back To The JFK Assassination Of Friday Nov. 22, 1963, At 12:30 PM, On Elm St., In Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas: Oswald And Roscoe Then Walked Quickly Away; Oswald Went By Bus And Taxi, To His Rooming House At 1026 North Beckley Avenue; In The Oak Cliff, Area of Dallas; (Oswald Was A Tightwad, He Had To Be In An Extreme Hurry, For Him To Use A Taxi!) Roscoe Went By His Police Car To Roscoe's Oak Cliff House On 10th Street & Patton Ave, ~1.4 KM From Oswald's Rooming House: (At 1:00 PM, J.D. Tippit Arrived At Oswald's Beckley Ave, Rooming House, And Honked His Horn; And Was Told "Oswald Had Just Left", By The Housekeeper Earlene Roberts; (Proving Tippit Already Intended To Arrest Oswald Before He Saw Him On The Street); Tippit Knew Where Roscoe Lived, And Went There Next, To Arrest Oswald! And Was Waiting For Oswald, Parked Adjacent To Roscoe's House; As Lee Came Walking Down The Street. What Tippit Didn't Know, Was That He Had Walked Into A Meeting Of The Entire ONI "Assassination Team" At Their "Safe-House": Composed Of Roscoe, Clay Shaw, Perry Raymond Russo, David Ferrie, & Oswald: He Was A Dead Man Walking!!) Oswald Was Then Confronted By Tippit On 10th Street & Patton Ave., At 1.04 PM: Tippit Then Arrested Oswald As The Pre-Arranged Patsy: (Roscoe & Oswald Were Very Close Friends Since Entering The Marines Together In 1957; There Were Both Part Of The Same Assassination Team; They Were Both Part Of "ZR/RIFLE" The Top Secret CIA Plot To Murder World Leaders; They Had A Long, Close, Working Association At ONI.) On Seeing The Arrest: Roscoe Was Forced To Kill Tippit, Firing Four Fatal Shots To Tippit's Temple & Heart, With His .38 "Special", Killing Him Instantly (It Was ~1:10 PM) He Then Rescued His Arrested Buddy Oswald From The Car, Oswald Then Took Tippit's Gun And Shot An Already Dead Tippit, To Show Solidarity With Roscoe, And They Both Fled: [Witnesses Saw Two Men Running Away; And A Witness Inside An Adjacent House On 10th Street, Swears Tippit Was Shot By Another Policeman! Contrary To "False Witnesses" Planted By The Police; There Were No Eye-Witnesses To The Actual Shooting, Except The "Assassination Team" Of Roscoe, Clay Shaw Etc; The Neighbors Only Heard The Shooting And Came Rushing Out: Thus Even If They Saw Roscoe, They Would Assume, Roscoe Came Rushing Out, Like They Did! Nobody Would Suspect A Cop In Uniform To Be The Killer. Two Different Types Of Ammunition Were Found At The Scene (.38 & .38 Special): Proving Two Guns Were Used, Yet Only One Gun (Tippit's-Then-Oswald's) Was Ever Accounted For! The Second Missing Gun Was Roscoe's.] But Oswald Got Caught Because He Fled On Foot, And Aroused The Suspicion Of A Shoe-Store Clerk, By Failing To Pay For A Movie Ticket (Stingy); Roscoe Escaped Because He Drove Off In His Police Car, By A Back Alleyway, Abutting His Driveway. And The Rest Of The Assassination Team (Clay Shaw, Perry Raymond Russo, David Ferrie, Guy Bannister.) Drove Off In Their Own Cars. Furthermore: When Confronted By Police In The Texas Theater: Oswald Allegedly Tried To Shoot With The Gun's Safety Still "On"; Proving That It Was Not His Gun (It Was Tippit's Gun: Thus Oswald Could Not Have Killed Tippit: He Didn't Initially Have A Gun; Until After Tippit Was Killed: Roscoe Killed Tippit!). Since The Police Were Now Two Guns Short From The Correct Solution To The Crime: (Because They Had Lied That Tippit's Gun Was Oswald's; And Had Totally Ignored Roscoe's Involvement) The Dallas Police Were Forced To Concoct A Laughable Lie, That Tippit Never Had A Gun! No U.S. Policeman Would Attempt To Arrest A Suspected President's Assassin Without A Gun: This Was Preposterous! The Police Also Lied That The Bullets Inside Tippit's Body Couldn't Be Forensically Matched To "Oswald's Gun"; Because "They Were Too Badly Damaged". This Was Another Lie: They Couldn't Be Matched: Because They Didn't Come From Oswald's Gun: They Came From Roscoe's Gun!!! Evidence Was Then Planted At The Scene Later, And False Eye-Witnesses Used, To Completely Fabricate Evidence, And Falsely Implicate Oswald Alone: Because There Were Too Many Discrepancies In The Actual Evidence!
 Both Ricky & Geneva White Accept That Roscoe Killed Tippit --Their Own Father-- Because That Is What Roscoe Told Them! Though the Warren Commission maintained that no shots came from the grassy knoll Or Bridge (Triple-Underpass), dozens of eyewitnesses thought otherwise. So did Sheriff Bill Decker Initially, and so did a number of Dallas policemen Initially, who rushed up the hill immediately after the shots were fired. Almost all of the doctors who worked on the president at Parkland Hospital, thought the Head And Neck  wounds Were "Clean" With No Tearing Of The Skin: indicating An "Entry" Wound,  Thus Both The shots Entered from the Front --Not Exit Wounds. The Neck Wound Was From An FMJ Full Metal Jacket, Military Style Bullet; While The Fatal Right-Side Temple Wound, Was From A Soft-Point, Hollow-Point Bullet(s): That Exploded Kennedy's Brain And The Rear Of His Skull! The Fact That The Right-Rear And The Entire Right-Side, Of Kennedy's Skull Was Missing, Proves That The Bullet(s) Entered From The Right-Front!). [Note: Acoustic Analysis Done By The (HSCA) "House Select Committee on Assassinations", In 1979: From A Policeman's dictabelt police channel recording, That Had recorded sounds heard in Dealey Plaza before, during and after the shots were fired; And Would Prove That The Fatal Shot Was Actually Composed Of Two Almost Simultaneous Shots --Which Came At The End Of A Sequence Of Shots! This Recording Was From A Policeman's Motorcycle Being Ridden, Just Behind Kennedy's Limo: Thus It Doesn't Pick-Up The Sounds Of All The Bullets Fired: But Only The Bullets (Grassy Knoll) Fired Close To The Car --There Could Have Been Many More Bullets Fired! The HSCA Used The Highly Respected Acoustic Analysis Firm:  Bolt, Beranek and Newman Inc. who had concluded that at least Four Shots were fired at the president, And That There Were At Least Two Gunmen, contradicting the WC; thus causing the HSCA to reverse its earlier position and report “that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy!" First They Proved There Indeed Were Two Simultaneous Shots Fired, Then They Proved That There Were At Least Two Or More Gunmen: To Be Able To Fire Those Simultaneous Shots! This Fact Actually Corroborates Eye-Witness Testimony Since 1963 (Documented In The WC And By Reporters) That Spectators Heard Two Almost Simultaneous Shots Ending A Sequence Of Sounds Of Multiple Shots. There Was A Sequence Of Shots That Mostly Missed; And Then The Final Two Simultaneous Fatal Shot(s) Came Just After The Car Had Come To A Complete Stop: "Sounding Like This: Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, (Kennedy Is Hit In The Neck, Greer Suddenly Reaches The Second Designated "Kill Zone#2", Painted In Yellow Or White On The Curb, Greer Slams On The Brakes Halting The Car, Everyone Lurches Forward, Crazy Jackie Unknowingly Pushes JFK Back Up!), (Long Pause), And Then A PoPop" --And Then Complete Silence. The Only Other Sniper With Expandable Bullets Was Contract Killer, Charles Voyde Harrelson (See Below): And It Is Possible, That He Too Hit Kennedy, Simultaneously With Roscoe, Both On The Right-Side Of Kennedy's Skull!!! This Explains A Puzzling Enigma: The Massive Damage To Kennedy's Entire: Right-Side, Top And Back Of His Skull (See Autopsy Picture Below): And Also Explains The Explosion Of Massive Amounts Of Blood, Brain And Skull Matter After The Fatal Shot(s)! Kennedy Had To Have Been Hit By Two Expandable Bullets (One From Roscoe {Fatal Bullet} To His Right-Temple, The Other By Harrelson {Non-Fatal Bullet} To His Right-Rear Skull) Simultaneously: And From Snipers Located In Similar Positions On The Grassy Knoll Behind The Stockade Fences!!! There Is Further Proof To Accept This Conclusion: Massive Amounts Of Lead Bullet-Fragments Were Found Inside Kennedy's Skull: Composing More Than The Mass From One Bullet! Conclusion: The Acoustics, The Eye-Witnesses, The Bullet-Fragments, The Explosion Of Blood, Brain And Skull Matter And The Enormous Damage To The Skull Could Only Have Happened If Kennedy Was Hit By Two Expandable Bullets At The Same Time, One To The Front-Temple (Roscoe) And A Second To The Rear-Right (Harrelson), Both Shots To The Right Side Of Kennedy's Skull, From Similar Sniper Locations Behind The Stockade Fence!!!] Oswald Failed His Rifle Training In The Army Three Times: He Was Very Slight Of Build, And Could Not Hold The Heavy Rifle Steady, Nor Handle The Rifle's Recoil!!! Oswald Was Only 5'8" And Weighed Only 130 lbs: (See Pictures Below) The Rifle Was 15% Of His Weight! The Claim That Oswald Was A "Marksman" Was A Deliberate Lie: As Oswald's Mother Marguerite Explained, It Was His Entire  Marine Company That Won A Collective Marksmen Award As A Team --Not Him Personally! Oswald's Bullets Were Deliberately Fired To Miss: Bullet One: A Hundred Yards Away From The Kennedy Scene At The Bridge Overpass (Where A Bystander Was Grazed), Bullet Two: On The Road (Where A Policeman Retrieved It), And Bullet Three: Unknown, Perhaps On Connally, The 'Magic Bullet' Theory Is Absurdly False: How Stupid Were The American People To Have Believed It All These Years? There Were Multiple Bullets, Multiple Assassins And Multiple Bullet Wounds On Kennedy And Connally!). [NOTE: We Now Know That There Was A Huge Tree Blocking Oswald's Ability To Fire At Kennedy: When The Fatal Bullets Was Fired: Thus Oswald Is Totally Innocent Of Firing Any Shots At Kennedy Or Connally!!!] There Was No Autopsy Ever Done On Kennedy: So We Don't Know The Exact Trajectory Of All The Bullets: But Eye-Witness Accounts Swear They Saw (Gun-smoke), Smelled (Gun-Powder), And Heard Multiple Shots From The Grassy Knoll, The Stockade Fence & Bridge (Triple-Underpass); And The CIA Disguised As U.S. Secret Service Men With Top Security Clearance Were Seen Present On The "Grassy Knoll" Scene To Assist In Concealing The Rifles Used, And Would Thus Be Able To Evade Police Custody With These Phony Credentials, Even If Apprehended. Even Kennedy's Own Secret Service Betrayed Him: It Seems His Secret Service Team Were Supposed To Run Beside His Car At Low Speeds: But They Were Told By Walkie-Talkie By The CIA Assassination Coordinators, To "Stand Down"; Just Before The Shots Were Fired! After The First Shot Was Fired: Two SS Men In The Following Car Stood-Up Brandishing Their AR-15 Rifles To Fire Back: But Were Grabbed By Their Senior Officers, And Forced To "Stand Down" --Had They Fired Back Kennedy Would Be Saved!!! The Fatal Shot Was Likely Fired From The Fence, Just 20 Yards To Kennedy's Forward-Right[See Picture Below: From Roscoe White's Personal Collection] At Point-Blank Range; Thus If The Secret Service Men Had Run Alongside, As Dictated By Protocol --His Life Would Be Saved. Kennedy's Own Chauffeur, Secret Service Agent William Greer, Was Also Part Of The Conspiracy: Greer Brought The Limo To A Dead Stop, Just Before Turning Onto Elm Street: This Was Supposed To Be The Prearranged Initial "Kill Zone#1" Painted With White Paint On The Curb, By The CIA, So The Chauffer, Knew Exactly Where To Stop. But The Chauffer Overran The Mark, And Jackie Was Put In The Line Of Fire (So The Assassins Were Forced To Wait; The CIA Were Now Beginning To Panic, Because They Had Missed Their Best Chance); They Were Now Forced To Adopt A Plan "B". Greer Then Deliberately Drove The Limo At A Crawl Pace Down Elm St, (Again Against SS Protocol!) Waiting Anxiously & Desperately Hoping For Kennedy To Be Killed. As Greer Was "Crawling" Along Elm, He Was Moving Out Of "Accurate Firing Range" For Oswald And The Snipers Atop The Buildings; And Moving Into The Firing Range For The Snipers On The Grassy Knoll And Bridge (Triple-Underpass)! Thus Oswald Was Now Too Far To Matter --He Couldn't Have Killed Kennedy From So Far, And With Trees, Spectators & Motorcycle Cops, Blocking Him! Most Observers Now Agree: If Oswald Was The Gunman: He Would Have Fired When Kennedy Was Moving Towards Him, (At The Initial "Kill Zone#1", And The Turn Into Elm --Not Waited So Long.) To When Kennedy Was Moving Away From Him, And Now Being Blocked By Trees! (Contrary To Satanic Media Reports: It Was Not Easy To Hit A Moving Target With All The Noise, Spectators And Confusion. The Best Sniper: Roscoe White, Missed His First Shot Entirely: "I Fired Two Shots", Roscoe Was At Point-Blank-Range: How Could Oswald Ever Be Expected To Hit Kennedy Twice, With Questionable Skills With A Rifle, With A Vintage 1930's Bolt-Action, Carbine, Being Blocked By Trees, The Target Receding, And Much Farther Away???) In Fact All The Snipers Kept Missing, Until The One On The Bridge (Railway Triple-Underpass) Gets In A Non-Fatal Shot. The Fatal Shot(s), Only Come After Greer Brings The Car To A Complete Halt, And Crazy Jackie Inadvertently Or Evilly, Props JFK Back Up To Be Murdered! Finally, After The First Non-Fatal FMJ Shot Was Fired From The Front, (The Railway Triple-Underpass) Striking Kennedy In The Neck: Greer Suddenly Sees The "White Paint" For The Second "Kill Zone#2", And Slams On The Brakes, Lurches Everyone Forwards, Again Bringing The Limo To A Complete Halt, Crazy Jackie Pushes JFK Back Up --Leaving Kennedy A Sitting-Duck! Not Until Greer Saw That Kennedy Had Been Fatally Shot, Did He Drive Away!!! The FBI Confiscated And Sealed The Zapruder Film For 12 Years; Until They Were Forced To Release It By The Courts: But They Then Doctored The Film And Released Only A Slow-Motion & Black-And-White Version Of The Original Color Film. The Zapruder Film Was Later Further "Doctored" To Remove The Frames That Showed The Limo Coming To A Complete Stop Twice: At The Turn Into Elm St (The Kill Zone#1), And Just Before Kennedy Was Fatally Shot (The Kill Zone#2): The Film Was Instead Faked To Show The Car Constantly & Briskly Moving! These "Kill Zones" Were Blatantly Marked In White Paint On The Curb Of The Road By The CIA: To Show Their Gunmen And The Chauffer, Exactly When To Stop The Car, And Open Fire!!! Even Though The CIA Doctored The Original Zapruder Film: Most People Can Easily Deduce That The Car Had To Have Stopped At This Moment: Because: (1) Jackie's Personal Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, Is Seen Easily Clambering Aboard The Back Of A Supposedly Briskly Moving Car, From The Following Car; (2) Jackie Is Seen Easily Retieving Pieces Of Kennedy's Brain And Skull Fragments, From The Booth Of The Car; (3) The Passengers All Suddenly Lurch Forward, (4) Chauffer Greer, Is Seen Removing His Hands From The Steering Wheel, And Turning Around To Look At Kennedy --None Of These Feats Could Be Accomplished, If The Car Was Still Moving: Experts Have Conclusive Evidence That Proves That The Film Was Doctored, And That The Car Did Come To A Full Stop Before The Fatal Shots Were Fired [Click=>YouTube Video On Kennedy Assassination]!!! We Now Know That The "Three  Tramps" Seen Fleeing The "Grassy Knoll", And Initially "Detained" And Later Inexplicably Released, Were Indeed CIA Assassins As We Long Suspected: French Author William Reymond Says He's Seen The Original Zapruder Film; Secretly Purchased By Wealthy Texas Oilman H.L. Hunt In 1963: Which Shows Both Shots Coming FromThe Front! [Note: Namesake, CIA Agent E. Howard Hunt, Who Was Present In Dealey Plaza, On The Day Of The Assassination, Gives A Deathbed Confession To His Son: Boasting That He And The CIA Did Indeed Murder Kennedy, Claiming Arrogantly "We Got Him"!]. Reymond Says The Middle "Tramp" In The Famous Picture Is "Max", AKA "Frenchie", Richard Montoya, Charles Rogers, A Former French-Mercenary, And #1 Marksman In The French Army & French Intelligence In 1958, Before Being Recruited By The CIA; Reymond Claims Max Also Shoots JFK From Behind The Fence In The Neck And Rear Of The Head: But His Claim Of A "Max" Hit Is Not Substantiated By Observed Evidence --Unless Kennedy Was Hit By Two Bullets Simultaneously-- Max As Well As Roscoe; As The Evidence Now Proves! But It Takes A Murderer To Kill Kennedy --Not A Marksman-- So Harrelson Is The More Likely Candidate For The Other Simultaneous Shot, Than Max Is!!! The Dumb, Stupid French & Italian Mafia, Like To Self-Aggrandize Themselves As Some Sort Of Killers Of Kennedy: But They Are As Low-Life, Fake & Insignificant; As The "Mafia" Murderers In Fictionalized Hollywood Movies: It Was The CIA That Murdered Kennedy --Not The Mafia! William Reymond Also Says, If Kennedy Wasn't Killed At The Grassy Knoll, The CIA Had A "Plan C", Where The Driver Would Stop At "Kill Zone#3", Right Under The Bridge, At The Triple-Underpass, Where CIA Agents Planned To Drop A Bomb Into Kennedy's Limo --They Were Leaving Nothing To Chance!!! [See Below For Pictures Of The Three Tramps: The Three CIA TRAMP/Assassins Have Now Been Positively Identified: Chauncey Holt Is The Tramp In The Hat Carrying A Walkie-Talkie In His Paper-Bag (Click=>Story In Newsweek). The Middle Tramp With Blond Hair, And Blue Eyes, Is Charles Voyde Harrelson A Known "Contract Killer" (And Father Of Actor Woody Harrelson) Who Was Later Convicted Of Two Other Assassinations Using A Sniper's Rifle, Using Expandable Bullets, The First "Hit" In 1968 Against A Businessman, Sam Degelia, For Which Harrelson Got 15 Years Imprisonment, But Served Only 5 Years; The Second "Hit" Against A Federal Judge John Wood In 1979; And He Was Acquitted Of A Third Murder Of Alan Henry Berg In 1968 --Who We Now Know, He Did Also Murder! At The Time Of His Second Conviction In 1979, Charles Voyde Harrelson Confesses To Being One Of The Assassins Of JFK In 1963 (Harrelson We Now Know, Fired Simultaneously With Roscoe, On The Fatal Shot!). Had Harrelson Been Arrested For Kennedy's Assassination, As One Of The Tramps: At Least Three Lives Would Be Saved!!! The Third Tramp Identified By Chaucey Holt In His Newsweek Interview Is "Frenchie", AKA Charles Rogers, Is The Most Likely Candidate For Reymond's "Max" AKA "Richard Montoya". "Rogers" Does Look Like A Muscular French-Mercenary Military Man (See Pictures Below). Chauncey States The "Tramps" Were "Loaded" Or Heavily Armed, Holt Claims He Gave Them Smith & Wesson Automatic-Pistols With Silencers; But They Were Never Searched, Handcuffed, Jailed, Fingerprinted Or Interrogated By The Police Or FBI, And Were Released A Few Hours Later By The FBI! "Max" Was Deported To Montreal, Canada, Then To France. The Walkie-Talkies Were Used By CIA Agents On The Scene, To Allow Their Central Command To Coordinate The Assassination: And Proves That Chauncey Holt Was In On The Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK! Chauncey Holt Was Not An Assassin: He Was There To Provide 15 Pieces Of False Secret Service (SS) ID's, With SS "Lapel Pins", To The CIA Agents In Dealey Plaza, And On The Grassy Knoll. Ironically SS Agents Were Allowed To Carry Rifles To Protect The President; But In The W.C. The Directors Of The SS, Testified That None Of The SS Were Assigned To Dealey Plaza, They Were All Confined To The President's Motorcade --Thus The SS Officer's Encountered At The Grassy-Knoll, Carrying Rifles, Were All CIA Agents, Carrying False I.D., Supplied By Chauncey Holt!!! Holt Owned A Printing Press And Made Police Badges: And Was An Expert Counterfeiter: And Was Used By The CIA To Provide False ID To Oswald As Well. Oswald Used The False ID To Purchase The 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle Under The Name Alek J. Hidell. Chauncey Holt Was Quite A Character, Who Worked For The CIA For Many Years: Chauncey Had A Photographic Memory: He Remembered Names, Dates, Places, Details: Of All CIA Agents And Their Assassination Schemes Over The Years: CLICK=>Chauncey Holt, Treasure Trove Of CIA Assassination Teams. [Note: Tragically Chauncey Holt Was Murdered By The CIA, Just Eight Days After Giving This Detailed Interview On CIA Activities, And Assassination Of Kennedy, On June 28th, 1997.] LBJ Was Also Seen On A CIA Walkie-Talkie, He Was Seen Ducking Down In His Seat Just Before The Assassination: It Seems Everyone Was In On The Conspiracy --Except Kennedy And The Non-Blonde-Anglo-Saxon American People! Thus We Must Conclude: Kennedy Was Caught In A Crossfire From Multiple (Eight Or More) Assassins Atop Adjacent Buildings, The Fence, The Bridge Or Railway Triple-Underpass And The Grassy Knoll: Highly Trained To Kill, CIA Marksmen Or Snipers, With Telescopic Lenses --He Never Stood A Chance! The Slain Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit Was Another CIA Agent Assigned To Arrest Oswald Or Kill Him: It Is Highly Suspicious For A Random Cop To Have Picked-Up Oswald So Quickly, Just 36 Minutes After The Assassination, Simply For Walking Down The Street --Unless It Was A Pre-planned Conspiracy To Pin The Assassination On Their "Patsy"! We Now Know That Tippit Was A Corrupt Cop And CIA Agent (He Worked In Jack Ruby's Nightclubs And Knew Oswald And Roscoe White By Sight!): Tippit Was Deliberately Driving Outside His Assigned Patrol Area, When He Confronted Oswald --He Had Deliberately Sought Oswald Out!!! The Reason They Picked-On Oswald To Take The Fall: Was That He Had Told (And Handed A Letter To) His FBI Liaison, Agent James P. Hosty, Outlining The CIA Plot To Murder Kennedy Weeks Before, And Expected Hosty And The FBI To "Inform The Appropriate Authorities And Stop It"! At The "Whitewash" Warren Commission, Hosty Claimed That Oswald Handed Him A Note Warning Him To "Stop Bothering His Wife, Or He Would Go To The Appropriate Authorities, Or Bomb The FBI". (Which Sounds Absurd And A Lie!) Agent Hosty said that he destroyed Oswald's note on orders from his Superior, Gordon Shanklin Of The FBI (Why Would Shanklin Destroy Evidence, Unless It Was Explosive!): Gordon Shanklin Was Also The Evil FBI Agent Who Released The Three Tramps (CIA Assassins) Without Any Processing, Searching And Only Minor Interviewing! What Really Happened Was Hosty And The FBI, Informed The SS About The Assassination Plot, But The SS Were Part Of The Conspiracy; And They Ratted Oswald Out To The CIA --The CIA Then Saw Oswald As A Security Risk To The Whole Conspiracy --That Had To Be Killed! [Note: Instead Of Protecting The President (As They Were Sworn To Do) The SS Were Major Participants In His Murder!!! Thus When The FBI Reported The Plot To The SS, They Ratted Oswald Out!] Jacob "Jack Ruby" Rubenstein Was Another CIA Agent, Assigned To Murder Oswald To Prevent Him From Revealing The Conspiratorial Plot To The Public --Ruby Was In Turn Murdered By Poison In Prison Three Years Later, To Prevent Him From Squealing! Ruby Had Told Many People That He Had Explosive Information On The Assassination; But Was Afraid For His Life If He Talked While In Dallas' Prison! When The Warren Commission Came To Ruby's Prison: Ruby Offered Them A Deal: "He Would Talk, If They  Transferred  Him To A Prison In Washington; And Ensured His Safety" Ruby Had Become A Prisoner Of The Dallas Police Awaiting His Appeal: He Begged Warren: take Me to Washington With You, "because I want to tell the truth about why my act was committed, but it can't be said here life is in danger here". Earl Warren Contemptuously Refused, And Threatened Ruby Instead: Telling Him "He Had To Bear The Consequences For What He Says", And That The Commission May Not Believe Him Without Proof Anyway! Just When Ruby Won His Appeal Of His Death Sentence: Had His Conviction Overturned, And A New Trial Set Outside Texas, Where He Could Feel Safe And Expose The ConspiracyRuby Was Murdered By Poison-Induced Cancer, On Jan. 3rd, 1967! Warren Was A Devil Possessed Satanic Judge Who Had Rammed Through "Desegregation And Forced Busing" Down Our Throats, So That Niggers Could Fuck White Women: His Sole Objective Was To "Cover-Up" The Conspiracy: His Report Was A Whitewash. Many Of The CIA Agents Involved In The Assassination Were Also Later Themselves Murdered To Retain The Conspiracy: In All Over 250 People Were Subsequently Murdered By The CIA & FBI All To Cover-Up The Conspiracy: Although The Murders Were Meant To Conceal The Conspiracy: Their Sheer Numbers, Would In The End, Prove The Conspiracy!! Of Particular Note Was The Murder Of: Dorothy Kilgallen, a prominent columnist and TV personality On The Game-Show "What's My Line", Her Death On November 8th, 1965; Was Falsely ruled a Suicide By "Drug & Alcohol Overdose" --When It Was Clearly Another CIA Murder! She had just completed a lengthy interview of Jack Ruby in prison and told friends privately that she was about to "break" the JFK case. A Year Earlier, On Aug. 3, 1962, Kilgallen became the first journalist to refer publicly to Marilyn Monroe's relationship with a Kennedy. Within 48 hours, Marilyn was found dead of a "Drug Overdose" at her Los Angeles residence. Kilgallen wrote that "the real story hasn't been told, not by a long shot." Such bold reporting was not common in American journalism at that time, Or Even Today. She could not have known that her own life would end under circumstances eerily similar to Marilyn's. [Kilgallen Was Right: Stanley Had Already Reported Below That Marilyn Was Murdered By Psychiatry: A Naked Monroe, (Marilyn Was Always Naked 24/7, In The Presence Of Her Female Staff --She Was A Lesbian, See Gossip Page On Marilyn's Lesbian-Threesome Encounters With JFK!) Had Threatened RFK That She Would Give A Press Conference About Her Affair With JFK, Unless He Agreed To Leave Jackie And Marry Her; RFK Replied, "Who Do You Think You Are? We Cannot Allow You To Destroy People's Lives!". Monroe Was Then Committed Forcibly By Bobby Kennedy, Peter Lawford And Her Personal Psychiatrists Dr. Khristine Eroshevich And Dr. Ralph Greenson: And Was Inadvertently Murdered By The Psychiatric Ambulance Attendants Who Injected Her With Very Highly Toxic Anti-Psychotic Drugs, That Are Especially Toxic To Non-Schizophrenic, Non-Mentally-Ill, Or Heroin & Narcotic Addicts, Which Monroe Was! Marilyn Died Instantly And Her Naked Body Was Returned To Her Home And Dumped On Her Bed, By The Hospital & Ambulance Attendants. {Note: Psychiatry Is Legally Sanctioned Murder: As The Anti-psychotic Drugs Are Really Poisons, That Murder Thousands Every Year! See Crucifixion Of Stanley! The Kennedys Had A Delusional Belief In Psychiatry: JFK's Own Retarded Sister Rose Marie Kennedy Was Given A Quack "Lobotomy" By Psychiatrists That Destroyed Her Life!} Lawford Then Returned And Ransacked The House, Confiscating Marilyn's Diary, And All Links To JFK. J. Edgar Hoover Had Had Marilyn's House Bugged To The Hilt: He Thus Knew Everything That Happened: Hoover Then Used This Incident To Blackmail JFK Into Keeping Him In Office. Had Hoover Been Fired: JFK Would Have Got The Warning Of The CIA Plot On His Life From Oswald, Relayed To Him --And It Would Have Saved His Life! [Note: Kennedy Could Have Overcome Hoover's Blackmail: By Threatening To Expose Hoover For Being A Pedophile-Homosexual: Which Was Common-Knowledge To Most FBI Agents!!!] Bad Karma For The Satanic Marilyn's Death Would Befall The Kennedy Clan: RFK's Son David, Would Also Be Murdered By Psychiatry: David, Like Marilyn, Was A Cocaine Drug Addict Too, Who Died Instantly When Forcibly Given Anti-psychotic Medications In 1985! Bobby & John Would Both Die Violent Deaths As Well. The Kennedys Suffered From The Weakness Of Not Being Able To Control Their Dicks: Because Of A Garbage ReligionOnly The Practice Of Hinduism-Yoga Gives Human Men Control Of Their Sex Urges: Which Would Have Saved Kennedy's Life-- Because He Was Having Adulterous Sex With Blonde Aryans, The Very Race That Was Plotting To Murder Him!!! We Now Know That Even Eldest Son Joe Jr. Kennedy Was Murdered By The U.S. Military In 1944: They Deliberately Sent Him On A Suicide Mission To Murder Him. Joe Jr. Was Being Groomed By His Father Joe Sr. To Become President Of The U.S.A.; The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Knew This And Thus Preemptively Murdered Him! The Blonde-Anglo-Saxons Allowed John To Become President, Only Because They Thought He Was A Playboy, That They Could Easily Control! Patriarch Joe Sr. Had Sex With Blond-Blue-Eyed Rose; John Had Sex With Marilyn And Numerous Blonde-Aryans, Bobby Had Sex With Blonde Ethel Skakel, Ted Had Sex With Joan Bennett, John-John Kennedy Jr. Had Adulterous Sex With Blonde Actress Daryl Hannah While Married To Poor Carolyn Bessette: All Blonde-Aryans! These Blonde-Aryan Wives Were Possessed By Devils And Murdered The Unsuspecting Kennedys From Within --Why Did The Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Want To Murder The Kennedys?: Because The Kennedys Were America's Royal Family: Until Stanley Came Along And Became KING! Remember: The British Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Murdered The Original Celtic King Of Camelot, King Arthur, In 500AD: They Have Been Murdering Celtic Britons And Celtic Kings In Britain & America For 1,500 Years: (Remember The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Murdered Millions Of Celts In The American Civil-War!!!) Why Are The Celts Still Having Sex With "Blondie" Anglo-Saxon-Aryans? How Stupid Are They??? This Is Jesus, The Phoenicians And The Slavs, All Over Again: The Celts Need To Adopt Sanatana DAma As Their Religion: And Stop Having Sex With Blonde-Blue-Eyed-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans!!! Under Stanley's InfluenceThe Patriarch Of The Kennedys: Ted Kennedy Finally Broke The Satanic Hold Of The Blonde-Aryans On The Kennedys, By Marrying Victoria Anne Reggie On July 3rd, 1992; Reggie Was Dark Eyed, Brown Haired And Of Lebanese Catholic Descent. The Death Knell For Blonde Satanic Anglo-Saxon-Aryans In America Had Begun! The Epitaph Of Kennedy's Presidency: "Don't Let It Be Forgot, That Once There Was A Spot, For One Brief But Shining Moment, That Was Known As CAMELOT"!] 
Just Weeks Before Irishwoman Kilgallen Was Murdered: One of the biggest scoops of Kilgallen's career came when she obtained the 102-page transcript of Ruby's testimony to the 
Warren Commission (WC). Readers were shocked at the hopelessly inept questioning of Ruby by Chief Justice Earl Warren, and by Warren's failure to follow up on the leads Ruby was feeding him. Attorney Melvin Belli called Dorothy's scoop "the ruin of the Warren Commission." The FBI Threatened Kilgallen For The "Source" Of The Classified "Top-Secret" Ruby Transcript; But She Replied, "I Would Never Give Up My "Source", If You Killed Me." [Click=>From The Book By Sara Jordan, "Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen":] Dorothy also approached one of Jack Ruby's lawyers, Joe Tonahill. Surprisingly, Ruby agreed to talk with her. Tonahill Says, "This interview with her was a very significant point in his classless life,". He affirmed that Ruby "cooperated with her in every way that he could, and told her the truth as he understood it. It was just a very agreeable conversation between them. I just can't understand people doubting the sincerity of that interview." From Ruby, Kilgallen Obtained Leads To Key Witnesses In New Orleans, La., (Oswald's Assassination Team: Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Guy Bannister, Perry Russo) Who Would Break The Conspiracy Wide-Open: "Her hairdresser, Charles Simpson, recalls That Two Weeks Before She Was Murdered By The CIA, "She even of her own volition...'I used to share things with you...but after I have found out now what I know, if the wrong people knew what I know, it would cost me my life.' " Kilgallen Had Broken The Conspiracy Wide-Open; But The CIA, FBI & Police Murdered Her Before She Could Publish The Book --Her Manuscript Then Mysteriously Disappeared!!! As For Oswald: After Being Shot, Oswald Was Then Forcibly Tranquilized, But He Did Not Die From The Gunshot By Ruby, (Oswald Was Hit Five Inches To The Upper-Left Of His Bellybutton, On His Left Rib-Cage, With The Bullet Being Deflected Sideways, By Oswald's Ribs, Away From His Body's Center, Missing All Vital Organs. It Was A Non-Fatal Injury. [See Picture Below]) He Died By The Ambulance Attendants' Hands (A Plain-Clothes Police Officer & A CIA Agent Were Also In The Van: And Would Give Witness That Oswald Was Indeed Murdered, Many Years Later) They Deliberately, Aggressively Massaged His Heart And Repeatedly Re-Opened His Bleeding Wound To Make Him Bleed To Death, While In The Ambulance!!! The Ambulance Was Lying In Wait Inside The Dallas Police Station: Before Oswald Was Shot!!! Proving That Oswald's Murder Was Pre-Planned!!! His Real Assassins Were Ambulance Attendants In The Ambulance --Not Jack Ruby!

4(b)  This Ambulance & Doctors Method Of Death Was Also Used On 
Princess Diana: Who Did Not Die In The Intentional Car Crash Either, And Was Not Seriously Injured! Diana Refused Care By The British-French Secret Police Ambulance Attendants And Screamed At Them To Leave Her Alone (Which Was Her Right! Diana Had An Instinct That The Doctors Had Come To Murder Her --Not Help Her! In France Almost All Healthcare Is Run By Their Satanic Government --Because The French Have A Delusional Belief In SocialismThe Blonde Saxon-Aryans Are Possessed By Devils: They Rule France Through The British Secret Police: They Want To Murder All Of Us: If We Give Them That Power They Will Murder Us --Like They Did Diana! Witness The "False-Flag" Murders Of French People In "Charlie Hebdo", & Paris: By The French Secret Police & The CIA --And Falsely Blamed On ISIS!) So Diana Was Brutally, Illegally And Forcefully Tranquilized
Into Unconsciousness, And Given Drugs To Increase Her Blood Circulation & Pressure, While Decreasing Blood Clotting (Anti-Coagulant): To Make Her Bleed Faster, She Was Then Manhandled Into The Ambulance By French-British MI6 (Secret Police) To Be Murdered! Diana Was Later Murdered By The French MI6 Ambulance Attendants And French Doctors That Aggressively Tried To Make Her Bleed To Death From Minor Wounds; And Then Inflicted The Mortal Wound By Drugs That Induced Her Heart To Stop Beating & Surgery --When She Just Wouldn't Die! Our Diana Was A Tough Old Lady!!! [Click=>Autopsy Report Of Diana Spencer.] The Surgeon In The Hospital Severed Her Pulmonary Vein, Let Her Bleed To Death; Then He Sutured It Back Up! (This Is Why We Don't Want Government Running Our Health Care! We Can All Be Murdered By DoctorsOn Orders From The State: Like Diana Was! Like The Jews Were!) It Took Less Than Five Minutes To Get (MI6) Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones To The Same Hospital, Yet They "Worked On" Diana In The Ambulance For Two Hours To Ensure She Would Die! The Ambulance Bypassed Several Major Emergency Care Hospitals: Choosing To Take Diana To A Tiny "Nun's Hospital" Controlled By British MI6 --So They Could Murder Her There! Diana Needed To Be Murdered By British Security Forces MI6, MI5, French Police, Scotland Yard, & Medical Surgeons; Because She Was Most Likely Pregnant, And Her Heir Would Have A Non-Saxon-Aryan Claim To The Currently Satanic British Windsor Throne Or They Wanted Her Out Of Her Sons' Lives!!!

4(c) LBJ's Biggest Accomplishment Was Satanic: The "Civil Rights Act" And Massive Welfare & U.I.; And Massive Inflation From Printing Money And Removal Of The Gold Standard, By Restoring The "Fed":
The Advancement Of Blacks Has Always Been At The Expense Of Humans And Of God --From 1965-1975: 3.1 Million North Vietnamese Civilians Would Now Be Murdered By B-52 Bombings, Agent Orange, Napalm Bombs; And Another 2 Million South Vietnamese Would Die As Well: On LBJ's And Nixon's Orders!!! The Price Of Nigger-Black Equality Has Been The Total Genocide Of Vietnamese And Of Whites: The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Murdered Millions Of Southerners On The Pretext Of Black Slavery And Equality: Simply To Rob The Celtic Race Of Their Land And Property! It Has Now Been Proven (By Obama's Incompetence --See Below Pictures) That Blacks Are Little More Than Chimpanzees --And Were Never Equal!!! The Civil War 1860-1865 Was Murder, Slaughter And Genocide, And Not A War, Because Robert E. Lee Was A Traitor And Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Spy Who Was Trained By The Blonde Aryans And The "Union Army", Yet He Was Delusionally Allowed Command Of The Confederate Army: And Traitor Robert E. Lee Helped Fitzhugh Lee Murder Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson; Then R.E. Lee With Weak Inexperienced Leaders In Charge Of The Confederate Army, Deliberately Sent The Confederate Army Into A Trap On July 1st-3rd, 1863; Surrounded By The Union's Heavy Artillery, Rifles, And Gatling Guns, Having Deliberately Conceded Heavily Fortified And Entrenched "High Ground" Positions, To The Enemy Prior To The Battle, On "Cemetery Hill" & "Cemetery Ridge";  Simply To Get The Confederate Army Slaughtered en masse At Gettysburg, As Was His Pre-Arranged Satanic Plan With The Union Army!!! Gettysburg Had Zero Strategic Significance To The South: It Was A Senseless Slaughter By A Evil, Satanic Traitor Robert E. Lee, For The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans! WWI  Would Later Teach Us That It Is Impossible To Overrun An Entrenched Position, Being Defended By Machine Guns And Artillery! [See Revolution Page] Thus Stanley Strongly Believes In The Military Capabilities Of The Celtic & French Southerners: If They Obey Stanley's Commands, And Adopt A Vegan Diet, And Teach Themselves How To Purge With Salt-Water And Fast! There Was A Massive Satanic Conspiracy By The Blonde Angle-Saxon-Aryans To Murder The Leaders The American People Loved (JFK, The Confederate Army, & Diana) That Is Why We Must Exterminate Them From America, To Finally Get Justice For Kennedy! When You Murder Our Camelot, The Southerners And Our Princess: There Must Be Justice:
For Without Justice Your Soul Can Never Be Free: Your Soul Can Never Find Peace:
 In Kennedy's, The South's & Diana's Cases There Hasn't Been Justice: And Only Stanley The King Can Bring The People Justice: And That Is Why The King Is So Important To The People: For Only He Can Set You Free.

Lee's dead body (above) lies in Parkland morgue Nov. 24, 1963; 3.00 PM. Note: The Original Bullet-Wound Is Clearly Superficial & Non-Fatal: The Bullet Hits Lee's Left Rib-Cage At A Tangential Angle, (The Bullet Never Penetrates The Rib-Cage!) Ruby Was Standing Face-On, Firing From-Oswald's-Center-Perpendicular-Front, And Thus The Bullet's Center-Front-To-Side Angle Would Hit The Rib-Cage And Deflect Away From All Vital Organs. Oswald Was Later Deliberately "Bled-To-Death" (Murdered) By The Ambulance Attendants: Notice The Excessive Manual Aggravation Of The Wound, And The Total Loss Of Skin Around The Area, Right To The Muscle & Bone (One Bullet Cannot Remove So Much Skin) Proving He Was Aggressively Massaged There, Ripping His Skin & Blood-Vessels, To Increase His Bleeding!!! Lee's Slight Build, (He Was Just 5'8", 130 lbs) Precluded Him From Properly Handling A Rifle! "He Was An Awful Shot", He Didn't Kill Kennedy! [Note: In Comparison, Observe The Massive Shoulders, Musculature, And Size Of The Actual Murderers: "Max", Charles Harrelson & Roscoe; Who Are All Twice The Size Of Poor Oswald (see below)!This Photo Was Taken A Few Seconds AFTER Oswald Was Shot While Ruby Was Dead Center, In-Front Of Him, And Shoots Away From Oswald's Center (Proving Ruby Didn't Intend To Kill Oswald --He Was Just Obeying Orders!) Oswald Turns His Side Towards Ruby AFTER Being Shot, So This Angle Is NOT The Same As At The Time The Bullet Was Fired.


This Is The Doctored Kennedy Autopsy Photo (Above) Note: The Doctor Is Using Loose Scalp-Skin, To Cover-Over, And Try To Hide, The Right-Rear Skull, That Is Totally Missing (But Look Closely, We Can Still Decipher A Concavity Under The Scalp-Skin!) Blown Off By An Exploding Bullet, (Or Two Bullets) That Entered From The Right-Front And Right-Middle-Front! The Massive Damage To Kennedy's Skull And Brain: Proves That Two Simultaneous Expandable Bullets, Struck The Right Side Of His Skull, At Two Slightly Different, But Distinct Points (The Bullets Clearly Entered At Two  Points, With An Eight Inch Separation Between The Massive Concave Wounds In Kennedy's Skull!!!) At About The Same Time --Proving There Were At Least Two Gunmen: Proving A Conspiracy!!!

THE THREE TRAMPS: (above) ALL CIA ASSASSINS CAUGHT TRYING TO FLEE THE GRASSY KNOLL: Charles Rogers, Front, is "Max", The Former French-Mercenary, Military Marksman hired by the CIA; Blond, Blue-Eyed Murderer Charles Voyde Harrelson is in the center (Actor Woody Harrelson's Father), (It Is Now Believed That He Fired A Fatal Bullet Simultaneously With Roscoe) Harrelson Was A Known "Contract Killer", Who Later Assassinated Three Or More People, with a Sniper's Rifle, including a Federal Judge); And Chauncey Holt is in the hat; carrying the Walkie-Talkie In that paper-bag --Who gave the Newsweek Interview In October 1991 To John Craig, Phillip Rogers, And Gary Shaw! The Satanic Dallas Police And Senior FBI Agent Gordon Shanklin, Did Not Even Handcuff, Arrest, Interrogate, Fingerprint, Search, Or Take Their Names: Before Releasing Them: They Were All Heavily Armed: (Note: The Baggy Clothes Intended To Conceal Automatic Pistols, And False I.D.'s): Which Was Clear Evidence Of Their Guilt!!! Notice The FMJ Rifle In The Cop's Hands, Taken From Max! What Was A Tramp Doing With A Rifle? None of them were Real Tramps! The Lead Police Officer Is Named, Sergeant B.D. Harkness, Second Is Officer Billy Bass, & Marvin Bond.

Roscoe "Rocky" Anthony White, Is The Man Who Fired The Fatal Bullet That Killed J.F. Kennedy. His Diary On The Date Nov. 22, 1963 Reads "I Was Mandarin, The Man Behind The Stockade Fence, Who Fired Two Shots ...". On The 4th, September, 1990, Roscoe's son, Ricky White, revealed to a meeting at the University of Texas, that his father had been involved in killing the president: "The diary said after my father shot the President, he handed his 7.65 Mauser to the CIA man standing beside him, hurled over the fence, took the film from the military man, whirled around the fence and went through the parking lot, And Drove Off; To Meet Up With Oswald; Where They Encountered Tippit."
White added that Lee Harvey Oswald had also taken part but had not fired any of the shots. White then went on to kill J. D. Tippit, To Save His Buddy Oswald. Ricky White claimed he had got this information from his father's diary. This apparently had been taken away by the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI.

Geneva White, (Wife of Roscoe), With Jack Ruby, As A Topless Stripper, In Ruby's Carousel Club. Geneva White Was The Key Witness In Breaking The Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy: She Corroborates Key Evidence; And Was The "Driving Force", The Conscience, That Morally Supports Ricky White's Testimony. (Look For Roscoe's "X" Below, Top-Left)!

This Is The Famous Mary Moorman  Polaroid Photo Of The Exact Moment JFK Was Shot (above): From Roscoe's Personal Files: Roscoe's "X" Marks The Spot Behind The Stockade Fence, On The Grassy Knoll; Where Roscoe Fired The Fatal Shot. The Bullet Explodes The Back Of Kennedy's Skull, Proving The Soft-Point Bullet Came From The Front-Right Where Roscoe And Harrelson Are Standing --Marked By Roscoe With An "X"! [Click=>Roscoe's Diary & Pictures] Notice The Two Motorcycle Cops, Whose Dictabelt Police Channel Recording, Would Play The Key Role In Proving The Conspiracy To Murder Kennedy By The CIA! Notice The Large Oak Trees Along Elm Street, The Crowds, And The Motorcycle Cops: Which Would Obstruct Oswald's Line-Of-Sight Of Kennedy, And Preclude Oswald From Being The Assassin; The Farther The Limousine Gets, The Worse The Obstructions, And The Smaller The Target, Would Become! Notice The Railway Underpass, Where The CIA Assassin, That Hit Kennedy In The Neck Was Located; Notice The Trains Where The Tramps Were Hiding, The Large Number Of Cops In Uniform, Charging Up The Grassy Knoll, And The Car-Park Where Roscoe Drove Off From.

The Trees, The Crowds, The Bike Cops, Would Preclude Oswald From Being The Assassin, Because They Would Obstruct His Line-Of-Fire. While The Grassy Knoll Assassins Were Now In Point-Blank Range!!

(above) Lee Harvey Oswald, With His Daughter June Oswald, And Wife Marina, 1962; Note: The Slight Build And Weak Wrists Of Oswald: He Couldn't Hold A Rifle Steady!

Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova March 1961 Oswald's Wife.

Jacqueline Bouvier "Beaver" Kennedy "The Billion Dollar Bush" 1970: The First Lady Of America's Gash. These Pictures Were Taken By
PLAYMEN, The Italian Men's Magazine, Off The Greek Island Of Skorpios, In 1970, Which Almost Caused A Divorce From Aristotle Onassis. Onassis Called Jacqueline a "Whore", Who Deliberately Posed For These Pictures --Which Was Probably True!!!
Jqueline B. Kennedy On The Kennedy Presidency: "Don't Let It Be Forgot, That Once There Was A Spot, For One Brief But Shining Moment, That Was Known As Camelot"!

JJacqueline Bouvier Kennedy With Aristotle Onassis, In 1968, At Their Wedding.


September 16th, 2016:
 THE "BIRTHER ISSUE" EXPLAINED: The Democrats Are Now Grasping At Straws, By Attacking Trump Over The "Birther" Issue: This Tactic Actually Originated From Nigger Colin Powell: When His Emails Were Allegedly (The Word, Allegedly Is Used, Because Powell Seems Too Self Serving, Smug And Gleeful In Releasing These Leaked Emails: As To Have Leaked Them Himself!) Allegedly Leaked By "" And Again Falsely Blamed On The Russians: "a spokesman for Powell told ABC News that the emails are "accurate," and has not challenged the veracity of any of the messages that have surfaced since last night. In the emails made public, the retired four-star general, speaking candidly to friends, has harsh words for both candidates, particularly his fellow Republican, Donald Trump.
On Hillary: "I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect," Powell writes in July 2014 email published by
CBS News.
"A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband (Bill) still dicking bimbos at home (according to the NYP)," Powell wrote, apparently referring to the New York Post. (How Hypocritical For Bill Clinton, Giving A False Romance Speech At The DNC, When He Is Still Bringing Prostitutes Home To Fuck: Like He Did In The White House!!!)
In an email to his wealthy business partner Jeffrey Leeds, Powell says Clinton has been dishonest about her email troubles. "Sad thing it {sic] that HRC could have killed this two years ago by merely telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie me into it," Powell wrote to Leeds after stories surfaced that he advised her to use private email. "She keeps tripping into these 'character' minefields," Powell said. That same month, he also wrote to Leeds, referring to Clinton here by her initials HRC: “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.” (Again Powell Is Boosting His Own Ego, At The Expense Of Hillary)
And in one message, Powell remarks that she would turn 70 years old during her first year in office, Leeds writes back to say he saw her having trouble climbing stairs before a speech. "She could barely climb the podium steps," Powell said.
In May, following Clinton's first news conference explaining her use of a private email server, Powell wrote about her physical appearance. "On HD tv she doesn't look good. She is working herself to death," he said. [Powell Presciently Notes Hillary's Dire Health Problems; But Her Health Came Into Question Only A Week Ago: Proving These Emails Are A Hoax, Leaked By Powell Himself!]
According to emails obtained by Buzzfeed, the first news outlet to publish content from the emails, Powell emailed Emily Miller, a journalist and his former aide, on June 17, 2016, describing Trump as “a national disgrace” and an “international pariah.” In that same email, Powell also said Trump “is in the process of destroying himself, no need for Dems to attack him. [Speaker of the House] Paul Ryan is calibrating his position again.”
Again writing to Miller on Aug. 21, Powell blasted Trump for embarking on a “racist” movement that believes President Obama was not born in the U.S. “Yup, the whole birther movement was racist,” Powell wrote. “That’s what the 99% believe. When Trump couldn’t keep that up he said he also wanted to see if the certificate noted that he was a Muslim," Powell added. “As I have said before, ‘What if he was?’ Muslims are born as Americans everyday." (But Nigger Obama Does Not Admit He Is A Muslim: And Is Lying To The American People: While Sympathizing With Terrorists: That Is The Problem!!! --CBS News.

It Is Quite Obvious That The Democrats Picked Up Their Story From Nigger-Powell, Who Equated The Birther Story To Racism: HERE IS THE DEFINITIVE REPLY TO THE DEMOCRAT Arseholes! First Of All: The "Birther Story" Was Begun By Obama Himself And By Hillary Clinton Herself, In The 2008 Primaries, And Candidates' Debates When Hillary Asked Obama: "Will You Voluntarily Release Your Long-Form Birth Certificate?" Obama Remained Silent, And Refused To Answer The Question!!! The Mainstream Media Are Lying That Hillary Did Not Start The "Birther" Movement! Bettina Viviano A Respected Hollywood Producer Swears That Hillary And Bill Clinton Started The Birther Movement, And Were Set To Expose Obama As Ineligible To Become President: When Their Close Friend Democratic Chairman Of Arkansas, Bill Gwatney, Was Murdered, And Their Daughter Chelsea Was Threatened To Be Murdered Next, By The DNC And Obama's Supporters: Forcing Their Silence!!! Viviano Produced A Documentary On Hillary's 2008 Campaign, Called, [Click=>"We Will Not Be Silenced"], Directed By Gigi Gaston; Where They Interviewed All Of Hillary's Campaign Staff, Viviano Says, "The Clintons were the original “birthers,” Viviano told WND in an interview in Los Angeles. “Everybody who has called this a conspiracy from the Republicans or the tea party, they need to know who started it – the Democrats,” she said. “It was Hillary and Bill, and it percolated up from there,” said Viviano, who had access to the campaign through a documentary she produced on the claims of delegates that Obama and the Democratic National Committee were stealing the nomination from Hillary. “I mean, everybody had a story to tell about death threats, threats, intimidation, document falsifying, vandalism, property theft,” she said. “It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” Viviano said that in research for the film, allegations and evidence that Obama was not eligible “came up immediately.” “It’s not about Hillary,” she said. “It’s about No. 1, I’m American, I live in a country where there is a Constitution and a set of laws. I also have somebody in the White House who has lied, obfuscated, provided what we all know to be forged documents about who he is.” “What can you do?” she said. “It’s my country. My dad fought for this country in World War II in the 82nd Airborne.” Her late father, she noted, was shot down twice during the war and was awarded two Purple Hearts. “I think, would he rather have me sitting in the corner cowering, and afraid of people, or would he rather have me tell the truth and what I saw?” In This Interview By WND's Jerome Corsi, On Jan. 4th, 2012: Viviano Definitively Proves The Clintons Were The Original Birthers: Must See Video [Click=>

Definitive Proof:WND Video: Clintons Threatened By Obama & DNC To Shut-Up Or Chelsea Dies!] Trump Only Came To The "Birther Debate" In Feb. 2011: --Long After Hillary Had Raised It To Obama-- And When The Issue Had Already Reached A Fever Pitch; When On Jan 1st, 2011; Hawaiian Gov. Neil Abercrombie Stated That The Hawaiian Health Dept. Had No Record Of Obama's Birth Certificate In Their Vital Statistics!!! The So Called "Birther Movement" Actually Began Much Earlier, Because, Obama Has Consistently Refused To Release His ORIGINAL Long-Form Birth Certificate, (OLFBC) Since Being Asked To By Other  Black Candidates While Running For The State Senate Offices In Chicago! In August 2004 - Andy Martin, a local Illinois political candidate, distributes a press release stating that Mr Obama, a state senator, “is a Muslim who has concealed his religion”! At First People (Nigger-Powell Still Does) Thought That Obama Was Trying To Hide The Fact That He Was Born Muslim; But He Was Trying To Hide Something Far More Diabolical & Sinister --As We Shall See! Obama Has Refused To Release His ORIGINAL Birth Certificate For Over 25 Years In Office: Thus Obama Started The "Birther Movement" By Trying To Cover-Up Their (OLFBC) Contents, And Thus Arousing Suspicions! That Is Why We All Believe That He Has Something To Hide; But What Does He Want To Hide??? After Hillary Clinton First Raised The "Birther Issue" In 2007-2008, And It Became Clear That Obama Would Win The Presidency: The COVERUP BEGAN: On Oct. 26, 2008; Hawaiian Gov. Linda Lingle placed the candidate Obama's birth certificate under seal and instructed the state’s Department of Health to make sure no one in the press obtains access to the original document under any circumstances --Why The Intense Secrecy, What Was So Damaging To Obama? We Know That Adoption Records Are The Only Records That Are Usually Kept Sealed! On January 1st, 2011; The New Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie suggested in an interview published today that a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health. Abercrombie told the Honolulu Star Advertiser he was searching within the Hawaii Department of Health to find definitive vital records that would prove Obama was born in Hawaii, because the continuing eligibility controversy could hurt the president’s chances of re-election in 2012. Thus The Gov. Of Hawaii Fuelled The Constitutional Crisis By Admitting That There Was No Birth Certificate For Obama, Or That It Had Been Stolen Or Hidden!! Then Suddenly, Hawaiian Health Director Loretta Fuddy, 63, Made national news in April 27, 2011 when (In Response To Obama's Request, That She Waive The Law Against Issuing Photocopies Of Birth Certificates) she verified the authenticity of certified photocopies of President Obama's FORGED "Long-Form" birth certificate (But Photocopies Are More Difficult To Authenticate, With Respect To Forensic Dating, Paper And Ink Quality, And Attempts To Alter The Original Document --She Should Have Allowed Doubters To Examine The Original Document If She Was Being Genuine-- The Fact That Fuddy Refused To Allow Experts To Examine The Original: Proves This Birth Certificate Was Obviously A Fraud! It Turned Out That The Document Fuddy Produced Was Not A Photocopy Of The Original: But A Computer Scanned, Adobe Photo-Shopped Forgery!!). But Then Loretta Fuddy, 65, Mysteriously Died In A Plane Crash On Dec. 12th, 2013, Where She Was The Sole Fatality Among Ten People, And Her Body Was Not Recovered --Was She Murdered Because She Fabricated The Long-Form Birth Certificate In Exchange For $$$Billions Of Federal Dollars For Health Care For Hawaii??? And She Now Needed To Be Silenced To Cover-Up The Forgery: Just Like Lee Harvey Oswald Had To Be Murdered To Cover-Up The Assassination Of JFK? But What Is On Obama's "ORIGINAL" Long-Form Birth Certificate That

Is So Incriminating That He Would Try To Hide It For 25 Years? And Murder People To Keep It Hidden? The Answer Is This: Obama Was Adopted By An Indonesian Citizen Named Lolo Soetoro, Who Was A Muslim!!! BOMBSHELL: In Those Days Dual Citizenship Was Forbidden In Indonesia: All Indonesian Citizens Had To Renounce Their Foreign Or U.S. Citizenship, To Become Indonesian Citizens!!! We Know Obama Became An Indonesian Citizen, Because In His Book "Dreams From My Father" He Is Admitting That He Attended Government Islamic Schools (And That He Ate Dog Meat, And Excessively Smoked Drugs, And Was Unrepentant About Being A Cokehead): BUT ONLY INDONESIAN CITIZENS COULD ATTEND GOVERNMENT ISLAMIC SCHOOLS IN INDONESIA!! From Travel Records We Know That Obama Traveled On An Indonesian Passport Under The Name Barack Hussein Obama II Soebarkah!!! We Know That When Pakistan Was Placed On A Travel Advisory Because Of Terrorist Attacks In 1980, The U.S. Required A Visa For U.S. Citizens To Travel There: Yet Obama Impromptu Travelled To Pakistan Without A Visa, From A Trip To Indonesia, With A Pakistani Friend --Proving He Was Using An Indonesian Passport!!! Adding Up The Evidence: Obama Was Born A Muslim! Obama Was Adopted By A Muslim, As Per His Mother's Request! Obama's Mother Married Lolo Soetoro. Obama Was Then Forced To Become An Indonesian Citizen By His Adoptive Father! Obama Renounced His U.S. Citizenship, Making Him Ineligible To Become President Of The U.S.A.; And There Could Be More Damning Information On His Long-Form (OLFBC) Like: That His Biological Parents Never Intended To Marry; That They Intended On Putting Obama Up For Adoption Immediately: And That He Was An Unwanted Bastard Child, Used To Keep His Illegal-Alien Promiscuous Worthless Father From Being Deported!!! ALL THIS WOULD BE RECORDED ON HIS LONG-FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!! Why Is This So Important? Because "Only Native-Born Citizens Can Become President Of The U.S."; Obama Would Have To Reapply For His U.S. Citizenship, After Having Renounced It!!! He Would Then Become A "Naturalized U.S. Citizen": INELIGIBLE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.!!!! To Understand The Seriousness Of Renouncing U.S. Citizenship: When Conrad Black Renounced His Canadian Citizenship To Become A British Lord: He Was Not Allowed To Reclaim Canadian Citizenship, Even Though He Was Born In Canada! When Lee Harvey Oswald Renounced His U.S. Citizenship, To Convince The Russians That He Was Not A Double-Agent (Which He Was) The U.S. Used This Fact To Denounce Him As Treasonous, And Frame Him For The Assassination Of JFK!!! When The Clamor To Produce Obama's Original Long-Form Birth Certificate (OLFBC) Became Too Damaging For The Blondie System To Ignore: They Used A Rigged Election To Put In A Democrat Governor Of Hawaii Into Office, Gov. Neil Abercrombie, Who Immediately Reproduced A Phony, Fraudulent, "Long-Form" Birth Certificate "From Scratch"; But Which Doesn't Have Any Of Obama's Adoption And Citizenship Information: The Birth Certificate Was Not The "Original" But A Fraudulent Forged Reproduction By Medical Director Loretta Fuddy Who Then Mysteriously Dies: It Is Theoretically Authoritative, Because It Was Issued By The Hawaiian Health Dept.: But Ultimately Illegal And Criminal, Because It Was FORGED: AND NOT THE "ORIGINAL" LONG-FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE OLFBC! There Needs To Be A Thorough Investigation Into Obama's Citizenship Records, Adoption Records & Constitutional Eligibility To Be President Of The U.S.: With An Eye To Putting Him In Jail For Fraud: Obama Knew The Birth Certificate Below Was Fraudulent! THIS IS AN OBVIOUS FORGERY: NOTE HOW ALL THE TEXT AND DUNHAM'S SIGNATURE, ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE HAS A WHITE BACKING AND IS TOO PERFECTLY LEVEL: (ENLARGE THE TEXT IF NEEDED) WHICH PROVES THE WORDS WERE PASTED-ON A PRE-SIGNED ORIGINAL, WITH THE ORIGINAL TEXT ALTERED BY COMPUTER GENERATED ADOBE PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE: NOT TYPED OLD-FASHIONEDLY AS INDIVIDUAL LETTERS --IN 1961 THERE WERE NO PERSONAL COMPUTERS OR SCANNERS!!! In July 2012, Volunteer investigators working under the direction of Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio have asserted that Obama's birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery. Another Highly Respected Internet News Source: "The Drudge Report" (DR) Immediately Claimed That Fuddy's April 27, 2011; Document Was A Forgery Made With Adobe Image Editing Software!!! After Obama released his long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011, Donald Trump Took Credit For Pressuring Nigger-Obama To Release Something: Trump said "I am really honored and I am really proud, that I was able to do something that nobody else could do." On October 24, 2012, Trump offered to donate five million dollars to the charity of Obama's choice in return for the publication of his college and passport applications before October 31, 2012. Obama's Passport, Education And Citizenship Records Would Prove That He Was An Indonesian Citizen And That He Was Not Eligible To Be President; Obama's Adoption Records (Which Should Have Been On His OLFBC!) Would Also Prove His Ineligibility!!! Obama's College Records Would Prove He Was A Drug-Addicted Very Bad Student With Low Marks: But Then How Did He Get Into Harvard Law School? AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Because He Is A Nigger: How Fair Is That For The Rest Of Us!!! It Is Clear Till Today That Obama Does Not Understand Constitutional Law (His Specialty) When He Repeatedly Tries To Pass Laws By Executive Order!!! Obama Lost The $5 Million Dollar Bet With Trump: Because He Has To Date, Refused To Release His Adoption, Education And Citizenship Records: AND NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL FOR FRAUD ON THE ELECTORATE!!! The primary arguments advanced by "Skeptics", "Doubters", The Drudge Report, And Sheriff Arpaio, to demonstrate that the certificate was forged were claims that some textual elements of the certificate were anachronistic, and that the existence of layers found when the PDF file was opened with Adobe Illustrator proved that it had been altered. An EXPERT IN Adobe Illustrator — the premier program for computer graphic artists — Says These Layers "reveal" evidence of document manipulation in the Obama birth certificate. They note Illustrator reveals nine separate layers of the document, and claim it's "proof" the file has been altered. This Proves that the scanner's optical character recognition (OCR) software was used, which attempts to translate characters or words in a photograph into Text. He said the layers cited by the "doubters" shows that OCR software Was at work. The Reason They Needed To Use OCR Scanning, rather than plain image scanning, Or Simply Photocopying The Original Certificate (Like Ms. Fuddy Lied They Did); was they needed to edit the TEXT on the Birth certificate, in order to alter the TEXT data, and For Example, substitute Obama Sr.'s Name For Lolo Soetoro's Name, on the Fraudulent Scanned Photocopy! Or To Substitute Kenya, East Africa For Jakarta, Indonesia On The Fraudulent Birth Certificate! Or To Substitute Barack Hussein Obama, II, For Barack Hussein Obama II Soetoro, Which Was On The Original Birth Certificate --While Keeping Most Of The Signatures And The Rest Of The Birth Certificate Virtually Intact!!!

The claims of anachronism and falsification stemmed from six elements in the certificate
1. Back in 1961 people of color were called 'Negroes.' So how can the Obama 'birth certificate' state he is "African" Or 'African-American' when the term wasn't even used at that time? Secondly African Is Not A Race It Is A Nationality: North-Africans Are Usually Arab By Race! The Term For Obama's Father's Race Would Be "Luo", "Nilotic", "Bantu", "Black" Or "Negro": This Error Would Have Been Caught By The Health Dept. Who Oversaw, And Typed The Document, And Would Have Corrected It!!! Uppity Niggers Call Themselves "African-American" Today: But In 1961, They Accepted "Negro": This Certificate Is Obviously A Forgery!!!
2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama's birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama's birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama's father was born in "Kenya, East Africa". This wouldn't seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama's birth, and 27 years after his father's birth. How could Obama's father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the "British East Africa Protectorate". Furthermore East Africa Is Not A Country Either: This Error Was Obviously Written Contemporaneously By Modern Forgers, Who Didn't Know Where Obama Sr. Was Born! Obama Sr. Was Born In Nyang'Oma Kogelo, Nyanza Province, British East Africa: Not Kenya: But Ms. Loretta Fuddy & Nigger-Obama, Who Helped Forge This Document, Wouldn't Know That! And Wouldn't Know That "Kenya" Was Not Yet A Country Then, Nor Likely To Be Named Kenya In 1961! The Health Dept. Would Not Allow A Non-Existent Country To Be Entered: This Is A Forgery.
3. "On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is "Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital". This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called "Kaui Keolani Children's Hospital" and "Kapi'olani Maternity Home", respectively. The name did not change to Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?" This Was Sheer Carelessness On Ms. Fuddy's And Obama's Part: This Error Could Easily Have Been Avoided: But Arrogance Breeds Contempt For The Intelligence Of The People!
4.  Obama's Last Name Is Listed As "Obama, II"; But Most Issuers Of Birth Certificates Do Not Accept Roman Digit Appellations As Part Of A Last Name: Obama Would Have To Be Named Barack Hussein II Obama, Or Change His Last Name To "II". Or Simply Call Himself Barack Jr. The Original Name For Nigger-Obama On His ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE WAS: Barack Hussein Obama II Soetoro: His Adoptive Father's Last Name!!! Thus When Editing Out Soetoro; The Forgers Didn't Know That "II", Cannot Be An Acceptable Last Name. This Document Is An Obvious Forgery!!!
5. His Mother Is Falsely Given The First Name Of Stanley, This Is A Blatant Forgery, Because No-One Would Give Their Daughter Such A Male First Name! Secondly His Mother Signed (It Was Forged) Her Last Name As "Obama": But We Know Ann Dunham Never Married That Dirty-Nigger-Obama Sr.: This Is A Blatant Forgery To Make Obama Look Good!!! Notice In The Signature Of Dunham's: "(Stanley)Ann Dunham
Obama" The Name "(Stanley)", And The Word "Obama": Are More Denser, Darker, Bolder And Different In Handwriting Styles, From The Words: "Ann" And "Dunham": This Proves This Signature Was A Compilation Of Ann's Original Signature And A Forger's Rendition Of Obama's Name: In An Attempt To Substitute The Name "Obama" For "Soetoro", Which Was On The Original Certificate! Obama Was Immediately Given-Up For Adoption To Lolo Soetoro, Who DID Marry Ann Dunham Soetoro --Dunham Never Married That Illegal-Immigrant Nigger-Obama Sr., And Never Took The Name Of A Nigger!!!
Notice Also That The Dunham Signature's Rendition Of "Obama", Never Touches Or Crosses The Line Below Nor The Line Above: Indicating The Name "Obama" Was Too Perfectly Inserted Via Adobe Software, And Not The Original Signature. While The "Attendant's" & "Registrar's" Signatures Crosses It's Lines Below And Above Constantly!!! [Note Also: That The Hospital Typewriter's "N" For The Word "None" (Above The Forged Rendition Of "Obama"): IS CLEARLY DIFFERENT THAN THE "N"s In The Text Words Of "ANN" And "DUNHAM" (Top Line Above) Although The Letters Were All Supposedly Typed By The Same Hospital Typewriter --Proving Even The Text Words Were Forged, Using OCR Adobe Software!!!]
6. We Know That Obama Jr. Was Adopted By Indonesian Citizen, Lolo Soetoro, Who Did Marry Ann Dunham Soetoro; This Change In Paternity, At Any Age, Would Be Recorded On Obama's Birth Certificate: Yet It Is Missing!!! Obama Has Admitted That Lolo Soetoro Was His Adoptive Father: "Dreams From My Father ("Father" Was Soetoro)": Yet Nowhere Is This Noted On His Fraudulent Birth Certificate: This Proves This Is A Forgery!! Because Obama Does Not Want Us To Know That He Renounced U.S. Citizenship, For Indonesian Citizenship: Making Him Ineligible To Become President!!!

The Legal Fact Of Wanting To See Obama's OLFBC Is Not Racist, (Nigger Powell Is Of An Inferior Race He Cannot Grasp That We Are A Nation Of LAW!) It Is A CONSTITUTIONAL QUESTION!!! Obama Was Not Eligible To Be President Of The U.S.A. That Is Why Many U.S. Servicemen Refused To Ever Acknowledge Him As Commander-In-Chief And Still Don't Respect The Nigger: The Constitution Is The Supreme Law Of The Land!!! Colin Powell Is An Uppity Nigger Who Falsely Believes He Is Equal To Whites: Although He Was Granted High Office Because We Thought He Was A Rightwing Republican: He Voted Repeatedly For Leftwing Obama Simply Because Obama Is A Nigger: That Is Real Racism!!! Being Of An Inferior Race Does Not Give Powell And Niggers In General, The Right To Destroy This Country By Voting For Leftwing Delusional And Satanic Theories You Fucking Inferior Race Nigger(s)! The Same People (Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan-Neanderthal-Apes) That Murdered Millions Of Whites To Falsely Make You Equal: Are The Same People That Are Murdering You In The Streets, And Worshiping Satan --You Fools!!! Stanley Is The King Of North America: HE IS INCAPABLE OF BEING RACIST: But He Has To Tell The Absolute Truth: Niggers Do Not Like Hearing The Truth --And This Is Why They Scream Racism To Justified Criticism!!! Black People Need To Distance Themselves From Nigger-Obama, And Never Vote For A Nigger Ever Again!

April 19th, 2012: In Obama's Plagiarized Book (Bill Ayers Actually Wrote It!) "Dreams From My Father" (1995); He States: "With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chilli peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy), Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.". This Is A Very Important Quote, Because It Proves: (a) That Lolo Soetoro, An Indonesian Muslim, Was Obama's Adoptive Father As Stanley Has Been Saying, (b) It Also Proves That Obama Was Born A Muslim, And There Is No Record He Ever Officially Converted To Christianity, (c) It Proves That Obama Lost His U.S. Citizenship, By Being Adopted By An Indonesian Citizen & A Muslim, Because Dual Citizenship Was Not Allowed Under Indonesian Law; And Thus Obama Is Constitutionally Not Eligible For President. But At A Gut Or Fundamental Level, It Proves That Obama Is A Nigger Low-Life That Does Not Share Our Values: Which One Of You Would Be Caught Dead, Eating A Dog??? He Is Gutter Scum And We Must Rise Up With Violent Revolution, If The Satanic Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Rig This Election For A Leftist-Socialist To Win Again; Or Gives Us No Rightwing Alternative! The Blonde Saxon-Aryans Rule This Country By Rigging The Elections, Media And Polls, And Through The Police, Secret Police & Military: Our Hate And Anger Must Be Directed At Them For Lying And Covering-Up For Obama's Crimes: (See Below As Well): Murdering His Homosexual Choir-Boy Lovers In December 2007: Donald Young, Nate Spencer & Larry Bland; Taking Bribes From Rezko, Offering Bribes To Sestak & Blago, Having An Adulterous Affair With Vera Baker, Having Homosexual Sex & Cocaine With Larry Sinclair, Lying About His Adoption, Citizenship, Birth, College, & Travel Records. Obama Is An Uncle-Tom Nigger Puppet Of The Aryans: The Very Fact That He Has Destroyed The Economy; Destroyed Our Credit Rating, Accumulated $16 Trillion In Debt; Printed $16 Trillion In Paper Money (To Repeatedly Buy 'Bad Debt' From Banks QE 1,2,3,4; Buy 30-yr Treasury Bills At Zero Interest), Which Will Cause Massive Debt, Inflation & Interest Rates; Increased Poverty, Food Stamps & Unemployment; The Fact Obama Is Still Leading In The Polls: Means Massive Rigging Of The Vote!!! Rise Up In The Streets, And Fight Oh America: The Enemy Is The Blonde Anglo-Saxon-Aryans!

May 23rd, 2012: In Another Betrayal Of The American People & Stanley: Arizona's Sec. of State Ken Bennett, Has Caved In To Satanic Pressure And Has Agreed To Put Obama's Name On The Presidential Ballot! Stating: "Late yesterday our office received 'verification in-lieu of certified copy' from officials within the Hawaii Department of Health that we requested in March. They have officially confirmed that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for the President matches the original record in their files."  This Is Not Verification That Obama Is A "U.S.-Born Citizen", (Which Is Necessary Under The Constitution: Being Born In The U.S. Is Not Sufficient For Eligibility!) Because Obama Was Adopted Subsequent To His Probable Birth In Hawaii, By An Indonesian Citizen Named Lolo Soetoro, Which Would Force Obama To Renounce His U.S. Citizenship In 1962!!! At This Point We Must Concede Obama Was Born In Hawaii; But That Is Not The Contentious Issue: The Real Issue Is The Fact That We Know That He Was Adopted By Lolo Soetoro: And Lost His U.S. Citizenship Because Of It. (The Hawaii Health Dept. Only Confirms What Is No Longer In Contention!). Because Indonesia Did Not Allow For Dual Citizenship, Obama Would Thus Be Forced To Renounce U.S. Citizenship And Adopt His Father's Indonesian Citizenship, And Later On, Adopt An Indonesian Passport --Which Witnesses Confirm He Did Travel With! We Have The Passport Of Obama's Mother Ann Dunham, From August 13th, 1968, Listing Obama As Barack Obama II Soebarkah, On It: Indicating He Had Officially Adopted Soetoro's Name; Confirming His Full Adoption! It Has Also Been Confirmed By Experts That Only Indonesian Citizens And "Registered Muslims" Could Attend State Run Schools: And Since Obama Admits He Attended Gov't Muslim Schools: It Is 100% Proof That He Could Not Have Been A U.S. Citizen At The Time!!! We Also Have Records Showing Obama Was A "Registered Muslim" In Indonesian Gov't Schools! Thus Although Some Of The Information In The Truncated "Certificate of Live Birth", May Be Accurate, It Omits The Crucial Detail, Only The Original Copy Of Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate Could Provide: His Adoption Records! Sheriff Arpaio Was On The Wrong Track About His "Birth In Kenya", Obama Was Born In Hawaii; But Correct That The White House Photocopy Of Obama's Birth Certificate Was A Forgery". The Clincher Or Absolute Proof That Obama Is Constitutionally Ineligible For President Lies In His Own Plagiarized Book: "Dreams From My Father"! What Most People Find Amazing About This Book, Is That Obama Is Not Referring To Obama Sr. As His Father, But To Lolo Soetoro, Or Lolo Soebarkah!!! Why? Because Under Our Satanic, Secret & Strict U.S. Adoption Laws, An Adoptive Father Gains Full Custody And Parental Rights As A Natural Father On Adoption. Thus Obama Was Trained At Birth, To Forget His Birth Father And Black Relatives, And Believe Soetoro Was His Only Father And That He Was An Indonesian Citizen. (Only Later To Cultivate The Black Vote Did He Cynically Jettison Soetoro And Islam, And Lie That He Was Christian, Hawaiian And Kenyan --Instead Of Indonesian!) There Is A Serious Constitutional Issue Outstanding Regarding Obama, That Must Require Reconsideration By The Arizona Government And The American People!!! The Hawaii Health Department Is Being Deliberately Deceptive & Covering-up Crucial Information From The American People, Because Of Its Vested Interest In Supporting Obamacare; Since None Of Obama's Legislation Is Valid; And The Sooner Obama Is Removed From Office The Sooner America As A Country Can Return To Constitutionality --And Our National Nigger Nightmare Will End!!! The Arizona Gov't Should Demand These Pieces Of Evidence From Obama Directly And Not Accept "Verification In Lieu Of A Certified Copy" Which Has No Legal Weight! The Evidence Obama Or Gov't Institutions Should Provide Are These: (a) His Original Long Form Birth Certificate Detailing His Legal Adoption By Lolo Soetoro; (b) His Adoption Records; (c) His Travel Records During The Years 1962-1988; (d) His Passport Records; (e) His Citizenship Records And (f) His Academic Records. These Records Will Clearly Prove That Obama Lost His U.S. Citizenship In 1962, Became An Indonesian Citizen Like His Adoptive Father; And Thus When He Reapplied For U.S. Citizenship In ~1988: He Became A "Naturalized U.S. Citizen" And Not A "Native Born U.S. Citizen"; Thus He Was Constitutionally Ineligible To Become President Of The United States!!! 

January 12th, 2016: Nigger Obama Held His Annual SOTUA: And It Proves Why Niggers Are An Inferior Race: (Notice Obama's Ears Above) It Must Be Wonderful To Be LITERALLY As Dumb As Chimpanzees: And To Have Survived On This Earth: While Being So Stupid! There Must Be One Law For Humans: And A More Forgiving Law For Nigger-Apes Like Obama!!! For Nigger Barack Is Dumb! Not Only Did He Put Us To Sleep: He Did Not Apologize For Destroying Our Economy: He Did Not Apologize For His Politically Correct Dumbness: You See, Unlike Whites, Obama Is So Dumb: He Actually Believes Leftwing Delusions, He Believes In Liberalism, And Devil-Possession: Black Nigger People Are That Dumb! For Example: He Truly Believes In Climate Change: He Truly Believes In Socialism: He Believes In Obamacare, He Believes In Homosexuality, He Truly Believes In Satan Being More Powerful Than God, He Worships Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans As Gods: He Truly Believes In Islam: He Truly Believes In Mohamed: He Truly Believes In Terrorism As Heroism, And Muslim Terrorists As War Heroes (That Is Why He Coddles Muslim Terrorists)! He Truly Believes Apes Like Him Are Equal To Humans! What Nigger-Obama-Dumb-Nutbar Has Proven Once-And-For-All: That A Nigger Should Never Be Allowed Into High Office! He Has Learned Nothing From His Destruction Of This Country: That He Had No Right To Be Given The Rigged Power (Satanically Rigged Election By Blondie-Saxon-Aryans Power) To Destroy! This Is Why Our Founding Fathers Made Niggers Into Slaves: This Is Why They Sacrificed Millions Of Their Lives In Battle, To Stop Niggers Like Obama Destroying Our Country --And Here Is The Proof Of Their Utter Correctness!!! The Blame For Obama Being Dumb And Totally Incompetent Does Not Rest On Obama Or Black People: It Was The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryans Who Lied To Us And Murdered Us (The Civil War!) Into The False Propaganda That Blacks Are Equal: It Was The Satanic Blonde-Anglo-Saxon Aryans That Rigged A Homosexual-Nigger Into Office: Simply Because He Was A Nigger: Ultimately Obama Is Too Dumb To Matter: He Is Too Low-Life To Count: In The Grand Scheme Of Things: The Blonde-Anglo-Saxon-Aryan System Must Be Destroyed For Putting A Chimpanzee Into Office!


It's Finally "Bedtime For Bonzo". Nigger Chimpanzee Obama Put To Bed By Our Hero Ronald ReaganAND THIS IS THE END OF NIGGER-CHIMP-OBAMA.

__END OF NIGGER-CHIMP-OBAMA BACK TO IMPORTANT PEOPLE_____________ _______________________________

Jacqueline Bouvier "Beaver" Kennedy "The Billion Dollar Bush" 1970: The First Lady Of America's Gash. These Pictures Were Taken By PLAYMEN, The Italian Men's Magazine, Off The Greek Island Of Skorpios, In 1970, Which Almost Caused A Divorce From Aristotle Onassis. Onassis Called Jacqueline a "Whore", Who Deliberately Posed For These Pictures --Which Was Probably True!!!

Epitaph Of The Kennedy Presidency:
"Don't Let It Be Forgot, That Once There Was A Spot, For One Brief But Shining Moment, That Was Known As Camelot"

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