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All The Gossip No One Else Has The Guts To Print. Overview: In All The Cases Of Homosexuality Below There Is An Aryan Race Connection: Remember The Three Gunas: The Aryan Race Is Characterized by Deviant Satanic Sex And Monstrous Violence!!! And Genocide!!! The Reason They Are Pushing Homosexuality On Us Is They Want The Human Race To Be Weak, Evil And Slaves: So That They Can Murder And Genocide Us At Will!!! All The Homosexuals And Lesbians Below Have Also Been Sexually Molested As Children; Yet The System Has Never Prosecuted The Parents Or Culprits; This Is A Satanic Child-Molestation Conspiracy By The Aryan Race To Produce Homosexuals And Destroy Mankind. The Problem With Homosexuality --And the Reason It Can Never Be Acceptable-- Is That It Is Demonic Sex! All Homosexuals Are Possessed By Demons, Which Makes Them Act Deviantly: Making Them All Mentally Ill And Evil. There Is No Love, Tenderness Or Foreverness In Homosexual Trysts; Which Are Demons Fucking Demons, Hard, Loveless, Evil, Satanic SexGrotesque Pretenses Of Togetherness To Fool Us! Another Thing To Note Is That All Homosexuals Are Bisexual Or Have Been Heterosexual At Some Point In Their Lives; Thus If A Homosexual Is Married, It Does Not Mean They Are Not Homos.
1. Oprah Winfrey  Is A Big Lesbian: The Only Reason The System Gave Her The Power To Spread Her Evil "Hatred of Men", Vacuous, Feminist, Leftist And Satanic Themes Show Is Because She Is Evil And Satanic. Her Lesbian Lover Is Her So Called Best Friend Gayle King; But She Also Plays The Field. The "National Enquirer" States That Since The Time Stanley Exposed Oprah As A Lesbian, She Has Kicked Stedman Out Of Her House, And Is Openly Living With King; "I'm Tired Of Living A Lie". The Reason Oprah Is A Dyke Is That By Her Own Admission She Was Raped By Her Cousin At Nine Years Old; Then Raped Again By An Uncle And Family Friend: Yet The Bitch Still Refuses To Press Charges Against Them. In Cases Where The Molestee Doesn't Lay Charges, It Means They Are Evil Complicit Coconspirators In Their Own Molestation And Are Satanically Evil Themselves. She Was Born Orpah Lee, On January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi To A Teenage Unwed Negro Mother Vernita Lee -18, Product Of A One-Night-Stand With A Soldier, Her Real Father Is Unknown. It Turns Out Oprah's Biological Father Is Noah Robinson Sr. 84, A Childhood Friend Of Vernita; And A Retired Kosciusko Mississippi Farmer --With Grown Oprah-Look-Alike Children. Vernita Lied To Oprah All These Years, As Oprah Would Lie To Us. Her Negro Relatives Could Not Pronounce The Word Orpah, So She Accepted Their Calling Her Oprah, As Her New Name. By Age 13-14 She Was So Promiscuous And Delinquent --She Gave Birth To A Baby Boy Out Of Wedlock, That Died A Few Weeks Later; It Is Highly Likely That Either Oprah's Mother Or Oprah Murdered This Baby To Further Oprah's Education Prospects & "Career"-- Her Mother Wanted To Put Her In A Detention Home, But Even They Didn't Want Her --Because She Was "Too Far Gone". In Her Biography By Kitty Kelley, Oprah's Half-Sister Patricia Lloyd Says Oprah Was A Teenage Prostitute As Well. At 14, She Was  Sent To Nashville Tennessee, To  Live  With    Her "Father" Vernon Winfrey, A Barber:  Who "Strapped" Her Regularly (Remember Spanking Of Children On The Buttocks Is Molestation) And Treated Her Very Strictly With Obsessive Control: Indicating He Was Molesting Her! She Is Such A Monstrously Evil Woman That It Is Highly Probable That She Was Molested By This "Phony Father" As Well. Oprah Announced She Will Quit Her Show In 2011; The Tabloids Who Mostly Prove To Be Reliable Had Recently Reported That Oprah Goes On Drug And Alcohol Binges Regularly, (They Also Say Oprah Has Been A Drug Addict From A Young Age --This Is Why Her Show Is So Vacuous) Cheats On Stedman Regularly With Men And Women; So Even Cuckold Stedman Was Threatening To Dump Her. Her Conscience Is Getting To Her For All That Evil She Has Done; She Has Sold Her Soul To The Devil For All Her Money. Oprah  Did Do One Good Thing In Her Lesbian Life When She Said During The 1996 Mad Cow Epidemic In Canada, "It has just stopped me cold from eating another burger!", Which Sent Beef Sales Plummeting; And She Was Sued By The Satanic Texas Cattlemen's Association, And Quickly Backed Down --She Does Give Air-Time For Vegan Diets On Her Show, Which Is A Good Thing. She Opened The Only Girls Boarding School In South-Africa In 2007, To Force Lesbianism And Satanism On Those Poor Girls: One Girl Was Violently Sexually Assaulted By A 'Matron' In 2007, And The Whole Incident Was Covered Up By The Teachers & Head-Mistress --That Were Hand Picked By Oprah-- Finally The Victim's  Parents Removed Her From The School, And Laid Charges; After Having To Get Through Heavy School Security Deliberately Intended To Keep The Parents Out; All This With Oprah Lying That She Was Not Informed Of The Lesbian Rapes!!! (Six More Girls Later Came Forward As Rape Victims: " Virginia "Tiny" Makopo, 27, faces 13 charges of indecent assault, assault and criminal injury committed against at least six students aged 13-15 and a 23-year-old at the school"). The Former Headmistress Nomvuyo Mzamane, (A Lesoto-American From Philadelphia Who Was Guilty Along With Oprah) Sued Oprah For Defamation, For Putting All The Blame For The Rapes On Her --In Her Meeting With Parents & At A News Conference. Oprah Was Forced To Settle Out Of Court On March 23rd, 2010; Because It Would All Come Out That It Was Oprah Who Was Guilty! That She Knew About And Planned The Rapes Of These Girls And Tried To Cover It Up! Only A Black Woman Could Come Up With The Name Of The School: "Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy For Girls"; A Place Where Oprah Could Rape Innocent Girls Too Naive About Dykes & Deluded By Money And Food, In Exchange For Lesbian Rape, To Complain Or Prosecute Oprah. Her Show "Dr. Oz" Is Another Satanic Show Spewing Satanic Devil-Possessed Propaganda In Favour Modern Medicine; Without Alternative Medicine Like Yoga Medicine Allowed. Oprah In Her Final Year Has Improved, Has Started Asking Tough Questions In Her Interviews And Is Showing More Balance; But She Has To Answer For The Evil She Has Done. The Tragedy About Oprah Is That Such A Low-life, Lesbian Bad Role Model: Was Adulated And Followed With Religious Zeal Into Satanism, Lesbianism, Leftism And Men-Hating By Women. The Blame For Putting Oprah Into Such An Undeserved Powerful Position, Must Fall On The Evil Aryan System That Must Be Destroyed!
2. Brad Pitt Is A Homosexual Arsehole: His Is The Reverse Casting Couch: His Male Directors Fuck Him Before Giving Him The Role. For Example: Terry Gilliam Fucked Him For His Role In "12 Monkeys"; Quentin Tarantino Got Him Drunk And Raped Him For His Role In "Inglourious Bastards". He Is A Joke, Yet He Was Voted By Obviously Lesbian Women In "People" Magazine: Sexiest Man Alive. He Was Desperately Trying To Get Gay Marriage Approved In The California "Proposition 8" Referendum By Donating $2 Million Dollars To It In 2008, And Lost. He Is Married To Angelina Jolie: Who In Her Father's (John Voight) Words "Is Deeply Mentally Ill And Needs Help". She Was Married To Billie-Bob Thornton And Suddenly Upped And Adopted A Cambodian Child Without Telling Him! He Was Forced To Divorce Her. Jolie Is Crazy, But Because She Adopts Poor Hapless Foreign Babies (Which Is Genocide) She Is Fawned Over By The System. Jolie Is Openly Having Affairs And Has Kicked Out Brad From Her Bed; While Brad Goes On Gay-Sex Drunk Night Outs. Jolie Has Kept Brad's Name Off Her Latest Adoption Papers. Brangelina What A Pair: Their "Marriage" Is A Sham: On The Rocks. Ironically Brad & Angie Are Not Legally Married, Because As Gays They Don't Expect Their Union To Last; Yet He Wants Other Gays To Marry. Good News: Homosexuals Couldn't Even Get The 640,000 Signatures To Put Same Sex Marriage On The Ballot For 2010!!! In spite Of Homo Brad's $Millions.
3. We All Know That Ellen DeGeneres Is A Butch Dyke: But What The Bitch Doesn't Tell Us Is That The Reason She Is A Dyke Is That She Was Sexually Molested As A Seven Year Old Child, By Her Stepfather Roy Gruessendorf! Thus Lesbianism Has a Cause: Child Molestation: (They Are Not Born That Way) And Can Be Cured By Harsh Measures. Ellen Was Born January 26, 1958; In Jefferson Louisiana; With A German-Aryan Mother (Betty nee Pfeffer) And A French Father; And An Older Brother Vance. Vance Claims Their Family "Never Talked", Even On 'Happy Occasions' There Was An Eerie Silence; A Dark Foreboding, As If They All Could Sense A Satanic Presence: That Evil Ellen Would Turn Out To Be A Monster Satanic Lesbian Who Would Lie To The American People; And Spread Propaganda. Her Parents Divorced In 1974, And Her Mother Married Gruessendorf, When She Suddenly Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, And Given A Radical Mastectomy; During Which Time Ellen Is Repeatedly Molested By Him. She Turns Lesbian Almost Immediately In 1976. By 1980 She Has Her First Affair With Kat Perkoff --Age 23-- Who Promptly Dies In A Car Accident. By 1997 She "Comes Out" As Gay And Begins A Much Hyped Affair With Anne Heche; Which Ended Disastrously In 2000. Lesbian Lover Anne Heche Left Her And Denounced Ellen; And Said She Was 'Mentally Ill', 'Hearing Voices', And On Drugs The Whole Time She Was With Ellen. This Proves That Lesbianism Is A Mental Illness. Ellen Is Absolutely Insane, This Is Why The System Has Given Her Her Own Show. This Is A Very Sick, Evil Little Puppy That Is Known To Have Sex With Men As Well. The Problem Is This Whore Is Using Her Show To Proselytize In Favor Of Homosexuality To Our Impressionable Children And Women. She Also Paws And Ogles Female Guests On Her Show In A Sexual Manner; Cuckolding Their Husbands! 
After The Heche Relationship Ended In 2000, With Ellen Heartbroken And Depressed. She Said "I felt like I would never live again. But you do." While Anne Promptly Married Cameraman Coley Laffoon (2001-2004) And Has Two Children. From 2003-2004, DeGeneres and actress/director/photographer Alexandra Hedison Had A 'Relationship'. Then The Bitch (2005-2010) Was With Portia de Rossi, And "Married" Her In 2008; During A Brief Period Of Legality Hype. Ellen Doesn't See How Portia Hates Her Guts; And Visibly Cringes When Close To Ellen; This Is Headed For Disaster Again. Yet Both Ellen And Portia Are Confirmed VEGANS, Which Seems To Be A Common Thread Among Lesbians.
4. Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Were Cock Sucking Buddies; Affleck Claimed "Matt Gave Me The Best 'Head' I Ever Had, And I Will Love Him For Life". This Is Why Ben Left Jennifer Lopez Because She Demanded He Give Up Matt.
5. Howard Stern Is A Homosexual: It Is Well Known That He Cock Sucked KISS Frontman Gene Simmons; But The Real Reason His Wife Allison Left Him Was Because He Was A Homosexual-Bisexual. His Show Is Full Of Male Nudity And Homosexual "In" Jokes, He Has Admitted On Air That He Is A Homosexual; Yet Nobody In The Media, Picks Up On This Story And Exposes This Phony. His Show Does Have A Lot Of Genuinely Sexy Bits; But This Is Staged For Ratings Effect, He Wrecks Most Of The Sexy Bits By Wimping Out And Letting The Woman Off The Hook. The Only Reason The System Lets Him Have His Own Show Is That He Is A Homosexual And A Devil Possessed Son Of A Bitch. The Cause Of His Homosexuality Is Inter-Racial Marriage With An Aryan-Irish Mother And Jewish Father; And The Fact His Mother Would Regularly Sexually Molest Him By Taking His Temperature Rectally Until He Was Well Into His Teens. He Is Brutally Honest About His Molestation By His Mother; But He Keeps His Homosexual Lovers Under Wraps. Ralph Cerullo His Personal Assistant Is Most Likely His Lover As Well. This Satanic Homosexual Brainwashes Women Into Thinking Men Love Lesbians: Only Bisexuals May Love It; But Not Real Men. His Current 'Wife' Beth Ostrosky Is A Gold Digger, A Real Woman Would Not Countenance A Homosexual. His Co-Host Robin Quivers Is The De Facto Boss Of His Show, Because He Has Absolutely No Balls, And Lets Robin Run The Show. Although Robin Is Not Overtly A Lesbian, She Is A Lesbian In All But Name: A Vicarious Lesbian. His Show Is Evil And Satanic Because There Is No Male Authority Or Dominance Allowed On His Show; He Surrounds Himself With Weak, Sycophantic, Drug-Addicted Homosexual Men: Thus Robin Is The Only "Male" On The Show. 
6. Jodie Foster Is A Lesbian Since Childhood: She Came From An Inter-Racial Marriage: An Aryan Father And A French Mother: Her Mother Was A Monstrous Bull Dyke! Her Mother Kicked Her Father Out Of The House When Jodie Was Little, And Lived Openly With A Lesbian Lover. Obviously Jodie Was Sexually Molested By Her Mother, Who Still Maintains Total Control Over Jodie's Life. She Was Forced To Do Nude Scenes In Movies And Modeling By Her Mother; And Was Forced To Accept Lesbian Lovers Until The Present. She Is A Sick Sick Satanic Actress: That Probably Got John Hinckley To Attempt To Assassinate Ronald Reagan And Then Denied Any Knowledge Of It. Hinckley Blamed Jodie And Intimated Of A Closer Relationship, But The Satanic Police And Courts Did Not Investigate This Case To Protect Jodie. A Lesbian Has Devils In Her Cunt That Make Men Do Evil.
7. Madonna Is A Lesbian: She Used To Be A Good Person; But Since She Went With Guy Ritchie, She Became Satanic. Her Craziness Was Evident Earlier, But Adopting Malawian Children Is Genocide. The Satanic Malawi Government Is Complicit In Her Crime As An Enabler: Their Children Are For Sale To Rich Foreigners.  Madonna's Lover Is Gwyneth Paltrow A Long Time Lesbian; Her Marriage To Cuckold Chris Martin Is Pathetic. Madonna Best Before Date Has Long Since Expired, She Looks Like A Wrinkled Old Dyke That She Is.
8. Gwyneth Paltrow Is A Rabid Lesbian: She Is A Product Of An Aryan Mother (Blythe Danner) And Jewish Father (Bruce Paltrow) She Became A Dyed In The Wool Lesbian Because Her Father Sexually Abused Her Consensually As A Child; And Forced Her Into Becoming Aggressively Lesbian. This Bitch Is A Monster Femme Dyke That Seduces Straight Women; She Is A Really Evil Bitch. When Her Father Died In 2002 She Finally Realized That He Was Evil; And So She Stopped Her Lesbianism For A While And Married Chris Martin Of Coldplay. But She Fell Into A Deep Depression After Her Second Child Born April 2006; And Madonna Used This Occasion To Prey On Her Sexually (By Bringing Her For Exercise In Her Gym). Guy Ritchie Caught On That He Was A Cuckold And Divorced Madonna; But Chris Is Another Stedman: A Loser.
9. Melissa Etheridge Is A Monster Lesbian: She Became A Lesbian Because Her Older Sister Jennifer Sexually Molested Her For Five Years All Through Her Teens. She Cuckolded Lou Diamond Phillips By Fucking His Wife Julie Cypher While She Was Pregnant With Lou's Baby! Etheridge Claimed Cypher Cheated On Her With k.d. Lang Another Famous Lesbian. But Cypher Was Not A Real Lesbian And Dumped Etheridge Abusively (In 2000) After Using David Crosby Of Rock Fame In 1997 And 1998 As A Sperm Donor To Keep Her Relationship With Etheridge Going. Cypher Claimed She Was Not A Lesbian And Felt Pressured By Crosby And The Hollywood Press Into Making A Fool Of Herself. Finally Justice: In 2004 Melissa Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer And Had To Undergo Toxic Chemotherapy; She Takes "Medical Marijuana" Which Makes The Effects Of The Poison Worse: She Is In Bad Shape. Great News On April 15th, 2010: Etheridge's "Partner" Actress Tammy Lynn Michaels 35, (Who Had Sperm Donor Twins In 2006) Has Dumped Her! The Wheels Of God Turn Slowly, But They Grind ...
10. Rosie O'Donnell Is A Fat, Ugly, Pig Of A Bull Dyke: Rosie Was 'Outed' By The Tabloid Magazines Many Years Before She Officially Came Out In 2002; She Was Photographed (Fat Pig) With Blond 'Plus-Size' Lesbians Years Before. She "Married" Kelli Carpenter (Another Blond Aryan) In 2004 And Adopted A Son and Step-parented As Well. Kelli Forced Her To Take Anti-Depressant Medication For Her Depression. (Dykes Are Mentally-Ill) Rosie Also Took The Weight-Loss Pills Fen-Phen That Killed And Caused Heart-Attacks & Cancer In Thousands, So Her Health Cannot Be Very Good: Breast Cancer To Come? Ironically Rosie Attacked A Colleague (Victim Of Breast Cancer) On Her 2000 "Rosie" Magazine, Telling Her: People Who Lie "get sick and they get cancer. If they keep lying, they get it again". Her Mother Died Of Breast Cancer When She Was 11, And Her Father Very Likely Molested Her To Make Her Such A Monster; Her Brother Daniel Is Also A Homosexual. Rosie has Admitted She Was Molested As A Child; But She Won't Divulge By Whom --To Protect Her Father. Her Whole Family Look Fat And Ugly. She Won Her Battle With Donald Trump (2006): Because BabaWawa Reversed Her Stance. Baba Had First Said To Trump "Why Did You Engage Her? If You Fight With Pigs You Get Covered In Filth" Trump Boasted He Had Won. But Then Rosie Accosted Babwa In The Back Rooms And Threatened Her With Assault & Sexual Assault, And Said "We Women Must Stick Together": And Wawa Backed Down And Called Donald A "Silly Little Man" On Air; Betraying And Stabbing The Donald In The Heart. The Fool Trump Failed To Realize That Babwa Was Even More Satanic Than Rosie; With A Long History Of Satanic Leftist Viewpoints In All Her Shows; She Suckered Donald In By Pretending To Be On His Side; Then Ripped Him Apart. (Note: May 11th, 2010: Babwa Wawers Has To Have An (Unnecessary) Heart Valve Operation, As Punishment For Her Leftist Views. The System Is Paying Her Back For Being A Leftist Jew; Even Though She Is Satanic, For That Is The Nature Of "The Beast".) The Women Of "The View" Are Like A Pack Of Hyenas That Eviscerated Trump On Air; Without Him Getting Equal Airtime, Because Homosexuals And Leftist Feminists Have Been Given A Monopoly Of The Airwaves By This Satanic System. The Reason Rosie Won Was Not A Single Woman Would Come To His Defence: Not Even His Own Daughter And Wife. The System Supports Lesbians And No Woman Wants To Fight Them; Because Of Fear Of The System. Rosie Kept Getting Her Own Way By The System, Because She Was A Lesbian. Sadly, In 2009 Donald Had Totally Capitulated To The Homosexuals When He Allowed Them To Fire Carrie Prejean Because She Spoke Out Against Homosexuals And Protected Heterosexuals: "Marriage Should Be Between A Man And A Woman"; After Filling All The Miss USA & Miss California Pageant Judges' And Organizers' Positions With Leftists And Homosexuals So She Couldn't Get A Fair Shake. We Need To Boycott Those Shows For Miss World And Miss America; Who Are More Traditional. In A Stroke Of Poetic Justice: Perez Hilton The Fag Judge Who Denied Prejean The Miss USA Crown, Right After, Was Punched Hard in The Face By The Tour Manager Of Rapper 'Will i am'; And Was Crying Like A Baby On You Tube! Donald Also Gave Joan Rivers The Winner Title On 'Celebrity Apprentice' 2009, Simply Because She Supported A Gay Charity; Instead Of Professional Poker Player Annie Duke Who Received Far ($500,000) More Donations. He Is No Longer A Man But A Faggot; A Loud-Mouthed Windbag, Without Any Balls. The Reason Rosie Was Kicked Off "The View" Was Because She Stated That "It Is The Americans That Are The Terrorists In Iraq: Having Murdered Over 700,000 Civilians". (Which Is True, And Actually Understated) Thus The System And The TV Producers Finally Turned On Her. Good News: She Was Kicked Out Of Kelli's House In Sept. 2009; Because Kelli Was Tired Of Her Mood Swings,  Obnoxiousness  And Anger. Her So Called "Marriage" For Life Was So Much Satanic Crap; This Is Why Lesbos Should Never Be Allowed To Marry, Have Sperm-Donor Babies Or Adopt Children: This Must Have Been A Bad Environment To Raise Children; And Caused Them Irreparable Harm.
11. Roseanne Barr Is A Lesbian: She Admitted Honestly That She Was Sexually Molested By Her Mother When She Was Three Years Old; And This Is The Cause Of Her Lesbianism. She Is A Jew On Her Father's Side And Probably Aryan On Her Mother's. Barr's Brother And Sister Are Also Homosexual; Her Mother Must Have Molested Them As Well. In 2003 She Was Given A Hysterectomy And Her Career Effectively Ended; Most Lesbians Have Difficulty Giving Birth Because They Have Offended Against God And The DAma; Their Wombs Don't Work. Barr Had To Have A Navel In Vitro Implant To Get Pregnant With Ben Thomas (1995-2002): As Her Lesbianism Destroyed Her Ability To Get Pregnant. Barr Married Tom Arnold (1990-1994) Who Himself Is A Homosexual-Bisexual. Arnold Boasted Of Fucking Hugh Grant On The Movie Nine Months, Grant Then Had Fellatio With Prostitute Divine Brown, And Was Charged With Being A 'John'. Tom Claims "He Was Bum Raped As A Child": This Was The Cause Of His Homosexuality. Roseanne Has Reconciled (2004) With First Husband Bill Pentland And Has Renounced Her Lesbianism (As Far As We Know); She Claims She Lost Touch With Reality During Her Lesbianism Years; And She Regrets Her Plastic Surgery As Well (2009).
12. Amy Fisher "The Long Island Lolita" Was Forced To Become A Lesbian In Prison By The Satanic System: Amy Had A Jewish Father And An Italian Mother; She Allegedly Began Having Sex With Joey Buttafuoco In 1991, When She Was 16 Years Old, And Shot And Injured His Wife Mary Jo in 1992; For Which She Did Seven Years In Prison. The Horrific Fact Is That The American Prison System Gleefully Put Her In With Seasoned Butch Dykes Who Forced Her Into Becoming Everybody's Bitch And Used And Abused Her Sexually. She Felt She Had No Choice, And Even Though She Did Have Lesbian Sex, She Grew To Hate And Despise The Dykes Who Took Advantage Of Her, In Her Later Years. She Was Probably Sexually Molested By Her Father Or Mother, As Well To Be Such A Mess. On Her Release (1999) She Wrote A Book, And Tried Journalism; In 2003 She Married Louis Bellera Whom She Did A Porn Video With In 2005. In 2006 She Reconciled Briefly With The Love Of Her Life Joey Buttafuoco, And Tried To Sell A Reality Show; But By 2007 To Present She Is Into Porn And Stripping And Has Three Children By Bellera. Even Though She Committed A Crime The System Is The Biggest Criminal, For They Committed Lesbian Rape On Her; For Promoting & Condoning Lesbianism In Our Prisons: The System Has To Be Totally Destroyed!
13. Porn Star Bree Olson Was Lesbian Raped In Prison At Thirteen Years Old! Bree Is Of Ukrainian Parents & Race, Whose Only Alleged "Crime" Was "She Sprayed Ketchup On A House One Too Many Times". She Was Put In Jail For Three Years For This With Adult Dykes!!! She Claims Even The Female Guards Were Lesbian Raping The Underage Inmates. She Too Became A Lesbian In Such A Climate; And Claims The Girls Would Fight Over Lesbian Lovers. She Is Still A Lesbian-Bisexual Engaging In Stripping, Porn And Extreme Porn. The Satanic Fact Is That Most Porn Stars, Strippers And Prostitutes Are Lesbians Who Hate Men And Are Possessed By Devils: Men Should Boycott Them, For Decent Women. The System Is Guilty Of Child Rape And Creating Lesbians, From Innocent Girls, For Which They Must Be Destroyed!!!

14. Good News: Lesbian Martina Navratilova Has Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Feb. 24th, 2010. She Now Has To Undergo A Lumpectomy And Six Weeks Of Cancer Causing Radiation Treatments; She Is Done.
The Etiology Of Martina's Lesbianism Is Very Complex: A Product Of An Aryan-Slavic Father And A Slavic Mother, She Was Born Martina Subertova October 18th, 1956, In Prague Czechoslovakia; Her Father Divorced Her Mother When She Was Three, And Her Mother Married Miroslav Navratil At Age Six, Who Became Her Tennis Coach For Life. Her Real Father Mirek Remarried And Divorced, But Committed Suicide In 1964; Which Would Become The Cause Of Martina's Lesbianism! Martina Could Have Been Sexually Molested By Her Stepfather Coach; But In Her Case, She Is Possessed By The Spirit Of Her Dead Father: That Is Why She Is A Lesbian. When A Man Dies Suddenly And Violently, They Are Sometimes Not Ready or Able To Leave This Earth, (Ghosts?) And Possess Blood Family Members. Lesbianism Is Similarly Due To Possession by The Devil, So The "Conditions" Are Related. In Her Teen And Early Years (She Was Pretty) Martina Had Sex With Men, And Claims She Liked It And Had Orgasms. But She Soon Turned To The Dark Side. She First Came Out, That She Was A Lesbian In 1981, After She Gained American Citizenship. Her First Lesbian Lover At 17, She Claims Was A Woman Named Sharon Heinie Two Years Her Senior; Then She Was Linked With Author Rita Mae Brown: Who Was 12 Years Her Senior, And A Lesbian Activist. Rita Was A Hunter & Gun Enthusiast, And When They Broke Up In 1980, She Accused Martina Of Cheating On Her (Which Was True) And Came After Martina With A Gun And Started Firing At Her Head! Martina Had A Bullet Whiz By Her Head, But Managed To Drive Off With Bullets Flying By, Leaving Holes In Her Car. She Said She Feared For Her Life, And Stayed Holed Up In Her Room For Days, She Almost Gave Up Lesbianism. Martina Was Forced To 'Come Out' As Bisexual In 1981, Only Because Rita Was Screaming To All The Media, "Martina Is A Lesbian, Martina Is A Lesbian" And Accusing Her Of A Lesbian Affair With Nancy Lieberman. Martina Had Ballooned Up To 176 lbs At Only 5'7", From Eating Hamburgers And Milk-Shakes; Thus In 1981 Her Next Lover Nancy Lieberman Helped Train Her By A Vegan Diet And Exercise, And Henceforth She Began Winning Steadily. When Miroslav Her Tennis Coach Found Out, Her Step-Father Said "If You Were A Prostitute Or Fucked A Different Man Every Night, It Would Be Better Than Being A Lesbian", He Then Started Treating Her Harshly: He Would Criticize Every Shot She Made, Even If She Won Wimbledon He Was Critical. It Worked In That Her Lesbianism Was Toned Down, Until She Met Nelson. What Miroslav Didn't Know, Was It Would Take An "Exorcism" To Cure Martina Of Lesbianism! Martina Claims She Took All This Abuse Because: Ever Since Her Father Left At Age 3, She Had A Constant Fear Of Abandonment; She Would Do Anything To Please Her Step-Father, For Fear That He Too Would Leave Her. For Underneath That Hard-Bitten Butch Exterior, Martina Remained A Little Girl Who Wanted Her "Daddy" To Love Her. Martina Also Claims She Never Wears Panties, Which Is Incongruous With Her Butch Persona. The Only Explanation Is That Martina Suffers From "Multiple Personality" Or "Disassociative" Disorder: The Spirit Of Her Father Is The Butch Side Of Her; And The "Little Girl" Feminine Side Still Remains In Her! She Says Judy Nelson, Who Was The Mother Of The Ball-Boys On The Tennis Court, Aggressively Pursued Her While Still Married; Cuckolding Her Saxon-Aryan Husband. Judy Nelson, Who Would Later Become One Of Rita Brown's Lovers, Remained From 1984-1991: Nelson Was A Statuesque, Beauty-Queen, Saxon-Aryan With Children From A Former Husband Who She Briefly Reconciled With While With Martina. When She Broke Up With Nelson She Was Sued For $15 Million Plus Palimony And Child Support; (Nelson Claimed, "Keeping House Is Much Harder Work Than Hitting Tennis Balls" And Demanded Half Of All Martina's Earnings) But The Courts Decided That Giving Nelson The Money Would Condone Or Legitimize Lesbian Relationships, So She Got Zilch. Her Most Infamous Lover Was Janet Reno's Niece: During A Political Summit In France She Was Seen Ordering Hunter Reno About And Kissing Her, The Bitch. Most Of These Murderous Politicians' (Janet Reno Murdered ~100 Innocent Men, Women & Children Of The Branch Davidian 'Mormon' Sect; In The Waco Texas Massacre By ATF Police, Using "Incendiary Tear Gas" That Burnt The Children Alive!) Children Become Lesbians As A Punishment For Their Father's Sins. (Dick Cheney's Daughter Liz Cheney, Is Also A Lesbian For Her Father's Unrepentant Condoning Of Torture & Murders Of Civilians In Iraq & Afghanistan --So His Daughter Gets Diddled By Fat Ugly Looking Butch Dykes As Punishment! Richard Nixon's Daughter Cynthia Nixon Is Also A Lesbian, Because Her Father & Henry Kissinger, Murdered Millions Of Vietnamese Civilians With: Napalm Bombs, Agent Orange, B-52 Bombings Of Civilian Targets In Hanoi, And Terrorizing Of The Countryside In An Endless War With A Weak Third-World Country!). Martina Was In A (2000-2009) Relationship With A Julia Lemigova, A Miss Universe Contestant, Two Years Her Senior. Currently Martina Has No Partner As She Battles Cancer; A Punishment For Being A Lesbian. Although She Has Seen Chris Evert After She Divorced Golfer Greg Norman, For Verbal Support?? The Reason She Favors Older Women Is That Her Father, Who Possesses Her, Was An Older Man When He Died. On The Tennis Court, Martina's  Winning Actually Increased After She 'Came Out', In 1981 Because As We Know The System Favours Lesbians. Tennis Is A Game Of Inches, The Satanic Line Call Judges  Would Give All The Calls In her Favor, Simply Because She Was A Lesbian! This Is Why She Was Constantly Winning --18 Total Grand Slam Wins. Further, Her Body Looked Like It Was Packed With Steroids Or Testosterone, (She Looked Like A Man) And Gave Her An Unfair Advantage Over More Feminine Forms. Thus All Her Tennis 'Records' Are From Cheating, And Are Not Valid. Stanley Will Remove Her From The Record Books As A Cheater; As He Will Also Remove All Other Lesbian Winners In Sports: You Want To Be A Man? Then Compete With Men Bitches! Incredibly Martina Is A Long Time Vegan & Vegetarian! Who Supports PETA, And Hates America's Military Aggression In Iraq & Afghanistan. Stating She Has Retaken Czech Citizenship As A Response To This (She Does have A Good Side And Is Not As Hard-Bitten, Evil And Satanic As Other Lesbians.). Stanley Believes That Martina Does Not Have Cancer! The Satanic Aryan System Is Punishing Her For Criticizing Their Murder Of Civilians In Iraq; You See, The System Believes That Martina Should Be Grateful For The Preferential Treatment She Got, All These Years In America And England (Biased Line Calls, Money Etc) For Being A Lesbian. So They Are Giving Her An Unnecessary Operation And Cancer Causing Radiation. This Is Why We Must All Boycott Modern Medicine (Except For Physical Injuries) For They Will Start To Murder And Genocide All Mankind, Even Lesbians: For This Is Satanic Medicine!!! 

15. Good News "Train Wreck" Lesbian Lindsay Lohan Has Been Sentenced To 90 Days In Jail And 90 Days Rehabilitation. On May 20, 2010, Lohan was scheduled to appear in Los Angeles County Superior Court in Beverly Hills, California, for her DUI progress report hearing. She did not appear, and attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told Judge Marsha Revel that Lohan said her passport was stolen while she attended the Cannes Film Festival in France. The judge issued a bench warrant for Lohan's arrest, but rescinded the warrant after Lohan's representatives posted bail. Lohan attended the rescheduled hearing on May 24, 2010. There, Revel ordered Lohan to attend weekly alcohol education classes, wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, refrain from drinking alcohol, and undergo random weekly drug tests to remain free on bail. Revel scheduled a July 6, 2010, hearing to determine whether Lohan had violated probation by not having attended the required number of classes to date. At the July 6 hearing, the judge determined that Lohan had indeed violated the terms of her probation and sentenced her to 90 days in jail. Lindsay Was Born July 2, 1986; To Irish-Italian/ Aryan Parentage; Mother Donata "Dina" nee Sullivan And Father Michael Lohan. Lohan began her career as a child fashion model (Most Child Models Become Lesbians And Have Been Sexually Molested By Their "Stage" Mothers And "Stage Hands".) She Made her motion picture debut in Disney's 1998 remake of The Parent Trap at the age of 11. Her Fall From Grace Began After Her Parents Divorced; And She Took The Side Of Her Mother And Cut Her Father Out Of Her Life In 2007; Two DUI Incidents And Three Rehabilitation Stints Quickly Followed. While In Rehabilitation Lindsay Would Strip Entirely Naked And Walk About In Front Of Staff And Patients. She Claimed It Was To Play With The Male Patients; But It Was Disturbing, For It Showed A Girl Willing To Use Her Body Sexually To Avoid Facing Any Discipline Or Punishment. These Psychiatric Hospitals Actually Made Her Worse By Giving Her High Doses Of "Medications" That Made Her Totally Incapable Of Coping With Life; And Made Her More Addicted To Prescription Drugs. All Attempts By The Courts To Punish Her Were Met By Worse Exploitation Of Her Body To Sick Evil Jewish Lesbians Who Took Advantage Of An Over Medicated, Demonic And Disturbed Child To Molest Her Sexually. The Reason She Is So Fucked Up Is That Her Father Is A Weak Alcoholic, And Her Mother Is Encouraging Her To Be A Lesbian. A Real Evil Jew Bitch Samantha Ronson Took Advantage Of The Turmoil In Lohan's Life To Lesbian Molest Her In 2008-2009; These Butch Jews Have no Shame In Their Lesbianism; And Are Too Ugly For Men Anyway; But Ronson Should Take The Blame For Exploiting Lindsay Sexually And Destroying Her Life; And Should Be Made To Join Her In Prison. Lindsay Got Punched By A Waitress Jasmine Waltz, On Her Birthday For Flirting With Her Ex, Doug Reinhardt.  "According to Lindsay‘s “friend”, Doug was right there for the whole thing and he “didn’t want any part of it and went to the other side of the booth. Lohan ran out.” And after that, Lindsay went to another club and Jasmine was there, and “Lohan showed up and cried because the waitress was there as well. Some birthday.” "Jasmine Waltz — who has dated Ryan Seacrest, pop star Jesse McCartney and Paris Hilton’s ex Doug Reinhardt — broke her silence on the incident, Saying: “All I have to say is that disturbed little train wreck is delusional!” “I did not hit her… but I’d like to." While Lindsay Said: “A waitress just hit me – punched me for no reason,” she wrote. This Is Why Lindsay Would Be Better Off With A Man to Protect Her; Lindsay Should Have Filed Assault Charges Against Waltz. Just Days Before Sentencing, Lohan Had Another Jew Lesbian Lover Eilat Anschel, A Former Butch Dyke Member Of The Israeli Defence Force; Who Will Destroy A Disturbed Lindsay Further. Lohan Obviously Needs Help From A Man In Her Life; Her Father Is A Bum, But Surely He Has Done A Better Job Than Her Mother! Unfortunately Lindsay Needs Harsh Treatment To Cure Her And Wean Her Off Prescription Drugs; She Needs To Wake Up. Bad News, On reading This Post, The Police And Sheriff's Department In Cal. Deliberately Coddled Lindsay In Prison --Giving Her A Private Cell In The Medical Wing With Her Own TV; She Was Allowed Her Prescription Drugs Like Ambien Etc, When She Needed Cold Turkey Withdrawal To Cure Her; Then They Let Her Out In Just 14 Days! She Only Did ~Three Weeks In Rehab As Well; And Judge Revel Has Been Removed From Her Case. How Can This "Train Wreck" Be Cured When The Satanic Devil-Possessed Police Are Encouraging Them to Be Lesbians And Drug Addicts? On September 17th, 2010; Lindsay Was Caught Failing Her Drug Test For Cocaine, Her Probation Has Been Revoked And She May Be Headed For Jail Again. Had The Sheriff Made Her Do Her Time And Weaned Her Off Drugs She Could Have Been Cured.

16. Prince Charles Is A Homosexual! It Seems Charles Has Had A Long Homosexual (Fellatio) Relationship With Several Of His Male Staff: He Was Even Video-Taped Having Fellatio Performed On Him By A Stable-Master, And Was Blackmailed: "As the shocking story unfolded of the attempted
sex and cocaine extortion scheme by two British socialites peddling a video, speculation naturally turned to the victim. As we all know by now, Scotland Yard busted a gay sex and cocaine extortion attempt allegedly made by two well-known British socialites named Ian Strachan of Chelsea, and Sean McGuigan of Battersea. They allegedly attempted to sell back the sex tape blackmail video for 50,000 British pounds, which at today’s exchange rate is worth a lot of bucks. Speaking of bucks, Buckingham Palace alerted the police to the extortion attempt, and a sting operation netted the culprits. "The Royal Involved In This Blackmail Scheme Was Never Revealed"; But Now We Know It Was Charles! Prince Andrew Too Is Allegedly Even More Homosexual Than Charles, He Had An Army Officer As His Bum Buddy All Through His Service: And Sex Loving Fergie Claims This Was The Reason She Divorced Him. Diana And Sarah Had To Be Kept Under Wraps Because They Know A Lot About The Princes Of Windsor's Homosexuality; And This Was The Real Reason Sex Loving Diana And Sarah Dumped Them!

17. "Judge Judy" Sheindlin May Be A Lesbian? This Jew Bitch Is Paid The Most Money ($25 Million/ Year) On TV Next To Oprah; And Only Because She Is A Demonic Bitch And A Lesbian. Her Show Is Totally Unjust And Satanic, With Simplistic Air-Head Rulings: Where She Picks On Weak Young Women And Sometimes Young Men --Regardless Of The Facts Or Fairness-- Unjustly Calls Them Liars  And Shrilly Lectures And Castigates Them For Things They Didn't Do! Most "Reality Shows" Are Evil And Satanic And Must Be Taken Off The Air --The Fact That She Is A Real Judge Is A Tragedy, Because It Indicates How Unjust Our Real Courts Of Law Must Be. Although She Is Married To Jerry Sheindlin, She Was Spotted Outside A Nightclub --With Jerry-- Kissing All-Purpose-Slut Florence Henderson (Of 'The Brady Bunch') On The Lips. Bisexual Is Lesbianism; Jerry Sheindlin Has Cheated On Judy Many Times With Other Women And The Only Reason He Stays With Her Is Her Money, The Lesbianism And Threesomes --Not Her. Her First Husband Ron Levy, Claims "Judge Judy" Was Not The Satanic Bitch As She Is Now On TV, When He Married Her In 1964; In 1982 N.Y. Mayor Ed Koch Appointed Her To Manhattan Family Court Where She Remained For 14 Years. In 1967-68 She Had A Daughter And Son (Jamie & Adam), Ron Claims They Divorced In 1976 Because Judge Judy Was A "Changed" Demonic Woman From Exposure To The Satanic Courts, And Would Fight And Bicker With Him Daily. 
18. Katherine Hepburn Was A Monstrous Lesbian!
 (Born May 12, 1907-Died June 29, 2003) Hepburn Is A Lesbian In The Mold Of Martina Navratilova: On April 3rd, 1921; Her 15 Year Old, Older Brother Whom She Adored, Committed Suicide, And She Found Him Hanging In The Barn. The Spirit Of Her Dead Brother Possessed Her And She Became A Bisexual Lesbian. Throughout Her Life Until 1991, She Took Her Brother's Birthdate Of November 8th, 1905; And Would Dress In Pantsuits And Keep Her Hair In Brushcuts As Most Lesbians Do. She Would Swim In Cold Water and regularly took dips in the frigid waters that fronted her bayfront Connecticut home, generally believing that "the bitterer the medicine, the better it was for you."; Indicating She Was A Lesbian. Although She Won Four Oscars And Acclaim, Stanley Will Take Away All Her Awards For Being A Lesbian. This Dyke Bitch Fooled Everyone For Years; But The Tabloids Had Her Pegged As A Dyke By The 1980's. The Fact That She Left Cynthia McFadden In Her Will, Proves That This Co-Host Of ABC's Nightline Was One Of Her Lesbian Lovers! The Reason This Bitch Went Undetected For So Long, Is That Most Of The Leading Men, Directors & Producers Of Hollywood Were Weak, Effeminate, Not Manly Enough To Spot The Dyke. Like Martina She Was A "Multiple Personality" And Her femme Personality Could Satisfy The Men For Short Periods Of Time: Enabling Her To Have Long-Distance Relationships With Spencer Tracy, Howard Hughes, Cary Grant (Who Was Her Favorite Leading Man) Etc; But She Never Lived With Them; So They Wouldn't See Her Butch Dyke "Brother" Side Appear. In Fact She Did Marry In Her Teens, But Her Husband Woke Up With Her "Brother" Personality, And Divorced Her In Just One Week Of Marriage And Deposited Her Back To Her Home; She Begged Him Not To Tell; And To Continue To Support Her Family (Which He Did); But She Would Never Try Marriage Again! In Her College And Early Starlet Years She Would Pose For Nude Pictures And Swim Naked In The Fountain At Night: Indicating The Paradox In Her Personality: Just Like Martina. Hepburn Was Instinctively Hated By The Viewing Public Who Sensed She Was Possessed By a Demon, Her Movies Were Mostly Flops: In 1938 In A Poll Taken By Theatre Owners She Was Voted "Box Office Poison"!!! (Along With Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Mae West, Fred Astaire --All Demonic). Unfortunately Today's Audiences Adulate People Possessed By Demons And Homosexuals: Since We Still Have Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres Etc Still Employed In Show Biz. Since She Went Undetected By A Weak Satanic Jewish Hollywood For So Long; She May Have Preyed On Some Of The Slutty Leading Actresses Of Her Time: And This Needs To Be Investigated Further.

 19. Anderson Cooper Is Gay And Must be Taken Off The Air. This homosexual Bastard Is Using His Show As A Platform To Threaten And Bully Free Speech, Taking Any And All Persons Who Believe Homosexuality Is Wrong --And Work For Government-- To Task And Attempting To Bring Media Hysteria To Get Them Fired. A Man Has A Right (Even A Government Employee) To State That He Believes Homosexuals Are Demon Possessed And Evil. Cooper Is Using His "So Called Show" To Bully All Free Speech Into Submission. Anderson Claims He Doesn't Like Being Called Queer: Well Here's To You: You Queer, Faggit, Cock-Sucker, Bum Fucker And Sodomist And He Needs Very Harsh Punishment!!!
20. Justin Bieber May Be A Closet Homosexual? At Just 16 Years Of Age! This Bum Was Caught Being Called A Faggot At A "Laser Tag" Gun Game In Richmond, B.C., Canada; He Then Got Angry And Punched A 12 Year Old Boy In The Face For Outing Him. Kids Seem To Sense Who Is A Homosexual; And Should Not Be Punched For Telling The Truth! This Arsehole Has thousands Of Dumb Girls Screaming For Him When All Along He Likes Bum Fucking, The Queer. Something Must Be Done About These Queers Taking Over The Entertainment Industry And Females Adulation Of Queers. Adore A Real He-Man Like Stanley Bitches!!! He Is Too Young To Warrant Such Adulation; He Needs To Grow Up First, And Become A Man. Most Child Stars Become Homosexuals: Ricky Martin Just "Came Out" As Gay; And He Was A Menudo Boy Singer. Girls Need To Adulate Men Not Boys. [Note: Evidently Bieber Is NOT a Queer, He Got A Woman Groupie Pregnant, And Has To Pay Support! Bieber Has A French Mother, And Is Not Aryan Either. But He Is Nigger Worshiping And Talks Like A Nigger: Which Indicates He Is Close To Being Queer!]

21. Liza Minnelli Is A Lesbian Bisexual. Her Mother Judy Garland Was The Whore Of Hollywood: She Was Known To Fuck Everyone In Sight Even The Plumber. No Wonder Her Daughter Turned Out To be A Lesbian. Judy Likely Molested Liza As A Child Causing Her Deviancy; Judy Was Extra Controlling Of Liza: A Tip-Off That She Is A Molester Of Kids. Liza's Conquests Are The Who's Who Of Hollywood: Sheila McCarthy (Canadian Actress) Susan George (British Actress "Mandingo") Etc. Liza Got "Married" At A Late Age To An Obvious Queer; Who Tried To Steal her Money. She Is A Good Singer, But Suffers From So Many Health Problems And Surgeries: As Karmic Payback For Being A Lesbian! 

22.  Great News: March 23, 2011: Elizabeth Taylor A Great Lesbian And Homosexual Sympathizer Died Today, The Bitch! She Will Always Be Hated And Despised For Promoting Homosexuality Through Her AIDS Benefits --There Is A Special Place In Hell Waiting For This Dyke Whore. She Supported Michael Jackson Through Both His Child Molestation Charges Against Little Boys; And Jackson And Liz Began To Look Alike: Like Bloated Gay Men! She Had A Glass Eyed Blankness To Her Face & Smile; And Was Totally Devoid Of All Sexiness. When M. Jackson (A Monstrous Child-Molester --See Below, And Photos Page) Was Being Photographed Nude For His First Molestation Charge He Said "He Got Through It By Thinking Of Liz Taylor". The Older Generation Were Dumb And Easily Fooled By A Dyke All These Years. In Her Secret Diaries Taylor Admits That Marilyn Monroe Aggressively Seduced Her At A Party They Were At In 1960, And They Went To The Washroom To Have Dyke Sex. Coincidently Both Women Were Having Affairs With J.F. Kennedy At The Time! (And Jackie O. Hated Them For This). J.F.K. Liked Threesomes; And Would Use Monroe To Recruit Other Women For His Deviance, Claiming: "We Are In A New Age, Where Anything Goes"; And It Was Hard For Deluded Women To Tell The President "NO". It Is A rule Of Thumb: Those Who Support Gay Rights And Gay Marriage In A Strident Demonic Way: ARE HOMOSEXUAL THEMSELVES!!! --Even If They Deny It.

23.  Former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy Is A Lesbian: She Is A Supporter Of Gay Initiatives On "Bullying": Which Is A Satanic Means To Enter Our Schools And Recruit Young Impressionable Children For Molestation! Jenny The Quintessential Blonde Pinup (Pumping Her Airbrushed Pussy At The Camera For Men) Would Seem An Unlikely Candidate
 For A Dyke, But Playboy Has Long Lost Control Of Its Process For Selecting And Photographing Models To Lesbians! Jenny Became A Lesbian From Her Lesbian Exposure To The Staff In Playboy. She Did Reform For A Brief Period When She Got Married And Had A Child That Developed Autism After Being Immunized. But When She Suffered The Trauma Related To The Autism She Booted Her Husband Out And Resumed Lesbianism --With A Brief Fling With Jim Carrey. Jenny, Like Most Lesbians Does Have A Revolutionary Streak: She Has Correctly Publicized The Fact That Forced Immunization Of Our Children By The State And Its Satanic Medicine: Causes Autism In Male Children, (As Well As: Immune System Damage That Makes Children And Adults Susceptible To Other Diseases Like: Mental-Illness, Retardation, Meningitis, AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes And Heart Disease.) Jenny Needs Our Support To Allow Parents The Choice Of Whether To Have Their Children Immunized Or Not! By Boycotting All Immunizations! The Aryan System And The Medical Satanists Have Brutally Attacked Jenny And Others Who Question Their Satanism.

24. Chastity "Chaz" Bono Is A Lesbian Because The Spirit Of Her Dead Demonic Father Sonny Bono Possesses Her. Chastity Was An Ultra Feminine Child Star On The Sonny & Cher Show; Although She Lies That She Was Always A Tomboy. She Is Lying And Trying To Propagandize That She Was Born That Way; But It Is A Clear Case Of Child-Mo;estation & Demon Possession. Sonny Bono Was A Devil Possessed Evil Congressman From California That Died In A Violent Ski Accident In January 1996; His Demonic Spirit Then Possessed His Daughter Chastity. Chaz Has Undergone A Sex Change Operation, Yet She Still Has Heterosexual Sex With Men: Proving She Is A Dual Personality. This Is A Martina-Like Multiple Personality Disorder; She Needs An Excorcism Not Indulgence Of Her Lies!

(25). June 25th, 2009: The Death of Michael Jackson: "The Monster Molester". His Death Proves That The Law Of "Bad Karma" Applies To Black People As Well!! Michael Was A Homosexual Child Molester; He Kept Getting Away With It Because The Aryan System Is Absolutely Evil And Does Not Prosecute Homosexuals And Lesbians. His 2003 Trial Was A Mockery Of Justice, A Circus, A Contempt For Justice! A Poor Hispanic, Cancer Stricken Boy Was Vilified By A Cavalcade Of Like-Minded Homosexual Hollywood Stars And His Crazed Family And Fans. Michael Had Crazed Fans, An Evil Satanic Lawyer (Thomas Mesereau), Millions Of Dollars, A Propaganda Machine Of The 'liberal' Press, An Evil Satanic System: All Arrayed Against A Poor Little Boy And His Mother. McCaulay Culkin, Jay Leno, Larry King, 60 Minutes, His Evil Money-Grubbing Family, Debbie Rowe, The Satanic Press Etc: Should All Face Charges For Lying And Helping Michael Get Off. The DAma Had To Strike Him Down Dead, Since The System Wouldn't Jail Him. If He Had Been Jailed He Would Be Alive Today, Cured Of His Drug Addiction, And Reformed Of His Pedophilia. Michael Claimed He Was Excessively Spanked By His Father Joe, Which As Stanley Told You Is Child-Molestation, And A Cause Of Homosexuality. Although He Was A Good Child Singer, It Must Be Remembered, His Major Hit Songs Were Mainly Written By Other More Talented People; The "Thriller Video" Was Composed By Others (John Landis, George Romero, Michael Peters, Paul McCartney, MTV's Marketing Machine, Ola Ray, Vincent Price Etc. The Video Was More Popular Than The Music.) With Jackson Only Doing The Singing --Unlike The Beatles Who Wrote Their Own Hits; Thus He Doesn't Deserve All This Adulation. In Fact Most Of His Money Has Come From Commercializing Publishing Rights To 'Beatles' Hit Songs, Not From His Own Music! His Dancing Was Childish Stuff; Any Kid Could Do It Better --He Admitted He Poached The So Called Moon-Walking Steps From Kids On The Street. What Killed Him? His Desire To Be White, Literally; His Desire For Fame And Fortune At Any Cost To His Soul. He Was A Self-Hating Nigger --A Black Man Is Black, Not Because Of The Color Of His Skin; But Because Of The Nature Of His Soul. He Appeared On Oprah --The Bitch Asked Him No Tough Questions-- And He Lied And Lied: He Said He Had Never Had Plastic Surgery (Lie!) He Said His White Skin Was Caused By Vitiligo (Lie) He Loves Children (Lie) He Said He Was A Virgin (Lie). The Reason His Skin Was Turning White: Was Because He Immersed Himself In A Toxic Bath Of Fluoro-Chloro-Carbon Chemicals, Or Skin Whitening Cream --And Not Vitiligo. His Plastic Surgery Was Because Of His Inferiority Complex At Being Black, And A Desire To Be White. He Did So Many Nose-Jobs His Nose Lost Its Skin At The Tip And Had To Be Reconstructed. Michael's Mentor Was Paul McCartney: Who Advised Him To Buy Music Publishing And Taught Him How To Write Songs; He Then Shafted Paul By Refusing To Give Paul & Yoko A Larger Royalty Share From The Beatles' Own Songs! --Bad Karma! His Song "Billy Jean" Says "That Boy Is Not My Child"; In Light Of The Blatant Lies He Told, We Can Conclude: That Boy Is His Child, And A Paternity Test Should Be Done For A Claim To Michael's Estate. Michael's Sexuality Revolved Around Masturbation: His Song "Beat It" Was Performed With Him Grabbing His Crotch On Stage In An Obscene Simulation --He Was A Sick Sick Puppy That Needed Correction, Not Idol Worship And Devil Worship. Michael's Songs Were Full Of Pathology, Perversion, Depravity, Evil And Horror; Unlike Songs Of Old That Were Full Of: Love, Happiness, Sadness, Hope, Goodness And Redemption; Why Are People Buying The Songs Of A Molester? They Will Be Forever Tainted.
Michael Had Two Children From Debbie Rowe: Paris & Prince (Their Paternity Is In Doubt); And An Artificial Insemination, Surrogate Mother, Son Called Michael II "Blanket"; Stanley Believes That Michael Was Sexually Molesting "Blanket"; And His Dangling Him Off The Balcony And Fondling The Child's Genitals Was A Classic Molestation In Broad Daylight In Your Face Characteristic Of His. This Is Why Homosexuals And Lesbians Should Never Be Allowed To Raise Children: Because They WILL Molest Them! It Turns Out Michael Married His Dermatologist Nurse Debbie Rowe --With A Prior Agreement-- So He Could Get Custody Of The Artificial Insemination Children She Produced; They Never Consumated The Marriage. This Is Sick! (Although Michael Again Lied To Mr. Bashir That He Had Conventional Sex With Rowe To Produce The Children) The Real Father Of The Boys Has Been Identified As Dr. Arnold Klein His L.A. Dermatologist Who Prescribed Him The Toxic Skin Whitening Cream. The Father of Paris, It Seems Is Mark Lester, A London Friend Of Michael. Dr. Klein Claimed That Michael Had 'Lupus' An Auto-Immune Disease, Common Among Homosexuals. Michael Paid Rowe $15 Million Dollars To Reliquish Visitation Rights And Get Divorced: She Is More Evil Than He Is; For The Only Reason Michael Could Want These Children For, Was To Molest Them. He Bought These Children With His $Millions, Like He Would Buy A Toy. He Kept An Obsessive Neurotic Total Control Of These Children, Forbidding Them All Normal Contact With Any Friends And Family; And Keeping Their Faces Covered In Public --So It Wouldn't Be Obvious To The Public That These Were Not His Biological Children! This Is Why In Vitro Fertilization, Surrogate Wombs, Artificial Insemination, Third-World Adoptive Children Should Be Banned! Children Are A Gift From God; A Privilege Not A Right: Never To Be Bought And Sold By Evil Satanic Adoptive Parents. The Reason These Parents Are Sterile In The First Place, Is A Punishment From God For Their Sins. The DAma Has Ordained Each Child With Its Own Dama, (Its Fundamental Purpose For Existence) With Its Own Lifestyle, Its Own Karma To Try And Alter This Is A Crime Of
The Reason He Gave The 2003 Interview To Martin Bashir Was To Gain Public Acceptance Of His Child Molestation Of Children Lifestyle! Molesting The Boy With TV Cameras Rolling. He Wanted It To Be Acceptable In The Public's Eyes, For Him To Sleep With Many Boys (While Plying Them With Alcohol & Sex Magazines, Fondling And Masturbating Them, Then Masturbating Himself) As Just Innocent Fun (So It Would Never Come To Trial): This Audacious Gamble Almost Worked: In Fact He Fooled The Whole World Except For Stanley!
Yes Virginia, There Is A Hero In This Horror Story: Martin Bashir: Martin Did Not Play Along Like Oprah: He Asked Tough Questions Of Michael: "Is That Right Michael? For A 44 Year Old Man To Sleep In The Same Bed With So Many Different Children?" Martin Alluded To The System's Evil Double Standard: In That If He Had Done This With Girls The Police Would Charge Him --But There Seemed To Be Open Season On Molesting Boys!!! And He Concluded Darkly: That He Found It Worrying And "Highly Disturbing". The Public Backed Mr. Bashir, And There Was An Outcry: The Aryan Police Finally Found The Courage To Lay Charges --But They Deliberately Bungled The Case: A Local Country-Bumpkin Police Force Cannot Handle International High Profile Child Molestation Cases --The State Troopers And The FBI Should Have Taken Over. Michael Had Molested Hundreds Of Boys, In Different States: All These Boys Should Have Been Interrogated And Used As Evidence; The Earlier Victim Boy's Evidence From 1993 Should Have Been Used As Well; They Should Not Have Allowed Him To Change The Venue: Hollywood Is Sodom North! As Hollywood Actors Are All Heavily Homosexual; Michael Should Never Have Been Given Bail For Such A Serious Crime: For He Danced On Car Roofs For Fans, And Made The Whole Case Into A Circus. The System Is Absolutely Evil For It Doesn't Take Homosexual Molestation Of Boys Seriously: It Was The Boy Who Was Put On Trial. The 'liberal' Satanic Judge Who Wouldn't Allow Evidence Critical To Michael, A Devil Possessed Jury, And A Weak Aryan Prosecution Fumbled The Case. The Justice System Is Weighted In Favour Of Criminals: Especially If They Have Money And Are Homosexual Or Lesbian. The System Protected Michel's Molestation And Homosexuality Not Because They Liked Him; But Because He Was Possessed By A Devil And Committing Abominations On Boys; The Aryans Too Are Possessed By Devils: So They Wanted To Pander To Him, Simply For The Sake Of Evil. This System Is Like The Last Days Of Sodom And Gomorrah: Our Justice System Is Hopelessly Broken: This IS Why We Must Destroy The System! After The Trial, On Advice From His Lawyers, Michael Started Having Sex With Barely Legal 17 Year Old Boys: This Is Proof That All Homosexuals Are Child Molesters; They Choose Adults To Avoid Prosecution; But They Prefer Children!!! In 1993 Michael Was First Investigated For Child Molestation; He Paid Off That Boy To The Tune Of $20 Million Dollars Per Year, Which Was An Admission Of Guilt! And It Was A Further Crime Of Tampering With A Potential Witness; But The Satanic Police Did Not Charge Him With Anything (The Police Instead Took Nude Pictures Of Him --To Identify Markings On His Genitals The Boy Described-- And Poisoned Him With Anti-Psychotic Drugs As Their Form Of Satanic Justice. But Justice Is About Prevention Of Further Crime, Rehabilitation, And Must Be Seen To Be Done). The Police Should Not Have Taken The Nude Pictures As It Brought The Administration Of Justice Into Disrepute; (By Making Michael The Victim) And Killed Any Chances Of Conviction For The Molesting Charge --With Satanic Judges. Right After This 1993 Incident He Took Two Boys To Germany With Him To Molest Them In Broad Daylight, And Thumb His Nose At Us! He Would Take Children To Foreign Countries To Molest Them, Because They Had Lax Laws On Pedophilia. His Marriage To Lisa-Marie (1994-96) Was A Public Relations Sham, To Quell The Rumours Of His Sexuality, As Everyone Suspected; Although He Had Her Fooled, To This Day. He Would Use The 'Neverland Ranch', His Celebrity Status And Money To Recruit More And More Boys For Molestation; Under Their Mother's Noses: Who Prostituted Their Sons For Money And Gifts. Michael Was A Molesting Monster: With A Child's Voice, To Fool The Public: In The 1983 Video "Thriller": The End Scene Shows Him Turn Into A Demon-Monster, Fooling His Unsuspecting Girlfriend: As A Foreshadowing Of How He Would Try To Fool The Whole Unsuspecting World.
His Drug Addiction To OxyContin And Demerol Has Been Well Documented; But What Killed Him? An Unquestioning Belief In Satanic Aryan Modern Medicine. Michael's Children's Former Nanny Grace Rwaramba, Claimed That Michael's Stomach Needed To Be Pumped Recently Because He Took An Overdose Of Prescription Drugs. From The Evidence: There Maybe Evidence That He Was Given Steroids To Increase Muscle Mass, (A Hollywood Practice) That Could Have Stressed His Body. There Is Very Strong Evidence That He Was Negligently Given By Dr. Conrad Murray, Diprivan/Propofol A Dangerous Anesthetic/Sedative That Could Cause Respiratory Failure And Subsequently Cardiac Arrest. Michael Was Begging For This Drug For He Couldn't Sleep; He Needed More And More Highs: And There Was Nobody Around To Tell Him "No". Homosexuals Have A Suicidal Death Wish, They Hate Themselves: For They Have Rejected Their Very Soul To Please Satan And The Aryan System. The Souls Of All Those Boys He Molested Were Crying Out For Justice: And The DAma Gave Them Vengeance! The Most Likely COD Is He Died From A Combination Of Drugs: The Chemotherapy Drugs The Hospital Recently Gave Him; For The Skin Cancer He Developed From Whitening His Skin Years Earlier! Which Would React Lethally With A Narcotic Addicted Person Like Michael. Marilyn Monroe (MM), Anna-Nicole Smith & David Kennedy Also Died This Way: Why Are Doctors And Hospitals Allowed To Legally Murder Us With Anti-Psychotic Drugs, Chemotherapy & Toxic Chemicals Without Consequences --This Really Is An Indictment Of The Medical System And Their Quack Theories Of Satanic Medicine. The Doctors And The Hospital Who Gave Him All These Drug Cocktails Which Caused Lethal Reactions Should Face Charges And Jail-Time; Although They Did The World A Favor By Killing Michael The Monster Child Molester (MMM). He Was Not King Of Pop, But Of Pedophilia.
POSTSCRIPT: On December 22nd, 2009; The Evil FBI Belatedly Released Jackson's File Via The Internet: It Proved That Jackson Was A Longtime Child Molester Who Had Molested Two Mexican Boys In 1985 & 1987; Yet They Took No Action: Which Would Have Prevented This Monster From Going On His Rampage Of Boy Rape. They Covered Up The Molestations In A Satanic Conspiracy Against The People. His File Also Contained A Report By A Canadian Couple (Experts In Child Services) Of A March 7th, 1992; Incident Where While Travelling By Train With Jackson From Chicago To Grand Canyon; Saw Jackson Was With A 12 Year Old Boy And "He Became Very Possessive Of Him Each Night"; And Heard Sounds Of Sexual Intercource With The Boy Through The Wall. Had This Evidence Been Properly Investigated Or Presented At His Trial, So Much Suffering Would Have Been Prevented.
The System And The Aryans Are More Evil And Guilty Than Jackson; How Can They Be Administrators Of The Law In Canada Or America???
To Be Fair, Michael Was Not The Only Homosexual Child Molester Singer: It Is Alleged That Pete Townsend Of 'The Who', Also Molested Boys And Wrote Songs About It; He Was Investigated For Child Pornography, But He Lied Himself Out Of It By Claiming It Was For 'Research'. Elton John Is An Avowed Hard-Drinking Homosexual And Bi-Sexual That (Was Molested As A Boy) And Tried To Commit Suicide, And Wrote About It In A Song, 'Someone Saved My Life Today' & 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'. Even Paul McCartney Is Alleged To Have Fathered Several Daughters Out Of Wedlock And Then Denied Paternity And Refused To Pay Support --Like Michael. It Seems The Aryan System Protects These Stars By Doctoring Paternity Tests Even If Ordered By The Courts. Stanley Aims To Clean House: If You Commit A Crime Of Child Molestation Or Against Children --It Doesn't Matter If You Are A Star; You Shall Go To Jail: The Stars And Druggies On Never Ending Highs Shall Be Forced To Land, Stanley's Law Shall Come Down On You Like A Ton Of Bricks, With A Resounding Earth-Shattering Thud --And Not Neverland. On This Same Day Farrah Fawcett Also Died Of Anal Cancer; And Unfortunately Her Death Became Overshadowed By That Molester Michael. Again Medical Quackery Was Responsible For Her Death: She Was Forced To Endure Toxic Chemotherapy And Radiation: The Radiation Actually Is A Cause Of Cancer And Is What Killed Her! Our Medical Profession Is Out Of Control And Practicing Pure Saxon-Aryan Quackery; There Must Be Accountability For All Those Needless Deaths Caused By The Medical Profession!!!

July 13th, 2011: Bombshell: Obama's Father Was A Bigamist, He Never Married "Ann Dunham", Not Because He Was Already Married; But Because She Didn't Want To Marry A Nigger: She Chose Indonesian Citizen, Lolo Soetoro To Marry Instead: Lolo Adopted Obama And Made Him An Indonesian Citizen: Renouncing U.S. Citizenship!!! That Is Why Obama Tried To Doctor His Birth Certificate For So Many Years!  Obama Sr. Was A Sexually Promiscuous Low-Life & Sexually Totally Undisciplined, Both He And Dunham Wanted To Give-Up Obama Jr. For Adoption, Ann Never Expected To Marry A Low-Life Nigger --So Obama Was Shamefully Adopted By Lolo Soetoro: Who Became Obama's Legal Father: And Made Obama An Indonesian Citizen, By Renouncing His U.S. Citizenship: Making Nigger-Obama Ineligible To Become President!! Obama Sr. Never Ever Lived With Dunham As A Couple. He Left Hawaii, His Son & Ann Dunham Soetoro (Ann Married Soetoro Instead!) After Just Two Years; To Marry A Third Wife In Harvard! (While Dunham Married Indonesian Lolo Soetoro In 1963, And Obama Jr. Was Adopted By Him) Obama Sr. Was Expelled From Harvard For "Having Sex With Too Many Women". He Then Returned To Kenya And Married A Fourth Wife, Without Ever Divorcing The First: Low-Life Bigamist. Although Obama Sr. Was Born In Kenya; He Was From The Luo Tribe That Quite Recently Came From Somalia: Thus Obama Is Of The Perennially Starving To Death (As Punishment From God) Nilotic Somali Race --And Not Of A Bantu African Race, As Are Most Blacks!!! [The Nilotics Are The Aryans Of Africa: They Are Evil, Satanic, Possessed By Devils, And Espouse Third-World Style Radical Socialism. The Nilotics Are Slowly Murdering The Bantu Race And Ruling Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, And Are Attacking Congo. The Foolish Black Americans, Don't Understand That Stanley Is Trying To Help Them And Their Bantu Race; While Obama Is Of Satan! Don't Vote For Satan!] Obama Sr. Was A Crazy Alcoholic, Who Died By Driving Drunk Into A Tree-Stump At Age 46! Obviously The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree: Obama Is A Low-Life Cur: Socialist Homosexual-Fiend! The Reason Obama Is Homosexual & Socialist Is That The Spirit Of His Dead Father Has Possessed Him: And Explains A Lot About Why He Is Gay & A Dual Personality. (See Gossip Page: Where Martina Becomes Lesbian Because The Spirit Of Her Dead Father Possessed Her.) Obama Sr. Was A Somali Socialist; And The Fact That His Spirit Possesses And Dominates Obama Jr. Explains The Third-World Style Of Primitive Radical Inferior African Socialism That Obama Forces On Americans. The Reason Bill Clinton Too Is Homosexual Is That He Too Had His Father Die In A Car Accident And Possess Him. The System Is Rigging The Elections To Put In Dual-Personality Demon Possessed Satanic Homosexual People Into The White House. [Excerpt By Fiona Roberts: President Barack Obama's father made plans to have the future president adopted, astonishing new documents have revealed. When his 18-year-old wife, Ann Dunham, was five months pregnant, the elder Mr Obama 24, told immigration officials they planned to give the baby away to the Salvation Army. Then a student at the University of Hawaii, immigration officials were investigating him For Charges, because they believed he had more than one wife - and had already been warned about his 'playboy ways'.]
April 16th, 2011: Donald Trump Has Blasted Into First Place In The Presidential Race, Even Becoming The Only Republican Contender To Beat Obama In A Head-To-Head Poll. The Reason For This Is Simple: He Is The Only Man In America With Balls Enough To Attack Obama Directly!!! The Reason Stanley Hates McCain And Boehner And The Aryan Republicans, Is Because They Have Given Obama A Free Pass To The White House By Refusing To Fight Him Or Raise The Very Real Criminal Conduct Of This Socialist Un-American Anti-Christ! (1) Trump Has Hammered Home The Point That Obama Was Likely Born A Muslim In Kenya Or Indonesia, And This Is The Reason He Refuses To Show His Original Birth & Baptismal Certificates (Trump Forced Obama To Release A Copy Of The Original Birth Certificate Weeks Later) Actually The REAL STORY Here As Trump Foresaw Was That Obama Was Born And Raised A Muslim: Where Is His Baptismal Photos His Communion & Confirmation Photos? (As Even Stanley Has Posted His Own On This Website); A Born Allah Worshipping Muslim Is Unelectable In America!!! (2) Trump Is Publicizing The Fact That Obama Accepted Bribes From Mafiosi & Convicted Felon Tony Rezko (A Plot Of Land Worth $300,000 Adjacent Obama's House) While Senator In Chicago; (3) Obama's Grades In College Were So Low (C's & D's) How Could He Possibly Have Been Accepted Into Harvard Law School? Unless By Affirmative Action Because He Is Black!; Or More Darkly: The System And Satan Had Groomed Him As The Anti-Christ That Was Willing To Sell His Soul To Tax Americans To Death And Give Our Satanic Government Total Control Of Our Health & Lives!!! Like Damien In The Movie "The Omen" He Gets To Havard Without The Marks; He Becomes Senator Of A State He Never Lived In, But Is The Most Corrupt In America (Chicago) He Joins The Cutthroat, Mafia-Union Thugs, Evil, Ruthless Daley "Machine", So He Can Win By Being Willing To Be More Ruthless & Corrupt Than Anyone Else; He Becomes President In A Cakewalk Because Bush & McCain Had Deliberately Been Totally Incompetent To Let Him Win; Jew Bernanke Deliberately Manufactured A Financial Crisis Just Before The Election; The Secret Police Murder All His Homosexual Partners To Coverup; The Satanic Media Lie And Coverup For Him In A Hysterical Manner; The People Adulate And Worship Him Like A God: All He's Done In The White House Is Play Basketball! Stanley Sees Many Parallels Between Obama And Hitler! A Psychopath, A Mass Murderer: A Morally Bankrupt Man Without A Conscience Who Will Do Any Genocidal Thing For Satan & The System. Ironically The Jews Are His Biggest Supporters; Hitler Didn't Murder The Jews Alone, The Saxon-Aryan System Murdered The Jews: He Was Just The Psycho, The Puppet, Willing To Murder Anyone To Stay In Power --Like Obama. (4) That Former Terrorist & English Literature Professor Bill Ayres, Wrote Obama's Bestselling Book "Dreams From My Father" & "Audacity of Hope", And That Obama Is A Very Poor Writer, And Inarticulate Without A Teleprompter; Obama Would Not Have Been President Without Plagiarizing This Book! Most Of Obama's Personal Income Has Come From This Book He Didn't Even Write! When Questioned In 2007 About Ayres: Obama Lied That "He's Just A Guy In The Neighbourhood"; Ayres Just Last Week Finally Came Out And Took Authorship Of The Book; This Makes Obama's Election Using A Plagiarized Book A Fraud On The People. (5) That Everyone (The Media, The Republicans & The Public) Is Giving Obama A "Pass" Instead Of Asking Him For The Truth On These And Other Issues. Trump Claims Obama Has Led An Easy Life, Without Adversity, With Everything Given To Him; He Has Never Been Subjected To The Press Scrutiny Other Presidential Candidates Went Through; And He Will Go Down As The Worst President America Ever Had!!! Stanley Adds To This: (1) Obama's Homosexuality, And Along With Rahm And Rev. J. Wright Picking Up Young Men And Boys For Sex On Chicago Streets; (2) Obama's Cheating On His Wife With Other Women, And The Evil Lying Hypocrisy Of Michelle Obama Pretending, While In A Sham Of A Purely Political Marriage That Will Soon End; (Their Marriage Was Over In 2006 --With Michelle Taking The Girls & Refusing To Join Him In Campaigning-- Until He Started Winning!) (3) The Murders Of Nate Spencer, Larry Bland And The Choirmaster Donald Young Of 'Trinity United Church' To Cover-Up For Obama's Homosexuality; And The Later Cover-Up By Chicago Police Of These Murders! [See Below For Details] (4) The Larry Sinclair Book "Sex, Lies, Cocaine & Murder", And Accusation (Covered Up By The Courts, Joe & Beau Biden And The Media) That He Had Homosexual Sex And Snorted Cocaine With Obama. (5) Obama's Tampering With Joe Sestek's Candidacy By Bribing Him To Drop Out Of The Senate Nomination, In Favor Of Jew Arlon Spector, Which Is A Felony Criminal Offense; (6) Obama & Rahm Trying To Bribe Blagojevich To Appoint Valerie Jarrett As His Senate Replacement --And Then Having His & Rahm's Bribery Charges Dropped By Fitzgerald, In Exchange For: The Blackmailing Of Obama To Drop Bush Era, Criminal Torture Actions By The CIA, Prosecutions; The Keeping Of All Of Bush A.G.'s; & Patrick Fitzgerald As Fed. Attorney For Northern Illinois. A President That Gives In To Blackmail: An Impeachable Offence --Must Go! A Weak, Puppet, Incompetent Fool In The White House Can Only Help Satan And The Satanic Aryan System To Get Its Own Way Of Total Government Control And Absolute Taxation Of The People By A Weak Undeserving Corrupt Criminal In Office! Obama Destroyed America's Economy: Yet Has Not Had To Pay The Price: When Marie-Antoinette Said, "Let Them Eat Cake", The Frenchmen Guillotined Her: Obama Needs To Be Hanged For What He Did!
January 12th, 2016: Nigger Obama Held His Annual SOTUA: And It Proves Why Niggers Are An Inferior Race: It Must Be Wonderful To Be LITERALLY As Dumb As Chimpanzees: And To Have Survived On This Earth: While Being So Stupid! There Must Be One Law For Humans: And A More Forgiving Law For Nigger-Apes Like Obama!!! For Nigger Barack Is Dumb! Not Only Did He Put Us To Sleep: He Did Not Apologize For Destroying Our Economy: He Did Not Apologize For His Politically Correct Dumbness: You See, Unlike Whites, Obama Is So Dumb: He Actually Believes Leftwing Delusions, He Believes In Liberalism, And Devil-Possession: Black Nigger People Are That Dumb! For Example: He Truly Believes In Climate Change: He Truly Believes In Socialism: He Believes In Obamacare, He Believes In Homosexuality, He Truly Believes In Satan Being More Powerful Than God, He Worships Blonde-Saxon-Aryans As Gods: He Truly Believes In Islam: He Truly Believes In Mohamed: He Truly Believes In Terrorism As Heroism, And Muslim Terrorists As War Heroes (That Is Why He Coddles Muslim Terrorists)! He Truly Believes Apes Like Him Are Equal To Humans! What Nigger-Obama-Dumb-Nutbar Has Proven Once-And-For-All: That A Nigger Should Never Be Allowed Into High Office! He Has Learned Nothing From His Destruction Of This Country: That He Had No Right To Be Given The Rigged Power (Satanically Rigged Election By Blondie-Saxon-Aryans Power) To Destroy! This Is Why Our Founding Fathers Made Niggers Into Slaves: This Is Why They Sacrificed Millions Of Their Lives In Battle, To Stop Niggers Like Obama Destroying Our Country --And Here Is The Proof Of Their Utter Correctness!!! The Blame For Obama Being Dumb And Totally Incompetent Does Not Rest On Obama Or Black People: It Was The Blonde-Saxon-Aryans Who Lied To Us And Murdered Us (The Civil War!) Into The False Propaganda That Blacks Are Equal: It Was The Satanic Blonde-Saxon Aryans That Rigged A Homosexual-Nigger Into Office: Simply Because He Was A Nigger: Ultimately Obama Is Too Dumb To Matter: He Is Too Low-Life To Count: In The Grand Scheme Of Things: The Blonde-Saxon-Aryan System Must Be Destroyed For Putting A Chimpanzee Into Office!

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